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Default Claire Gets Cursed - by Ruin (~BBW, Magic, ~SWG)

~BBW, Magic, ~MWG - Will Claire reverse her "curse" or can she overcome her fears and come to terms with it?

Claire Gets Cursed
by Ruin

[Author's Note: This is still a work in production and I have no clue whether I like this or where exactly I am going with it. My main problem is that I can imagine what I want to write, I just can't find the words to get it down. Anyway I just thought I would post it here for anybody who wants to read it and hopefully I can update soon.]

If you met Claire Porter then you would agree with everybody else who knows her. She is the nicest woman you could ever meet. All through her childhood she had been kind to other children in school, as well as her siblings. She was the eldest child in her family and so maybe it was some kind of instinct she had or something similar.

Anyway, it stayed with her all the way through school and into her young adult years. At 22, she was one of the most cheerful, confident and kindest people you could ever know. She could make friends easily and if she saw a stranger in the street who seemed to be in trouble, she would be one of the first onto the scene.

Although Claire was confident, she did have one major discomfort. Her body and her weight. She was stunning, but that was only because she felt nobody would take her seriously if she were larger. There were other factors that added to this, but I won’t go into those. All you need to know is that Claire really hated the fact of it. However, this didn’t stop her from being friendly to fatter people or anything. In fact, not including herself, she could see through the skin and into the inside. To a level she believed that beauty was only skin deep.

Anyway, Claire looked beautiful. At 120 pounds and standing at 5’’ 4’ with her toned body, she was stunning to a lot of people. She had brown, shoulder-length hair and deep hazelnut eyes that matched. She had full lips with a pearly white smile. She had full breasts, if a little small; her stomach was flat and well-toned. A thin waist and hips, and her butt and thighs were smooth and showed no sign of excess fat.

Unfortunately, because of her kindness and confidence to walk up and help anybody in the street, if a larger person were to see her come up and attempt to help them, a sometimes envious mind could perhaps turn the act of kindness into smugness. It was not often the case, but with women insecure about their weight they sometimes picked on Claire when she had only good intentions at heart.


This story starts when Claire and her best friend Charlie, who was slightly curvier than Claire, were at a local shopping centre. While window shopping, they saw an old, fairly overweight woman drop her bags. Claire, as usual, walked over to help. As she got closer the older woman glared at her.

“What do you want?” the woman asked.

“I was just wondering if you wanted any help,” Claire replied.

Claire then noticed the contents of the bag - a pair of enormous panties. The old woman immediately saw where she was looking.

“Oh, that’s why you came over, to laugh at me weight? A young, thin woman like you would never come to help somebody like me for nothing!” The woman started to sound angry.

This was not what Claire had meant to happen, and she immediately tried to explain, but the woman would have none of it.

“No, please. I know that you are quite fat-” Claire paused.

As soon as she said that she knew she had made a mistake with this kind of woman, who exploded.

“How dare you!” she screamed.

Charlie started to hurry over.

“Just because I am larger than you, you think I am too stupid to know about my own weight? Well maybe you don’t know what it's like! How about I show you?”

The woman rushed at Claire. Claire tried, but found she couldn’t move. As the woman came closer, Claire got more worried, maybe she was mad! The woman came right up to Claire, but all she did was place her hands on Claire’s stomach. Claire could have sworn that she felt different after this happened.

“You are now cursed,” the woman said to Claire. “Now you will know what it feels like.”

As soon as this happened, the woman turned on her heels and walked briskly away. Charlie arrived straight after to ensure that Claire was okay. They quickly finished what they were doing and left the shopping centre.


That night, Claire had the weirdest dream she ever remembered having. In the dream she was taken back to when the woman had “cursed” her earlier. She touched Claire’s belly again, but this time, instead of nothing happening, the woman vanished into thin air! Claire then stood up wondering what was going on and headed to a clothes shop for some reason. She didn’t really have any control of herself during the dream and just went with the flow.

When she arrived at the shop she was greeted by a female worker who, after looking her up and down, grinned at her.

“Good afternoon, madam, is there anything I can help you with?” she asked politely.

Claire smiled back.

“Yes, please. I’m looking for the clothes in my size,” Claire informed her.

The woman looked shocked.

“But, madam, we don’t do clothes in YOUR size,” she said, emphasising the word “your”.

As the woman said this, she pointed at Claire’s stomach. Except it wasn’t a stomach any more, it was a huge belly! The rest of the dream was a bit of a blur.


Claire woke up fairly late the next morning, forgetting the dream. It was a Sunday and Claire didn’t need to be anywhere so she stayed in bed, half asleep, with her eyes closed. She usually felt pretty active in the mornings and could get straight up, but she didn’t have it in her this time. She felt sluggish and…she couldn’t put her finger on it. She felt different, that was for sure, but she didn’t know why. Not only was she feeling uncomfortable herself but her underwear was feeling uncomfortable too! There was no helping it; she would have to get up. If she wanted to later, she could always go back to bed.

Slowly she opened her eyes and was rewarded by a face full of shining light. Her temporary lack of eyesight caused her to roll over so she was on her front. Now she really felt weird. It was as if there was more of her…

Still facing away from the evil source of the light, the window, she slid out of bed and lay on the floor. Strangely, it felt more comfortable than she had expected. Almost as if she was laying on something soft. For the final time she rolled onto her back and sat up, but found she couldn’t quite make it, as something was in the way. She must have dragged some of the duvet down with her. She tried again, opened her eyes and screamed. She found what was stopping her.

It wasn’t part of the duvet or a pillow or something, but instead her own body. Her belly and her breasts, to be precise. Her breasts looked a few sizes bigger and after frantically battling to get past them she saw her stomach. Like in her dream, it was now a bigger belly, although it wasn’t nearly as big as in her dream. She stood up with some difficulty, and almost ran to the full-length mirror on her wardrobe.

The first thing she did when she got to it was take off her underwear. She now knew why they were so uncomfortable. Her usual size was much too small! As soon as she managed to get the tight garments off she examined her body critically. Her whole body looked softer and generally fatter. Looking at herself, Claire felt as if her old body was trapped in a shell of fat.

She started with her face. It was puffier. You would be able to tell, just by looking at her face, that she had gained weight. She had the same deep eyes except there were puffier, rounder cheeks just underneath. There was no longer any sign of cheekbones and her lips even looked fuller. Her chin now had a friend appearing as well.

Her neck was thicker and her arms no longer had any sign of muscle and looked soft to the touch. They were a lot softer to what she was accustomed to. Her breasts were larger, as mentioned earlier, although she would have welcomed this change in normal circumstances apart from the fact that they had started to rest on her belly. Her large, soft, round new belly. She could have cried when she looked at it in the mirror. It had grown outwards and looked like it would start to sink towards her feet with a little more size.

Compared to her old, flat, toned stomach it looked massive although it wasn’t as big as she felt it was. She poked right into the middle of it with a now-chubby finger and it sunk through the soft, warm, plush-like fat. She then grabbed her belly with both hands and shook. She felt every single roll of fat quiver and was sickened as it continued to wobble like jelly even after she had let go of it.

Sighing, she eyed love-handles and a larger, much thicker waist. She also had wider hip bones and soft thighs that now met in the middle. She would find it hard to walk normally now without waddling. Her butt was now formed from two enormous globes of plush.

She wasn’t quite as big as she thought she was, but to a girl who had one from incredibly slim to slightly overweight overnight. She started to sob and stepped backwards a few steps. She then sat on the floor, feeling her butt spread out underneath her, the fat acting like a cushion. She knew the next thing she would need to do but dreaded it. She walked towards the bathroom and her breasts, belly and butt bounded around with each step she took.

She got to the bathroom and stepped on her digital scales. The digital output changed to 160 pounds. All at once she felt every ounce of fat on her body and wondered how on earth she had gained 40 pounds in one night. She started to feel dizzy as the realization started to dawn on her. She needed to regain her old figure and the only way to do that would be to find that old woman!

Before she did that, Claire would need to get help. Charlie would probably be the best bet, but even before that she needed to do something else. She needed to eat. Claire’s belly groaned in anticipation.
So many things to do, so little time.

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Nice story, Ruin.

And great job with the formatting! Rep for you!

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Extremely interesting!
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I'm noth very interested in stories where th good girl gets fat but this is intrigueing.
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Default Great start

I like the way this started. I'm going to love watching the story develop.
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