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Default Paybackers - by JP (BBW, Forced, ~XWG)

BBW, Forced, ~XWG - A game show with weighty consequences.

by JP
[Author's Note: Hi all, I have a bit of writer's block with Heavy Debt but a terrible urge to write something. I'm going to try to have some fun with this, it's a path I've been down before, but I hope you like it.]

“It’s Paybackers! The game show that gives two participants the chance to get revenge on each other and maybe some cold hard cash! Here’s our host, Tom Mathis!”

The crowd cheered as the music and lights hit the large studio stage. From a shimmering bank of curtains Tom walked out with his trademark suit and red Devil horns on his head. He bowed to the crowd and flashed an evil smile to the cameras as he pretended to twirl a mustache he didn’t have, and then gave a long and evil laugh which was amplified and embellished for both the live crowd and those watching on TV and the Net.

“Thank you everyone. The show is called Paybackers, where we give two people that have an axe to grind the opportunity to bury it deep…in the ground or in each other. Here’s how it works. We have three rounds, the players play games during each round which will have an effect on themselves and each other. The first round the players have a chance to make some money or put the screws to the other. The second round the table gets turned, to show that no one wins in the game of revenge. In round two you have the chance to take the winnings of the other but at a cost to yourself. In the third round…the third round is a mystery; so far no one has elected to go to round three. They’ve always had enough by the end of round two. But today might be a little different.”

Almost as if on cue the crowd groaned and moaned. Tom held up his hands and waved them down, demanding patience, then adjusted his costume Devil horns.

“Now now! I know I say that every time, but today’s contestants really don’t like each other! You might see the first pair to go all the way for the Ultimate Payback! Let’s take a look at them.”

Johnny the announcer picked up his cue and began speaking again. “You may be right Tom! They were best friends in high school, and roommates in college. The old saying of ‘You never really know someone until you’ve lived with them’ was something these two learned the hard way. Both are fresh out of college now and still plenty sore. After living together for a full disastrous year as freshmen they went their separate ways, but according to their friends and family they went out of their way to try and get back at each other! Let’s first meet Lisa Hemmings!”

A picture of a bright and chipper young woman played on the screen stage and for the people at home. She was cute with a full head of blond hair, freckles and a fun smile. The picture panned back to show a slim and somewhat athletic girl dressed in a two piece bikini; she stopped smiling to take on a serious look as she raised her hands into a fighting pose, then smiled again as she stood upright and waved at the camera.

“Lisa is a sales engineer getting her Bachelor’s in business while trying to make her former friend’s life miserable.” The picture on the screen changed to a headshot of Lisa who was no longer smiling. The camera angle also changed to below her to make her seem more menacing and angry.

“I hate that bitch! We used to be such good friends, but that changed as soon as we got our dorm together! After our first year I was willing to let bygones be bygones, but she always kept running into me. Screw ‘Forgive and forget’! That bitch is gonna pay and I don’t care what I have to pay to do it!”

As she gave her angry tirade the lighting changed from plain white to a livid red and computer graphic flames appeared over her eyes. The crowd gave half hearted cheers. This was the time for the contestants to vent and they were used to hearing a lot worse.

“And the other contestant, Patricia Simms!” The picture changed on the screen to a raven-haired beauty with a confident smile. She was very easy on the eyes and she obviously knew it and also seemed to know she was being targeted immediately as the ‘bad girl’. The picture panned back to reveal her trim and buxom body, getting plenty of cheers from the men watching as well as hisses from the women. Instead of striking a fighting pose she thrust a hip to the side and leaned forward making a clawing motion with her right hand which drew more applause.

“Patricia graduated with a degree in fashion design and claims she doesn’t know what the big deal is.” The picture again changed to a headshot of Patricia using similar angles which really caught her sneer effectively.

“I don’t know what her deal is. She takes everything so personally! She acts like she’s the victim and is so innocent. A bunch of crap! She actually started the whole thing! And as far as me ‘running into her’ she was the one that kept calling people so she could keep tabs on me. She’s the one obsessed with this not me, but I’m willing to get her back for all the crap she pulled. And she knows me, I don’t play fair!”

Patricia gave an evil smile and put her hands to either side of her head pointing upwards with her index finger, like Devil horns, which went well with the flames that were put in her eyes by the show. The crowd cheered a bit more, but overall both of their opening shots were a bit tame.

The cameras panned back to Tom who was fanning his face with his hand and putting on a showy grimace to try and liven up the crowd.

“Whoo! Is it hot in here or just me! Alright let’s see them both now and get things started! Lisa and Patricia, come on out and let’s get to Paying Back!”

The crowd roared its approval as both girls stalked on from either side of the stage wearing the bikinis from their interviews and made a beeline for each other. Large, black-shirted security men came through the curtain backgrounds and intervened when they got within ten feet of each other and held them back as they cursed at each other and fought to get into each others’ hair. The crowd picked up their cheering and hooting, screaming “Cat fight!” as loud as they could.

Tom adjusted his horns in mock surprise as the women were kept separate and then moved to opposite sides of the stage. The crowd was definitely more impressed with the two contestants after their initial interview. They were still struggling as they were put into their elevated platform cages on either side of the stage. Once they were in their square cages with red velvet on the floors, flames burst around the bottoms of the cage causing both to hop to the middle.

To the people viewing, the flames looked very close indeed to the contestants, but Lisa and Patricia saw there were several feet between them and the flames plus the bars themselves. They turned to each other and charged the bars of their cages, trying to reach through and somehow get to the other even though there was a whole stage between them. The producers of the show had told them to make sure they played it up and they were doing a good job.

“Ladies! Ladies! Haven’t you ever heard of ‘Turn the other cheek’?” The crowd booed on cue as Tom made a gagging gesture by putting his finger in his mouth. The ladies both shook their heads vigorously. “Good! I’ve never been a big fan of that myself. OK ladies, round one you get a chance to win some money and get one over on your opponent. The rules are simple you each have to navigate an image of yourself through our Maze of Torture. The first to make it through puts the screws to the other. But…if nothing else we’ve tried to show how revenge has a price. The one that is on the receiving end will get paid! Johnny, let’s let our contestants know what today’s steaming pile of revenge is!”

All eyes turned to the screen and the viewers at home saw the Wheel of Pain descend from the ceiling and was then framed by a head shot of both ladies with their hands hovering over a red button that had risen up from the floor of their cages. Various torments were listed as people shouted out their favorites. ‘Pain-o-meter’, ‘Stink Bomb’, ‘Dental Nightmare’ and various others. The wheel then spun so fast that no one could see what was flying by.

"Thank you, Tom. Ladies, this is the Wheel of Pain, when the light turns red either of you can push your button to stop the wheel, the first one to push it will determine today’s dish that’s best served cold.”

The wheel continued to spin, framed by a green pulsing light; each pulse was punctuated by a loud beep. It pulsed a total of three times before turning red with the sound of an air horn. Both girls were a picture of concentration as they watched the wheel spin, trying to get some kind of timing down and get the punishment they desired for the other or at least one they didn’t mind themselves. The light changing to red and the sound of the horn threw off their concentration though and both jumped a bit.

The crowd continued to cheer as they recovered and strained again to see. In some of the shows the wheel might spin for minutes, in others it stopped immediately. The fact was no one could possibly see the words on the categories as they spun by, and many wondered if the game was fixed. Then again, if it was fixed, no one really cared.

Seconds ticked by as Lisa was biting her tongue trying to catch a glimpse of the one she wanted; ‘Rat’s Nest’ while Patricia’s head was bobbing up and down in vain as she tried to see ‘Body Bag’ which was one she could live with if it happened to her. “Push it!” the crowd was screaming as the seconds continued to tick by. Finally Lisa thought she saw her chance and slammed on the button, but she cried out in anger and Patricia held her hands to her face in shock when it landed on the dreaded…’Pound for Pound’. The crowd roared its approval, ‘Pound for Pound’ was one of the favorites, especially when the contestants were women.

“Tom, these ladies will be seeing a lot more of each other as they go ‘Pound for Pound’!”

Tom laughed at the girls’ reactions and then held his hands out in front of him like he was holding a large beer belly and waddled a few steps. He then laughed his long and evil laugh as the Wheel of Pain retracted back up to the rafters and was out of sight.

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The girls were pacing in their cages, ‘Pound for Pound’ was likely to put a lot of weight on either one of them, but most likely both, and they were already dreading that they were on the show. There was literally no escape though, they had both signed contracts and there were severe penalties in those as well, even jail time. Their buttons retracted into the floor as a screen with a joystick in front of it descended from the tops of their cages until it was at a level they wanted. Another large screen descended from the ceiling for the benefit of the crowd and the viewers at home.

On the screen a computer generated dungeon maze was being raced through with slime dripping from walls amidst skeletons chained in various spots and rats crawling everywhere. Ominous wooden doors with barred windows were placed here and there as the maze finally stopped on the starting line where two very well rendered computer images of the girls were waiting as they faced the camera in the screen. The two computer images then looked at each other and started fighting with a cartoonish smoke cloud filled with fists and various items popping out of it covering the action. The fight was broken up by a caricature of Tom Mathis, now a huge and muscular Devil complete with goat’s hooves and a tail and horns. He pointed to the starting line and both girls (now with black eyes and mussed hair) took their positions on the line. The cartoon Tom laughed as the real Tom laughed on stage, and then the cartoon disappeared in a burst of flame.

“OK ladies, this is a race to the finish line, you both run at the same speed but you can bump the other into obstacles along the way to slow them down. Watch out for obstacles yourselves and be ready to jump. Johnny! Why don’t you give our contestants a little incentive?”

“OK, Tom! Lisa and Patricia, the game is ‘Pound for Pound’! In round one there will be three races total, each one getting harder. The winner of each race gains nothing, literally. The loser will put on 250 pounds!” The crowd cheered as the ladies gasped. “But that’s not all. Each pound is worth money, so you might put on a few but your bank account gets fat too!”

“Johnny I’ve always been a little fuzzy on exchange rates. What’s a pound worth today anyway?”

“Well, Tom, for every pound you gain you get to take home…$1,000!”

The crowd cheered at this and the contestants licked their lips as they contemplated the sum. It wasn’t unusual for players to literally throw the race if it meant earning the cash, and the cash prize was usually very high.

“This could be worth a grand total of $750,000 after taxes!” Lisa nodded grimly as she stepped up to the joystick with determination. Patricia was more tentative, she had hoped that she could use this as a way to get some exposure for her modeling career, but if she lost even once that was likely over. With shaking hands she took the joystick.

“Whoa! Who says revenge doesn’t pay?” laughed Tom. “OK, ladies, would anyone like to back out?” asked Tom as he turned to either cage. Patricia nodded vigorously and raised her hand. “Ha! Just kidding, it’s too late to back out now.” The crowd booed Patricia as she turned again to the joystick, sweat starting to ruin her makeup. “OK contestants, it’s time for some payback! On your marks!” the crowd shouted along with Tom. “Get set!” The computerized images bent down to put their hands on the ground for a good start. “GO!!!” the crowd screamed along with Tom.

The girls both jammed on the joystick to get their toon running, the images ran with a very flattering and sexy bounce as they both started racing down the corridor. As they ran they bumped and jostled each other and the girls found out quickly that the timing of the bump determined who got the worst of it. The crowd cheered as they rounded the first bend to the right where the first door opened up revealing a cartoon torture rack with a black hooded torturer. It was on left wall and closest to Lisa’s toon. Patricia saw her chance and tried for a big bump into Lisa to knock her into the room. Lisa saw it though and pulled back on the joystick just in time causing the other toon to fly into the room despite Patricia pulling back frantically and crying “NOOOOO!!!”.

Lisa raced by, her screen just showed the race, but Patricia and the audience saw her toon get secured to the rack by the torturer and quickly stretched out like a rubber band. That went on for a crucial three seconds and then the screen went blank with Patricia’s toon outside the door again.
She jumped back to the controls and got her running again as Tom and the audience laughed.

Lisa seemed to be doing fine; she passed three doors and was making great time. It was when she stepped into a slime patch that she ran into some trouble. Her feet slipped in it and she was running in place for a few seconds as Patricia tried catching up. Patricia caught sight of Lisa on her screen just as she freed herself from the slime and used the hint to jump.

The race was getting closer now, the progress bar on the side of their screens showed that they were in the home stretch. Lisa was ahead but she was running too wild and bumping into walls along the way, barely missing some of the doors. Patricia was running more carefully and that was paying off as they neared the final obstacle. It was a gaping pit in the hall with the finish line just on the other side. Lisa was barely ahead but she would win if she made the jump, Patricia was too far back to bump her. Lisa jumped and missed though her toon running comically in mid air for a second before turning to the camera and waving pathetically before she fell to her doom. Patricia laughed as Lisa screamed in her cage. Patricia took her time on the jump, coming to a stop and making sure she got it right. The extra time nearly cost her as in mid jump Lisa’s toon reappeared on the other side, but Patricia was running at full speed when she landed and raced by as Lisa frantically tried to take the lead again. Patricia finished the race first and her toon turned to the camera and jumped up and down in excitement, almost perfectly mimicking the dance that the real Patricia was making in her cage.

Lisa’s toon stopped and turned around after crossing the finish line, hanging her head in shame. The Devil Tom appeared and did a magician’s flourish with one hand, a huge cake poofing into his other hand. He grinned with evil intent at the toon Lisa and then turned to the crowd and waggled his eyebrows before turning back to Lisa and grabbing her nose with one hand causing her to open her mouth wide and then shoving the whole cake in at once, deforming her head into the shape of the cake before she swallowed it down. Her body was instantly transformed from a svelte toon to a beyond plump cherub who burped as little swirls of misery floated around her head. The screen went blank as all eyes turned to the real Lisa who was desperately pulling on the cage door.

“Lisa! You had an early lead but were a little wild on the stick; that will cost you. But hey, don’t worry; with $250,000 you can afford a personal trainer to help work off that weight.”

Lisa’s moans were drowned out as a drum roll echoed through the studio and the lights and flames dimmed until there was just the single spotlight on Lisa coming from the top of the inside of her cage. The screen and joystick had retracted so all could see the impending weight gain. As the light played on Lisa she found herself moving to the center of the spotlight against her will. Both contestants had been injected with nanites before the show started, this would allow them to both be changed by the twisted punishments as well as survive the changes. They were also warned that they ensured the compliance of the contestants as well. She faced the crowd as she screamed inside her own head while her body began to tingle.

The crowd made ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ as they saw the first changes taking place on her body. It started in her midsection, her flat and toned belly grew softer and less defined as pounds flowed onto it. On the screen showing the transformation they could see two sets of numbers, one was her starting weight which was a trim 122 pounds and her current weight which was quickly rising by the second and racing past 150 pounds. The screen split to show Patricia in the other cage puffing out her cheeks and pointing at Lisa.

“How do you like that, you fat bitch!” she called.

Lisa could do nothing as her body swelled with fat, the swelling concentrating on her torso as he small breasts now began to grow noticeably larger as it stretched out her top. When she crested 200 pounds her breasts had tripled in size while her belly began to sag over her lap, completely obscuring the bottom to the bikini she wore.

The crowd was cheering wildly when Johnny announced “At 244 pounds she’s twice the woman she used to be!”. The race of the pounds continued, her limbs now getting drooping flab, her arms and hips widening as sprouting cellulite and flab in rolls. Patricia was literally on her knees holding onto the bars for support because she was laughing so hard. Tears rolled down Lisa’s eyes as she felt the weight begin to drag her once toned body to new lows as the flab continued to droop and sag. The crowd counted down the last pounds as Lisa’s weight reached the finish line of 372 pounds.

“Wow, Lisa! You’ve really let yourself go since the last time I saw you,” crowed Tom from center stage. “You’re more than three times your starting weight!”

The crowd roared as the lights rose again and the light in Lisa’s cage went out and she could move again. She immediately flopped backwards into the bench that rose up in anticipation inside her cage. She figured she could stand, but the sudden loss of support cost her her balance.

“Well, Lisa, you may have put on a few pounds, but you’re also 250 Gs richer, that’s gotta count for something.” Patricia was still laughing; the fact that Lisa won so much money didn’t seem to bother her at all. “OK Lisa, you have a chance now, I give this chance to everyone after the first taste of revenge. You just lost the race and put on 250 pounds. You can waddle away with $250,000 and let this whole thing drop…or you can press on and see if you can get some payback of your own. What’ll it be?”

Patricia stopped laughing and pointing and got serious. It wasn’t a real race, it didn’t matter how fat she was her toon would be as fast as before. If Lisa didn’t get enough yet things would get serious. Plenty of people ended the contest right here, they had a lot of money, they might have to endure a lot, plus they lost their shot at revenge, but they figured to quit while ahead.

Lisa sniffled and choked back a sob and seemed about to make her choice when a voice was heard throughout the studio. It was Patricia’s from her application video.

“She’s such a stuck up bitch. Always thinks she’s better and smarter than everyone! Well, there’s one thing she wasn’t very good at…waking up on time for tests! That’s right, Lisa! I was the one that unplugged your alarm the day you had your final in English!” the video ended with the sound of Patricia cackling with glee, the laughter gradually changing electronically to a near perfect mockery of Tom’s trademarked Devil’s laugh.

Only Lisa herself knew what she would have said before she heard that sound bite. She turned to look at Patricia, her new cheeks and jowls seeming to follow a split second after the rest of her head. Patricia was looking up at the speakers that may have just sealed her fate in outrage. Lisa then leaned forward into the microphone that had descended from the top of the cage as Tom wrung his hands in anticipation.

“Hell no! We’re going again!” shouted Lisa.

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The crowd was on its feet. Lisa’s choice ensured more entertainment for them and more pounds and money for the girls. Tom nodded in satisfaction at the choice and clapped as well, then gestured to the screen that was once again lowering, showing the dungeon race. The dungeon had changed slightly, with more twists and turns, more obstacles (like spider webs with giant spiders and mobs of goblins ready to ambush anyone that came too close) and the fact that it was an actual maze; the racers had choices they could take to get to the end, the right choice leading to victory, the wrong leading to a fatter body and wallet. The girls’ toons were assembled at the starting line again, with Lisa being comically overstuffed. That only lasted a few moments before her toon slimmed down to her former size so that they had an even race again.

“OK ladies, as you saw this is a maze, you both start in the same spot but can go different directions. If you reach an obstacle you’ll restart at where you made the wrong turn and then you’re off again. You can still bump each other into obstacles. We’re going to show an over head view of the map for 2 seconds. Johnny, if you please…”

The screen briefly flashed showing the contestants and the audience a glance from above of what the maze looked like before it was back to the starting line.

“Alright. Now, Lisa, I want you to get that blubber moving! Come on now, you can’t let Patricia get the better of you! And Patricia, I’d be careful, Lisa looks pretty hungry, and you’re just a light snack to her now.”

Patricia planted her feet and gripped the stick with determination. Lisa was sitting on her bench, the screen and stick moved into position for her.

“Alright, get ready…get set...GO!” shouted Tom.

The two were off again, Lisa taking an early lead as she bumped Patricia into a wall and flashed down the simulated dungeon corridor. Both girls had seen the maze, but found that from their view now and the brief glance that they were actually worse off than before. For the first three choices the girls actually followed the same course with Lisa just ahead. When they came to a junction with a corridor off to the right Patricia took a chance and broke off on her own. The crowd again was cheering between their oohs and ahs as they followed the action when the screen split.

The obstacles were a bit easier in the maze due to the fact that the wrong choice could be so disastrous; as Patricia found out. Again she was the first to fall into a diabolical trap as she rounded a bend right into a spider web and was caught fast. The screen faded as a massive spider started descending from the ceiling. Patricia screamed in disbelief as she was started back where she made the initial turn. Plenty of the crowd cheered at her misfortune though, wanting to see her put weight too.

Lisa was moving right along, trying not to get over confident even when she heard Patricia’s screams. She made several turns so far and was starting to wonder if she was going in a circle as she passed familiar scenery. She felt that she was and so took a left turn at the last second. Patricia was on the move again and going a far different direction than before. She slowed down as the obstacles of pits, swinging axes and swarms of rats started piling on each other. They weren’t too tough to get around, but at full speed would be difficult.

Lisa was wondering why she seemed to not have many obstacles and began to worry. One of the worst obstacles on the maze was the simple wrong turn, it would lead down a long path to a dead end, with no real chance to suicide yourself and get started again back where you started and save time. Her fears were confirmed when she reached the plain dead end wall; she had to retrace all of her steps!

Patricia heard Lisa scream but paid no attention, the finish line was in sight. She ran as fast as her toon allowed, recklessly plowing through the obstacles. She hit a hangman’s noose, a hungry ogre, and an acid-filled pit, each one costing her seconds, but Lisa was nowhere close to the right path and Patricia crossed the line first again!

“Yes!” “No!” they screamed in unison. Patricia fell to her knees gasping for breath as she saved herself again. The crowd was roaring its approval, even though Patricia didn’t get hers, it was fun to see someone else get the same treatment again. Lisa was struggling to her feet, grasping the bars and pulling on them in vain.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Lisa made a wrong turn and has to pay the piper. That second loss brings her day’s winnings to $500,000! She’s also gained a lot more in other departments! Another 250 pounds please, Johnny!”

“With pleasure, Tom. Lisa! Prepare for maximum density!” said Johnny as the lights dimmed and the drum roll began again. Lisa found herself standing again on her unsteady hamhocks as the fattening began. Patricia watched, barely breathing as she started to fully appreciate the cost of this. A half million dollars! But 500 pounds more! She didn’t really even have that much against Lisa, but there was no stopping it now.

The already swollen Lisa began to grow again, her large belly surging forward as the weight piled on faster this time. Her hips swelled as well, helping to cradle the huge and growing woman. In mere moments she was already over 400 pounds and more as she wobbled unsteadily. He fingers were puffing out like sausages ready to burst and her face grew wider as it filled out with the extra pounds. At 475 pounds she was no longer standing on her own power, the nanites were doing all the work, keeping her knees locked and her body upright. Her arms had always been positioned off to her sides and slightly during this process so the audience could see everything, now they actually rested on the protruding shelf formed by her bloating hips.

“Ladies and gentlemen, she is now a quarter of a ton,” came Johnny’s voice at a low whisper as the numbers raced by 500. The crowd clapped quietly at the revelation. Patricia was honestly feeling terrible at this, but also very scared. Lisa had passed the one chance to stop the whole thing. There was still going to be one more round. Lisa was becoming fatter than anyone she had ever seen in the flesh, her body which she worked so hard at to keep toned was being buried in 500 pounds of fat which she gained in just minutes.

A few minutes ago she could have done the splits, a cartwheel, pull ups, or run a 6 minute mile. Now she’d be amazed if she could actually stand on her own power as the weight gain slowed to a stop at a massive 622 pounds. She sported a colossal belly that reached to her knees; the belly button dragged downward so it was pointing at the floor and looked like an entire banana could be lost in it. Her legs were overflowing with rolls of flab, and her huge and flopping breasts framed her belly, barely held and concealed by the bikini top which was obviously made of a special stretchy material. The light in her cage dimmed as the nanites forced her carefully back onto the bench to sit down as the rest of the lights came back up with a cheer from the crowd.

“Wow, 622 pounds! That’s more than five times your starting weight! Lisa, I dunno, maybe you took this revenge thing too far,” said Tom in his conciliatory tone. Then he smiled at the audience and raised an eyebrow. “Or maybe not far enough, Patricia will be able to walk out in the clothes she came here with at this rate. Lisa, do you know anyone that owns a truck maybe? Well with a half million dollars you can buy one.”

The crowd laughed at Tom’s quips and Lisa’s misery both. Lisa was struggling to hide her face in her hands but her arms were so heavy now. Patricia was no longer smug and gloating but looking at her former roommate with genuine concern.

“Alright ladies. Remember this is Paybackers. We need to even the scale so to speak. I offered the one chance I give in the round to stop the madness, but Lisa said ‘No Dice’. ‘In for a penny, in for a pound’ right Lisa? So we now go to the third and final race of round one. Will Lisa share the bounty or hog it all for herself? Either way, ladies, get ready,” said Tom as the screen descended again from center stage as did their personal screens and joysticks.

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The final race course was shown, a relatively short race filled with obstacles. Most of the race was on short blocks that seemed to be floating on a sea of lava; lots of jumps, not much running. On many of the blocks were stationed devils with pitch forks next to diabolical torture devices. An appropriate venue for the two revenge seekers. Patricia’s toon appeared first by the starting line, then Lisa’s appeared, she was nearly a solid ball of flesh and caused the screen to tilt towards her when she landed with a splat bringing laughs from the crowd. She soon slimmed down again and got ready to race.

“OK,Lisa, I have high hopes now, I hate to see someone with a hunger for revenge leave with an empty stomach…so to speak. Put your game face on. Patricia…run for your life! We start in 3…2..1! Go!”

Tom wasted no time and got the race going. Patricia had been slightly distracted by the fast start and was behind Lisa’s toon right off the bat. Lisa was all business though; she wasn’t going to suffer this alone! She’d put a few pounds on that bitch if it was the last thing she did!

The race was tough on both. The jumps were difficult and often ended with one or both either falling right into the lava or losing control and bumping right into a devil placed very near the landing. Lisa was drawn and quartered once, thrown into a steaming cauldron, and dipped slowly into the lava after being tied to an iron chair.

Patricia fared worse, though. She missed more jumps than Lisa and ran afoul of the devils also, being placed in an iron maiden, walled in a small cell, dropped into a tank of piranha, and staked out near an anthill. Each of their fates, while grim, were rendered with cartoonish animation and style so as to be funny rather than gruesome.

The only fortunate thing for either racer was that after falling into the lava or one of the traps they would reappear in front of it to continue on their way, and while a Devil was working one toon the other was safe from it.

The crowd was cheering for Lisa and mocking Patricia when it became obvious that Lisa would finally win and get her payback. Patricia basically gave up when she got caught in lava and then two more traps in a row; she was tied down to a log heading for a giant saw in a mill and then tied down to a bed and had her feet tickled unmercifully by two imps with feathers. Lisa dodged, ran and jumped her way to victory while Patricia fell one more time in mid jump as she crossed the finish line.

Lisa raised her flabby arms in triumph as the Devil Tom toon appeared in the race to hold up Lisa’s arm in victory. The toon of Patricia was helped out of the lava by Tom only to be immediately tied to a post with her arms over her head. Tom produced a cartoonishly oversized bicycle tire pump and shoved the hose into Patricia’s mouth. Then he did his magician’s wave and a large jar of red peppers appeared in his hand. He showed it to the audience with the camera zooming in on the label; ‘Hotter ‘n Hell Peppers!’ it said. The Devil Tom then pulled off the top of the pump which included the handle of it and poured the smoking liquid and peppers into it. The lights on the screen turned a bright red and a miniature mushroom cloud poofed out the top before Tom closed it again and with a laugh began pumping.

The hose bulged with enormous bumps that ran up its length and into Patricia’s mouth, her eyes bugging out comically. Her cheeks swelled before she was forced to swallow and then the next bulge in the hose reached her mouth to repeat the process. Her belly began to swell with each pump, but not only that, her whole body seemed to flush red from the heat of the peppers, starting from her toes and working its way up. With each pump the red spread further until it actually reached her head and turned her hair into flames and smoke poured out of her ears. The Devil Tom stopped pumping then and admired his work; Patricia’s whole body was a bright red and her belly was swollen out like a balloon. Then he bowed to the camera and disappeared with a flash of fire and brimstone, leaving the cartoon Lisa to laugh and point her finger at the swollen Patricia.

The crowd cheered the performance as the screen changed to a current shot of Patricia and two sets of numbers, both reading the same…for now.

“Alright Lisa! Well done! Time for you to get a few pounds of flesh now. Patricia please assume the position.” Patricia was on her knees sobbing as the lights dimmed throughout the studio, Lisa licking her lips in anticipation. Soon the only light was on Patricia and she found herself being jerked to her feet like a puppet on a string. The numbers on the screen showed her current weight of 135; a little more voluptuous than Lisa’s starting weight, but she was also a more than a bit taller than Lisa. The crowd became quiet as they waited for the numbers to change. There was a collective roar as the second set of numbers started rising quickly.

The gain was unnoticeable for several seconds. The weight was piling on but no one could really see where it was going as she started off taller and with more curves than Lisa. It soon appeared in the end though…literally. Patricia was obviously a bottom heavy girl and the junk began to noticeably fill her trunk as the numbers crested 160. Patricia sobbed silently while Lisa had a smile from ear to ear across her chubby face.

The weight passed 200 when Tom said “Wow! That’s quite a wagon you’re draggin’, Fatty Patty!”

The crowd groaned and laughed at his joke as the weight climbed. Her hips grew wide and soft with the fat and cellulite, the image on the screen rotating so everyone could see the rear view which showed the bikini bottom seemingly getting sucked into the spreading crack of her ass. Her posterior was forming quite a shelf before the weight started to manifest elsewhere at 260+ pounds. Now her belly and limbs were putting on weight, her arms became a bit wider and flabbier while her belly took on some of the proportion her hips had. But it was still her legs and hips that took most of the weight, her thighs touching in the middle all the way down to her knees when the weight finally stopped at 385 pounds.

The crowd cheered as the lights came on, spotlighting both fat women, one decidedly larger than the other, who was clapping enthusiastically nonetheless, causing her newly fattened body to quiver and shake. Patricia struggled to stay on her feet, but finally fell with a loud flop onto the bench that rose from the floor of the cage.

Tom was clapping right along with everyone and gestured to both. “OK we can see these ladies came for some payback! Patricia, you just earned $250,000 the hard way, at a thousand dollars a pound! Lisa’s gotten twice that. It’s still not even though. Far from it. That’s why we have 3 races folks. Revenge is supposed to be about balancing the scales, but it rarely does. We may be moving on to round two now. Round two can be pretty brutal, but most contestants are unsatisfied after only one round.”

Johnny broke in now. “Ladies…you’ll have a choice of two buttons to push, one is yes, the other no. If you choose yes you’re choosing to go on to round two. If both of you say no, then you agree to bury the hatchet, take your money and leave. But if just one of you chooses yes, then both are automatically entered into round two, where the stakes get much higher.”

From the floor of their cages rose a panel with their buttons, a red with ‘NO’ on it and a green with ‘YES’, the red positioned above the green. The audience saw it only briefly before concealing screens rose around each panel so no one could see what each picked.

“Ladies,” began Tom in a compelling and sincere tone, “this could all stop now. Lisa, you are more than five times the weight you came in here at, and have half of a million dollars. Have you had enough? Patricia, you have nothing and everything to gain at this point. You have a quarter of a million dollars, you can still walk away. In round two you risk more weight gain, possibly getting more money or even losing that. What’s your revenge worth to you? I urge you to consider this carefully.”

The lights dimmed again on the stage and the drum rolled as the lights were just on the two fattened ladies as they thought about their choices. They had grim looks on their faces, but gave away nothing as they made their choice. No one, not the audience, the viewers at home, or the Host Tom and Announcer Johnny could see their choice. Both looked up proud after they hit their button. The crowd clapped politely as the lights rose again.

“OK ladies, you’ve made your choices. Let’s see if they’re both satisfied with the way things are. If either one isn’t, then we go on to round two. Johnny, I’d like you to reveal their choice please.”

“Alright, Tom. Both ladies made their choice, they thought through the consequences, and now have to live with their choice. Let’s see what they chose…”

The lights above each flickered then changed colors bathing them in alternating colors of green and red along with the sound of an alternating tone on each color. The lights continued to flash from red to green, fast at first and then gradually slowing down as the crowd at home and in the studio held their breath, the tones drawing out as the lights’ changing slowed. The lights slowed to a crawl…green…then red…green again…the tone began to grow faint as if it was running out of power when it changed again to red for both ladies. There was a sound of disappointment from the crowd as it seemed that the ladies had enough, when suddenly both lights changed to green and the tone changed to a triumphant ringing bell!

The crowd was on its feet as both women felt they hadn’t gotten what they came for yet!

“Whoa! A unanimous vote of yes! We often make it to the second round, but rarely with a unanimous vote! These ladies are still hungry for more! OK!” the crowd continued to cheer as the cages lowered and they began to change the set for round two. “When we return we’ll start round two. Don’t worry, you’ll see a lot more of these two, I guarantee it.”

The screen faded to commercials for the viewers at home.

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Someone who'd been in the army told me that in basic training they had been instructed to crack a maze by always turning left . .....Or was it right?

And is it the opposite to get out?

OK - so I'd obviously end up weighing a ton on that show.
“When I grow up,” she said, “I want my boobs to be as big as yours, daddy.”
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When the cameras came back on, the set had changed showing that the two women were out of their cages and now seated on large cushions that conformed to their bodies’ contours and held them firmly so they couldn’t fall out of their seat. During the break the studio audience was treated to the sight of the crew using a combination of a crane plus several strong crewmen to help Lisa into her seat. Patricia was able to make it on her own with a bit of help. The girls had their makeup and bikinis adjusted a bit while they stared across at each other, fuming.

“OK, we’re back on Paybackers. Round one is done but our two contestants haven’t had enough yet…all evidence to the contrary,” said Tom as he gestured to either side of him as he was flanked by the mammoth women. “Now in round two the stakes get higher. We’re a fair game show, and we like to see the underdog from round one make a bit of a comeback. Lisa,” he said, turning to the nearly seven hundred pound woman, “in round one you…became a Round One. How are you doing now?” he asked in all sincerity once the laughter died from his joke.

“Not so great, Tom, but I knew the stakes going in. I’m no quitter! If you think I’m big, wait till you see what I do with Miss Thunder Thighs there!” Lisa said pointing a quivering hand at her opponent and former roommate. Patricia waved it off.

“OK, now Fatty Patty. Can I call you that?” asked Tom turning to Patricia.

“Whatever, Tom,” Patricia said, making an act of seeming bored. Tom nodded, a little impressed at the show she was making.

“OK, Fatty Patty, you did pretty well in round one, I mean it looks like you’re packing a Moose in your Caboose, but you’re almost only half the size of Lisa. You made 250,000 dollars, why vote to go to round two? I mean you’d be here anyway because of Lisa’s vote. But what made you want to come back for a second helping?”

“Because she’s such a whining little snot! Always griping and complaining, making such a big deal over everything. And I’m not chicken! I’m better than her, and I’m going to show everyone. For a little while during that second dose she got I almost felt bad for her, but not anymore. This is nothing skinny! You’ve got a lot more weight coming!”

Lisa smiled a strange, almost knowing smile at that, Tom shrugged his shoulders.

“OK, well you sound pretty confident. But um…tell me something, Patricia, have you ever seen round two of ‘Pound for Pound’?” She shook her head no. “Well I can tell by that smile that Lisa has that she has seen it. Let’s go over the rules here. You’ll each have a buzzer to push when you want to make a choice. You’ll see on our screen here on our revenge line. Above it is the offer.”

A screen descended between the two cutting off their views of each other, aside from the fat that peaked around it. On the screen was a picture of both contestants showing their current weight and money, in between the pictures was a lighted column numbering down from 1 to 5.

“When the offer comes up that’s how much weight or dollars can be gained, the same exchange rate as before, $1,000 a pound. The offer lights up like this.” Tom pointed at the screen and a round green light with 100 in it appeared over the column. “Once the offer is made it starts dropping down the column, each number on the column is a multiplier, when either of you push the button it stops and is multiplied, whoever presses first wins. What do they win, Johnny?”

“Well, Tom, they have a chance to take the other’s money. If the light here stopped on 2,” the light dropped two notches with loud beeps that got deeper as it fell,“whoever pushed it will take from the other. In this case 200,000 dollars.” There was some confusion on the face of Patricia, as well as some of the audience.

“Well that doesn’t sound so bad. I thought this was high stakes, Johnny!” said Tom.

“Not so fast, Tom. You can only take money from the other if you’re heavier than her. If you’re not heavier than you gain that amount in weight until you’re heavier than the other! Patricia would gain another two hundred pounds, and still not be heavy enough yet to take any money!”

Patricia’s jaw dropped. She could lose everything here and also just get fatter for no reason. She closed her mouth as she thought about it further, that’s not so bad she ultimately determined, she still wasn’t nearly as fat as Lisa.

“Hmmm…very interesting. Is that the only catch? I mean, what if Fatty Patty just cops out?” Tom asked scratching his head and adjusting his horns.

“I wouldn’t do that, Tom. You see when either girl runs out of money they make up the difference in more weight. And the exchange rate isn’t quite as generous going the other way. A pound is only worth a hundred dollars at that point.” Patricia’s jaw dropped again as Lisa’s smile broadened, her whole strategy of cutting her losses was gone unless…

“OK, I can see where that could be an issue. But what if both of them cop out?”

“Again, not a good idea, but it’d be fun to watch. If the offer reaches the bottom then both get it in money and pounds at a multiplier of 5. So in this case if it reached the bottom…” as the announcer spoke the green light plummeted down with deeper tones until it made a crashing sound when it reached the bottom, “they’d each gain 500 pounds, and another 500,000 dollars.”

“Wow!” Tom said as he began fanning himself again. “See Patty? Revenge can be a messy business.”

“Wasn’t quite through yet, Tom,” interrupted Johnny.

“There’s more?!” asked Tom in mock disbelief.

“Oh yes. At any time a random glitch can come in to land on either one’s lap. When you hear this sound,” a deep devilish laugh echoed throughout the studio, “a new consequence will be randomly assigned to either participant. Justice is blind, Tom, sometimes revenge is too.”

“OK, ladies, you’ve bought yourselves a heaping plate full of revenge it looks like. I hope it’s what you wanted.” Tom stepped back as the two were given a buzzer by an assistant. “We’ll be doing this five times, the penalties applying immediately between rounds. Ladies, you’re well down the road now, I hope you find what you’re looking for. Johnny, let’s bring up our first random offer!”

The light between them began flashing as numbers raced by on it randomly, finally stopping on 50. “The offer starts at 50, that’s either 50,000 dollars or 50 pounds, depending on who beeps, and it can be as much as 250 pounds or 250,000 dollars. Ladies…good luck.”

The light flashed three times accompanied by a beep, the third beep was higher pitched and as soon as it ended the light began dropping quickly down the line. It was faster than either expected; both intended to click it as fast as possible. A buzzer stopped the drop at 2 with a light shining over Lisa. Lisa howled in triumph as 100,000 dollars was removed from Patricia’s total over to her score.

Patricia scowled and then said, “That’ll buy a lot of hamburgers, fat ass! Let’s see you waddle into a store to spend it!” Lisa’s smile faded as the crowd cheered at the well timed insult. Tom was laughing and came over to shake Patricia’s hand.

“Well done, Patty, that’s the attitude! Lisa, do you have anything to say to that?” asked Tom.

“No, I think the score says it all. No wait…I did have something to get off my chest. Remember when you were trying to get into the Kappa Lambda Chi Sorority your sophomore year? They bonged you so hard that you bounced! I heard that you were crying for a week! Did you ever wonder who ruined it for you? Well, I have a cousin that just happened to be dating the head of that chapter, with a few words from me that changed your chances…oh just a little,” said Lisa with a nasty smile as she held up her thumb and then dramatically turned it down.

Patricia’s eyes flashed wide in surprise at the revelation and she began struggling to get out of her cushion as Tom backed away in a flourish to get clear. He didn’t need to bother; the nanites locked her down before she could flop out.

“Whoah! Lisa! You do have a nasty streak! OK! Lisa plays for keeps too, no doubt. Alright, let’s get down to business! Let’s see the second offer please!” The lights flashed again, this time stopping on 75. “75 pounds or 75,000 dollars to start. Let’s see who will take it down. Johnny!”

The beeping started again and on the third beep it dropped. The girls were ready this time and both were clicking furiously when it reached the number one. The light this time was over Patricia who had just a moment to contemplate her achievement when the devilish laugh echoed again through the studio. All eyes looked above at the source but the laughter faded quickly.

“Uh-oh! We’ve gotten a little setback in the plans here. That laugh means something got mixed up on the way. What do we have befalling one of our contestants here Johnny?”

“Let us consult the screen,” said Johnny sagely as another screen came down with wisps of smoke playing on it. The smoke soon formed into words: ‘Twice the fat for half the cash.’

“Uh…I think we’re going to need a translator for this, Johnny.”

“The screen has spoken, Tom! It decrees that one shall gain twice the weight while getting half the cash. One of these two will gain 150 pounds and also $75,000!” The crowd clapped while the two contestants looked horrified.

“But who will it be?” asked Tom in dismay.

“The light will guide you…” said Johnny as his voice faded and the light that was shining over Patricia blinked out only to start flash alternately between both of them quickly. It was a strobe affect over all, except neither one was really moving much. After five seconds the light stopped on…

“Patty!” cried Tom as the light shone on Patricia and she could already feel the tingle as she put on more weight. Both of the numbers on her side began rising in perfect unison; her current weight and her current bank. Patricia was sinking further into her cushions as the weight piled on rapidly. Her already wide hips were spreading further out as were her breasts, which were already large and hadn’t seemed to change much with the original gain. Now they bulged and strained the top as they increased in size and weight. Overall Patricia was taking on an extremely exaggerated hourglass form; her waist had increased in size, but compared to her hips was still quite small. The weight gain stopped when she reached 535 pounds.

“Wow! A significant change here.” Tom noticed that Lisa was quite happy with the results. “I wouldn’t be too happy if I were you, Lisa. Patty’s less than 100 pounds from you now, and increased her money to boot. That move kept her in the game.” Lisa thought about it for a second and realized he was right, now wasn’t the time to get cocky.

“OK, let’s get the third offer on the screen!” said Tom as Patricia started coming around from the haze of weight gain she had just experienced and saw that she wasn’t so far from getting some more back of her own.

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Originally Posted by Lardibutts View Post
Someone who'd been in the army told me that in basic training they had been instructed to crack a maze by always turning left . .....Or was it right?

And is it the opposite to get out?

OK - so I'd obviously end up weighing a ton on that show.
True...but that might not be so bad. Who do you have in mind for revenge?
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“Coming right up!” said Johnny. The numbers flashed on the screen finally stopping on 125. Most were shocked at this, expecting it to stop on 100.

“Big money…big…fun!” said Tom as the girls began trying to do the math in their heads. Meanwhile the light was flashing and getting ready to drop. After the last beep the light began falling, in the excitement Patricia fumbled her buzzer nearly dropping it. Lisa meanwhile had decided a different gambit and was going to let Patricia take it without trying to stop it herself. Unfortunately with the intervening screen she couldn’t see Patricia’s technical difficulties and to her shock the offer made it to 5 without showing any sign of stopping. In a panic both girls frantically slapped at their buzzers but it was too late, the offer hit bottom with a dramatic sounding crash!

“Uh-oh!” Tom said with the crowd echoing his sentiment.

“No wait! That’s not fair I dropped my buzz…” began Patricia before the light fell on her and Lisa both and the weight gain began.

“Well Tom, technical difficulties or no, Paybackers does not have a timeout. That offer hit rock bottom, meaning both women will be getting 625,000 dollars! That brings Lisa up to 1 million 225 thousand dollars, and Patricia with 850, 000!” The crowd gasped and cheered at the sums. “But…that’s also another 625 pounds for each! We can probably change Patricia’s name from Fatty Patty to Butterfingers, Tom!”

Tom made a spectacle of being roused from a trance as he watched the two women inflate with still more fat. “Huh...What? Yes…Butterfingers.” And he resumed his mock trance glancing back and forth between the growing women.

Lisa seemed to be growing all around, like a living balloon, the weight piled on steadily increasing all her dimensions at once as her weight crested 800 pounds and showed no signs of stopping. She sank deeper into the cushions as the cushion changed shape in time with her, making sure she was still sitting upright as she gained. Lisa’s head and face seemed to be sinking into her growing flabby torso and multiple chins. Her arms were sliding to her mammoth flanks, her own strength was no longer enough to keep them up, and they fell to her side to be blocked and pinned by her enormous boobs. Her massive belly was overflowing her lap, obscuring her legs and soon even the front of the cushion and almost reached the floor before she finally stopped at 1247 pounds.

Patricia was no less impressive as she seemed to grow taller in the seat...as her seat grew taller and wider still. Her head and upper body were creeping up as her posterior seemed to be putting on an impossible amount of weight for a rear already as big as it was. Her boobs picked up the pace as well, becoming two blimps that were growing beyond her reach, eclipsing the belly that was finally starting to take on the dimensions of a woman closing in on half a ton. Whereas Lisa was an overly round woman, Patricia seemed shaped more like a Hershey’s Kiss; narrower at the top with a very wide base. Her titanic thighs and legs were still mostly visible, obscured more from the breasts that lay on top of them than Patricia’s belly. Her weight gain stopped when the bank reached 850,000 dollars. She weighed 1160.

“Johnny, just out of curiosity, what’s the weight limit for this stage?” joked Tom as he finally seemed to snap out of his daze.

“Well it’s never been measured officially, but the Paybackers studio has to be built tough. I’d say it could hold maybe 20 tons. Why do you ask?”

Tom’s eyebrow rose at the sum as he glanced at either massive woman then finally shook his head and waved off the question. “Oh…no reason. Let’s keep the good times rolling. Isn’t revenge fun ladies?” asked Tom. The lights over them went out and all either of them could do was groan. “Hmmm, the scales are nearly even now ladies, there’s only 87 pounds between you, but each has quite a lot of cash. The offers can get higher from here ladies, and we still have to worry about the…” Tom pointed upwards and the laughter started on cue. He shivered for dramatic effect at that. “OK, Johnny, let’s go again!”

“Here we go!” said Johnny as numbers began to flash. They flashed for only a few seconds before stopping on 100.

“Whoah!” exclaimed Tom with the audience echoing him. Neither girl was too excited about it. “A little less than before, but the offers can go up and down, remember! And that still could become another 500 pounds or 500,000 dollars for either of them! Patricia this is your chance to catch up with Lisa. Let’s go!” the light flashed again before descending and was stopped immediately on 1. The light flashed onto Patricia! Even Tom raised an eyebrow at that. Viewers at home had betting pools on the results of this game and very few had bet that Patricia would actually even try for the money at this point. The smart money would be to let Lisa take it, all Patricia could do was get fatter and take a little money from Lisa, who had over a million.

“Fatty Patty! No butterfingers this time. Wow, playing for keeps.” All could see that Tom was impressed by her gusto. Patty had a look of grim determination on her face as the weight gain started again. Lisa’s face had concern, they couldn’t avoid the last round and her lead was gone. Either one could put on a huge amount of weight the next round.

Patricia’s weight gain was almost unnoticeable overall, a mere 87 pounds compared to the 1025 she already gained, her belly pooched out a bit further and her ass spread out a small amount more. Each woman now weighed 1247 pounds, while Patricia took $13,000 dollars from Lisa’s bank.

“Wow! Talk about tension! We’re in the last round with each girl weighing the same. One has more money than the other, but that’s just more for the other to take! Last round girls are you ready?” Patricia nodded as did Lisa. “Uh Lisa I didn’t quite catch that, your chins were in the way, was that a yes?”

“Yes,” croaked Lisa finally.

“Alright, alright, good. Well let’s get the offer and see where it takes us. Johnny?” asked Tom as the numbers flashed again. After several tense seconds the crowd roared its approval when it landed on 200. “Wow! A potentially huge number! We could possibly see a million dollar swing here! Ladies, are you ready?” both nodded, and Lisa croaked another ‘yes’ when Tom raised his hand again about to ask for clarification.

The crowd grew silent as the drum rolled and the lights dimmed. The 200 gleamed for seconds before its light flashed indicating it was ready to drop. On the third flash it dropped suddenly, seeming to go far faster than in any of the previous rounds. It made a resounding crashing noise as it hit the bottom faster than either girl could react. Both would later say in interviews that it seemed too fast for them to stop, but nothing underhanded was ever proven. Jaws dropped on everyone in attendance as they sprang to their feet to ogle the fantastic number. “1,000! 1,000! We have a double here! Neither girl reacted in time! Each girl wins an extra million dollars, but also puts on another 1,000 pounds!” Both girls were reeling, crying out that they were cheated but the nanites clamped them down again, but they didn’t start getting fatter yet.

“A thousand pounds! That has to be a record! That…” Tom stopped and looked at either girl again and took a step back. “Johnny, are you sure about that weight limit for the stage?”

“I’ll check it out, in the meanwhile, check this out!” said Johnny as the weight started piling on. Both girls would gain almost enough to double their already more than half ton weight. Heads in the crowd were turning back and forth from Lisa to Patricia as if the two were playing tennis and not inflating into two of the heaviest girls on the planet.

Their cushions swiveled to face the crowd so they could get the best view, and it was also shown on the big screen from different angles for maximum effect.

Lisa gained the most noticeably at first, again swelling outward all around, her body taking on impossible dimensions as she gained pounds by the second. She was filling the cushion entirely even as it too grew so it could keep her sitting upright. The enormous belly surged forward overlapping first her lap, then the cushion and then growing a further three feet outward and sagging down to reach the floor and grow some more there as well. Her arms were wide cones terminating into chubby flippers that were once hands, but these were hidden by her breasts which each weighed more than she did when she initially walked onto the stage. Her legs widened and swelled as well, but were invisible, buried under her vast bulk. Her face seemed to sink further and into her bloating body, merging with it it seemed. The weight stopped at 2,247 pounds, well over one ton. Her bank was almost as impressive at 2,212,000 dollars.

Patricia had a booty that just wouldn’t quit. Lisa seemed to grow out, Patricia grew wide. Her hips and ass kept expanding, making her body more and more like a cone. Her breasts swelled too, overtaking even Lisa’s, yet still somehow managed to stay in their bra…this was on TV after all. Estimating their cup size was futile, each one seemed to be its own entity, but she managed to get her fat and drooping arms out from under them before they were buried like Lisa’s. Rather than sinking into her fat like Lisa, Patricia seemed to be growing out from it. She was growing still taller in the seat as her ass took the most of the weight, her hips were spilling as well over the confines of the conforming cushion, and soon she had more than a foot of overhanging flab on either side of the cushion that was more than six feet wide. Her belly was filling as well, but just was not as comparable to the rest of her body, and certainly not to Lisa. She reached 2,247 pounds just as Lisa did, and her bank was up to 1,863,000 dollars.

The crowd and Tom and Johnny were silent, just quietly drinking in the crazy sight. Each woman was close to 20 times her original starting weight and size! People couldn’t quite fathom the sheer staggering size they had achieved in their quest for revenge. Even the hardcore show fans were quiet as they contemplated their fate. Slowly though clapping started to break out in the audience here and there. It picked up speed and volume as more followed suit, uncertain initially if they should applaud these women and their foolhardy quest. Soon enough though there was roaring applause for the two revenge seeking gladiators. Tom clapped as well and was egging the audience on for more. The clapping went on for almost a minute as the house lights came up a bit and the spotlights on either of them faded. The nanites were no longer pinning them down, but neither could possibly try escape at this point. The applause still continued as cameras surveyed the damage for all to see from every angle.

Finally Tom waved dramatically for them to stop. The crowd obliged and took their seats. “Ladies and gentlemen. We have witnessed a true war tonight! Two young ladies have virtually destroyed themselves in their quest to get back at the other. Let’s give them another round of applause! They’re not too bright maybe, but they’re sure committed!” Tom clapped again and the audience followed suit, giving them another standing ovation. Tom eventually waved them down as both Lisa and Patricia silently cried over their condition.

“Now then. There is only one question that remains. Have these two had enough? Could we see the third round tonight? Could they go the distance? We’ve had plenty of contestants make it to the second round, but rarely have two gone at it with such gusto! Johnny, how do we find out if there will be a third and…final round?”

“It’s very simple Tom. The two will vote. Unlike the previous vote where one could decide the fate for both, this one has to be unanimous. Both have to vote yes, both have to want to go still further, risk more to try and get one over on the other. It’s no big surprise why we’ve never had a third round Tom. Even Captain Ahab had his limits!”

“OK ladies, the buzzers are being secured in your…paws again. The voting couldn’t be simpler. If you want to go to the next round and try for one more time at total Payback, just press the button. If you don’t want to, or simply have doubts…do nothing. You’ll have 5 seconds to decide. As much as I’d like to see the third round ladies, I urge you to think hard about this. No one knows what can happen in round three. Some of you people that are new to the show might be asking yourself ‘What’s the worst that can happen?’ But the veteran fans know. The worst is often a lot more than you can dream, as we’ve seen here.” Tom said addressing the crowd and then gesturing to the vast expanse of both women. “Five seconds on the clock please Johnny.” A 5 appeared on the screen above the two women and off stage as well a counter was shown so they could easily see it. “Ladies…what’s it gonna be? Start the clock Johnny.”

The clock ticked down with the boom of gongs that grew deeper and more ominous with each second. At home the viewers were treated to camera shots of the women’s swollen faces as they tried to come to a decision. The crowd counted down aloud and was echoed by the viewers at home. “5! 4! 3! 2! 1!” a final gong boomed as the clock hit zero.

Tom turned to the crowd again. “Did we make it to round 3? Will we finally see it? Did either of these two behemoths have the…ahem…guts to take it to the last step? Will they roll out of here satisfied, or are they still hungry for one more cold dish of Payback! We’ll find out…after this.”

The lights faded as the crowd booed and the viewers at home were treated to commercials.

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OK that's all for now. Hope you're enjoying it so far. I won't drag it out too long, and have the conclusion soon.
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During the pause stage crew using cranes helped reposition the girls so they were more comfortable and changed their angle so they were facing each other more. Lisa’s hands were also dug out from under her breasts and laid to rest on her enormous belly and their makeup was touched up again. Tom and the crew also congratulated them several times for putting on such a great show. Once the break was over the lights came back on to show the two facing each other somewhat as the crowd and the viewers at home waited in anticipation for whether or not the third round would finally be reached.

Tom bowed as the lights came on. “We’re back to Paybackers, where it both pays and costs to get some revenge, as our two contestants have definitely found out.” Tom gestured to the two elephantine women assembled on the stage.

“When we last left off, the two had entered their votes to see if they’d go to round 3. Their votes are in, but before we find out, let’s take a recap of tonight’s events.”

A large screen descended from the ceiling between the two and began re-playing the highlights. Most of the time the crowd groaned at Tom’s delaying tactics, but not this time. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle of these two women inflating each other with fat to try and get revenge. The screen showed the two of them when they first came on the stage, slim and trim and spoiling to fight and then put in the cages. Then it showed highlights from their races and the consequences that followed, with Lisa putting on 500 pounds and Patricia 250. Then there was the drama as they each were given a chance to vote to go to round 2 or not.

Round 2 showed close ups of their faces as the results were tallied; the triumph as well as the despair as each increased their weight to their current at well over a ton, the cameras focusing closely on the creeping fat bulges, the drooping overhangs of flab on their respective cushions. Then finally with dramatic camera angles it brought the highlights up to the most recent events where the women voted to see if there would be a round 3, which no one knew at this point if there would be. The screen retracted as the lights rose and the audience applauded again.

“Alright. Each woman has gained over 2,000 pounds and also over a million dollars. Now we find out if that’s enough, we find out if they’re finished yet or if they still haven’t killed the White Whale. Johnny, let’s see how they voted.”

“Alright, Tom. Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Lisa and Patricia have cast their votes. It needs to be unanimous for there to be a round 3.” Johnny paused again drawing this out as long as possible.

“Will you tell us already!” demanded Tom with the crowd echoing their agreement.

“OK, Tom. They voted…” the lights faded until they were just cones over each of them. “YES!” shouted Johnny as the house lights exploded back on with the roar of the crowd. Streamers and confetti showered both contestants and pyrotechnics blasted on either side of the stage. The girls both looked surprised and then concerned. Blaring music was playing as all fans of the show were now watching as the 3rd round was finally going to be revealed. It took a minute for the applause and hoopla to die down enough for Tom to begin hosting the show again.

“We are going to round 3, ladies and gentlemen! These two are hungry for more! They have an appetite for cold revenge that just can’t be satisfied! Alright…let’s hear from them first. Fatty Patty let’s hear from you…” Tom paused as he walked over to the living mound that Patricia had become, intending on holding a microphone in front of her, but it would be impossible, she was just too tall and wide. Tom whistled offstage and waved. From offstage two crewmen wheeled out a meal set of stairs to the laughter of the crowd. Once positioned to the side of Patricia Tom climbed it and had much easier access to hold a mic in front of her.

“OK, Patricia. You weigh over a ton now. You have almost 2 million dollars. Yet you voted yes. Why?” asked Tom holding the mic for her to speak into.

Patricia snuffled and struggled to wipe away a tear. “I…I didn’t think she’d say yes, and I didn’t want to chicken out,” she finally managed to say. Tom nodded at the somewhat reasonable answer.

“OK…OK, well discretion is sometimes the better part of valor. OK, let’s hear from Lisa.” Tom stomped twice on the stairs and the crewmen wheeled it and him over to Lisa. Lisa was not as tall as Patricia was, but wider, Tom needed to back down a few steps to reach her. “Lisa. The long time fan of this show. You also weigh more than a ton; you actually gained a bit more weight than Patricia. You have more than 2 million dollars. Why did you risk this?”

Lisa frowned and her eyes turned this way and that as she could no longer turn her head to try and avoid the scrutiny of the cameras. Finally she spoke as well. “I didn’t want to back out, but I didn’t think she’d say yes either.”

Tom nodded again as he descended the stairs and the crewmen took it away. “Folks, we basically have a game of Chicken that was taken too far. It’s such a shame to see two people come to this point. But then again that’s what we’re here for! On to round 3!” yelled Tom to thunderous applause. After the applause died Tom addressed Johnny. “Johnny, we’ve never even seen what happens in round 3. What are we going to see?”

“It may surprise you, Tom, but the ladies will have a chance to bury the hatchet. Revenge won’t do it, Tom, only forgiveness can. But forgiveness, like revenge, can be tough and carry its own price tag. We’re going to hear of different events between these two. They’ll hear three total. Some will be from their own recollections; some will be admissions of guilt from the other. Then they’ll have the chance to forgive, forget or payback the other. The first will be something that they both acknowledged that they did to each other and get to choose at the same time. Then each will hear two more incidents that the other did to them and decide.”

Tom was impressed, and the crowd was as well, applauding at how the game was to be played. “Sounds good, Johnny. One of their choices is to forget though? What does that cost?”

“Choosing to forget costs nothing, because it basically accomplishes nothing. They’re saying they’re willing to overlook it. Each contestant can choose to forget only one incident, they have to forgive or payback the others. They don’t have to forget anything though either. They could choose to forgive or payback all of the events.”

“So this cost for forgiving, what’s that like?”

“If they’re willing to forgive, they have to prove it. The wheel will show how much they have to pay…in pounds or dollars, to show they’re sincere.”

Tom rose an eyebrow. Most of the audience and the crowd did as well. “That doesn’t sound so great, why would anyone forgive?” he finally asked.

“There are rewards for forgiveness. Once the dues are paid the wheel is spun again where they have such prizes as ‘A warm feeling of good will’, ‘Double your money’, or even the grand prize ‘Reversal of Fortune’ where they can actually lose all the weight they’ve gained but keep their money!” Both of the girls saw the light as far as forgiveness was concerned.

“Whoa! I thought on Paybackers we never take it back!” asked Tom.

“No one’s been to round 3 before, Tom.”

“Wow! That’s some incentive. What about the Payback option?”

“Choosing the Payback option means they’re going for broke. Money doesn’t change hands at that point. If you want to pay the other back in pounds, you’re paying for it in pounds also. The wheel is spun twice. One for you and one for the other. Payback can have dramatic results. One of the options is just a pound, the high end isn’t an amount of pounds…it’s a multiplier of the current weight!”

Eyes were popping open at the revelation, the girls could be doubling or tripling their weight or maybe even more.

“There’s also special events on either wheel that take precedence over the main rules,” announced Johnny.

“Are those good or bad, Johnny?” asked Tom.

“This is Paybackers, Tom, what do you think?”

“Got it. OK, well, let’s bring down the wheel and get rolling,” said Tom as the wheel descended showing a wide array of numbers, some multipliers (the highest was x10), as well as phrases such as ‘Warm feeling of good will’, ‘Reversal of Fortune’, ‘Crowd’s Choice’, ‘Phone it in’, ‘Double Screwjob’, ‘Backstab’ and some others. The choices flashed and changed as well, indicating that some options weren’t available depending on if it was for forgiveness or payback.

(Continued in post 25 of this thread, found on page 2)

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I'm definitely enjoying it so far, as always, it's a great read JP
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Bless you, JP. Bless your sweet, twisted brain.
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Default wow

totaly amazing story. very in depth and enthralling, as well as tantilizing great job and cant wait to see that dramatic conclusion.
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oh man, this is the best thing since sliced bread!

thoroughly enthralling, totally gripping, if only they made TV shows like these!
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You have such a knack for building suspense!
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Wow! Thanks all, I'm glad to see it's so well received. I should have more soon. I have a decent idea of what I'm going to do, I just need the oppurtunity.

Thanks again.
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I’ve just checked: neither Patricia nor Lisa at 2,247 pounds have yet got as big as Gina at 2323 pounds in your earlier TV game show High Stakes where the story ended with the host Ken asking "So Gina, will we see more of you again tomorrow?"
Can you can go one better, no two better with Patricia and Lisa?
Here’s hoping!
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Originally Posted by Lardibutts View Post
I’ve just checked: neither Patricia nor Lisa at 2,247 pounds have yet got as big as Gina at 2323 pounds in your earlier TV game show High Stakes where the story ended with the host Ken asking "So Gina, will we see more of you again tomorrow?"
Can you can go one better, no two better with Patricia and Lisa?
Here’s hoping!

I'd say that's pretty safe to assume, they have a whole round to go and are almost there already.

Thanks for linking that, I was having a problem finding High Stakes.
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JP what can I say you rock this story kicks so much ass I am dying to read what happens next. I hope it doesn't take too long

I hope it sort of backfires on Lisa where she gains all the weight of her and Patricia. Patricia gets the money, but she feels so profoundly sad after this next round she takes care of Lisa. Wishful thinking but eh doubt it will happen.

Oh before I forget I have always wanted to ask this I heard a rumor going around that TheStudio is going to illustrate one of your stories any truth to that?
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Originally Posted by metatroncubed View Post
JP what can I say you rock this story kicks so much ass I am dying to read what happens next. I hope it doesn't take too long

I hope it sort of backfires on Lisa where she gains all the weight of her and Patricia. Patricia gets the money, but she feels so profoundly sad after this next round she takes care of Lisa. Wishful thinking but eh doubt it will happen.

Oh before I forget I have always wanted to ask this I heard a rumor going around that TheStudio is going to illustrate one of your stories any truth to that?
Ah! Well to tell the truth I haven't figure out how it will end. I have a few things in mind, but I'm writing this off the cuff, so when I sit down and have a some time to write I'll conclude it. I figure it will be two more segments maybe, and should have them done by Sunday or Monday.

As for TheStudio, he sent to me a large number of incredible sketches from the Heavy Debt story, and he also gives me invaluable help on the editing of each segment that I write for that now, as well as ideas for the how story develops.

I've been holding onto the sketches deciding what to do with them and how best to present them. I do intend to show them but don't have a great venue yet. I'm open to suggestions, and The Studio has said they're mine to do with as I'd like. They're so good though I want to make sure they get the right showcase.
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I would say I have an idea but I think its a bit (waves hand from side to side) stupid.
You could present it in a pdf the same way bustartist and the BreastExpansion story archive present their stories with 6-7(this would vary due to the size of the story of course) pictures placed in to it and at the end have the pictures that you did not use.
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Originally Posted by JP. View Post
Ah! Well to tell the truth I haven't figure out how it will end. I have a few things in mind, but I'm writing this off the cuff, so when I sit down and have a some time to write I'll conclude it. I figure it will be two more segments maybe, and should have them done by Sunday or Monday.

As for TheStudio, he sent to me a large number of incredible sketches from the Heavy Debt story, and he also gives me invaluable help on the editing of each segment that I write for that now, as well as ideas for the how story develops.

I've been holding onto the sketches deciding what to do with them and how best to present them. I do intend to show them but don't have a great venue yet. I'm open to suggestions, and The Studio has said they're mine to do with as I'd like. They're so good though I want to make sure they get the right showcase.
This is exciting news.

I suppose the obvious venue would be here on Dimensions.

Two ways to do this came to mind. One would be to repost the Heavy Debt story here on the forums with the illustrations, possibly with the sketches placed between the appropriate sections or paragraphs to which they correspond in each post.

The possible problem would be that this would result in two separate series of threads for the same story, one with the sketches and one without, which might be confusiing. This could make it awkward to try to read the whole thing at once and unless the threads were stickied they might eventually be lost in the depths of the forum archives. As well as the problem of the story (and sketches) being split up among the different parts and posts, making it less easy to find.

However the advantages are that this could be done gradually, and before the entire story is finished if you wanted, as well as not requiring any special programs or tools except for an image hosting site from which to link the sketches.

Another option might be to place the sketches in The Studio's section here on this very site, possibly including a link to your collected story. But likewise, this would necessitate the story (and possibly the sketches too) being completed first and collected in a single file.

Though it would keep all of the images in one place it could lead to a disconnect if the reader is continually flipping between two pages or tabs: one of your story and one of the sketches, as well as having to make sure that the two correspond properly. But this would make sure that it wouldn't be lost in the depths of the forum archives

Originally Posted by metatroncubed View Post
I would say I have an idea but I think its a bit (waves hand from side to side) stupid.
You could present it in a pdf the same way bustartist and the BreastExpansion story archive present their stories with 6-7(this would vary due to the size of the story of course) pictures placed in to it and at the end have the pictures that you did not use.
A .pdf file could work but it would require that JP. (or possibly someone else) be familiar with Acrobat in order to make it as well as have a version of that can create .pdf files. It would also require that the story (and accompanying sketches) be completed prior to its construction, unless it would be multiple .pdf files such as one of each "part" which would allow for a potential gradual release to begin before the story is actually finished.

With regard to Bust Artist, I would imagine that the artist prepares his illustrations to fit full pages in anticipation of a .pdf release. I don't know what size the sketches that The Studio has done are, I think that they woud be of sufficient size to be placed on their own individual pages in such a document without resizing. I think that all of the sketches should be included. JP's story is more than long enough to accommodate them, either within the body of the text or on individual pages.

Also, doing it in the format of a .pdf or multiple .pdfs would require a host for the files. They might be able to host them here but I don't know of any other .pdf files on Dimensions.

Personally, my vote would be for a .pdf or some other type of file that allows both text and images into which both your story and The Studio's sketches could be assembled.
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I have been dying for new studio material. Please release it soon!
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Ok thanks for waiting, here's the next part of the show!
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Tom gave the crowd and the contestants a chance to see the options that were available to them for almost a minute before the wheel changed into a viewing screen.

“Ladies and gentlemen, our first event was chosen as a mutual incident that happened to these two ladies just a few months ago. This was at a wedding reception for a friend of theirs. Let’s watch.”

The screen came to life in an elegant banquet hall, decorated in white with festive music playing in the background. The camera was merely panning over the tables with people waving to the camera and then a sudden commotion in the background near the bridal party’s table drew the attention of the crowd as well as the cameraman.

Initially it couldn’t be seen very well, but then the autofocus on the camera kicked in to show two young women grappling with each other. Both were wearing fine party dresses and the crowd began screaming as their hands entwined in both their hair and the material of their clothes. The gasps of the wedding guests were echoed by the studio crowd as the two girls fought.

It was now apparent that the two girls were none other than Lisa and Patricia, and the some of the studio crowd began shouting and hooting at the action, while others were dumbfounded at the vast difference in the size they now had. The girls tumbled into the table and nearly flipped it, causing the towering wedding cake to fall over.

The girls were so entwined that it was difficult to definitely see who was who. One of them reached over and grabbed a handful of the fallen cake and mashed it into the other’s face, the one that now had cake in her eyes suddenly pulled and twisted the other’s dress and tore off the top. With the ripping of the dress all could see it was Lisa that had just been partially stripped; she was not as buxom and full chested as Patricia, who was trying to wipe cake out of her eyes now. Despite the sudden revelation and her screams of outrage, Lisa responded gamely and grabbed hold of Patricia’s dress and ripped it to the waist as well.

The studio crowd was screaming ‘Catfight! Catfight! Catfight’ as they watched it, and most home viewers agreed that this was one of the best they had seen in awhile on the show (catfights were always a favorite).

The camera briefly turned as a loud shriek went through the banquet hall and the bride was seen walking in holding her hands to her face as she saw the carnage of her wedding reception. The camera returned to the action though as the two girls wrestled into another table and collapsed it, spilling a punch bowl on top of them both.

Finally waiters and guests managed to pull the two apart and the video ended. The crowd was still clapping and cheering while both Lisa and Patricia looked ready to die of embarrassment even more now, Patricia managed to hide her face in her hands somewhat as her arms weren’t quite as fattened as Lisa’s. Lisa merely looked straight ahead grimly as tears of shame rolled down her face.

Surprisingly Tom was not clapping or applauding, he had on his ‘Thoughtful Tom’ look which he occasionally used to drive home valid points.

“So ladies” Tom began. “You’re at a mutual friend’s wedding reception, and before the bride and groom are even introduced, you teo start going at it and wreck the whole thing. It was supposed to be the happiest day of their lives.”

He shrugged and shook his head and the crowd quieted down as they contemplated the enormity of what the two had done. “I was going to ask who started it, or what set it off…but it really doesn’t matter now does it? One of you should have been…big enough…to prevent it from happening.”

Tom sighed heavily before the game show smile returned on his face as the screen faded and the wheel was shown again.

“Ok then! Enough of that! This is Paybackers! Alright, that was definitely one of the best catfights we’ve seen right?” asked Tom to the crowd as Lisa and Patricia snuffled from the brief lecture that Tom had given them. The crowd applauded their agreement with Tom.

“I mean Patricia was working the body pretty well, Lisa made effective use of a wedding cake, they both got topless and then drenched in punch. I really couldn’t say who won! Oh sure maybe the Russian judge might have scored it differently, but I think it came out even. Let’s find out if the girls thought so too, or if one of them wants another bite at the other. What do you say girls? Can this event be forgiven? Forgotten? Or is one of you still salty about it? OK, to help this along we need to use the buzzers and the nanites. We can tell you have limited mobility, so we’re going to put the buzzers back in your paws, and when you’re ready to give your answer just mash it. We want you to say your choice at the same time so that you don’t know what the other is going to do. Once you’ve made your choice the nanites will kick in and let you say ‘Forgive, Forget, or Payback’. Could I get some assistants here?” asked Tom as stage crew came out and used the metal stairs again to put buzzers back in each of the girls’ flippers.

“OK, are we clear? Take some time to make your choice, there’s no rush. Push the buzzer when you’re ready.” The lights dimmed on the stage, focusing on just the two immense women, their ton plus bodies casting massive and strangely shaped shadows on the floor as they decided what they were going to do about this. The light flickered and then turned green over Patricia.

“Fatty Patty has made her choice!” announced Tom, moments later Lisa’s light turned green as well and the house lights came up. “They’ve both decided! OK ladies, we’ll be letting you announce your choices. We’re going to help out with the nanites.” As Tom was saying this microphones descended from above to rest in front of their mouths.

“OK in 3…2…1 let’s hear it!”

“Forget!” they both announced in perfect unison. There was silence for a few moments and then slow applause from most of the crowd. Tom nodded as he looked at either woman.

“Johnny, they’ve chosen to forget, nothing happens right?” asked Tom

“That’s right, they can only forget once.”

“OK, both ladies chose to forget on the first round. Hmmm, that could make it tough later, now they can only forgive or payback, tough choices. OK Patricia, explain your choice please.” Said Tom. The spotlight framed Patricia and sweat rolled down her pudgy face and into the enormous expanse of flesh on her body.

“There…there was no excuse for that. It was just wrong and the only one that can forgive that would be Gina and her husband Eric. I’m so sorry Gina!” blubbered Patricia into the microphone.

“OK, OK, we can see that you’re clearly sorry for this. Lisa, what have you got to say?” said Tom as the spotlight turned to Lisa.

“<Sniff!> We ruined their wedding night, that’s all that mattered. I’m sorry too Gina!” Lisa began crying and couldn’t even lift her hands to wipe away her tears. One of the stage crew climbed up the stairs and wiped her face to help out, eliciting some applause from a slightly sympathetic crowd.

“OK, I think we’re finally starting to see how this feud can hurt innocent people. Alright, ladies we need your game faces back on now. Now we slow things down a bit and go one at a time. We’ll flip a coin, Lisa you get to call it because you sent in the initial request to put the two of you on the show. Whoever wins the coin toss can choose to go first or last. Now be careful! You might win something with forgiveness, but with payback you just earn the cold satisfying taste of revenge.” Tom pulled out a large and shiny coin and showed it to the camera; it featured his cartoon devil face on one side and the other showed the same cartoon devil from behind, the tail pointed upwards.

“Call it Lisa.” He said as he flipped it with a slight ringing noise.

“Heads!” announced Lisa, her voice thicker and heavier as it resonated from deep within her huge torso. An overhead camera shot followed the progress of the tumbling coin and also showed an amazing view from above of the two inhumanly sized girls. The coin hit the stage and bounced twice before settling on the floor as the camera zoomed in to show the results.

“Heads it is.” Said Tom as there was some mild applause and he picked the coin back up and showed it to the camera before pocketing it again. “Lisa, you choose, do you want to go first or do you want Patricia to go first?”

Lisa thought a moment or two.

“Will this decide both rounds?” she asked.

“That’s right. If you choose to go first the order will be you, then Patty, then you again and Patty will get the last round.” said Johnny.

“I’ll let Patricia go first then.” Lisa said, her head tilting slightly as she tried to nod.

“OK…OK, gamesmanship is important here. The one who goes last might get a chance to put the screws to the other at the end, but the one who goes first might be able to set the tempo of this, and maybe show the virtue of forgiveness.” Tom paused to look solemn, holding his hands together as if in prayer for several seconds before leaning his head back and laughing his trademarked evil laugh, his laughter echoing metallically throughout the studio. He stopped laughing but it continued for a few more seconds while Tom looked around theatrically.

“Woops! Sorry, I don’t know what came over me. Johnny, tell us how this works.” Stage crew were taking away the buzzers of the two women as the viewing screen lit up again.

“Alright Tom. Lisa and Patricia, we interviewed you two at length from backstage before tonight’s show regarding the different things that the two of you did to each other along the way, as well as your own views on this whole feud. Now we’re going to play some of that footage back. In this round we’ll be revealing something that you know the other did to you, and hear what they have to say about it. Then you’ll have a chance to forgive her or pay her back. Neither one of you get a chance to talk during these rounds except to make your choice. You both had your chances awhile ago to explain yourself. Now is the time to either forgive it or give it back! Tom.”

“Thank you Johnny. Let’s see what may have set these two off.” said Tom as he pointed to the viewing screen. Offstage but in view of the two huge women were similar screens as they couldn’t easily see the center screen. The screen came to life showing Patricia seated at a table with a microphone in the center. There was a person sitting across from her, but you could only see his shoulder as the camera was behind him, obviously the interviewer. Patricia was dressed in the bikini she was still wearing now. The crowd and especially Patricia gasped in shock as they saw in stark contrast the staggering difference in size between now and just an hour ago.

“Patricia tell us another thing that you think or know that Lisa did to you and that you’d like to get some payback for.” Said the interviewer. Patricia smiled and batted her eyes at the camera before she got serious.

“OK, in my junior year, Lisa told a secret that I told her when we were roommates. And it got out and…and it got everywhere, it was on the forums on the campus Net, it was everywhere! It totally humiliated me, and it was totally untrue!”

“What did she say?” The picture paused as Patricia on screen took a deep breath to tell the tale. The crowd made some ‘oohs’ at this. Revealing secrets were another common reason for revenge.

“Oh that must be something juicy!” crowed Tom. “Let’s hear what happened…from Lisa’s point of view!”

Tom gestured to the screen again and it changed from Patricia to Lisa in the same kind of set up and interview scene. Again the crowd gasped and Lisa choked a sob as they all saw how thin and small Lisa was just a short while ago compared to her blob like body that weighed more than a ton now.

“Lisa, we’re interviewing Patricia now also.” said the interviewer, and the Lisa on screen wrinkled her nose in disgust. “And she said that you told a secret during your junior year that humiliated her. Do you know what she’s talking about? What was the secret?”

Lisa was rolling her eyes dramatically at that.

“Yes! Yes I did, I told a secret the skank told me when we were roommates. She was a slut OK? She was always sleeping around and stuff. Well one day she told me…” Lisa paused for effect before leaning into the microphone. On stage both of the huge women were blushing deeply. “Her boyfriend peed on her while they were having sex!”

The screen paused again as the crowd roared in laughter. Patricia was flushing deeper as this was revealed. Tom’s eyes were bugging out comically as he fanned himself with his hand. Tom waited until the laughter died down.

“OK, like Johnny said, we’re not letting them explain anything now that their fat’s in the fire…” Tom paused as a few laughs came from the joke. “But we can see what they said back stage. The view screen changed back to Patricia, and it was obvious it had picked up further along in the interview.

“OK so she told that secret, but was it true?” asked the interviewer. Patricia slammed her hand on the table in aggravation.

“No! That’s just it! We were pretty drunk and in the park, and he…just let himself go. Only a little bit! But it splashed on me a little…and we cleaned up and still went at it. That’s it. This wasn’t some fetish thing or anything! I’ve talked to other girls and they said that something like that happened to them too. But Lisa went off like I wrote it into some porno magazine or something, like I was a pee freak!” the display paused again. Tom was nodding in sympathy with Patricia’s story.

“OK, sounds pretty accidental even innocent on Patricia’s part, let’s hear what Lisa had to say.” Said Tom as the video changed again to Lisa.

“So do you know what happened?” asked the interviewer.

“Yeah, she said it was just an accident and they were drunk or something. Probably true.” Said Lisa, waving her hand as if to dismiss the whole thing. The crowd pointed at Lisa in accusation, making their best guilty ‘oohs!’ as if on cue.

“So who did you tell and why?” asked the interviewer.

“Well, there was this hot guy in my Psychology class, and he was telling me how one of his Fraternity brothers was seeing this girl, and it turned out to be Patty. So I said…” Lisa paused and winked at the camera and held up her fingers crossed. “That she was ‘into’ the whole peeing thing. I told him about the incident and that she liked it!” the crowd booed at the brazen revelation. “But it got a little out of hand; I really didn’t mean it to go as far as it did. I didn’t think he’d put it on the Net.”

The screen faded and then started to change again, revealing the waiting wheel of judgment.

The crowd clapped in anticipation as the wheel lit up and began spinning.

“So it looks like Lisa told the secret, maybe to get a little revenge, but even she admits it got out of hand and that she regrets it…a little. Patricia now is your chance to make her regret it a lot more! She never apologized for this, and she doesn’t get that chance now. Her fat…er fate is in your hands! Will you pay a price to forgive her and maybe earn some redemption yourself? Or will you pay the price to make her really feel your pain? Let me remind you. You both weigh 2,247 pounds. You have 1,863,000 dollars, and Lisa has 2,212,000 dollars. Lisa just admitted that she told the secret and embellished it more than a bit. This is the first round for you. If you choose Payback you might set up a spiral of revenge. Then again, Lisa gets the last shot on you; she might be able to get you at the end. Maybe it is best to get her back first huh? But remember, there are prizes for forgiveness too.”

Tom walked over to Patricia and pinched a handful of Patricia’s over hanging hip flab. “This...can all be reversed and you could be back to normal. That could be the ultimate revenge! What will it be Patty? You get the first shot, make it count!”

Tom grew quiet as the lights focused again on Patricia and the wheel. The crowd was silent as well, so quiet Patricia’s labored breathing could be heard. Several moments went by before Patty finally opened her mouth.

“I choose to forgive!” she announced. There was a loud but mixed reaction from the crowd as some chose to applaud and some to boo. Tom was smiling broadly at this as the lights came up again and the wheel changed to the wheel of forgiveness.

“Patricia, it takes a big woman…a really BIG woman to forgive something like that, especially considering what might be the cost. OK, let’s give the Wheel a spin!” The wheel spun, the numbers and phrases flashing by too fast to see, the multicolored lights making it a kaleidoscope of color as Patricia’s fate was being decided randomly. The wheel didn’t slow down as it spun; it kept going for five seconds before stopping all at once on 300. The crowd was a little confused and then started clapping, unsure of what it meant.

“Johnny, tell us what this means please.” Said Tom as he scratched his head.

“Certainly Tom.” Came Johnny’s response. “Patricia you have a choice here, in forgiving Lisa you can either spend 300,000 dollars…or gain 300 pounds. It’s your choice.” The crowd clapped again as Patricia’s brow furrowed while she mulled over the decision.

“Ooh! Tough one.” Said Tom. After several moments he spoke up again. “Patricia, if you’re having trouble with the choice let me offer some options. If you spend the money, that’s 300,000 less once the show is over. That could make a big difference when this is all said and done. You might get more money later, or you might even lose the weight. But 300 pounds? That’s almost nothing compared to what you gained already. It’s a tough choice.” Tom’s words rarely made it an easier decision for the contestant to make and everyone knew that. Patricia thought some more before finally nodding.

“I’ll put on the weight.” She finally said, and the crowd applauded in approval.

“OK Patty! A good choice all things considered. Let’s put on another 300 please!” said Tom as the stage lights dimmed and the light shone down on Patricia. The wheel changed to show her current weight as it began to rise again. It was rising as quickly as before, but the overall difference on Patricia seemed slight. Some in the crowd couldn’t even see a change. Others thought it looked like Patricia was maybe taking a deep breath, or that perhaps she was shifting in her cushions. Her expanse of hips spread further on the cushions, causing more to hang over either side, but for the most part she didn’t look much different. The light faded and the house lights came back on. Tom was clapping as he surveyed the results and the numbers on the screen changed to show different camera angles and a slow motion replay of the weight gain. The crowd got a better look the second time around and could appreciate the changes more.

“OK! A new record! 2,547! Now let’s see what you’ve also won Patty!” said Tom as he pointed to the screen wheel again. The numbers and options changed, showing the various rewards. There was a slender category on the wheel that Patty was fervently hoping for; ‘Reversal of Fortune’. It was between two rather larger options; ‘Warm feeling of good will’ and ‘Forgiveness is its own reward’. They all had the chance to see the options before it began spinning again at high speed. Patricia held her breath the entire time the wheel spun and let it out with a rush when it stopped as suddenly as before.

“Forgiveness pays dividends!” announced Johnny. Patricia sighed and then listened as Johnny waited for the applause to die down before he explained it.

“Forgiveness can indeed pay off Patricia; you’ve just won double the money you would have paid! That’s 600,000 dollars! You’re now in the lead in both categories over Lisa!” The crowd clapped harder as they showed Patricia’s bank increase to 2,463,000 dollars.

Tom was clapping as well, and Patricia had a somewhat satisfied look on her face as the numbers stopped.

“OK! It can pay to forgive! Maybe we should the focus on the show!” offered Tom to the crowd. The crowd responded with loud boos.

“Just kidding! OK, Patricia chose the kinder path. It’s now Lisa’s turn. Will she follow suit, or will she put the screws to her? And we’re still not done after that! There’s one more round to go as well. We’ll be right back.”

The lights went down as commercials began to air to the millions watching on TV and the Net.

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