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Blame Picasso
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Default Angie - by Blame Picasso (~BBW, Eating, Romance, Heavy Sex, ~MWG)

~BBW, Eating, Romance, Heavy Sex, ~MWG - When skewed priorities get straightened out even seemingly hopeless breakups can get a second chance

By Blame Picasso

Part One: The Beginning

I walked into the bar, a seedy little dive with a couple of pool tables and a line of booths along one wall. I saw Rhonda at the bar and slid into the stool next to her. She gave me a peck on the cheek and said “Hey baby”.

“What’s happening? Where’s Angie?” I asked dropping a twenty on the bar and signaling Dan the bartender for my usual.

“She’s over there shooting pool with the bikers.” Rhonda replied, rolling her eyes.

‘Oh,’ I thought, ‘this is gonna be interesting.”

Dan slid me an icy mug of Budweiser; I scanned the bar to see if I knew anyone else. We were all 21, and had graduated from High School three years ago. I didn’t hang around with Angie in school and I only had a vague memory of who she was. I still hadn’t seen Angie from the front, but I had to admit to myself that her ass looked great as she bent over to shoot.

From the looks on the biker’s face, he thought she looked pretty good too. I heard the cue ball hit another ball, followed by the sound of that ball hitting a pocket. From the way on the biker’s jaw hung open, she had just schooled him in 9 ball.

She still had her back to me, but I could hear the biker asking her to play again. She shook her long blond hair no, then turned to walk back to where Rhonda and I were sitting.

Rhonda was rambling on about some guy she thought was cute at work or something, I don’t honestly remember. It was at that moment Angie came around the corner and the glass racks were no longer hiding her face. She was glancing around the bar as she walked my way, she moved slowly, confidently. Heads turned behind her as she walked past tables and guys at the bar. She was a knockout. Her eyes caught mine, and she smiled. Boom.

Her blue eyes twinkled, her hair shined, her smile was dazzling.

“Hi Rob, do you remember me from sophomore year Health Class?” she asked holding out her hand.

“Yes, I think that’s the only class we were ever in together.” I said as I took her hand and shook it politely. My heart was pounding, I know I must have had that deer in the headlights look compounded by the fact that I was determined to look calm, cool, and collected. I assumed she would sit next to Rhonda and I would be talking around her all night.

Much to my surprise, she got her purse and jacket and moved to my other side. I sat between the two, but Rhonda could have melted into the floor and I would not have noticed.

The three of us chatted for an hour or so, and then Angie excused herself to go to the ladies room. Thankfully, she didn’t ask Rhonda to go with and as soon as she was out of earshot I casually asked her, “You think I have a shot?”

Rhonda slapped me gently on the side of my head, “Duh! You think? She about leapfrogged over me to sit by you, and she practically high-fived me when you went to bathroom before!”

“Really? I asked, clearly surprised. “She’s smoking, I figured she was way out of my league.”

“Ask her out, she apparently thinks you’re ready for the big time.” Rhonda replied sarcastically.

I did ask her out, and we hit it off spectacularly. We dated for two weeks before one night when I went to kiss her good night; she pulled me in her front door and right into her bedroom. I was a little nervous; she still lived with her parents, who slept in the room next to hers. I found out later that her parents were extremely understanding when it came to their daughter’s sex life. She and I practically voided the warranty on her waterbed that and many nights after.

The night I knew her mom had no interest in what her daughter and I was doing happened shortly after that first night we had sex in her bed. Angie was giving me an erotic fashion show. She was going through her lingerie drawer picking out nighties, teddies, bras, and a hundred other items that would give any man a heart attack. She had on a pair of panties and nothing else. She held up a red silk and lace teddy to her naked 36 D’s (I checked the tag of a lacy black bra she draped over my head) and had just finished asking me my opinion (guess) when her mother walked in.

I’m thinking "I’m a dead man, her dad will crash in here next with a shotgun."

“Angie, where’s the bottle of wine that was in the kitchen?” she asked.

Angie dropped the teddy on the bed and said “I put it on top of the refrigerator while I was cleaning the counter.” Then she held up a purple silk halter and asked her mother and I what we thought. Her mother rolled her eyes and closed the door behind her, off in search of her wine. My jaw was hanging open; my eyes were on the floor.

“What? Oh, she knows what’s going on, don’t worry about her.” Angie said with a little giggle as she slid her panties off and crawled across the bed on top of me. Her large breasts hung against my chest, she swept them back and forth, her nipples hardening, tickled by the hair on my chest. She slowly lowered herself down to my waist and undid my belt and the buttons on my jeans.

I lifted my butt and she slid my jeans and my boxers off simultaneously. My erect penis sprang up and Angie caught it in her mouth. She slid her mouth up and down my erection and my concerns about her parents melted away. I laid on her warm waterbed, rocking slightly from the motion of her head going up and down in my lap.

A few minutes later she let my penis drop from her lips and caught it between her breasts. She squeezed them together and slowly moved up and down. Eventually the motion of the water was enough for her to tit fuck me without her having to move at all. I opened my eyes a little to watch her. She was the first girl who was endowed enough to be able to do that to me and I was so turned on by the sight. I enjoyed that for a few more minutes before I sat up and kissed her, then rolled her on to her back and spread her long, lean legs wide.

She was a natural blonde; a thick tuft of blonde hair encircled her beautiful, wet pussy. I leaned forward and ran my nose through her pubic hair and kissed her gently on the hood of her clitoris. She moaned and ran her fingers through my hair, pulling me into her. My hands slid under butt, squeezing and fondling her round ass.

Her breathing became heavy a few minutes later; suddenly her crotch leapt forward as she came. I had become used to it by then, the first time I made her orgasm with my mouth she almost knocked my front teeth out. While she was still in the throes of her orgasm I got up on my knees between her legs and slid myself inside her. Her eyes flew open in surprise and I immediately felt her vagina clench tightly around me as she came again.

I smiled, feeling proud at my ability to get this gorgeous woman off so well. I worked my penis in and out of her in a slow, steady rhythm, my hands caressing her breasts. She put her hands over mine and squeezed them over her breasts. She had two more orgasms. I couldn’t help but think her parents and her sister had to hear us quite clearly. The thought actually got me even more excited.

I took her legs in my hands and lifted them up, I closed them and put them against my shoulder, felling her tightness as I continued to enter her while kissing her calves and hugging her thighs. My orgasm built and I suddenly threw my head back, Angie cried out and came again as my cum began to flood her pussy. A moment later I collapsed in her arms and fell asleep with her playing with my hair.

This went on for months, and then we hit our first hurdle. Before we met, Angie was asked to dance at a bachelor party. She was all set to do it. I was incredibly upset, jealous…young and immature I guess. I was dead set against it. I had tickets to a baseball game that night with my brother. I called her before I left for the game and asked her if she was going to do it, she said of course. It was good money. Good money or not, I told her I didn’t like the thought of the woman I loved shaking her spectacular breasts in stranger’s faces and doing God knew what else.

I got home from the game and went up to my room (I still lived with my parents at that time). There, on my pillow was an envelope. I opened it to find a short note in Angie’s handwriting, “The man I love should not have to worry about who the woman he loves is showing her spectacular breasts to. Love, Angie”

Enclosed was a Polaroid of her standing in front of her bed, topless. (For those who may be younger, this was before digital cameras). I found out later her sister took the photo; she’s a piece of work too. Written on the photo was simply “I’m horny”. Twenty minutes later I was in her arms.

Our courtship continued for another tumultuous year. She had a
flair for drama, and I soon discovered she had a lot of issues regarding a boyfriend who had died in a motorcycle accident a couple of years before. She scared me a couple of times when she would get really strange. She would get moody and not speak to me, or she would get all wild and be the life of the party, whether the party needed her to be or not. My friends didn’t like her, nor did my brother. I think eventually peer pressure kind of dominated me.

One night we were in the bar where we first met. A woman I did not know came up behind us and whispered in Angie’s ear. The woman, being drunk, whispered like a hurricane. I heard her quite clearly invite Angie to the bathroom to do an illegal substance. Her and Angie were up and on their way to the ladies room before I could react. I do not do drugs, and I didn’t like people who did. I still don’t.

We left the bar when she returned from the ladies room and we fought about it long into the night. She liked to party, and wasn’t going to stop for me. I left that night and didn’t look back. For a couple of weeks Angie left notes on my car, left flowers outside my front door, and had mutual friends beg me to take her back.

I spent a lot of time with my very jubilant friends after that night, drinking, playing guitar and trying to forget about her. It was a very long time before I fell in love again. I found out Angie married some guy she worked with shortly after we broke up. That broke my heart again, but I eventually settled down with a girl named Julia.

Julia and I moved way too fast and my eye for picking out people’s addictions didn’t get any better. I’d been living with Julia for about 6 months before I realized that when she came home in her horrible moods; she was drunk out of her mind. Vodka. Over a bottle a day starting while she was in the shower and ending whenever we went to bed and all that did was get her to normal. While driving, going to my parents, taking her daughter to school, meet the teacher’s night, every day things, she was completely loaded.

Occasionally she would overdo it, or mix in some rum or wine, which would trigger an awful side of her. I never saw it, but in my defense, I never saw her saw sober in all the time I was with her. We split shortly after she had a miscarriage due to her alcoholism. Thankfully, we’d never married.

I moved back home. About a month after I returned to my parent’s house I went to the supermarket. I was picking up some pasta and the ingredients to make my sauce when I saw her. She was in the cookie aisle; she turned when she saw me. It was Angie.

“Angie?” I asked as she tried to make a break for it. She stopped and turned around. The eyes, the hair, it was her.

“Hi Rob, how have you been?” She said shyly. Two years had passed. Angie was never shy with anyone. At least the old Angie wasn’t. Standing before me was a beautiful blond woman I used love, who was at least one hundred pounds heavier than the last time I saw her.

“Surviving.” I said with a little grin. “How’s married life?” I asked not really wanting to know.

“I left him a year ago last Christmas.” She said. “ I had to get away from him.” Tears welled in her eyes. “I was like a science experiment to him, sex and partying was all he cared about.”

“I was still in town then, I had no idea.”

“We weren’t. We lived in a trailer park down south; we both lost our jobs shortly after we were married. He stole stuff to keep us alive.” She said. Her basket looked like it was getting heavy, so I put her stuff in my cart and we went to the checkout.

“How about dinner at my place? My parents are on a cruise for another ten days, let’s catch up.” I offered. She was reluctant, but by the time we got to her car she agreed. I loaded her bags in the trunk and walked around to the driver’s side window. She had tears in her eyes.

“Remember the vacation we spent in the Pocono’s for my birthday?” She asked smiling gently.

“Of course, that was a great weekend.” I replied smiling.

“That was probably the best weekend of my life,” She said. “I think of that a lot. No one has ever treated me as good as you did.”

I smiled and kissed her forehead. “I’ll see you tonight, 7:00 sharp.”

I walked away toward my car and my heart was pounding. I arrived home and started making the sauce, frying meatballs and listening to Lou Reed’s ‘New York’ CD. When the meatballs were done, I added them to the sauce and let the whole thing simmer while I took a nap on the couch.

I awoke at 5:00, took a shower and shaved. I ran down to the corner liquor store and bought a bottle of red wine for dinner. I decided to pick up a movie, but I knew in my heart we weren’t going to watch it. I got home at 6:15 and put on water for the pasta. I had made one more stop after getting the movie, and I put the dozen white roses I’d bought in a vase on the table. I had butterflies in my stomach that were soon overtaken and eaten by bats that were making my hands shake a little. I poured a glass of wine and sat at the bar my father and I built in the downstairs living room. Frank Sinatra sang slowly about the ‘Summer Wind” while I watched the clock.

At 7:00 sharp, she knocked on my door. I smiled as I opened it and saw her there. She was wearing a tight pair of blue jeans, white pumps, and a white T-shirt that was working overtime keeping her large breasts contained and her prominent belly covered.

“Hey stranger,” was all I could muster.

“You too.” She smiled. I offered her a seat at the bar and held up the wine, “Do you?”

“Yes, drinking was never the problem.” She said quietly. I poured her a glass and freshened mine up.

“Where shall we begin?” I asked sitting across from her. “It’s been a long two years.”

“Yes, yes it certainly has.” She cleared her throat. “I believe I was on my bed crying when we last saw each other, you were angry and walked out.”

Uh oh, I thought to myself, maybe this wasn’t a good idea. I just nodded. “I went home and called John and Kevin, we went out and got pretty drunk.”

“I laid there until I fell asleep, in the morning I went to leave flowers on your car, but you weren’t home. I assumed you were out with your friends, they never liked me.”

“No, they didn’t did they?” I said thinking. “You told me you weren’t going to quit partying, why leave me flowers?”

“I was so topsy turvy. I woke and decided that I would try to quit to get you back.” Tears started welling up. “I went to work the next Monday, still an emotional wreck when I saw Tom.”

I had heard about Tom from Rhonda after Angie and I split, to say he was a bad influence would be an understatement. He was the guy she married two months later. I suddenly realized that I had downed my whole glass of wine.

“Tom gave me a hug, took me aside and started telling me about how you weren’t good enough for me, how he really loved me, and to give him a chance.”

She had also downed her wine I noticed. This wasn’t going to be good if we were sloshed before dinner.

“I called you that night, you said you didn’t want to talk to me, because I’d betrayed you and it was over.” She looked me in the eyes and I saw her hurt. “I called Tom, we went to a bar and we were together from that night on.”

I felt like someone had punched me in the gut, but I just nodded.

“How about we eat before it burns?” I asked as I walked around the bar and pulled her seat out so she could get up. I followed her up the stairs to the kitchen. I could not believe how big her ass had gotten!

I served her at the dining room table, and sat adjacent to her. “I heard you married him, I was a bit shocked to hear that.” I admitted.

“No one wanted me to, my mother and father were very upset. We moved an hour away to avoid them. They didn’t see me again until I left him.” She ate heartily, talking even with her mouth full. She would dab at her mouth with a napkin and continue her story.

“I was a mess when I knocked on their door. I had lost over thirty pounds in the eight months we were married”. She took a sip of wine and looked me in the eyes, she smiled a little.

“My mother screamed and hugged me, my father carried me into my bed.” A weight seemed to lift as she recalled that night. “They were so amazing. My father wanted to put me in rehab; my mother would not have it. She took care of me for five weeks. I screamed, sweat, threw up, cried and cursed.”

She smiled and a tear came to her eye. “But she never gave up, and she got me through it. By last Valentines Day my weight was 120 pounds and I was looking for a job.” She looked proud, and strong to me at that moment.

“Of course, as addictions go, sometimes you just replace one with another.” She looked down and spread her arms out. “I got a job for a chocolate factory in Lakewood, as their European sales rep. The German got me in the door.”

She said this referring to the fact she was fluent in German. “I have not done any kind of illegal substance in 15 months. But boy do I have an appetite.”

She laughed.

I hadn’t spoken for a while as she told me her story, finally, I spoke. “I think you’re amazing.” Came out of my mouth, much to my surprise.

“Yeah, right…all 235 pounds of me.” She spat as she dug back into her dinner.

I grabbed her arm and she looked up at me. “I mean it Angie, I’ve missed you, and I can’t believe I’m sitting here with you.”

My hand went to her cheek. “I don’t care what you weigh, I just want…”

I stopped myself there, I didn’t know what I wanted, and I was afraid of what she might want. She leaned over the table and kissed me.
Suddenly, I knew what we both wanted. We kissed for what seemed like hours. When we parted and sat back down we both burst out laughing, her breasts had been in her plate. Her white T-shirt was ruined. She took a napkin and wiped the pasta and sauce from her chest and looked at me like I hadn’t been looked at in a long time. She got up and walked toward the stairs to my room, I followed.

Once in my room, she turned and looked at me, then abruptly pulled her shirt up over her head.

“Ever been with a fat girl, baby?” she winked.

I grinned. I had been with a number of women much larger than her, in fact, I often fantasized about some of the thinner women I’d dated getting much larger.

“Once or twice.” I said with a smile. Most of her weight went to her boobs and her butt, but her belly was no longer nearly as flat as it was the last time I saw it. I put my arms around her and we kissed again, my hands caressing her body, her hands caressing mine. She buried her face my neck and I unlatched her bra, her breasts tumbled into my hands. I couldn’t believe how much they weighed. She pulled my shirt over my head and pressed her large breasts and belly against my flat stomach.

“I’ve missed you.” She said, her head resting on my shoulder for a minute. “I made a lot of mistakes, Rob…”

“Ssssh.” I whispered softly, “Not now…not now.” She pulled back from me and undid her jeans. With some effort she slid them down her big thighs and lay back on my bed. I undid my belt and let my jeans drop to the floor. I slid into the bed on top of her and kissed her softly on her mouth, my tongue slowly sliding between her lips.

I thought back to the night her mother interrupted us while looking for the wine. Angie had changed dramatically since then. I slid down between her thick thighs and spread her legs wide. She had shaved her blonde pubic hair, now there was just a plump mound of fat above her vagina. I kissed the soft, warm flesh and slid my tongue down and into her pussy. It was wet and hot. I pressed my entire mouth against her and slid my tongue in as far as I could.

A few minutes later I felt the familiar tremble in her thighs. They had never jiggled before like they were, but that just turned me on even more. My hands slid beneath her and felt her large, soft butt. I pulled her crotch closer to my mouth and she moaned as I continued working my energetic tongue inside her.

A few moments later I felt her muscles tighten beneath the extra layer of fat. I pulled back just in time as her butt suddenly leapt off the bed as an orgasm rocked through her. She held herself like that, spasming in ecstasy for a lot longer than I remembered her doing in the past. Finally, she dropped back down to the bed and I knelt between her thighs and entered her in a smooth stroke.

She cried out as another orgasm shot through her like a lighting bolt. Her thighs squeezed me almost painfully. I worked my way in and out of her, watching her breasts and pudgy belly rock beneath me. Her eyes were closed, her mouth open, moaning in pleasure.

I hadn’t been with a woman since Julia and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I ejaculated powerfully between her legs; she orgasmed again and almost knocked me off the bed. I collapsed onto her soft belly and lay there, panting. She was also out of breath. When she regained her composure, she lifted my chin and looked me in the eye.

“I haven’t been with a anyone since I returned to my parents house.” She paused. “I haven’t been with a man since we broke up.”

“Have you been with women?” I asked with a grin.

“You know what I mean!” She smacked my gently on the side of my head. “Tom never made me cum once…you just made me cum more times than I could count.”

We held each other and looked at the ceiling. I was a little nervous wondering what everyone would say if we got back together. I decided I would cross that bridge if and when I got to it. Eventually I drifted off to sleep in her arms.

The next morning we cleaned the dining room and kitchen, I made coffee and we sat out on the deck listening to the birds and feeling the sunshine down on our faces. She was wearing one of my old T-shirts and her panties. The T-shirt was very tight on her and she looked gorgeous. Her tussled hair shone in the sun.

“What are we going to do Robert?” She asked me.

I stretched, “I was thinking we could do breakfast and maybe take a walk on the beach.” I replied.

“No, I meant a little more in depth than that.” She looked serious, like she was afraid she was going to get hurt.

I paused and put down my mug. “I think we should go have breakfast, maybe take a walk on the beach…and see what happens.” I responded.

“It’s been a long time, Angie, let’s not go buying rings yet.”

She nodded slowly. “Agreed.”

We went back in the house and took a shower together, then made love until lunch. Breakfast was out the window, but we did go to the beach. We decided on Island Beach State Park. It was deserted as we walked along the water. It was still a little chilly out. I had given Angie a thick sweatshirt with the NY Giants logo on the front and she wore a pair of my sweatpants. They were way too small and were stretched tight over her big butt.

She had no clean panties, so she wasn’t wearing any. She ran ahead of me a bit to pick up a large shell in the water lie before the next wave came in. Her ass jiggled and bounced when she ran. I realized I was getting another hard on. She jogged back to me. Her large, bra less boobs bounced like mad and now I couldn’t hide the huge erection I had.

Angie saw that and stopped, her mouth broke into the wide grin I remembered her getting when she wanted to be bad. A minute later we in the dunes, hidden from anyone who may wander by and she was giving me an incredible blowjob. I pulled the sweatshirt over her head and her boobs bounced free. Her nipples were hard and her boobs were covered in goose bumps from the chilly wind.

I laid the sweatshirt in the sand and she sat on it, pulling her pants down in the process. She was soaking wet already and I slid into easily. I lay on her chest to keep her warm and slid my cock in and out of her quick and hard. Times like this when we were in public, I remembered she just wanted to get fucked, hard and fast and that’s what I did. A few minutes later we came simultaneously, both of us grunting loudly into the windy air.

We got up and shook the sand from our bodies and clothes and got dressed. We were just emerging from the dunes onto the path when an old man came upon us, a fishing pole in his hand. Angie had just pulled her sweatshirt down and was shaking her sandy hair when she saw him staring at her, his mouth open a little. He knew exactly what we had just done.

“Oops.” Angie said when she saw him staring. “Did you see us?”

“No miss, I just got here.” He said, surprised.

“That’s too bad.” Angie said. She then lifted up her sweatshirt, her boobs bounced out from under the tight fabric. “Then you missed seeing these, and me getting some really good sex!.”

The old man and I almost had heart failure; he actually dropped his fishing pole. By the time he realized it and bent to pick it up, we were gone down the path. Angie and I laughed all the way back to my house.

(continued in post 3 of this thread)

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Default Simply Awesome

Wonderful beginning, looking forward to the next segment BP
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Blame Picasso
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Blame Picasso can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesBlame Picasso can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes
Default Part Two: getting Serious

Part Two: Getting Serious

Time passed quickly for Angie and I. I’d get home from work and then Angie would show up about twenty minutes later as she had a farther drive. We’d have dinner, and then either rent a movie or go out for a while.

She did eat an enormous amount of food. I’d make her a huge dinner, or she’d cook an even larger one for me, then we’d go get ice cream sundaes or buy a cake. I was pretty sure I’d put on five or so pounds buy the end of the week. Angie definitely put on a good ten pounds. Her car had empty chocolate boxes from her job strewn across the back seat, and she always brought a box home to have while she watched TV.

On the eighth day since we re-connected I got home to find my friends John and Kevin in my driveway.

“Dude!” Kevin called to me as I got out of my car, “Where have you been?”

He tossed me a beer.

“Yeah man.” John said, “It’s like you fell off the face of the Earth.”

He popped open a beer for himself.

“Yeah, we…uh, have to talk.” I said, not at all in the mood for the static I knew I was about to receive.

I just blurted it out. “I’m back with Angie.”

John’s jaw dropped open and they both just stood there, silent. “I ran into her at Foodtown last week, we’ve been together since.”

“It’s kind of sudden to be playing house so seriously, isn’t it?” John asked. “She’s trouble dude, big time druggie the last I heard.”

“We talked about that, she’s clean, and she has been for almost a year and a

“Isn’t she married?” Kevin asked opening another beer.

“No, she left him, and then she cleaned herself up, she’s changed.” I said.

I heard Angie’s car pull in the driveway behind me. I looked at her through her windshield; I could see she was even less ready to face my friends than I was. She opened the car door and got out.

“Hey Angie. I said as she walked around her car.

“Hello John, hi Kevin.” She said confidently, the kissed me on the cheek.

“Wow, Angie, what have you been eating??” John blurted.

“Yeah, you're as big as Anna Nicole!” Kevin chimed in.

I don’t remember moving, but they were both lying on my driveway a split second later, blood pouring from John ’s nose, Kevin holding his stomach.

“Just get in your cars, and get out of here.” I said quietly with an angry glare before turning to a very shocked Angie and leading her into the house.

She didn’t speak as we sat down on the couch; a minute later we heard two car doors slam and then both cars left rubber in front of my house as my former buddies left. I heard an empty beer can bounce off the front door as they drove off. I thought "Good riddence!"

“Do I embarrass you?” she asked softly a few minutes later.

I smiled, looked at her tenderly and said nothing.

“I’ve gotten so fat, Rob. How can you want me back?” Tears rolled down her cheeks.

I realized my jaw hurt from clenching it. I relaxed and looked at her. Yes, she was fat, but to my surprise, that turned me on more than anything.

“I think you’ve never looked sexier.” I whispered. “Those guys weren’t really my friends, obviously.”

I wrapped my arms around her. “You don’t embarrass me, you never will.”

That evening we cleaned my parent’s house. They would be back in the morning; Angie would have to sleep at her parent’s house tonight. We had the house spotless, and then we showered together. I was drying off, waiting for her to finish brushing her hair when she suddenly stepped on the scale in the corner. 248 pounds.

“Rob!” She exclaimed. “I’ve gained over 12 pounds since we got back together.”

I didn’t want her to know that it turned me on, but it clearly did. I put my arms around her and smiled.

“Well,” I began, “It might be the burgers, the hot dogs, the pizzas, the fried chicken, or the spare ribs you’ve been putting away.”

I stepped back, she was blushing red. “Or it might be the hot fudge sundaes we’ve been getting every night, or the cakes and brownies, or the boxes of chocolates you put away every day.”

I slapped my belly and stepped on the scale, I’d put on eight pounds myself. “What do you think?”

She grabbed my cock and pulled me off the scale towards her. “I think I like you better thin and fit, you let me worry about getting fat.”

She kissed me and we made love in my bed.

An hour later we dressed and got ready to see her folks. She had been stopping home on her way to work to get clothes every day and had talked to them and told them we were back together, her mother sounded very happy. She grabbed all of her laundry and we headed out towards their house.

We got out of the car and I got a warm welcome back into their home. Her mother knew we were coming that night and she spent the day cooking. Even Angie couldn’t believe how much food they spread out for us. We all ate and drank good German beer all night. I watched myself, I didn’t intend to gain another eight pounds, or even keep the eight I’d already gained.
Angie on the other hand needed help getting up from the table when she was done.

I went out to chat with her dad after the meal.

“Robert, it’s good that you two found each other again,” he said in his thick German accent. “My daughter has made a lot of mistakes, losing you was a big one.”

I just nodded my head to indicate understanding and listened as he continued. “Does her weight bother you, boy?”

“Not in the least sir, we’ve done a lot of talking this week, I realized I missed her more than anything. I'm just happy to have her back in my life."

Angie’s mother was also a heavyset woman. Her father gestured toward the window where the two women were making coffee. “Helga was thin when she was a young woman, much like Angelika was last year.”

He smiled. “More fun after she got fat though.”

He laughed.

I wasn’t about to regale him with stories of Angie when we first dated as a 130-pound volleyball player who used to give me blowjobs in my car when I drove her out to dinner or the movies. I just smiled.

After coffee, I kissed Angie good night and headed back home. I had no idea how to tell my parents first of all, that I was back with Angie, or secondly that she had gained 115 pounds since they last saw her. My aerobic obsessed mother and physically fit dad would not be too happy. I had dated heavy girls before; I always got little comments about their weight when they left. Well, this time they’d have to deal with it.

They arrived home, and after they unpacked I made my mother coffee and we discussed our weeks. Needless to say, I didn’t just spend a week in the Bahamas, but I did most of the talking. Surprisingly, they were happy for me, a little leery as far as Angie’s history, but it went well. They even invited Angie and me out to dinner that night. There must have been something about the way Angie and I looked together- I got no remarks about her weight after Angie left that night, or ever since.

Angie and I dated through the summer. She lost almost twenty pounds swimming, going out on my brother’s boat and generally being active at the beach.

I had had a car accident while I was dating Julia. The accident wasn’t my fault and I got a tidy sum of money just as the summer was ending. I decided I was going to buy a house with the money. Not an expensive one, a fixer upper. Angie and I looked for about three weeks before we found one in my price range that she could see herself eventually moving into. I moved in on November first. The house was in a small town on the Jersey Shore, about forty minutes southeast from Angie’s parents and mine.

I just laugh at it now. I was supposed to move in and fix it up, then in a year or so, if Angie and I were still together, we would discuss getting engaged and maybe she would move in. Angie never left. She helped me move in, and then just never went home.

Slowly, her stuff started showing up. An outfit she wore to work would end up in my laundry, and then it would find its way into the closet after it was washed. She stocked the kitchen and the cleaning supplies. It worked out nice, actually. She helped with the cost of materials to fix the place up while I paid the mortgage and the utilities. We each made pretty good money, so we lived quite comfortably. There was always some sort of snack or sweets in the house. Her weight quickly started going back up from about 225 when I bought the house.

That Christmas was our first since moving in together, and it was Angie's second year anniversary in recovery. Two years ago she was an emaciated 100 pounds, now she was a healthy and energetic 243 pounds. I decided to make it special. It was Christmas Eve; I had been shopping for Angie all week. I’d been cooking all day, all of her favorites. Ham for dinner, with Betty Crocker four cheese potatoes (two boxes). Two gallons of eggnog. I had bought three different pies, a chocolate cake, a carrot cake, two dozen cookies, and a cherry cheesecake. I’m not a feeder and she sure isn’t a feedee, but tonight she was going to eat to her hearts content.

Angie had been shopping all day. When she got home, I got commandeered to help unload the bags and boxes stacked in her SUV. After the boxes and bags were positioned under the tree, Angie sat her exhausted butt on the couch and relaxed. It was about then that the smells from the kitchen began to drift out to her nose.

“What did you cook?' She called to me in the kitchen, "I thought we were going to TV dinner it tonight then go to your mothers for a snack fest later.”

“We’ll see my mother tomorrow, tonight it’s just the two of us.” I announced as I emerged from the kitchen with a tray of horsdouvres.

“Ooh, baby!” She cooed as she dug in. “Jalapeno Poppers, delish!"

I laid the tray on the coffee table in front of her and slapped her hand away from it.

“Hey!” She whined.

I just looked at her as slid her shoes off and made her comfortable on the couch. I poured her a glass of eggnog loaded with rum and marched back to the kitchen.

Ten minutes later I emerged with a tray of shrimp and a big bowl of onion dip and chips and pretzels. We popped in ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ and she set into the snacks. About an hour later the poppers, dip, and shrimp were gone and I’d only had a few pretzels. Angie’s pants were getting tight and she cleared her throat.

“Umm, is there a reason you have bought enough food for an entire party, and you’re hardly eating anything?’ She asked with an eyebrow raised.

I tried my best to look innocent and just shrugged my shoulders like I didn’t know what she was talking about. She sat back for a minute and thought. “I see…well, Merry Christmas dear. I’ll go along with it this time, but don’t think I’m going to let you make a habit out of it.”

She then chugged her fourth eggnog of the night and handed me her glass. “Come on, I’m still hungry.”

That was like the floodgates opening. I brought in plate after plate and she ate everything at a rapid pace. She ate all the mashed potatoes, half of the ham and a gallon of eggnog. By the time I was ready to bring her dessert the buttons on her blouse were stretched over her belly, her waistband had slid down under her gut and stomach was hanging over.

I brought in all of the desserts and set them up on the couch around her, she was burping uncontrollably and breathing heavy. I decided she needed some incentive. I moved the coffee table away from her and told her to undo her slacks. She tried to get her hands inside the waist band to open the button but it just popped off when she got her thumbs in, the zipper flew down and her belly sprung free.

“Oh my, that felt soo good.” She exclaimed as she took a deep breath. I slid her slacks down and then removed her panties.

“What are you doing? I haven’t finished eating my dessert yet.” Angie said in a mock innocent tone, she knew damned well what I was going to do while she ate her dessert. I positioned myself between her knees and spread her things open. She sprayed whipped cream on an entire apple pie and dug in with her fork as I slid my tongue inside her.

She had everything she needed within reach; I buried my head between hers thighs and didn’t stop until she asked me to. It was over two hours later when she finally dropped her fork and pushed away her plate. Within seconds she was passed out cold. I had felt her thighs tighten in orgasm about twenty times over. I made sure to count; eating her out was guaranteed to get her off. Eating her out while she was gouging on desserts got her into orbit.

I stood up over her sleeping form and viewed the carnage. Her belly looked like it would burst. Empty dessert plates were stacked on the couch next to her. She’d eaten all but the carrot cake and the pumpkin pie. The last cookie was still in her hand, a large bite mark in it. The eggnog was gone as well. I cleaned up the living room and kitchen, and then I set to getting her up to bed. I tried awakening her to no avail. The rum and food and sex had really knocked her out. She wasn’t budging.

I had to laugh; she was burping uncontrollably in her sleep. I decided to turn her so she was comfortably positioned on the couch. I put a pillow by her head and lifted her legs to swing them up on the couch. She farted loudly and rubbed her distended belly. I looked at her sweet face and just shook my head and chuckled as I covered her with a thick, cozy quilt and turned off the lights. I headed for the stairs listening to another couple of burps and another enormous fart, followed by a sigh and snoring

The sun was in my eyes when I was awakened the next morning. I put a pillow over my face and slowly realized what had awakened me. Angie was kneeling at the foot of the bed, and I was getting an incredible blowjob.

"Merry Christmas, handsome" She purred with my dick still between her lips. I stretched out my legs and clawed at the sheets while she slid her tongue over my erection and sucked it deeply into her throat. I usually would stop her short of cumming and make love to her, but I had a feeling she didn't want that just yet and I was right. I've never had a woman who so enjoyed having a man ejaculate into her mouth. Her lips felt like silk and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I exploded into her mouth so hard it made me gasp. She moaned and purred and sucked every drop.

“Merry Christmas.” I gasped and my head dropped back to my pillow.

“Mmm, thank you, baby.” She said as she slid up the bed to lie next to me. I kissed her and slid my tongue into her mouth. I could taste myself on her lips. That would have grossed me out with any other woman, but not with Angie.

“How are you feeling?” I asked when the world stopped spinning.

“I’m starving, if you can believe that.” Angie said sitting up. I turned my head to look at her. Her belly was resting on her thighs; she rubbed it slowly thinking about breakfast.

“Wow Angie, how can you be hungry?” I asked, eyeing that stomach. She looked down at me.

“I just am, and you’d better watch what you say, mister,” she said mock accusingly.

I laughed.

“Why? What did I do?” I said feigning innocence. She punched me on the shoulder. I laughed again and she eventually laughed to. I swung my legs out of bed and headed down to make her a big Christmas breakfast. I stopped to go to the bathroom, she followed me in and while I peed she got out the scale. I watched I anticipation as she stepped onto it.

“Woweee.” She whispered.

”How much?” I asked.

“I’ve put on 12 pounds since last week.” She said, shocked. “I’m almost 255 pounds!”

I put my arms around her and gave her a hug “255 sexy pounds, baby.”

She just sighed and purred in my arms.

“Ooh!” she said when she felt I was ready for another round in the sack.

(Contiinued in post 6 of this thread)

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Blargface123 has said some nice things

This story is absolutely marvelous. It's so realistic and well-written. I'm really enjoying it.
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Default Thanks

Thanks for taking the time to post. I will have more soon.

Rob aka Blame Picasso

Originally Posted by Blargface123 View Post
This story is absolutely marvelous. It's so realistic and well-written. I'm really enjoying it.
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Part Three: Surprise!

After about six months of unofficially living together, my truck died. I’d had it for years; it didn’t owe me a penny when the transmission just about exploded on me. I awoke about 11:00 am one Saturday, intending to get in the shower and go find a new truck. Angie was already gone when I woke up, so I heated up some coffee and went out to get the paper. My eyes were barely open when I stepped out the front door and was startled to hear, “Surprise!”

Our driveway had huge dune grasses on either side of it; none of our neighbors could see it. There, on my driveway, was a brand new red Ford F-150, and standing in front of it in 40-degree late March New Jersey cold, was Angie. Naked. She had kept the 12 pounds she gained on Christmas and added another twenty by then. Her warning on Christmas eve for me not to get too used to stuffing her face went out the window almost immediately. She orgasmed so many times as I ate her out while she stuffed her greedy belly that it became a part of our lovemaking. I hadn’t supplied her with as much fattening food as I did Christmas Eve, but she’d put away quite a few cakes and pizzas while I lay between her thighs. They showed now as she stood next to that truck. Her breasts were enormous; they sat atop a round belly that hung down over her pussy. It didn’t cover it; I could see the tuft of blonde Mohawk she kept carefully trimmed. Before I could even get a good look at the new truck, I was making love to Angie on the front seat of it.

That truck must have had some sort of testosterone enhancer in it. Six weeks after that day we found out Angie was pregnant. Twins, no less. I didn’t have any twins in my family, but I found out that Angie’s grandmother was a twin. By the end of her third month, she was showing very clearly. Considering she was heavy to begin with, that’s saying something.

Her weight had jumped to 292 by June 1st, twelve weeks since the truck incident, which we were fairly sure was the day she conceived, as I had gone on a business trip the next day. Thankfully, she had no morning sickness; in fact, her appetite was enormous. She craved Big Macs at all hours of the day. I tried to talk her into something a little healthier. She agreed and said she would cut back, but I borrowed her car to go to store one day and found the back seat littered with dozens of empty Big Mac containers. I counted twenty-six. I had cleaned her car out two weeks before and I figured she was going through two or three a day easy.

Pregnant sex is the best sex of all to me for some reason. I don’t know why, but since she got pregnant our usual once or twice a day jumped up to three or four times a day. I used to wake up in the morning and make love to her, then again that night. Now, she was jumping me, or getting jumped when I got home from work and after lunch on weekends.

My birthday was in the middle of July, I was turning 25, and Angie’s birthday was a week later. I awoke and stretched. Angie was already up, which was a shame because I had problem only she could fix for me. Shrugging it off, I figured she’d be around soon. I put on a pair of shorts and headed downstairs to get some coffee. A big Happy Birthday balloon tied to my chair in the kitchen greeted me. I poured myself a cup coffee from a fresh, full pot, which told me Angie was around here somewhere. I sat in the chair with balloon and took a sip of my coffee when, over the rim, I saw Angie out in the backyard. She sat by the pool, naked, sunning herself.
I had installed a six-foot privacy around the perimeter of the backyard. There was also tall dune grass and hedges I’d planted to hide our patio and pool area from the neighbors. Thankfully, of the four houses on our side of the street, we had the only home with a second floor. The area behind my street was a wooded area owned by the state and could never be developed.

She had an ipod on the lounge chair beside her and I watched her head slightly bopping to whatever she was listening. I was reminded of a time shortly after we started dating. It was a summer morning just like this and I had gone to see her at her parents home. She told me to bring a towel, and we would lay out and get some sun for awhile. I showed up and met her dad in the garage, he told me Angie was in the backyard and to just go around. They lived in a marvelous house surrounded by woods, and there was Angie, naked for the world.

It was hard to relax and lie in the sun next to a beautiful naked girl when her father keeps walking by doing yard work. I chuckled at that memory while I sipped my coffee and watched my beautiful girlfriend lie naked by the pool.

Good lord, was it just three years ago Angie was a beautiful 115-pound knockout who purred sexily while I slathered lotion on her amazing, large breasts? I marveled at the changes her body had gone through since then. She was nearly twice the size she had been, she had surpassed 300 pounds last weekend and we had celebrated with a monstrous meal that added another six pounds to her weight in one day.

I found myself staring at her perfect little toes, polished a light pink. She sat slightly reclined with her feet on the lounge, her knees raised a little. I slowly ran my eyes up calves that were larger than my thighs. A dimple was all that separated them from thighs that were spread slightly to allow the sun to tan her evenly. Her thighs spread wide as they became her bottom.

Angie’s ass was gorgeous. It was still shaped kind of like it was when she was thinner, only now it was much, much larger. Her hips were wide and her behind stuck out behind her in two large round globes. She had a small tattoo of a rose on the side of her left hip that was facing me. It was on a taught, firm thigh when she got it, but now it was faded and much larger as it rested on a curved roll of fat that joined her hip under another large roll of fat that was her side.

She had love handles that I could grab with my whole hand and still not hold it all. A few times we would be getting up in the morning or going to bed at night and she would stand before the full length mirror in our bedroom and re-enact an old commercial for some cereal in which people would see if they needed to lose weight by ‘pinching an inch’ of flab on their sides. She would grab a handful of her fat and innocently claim she was pinching more than inch and did I think she was getting a little chubby?

Her sexy side rolls led to her enormous belly. It was large from both the five months growing twins and her insatiable appetite. It rolled out over her crotch, hiding her naked pussy from the sun, sitting about eighteen inches above it. Atop her big belly, shiny from suntan lotion and already a golden bronze, sat her breasts. They had certainly lost some of their perkiness, but they were still unbelievably firm even though they had expanded to a g-cup. Yes, such a bra exists and Angie proudly stuffed it with her beautiful boobs.

From her breasts, my eyes traveled to the rolls of fat under her chin. She was looking up at the sky so she appeared to have only one chin, but she actually had three lovely chins that sat below her gorgeous smile. Her neck spread out into soft, round shoulders and doughy arms that I loved to be held by. Her blonde hair cascaded down onto them.

I finished my coffee and realized I had been staring at her for almost a half an hour. I caught my faint reflection in the glass and noticed I had a slight smile on my face. I also still had the problem in my boxers that I woke up with.

I put down my cup and opened the door. Angie heard me coming and slid her sunglasses down her nose. “Happy birthday, baby!”

I held out my hand and she took it, grunting as I helped her out of the chair. We embraced, her oily body sliding against mine. Her tongue slid between my lips and we kissed deeply. I led her to the steps into the pool.
We kissed and I fondled her beautiful breasts, she stroked my erection under the warm water.

She led me to the side and I helped her up to sit on the edge, her feet still in the water. There were beach towels folded there, she must have anticipated this. She opened them up and tossed them behind herself so she wouldn’t lie on the rough concrete patio. She laid back and without gravity pulling her belly down, her vagina was visible before me. I ran my thumb over her pussy and she moaned. I continued rubbing her gently until she came. I then replaced my thumb with my tongue. She inhaled sharply and brought her knees up so that her feet were on the edge of the pool.

Her labia opened like flower petals and I slid my tongue deeper inside her. I couldn’t see her face over her distended belly, but I could hear her moan and coo as I gave her two more orgasms.

I wasn’t tall enough to enter her while still in the pool, so I gave her a second to gather herself, then I led her into the house. We were just getting to the living room when she tackled me on the couch. She tore my boxers off and started to suck me like a possessed woman. She was feral and animalistic, sucking me.

“I want you all over me!” she hissed.

I lay back and enjoyed her little act. We talked dirty during sex occasionally, and I loved when she initiated it.

She was fucking me hard with her mouth, stroking me with her hands. ‘Do it for me, baby. Just like when you knocked me up.” My cock was so hard I thought I’d explode. “Do it all over my face, come on!”

That was enough, I erupted, she held my spouting member to her face and I watched as thick ropes of semen shot all over her cheeks and hair. She used her fingers to wipe it off her face and then stick them in her mouth. I about passed out from the intensity.

An hour later, she emerged from the shower. I was out in the pool, swimming laps to keep myself at my trim 180 pounds for her. She liked being fat; she liked her man skinny. She sat back in her lounge chair with a big slice of cake and just watched me swim.

A little over a week later it was her birthday. I woke her by eating her pussy and then we made love. I made her a big birthday breakfast, and then we went to the beach. She insisted on wearing a bikini even with her enormous pregnant belly. We went to the Seaside Heights boardwalk for lunch.

I noticed more than a few shocked faces on the Bennies (that’s what we locals call tourists at the Jersey Shore.) One woman actually shielded her son’s eyes from my girlfriend’s obscenely exposed body as we walked into a pizza place on the boardwalk. Angie’s breasts swayed freely in the thin fabric of her top. It provided no support at all. She looked like she wasn’t wearing bottoms because her belly hung so low. We sat at a booth and she faced the door so she could see all the shocked faces. It turned her on endlessly to watch people’s reactions to her decadent eating habits. We got a pizza just for her and two slices for me. I noticed her nipples were like pebbles.

After she finished her pizza, we drove down the road to Island Beach State Park, where she had flashed the fisherman the day after we reunited. Almost a year and half had passed, and Angie was over 75 pounds heavier.
The beach wasn’t as desolate as that early spring morning, but it wasn’t nearly as crowded as Seaside Heights had been. We found our quiet spot in the dunes and we laid out our blanket. Angie was horny from her show in the pizza place and immediately started stroking me through my bathing suit. I got hard quickly, I had been pretty turned on by her show myself, and Angie lay down on the blanket with her face in my crotch and began to give me one of her spectacular blowjobs.

I stopped her after about five minutes and I laid back, she pulled her bathing suit bottom to the side and slid down on my erection. I loved it when she was on top. I could feel her weight and I could fondle her boobs and big belly. She didn’t have the stamina to really ride me hard, but she could rock back and forth on me.

I had pulled her bikini top down so her naked breasts were in my hands, sweat beaded on her from the hot sun. Her hair was damp from swimming in the ocean earlier, it whipped about her head as she picked up the pace and orgasmed.

Suddenly we heard something that made us stop cold. “Woo hoo! Look at this guys!” yelled from the top of the dune by the beach. I craned my neck and Angie turned to see two teenage boys standing there watching, they were quickly joined by two more. I was shocked and didn’t know what to do at first. Then Angie turned back to face me. She had that “I wanna be bad smile” again. I felt my deflating penis get hard again inside her from that smile.

“Well, it is your birthday, have fun,” was all I said, and then Angie slid off of me and turned to face the boys, she made a come here wave of her finger at them.

I could hear them quickly discuss what to do; they seemed a little shocked now.

“Dude, she’s huge!” I heard one whisper.

“She’s fucking knocked up!” another replied.

“Look at the size of those tits!”

“I don’t care if she’s pregnant, she’s gorgeous!”

They began to descend the dune. Angie knelt before me waving her ass at me. I got on my knees and she slid herself back onto me. She began to slide back and forth forcefully. I just knelt there with my hands on her ass, watching the guys stand there tenting out their swimsuits. All four of them were hard; a couple began to rub their cocks.

Angie rocked back and forth, moaning like a porn star for the audience, but really orgasming I knew by the way her pussy was spasming on my dick. A few minutes later I tensed up and blew a huge load into her pussy. I sat back on the blanket and caught my breath. Angie had her head down and stood motionless on her hands and knees, a huge orgasm rocking through her body.

She then looked up at the boys and purred, “I hope you enjoyed the show, now get back to your little girlfriends so I can fuck my man again.”

They tripped over themselves scampering back up the dunes. All of them trying to hide their boners from each other.

“What shall we do now?” she asked.

“I thought maybe I’d make an honest woman of you now that you had sown all of your oats and got teasing teenage boys out of your system,” I replied.

Before that could sink in, I was holding a small, black velvet box out to her. I had kept it wrapped in my towel and I slipped it under it when we lied down. She opened it, inside was a golden ring with a fairly large diamond set into it.

“Will you marry me, Angelika?” I asked.

“Yes,” she barely whispered. “A thousand times, yes.” She threw her arms around me and we kissed. “Take me home, Robert.”

continued in post 19 of this thread...

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Good story, i can't wait to read more soon.
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This fantastic story needs a continuation. It's simply wonderful!
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cant wait for the next installment dude
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I can't wait for the next installment. This is a great story.
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Thank you all, this is a very special story to me and I will be posting Angie's new adventures soon!

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Great story! Can't wait to see where it's going to go to next!
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GREAT story, I'm not sure if you plan on continuing it or not but I enjoyed it VERY much. Thank you for posting it. You are a excellent writer BTW, very descriptive and in depth.
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Thank you mddubya, I greatly appreciate your compliment. I have written a bit more of this story, but I'm not happy with where I took Angie. I've been chastised by Observer for being lazy in my writing so I am reading over what I have and I'm going to try and edit what I have on my hardrive and post shortly.

Thanks again for your inyerest and especially for the kind words about my talent as a writer.


Originally Posted by mddubya View Post
GREAT story, I'm not sure if you plan on continuing it or not but I enjoyed it VERY much. Thank you for posting it. You are a excellent writer BTW, very descriptive and in depth.
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Amazing story man, love the realistic nature of the gain. With a little more detailed description, this story could be a masterpiece.

Heh.. Picasso.. masterpiece.
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more must have more PLEEEEEEESE!
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There has to be a happy ending for Angie right?
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Originally Posted by FooMan View Post
more must have more PLEEEEEEESE!
Thank you very much everyone for the awesome response. I do apologize for the delay. I had a very long story-line written to continue this story that just didn't feel right. I am happy to report that once I finally jettisoned what I had written, it finally opened up my imagination to a more appropriate continuation to this story that is almost finished. It deals with Rob and Angie's wedding and introduces Angie's sexy 20 year old sister who isn't as little as she was before she started hanging out with her big sister. I hope to wrap up this installment very shortly, I promise.

Thanks again for making me feel like a writer.

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Part Four: The Wedding

The pale sun dimly illuminated the stained glass windows. The church was warm, but the December air was cold outside. Clouds were thick in the sky and a steady breeze blew. Rob stood at the front of the large, stately church and waited nervously. His best man Jim, and his brother Rick stood by his side along with cousin Charlie and several of his friends who had accepted his choice of bride.

Kevin and John were not in attendance. He hadn’t seen them since the day he chased them out of his parent’s driveway after the horrible way they had treated Angie so long ago.

Rob also hadn’t seen Angie in a month. She gave birth to two beautiful twin girls six weeks ago and two weeks later, she moved herself and the babies into her mother’s house to prepare for the wedding. Rob was given 24 hour a day access to Tara and Kerry, but Angie would stay in her bedroom until he left or took the girls out to his parents or home for the evening.

Rob wasn’t stupid, he knew Angie and he held his breath in anticipation of what she would look like in her gown…and how big she would be. The organ player began the wedding march and all eyes turned to the back of the church.

The bridesmaids were the first to come down the aisle. Rob smiled at Angie’s sister and her friends and the effect Angie’s new lifestyle had on them all. All of their dresses were tight. Rob figured Angie’s little sister Frances had gained fifty pounds since Angie started enjoying being heavy. Her three friends had also put on twenty-five or thirty pounds each. Angie’s bachelorette party was two weeks ago and she told Rob on the phone that it had been an incredibly long weekend of nothing but gorging and drinking.

Finally Angie’s dad appeared in the vestibule and held out his hand. Angie came around the corner and started walking down the aisle and Rob’s jaw dropped. A veil covered her face, but the dress was so low cut it was almost unable to contain her breasts. The neckline plunged and two thin straps struggled to hold her cleavage in check. The tops of her breasts wobbled slightly with every step. Her dress was silk it clung to her enormous belly and behind before it flowed into a long train. Her belly was larger now than it had been when she was pregnant and her father had to extend his elbow for her to place her hand in his arm due to the width of her now gigantic hips.

She had been 376 pounds when she gave birth and had lost 25 pounds in baby and fluid weight. Angie had been eating constantly when she wasn’t caring for the girls for the two weeks before she left for her parents and Rob watched her curves swaying and jiggling as she got closer and closer. She must have been eating almost nonstop for the month she hid from him.

Angie arrived at the altar and her father removed her veil and kissed her cheek. Rob took his place next to her and quietly whispered “You’re amazing, you look so beautiful.”

Angie just smiled and the priest began the ceremony. Forty minutes later they were kissing for the first time as man and wife and they headed back up the aisle. Now Angie knew she could distract her husband completely and whispered in his ear. “I weighed myself this morning. 403 pounds.”

Rob said nothing but he clasped her hand tighter and they went out to be greeted by their families.

Snow fell lightly and blew around the crowd gathered outside. Rob stood at the bottom of the stairs and looked at his glowing bride as tiny snowflakes landed in her blond hair and clung to her veil.

"You should cover those things up before you catch your death of cold,” he said with a grin.

Angie grinned right back and shook them slightly “You’ll warm them up in the limo for me won’t you?”

They had an hour drive from the church to the reception hall, so Rob smiled in the knowledge that he would certainly be warming up a few of his wife’s sensitive areas. They received their guests, shaking hands and hugging friends and relatives. They both blushed when several of the older family members gave disapproving glances at Angie’s ample bosom displayed so blatantly in her gown. Several of the guests who hadn’t seen Angie in the past year or so were visibly shocked at her incredible weight gain.

Pictures were taken outside the church and around the limousines of the wedding party and the happy couple’s parents. Tara and Kerry were each given big kisses by their parents before Angie’s aunt took them home to put them to bed. Their honeymoon was to be a long weekend in the Bahamas, a gift from Rob’s parents. Watching the girls while they were away was Angie’s gift to them. Finally, Rob and Angie were allowed to climb into the warm stretch limo and share a glass of champagne.

They each sipped their cocktails and looked at each other, relieved it was over.

“So I guess you ate pretty good for the month you denied yourself to me?” Rob said with a grin as his hand found Angie’s soft, expansive belly.

“Mmm, your hands are so warm.” Angie sighed. “I’ve missed your touch.”

“I’ve missed touching you.” Rob said softly as he slid closer to her, putting his glass in the holder. The car wasn’t out of the church parking lot before Angie was sliding the spaghetti straps from her gown down her shoulders, her magnificent breasts spilling out of her dress.

Her nipples had grown huge since the pregnancy, standing out nearly ¾ of an inch when erect, which they were at that moment. Rob took one in his mouth, his hand massaging the other breast. Angie shivered in pleasure.

“I haven’t even masturbated since before the girls were born," she whispered, looking down at the top of his head attached to her bosom.

Rob marveled at how soft her belly was as he pressed against it to reach her breasts. Angie played with his hair and began to breathe heavily as just the feel of his hands and mouth on her breasts was enough to trigger an orgasm. She recovered and pushed him back. “I’ve been thinking since I drove over to the church with my parents, the best way for you to have sex with me in this car is from behind.”

She sat up and turned so that she was kneeling with her arms on the back of the seat, her immense behind displayed before him.

“Carefully lift my gown up and drape it over my lower back,” she instructed. “Try not to wrinkle it.”

Rob carefully did as he was instructed. Angie’s extra large panties were light blue silk that was stained dark from her wet pussy. He was used to her having a large behind, but he was amazed at how much bigger it was since the last time he had seen her in this position. Her creamy white thighs were squeezed into a pair of white stockings. Her left thigh was wrapped in a blue corset that upon inspection Rob realized was actually two corsets pinned together.

“You couldn’t get one in your size?” He asked as leaned against the opposite seat and removed his tuxedo trousers, laying them carefully on the bench seat.

“I could, but I figured whoever catches the bouquet is going to be considerably smaller than I am.”

She inhaled sharply as Rob tugged her panties down. ”And to avoid the embarrassment of having it fall down the thigh of someone less…endowed as I am, I decided the option of having it made smaller was the best idea. Mmm”

She trailed off as Rob placed his face against her soft, warm rear-end and kissed her corpulent cheeks.

“Take me, husband.” She whispered. He knelt behind her and for the first time since a couple of weeks before she gave birth, he entered her in one slow motion. She gasped and shook as another orgasm rocked through her.

“Oh two months is waaay too long.” She whispered.

Angie gently leaned into his thrusts, her soft behind and thighs enveloping his groin. He rested his hands on her hips both to enjoy their softness as well as keep his balance. Weathering the motion of the car and his obese bride was no easy task.

All to quickly for his own sake, he soon exploded between Angie’s thighs. They were motionless for a few moments. Even though it was over quickly, Angie had another orgasm as she felt his seed shoot deep inside her. Eventually she shifted and he removed himself from her and sat down across from her. Angie carefully maneuvered and placed her panties between her thighs so as not to soil her gown.

Rob was quickly dressed again and he looked across at his disheveled wife.

“How can I help?” He asked.

“Hand me that bag in the compartment next to the bar,” she instructed as she lifted her ass and removed the ball of wet underpants. Inside the bag was a clean pair of panties that she carefully pulled on over the garter belt.

“Ugh, throw these out the window,” she crinkled her nose as she tossed her wet panties to him.

“You came prepared,” Rob mused as he tossed them out the window onto the Garden State Parkway.

“Baby, I came three times.” Angie said with a wicked grin.

Rob poured them each another glass of champagne and slid next to her. They cuddled for the rest of the ride.

“Now, for the first time anywhere…Mister and Missus Robert Taylor!” The DJ announced and Rob led Angie out past the applauding crowd onto the dance floor. They danced alone for their song, ‘My Heart Will Go On’. Rob had jokingly suggested ‘Fat-Bottomed Girls’ by Queen, but Angie shot him down.

After their song the rest of the wedding party joined them. Frances was dancing with her wedding partner, Rob’s cousin Charlie. She sidled up next to Angie and coyly whispered. “We were driving up the parkway and suddenly this e-enormous pair of blue panties went flying by our limo.”

Rob’s jaw dropped and he blushed bright red; Angie burst out laughing. Charlie and Frances sidled away to a quieter spot toward the back of the dance floor.

Frances felt Charlie’s hand rubbing her lower back gently as they danced slowly. She liked Charlie the first time she met him at one of Rob’s family functions the first time he dated Angie. Angie weighed 130 pounds then, and Frances was barely 100 pounds at all of 18 years old.

She wasn’t sure what his reaction would be when they saw each other at the rehearsal dinner last night. Angie of all people stayed home, because she was determined that Rob not see her until the church. Frances had adopted a few of her sister’s bad habits over the last few months, particularly the last month Angie had spent living with her and their parents and she had plumped up by almost half her weight. Angie was nearly six feet tall and 150 had barely been noticeable, but Frances was only 5’4 and her 153 pounds were quite plain to anyone.

She was getting used to her new curves, but she wasn’t the exhibitionist Angie was. When she started to let herself go, she was pleased to find most of her new pounds went to her ass and her boobs. She went from a small b-cup to a d-cup very quickly, her ass going from pert and tiny to a good-sized badonkadonk butt as well. Her weight then spread to her thighs, which Frances felt were second only to her breasts as her best feature. They were thick and soft and very shapely.

She slid her hand from Charlie’s shoulder down to his waist and moved a step closer to him as they danced. He responded by pulling her body against his. Frances smiled wide at the prospect of a new boyfriend. Charlie held her and his mind raced at the prospect of dating this gorgeous girl who had gotten so chubby and seemed to enjoy her new figure. Frances was a flat-chested little girl when he saw her last, now she was a curvy and sexy young woman.

“Your sister seems so happy.” He whispered in her ear.

“She’s over the moon.” Frances said back looking over at the happy couple. “That man set her free.”

They danced silently for a moment before she added. “I hope to be that free someday.”

"If being free means being that fat someday," Charlie thought, "I’m your guy. "

Aloud he said nothing and as the song ended he escorted her to their table. He was pleased to see the first thing she did was stopping a hostess with a tray of hors-d-oeuvres and load up a plate.

The reception was a huge success; everyone was having a grand time. Rob spent most of the evening glued to his bride; Angie spent most of the evening trying to grow out of her dress. Every time Rob looked, she was shoving some sort of appetizer into her greedy mouth.

The time came for Angie to throw her bouquet. She stood with her back to all of her bridesmaids as they were all single along with about 8 other girls and women of various ages. In the end, Frances dove and grabbed the bouquet. She screamed and jumped up and down.

Angie was then led to a small folding chair in the middle of the dance floor. She looked at the chair and then at the DJ.

“You are kidding me, right?” she exclaimed with mock anger.

The DJ was speechless but was quickly rescued by Rob’s cousin Charlie and another member of the wedding party who had found a wide, padded bench by the restrooms. They quickly carried it out to Angie, who promptly plopped her behind down on it.

Cheesy 70’s porno music was played as Rob knelt between Angie’s thighs to retrieve the garter belt. Angie dropped her gown back over his head while he between her thighs and Rob gave her leg a huge raspberry that made her eyes widen and she hollered. He spun it over his head and was soon directed by the DJ to turn and without looking, throw it to a group of his grooms and other single gentlemen. Charlie leaped and grabbed the garter just before a young man in the back would have caught it.

Frances walked out to the dance floor to take her place on Angie’s bench with a sly, knowing look on her face. She coyly sat and looked up at Charlie.

“Would you have tried to catch that so hard if someone else had caught the bouquet?” she whispered as she slowly opened her thighs and lifted her gown.

Charlie blushed and shook his head no. He began to slide it over her shoe when he noticed how large the belt was. Francis’ thighs had expanded a great deal since he saw her last, but she was still half the size of her sister. He undid the pin and adjusted it to a smaller size. The fact that he was fumbling with it while his head was situated about 10 inches away from Frances’ snow white panties was not lost on him or Frances.

“Geez Charlie.” Frances whispered. “If your going to spend that much time between my thighs I expect dinner next time.”

Charlie blushed bright red. “I had to make it a little smaller so it would fit you.”

“I could have told you not to bother, I plan on growing into it eventually anyway,” she replied with a wink. Frances had definitely had a few too many champagnes; she wasn’t usually so forthcoming.

“Is everything okay over there?” The DJ suddenly boomed over the microphone. Charlie jumped and the crowd laughed. He slid the garter up Frances’ thigh a lot faster than he wanted to and then stood, holding his hand out to her. She stood and they danced. Frances noticed he was quick to put his back to the crowd. She slid her thigh against him and felt the raging erection he was trying got hide from everyone.

“I hope you get to spend a little more between my thighs later.” She whispered. “I feel like we were rushed.”

Angie and Rob were called to the center of the dance floor for the cake. The cake was a gift from their friends and both of them were blindfolded as it was wheeled out. Rob’s best man and close friend Jim had taken the lead on ordering their cake. The happy couple heard several chuckles and applause as the cake was placed before them. Rob heard Jim begin to speak and give his speech.

“I’d like to thank Rob for being my close friend for all of these years since we met. He’s funny, a great drinker and a fierce friend.” Jim began. “I met Angie shortly after they met and she was immediately someone I liked. My respect and fondness for her has grown…almost as much as she has.”

Everyone laughed at his candor. Rob and Angie were grateful for the fact that Angie’s weight gains were not a taboo topic to be whispered about behind their backs. Most everyone voiced concerns at how much she had gained at one point or another over the last year and a half.

Everyone was told in no uncertain terms that while she remained healthy and active it was no one’s concern but theirs, and they not only didn’t have a problem with it, they enjoyed it. With very few exceptions, that diffused the subject and as anyone could tell by the way they fawned over one another, they truly were happy.

“I’ve never seen a couple so happy to be reunited and to mesh as one, as closely as these two have. They love each other in a way I can only hope to attain with someone, someday. Angie’s beautiful, charming, smart and she’s a New York Giants fan as well, so what more could Rob want in life?”

He paused and placed a glass of champagne in each of their hands then raised one of his own. “To my best friend Rob, and his lovely bride Angie! A long and full life blessed with happiness, joy and prosperity along with their beautiful little girls”

The crown applauded and Jim took their glasses from them. “Now, I had a lot to do with this cake and I hope you both enjoy it, take off your blindfolds.”

They removed their blindfolds and looked upon a beautiful four tier cake decorated in white and lavender and topped with a gazebo. Inside the gazebo was a five-inch figurine that looked exactly like Rob down to the glasses and goatee. The bride was a dressed in a gown exactly like Angie’s, and was scaled almost exactly to her current weight. They both roared with laughter, tears filled Angie’s eyes and she hugged Jim.

“You did an awesome job, it’s perfect,” she whispered in his ear.

“It’s chocolate and I got an extra layer just for you.” He smiled with a wink.

Rob shook his hand and Jim sat down. The DJ offered them the cake cutter and they set to cutting each other a slice. Angie handed Rob small piece, he offered her one about four times as large. She fed him a bite making sure to get some icing on his nose. Rob pulled a large serving fork out of his sleeve and stuffed a huge bite into Angie’s mouth getting icing on her nose, cheeks, and chin. The guests again applauded and the cake was wheeled away to be served by the staff to everyone else. Angie kept her enormous piece of cake and sat at the head table to enjoy it.

Nearly everyone had gotten rooms in the hotel where the reception was held, so no one was too upset when it began to come to a close. Rob and Angie thanked the guests that were leaving for the evening, and let the ones who were continuing the party that they were going to change into more comfortable clothes. An hour later the sixth floor belonged to them and their friends. Angie had Rob reserve the entire floor and every room held friends and family. All the doors were open and most rooms had sinks full of ice and beer or wine.

Rob had ordered a six-foot sub to have on hand for anyone who got the late night munchies (meaning Angie in particular). He mingled with everyone in a comfortable pair of jeans and a long sleeve shirt, Angie had also changed into jeans and a t-shirt that was a lot tighter than it was when she bought that had ‘Plump Princess’ written on it in script. More than one tipsy person commented that plump was an understatement. Angie laughed every time it was said, and got more turned on each time as well.

He and Angie were chatting with her cousins when Frances appeared wearing a pair of skin-tight sweatpants and a sleeveless shirt that clung to her large breasts. Her belly peaked out from the bottom. She had a bottle of Miller Light and one hand and held Charlie’s with the other. Angie gave her the big sister “WTF?” look and Frances just smiled and took a sip of her beer like nothing special was happening.

“What do you think of that?” She asked Rob after they’d passed.

“Looks like someone’s older sister has been an influence. At least she kept the bra on I guess.”

“Oh like that would really bother you.” Angie said laughing. “I mean Charlie, when did this happen?”

“Last night at the rehearsal dinner he saw her for the first time in about four years and he about humped my leg gushing over how hot she was.”

“He likes the fatty gals too. It must run in your family.”

“I guess so.”

Frances and Charlie got down the hall and slipped into a room where there was a crowd and they found a quiet place outside the bathroom near the door.

“Angie’s either bugging about how fat I got or she’s bugging that we were holding hands,” she commentewd biting her lower lip.

“Is either such a bad thing?” Charlie asked slipping his hand around her soft middle.

“No, I guess not,” she replied putting her bottle on the counter and sliding her arms around his neck. Her belly pressed against his and she kissed him, sliding her tongue slowly between his lips. They made out quietly in the dim light for what seemed like forever.

They’d been kissing secretly all evening. Outside the restrooms during the reception, in the elevator on the way up to their rooms. In her room after she’d changed, in his after he’d changed. It was that magic period when two people have found each other that positively sizzled in anticipation of the many firsts that waited. The first brush of her breast, the first slip over her behind. The first time he would touch her and feel her up. They both knew that all those things lie ahead of them in the very near future.

By three am everyone was heading back to their rooms, buzzed, drunk, horny or all of the above. Rob and Angie slipped into their king-sized bed and she dumped the envelope box. Rob opened them and read them to her as she made her way through the last foot and a half of the submarine sandwich. She already eaten about a foot of it, Frances had taken two feet of it to her room.

Angie finished her sandwich as Rob finished clearing up the envelopes and checks. They had a lot of thank you notes to write, everyone had been very generous to them on their special day. She downed a Pepsi and collapsed on the bed, her appetite for food temporarily satiated. Now she was ready for more of what they done in the limousine. Rob went to the bathroom, when he came out

Angie had stripped off her jeans and lie before him in just her t-shirt and panties. He dropped his boxers and stood beside the bed. Angie slid to the edge and grabbed him by his erection, drawing him closer. Her mouth enveloped him and his knees went weak. It had been a long time since he felt her soft lips and hot tongue on his privates.

Rob stared down at the beautiful naked woman lying before him; she was resting on her elbows. His eyes traveled from where her long hair ended and traced the rolls and crevices her back fat made as it met her behind. Her ass had spread out so wide he estimated it was almost four feet across. Her thighs were pressed together even though her ankle were two feet apart. She was larger than he ever imagined her ever getting. Her thighs were almost twice the size of his waist each.

Angie savored it and slowly ran her chubby hand up and down the shaft while her mouth danced over the head of his penis. As her saliva coated him and dripped down to his testicles she reached down and massaged them while she took his entire erection deep into her throat. Rob’s face was turned up to the ceiling, his mouth open slightly and his eyes closed. His hands stroked her soft blonde hair. She moaned in pleasure, sucking faster and harder as she felt him begin to tremble slightly.

He finally could stand no more and he clenched his thighs and ejaculated strongly into her mouth.

“Mmm, that’s what I was waiting for,” she purred as she rolled over with some effort and made room for him on the bed. He walked over to the small refrigerator and removed a huge chunk of their wedding cake and placed it next to her on the bed.

“Ooh baby, will you marry me?” she asked when she saw it.

“I figure you need something to keep you busy while I recharge for round two.”

“Oh, I had a plan for that. Let me tell you about my month without you.” Rob slid into bed with the plate of cake between them and began to spoon the rich confection into her greedy mouth.

“Well, after I got settled in my old bedroom, I explained to Frances and my mother that I had bought my dress to fit a four hundred pound woman, and that I intended to fit in it by today.”

“What did they say to that?”

“That I was going way too far and they thought I was insane.”

“How did you convince them otherwise?”

“I’m still strong and physical, I let them know that the second I couldn’t do what I wanted to do, and I have no intention of climbing any mountains or anything, I would go on a diet.”

She frowned a little. “I have to be logical, I have two new babies that are going to be running all over the house in the next couple of years, I can’t be immobile when that happens.”

“I have every intention of supporting whatever decision you make, baby.”

“I have a target weight, I’d love to see six hundred pounds, even just for a short time, then I will have to slow down and think about dieting back to a more manageable weight.” She accepted another forkful of cake and chewed slowly. “With that being said, they were relentless in getting me to fit in my dress. My mother put on ten pounds herself and you saw Frances has
gained at least twenty and really seems to be enjoying herself.”

“I know she enjoys having big boobs.”

“I thought she would stop gaining when they got as big as they did, she does love them. I also warned her that our genes don’t stop at the bust but she didn’t care.”

“If Charlie is like me, and they are going to be together she’s going to be packing it on. I was half expecting him to stay in her room tonight, but I said good night to him as he was going to bed alone.”

"Well, I certainly am not going to discourage her.” Angie said taking another bite. “They wouldn’t let me do any housework or anything, and they kept me full 24/7. I made the absolute most out of my maternity leave, four weeks of nothing but gluttony. The factory sent boxes and boxes of chocolates to me, they’re going to be surprised when they see me in a couple of weeks - or maybe not.”

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Blame Picasso can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesBlame Picasso can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

Angie Part 4 The Wedding (continued):

Down the hall a door slowly opened and Charlie stuck his head out to check the hall. No one’s door was opened and he tiptoed out of his room, closing the door quietly behind him. By the time he reached Frances’ door she was opening it. She had texted him to sneak over for a little ‘snack’ two minutes earlier.

As soon as he was inside and she had silently closed her door, she was on top of him, her mouth pressed tightly against his. Her braless breasts squashed against his chest, he could feel her hard little nipples. His hands flew to her round behind and she backed him towards her bed.

She dropped onto the sheets and he immediately lifted her t-shirt up exposing the boobs he hadn’t been able to get out of his mind all evening. They were perfectly round and she had tiny pink nipples set in the middle of them. Next, he slipped her panties down her chubby thighs and her trimmed vagina opened, glistening wet.

Frances spread her thighs wide.

“I’ve wanted your face back between my thighs since you slid that garter onto me,” she huskily whispered. He wasted no time slipping his hands under her bottom and burying his face in her. His tongue slid deep inside her and she clutched the sheets, gritting her jaw to keep from crying out. He explored her feminine folds with his tongue and his lips, her face contorted in pleasure. She began breathing heavily and suddenly his ears were trapped between her thighs as she came hard. That orgasm triggered a fast succession of them and Frances grabbed a pillow to muffle her cries of ecstasy.

After ten minutes she pushed his head gently away and her knees fell to the side. She lie there, panting with her legs literally spread wide open before him. Charlie got up off of his knees and dropped his boxers revealing himself to her. He moved to get a condom out of his pocket on the floor and Frances struggled to sit up.

She placed her hand on his before he could tear the package open. “You won’t need that just yet.”

She whispered. “I want to get to know your cock before you hide it inside me. Lie down.”

Charlie did as he was told and Frances straddled his ankles. She gripped his member tightly in one hand at the base. She added her other hand, holding him like a baseball bat and she was pleased to see the head still engorged as it emerged from her hands.

“Wow, you Taylor men are sure packing down here, huh?” She commented.

Charlie blushed red and she laughed. “Come on, you know Angie loves to talk about her sex life.”

“Well, she did have a few wines once and she bragged about how she was the best dick-sucker in the world,” he added with a grin.

“I’ve heard that too.” Frances said with a smirk. “She taught me everything she knew one day using a banana.”

She released her grip and took him deeply in her mouth. She pumped her mouth up and down his shaft slowly several times before letting it slide from her lips. “And I’ve practiced a lot since.”

Charlie let his head drop to the mattress and Frances resumed giving him what was without any comparison, the best blowjob he’d ever received. After several minutes of silence except for the wet sounds of her mouth on him, she released him again and leaned forward, taking his erection between her dd-cup sized breasts and slowly jacking him off with them.

The warm soft flesh lubricated by her saliva was too much and without warning Frances felt a huge warm splash on the bottom of her chin. She dropped her head down and took him in her mouth; licking and sucking his semen.

Down the hall Rob was on his knees holding Angie’s fat thighs as far apart as he could hold them, his stomach pushing against Angie’s soft belly as he made love to his wife hard and fast. Angie was out of breath from the exertion and the orgasms that were electrifying her but she continued whispering about everything she ate while she was away from him.

“German sausages, dozens of them. Potato salad with tons of mayo, ice cream, pies. I was getting so fat for you!”

She inhaled sharply and bit her lip as she came again. “I ate six Big Macs for lunch one day. I ate two large pizzas in one sitting every Friday night for dinner and every Tuesday afternoon for lunch! In that one month I drank 73 two Liter bottles of Pepsi. I love being fat; I want to get so much fatter! Would you like that? Are you going to help Angie become the fattest piggy you ever shared your rod with?”

That did it for Rob; he delivered his third orgasm between Angie’s warm thighs and collapsed on top of her. She hugged him tightly as her body convulsed with her own orgasm.

“I…I can’t wait to make you as fat as you want. I missed the last 40 pounds, I won’t miss another single one.” He panted. He rolled off of her and she rolled onto her side against him, slinging one heavy leg over his. She then laid her arm across his chest causing her breasts and belly to press against him, enveloping him in a heavy blanket of soft, warm skin. They were both sound asleep in moments.

His penis jumped as she finally flicked it gently with her tongue. Frances had brought Charlie to erection for the second time since he entered her room without so much as touching his manhood. She leaned close to it and blew warm hair onto it, massaging his thigh with her breasts and rubbing her hot little hands over his chest and belly. He stared at her intently, amazed at how sexy this girl was. She finally took the condom off of the nightstand and slowly unfurled it over his penis.

She looked into his eyes with a look of desire and slowly pushed herself up off of his thigh. Frances got on her knees and slid up next to his crotch, she then swung her leg over him and straddled his belly. Her eyes never left his as she placed her hands on his chest and slid her ass down; he slipped inside her pussy easily. Her eyes rolled up and closed slowly with pleasure. He was hypnotized by the swaying of her breasts and his hands went to her hips, sliding down around her behind. She dipped her chest so that he could take her hard nipples in his mouth.

Her legs were strong and she kept a steady rhythm, lifting and lowering herself on the length of his shaft, his hands cupped her bottom and helped slightly, but Frances was content making love to her new man. “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever been with.” Charlie whispered softly.

“Thank you, Charles.” She answered quietly, her hair tumbling in rivulets about her face. The only sounds were her breathing and the springs of the mattress quietly compressing and expanding beneath the weight of her gyrations.

After several minutes Frances had come twice and she continued to ride him steadily. Her pace was not manic, nor was it too slow. Charlie began to feel himself contract and he fought it, thinking of baseball, football, and golf, whatever he could to distract himself from ejaculating too soon. A moment later it worked and he gently guided her off of him and they switched positions to doggy-style. He knelt behind her and slowly drove himself into her again and again. His hands rested on her soft behind and he rubbed it gently.

Down the hall Frances soon began to orgasm again and she decided to pick up the rhythm. She gradually increased the pace until Charlie was holding her hips to keep himself steady as she thrust her ass against his belly harder and faster. Her chubby tush shook with each impact against him. Charlie could hear her breasts rubbing back and forth on the sheets below her.

The sensations were so exciting he felt himself stiffen and release heavily into the condom. He pulled her hips tight to him, pressing himself as deeply inside her as he could as his orgasm shook him. Frances’ sensitive vagina felt the force of his ejaculation into the rubber and she came again as well. She collapsed under him and he rolled off of her, removing the condom in one motion. He tossed it in the garbage can beside the bed and rolled over sliding his arms around her. They quickly drifted off into sleep.

Charlie’s last thought was that he had a new girlfriend. Frances’ last thought was that she found a hot boyfriend who was going to get her so fat!

(Continued in post 24 of this thread)

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I LOVE IT! Are we going to be hearing from these two dynamic duos of gluttony and feederism. I would like to see more.
"The whole world is crazy, it's just that there are a few of us smart enough to realize it" - Me

"Conquer all, but one escapes
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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!

Yes, I've been advised that there is still more to come, but the author has another serial to finish first.
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Angel00101 has said some nice things

Keep up the good work, this story is very fun to read am a big fan of very big boobs and very big wide butts.
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Part Five: Happily Ever After

Tara and Kerry Taylor were now four years old and were almost identical in their matching denim shorts and pink t-shirts. Their hair was long and blonde like their mother’s. They were tall for their age and just a little bit chubby for their height. My birthday was coming around again, this year I was going to be thirty. My little girls came running over the sand dunes and saw me.

“Daddy!” They yelled in unison and bounded even faster toward me. They dropped their towels and sand buckets and leapt into my arms. I turned back in time to see a beautiful 400-pound blonde woman coming down the dunes behind them. She wore sunglasses and smiled and waved when she saw me, her immense upper arm jiggling from the motion.

The sun was high above her head. She wore a tank top that appeared to be spray-painted onto her globular breasts and her belly hung out of the bottom over her black knit shorts.

“Hurry up, Aunt Frances!” Kerry called back to her. I shook my head out of a daydream, Frances looked exactly like Angie had when I married her.
In the four years since Angie and I got married, Frances had fallen in love with, and eventually married my cousin Charlie. In the meantime she had also fallen in love with food much as her sister had. Charlie enjoyed feeding her and every pound she gained thrilled him. It must run in the family.

“Were they behaved?” I asked Frances when she caught up with us.
She nodded her head, trying to catch her breath from the exertion of walking across the beach and down the dune.

“I need air conditioning and a beer,” Frances panted. Sweat ran down her reddened cheeks.

“The truck’s running, the air is on.” I said taking the girls’ sand toys and throwing them in the back hatch of my Durango.

They truck lurched just a little bit when Frances stepped in and sat her 400 pounds on the seat. I buckled in my girls and we headed back toward the bridge to the mainland. I took the back roads that the Benny’s didn’t know around the usual Jersey Shore traffic. We passed beautiful golf courses and drove along the Toms River for a while before I turned off Route 9 and followed the road along the side of the bay opposite from the beach toward mine home.

Tara and Kerry serenaded us with several songs from Sponge Bob and the Wiggles during the ride. I pulled into my driveway and herded the girls into the back yard where I hosed the sand off of their legs and bathing suits before they immediately jumped into the pool.

Frances headed for the cabana bar and grabbed a cold Miller Light from the refrigerator for me and popped one open for herself as well. She sat behind the bar out of the sun; I sat on a stool opposite her and enjoyed the warm sunny afternoon.

We were on our second beers when we heard a car door slam out front. A few minutes later the gate opened and Charlie appeared.

“Uncle Charlie!” The twins hollered and scooted out of the pool and ran to him. They each wrapped an arm around his legs and hugged their favorite uncle hello.

“Hey there peanuts!” he said as he set down the grocery bags he held and picked them both up at the same time. The girls balanced in his huge arms and against his equally large belly. Unlike Angie, who liked me a fit 190 pounds, Frances enjoyed sharing her gluttony with her husband. Charlie looked enormous, though he was still about 100 pounds shy of his bride.

He set the girls back down and walked over with the bags. I set an ice cold beer on the bar for him and he bent to kiss Frances hello. She took the bags inside and he settled his 300-pound bulk on her stool in the shade. Sweat poured from his face and shaved head. He wiped his forehead with a towel.

“Man, it’s hot.” He said taking the beer and downing half of it in one swallow.

“Hit the pool, cool off.” I said.

“That sounds like a plan.” He said crushing his now empty can and dropping it in the recycle can before standing, stripping off his t-shirt and running (well, almost) to the side of the pool.

“Cowbunga!” he hollered as he leapt in the air and did an enormous cannonball into the water.

The splash reached me and knocked Kerry off of her raft. Waves rippled in the pool and Tara struggled to stay afloat in a scene that reminded me
of ‘The Perfect Storm’.

A few minutes later Frances came back outside in her bikini. She was built exactly the same as Angie had been at that weight. Enormous breasts sat atop an equally obese belly. She was balanced by her huge butt and thick, fat legs supported all of her.

“Nice ‘cankles’.” I cracked and she gave me the finger.

“The meat’s marinating for later.” She said grabbing a beer off the bar and heading for the water. Unlike her husband, who was lifting my daughters one at a time and throwing them across the pool, Frances went down the stairs slowly.

“No cannonball?” I asked with a grin.

She just gave me a look.

“Come on Aunt Frances!” the girls wailed. “I bet you could make a bigger wave than Uncle Charlie.”

“I know I could, but not right now.” She said sliding her sunglasses down off the top of her head and sipping her beer.

Once again, I hear a car door slam, followed a moment later by another.

“I think mommy’s home.” I said to the girls. They were having too much fun with their uncle to pay any attention. It took awhile, but a few minutes later the gate opened. Angie’s mother came in the back yard first and held it open for my wife. A second or two later Angie came into view.

“Hey boos!” She cheerfully called to her daughters.

“Mommy!” They yelled back in unison. They again darted out of the pool. They stopped short of Angie and let her get inside. I looked at my wife with wonder. She moved slowly, each step made with care because she was afraid of falling. It was only about fifty or so steps from the driveway to the patio, so she didn’t bother with her cart. Most people were amazed that she could walk at all.

“Hey baby, how was golfing?” She called over to me.

“Great, how was the spa?”

Angie stopped and struck a pose showing off her manicured nails and hair. She looked radiant. Her hair was long and curled slightly; it fell about her shoulders. Her makeup was flawless. She wore a long coral colored dress that ended just below her knees over a pair of sandals. She wiggled her freshly painted toes as well.

“Beautiful.” I commented. Her mother smiled and said hello and then went into the kitchen. Angie slowly made her way over to me and leaned heavily against the bar. I stroked her hair and ran my hand up and down her fleshy back as we watched the kids play in the pool. Her bra strap was thick and it created a crease where it sank deep into her back fat.

“What’s for dinner?” She asked me with a smile and the look of someone who truly loves to eat.

“London broil’s marinating.” I answered and handed her a light beer. She leaned slightly to her left so that her hip pressed against me. I set my hand on her other hip and massaged the enormous roll of fat that accumulated there.

I moved my leg slightly and felt it rub against her belly.

She was leaning on the bar on her elbows, and at 623 pounds, her belly was hanging down past her knees. I shifted and brought my other hand down to rub her giant belly gently. It swayed heavily beneath her dress. I kissed her gently beneath her hair. It smelled like her shampoo. Angie quietly purred and closed her eyes.

“Somebody’s horny.” She whispered.

“You too?” I said with a smile. “I know I am.”

She smiled gently and looked at me with her bedroom eyes.

“Come help me into my bathing suit,” she said taking my hand.

Once inside the air conditioning hit me like a winter breeze. Angie was forever hot and she liked to keep the house very cool during the summer.
Her mother was in the living room.

“How are you doing, mom?” Angie called as we headed past.

“I’m good, I’m going to take a nap.” She replied. “What are you two up to?”

“Rob’s going to help me get into my bathing suit, then we’re going swimming.”

“Wake me for dinner,” she replied.

I thought about when we were younger and Angie would give me lingerie shows in her bedroom at her parent’s house. I smiled remembering her mother walking in on a very naked and much thinner Angie and me, only to ask where her bottle of wine was before leaving us to our desires.

Our room was down the hall on the ground floor. Angie rarely went upstairs anymore. The girls each had a room up there and my office was now in our old master bedroom.

Once I closed the door behind us, Angie turned and pulled me to her. She put her heavy arms around my neck and we kissed. My hands slid as far around her as I could reach and caressed her huge, soft body.

After a moment, she pulled back and began unbuttoning her dress. The buttons were large so that her chubby fingers could maneuver them. She finished and her enormous belly was revealed to me as well as her giant breasts encased in her custom made bra.

Her belly was smooth and vast. Angie let her dress fall to the floor and she stood before me in her underwear. I pressed myself against her warm soft skin and we kissed again. She reached between her breasts and undid her bra, I slid her enormous panties down to her ankles.

She sat back on the king-sized platform bed. Her ass and thighs spread out beneath her. I had long ago tossed out the box spring and frame and built the platform our mattress now sat on. The floor wasn’t built as strongly as that platform was. Thick stringers were spaced two feet apart and one-inch plywood covered them.

Angie slid herself back a bit so that she could lie back and with my help get her legs up and spread. Her feet sat on the edge of the bed as I maneuvered between her cavernous thighs. She had to hold her belly up so I could get close enough to enter her. I did in a smooth motion, her pussy clenched me tightly and Angie let out a soft moan of desire.

I hugged her huge thighs and made love to the love of my life slowly, our eyes open and locked on each other.

Life was perfect.

The end

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Very sweet. I think I'll have to re read all of this. It gets me, how shall I say... excited.
"The whole world is crazy, it's just that there are a few of us smart enough to realize it" - Me

"Conquer all, but one escapes
Govern all, but one dissents
Embark on genocide, and one shall rise to damn you."
- Jack Kirby "Hunger Dogs"

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