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Default BBW Community Honors And Awards Show

As we've been mentioning this October in Hollywood (Date to be announced in June) we are excited to bring the BBW Community Honors and Awards Show and Party. We have our tentative categries of nominations. Please read and e-mail US and let us know who YOU'd like to see nomitated so we can add them the the database which will allow you to vote for nominees via Yahoo! Groups. Look for website, Yahoo Group and MySpace page to debut around June 15, 2008.

Darren "DJ Zulu" Battle is NOT on the panel, selection committee, nomination committee or any other committee for this event EXCEPT PRODUCING the actual awards show, fashion show and afterparty! Please make sure this gets out. A portion of the revenue generated for the awards show will be set aside for future shows. Darrenteed Productions is responsible for all contracts for the actual event itself.

No ACTIVE BBW Promoters have been invited or will be allowed on the panel. While other BBWs who are in BBW businesses in various capacities are on the panel, they will not be allowed to vote on nominations in that may be a conflict of interest. This award show and party is about UNIFYING the community and not about drama. It is time that we celebrate our community, our strengths, our similarities and our differences.

Nominations happen by YOU, the people of the BBW Community who send an email about who they'd like to see nominated. EVERY person, business or group that meets the criteria of "BBW Community" will be listed on the Yahoo site. From there you can vote for who you'd like to see nomiated. The top 6 to 4 of each catergory will be officially nominated for a BIGG-E award and invited to attend the award show and after party on October 12, 2008 in Hollywood California (again exact location and press releases and kits will be available on June 15, 2008).

Now let's get the nominees in! Please EMAIL your nominations to bygieawards@yahoo.com


The tentative nominees for the 1st BBW Community Honors and Award Show (some categories may not merit enough nominees)

A.Individuals Awards
1.Woman of the Year
2.Man of the Year
Note: Criteria are people in the BBW/Fat/Plus Size Community who have made an impact through one or more of the following areas including the arts, civil rights, entertainment, promotions, politics, business or other impacted areas not covered above.

3.BBW/BHM/Admirer Personality of the Year
4. Pacesetter Awards (note this year's 4 Pacesetter Awards have already been selected and will be announced on September 1, 2008)- this is a non nomimation catergory.

5.Activist of the Year

1.Business of the Year (Fashion)
2.Business of the Year (Non fashion)
3.Business Person of the Year (Fashion)
4.Business Person of the Year (Non fashion)
5.Non Profit Organization of The Year
6.BBW Dating site
7.BBW Internet Resource Site of the Year

1.Best Nightclub Promotion of The Year (Large Cities)
2.Best Nightclub Promotion of The Year (Small Cities)
3.Best Nightclub Promoter
4.Event of The Year (Social, non nightclub)
5.Best New Nightclub Promotion

1.BBW Nightclub DJ of The Year
2.Musician/Musical Artist of the Year
3.Best Entertainment Show (Radio, TV or Internet)

1.Best BBW Photographer (PG)
2.Best BBW Photographer (XXX)
3.Writer/Author of the Year
4.Poet/Spoken Word artist of the Year
5.BBW Artist of the Year (Traditional)
6.BBW Artist of the Year (Multi Media)

1.Nightclub or Social Promotion of The Year (International)
2.International Business of The Year

G.Internet (Websites etc)
1.Best BBW Webmodel Newcomer (PG)
Best BBW Webmodel Newcomer (XXX)
3.Best SSBBW Webmodel Newcomer (PG)
4.Best SSBBW Webmodel Newcomer (XXX)
5.BBW Webmodel of the Year (PG)
6.BBW Webmodel of the Year (XXX)
7.SSBBW Webmodel of the Year (PG)
8.SSBBW Webmodel of the Year (XXX)
9.BBW Website of the Year (PG)
10.BBW Website of the Year (XXX)
11.SSBBW Website of the Year (PG)
12.SSBBW Website of the Year (XXX)
13.Best New BBW Website (PG)
14.Best New BBW Website (XXX)
15.Best New SSBBW Website (PG)
16.Best New SSBBW Website (XXX)

1.Best BBW Adult Film Star
2.BBW Adult Movie of The Year
3.Best SSBBW Adult Film Star
4.Best SSBBW Adult Movie
5.Best BBW XXX Production Company of the Year
6.Male Talent of the Year (PG/XXX)

1.Best BBW Magazine/E-zine (PG)
2.Best BBW Magazine/E-zine (XXX)
3.Best SSBBW Magazine/E-zine (PG)
4.Best SSBBW Magazine/E-zine (XXX)
5.Best BBW Calendar of the Year

Please EMAIL your nominations to bygieawards@yahoo.com

For information on the awards and nominees, join http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BBWHonors/
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