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Default Morgan - by newfoundfat (Stuffing, ~SWG)

Stuffing, ~SWG - A high school cheerleader decides she likes gaining weight.


by newfoundfat

"Perhaps I overdid it,"
thought Morgan as she held a plastic container that had held six large cupcakes less than 20 minutes before over the trash can, but as she dropped the packaging into the trash she didn't feel any guilt or regret at her gluttony.

It was Friday and Morgan had just gotten home from school. Her mom was out of town, and had left the cupcakes along with $100 for food while she was gone. Morgan was a senior in high school, a slender but curvy 120 pounds on a 5'5" frame. Her ass was by far her best asset, with wide hips and a big round ass; she had nicely shaped tits as well but they had always been small. Morgan was a cheerleader, and had a high social standing as one of the "hot" girls at her high school. She had never eaten all that well but she rarely overindulged, and worked out most days.

Morgan walked into the living room and plopped down on the couch; she was rather full from all those cup cakes so she undid her pants, and her full belly pushed a little ways into the new gap. She switched on the TV, and watched with mild interest. Slowly her hand wandered to her belly, and she began to massage it; it was tight and full and rubbing it felt great. Before she even finished one show she followed her belly back into the kitchen, and opened the freezer.

Morgan's mom was fat. She had been for all of Morgan's life, she never worked out and ate as much as she wanted whenever she wanted and never complained about her weight. She was 5'6", and had to be at least 300 pounds. She worked nights in a hospital that she owned, a veteran's hospital, but she liked to really be there and to work, so she worked on-staff as a nurse. Morgan had always been in a well-off family, and the fridge had always been stuffed with fattening treats, as well as the pantry, and just about every other place in the kitchen.

Morgan grabbed a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream and headed back to the couch. But in only a few minutes she was back in the kitchen, the ice cream making her want something salty. She grabbed an unopened one-pound value bag of Lays potato chips and returned to the couch. She absentmindedly munched on the chips while she watched TV. She began to feel a twinge of guilt, but reasoned she had already pigged out on the cupcakes, so if she was going to let herself pig out today, she might as well take full advantage of it; she could double her exercise tomorrow, and eat light. So she continued munching.

And sure enough, in about an hour she finished the entire bag. She was rather full now, and was lying sprawled out on the couch, her stuffed belly sticking up into the air. And slowly she drifted off to sleep.

Morgan was surrounded by food, sitting in a big puffy chair naked. With an awesome sense of glee, she began stuffing her face with the steaks, potatoes, éclairs, pizzas, and all other assorted food surrounding her. Her belly grew with each bite she took, got heavy, and then pushed out until it rested in her lap. It continued to grow, and slowly pushed apart her thighs, and then she felt it brush the cushy chair. Her belly wasn't the only thing growing, her tits were too, they got bigger and heavier and rested on top of her belly, and they kept growing. Her ass was growing as well; it felt as though the cushion on the chair was growing, and her hips were widening, and starting to brush the arms of the chair. Morgan kept eating and eating, it felt soooo good, and the fat fellt incredible, soft and warm, she just wanted to keep eating and growing. More. More. MORE. Her mind was completely in this display of gluttony.

Morgan woke with a start extremely turned on, and all she knew was that she wanted to eat. She hurried to the kitchen, and grabbed another pint of ice cream. She began eating it as she looked for the phone book. She found the phone book and hurriedly looked up the number to her favorite pizza joint. She order a large meat lover's pizza, with an entire order of bread sticks and cinnamon sticks, with a two liter of Coke. She then returned to her pint of ice cream, and as she was eating it and waiting for the pizza, she realized how uncomfortable her pants had become. She looked down and was surprised to see that although her pants were fully unbuttoned, her bloated belly fully filled them, and the waistband was cutting into her belly. She pulled off her pants, and grabbed a pair of sweat pants; her shirt, which had shown a little bit of a flat stomach early that day at school, now displayed a round belly poking out of it. But she didn't change her shirt; the tight feeling really turned her on, and she wanted to see how much tighter she could make it.

The doorbell rang and she ran to answer it; when she pulled the door wide open, she saw that Derek, a cute new guy at school, was her delivery boy, and she also saw his eyes go directly to her belly. She paid him (with a very generous tip) and hurried back inside. "WHAT WAS I THINKING," she yelled aloud, distressed as she looked down at her belly, but although she was embarrassed and upset, she couldn't deny that she did feel turned on, and she did want to eat more, and the food smelled soooo good...

"I already made a pig of myself today, so I don't need to still feel guilty about it," she reasoned with herself as she ate her way through the pizza and breadsticks. The only thing still really bothering her was the fact that Derek had seen her like this, he was really cute, and she had been wondering about him since he moved, but had been too scared to talk to him. While she was doing this thinking and halfway watching TV, she finished the entire large meat lover's pizza and the entire order of bread sticks, and half the two liter. She was completely stuffed. But somehow she picked up the box of cinnamon sticks and kept eating. It felt like her dream again, all she could think was more, more, more, and that was all she did think, until the entire box of cinnamon sticks was gone as well as the rest of the two liter.

She was more full than she had ever been in her life; if she had seen her belly only hours ago she wouldn't have believed it could go through such a transformation in just one day. But still she couldn't make herself feel guilty or upset, all she really felt was excitement. She couldn't keep her hands off her belly, she kept rubbing it and it felt so good. Then she had a wonderful idea, she ran to the bathroom and stepped on the scale... 126 pounds. She turned and looked in the mirror, her belly was absolutely HUGE, she honestly looked pregnant. As she looked in the mirror and rubbed her belly, she couldn't contain herself any longer and fell to the floor fingering herself.

After her episode in the bathroom, Morgan headed back out to the living room, to relax and watch some more TV. She watched TV and dozed for about two hours before she was hungry again. She headed to the kitchen again, and grabbed an entire package of Chips Ahoy and a half gallon of milk. As she ate she did a lot of thinking, and realized that eating was what she liked to do; she hated exercising, and even the thought of gaining weight turned her on. So she decided that she would stop exercising and eat what she wanted, she didn't have to be what other people wanted her to be.

This decision was perfect for her in every way, except one. Derek. But she was going to do what she wanted; if Derek couldn't accept her the way she was, then she would have to live without him.

She finished the cookies and the milk, and headed to the kitchen for just one more snack before she went to bed. She had two pb and j's and then headed to bed.

The puffy chair was now a tight squeeze for Morgan. Her hips pushed hard against the arms, and although her thighs were spread as far apart as they could go, the space between them for her belly was too small. Not only had her belly grown, making the space too small, her thighs were as big around as she had once been. Her belly had nowhere to go so it went out, stretched halfway to her knees when sitting, and was also pushed upwards; her breasts which were now huge, setting on top of her monstrous belly, and were being pushed upward. And still she was eating more and more, and growing bigger and bigger.

Morgan woke up to her stomach growling and hurried to the kitchen. She had three large bowls of Cap 'n Crunch with whole milk to tide her over so she could make hashbrowns, eggs, bacon, and pancakes. After finishing her cereal she began cooking. She made a ridiculous amount of food - three huge potatoes' worth of hash browns, a dozen eggs, a half pound of bacon, and 15 pancakes. She was deliberately making too much so she could test her true limit.

She finished her food, and began to eat. And she ate, and ate, and ate. She must have really stretched out her stomach yesterday, she thought, when she realized all she had left was two pancakes, two eggs, and two pieces of bacon. And so she kept eating, and sure enough cleaned her plate. Her sweat pants were getting a little tight now, and her shirt was a sight. When she pulled it down she couldn't even cover her belly button. So she peeled off her clothes, and went to relax in the living room.

After about an hour her phone rang; she pulled herself up and looked at the number, it wasn't anyone she knew, so she hesitantly answered the phone.


"Hi, is this Morgan?"


"Hey, Morgan, it's Derek. I was giving you a call to see if you wanted to hang out tonight?"

"Um, sure, what did you have in mind?"

"I don't know, we could go to see a movie or go out to eat or something, whatever you want."

"Dinner sounds good to me."

"Dinner, okay, awesome, should I just give you a call later on then?"

"Yeah, sounds good."

"Alright, talk to you later."

"Yeah, talk to you in a bit."

Morgan was shocked, after last night Derek was calling her to hang out? She had to stick to her choice, so she was really going to eat at dinner, as much as she wanted; she figured she could find out if he was cool with her eating, but she also didn't want to be to in his face about it.

Morgan went to her room to find something nice to wear; she went into her closet, but realized none of her clothes were going to fit her...
Morgan hurried to the mall and bought a nice top, one that didn't disguise her belly, and a new pair of pants. While she was there she stopped by the food court. She went to McDonalds and ordered a large 10-piece chicken nugget meal, with two chicken sandwiches, a chocolate shake, and two apple pies. She was slightly embarrassed as she ordered it, and couldn't help but be a little self conscience as she ate, but she finished all her food and headed home.

And then she just sat around waiting for Derek's call. As she waited she snacked a little, a pint of ice cream, a box of Cheeze-Its, and two turkey sandwiches before Derek finally called.

"Hey, it's Derek."


"So, are you ready to meet up?"


"Okay, cool, do you know where you wanna go?"

"I'll go wherever, it's your choice."

"Um, okay, well are you into fancy places, or do you prefer something lower key?"

"I'll eat whatever."

"Alright, how about we go to Addison's?"

"Oh, I love Addison's, sounds good to me."

"Okay, should I pick you up?"


Addison's was a local Italian restaurant, fairly fancy, but served large portions. Derek arranged to come and get Morgan, and they headed to Addison's together. Morgan noticed Derek eying her belly every once in a while, but if it was out of disgust, Morgan could not tell.

Morgan ate a lot of the bread and cheese that came out first, and watched Derek's reaction; he seemed somewhat neutral. She ordered a huge steak with mashed potatoes, and broccoli, soup, and salad. Derek raised an eyebrow.

"I'm really hungry," Morgan said apologetically.

"Oh, no, no, I like a girl with an appetite," Derek said with a smile.

They continued to talk casually throughout dinner, but didn't press any further into the eating issue. Morgan finished her food with ease, and she ordered two desserts. A large slice of lemon cake, a brownie sundae, and coffee to drink.

She casually ate it all, and eyed Derek, but still remained casual. When they got up to leave, Morgan made her belly obvious, it was clearly full and stuck out a good distance. Derek drove Morgan home, and said he had a good time and would like to hang out again sometime. Morgan agreed, and Derek told her he would give her a call later that night, and they said good bye.

By the time Derek called Morgan, she had eaten an entire package of Oreos, two pints of ice cream, and had three huge bowls of Cap 'n Crunch for dessert (the box she had opened that morning was finished). Derek called shortly after Morgan finished her cereal. They talked for a while and eventually Morgan worked up the courage to ask if she wasn't too fat for Derek.

"You're not fat!"

"Derek, come on, I know you saw my belly tonight."

"Well, I don't mind at all, you're not too fat for me, I think you're wonderful."

"But what if I grew, what if I got fatter, would you still be interested in me?"

"To be honest, I would be more interested. I love fat girls," Derek exclaimed excitedly.

And so Morgan and Derek talked well into the night, about Morgan's new realization, and her desire to gain; of course, Morgan snacked while she was on the phone, and Derek was really into hearing what she was eating. Eventually they said their good byes,and Morgan went to sleep.

The puffy chair was strained to the limits now, but Derek was now with her at the endless table of food, feeding her and rubbing her belly, and loving it more every inch that it grew. Morgan was huge, and she couldn't stop eating, more and more, and she kept growing and growing...

Morgan once again woke up hungry and headed to the kitchen. She opened a box of Apple Jacks and had four bowls to tide her over while she cooked. She prepared the same breakfast from the previous day, but this time finished it and was still not full. After eating four Pop Tarts she was satisfied and drifted of to sleep on the couch watching TV. She woke up at noon and headed to the kitchen and looked at the clock; her mom would be home in an hour. She was apprehensive about what her mother would say when she saw her, but decided to be open and not try to hide it. Her pants from the day before were now hopeless to button, so she put on her baggiest pair of sweats, which fit her a little too snugly, and one of her "baggy" hoodies, although it wasn't baggy at all around her belly. She had two Di'Giorno pizzas, 4 pb and j's, a half gallon of milk, a one- pound bag of pretzels, and a box of six microwaveable egg rolls for lunch. Morgan headed to the bathroom and stepped on the scale...

137 pounds. Morgan was ecstatic; she turned to the mirror and was amazed at the big-bellied woman she saw looking back at her. And once again she was overwhelmed and had to relieve herself. Her mom arrived shortly after, and Morgan greeted her from the doorway.

"Hi Mom," she called as her mom walked from her car.

Her mom looked up, raised her eyebrows and said, "Helllloooooo, bellly!"

Morgan chuckled.

"Have you done anything but eat since I have been gone?" said her mom, smiling.

"I just realized I don't like starving myself," said Morgan.

"Well, it's about time," said her mom as she dropped her bags and gave Morgan a big hug.

(To be continued?)

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MOAR, MOAR MOAR. Good story.
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great story... i hope to see more of it soon!
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I can't wait to see more!
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agreed...such a good beginning. i'm enticed.
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Please continue!

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Love it love it love it! Keep this one going!
Yeah, I'm just awesome like that.;)
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hehe please go on always so sexy when the slim cheerleader gains ;-)

a really nice start i hope you continue this nice piece of work ^^
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Actually this story has been redone - so this version is closed to additional comments!
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