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Abercrombie has said some nice things
Arrow Fat Fetish Research

Hi to everyone,

Iím trying to do some research about the fat fetish, and the form in wich itís realize, as being feeder or gainer or both.

Anyone interested, to give me his contribute, to understand the reason under that manner to express ourself, is welcome.

Iím particulary interested on to know.

- The pre knowledge: how you related about the fatness before to know about that fetish, and abaout gainers and feeders;
- The knowledge: how you understood, and you knew about that fetish;
- The reason, The roles, and the acts: whatís your motivations, what role you cover on that relationship, and what you do on that;

Any contributes are welcome, included things i didnt included on that three point, but are expecially welcome the story you will send to me, where will be give your answer to those question i made.

All the story will be covered by the privacy statements, and I invite all you to be free to say the truth, all the truth, with out problems, as I'm gainer/feeder my self, and I know most of the things of the community.

Feel free to contact me by mail at abercrombie01 @ gmail.com;
If you prefer contact me with Yahoo: abercrombieit;
If you prefer contact me with MSN: abercrombie.fitch @ hotmail.com
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