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Default Voluptuous Ladies (1-34) - By Expander Jack (~BBWs, Stuffing, Lesbian Sex, ~XWG)

~BBWs, Stuffing, Lesbian sex, ~XWG - The story of many girls and their journey to fatness.

(Chapters 18 added 11/4/2008;
Chapters 30-34 9/8/2013)

CONTRIBUTOR'S NOTE: I did not write this story. I just got permission to post it here because I liked it so much.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is my first FA story, first begun on myspace. I dont think it ever bore a title there, so I had to come up with one. I could choose a title based on the characters or something intrinsic about the themes, but I think if I just go with the name of the Plus Size clothing store many of the characters work at, it might be easier to remember, so without further delay I give you VL, short for Voluptuous Ladies......

Voluptuous Ladies
by Expander Jack


"Boy she sure turned out to be a real porker. She was so skinny last year."

"I know but I could tell instantly from the way she flirted with me that she wanted some "personal attention". And I made it clear that I liked my girls much, much rounder," giggled Jenny.

"She is gorgeous! And such an eater, although she isn’t as busty as I like," said Kate as she leered at Jenny's deep cleavage.

"Give her time Kattie; she is just starting to fill out. She will be bustier than Sara, just you wait," said Jen.

"I doubt it. Have you seen how big Sara has gotten? Her boobs and belly have ballooned. Besides B is growing such a huge butt, while Sara’s fat goes straight to her boobs and belly. But the real question is do you think your new friend will ever be fatter than you?" smiled Kate as she poked Jenny's bulging waistline.

Chapter 1

Kate and Jenny had met in the dorms 4 years ago and had been friends ever since. Jenny was a beautiful blond from South Carolina that had endless offers for dates. When she got to college she was 5'8" and 125lbs. She was quite bosomy with full 34 D's, narrow waist, and round full hips and butt. Her blond hair was long and thick, big blue eyes, and she large full lips, a perfect 10. Throughout high school she only dated un-athletic, out of shape, chubby guys. They were the effeminate friend to the hot chick. But once she got to college she left all of those guys at home.

She met Kate on freshman day in her dorm room. Kate and Jenny had been assigned to the same room. Kate was a tiny thing freshman year at 5'2" and 95lbs. She was very small boned with narrow shoulders and small pert breasts, barely a 30A. She had light blond shoulder length hair, green eyes, and was very cute, and very un-athletic. She hated working out and fortunately her metabolism had kept her extremely thin. If she had any curves at all they resided in her hips and butt. She was skinny and had no muscle but whatever limited fat she did have had accumulated there.

For the first year Kate and Jenny went out together as friends, met guys together and eventually even double dated. After a year of bad relationships with guys and experimentation with some college ladies, Kate realized that she was going to start playing for the other team.

They had had a year in the dorms with fattening food, beer, and a small cramped gym. Jenny and Kate began to show some changes. Kate had gained 20 pounds in that year and all of it went to her butt and hips. Jenny gained 15 pounds and most of the weight went to her huge breasts. This made her even more voluptuous and also harder than ever to do any exercises at the gym let alone cardio.

Jenny was now a 36DD with a 26 inch waist, and 37 inch hips, perfect for a job at the local sports bar. At 5'8 and 140lbs she was amazing, and her roommate at 5'2" and 115 was still thin if developing a shape more akin to a pear than a stick. It was at that sports bar that Jenny met Christina.

Christina, one of Jenny's co-workers at the sports bar, was 5'6" and 135lbs when they met. Raven black hair, full lips, and beautiful green eyes, cute but very plain. She looked to be about a size 6 or 8 with a generous butt. She was a cook at the sports bar where Jenny worked. She had just turned 21, was living in her own apartment, and seemed to be very sweet if a little shy.

She wasn’t going to school as Jenny was and worked at the sports bar full time. They had hung out a few times but Jenny really never paid attention to the girl, until 6 months into her 2nd year at college when she noticed that Christina was looking a little different. She had brought over Christina's shift meal, 3 double 1/4 pound burgers, chicken strips, a plate of chilli-fries, and of course a large soda, the cooks never paid for food. When she put the food down she noticed that Christina's formally flat stomach was stretching out her t-shirt and had forced her tight shirt to roll up exposing a bulge Jenny had never seen before.

She instantly thought how cute that bulge was and hoped she would be seeing more of it.

"What's wrong with me?" she thought "How can I like girls? Has living with my gay roommate rubbed off on me?"

"My Christina, you are quite an eater, aren't you honey?" said Jenny.

"That’s why I became a cook, and the food here is so great! Working here, I can indulge myself by eating whatever I want. At the last restaurant they were much more restrictive. Besides, I can always work off the extra calories, although I think my gym membership expired, and working all these night shifts make it nearly impossible to get up in the morning. You don’t think my indulging might be making me fat, do you?" she said with a wink as she patted her belly.

"Oh heavens no, you are such a tiny little thing. I wouldn't worry about going to gym, and if my grandma ever got a hold of you she would make sure you weren’t so tiny."

"I am not that tiny anymore, but that won't stop me from eating every last bite of this meal. You think you could grab me a side of sour cream?" asked Christina.

"Sure thing honey," said Jenny.

She was clearly impressed by how much Christina was eating, and strangely aroused by the new bulges Christina was developing. From then on, she made sure Christina got all of her meals and she sweet-talked the manager into keeping her and Christina on nights. She wanted to watch her develop.

Six months later Christina had ballooned and because Jenny was working nights, Jenny had begun seeing less and less of her roommate Kate and spending more and more time with Christina.

"This has to be my roommate rubbing off on me I am sure I like guys, but she is really getting cute. I wonder what she would look like if she got even bigger"? thought Jenny. "I probably need to make sure she eats well outside of work to make sure my sweat, plump, Tina doesn’t go on a diet or start exercising. I wonder if she would let me move in with her. I know Kate needs a roommate, but she could always get one of her Girlfriends to move in. Kate won’t be a problem; I just need to get Christina to agree….

After a year of being a cook, late night drinking, stuffing herself till she could hardly move, and some clever coaxing from Jenny who had now been her roommate for six months, Christina had gained 80 pounds. At 5'6" and 215lbs she was beginning to develop quite an exaggerated pear shape. Her gym membership had expired long ago and her once toned athletic body had become soft and round.

She was still as cute as ever but she never wore cosmetics and dressed kind of like a boy. She wore tight clothes only because she grew out of them so quickly, not because she was trying to emphasize her swelling shape. She mostly wore sweats and jeans and was rarely in a dress. Her extra 80 pounds of fat had stretched her chief pants to a full size 22. She had grown an enormous ass and wide hips. She had plump love handles and a small belly. Her breasts were now a 36 C and her upper arms had gotten quite plump. Her face however, was still thin without a double chin or cubby cheeks. Her defining feature was a dramatic pear shape with a fat bubble butt. Her measurements were now 36C, 36, and 62.

One night after work Christina and Jenny were back at Christina's apartment drinking some beers and eating pizza when Christina unknowingly asked Jenny a dangerous question.

"Jenny how come all the guys and girls give you so much attention but no one ever talks to me besides you? You think it's because my breasts are so small? Or am I just not pretty?"

Jenny wasn’t sure what to say. Sure Christina was cute, but she was plain and now after a year working as cook and careful coaxing to eat more and more from Jenny, Christina a full fledged plumper. Christina was wearing her now extremely tight pair of black sweat shorts. The waist band had given up for the most part and was rolled down below her generous love handles and bulging belly. Originally the shorts might have reached the top of her thighs, now they were stretched to near bursting and left a full lower quarter or her spherical ass cheeks exposed. On top, she was wearing white tank top that allowed her plump arms, love handles and a full third of her belly the freedom to jiggle and shimmy. She handed her another slice of pizza.

"I don’t know honey, I think you are very cute, and very sweet once people get to know you. I think you don’t really emphasize your assets. I mean you could be really cute if you did something with your hair, put on a little make up, maybe improved your wardrobe to reveal a little more cleavage," replied Jenny.

"I wouldn't know where to start though. I have always been a tom boy, wearing sweats, Jeans, and work out clothes. I still think my boobs are too small, I mean look at you, your breasts are enormous," Christina said as she munched through her 6th slice of pizza.

And Jenny's boobs were. In the past year Jenny had not set foot in a gym and had continued her binge drinking and late night meals. She ate nowhere near as much as Christina but the lack of exercise and the beer had caused her plump bosom to swell. Jenny was now 165 pounds a gain of 25 more pounds, a total gain of 40 pounds in two years. Her boobs were now 36 EE and spilling over the cups. Her waist was now 28 inches and her hips measured 43 inches.

She put her breasts constantly on display for all the patrons to see, as they were now, in a spaghetti strapped light blue blouse. She was wearing tight low rise white cotton flared pants to bare her mid-drift and a pair of four-inch heels. Some would say she was dressed to go clubbing or maybe seduce a friend? Jenny wasn’t sure she was ready for that, but she had broken up with her boy friend months ago in anticipation of an opportunity to explore new horizons.

"Oh my, they are getting bigger aren't they? I am nearly bursting out of my top tonight," she said as she adjusted her straps. "Well boobs are mostly fat and I have put on a few pounds, maybe you just need to eat more and yours will grow too," said Jenny.

"Maybe you're right, I may need your grandma to pay me a visit," giggled Christina.

"Oh sweetie, I can make sure you get enough to eat, and give you a make over. This is going to be loads of fun!"

"Jenny you think I could maybe, um, take a look at what I am about to grow? I mean I want to have boobs at least as big as you, and I was just wondering what yours look like, um unrestrained," blushed Christina.

What was Jenny to do? This was her moment, she already had Christina virtually begging her to feed her, but was she ready to bare her breasts to another girl. Jenny wasn’t sure she wanted this, Christina's belly was just starting to plump up, and her breasts were relatively small, but she did have a huge booty. She was becoming increasingly sexy, but wasn't quite there, a few more pounds and maybe Christina would be ready, and maybe Jenny would be ready to quit men entirely.

"Well I guess I could be persuaded to reveal them, but you have to finish say….another large pizza and that six pack," said Jenny as she patted Christina's bulge.

"But I have already eaten most of this one and I have had 4 beers already. My belly is so tight," Christina moaned as she puffed her belly out and rubbed it with both hands.

"A deal is a deal, I will reveal them once you finish all of this food. Besides, you want to grow bigger boobs don’t you," replied Jenny.

"Well alright, but you don’t mind if I take off my shorts, this elastic band is so tight," said Christina.

Jenny wanted nothing more than to see Christina in all her bulging glory, but didn’t want to seem too eager.

"Sure what ever makes you comfortable honey, now how about pounding one of those beers," said Jenny.

Christina wiggled out of her tight sweat shorts.

"Oh wow, my ass is so fat, look at how big and round it is, not to mention so so soft," Christina cooed.

"Here feel it," she said as she waddled over to Jenny.

Christina had stood up to take her shorts off and Jenny was still sitting at the table. When Christina presented her behind it was right in Jenny's face. Stunned, but very impressed with its size and flawless skin, she tentatively touched it.

"No not like that, grab it. There you go, isn't it huge. I can't believe how fat it is and how small my boobs are. It's so unfair, my ass is going to get enormous before I get boobs as big as you," complained Christina.

Jenny was shocked at how much she was enjoying this. Here she was grabbing and messaging another girl's bare ass, except for a white tiny thong, and all she could think of was, I can't wait until this is bigger. Sure Christina’s ass was fat, but Jenny wanted more, much more. She loved the way it felt, heavy, soft, and warm, and couldn't wait till it was twice that size.

"Oh this little thing ain't nothin compared to some of my friends back home. You got plenty of room to grow. Now stop stalling and get back to eating," ordered Jenny with a slap to Tina’s ass.

"Fine, Fine, I guess these boobs wont grow by me just sitting here."

Christina began mowing through the last of the first pizza and then slammed a beer. Jenny nibbled on a slice or two. She also helped herself to any excess beers in the fridge and after her seventh; she was beginning to get a little tipsy. Christina had managed to get through 10 beers and about a pizza and half. Jenny excused herself to the bathroom, but upon returning she got a great view of her friend's expanding belly from the side.

Christina was leaning on the table with her elbows, sitting forward in her chair to give her plump ass and thighs room to spread out. Her breasts were almost resting on the table as she gobbled down the greasy food. Her tank top had rolled up exposing most of her once slightly pudgy belly. She carried most of her fat below the waist but with tonight's stuffing, her belly was swollen and round, bulging out on top of her fat thighs, nearly touching the table.

"Man, can she can pack it in, and she looks so cute with a big belly, I cant wait until that’s its permanent size." Jenny thought.

Christina leaned back in the chair finishing a bite of pizza and rubbing her bloated belly.

"Oh I am so full, and I still have 2 beers to go and 4 pieces of pizza," Christina slurred.

"You are doing great, Christina but if you don’t think you can finish it, you can stop at any time. I wouldn't want you to get a bellyache over just trying to get a glimpse of my jublies," said Jenny as she strolled over to pat her friends distended belly.

"You mean you will show them to me even if I don’t finish?" smiled Christina.

"Oh heavens no! A deal is a deal, I just didn’t want you to get a belly ache over these little ol'things," she said as she fingered her deep cleavage.

"Then could you help me out by rubbing my belly? It feels better when its rubbed," asked Christina.

"Well I guess that would be o.k., but let’s get you over to the couch so we can be more comfortable. I will even help feed you hon," coaxed Jenny.

"That sounds good, phew its hot in here, I hope you don’t mind if I take off my shirt?" said Christina as she lifted her tank top over her head.

"No not at all, let me bring you over another beer to help cool you off," said Jenny.

For the next 10 minutes Christina ate the remaining slices of pizza, finished her 11th beer, and Jenny massaged the swelling belly.

"Only one beer to go and I take this off. Let me grab that for you," said Jenny.

Jenny went over to the kitchen went into the fridge and thought about how swollen Christina was and how turned on she was getting. She wanted to keep Christina eating but how? Then she remembered the two half gallons of ice cream.

"Here is your beer honey. Now what do you think about sweetening the pot so to speak," asked Jenny as she patted the now "pot" belly.

"If I was a suspicious roommate I might think you were trying to fatten me up, but what do you have in mind any way," she replied with a grin.

"Well there are two half gallons of ice cream in here, and if you finish them, you can make me do something, like… taking off my pants?" said Jenny.

"I am so swollen I am not sure I can fit any more in. It will be quite a struggle for me to finish one let alone two. Taking off your pants would be fun to see but I think I want something a little more physical. I haven’t been in a relationship since high school, and I know you are no longer dating Matt, and we have so much fun together, I was just wondering if I finish off the ice cream if you could um…..maybe… give me some massaging down a little lower… if you know what I mean," said Christina as she slammed her last beer.

Jenny was a little surprised but not shocked; this girl must have been bi if not gay this whole time and clearly attracted to her. That sort of explained the plain clothes and tomboy past and her desire to please her. This girl was not a "lipstick lesbian"…yet… but Jenny would fix that. Wait, what was she thinking? Subconsciously was this is what Jenny wanted all along? Well it’s just this once, right?

"Well o.k., but let’s keep this a secret. My ex-roommate might get jealous if she found out I touched a girl and it wasn't her," said Jenny.

"Sure thing, now let me help you out of your top," said Christina.

Christina rolled off the couch and waddled over to get behind Jenny. She proceeded to pull Jenny's top up over her head, which was no small feat considering Jenny was still wearing 4 inch heals putting her at 6'0" and Christina was barefoot at 5'6". To get the top over her head Christina had to lean into Jenny and her pot belly pushed into Jenny's butt and lower back.

"You are getting a little cushion back here too," laughed Christina and she pinched Jenny's rear. "You would be even sexier if you grew a belly to match these boobs."

"Hey no touching the merchandise, that’s my job," teased Jenny as she slapped Tina’s hand. "You want me to get a fat belly too?" She said as she turned to face Christina as Jenny rubbed her small tummy. "Do you think I would still be sexy with a big belly?"

"Mmmmm, definitely. Now bring those boobs over here," said Christina.

Christina undid the 4 hooks in Jenny's bra like a pro and Jenny's massive breasts bounced free. Christina spun Jenny around and began to kneed and caress her pendulous bosom. Jenny was 20 years old and her breasts had remained firm and round. They were far from starting to sag and almost looked fake because of how big they were.

"That’s enough skinny, time to finish some ice cream," said Jenny.
"Sure, but same rule as before, I eat, you rub the belly, then when I am done you rub my cha-cha," grinned Christina.

"If you eat it all, now stop talking and start eating," ordered Jenny.

Christina placed a couple of pillows behind her back to be able to recline a bit further and proceeded to spoon scoop after scoop into her mouth. 45 minutes later she had finished both and was so full she could barely move.

"Ohhhh, my belly, I am so fat now. I feel like I am going to pop," moaned Christina.

"You have outdone yourself, now I guess I need to hold up my end of the deal, darlin. I have never done this on anyone but myself so let me know if I am not doing it right. Scoot yourself to the edge of the couch so I can put my hands between your plump thighs," said Jenny.

Christina wiggled to the edge of the couch with her belly wobbling with every movement. In this position her legs were spread apart and she was more laying down that sitting. Jenny reached up and began to pull Christina’s tiny thong down. Christina had to help her get it from under her huge ass but once it was free, Jenny started her massage.

At first Jenny, used one hand to caress the lips and the other to rub and kneed Tina’s bloated belly. Then as Christina began to get wet, Jenny kept one hand working the pussy and one hand on Christina's breasts, while she began to kiss her lower belly. Christina was gasping for air and moaning in pleasure while she removed her bra. Jenny worked her way up and around her belly until Jenny's naked breasts were resting on top on Christina's belly. Christina opened her eyes and saw Jenny staring at her with her big blue eyes. Jenny moved further up and began to kiss and suck on Christina's nipples. Christina was exploding below and could barely breathe. When Jenny got close enough she leaned in to kiss her.

"Uh, uh, that was not part of our bargain. But I am sure we can work something out…" cooed Jenny. "I can’t wait to make you over. You are going to be so hot, and we are gong to have to do a lot of shopping! I love to shop!"

"Whatever Jenny, I’ll do whatever you want just make me come again, ohhh" moaned Christina.

"Well only because you have been such a good little piggy," giggled Jenny with a playful poke of Tina’s swollen belly.

Jenny proceeded to bring Christina to climax several times until Christina finally passed out drunk, bloated, and thoroughly pleasured.

"That was more fun than I thought, I can’t wait to see how much bigger she is going to get for me. All that massaging made me hungry, good thing there is an extra pizza," thought Jenny. "I wonder what it would be like for her to do that to me? She really seemed to enjoy being stuffed…"

(Hopefully this gets positive feedback. I'd like to see some before I post chapter 2)

(Continued in post 5 of this thread)
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grae0001 has said some nice things

positive feedback here! let's see chapter 2 please. nice descriptions, and good teaser with the prelude.
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Very fun tale...please continue!

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LumpD has said some nice things

Very good start - more please!!

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Well that's all the positive feedback I need. Here is the REST OF THE STORY.

Chapter 2

Three months into the make over Christina had gotten a stylish shoulder length haircut, dark red highlights, and was wearing dark eye make up to contrast with her ivory skin. She had very modern and model like look, a plus size model. She wore her hair up, in pig tails that came off the top of head and whatever funky style she liked. She spent a lot of time dressing up, buying new clothes and shopping. It was a complete change from where she was three months ago and she was getting as many admiring looks as Jenny.

Now that Jenny had shown her the light, Christina was even more girly than she was. She had managed to find some collared button up shirts that displayed her increasing cleavage and were short enough to show her new belly ring and plump love handles. She had also found some stylish white leather pants and plenty of other dressy pants. She enjoyed wearing dresses as well with plunging necklines and slits up the side when they weren’t miniskirt short.

Jenny had not given up on men yet and had yet to kiss Christina, even though Tina had made many advances. Christina had enjoyed getting oral pleasure and a few neither region messages but Jenny had yet to be touched by her. The two of them were constantly going out for drinks and large meals, and Jenny normally managed to dupe some innocent man into paying for it all. It was on one of those nights, three months into the make over, that Jenny and Christina were getting ready in the bathroom when Christina noticed how tight it was getting in there for the two of them ast once.

Christina had gotten out of the shower and was brushing her teeth. She was wearing only a white thong; her panties became much to confining with her rapid weight gain, and she was leaning forward over the sink. Her massive ass and fat thighs filled up most of the space between the sink counter and the wall, effectively trapping Jenny into the bathroom.

Christina's belly, originally flat, recently pudgy, was now bulging onto the counter. She had developed plump love handles to match her wide hips and now had a belly that formed a thick roll of fat that bulged over her pants. She didn’t have a potbelly, and carried her fat low on her waist so she still had a relatively trim upper body, which dramatically flared once it reached her love handles.

Her once perky C cup breasts had now plumped up to a full D cup and were bouncing and swaying in concert with the brushing of her teeth. Also bouncing a swaying was her fat on her upper arms. They had swelled exponentially since she had gained first 80 pounds of chub. Her thighs were massive and while her arms were no where near that size, they had already begun to bulge over her elbow. She liked the way her plump boobs had swelled over the last 3 months but they were no where near as large as Jenny's, and Jenny's had started to balloon.

Christina had begun baking more and more and getting Jenny to drink beer and other alcoholic beverages every night. Jenny was gaining quickly with all the beer and baked goods, which were causing some issues at work, lower tips, and in the bars, meeting available bachelors, but Christina enjoyed having Jenny more and more to herself.

Jenny would sometimes stuff Christina but recently Jenny had started to spend more time gobbling Tina’s cooking down, than feeding it to Tina. Jenny still hung on to her desire for men, but Christina was breaking down Jenny's defences through her swelling belly and knew it was only a matter of time before she would be hers and her belly would really balloon.

Christina throughout high school had been on the girl's soccer team. She had been athletic and thin due to all her involvement with soccer. Guys were naturally attracted to her thin toned body even if she did dress in athletic gear and never put on make up, her beauty shone through. She went on a few dates, but she never got involved romantically.

It wasn’t until senior year that she began to notice the other girls on the team, in particular one busty olive skinned beauty named Sara. Most of the girls were athletic and toned like Christina, except for Sara. Sara was 5'9" and stick thin except for a pair of full D cup breasts. She wasn’t a fast runner, how could she be with those melons, but she was the coach's pet and got to be on the team. The coach was a blatant lesbian and flirted with Sara constantly, and Sara placated her to make sure she could stay on the team and maybe meet some other girls of like interest.

Christina could see what the Coach saw in Sara, her huge breasts, and realized that she wanted nothing to do with men and everything to with Sara. Sara was extremely attractive and very feminine. She had dark brown long wavy hair, olive skin and big dark eyes. She weighed about 110 pounds and measured 32D-24-32. The trick for Tina was how to win Sara's affection.

Christina began to pay more attention to Sara and soon learned that Sara had a sweet tooth. Christina figured that if she learned to bake, she could win Sara's affection. She began bringing Sara treats, inviting her over for dessert, and then inviting her over for meals. Soon Sara was spending every night with Christina, going to movies, going to bakeries, ice cream shops, restaurants, and candy stores. Christina's baking had worn down Sara's reluctance to indulge herself and with the end of soccer season Christina did not have to contend with the coach's advances.

The two girls spent more and more time outside of school and back at Christina's parents baking, cooking and eating. Christina had become quite a cook and was reaping the rewards in Sara's affection. Christina didn’t really have a sweat tooth, she nibbled and sampled here and there, but Sara was like a bottomless pit. Her teenage metabolism kept the pounds off through the first two months of their friendship but eventually her curves began to grow.

By the end of the school year her metabolism was gone, as were both of their grades. Christina had gained about 10 pounds but had lost a lot of muscle, putting her at 125. Sara on the other had never had any muscle and just gained fat. Sara now had 34 EE breasts which rested on a 39 inch pot belly. Her hips had swelled to 40 inches and she now weighed in at 185 pounds. They had spent too much time together eating, cooking, and experimenting with their blossoming romance to focus on school.

Tina and Sara ended up barely graduating and neither of them went to college. Sara blamed Tina for making her fat and distracting her from school. After graduation, she never spoke to poor Christina again. Heart broken, Christina moved out of their hometown and became a professional cook, always hoping to recreate that joyous senior year with a beautiful girl. She knew busty, big-bellied girls were her type and she loved to watch them grow.

Now she had found a new girl, bustier than Sara was but without the round spherical belly, but Jenny had been showing a lot of progress, so she secretly hoped Jenny’s trim waist would swell to a big round belly. She had been instantly attracted to Jenny when she saw those enormous breasts. Jenny never paid any attention to her until one day, after a lengthy workout session, Christina was consuming a huge meal. She caught Jenny staring at her rubbing her swollen belly after gorging herself and realized that this girl was enjoying the show. A few more public displays of gluttony and there was no denying that Jenny was showing an interest.

Tina had not planned to get fat to attract Jenny but it clearly attracted Jenny. And now Jenny was so enamoured with her swelling girth, she knew she had to keep gaining. That was until she caught Jenny snacking and gaining on her own. She soon realized, even if Jenny did not, that Jenny wasn't really a feeder, but a closet feedee and if she played this relationship right Jenny would become a blimp. Her breasts where already much bigger and she was developing a globular paunch, but unlike Sara she was packing on a lot of weight on her fleshy hips. In a few more months, Jenny would be unable to turn back and she would just continue getting fatter and fatter.

But back to the bathroom logistics. Jenny was putting the finishing touches on her make up in the bathroom standing next to Christina. Originally there was plenty of mirror space for two girls to get ready, but now with Christina's ballooning ass, hips, and thighs and Jenny's enormous breasts, the space was becoming quite cramped.

Jenny was wearing her long blond hair up off her shoulders and had on large gold hoop earrings. Her hair was a little darker now and had pale blond highlights. She was wearing her white cotton backless top that tied behind her neck and came down in two swaths of cloth that wrapped around the front and part of the sides of her 38 GG cup breasts, then joined in the front to form the lower half of the top that wrapped around the upper half of her swelling belly.

Due to her huge cup size, the sides of Jenny's breasts were exposed and could be seen from behind when she lifted her arms up. A full 10 inches of cleavage was on display when she wore that top and even more when she was leaning over putting on her eyeliner. The top was sized to fit a much less busty girl and thus only reached to mid-belly, clearly displaying her bulging love handles and new belly fat. She was also wearing a belly ring with a thin gold chain that wrapped around her waist.

She had on a pair of light blue jeans that she bought a month ago. They were low rise jeans without belt loops or a top button. They only had a zipper that until a month ago went all the way up the 3 inch trek, now the zipper only went up about an inch. Luckily, these were stretch denim and her fat hips and booty kept them from wiggling off.

As she had continued to gain, more of Jen's butt crack was being displayed each time she wore these jeans. Originally it was only when she sat down, now even standing a good inch and half of butt crack was on display. This was a no underwear night for Jenny because of how tight the pants had gotten. Jenny had decided to wear 5 inch platform heals, placing her enormous breasts at eyelevel for the barefoot 5'6" Christina.

"She is getting huge," thought Christina. "This is going to be the last time she wears those jeans. The bouncers might think she was a stripper with as much breast flesh she has on display, well maybe they would if she wasn’t so chubby. Finally she is getting a belly, but with her ass and hips getting so fat it’s going to take a lot of pounds for her to get big round belly."

Christina was admiring the large assets of her formerly thin friend. Jenny had gained 25 pounds in the three months since their passionate evening and she now weighed 190 pounds and had added several inches and cup sizes to her figure. Her bra size had grown to a 38 GG; her upper body had remained slim while her breasts had ballooned. Her arms had plumped a bit but predominately all of the gain on the top part of her body was focused in her breasts.

She had gained an inch in her waist line, up to 29, and had gained 4 inches in her hips. Her ass had swelled but was not as globular as Christina's. She had grown wider and fuller in the hips. Her thighs had chubbed up but most of the fat resided in her swelling hips. From her fleshy hips, her legs tapered down small calves and thin ankles. Her fine bone structure was now covered with enough fat that her extra flesh wobbled a bounced. At 190 pounds, she was extremely curvy in all the right places, giving her an unfair advantage over most women. Unfortunately, her advantage was beginning to erode as her curves reached to greater and greater extremes.

"Alright let me through tubby," said Jenny as she slapped Christina's ass in the bathroom.

"Or what? You aint big enough to move my ass. Ah don’t pout, I guess I can let you, but only if you promise to sample the double chocolate cake I have made," said Christina as she cupped Jenny's fat breasts.

"Oooh, you baked again today? How can I say no to my little, Tina," said Jenny as she rubbed Christina's bulbous rear "You don’t mind if I finish off the ice cream too? That cake is so rich and gooey it needs something to go with it."

"Well O.K., but we will have to get some more on the way back from the club tonight," smiled Tina devilishly.

Upon arriving at the club Jenny bounced over to the bar where Steven was standing. Her massive breasts were bouncing and jiggling as she gave Steven a hug. Since the 5'8" Jenny was wearing 5" platform heels and Steven was only 5'6", her massive breasts smashed into his face. He was a little guy with a big wallet and had consistently paid for her and her friends drinks when they went out.

Jenny had strung him along for the last 9 months and he had witnessed her continued expansion with some disappointment. He still continued to fund the nights out but he was becoming less and less enraptured with her expanding figure. Tina strolled over to them wearing a low cut white mini dress that barely covered her massive butt. She was wearing matching 4" heals forcing her fat ass and her plump breasts out. Her dark brown hair was worn up and she had silver hoop earrings and a matching necklace on. They chit chatted with Steven for a while and drank a few Cosmo's, when Tina felt someone tap on her shoulder. Christina turned around expecting to scare away some drunken slob but found a busty dark haired olive skinned girl.

"Christina is that you?!" said the busty olive skinned girl.

"Sara?!" said Tina.

Sara gave Tina a big hug and the two girls squealed with glee. Christina had been reunited with her first love.

"Wow, I see you are still baking and cooking aren’t you?" giggled Sara as she pinched Tina's fat ass.

"I know, I have gained a lot of weight since the last time we saw each other. I can't believe how huge my ass is now, I weigh 230 pounds and my ass is 65 inches around. My new roommate loves to feed me, and you know how that can be," winked Christina.

"I know you turned me into such a porker, took me like two years to loose the weight, and now I am starting to put it back on. My current roommate is little piggy too and its beginning to wear off on me. You know my sweet tooth," she said as she rubbed her slight belly.

"Oh I do, but you are still so thin," replied Tina.

Based on Tina's estimation Sara was around 137 pounds and was probably a 34E with a slight belly bulge and 36 inch hips. Sara was wearing tight black flared low rise pants and 4 inch black strappy heals. She was wearing a pink spaghetti strap tight camisole that left her entire belly exposed. In her belly button she was wearing a pink stone.

"I can't get over how good you look Christina, I love your hair. Your new room mate must be a good influence. Turn around and let me get a better look of that ass." Tina spun around and jiggled her booty. The 65 inches of flesh was too much for Sara to resist and she had to slap it.

"Hey, that hurt!" complained Tina.

"Well let me kiss it to make it feel better," said Sara as she bent over and kissed Tina's butt cheek.

"Now I'm going to walk around with your lip stick on my ass Sara," wined Tina

"Let me make it up to you and buy to a drink," said Sara.

"That's O.K. baby, my roommate and I are on his tab," said Christina as she pointed to Steven.

"Oh, ya? Is that your roommate with the short skinny guy?" asked Sara.

"Yep, that’s the one I gained all this weight for. Isn't her breasts huge?"

"Ya she's amazing, she could fatten me up too," said Sara.

"Who could fatten you up Sara?"

From behind Sara came a short girl with light blond hair and big green eyes. She was sipping on a large pink drink and had very pouty lips. She appeared to be about 5'2" and was wearing cute black sandals. On top she was wearing a light blue baby tank top with spaghetti straps. Her shirt revealed limited cleavage but it did reveal the lower 2/3rds of her pot belly.

She appeared to have small pert 32B breasts and plump spherical pot belly that stuck out several inches. She had chubby arms and plump love handles and looked to have a waist line that measured at least 45 inches. Below her generous paunch she was wearing low rise white linen pants that were tight around her fat hips and thighs, but loose from the knee down. Her hips were wide and curvy and she had a fat spherical butt cheeks. She was small on top but very fat below, she likely measured 60 inches around her hips and plump butt. She also had a stone in her belly button but this one was light blue matching her top and had her fat lower lip pierced.

"Oh Hey Kate, this is Tina one of my old friends," said Sara.

"You aren’t Jenny's roommate are you?" asked Kate "I saw a girl who looks like her in here only she is a lot fatter."

"I don’t know if we are talking about the same Jenny but the really busty girl over there is named Jenny and she is my roommate," replied Tina.

"Wow she has gotten fat, her breasts are enormous. I am her ex-roommate Kate," she said as she hugged Tina.

"I heard you were a tiny little thing," said Tina.

"Yeah, I sorta put on some pounds with Jenny, then a lot of ballooning over the last 9 months. College has been busy, lots of late nights studying, and the cafeteria is all you can eat so I rarely leave campus," she replied.

"Unless it's to see me dance of course, and sometimes I can't even make her come out then. I hope all that studying gets her something other than a huge ass," teased Sara.

"This little piggy has gained 123 pounds in the 27 months she had been in college. Kate now weighs 218 pounds," said Sara "First I thought it would be fun to live with a roommate but living with her, eating and drinking all the time is starting to make my night job more difficult," said Sara as she patted her slight belly.

"He he, I guess I might be a bad influence, but maybe not as bad as you were Tina," giggled Kate with an impish grin.

"Nonsense, she was just beginning to fill out when she was mine, but Kate you have a belly that I would love to feed," winked Tina.

"Hey hands off Tina, this Buddha is mine," laughed Sara.

"Hey, you two want to join Jenny and me tonight? We got Steven over there paying for all of our drinks and hopefully our meals later on," asked Tina as she rubbed her belly.

"Sure, I love to get men to pay for stuff, it's my job," said Sara with a grin.

The three girls moved over to where Jenny and Steven were talking and ordered more drinks. As the night went on Steven began to pay more attention to Sara and a drunken Jenny had become enamoured to her old roommate's potbelly.

Jenny was shocked at how fat Kate was and was constantly rubbing or poking Kate's bulge. Eventually Tina started to get a little jealous and got Jenny out on the dance floor and away from Kate's belly and Jenny began her usual playful rubbing and caressing on Tina and Tina began caress Jenny. Jenny kept playfully swatting her away but Tina could tell she was enjoying it. Luckily, for Tina Jenny was, getting drunk and her inhibitions were eroding, and when Jenny got drunk, she also got ravenously hungry.

The girls and Steven left the club and went for a late night snack. Jenny and Kate ate ravenously at an all-night buffet while Sara and Tina ate more moderate portions. Tina probably ate the least but knew her old girlfriend's weakness for sweets, so she made sure to pick up extra cake, cookies, and pie on the way home. They got Steven to pay for the late night snack of course, but between Jenny and Sara, the girls got Steven to give them several hundred dollars for other feigned interests promising to “work off” their debt in very appealing manners.

The four girls ended up back at Tina and Jenny's apartment. Jenny had decided during the ride home that some how she was not done eating for the night, and ordered 5 large pizza's and 5 gallons of ice cream to be delivered to her apartment. Once they got home Jenny got out of her extremely restrictive pants and put on a tight baby tank top and sweat shorts that probably fit her about 20 pounds ago. The waistband was rolled down to give her belly room to breathe and the lower 1/3 of her butt cheeks were left uncovered due to their continued expansion.

While Jenny was changing Tina managed to convince the other two girls to help her take Jenny's flower. She explained to them that the whole time Jenny had lived with her she had never let Tina kiss or touch her neither regions and the reason she had gotten to fat was to try to attract Jenny.

Kate and Sara where both attracted to Jenny and decided that they would love to help seduce young Jenny, but once she did change teams she would be fair game for the three of them. Tina reluctantly agreed but she knew that the key to Jenny’s heart was no longer being the most voluptuous and pretty girl around, but by being the girl who kept her well feed, and neither of these girls knew how to cook. By the time Jenny was done changing the scene had been set. The lights had been lowered, the pizza and ice cream had arrived, and the beer and some hard alcohol for shots had been brought out. Jenny grabbed a few slices of pizza and a beer and began feasting. The other girls were drinking beer and Tina was in the kitchen putting the ice cream in the freezer.

"Hey ladies I got an idea. Let's play a game. Tina do you have any dice?" asked Kate.

"Sure let me go get them," replied Tina.

"I learned this game last year from some of the girl's on the softball team, it’s a lot of fun and it gets you drunk pretty fast. They used this game whenever they needed to bulk up or they needed to help their team mates fill out. They called it Potbelly, and basically it’s a really fun way consume as much beer and food as you can in as short amount of time possible, thus growing a big potbelly.

"One of the freshmen girls last season went from a scrawny 110 pounds to a nicely padded 195 pounds and can hit the ball farther than ever. She can’t really run, but she sure is fun to watch try, regardless, you play with dice and based on what is rolled you either give food or drinks away to the other players or you take a drink or eat.

:Since I know the rules and Jenny is to my right, she starts out as the Potbelly. The numbers on the dice determine the quantities and who eats or drinks but some only affect the Potbelly with food or drinks, additionally when the entire group has the consume, the Potbelly has to consume twice the amount. The way to stop being the Potbelly is for the Potbelly to roll double ones. Everyone ready?"

“Sure,” chimed both Sara and Kate with huge grins.

“I really have the munchies, but I don’t know Tina, I might be starting to get a little chubby,” said Jenny.

“Jenny you are a long ways from chubby, Tina and I are the ones really getting fat. You have nothing to worry about,” said Kate.

“I guess….” sighed Jenny.

“Good, then roll the dice skinny,” said Kate.

The dice were rolled and food and drinks were allocated to the girls, with Jenny getting most of the drinks and a lot of the food. The rolls continued and the pile of food for Jenny grew. Jenny was beginning to slow the game down as she was getting very full. By this point she had eaten an impressive 2 large pizza's and downed a 12 pack of beer. Jenny started to whine about her belly, and Sara brought out the apatite enhancing narcotics. Few minutes later Jenny was back in action. The girls played through the game until all the pizza was eaten and the beer drank. They were now down to hard alcohol and ice cream, not a great combination but….

"I need to pee, be right back," said Jenny.

"Hurry back boobs, it's your roll next," chimed Christina.

"Hey no more alcohol for her ladies lets give her the ice cream. I need her to sober up somewhat and I would love to pack her full of fattening ice cream," giggled Tina.

"She is like a bottomless pit, Tina. I don’t think I could get close to consuming as much food and beer as her. You are going to have a real porker on your hands soon," said Kate.

Jenny waddled into the room and plopped down onto the chair and the girls continued their game. The game progressed more drinks were passed out and Jenny was mowing through gallons of Ice cream, she ended up getting 2 gallons of ice cream allotted to her and only a couple of drinks. She was only able to eat 1/2 gallon before she started complaining again.

"I can't eat any more, someone else has to be the Potbelly, I feel like I am going to burst," whined Jenny.

"Oh I would love to help you out but the rules are the rules sweety, you have to eat it all before we can even discuss switching,” said Kate

“Why don’t we take a little break, Sara?" said Tina.

“Sure, that always helps,” Sara replied.

The thirty minutes watching TV brought Jenny’s appetite back for another few rounds of the game. Unfortunately the rest of the ice cream went her way, all 5 gallons, and there was no way she could eat all of that so the girls struck her a deal. Each kiss they got on the lips from Jenny would reduce the ice cream by one scoop. At first Jenny refused but as she got deeper into her third gallon she reluctantly agreed.

"O.K., O.K. I guess some kisses wouldn’t be too bad," said Jenny.

All three girls kissed her, then again, and again, and again. Shockingly she sorta liked it. Their lips are so soft that it wasn’t too bad and she had managed to reduce the amount she had to eat by a half gallon. She had eaten one and half gallons, worked off another half gallon, but still had 3 gallons left so she tried to strike another deal.

“Oh my belly is bigger than it has ever been, I am so full I feel like I am going to pop,” moaned Jenny.

"Enough stalling Jenny back to finishing your ice cream. Sara has a few more drinks coming her way, I can feel it," said Tina.

"Wait, what if I do something else, I am so full I don’t know how much more I can eat."

"You aren't getting out that easy, Potbelly, you earned the ice cream fair and square. Maybe if you recline a bit it will take some pressure off your belly? Let's move you over to the couch,” said Tina.

Jenny managed to heave her bloated belly up and waddle over to the couch. Sara put pillows behind Jenny's back to allow her to recline more. Tina brought the ice cream over and began to spoon feed as Jenny rubbed her own belly. Ice Cream began to dribble down her chin and drip onto her fat breasts and tank top. The girls had managed to turn the table on the feeder and Tina was getting extremely turned on now that Jenny was the feedee.

"Wait Tina, wait. You are getting ice cream on my top. Let me take of my clothes before this gets to messy," she said.

"That's ok sweetie, we will help you with those," said Tina.

Tina took of got Jenny's top off and it took both Sara and Kate to get the sweat shorts off from under her swelling ass.

"OK back to feeding," said Tina

"Isn't there something else I can do not to eat all that ice cream? Look at me I'm about to pop!" said Jenny.

"You only have three gallons left hun, but I know whenever Sara stuffs me, it always helps me eat when she goes down on me. Why don’t you let us go down on you?" asked Kate.

I am so full I might pop if I eat another bite, and all three of them are cute. But this is ridiculous! I can't let another girl touch me there! Thought Jenny.

"No way! Give me the ice cream," said Jenny.

"Well at least let us rub that fat belly of yours," said Tina. "You wouldn't mind feeding her Kate would you?"

"Not at all. I have wanted to feed little Jenny’s belly for two years," said Kate as she plopped on the couch next to Jenny.

Kate began to spoon the ice cream in and Tina got on her knees between Jenny’s legs and began to rub her swelling Buddha. Sara feeling slightly left out went into the kitchen and began to sample some of Tina's baked goods.

Slowly but surely Tina's hand began to go further south around the swollen belly until it was deep inside Jenny. At first Jenny swatted her away. Then she began to get into it. She was quickly getting aroused and wet and began to ravenously eat. She pushed Kate away and grabbed the carton. As Tina's hand worked faster and faster Jenny scooped in more and more. Then she felt it, something wet between her legs, and Tina's hands were now both on her belly. Tina was eating her while she was eating the ice cream.

"More blast it!" she cried as she finished the carton. Kate rushed over with the next carton and Jenny tore into that one.

"She is really enjoying Tina and the ice cream," Sara whispered to Kate.

"I know, look at how swollen she is. I could never eat that much, and with Tina around to stuff her, she wont ever have a flat belly again. It’s going to be so fun watching her get fatter and fatter," Kate whispered back.

"Back when Tina and I were dating I could eat even more than that. I miss being able to eat like that but a stripper with a huge belly doesn’t make much in tips," sighed Sara.

“Don’t worry, in less than two years I will graduate and get a good job and you wont have to dance if you don’t want too,” said Kate.

“You better be careful Kate, I might just take you up on that offer…” With that Kate and Sara made their way into Tina's bedroom to entertain themselves.
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The End of chapter 2 and start of chapter 3.

A quarter of the way through the next container Jenny climaxed, then again half way though, then again as soon as she finished it. Her belly was painfully distended but she loved the feeling in her belly and in her pussy. Tina brought her another half-gallon container and she continued to eat while Tina ate her.

Eventually, many orgasms later, she passed out ice cream bucket resting between her jumbo breasts. It had been many months of waiting and she had put on many pounds fat to her once toned and athletic body but Tina knew there would be no turning back for Jenny. Jenny was going to be more than a roommate or friend she was going to be Tina’s feedee and hopefully, lover.

Chapter 3

For the next week, Tina continued to feed and pleasure Jen virtually around the clock. Jen’s schedule had been reduced at the sports bar due to her figure expanding out of her uniform, but after missing her only two shifts that week the manager decided to fire her. Her manager also fired Tina after missing that week as well, but both girls were so enraptured with the feeding and oral pleasure, they couldt care less.

Well maybe that wasn’t completely true, Jen was a little heart broken because she loved all the food and free beer she had been consuming recently and now she no longer had a source of income. Luckily she was on semester break from college so she didn’t miss any of her classes that week, but the loss of her job was quite depressing.

Tina helped console her by continuing to stuff her and baking more and more. After two more weeks of consoling (feeding) Jen, Tina began to get a little short of funds and she applied at a bakery next to the mall. The owner hired her that day and Jen was left alone in the apartment with all of Tina's baked goods and nothing to do but watch TV and eat, until Jen came home to feed her even more fattening treats from the bakery.

After another week of laying about the apartment, eating all day and getting stuffed and pleasured by Tina at night, Tina convinced Jen to leave the apartment. Tina realized that Jen needed to get a job as she wasn't going to be able to pay all the bills herself. Tina tricked Jen into coming by the bakery with the enticement of free pastries. Jen was hesitant at first but eventually the desire for more sugary pastries overcame her reluctance. Jen decided a trip to the bakery wouldn't be too bad, she just needed something to wear.

In the last month Jenny had gained 20 pounds putting her well over the 200-pound mark. Her belly was fully distended most of the time and she now looked pregnant. Her ass had bloated widened and her breasts had grown plump with fat. She had grown so fat in the recent months that she could only squeeze into a pair of extremely tight pink sweat pants, and only with the waistband rolled down freeing her bloated potbelly and corpulent love handles.

Her tank tops only covered her massive breasts and the top few inches of her belly, leaving virtually all of her spherical potbelly exposed. She still could squeeze her pudgy arms into the matching pink sweat suit jacket, but there was no way she could zip it up over her huge breasts. She had outgrown her panties weeks ago but she could still squeeze her breasts into her 40 H bra. With her light blond hair twisted up in a clip, dangly gold hoop earrings and matching necklace, she put on her pink flip-flops and waddled out to her car and drove to the bakery.

Jen got to the bakery and was assaulted by all the amazing smells. Her belly started rumbling and her mouth started watering instantly. She noticed that all of the employees were girls, all cute and one was unbelievably stunning, if much to skinny to be working in a bakery. All of the girls were also fairly young, right around her age and wearing uniforms that were very form fitting.

As soon as Jen walked in Tina brought over some cookies and a pie and sat her down at one of the tables in the corner of the shop. She said that the pastries were "mistakes" and would have to be thrown away, so Jenny could help the bakery out by eating them if she wanted. Jen's belly rumbled and she licked her lips and her roommate knew what the answer was. As the day progressed more food was brought over and Tina brought iced coffee over. The bakery also sold drinks which were made by the stunning girl at the counter. As soon as her drink got low, the skinny beautiful girl would come over and refill it. During one of the sweet deliveries to the table, Tina stopped to talk.

"The owner is real sweet Jenny, you would like her," said Tina. "She is only a few years older than us and lets us eat anything we want, all day!"

"I am going to get so fat working here," said Tina "And so are you Jen." She thought.

"Oh here she comes. Kelly, meet my roommate Jen," said Tina.

The owner appeared to be in her late 20's. With short blond hair cut in a chunky modern style, big green eyes, cute turned up button nose, and pale ivory skin. She was about 5'4" and very bottom heavy. She was pear shaped like Tina and looked like she was poured into her baker's outfit.

She was wearing white cotton pants and white short sleeve button up collared shirt, and pink canvas sneakers. Her shirt was unbuttoned at the top two buttons to allow for some cleavage, her breasts were not that impressive for her size, maybe a 38D, but below her breasts her flesh rapidly increased to a generous pot belly. Her belly looked to be at least 50 inches around and was straining the three buttons she had managed to clasp. Her shirt was un-tucked and unbuttoned so that the bottom few inches of belly flesh and her plump love handles bulged out from beneath the shirt.

Tied below her belly was a white apron that on most women would have wrapped all the way around them. But on Kelly's wide fleshy hips and thighs the apron only covered the front. Not to be out done by the rest of her body, her booty ballooned out behind her giving her already huge lower half and even more portly look. She stuck out further behind than in front, and that was saying a lot with her round pot belly.

Jen was amazed out how huge the baker's booty was, it was much bigger than Tina's. Kelly's hips and butt probably measured more than 70 inches around, and Jen was a little envious of how sexy this obese girl looked. Wait, what was she thinking? This girl was huge and fat, which turned her on, but did she really want to be that fat? If she didn’t stop eating like she was she soon would be.

"You must be Jenny, I have heard so much about you," said Kelly.

"It’s me in the flesh, and getting fleshier by the minute thanks to your fattening treats," said Jen as she stood up and patted her bare bloated belly. "Six months ago, this Buddha belly would have been flat, but thanks to my roommate and your cooking I have almost grown out of everything I own."

"Oh that’s hardly a Buddha belly, you are still such a tiny little thing," giggled Kelly as she put her hands on the side of Jenny’s exposed potbelly. "Well I guess whatever goes into here, stays off of my ass so you are welcome to whatever mistakes we make. There are far too many skinny chicks in here, both working and shopping here, so please eat up.

"When I saw Christina walk in I hoped she had at least some cooking ability, but even if she didn’t I had to hire her just to have another bootilicous girl around who might help keep me away from eating all the mistakes. I have a bit of a sweet tooth as you can imagine."

"Good to know my fat ass got me the job, because it aint cheep being this curvy. My hips and ass have grown so much that I now have to shop at Voluptuous Lady.," said Tina.

"Good thing our employees have a deal with the Voluptuous Lady, all clothing purchases are 20% off, and in turn all of their employees get 20% off our food. They are constantly over here getting something to snack on," said Kelly.

"Voluptuous Lady, what's that?" asked Jen.

"It’s the plus size girls store in the mall, just across the street. Great clothes and most of the girls there are cute, so its fun to browse if you know what I mean," said Kelly with a wink.

"I need a whole new wardrobe after the last six months. This was the last thing I could squeeze into. Having a cook for a roommate is great until you get so fat you grow out of all of your clothes," said Jen as she struggled to take off her Jacket. "I don’t think I will be able to wear this anymore until I go on a diet."

Jen leaned forward to remove her jacket that caused her massive breasts to jiggle and bounce in front of Kelly, giving her a great view of Jenny’s deep cleavage. Jen's tank top had rolled up her potbelly during her feasting and once she wiggled out of her jacket her shirt had rolled up just beneath her generous bosom. She stretched her top back down over her swollen paunch only to see it shrink back up revealing the bottom 2/3 of her belly.

"He he he, I think you might have out grown that tank top too, sweets," said Tina. "I can loan you some money if you want to go pick something up."

"I feel bad taking your money Tina, but if you two keep bringing these pasties by I will never be able to fit in my clothes," whined Jen. "I just need to pick up a few things, until I loose some of this pudge and can get my old job back," she said as she grabbed her fleshy spare tire.

"I don’t think they are going to rehire you Jen. The manager was pretty pissed, and it’s going to take you a while to fit back in your old bar maid uniform,” teased Tina.

"Jenny if you need some work I could hire you part time if you want to cook, but I know Voluptuous Lady is hiring full time employees," said Kelly. "I know the manager there. She is such a sweet heart, but wants the sales girls to have a certain kind of look. You know, the kind of look that a couple of months hanging around here could give you."

"What do you mean?" asked Jen with her hands on her love handles.

"The sales girls need to be fat silly. It is a plus size store, and you might just be fat enough. Now I know the manager will be at the store around 5:00 PM today, so if you want, you can hang out here until she comes. Then I can give her a call and if she wants to meet with you, I will send you over. I am pretty sure she will hire you, but once you get hired don’t try loosing any of this,” said Kelly with a playful poke of Jenny’s belly. “She got rid of three girls last month for getting to skinny."

Tina thought "FAT! Who was this porker calling fat?! She had to be near 300lbs and I am much smaller than her. Hmmph. But I guess I do need a job, and a working with cute fat girls sounds a lot better than serving beer to drunken guys."
"I don’t know, I sorta miss having a waistline, but I guess I do need a job. I could always loose the weight after I earn enough money anyways," said Jen.

"Sure you can, hun, piece of cake. The manager’s name is Gwen and she is very nice. If you want to hang out here between now and when you go to meet her, you can help yourself to as much of the mistakes as you want. It will be nice to have such a cute curvy girl around the place. Well I cant stay here and talk all day, I need to get back to work. It was nice meeting you," she said as she turned and walked back to check on the rest of the bakery.

"Nice meeting you too,” said Jenny to Kelly’s back. She leaned towards Christina and whispered, “Her ass is enormous, look at how it bounces! I have a feeling that your ass is going to get that big working here, maybe bigger," teased Jen.

"It’s not like I am the only one getting a fat ass around here Jenny. And I know this isn’t filled up yet," Tina said as she patted Jen's exposed fleshy belly.

"Are you going to hang out here all day? We got a bunch of new cakes we are trying out and I have a feeling you are going to love them," said Tina

"Oh you devil you. You know I can’t say no to your cakes. Sigh, I guess if I am going to work at Voluptuous Lady, I don’t have to worry about getting fat, and I got nothing better to do until 6, so sure I will eat your cakes," replied Jen with a smile.

Tina returned to the back of the bakery to start bringing out the cakes, when the stunning skinny girl caught Jen's attention. She was younger than Jen and had light blond hair that she wore up in a clip. She had bright blue eyes and full pouty lips. She was one of the prettiest girls Jen had seen, a perfect 10 by most standards. She was about Jen's height, maybe and inch shorter, but was wearing 3 inch heeled shoes, making her taller than all of the girls in the bakery. She was working the counter in tight black pants and a black tank top.

Jen could tell the girl was 32D, same size as Jen when she was 16, and the girl had the tiniest waist, maybe 23 inches and slim hips and thighs, at most 36 inches. Jen had had noticed her checking her out the entire time she had been there and noticed that the skinny girl's eyes nearly popped out of her head when Jen took off her jacket. The girl kept bringing her drinks and at first Jen wasn't sure why the girl kept looking or paying that much attention to her, did she have food on her face? Did she get something on her tank top? No the girl was admiring what she saw. J

en realized this pretty young girl was taken with her, and while Jen thought the girl was beautiful, she was much to skinny. But what would she look like with 50 pounds on her, or a 100, or a couple hundred pounds of fat swelling her flat trim waistline? Jen was sure she wanted to find out. So she decided to put on a little bit of a show for the girl and leaned back in her chair and rubbed her belly, inching up her tank top up until her entire belly has uncovered. Then Jen took her full milkshake, the skinny girl had refilled her drink less than a minute ago, and drank it down all at once.

"Would you like another, Kelly said it was O.K.," asked the girl.

She must have ran over once she saw me drinking, she thought.

"Oh I don’t know if I should, milkshakes are so fattening and Kelly and my roommate already called me fat once today," said Jen as she leaned forward to put the glass down. "My boobs never used not touch on my belly, but now look, my belly is resting on my fat thighs which is pushing my huge boobs up," she said cupped her breasts. "Do you think I am to fat to have another shake?"

"Oh no way! Can I just say you have the most amazing boobs! I would love to have your boobs," said the hypnotised skinny girl.

"Oh you are so sweet, thank you. But I can't let you have them, but I would let you hold them," replied Jen

"Really! That would be awesome!" she squealed as she reached for them.

Jenny playfully slapped her hand. "First you need to tell me a little bit about yourself and if you think I am too fat to have another of your thick creamy delicious shakes." She said as she figured her deep cleavage.

"Oh ya, sorry, I get nervous around really hot girls. I'm Brigitte. I just graduated high school and am taking some time off from all the learning. Not sure what I want to do yet," said Brigitte as she sat down across from Jen.

"I'm not really that good at anything, certainly not school, but I love to shop, party, meet…..girls, and recently I have learned that I love to eat. All of my friends have been teasing me and telling me that I am going to get fat if I keep eating all the time. But the thing is, I want to, sorta. Not super fat just, well, curvier.

You know, big boobs, maybe a nice little belly and a bigger ass. Sorta like you, but maybe not so much belly that thing really is round. And now my high school friends have all gone to Europe or some other random location for the summer, and there is no one to stop me from doing what I want. I probably won't see them again cause they are all leaving for college, so uh, I guess I also need some new friends. Preferably cute friends that like to shop, party, and …eat, and well not tell me I am getting too fat. Oh and to answer your question, you were going to get another shake if you wanted it or not." She said with a wink.

This girl just said she had too much belly! Ridiculous, it is just a little puffy, that’s all. "Well that’s a lot to take in; um I guess we can be friends. I love to shop, party, nibble here and there, and as of recent I really like girls. Girls with some big curves preferably," she said as she patted her belly. "But I should probably warn you that being friends with me might make you fat. You may end up getting a lot curvier than you wanted."

"I don’t ever think I will get your size Jen, but now you need to let me hold those melons," said Brigitte.

Brigitte held Jen's massive knockers for while, staring in joyous rapture. Eventually Jen had to lean back and move them out of reach or she would have kept messaging and staring. "That's enough for now, but let's trade numbers and maybe we can hook up later," said Jen.

"Cool, now let me get you that shake," replied Brigitte.

Jen sat in the bakery for the next seven hours eating and drinking whatever the girls brought to her. She saw a number of plump and chubby girls come in and get various goodies. It was good place to people watch, certainly for the type of people she liked. Her belly continued to grow, and grow, getting rounder and harder. But she just couldn't say no. She ate until her belly hurt and then some more. She had to get out of here or she would pop, but the shakes were so good, her new skinny friend must be putting something into them.

She thought "Too much belly! HA! This will shrink right up once I get enough money from working and Voluptuous Lady to support myself. It will be nice not to workout for a while but as soon as I get enough money I know I will get my thin waist back."

But for now the pies were just too delicious, the cakes, the donuts, and the cookies. Sure her belly hurt, but they just kept coming. She just couldn't stop, each time she got fuller and her belly got tighter, she would think back to the stuffings by Tina and she got more and more aroused. She imagined Tina's caressing tongue in her neither regions, ate with renewed vigour.

"Look at her go, Tina, she can sure pack it in," said Kelly.

"I know. I think I created a monster," giggled Tina.

"Well we should get her out of here and over to the Voluptuous Lady," said Kelly. "Gwen is a little impatient."

"Oh but it is so fun to watch her eat, but I guess she does need a job."

Tina walked over to Jen. "The boss said you are cut off,"

"Oh just a little bit more. All this food reminds me of you stuffing me," wheezed Jen.
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Chap 3 (continued)

"Oh really, no wonder you are becoming such a little piggy. But it's time for you to head over to the Voluptuous Lady," teased Tina.

"Who you calling piggy, fat ass?" said Jen as she stood up with her hands on her hips.

"Please honey you used to be a lot thinner than I was six months ago, even a month ago but now look at this belly. You're about to pop," said Tina as she poked Jen in the belly.

"Stop it, that hurt," whined Jenny as she turned around and put her back to Tina.

Tina got closer and put her arms around Jenny’s waist and rubbed her hands on Jen's bloated belly.

"I am just teasing you sweetie. You were such a good girl today, I know you are going to get the job and when you get home there is going to be celebratory dinner and dessert waiting for you. Now put on your jacket and impress Gwen with your charm, or charms," she whispered into her ear as she slipped her hands up to cup Jen's generous bosom.

"Don't worry Tina, I know how to impress the ladies," said Jen as gave a wink to Bridgett that Christina could not see.

Jen managed to waddle over to the mall and find the clothing store. It was a nice store with several pudgy teen aged girls shopping inside, a few college girls and a lot of professional aged women who had really packed on the pounds. Jen walked up to the register and asked the girl if she knew where the manager was. The counter top at the register was abnormally low as Jen was wearing flip-flops and the counter only came to the tops of her thighs. The registers were normal height, but the counters were lower that normal which gave the girls a good place to lean against or sit on.

This register girl was leaning against the back counter facing the front of the store, sucking on a lollipop of some kind and absent mindedly twirling a lock of her hair. The girl was shorter Jenny, maybe 5'4", but when Jenny got to the counter she could see that this girl was wearing 4 inch spiked black leather boots. She was really only 5'0" tall. The girl was cute in a pale semi punk sort of way. She had wavy black hair with dark blue highlights, pale skin, full red lips, and dark eye make-up. She was wearing a tight black baby t-shirt that hugged her fat breasts and round belly.

She was small framed, tiny hands and fine features and Jenny estimated her bra size to be around a 36 GG, her breasts wear huge, but her upper body was fairly narrow. Her belly on the other hand was quite plump. The t-shirt covered most of the girl's expansive paunch leaving only inch of pale belly and her chubby love handles exposed.

In her current leaning position, the belly bulged out beneath her breasts but not quite past them, still it was quite a gut on this young girl. Now below her waist she was wearing a short black pleated skirt that reached to the tops of her thighs. Jen couldn't quite tell how big she was there due to the pleated skirt not hugging her curves, but based on the chubby thighs, she new the girl had some meat in the seat.

"Huh, oh hi, you need me to help you find some clothes, well the maternity clothes are all in the front up there," said the girl as she stood up and pulled her shirt down over her belly.

"No, no, I'm looking for the manager, I heard you guys have a position available. And I am not pregnant," said Jen.

"Oh I'm sorry people think I am pregnant all the time with my belly. I hope you aren’t mad, us Buddha's need to stick together," replied the girl as she patted her own belly.

"Well I might have had a couple of snacks today," replied a blushing Jen.

"I wish I had, I am so starving now but the pizza hasn't got here yet," smiled the girl as she patted her belly. "Gwen's over there in the back helping some girls unpack the double plus size bras. I think she is wearing grey sweats today, its her day off but she came in to help for a bit."

"Thanks, I am Jen by the way," she said.

"I'm Mandy, nice to meet you," said Mandy.

Jen wandered into the back when she spotted the biggest butt she had ever seen. Cloaked in skin tight grey sweats was a massive bulbous fat rear. The woman was bent over and Jen could only see her huge ass, hips and the back of her legs. The girl was wearing shoes like Jen, very casual for a manger. Then the girl stood back up with a hand full of extremely large bras in her hand she turned to the side.

Jenny was amazed at what she saw. The girl had an upper body that was even more impressive than her lower body. This girl was Jen's height and possibly the biggest girl she had ever seen. She had dark blond hair with brown highlights, wavy and she was wearing it up in a ponytail. She was cute and appeared to only be a few years older than Jen. She was wearing a skintight low cut pink tank top that some how managed to hug her entire bulk down almost to her waistband. The waistband of the grey sweats was rolled under and went below her fat love handles and bloated belly.

Through the tightness of the tank top she could see that the Manager had out grown her bra as the flesh was bursting up through the huge cups. The manager had big puffy upper arms and a slight double chin, every thing about her oozed fat and femininity. Jen estimated that the manager measured somewhere near a 58 inch chest, a 70 inch belly and enormous 82 inch hips. She was the bustiest girl in the store, but the double plus size bra's she was unpacking were clearly for even bigger girls. This store catered to the big and even the very very big.

"Uh excuse me, are you the manager?" asked Jen.

The girl turned to face her and Jen was amazed at how cute this woman was. She was very pretty and had a pleasant smile. She had big brown eyes and full plump lips, on which she was wearing a pale shade of pink lipstick.

"That’s me, I'm Gwen. You must be Jen, Kelly told me you were coming over," said Gwen as she stretched out her hand.

"Ya I heard you are looking for a new girl," said Jen trying to stick her boobs out and suck her belly in, while shaking Gwen’s hand. She wasn’t going to get called pregnant again.

"Well I am always looking for a girl with a full bosom to work the bra section," she said as she moved closer to Jen. "And you seem to have a pretty generous bosom, are those 40 GGG?"

"Wow you are good, they are, but I think I am starting to outgrow them. But you must be even bigger, what are you 44 II?" asked Jen.

"Close, I am a 42 III, that’s a very good guess, but if you work here I am sure you will grow intimately familiar with expanding cup sizes," said Gwen. "Now normally, I don’t hire girls your size to work in the store, they work in the back unloading and packing stuff until they fill out. But you have generous hips, thick thighs, and are quite busty. Your belly is a little flat though, but we can work on that," she said with a smile.

"Oh well in that case….I can stop sucking it in," said Jen and she allowed her belly to swell to its proper size.

"Wow that’s some control you had, you just gained 5 inches! You might workout after all. Recently, I have had some girls who started out chubby, but didn’t really like to eat and ending up loosing their voluptuous figures. I have to be sure you are going to fill out and not loose your curves. If you can prove to me that you like to eat I can be confident you will not loose your Voluptuous Lady curves. Do you think you can prove to me you can eat?" asked Gwen

"Uh well….I guess so, but I had kinda a big lunch" said Jen as she rubbed her belly.

“Well if you are not really interested..”

“No, no I really need a job,” said Jenny.

"Goodie, now come to the back with me and you can fill out the paper work while complete your interview by eating, say… one and half large pizzas? If you can do that for me I can go against my better judgement and you can have the job in the bra section, instead of working in the back."

One and half large pizzas?! She was so full from her day of stuffing her belly still ached. But she needed the job, so she reluctantly agreed.

"Ok, Julia, take Jen into the break room and get her the paper work. I will be in to check on your progress in a bit."

"I'll keep an eye on her Gwen, plus it's about time for my break," replied Julia.

Julia was looked to be about 18, 5'7", with full 36D cup breasts. She had a trim flat belly with round full hips and butt, probably right around 42 inches, just a bit smaller than Jen's hips were last year. She wearing tight low-rise jeans, and baby-t that left most of her flat belly exposed. She had straight medium length dark brown hair and brown eyes, a very pretty Latin beauty.

"Here you go, the pizza is on the table and I will go grab the paperwork," said Julia.

"OK, thanks," replied Jen.

Jen walked over to the table and inspected the pizzas. All of them were deep dish, thick crust double meat, and extra cheese. These girls liked their pizza thick and heavy. Two pieces would be enough for a meal, but eating a large and half meant she had her work cut out for her.

"Hey Kelly, I just met Jen," said Gwen into her cell, "She is perfect, big butt, round Buddha, huge boobs, beautiful face, little on the small side, I bet she only weighs about 215."

"That's what I thought initially sweetie but wait till you see her eat! We have been stuffing her all day. I watched her belly almost double in size," replied Kelly.

"Really? It's not normally that size, she is smaller than I thought? Well at least she seems be a good eater," said Gwen.

"Don't worry Gwennie, her roommate said that Jen has put on at least 20 pounds in the last two months, and is a blossoming feedee," said Kelly.

"Oooh, that changes things. The girls around here are relentless with their snaking and binging," said Gwen.

"Ya and the best thing is, she recently joined our team," said Kelly.

"This girl gets better and better. Well I will see you later tonight baby, bye."

"Yes you will and you will also be seeing a huge meal fit for a growing queen," said Kelly. "Hurry home sweets."

Gwen waddled back into the break room to see Jen chowing through her first pie. Jen's expansive breasts were resting on the table as she ate and filled out the paper work. Jen had taken off her jacket and was leaning forward, with her elbows on the table, arching her back with her fat ass touching the back of the chair she was sitting in and her legs spread apart so that her bloated belly could hang free between her plump thighs.

Gwen could see how round and bloated her belly was and almost felt sorry for how bad Jen's stuffed paunch must hurt. But she was so excited by Jen's bulges that she quickly lost her compassion. Julia was leaning against the counter eating a slice and drinking a soda.

"Julia, when are you going to stop being so skinny and come work up front?" asked Gwen as she walked over to stand next to Julia.

"I'm working on it Gwen. I have gained almost 12 pounds this year and 30 since I met my boyfriend, but my girlfriends are all telling me my ass is getting too fat and that I should go on a diet," said Julia.

"Julia you are beautiful smart girl but you know the rules. You have at least another 80 pounds to go before I can put you on the floor. Your friends and boyfriend are going to have to get used to a much rounder you," said Gwen as she patted Julia's rump.

“I know, I know but my boyfriend is such a tiny thing, I already tower over him with my heels on and I think I even out weigh him now, and my friends and he don’t understand about my inner piggy.”

"Your inner piggy is begging to get out, if you resist much longer I may have to hold you down and get Kelly to come over and feed you," winked Gwen.

"Inner piggy, what’s that?" asked Jen with her mouth full of pizza

"Why don’t you tell her your story Gwen," said Julia.

"Well I don’t know if it would be appropriate for a potential co-worker to here but if you really want to know I will tell you about releasing my inner piggy, but I have to warn you its got a few R rated parts, so please let me know if it gets to hot for you.”

“Oooh I LOVE R rated stories,” said Jenny with a mouth full of pizza.

“O.K. well here goes…Believe it or not I was skinny my whole life and throughout most of college. But my senior year I met Kelly and I swore off dieting and exercise. Now I had always loved eating, but I always wanted to stay skinny for my boyfriends so I never weighed more than 120 pounds.

"Then I met Kelly, who was my neighbour at the time, and she started bringing over pies and cakes that she had made at culinary school. At first I was able to eat only a bite here and there. A piece every once and a while, and I would just exercise a little more. But they were so delicious that I just couldn't resist gobbling up every bite. Soon I was spending more time with her than with my boyfriend; she always was bringing over treats or inviting me over for a big home cooked meal. My clothes were getting tighter and tighter and I never worked out.

"Eventually it got so bad that I was dreaming about her pastries, eating them all the time, and seeing him rarely. I knew I was getting fat, but her cooking was better than sex! And she was so sweet, that I was becoming good friends with her. I knew it would break her heart if I went on a diet, so I just kept eating. My boyfriend and I still went out but at this point I was eating more than him when we went out, eating snacks, late at night meals, then full on binges. I would go out to dinner with him, then go over to Kelly's apartment and eat again.

Eventually, he got really jealous of the time I was spending with Kelly so he broke up me. Oddly I really didn’t care, now I could eat like I really wanted to. My inner piggy was becoming more of a reality. My bosom had swelled, my ass got fat, and my flat trim stomach grew round, and thanks to Kelly's cooking I graduated college at 190 pounds. 70 extra pounds of fat, I was bursting out of my clothes, but Kelly kept right on feeding me."

"Kelly is the owner of the bakery, huh?" asked Julia.

"Yes that's her, the one with the enormous booty. She was a plump 220 pounds when she started bringing me the treats. Imagine a big fat ass on a short girl, with plump love handles and belly and relatively small breasts. All booty. When we first met she was a full 100 pounds bigger than me, very cute and bubbly. She seemed like a blimp next to me and I was very interested in the way that fat ass bounced and wobbled. I loved to watch her stir the mixings in the bowl just to see her wobble that thing around. I can’t say I was attracted to it right away but it was a lot of fun to watch something that big. Once I graduated college I started working here as assistant manager.

"Kelly didn't have the bakery then but had graduated culinary school and was cooking all the time. With another six months of her cooking she had put another 35 pounds on me. I would do anything to get more of her cooking, and when I ate it made her happy, so she would cook even more. I was getting more and more addicted to her cooking and could no longer stop myself. In fact I had become such a pig that we were the same weight back then. During the course of our friendship I had gained 105 pounds and she had gained only 5 pounds.

"Then she decided it would be a good idea if we moved in together, to save money for her bakery of course. I was only an assistant manager at Voluptuous Lady back then weighing 225 pounds and only 22 years old, luckily the weight limits were lower back then, and since I wasn’t making a lot of money and I wanted to be around her cooking any ways, I decided to move in.

"Initially I think she thought I was pretty, but she never really made a move. I wanted to keep her happy so she would keep cooking for me, so I spent a lot of time with her. I noticed that she had plenty of other friends, mostly plump girls, but I never saw her with a boy. Maybe it was because when we met I had a boyfriend, so maybe it was because my inner piggy hadn’t been released yet, but as soon as my figure started to expand she began to become more and more interested. After gaining more than a hundred pounds I was getting some looks from Kelly. Nothing really at first, just some admiring glances, then as I got fatter, some pats on my belly, a playful slap on my spreading ass. Then one night after work, she got me drunk."

"It was a Friday and she had been baking all day. I had come home and changed into a tank top and a pair of sweat shorts. I had been feeling particularly fat that day as one of the buttons had popped off my blouse and left my expanding cleavage bulging out. The manager at the store was impressed with my effort to become a more voluptuous Voluptuous Lady girl, but I was beginning to think I needed to get my inner piggy under control.

"I was thinking about how fat I had gotten with Kelly and wondered how much fatter I would get if I continued living with her. I was planning to cut back but as my luck would have it that night Kelly had other plans for my waistline. Once I got home from work I changed clothes and plopped down on the couch to watch some TV. Then Kelly brought over a glass of wine and a whole cheese cake. She was wearing skintight white linen pants that hugged every curve and rested low on her hips do to her mammoth booty. On top, she was wearing a tight white spaghetti strap blouse that exposed what little cleavage she had. Her light blond hair was pinned up and she was wearing make up. If I didn’t know better I would say she was going to go on a date."

"Hey Gwen you are looking good, I just opened a bottle of wine and I was hoping you might like to try this cheese cake?" asked Kelly.

"You really think? I popped a button off my blouse today I am getting so fat! At first I didn’t mind the extra inches but I am turning into a real porker! I think I may need to go on a diet. No one can think I look good with all this blubber," Gwen whined.

"Oh Gwenny, you aren’t a porker, yet, and I think you are getting sexier every day. All of my friends are starting to get jealous of me living with such a hottie. Besides you are the same weight as me and so much taller. Now come on and have some of this cheese cake, and it would be a shame to not drink the wine now that it is pored," said Kelly.

"Well I guess, but if I keep getting fatter I may never find a new boyfriend," Gwen observed.

"Boyfriend, shmoyfriend, I know plenty of my friends that are very interested in you. And I was hoping that we could spend the weekend together sampling all of my latest creations. I want to open a bakery soon and I need someone to taste test a lot of goodies," said Kelly with a big smile.

"I guess I can help you out, but then I am going on a diet," she replied.

"If you still want to diet after this weekend, then I won't try to stop you, but I cant say I would ever help you. Now its time to start eating," she said with a wink.

That's the way it was, Gwen saiod sas she continued her story.

"At first I thought well I will just have a slice, then maybe just two, then half a pie isn’t that much…. 3 pies and 2.5 bottles later, I was drunk, and making a mess of not only myself and the poor couch. I was getting wine on my shirt, cheesecake on the couch, basically being a pig, until Kelly refused to let me feed myself anymore until I sobered up.

"In my drunken state I wanted more pie, I needed more pie, she excitedly agreed to bring out another pie provided she was allowed to feed it to me. I thought it was a little weird to be fed but I was buzzing and loved her pie so she propped me up on some pillows and started feeding. And feeding, and feeding, and feeding, and feeding, until I was about to pop. I was getting more and more drunk until I was bloated beyond capacity and I passed out.

"In the morning I woke up to the smell of her baking and a huge plate of pancakes on a tray right by my bed. She had taken off my clothes at some point during the night and rolled me into bed. I was laying in bed naked, I guess I had kicked off the covers, when she walked in carrying even more of the amazing smelling food. She was wearing a pair of light pink Daisy Duke sweat shorts that exposed the lower quarter of her spherical butt cheeks and a pink bikini top that put her 38 D cup breasts and round 38 inch belly on display for me.

"Wow, how long have you had that outfit? Not that it doesn’t flatter your figure," I said.

"I may have had it for a year, its one of my favourite outfits for weekends like this," she replied.

"Oh yeah, does that mean you are going to do more than just feed me all weekend?" I asked as I turned to my side towards the platter of pancakes and rubbed my belly.

"Not yet hun, you are not quite ready,” she said as she lowered her bulk next to mine and placed another tray of food next to me. “But maybe soon if you eat like you did last night.”

"I can’t believe I ate that much, my belly is still swollen, but a promise is a promise, let me go freshen up and I will be back for your pancakes," I replied.

"Well ok, but hurry back, you have a lot of eating to do" she said.

"The next two days I was in a stuffed and drunken blissful paradise, and I would beg her to let me stop, but she would just feed me more and more. After nearly cumming several times from simply getting stuffed, there was no way I could go on a diet. I wanted to be fed more and more. Six more months of feedings like that and I was 305 pounds, measuring 53-51-69, 55 pounds fatter than Kelly was at the time.

"She was only 250 pounds and measured 44-42-65. My ass was fatter than hers was now and my belly was huge. With my enhanced curves Kelly couldn’t stop touching me, I wasn’t the biggest of her friends but I ate more than all of them. My inner piggy had been released and she kept feeding and feeding making it bigger and bigger.

"After two years of knowing her and a year of living together she finally did more than feed me. One night after I had fallen asleep after another one of her stuffings, she came in and tied my arms to the head board with silk scarves I woke up with the feeling of her tiny hands caressing my belly and her full plump lips kissing my nipples.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“You know what I am doing, you have wanted it for a while now sweets. The difference is now I want it too,” she said as she kissed my ear.

“I always found you attractive, but when you stuff me I get so hot. So much hotter than when I was with my boyfriend,” I sighed.

“I know my little piggy. I knew the path to your heart was through this big round belly. Now you should know that the path to my heart is making this even bigger. Because you have been such a good little piggy I am going to give you loving like you have never had before, and if you keep being a good piggy, you will get more and more of it,” she whispered ask she kissed my neck and then kissed me on the lips.

“After one session of her loving, I was addicted and have been her lover ever since. Of course that was her plan the whole time, that little minx, but I needed to release my inner piggy. Now I am tipping the scales at 425 pounds and would probably be bigger if she didn’t spend so much time at the bakery cooking for everyone else instead of cooking for me, but then again we wouldn't have girls like Jen releasing their inner piggy without her bakery," said Gwen to Julia.

"Wow, its no wonder you have gotten huge! I have never been with a girl before, maybe I need to find my own Kelly to release my inner piggy," said Julia as she gazed longingly into Jenny’s swollen cleavage.

"Oh I think I know a few girls who can help you out. How's does that pizza taste Jen?" asked Gwen.

"Oh this is the thickest pizza I have ever eaten. Its so good, but so heavy," said Jen.

"Its guaranteed to put some pounds on you. Really sticks to your ribs," said Gwen shaking her generous belly.

"I know look at my belly, I have only had one piece and already it is sticking out," said Julia cupping her tiny bulge.

"One piece, please I have had 3/4 of this pie and look at this gut," said Jen as she leaned back in her chair and grabbed the sides of her bloated paunch.

"Oooh, that is big, but you already had some blubber there," said Julia as she reached out and patted Jen's belly. "Good thing you have such a fat ass to balance it out."

"I can't believe how fat I am getting, six months ago I had little pudge around my waist. Mostly a flat belly, probably 28 inches around the fattest part. Now I am so swollen I bet I have added 8 more inches," said Jen.

"From here I say you might be 37 inches around, but that’s just a guess," said Gwen. "You would probably loose 4 inches if you weren’t so stuffed."

"Oh how my belly hurts, do I have to eat it all Gwen?" said Jen

"Only if you want the floor job in the bra department, honey. It's not a great job, having to see girls topless all day, trying on bras, helping them size there plump soft breasts correctly. But it pays well, $4200 a month," said Gwen.

"$4,200 a month?! Let me have another slice of that pizza," said Julia. "The girls in the back get virtually nothing her at ol’ JB."

"For $4,200 oh I think I can some how fit it into here," said Jen.

Jen ate with renewed vigour. Her belly was bigger than it had ever been and after finishing the first pie she started sweating. She was resting her elbows and bulging breasts on the table eating into the next pie.

“Do you two mind if I take of my tank top? I am getting so hot and sweaty,” said Jen.

“Of course not, we are all girls here,” said Gwen.

There in her bra and sweats, sweating like a pig, she ploughed through the remaining pieces.

"Wow, I cant believe you did it," said Julia. "Your belly is so fat now and red."

"Oh I knew she could do it, she reminds me of me when I started, well a fatter version of me. Good work Jen, you got the job. You can start tomorrow. Any outfit from the store is appropriate to wear. We here at JB like to display the merchandise so you can have a few on the store’s account. I will get Mandy to show you around and help you pick out a few outfits," said Gwen with a huge smile.

Jen thanked Gwen and then sat back in the chair and rubbed her bloated belly. It took 20 minutes before she could move but she slowly put her tank top and jacket back on and went out to find some new clothes. Before she left the kitchen though, Gwen gave her a hug and quick pat on her distended belly.

Jen loved the way Gwen felt, so big and soft, she knew she was going to like it here a lot. Mandy took her around for the next 30 minutes and Jen found some outfits to her liking. She slowly waddled back to the bakery with her sopping bags in one hand and the other hand rubbing her distended belly. When she walked through the door, she was greeted by Brigitte cleaning one of the tables.

"Oh my you are bigger than when you left!" gasped Brigitte. "What did they do to you over there?"

"They fed me the thickest richest pizza I have ever eaten. I think I am about to pass out," said Jen out of breath.

"Well hope you are not too full, cause Tina has made your favourite Double Chocolate cream cake, with extra frosting," said Brigitte.

Jen knew she could not resist that cake, blast her roommate. "Well, give me some time. I guess I might be able to squeeze a little more in…." smiled Jen.
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Chapter 4

By the end of the third year, Jen and Tina were still living in the same house. Kate was still going to college, and Sara was still dancing but she had gained more pounds that year and was weighing in at 178 pounds measuring 49-35-38. Her fat boobs had made her a favourite at the club, but her ballooning belly was beginning discourage some of the customers.

The 5'2" Kate had continued to grow fatter throughout the year due to her late nights studying, constant late night binge drinking, and a feeder girlfriend. Kate, Jenny’s ex-roommate, now weighed a very chubby 260 pounds and was measuring 38-55-67. Her small bosom rested on her now perfectly round spherical Buddha belly. She had further swelled her already prominent booty into two very round beach ball sized butt cheeks. Sweats and stretch pants became the norm for Kate and her bloated lower half, and Sara certainly wasn’t trying to get her girlfriend to loose any weight.

In fact, it was mostly due to Sara's horrible eating habits that Kate was growing larger and larger. Kate could never say no to food and Sara was constantly eating. Sara would eat anything and everything now and it was only a matter of time before the stripper was too fat to work at her current club.

Not to be out done by Kate, Christina had gained more weight throughout the remainder of the year at the bakery. She was now weighing 290 pounds, with plump 36 EE cup breasts, a pudgy 44 inch belly, and an enormous 78 inch booty. Her ass was so fat that it stuck out a full 10 inches away from her back and wiggled and jiggled all over. She had gained 75 pounds during the year and was starting to catch up to her boss Kelly in booty size. She was enjoying the perks of the bakery, making delicious food, eating delicious food, and feeding fatting food to her current girlfriend Jenny, her ex-girlfriend Sara, and Kate.

While the three girls got special treatment from Christina, she had been on a mission with Jen. Jen had dropped out of school and was working at Voluptuous Lady full time. Which allowed her ample time to come by the bakery and check in on Brigitte and Tina, and Gwen always had food in the break room for the blossoming feedees. Tina and Brigitte would either feed her at the bakery or bring stuff over, and then when she got home Tina would be cooking something or Gwen would have sent her home with boxes of thick pizza’s. Jen was eating almost constantly, which allowed her to pack on 130 pounds that year. She was now weighing 295 pounds and had huge fat breasts that were now 42 JJJ cup, a full 60 inches around.

Her belly had continued to swell and when she was not stuffed full it still measured 44 inches around. The lower portion of her belly and love handles was the fattest but her upper body had remained relatively trim emphasizing her enormous breasts. Only when she was completely stuffed did she develop a big round pot belly, but for the most part the fat she gained went to her thunder thighs, round hips, fat butt and giant breasts. Her ass had become more and more prominent as she got fatter and now measured 65 inches around. Her swollen globes counter balancing her voluptuous breasts and pudgy belly.

Jen was working in the store, helping a chubby girl from one of the local high schools find her first D cup bra, when she noticed a raven haired busty beauty walking through the store. The girl seemed to be a couple inches taller than everyone in the store even without her heels. But with her heels she towered over every one of the girls.

Jen was wearing cute 3 inch wedge heels putting her at 5'11" but she could tell this girl was still taller than her. Jen was wearing a light pink camisole that was stretched tightly over her bountiful cleavage and around most of her pudgy belly, with a tan suit jacket over the that that she managed to button just beneath breasts. She wore a tight tan skirt that started below her love handles reached to about mid thigh. With her Jacket buttoned her bulging love handles were covered but it was tight that it hugged every fleshy curve. Her arms had gotten progressively fatter as she had grown to 295 pounds and now bulged over her elbow and measured 17 inches around.

On her chubby fingers were a couple decorative rings which matched her silver earrings and necklace. She had long pink finger nails which made fastening bras a little bit of a chore but she didn’t do any other manual form of labour so she could get by. She was wearing her blond hair down today and had on dark eye make-up and pink lipstick.

"Wow that girl's boobs are even bigger than yours," gasped the chubby teenager.

"And a whole lot bigger than yours, now if you were eating like I told you to maybe we would be fitting you into a double E cup instead of only a D," quipped Jen. "Now take your skinny ass back there and try that on."

Jen let the chubby girl walk into the dressing room, and moved to get a better look at this new woman. The girl was probably 5'10" but she was wearing 4 inch spiked heels putting her at 6'2". She had thick long dark brown hair that she was wearing pinned up with some locks of hair hanging down to frame her face. She was wearing a dark blue suit jacket, unbuttoned, and white button up shirt that was unbuttoned down the length of her colossal cleavage, and small cute glasses. Her shirt was tucked into her tight suit pants that were stretched over her expansive ass, thick plump thighs and wide hips. She looked and moved like a model. But this model measured at least 62-38-64, (Jen was getting good at estimating sizes) and definitely did not weigh an ounce under 280 pounds.

"Hi, I am Jen can I help you find something," said Jen as she walked over.

As she approached, Jen was shocked to discover the girl was even more beautiful than she initially thought. The girl had bright blue eyes behind her cute glasses and full plump lips, she looked like a voluptuous Angelina Jolie, and now that Jen saw her up close she realized she must be one of the Voluptuous Lady models.

"Hello Jen I am Mia, I am here to meet with Gwen," said the girl as she took off her glasses and slid one ear piece into her cleavage so that the were wresting in the front of her shirt, further drawing attention to her huge melons.

"She is back in the office. Let me get her for you," replied Jen to Mia’s enormous breasts.

"Thank you honey," said the girl.

Jen called Gwen from the register and Gwen had the girl come back into her office. The other girls were soon gossiping about the hugely busty girl and what she was doing in the store.

"She looks like a JB model, huge boobs, slim waist, and a big fat butt. She is so pretty, you may have some competition as the store hottie," said Mandy.

"Calm down ladies, she's not that hot. Besides I like my girls with a lot more belly, like you Mandy. You are such a sexy little porker," said Jen with a playful pat on Mandy's belly.

Mandy had continued gaining weight as she worked at JB and had grown a very generous 58 inch spherical potbelly which counter balanced her big round 62 inch booty. She was not as wide in the hips as Jen but her ass was so round that it stuck out even farther behind her than Jen’s did. Her bosom had continued to swell and was now a 38 GG, a full 51 inches around. Today Mandy was wearing a skin tight, on her 300 pound body, white floor length strapless dress that was split up both sides to the apex of her hips so that from both the front and back her fleshy thighs bulged out past shimmery material. She was wearing her thick, now bright red, hair in two pig tails and had on large gold hoop earrings, with a gold chained necklace with an emerald stone that was shaped into a potbellied earth mother draped into her cleavage.

"I think you are just jealous cause you have lost your tiny waist and are getting a nice big Buddha," said Mandy as she poked Jen's exposed belly through the gap in her jacket.

"Careful Mandy I might pop, I just had a ton of pizza," sighed Jen.

"Look your gorgeous Jen, but you are never going to have that girl's curves. With the amount of food you pack into this thing I am shocked you are not more round," teased Mandy.

"I know I am such a fatty now. Between Christina and you girls my hour glass figure is quickly going to pot," said Jen as she ran her hands down the front of her belly.

"I know, when you started you barely qualified as a sales girl, but now you're almost as fat as me," giggled Mandy.

"5 more pounds and you will no longer be the 2nd heaviest in the store," said Jen.

"But you got a long way to go to be the heaviest Jennifer," said Gwen as she waddled up with Mia.

"Ladies I would like to introduce you to your new assistant manager. Mia is from one of our sister JB stores and is coming to work for us. She has been with the company two years and has worked her way up from stock girl to assistant manager. When I am not around she will be the one in charge. Julia could you run out and get some treats from the bakery to celebrate?" asked Gwen. "And make sure you get a few extra for yourself."

"Alright, but you know my boyfriend doesn’t want me getting much fatter," replied Julia.

Julia had succumbed to the girls eating habits and had begun to pack on the pounds. Her hips, thighs and ass had swelled to 48 inches and her trim waist had grown to 30 inches, while her bosom had only slightly increased to 42 inches. She was a 173 pounds and a 36 E cup. Busty compared to most of the planet, but to the girls in this store she was flat chested. Julia was wearing formerly loss fitting, now skin tight white linen pants that were stretched tightly around her hips, thighs, and plump booty, and then flared out from below the knee. On top she was wearing speghetti strap white cotton t-shirt that reached about an inch above her belly button and allowed her newly developed love handles and lower belly to bulge over the top of her desperately tight pants. She was wearing her now light brown hair up off her shoulders by using two silver pins to keep her hair bound together. She was still to thin to be working the floor but Gwen had her work the register every once and a while and of course fetch all the food.

"Oh honey you're going to need to replace him," replied Gwen.

“I know, I know, I think I love pastries, cookies, and pies more than him and its starting to show. My ass is finally growing fatter than my sister’s and I bet I will soon be bigger than my aunt Bonita. Thanks to Kelly’s cooking I don’t know if I will be able to wear these pants again it has gotten so big," said Julia.

"I am sure we can find you some more pants, now be a sweetie and walk that booty over the bakery," said Gwen

"Sure thing but I get to pick the treats," said Julia.

Gwen smiled at Julia’s departing rear and then turned and waddled back to the office. Jen had noticed that Gwen was getting enormous and the sight of Gwen's swollen body had begun to turn Jen on more and more. Jen had a crush on her boss but was she still dating Christina, and Gwen was dating Kelly. Working at the store and eating huge meals with Gwen made the two of them closer than co-workers should be. After the last 6 months Gwen had grown to 485 pounds but was now only 190 pounds heavier than Jen. Jen loved that huge belly of Gwen's and couldn’t wait until she was able to put her arms around it.

Gwen was wearing skin tight low rise stretch denim jeans and a white tank top that barely stretched around her 67 inch, 44 KK bosom, which exposed most of her deep cleavage. The top covered very little of her breasts and left a full third of the bloated expanse of her colossal 85 inch pot belly naked. Her hips had continued to expand to a 93 inch circumference and her low rise jeans left a good 4 inches of butt crack exposed. Her massive belly bulged over the waist line of her pants stuck out a good 12 inches past her thick fleshy thighs. She was wearing her cowboy hat and had her blond locks loose. Gwen knew how huge she was and at 25 years old loved to walk around with as little clothes on as possible.

"Oooh that sounds divine, Julia could you hurry up with that, I am famished from my drive over," said Mia.

"Jennifer, can you join me over in the single V department? I would like to have a chat with you." asked Mia as she turned and walked away. Jen fallowed behind her noticing how fat her ass was compared to her waist and disliked the taller woman even more.

"Gwen tells me you are the newest member of the team, and that you show a lot of promise," said Mia. "She was thinking of promoting you to the single Voluptuous department, but was concerned that you might not be voluptuous enough."

"Not voluptuous enough, I have gotten enormous!" replied Jen.

"Calm down Jenny, unfortunately you have a figure like mine and have trouble putting on weight in the middle, but clearly not as much trouble as I do. You do have a nice starter belly, but you are far to slim in the waist to be a sales girl for the single V department. To work in this section you will need to be oh I don’t know… 350 pounds, depending on how this fills out," smiled Mia devilishly as she patted Jenny’s belly.

"That’s 55 more pounds! No one here is over 300 pounds except for Gwen and Mandy just barely!" cried Jen.

"Jennifer, Jennifer, no reason to raise your voice. Mandy is a very good sales girl who is has a perfect body with her big round belly, and she cant help that she is only 5'0" tall and most of her fat goes to her middle. Now that I see your waist line you really need to be at least 350 before your belly is big enough. We want our customers to see how hot and sexy a big round belly, huge hips and a fat booty can be, and until you potbelly like Mandy I have to keep you in the bra department. Now just make sure you get plenty to eat, and I am sure you will be working single V in no time, well as long as your belly fills out of course," said Mia.

"How can you be an assistant manager with a smaller waist than I and I can't even work single V?" pouted Jen.

"Well maybe you need to be, well more…pleasant… to your superiors,” said Mia as she slid her arm around Jenny’s shoulders, pushed her massive bosom against Jenny’s and whispered into her ear. “We all have gain approval to get promoted, some gain it right here,” Mia whispered as she slipped her other hand through the gap in Jenny’s Jacket to caress her exposed belly flesh, “and others gain it through other ways. But just so you know Gwen did mention that recently your progress had tapered off…maybe due to an inattentive girlfriend? Well it doesn’t really matter, but she does think that with the proper motivation you could become one of the finest sales girls ever. However, you have a lot of growing to do before I can promote you, but I know you won't be giving me any problem putting on the pounds, Jennifer. I can tell you are going to an enormous porker,” cooed Mia devilishly in Jenny’s ear.

"You also have to help me do something with that sexy Julia girl. While she is very pretty, and I can see why Gwen let’s her get away with things, she shouldn't be on the floor with her flat belly and narrow hips. It's almost as disappointing as having a bra sales girl, with tiny little boobies," giggled Mia as she squeezed her larger chest against Jenny.

Jen really didn’t like this Mia. First she said she was to skinny, then she said she was going to be an enormous porker, and now she told her she has small boobs?! Jenny, was fuming but she kept it to herself.

"Gwen told me Julia has been skinny for to long when I agreed to take this position. She wants Julia to be our project this year," said Mia. "She knows I have a talent of getting people to do what I want and I think you can help me by being a Growing influence," said Mia with a wink as she patted Jenny’s belly again.

"Two years ago I was just a skinny 114 pound model. Then I broke my leg and gained 25 pounds in 3 months. To fat to work as a normal model, I decided to try at JB. I was much to skinny then, but they liked my looks and said that if I filled out I could be a model for them. I was tired to trying to please male fashion designers who wanted their models to have no curves. So I joined JB and worked as a stock-girl in the back for a few months then at 170 pounds I worked the register. By yearend I was weighing a plump 200 pounds and started doing photo shoots for JB. Since then, I have continued gain weight and at 282 pounds I am now one of the premier models."

"Yeah you do look sorta familiar. Now I remember, Julia has a bit of a crush on you. She said that if she could get fat she wants to look just like you but she's got a boyfriend who wants her to stay thin," said Jen.

"Oh she has a crush on me? That’s very sweet, but I like my girls much, much fatter,” said Mia with a gentle squeeze of Jenny’s tummy. “I think she may start seeing less of her boyfriend and a lot more of the food court. Ah speak of the future blimp, here she comes with the food," said Mia as she turned to walk back to the front of the store. After few steps she turned and looked back over her shoulder at Jenny, "Think about what I said, I expect to see a lot more of you very soon."

Jen watched Mia walk back to the front. She thought that Mia’s hips, thighs, and ass were huge, but as big as they were hers was even bigger. Now she was supposed to get even fatter. Christina was starting to make comments about how fat her ass was and how sexy Sara was with her burgeoning belly and breasts.

Jenny thought that Christina wanted another girl with Sara’s body type, but Jenny was growing a huge ass not a huge belly. Jenny was depressed about Christina’s lack of attention because her belly wasn’t getting fatter fast enough and pissed off at Mia because she told her that her belly wasn’t big enough either. There was only one thing to do, and luckily for Jen she was getting really good at it. She was going to eat.
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Chapter 5

Jen doubled her efforts to grow and during the next six months she did exactly that. During that time Jen had become close friends with Brigitte. Tina was frequently busy at the bakery so Jen and Brigitte were spending more time together. Because Brigitte worked in the bakery she could snack and eat all day, then

after work she would invite Jen over to her father’s house and the two would eat and eat. In the first six months before Mia arrived Brigitte had already plumped to 157 pounds, a gain of 47 pounds, but now 6 months after Mia arrived at Voluptuous Lady she weighed 231 pounds, further gaining 74 pounds, a total of 121 pounds in one year of knowing Jen, more than doubling her weight.

It had been Jen’s plan to stuff herself every chance she got during the last six months but Brigitte was initially only trying to grow some curves. Try to “fit in” with the rest of the ladies in her life. The size of Brigitte’s meals got bigger and bigger, and because she was surrounded by food at work, she was constantly gobbling up whatever she saw. She wasn’t trying to put inches on her backside, round out her generous hips or grow into a larger cup size, it was just happening and she could no longer resist her cravings.

The beautiful rapidly expanding blond was very jealous of Jen's relationship with Tina, and after a year of being only friends with Jenny, she had decided it was time to make her move. Luckily for Brigitte, Tina was increasingly busy with work, so Jen was left on her own most time. The first step in the seduction of Jen was complete by becoming her close friend, but now the second step was about to be initiated.

Brigitte had Jen over at her dad's mansion, (he was living in Europe with his new girlfriend, one of Brigitte's old cheer leading friends), when one night as the two were eating through all the food in the house and drinking copious amounts of alcohol, Brigitte made her move.

Brigitte had her light blond hair in two pig tails that came off the top of her head. It was summer time and she had gotten a very deep tan and her hair had light blond highlights. She was wearing a yellow string bikini top that might have fit her pendulous bosom several sizes ago, but now her fat breasts bulged out the sides, bottom, and top.

She measured 47 inches around the fullest portion of her breasts and because of her fine bone structure, she wore a 34 GG. Around her 56 inch hips she was wearing a floral print sarong that barely tied around her plump hips and thighs and was slit up the right side. Her waistline was 42 inches around the fattest part of her love handles and belly, she didn’t have a pot belly as her bulge hung low around her waist, like Jen’s had, but she had big love handles and a fat spare tire.

Jen was wearing a pink string bikini top that actually was correctly sized for her jumbo melons thanks to Voluptuous Lady. Six months after the talk with Mia she had swelled to 358 pounds and her breasts now measured 65 inches around. She wore a 42 NN bra, her belly was now a fat pot belly that measured 55 inches around and her ass had further swelled to 75 inches around. Her two bulging cheeks stuck out a full 11 inches behind her and had formed shelf she could rest plates of food on.

Her hips and thighs were so fat that the flesh began to bulge over her knees, and her thighs measured 40 inches around. Around her massive ass was a pair of pink sweat shorts which had the waistband rolled under her fleshy love handles and pot belly, and when standing revealed the bottom third of her butt cheeks, but when she was sitting wolfing down another huge meal, inches of her but crack were exposed. Her arms had gotten fatter and fatter so that now the flesh wobbled whenever she moved. She had cute silver rings on her chubby fingers, silver hoop earrings, and had recently added a belly ring. The belly ring was also silver and had a large blue stone in it. Jen's hair had continued to glow longer and lighter during the summer and she was wearing up off her shoulders in a loose clip.

The two girls were in the kitchen gathered around a counter top that was in the center of the room fully laden with cakes, cookies, pies, and several gallons of ice cream. Jen was sitting on a stool, nuzzled up as close to the counter as her fat belly would allow with the fat of her massive butt and thighs spilling over and around the stool seat, shovelling ice cream into her mouth. Brigitte was leaning over the counter with the weight of her belly bowing her back and thrusting her bulging booty out behind her. She had one hand rubbing her bloated belly and the other hand spooning scoop after scoop of a thick rich vanilla four-layer-cake into her mouth.

"My this is the best cake Tina has ever made. I just can’t stop eating it," said Brigitte. "I can see why Sara's getting so fat."

"I never see either of those two anymore, Christina is always so busy and isn’t Sara still dancing?" asked Jen.

"I doubt it. She is always in the bakery stuffing herself and Tina spends most of the day refilling Sara's plate. Sara's boobs and belly are enormous now. I watched her tank tops turn into tube tops over the last six months, and she is mostly belly. Not as shapely as you are with your sexy booty. She is such a porker now, and with the attention Tina gives her she is going to be huge!"

"I can't believe it! Tina is feeding someone else!" cried Jen.

"Ya, she will stay when Tina closes the bakery so there is no telling how long those two stay there after it closes. Oh and did you know, Sara was Tina's first? Tina fattened her up in high school but they broke up when Sara thought she got too fat. Doesn’t look like that will happen this time."

Jen was shovelling more and more ice cream at a faster and faster pace. She was furious and wasn’t chit chatting with Brigitte anymore. She was too mad to talk, Tina was cheating on her! Even after she had gained another 11 inches to her waist line her belly wasn’t big enough for Tina, or was it because her ass was now 75 inches?

"I remember Tina saying she wished you had more belly. I thought she just wanted you to get fatter, but I guess she is just more attracted to Buddha's than booties," said Brigitte. "But not me, I love your fat thighs, huge hips, and enormous booty, and especially your massive breasts."

Brigitte got off the stool and seductively walked behind Jen as she shovelled the pastries and ice cream into her mouth. Brigitte slipped her arms around Jen and pressed her body against Jen’s back. Then she hugged Jen’s bloated paunch.

"Mmmm, you've gotten so big, but if we were more than just friends…." whispered Brigitte into her ear, "I would make sure your belly would never lack attention."

“Is Tina cheating on me with Sara?” whimpered Jen.

“Oh baby, you had to of known it wasn’t working out. You never even see your own girlfriend anymore. And then she says mean things about your big beautiful sexy booty,” said Brigitte as she slipped her hands down the back of Jen’s shorts and kneaded her fleshy ass.

“She is the one that seduced me. She is the one that turned me into this huge ball of blubber. I always figured I could loose the weight if I had to but now I am too addicted to the life style and I just keep getting bigger!” Jenny Blubbered.

“Oh honey don’t cry. Tina isn’t worth it. There are plenty of girls who would love to be with you. I know I do. I have watched you grow hotter and hotter over the last year and was always so jealous of Tina. But if you let me, I would love to be your girl,” said Brigitte as she rubbed Jenny’s shoulders.

"Really, you would? I don’t know. Maybe I need to be alone for a while,” sniffled Jenny

“Oh please Jenny I have waited a year already, can’t we please just try it out? I would do anything,” begged Brigitte.

“Anything?” asked Jenny.

“Yes, anything for you baby,” she said.

“Well I guess we can try it out, but I have one condition. You know how much I love to eat and especially be fed, but I want my girlfriend to be even fatter than me. Tina was a lot fatter than me in the beginning but now she is skinnier than me. Now I want to make sure the big beautiful woman I date is even bigger than I. You are much too skinny for me now but I would love to see your body grow bigger than mine,” said Jen as she spun around on the stool and put Brigitte's hands on her breasts. "I know you like to eat, and you're already fatter than I was when we met, and you are now in love with your new curves aren’t you?"

"Well sorta, I am starting to get a little afraid of them. Cuase I have gotten so fat already, and I wasn’t really trying. I have doubled my weight in a year and I am afraid, I mean I was afraid that no one would want me if I got huge. But I guess being your size isn’t that fat, I think I can do it, for you,” she said.

"Oh no B, you will be much, much bigger. I want you to get bigger than even Gwen," said Jen with her sweetest smile.

"Oh my, she is so huge! I knew you liked big girls, but she is over 500 pounds. Oh but I want you so bad….Alright baby make me fat, feed me, stuff me, but first kiss me," said Brigitte as she moved closer to Jen bumping her belly against hers and placing her lips close to Jen's.

“Good, you are going to be a lot of fun,” replied Jen.

Jen put her fat arms around Brigitte and pulled her between her thighs and began to kiss her. She reached behind Brigitte and undid her bikini top and began to kiss her neck. Slowly Jen moved to Brigitte's breasts and began to suck on her nipples.

"Oh that feels so good, just like I dreamed," moaned Brigitte.

"Here get up on the counter top, so I can eat you like a pie," said Jen.

Brigitte scooted her fat ass up onto the counter and wrapped her legs over Jen's shoulders. Jen undid Brigitte's sarong and pushed her face between Brigitte's plump thighs and began to eat. Jen's expansive bosom bulged onto the counter and bumped Brigitte's fat thighs and butt as Jen mowed her pussy.

"Oh, I forgot how good pussy was. But you must be getting hungry too, reach behind you and eat that cake," sad Jen

"Sure, just don’t stop," replied Brigitte.

"I'm going to eat as long as you do B. Now eat," said Jen.

As Jen ate, Brigitte ate. Soon Brigitte was covered in pasties and ice cream and her belly was swelling bigger and bigger. The more she ate, the more Jen ate.

"Oh you are out of food, I guess I am done eating too," said Jen.

"No, No, there is a ton more in the fridge. Bring it to me and stuff me," said Brigitte breathlessly.

Jen went into the fridge and was shocked at how many fattening treats were in there. Jen knew from experience what went down easy so she brought over some pies and ice cream. The ice cream was too hard but Brigitte had a lot of pies to eat.

"Oh look at belly, its getting so round. You better be careful or you are going to get fat," teased Jen as she patted her belly.

"Feed me Jen, stuff me, make me big and fat, make my belly so tight," moaned Brigitte.

"You are going to get enormous eating like this," said Jen

"Yes, I want you to punish me for being too skinny. Feed me until I cant move," said Brigitte. "Tell me I have been a bad girl and need to eat or you'll slap my belly."

"Oooh so you want to be dominated do you? You're going to get huge B, bigger than Gwen," said Jen. "Eat you fat pig, you have been a naughty skinny girl, but you are going to be a nice fat piggy."

"I'll be good piggy for you Jen," she said with a mouth full of food.

Jen proceeded to feed Brigitte on the Counter top while stuffing herself. She was amazed at what Brigitte could eat. Brigitte kept going, eating more than she had ever eaten before. Finally after another hour of feeding, Brigitte started begging for Jen to stop. But Jen knew it was too early to stop. She kept feeding and feeding, then as she feed Brigitte, Jenny reached into Brigitte's pussy and brought her to climax several times. Finally Jen relented, she had forgotten how fun it was to stuff because Tina had turned the tables and had been feeding her. Damn Tina! She was going to pay, but before she got to Tina, Brigitte was going to get the stuffing of her life time.

"You've been very bad Brigitte, but I will let you rest your belly for a bit," said Jen.

"Oh I'm so swollen, I have never eaten that much before," said Brigitte holding her belly.

"Measure me Jenny I want to know how big I have gotten," said Brigitte.

"No, No sweets, you aren’t done growing yet. We have a whole weekend to work on you," said Jen.

Jen watched her pet wobble off the counter and waddle out of the kitchen into the living room. She knew after a stuffing like that Brigitte would pass out and she did on a recliner near the TV. Brigitte was quickly snoring after the massive feeding and alcohol consumption naked on the recliner. Jen had some time on her hands before Brigitte was back in action.

Jen knew from the stuffings Tina had done to her that the more fattening the food, the better for the piggy. So she got to work on blending heavy cream with ice cream and chucks of chocolate to make a thick fattening shake. She had partied with Brigitte over the last year several times and knew the girl had a beer bong and a funnel, and that would help the rich fattening treat go down. Now she just needed to make the long trip upstairs to get the beer bong, but first she was going to get something to snack on for her journey. Jen was not a skinny girl and was getting hungry doing all this work creating the mixture. At 358 pounds she was used to eating a lot of food and had an amazing capacity. She grabbed an apple pie and headed up stairs to snack on something before Brigitte woke up

While going into Brigitte's room she noticed a full length mirror and was amazed at how fat she had gotten. Her belly was a huge sphere that stuck out farther than her ass did behind her back. Her massive melons still bulged out past her gut but her belly was beginning to catch up.

[I"]Tina sure did a good job at turning me into a blimp[/I]", she thought as she stroked her belly, and then cheating on me when my huge ass got too fat. The climb up the stairs had caused the sweat shorts to ride further up exposing more and more of the lower part of her fleshy globes.

"Now I cant stop myself from eating," she thought as she shovelled more pie in.

"I have been fatter than Tina for more than a year and I used to think she was enormous, but I am still a lot smaller than Gwen. Oh Gwen how I wish you were mine, and I am sure you want me to be yours, but when will you make your move? I guess I will have Brigitte and based on her performance today she will be getting big enough for me soon. She is going to be such a blimp! Now I just need to get Tina back for cheating but how? Well first things first, my new girly needs to be fed."

Jen returned to recliner and noticed how plump her friend had gotten. Brigitte's fleshy hips and ass filled the recliner and was bulging against the arms of the chair. Jen brought in a stool from the kitchen, the bear bong and a couple of pitchers of the fattening drink into the TV room near the recliner. Jen lowered her bulk onto the stool and began to stroke Brigitte's swollen belly.

"Easy on the Buddha," whined Brigitte as she woke up.

"Or what you are going to run away on me? Not that you could get very far with this swollen belly," said Jen as she lightly poked it with the tips of her finger nails.

"Now its time for your feeding, I have two pitchers here and before I let you do anything you have to drink them both. They are each a gallon and no spilling. I hate a messy piggy,"

"But I am still full from before," Brigitte complained.

"No whining, just drink," said Jen as she put the beer bong into Brigitte's mouth and began to poor the thick drink into the funnel.

"That’s it baby suck it down. Get big and fat for me," said Jen.

Brigitte managed to suck down the first pitcher with no problem. Jen started to poor the next pitcher thinking she had underestimated Brigitte's apatite. The second pitcher she pored into the beer bong was being consumed at a much slower rate. J

en's arms were getting tired holding the funnel up so she decided to loop her bikini top around the beer bong draping the tube between her cleavage and down the front of her own bloated paunch. With a funnel full of rich chocolate shake resting on her massive breasts she could rest her arms but she was getting tempted to put her face into the drink. It smelled delicious she just wanted to have a sample.

She resisted for a while but eventually she gave in. It was great, she had out done herself! Try as she might to resist she started slurping up the drink from the top while Brigitte sucked out the bottom. Soon the second pitcher was gone, consumed by both girls. Brigitte had gotten at least a gallon and a half and her belly was bigger than ever.

"Oh I am so full, but I want more," said Brigitte.

"You do? Well I guess I can bring more for my piggy," said Jen with a pat of Brigitte’s belly.

Jen brought in 2 more pitchers and pored in the first one. Like before she tried to resist her own creation but soon she was slurping from the top and then tipping the funnel back so she was getting more and more of the shake. Brigitte figured out that if she stopped sucking Jen would consume most of it. She could see Jen's belly getting rounder and rounder. Soon the third and fourth pitchers were gone with Jen consuming most of both.

"Oh I am still hungry, bring me more," said Brigitte as she ran her hands down her belly. Brigitte was stuffed beyond belief but she couldn’t stop watching Jen get bigger and bigger. Jen brought back two more and plopped down on the stool.

"You are going to have to hold your own funnel now," said Jen as she pored the shake into the funnel, and began to drink straight from the second pitcher. Brigitte drank down the shake with a lot of effort and during the time she finished her pitcher, Jen went back for seconds. Brigitte was swollen bigger than she had ever been but managed to get the recliner to fold forward and get out. She moved into the kitchen to see what Jen was doing.

Brigitte waddled into the kitchen holding her distended belly. Jen was at the refrigerator digging out another cake from the bakery standing in her sweat shorts and bikini top. Brigitte noticed than Jen's belly was bigger than before the night started, considerably bigger. Brigitte moved behind Jen and gave her a playful slap on her massive behind.

"Wow, it looks like you are eating for two, butt cheek A, and butt cheek B," said Brigitte.

"I know, my ass is so fat. I cant fit into any shorts anymore without part of my ass hanging out or getting them buttoned in front. I am even running out of pants so I have started wearing more skirts and dresses. Sigh, I just cant stop myself anymore I just want to eat and eat," complained Jen.

"Oh baby you are so sexy when you are stuffed I love to see your belly swell, but if you keep growing at this pace I may never catch up," said Brigitte as she gripped Jen’s butt. "You really haven’t stopped eating since the day I met you and you couldn't even feed me without stuffing yourself."

"I know B, I should have given you a proper stuffing, but I just can’t stop myself. It feels so good to have a big round full belly. I want you to feel the pleasure I feel from a stuffing and grow bigger and rounder, but I am to busy feeding myself," replied Jen.

"I know you fat porker, I may have to put you on a diet soon so I can catch up, but it is so sexy seeing your swollen belly bulge further and further out,” Brigitte teased as she ran her hands over Jen’s swollen belly “But for now I just want some attention. Stop eating that cake and kiss me," said Brigitte.

"Oh you do, do you? Well you will get a lot more than a kiss as soon as I am full. There are still 3 more pitchers in the Fridge. You help me eat this cake and drink those pitchers and I can give all the attention you need. Well at least till I get hungry again," said Jen.

"Well as long as more food goes into my belly than yours and if I am naked so are you," said Brigitte as she untied Jen's Bikini top.

Jen's enormous breasts were freed from their restraint and bugled to the sides of her belly. They were very firm for as huge as they were but gravity and a bloated belly had forced them to rest more to the side than they did a 100 pounds ago. Brigitte tried to get the sweat shorts off of Jen but they were too tight to pull off easily but with Jen's help they pulled them free.

The two girls ploughed through the cake and remaining pitchers with Brigitte eating more than Jen. Fully stuffed the two girls waddled up the stairs for a morning of passion. Exploring each others bodies and climaxing multiple times. Eventually Jen fell into a deep sleep on her side with Brigitte stroking her swollen belly from behind. Brigitte was too aroused to sleep and continued to rub Jen's massive swollen belly.

"Before this weekend started all I wanted was to steal Jen from that whore Tina. Maybe gain a little more weight but ultimately just fatten Jen up bigger and bigger. Now that Jen is mine and I got to experience her sexy swollen body, I can't wait till I am this big! She is so round and soft and full of curves….oooh how I love how she feels. I am going to get so big and fat she will be the skinny one in our relationship," Brigitte thought.

"But I am not going to get enormous just lying here dreaming about it. Its time to put my belly into back into action," and with that she waddled back into the kitchen to continue her gluttonous rampage and order some more food to be delivered.

The two girls continued their love and food fest throughout the weekend, swelling bigger and bigger. Jen was less angry with Tina now that she had Brigitte. Brigitte was beautiful, still way too skinny, but she was rich. Tina was cute, fat, an excellent cook, a phenomenal feeder, but she still loved Sara. Jen didn't want to break up with her because she might loose Tina as a feeder, roommate, and a cook, but Jen should also let Kate know that her ex-stripper girlfriend was cheating on her. The two girls decided to head over to Kate's to tell her the bad news, and decide what to do.
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Chapter 6

Kate shared an apartment with Sara in the same complex as Tina and Jen. She had graduated college and was able to get a job programming where she worked from home part of the week. Her college life style had put 217 pounds on her 5'2" frame, ballooning her to 312 pounds.

Initially Sara was feeding and fattening up Kate, but over the last year Sara had dramatically gained weight and was too busy getting fed to feed poor Kattie. Kattie loved breasts, maybe because hers were so small and Sara had grown an enormous bosom over the last year.

Unfortunately Sara was never home for Kattie to enjoy so Kattie consoled herself by eating more and more. The tiny framed girl had grown a small set of 38C cup breasts and a huge spherical 62 inch belly and an even more impressive 75 inch booty. Her hips and thighs were thick but it was her ass that made up most of the inches. Her booty was two beach ball sized spheres that stuck out 14 inches behind her back. Her belly, when she was standing stuck out 16 inches past her thighs and when she sat down it bulged past her knees.

As she got fatter and fatter she no longer used a table for her lap top, she would simply sit on the couch with her thighs apart with her belly bulging past the edge of the couch, with her lap top resting on her swelling bulge. As her belly and ass got fatter so did her arms and her upper arms now measured 19 inches and fat bulged over her elbows. Because of how fat she was she rarely wore anything with sleeves. Today, like most days, she was wearing a tank top that covered maybe the top quarter of her massive paunch. Around her hips she wore a light blue peasant skirt that the elastic had broke months ago. Luckily her huge butt kept the skirt from falling off, but the skirt still rode extremely low on her hips.

Kate was typing away when she heard the door bell ring. She managed to roll her bulk off of the couch and waddle over to the door thinking that the pizza delivery guy sure was fast this time.

"Jen is that you?!" asked Kate as she opened the door.

Jen's girth filled the doorway to the apartment. She was wearing a long sleeve button up white blouse that would have been form fitting 50 pounds ago. Now she could only get two buttons to come together just below her plump bosom, which left all of her cleavage exposed and the entire front of her generous Buddha. Jen was wearing form fitting low rise stretch Khaki slacks and tan sandals. Her light blond hair was tied up in a clip off her shoulders.

"Of course it's me Kattie, just a little bit more of me," replied Jen as she patted her belly. "It doesn’t look like you have missed many meals either."

"I know none of my clothes fit anymore. I have more than tripled my weight since we first met. It's all the food Sara brings back from the bakery and all the delivery. I rarely leave the apartment anymore so it's not like I am burning off any of these calories. But enough about how fat we are, please come in."

"Oh my, who is this? You have gotten so fat I didn't even see you had someone behind you," said Kate.

"Hi I am Brigitte, I work the register at the bakery with Tina," said Brigitte.

Brigitte was wearing a pair of pink sweat pants that was rolled down at the top to allow her swollen belly and fat love handles to bulge out over the waist band. She was wearing a string pink bikini top and had her hair loose and wavy.

"I thought the girl that worked there was really skinny?" whispered Kate.

"She was, I mean I was. But I developed a bit of a sweet tooth working there," said Brigitte with her hand on her belly.

"Wow that’s quite a gain. Looks good on you," said Kate.

"Thanks, but this is just the beginning," she said as she rubbed her belly. "I need to get back home but I was wondering if you have anything to eat on the way back. I go without eating for more than 30 min and I start to get weak."

"Sure help yourself to whatever is in the kitchen. Sara will be home soon with more baked goods I am sure," said Kate.

"Thanks, nice meeting you," said Brigitte as she waddled into the kitchen.

"Boy she sure turned out to be a real porker. She was so skinny last year."

"I know but I could tell instantly from the way she flirted with me that she wanted some "personal attention". But I made it clear that I liked my girls much, much rounder, so she kinda filled out," giggled Jenny.

"She is gorgeous! And such an eater, although she isn’t as busty as I like," said Kate as she leered at Jenny's deep cleavage.

"Give her time Katie; she is just starting to fill out. She will be bustier than Sara, just you wait," said Jen.

"I doubt it. Have you seen how big Sara has gotten? Her boobs and belly have ballooned. Besides B is growing such a huge butt, while Sara’s fat goes straight to her boobs and belly. But the real question is do you think your new friend will ever be fatter than you?" smiled Kate as she poked Jenny's bulging waist line.

"I know Kate; I am huge now, even fatter than Tina."

"I am taking the cookies, they are easier to eat in the car. Make sure you get something to eat Jen," and with that Brigitte gave Jan a deep sensual kiss and strolled out of the apartment.

"She sure is friendly, what do you think Tina would say if she saw that?"

"That's why I am here Kate. Sigh, I think Tina is cheating on me with another girl."

"Oh my, that's awful I better sit down for this."

Kate lowered her bulk on the couch filling up half the couch with her enormous ass and fat thighs. Jen plopped down next to her causing the couch to grown under their combined weight of nearly 700 pounds. Their combined girth filled the couch entirely and causing the two girls hips to touch.

"We might be to big for this couch Jen, your ass is as fat as mine and your belly is nearly as round," said Kate.

"Tina always wanted me to get a fat big belly, but I ended up growing these amazing boobs and a huge ass. I think in the beginning she was really excited to see me getting fat hoping I would get a huge belly. But now I think I am too curvy for her, no longer her type. So she has gone back to feeding her old ex-girlfriend," said Jen.

"Uh-oh I know where this is going. She is back with Sara isn’t she? I had suspected as much when Sara stayed more and more at the bakery. Then when she quit stripping and started packing on the pounds, I started to get suspicious," said Kate. "But she is so hot and massively busty that I kinda let it go. I think I have known for a while but just kinda dealt with being second to Tina, besides who would date a 312 pound porker like me anyways?"

"Well me of course, but I know, I thought the same way as I started to get big. But that day I went for an interview with Voluptuous Lady I realised there is a lot of other fat fish in the sea. Brigitte is unbelievably hot and getting fatter by the minute. And I always get looks from the other girls at JB, and most of them are single. If you came by JB and I could introduce you to Mandy. I bet you too would have a great time. But first things first, we know that our two whores of a girl friends are cheating on us, maybe we can pay them back by cheating on them," said Jen as fingered her shirt button that was just below her bulging cleavage.

"I know you have always wanted these and today maybe we can console each other," said Jen.

"I remember when we first met I thought they were so huge, but now they are enormous, so much bigger than Sara's. I have always wanted to be with you and if loosing her means I can gain you, it was well worth it," said Kate.

"I will be all yours tonight, but you may have to share me with Brigitte and maybe some other girls after tonight. I think we shouldn't let on to Tina and Sara that we know. That way we can be together, still get food from the bakery, and an occasional stuffing from those two," said Jen.

"That's a good idea, I don’t know what I would do if I got cut off from all the food Tina and Sara bring over," said Kate.

"You might lose this big round sexy Buddha," said Jen as she put her hand on Kate's belly and leaned in to kiss her.

Jen and Kate kissed and Kate popped the buttons on Jen's Shirt freeing her massive bosom. Kate began sucking on Jen's nipples and rubbing her breasts. After a few minutes of kissing Kate led Jen into her room and pushed Jen onto the bed. Jen's fat body bounced and wobbled from the sudden movement and Kate started to unto Jen's pants while Jen took off her shirt. “Those pants aren’t coming off without my help, I have gotten much to fat for easy access,” said Jen as she helped Kate peel her pants off her fat butt and thighs.

Kate lifted the skirt off over her head as her huge ass wouldn't let the skirt go south. She then took off her tank top and jumped on top of Jen kissing and rubbing her naked body. Kate had a pair of hand cuffs attached to the head board and was able to get Jen's wrists into them while she kissed her enormous breasts.

"Hey what are you doing!" exclaimed Jen.

"Jenny I waited 4 and a half years for this, I want to make sure you can’t get away," said Kate. "I want to feed you like Christina got to and then have my way with you."

"You don’t have to chain me up for that Kate," said Jen. "Just stuff me till I cant move."

"Ooooh, well if you insist," moaned Kate.

A naked Kate waddled into the kitchen and brought back boxes upon boxes of cake and pastries. She began to feed them into Jen with one hand deep into Jen's wet box. She manipulated Jen to orgasm several times while she fed her sweet fattening pastries and cake. But Jen was getting thirsty, so Kate brought in a pitcher of cream for her. After an hour of stuffing Jen's belly was getting noticeably larger, but Kate wasn't done. Kate brought in a large dildo and began to probe into her moist neither region.

"Hey what's that, that’s not your fingers," asked Jen breathlessly.

"You have never had this before I am sure, but I am really good with it. Just relax and keep eating," said Kate.

"Oh it feels so good, it hits the right spot and fills me up inside, ooooh," moaned Jen.

"Keep eating baby, let me do all the work," said Kate.

And she did, another hour later Jen's belly was fully engorged and after being stuffed all weekend long it filled up much faster than normal, and was probably bigger than it had ever been.

"Oh your belly is so big and round and fat, a couple more stuffings like this and you will grow a Buddha like me. Now I want to do something that you are really going to like," said Kate.

Kate undid one hand cuff and had Jen flip over onto her knees. Her belly was so swollen and heavy that it touched the cool white sheet. Kate reconnected the hand cuff and then left for a few minutes. When she came back she brought in what looked like a small pig trough over flowing with ice cream.

"Now I want you to lean onto your elbows and dig into that mountain of ice cream like the piggy you are. Keep your fat ass up and rest on those enormous boobs of yours," said Kate.

"Oh this is so good and my belly fills so tight," said Jen.

"And its going to get tighter as you eat all of it baby," said Kate.

"As if you could stop me, mmmm," moaned Jen with her face in the ice cream.

Kate went behind Jen and began to eat her wet pussy. After a few minutes when Jen was back into the food and sex induced trance, Kate left the room. Jen started to feel the probing sensation of the dildo again and began to eat faster then she felt something big and fleshy bouncing on her huge booty. Kate had strapped on the dildo and her round belly was resting on Jen's fat ass while she thrusted into her from behind. Feeling the pressure and softness of Kate's fat body pressing up behind her was even better. Jen ate with renewed fervour and orgasmed harder than she had ever before.

"Oh my that feels so good, with you feeding and pleasuring me I am going to get so fat I wont be able to move," moaned Jen.

"Yes you are porky, and from behind your ass is enormous! I cant believe my ass is that big," exclaimed Kate.

"Oh I know, but I cant help myself, I gain a lot of weight in my hips and ass," sighed Jen with her mouth full of ice cream.

"I know, I love it! Its so big and soft, a lot of cushion for me to bounce into. What was I thinking with Sara. You might just turn me into a booty lover,” said Kate.

"I'm glad you like it, cause if you keep this up its only going to get bigger."

Jen continued to eat and eat and Kate continued to pound away for another 45 minutes until she got her fill of Jen’s ass. Thoroughly spent Kate rolled off to refill Jen's trough 3 more times and stuff herself. Jen's belly was fully resting on mattress, filling the gap between her chubby thighs. Her mammoth breasts and face were now covered in ice cream and she could barely breathe. Kate undid the hand cuffs and Jen rolled onto her back moaning and rubbing her huge belly.

"I think you are going to have a hard time beating that eating record, we are almost out of ice cream now," said Kate.

"Oh my god, I am so huge. Tina and Brigitte have never stuffed and pleasured me like that," gasped Jen. "I couldn't stop eating, it was like I was under a spell."

"I know, we should have gotten together a long time ago. But we can always make up for lost time," said Kate as she slid in next to Jen caressing Jens swollen belly.

"Do you mind if I sleep this off? I don’t think I can move right now," asked Jen.

"Sure, Sara shouldn't be back for a few more hours. That will give me time to clean up and finish up the cake. All that sex made me hungry," said Kate as she rubbed Jen's swollen belly.

Over the course of the weekend Jen had thought she lost her lover and feeder, but know she realised she had gained two more and managed to keep Tina around for stuffings. With three girls fattening her up she would get enormous and Gwen would have to take notice. Jen passed out with a giant grin on her ice cream covered face and both hands on her belly.
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Chapter 7

Six months later, with three girls stuffing her, Jen had swelled to 420 pounds. Her once flat bellied 24 inch waist was now a globular paunch that measured 65 inches around. Her slim 36 inch hips had ballooned to a massive 84 inches. Her legs rubbed all the way to her knees, her ass was like two beach balls, and stuck out a good 15 inches from her fleshy back. Her generous 34D bosom was now a colossal 48 N, a full 70 inches around. Her arms her were so fat the blubber now made them 22 inches around.

One and half years after starting at Voluptuous Lady she was now fatter than Gwen was when they met. Gwen had tried to diet several times over the last 18 months as she thought she was getting to fat, but with Kelly feeding her she had managed to grow to 513 pounds. Her breasts measured 70 inches around, and she wore a 54K bra, her belly stretched to 88 inches around forming a huge spherical ball that bulged onto the tops of her thighs when she was standing and stuck out 18 inches in front of them.

Her hips and ass had continued to expand to 98 inches and formed a shelf that stuck out 20 inches past her lower back. Her legs were so fat that her flesh had begun to sag around her ankles. She was a blimp and Jen loved every quivering inch of fat.

Jen was working in the coveted double Voluptuous section with Mandy helping the mother of a trio of growing college girls. This was going to be a great sale for Mandy and Jen as the mother was around 350 pounds and buying up the store for both herself and the three girls. The girls had been skinny up through junior high school, but then their metabolism began to wear off and they began to look more and more like their mother.

The youngest girl had an amazing figure and was most likely going to me a Voluptuous Lady model in a few months. Gina was 18 years old and 5'9", light blond hair and plump 38 FF breasts a relatively small 28 inch waist with big fat 54 inch hips. At 190 pounds with her massive hips, plump breasts, and a mom fattening her up, she was going to be modelling very soon.

Her mom had been an exotic dancer when she met Gina's father at 18. She had gotten pregnant 3 months later with Stephanie, her oldest, and packed on 75 pounds on a 5'5" 110 pound frame. Gina's dad had married her mom as soon as he found out she was pregnant and watched his tiny wife balloon. Two months after giving birth to Stephanie she got pregnant again with Sandy and while she had lost some of the baby weight she put it right back on and gained an additional 40 pounds.

She had more than doubled her weight in 2 years and within 6 weeks of pushing out Sandy she got pregnant with Gina and throughout the course of that pregnancy grew an additional 40 pounds. Gina's mom at 21 was hovering around 250 pounds and hadn't worked a day in her life other than the three months of stripping.

Their dad had divorced their mom early on but he was rich and was able to afford them anything. 18 years later the mother had gained an additional 100 pounds while her three girls had ballooned over the last 3 years. All three were gorgeous, but Gina was the most curvy of the girls. Mandy was happy to have Jen around to help out with the four fatties as they were quite rich and very demanding, and Mandy was not as light on her feet as she used to be.

Mandy was now the third fattest girl in the store behind Gwen and Jen at 387 pounds. She still had her raven black hair but she had added dark red highlights and wearing her hair straight and loose. As she had continued to get fatter she had started wearing less and less high healed shoes. Today she was wearing flip flop sandals with her black pants that were stretched over her 74 inch bubble butt and thick fat thighs but were flared and loose from the knee down.

Her belly had continued to expand and become more spherical, stretching further and further in front of her counter balancing her spherical bubble butt. It had grown to 71 inches and she rarely covered it. Her pants were low rise by the nature of her girth. They hugged tightly to her massive butt cheeks but went under her bulging love handles and spherical gut. On top she was wearing a white baby t-shirt that due to her massive 61 inch breasts, which squeezed into a 46 JJ bra, left all of her bulging love handles and at least half of her pot belly exposed. There were larger shirts in the store but Mandy loved to display her belly.

Jen at 420 pounds had a belly that was 6 inches smaller than Mandy’s but an ass that was 10 inches fatter and she was 9 inches bigger in the breasts. She, like Mandy had grown a spherical pot belly that at 22 years old was, sticking out a full foot in front of her thick thighs. She had enormous hips and large plump love handles that merged into her bloated belly. Her belly, when standing bulged onto the tops of her thighs.

Jen had always had a slight bone structure and her back had remained relatively slim while her breasts and belly ballooned. Her boobs had gotten most of the fat and swelled in cup sizes to the upper range of the Voluptuous Lady store. Because of the massive cup size, the sides of her breasts could be seen from behind when her arms were against her body and stuck out in front of her belly by a few inches. Her upper arms, like her thighs and hips, were big and fleshy, but tapered to narrow shapely wrists, just as her big shapely calves tapered to delicate ankles. She had small hands and feet which further exaggerated the massive size of her curves.

As fat as she was she still managed to keep an hour glass figure and loved to emphasise it. Today she was wearing 3 inch clog heals, with white silk pants, and a red and gold Chinese print sleeveless blouse. The blouse was tailored to her body shape, providing enough material to cradle her breasts and cover her round belly. The low cut blouse forced her generous cleavage to bulge out the top but thankfully the shirt had four inch slits up the sides so the shirt managed to accommodate her massive belly. Jen had put her long light blond hair up today with the help of two 8 inch long hair pins.

Jen was reaching up grabbing a pair of shoes for Gina and her skin tight shirt had risen up over her belly. Before she could pull her shirt back into place Gina put her hand on the soft pink flesh and began to rub it.

"Its so big and round Jen, Mandy must be getting jealous," cooed the girl.

"I know, Jen got so fat that over the last 18 months that she has doubled her weight. But its not her belly I am jealous of, its those big boobies," said Mandy.

"You have great breasts Mandy and I can’t wait till my belly is bigger than yours," she said as she handed Gina the box of shoes. "I am putting a lot of effort into getting my Buddha big and round, I think I have gained 30 inches on this thing since I started working here."

"Luckily for me it has gotten big enough to hang over my pants. I can’t get these pants to close anymore with my huge hips and ass stretching the material, but with my belly hanging over, I don’t have to worry about them falling off," said Jenny as she grabbed her belly and lifted it exposing the front of her pants to the girls.

"Hello ladies, are these two taking care of your every need?"

"Oh hi Gwen, I was wondering where you were. The girls have been very helpful, Jen was just showing us how fat she is now. You might have some competition soon," said the mom.

"I know, she is rapidly gaining on me, but I still have a few pounds on her," replied Gwen as she folded her arms beneath her breasts and rested them on her 88 inch belly.

Gwen was wearing flip flop sandals with loose white cotton skirt that road low on her hips and booty and allowed her giant belly to bulge over the front. On top she was wearing a white bikini strapped blouse that tied around her neck and left all of her expansive cleavage and the sides of her full breasts exposed. It was tight around her belly but managed to cover her entire paunch. She had her long blond tied up off her shoulders but several strands were lose in front, framing her face.

Jen sauntered over to Gwen with her hands in the small of her back sticking her belly out. "My boobs are as big as yours now Gwen, and it's only a matter of time before this belly turns into that belly," said Jen.

"Yes you have grown quite a prize belly here," she said as she patted Jen's belly, "but its these two globes back here that are going to get bigger than mine first," said Gwen as she playfully patted Jen's fleshy backside.

"Mandy do you think you can finish up with these lovely ladies? I need to barrow Jen for a bit," asked Gwen.

"Sure Gwen, I just need to ring them up," replied Mandy.

"Thanks honey, Jen lets head back to my office," said Gwen.

Gwen followed Jen back into her office watching her bouncing booty wobble and sway back and forth. Jen's silk pants squeezed every inch of her wide fleshy hips and round butt cheeks. Her thighs had grown fat enough to cause a very exaggerated sensual swaying. Gwen's office was on the top floor and over looked the store behind two way mirrored windows which allowed her to watch the store while she did paperwork or more often than not, ate.

"Phew, that staircase gets harder and harder to climb," said Jen.

"Well when you are manager you can have your office down stairs," replied Gwen as she admired the view.

Gwen's office had a large desk with a computer and files, a big leather couch, and a table for office meetings. Today the room was darkened so that they could see out over the store and the table was set for two and was lit with candles. On the table was what looked to be large bowls of pasta, baskets of bread, and several bottles of wine.

"Your silk pants look amazing on you, but you are going to need to get a bigger pair. We cant have one of our girls walking around with their pants undone, now can we?" asked Gwen.

"No, I guess not, its just these are one of my bigger pairs and I love the way the silk feels," said Jen.

"Yes they do feel nice," said Gwen with her hand on Jen's ass "Now please sit down. Have you had lunch yet?"

"Ya, about an hour ago, and a snack while I was helping those ladies. But you know how I like to eat," said Jen.

"Good, cause this is excellent Italian food, and I would hate for it to go to waste, unless it was your waist," said Gwen as she playfully poked Jen's belly.

The two girls sat down and began to load up their plates and pour the wine. Gwen did most of the talking, telling Jen how great a job she was doing, how great the store was doing, and how good the team was, while Jen ate. After about an hour of Gwen talking Jen started to notice that Gwen had barely touched her food and wine, while she had filled up Jen's plate and glass several times.

"Oh, I am making such a pig of myself, but the food is so good you know I can’t stop. Can you pass the rolls and butter?" asked Jen.

"Sure, more wine?" asked Gwen.

"Ya, all this pasta is making me thirsty," said Jen.

After another hour of chit chatting, and several more plates of pasta and bread, and another bottle of wine, Gwen told Jen that she wanted to make her an assistant manager.

"Really! I just got promoted but the extra money would come in handy with my grocery and clothing bill," laughed Jen.

"Well its a conditional promotion provided you get up to 500 pounds in the next 6 months," said Gwen.

"That's 80 pounds, in six months! I have never gained that fast," said Jen.

"I can’t have my assistant manager have such a small belly and I would be willing to make sure you were surrounded by food here," said Gwen.

"Do you really want a fatter assistant manager or is this personal? At first I thought you wanted me to fit in with the other girls at the store. Then Mia came in and said that you wanted me to be in the single V department, but that I needed to get fatter. And I can’t help but notice how you are paying extra attention to my swelling waist line. Now you bring me up here and feed me a huge meal, right after I had lunch and a snack. Why such a personal interest in your fattest employee?" asked Jen with a devilish look in her eye and an alluring smile on her face. She had one hand pushing up her shirt to expose more of her swollen belly and the other scoping more pasta onto her plate.

"Ooooh that belly is getting so big! When I first met Kelly she was so fat and soft and sexy that I was instantly attracted to her curves, but she never let me touch her. I think she just wanted a guinea pig to try out her food, but once she saw how fat I was getting she started to pay more attention to me. I let her feed and fatten me until I had gained 200 pounds. Once I was fatter than her I sometimes used my bulk to pin her down and force her to have sex with me. But know she will only have sex with me once I have eaten everything she wants me to. When I first saw her she was 100 pounds bigger than me, now I am 160 pounds fatter than her and still expanding!" Gwen stood up and waddled over to the two way glass window.

"I found out that Kelly was always the fat girl growing up and was jealous of all the thin “pretty” girls. Now through her bakery she is trying to make all the cute girls around her so enormous that she will be the skinny one. It was fun getting fed and all of the attention, but now she is stuffing me more and more each time that I can rarely finish and never get any loving. All I get is this big fat Buddha," she said as she pulled her tight shirt up over her belly freeing its girth.

"I want my lover to have this, and more. When we first met I knew you were fat girl trapped in a pudgy girl's body, I just didn't know how fat that girl was. That's partially why I work here, so that one day I can find the girl that wants to get enormous, and now I know that girl is you," said Gwen.

Jen was instantly envious of Gwen’s naked bloated belly flesh. Gwen should be happy Kelly had made her so fat, but she understood the need to have good loving! Jen wondered how much fatter her tits and ass would be when her belly reached Gwen’s size.

Gwen waddled back over to the table to put another heaping scoop of pasta onto Jen's plate. "Jenny, I know how you look at me, envious of my blubbery belly. You have Tina, Kate, and Brigitte feeding and pleasing you and still you want more. I know you want me sexually, but what you really want is to be fatter than me and if you want me to make you that way I will. I am going to feed you, and stuff you, and as soon as you are fatter than me I will pleasure you. I am going to turn you into the fat girl you always wanted to be."

"Oh my god, you’re right, I thought I liked fat girls and was a feeder for a while, but what I really wanted to be was that fat girl. I love being a feedee and getting all the girls to stuff me. But Gwen you are almost a hundred pounds more than me, it will take me forever to get that big. Do you really want to wait that long before you get this?" asked Jen as she stroked her round naked belly.

"Oh I don’t think I will have to wait that long and I guess I can give you a taste today so that you know what you are missing. Once you feel me in your pussy you will beg me to feed you night and day. But you only get a taste of this once you eat all the remaining food," said Gwen.

"Oh I am so full now and my big round belly hurts so much, I am going to need to take my mind off of how stuffed I am getting," said Jen as she rubbed her belly. "Don’t you want to help me by pleasuring me?"

"Uh, Uh, Uh, piggy," she said as she poked Jen in the belly. "You are going to have to get used to having a very painfully distended belly."

"Oh you are so dominating, but as long as I eat all of this, you will pleasure me?" whined Jen.

"Yes, and as soon as you have proven you are a good piggy and are fatter than me you will receive my special touch. You can of course touch yourself while I feed you, if that helps," said Gwen.

Gwen moved her chair over as close to Jen and she could get and began to feed Jen. Gwen's massive belly bulged between the two chairs and her massive breasts rested on top of Jen's left arm. Her breasts were heavy, soft, and warm, and turned Jen on even more. Jen reached below her belly and lifted her swollen paunch up so she could get her fingers into her wet pussy.

She was pleasuring herself while Gwen fed her more and more of the fattening pasta. Jen would bring herself close to climax but never quite climax so as to heighten the impending pleasure explosion. Jen finished all the pasta and Gwen began to load up the bread with rich butter. After 3 more hours of feeding all the food and wine were consumed and Jen's belly was swollen with 20 pounds of food. All the buttons were undone except for the button right beneath her bosom.

"Oh I am getting so huge, my belly is probably 10 inches bigger than when I came in here. It feels so good to be so round and full. Take me now Gwen," moaned Jen.

"Take off your clothes Jen and lay down on the floor," said Gwen.

Jen got down on the floor and managed to peal off her pants. Gwen undid the final button on Jen's top and her breasts burst free of their confinement. Gwen pealed off her own top and took off her loose skirt. 513 pounds of naked jiggling fat made Jen even wetter. Gwen got down on her hands and knees and began kissing Jen's swollen belly, she crawled between Jen's fat thighs and started working her way up towards Jens breasts. Gwen's belly was so fat that on her hands and knees it would touch the carpet. It was a good thing Jen was so flexible because as Gwen moved further up, she had to spread her legs wider to accommodate first Gwen's huge breasts, and then her belly.

"Oh you are so heavy! The pressure from your body is intense I think I am going to pop!" moaned Jen.

"Well I cant have you pop on me," said Gwen as she raised her bulk off of Jen. Gwen was on her knees resting her belly between Jens thighs, holding it up from touching Jen's belly.

"Kelly, whines too when I get on top of her, but she is the one who made me so fat. But I guess I wont squish you any more in your swollen state," said Gwen.

"I want you to be on top baby, if that’s what you want, but I want you in my pussy more," said Jen.

"Well you have been a good girl today, haven't you? I guess I should give you what you want today. I have a feeling I will get what I want very soon with as much as you can eat," said Gwen.

Gwen wiggled down between Jen's legs and began to orally stimulate her. Jen pushed Gwen's head further between her legs and gripped her head between her thick, fat thighs. Maybe it was the three hours of stuffing and manipulating herself before but Jen's orgasm exploded after only a minute of Gwen's attention. Gwen was better than any of the girls she had been with.

"You tasted great down there," said Gwen "But you need to taste me now."

Jen rolled over onto her hands and knees and noticed for the first time than her belly was resting on the floor. She tried to arch her back up to lift it off the floor but it still touched. Her breasts hung down three inches from the carpet. "Oh my god, I am such a porker. My belly drags the ground and my boobs are close," she exclaimed.

"I know you are huge piggy, but this is only the beginning. When I get done with you, you wont be able to roll over. Now eat me like I told you," said Gwen.

Jen was an excellent eater, and that included pussy as well. Jen wiggled her way between Gwen's huge thighs and under her belly and began to lick her pussy. Gwen hadn't been getting it from Kelly as regularly as she used to, and Kelly didn’t have the passion that Jen did for eating, so after a very short time Gwen came. Jen rolled back from between Gwen's legs and sat with her feet tucked behind her. Jen's ass and hips were so fat that the blubber covered her tiny feet. Her thighs bulged and rapidly filled the gap between them so her belly rested on top. Jen sat there rubbing her fat belly that now bulged past her knees, with a very satisfied smile.

"You did well today little pig. Did you like my touch?" said Gwen.

"Oh yes, you are the best Gwenny. I am going to have four girls feeding me now, putting me in hog heaven. I can’t wait till this belly is fatter than yours, and I get to feel you inside of me again," said Jen.

"Good, remember only 513 pounds and you can have me again," said Gwen.

Within six months Jen weighed 507 pounds, and in seven she weighed 522 pounds. Gwen had broken up with Kelly and went on a diet and had shrunk down to 458 pounds and was actively feeding and pleasuring Jenny. But during the last year Jen was not the only one to get bigger.
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Chapter 8

Six months ago, Brigitte had announced her lust for Jen and her desire to grow fatter and fatter. That was shortly before her father returned from Europe and he found is once skinny daughter ballooned into more than twice her normal weight.

His new wife, one of Brigitte’s old cheer leading friends, complained that she couldn’t be in the same house as such a fat cow and had Brigitte’s father throw her out and cut her off from his fortune. Now she had a little apartment above the bakery where she stayed and ate as much as she wanted free of charge.

At the time she was kicked out she had already developed a pot belly, wide hips and fat full breasts. Working behind the counter at the bakery and managed to turn her runway model body into a body fit for VL. Six months ago, she was a relatively svelte 231 pounds, certainly fat enough to be a VL shopper, with a 34HH-42-56 inch body.

However, with Kelly and Tina taking a special interest with her figure at work, and eating with Jen after work, she was getting fatter faster than anyone within the VL or Bakery circle of girls. Kelly made her start wearing a uniform once she got big enough and put her in white cotton pants with a white button up long sleeve fitted blouse like all the other bakery staff. Brigitte cut her hair short in a modern chunky style that framed her beautiful face and left her neck uncovered.

She wore dark eye make-up rarely buttoned up her blouse all the way. She was quite proud of her developing cleavage but she was also developing a prominent belly and big wide hips. The girls termed the process of her rapidly expanding curves as "dough rising". She would eat so much during the day that her fleshy belly would swell and bulge forcing her button open and her zipper down so that her flesh bulged onto her lap; therefore, it looked a lot like "dough rising" as it spilled out. The girls would always sneak peaks at her waistline to check to see if the "dough was rising" and inevitably it would be.

Working in the bakery and making the drinks behind the counter had provided Brigitte with ample opportunity to sample the various drinks, and with Kelly and Tina bringing her new baked treats to eat she was constantly stuffed throughout the day.

Brigitte ate because she was bored at first, then it became a habit, now she could not do anything without something to snack on. Six months after confessing her love to Jen, she had gained another 74 pounds and weighed 305 pounds. Her breasts now filled a 38 KK bra measuring 55 inches around. Her belly swelled to 50 inches and her hips were now a full 68 inches around. Brigitte had developed huge fat thighs that rubbed all the way to her knees and her hips now had massive saddlebags making her walk with an exaggerated sway.

Her belly had split into two rolls at her belly button with the lower roll forming a large spare tire with her love handles, which filled her lap when she was sitting and drooped onto the tops of her thighs when she was standing. The top roll was considerably smaller and measured only 38 inches around, which created a desirable contrast with her massive bosom. Her arms had gotten very flabby and now measured 17 inches around and the fat hung over her elbows. She had no muscle to begin with and because she was growing so fat so fast, she was now very soft and bouncy.

She was wearing her work outfit that she had gotten a month before. The pants barely zipped up around her lower roll but she managed to fasten them and tried to ignore how much they were digging into her belly. On top, she was wearing a long sleeve button up which she left the top three buttons undone to display her bountiful cleavage. She had gotten so fat over the last year, an extra 148 pounds, that she could no longer stand on her feet for very long so Kelly provided a stool for her to sit on behind the register. Initially the stool was big enough to contain her generous backside, but now her hips and thighs had gotten so fat that they bulged over the sides encased the stool top in a thick layer of fat.

“The dough is going to rise like it has never risen before,” said Kelly to Tina.

“Oh I know, her pants are barely holding on. That top button is going to pop off for sure,” said Tina.

The two bakers were admiring their work, Brigitte’s swollen flabby body.

“I got her working a double today. She will be with us from opening to close. Now we just need to start bringing over the treats and watch her grow,” said Kelly.

“I know she hates those pants, look at how uncomfortable she is with her bulge split in two! So hot. If you let her wear different pants that allow her belly to bulge free, we might be able to pack some more food in her,” said Tina.

“You might be right, you where certainly right about getting her off her feet. She is getting so fat now that she only has to ring orders up,” said Kelly.

“I turned Jenny into 420 pound whale, and Sara has gained 152 pounds this year. I know how feed my babies,” laughed Tina.

“Yes you do, but I noticed you aint denying yourself any of the bakery’s perks either,” teased Kelly with a gentle poke of Tina’s pudgy love handle.

“Please, working here it’s so easy to pack on pounds, but my girlfriends never try to feed me any more. They are all too busy feeding themselves, but some how in the 18 months I have worked here I packed on 180 pounds. I wonder how that could be Kelly?” asked Tina with a knowing wink.

“Don’t look at me porky, I haven’t put one bite cake in your cute mouth, then again I haven’t tried to stop you either. I remember how much smaller you were than me when I hired you, just barely starting to fill out, now you are by far the fattest girl here, and this badunkadunk is nearly as fat as Gwen’s,” said Kelly as she patted the fatter girl’s butt.

Tina was wearing her medium length dark brown hair tied up in the back of her head in a bun, gold hoop earrings, and a newly acquired right eyebrow piercing. On top she was wearing a tight white spaghetti strap tank top that whenever she raised her arms rolled up and exposed plump love handles and her soft belly flesh. She was wearing white cotton stretch pants that hugged her mammoth booty and huge thighs, down past her knees and then squeezed around her bulging calves.

The pants started to loosen up around upper ankles and hung over her heels and draped over the front of her pink jogging shoes. When she was cooking, she put on an full apron that looped around her neck and tied around her waist, covering most of her front but leaving her back and sides exposed. Baking was hot work and being 300 pounds over weight only made it hotter. Being Kelly’s favourite she got away with not wearing uniform, but it helped that Kelly didn’t have a one to fit a 410 pound 46 FF, 55-65-95 inch girl.

Her breasts were the same size around as Brigitte’s but her ass was so fat that it formed a shelf of blubber that stuck out a full 18 inches behind her lower back. Her legs were enormous and so swollen with fat that her blubber bulged over her knees. Her upper arms had continued to grow fatter and fatter and they now measured 24 inches around, bulged over her elbows, and swelled around her wrists. Her belly had continued to swell outward to form a round spherical ball that stuck out past her breasts and a few inches past her thighs.

“I know, I am massive now thanks to this bakery. I never intended to get this big, but once you start you can’t stop eating all the delicious pastries. You have made them so addicting! I may be the fattest girl here now but I bet I can get Brigitte to replace me. I bet I can make Brigitte fatter than me in less than a year,” said Tina.

Kelly placed her chubby finger on her bottom lip and began to stare off into space. Kelly was wearing pink lip-gloss, with dark eye make up and had her light blond hair in two tiny pig tails. She her hair had grown out slightly but was still fairly short, which helped reduce the how hot she got when she worked the oven.

Kate during the last 18 months had continued to sample her goodies and had put another 70 pounds on, tipping the scales at 355 pounds. Her round bosom now stretched to 50 inches, a full plump 42 F-cup bra. Her round belly now measured 62 inches, just three inches smaller than Tina’s and stuck out well past her breasts. Here hips and thighs had grown fatter and fatter causing them to touch all the way to her knees and her bulbous booty had swollen rounder and fatter forming a 14 inch shelf of fat behind her.

She was wearing her pink short sleeve button up shirt with the top two buttons undone allowing her cleavage to peak out. The shirt stretched all the way around her belly and she even managed to tuck it into her tight white cotton slacks that squeezed every inch all the way to her ankles. The waist band of the slacks was high enough that about a 1/3 of her belly was also covered by the slacks. On her feet she was wearing 3 inch heeled pumps, completing her professional dress. She didn’t have to bake today and was going to the bank to see about a load to expand her operations.

“Oooh turning the hot girls into enormous blimps is one of my favourite activities. But fatter than you is going to be pretty hard unless you go on a diet. Then again, I bet you will be having your girlfriend help you fatten her up. Oh look how her top belly bulge hangs over pants waistline. That must hurt digging into her belly!” squealed Kelly.

“Why would Jenny help me fatten up Brigitte?” asked Tina.

“Come on honey, we both know Jenny is old news, Sara is who you like now. I know you like your girls with a lot more belly than booty unfortunately,” sighed Kelly as she squeezed her fleshy butt cheeks.

“Am I really that obvious? I mean, Jenny is great and all, she is getting so huge! But Sara is my sole mate,” sighed Tina.

“Don’t worry Tina, your secret is safe with me. Us feeders got to stick together. Now if I take you up on the bet what will be the prize?” asked Kelly.

“Hmmm, I don’t know $100?”

“Well I was thinking something us feeders might enjoy. If you loose the bet I get to feed you for a year, if I win I get to feed you for a year,” said Kelly.

“Well that does sound interesting, I know how huge Gwen is now thanks to you, but then again I would love to control your belly for a year,” said Tina as she slipped her hand between the buttons of Kelly’s shirt and rubbed her belly.

“Then we have a deal, sweets. B has to be fatter than you are in year, and you cant go on a diet. Not that I really need to worry, but there is no way you can loose any weight between now and then or I automatically win the bet,” said Kelly.


Brigitte was drinking a chocolate shake and eating some donuts, she had several hours to kill before the bakery started getting some customers. She normally filled the time between her start time and when it got busy by eating day old donuts, and whatever else the bakers brought over to her of course.

She no longer had to make the drinks for the customers, they had a new girl for that, so she either kept herself busy snacking or talking to the new drink girl, which just so happened to be Sara. Sara had spent a ton of time in the bakery eating and chatting with Tina and the other bakery staff that eventually Kelly put her to work. Sara needed to earn money now that her figure had grown past what would be desired by the patrons of the strip club, and Tina and Kelly loved to watch her waddle around, so it was a natural fit.

Sara had outgrown the waistband of any of the uniform pants six months ago and had grown increasingly top heavy as the pounds piled on. Now at 330 pounds her belly was her most dominate feature. Sara’s expansive bosom now measured 62 inches around and all of the fat resided in her breasts creating a huge 40 N cup size. Her breasts were so big that with her arms at her side you still see the sides of her breasts when looking at her from behind. Each boob was the size basketball and just as round.

When she was sitting down her breast bulged up almost touching her chin as they were pushed up by a massive 66-inch belly, a belly that was already fatter than Tina’s. It was so fat and round that it even stuck out a few inches past her bosom, and a full 12 inches past her thighs. She looked like she was pregnant with quadruplets but it was all fat and her spectacular paunch bulged just below her pussy. Her hips and thighs had grown chubby and thick but were still only 55 inches around, a full 11 inches smaller than her bulging Buddha, and her legs tapered to fine narrow ankles.

Her arms had remained relatively slim as well further emphasising her massive belly. Because she was so much smaller below the belly she wore very low low-rise pants that left an inch or two of butt crack on display when she wasn’t wearing a thong. Today at the bakery she wore black low rise stretch pants, black sandals with a black polo short sleeved shirt that was skin tight around her breasts and her globular belly. Sara wearing her dark hair loose today and was twirling it around with one finger while sucking on a vanilla shake. She had wandered over to Brigitte and leaned back on the counter, now facing Brigitte, and grabbed one of the donuts and began eating.

“Hey those are my donuts, get your own,” whined Brigitte.

“You need to learn to share tubby, couple more of these and you are going to pop another pair of pants. I am just preventing you from injuring a customer as the button goes shooting off,” laughed Sara.

“Oh I am the tubby one? You weigh more than me and your belly is so fat you can’t wear any of the baker pants,” replied Brigitte.

“I know it’s so big and round, my shirts always ride up. It’s like she has a mind of her own and wants to be naked. She makes me feed her all the time, even wakes me up in the middle of a night for a feeding. I just have to keep feeding her,” said Sara with one hand kneading her belly fat.

“Her? Your belly is a she?” asked Brigitte.

“Sure B, this is Betty Belly and she wants grow big and round,” said Sara.

“You’re like so crazy Sara, and I think you are forgetting about the developing twins,” said Brigitte as she pointed as Sara’s generous bosom, “But I guess you can have some donuts provided you keep my drink refilled.”

“Oh I never forget about these two,” she said as she squeezed her arms together causing her breast to jiggle and bounce, “they are always getting me in trouble for pointing at people.”

Sara was right, she constantly had the high beams on, and her nipples seemed to bigger than normal so it was quite a distraction to all the girls in the bakery.

“I can make you some drinks for sure, besides Betty thinks you are making a friend for her and are going to need your nourishment,” said Sara as she poked Brigitte’s lower belly bulge.

“Unfortunately Betty’s friend cant come out and play and these pants are killing me,” said Brigitte.

“Then all you have to do is out grow them. Like Sara and I did,” said Tina as she walked up with a full sheet of thick layer cake.

“But I am already so fat, I have put on like 200 pounds since I started here. I think I need to go on the D word before I get too big. Daddy already kicked me out of the estate,” said Brigitte.

“Well your commute to work is a lot shorter now, and you know how you love the goodies, but I guess you could stand to loose a few pounds. Nevertheless, if you loose weight you might be stuck in that unflattering uniform forever and I know you don’t want that. If you were to go the other way, you know fill out a bit and grow an ass like this, or a belly like that, there is no way Kelly could keep you in the uniform,” said Tina with one hand on her butt and the other poking Sara’s belly.

“I really am getting too fat though. At first it was fun growing extra curves, but now my curves have curves,” said Brigitte.

“Oh you are barely over 300 pounds, you have a long way to go before this gets too fat,” said Tina as she pinched Brigitte’s love handles. “But suit yourself, I will just leave the cake here if you change your mind.”

Tina waddled back to the kitchen to continue baking, while Sara began to rub her belly under her shirt, while slurping down the rich, thick shake.

“Betty is so happy knowing that she is getting a proper feeding, which is going to make her bigger and bigger,” sighed Sara.

Sara was right thought Brigitte. If her belly grew just enough she wouldn’t have to wear these ridiculous pants. Besides a few more inches couldn’t hurt, she was still skinnier than Jen was on that fateful afternoon she told her she wanted to be hers, and she could stop gaining way before she got that big.

“I guess I could have a piece, and a refill of course on the shake Sara,” said Brigitte.

“Ya! Betty is getting a new friend yippee!” teased Sara.

Brigitte gobbled up the cake in a matter of hours, then tore into an apple pie, a blue berry pie, a platter of cookies, a platter of cream puffs, and everything Kelly and Tina put in front of her.

“Oh my belly is so round, look at how much bigger it is. I really have to get control of myself once I get out of these pants,” said Brigitte.

Sara had been snacking and drinking shakes all day but hadn’t been eating nearly as much as Brigitte was gobbling up. By noon, Sara’s belly had already added a couple inches. Sara’s however was unrestrained and while it was getting tighter and fuller it was not painful and actually quite an enjoyable experience for her. Sara walked over to where Brigitte was sitting behind the cash register and walked behind her so she could put her hands on Brigitte’s swelling lower roll.

“You mean this thing?” asked Sara. “Your spare tire is getting a little rounder, but you have a few inches to go before your button pops off. What I really like is how fat your hips and ass are getting, they spread over the stool and give me a lot to pinch.”

“My ass isn’t fat! But this belly is getting round. I am having trouble breathing, and my waist band is so tight,” said Brigitte.

“Ah poor baby. Well keep eating and I am sure your belly will get big and round and you will pop right out of those pants in no time,” said Sara as she rubbed her hands around Brigitte’s belly roll. Brigitte could feel Sara’s swollen belly in the small of her back and she was enjoying the girl’s caress.

“I have never had to diet before, but I have to get control over my belly. Please take the food away before I eat any more,” said Brigitte

“No Betty Belly wants Rachel Roll to get big and fat,” she replied as she kneaded Brigette’s chub,”and Betty always gets what she wants. I am not only going to bring more snacks over I think I am going to make Rachel a massive Sunday to eat too,” said Sara.

“Whatever! I can resist. I have will power, I was skinny once you know,” replied Brigitte angrily with her arms folded under her breasts.

Sara moved in closer, pressed her bosom into the back of her neck, and whispered into her ear, “That was like before Rachel started growing, silly. Now Rachel is going to make you get so big and fat you won’t be able to fit back here and there is like nothing you can do to stop it porky.”

“Rachel is only growing a few little inches more, then I will stop. I have like tons of will power. Watch, I wont touch another thing today during my shift,” replied Brigitte “And I will never have a belly as big as yours!”

Try as she might Brigitte could not resist the temptation, the gentle caresses by Sara and the smells of the food broke her down quickly. By 5:00PM, she burst fee of her pants. Her belly bulged onto her lap and she untucked her shirt to cover the exposed flesh. By 9:00PM, her two rolls had formed a pot. And by the time she waddled up to her apartment above the bakery at 11:00 PM she had a spherical bloated belly.

It took a week of temptation for her to officially outgrow her pants. It was mostly because her belly was swollen with delicious shakes and pastries, but by the end of the month the extra calories had turned into extra inches around her belly and she no longer fit in any of the uniforms Kelly had. The Tina and Sara had made it all too easy for poor B feed and feed turning Rachel the Roll, into Rachel the Rolly Polly Belly. Now it was time for Brigette to put Rachel on a diet, but could she?
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Chapter 9

Six months into Tina’s project Brigitte had gained another 85 pounds and was now 390 pounds. She fought furiously against the constant food deluge by starting and stopping several diets. She had even lost as much as 15 pounds in a month, but the yo-yo dieting had caused her to gain weight even more rapidly than before. Her hair had grown out slightly allowing her to put her blond hair into a small ponytail, but her bangs would often come loose from the small pony tail and hang down framing her increasing pudgy cheeks. Now the chubby cheeked Brigitte was fatter than every girl in the store except for the booty queen, Tina.

Brigitte was wearing a white tank top today that exposed several inches of deep cleavage from her immense 42 M cup - 62-inch breasts but her shirt still managed to stretch around her bloated 62-inch belly. Under constant stuffings her belly had swollen 12 inches and turned into one big ball of fat which gravity had begun to pull on so that it bulged over the waistband of her jeans, and when naked just managed to cover her cookie. Her arms had gotten fleshier and now measured 19 inches around, with flab bulging over her elbows and swelling around her wrists and made her fingers very chubby.

At 390 pounds, her jeans exposed the tip of her butt crack when standing and several inches booty cleavage when bent over or sitting, but most importantly or most problematic for her, is that they were rapidly getting painfully tight around her belly. They still retained a good third of her enormous belly covering up her belly button, but they were very much near the end of their limit. On her feet, she was wearing thin flat sandals that were comfortable and made a loud clip-clop when she walked. Her hips and thighs had grown fatter and wider packing on another 15 inches to measure 83 inches around. Fat bulged over her knees and swollen her feet. Her ass was as fat as Jen’s was six months ago, and she was more than 190 pounds fatter than Jen was when they first met. She recalled thinking how unbelievable huge Jenny was back then, and how sexy.

Brigitte had gained 280 pounds since that day, and was finding it much harder to get around. Luckily, her apartment was just above the bakery, VL was just across the parking lot, and the other girls drove her wherever she needed to go, as her daddy had taken back the car. Due to her lifetime of inactivity, yo-yo dieting, and excessive binge eating, she was rapidly becoming less and less mobile, and if Tina and Sara had their way, she would only get bigger.

“Whew, that walk down the stairs from my apartment to the store sure is getting tricky,” panted Brigitte as she waddled into the front of the bakery to start her shift, “those stairs must be built funny cause I can never see my feet and they make so much noise.”

“I am pretty sure the stairs aren't the problem sweety. You have just gotten so much bigger and fatter,” replied Sara. “Your belly has really grown and your booty is so big it won’t even stay covered,” said the taller girl as she pinched the exposed top of Brigitte’s butt.

“I love how fat your ass is now, and your belly is such a nice round ball,” cooed Sara as she rubbed the front of Brigitte’s belly.

Sara had her long dark brown hair tied up in a clip that allowed several strands of hair to hang loose. Either she pushed them back behind her ears or they drifted out hanging down the sides of her face. She was wearing dark eye makeup, light coloured lip-gloss, and silver hoop earrings with a matching necklace.

As her weight had continued to increase she became more and more creative with her daily outfits and today she was wearing a white strapless baby doll dress that had a built-in support for her 42 OO cup breasts. The dress squeezed her huge bosom together, but because she had grown such a large cup size, her breast flesh billowed out over the top and sides, providing an impressive display of cleavage.

The dress was exceedingly tight around her breasts and only reached to just above her areolas. Below her breasts the dress hugged her round spherical belly and shapely booty, but due to the size of her paunch the dress reached just below the bottom of her ass cheeks and barely encompassed her belly, exposing all of her long relatively firm and trim legs. Sara was 370 pounds now and had swollen to a 67-72-57 body, a gain of 40 pounds in the last six months.

Her belly was a giant fleshy sphere that stuck out 15 inches past her thighs. Her hips and ass had thickened and widened but were quite firm from her years being a stripper, and she made it a point to do a few dances for Tina, or the girl of evening, every night to keep in practice and keep her body used to carrying an extra 250 pounds. Because of her nightly dances, she had managed to slow the gaining process, and keep her legs and back strong enough to support her increasingly heavy top. On her wrists, she was wearing multiple silver bracelets and on her hands multiple rings. She was also wearing 4-inch open toed clogs putting her 5’9” body at 6’1”, a full six inches above the now heavier Brigitte.

“What are you saying? I am not that much fatter! Besides I am going back on my diet today, so this belly is going to get flat!” cried Brigitte as she slapped Sara’s hand away.

“Maybe I have put on like a couple of pounds though, cause if I bend over I think I might split these pants, I barely got them over my ass this morning. These are my biggest size Sara so if I bust them, I wont have anything to wear. Do you think you can do me a big fat favour and get all the stuff that’s low to the ground for me today? So I don’t have to bend over and risk popping my ass out of these pants or splitting them? Once I get skinny again I can do all the bending,” said B.

“I don’t know B, Betty my belly has gotten so big and fat that it aint easy for me either,” replied Sara as she squeezed the sides of her belly and jiggled it, “But you are so happy now that you are so big and heavy now arnt you?

Yes you are, year you are,” she said to her belly. “But I am in so much better shape than you tubby, so I guess I can help you out, provided you do something for me.”

“Oh you are so sweet! I’ll do anything! What do you want me to do?”

“Get rid of the left over pastries. Tina said we had a lot of left over pastries from the weekend and she said that we can’t sell them. So either you can to walk all the way to the dumpster and throw them out or figure out another way to get rid of them,” said Sara as she patted B’s belly.

“I hate taking out the pastries, it seems like such a crime to let them go to waste. Besides it’s all the way around the back and it’s hot and stinky out there,” whined Brigitte.

“Well she wants them gone by 11 so just make them disappear. It’s a fair deal B. There isn’t that much and you do have three hours,” proposed Sara.

“Ok, I guess,” sighed Brigitte as she waddled to the back of the store and saw that the table was stacked with cakes, pies, cookies, and pastries. Her belly started rumbling and her mouth started salivating. This was a lot of food to be sure, but she hadn’t eaten yet since breakfast, and that was only 6 eggs, a dozen pancakes, and dozen slices of bacon, she might be able to squeeze some of them in. She could always start her diet tomorrow, right?

“That is a ton of food, are you going to help me?” asked Brigitte.

“Maybe, but I need to set up out front first. I have to do the bending over cause someone’s ass got to fat to do it,” said Sara.

“Stop calling me fat! My pants must have shrunk, and It’s a lot of food,” said Brigitte.

“A deal is a deal, you can always come up here and split your pants or pop your ass out bending over,” replied Sara.

“Fine, I will get rid of them. Can you bring me a large shake, I am going to need something to give me energy,” said B.

“Sure thing, be there in a bit,” said Sara.

B decided that they were going to go to her waist vs. going to waste after seeing how good they looked. They didn’t look like they were a weekend old though, they looked fresh and smelled great. B was hungrier than she thought and was able to make a sizable dent in an hour, but standing for a full hour was making her feet hurt, so she started moving the food to the break room table. Once she got the food back there she sat down on one of the over sized chairs and dug in with renewed fervour. Around that time, Sara came in to check on her and refill her shake.

“I see you managed to move the food into here, now it just has to make the final trip into here,” she said as she patted Brigitte’s belly.

“Yeah it wasn’t as much as I thought, and I am not even like full. The pastries taste so good and fresh are you sure these are the right ones?” asked B.

“Pretty sure, that’s what Tina told me at least. Guess Rachel the rolly polly belly decided you are starting your diet tomorrow. Just be careful you don’t feed her too much and get a belly ache. You might get to full to move,” said Sara. “and if you do I might have to take advantage of your situation.”

“Its just one last snack before I start, I will stop before Rachel gets to full,” said B.

Two hours later, B had consumed all of the pastries, drank four large shakes, and popped two buttons open on her jeans, leaving only two buttons still done on her pants, luckily her ass and hips were fat enough to prevent them from going anywhere. She was stuffed and was leaning back in her chair rubbing Rachel, thinking that this might have been a bad idea if she wanted to loose weight but the rich delicious pastries tasted oh so good. Then Kelly walked in to the break room.

Gwen had recently broken up with Kelly and she had been spending more time at work, popping in even when she wasn’t scheduled to be there. She didn’t miss Gwen as a lover, in fact she was happy she didn’t have to do pretend to be attracted to her any more, but Gwen has her finest, or fattest, work and she was sad she didn’t have anyone at home to feed, but thankfully work was a different story.

Kelly was 27 years old, 5’4” tall with blond hair, cut in a short chunky modern style that framed her face and left her neck uncovered. Six months after she and Tina made their bet, she weighed in at 373 pounds, 17 pounds less than B. Her smallest feature, her bosom, was 51 inches around, a 42 FF cup bra, her belly was 65 inches around, bigger than Brigitte’s was this morning, but her hips and ass now measured 84 inches around. Smaller than Tina’s and just barely bigger than Brigitte’s.

Kelly’s booty was very globular and stuck out behind her farther than both of the two heavier girls. Her hips and thighs were slimmer than B’s but her ass suck out a full 17 inches behind her. Her two globes were bigger than beach balls and were perfect spheres. Her legs had grown fat and thick and touched to her knees and with her short stature, her belly stuck out several inches past her fat thighs. She was wearing a white baby t-shirt that had become many sizes to small and caused the fat on her arms bulge out and the bottom of her globular paunch to poke out.

Being the owner she could really wear what she wanted, and as she was just dropping by to do some ordering, she wanted to be comfortable. On the bottom she was wearing a pair of grey sweats with the waist band rolled down allowing her belly to be unrestrained and exposing the straps of her pink thong bikini bottom.

“I was wondering where you had gotten to, not that you can get very far anymore with this,” she said as she walked over and poked B in her belly. “Had your day has been so hard that you are on break already B?” asked Kelly.

“Nah I am still on the clock, just disposing of the extra pastries from the weekend,” said Brigitte as she rubbed her belly.

“Oh and I think I know where those were disposed to, but that’s not all of the pastries,” said Kelly.

“Huh? I cleaned off the back table like Sara said,” replied Brigitte.

“Oh no, honey, those were just what didn’t fit in the walk-in. Tina said we still have to clean out this walk-in,” giggled Kelly. “Come on, I will show you.”

Brigitte scooted her chair back and rocked her belly forward. Placing both hands on the table she was able to lift her enormous ass off of the chair and then stand up. She placed her hands in the small of her back and arched her belly out. While she was gorging herself, and popping open buttons on her jeans, her pants had slid further south and now exposed the top third of her butt. She proceeded to waddle after Kelly with her belly thrust out for balance causing her huge booty to shake and bounce with each step and by the time she reached the walk-in refrigerator they had slid another few inches.

“I guess my booty isn’t as big as I thought it was, my pants are falling off,” said B.

“Yes, your booty is tiny honey. But if you dispose of these the way you disposed of the other baked goods, I might start mistaking you for Tina. Then again it your pants are probably falling off because you have the top unbuttoned,” said Kelly.

“Oh, ya you’re right. What a blond I am. Oh its so hard to reach around my belly for the buttons when I am standing, you think you could do it?” asked B.

“Sure suck your belly in and arch your back more,” said Kelly as she struggled to reach the buttons. “Oh, honey I can’t get pull them together.” Try as she might Kelly could only manage to tickle B’s soft bloated belly. ”I wouldn’t worry about it you still have a long way to go before they fall off.”

“Oh I am so embarrassed. This is exactly what I didn’t want to happen today. I am getting to fat for my fat clothes,” whined B.

“Don’t be embarrassed honey, we all have gotten a little bigger. But you may need to start telling Rachel no when she wants to be fed, you’re almost as big as Tina.”

“I know,” sighed Brigitte as she squeezed the sides of her belly causing her shirt to ride up further,”It’s just that Rachel is such a greedy piggy, I have trouble telling her no.”

Kelly opened up the door to the walk in and B saw all the remaining pastries left over from the weekend. There were twice as many in the walk-in than there were on the table, and in the freezer section there were four large double-decker ice cream cakes.

“Oooh that’s a lot more than what I just ate, I mean disposed of,” sighed B.

“Well, they all got to go according to Tina. I can’t serve anything that isn’t fresh to my customers, I guess. So one way or the other you have to “dispose” of them. But I guess since you cleared off the table we can allow you to work on this for a bit longer. It will take the bakers a while before they start refilling the walk-in, but just make sure there is enough space available for them in the next half hour,” said Kelly. “I think I will go check in on Sara.”

“Uh OK sure thing Kelly, I will make them disappear one way or the other,” said B.

B waddled into the walk-in and grabbed and ice cream cake. She started to carry it to the back door and out to the dumpster, but it just looked too good. If Kelly is going to let me take my time there is no point to rushing outside, in the hot weather, and it is only getting hotter…and I know I have some room left. But I am getting so fat I barely was able to stand up and waddle over here. Maybe I need to start the diet now. Oh but you look so good and smell delicious, one little cake can’t hurt. I guess you are right Rachel. You are getting eaten ice cream cake!

B put the cake down on the table and started to lower her bulk down into the seat, then she thought, she might as well pull most of the non-ice cream baked goods out before she started eating again. So that the food was closer to the back door of course and give the ice cream cake time to thaw a bit. B waddled back in forth unloading the walk-in. Her fleshy butt bounced and wobbled but her jeans stayed up.

Finished with her task she resumed her position at the table and began eating the ice cream cake. She finished the cake in under 10 minutes and thought that was a lot smaller than she thought, she could at least eat another one. She grabbed two this time and managed to polish of those. Oh these are so good, and there is only one left, I might as well eat that one, she thought. After eating four ice cream cakes her third button burst open on her jeans.

“Oh you are getting a work out aren’t you? You are so big and round now. You don’t like to be trapped by my mean pants do you? What’s that, you want even more? Oh you are such a greedy, greedy piggy. I guess there are some pies you could eat, but then that will be it,” she said to her belly as she leaned back and rubbed Rachel.

“How are the girls,” asked Tina over her cell phone.

“Sara is up front setting up for day, and Brigitte is disposing of the leftovers. There seems to be a lot of extra pastries today for some reason Tina, and it looks like Brigitte is eating them instead of taking them out. That girl is getting enormous! I think she already ate an entire table’s worth of pastries. Her belly popped two buttons on her pants! And when I showed her all the other pastries in the walk-in that she has to dispose of, she nearly cried,” said Kate on the bakery’s office phone.

“Hmmmm, yeah, not sure how we could have all those extra pastries. I will need to keep a better eye on the other bakers. It will take her a while to throw all of those out, hopefully she wont burn to many calories,” said Tina.

“Uh Huh! Sure, but if she keeps eating like this, you might just win our bet,” said Kelly.

“Getting scared are you? Don’t worry Kelly, your belly will be in good hands,” said Tina.

“That’s what I am afraid of,” replied Kelly.

“You can tell her to leave some of the pastries Kelly. For some reason I am soooo hungry,” said Tina. “If you get a chance save some of the cheese cakes for me, I am getting such a craving now.”

“Huh, I wonder what more you could possibly fit in that belly. I know how much food you took home last night,” teased Kelly.

“Shut-up Kelly, its not like you are skipping any meals either,” said Tina.

“He, he, I know you cant loose any weight because of the bet honey, but that ass of yours is beginning knock stuff over, including the other girls,” giggled Kelly.

“Yeah, Yeah, Hey Jen is starting to wake up, I want to bring her the cookies before she rolls out of bed, and tries to escape. It’s her day off and I plan on stuffing her all day,” said Tina.

“I thought you didn’t like her anymore?” said Kelly.

“Have you seen her belly? She is enormous now. As a feeder how can I not continue to make it bigger? She is such a ravenous porker now. Talk to you later Kelly, ciao,” said Tina.

“Ciao T.”

After three more hours B was still eating and she had popped the last button. Brigitte was sitting with her ass against the back off the chair, her legs spread as far a part as they would go, with her belly bulging between the table and her chair. Her fat breasts and elbows were resting on the table and she was continuing to eat, and eat, and eat.

She was sweating at this point from the sheer exertion of shovelling all the sweet fattening foods into her belly, but she could not stop herself. Her tank top had rolled up underneath her breasts exposing her entire swollen belly. With one hand shovelling pie into her mouth and one pushing cookies in, she had managed to eat everything except for a box of cookies and two apple pies. She had also managed to swell her belly to an astonishing size.

“Phew, you have gotten so big I don’t think I can stand up. But that was so good you just couldn’t stop. You really don’t like apple that much, do you? Oh you do? And you want the cookies too? Well I guess you can have them, but first we have to be able to reach them,” she said to her belly.

B reached for the pies and the box of cookies but her massive breasts and bloated belly prevented her chubby fingers from reaching them.

“Guess I have to stand up,” she thought.

It took her a minute of huffing and puffing but she was finally able to stand up. Her belly was so swollen that with each step it wobbled and threw her of balance. Luckily she only had to go a few feet to get her prize. 20 minutes later she had consumed the treats and sat back and rubbed her swollen belly. In 5 minutes she had passed out. It was about that time that Kelly went up front to see how the girls were doing. Sara was there but B was no where to be found and Sara said that B never came up to the front.

“Oh my word!” cried Kelly as she walked back into the break room to find where Brigitte had gone. Brigitte was passed out with frosting and pie filling on her face, in her cleavage, and on her exposed belly. She was asleep with her hands resting on her swollen belly and Kelly could tell she had added many inches to her waistline.

“Yeah, I know. Rachel is like so huge and swollen. The bakers watched her eat all of the extra food she was supposed to throw away. She hasn’t done a thing since she got here except stuff her fat face,” complained Sara.

“Wow, what a display of gluttony, her belly is possibly bigger than yours! Once she digests all the fattening food she is going to pile on the pounds and inches. She probably ate more calories in the last few hours than most people will eat in a month!”

“She is enormous now, I bet she cant get up with her swollen belly.”

“Trapped by her own belly, I never got Gwen to eat this much! Tina is going to win the bet for sure!” moaned Kelly.

“She is going to get too fat to work the counter any more with me. She has a huge butt and belly, and I can barely squeeze by her now. She is going to take up the entire space in no time,” said Sara.

“So you think we should put you on a diet? I can’t have two massive fatties behind the counter at the same time. Then again you don’t look like the type who could ever pass up a treat,” said Kelly.

“I lost a bunch of weight a few years ago, after Tina gave me my first Buddha. But working here I don’t think this is going anywhere,” replied Sara as she patted her round belly.

“I wouldn’t want it any other way, its good for business, but I guess we are going to have to hire a new girl to work the counter with you two. If you know anyone who might be interested let me know, just make sure they are hot,” said Kelly.

“I think I might know a girl who is looking to get out of stripping. She is very hot, but skinny.”

“I can fix that, just bring her in.”

Sara returned to the front of the store to call her friend, while Kate told the bakers to put any “accidents” in front of Brigitte to throw away. There was no way she was going to eat another bite, right? And Kelly needed Brigitte to get some exercise at least. After a four-hour nap, Brigitte woke up to see more pies and cakes on the table. She thought she got rid of them all, but if these were still here, she guessed she must have forgot some. Oh well, she had a little room in her belly now after her nap, so she dug into the pies. After a few minutes of resuming her eating Sara came in.

“So you finally woke up, huh?” said Sara. “I just came in to check on sleeping beauty, and just as I guessed she is feeding again.”

“I was so tired from taking all of the food to the trash that I came into rest and must have nodded off. Now, I am just trying to get rid of the leftovers, after disposing of so many I should be allowed to eat a few,” lied B.

“Its ok honey, I am just teasing. In fact why don’t you let me feed you? I never get to feed anyone and you look like you are so tired from your hard work. Just lean back and let me take care of you.”

“I am a little tired from all the hard work, and leaning forward like this does put pressure on my belly, I guess you can feed me,” said Brigitte.

“You mean this little ol’ thing, we cant have it feeling uncomfortable if it is going to ever grow big and fat like mine,” cooed Sara as she rubbed Brigitte’s belly.

“Here let’s eat the rest of the pies first,” said Sara.

Sara began to hand feed the pie into Brigitte’s waiting maw. After two pies, Sara was getting tired of standing and pulled up a chair. In the sitting position she was able to put one hand on Brigitte’s swelling Buddha and feed with the other. After 15 minutes of feeding her, Sara’s hand followed the swell of Brigitte’s Buddha down between her thighs.

Brigitte tried to protest and say something but Sara just pushed more pie into her face. Soon Sara’s tiny hand had wiggled between Brigitte’s fleshy thighs and bloated belly and had found her swollen and wet lips. Brigitte protested and squirmed at first, then she scooted forward even more to give Sara better access and put her own hand down there to lift her belly up. Brigitte was eating faster and faster as Sara’s hand made her hotter and hotter. Brigitte had consumed 4 pies and 2 cakes, and a half gallon of vanilla shake in the matter of an hour and now Sara was pushing in the donuts.

Brigitte’s nipples were rock hard and she was in ecstasy as Sara’s hand pushed more food into her mouth and stimulated her with the other. As Brigitte swallowed the last donut she came harder than she ever had in her life.

Sara leaned her enormous breasts against Brigitte’s shoulder and whispered into her ear, “That will have to be our secret B, but as long as I never have to get rid of the leftovers, you can get that any time.”

Once her orgasm ended she began to become distinctly aware of her painfully swollen belly. “It’s a deal, but after today I have to go on a diet. Will you help me? I don’t want to get any fatter but I can’t say no to Rachel,” said B.

“Honey I can’t let this belly shrink up, Betty finally has a big sister. If you want to loose it you’re going to have to do it yourself,” said Sara “I better get back to the front of the store before Kelly freaks out, but before I go let me put this layer cake in reach. Remember, you don’t have to eat it if you don’t want to.”

“Oh you are so mean. Look at me you know I can’t stop,” replied B.

“Bye, bye porky,” said Sara over her shoulder as she sauntered out of the break room.

Brigitte watched the sexy tall dark haired girl walk out of the room and was instantly jealous of her firm thighs and butt. How long ago was it when her butt was only that big? A year ago? Maybe not even that. But Rachel had to be fed. Brigitte struggled to lean forward as her massive belly bulged onto her lap and between her thighs, pushing her plump breasts up closer to her chin than they ever had been.

With all the strength in her fat blubbery arms she attempted to push her self up, but she couldn’t manage to heft her fat ass up off the chair with her heavy belly weighing her down. Her arms gave out and she collapsed on the table smashing her breasts into her face, panting and sweating from her exertion. Her belly was hanging lower than before and now with her face resting in her cleavage, mere inches away from the layer cake, she couldn’t stop herself. She reached out with her chubby fingers and began shoving handfuls of sweet rich cake into her mouth. Thirty minutes later Sara returned to see if B had left the room.

“Oh my word, ou’re still eating! Rachel knows what she wants doesn’t she? And look at how enormous you are!” exclaimed Sara. “There is a tape measure in the office, I am going to go get it.”

“I can’t get up thanks to Rachel being such a greedy piggy and you feeding me,” she moaned.

Sara returned and with her help, Brigitte struggled to stand up. Her belly was swollen so big that she had to arch her back even more to keep her balance. Looking at herself she noticed that food had gotten all over her shirt. It was beyond ruined and she would either have to go home or barrow a shirt from one of the other girls. Sara helped her take off her shirt and she was now just in her to tight bra.

“Do you have a shirt that I could borrow Sara? Mine got a little pie on it.”

“I have a shirt here but I doubt it will fit you with your belly that swollen and you look so hot in just your bra. Now lets measure you, hold this end of the tape measure to your belly and let me wrap it around you.”

As Sara walked around B she noticed that more than a third of Brigitte’s ass has bulging out. With all of her buttons popped, her pants had slipped even farther down, she was going to need more than just a shirt.

“Wow you have outdone yourself today porky, 74 inches! Rachel is bigger than Betty! And don’t worry, your ass is even fatter.”

“I am so full I won’t have to eat for a week, I am definitely starting my diet tomorrow,” moaned Brigitte as she swayed back and forth.

“Where have I heard that before? Now let’s go show Kelly how big you got,” said Sara.

Brigitte slowly waddled towards the office, which caused her breasts to jiggle and bounce and her engorged belly to wobble painfully. She had to hold her belly still by squeezing her arms together, causing her breasts to bulge out even more of the too tight bra. By the time she got to her office her fleshy booty had wobbled and shook her pants further down revealing a full half of her huge bottom.
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Rest of chapter 9 and start of chapter 10

Kelly was working behind her desk ordering the food stuffs for the next week, wering her stylish pink glasses as she noticed Brigitte struggling to waddle in and Sara strutting in behind the fatter girl with a huge smile.

“What! Have you been eating this whole time?” asked Kelly.

“Maybe,” Brigitte replied sheepishly.

“Oh you absolutely have you fat cow,” cried Sara, “and look at whose got the bigger belly now.” She said as she pulled her dress up to display her perfectly round 72-inch belly. “And look at her ass,” said Sara as she turned B to the side. “There is no way I can squeeze past this tubby blimp.”

“Like I said I am starting my diet tomorrow!” cried B “But I think I have out grown my clothes.”

“Well Sara make sure that girl comes in, you and her will be working the counter. B you are working with Tina doing some of the cooking and helping me in the office until you loose some of that fat.”

“What I can’t work up front!”

“Sorry hun, you’re just to fat to fit behind the counter with Sara,” replied Kelly.

Brigitte started blubbering and sobbing, causing her flab to jiggle and shake. “I guess that’s OK, at least I have a job.”

“Sure, sweety, as long as you want one,” sighed Kelly.

Kelly knew the next six months were going to be a battle. Tina had thrown down the gauntlet and unless she did something drastic Brigitte was going to be fatter than Tina. But Kelly couldn’t put Brigitte on a diet, that would be against the very fibre of her being, but she could try to fatten up the already weakening Tina.

Tina still ate way more than she should, but Kelly might be able to help her pack in a little more. The bet wasn’t over yet. Kelly hired Sara’s skinny friend to work the counter with Sara, and kept B in the back helping with the cooking and doing the office work. Unfortunately Tina had her “disposing” of the pastries as well.

After six more months, a year after they started their project and 18 months after Brigitte declared her love for Jen, B weighed 513 pounds. She now measured had a 80 inch belly when not stuffed and wore a 50 O-cup bra, a full 74 inches around. Her ass had continued to spread and was now 102 inches around. She had gained 208 pounds that year, and never got a chance to start her diet. But was she fat enough to win the bet for Tina?

Chapter 10

Two years ago, same month Mia joined the VL store and introduced herself to a plump 295 pound Jenny, she quickly sized up the competition and knew that of all the girls only Jenny stood a chance to ever challenge her for the manager job at the store. Gwen made her assistant manager because of Mia’s connections at the corporate office, and because she was arguably the hottest girl. Mia had the run of the store in a manner of days, and was beginning to rule with an iron fist. She made sure each girl knew their place and that they knew she was the boss.

The rules for promotion were mostly based on ability, but a girl’s size was a key component in a plus size woman’s fashion store. Generally the bigger you were, the higher you climbed up the ladder. Unfortunately, back then Gwen was a huge 485-pound blimp, who even had a baker for a girlfriend; therefore Mia thought she would never stand a chance of becoming the biggest in the store. She thought her chance at manager was virtually non-existent.

Oh well, back then she had bigger plans anyways. Mia had decided that she was going to keep being the face of VL, modelling, doing catalogues, commercials here and there, and then move into the corporate office. She didn’t have a girlfriend anymore, so she had plenty of time to focus on other pursuits. She just had to do a little bit of time at this store and she would be on easy street. Six months, maybe a year and she would be heading up to corporate. Well at least that’s what Anne the Vice President of marketing had told her, but until then she might as well make use of her considerable charms and have some fun with VL girls and especially the cute, if way to skinny, Julia.

When Mia came to work at the store two years ago, Julia was only 19, 5’7”, and 173 pounds. At that time, she had been working at VL for about two years and Gwen’s and the other girls’ influence was beginning to take affect. She had started at VL her senior year of high school and then kept working for VL once she graduated. She wasn’t going to college, yet, she would go some day, but at that time she was happy working at VL partying with the other girls and living with her boyfriend for free.

Since she started working at VL her capacity for rich fattening foods had increased, her body had swelled to become a voluptuous 36 E cup -30-48. Her Latina body was growing a great round thick set of hips to match her plump and bouncy booty. Since joining VL she had packed on 58 pounds much to her boyfriend’s displeasure. When they met she was only 5’3”, with a 34b, a 23 inch waist, and 36 inch hips. She was on the track team and had a rock hard 115-pound body.

He being on the small side, 5’6” and 135 pounds he thought he had found a perfect girl for him. She was incredibly beautiful, innocent, shorter than he was, and most importantly, thin. Unfortunately for him she quit the track team, grew four inches taller and gained 30 pounds her senior year. After two years of working at VL she was an inch taller than him, when she wasn’t wearing heels, which was virtually never, and almost 40 pounds heavier. Now that Mia had caught sight of the burgeoning plumper, there was no chance for Julia to be thin again.

Mia was wearing a black spaghetti strap silk camisole that was stretched tight across her generous 38 O cup breasts, and hugged every inch of her 38-inch belly. The camisole was extremely low cut, and thanks to size of her breasts, her cleavage spilled out the top and breast flesh spilled out the sides. Around her 64-inch hips, she was wearing a black silk wrap that road very low but reached almost to the floor. On her feet, she was wearing 4-inch heels, which caused her to thrust out her considerable booty and mammoth breasts.

Her dark wavy hair was pulled up off her shoulders and pinned up with two 6-inch Chinese hairpins, and she was wearing her small dark framed glasses on the tip of her nose as she checked the day’s receipts from the register. She pursed her plump lips as she twirled a lock of her thick dark brown hair around her fingers as she puzzled over the day’s receipts. It was closing time and something was wrong, again, and she knew where to look.

Due to how long and incredibly tight the wrap was she had to take short quick steps to get around the store, which caused her bubbly booty and fleshy bosom to bounce and wobble. By the time she reached the break room she would have to pull her skirt back up and camisole back down, but she knew exposing her soft bulging flesh was going to make this process easier, so she pushed her glasses back up her narrow, dainty nose and sauntered into the break room.

Julia was in the break room with one of the new girls Gwen had hired. The new girl was working in the back stocking stuff but had a very promising figure and appetite and would be out on the floor in probably six months.

“Excuse me Diane, but I need to talk to Julia in Private. Can you give us a sec?” asked Mia as she twirled a lock of her hair.

“Sure Mia, I need to finish stocking anyways,” she replied as she popped a chocolate donut into her mouth.

Diane was 5’11” with light blond shoulder length hair that she was wearing in a ponytail. She had large blue eyes and wore small silver framed glasses. She had been a volleyball player but had broke her leg her sophomore year. Used to eating all the time, she continued to gobble down anything she wanted, but since she couldn’t exercise she packed on 45 pounds in one year. The next season she was afraid she might break her leg again and decided not to tryout, further gaining another 30 pounds.

Now she was 190 pounds her firm hard ass and thick muscular thighs had turned into plump wide hips, a globular booty and thick thunder thighs. She wasn’t busty, only a 36b cup bosom, and her belly was just beginning to bulge out at 32 inches, but her fat ass and swelling hips more than compensated for the lack of growth on top. On top, she was wearing a white tank top that stretched tight against her rounding belly and frequently road up exposing her pudgy love handles and inches of her soft belly.

She was wearing a pair of standard khaki work shorts that two months ago contained all of her soft bubbly ass and 54-inch hips. Now her fleshy backside poked out the bottom and her thighs bulged past the material. She was wearing work appropriate athletic shoes, and knee high socks, giving her a cute schoolgirl look.

Julia was wearing white tube top that exposed a generous amount of her cleavage and all of her blossoming belly. With a 30-inch waistline, she still had a relatively flat belly. It was her thick love handles that caused the tape to stretch to a full 30 inches, and there wasn’t a day that went by when the other girls didn’t poke or pinch her fleshy muffin top. She was also was wearing tight white cotton paints that hugged her plump hips, butt and thighs, which road low enough to allow her love handles to bulge over the sides.

From the knee down her pants hung loose and draped over the heel of her 4-inch high clogs. She was wearing her silver hoop earrings, with a silver necklace with a jade pendent dangling down into her cleavage. She had her light brown hair pulled back and twisted into two buns on the back of her head, sort of a Chun-li hairstyle. She also had on an assortment of bracelets and a silver belly chain that went trough her jade belly ring. She was really showing off the VL merchandise today and was unbelievably cute. Mia could just eat her up.

“Uh oh, what did I do now Mia?” Julia asked as she put her index finger in her mouth and looked in Mia’s eyes with a worried look.

Mia moved in closer and with her right hand, she pinched Julia’s jade belly ring between her impeccably manicured, inch long red fingernails.

“Oh nothing to terrible hon, is this VL?” Mia asked as she looked over her fat bosom at Julia’s belly jewellery.

“Of course, everything I wear is VL,” said Julia as she stared into Mia’s long, deep cleavage.

“Oh its so cute, but it would never fit around my big, round, belly, would it?” she asked as she used her left had to raise the straining camisole higher around her belly and then rub the naked flesh.

“Uh, um, I am pretty sure we have sizes to fit anyone’s belly,” replied Julia to Mia’s bulging cleavage.

“Are you sure? Its been so long since I saw my belly over these boobies,” asked Mia as she attempted to look past her breasts as she gripped her belly and squeezed her arms together, nearly causing her breasts to pop out of the camisole.

“Um, pretty sure,” said an enthralled Julia to Mia’s heaving bosom.

“Really? You think so? Come here and feel. It feels pretty big,” said Mia as she grabbed Julia’s hand, spun around and put her bubbly backside against Julia’s lower belly. “Here grab it with both hands Jewels.”

Mia had her hands on Julia’s and was rubbing them around the front of her belly and sliding them lower and lower until they were underneath pinching her bloated middle. “See, pretty big huh? And heavy too, here lift it,” Mia said.

“It’s so soft, and smooth, but it doesn’t feel that heavy,” replied Julia.

“Oh yeah? What about now? Does that feel heavy,” asked Mia as she slid Julia’s hands up over her belly and placed them underneath her breasts.

“Oh, these are pretty heavy, but they are like so much bigger than mine. I wouldn’t mind having your belly, with these titties,” said Julia as she kneaded Mia’s bosom.

“You have to take this big fat ass and huge hips too. Trust me its getting harder and harder carry all of these curves around,” said Mia as she moved Julia’s hands down to her spherical butt cheeks.

As Mia turned around Julia stopped squeezing the fatter girl’s ass. Mia put her left hand on her hip, thrusting her bosom out and with the other she playing with her own silver necklace in the middle of her cleavage.

“Now while I always love to talk about VL jewellery, especially when it is on such hot girls as ourselves, that’s not why I originally came over here. I originally came over here to talk about the register,” said Mia with an accusing look.

“Julia the register is off again. Not by much, but it is off by $0.14, and it needs to be perfect,” said Mia.

“But you know I am not good with math Mia,” she whined as she looked sheepishly down at her feet.

“I know hun, but you have to get it right. I am sending the other girls home, but you are going to have to stay after with me and I am going to make sure you learn the register.”

“But Mia my boyfriend is picking me up in like 15 minutes,” she whined. “Then again we haven’t gotten to spend much time together,” said Julia staring directly into Mia’s bulging cleavage.

“No we haven’t, and don’t worry, I will make sure you get fed dinner. So call him and tell him you are going to be late, I will take you home after so don’t worry about a ride. Oh and please order six large pizzas with extra cheese and pepperoni. And whatever you want for yourself. I think this is going to be a long night, and we are going to need our nourishment,” said Mia as she rubbed her own exposed belly.

Julia ordered the pizzas, plus two more just for good measure, then some wings, and a few orders of cheesy bread. Once the food got there, Mia had her bring it over to the register. Mia brought in a few bottles of wine from the manger’s office and the two girls began to dig in. Half way through Julia’s fourth slice, Mia asked her to go wash her hands and prepare to work the register.

“But I am not done eating Mia,” she pouted

“Don’t worry hun, I know you aren’t, but we have to start sometime.”

“O.K.” Julia pouted.

Julia got behind the register and kicked off her shoes. Her feet were beginning to hurt from standing at the register all day. She dropped down 4 inches and now was six inches shorter than Mia. Mia squeezed in behind Julia’s plump bottom and told her to finish off her glass of wine; for wine always helped her when she needed to learn something.

Julia obliged and drank down the glass of wine. Mia refilled it for her and then told her to start ringing up some numbers. The space behind the register was big enough for Gwen to fit behind so Mia had no trouble sliding behind Julia, but for some reason Mia’s bosom was touching the back of Julia’s head and her belly was pressed against the small of her back. Julia thought that Mia was standing a little close but how else could Mia see what she was doing?

Mia started reading off numbers until about five minutes had gone by. “Now total it up,” Mia ordered as she leaned forward over Julia’s shoulder. Her massive bosom was pressing against the back of Julia’s neck as she munched on a piece of pizza. Julia added up the numbers on the register and came out right on the number.

“Good work Julia, now have a bite of pizza,” said Mia as she pushed the tip of a slice into Julia’s mouth. She continued to push the slice in until Julia had eaten the entire slice.

“That’s great pizza,” mumbled Julia with a mouth full of food.

“I know it was, now drink some wine sweetie,” said Mia as she brought the glass to Julia’s lips.

Julia guzzled the wine down and then started to add more numbers as Mia recited them. This time she close, but was off by $.02.

“Oh no dear, you didn’t get that one right. Maybe you need some more pizza to keep up your mental strength,” said Mia as she brought another piece up to Julia’s lips.

Mia had placed one hand on Julia’s lower belly and was rubbing the side of it. Mia’s soft generous cleavage pressed harder against her head as she munched down the next piece of pizza. She breathed in Mia’s perfume and relished the feel of Mia’s plump soft bosom. She was spending an evening with her idol and her idol was now caressing her belly and feeding her. Oh she smelled so good too.
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(The rest of Chapter 10 + a note.)

“There you go, good girl, gobble it up,” encouraged Mia. “Now wash it down with this glass of wine.”

“Oh that pizza is like so good Mia, but my boyfriend is going to kick me out if I keep getting fatter,” said Julia with her mouth full.

“Oh that’s awful honey,” cried Mia. “To not be able to eat this pizza would be a sin, and just barely starting to grow some curves anyway,” she said as she pushed another slice into Julia’s mouth.

“You’re never going to get breasts like mine without adding some inches to this belly. Now add up these numbers, and try not to make a mistake,” said Mia. Julia added up the long list of numbers again, but unfortunately came up $0.15 over.

“Oh Jewels it looks like we are going to have to stay a little longer and work on this. My register girl must be able to add up simple numbers don’t you agree? Why don’t you take a quick break and eat some of the cheesy bread while I get a new bottle of wine,” said Mia.

“I guess so, but I don’t really want to be a register girl, I want to like be a sexy sales girl, like you. I guess I can keep adding these silly numbers if you want me too though, and I sure love the cheesy bread,” said Julia as she hopped up on the register counter. Her fairly flat belly had swelled with the multiple slices of pizza and glasses of wine so that it bulged onto her lap and her pendulous breasts jiggled as she stuffed multiple pieces of bread into her mouth, completely filling her cheeks.

“Good, I am glad you do,” said Mia as she gently tickled Julia’s belly with her long fingernails.

“He, he, that tickles,” giggled Julia as she squirmed away from Mia’s touch. Julia watched Mia walk out of the area and into the back where the office stairs were located. Mia’s booty bounced and wobbled with each quick and short graceful stride. Her hips swayed enticingly back and forth, as she made her way through the racks of clothes. She reached up with both hands and pulled the hairpins out allowing her thick dark hair to cascade down her shoulders and upper back. Julia could see her enormous breasts bulging out the sides and wobbling in rhythm with Mia’s short quick steps. Mia turned and looked back just before she headed up the stairs giving Julia a playful wink.

“Oh my, she just caught me checking her out! Oh I am so embarrassed,” thought Julia. “You better not blow this, Jewels,” she told herself.

Mia went upstairs to Gwen’s office and brought back three more bottles of wine. When she got back Julia had already eaten half of the cheesy bread and was munching on some wings. “Wow you really love the cheesy bread don’t you hon?” asked Mia.

“Oh it’s the best, I just cant stop myself. I would have eaten it all but I wasn’t sure if you wanted some,” replied Julia.

“Oh that’s OK, please have some more,” said Mia as she leaned back against the counter across from Julia. Mia pored Julia some more wine and the two girls munched on the pizza, cheesy bread, and the wings. Mia reduced her wine consumption and was barely nibbling on the food; however, she made sure Julia’s glass was full and her cheeks bulging with food. Two hours later Julia had eaten three more pizzas, all the cheesy bread and most of the wings. She had also drunk the better part of three bottles of wine and was getting very tipsy.

“Oh I really shouldn’t be eating all of this, my ass is getting so fat,” whined Julia as she leaned forward looking back and poked her bulging backside. Her low-rise white pants had slipped further down exposing the tops of her butt cheeks as she poked her long pink fingernail into the soft flesh.

“Oh honey, you aren’t fooling anyone. You work in a plus-size girl store where having a fat ass will get you promoted and you never miss a chance to put something in this little bitty belly. Even your slow boyfriend has figured out you are never going to be the skinny Julia you once were,” Mia said as she stood up from leaning against the counter and walked closer to Julia.

Julia popped a piece of cheesy bread into her mouth and then swallowed some more wine. “I know but, he really is going to kick me out if this keeps getting bigger,” she said as she poked her fleshy backside.

“You don’t need a man to take care of you sweetie. I never had a man and look at me. I am successful, have the nicest clothes, I am on TV, and I get to work with some of the most beautiful girls,” cooed Mia as she moved close enough that her plump thighs were touching Julia’s knees and her enormous breasts were inches away from touching Julia’s face. Mia reached down with one hand and pushed Julia’s chin up so that she was looking into her eyes. “Wouldn’t you like to have what I have?”

Julia could help but stare at Mia’s deep cleavage and the smell of her perfume was intoxicating. “Oh yeah, I would like love to have what you have,” stuttered Julia.

“Then you are going to have to work harder at becoming a good VL employee then,” she said as she spread Julia’s thighs apart. “You’re going to have to get really good at the cash register,” she said as she slipped her fat hips between Julia’s thighs. “You’re going to have to be able to sweet talk the customers into buying more than they need,” she said as she slid her hand up Julia’s thigh. “And you are going to have to feed this skinny itty bitty belly,” cooed Mia as her hand slid up Julia’s thigh to rest on the side of her lower belly bulge while her other hand pushed a piece of pizza into Julia’s mouth.

Mia’s mammoth breasts were just under Julia’s chin and Mia’s full plump lips were only inches away. Julia wanted desperately to kiss her VL goddess but Mia kept rubbing her belly and pushing more and more food into her mouth. She could tell that Mia was really enjoying feeding her so she let her have her way, anything to ensure she didn’t blow her opportunity.

Thirty minutes later another pizza was gone. “Oh you have to let me take off my pants before I pop Mia,” whined Julia as she started to get up off of the counter.

“Oh no hon, allow me.” Mia slipped her fingers into Julia’s waist band and popped open the button on the tight white pants. Julia’s swollen belly burst forth from the tight constrains of her pants and forced her zipper down.

“Oh that’s much better, but it is still pinching me around the sides,” whined Julia.

“Well let’s take those pants off sweets,” said Mia as she slid her slender fingers between Julia’s pants and soft supple hip flesh. Mia leaned her generous bosom into Julia’s face knocking her onto her back and began to tug and pull the tight white cotton pants from underneath her plump booty and off her thick thighs.

“Good thing you already took your shoes off or this would have been a little trickier,” said Mia as she struggled to pull the pants off over Julia’s thick thighs, causing her breasts to bounce and wobble wildly.

“He, he, I guess so Mia,” said Julia as she sat back up and grabbed another glass of wine. She hopped off the counter and started rubbing her distended belly. “Oh it’s so nice to not to be constrained by those tight pants. I am really going to have to wear either really loose clothes, which I know will never work here, or clothes that allow this Buddha to breathe.”

“Oh and why is that dear?” asked Mia with a sly smile. “Have you enjoyed our little training session?”

“Oh I have.” She said as she walked closer to Mia.

“And you want to be a good employee now?”

“Oh I do.” She said as she pulled her tube top over her head and allowed her plump perky breasts to bounce free. She was now completely naked except for her white thong. She drank the rest of her wine in one gulp and put her glass down. “I am getting so hot drinking all the wine,” said Julia as she reached up and put her hand on Mia’s cheek and raised up on her toes to kiss her.

“Uh, uh, uh Jewels, I can’t be involved with a girl who works the counter, what would people think? You are going to have put some inches on this flat belly get yours and get out onto the floor selling, before there can ever be an us. Senior management is grooming me for promotion and I can’t have a skinny girlfriend, that would look terrible. But you have given me a glimmer of hope tonight, just a glimmer, so I guess I could give you a simple little kiss,” said Mia.

Mia leaned down, putting her hands on the sides of Julia’s head, and pulling her lips to hers, while the weight of her bosom pressed against the top of Julia’s naked breasts and bulged up to gently swell around Julia’s chin. Julia’s plump full lips touched Mia’s and they kissed passionately for what seemed like forever.

“There you go Jewels, a little something to wet your pallet, until you can have the main course,” said Mia.

“But I am so hungry for more,” said Julia as she wrapped her arms around Mia’s waist and buried her face in Mia’s bosom and began kissing her exposed breast flesh.

“Oh I know my breasts are quite intoxicating and addicting,” said Mia as she slid her hands down to Julia’s fleshy love handles. “But everyone loves my breasts, and what am I ever going to do with a girl with such a little narrow waistline?”

“Whatever you want, just let me suck on your huge soft breasts,” moaned Julia as began to slip the camisole straps off Mia’s shoulders with her hands and pull the front down with her teeth.

“But after that you are going to want more and more of me, and like I said. I don’t do skinny petite girls with flat bellies,” said Mia as she slid her hands up to keep the top of her camisole from slipping off her plump swollen nipples.

“I know you want me too, or you wouldn’t have teased me by making me hold those huge boobies of yours, or pressed your breasts against me while I worked the register,” said Julia.

“Please, how else could I see the register? You must be confused, but I might see a little bit of potential in you, and I have been single for a while..But you still have that pesky boyfriend. How do I know you wont have your way with me, and then run back to him?” asked Mia with a knowing smile.

“Stop being stingy, you know you want this,” Julia said as she managed to wrestle the camisole low enough to pop out Mia’s left nipple and slip her plump lips around the engorged nipple. She then began suckling and pressing her face against the boob while she managed to slip both hands around it.

“Oh Jewels, I have wanted this since the moment I saw you. But I can’t let this go further until you make me a couple of itty bitty promises,” smiled Mia.

Julia paused long enough to squeeze out a breathless,”Anything Mia.”

“Well first of all you are moving in with me,” Mia said as she ran her fingers around the back of Julia’s head and started pulling out the pins holding her hair in the two buns.

“Oh, I can do that. I have been meaning to get out of there for a while. I just needed a roommate,” said Julia.

“Second, you are dumping your boyfriend. If I am going to let you do this….and more, I need a commitment,” said Mia as she finished pulling the pins out and started running her fingers through Julia’s thick light brown hair.

“No problem, he was to short anyways,” said Julia between licks of Mia’s nipple and arreola.

“Third, and this is very important, I get to dress you. I want full control of your wardrobe,” said Mia as she pulled her right breast free of the camisole, turned Julia’s head with her left hand, and placed her right nipple into Julia’s pursed lips. She slipped her right hand off her breast as Julia was now gripping both breasts, and placed it behind Julia’s head forcing Julia’s face against her bigger-than-head-size breast. With the other hand, she began to pinch and pull her own swollen nipple causing her to moan and gasp in pleasure.

“Oh Mia you taste excellent, and you have excellent taste. Of course you can dress me,” gasped Julia as she popped up for air.

“Fourth, and I can’t emphasize how….oh god….much…ooooh….I need you…oh right there baby… to agree to this….ah ah ah… for this to work out. MMMMMM, oh yess, your tongue feels amazing! I get to feed you as much…oh god, oh god..as I want, whenever I want,” panted Mia breathlessly.

Julia leaned back her head, gazed deeply into Mia’s eyes, and replied with a big Cheshire grin, “Of course, as long as I can feed myself too.”

“Oh you greedy, hungry, little piggy, you can stuff yourself with as much food as your tiny belly can hold, not that there will be much room,” giggled Mia “And one last thing, you now have to call me Mistress.”

“Hmmm, kinky, I like it. As you wish mistress,” She responded.

Mia reached behind her and undid a few clips and her tight black wrap began to unravel and peel off her bulbous rear, thick thighs, and wide hips. The wrap fell to the ground and Julia could see that Mia was naked except for her heels. “Now my pet its time for your first feeding,” she said as she pushed Julia’s head into her wet cookie. Julia got down on her knees, grabbed Mia’s fleshy, globular butt and smashed her face into Mia’s V. Mia’s thick fat thighs bulged around Julia’s head and her belly was bouncing and wiggling thanks to Julia’s enthusiastic eating. Mia was squeezing her fleshy, bloated, and now unsupported breasts with both hands and the sides of her arms in an effort not to allow them to bounce around to much, but eventually she lost herself in the pleasure of Julia’s oral ability and had to lean forward and hold onto the counter unless she fell over. Her massive 38 O-cup, 62 inch around bosom was heaving and bouncing and slapping against both each other and her belly. Julia quickly brought Mia to climax, and Mia flopped onto the counter on her belly, with her face smashed into her giant breasts. Julia crawled out from between her legs, stood up directly behind the incapacitated fatter girl. She put her hands on Mia’s lower back and began massaging. Her naked thighs were pressed against Mia’s naked rump, and with her feet she spread apart Mia’s legs. Mia’s weight was now all on the counter and it was easy for the thinner girl to move the much curvier girl’s fleshy limbs. Her hands began to move further south and Julia began to massage cheeks of the 64-inch booty.

“My, my, mistress, your ass is so big and fat, it would make a great pillow for us register girls to rest and lean on. Oh and the skin is so silky smooth. I can grab handfuls, and handfuls of fat without even touching the muscle. I may never massage into the muscle, but I will try,” she said.

“mmmhhmmf,” moaned the incapacitated Mia.

“Oh I could just eat it its so soft,” gasped Julia as she squeezed Mia’s bulging backside together and then placed her lips on Mia’s right but cheek. “Wow, when I grab all of your ass fat and squeeze it together it swells higher than a wine bottle. And when I let go is jiggles and shakes but is still almost as thick as a wine bottle is high. Mistress you es mui gordita,” teased the Latina.

“Get back to massaging Julia, that feels so good,” begged Mia.

“Of course, mistress.” Julia walked her hands down the width and length of Mia’s ass until she reached the back of her thick thighs. Julia then used her left hand to spread the fat on her upper thighs apart and with her right hand started slipping her fingers into to massage Mia’s clit. Mia wiggled a bit at first then she started panting and moaning, and then started arching her back and thrusting her hips out so that Julia could get further in. Julia brought her to climax, multiple times and after 45 minutes of stimulation, Mia passed out. She awoke to the sound of munching and the feeling of fingers through her hair. Mia opened her eyes and saw Julia’s swollen belly and jade belly ring on her belly chain only inches from her face. Julia was rubbing her fingers through Mia’s hair while she ate more of the pizza. Mia reached up with both hands and pulled Julia’s belly to her lips. She put a big kiss on the swollen belly and then asked, “How long have I been asleep?”

“Only a few hours, replied Julia with her mouth full. “I got hungry so I finished off the rest of the wings, cheesy bread, and most of the pizza. But there are still a few slices of pizza left, do you want any?”

“Mmmm, that sounds good,” sighed Mia as she rolled over onto her back. She cradled her breasts with her arms so that the nipples were pointing up and the flesh bulged together spilling over the sides of her arms and touching her chin. “Feed me sweetie, I have my arms full.”

“You sure do,” said Julia lustily. Julia lowered slice after slice into Julia’s lips. She finished off the pizza, but was still hungry.

“I’m too satisfied and relaxed to move. Do you think you could be a doll and bring in some pie or cake, or maybe even some cookies from the break room? It’s been so long since I had sex that I had forgotten how hungry I get afterwards, and I am ravenous,” asked Mia.

“Hmmmm, interesting, I wondered how you really got this big. I didn’t think you only got fat to be a VL model,” said Julia.

“Yes, yes, my pet, my secret is out. I eat like a pig after sex and if I hadn’t broken up with my last girlfriend 8 months ago I would probably be a lot closer to 400 pounds. Regardless, your mistress is hungry and needs to be fed, so scurry away and bring me some food,” ordered the now bossy Mia.

“Yes mistress, as you wish.”

When Julia made it back with half the contents of the VL fridge, Mia and taken her camisole completely off, rolled it up and placed it behind her head. She had swung her legs around and was now on her back, resting with her legs crossed. She was still wearing her heels and was still keeping her breasts in place. Before Mia could say anything Julia began stuffing her face full of the sweets. In went the cake, then two pies, then 4 dozen cookies. When Mia got thirsty she drank straight out of the remaining three wine bottles. Then 2 dozen donuts went in, another cake, crème puffs, and three more pies. Mia’s hips were so fat that they bulged over the sides of the counter. Now her belly was so swollen that her pudgy 38-inch waistline had balloned to a full-grown potbelly that stuck up almost as far as breasts.

“Oh I’m so fat and full,” said the intoxicated busty beauty. She stopped holding her bosom and was now rubbing her belly gently.

“Yes, you really ate like a piggy today,” replied Julia.

“Help me up,” said Mia as she swung her legs off the counter and reached out for Julia.

Julia managed to get the naked Mia off the counter, but had to help balance the much fatter girl thereby getting copious amounts of breast flesh smashed into her face. Eventually, Mia balanced herself enough to put her camisole on and then waddled over to where her wrap had been taken off. Because of how swollen and drunk she was, she couldn’t reach the wrap with out falling over, but she managed to shake and bounce her ultra curvy body enough times to cause Julia to bust out in fits of laughter.

“Stop laughing Jewels and pick that up,” ordered Mia.

“Sure thing tubby,” said Julia as she patted Mia’s swollen paunch.

“Ok, lets go home. You have to drive, but we can take my car. The keys are in the office,” said Mia.

Julia managed to get the keys and a half-naked Mia into Mia’s car. It took them longer than it should have but eventually Julia and Mia made it back to Mia’s house safely. Mia was bossy to be sure, but gorgeous, and the Latina was tricky and was going to get everything she wanted out of this relationship. The thing was what did she really want?

(Ok that's as much as was written so far. When the next chapter is up I'll put it here. I REALLY HOPE YOU LIKE EXPANDER JACK'S STORY AS MUCH AS I DO!!! Oh and if anyone wants to make a comic of this please do so. I would love it much.)

Story continued in post 19

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greenie has said some nice things
Smile Great story

That is a fabulous story. Can not wait to see how it ends
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mollycoddles does more than just post hot picsmollycoddles does more than just post hot picsmollycoddles does more than just post hot pics

Wow, awesome story! I do hope it continues.
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WOW, WOW, WOW, this is store so nice to read. I hope in continue...

Anyhow, thank you so much!
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Chapter 11

It was a year later, Halloween day, and the VL girls were dressing up. Jenny had packed on the pounds and was now fatter than any other girl in the store besides Gwen. She now weighed a substantial 420 pounds; it was just before Gwen had offered her the assistant manager position. Jenny had Brigitte, Tina, and Kate trying to feed and fatten her and she had exceeded the growth expectations of both Gwen and Mia. Mia was still the assistant manager, but Jenny was quickly becoming Gwen’s favourite, as Mia was no longer kissing the boss’ well-padded ass. She had been getting her increasingly larger ass kissed, among other body parts, from her new pet Julia.

Because Julia was her roommate, co-worker, and lover, Mia had ample time to coax the now 20-year-old girl into to many food binges. The Latina was very sexy and exotic, which was why at the beginning of the year Gwen put her on the register even though at 173 pounds she was under the minimum according to the VL guidelines. Mia originally didn’t approve of the promotion, but worked closely with Julia for many weeks, and she eventually mastered the register and gained enough weight to be a respectable VL girl.

Their close relationship enabled Mia to get the girl to gain more weight in one year than she had gained the entire time working at VL. At the end of the year, Julia had packed on 75 pounds and weighed in at 248 pounds. At 248 pounds, she now worked the bra department, Jen’s old job, and was making enough money to perpetuate her clothing addiction and enable her lust for rich fattening food. But Julia didn’t need to rely on her extensive closet today, as on Halloween the girls got to wear costumes and Mia put her pet in a seductive golden slave girl costume.

Julia’s thick, light brown hair had continued to grow longer over the year and she had added blond highlights and streaks. Her hair was twisted up onto the back of her head and was bound by ornate golden thread causing her hair to rise up more than 12 inches above her head, which also left her dainty neck exposed. Around her throat, she was wearing a 4-inch wide gold neckpiece that reached from the base of her neck to her chin. The neckpiece also had a golden ring attached to the back that secured a 10-foot long ½-inch wide black-leather strap. She had dark Egyptian like eye makeup on and bright red lipstick, accentuating her exotic look. She spent a lot of the summer laying out tanning and her skin had darkened to a golden brown.

She was wearing a golden string bikini top that tied around her neck and around her back. The bikini consisted of just enough material to cover the areolas of her 52-inch chest, which she normally secured in a 38 j-cup bra. Her frame was extremely fine boned so her hands, arms, and shoulders remained dainty. She still had a relatively slim upper body and trim waist until it reached her fleshy love handles and thick spare tire; therefore, her huge j-cup breasts bulged well past her arms when they were at her sides and bulged down almost to her elbow. On her upper arms, she was wearing gold armbands that forced her squishy fat to bulge around them.

On her lower back, she had an intricate henna tattoo that nearly dipped into the crack of her now very well padded voluptuous booty. On the front of her belly, she had another henna tattoo that spiralled out from her belly button creating a sun pattern. While her upper body had retained its narrow and trim shape, her lower body had swelled and grown thick and curvy with fat. Her waistline had developed a thick spare tire with big puffy love handles. She didn’t have a pot belly, just a sizable lower roll that now spread her waistline to 38 inches around.

While her love handles merely bulged, her booty had ballooned. Her ass had fattened into wide upside down heart shape and her hips had widened creating thick thunder thighs bulging out to a substantially plump 60 inches. Her ass and thighs were still very firm with no cellulite as she was still very young. With her added inches and pounds, her ass had formed a sizable shelf that the other girls would drape garments on when she was standing. When she walked away her fleshy cheeks would bounce the clothing right off, but it was still fun for the girls tease the newly fattened Julia.

Around her hips, she was wearing a skirt that was split up both sides all the way to the top. Two gold rings that rested on the tops of her hips connected the front and the back of the skirt. From the side, you could see her naked swollen booty and from the front her hips and thighs swelled inches past the edges of the cloth. From behind at least a third of each butt cheek was exposed and much more was revealed as she wobbled around the store. The skirt was so low in front that the cloth reached from just barely above her cookie to an inch from the floor. In back, the golden cloth reached from the thickest, fattest part of her ass down to about mid calf, exposing a full five inches of butt crack. Her legs tapered dramatically so that her 60-inch hips and 36-inch thighs narrowed to trim 15-inch calves and tiny dainty ankles.

On her feet, she was wearing 8-inch high ballet dancer platform heels, increasing her 5’8” height to 6’4”. These shoes forced her to balance her considerable girth on her tiptoes, and thrust her ass and breasts out even farther than normal. To complete the slave costume the 8-inch heels were linked together at the ankles by only 12 inches of chain, causing Julia to take very tiny steps.

Walking anywhere in this costume was very difficult, for she had to take many short quick steps that caused her fleshy ass to wobble and jiggle and her 36-inch thighs to rub and bounce against each other. If she wobbled completely across the store, the skirt would sway wildly and tend to slide lower exposing even more of her plump bottom. If that wasn’t bad enough, her huge j-cup breasts would bounce and wobble together causing her to loose her balance or reveal a nipple. She was forced to walk around most of the day clutching her breasts together with the sides of her arms and holding her skirt in place. It was hard being this sexy, but if this is what the Mistress wanted then she had to obey.

Julia was bent over at the waist leaning over the counter with her fat booty pointed away from the register and towards the front of the store. She was reaching for her purse that just so happened to be on the bottom shelf and she was struggling to reach the bag, squashing her fat bosom against the counter top.

“Uh, come here baggy,” squealed Julia.

“Looks like you could use some help, Jewels.”

Julia raised her head up and was looking at a big pale naked belly. By the voice and the belly she knew this could only be Mandy. She reached her arms out and grabbed onto the sides of the belly and pulled it to her lips, burying her face into the soft warm flesh planting three red kisses. “Oh thank you Mandy, it’s so hard to walk with these heels on that I was trying to reach it from this side,” squealed Julia.

“No problem, besides your outfit has dropped pretty low and you are just about mooning the entire store,” teased Mandy.

“Oh, this costume is killing me,” she replied as she stood up and wiggled her hips to adjust her skirt. “Between my boobies popping out and my big booty bouncing my costume around I am cursing the day I agreed to wear this.”

Julia with her heels on was 16 inches taller than the 5’0” barefoot Mandy, placing the bottom of her breasts at eye level with the short round girl. Mandy had died her medium length straight hair green and was wearing a flower crown and pointy ears. She had pierced her eyebrow and her bottom lip and put a thicker gage belly ring in with a large green stone. She was the third fattest girl in the store behind, Jen and Gwen, just barely edging out the 385-pound 5’10” Mia at 387 pounds.

She was wearing a strapless low-cut bra that had flowers sown around it so that it looked like her breasts were covered only by flowers. Mandy was busty at 61 inches, a 46 jj-cup, a cup size larger than Julia, but with a much thicker upper body. Her belly was a spectacular 71 inches around and swelled in a big round ball that almost defied gravity. Her waistline was 33 inches fatter than Julia’s, but her belly just barely covered her cookie. Her hips were slightly wider than her belly with her relatively trim 30-inch thighs; it was her spherical globular butt that stuck out 12 inches behind her back that swelled her hip measurement to 74-inches.

She had a thick fat ass that formed a shelf you could put a pizza box on. She was constantly trying to hide her round fat backside under skirts or loose pants, but it was impossible to hide something that big. She loved being fat, but wished she had a smaller butt. Instead of hiding her booty today, she had to wear something revealing to match her costume idea. On the bottom, she was wearing a bikini that was so tight and small that it split her butt in half horizontally and left half her ass naked. This was also covered in fake flowers and she had a flower anklet and bracelet, but other than that, she was naked. She was the mother of the Nymph’s this year.

Mandy squatted down with her fat belly between her 30-inch thighs and grabbed the bag for Julia. With her hands in the middle of her lower back, she lifted her belly up and waddled over to Julia’s side of the counter.

“Oh thank you, thank you, Mandy. You are such a saviour! I love your Nymph costume; it keeps getting sexier each year. Oh but my lipstick has marked up your big beautiful belly in a weird pattern. Here let me even it out,” said Julia.

Before Mandy could say no, Julia had bent over again and was burying her face in Mandy’s soft flesh and kissing and kissing. She began to softly moan as she kissed and squeezed Mandy’s big belly. “Oh, your belly is so soft and fat. I wish Mia had a belly like this, mmmm.”

“It is a spectacular isn’t it? I get to be the moma nymph this year now that I have gained another 87 pounds. I just wish my ass wasn’t so big and I just had a giant fat belly,” sighed Mandy.

“Oh, I think your ass is cute, it balances you out,” replied Julia as she leaned back and admired her work. “There you go, a nice ring of lips around your belly button. I could keep going if you want, cover your whole belly, it would really be my pleasure,” she squealed as she clasped her hands together over her breasts, causing them to bulge out between her arms and strain her bikini.

“Oh I don’t know, it’s a lot of belly to cover, and Mia might get jealous,” smiled Mandy as she rubbed her hands over the front of her pot.

“Oh she really would get jealous if she found me kissing this big…round…sexy…fat… gooey…belly,” cooed Julia as she wobbled closer and leaned over so that her thighs were pressed against the front of Mandy’s belly and her hands were squeezing the sides of it while her fat bosom bulged against Mandy’s plump breasts.

“Oh, Jewels, when Gwen hired you a few years ago I had such a huge crush on you, as did many of the girls in the store. You were thin, beautiful face, great skin and hair, but you had that annoying boyfriend, so none of us thought you would be interested. Then Mia comes along and fattens you up, making you more than 100 pounds overweight. I was shocked you packed it on so quickly, I thought you might stay thin for while, but now there is no denying it. You’re a fatty and getting fatter, and while I still think you are very pretty, you are just not my type anymore.”

“What do you mean, not your type? How can you not love this big perfectly formed 60-inch booty,” said Julia as she wiggled around turning her back to Mandy and grabbing both butt cheeks. “It's getting so big and fat now that I sometimes don’t even fit in chairs. And these breasts. I mean, like who can say no to a j-cup? They are bigger than your head.”

“Julia, that’s my point. You are too big now. You are tall, and getting really fat. Soon you might weigh more than me. All my life I was the short, skinny girl, so tiny and small. But I wanted to be big, so once I graduated high school, and moved away from my anorexic mom, and started eating, and eating, and eating, hoping every day to get taller and bigger. I hoped that I was just malnourished and that I would one day get taller, but that wasn’t the case. I worked at a fast food place at the time and dated the fry girl and in one year, I went from a 95-pound skinny girl to a 173-pound plump shorty.

"Each month I got more depressed as the added calories didn’t add inches to my height, they only added inches to my belly. I tried to cut back, even dieted a few times as my ass ballooned and my belly swelled, but I was addicted to eating. I couldn’t stop. I only had a 34-inch belly back then, not even half the size of my waist now, but my girlfriend broke up with me because of my addiction to food. To be honest, I paid no attention to her, only paid attention to the desire in my belly and she resented me for it. I don’t blame her now, she didn’t know I hated being small, but it was too late, I was eating more than ever and I couldn’t stop. I figured out then that if I couldn’t be tall, and I certainly couldn’t stop eating, then I was going to get ridiculously fat. I resigned myself to a life of being fat, which on the plus side, at least I would never be the small one. Long story short, I want my girl to be petite and skinny, that way I will always be the big one. You are hot, trust me, but you’re just too big,” said Mandy.

“Oh, Mandy, that’s so sad; you deserve someone who will take care of this belly, but if you wont love me I guess this will have to be a one sided love affair cause I really can’t keep my hands off of you,” smiled Julia as she wobbled Mandy’s belly between her hands.

“Uh, uh, uh, fat girls don’t get to touch the belly unless they feed it,” smiled Mandy as she wagged her finger at Julia.

“Oh, I can do that. Mia’s almost as fat as you now, cause of little ol’ me,” giggled Julia.

“I wondered how her trim waist turned into a pot,” giggled Mandy.

“Oh, and I know a few exercises from my years on the track team that will keep your legs and ass trim and help firm and shrink up your chest and arms while we grow this belly out,” said Julia as she continued to rub Mandy’s belly.

“Workout? Euh, I wish I didn’t have to, but if it will shrink my boobs and butt, I guess I should,” replied Mandy.

“Oh this is going to be so fun!” squealed Julia “And I bet I can find a girl for you, too. You would be surprised at how many girls at the gym have stared hitting on me since I packed on these extra inches, and Mia has some skinny model friends that come over to the apartment all the time who just love the fatties.”

“Oooooh, then for that you can keep kissing,” said Mandy as she reached up and pulled Julia’s head to her belly.

“Mwah, Mwah, Mwah,” kissed Julia as she began to cover Mandy’s belly in red lip prints.

Mandy saw Mia’s huge breasts poke out past the suit rack in the double V section. If her breasts were there, that meant that the rest of her wasn’t far behind. Mia turned the corner observing the rest of the store until her eyes spotted the two at the counter. She narrowed her gaze and started to frown. She accelerated her pace to as fast as a girl in 6-inch platform shoes could go, causing her hips to sway widely, her belly to bounce, and her bare breasts to wobble and slap against each other. By the time she got to the two girls she was fuming and nearly out of breath.

Mia had designed a Succubus costume this year and while she was pale normally, she had avoided the sun all year and was now extra pale. She had added dark red streaks and highlights to her long thick black hair. Her bangs were long enough to reach her chin and framed the sides of her face or where looped back behind her ears if she wanted to show off her large black onyx earrings.

The rest of her hair was spiraled up in two conical shapes on the back of her head that gave the impression of horns. She had black onyx gems spiraling up and her two “horns” on fine silver chains. The hair jewelery culminated in the middle of her forehead with a large red gem. She was wearing dark eye makeup and dark red lipstick giving her a distinctly gothic look. Around her neck, she was wearing an onyx and ruby choker.

Now being the assistant manager, she normally had to wear well-fitted and semi-conservative clothing. She couldn’t help that she was extremely busty and curvy, and at 385 pounds even fully clothed she displayed some skin, but today she was not bound by corporate constraints.

Today she was going to wear the most risqué outfit imaginable. She thought about a bikini top like what Julia was wearing, but that had just too much material. Instead, she went with strips of red tape placed in two inverted crosses just covering her nipples and areolas. Her colossal 74-inch chest now fit nicely into a 42 s-cup bra. Her breasts were so big that when unsupported they hung past her elbows. They were surprisingly spherical for their size and her tiny pink nipples almost pointed up instead of out with more than half of the mass of her breasts swelling down below her nipples.

But her breasts weren’t the only things to become spherical. The constant feedings and daily binges had caused the VL model to gain more weight this year than in any other year. She had packed on 103 pounds of fat swelling her small 38 inch potbelly, to a nicely rounded 51-inch Buddha. With her model body, she retained a narrow upper back and narrow shoulders with the fat residing mostly in her breasts and arms, while her lower back had developed huge love handles that formed creases of fat. Her belly swelled out dramatically and bulged out several inches past her thighs, but today she was wearing a dark red corset that narrowed her substantial waistline and the upper half of her belly by squeezing in the fat of her round Buddha.

The corset enabled her to shrink the upper half of her belly by a full 10 inches, further emphasizing her huge love handles and lower belly, but causing her to be more irritable and bossy than normal. The corset left from a couple of inches above her belly button down, exposed. Within her belly button, she had attached a large ruby to her belly ring so that it completely filled her deep navel. Around the ruby was a black henna pentagram tattoo matching with her evil motif. While her breasts had grown many cup sizes and her belly had swelled 13 inches, her hips and butt had swelled 16 more inches. She was 80 inches around at the widest portion of her hips. Her bulbous rear stuck out a full 12 inches past her back and her 44-inch thighs swelled her hips several inches past the sides of her thick puffy love handles. Her hips and ass were almost 30-inches bigger than her waist, and her breasts were 23 inches bigger, giving her a spectacular hourglass figure.

But with the extra pounds accumulating around her middle she could tell, and so could the marketing department, that it wouldn’t be too long before the hourglass looked more like a bell. Today she was wearing dark red thigh-high 6-inch platform heeled leather boots and a dark red string bikini bottom that only contained 2/3 of her backside. The bikini bottom straps rested just above the apex of her hips and the material was so small in front that her bulging lower belly covered it. From behind and along the sides the too tight bikini bottom caused her fat to bulge over the edge forming a nice dimple in her flesh.

While Mia had a small bone structure like Julia, her legs and arms where much fatter. Her thighs narrowed dramatically but the fat was beginning to bulge around her knees and her calves were a full 22 inches around. Her ankles and wrists were still small and dainty but her upper arms now measured 18 inches around. On her arms she was wearing dark red leather gloves that reached just past her elbow, and in her hand, when the opportunity presented itself, she carried Julia’s black leather leash.
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Chapter 11, continued.

“What’s going on here!” she demanded in her husky voice, with her hands on her hips so that her love handles bulged over her hands. Her breasts were jiggling against her heaving belly as she huffed.

Mandy started to turn a bright shade of red, while Julia continued to smooch her belly.

“I demand an answer my pet.” She huffed as she slapped Julia’s naked ass, leaving a bright red handprint and causing her breasts to resume wobbling.

“Oooh, am I being naughty? You know how I get when you slap my big fat ass,” replied Julia as she turned around. “Oh my, you are cranky, and so out of breath, fatty. That extra 100 pounds you gained this year is starting to affect you isn’t it? But you know how I love how big and fat your boobs have gotten, so I guess you are going to have to get used to being out of breath aren’t you?” said Julia as she rubbed the sides of Mia’s breasts.

“Don’t change the subject! And stop rubbing my boobs and give me an answer!” Mia cried as she slapped Julia’s hand away.

“Good gosh, you are so busty. With your fat boobies unsupported, the bottoms of them bulge past your elbows and have to rest against the side of your round pot,” she said as she worked her hands around from the bottom of Mia’s breasts up to her nipples. “But your nipples are all the way up here and so fun to pinch.”

“Stop Pet!” cried Mia as she put her hands over her nipples and pulled them away from the grabby Julia.

“Oh, it's very innocent, Mia, I was just putting a lip print pattern around Mandy’s beautiful fat belly,” said Julia.

“Really, Mia, she isn’t even my type. It was purely to even out my costume,” said Mandy with her arms folded in front of her breasts, on top of her belly.

“Well you two should be selling clothes and not fixing costumes,” huffed Mia.

“Ah, come on, baby, you know you are the only girl in my life,” said Julia as she waddled closer to Mia and put her arms around her so that Mia’s arms where underneath Julia’s. Julia’s breasts were smaller and higher that Mia’s so as she embraced Mia her breasts bulged up between them and Mia’s pressed against her belly and bulged around the sides. Julia managed to reach around and loop her thumbs into the back of Mia’s to tight bikini bottom.

“Well, I guess, I know Mandy likes the skinny girls and you are far from skinny now. It just looked funny,” sighed Mia.

“Like as funny as this?” asked Julia as she planted a big kiss on Mia’s lips then with all her strength tugged Mia’s bikini bottom down until they were wrapped around her ankles. Julia got a face full of breasts, then belly, then fat thighs as she slid the bikini down. She turned and started to quick walk, as fast as her 12 inch, long chain would let her, holding onto her breasts as the fat on her thighs and hips bounced and shook and her bulbous booty wobbled violently swaying her skirt in a wild manner.

Mia’s large green eyes went wide and her pale skin turned bright red while Mandy started laughing. Mia quickly reached down and pulled the bikini up and started to chase after Julia. The thinner girl had a head start on her and was squealing and laughing throughout the store. Mia tried running but the motion from her s-cup breasts almost knocked her over. She was forced to quick walk like Julia and hold onto her heaving bosom as best she could.

Within seconds Mia was huffing and sweating from the exertion, and couldn’t get within 10 feet of the thinner Julia. The leather harness was dragging the ground but Mia was to slow to catch it. Julia was heading into the break room at the back of the store giggling and laughing.

“What’s wrong fatty all those feedings slowing you down?” giggled Julia.

“Come back here, pet!”

Julia was looking back taunting the other girl when she smashed into a big soft wall. At least she thought it was a wall until the wall’s arms caught her and held her up from falling.

“What ya’ll doin here ladies?” asked Jen with her southern drawl.

Jen was barefoot and at 5’8”, the now 6’4” Julia was a full head taller, so Jen got a face full of boob when Julia crashed into her. Julia quickly slithered around the 420-pound barefoot Jen to put the much fatter girl between her and the fuming Mia.

“Stay out of this Miss Jennifer….this…does not concern…..you,” wheezed Mia.

“Yes it does! Save me Jen!” squealed Julia. “By the way, great costume, sumo right?”

“Why, you are so sweet! I thought with my considerable belly it might be appropriate,” smiled Jen as she grabbed the sides of her belly.

The sumo costume consisted of white cloth that wrapped around the top of her hips and then looped from her cookie up through her butt cheeks to tie in the back. Her belly was a 65-inch pot that bulged onto her thighs hiding most of the front of the costume from view. On top, she was wearing a similar strip of white cloth that wrapped around her bosom creating a very revealing tube top. Unsupported, her 70-inch breasts (44 p-cup bra) rested on the top and sides of her blossoming pot belly. Her light blond hair was twisted into two buns that sat on the top of her head with her bangs framing her face. At her current size, her cheeks were becoming increasingly chubby and she had developed the start of a double chin.

“Oooh it is like so big and fat and squishy, I have recently developed a thing for jumbo Buddha bellies and yours is getting so fat it is almost as big as Mandy’s,” said Julia as she rubbed the sides of Jen’s belly from behind and wobbled the fat back and forth.

“Not even close to Mandy’s massive gut, besides Jen is much too hippy and busty to be a proper sumo,” sneered Mia as she regained her composure. “Then again, Jen, at your current rate of growth it won't be much longer until that thing sticks out farther than your breasts.”

“Stop wobbling my fat, Julia! Doesn’t Mia provide you with enough fat to play with?” retorted Jen as she folded her arms beneath her breasts.

“Yes, yes, I have begun to approach the upper limits of the VL modeling caste by growing into an s-cup,” replied Mia as she rubbed her tiny hands around her breasts. “And you would be surprised at how much they get in the way,” she said as she sauntered closer Jen holding her breasts up until her belly began to touch Jen’s. She was 5’10” naturally, but with the 6-inch boots, she was 6’4” towering over the 5’8” Jen. Jen was hypnotised by the bustier girl’s enormous breasts. They were so perfect and round, that she hated the girl even more.

Mia let go of her breasts, bouncing them against Jen’s considerable bosom and face while moving with the speed of a snake she reached down and grabbed the wrists of Julia who was also entranced by the considerable bosom of her bulging girlfriend and still squeezing Jen’s belly fat.

“Hah! I got you!” cried Mia.

Mia pulled Julia’s arms toward her smashing Julia’s breasts against the back of Jen’s head and her own breasts into Jen’s face. The considerable bellies of Jen and Mia trapped Jen’s chubby arms in place preventing her from doing anything other than bounce between the two girls. Julia squealed as her breasts burst free of the tiny bikini top as she tried to pull away from Mia, but Mia out weighed her by 140 pounds, so her struggle was in vain.

Mia could see this wasn’t getting her anywhere and she was rapidly losing her breath again from the exertion, so she let one of Julia’s arms go, and Jen wobbled free of the embrace. Mia then pulled with all of her weight causing Julia to stumble and smash face first into Mia’s heaving bosom. Julia’s arms naturally wrapped around Mia’s waist for support and Mia looped hers around Julia.

“Stop squirming…..and take….your punishment,” gasped Mia as she squeezed her arms together causing her breasts to bulge around Julia’s head.

Julia mumbled something into Mia’s bosom, but neither Jen nor Mia could understand. Eventually Julia stopped struggling and Mia let her up for air.

“Whew, I thought I was going to pass out between your massive boobs. I am going to have to really put you on a diet this time,” giggled Julia.

“If you had listened to me nine months ago when I asked you to stop feeding me, I wouldn’t of had such and advantage on you. Then again, I could have caught you without Jen’s help. Now it is time for your punishment, a nice hard spanking. Jen would you like to partake? Julia’s ass is nice and round and so, so soft now,” said Mia as she ran her long dark red finger nails across Julia’s bare bottom. “Come on, give it a swat.”

“Yeah, Jennifer, I’ve been so naughty today and my bottom has gotten so soft and fat this year. So much fatter than when we first met,” Julia said over her shoulder as she lifted her skirt up over her bare butt cheeks.

“Look at how soft it is, Jen. I know you want to spank her,” said Mia as she pinched a handful of booty fat.

“Aye, Mommy! You’re so rough,” cooed Julia to Mia.

Jen couldn’t deny that the Latina’s booty was something to behold. It was so much fatter than her waist, that it reminded her a little of Tina. Tina, that fat ass hussy that tricked her into this life of endless feedings, perpetual weight gain, and decreased mobility. She was just a normal college girl working at a sports bar to pay the bills when she met the then barely chubby cook. Then Tina started getting fat, which is what Jenny wanted, then somehow Jenny started getting fat, so fat she lost her job. Once she lost her job, she kept getting fatter, and fatter until now she was the fat one in the relationship. Relationship, hah! That’s a laugh. It could have been something special until Tina went and cheated on her. But she did, and now she was 420 pounds, 23 years old, and dressed like a sumo. The fact was Tina had tricked her into getting fat and then cheated on her, so Tina was going to pay. Well Tina wasn’t here, but Julia was, and she was close enough.

“Sure, let me have a swat,” said Jen as she grabbed a handful of Julia’s ass.

“Oh, I am going to enjoy this,” said Julia as she bent over putting her hands on her knees. Jen proceeded to give her a swat. Mia watched in awe of the fleshy 420-pound girl as every inch of her wobbled and shook. Shockwaves of rolling fat bulged and bounced on Jen as Julia’s ass started to glow bright red. Mia remembered her first talk with Jen and how back then Mia was maybe 10 pounds lighter, now Jen had 40 pounds on her and didn’t look like she would stop growing any time soon.

“Oh, harder, Jenny, I have been so naughty.”

Jen gave her more whacks in rapid succession, she was really enjoying this, but was beginning to tire out and her hand was hurting. Mia noticed the weakening stamina of the bigger girl and moved in to make sure the punishment was hard enough.

“You’re looking tired, sumo. Let me show you how to treat a naughty little girl,” said Mia.

Mia was an old pro at spanking her pet, so she new how Julia liked it. Soon Julia was moaning and playing with her engorged nipples as her ass glowed.

“Oh, I’ve been so naughty, spank me you fat pig, spank me,” moaned Julia.

Mia’s enormous bosom was heaving and bouncing as she swatted the smaller girl’s fleshy bottom. Soon even she grew tired of smacking that round fat ass, so she stood up straight, thrusting her chest out with her hands gripping her love handles and said, “Your round… plump…. Ass…. is glowing red, so we are going to have to give…. your booty a reprieve,” she gasped. “I can’t let you go out front yet, and Jenny and I need to get back to work so we can’t continue torturing you back here, so what to do, what to do?”

“Hmmm, I know, Mia. Julia sure has a lot of fun calling us fat, playing with our fat, and then running away from us because we are so fat,” said Jenny as she hefted her belly up for emphasis. “So why don’t we make sure she has plenty of fat to play with and is slow enough for us to catch her?”

“That’s a great idea! Good thing Kelly just sent a batch of pies and treats over from the bakery for the Halloween party. We may have to reorder everything to replace what she eats, but it will be so worth it to see her belly get full and round until the pain in her plump little bottom is forgotten due to the excruciating pain in her belly,” grinned Mia.

Julia was putting her breasts back in her bikini top, “I know you are jealous of my waistline now that I have put a big belly on you Mia, but you know all my fat goes right to my round plump ass, and big fat boobs,” she said as she caressed her backside. “You will only get more jealous of my young plump body as I get bigger. Are you sure you want to do that?”

“Please, I have nothing to be jealous about, and don’t try to sneak out of your punishment, you are going to eat until your belly is fat and round,” replied Mia.

“Oh yeah? Who will make sure I eat? You two will be up front working,” she countered with a knowing smile thinking she had gotten out of it.

“Well, we can't send Mandy; there is a good chance she would just eat it all, Gwen would be pissed if we asked her,” said Jenny.

“Oh, I know who would be perfect. She is always willing to help me out, and would love to torture little Julia. Our newly promoted sales girl, Diane,” sneered Mia.

Julia’s eyes grew as big as saucers because she knew she was going to be in for some punishment. “Oh, not Big T,” she moaned.
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Chapter 11, continued

When Diane was hired, she was very polite and sweet to all the girls, then she saw Julia, who was 18 pounds lighter at the time, get promoted to register girl while she had to toil away in the back moving inventory. From then on, she was very competitive with Julia and was constantly sucking up to the other girls. Knowing that a rounder belly and fatter booty was quickest way out of the back, she actively started gaining. She drank weight gain shakes, ate huge meals right before bed, stopped doing exercise of any kind, and before she knew it, the plump 190 pound 5’11” ex-volleyball player grew a full fledged pot belly and thick wobbly blubber padded hips.

She had retained her slight shoulders, slim arms, and small bosom, only growing to a 38 c-cup (42 inches around), but had managed to grow a globular belly with thick love handles. Her waistline now stretched to 50 inches and covered her cookie when standing. Her ass had spread wider and thicker forming a sizable rear bumper, but it was her hips and thighs that packed on most of the inches. Her hips now measured 70 inches around and her thighs were 45 inches around.

From the front, she appeared to have a tiny upper body and a huge lower body. From the side, her impressive potbelly bulged out well past her thick thighs causing her to lean slightly forward, and walk with a much-exaggerated sway as she swung her fat thighs around each other. She had managed to gain 98 pounds this year and now weighed 288 pounds.

A lot of her impressive height was in her long legs. At 5’11” she was the tallest in the store and because her long slim legs had become fat thick thunder thighs that touched to the knee and her calves had ballooned to 22 inches around, while her arms remained fairly trim and her breasts were tiny, Julia had begun calling her T-Rex and of recent, Big T.

Mia picked up the phone in the breakroom and gave a store wide page for Diane to report to the break room. Julia watched the Amazon come from the front of the store. She was wearing 8-inch platform heeled black leather knee-high boots. Tan skintight slacks that fastened below her belly with a big silver belt buckle. On her belt, she had a fake nightstick, fake pistol, and handcuffs. On top she was wearing a tan short sleeve button up shirt, which she had rolled up the sleeves, tied the front together just below her breasts exposing all of her globular paunch, and she had left the top unbuttoned so that her cleavage and the edges of her pink bra could be seen. To complete the costume she was wearing a silver sheriff’s star, mirrored sunglasses, and light pink lip-gloss. She had her straight light blond shoulder length hair loose and was currently twirling a lock of golden hair with her left hand while she sashayed to the rear of the store. Her upper arms were against her body as she walked and her lower right arm was out to the side to help balance her exaggerated sway.

She stopped with her belly only inches away from touching Jenny’s breasts. At 5’11 with 8 inch heels, she was a full 11 inches taller than the barefoot Jenny. Her breasts were right at eye level to Jenny and her belly button hung at about the middle of Jenny’s upper arm.

“Hello ladies. Julia,” sneered Diane as she pushed her mirrored sunglasses up on top of her head.

“Big T,” sighed Julia

With the belly right there, Jenny couldn’t help but touch the bulging pot. “Well hello yourself bubble belly. My you’ve gotten so big sugar,” said Jenny as she patted Diane’s naked belly. “And I love this costume, it really flatters your assets,” she said as she moved her hand around to pat Diane’s hip.

“Thanks Jenny. I got these pants and top last month when I knew we were going to be able to wear a costume for work. Back then, I could still button the top though, but now my belly has gotten so big I have to tie the front and the pants have gotten so tight that they don’t quite cover my rump. See my thong is poking out,” She said as she turned her back to the girls, which revealed her matching pink thong peaking out the top of her pants.

“My goodness, you’re getting nice and plump, which is partially why we asked you to join us. It seems one of us,” said Mia as she pointed at Julia “likes to make fun of those of us that have padded our figures. She was very naughty today by running away from me. So we need her to be punished, and made a little slower. We have decided that as her punishment she has to eat all the Halloween treats that the bakery delivered today. That should pack on a few pounds and give her spare tire a much needed inflation,” said Mia as she pinched Julia’s thick love handle.

“So what do you want the Sheriff to do?” Diane asked as she put her hands on her waist, on top of her love handles, causing her belly to wobble.

“We want you to make sure she eats it all. So you will have to watch her, and if you want, feed her. If she gives you any trouble, we will tack on another day of feedings. Just count how many times she resists and let us know once she is done. Oh and feel free to use your handcuffs,” said Jenny, “that should keep your rebellious pet in check.” She winked at Mia.

“Indeed. Well, we will leave you two ladies to yourselves. Happy eating Julia!” said Mia as she and Jenny waddled up to the front of the store.

“Well, well, well, looks like Mia’s favourite pet is getting turned into a prize pot belly pig,” smiled Diane.

“Whatever, T-Rex. Let’s get this over with,” sighed Julia.

Julia wobbled over to the break room table and plopped down in a chair. She picked up a few pumpkin shaped cookies that were covered in thick orange frosting and began eating. Diane pulled out a 2-gallon tub of ice cream, a gallon of milk, and a box out of the cupboard. Julia watched her fire up the blender and mix what appeared to be a vanilla shake. Julia kept eating the cookies while Diane repeated the process, filling pitcher after pitcher with the thick creamy beverage until the ice cream, milk, and the powder in the box was gone. Diane had cut herself a big piece of pumpkin pie and was leaning back against the counter where the pitchers were, eating the pie.

“Oh this pie is so good and so very, very fattening,” she said as she rested the plate holding her piece of pie against the top of her belly and rubbed her belly with her other hand “I know you are supposed to eat all of it, but I just can’t stop myself anymore. Oh I used to be so disciplined and skinny, now I have turned into a big fat blob,” she sighed. She had finished her big piece of pie and was now squeezing her belly fat with both hands.

“Oh, please help yourself, big T. Not that I could stop you from feeding that big hungry belly of yours,” teased Julia.

“Stop calling me that, meany,” whined Diane. “You know I never really wanted to get fat. It’s just that I am always so competitive. Competitive at sports, competitive at school, and now competitive at work. I started gaining all this weight just so the other girls would like me more than you. You know, get the better job, get more attention from the bosses, but now I am 19 years old and close to 300 pounds. My girlfriend dumped me because my eating rubbed off on her and she started getting fat too, and the manager and assistant manager barely know who I am.”

“Wow, looks like it didn’t work out, T-Rex. I am glad I am not you,” teased Julia as she popped in a few more cookies. She was leaning forward with her elbows on the table resting her j-cup breasts on the table in front of her. Her breasts her so massive compared to her narrow upper body that they bulged out onto the table past her elbows. Her arms were squeezing her breasts together forming a sizable mound of breast flesh that almost touched her chin and formed more than 15 inches of cleavage. Her bulbous booty was pressed against the back of the chair and her back was bent in a deep arch. As Julia mowed through the baked goods, Diane moved to the break room door, closed, and locked it. Julia was ignoring her and didn’t hear the suspicious click.

“I told you not to call me that,” said Diane as she pulled out two pairs of handcuffs and walked closer to Julia.

“Whatever, T-Rex,” giggled Julia as she stuffed a hunk of cake into her mouth.

Just as she popped in the piece of cake, she heard and felt two clicks around her wrists. Then her arms were yanked behind her and she heard two more clicks. Diane had managed to secure the handcuffs around her wrists and then to the back of the chair.

“What are you doing! You’re not a real sheriff! Take these off!” cried Julia.

“I told you not to call me that, and Jenny said I could use the handcuffs,” smiled Diane devilishly.

“Only if I resisted, you moron!” cried Julia.

“Oh, I will tell them you resisted, don’t worry. And if you keep complaining I am going to tell them you didn’t behave and we will have to do this many, many more times,” said Diane.

“Oh, you bitch!”

“That’s worth at least two more days.”

“Let me go, you cow!”

“Four more.”

“Uuugggh,” moaned Julia as she struggled against the handcuffs, trying to wiggle free. Because she couldn’t move her feet more than 12 inches apart and because of how fat her thighs and hips had gotten she couldn’t get enough leverage to stand up. All she managed to do was bounce her j-cup breasts out of the tiny costume, again. Panting and out of breath from her exertions she slumped back into her chair.

“That’s worth at least six more trips to the break room for a big, big feeding. Soon you are going to have a belly like me,” said Diane as she stepped across Julia’s lap and straddled the smaller girl’s fat thighs. At her height, her belly hung just above Julia’s head. Diane put her hands on the back of Julia’s chair and arched her back so that her belly began to droop lower and lower until her belly button was right in front of Julia’s nose.

“If I make you eat all of this you are going to ruin your sexy hourglass figure. You are going to get a soft, wobbly fat belly like me,” she cooed as she put one hand on the side of her belly and began to jiggle it.

Julia licked her lips and said,” Wow, I have never, um really noticed, uh how hot, uh, I mean soft, your belly is.”

“Oh, it's so soft and squishy, look at how it squeezes through my fingers.” Diane knew Julia’s propensity for fat bellies. You always want what you cant have and while Julia was more than a 100 pounds over weight, she had barely a spare tire. Mia’s waistline was as big as Diane’s and Mandy’s was even bigger, but both girls had enormous breasts while Diane was all big bloated belly. Perfectly formed, silky smooth belly, well not quite all belly, she had considerable thighs and hips and a thick booty, but they didn’t obscure the view of her big Buddha. Diane pressed her advantage in front of the captive audience by bringing her belly closer and closer to Julia’s plump full lips.

“Oh, your belly is so sexy, T, I mean Diane, let me kiss it,” panted Julia.

“I don’t know, what are you going to do for me?” she asked as she wobbled her hips closer and began to gently slide her belly against the tip of Julia’s nose.



“Well, in that case, please have a taste,” she said as she wobbled her hips even closer and pulled Julia’s head against her soft belly.

Julia was kissing and nibbling on Diane’s pudge as Diane began to stroke and caress the back of Julia’s head.

“I know you and Mia have an agreement, word gets around, you know. And I know why you would make such an agreement, I mean she is gorgeous, huge boobs, which I so love, I always get caught staring into her cleavage, she has sexy big full lips, dark eyes, long thick hair, but you are even hotter. You shouldn’t be her pet, she should be yours, or I should be yours….I mean, I can’t believe I am revealing this to the girl that teases me so, but you are so sexy. I want to be your pet. I want you to make me fat, enormous, so fat I can barely walk. So big my belly hangs past my knees and my hips wont fit through the doors. If you make me your pet, you can kiss and play with my belly as much as you want. You can explore and caress my developing bulges and swelling body as much as you want. And you can make me eat, and eat, and eat,” she said as she reached back and scooped a handful of cake into her mouth.

The soft silky belly enraptured Julia; she was kissing and nibbling the soft succulent fat with abandon. Was this what she really wanted from a relationship? Is this why she started working at the store, so she could find girls that wanted to get fatter? Sure, she liked the attention from Mia, but the feedings weren’t really turning her on, it was when she fed Mia that she became aroused. In the beginning, Mia had been the one feeding, but slowly but surely, Julia had begun taking over feeding Mia, which was reflected in the 103 pounds Mia gained that year while she only gained 75.

But she had to be very sneaky with Mia, Diane wanted it, and wanted it bad. Julia wasn’t a pet, she loved hot fat girls, and she loved big fat bellies and she loved making them fatter. Julia took a break from Diane’s belly and peered up over the belly into Diane’s face. Diane’s big light green eyes, dainty up-turned nose, and plump lips were every bit as pretty as Mia’s. Her cheeks were stuffed with cake, but she could tell that even at 300 pounds the girl still had exquisite slender facial features. Diane was her age, had an amazing belly and she wanted her to make it even bigger.

“Oh my, I think this is like what I have wanted all along! But this might be a trick, if I fatten you up you are certain to get promoted before me, Jenny and Gwen will of course love you for getting so fat, and Mia will hate me for leaving her for another girl. I would happily leave her if I thought we would work out, Diane,” said Julia.

“Oh, I would turn down promotions, I would go back to stocking shelves if you told me to. I want this so bad, too,” said Diane with her mouth full of cake.

“Well, I will have to keep gaining weight of course, you know, just in case you try to weasel out and leave me as the skinny girl in the fat girl store. You’re ok with me getting bigger right?" asked Julia.

“Oh yes, I love big boobs, I would love for your boobs to keep swelling. Oh, please say yes, Julia,” begged Diane.

“I think I might be in, but I get to sample your goodie first. If the cookie isn’t tasty I might not be able to do it. Pull down these tight pants and let me lick your cookie,” said Julia.

“Oh, now you’re talking. This is going to be so fun,” said Diane.

Diane undid her belt, unzipped the two-inch zipper and started to wobble her hips back and forth until they started to reach the tops of her thighs. Then she pulled her thong down and pressed her bald pussy against Julia’s lips. Julia began to slip her tongue in and out while Diane forced the back of her head deeper between her legs. With both hands she grabbed two chunks of cake and pushed in the first handful while Julia ate her. Then she gobbled down the second handful.

Julia continued eating while Diane gobbled more and more cake. After 15 minutes Julia felt Diane clench her thighs together and explode in a fit of passion. Diane plopped her hips and butt down against the table top and stuffed another handful of cake into her mouth, she was panting and slightly glowing, causing her naked belly to puff in and out.

Julia licked her lips and with a sinful smile said, “I could eat you all day you are so sweet. Oh, I am going to make you so unbelievably fat. So fat you won't be able to move and I will be able to eat you all day long. Now, undo these handcuffs.”

“Oh, of course, sweetie.”

Once the handcuffs were off, Julia stood up, grabbed the sides of Diane’s belly and pulled her against her body. She planted a deep kiss on Diane’s lips, which Diane reciprocated by grabbing onto Julia’s plump booty. They embraced for what seemed like forever, lost in each other’s passions.

“It’s going to be so much better now that we are not fighting,” said Julia as she turned her back from Diane and walked over to the table. “But I have to put some inches on this little belly or they will know something is up.”

“Umhuh,” mumbled Diane with a mouth full of cake.

“What do you think we should do?” asked Julia as she looked over her shoulder to see the other girl downing a full pitcher of vanilla shake.

“Ah,” gasped Diane “That’s going to pack on some inches for sure,” she said as she rubbed her belly.

“Oh yeah?”

“Yep, I put a ton of weight gain powder in it,” she replied as she zipped up her pants and buckled her belt.

“Well first of all, I am feeding you, so hands off,” said Julia as she trotted over, grabbed the pitcher and playfully slapped Diane’s hand, “and second, what are we doing about my belly?” she asked as she leaned against Diane.
“Well when I was playing volleyball, and not allowed to get fat, I would drink gallons of soda, or water, or juice, just to make my belly swell and see it get big and round. That will make you swell, giving you something to show, and you won’t have to eat the food you are going to feed me.”

“Good idea, porky,” she replied as she slipped her arm around Diane’s waist and grabbed one of the pitchers of weight gain shake, “but even us feeders get a craving every once and a while.” She tipped the full pitcher to her mouth and began guzzling the thick creamy shake. Diane watched in fascination as with each gulp, Julia’s belly poked a little further out.

“Oh, that’s good, so addicting and it’s not too cold now that you let it sit out. Now, let's see what other beverage is in the fridge. Go ahead and have a seat, I’ll be over there to feed you shortly,” said Julia as she trotted over to the fridge.

With her heel chains, it caused her spherical booty and plump breasts to bounce with each rapid short step she had to take. Diane lustily admired the girl’s voluptuous form. Julia found a 2-litre bottle of cola and brought that over to the table along with the pitcher of weight gain shake. Once Diane was seated, she poured the pitcher into Diane’s mouth, while she stood up, and drank straight from the two-litre bottle. Julia had clearly done a few beer bongs in her day, and was able to consume the entire bottle as fast as Diane gulped down the pitcher.

She went back to the fridge and grabbed a few more before she started popping pieces of pie into Diane’s mouth and guzzling them down. After three bottles and a full pitcher, Julia’s belly was swollen round enough to look like she had eaten a giant meal. With the disguise complete she focused on feeding Diane everything on the table. Apple pie, pumpkin pie, chocolate cake, cookies, donuts, four-layer angle food cake with vanilla crème and strawberries. The 50-inch paunch grew bigger and bigger, rounder and rounder, until she had swollen at least another 5 inches. Diane had to undo her belt and unzip her pants. She was sweating and red faced from the exertion and was moaning from the stuffing. But there was still half the table left.

“Oh, I shouldn’t of had those two pitchers before, I am so big and stuffed I cant fit another bite in,” gasped Diane.

“Oh, honey, you are going to get me in trouble if you don’t eat this all. Mia and Jenny will be so pissed if this food is still here,” said Julia as she stroked Diane’s blond hair.

“I’m too full to eat anymore, I just can’t do it,” moaned Diane.

“Luckily for you I now a trick, but you will have to feed yourself because my hands will be full,” winked Julia. “Now stand up and let’s peel those tight pants off of you.

Diane with one hand on her belly and one on the table stood up. She started to tug at her pants to slide them down her hips but the motion was to painful on her distended belly. She had to keep a hold of her belly, so it was up to Julia to get them off while she cradled it. Julia tugged and tugged at the over stretched material, but Diane’s hips and thighs had grown so thick with fat over the month that without some help from Diane they weren’t coming off. Julia had Diane wobble her hips while she held her belly as Julia tugged on her pants. Inch by inch the pants slipped down until Julia finally got them past her hips and then down to her knees. Julia lowered Diane’s thong and then had her sit back down on the chair.

“How did you ever get these on over your huge hips!” cried Julia.

“Oh about 20 minutes of struggling, they are going to be a bitch coming back up.”

Julia got on her hands and knees next to the seated Diane and started crawling under the table.

“Oh, your ass has gotten so wide and fat this year,” cooed Diane as she grabbed a handful of Julia’s rump as she squeezed under the table.

“I know, Mia is always trying to fatten me up. 75 pounds of grade A fat can make a girl’s ass swell,” she replied. “Now, slide your V forward and spread these thighs, I got some eating to do.”

Julia began to lick and nibble at Diane’s cookie. Diane was soon wet and moaning and started rubbing her hands around her distended belly. After about 5 minutes of pleasuring Diane, Julia said, “Doesn’t that feel better baby?”

“Oh, so much better, please don’t stop,” sighed Diane.

“Well, you need to start eating again, little piggy, so you can become a big fat pork belly piggy,” said Julia as she rubbed her hands around Diane’s lower belly.

“Yeah, I think I can fit some more in now, my belly barely aches,” she replied.

Julia ate, while Diane ate. Julia used her hands to rub Diane’s belly and then slowly rubbed her cookie. Diane came several times but Julia wasn’t sure if it was due to her or the treats from the bakery. Eventually after another hour of eating, the pain returned even if Julia pleasured the bloated blond beauty.

“Oh, I’m so full and fat now; my big bubble belly is getting so painful, I can’t eat another bite, Julia, and I am so sleepy,” moaned Diane with her mouth full of cake.

“Oh, I can tell from below the table you have gotten even bigger. I guess you can stop, my little piggy,” she replied.

Diane had added about 8 inches to her waistline and her belly was now a perfectly round ball. She had also managed to eat ¾ of the food. Julia’s belly was still pretty puffy from the liquid beverages, but she had some room left and it would be hours until Mia or Jenny came in to check on them, so she proceeded to eat, and eat and eat. Diane passed out and was softly snoring as Julia mowed through the remaining food.

Julia was sitting with her breasts and elbows on the table with her fleshy bosom bulging between her arms. Her booty was on the edge of the chair and her thighs were spread far apart. The weight from her swollen belly was causing her back to arch more and more as it grew and grew. Diane eventually woke up from her food coma and saw Julia’s belly drooping between her thighs as she stuffed her cheeks full of pie.

“Mmm, look at how big you’re getting. Doesn’t that hurt?” Diane asked.

“It’s starting to, but I can really pack it in when I need to. I bet I can out eat you easily. Mia has trained me well. But don’t worry D, I will show you the tricks,” she replied, “You probably should put your pants on soon. They might be checking on us any time now. Oh and when they come in tell them I was really naughty so we can get a few more days of free food to stuff you with.”

“Good idea.”

It took Diane three minutes of huffing puffing but she finally stood up. It took her another 15 minutes of tugging to get her pants up her thighs, but now was the hard part. Her hips and booty. Julia decided to be nice and because she wasn’t ready to get caught by Mia she helped Diane get them up. There was no way she would ever be able to zip them up, but at least they were on. Julia couldn’t help but rub her hands all over the newly swollen Diane until she heard the handle jiggle and a voice at the door.

“Open up in there, Diane. I want to see how my pet is doing,” said Mia.

“You sit down and try to hide that swollen belly beneath the table. I’ll get the door. Remember, I was very naughty,” said Julia.

Diane sat down and leaned forward so that she was resting her elbows on the table and her belly was hanging between her thighs.

“Coming, Mistress,” said Julia. Julia stuffed her face full of cake and opened the door, letting in Mia. Mia was still in her costume but the back of the corset had been loosened up to ease the tension in her bulbous belly. She had clearly been eating throughout the day and had added a couple of inches to her waistline.

“I see there is still food left, Julia, but you have added some inches I see,” said Mia as she patted the swollen girl’s belly. “Did she give you any trouble?”

“Well, she was very bitchy about having to get fat. She really struggled against eating what you wanted her to, and look, she still hasn’t finished,” said Diane. “I counted at least…say… 30 times she tried to stop eating or tried to escape.”

“Well, well, well, my pet, you have been very naughty. You should have just taken your punishment. Looks like you will be spending the next thirty days in here eating tons of rich fattening food as punishment for your misbehaviour,” said Mia.

“Oh, please, 30 days of eating like this and I will still be able to out run your fat ass, and look, somehow your big belly has gotten even fatter today,” teased Julia.

“Then how about 40 days, my insolent pet?”

“What about 50, fatty?” asked Julia with a knowing grin. She knew that as Mia increased the days of stuffing that would just be more time for her to stuff Diane.

“60, and you better call me mistress or the days will just increase, pet.”

“Oh, 60 is a lot. A lot if I was already a big fat blimp like you, he, he,” giggled Julia.

“That’s it - 70! You brat,” cried Mia.

“Maybe you better be nice, Julia. Not that I won't enjoy punishing you, believe me, but 70 days of this much food is seriously going to ruin your wardrobe,” said Diane with a hopeful look. She wanted to get huge, but if she ate like this for 70 days, they would probably figure out Julia wasn’t doing the eating.

“Yes, you should listen to her, pet. You might not be able to fit in this room at the end of 70 days, and if you are a sweet little girl and apologize, I might reduce your punishment,” said Mia as she walked behind Julia and slipped her hands around Julia’s swollen belly and gave it a playful squeeze.

Julia slid her hands over Mia’s and leaned her head back while continuing to rub her belly. “Remember nine months ago when you thought you were starting to lose your hourglass figure? When your plump love handles and pudgy belly roll was turning into a round fat potbelly? And then I kept feeding you, and feeding you, and you begged me to put you on a diet because you were getting to fat to model? But I didn’t stop did I? I just kept right on stuffing you. Filling your round belly with more, and more food. Adding inch after inch, pound after pound until you were a hundred pounds fatter than when we started dating. Well back then, your little belly was only 40 inches around, now it’s a big, fat, 51 inch bubble belly and if you stuffed me for 80 days I wouldn’t be a fat as you,” said Julia with a wink to Diane.

Diane’s eyes were as big as saucers, and she was shaking her head no. What was this crazy girl thinking? Mia was Julia’s girlfriend, sure, but she was clearly getting pissed, and wasn’t known to be the most reasonable girl. This couldn’t be a good idea.

“Oh, you mean little brat, you knew I couldn’t control myself after sex! 90 days of stuffing! It’s going to eat into our bakery budget, and I am going to have to pay Diane overtime for all the babysitting, but you are going to get enormous! Diane, make sure she eats every last bite before she leaves, oh and if you want to join me at Jenny’s party Diane, please do. Pet, you are no longer invited. You are to go straight home after this,” scolded Mia. Mia turned around, marched out of the break room, and slammed the door shut behind her.

“Yes, Mistress,” said Julia to Mia’s back. “Wow, that worked out perfectly Diane. I am going to be able to stuff you silly for three months for free. This is going to be so fun!”

“In three months I’m going to be huge! Just promise me that you are going to break up with her, I am really going to need someone to take care of me,” said Diane

“Oh don’t worry D, you will be all mine. I won’t be too, too hard on your little belly. In fact, just because you are so cute I am going to eat the rest of this myself, and take some pressure off your widdle bity belly,” said Julia.

“Whew, thanks,” said Diane as she leaned back and looked at the extra 8 inches of belly she was now carrying. “I’m going to get so big.”

As Julia ate through the last cake, she knew she had found what she wanted, a girl, a hot big-bubble-bellied girl, who wanted her to make her even fatter. Julia smiled at the other girl and imagined Diane’s belly swelling bigger and bigger.
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Chapter 12

In the first week, Julia and Diane’s feedings were all after hours events. The two girls would work their shifts from noon to close, Mia or Jenny would order a table full of food from a wide array of restaurants or from the bakery, and then require Diane to make sure Julia ate it all.

Julia knew that because she dated Mia, Mia had full control over her belly, which was the bargain she made to capture Mia’s heart, among other things. So the 90-day stuffing bargain wasn’t that much of a punishment, except the meal sizes were much larger than normal, and if Mia wasn’t there then Julia couldn’t trick Mia into eating it.

Julia figured she would probably end up putting on some weight as Diane ballooned, but there was no way she would get as big as Mia, it just wasn’t possible. To counter her slight indulgence Julia went to the gym with Mandy to work on maintaining a trim upper body and a narrow waist, while Mandy focused on shrinking her butt and boobs.

Mia normally worked the opening shift so she never caught her pet sneaking off to the gym with Mandy, and then went home well before Julia did, so she had no idea of how the feedings were doing. The only evidence that she had that the feedings were occurring at all was the few times she was awake and saw Julia come home with a bloated belly.

After a week of feedings, Mia noticed that Julia’s belly would come home round and full, (from either water or diet soda of course) but when she saw her at work, it looked just as small as before. Surely, Julia’s metabolism wasn’t that good. Mia had proven that she could put 75 pounds on the girl in one year, so that couldn’t be it. Something was wrong and she wanted to find out.

It was the eighth day of the punishment stuffings and Mia realized she hadn’t seen Diane since the night of the Halloween party. Mia was doing a lot of office work this week with Gwen, ordering the new winter clothing line inventory, working with the corporate office to estimate earnings, and in discussions about her new roll within VL, so she had yet to go out onto the floor. She finished up with her day, ordered the Julia feast for this evening, and then she headed down to check up on Diane.

Mia was back in her corporate manager attire today. She had her long thick black hair coiled up into a clip with her bangs loose. She was wearing her fashionable black framed glasses, conservative pearl earrings, and a pearl necklace. She had the top two buttons of her white long sleeve collared blouse undone exposing just enough cleavage to distract and attract anyone she met with. The blouse was snug across the apex of her bosom and then slightly loose around her midriff.

She tucked her shirt into her tan upper thigh length skirt. The skirt reached right to her belly button and was tight enough to cut her well-rounded potbelly in two. The skirt was tight around her hips and booty and then loosened up around her upper thighs, mostly because of two-inch slits on both sides. On her feet, she was wearing black two-inch heel peak-a-toe pumps, which was one of the lowest heeled shoes she had, but the added pounds she had accumulated during the year were beginning to make her feet hurt. When she got to the corporate office, she was going to have to loose her belly or be stuck wearing unflattering shoes. Once she got onto the store floor, she started looking for Diane.

Mia found Diane bent over resting her elbows on one of the register counters that was in the back of the store. It was one of the overflow registers that rarely was used and was a good hiding spot if the girls were trying to avoid work. Unfortunately, for the girls it was the closest register to the office.

Diane was reading a magazine while blowing big bubbles with her pink chewing gum. Her light blond hair was in two tiny pigtails sprouting out from the back of her head. Diane was wearing a pair of ultra low-rise jeans that had the waistband and belt loops cut off. There was only a two-inch zipper that cinched the front, but luckily the denim was stretched so tightly over her corpulent thighs, hips and ass, that there was no possibility of them falling off. Sliding a bit, certainly, but fall off, never. They were skin tight all the way to her calves where they flared out covering all but the toes of her pink tennis shoes. On top, she was wearing a spaghetti strap pink tank top that had just come into the store a week ago and should have been able to cover her entire belly, but the shirt had rolled up exposing her fat love handles and at least half her belly.

It was VL policy that when employees bought clothes they were supposed to fit, well at least initially, they could grow out of them, but they were supposed to wear the merchandise properly to display the product. Clearly, Dianne was in violation of the rule.

“Well hello Diane,” said Mia in her sensual husky voice.

“Oh hi Mia, I didn’t hear you coming,” she responded as she stood up and hiked up the back of her pants causing her bubble belly to jiggle and shake.

“Yes you were clearly enjoying your magazine. How do you like your new shirt?”

Diane was now attempting to pull the too tight tank top over her exposed belly with no success.

“Oh its real cool, they are selling really well,” she responded.

“It looks like you bought the wrong size though doesn’t it,” said Mia as she moved closer and poked Diane’s naked belly flesh with her long French manicured fingernail.

“Oh no, I bought the right size, it just sorta shrank. I guess.”

“Really? That’s a very impressive gain in, what, a week?” asked Mia as she walked around Diane to stand behind her, tracing her finger nail around the front of Diane’s belly to the side and then pinching a handful of love handle fat.

“Maybe, I don’t really pay attention. Do you have one of these shirts? They are so soft and comfortable,” she said.

“Oh I am sure you are right. When I see you in them I instantly think of soft and comfortable, but they are not my style,” said Mia in her most sensual voice as she slid both of her hands around to the front of Diane’s belly and then under her shirt.

“Diane we are friends right?”

“Oh sure.”

“And friends tell each other things, right?”

“I, uh guess so.”

“Well tell me how this belly got so big in just one week. I mean you were already nice and fat, but your bubble belly is at least 10 inches bigger and what 15 – 20 pounds heavier? It would take a lot of eating to grow that much,” Mia asked as she squeezed the sides of Diane’s belly.

“I guess, um, I am going through a growth spurt,” said Diane.

“Diane, be honest. How did this big sexy belly get so unbelievably fat?”

“You think it’s sexy?”

“Oh very sexy. A belly like this might make a girl cheat,” whispered Mia into Diane’s ear, as she pressed her body against Diane’s and rubbed Diane’s belly.

“Well, I might be eating a little bit more than normal, I guess.”

“Oh really? You wouldn’t be eating some of Julia’s punishment food per chance would you?”

“Oh, um, ah…”

“Come on D, you can tell me your belly secret, we are friends.”

“Well…maybe just a little.”

“Just a little D?” Mia asked as she started to walk her fingers down lower on her belly.

“Maybe more than a little.”

Mia’s fingers had reached Diane’s zipper and she was slowly lowering it.

“It was a lot more than a little, wasn’t it D?” Diane was breathing deeply and quivering under Mia’s gently probing fingers.

“Oooh Mia, what are we doing? You are dating Julia,” asked Diane breathlessly.

“We are just two girls having a little discussion, now tell the truth you were the one eating the meals weren’t you?”

“Oh Julia is going to hate me for this, but you are really hitting my button,” she gasped.

“Julia will never know how I found out sweet, sweet, Diane,” said Mia as she slipped two fingers into Diane’s moist warm cookie.

“Oh alright, it was me, it was me that ate the food. I just can’t resist the temptation.”

“I knew it was you, and I am thankful you were honest with me. I can’t have a relationship with a dishonest person,” said Mia as she slid her fingers out and zipped up Diane’s pants. Mia put her hand on the side of Diane’s belly and spun her around.

Diane’s naked belly was bulging against Mia’s, and Mia was still rubbing the side of Diane’s belly but was slowly moving her hand further up Diane’s shirt. Mia put her two fingers into her mouth and began sucking on them.

“Mmmm, I want more than just a taste of you. Soooo sweet. But first I need to make sure Julia receives her stuffings. I can’t let you keep a watch on Julia anymore, she is too devious and the food was just to tempting to your belly. So I am going to have to take over her feedings,” said Mia as she lifted up Diane’s shirt until it was rolled up to just below her breasts.


Mia put her fingers on Diane’s lips silencing the girl. “Shush baby, you’re lucky I am in a good mood. I don’t take betrayal very well, but I know you are part of the future of VL so I want to keep you fat and happy. All I need you to do is be quiet about our talk, and you are going to be opening the store from now on.”

“I’m so sorry, I won’t tell anyone I swear.”

“Good girl,” said Mia as she bent over and put a big kiss on the front of Diane’s belly. She pulled the shirt back down covering the lip print.

"Now I want to see you in some well fitting clothes from now on, O.K. cutie?”

“No problem, Mia.”

Mia turned around and walked back towards the break room. She was furious Julia had weaselled her way out of the stuffings; her pet was much too rebellious. Julia teased her, never followed her orders, and effectively ended her modelling career by fattening up her belly. Now she was going to have to work late for the next 90 days to make sure her pet ate properly. That was the last straw for Julia, but Mia’s fury slowly turned to glee as she planned her revenge.

Mia had the Italian food laid out on the break room table, she brought down a few bottles of wine from the office and was swirling a glass as Julia walked in.

“You must be hiding in here Diane, ready…for… your… stuffing?”

“Hello Julia.”

Julia’s jaw dropped open and the shock was a delight for Mia. She was clearly not expecting her.

“Who’s stuffing, pet?”

“Uh, um, mine, I mean mine. What are you doing here?”

“Oh there has been a schedule change. Diane won’t be joining you this evening. It is just going to be you and I tonight.”

“Oh, O.K.”

“Aren’t you excited it will just be the two of us instead of that cruel Diane?”

“Um, yeah, yeah it will be great Mia. Why wouldn’t I be?” said Julia as she began to regain her composure.

Julia was wearing her light brown, blond highlighted hair loose and wavy. She was wearing gold hoop earrings, and gold necklace with a little jade Buddha pendent, and several gold bracelets. She was wearing a light blue strapless blouse that had a thin band of elastic around the top so that that top rested just above her areolas, leaving inches and inches of cleavage on display.

The blouse was snug around the apex of her breasts then hung loosely down to the tops of her hips. In the front that meant her belly was completely covered and in the back the blouse covered her thick love handles. Because she wasn’t wearing a bra today, the bottom of her fat j-cup breasts were hanging almost to her elbow, which meant the top of the back of the blouse reached to about mid-back. It also meant her nipples were constantly engorged and popping out as they rubbed against the silky material. She was wearing white linen pants that hugged her bulbous behind and fat hips then fell loosely all the way past the heels of her four-inch stiletto pumps.

“I really like your outfit. Very stylish. Really displays your plump booty and breasts while still hiding a potentially ballooning belly,” said Mia as she took a sip of her wine.

“Thanks, so you have got to be hungry after a long day of work, are you going to have some too?”

“Oh no pet, this is all for you.”

The table was loaded with pastas, four-inch thick lasagnes, garlic bread, veal parmesan, and other Italian specialties. There were also three bottles of wine and a full glass for Julia.

“Come sit down. Let have a toast,” said Mia as she raised her glass.

“To beautiful people, beautiful food, and lots, and lots, and lots of eating,” smiled Mia devilishly as she took a drink.

Julia smiled and drank the entire glass. She was going to need this to calm herself down. She wondered what Mia would do if she found out about her scheme.

“Alright pet here you go,” said Mia as she filled up Julia’s plate.

After the initial plate of food and another glass of wine, Julia was relaxed. She was enjoying Mia’s whit and charm and the food tasted good. She figured that sure, she would eat a ridiculous amount tonight but then she could work off some of it in the morning. Her goal of having a trim waist with a massive bosom and booty was still possible. In fact, a stuffing like this might even help her figure.

The plates kept coming for Julia, and more wine, and more heavy food, and more wine, and more heavy rich food. Mia just talked and swirled her wine while Julia ate and ate. Julia was stuffed but had only eaten about half the food.

“Do you think we could put the rest in the fridge for later?” Julia asked.

“Oh I don’t know, pet, you barely put a dent in the food tonight and the fridge is already pretty full from the leftovers from the other feedings. You have been pretty naughty about not finishing your food. And look, a deal is a deal, you were the one that escalated this to 90 days of feedings. If you stop now we are just going to have to add another day, and you still have to eat all the other leftovers before they go bad. So why don’t you lean back, loosen your pants and let me feed you while you rub your belly?” asked Mia.

“Oh I hate it when you are right Mistress, but O.K.”

Julia lifted up her shirt and pulled the drawstring on her linen pants relaxing some of the pressure on her swollen belly. She lifted her little potbelly up and out of the pants and began rubbing. Mia wasted no time in shovelling in heaping spoonfuls of lasagnes. Once that was gone, she moved onto noodles, then the bread, the veal, then the chicken cacciatore.

Knowing her pet was getting thirsty, she had her drink down another bottle of wine. At this point Julia was getting very full and a bit drunk. Mia kept feeding her and she ended up drinking all of the wine. Fully intoxicated the pain in her belly was considerably less, and because Mia had stuffed her pet before, Julia was able to eat ¾ of the food laid out on the table. The rest of the food went into the fridge for another time.

“You did an O.K. job tonight my pet, but you are going to have to work on expanding your capacity. It just wont do, to not let all this food go to your waist,” said Mia as she patted Julia’s swollen pot.

“Oh that was quite, <hiccup>, a stuffing. Look at my fat swollen belly,” slurred Julia.

“Yes, yes, pet, nice and round, now make sure you lock up when you leave. I need to get going, a few of my model friends are going out tonight,” said Mia.

“I’m not invited?”

“No pet, you need to go home and go to sleep. Besides you couldn’t do much dancing in your condition,” said Mia with a playful pat of Julia’s potbelly.

“I guess so. Alright bye Mistress,” she said.

Mia walked out of the break room and proceeded to leave the store. Julia rubbed her belly for a bit before she started moving. It took her a while to roll herself out of the store and into her car, but eventually the girl got home and passed out holding her swollen belly. She set her alarm to get up in the morning, but found her belly had other plans. She slept almost until the time she had to go to work. The food coma was to much to overcome. She grabbed a quick bite on the way into work from a burger place, 2 ¼ pound hamburgers, fries, and a chocolate shake. She also had a few slices of pizza at work around dinner time and then realized at during closing that Diane was nowhere to be found, again. Sure she was there all day, well most of the day she thought, but where was she now? She checked in the break room for Diane and there was a table full of Chinese food, three bottles of wine --- and Mia.

Mia fed her pet each night for the next week, and while Julia didn’t figure it out right away she eventually figured out that Diane was working the opening shift. Her schedule had been changed. For most of that week she didn’t even get to talk to Diane, but finally 7 days into the stuffings for Julia, 14 in total, she caught up with Diane. She found out that Diane might be working mornings indefinitely and that she was probably going to have to eat the meals herself.

Diane seemed a bit standoffish as well like something had changed, but Julia couldn’t figure out what. When Julia talked about stuffing Diane, Diane would reply, "yeah sounds fun, I guess we will just have to wait until the 90 days are up, right? Oh and don’t leave Mia or move out of your apartment just yet. "

Not the excited response Julia was looking for, but oh well Julia thought, it won’t be to much longer till Diane’s belly would be hers.
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Chapter 13

Days went by and those days turned into weeks, and it was always Mia, the food, the wine, and the scale. Mia weighed her nightly before and after the feast, but after the first week, she stopped telling Julia how much she weighed. The first week she couldn’t eat more than ¾’s of the food. The next week she was eating leftovers and more than ¾’s of the food. The supply was dwindling and after three weeks of stuffings, the fridge was only half as full as before and Julia could eat almost every thing on the table.

Julia hadn’t been to the gym once during this time because her belly was too swollen to move until just before it was time to go to work. It was 30 days into the punishment and Julia was organizing a bra display at the end of her shift. The last of the customers were leaving and it was just Mandy and her on the floor. Mandy decided to come over and help with the display.

“Hey Julia, how are you doing?” asked Mandy.

“Ola Mandy. Not too bad, although I have been more comfortable before. Do you think the customers are gone?” she responded.

“Yeah, that’s the last of them. Bye ladies,” waved Mandy to the group of plump professionals leaving the store.

“Oh good,” said Julia as she said as she rolled the waist down of her linen pants allowing her swollen belly to burst free of the tight pants.

“These pants were killing me all day,” she complained as she rubbed red mark around her potbelly.

Julia was wearing the strapless light blue blouse from a month ago that had the thin elastic band at the top. Her breasts had slightly plumped during the last month so the blouse was even tighter around her bosom. Originally, the blouse draped from her full chest down over her love handles and obscured her narrow waist and slight belly. Now the blouse stretched tightly around her newly ballooned belly so that the last couple of inches poked out the bottom and it hugged her thick love handles like a second skin.

The fat Julia had gained caused her upper back and arms to soften so that from behind her plump flesh bulged over the elastic band. The blouse rested right at the middle of her back so that in front it just covered the top of her strapless bra. Her belly was so big now that her bosom rested on it and had begun to roll further to the sides. She needed support for her girth, and with the extra support, her breasts formed a bulging mound of flesh that looked like it was trying to burst out of the top of the shirt.

Julia was still wearing the same size bra, but she was probably ready to go up a cup size. The linen pants still fit around her fuller hips and booty, but now it was tight around her upper thighs as well. She had her hair twisted up in a clip exposing her dainty neck and her gold hoop earrings. She was wearing three inch heeled clogs today and an assortment of gold bracelets and rings.

“Goodness you’ve gotten fat Julia. Your narrow waist is now a full fledged blubbery pot belly,” exclaimed Mandy.

“Well we do work in a plus size store Mandy, a few extra pounds can’t really hurt,” replied Julia as she draped a bra on the display.

“Oh yeah, what happened to going to the gym with me, and keeping your waist trim?”

“I will, I will, its just I have been so full every night, I just can’t get up,” pouted Julia.

“I think this whole thing is silly. You should just admit you were being ridiculous and beg Mia to let you out of this,” said Mandy.

“I only have a few more weeks left, and besides there is a chance that Diane will get back on the night shift and then Mia will leave us alone,” said Julia.

“Oh I knew it! You slut, you and Diane were having a lot of fun in there weren’t you? This is such juicy gossip!”

“Well just a little fun,” giggled Julia “But you can’t tell anyone Mandy.”

“Oh I wont don’t worry. I am not Mia’s biggest fan. I know what you see in her, but she is way too demanding. I am glad Jennifer was promoted to assistant manager. Keeps Mia off my back.”

“Wow, speaking of getting fat. I think I saw Jennifer split her pants yesterday. Guess I am not the only one packing on some pounds,” said Julia.

“Oh I know, I bet she is going to be bigger than Gwen in a few months, but you wont be far behind I’m sure,” she teased. “Brigitte is getting way fat too, thanks to the bet Tina and Kelly made.”

“Oh I know. I saw her the other day and she is getting big, but Tina has such a head start on her I don’t think she will catch up. If Kelly wins the bet Gwen is going to look anorexic next to Tina,” laughed Julia. “But you are looking trim now, I guess the gym is working out for you, huh?”

Mandy was wearing a white long sleeve button up shirt with a pink and grey necktie. The shirt was buttoned all the way up and while tight around her bosom, the buttons still came together and there were no gaps between the material. Over the past month, she had been able to trim and firm her arms, which caused her substantial chest to shrink a bit. Once the shirt reached her belly though, it was a different story. Her belly had continued to grow during the month and while the shirt was tailored to fit her breasts and arms, it could not contain her belly.

Between each button inches of flesh still poked through. Mandy managed to get the shirt to button, which was no small achievement, but it only covered 2/3rds of her massive belly, exposing from her belly button down. She had a pink stone in her belly button piercing today. Around her hips, she was wearing a matching pink micro mini skirt that just barely contained her plump bottom and was just visible from below the exposed portion of her belly. Her belly was beginning to bulge lower and covered most of the front of her skirt. She was wearing four-inch black stiletto heels today, displaying her newly strengthened thighs and calves.

“Oh yeah, I have lost inches off my chest, arms and butt, and my thighs are so much firmer. I still managed to add a couple inches to my belly. Your workout idea is really beginning to pay off.”

“Any luck with Mia’s model friends? I’ve been too full to go out after work lately so I never know what’s going on.”

“I don’t know, maybe. There is this one girl who I think is really hot. She is 4’11, blond hair, green eyes, and maybe 85 pounds! She is one of the petite models and seems to be about Mia’s age. Tasha I think,” replied Mandy

“Tasha, really? She is one of Mia’s oldest friends from back when they were models together, and Mia’s girlfriend before me. They started out modelling together and even lived together for a while. Mia thinks that she packed on the pounds after breaking her leg thanks in part to Tasha. Then when Mia decided to join VL, Tasha really fattened her up. They broke up because Tasha cheated on her with another VL model who at the time out weighed her by 50 pounds. Now I think Mia is fatter thanks to me, but you may need to be careful with that one, or she might leave you for someone bigger,” said Julia.

“Well luckily I am almost as big as they come. Gwen, Mia, and Jenny are all spoken for and it will be a couple more months before you outweigh me,” giggled Mandy.

“Oh please Mandy, I am not that much fatter. I still fit into my clothes from a month ago at least,” sighed Julia.

“Honey,” said Mandy as she walked behind Julia and put her hands around Julia’s belly. “This no longer fits. Trust me you have great curves for a fatty, but you just outgrew this outfit. Come on over here with me to the three way mirror.”

Mandy led the Julia over to the full-length mirror and rolled Julia’s blouse up exposing all of her bloated paunch. “Raise your arms up tubby.”

Julia complied and she pulled the blouse off. Julia was standing there in her strapless bra with the waistband of her bands rolled down underneath her round belly. Mandy turned her to the side so Julia could clearly see how much father she was sticking out in front.

“See,” said Mandy as she poked Julia’s belly. “You’re fat, much fatter than last month. I tell the girls who come in here all the time to embrace their curves and admit they are bigger. Then I sell them clothes that reveal their curves but never pinch or constrain them. Come on Jewels you know this.”

“I know, I guess its just like hard to admit that you are getting fat when I know I can like loose this belly in a few weeks,” said Julia.

Julia watched the reflection of herself and saw how big her belly was. She was huge, and the three-way mirror gave her an excellent view of both the front and her sides. Her breasts were a little bit plumper and her thighs and butt were certainly fuller and thicker. In fact her if she wasn’t mistaken, her butt was now the same size as Mia’s was went they first started living together.

"So big and round and shockingly fat," she thought as she ran her hands over her fuller backside as she spun around to put her booty towards the mirror. She was definitely getting big, no doubt about it. Curvy hips and thighs with a fat bubbly ass, but she had completely lost her waist. As she turned back around to face the mirror, she was huge! Her belly looked fatter than Mia’s did now! It stuck out almost as far as her breasts did and her once chubby love handles were now fat enough to form deep creases in her back.

She tried to suck in her belly, no movement. She tried to blow it out, no movement. She had lost complete muscle control over her belly. She was big and it would be weeks before she could do anything to stop it. Oh well she thought, she would never admit defeat to Mia, her pride was much too great.

Sure her belly was already slightly bigger than Mia’s, and sure she had claimed that she would never have a belly as big as her, but she knew there was no way she weighed as much as Mia. Mia was at least 385 pounds the last time they weighed her, and the last time Mia told Julia her weight she was still only 260. At least she had that, Mia was still fatter overall.

“Don’t worry Julia, its like you said, putting on a few pounds in a plus size store is a good thing. Try not to get to fat tonight O.K.?”

“No promises, Mia is really putting a lot of effort into feeding me. See you tomorrow,” said Julia as she leaned in and kissed Mandy on the cheek.

Julia waddled into the back of the store and opened up the break room door. Sitting inside was Mia of course, her glass of wine, and a white sheet cake that covered every inch of the table. The cake was four inches thick and covered in white frosting. Within the frosting were red candies that spelled out “Happy 300, Julia!”

“There you are my pet; I see you have been examining your belly. I know its hard to see over your plump bosom, but its really starting to get big. I think it’s even bigger than mine now,” said Mia as she stood up and patted her own belly. Mia was wearing a little black, spaghetti strap dress that tightly hugged every inch of her curvaceous form. The dress reached to just to the tops of her thighs, and the neckline plunged all the way down to her belly button. On her feet, she was wearing black four-inch stiletto heels so she was towering over Julia. Her hair was done up and she was wearing diamond earrings and a matching diamond necklace.

“I decided to dress up for the occasion today Julia. You are going to break 300 tonight. Isn’t this exciting?” she asked as she walked closer and grabbed Julia’s hand leading her over to where the scale was.

“You are finally getting out of the terrible 2’s! Its so nice being having you join us in the big girl weight, but trust me it’s a lot harder to run or even walk when you weigh 300 pounds. But you wont have to worry about getting much bigger will you? You will never get as fat as me, right?”

“Uh yeah, you still out weigh me by more than 80 pounds fatty,” sneered Julia as she stepped onto the scale.

“I sure do, and I have you to thank for it! You’ve been so helpful making my belly grow to 51 inches,” said Mia as she bent over to look at the reading on the scale.

“Yep, I thought you might lose a pound from last night, 298, but after you eat this cake I am sure you will explode past 300. Now lets see how big this belly is,” said Mia as she started to run the tape measure around Julia’s middle.

“Oh my, someone just got bigger than me! 53 inches!” cheered Mia as she poked Julia’s belly. “And I know you’re ass is bigger than before. Yep 64 inches. You are getting nice and fat. Just think in one month you have packed on 50 pounds. I wonder what will happen in the next two months? I know you have to be curious about how fat you are going to get. Maybe you should have been a little less feisty. This would all be over now, if you had just accepted your punishment. Oh that’s right, you will never get as fat as me, so who cares right?”

“Right,” said Julia as she stuck her chin out “Now stop dragging this out and let me at this cake so I can go home.”

“Of course piggy.”

Julia dug into the cake with abandon; she had barely had anything to eat all day. Well besides the three cheeseburgers, chocolate shake, large ice latte, six chocolate donuts, large French fries, bag of potato chips, and four bags of chocolate candies. Mia pored her some Champaign to go with her celebratory cake and Julia had no trouble downing three bottles during the course of the evening. Her belly grew, and grew, and grew until it accepted the entire cake. Julia was sweating with the exertion but for the first time she cleared the entire table. She leaned back in her chair and with a defiant grin rubbed her naked belly.

“Ha! That’s all you got? That was nothing,” said the rebellious Julia breathlessly.

“Oh really, well I can make the meals bigger my pet,” said a shocked Mia.

“Please do,” mocked Julia.

“Then I will,” said the increasingly agitated Mia. “Oh and there is still some leftovers in the fridge, if you are still hungry.”

“Bring’em on!”

Julia mowed through more leftovers but eventually the rebellious girl had reached her fill.

“You sure out did yourself tonight Julia, I hope you are able to get that belly into your car,” teased Mia as she stood up and started to walkout. She stopped at the door and looked over her shoulder at the swollen Julia. Julia’s sweat-streaked hair was out of her clip, her face was red and she was gingerly rubbing her belly.

“Oh if you want to join us, we are going dancing tonight at the new club. You might want to freshin up a bit, but I will put your name on the list.”

“Oohhh, maybe….thanks,” was all Julia could get out. Mia had a giant smile on her face as she hoped into her car and drove away. It was almost too easy pushing Julia’s buttons, but she had to teach her pet a lesson, and hopefully pop all those buttons in the process.

Julia eventually got to her feet and peeled off her pants. She was waddling around the store in her strapless bra, white thong, and the heeled clogs. There was no way she was going to be able to fit in those pants for a while and she had broken a sweat eating all that food. The cool air felt pleasant on her sweat-moistened flesh. She made her way over to one of the three way mirrors and began to examine the growth from this evening.

“Oh you are even bigger now,” she said as she gazed at her engorged belly while she twisted her hair back up in a clip.

“You’re getting so fat and round. I bet you are happy you are getting all the attention now instead of my boobs and booty,” she said to her belly as she rubbed her hands over it.

“Thanks to you, I now have a belly to belly dance with. A big soft belly. I would be a great belly dancer now,” she said as she started to gyrate her hips and wobble her bloated belly.

“Oh not too fast, that makes you angry, O.K. nice and slow,” she said as she closed her eyes and started dancing slowly in the cool store air. She dreamed she was a belly dancer and Mia was her Sultan. Her fat, enormous Sultan whose body was so huge that she needed slave girls to move and feed her.

After Julia finished dancing, she would crawl on top of Mia and the passionate Mia would eat her cookie as she exploded in ecstasy. Julia slowed her gyrations and slipped her hand between her white panties. She leaned against the mirror pressing her swollen belly and plump bosom against the cool glass. She brought herself to climax several times imagining dancing girl scenario.

Gasping for air and exhausted from the stuffing and digital manipulation, she managed to peal herself off the mirror and waddle into the single V section to find a tank top that would cover her enough to get to her car. Thoroughly spent and satisfied she drove home no longer interested in going dancing with Mia and her model friends.
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Part 1 of chapter 14.

The days went by and Julia tried to get to the gym, tried to stop eating meals outside of the nightly stuffing she was destined to get, and tried to get Diane to work nights, but it was to no avail. She never made it to the gym, started eating even more during the day, and Diane never worked the closing shift. The meals got larger and she managed to consume all of the remaining leftovers within the first two weeks. She always cleaned the table no matter how big the meal was just to spite Mia.

After 30 more days, 60 days into her punishment, Jenny promoted the rebellious Julia into the single V department, much to Mia’s displeasure but there was no denying her ability to sell. Diane was furious again at being passed over by the VL management, but there was no denying that Julia had certainly grown into the position.

She was the youngest single V sales girl ever, and was attracting a lot of younger affluent traffic. These affluent girls not only loved to shop, but also knew Julia from High School so she had a natural connection with them, and could get them to buy almost anything. These were the rich, hot, popular girls who four years ago were skinny, but thanks to the Bakery and girls like Brigitte and Julia, they had stopped fretting about their waistlines and started enjoying getting bigger and then shopping for the latest plus size outfit. Julia was able to start them young and use her popularity to swell the store’s cash registers while they swelled their bellies.

It was at the end of the day and Julia was tallying up the day’s receipts at the cash register in the single V department. She had dyed her hair back to it natural colour, a rich dark brown, and was wearing her hair up, pined back with two six-inch long black pins. She had on dark eye make-up, light pink lip-gloss on her plump lips, and dark framed eyeglasses that she was wearing on the tip of her upturned nose. She had pierced her eyebrow and had a small gold hoop through the piercing. Her earrings were gold small gold hoops and she was wearing a thin-banded gold necklace with a jade Buddha pendent that dangled into her cleavage.

Julia was wearing a white silk strapless dress that came up just below her shoulder blades and managed to support her fuller bosom, creating a mound of cleavage that billowed over the edges of dress. The lack of working out and increased feedings had greatly softened and swelled her once trim and firm arms causing them to jiggle as she typed on the calculator. The dress was skin tight around her bosom and even tighter around her even more prominent belly. During the last month her belly had out grown her bosom and now swelled many inches past her thighs and a few past her bosom.

The dress revealed every bulge and curve and was wedged into the fat folds at the tops of her massive love handles and hugged her body all the way to top of her hips. Her hips and thighs had grown fuller and fatter and her ass was even bubblier. She knew she had to accommodate her fuller lower half, so the silk dress she was wearing had slits up both sides all the way to the apex of her hips, but the silk dress hung all the way down to her ankles. On her feet, she was wearing four-inch stiletto heels and a gold anklet.

In two months, she had gone from a super voluptuous hourglass to a potbellied porker, but tonight she knew Mia had already left the store, so once she finished with these receipts and grabbed a light snack from the break room she was going to head over to the gym and work off some the extra pounds she had accumulated.

She was cheerfully humming to herself as she walked into the break room only to find Jenny, Gwen, and mountains of food. Chinese, Italian, Pizza, American, stuff from the bakery, it covered the table and the counters too, and there sat Jenny eating a bite of pizza while Gwen was playing with the tape measure leaning her bulk against the counter.

“Oh there you are Julia; I was hoping you weren’t going to keep us too long. Mia has left her duties to Gwen and I and we just got so excited knowing that there was going to be another feedee here that we may have over ordered. Not worry though, Mia has told us how much you can eat,” said Jenny with a huge grin.

Gwen had broken up with Kelly at this point and was actively feeding Jenny at work and back at her apartment. She had also begun her diet and had shed quite a few pounds in two months. She was still the biggest in the store at 493 pounds but she had already lost 20 pounds, while Jenny had gained 23 pounds putting her at 443 pounds. They were both wearing white sports bras, black sweat shorts that barely contained their colossal booties, and black flip-flops. They both had their light blond hair pulled back in a light pink headscarf. They had changed out of their work attire and looked like they had anticipated getting messy.

“Jenny and I just got done measuring and weighing ourselves. I am now down to a svelte 493 pounds measuring 69-85-94, while Jenny is up to 443 pounds and measures 73-68-87. Now it’s your turn,” said Gwen holding out the tape measure.

“Well don’t you two look absolutely cute, almost like twins!” cheered Julia as she walked over to Jenny.

“Why thank you, Julia, but I still have a bit more belly to grow before we really match,” said Jenny as she looked up at Julia, munching on a cheeseburger and patting her bloated spherical belly. The increased stuffings from her various girlfriends had made her belly grow even more globular and stick out inches past the front of her bosom.

Sitting down on the break room chair her belly bulged between her fat wobbly thighs and hung over the front of the chair. Her breasts and elbows were resting on the table and her fat 46-PP cup bosom was bulging well past and above her arms. Her upper arms were now 23 inches around and the fat bulged over her elbows. Her lower arms had puffed up as well and had begun to bulge ever so slightly around her wrists. Her once dainty fingers hand gotten chubby as her body continued to soften.

Julia's cheeks had gotten fuller and she had a fully developed double chin that in this position was in very close proximity to her cleavage. Her enormous bubble butt had gotten so fat that when she was sitting it spread out 18 inches behind her and spilled over the sides of the abnormally wide VL break room chair. Her thighs were now 47 inches around and the fat bulged over her knees, but even at 443 pounds, she still had dainty ankles. Her enormous calves tapered dramatically further accentuating her tiny feet.

It had been a while since Julia had seen Jenny, and she hadn’t seen her wearing this little clothing since Halloween, so she was stunned at how much fatter the girl looked after only two months. Jenny was getting so unbelievably soft and fat.

“But you and I match already, in fact I think you might be a little bigger,” Jenny said as she sunk her finger into Julia’s soft belly. “Your belly has gotten so big and fat in just two months, that the rest of you hasn’t caught up yet.”

Julia blushed at Jenny’s observation. Certainly, she wasn’t that fat.

“I might have put on a couple of inches around the middle, my love handles have turned into arm rests they are so thick, but I can’t be a big as you,” said Julia as she pinched her own love handles.

“Only one way to find out hun. Come over here and let me measure and weigh you. Then you we can start feeding you,” said Gwen dangling the tape measure. “Oh and you should take off your dress before we get too far into this.”

“O.K., I just thought I might be able to get a night off since Mia isn’t here,” pouted Julia as she walked over and stood with her back to Gwen. “Can you unzip me please?”

“Sure. Oh, this is pretty tight Julia. You might not be getting back into this after tonight,” said Gwen as she lowered the zipper and watched Julia side and back fat expand before her eyes.

“You would not believe how hard it was to breathe in that dress. I barely was able to eat anything today. Just two dozen doughnuts, three frozen lattes, four cheeseburgers, they really know how to make them in the food court, a large pizza, and a few litres of soda. That’s all, barely anything, I’ve been starving all day,” rambled Julia as she wiggled her belly out of the dress and then started to stretch the dress past her rump.

Once the dress was off, she folded it and draped it over the back of one of the chairs. She was wearing a while strapless push-up bra that had 6 hooks in the back to give her massive 40 MM-cup breasts support and white thong panties. Her relatively trim upper back swelled the further down you went until it reached her now shelf like love handles. Her belly was deeper than it was wide swelling a full 15 inches past her thickening thighs. Because she had packed on the pounds so quickly she looked like she was pregnant as gravity had yet to cause her belly to droop.

“Wow, you stick out so far in the front,” said Gwen as Julia walked over to her and placed one end of the tape measure on her deep belly button. “The dress disguised where your thighs ended and your belly began.”

Julia was attempting to look over her bosom as she held the tip of the tape measure.

“I never used to be able to see my belly over my boobies before, but now there it is, big and round,” sighed Julia. “When I look in the mirror my waist still seems like sorta smaller cause my hips and thighs are so thick.”

Gwen had walked around the girl and was reading the tape. “Ok now the boobs.”

“Oh I can tell you that, 61 inches I am wearing a 40 MM cup now.”

“Ok then the hips, my you are getting big back here,” said Gwen as she read the tape measure.

“I know, it’s my Latina hips and booty. We are blessed with curves,” said Julia as she wiggled her hips, causing her fat booty to jiggle and her thighs to wobble.

“And you are more curvy than most. Now stop wiggling and let me get those thighs,” said Gwen as she started to reach around Julia’s upper thigh.

“Oh my! These are fat thighs. Julia you have 39-inch thighs! They are beginning to bulge around your knees already, but your calves are still pretty small and your ankles are tiny.”

“They are! My I'm getting fat! I never noticed my knees before, that must be a recent development,” cried Julia.

“Like most of your extra inches, I am sure it is very recent,” giggled Jenny.

“I really need to get to the gym,” sighed Julia.

“Well you can’t go until we get done feeding you. Let me get your arms. 12 inches, still pretty thin,” said Gwen. “Now for the best part, get that booty on the scale.”

“Let me take my shoes off first, that would add at least five pounds,” said Julia as she plopped onto a chair causing her whole body to jiggle and shake.

With one hand, she squeezed her bosom back, while her belly rolled between her thighs. After a couple of grunts, she popped off one and then fought with the other. Once barefoot, she braced her hands on her knees and started to raise her bulk. Once her ass was up she put her hands in the small of her back and raised her belly up.

“That used to be a lot easier,” she huffed as she stepped onto the scale.

She heard the dial spin wildly and tried to look over her belly at the number to no avail.

“Well you were right in promoting this one to the single voluptuous department Jenny. She might even be working in the double v soon,” said Gwen.

"What’s the number? What’s the number?” asked Julia excitedly.

“Well sugar, when you started here you were a skinny 133 pound 17 year old girl with a 36C-cup bosom, a tiny trim 25 inch waist line, and 40 inch hips. Even then you had a little booty on you,” said Gwen as she patted Julia’s exposed butt cheek.

“You were a lot smaller too Gwenny,” pouted Julia as she poked Gwen’s belly. “Look your belly now covers the top thirds of your thighs.”

“I got huge, you’re right, but its an occupational hazard when you work here and the girl you date is a feeder. I didn’t want to get quite as big as I got but my inner piggy got the best of me. Now it looks like your inner piggy is starting to get the best of you,” said Gwen as she rubbed her hand over the front of Julia’s gut.

“Stop stalling and going on about inner piggy! I am in complete control of what goes into my belly,” said Julia as she crossed her arms under her breasts.

“I’m not so sure anymore Julia. I think Mia may have tricked you,” said Gwen

“PA LEESE! She can’t trick me, I’m the one who does the tricking. Besides, this belly is going to deflate faster than you can say big booty Julia,” smiled Julia as she grabbed her fleshy butt cheeks. “Now tell me the numbers so I can get to eating.”

Gwen pulled out a chair offering it to Julia. “Very well, if you feel that way. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. You are very nicely padded 383 pounds, with a 61-inch chest, a 69-inch belly, 74-inch hips, 39-inch thighs, and 12-inch arms.”
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Part 2 of chapter 14.

“Hah! I told you your belly was fatter! Good job porky, looks like you are getting the sumo costume this year sugah,” teased Jen.

Julia was a little shocked, she weighed almost as much as Mia, and after tonight she would probably weigh more than her. Maybe Gwen was right, she didn’t want to get bigger, in fact she didn’t want to even be this big. Her plan had backfired but there was nothing she could think of to change her predicament. Mia was tricking her.

The embarrassed Julia laughed her way out of it, “I may be a little on the fat side now but just you wait when this is all over Mia will be back to weighing more than me.”

“Sure you will honey, just don’t lose too much,” said Gwen with a wink.

“I’m thinking of taking up belly dancing,” Julia said as she remembered her fantasy.

“So I just want to trim my belly down a bit, that’s all. My ass will still be plenty fat,” she replied.

“I am sure it will. Now stop talking and start filling that belly of yours,” Jenny replied, her voice slightly muffled from being full of cake.

Julia and Jenny ploughed through the food while Gwen provided belly massages for both of them and when they started to get tired, she would take over feeding them while they rubbed their own swelling bellies.

Eventually Jenny threw in the towel and taunted Julia into eating the rest. Bloated fuller than she had ever been, she had to sit there for a couple of hours until her belly calmed down enough to allow her to move. Jenny and Gwen entertained her for a while, but eventually the two tubbies left for the night. Both placed big wet kisses on the side of her swollen belly and then waddled out of the store.

Julia was very turned on by watching the busty blond Jenny receive a force-feeding from Gwen, watching her already huge belly grow rounder and fatter, and then the two moaning as they kissed her swollen Buddha was just too much to resist. So as soon as they left she slipped her tiny fingers underneath her belly and slipped them between her lips.

She began to get moist and started to feel herself getting close to climax but she just couldn’t cum. Something was missing this time, maybe it was the Champagne she had with Mia the last time that helped propel her to ecstasy. Oh but she was already so full, could she really fit a full bottle in her belly?

She decided she had to find out. She rocked her swollen belly forward, squeezing it between her legs as it bulged over the seat of the chair. Put her hands on the edge of the table and heaved her girth up. With both hands braced in the small of her back, she waddled towards the refrigerator that held the store’s booze. She opened the fridge, relishing the cool air’s caress around her belly. She grabbed a bottle, popped off the cork and began to gulp the bottle down. She felt her belly grow tighter and fuller as she drained the bottle and imagined Mia’s body swelling and expanding with 100’s of pounds of soft succulent fat.

With the refrigerator open she massaged herself for a while to no avail, she got closer than before but not quite there. Maybe she needed more Champagne. She popped the cork off another one and gulped this one down. Her belly grew even tighter and fuller, and the hours of resting that alleviated the pain in her belly were washed away as each gulp expanded her belly. She imagined Mia’s belly ballooning out as she sucked down rich fattening ice cream shakes, and the little moans that would escape her as the pain in her belly grew with each swallow, unable to do anything but grow fatter and fatter.

Juklia rubbed her increasingly swollen belly with one hand while she massaged her clit. As she worked her fingers, the buzz from the alcohol came on and the pain in her belly washed away. Try as she might, she couldn’t cum. Buzzing from the two bottles already, she grabbed a third and decided maybe the fridge wasn’t the most exciting venue to do this at, so she moved into the store.

She waddled in her bra and thong over to the three-way mirror clutching the bottle by its neck and rubbing her distended belly. The waddle to the mirror and the Champaign had caused her to become flushed, so she bent over and placed the bottle on a tailor’s stool that was near the mirror. Then watching herself in the mirror she undid all the hooks in the bra and freed her bosom. Then she wiggled her hips and began to peel the thong off.

Now fully naked, she saw how big she had gotten. Her belly had gotten so fat that her breasts now rolled partially to the sides. Her areolas had grown slightly bigger as the rest of her breasts swelled. She looked to the side and saw the real development in her figure as her belly now swelled out more than 15 inches past her thighs, but it looked like a lot more than that now. Her 74-inch ass had created a solid shelf of fat that was much fatter than Mia’s was when they started dating.

She slid her hands from her bulbous booty to her love handles and found that she could rest her hands flat on the fat shelf they formed and if she pushed her hands into the crease the bulge of flesh from her back covered a full inch of her hands. Her belly was so much fatter than Mia’s and even fatter than Jen’s, she wondered how big it was now after the stuffing. There was a tailor’s tape measure on a peg near the mirror so she grabbed it and measured the depth of the over hang from her belly. She had grown two inches during the feeding, a 17-inch overhang, she was huge. She then wrapped the tape measure around her waist expecting to see a few extra inches over the 69 she had at the start of the feeding. 78, the tape said 78, her belly was now bigger than her ass! A gain of nine inches in this one feeding.

“I’m getting so fat,” she thought as she raised the bottle to her lips. She guzzled down another bottle, imagining Mia crawling across a sea of silk pillows, her giant breasts dangling almost to her wrists and her giant belly dragging along the silk as she slowly tried to swing her huge thighs forward against the girth of her belly. Julia was slowly dancing with her huge distended belly as Mia crawled closer and closer.

Julia had drained the bottle and her hand was now in her neither regions while she had raised her left breast to her lips and was sucking on the nipple. She imagined Mia reaching for her thighs as she pulled herself up to a kneeling position. She imagined herself gyrating as Mia slowly pulled her ethereal dancing girl skirt down. Julia imagined the feel of Mia’s head pressing up against her huge belly as she gripped her booty and buried her face between her legs. She imagined Mia’s colossal breasts pressing against her thighs and she felt Mia’s belly bulge against her ankles and rest on her feet. Mia’s wet tongue slipped in and out pleasuring the fat dancing girl until Julia exploded in ecstasy.

Julia climaxed harder than ever and almost fell to the floor in ecstasy. She lowered her bulk down and rolled onto her back and continued to pleasure herself until she passed out naked. Hours later, she awoke pleasantly satisfied and relaxed. She knew she had to get home but there was no way her dress was going back on so decided to enjoy being naked a little while longer and drove home unclothed with her leather seats caressing her soft skin. Her potential night off, a night where she would finally get to the gym, had turned into one of the biggest feedings she had ever had.
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