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Default Going Down in Size 6-by Vader7476 (~BBW (Mult), Imagery, Triage ~sex, Stuckage, ~SWG)

~BBW (Multiple), Imagery, Triage ~sex, Stuckage, ~SWG – Shannon’s roommate renews old ties

Going Down in Size - Part 6
by Vader7476

(For the prior installment of this story, click here)

While Amanda was struggling with her situation, and Shannon was dealing with her mother, the latter’s roommate was also at home.

It was snowing outside, and had been for some time. Rebecca stopped looking out the window and turned back to the TV in her den. It was situated down low in the house, beneath the window sill, and the curtains blocked out most of the light. The room was older, with furniture having an almost fuzzy fabric and semi-gaudy color. The smell of Christmas cookies filled her home, as she happily munched on the first batch her mother had made for her. She was sitting on her couch; of course, she now filled up more of the couch than she used to.

She had been home for a few days and still hadn’t heard from Shannon. It sort of irritated the hazel-eyed girl. She had no idea of what her roommate was going through, much less any awareness of Amanda’s self imposed isolation. As she went to grab another cookie, her hand slipped and she knocked it onto the floor.

“Great,” she said as she walked around the coffee table and bent down to pick it up. As she did so, she felt two hands place themselves on her large posterior and give them a firm squeeze.

“Big sis has a big butt!” Rebecca’s ten year old sister Mindy teased. Rebecca turned around to look at her, then noticed her sixteen year old sister Natalie laughing as she walked into the den.

“I think Mindy has a point Reb,” the mid-teen giggled. Her long brown hair bounced as she stepped down into the den. Mindy continued to hug her sister’s large bottom.

Rebecca turned to the little girl saying, “Would you stop that?”

She then looked at her other sister with a scowl.

“Very funny Natalie.” She turned back around and sat on the couch again, munching away defiantly on the fresh cookies.

Mindy, like her sisters, had light brown hair. Her green eyes stared at the cookies and took one as she sat on the couch next to Rebecca. Natalie, too, took a cookie; but instead of the couch she chose to sit on the adjacent love seat. Her brown eyes practically matched her hair, and they happened to be eyeing up how much of the couch Rebecca took up. She decided to continue her teasing.

“It practically takes up a whole cushion!” Mindy giggled and poked Rebecca’s butt and hips from the side.

“You two aren’t that far behind you know,” Rebecca said turning to both sisters. Both stood up and turned themselves around to take a closer look. Mindy actually prodded with her finger for further verification.

“That’s not true.” Natalie said, all the previous jesting now gone from her voice.

“Sure it’s not,” Rebecca said sarcastically as she rolled her eyes.

“I’ll prove it’s not! Come with me.” Natalie quickly rushed up the stairs to her room as both Mindy and Rebecca followed. Natalie shut the door behind them as they entered her light blue room. The white lace curtains embraced the window as the light reflected from the snow tried to seep in the second floor room. Her bed, with yellow duck sheets, was in the corner on the far side flanked by the wall and a dresser. It was in there Natalie pulled out a tape measurer.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” Rebecca scoffed as she looked on with her hazel eyes. Natalie put the tape measurer on the bed and undid the belt buckle from her hip-hugging jeans which she wiggled out of. Her white panties were digging into her soft buttocks.

“Getting a little tight?” Rebecca smirked.

“Little big sister has a little big butt!” Mindy said innocently as she tried to poke it. Natalie’s face was a little red.

“I’m just becoming a woman, that’s all,” Natalie said as she tried to play it off.

Turning to Mindy she continued, “Would you stop?”

“Becoming a woman? Yeah, and this is baby fat right?” Rebecca mocked as she smacked her own ass.

“Face it; you haven’t been cheerleading as hard as you should.”

Natalie gritted her teeth at the comment.

“That’s not true,” she said. “I was 39 inches last I measured, which was a few weeks ago. Go on, check, it’ll still read 39.” Natalie crossed her arms.

“Alright, fine. Have it your way, but you’ll be sorry.” Rebecca sang. She had Mindy pick up the measuring tape as they both wrapped it around the expanse of Natalie’s hips and butt. As they knelt behind, they brought the end of the tape around and touched it to the other end which looped around. “42.”

“That can’t be right!” Natalie said shocked. “You’re just trying to trick me, do it again, let me see!” She grabbed the tape quickly and re-measured her hips and butt.

“I’m still smaller than you,” she said.

“Sure, but if you keep ‘becoming a woman’ you won’t be for much longer,” Rebecca laughed.

Admitting defeat Natalie said, “Alright, so it’s grown a little. Big deal. It’s still the best butt in town.”

“Only since I’ve moved away to school,” Rebecca teased. “Besides, I’m just tryin’ to warn you that’s all. It’s not so easy staying small you know.”

She felt a tug on her pants.

“Will I be big one day?” Mindy asked looking up at Rebecca.

Rebecca looked at Mindy’s behind.

“Oh, I think it’s in the cards all right.” she said smiling. Mindy smiled back.

Natalie put her jeans back on as the three Carlisle sisters walked back downstairs and continued where they had left off. Eating cookies and watching television. Not after long, dinner had been served and they ate, with Rebecca retiring to her own room. The crimson walls reflected her spontaneity, but contrasted her laziness. Wood borders circled the square room at the intersections where the walls met both the floor and ceiling. The dark wood furniture matched them, with the exception of her computer desk which stood out as too modern for the older feel of the room.

Shannon had never liked the room when she visited, but its darkness had a bit of a colder feel to it which Rebecca found soothing. She sat down at her computer desk and checked her messages on both her computer and her phone. Nothing from Shannon, and it had been more than a few days since they’ve arrived.

The big butted girl was almost to the point of aggravation, but it’d take a bit more for her to react. For the moment she had something else on her mind.

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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!

Although she had had a considerable amount of cookies and the beef meal her mother had cooked, Rebecca hungered for more. Not for food of sustenance, but to feed a more amorous feeling.

She picked up her phone and dialed one of the numbers on speed dial. “Hello, Mark? Hi, hi. How you doing? Well that’s good. What are you doing? Better make that a case. I’ll see you in half an hour. Bye.”

She hung up. She took a quick shower and changed into a pair of jeans with an orange top. She had finished putting on a small amount of makeup and doing her hair when there was a honk from outside. She would have been done sooner, but the jeans took her longer to put on than she expected. Rebecca grabbed her coat handbag and went outside to a blue four door sedan.

Mark sat in the driver’s seat. His black hair wasn’t very long, but was long enough to be slicked back. He was clean shaven, and had dark eyes. He had a dark blue dress shirt, with the top few buttons open to show a white undershirt and dark blue jeans. He had a solitary silver chain that was practically choking his neck, and a pair of hoop earrings. He was a bit taller than Rebecca, and of a leaner yet muscular build. A case of beer sat in the back seat as Rebecca opened the passenger door and got in.

Mark looked at her and couldn’t quite believe she had gained so much weight. Although it was rare for the smooth man, he was at a loss for words. He noticed his eyes had widened and quickly regained his composure as he put the car into drive and exited her driveway.

“So,” he said after another second of delay. “How’s…uh college treating you?”

“Oh, it’s tons of fun up there. Lots of parties and alcohol. It’s caught up to me a bit though,” Rebecca smiled and patted her stomach.

“Really? I didn’t notice.” Mark gulped politely.

“It’s not like you to lose your composure,” she laughed and rubbed his leg. She felt she was still as sultry as she’d always been. Mark could only manage a small chuckle. He had really wanted to get plastered and romp with Rebecca like they used to. That’s not to say they ever had a relationship as most people would see it, but rather a mutual partnership. An “I scratch your back you scratch mine” deal that involved a different type of itch. However, he was having a hard time finding her attractive right now. No wonder she had suggested a case.

He took the phone from his pocket and dialed.

“I’m telling a friend to bring more beer,” he said turning to Rebecca.

“Oooh, kinky.” She smiled. He gave one in return. She suspected why he was calling someone else, but didn’t care at the moment. She had abstained during finals to study, which was quite out of character. However, she didn’t want to fail any classes, and agreed with Shannon that it was for the best.

It had been a little less than a week since she’d had sex or been drunk, which was a bit too long for Rebecca. She’d take something quick right now, even if he didn’t find her all that attractive.

Soon there after, they returned to Mark’s apartment. He was a year older than Rebecca, and had been living on his own for a little over a year. They entered and almost immediately started downing beers while watching the television. After a couple of beers, a knock was heard from the door.

Mark got up to open it, and there stood a raven hair girl with very dark eyes. She came in and took her coat off on the rack near the door that Rebecca had used for her coat as well, while Mark took the beer she brought. She was quite pretty, and had an hourglass frame. Rebecca estimated her boobs to be about a B, maybe a C. She felt good that she had a larger chest for once in her life.

The girl had a minimal amount of makeup on, but her lips seemed to nonetheless scream that she gave head to anyone who asked. They were rather full, and glistened. Their warmth was only overtaken by how inviting they were. Rebecca’s evaluation was cut short as Mark introduced her. “Rebecca, this is Nina. Nina, Rebecca.”

The girls exchanged greetings.

The three sat on the couch drinking and making chit chat. About an hour in, Mark went into the kitchen and brought out a tray of brownies. “They’re my own ‘special’ make,” he laughed.

“None for me, I’m watching my weight.” Nina said as she sipped on her beer. She wasn’t drinking nearly as much as Mark, who was still only feeling a bit buzzed after 10 cans. Rebecca had had 7, and couldn’t really feel anything yet, while Nina had 3.

“Oh come on, don’t spoil the mood.” Rebecca said as she picked up a brownie and started chewing. She would have gone easy, but the brownies tasted fantastic. “Besides, you’re not gonna get fat after one night.”

Biting one of his own, Mark chimed in, “I agree with Rebecca. Besides, they taste wonderful. Let loose.”

Slowly Nina complied and took small bites of a brownie. Soon she was into the brownies with gusto. Over the course of the food and drink, they managed to get themselves into Mark’s bedroom.

“Kiss.” He commanded on his bed as both girls stood at the foot of the bed. Both girls smiled at the command and slowly went closer to each other. Rebecca pushed the hair out of Nina’s face and leaned her own face in. Their most lips met and Rebecca knew she was dealing with a good kisser. As they both stuck their tongues out and massaged each other’s tongue, their hands wandered slightly.

Nina hungrily forced herself down Rebecca’s mouth, and both worked with enthusiasm as their wet tongues worked. They withdrew shortly for a bit of air and violently came together again to continue where they had left off. Mark lay back watching, as they continued with their make out session.

“Don’t be afraid to get more sensual,” he said with surprising diction considering the circumstances.

Rebecca felt small hands on her ass. They started out slowly at first, with some simple rubbing, but soon started going faster and faster. They worked the expanse of her behind, kneading every now and then. Rebecca took her hands from Nina’s face, and returned the favor. She had a bit more experience with ass work, and Nina could tell instantly as her small butt was massaged. Rebecca managed to slide her hands inside Nina’s jeans and took two fingers to reach down and around.

Mark had taken his shirt off and walked right next to the girls as he stopped them. Both were panting, and Mark seized hold of the black-haired Nina and started to kiss her passionately. The extra booze and brownies must have helped, since he switched to Rebecca and locked lips with her for a bit longer. His bare chest rubbed against hers, and she could feel his cock hardening as his hands wandered. Not to be left out, Nina had shifted herself behind Rebecca and had started undressing the larger girl.

It was an opportune time for Mark to get back on his bed with both girls and watch the show. He kicked off his shoes, took of his jeans and lay at the head of his bed while both girls knelt at the foot of it. Nina had thrown Rebecca’s orange shirt and went back to kissing. It was obvious she enjoyed it, and Rebecca welcomed the experience. Rebecca decided to return the favor to the raven-haired girl, and slowly slid the tight blue shirt over her head.

“Don’t be so hasty,” Mark said as he fondled himself. On cue, the girls slowed up their embrace. They begin a euphoric rubbing, rather than a venomous discharge of clothing. Nina had taken to sucking on Rebecca’s lower lip, and began moving down to her fat breasts. Rebecca tilted her head back and gently put her hands on Nina’s head to continue the adoration.

“They’re so big and soft,” Nina said looking up at Rebecca. Rebecca could only smile. She wasn’t used to having such large tits, and vaguely wondered if Shannon felt like this all the time. She usually garnered admiration elsewhere. Rebecca welcomed the newly directed infatuation, she had been quite happy with her newly acquired assets.

Nina kissed Rebecca’s breasts very sensually, making sure to give proper time to each kiss and the time between the ending pucker and new kiss. She worked her way around the exposed flesh with her lips, and held onto Rebecca’s soft sides. She almost giggled as to why they were actually called love handles. Instead, she changed her pace and started licking the cleavage in between Rebecca’s large breasts, stopping only at the white fabric of Rebecca’s bra.

Nina enjoyed having to push into the fatty tissue and feeling resistance as she kissed and licked, and found it erotic to watch the adipose bounce back into its previous shape. She had actually started to try and use her tongue to separate the breasts, since the bra pushed them together. She would work her tongue into the crevice and try to move it back and forth to create distance. She was rather fond of the game, but couldn’t get the heavy boobs to stay apart.

Meanwhile, she felt Rebecca nibbling on her ear, and using her tongue to practically lick it off, as if it were an ice cream cone. Her mouth worked its way down to Nina’s neck and started to suck. It started softly at first, but became stronger over time. Rebecca had started playing with the clasp of Nina’s dark blue bra, and with a little work was able to unclasp it. Nina’s small breasts perked; something Rebecca’s breasts used to do a couple cup sizes ago. Nina’s boobs were small, but befitting of her smaller frame, which made her look more curvy than flat. Rebecca liked them, and taken a liking to rubbing them as Nina worked on her. Nina’s nipples were rather long, with a small areola, which made them seem succulent.

Mark watched both girls with awe. They were, after all, the greatest sexpots he’d ever known. Perhaps they were even better than him. It hadn’t taken any touching from them for his member to stand tall out of the flap of his boxers. It was like they had forgotten he was there, and he decided he wouldn’t interject at the moment. It was like an expert painter watching Da Vinci or Michelangelo. You don’t offer to help or partake in their fun for your own; you stare in awe and wonder at such a sight. Even then, it takes remarkable concentration to even try and watch their form and take notes, which was what Mark was trying to do, even in his state. He beheld them, in their half naked glory as they worked on each other with so much passion it was as if their lives depended on it.

Rebecca’s bra practically burst off as Nina fiddled with its clasp. Her larger
breasts jiggled down with a soft slap as they hit her torso. Nina took Rebecca’s left breast with her hands and suckled like a new born. She massaged the underside of the breast, which was a little sweaty, and took the time to lick underneath where it had gathered to both bare boobs. Her licking led her around the globular masses, and eagerly wished she had two mouths. She could only work on one with her mouth and had to settle to using her hand to fondle the other.

Rebecca’s skin was creamy and smooth, and tasted quite good to the petite raven-haired girl. She slowly led her finger around Rebecca’s nipple making sure to graze it ever so slightly before stroking it. She pushed it into the fatness of the breast both with her finger and her tongue, then worked on pinching with her fingers and teeth. With their growth, Rebecca noticed their sensitivity had also increased. Her enlarged areola felt more tender. She could almost feel each small bump that Nina’s tongue touched and the intricacies of her nipples as well.

Rebecca couldn’t use her mouth, but all the while had tried to stimulate Nina’s smaller breasts. They were firm and perky, not wanting to give to even the harder squeezes of Rebecca’s hand. As she continued the massage, Nina forced her backward onto her back. All the while interchanging sucking on each of Rebecca’s hardened nipples. Rebecca’s hands ventured to the small of Nina’s back, and started to rub it methodically. Slowly, she ran her hands down Nina’s sides until they hit her jeans. Up and down her hands went, from her breasts down to her waist and back again; sometimes in the front, but mostly down her sides and back.

Eventually Rebecca had crept into the back of Nina’s pants. She felt her panties and gently tugged on them, and started to move them slightly up and down making Nina close her eyes and let out a small breath and with it a soft moan. Nina went back to Rebecca’s breasts and ventured down the larger gut of the girl every now and then. Rebecca hadn’t tried to work her panties again. Instead, she worked on her favorite part, the ass. She ran her hands down the curve until it stopped and hit the leg. She went down its sides and in between; slowly massaging along the way. This gave way to grabbing and kneading.

Mark moved closer and gave Rebecca a kiss as she lay on the bed, she returned it and took her hands out of Nina’s pants, placing them on the back of his head, fingering through his hair. He switched to Nina, and kissed her as well. He pulled her in and lay back on his bed with her, unbuttoning the top button of her pants as they fell. She rubbed his chest as they kissed, and he did the same to hers. Rebecca sat up with a bit of effort, a little flushed, and helped take of Nina’s pants. She flew them on the floor and admired Nina’s tight bottom. Inpatient, she took her fingers on the waistband of the dark blue garment, and slid them down Nina’s slim and silky legs. Mark rolled over and put Nina underneath him. He stopped the kiss and turned his attention toward the large Rebecca.

She undid the button of her jeans, and the flaps unzipped quickly as her large tummy surged forward.

“Let me help you with those,” Mark said as he lay Rebecca on her back and began to slide the jeans down her legs. He didn’t get far.

“How’d you get into these?” he grunted. Mark took his hands and placed them into the jeans with some effort, there wasn’t much room. He tried again to pull them off, this time with more force. He only succeeded in moving Rebecca an inch off the bed, with her jeans as stuck as ever.

Nina slid her naked self over to assist. She tried getting one side while Mark took the other, which only made Nina lose her grip as she couldn’t compete with Mark’s strength. She let Mark take both sides of the jeans again as she tried to push in the fat that oozed over the waistband. It didn’t help.

“I’m out of ideas,” Mark said a little tired.

“I thought you said you couldn’t get fat from one night?” Nina teased.

“Very funny.” Rebecca replied annoyed. “Come on; don’t just leave me in these. I don’t want to be left out!”

Rebecca struggled a bit with her own jeans again, but it was useless.

“Oh! I have an idea.” Nina said as she practically fell off the bed and skipped to the kitchen. She returned shortly after with a stick of butter and a can of cooking spray. Rebecca looked up in fright, as if Nina was going to force feed her until the jeans popped off. Nina gave Rebecca a kiss, and went back on the bed. She spread butter and spray all over Rebecca’s stomach and tried to get the insides of the jeans and Rebecca’s hips.

“This would be easier if you stood up,” Nina said. Rebecca complied and stood in the middle of Mark’s room wearing only her jeans. Nina continued with her food items.

“That’s cold,” Rebecca giggled.

“I never knew you were ticklish,” Mark said.

“Alright, she’s buttered up. Now, all three of us should be able to push her jeans off her.” Nina said as Mark positioned himself to one side and Nina to the other. “On three. One. Two. Three!”

Rebecca sucked in her stomach and pushed her hands down on the jeans as hard as she could. Nina and Mark both held onto a pocket and the inside of the waist toward Rebecca’s large backside. The jeans were persistent, but with their continued effort they began to slide down Rebecca’s thick legs.

The jeans had made it to the thickest part of her enormous booty, and with one final surge from the 3, they popped off.

Mark and Nina had put so much effort into it, that they came off very quickly and left Nina and Mark on the floor looking up at Rebecca clad only in her white panties. Rebecca was breathing rather heavy, and pulled down her panties. Nina quickly came and helped with them, taking them off with her teeth and throwing them aside with a turn of her raven-haired head.
Without missing a beat, the nude pair started kissing and fondling each other again as they directed themselves to the bed. Mark followed and started suckling Nina’s small breasts. Rebecca gave him a push, and Mark began working on the right breast while Rebecca took Nina’s left.

Both Mark and Rebecca moved their hands down and started stroking Nina’s wet pussy lips. Nina could only moan, tilt her head back, and put her hands on each of their heads. Their fingers slid around the edges of her lips, swirling around and skirting in and out. Nina had started moving her pelvis up and down as their onslaught continued. Mark stopped and moved his mouth to Rebecca’s left breast. Rebecca stopped with Nina and rolled onto her back, forcing Nina to work on Rebecca’s right side.

Mark took Rebecca’s breast in his mouth, sucking violently as he caressed her sides. Her breast was warm, soft but not too soft. It still had some perk left in it, despite its size. Something larger breasts lacked Mark had found throughout his years. His hands squeezed the flesh, forcing the nipple up to his mouth for more licking. He moved his tongue over the protrusion quickly, taking note of how it bounced back and forth with him. He moved his left hand downward across her larger stomach, and underneath where he slowly began to feel the small belly apron and squeeze it. It was something Nina had bypassed to get straight to Rebecca’s sopping womanhood. Mark continued rubbing her belly with his left hand and swirling his tongue over her breast. He felt Rebecca start to swivel her hips and force her butt up. He looked over to Nina who was too enthralled with the large breast and sweet pussy to notice. Mark saw Rebecca close her eyes and to start biting her lip.

“Let’s get under way,” Mark said with dictation.

He lay down on the bed, motioning Nina to sit on his throbbing cock whilst Rebecca came to his face. Nina faced away from Mark, and slowly slid herself down his erect penis. She squirmed a bit before getting comfortable with its size. Nina slowly began to pump her ass up and down whilst she rocked in a circular motion. She used her arms to help lift her and wiggle back down again. Slowly at first, she tried to move Mark’s penis inside her, clenching her muscles to increase tightness.

Meanwhile, Rebecca was kneeling over Mark’s face as he held her legs and ass in a firm grip. He used his tongue to probe the inside of her pussy, and helped open it with his fingers which tended to gently massage the surrounding area. His hands moved to her ass and started to rub its large expanse. Mark liked the soft toughness it had, and made sure to work at each crevice, carefully leaving no line unchecked. His tongue followed suit, exploring inside Rebecca’s womanhood, sliding around and tasting Rebecca.

Nina briefly got off to slide her hands around Mark’s dick. She stroked the shaft, making sure to squeeze hard, especially around the head. She took his balls in her hand and gently rubbed them, trying to use them to massage his lower shaft as her other hand worked the rest of it. Still going slowly, she placed her mouth on his member and started fondling it with her tongue as she jerked her head up and down in rhythm with her hands. She bit down gently now and then, blowing and sucking as she went.

Rebecca leaned forward to help, but Nina stopped her with a passion kiss while she performed more with her hands. The kiss tasted of sex as Rebecca felt Nina’s plump lips spread warmth over her own. Their tongues touched, almost melting in the heat of the moment. As they pulled back, Mark patted Rebecca’s ass. She rolled off him so he could sit up. He quickly threw Nina down on the bed, sideways, so that her legs dangled over. Rebecca knelt in front of her open legs. She spread them with her hands, rubbing them up and down Nina’s thin legs that she had raised in the air. She moved in and started kissing Nina’s pink, which was full shaven. Mark quickly went into his drawer and ripped open a condom, putting it on his penis.

He walked behind Rebecca, making sure to stroke her plump bottom on his way. He grabbed hold of a love handle with his right hand, and inserted his large cock with his left into her dripping cunt. Rebecca gave a pleasurable moan, and began fingering Nina with newfound passion. Nina grabbed her tits and started pinching her nipples, mashing them around while Rebecca worked her magic. She slid in and out of Nina, making sure to hit all inside, tickling all of her senses as she added more fingers and interchanged them and her tongue. Rebecca made sure to play around the lips, dipping in and out as Nina moaned and fondled her small breasts. Nina put her legs in the air and put them around Rebecca’s head, gyrating her pelvis now, faster and harder. Rebecca kept pace, and worked with the sudden movement of Nina’s ass and pussy.

Rebecca too, had started thrusting her ass very hard to help make more friction for Mark’s penis. She pushed her ass up and down, back and forth, with Mark grabbing hold and thrusting. Faster they went, and harder. Being sensual was long over; pleasure was derived from speed and strength, like animals. He held onto her cheeks, grabbing and slapping them together as he pushed inside her as far as he could go. Rebecca moaned into Nina’s pussy as she continued to lick and finger it strongly. Nina moaned as well as her eyes were closed. She was pinching her nipples and violently trying to mash both nipples together as hard and as fast as she could.

“Yeah. Yeah. Uh, oh man yes,” Nina shouted as Rebecca worked on her. Nina bit her lower lip, but continued her praise through her teeth.

Rebecca could feel the pressure building, and could barely concentrate on finishing off Nina while Mark pounded her from the back. Mark groaned as he continued his onslaught. The softness that encapsulated his penis helped massaged as it jiggled with each passing thrust. She was tight, and her newly added girth made it more pleasurable to hit harder. There was more cushion, and it tickled him as he went in and out and around.

Faster and harder the three progressed. The bed creaked and moved throughout their excursion, the headboard hitting against the wall despite how they were positioned. Mark’s forward advances would move Rebecca inward more, causing deeper penetration of Nina, where she would then move her hips up into it. It created a chain of momentum that only added to the force and pleasure that had been taking place. As if speaking for them all, Nina kept shouting “Faster” and “Harder” along with other praises as their lovemaking session continued. Rebecca’s fat tits swayed with each moment, as had the rest of her blubber. They clapped every now and again, becoming more frequent toward the ending.

All of their toes were curled, Nina using hers to pet Rebecca’s bare back. Mark worked in and out, giving his full cock deep impact; going as far as he could while Rebecca did the same with her fingers and tongue. Faster, harder, faster, harder, quicker, more rapid, stronger, more powerful; it all built itself and was dispersed as the three lovers shuddered with joy.

Rebecca could almost feel each burst of cum from Mark as she shuddered on top of the convulsing Nina, who did so with a sigh of relief. Her eyes were closed, her mouth open, and her head held back. Her hands were still on her breasts, but had stopped moving, as had Rebecca’s tongue which she now used to express her pleasure as well, while Mark stayed inside her letting off small gratifying breaths.

Mark pulled out slowly, and Rebecca rolled over lying on her back next to Nina. Both girls exhausted, panting loudly. Rebecca was breathing a bit heavier than her. All three were sweating, which filled the room with its scent. It was the smell of sex, and it exuded from each of them, and amplifying the climax which had left them yearning for more but too tired to take or give more. Mark took a cigarette from his night stand, and lit it while he sat on the bed next to Nina. He exhaled the smoke heavily as he looked onto the small girl and the larger girl beside her. Both were smiling, which practically made him chuckle.

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Cold snow blanketed the ground outside. It fell softly and quietly, covering everything in much the same way. The wind had died down, which made the storm linger. After only a few short hours, the town’s vibrant color had been absorbed by white, and quickly the day had changed to night. Street lamps lined the streets, providing the only light, as the rest of the night’s brightness had been devoured by the clouds and lost from plain sight. The winter was harsh and cold, relentless and unforgiving. Darkness ruled, persuading the minds of others. The clouds above only helped extend its welcome, delaying the moment the sun rose like the phoenix it was.

Candlelight during the winter night romanticized the young, while the intimacy in the air drove them out of control. Rebecca looked outside the window and down upon the town. The storm had subsided at the moment, and the sun tried desperately to break through. The hazel-eyed girl rubbed her eyes and head for a bit after waking up. The effects of the binge last night were catching up to her. It was a feeling she was more and more getting accustomed to. And endless night of sex, food, and drink; acting as if a maelstrom on those unsuspecting and a forbidden love for those that did. Rebecca more so inclined to the latter, even if her frequency of it all had lost its taboo potency.

Last night wasn’t that big of a blur for the large girl, which frightened her a little bit. Although she indulged more than almost everyone she knew, she never really noticed her tolerance building up. It took more alcohol to get her buzzed, more food to fill her up and more to make her gain, it even took more fabric to fit her chubby buns into. Her hangover was practically nonexistent, although her head was slightly affected by the dazzling, sparkling, and bright snow refracting the heavy aurora outside.

Sitting and partially sinking into the side of the bed, Rebecca looked at the clock on the dresser. Its red numbers glared back with a venomous 6:43.

Moving her focus she noticed Mark was still sleeping under the covers. She stood up and walked out of the room, not bothering to put anything on. Still naked from last night, she walked passed the bathroom and into the kitchen. She noticed quickly that Nina was nowhere to be found, which didn’t surprise her. She vaguely wondered if Nina was as sore as she was from the ravenous evening. In fact, Rebecca quickly felt soreness all over. It had crept up on her only after she decided to start moving.

Rebecca moved into the kitchen with her right hand on the small of her back. She was out of shape, and getting too big for certain positions. Her large thighs bumped together as she shifted around the kitchen trying to find something to satisfy her hunger. She rubbed her stomach which jiggled in response. It had gotten so big since the summer, a real beer belly. Rebecca rummaged through the cabinets before finding a box of Oreos. She started eating them on the way back to the bedroom, catching some crumbs on her burgeoning bosom.

The hazel-eyed girl sat on the bed, and put the covers over her bottom half as she ate her fill. She reminisced of the summer when she was eating Oreos with Shannon. Both of them had put on a lot of weight. She never would have picked Shannon to gain so much. Rebecca, after all, was the one who could never get enough. Whatever it was: Sex, alcohol, life, and food. Of course, it’s not like Rebecca hadn’t gained.

She had kept pace with her fat-titted friend quite nicely over the long months, perhaps even edging Shannon out. However, Rebecca was also the laid back one, the apathetic one. She sort of just accepted it. After all, her lifestyle hadn’t really changed. She was still getting guys at college to fool around with her, so in her mind, she still had some desirable qualities left.

Before Rebecca could continue her deliberation, she had run out of cookies. She put them on the dresser and looked on the floor for her ever shrinking panties. Before she could, Mark started squirming in the bed.

Groggily he asked, “You’re up early, are you leaving?”

Rebecca responded, “Yeah, I was thinking about it.”

“N-nah. Come back in bed for a bit.” Mark responded as he rubbed the spot in the bed next to him.

“Nina left, you still want me here?” She said with her hands on her large hips.

“Yeah, that’s why I like you more. You spend the night…you’re nice to wake up to.” He said.

“Oh?” she asked as her large and sultry self swayed over to the bed. “But I bet you wish I had her body.”

“I wish you’d get in bed. Besides, I like your body just fine. You’ve still got a great ass.” Mark smiled. It wasn’t quite what the fat assed girl wanted, but it was good enough. She lay down on the bed, which slid Mark into her, and put the covers over her body. It was still warm inside. Mark smiled and kissed her on the cheek, as Rebecca wrapped her tree trunk legs around Mark, who had closed his eyes.

“Alright,” Rebecca said as she closed her eyes as well. “But only for a little bit.”

It wasn’t long afterwards that the two had gotten dressed and headed back to Rebecca’s home, where Mark dropped her off. The departing exchange was consistent with their relationship: short and sweet.

Rebecca watched the blue car drive away. The snow on its roof left a trail, as if to say to follow while the car slowly disappeared on the downside of a hill. She turned around and walked up to her home. She had never really stopped to take notice.

The two-story home was divided and contrasted by its own makeup. The top was a light, almost creamy brown siding, with dark brown shutters on each of the windows. The bottom was traditional brick, even on the garage which jutted out. It wasn’t overly elaborate, yet it did stand out from the surrounding homes. Rebecca had grown up here; it just always seemed to fit.

She walked up to the door and slowly opened it, not wanting to wake
anyone. It was little after nine, but still, she wanted to be on the safe side. There was nothing that she hated more than being woken up early.

As she passed the threshold, the smell of breakfast hit her with enough fury to almost push her back out again. It was an overwhelming sensation, causing the girl to close her eyes and take in the smell. She loved her mother’s cooking, and it had been ages since she’d had a breakfast her mother had made. Generally, she’d sleep far past the breakfast hours, and she never got the chance up at school, so it had been a while. She quickly walked through the house and peered around the corner and into the kitchen.

At the stovetop of the mostly white room, was Rebecca’s mother. She was about a head shorter than her daughter, whose height came from her father. However, Rebecca got her shape from her mother. Even from behind, as Rebecca was viewing now, you could tell she packed most of her weight in the back. Rebecca’s mother was a bit on the plump side, although at this point she was thinner than her daughter. With a darker complexion, dark eyes, and dark brown hair she looked almost exotic. Well fed, but exotic. She was making breakfast on griddles and skillets, with the ingredients all over the counter top.

As Rebecca slowly entered, she could hear the crackling and sizzling of the bacon. Its smell was intoxicating. Her mother had heard her come in. It was easy with her heavier footsteps.

“Take a seat, breakfast is almost ready.” Her mom said without turning around. Rebecca obliged, sliding out the armchair at the head of the table. As she sat down into it, she noticed the arms started poking her butt and actually were stopping her from sitting down.

“Hey mom? Where’s Natalie and Mindy?”

Her mother turned around. “You mean to tell me you can’t figure that out?”

She waited a bit but only to get a quizzical look back in return. “You haven’t been gone that long. Those two are just like you. They’d sleep all day if you didn’t wake them.”

“Then why you cooking breakfast?” Rebecca asked.

“Because I knew my college girl would be back in the morning, and I wanted some good food waiting for her while she was up, for once.” Her mom said as she went back to cooking. Rebecca remembered a time not too long ago that her mother would have had a fit if she stayed out late, let alone for the reasons Rebecca did. That’s not to say her mother was okay with it still, just that she realized there wasn’t much she could do after a couple years of it.

After only a couple more minutes, her mother started putting all the food on the table.

“Enjoy,” she said as she took the seat opposite her daughter. She, of course, had a much easier time fitting into the seat.

“Wow! What a spread!” Rebecca said, salivating at the eyes. She had forgotten about the cookies she had polished off only a couple short hours ago. It was quite the layout. Scrambled eggs, bacon, toast with butter and jams, and even some home fries. Rebecca started piling her plate high, making sandwiches with all the ingredients, and drinking coffee.

“It’s been a while since we’ve gotten to talk alone,” her mom said.

Rebecca only looked up briefly, whilst stuffing her face. “So how’s college treating ya?”

“Mmm, good!” Rebecca mumbled with her mouth full of food.

“The food or college?” Her mom laughed.

“Both!” Rebecca and her mother started laughing again. They continued chatting while eating, talking of school, what was new, work and other such conventional issues. Rebecca out-ate her mother by quite a deal, who was never one to eat a lot in the first place, even despite her size. All the food was consumed, which disheartened Rebecca a bit. She even tried to sop up the crumbs and leftover on her plate with bread, making sure to polish off every last morsel. She wasn’t hungry, but she wasn’t exactly full either.

“That was great mom.” The light brunette said as she rubbed her stomach for emphasis.

“Glad you liked it hon,” her mother replied as she grabbed the empty plates to clean them. Rebecca let out a quiet belch and got up from the chair…or at least, she tried to. She tried to stand up, but the armchair came with her. Her flesh overflowed the sides of the chair, and attempted to peak through all the open crevices: between the supports of the back, or the armrests, and even part of the seat. She grunted, gritted her teeth, and pushed away from the chair with all of her might, but just couldn’t seem to budge. With all the noise, it wasn’t long before her mother noticed.

“Oh! Well dear. Let me help.” She rushed over and kept her weight on the chair and tried helping Rebecca up.

“Push!” she grunted as they struggled for a couple minutes. She used her feet to push against the chair and pry Rebecca free as Rebecca try and suck in her gut and lean forward into the pull of her mother’s arms. Again and again the two women struggled to free Rebecca. But no matter how hard they tried, Rebecca was just too fat and the chair was just too small. Separating her butt from the seat was as difficult as taking the blue out of the sky. It was obdurate. Even so, they continued to try and change her ass’s stubbornness with force for another minute.

After that time, the only thing that had changed was Rebecca’s breathing, as she was panting and sweating now. Her mother pulled up a chair across from her daughter and sat down in it, wiping the sweat on her brow with a dish cloth. Rebecca squirmed some more, trying to shimmy herself out of the chair, which only made it slide across the floor. It was no use. Whatever Rebecca tried to do, she couldn’t get out of the overstuffed armchair. She was wedged too tightly between the arms, and a large breakfast hadn’t made her predicament any better. Although she hadn’t been completely full, moving around that much hadn’t helped her stomach any.

The metal on her already too-tight jeans was being pushed even further into her creamy skin due to her cramped wooden prison. At the moment, sitting down was the only comfort she had. She grunted, and again tried to force her way out of the chair, pushing away and against the sides of the chair. Rebecca’s plight had started to make the usually calm, collected, laid back, apathetic, and blasé girl become frantic and whiny.

“Oh!” she exclaimed with a whimper as she pushed harder and harder to free herself from her confines.

“Mom, help me!” Rebecca cried petulantly.

“I don’t know what you want me to do baby.” Her mother replied.

“Anything!” the pear shaped girl practically yelled as she struggled and wiggled around.

“Alright. Calm down. You don’t want those two to wake and see this, do you?” Her mother said softly. Rebecca immediately sat still, waiting for her mother to say the next sentence. The last thing she wanted to have her sisters hear about this. She was already extremely embarrassed; those two would never let her live it down.

Rebecca’s mom sat there, looking at her daughter. She had gotten so big since high school graduation. Her light brown hair, although a bit disheveled at the moment, hid her softening face a bit. Her chin had a small friend underneath it, devouring definition of her jaw. Her orange shirt looked a bit small for her, and quite tight. She was practically oozing out of it.

Her bra, much larger than it had been during summer, was almost visible through the stretched orange fabric. It rid up her protruding stomach, as it poked out from underneath, overhanging her skin tight jeans. How she got them on was anyone’s guess, as they were clearly too small for her ever growing bottom half. The taut material was in a losing battle, and had started to widen at the seams, where soft flesh bulged out. Even as snug as they were, her mother noticed the button on the top wasn’t fastened, and the zipper wasn’t but half done. The open flaps were propped underneath and failing tremendously to support her gut, which flowed forward with every labored breath.

“Well Rebecca,” her mother said, “I wasn’t going to talk about it…but since the subject is at hand, we’re alone, and you can’t go anywhere…”

Rebecca had thought her mother would bring it up eventually, and cut her off. “You want to talk about my fat ass, right?” she said annoyed.

“You have gained a lot of weight dear.”

“I haven’t gained that much!”

Her mother scoffed. “You’re stuck in a chair!”

“I wouldn’t be if you hadn’t stopped trying to help,” Rebecca said sardonically.

Her mother groaned and shook her head. “Listen, Rebecca, I don’t care that you’re bigger. Heck, I’m not that small myself, but neither is anyone else in the family. I watch myself and I’m still not slim. We’re destined to get big, but if you keep on going like this you’ll be huge. You’re never satisfied. Your appetite for food, booze, and sex isn’t healthy.”

Rebecca sat and listened with a scowl on her face. “We’ve had this discussion a million times! I’m not a little girl anymore…”

She was cut off.

“Anyone with eyes can see that!” her mother paused. “You need to watch what you put into your body, and by the looks of it you need to watch what you put your body into.”

Rebecca blushed at the comment. “It’s not my fault these chairs are too small.”

“Babe, these chairs aren’t small. Are you gonna sit here and tell me your butt hasn’t gotten bigger?” her mother asked with a small hint of indignation in her voice.

“A little…it’s not like it’s the size of a Pinto.” Rebecca said, trying to somehow eye her ass for emphasis, as if to look through both the chair and herself.

“Yeah, more like two dump trucks.” Her mother chuckled.

Rebecca only scowled at the comment.

“Alright, I admit it, I’m a blubber butt. Can you please help me out of this chair now?” Rebecca asked, not hiding her irritation.

“Rebecca, it’s not your weight that I’m concerned with. It’s you forcing the issue, stuffing yourself silly and only exercising in the bedroom. And maybe you don’t realize it, but the sex isn’t going to be so easy to get once you get even bigger.”

“Good.” retorted Rebecca.

Her mother smiled. “Now let’s figure out how to get a big round ball out of a square hole.”

“Just butt out of it!” Rebecca growled.

“Alright, I’ll butt out. That means I can’t help you get your butt out of that chair too.” The older woman smiled and crossed her arms, knowing she had the upper hand. She even started to walk away to emphasize her point.

“Wait! Alright. You win.” The hazel-eyed girl sighed. “I’ll lose weight; just help me out of here.” She seemingly whined and pouted a grimace as she arched her back and uselessly tried to pop herself out one last time.

“That’s not what I want,’ said Rebecca’s mother disappointedly. “I just want you to stop lying to yourself, and to at least consider the consequences of your own actions. Deal?”

Finally and reluctantly Rebecca spoke, “…deal…”

Her mom poked her in the stomach softly.

(For next chapter click here)

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