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Five days and 16 pounds later found Zoey squeezing through her apartment door. Today was Friday and she was ecstatic - she just finished her last final. Four months of summer lounging stretched out before her. She had a slack job to pay the bills, and no responsibilities beyond feeding her insatiable appetite. She felt so free.

Tonight was also the night Tiffany and Tim were coming over. Aleksandra, fatter than ever, was already preparing the food in the kitchen. A bundle of incense was ready to be lit on the coffee table. Zoey waddled up to Aleksandra and smacked her on the ass and kissed her on the shoulder. Their relationship had changed, morphing into a strange detached intimacy, but the desire remained and they both reveled in it.

Tiffany and Tim came in a short while later. Tiffany was a little frosty and wary, but she warmed up a bit. Tim seemed at a loss for words, and no wonder for a guy with a lust for fat chicks surrounded by three hefty beauties. Aleksandra shuffled the group off to the living room. Zoey's heavy duty scale sat in the middle of the floor.

"Time for a pre-party weigh-in?" guessed Tiffany.

"You bet," replied Aleksandra, "Tim, you go first. We'll get your skinny ass out of the way first."

"O-o-okay," Tim replied. He meekly got on the scale. The digital readout scrolled up to 137.4 pounds. Zoey was kind of surprised he was that light - Tim was just over six feet tall. 'He really is a bean pole,' she thought, 'My fat would completely envelope him.'

"Alright Sticklegs, get off and let Tiffany on," commanded Aleksandra with a smirk as she jotted down the numbers.

Tim hopped off the scale quickly as Tiffany shuffled uncertainly towards the scale. She looked a little scared.

"C'mon Tiff, hurry up and get on the scale. We have lots of eating to do tonight," said Aleksandra.

"Um mm...It's just that I haven't weighed myself in a long time," she replied nervously.

"Ha ha, well, it's not like you're even closest to the fattest Tiff," answered Aleksandra with a guffaw, "Even compared to me, you're skinny! Get on the scale."

Tiffany put one uncertain foot on the scale, followed by the other. The numbers began scrolling up.

"257.9," read out Aleksandra as she jotted down some more numbers, "Not bad. What are you, 5'2"?"

"5'1"," replied a shocked Tiffany, "I had no idea I was that heavy."

"We can do better than that," muttered Aleksandra just loud enough for Zoey to hear.

"What's that?" asked Tiffany.

"I said, 'That's not so fat'," replied Aleksandra quickly, "Zoey, it's your turn."

Zoey waddled towards the scale, her thunderous thighs pushing against her drooping apron. She lifted herself onto the scale and craned her neck over her massive breasts and belly to view the readout. Both Tim and Tiffany crowded around the scale. The red numbers flashed and came to a rest at 559.8. Tim mouthed a silent 'Wow.'

"Impressive! My turn," said Aleksandra, "Zoey, do you mind recording my weight?" She held out her clipboard as Zoey shuffled off the scale. Zoey saw their names and their recent weigh-in numbers in a column next to them. Today's date headed the column. She noticed several more empty columns to the right of the current one...

"Zoey, are you ready?" asked Aleksandra, snapping Zoey to attention. She just noticed how much larger Aleksandra seemed than even a week ago. Aleksandra's belly wobbled magnificently as she stepped up onto the scale. Even Zoey was shocked at the readout.


On Monday she was barely over 365. Somehow Aleksandra managed to gain 25 pounds in 5 days. Aleksandra gave her a wink and a smile. Zoey quickly scribbled down the number. Aleksandra gingerly stepped off the scale and lit the incense.

Then the feast began.

The three girls ate with wanton abandon, even Tiffany after a little encouragement. Pizzas, pasta, salads and burgers all washed down with pop and iced tea disappeared down into the girls. Tim nibbled a bit, but mostly busied himself feeding the girls in turn and fetching more food as required. Zoey could tell that he was in rapture, even through the increasing haziness of the incense drugs.

A she was sitting on the sofa next to a half-dressed Tiffany, Zoey felt that familiar wave wash over her. Right before her drug-addled eyes, she saw herself expand into impossible proportions. She giggled to herself as she realized that just a few months ago she thought her being 550 pounds was impossible. Slowly, she spread her gargantuan legs farther and farther apart as her belly swelled and crept closer to the floor. Her left side pressed up against Tiffany's swelling flab as their respective bellies fought for space. Tiffany looked like she was cresting 550 pounds herself.

At some point in the evening, Aleksandra got up (Zoey had no idea how, under that mountain of flab - Aleks had to be at least 800 pounds) and waddled off towards her bedroom. A short time later Aleksandra was wheeling a cart with a contraption on it back down the hall. It took a moment, but Zoey recognized it as a copy of Tiffany's feeding machine...only bigger. Aleksandra wheeled the cart next to Tiffany.

"Tiffany," Aleksandra drawled. Tiffany lazily looked up at Aleksandra standing beside her. "I know you were pissed off at Zoey for wooing your man, so you stuffed Zoey silly using that machine of yours. But really, you should have been stuffing yourself. Tim likes the fatties, heh heh."

Comprehension was slowly dawning on Tiffany's face.

"My little machine is even bigger than yours, and works pretty damn good," said Aleksandra proudly, "I used it on myself all week. I gained 5.5 a day."

Tiffany looked a little scared.

"You probably won't even remember this, you're so stoned," said Aleksandra as prepped the tube.

"But...but I don't want to be fat! Not really," babbled Tiffany, "I just want to feel fat. I like making others fat...that's all!"

"Oh come off it now! You like being fat just like the rest of us!" shot back Aleksandra, "You're jealous. Now open up!" Aleksandra shoved the tube into the mouth of a surprised Tiffany and turned on the machine. The high-calorie food paste filled her cheeks quickly even as she swallowed as fast as she could. With the combined effects of the drug and the feeding machine, Tiffany seemed to explode in size.

Her belly apron crept closer to the ground and her arms were pushed outwards and upwards by growing rolls. Her belly, already overflowing her lap, began to curl over her plump knees, hiding them from view. Her tits swelled to the size of beachballs. Soon, her lower belly touched the ground and began to fill the space between her plump ankles. The fat from her gigantic ass pushed her farther up, forcing her swelling rolls to prop out her bloated arms almost horizontally. She dwarfed Zoey in size and threatened to force her off the sofa. With the help of Tim and a lot of rocking, Zoey got off the sofa and plopped down heavily in the loveseat, Tim falling on top of her. Tiffany's gigantic ass slowly filled up the space that Zoey had just vacated.

She had to be 1500 pounds and growing.

It got very hazy after that.

Tim began kissing Zoey with a ravage fury, and Zoey was surprised to find that Her plump hands found Tim's cock straining against his boxers. She was shocked by how big he felt - he must have had a 10" dick. She freed the monster and wrapped her hands around it. He was huge.

Zoey then found herself standing at the foot of her bed, with Tim naked in front of her. She was naked, too.

She wasted no time as she pushed Tim on to his back, and crawled on top of him, his scrawny body enveloped in her fat. She felt the insides of her plush thighs caress his slim hips as she worked herself into a position to take in his hard cock. Her big belly rested on his slim stomach and flowed around it, touching the bed on either side of him. Fat boobs filled the space between their chests.

Getting his hands free from under her belly, Tim helped Zoey move her apron out of the way so that he could slide inside of her moist sex. With one plump hand she reached under her belly and grabbed his shaft and guided him in - he slipped in easily despite his size. Zoey gasped as she worked herself down onto his pole, her fat ass pressing into his hips. He filled her completely. Tim's hands found her massive love handles and began caressing the thick rolls.

Slowly they built up a rhythm, her fat belly gliding along Tim's lean body and her ass slapping against this thighs. Faster and faster she began to ride his shaft as his thrusts became more frantic. Tim hips lifted off the bed to push hard into her plump body.

"More, Tim, more!" she cried.

It felt like her belly spread farther over Tim's torso, her hips forcing his arms wider as the fat on her ass swelled. Zoey grew fatter and fatter perched on top of Tim, that same wave of the drug flowing through them both. She was still bucking like a madwoman, giant boobs flopping, when Tim came furiously inside of her. She came with her own quivering shudder.

And then sleep took them both.


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Zoey rose groggily from her bed, pushing Tim's arm off of her torso. She felt weird.

She had sex with Tim last night.

And it was glorious.

She was so confused.

Zoey got up and put on her XXXL robe. She tossed an older one of hers onto the bed next to the waking Tim. He wiped slept from his eyes and looked up at Zoey.

"Did we...?" he asked.

"Yes," Zoey replied to the unfinished question.

Tim looked shocked. "Tiffany is going to kill me," he said simply.

'Will she?' thought Zoey to herself, 'Will she even remember? I think she was expecting this to happen...she seemed almost to encourage it. She knew that Tim had a thing for fat girls, and a thing for me, and she purposely wanted to make me fatter. She did make me fatter with that feeding machine. What did it all mean? Poor Tim.'

It was then that Aleksandra popped her head into the room. "Time for the morning weigh-in!" she said with a cheerful grin. She glanced at Tim and then at Zoey. She gave a knowing wink. Zoey and Tim could do nothing but follow Aleksandra out the door and down the hall.

Tiffany was already waiting next to the scale. Her hair was disheveled and she was wrapped in one of Aleksandra's robes.

Aleksandra got on to the scale first.

"395.6 pounds! Write that down, Zoey," said Aleksandra, "Wow, I'm almost 400 pounds..."

Tim got on to the scale next. The readout registered 138.1. "I didn't eat much last night," he said quietly.

Next, Zoey climbed on to the scale. She was both fearful and excited to see what damage she had done last night.

"Congratulations, Zoey. You are now 565 pounds," said Aleksandra, "Five pounds in a night? That's impressive. Your turn, Tiffany."

Tiffany walked to the foot of the scale, and just sort of stared off into space. She stood there for over a minute.

"I'm not a lesbian, you know," said Tiffany out of the blue. She was looking directly at Aleksandra.

Zoey's mouth dropped open, mirrored by Tim's. Aleksandra didn't seem fazed at all.

"I know, honey," she replied soothingly, "Just step on the scale, okay?"

"...Okay..." said Tiffany. She stepped onto the scale.

The digital readout scrolled to 271.1

"Very impressive! You retained a 13.2 pound gain from last night," said Aleksandra excitedly. She was grinning from ear to ear.

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Maybe Aleksandra orchestrated the entire school year, from bumping into Zoey at orientation to that fateful weekend. Or maybe it was just all coincidence. But somehow it all worked out in the end.

All four of them became an item, of sorts. Zoey, Aleksandra and Tiffany would float freely between each other, while Tim would have his turn with Tiffany and Zoey, and even on rare occasion Aleksandra.

Their summer was spent lounging and relaxing, with frequent bouts of sex and even more frequent meals. Aleksandra catalogued their gains throughout the summer months.

Zoey's gain slowed and eventually plateau'd. It seemed as though she just couldn't consume enough to gain significant amounts of weight. By the end of May she hit 588 pounds. On July 20th, she finally hit 600, and by the time September rolled around, a full year since she started gaining weight, she was 614 pounds and had been hovering around there for some time. She was 131 pounds when she met Aleksandra. She was 483 pounds heavier this year, thanks in large part to her. And to the Secret Stuffing Society - they and their incense probably helped a lot.

Aleksandra, brimming with newfound confidence, threw herself into weightgain. Her belly swelled at a remarkable rate, given it's already considerable size. With a steady gain of a pound and a half a day, Aleksandra shot past 400 pounds in short order, and by early July past 500 pounds. By September, she was pushing 550 pounds, and had no intention of slowing. The 430 pounds she gained in the past year is even more remarkable if one remembered the slim 114 pound bombshell she used to be. She's still a bombshell, just supersized.

Tim managed to put on some meat, but gaining wasn't his thing. Feeding was. He was more than happy to fill that role, however, and the benefits were amazing. He fleshed out to 154 pounds, but still looked stick thin next to the girls.

Shockingly, Tiffany gained the most weight over the summer. She kept insisting that she didn't want to get fat, that she liked feeding just like Tim. That may be true, but Aleksandra broke down her defenses with ease, and the results were incredible.

She went into that weekend at 257.9 pounds. When she came out at the end of summer, she was double that. It was like Tiffany's body was just dying to gain weight. Aleksandra had her on the feeding machine daily. Her ass got huge. Her thighs became like tree trunks. Her hips were even wider than Zoey's mammoth expanse. A pear hardly did her shape justice. Her upper arms became large and flabby. It was shocking to see her short and wide body waddle around the apartment and squeeze through doors. She was 515 pounds, now.

Perhaps the biggest shock was that Aleksandra was cataloguing this all from the start. She had been tracking Zoey's weightgain throughout the year, taking photos and recording video from secret cameras in the apartment, and hosting it all on a private paysite. It was apparently very lucrative. It helped to explain how she could afford all that food, and shed some light on her motives.

Everybody felt comfortable with it and with themselves, though. No one forced Aleksandra to stop. If anything, the site updates ramped up. Candid videos were still a popular item, but now with co-operation, a whole range of photoshoots and videos were shot. The site collected a tidy sum, more than enough to feed the growing girls, with enough left over that they lived comfortably - at least in terms of college students.

Next school year, when the Secret Stuffing Society began meeting again, was going to be epic.


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Any plans for the next epic?
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This has been the best story I've ever read!
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That was great
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The Shredder
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Excellent story man, ah yes guhbone has become a name in lights up there with observer and id. Well done
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dude you have to get this published or something. some body should start a secret stuffing society. whos from nc
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Originally Posted by The Shredder View Post
Excellent story man, ah yes guhbone has become a name in lights up there with observer and id. Well done
I wouldn't go that far... but thanks! And who publishes these kinds of stories, anyway? I like my anonymity.
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Good stuff man!
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Default Loved it

Loved it, just as I've loved almost all your stories (I haven't read the 190 one, I prefer much larger gains in fiction). Hope you return to this world again sometime, show another initiate into the stuffing society.
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