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Part 1 of chapter 15

Two days later, she got the cake she had been dreading. The big 400, two sheets of white cake the same size as the table, stacked on top of each other with "Happy 400 Julia" spelled out in chunks of chocolate, and Mia was to there to watch her eat every piece.

Somehow, Diane was working the closing shift with Julia. It was the first time in almost eight weeks that the girls had closed together. Diane seemed a little standoffish at first but over the course of the day she warmed up and the two girls were giggling as they closed the glass doors and lowered the gates.

“Uh, I can’t reach the bottom of the gate today,” grunted Julia as she reached up for the bottom of the gate to pull it down, “Can you pull it down D?”

Julia was wearing pink flat ballet slipper like shoes today instead of the heels she normally wore. As she was only 5’7”, she had either to wear at least 2-inch heels or jump up to reach the handle. She had been stretching up trying to grab the handle, now she was trying to jump and reach it causing her flabby 400-pound body to bounce wildly but was unable to get even an inch off the ground. She was also wearing her dark brown hair pulled back in a ponytail with her bangs loose framing her face with matching pink hoop earrings and an eyebrow hoop. She had also added two new ear piercings above the first two, which were filled with platinum studs.

JUlia's work outfit was a white short sleeve collared button up blouse that was unbuttoned down to the apex of her bosom exposing the pink lace of her too tight bra. The shirt was buttoned the rest of the way down but was under so much pressure from her huge belly that inches of belly fat were bulging through the gaps between the buttons. Because she had gotten so big, the shirt managed to just cover to the top of her love handles and her deep belly button poked out underneath the front of the shirt.

In her belly button piercing, she had a silver ring with pink beads on it. Her pants were black stretchy slacks that contained all of her generous booty and road low enough in the front to allow her belly to bulge over free from restraint. Her increasingly prominent belly had just begun to be affected by gravity and just obscured the waistband of her pants. The slacks were skin tight all the way to her calves where they flared just enough to cover everything but the tip toes of her shoes.

The jump attempts had caused her to tight shirt to ride all the way up to her bosom exposing all of her quivering paunch. Julia heard Diane’s heels clicking on the tile entry way behind her and then felt Diane’s fingers slide along her love handles from behind until Diane’s hands reached the front of her belly. Diane’s belly was now pressing against the small of her back and Diane’s thighs her squeezing against her plump rump.

“Oh you’ve gotten so unbelievably soft and fat,” breathed Diane into Julia’s ear.

“It was a little shocking seeing this belly this morning swelling way past your breasts and almost bursting through your shirt,” she continued as she gently squeezed the sides of Julia’s belly so that her soft silky belly fat bulged forward and pressed up against the cool glass doors.

“You better stop that or my belly is going to leave a prints on the glass, and I am not that fat, just a little to plump to jump,” she giggled as she looked back over her shoulder at Diane.

Diane continued to play with Julia’s belly fat as she said, “You’re a long ways past plump Jewels. This is gotten huge and round and wobbly. It puts my tiny belly to shame. And I know you are at least 400 pounds now. That’s 100 pounds fatter than me.”

“How do you know I weigh 400 pounds D?” Julia asked as she turned around to face the much taller girl.

Diane was wearing a tan spaghetti strapped cotton dress that stretched tightly around every inch of her body. It was low cut enough in the front to display her 38 D-cup bosom and short enough to only reach to the apex of her hips displaying her long thick thighs. Around her waist, she was wearing a belt made of two-inch diameter gold rings that rested below her belly and at the base of her love handles, further exaggerating the bulging swell of her potbelly. Her arms and shoulders had remained trim and while her belly had shrunk down over the last few weeks to only 53 inches, her hips had spread to 73 inches.

On her feet, she was wearing tan four-inch strappy heels, making her eight inches taller than Julia. Her dainty facial features were framed by her shoulder length light blond hair. She was wearing a gold stud earrings and necklace with a blue pendent shaped into an ancient fertility goddess, the unofficial symbol of the VL clothing empire.

“I saw your cake tonight Jewels,” said Diane, “and I expect this isn’t going to get any smaller.”

Julia gasped and put her hands on her cheeks causing her breasts to bounce. “Oh, I am getting so fat!”

Diane was still playing with Julia’s belly blubber while Julia peered over her bosom and watched her belly wobble, in awe of its girth. “Yes, you are so huge, and heavy, and soft, and weak now. You can’t even get your feet off the ground any more, you are growing immobile.”

“I can still get around fine Diane, but my belly does seem to be slightly rounder. I wonder if it is Mandy size yet,” sighed Julia.

“She has a wider waistline, but yours sticks out so much further. I bet it is at least as big as hers. She has been going to the gym regularly though and has much trimmer and firmer thighs and booty, and her bosom is smaller, so she can get around easily. You, well you are clearly not the Julia of two months ago, or even a month ago. It’s been fun watching you grow from an ultra curvy Voluptuous Lady model type to a big round soft wobbly porker, with a soft gooey centre,” said Diane with a grin as she dug her fingers into Julia’s belly and wobbled her fat.

“Maybe you are right,” she said watching her flesh wobble.

“I am becoming a gordita pretty fast now, but you are envious of my belly, aren’t you Diane? I can tell you are even more jealous than before,” replied Julia as she looked up at Diane with a smirk.

“I don’t know. Maybe. I’m not sure anymore. I think I like, fantasized about it forever, but to see it happening to you is a little…I don’t know, weird. You are really starting to waddle, and I see you struggle to stand up or bend over. Don’t get me wrong, cubby and voluptuous girls are definitely my type. Mia is like so unbelievably hot, and so were you, but now I think you might be getting a little too fat,” she said.

“Really? Well its not like you are getting any skinner either,” Julia replied as she folded her arms across her belly. “And what about our plan Diane? Where I get to feed you until you can’t move?”

“I don’t know anymore Jewels, I have to think about it. You’re getting really fat, and you are still with Mia anyways,” replied Diane.

“It’s just that I haven’t had the time to find a place and move out, but once this is over I will, and I promise to get back into shape. Mia and I haven’t been together since we had that fight, so I am going to be starved for attention,” said Julia with a wink.

“You are really fat now, but in 30 days, you are going to be so much bigger. I guess we will just have to see, porky,” said Diane as she reached up over Julia pressing her belly into Julia’s as she began to drag the security gate closed.

“Well there is no way I am backing down from this challenge. Julia Luisa Gonzales Lopez never backs down! All the women in my family grow fat booties eventually, but almost all of them have small waists. So if my belly is too fat for you after this, that’s your loss. I know it will shrink right down,” said Julia as she waved her finger at Diane.

“Now out of my way T-rex,” she said as she pushed past the thinner girl.

“Try not to get too fat, porky,” giggled Diane.

“Kiss my fat ass,” responded Julia as she slapped her ass as she waddled away. She was a little angry over Diane’s comments. She wasn’t that fat and this would all be over soon enough. She was still cranky as she waddled into the break room with her too tight shirt still ridding up over her exposed belly. Her frustration with Diane had caused her to forget how uptight the mistress was about proper attire.

“Mmmm, Julia, Julia, you are far to fat for that blouse now. What in the world am I going to do with you,” said Mia as she slinked her way over to Julia and tried to pull the shirt back down over the now fatter girl’s paunch.

Mia had her long dark brown hair coiled up on top of her head and was wearing dark eye makeup and ruby red lipstick. She was wearing a black silk dress that was off the shoulder but had long sleeves. It was a scoop necked dress so her bountiful cleavage was triumphantly displayed. It also included a girdle so her waistline was synched up tight. The dress hugged her plump hips, thighs, and booty, but it was slit up the back so it started to fall loose at the knees all the way to the heels of her six-inch black platform heels.

Over the last couple of months, Mia had decided to loose some of the belly fat she had put on dating Julia so that she would get back into VL model shape. She had already dropped six inches off her waist and was now down to a 45-inch waistline. With the girdle on, she was only 35 inches.

“Oh this isn’t going anywhere,” said Mia as she struggled with the blouse. “You might as well just take it off. It certainly will not fit on you after your cake. Turn around pet and let me undo the buttons.”

“Yes mistress,” sighed Julia. At this point in their relationship, Julia had learned it was better to be submissive to Mia. If Mia got her way, things normally went better for Julia.

Mia’s arms reached around Julia’s shoulders and she could feel her massive bosom pressing against the back of her head. With the platform heels on Mia was nine inches taller.

“Oh your belly is not the only thing getting big, what are these N cups?” asked Mia as she started unbuttoning the top of the blouse.

“Double NN. You would know if you were ever home,” said Julia.

“Oh pet, I’m sorry. Do you miss me? I have just been having so much fun partying with my model girlfriends, that I haven’t had time for you. You know I always invite you when I can, but I guess you are too full after our little feedings to come out,” she replied as she undid the last button and started pulling the blouse off Julia’s shoulders.

“Maybe you need to stretch your belly’s capacity out a little more so you don’t feel so full and can join us when we go out. Oh that probably wont work, you have always been such a tender belly.”

“I have not!” cried Julia with her fists on her love handles in a pose of defiance.

“Please pet, you are a tender belly. Diane is such a better eater than you,” said Mia.

“No she’s not! She has barely gained any weight for being such a big eater.”

“She is much more athletic than you. She must just burn it off. You might have been a runner once, but it’s been a while since this thing did any laps, tender belly,” teased Mia as she poked Julia’s belly with her long red fingernail.

“Give me that cake, I’ll show you what a tender belly I am,” said Julia defiantly.

Julia dug into the cake as Mia watched. She ate ravenously getting cake and frosting all over her chin and cheeks. She ate for a full hour while drinking three bottles of Champaign. Mia watched as she pet’s belly swelled bigger and rounder, spreading her thighs further apart and wedging itself against the table edge. Julia’s NN cup bosom swelled out onto the table as she rested her forearms against the sides of them as she shovelled handful after handful past her plump pink lips. After an hour of feeding she had to scoot the chair further back to accommodate her swollen belly. Because of her huge bosom and belly, she was running out of cake that she could still reach without standing up, and after three bottles of Champagne and a belly full of cake she wasn’t going to be able to stand and eat.

“Oh my Jewels, you ate yourself so fat you can’t reach the rest of the cake,” said Mia as she reached around behind Julia and jiggled the sides of her belly. “Do you need me to help bring the cake closer?”

“No…<hiccup>…way. I’m fine,” said Julia as she shoved the last piece of cake in reach into her mouth and started licking the icing off her fingers.

“Well you just can’t sit there forever. You have to keep eating, or are you to much of a tender belly to finish?”
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Part 2 of chapter 15

“I’m not…a tender belly. <Hiccup>,” Julia slurred as she leaned back in her chair rubbing her swollen pot with both hands.

Mia heard the chair grown with the sudden movement from the 400-pound girl and watched as Julia’s mammoth breasts jiggled in her pink bra from the movement.

Walking around to the side of Julia, Mia leaned over dangling her impressive bosom in front of Julia.

“I don’t know my growing pet, there is still a lot of cake left, and I am not sure this has much room left in it,” said Mia as she traced her long red fingernails over the top of Julia’s swollen belly. “It’s surprising how little you can eat, considering how big you’ve gotten.”

“I can still eat, I just…cant quite…move yet,” huffed Julia. “Just give me a second.”

“Too fat to reach the cake, and now to fat to move? You have outdone yourself this time my little piggy. But there is no time to waste my pet. Some of us have plans after this. I am going to go grab a chair from the office with wheels so I can roll your belly over to the other side,” said Mia as she strutted out of the break room.

She returned quickly pushing a leather padded wide bottomed chair with no arm rests and a low back. She had to bend way over to push the chair with her long legs and 6-inch platform heels so her bosom was swaying dramatically with each quick step.

“Here you go Julia, get on the chair,” said Mia as she brought the chair over next to Julia.

Julia wobbled her belly forward, put her hands on the table and started to hoist her girth up. She made it to her feet and put her hands in the small of her back for support, thrusting her swollen belly out over the table. Mia moved the chair behind her and then Julia plopped down into the chair. Her thick thighs, hips, and ass spread out over the wide bottomed chair filling the entire seat. With her mountainously fat ass, the low backed chair only provided support to the top of her cheeks. Her belly filled her lap and the motion of her dropping onto the chair caused her belly to slap against her flabby thighs causing her breasts to bounce against her belly, bulging into her chin. Mia had to suppress a chuckle as Julia’s plump bosom smacked her in the face and then continued to wobble and shake long after she had ceased moving.

“That was pretty funny Ms. Lopez, you may need to be a little more careful plopping down into chairs at your weight,” said Mia with a grin.

Mia put her hands on Julia’s bare shoulders and started to wheel her over to the other side of the table as she looked down at Julia’s ass.

“Wow your ass is so thick and fat it fills up almost the entire chair. I didn’t realize how much bigger you had gotten. Sure, thanks to you, my 80-inch hips won’t fit on this chair anymore, but I didn’t think you had gotten that big. Guess I was wrong. Normally this chair is very comfortable, but at our size you won’t have any back support,” she said as she scooted Julia against the table. Julia leaned forward and spread her legs wider allowing her belly to hang free and her boobs to rest on the table.

“<Hiccup>, that’s O.K. I have plenty of front support," she said as she patted her breast.”

“Oh but I feel bad Julia. Let me at least give you a massage,” said Mia.

“That sounds fine,” said Julia already with a mouth full of cake.

Mia began kneading her pet’s slender neck and then worked her way down to her plumper shoulders. “You know I always found your slight accent and high pitched girly voice so cute and sexy. Mine is so much more husky and deeper, which never fit my skinny model body, but 270 pounds heavier, it feels just right. It’s like yours was coming from a little song bird, which matched your young trim body, but now your high pitched voice doesn’t really match your 400 plus pound body. It sounds a little funny now, like a big fat cat swallowed a bird.”

“Whatever. It hasn’t hurt me with the customers,” piped Julia.

“I’m just saying it sounds funny, that’s all, don’t get testy with me pet. I’m going to take off your tight bra so I can get at your upper back,” said Mia as she undid the six hooks. The bra pooped off and Julia raised her arms so Mia could remove it. Julia’s bare breasts where bulging against the table and Mia spotted something new.

“Oh my, what are these Ms. Lopez?” said Mia as she pinched a platinum nipple ring between her fingernails.

“I got my nipples pierced a little less than two months ago. You would have known if you ever came home,” whined Julia with a mouth full of cake.

“Wow, I guess I missed out my pet. Your nipples have gotten so much longer and fatter,” said Mia as she gently tugged on both rings.

“Ah, oh, um, they have, and they are so much more sensitive,” cooed Julia as she swallowed some cake. She picked up a bottle of Champaign and began to guzzle it down. Mia continued to play with her nipples as she drank the entire bottle while rubbing her belly.

“They’re a lot of fun to play with I know, but you have better things to do, don’t you?” slurred Julia as she slapped Mia’s hands away.

“Yes, I guess you are right,” huffed Mia as she walked back behind the feeding Latina.

Julia continued stuffing her face with cake as Mia worked her way lower and lower down the girl’s back. She began to knead Julia’s huge love handles. Then she began to sink her fingers into the mountain of fat that was Julia’s rump.

“I remember when you gave me that first massage. Claimed there was no way you would ever reach the muscle because of how much fat covered my rump. Now look at you, so fat your ass spreads out over 15 inches behind you when you sit down. You make your own cushion now, and are much bigger than I was back then,” whispered Mia into Julia’s ears as she continued to pack in the cake.

“Your love handles are so fat now that they form a thick armrest wider than a recliner. But your fat doesn’t stop there, oh no, it swells out even bigger into this huge blubbery ball of fat you call a waistline,” whispered Mia as pressed her bosom against Julia’s back as her hands tightly gripped the sides of Julia’s belly.

“I remember that slim and flat 30-inch waistline that I couldn’t wait to stuff full of fattening food, imagining your belly swelling bigger and fatter. But you fattened me up didn’t you? You figured out my weakness, eating after sex, and I grew a 51-inch belly while you had a tiny 38-inch belly. But now things are different aren’t they fatty? You walked in here with 72-inches of bulging belly fat, and with that cake in here, you are probably going to walk out with 78-inches. Your belly is fatter than mine and you are heavier than me and you still have 28 days to go. Looks like you were wrong weren’t you?”

“So…what,” breathed Julia. She was nearly finished with the cake and clearly close to popping. “I’m young…. I’ll loose it fast and have even sexier curves than you!”

“HA HA HA HA HA,” laughed Mia as she threw her head back with her hands on her hips. “You forget, I’ve met your mom and aunt, silly piggy. I knew once I started feeding you, you were going to get huge and I bet stay huge.”

Julia spun her bulk around in the chair in an effort to face Mia and begin a nasty retort, but Mia was standing too close, and her knee and belly connected with the side of Mia’s leg. Mia started to stumble in her tight dress and platform heels and lost her balance falling onto her hands and knees. Julia in her drunken and stuffed state burst out laughing and only laughed harder as the pale-skinned Mia turned bright red.

“You are going to pay for that you clumsy cow!”

“Oh yeah? Well then I might as well do this too,” giggled Julia as she put her foot on the side of Julia’s rump and pushed her over onto her back. Mia’s huge s-cup breasts bounced and wobbled, eventually spreading out over her arms and nearly touching her chin.

Julia continued to laugh at the furious Mia as she munched on another handful of cake. “Looks like your pretty black dress is getting a little dusty down there on the floor, he, he, he.”

Mia rolled over onto her knees and crawled over to the corner of the table, where she was able to brace herself and rise to her feet. Her dress was covered in powdered donut sugar, frosting, cookie crumbs, and other assorted goodies. The cleaning crew normally came in during the morning and the floor had a full day’s worth of crumbs on it from the food that was consumed above it. She was furious and glowing red as Julia giggled and ate.

Mia started to unlace her girdle as Julia turned back around to face the cake. It took her 5 minutes to unlace the girdle and wiggle out of her dress. Then leaning with her bare 80-inch bottom against the wall she took off her platform heels.

“You’re awfully….<hiccup>…quiet back there,” squeaked Julia as she had stopped giggling but her drunken hiccups had returned.

“Looks like I am not going out tonight in that dress pet,” said Mia as she padded over to door in her bare feet.

“So I am going to have to go find a new dress,” she said over her shoulder. Mia was completely naked now and Julia could tell her belly had really shrunk over the last two months, but her huge ass had remained just as full and round.

“Be right back.”

“How dare that huge cow touch me! Now she is going to really get it!” thought Mia as she went into the office and grabbed the handcuffs Diane had loaned her for other more enjoyable events.

“I am going to feed her till she pops this time!”

Mia started to march back into the break room when she realized that forcing Julia to eat would probably break the bargain she had tricked the young girl into, sure she still had control of the girl’s belly but it would be much more fun to use Julia’s weakness, pride, to trick her into doing what she wanted. Just like Julia had used her weakness to fatten her up. Yes that was it, she had her plan.

Mia walked back into the break room without a dress and without the handcuffs. Still naked she strutted over to the opposite side of the table from Julia. She leaned forward, placing her hands on the back of the chair with her breasts bulging out through her arms. Leaning forward like this with her back bowed her s-cup breasts hung down almost to her wrists. Julia had about a tenth of the cake left and was chewing a lot slower. Her cheeks were full with cake and her body had begun to glisten from the exertion.

“You know what goes great with cake my little piggy?” asked Mia as she ran her finger across the cake platter scooping up a big dollop of white frosting.

“No, what?” asked Julia without looking up.

“Ice cream, my pet,” she replied as she seductively sucked the frosting off her finger. At the word, Ice Cream, Julia’s eyes popped up and watched her mistress suck her finger.

“That does sound good, but I am just so full from eating all this cake,” moaned Julia.

Mia strutted around the table, scooped up two even bigger dollops of frosting off the cake platter, and then wiped them on her nipples.

“Oh I bet you are my little tender belly. What was I thinking offering more food to such a little eater? If only Diane was here, I bet she could eat a full gallon,” she replied as she grabbed her right breast and put her nipple into her mouth and licked all the icing off. Julia was more than a little buzzed at this point and hadn’t been with Mia in months, so that sensual act immediately got her attention.

“Um, I may have a little room left for ice cream,” said Julia.

“Only a little room because you are such a tender belly,” said Mia as scooped up another dollop and smeared it onto her nipple while she pushed a handful of cake into Julia’s lips.

“I can eat a gallon I guess, and stop calling me tender belly,” pouted Julia with her cheeks full of cake.

“Oh a gallon is easy, Diane could do a gallon. A real eater could do two at least,” she said seductively as she lowered her frosting covered nipple to Julia’s lips.

“Two won't be too bad,” Julia replied as her lips pressed against Mia’s nipple and she began to suck it clean.

“A real eater could do two no problem, but she would want to do three. Do you want to be a real eater or a tender belly?” said Mia as she lowered her right nipple to Julia’s lips.

“Mmmm, youse knows I’m a real eater,” replied the inebriated Julia lustfully.

“Great, three it is!” Mia replied and she pulled her nipple out of Julia’s mouth, strutted over to the fridge, and started to locate six half-gallon containers of ice cream. Mia’s naked ass wobbled and bounced as she hurried over and then jiggled as she sorted through the contents of the freezer. Her huge booty and wide hips looked even bigger compared to her much smaller waist. Julia remembered why she lusted after the ultra curvy girl after seeing that huge bottom naked again.

Mia felt Julia staring at her and then watched the girl in her reflection in the unopened mirrored fridge door, scoop handful after handful of cake while she gazed longingly at Mia’s ass. Once all the ice cream was out Mia closed the mirrored door and looked back over her shoulder at Julia.

“It’s really gotten big hasn’t it?” she asked as she rubbed her hands over her round backside.

“Look at it from the side, it just sticks out so far,” she said as she turned to the side and with her hands at the bottom of her cheeks, she jiggled her fleshy booty up and down. “Oh I have gotten so big and fat; I’ll never be able to get back into shape thanks to you.”

“I wish you would let me feed and pleasure you again,” said Julia wistfully.

Mia slinked back over to Julia and placed two of the ice cream containers on the table. She then grabbed the last remaining handful of cake and pushed it into Julia’s mouth. “

Oh dear girl you know I don’t like to feed unless I’ve been pleasured first and you are much too heavy to easily pleasure me now. Maybe after you loose a few pounds off this belly but I think you might have a harder time than me getting your figure back after our bargain,” said Mia with a devilish grin. It took her another three hours, but she fed Julia three gallons of ice cream and every lick of frosting. Julia had out done herself this time. The cake and ice cream had stretched her belly from 72-inches to 82-inches. In her stuffed state, her belly had grown fatter than her hips, again.

“You have far surpassed my weight and exploded past the 400 mark, so I thought a little gift would be in order,” said Mia as she sexily swayed over to the counter and opened up a small box.

“Ooooh,” was all Julia could moan as she rubbed her painfully bloated belly.

Mia walked back with a silver etched ball in her hand. “The store has come up with new belly jewellery. The rings tend to loose their prominence, as our shopper’s bellies get fatter, so our designers came up with a belly ball that attaches to the ring and rests in belly buttons. The smaller ones just barely fill a plump girl’s belly button and the big ones on our largest models stick out a good ways past the belly button hole. I got you the biggest one, because I have a feeling you are going to grow into it, and it’s easier to see the etched fertility goddess.”

Mia turned Julia’s chair to face her and bent over, draping her s-cup bosom against Julia’s body until she had lowered herself to a squatting position and faced Julia’s belly button. She then attached the silver ball to Julia’s belly ring and proceeded to kiss the fatter girl’s belly. The ball was two inches in diameter and was larger than Julia’s deepening belly button, but Mia was probably right.

Julia had 28 more days of stuffings so she was bound to get bigger. Mia put her hands on Julia’s chubby knees and stood up. With her hands on her hips she shuffled forward until her thighs pressed against Julia’s belly. Her swollen gut bulged out past her knees.

“My goodness, I do great work,” said Mia admiring her pet’s fleshy body. Julia was looking up longingly into Mia’s face as she rubbed her painful belly. Her arms were pressed against her body and her lower arms were resting on the fat shelf her love handles had formed. Her swollen breasts slowly swaying as she moved her arms. As Mia stared down at Julia, who to her looked like a mountain of flesh supported by her own girth, she smiled thoroughly satisfied with her night’s worth of work.

She leaned forward and put her hands on Julia’s shoulders, her breasts pressed against Julia’s face. “Give the twins a kiss before I go piggy,” breathed Mia lustily.

Julia reached up and held one boob in both hands and gently sucked on Mia’s nipple. Then she repeated the process with the other. Mia leaned back and said, “Oh you are such a good disciplined piggy. Not rebellious anymore are you? I wish you had been less rebellious before, and I bet you do now too. Oh well it’s time for Mistress to go piggy, please clean up after yourself when you leave.”

Mia slinked out of the break room and went to find another dress for the evening. The night was still young and there were plenty of new girls to turn into piggies. She was almost done with this one.
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Part 1 of chapter 16

The next 28 days were ever escalating feedings. The taunting from Mia insured Julia would never back down from a challenge so the meals got bigger and bigger. At first the cake and ice cream stuffing was the most Mia had ever fed her pet. Then 10 days later, she broke that record with Italian pasta, pizza, and beer.

Sure Gwen and Jenny baby-sat a few nights, which gave Julia a reprieve from the record setting meals, but by day 20, every meal was bigger than the last. Julia wished she were only going to eat the 400-pound celebratory cake and ice cream meal. She only had eight days left so she would soon be back to much more manageable sized meals. No more late night gorging. Only eight more days and she could prove that Mia couldn’t beat her. Starting on day 21 though, the meals were all liquid, rich thick shakes that would fill every possible space and stretch her belly out even more. Gallons of fattening fluids rolled into her belly and each night it stretched a little more.

It was like her fantasy in reverse, she was the Sultan and Mia was the voluptuous dancing girl. On the 25th day Julia’s belly swelled 12-inches in one feeding and she couldn’t get up for three hours afterward. Even then, Mia had to help her, which gave Mia an idea about her final meal on the 90th day of the bargain.

Julia was closing down the store for the last time before her stuffing. She was closing out the register as Diane was closing the doors and pulling the gate down. It was readily apparent that Julia could no longer jump or even rise up on her toes, so Diane was handling all the procedures that required any movement. Julia was wearing extra low-low rise stretch jeans designed for the bottom heavy modern woman. It had a two-inch zipper and one small button in front to secure the jeans, but really the design of the pants relied on the woman having a spectacularly large bottom, thick hips and thighs to keep them from falling down.

Luckily, Julia had all three, but unluckily for Julia she had outgrown this pair and her ass was no longer completely contained. She was exposing a couple inches of butt crack just standing there, no panties today, and if she bent over it was many more inches. Her ever-widening love handles spilled over the waistband of her jeans and the front of her belly oozed over the front completely covering her cookie and resting against the tops of her thighs. Gravity had pulled her belly lower but her belly still stuck out farther than it was wide, continuing to exaggerate her ballooning love handles and fat hips.

From the side she had a full 18 inches of belly bulging past her thighs and her ass swelled behind her by a full 15 inches past her love handles. Her bosom had swelled several cup sizes over the last few weeks and was propped up by her huge belly. She was wearing a white tank top with pink stitching around the edges and pink writing across her belly that said “cookie jar”.

She had her dark brown hair pulled back in two ponytails that jutted out to the side and came out from the top of her head with her bangs looped behind her ears. She had added another piercing to each ear, this time at the top of her ear with a tiny hoop. She had big pink hoops through her first and second earring holes and a tiny pink hoop in her eyebrow. Her tan had almost completely faded and she had dark mascara and light pink lip-gloss on her plump lips. She was also wearing small framed pink eyeglasses to read the register read out from over her huge bosom and colossal belly. To complete her outfit she had on several silver bracelets, rings, and pink flip-flop sandals on her feet.

Mia had given up on requiring her to wear well fitting clothes mostly because of how fast she was packing on the inches, but also because she was trying to push the VL belly ball jewelery and if Julia’s shirt rode up or was just to small the silver ball would be seen. Her tank top just barely covered the VL belly ball leaving several inches of belly and all of her fat love handles exposed. The ball had sunk further into her fleshy paunch and was now only half exposed, which made her covered belly button look like an outie instead of an innie.

She was leaning her thighs against the counter allowing her bulging paunch to spill out over the counter top. She was balancing on one foot and with the other she was absent-mindedly playing with her other sandal. Her left hand was perched on the back of her love handle and the other one was holding up the register tape as she reviewed the numbers. Her face had gotten slightly softer, cheeks were fuller and with her chin down reading the numbers her double chin was visible. Lost in her work she never heard Diane sneak up behind her.

“Almost done tubby?”

“Ah!” screamed Julia as she clutched the tape to her chest.

She turned to the side to face Diane. “You scared me!”

“I scared you so much your belly shook your shirt up,” giggled Diane as she strode closer to put her hands on the front of Julia’s belly. Diane was wearing jeans like Julia and a yellow baby T-shirt that was really more of a half shirt. She had put on weight over the month, not to the degree Julia had, but her belly was bigger and her ass was fatter. Her breasts remained in the d-cup range, she was doomed to have small boobs, but unlike Julia, her ass was completely covered by the skintight stretch denim jeans.

She was also wearing a belly ball, thanks to Mia’s suggestion, but it was smaller than Julia’s, and had her short blond hair in two tiny ponytails at the back of her head. She was wearing flip-flops today as well.

“I can’t believe how huge this has gotten,” she said as she played with Julia’s naked belly fat while Julia ignored her. Julia had gotten used to the other girls’ fascination with her belly and no longer tried to shoo them away. She enjoyed the lustful gazes and probing hands. It was like her belly was the star of the store and she was just parading it around. She was so big now that reaching the front of her belly was a chore around her huge boobs and there was no way she could wiggle her bulk away from their exploring hands.

“It would have been me with this huge belly if Mia wouldn’t have figured it out,” said Diane cluelessly.

“Uh huh, yeah. Wait what did you say?” Julia asked as she looked up from her register tape.

“Um, nothing, I didn’t say anything. I’m just glad my belly isn’t as fat as yours,” said Diane as she started backing up from Julia.

“No you didn’t, you said if Mia wouldn’t have figured it out. What did you tell her?” asked Julia as she waddled after Diane.

“Nothing, I didn’t tell her anything. Hey, uh I have to go. Good luck on your final stuffing!” said Diane as she scurried away towards the back of the store.

Julia tried to chase her but found that after 30 feet, her shirt had rolled even further up and she was out of breath.

“Wait! …come back,” she huffed.

Diane was out of the store by then. She had been betrayed by Diane. No wonder she avoided her for three months while she ate herself enormous. Sure, it was her deal in the first place, but she only escalated it to 90 days in the hopes of getting free food to stuff Diane.

Well, after tonight it was over, she could go back to being the smaller, voluptuous Julia, instead of bloated blimp Julia, well that was if she could get control of her belly. She was still eating during the day and her meals had steadily grown to fill the increasing capacity in her belly. She felt like she was starving when she woke up in the morning after her gluttonous nightly binge, and she would eat all day to fill the emptiness. Maybe she could slowly decrease her portions, just trim down a bit, hopefully her belly would cooperate.

She walked back into the break room to receive her final stuffing. She was not surprised to find Mia, and the entire break room covered in food from the bakery, but she was a little shocked to see five skinny models in string bikinis.

“Good you’re finally here, girls, strip her,” ordered Mia.

The five girls slinked up to Julia and two began pealing the tank top off her. Two were tugging on her pants and the shortest one was attempting to push Julia’s belly out of the way to get at her zipper.

“They are already unzipped Natasha, you won’t have to move my belly” Julia said to the short one.

“Oh thanks; hey how do you know my name?” the short blond girl asked.

“It’s me Julia.”

“Oh my goodness, it is you, YOU’RE HUGE!” cried Natasha.

“I may have filled out a bit,” said the now shirtless Julia as she rubbed her hands over her belly. One of the girls was now struggling with the six hooks on her bra.

“Girl’s this is Julia, Mia’s girlfriend!” squealed Natasha. This was met with cries from the other models of: "oh you’re so fat," "my goodness what happened?," and "no wonder we haven’t seen you out."

“Yep it’s me. All big fat me.”

“Wow, I thought Mandy had a belly, you put her to shame. Let me know if you ever get tired of Mia,” whispered Natasha with a devilish grin.

“I’m already tired of her,” Julia whispered back.

“Alright girls stop talking to Julia. Get up on the scale pet,” Mia ordered to the now naked Julia.

Julia climbed onto the scale and the dial spun and spun. She couldn’t see over her belly so Natasha bent over and read the results.

“Oh my, I have never seen anyone this fat! 520 pounds!”

Julia was shocked. She knew she had been growing, but 520 pounds! That’s more that twice her weight from three months ago. She had gained 255 pounds! She was now even fatter than Gwen ever was.

“Oh my piggy, you are 140 pounds fatter than me now and after tonight it’s only going to be more. Get off the scale pet; let’s see how much these girls weigh all together. I bet you are fatter than all of them combined,” laughed Mia.

“Well they were all models so they were really skinny, but there was no way, was there?” thought Julia as she stepped off the scale.

The five giggling girls climbed on one at a time. Natasha was first, 85 pounds, and then Brianna climbed on 200, then Kristy, 305, then Dee Dee, 400, then Amy 500. Yep she was just fatter than all five of the girls combined.

“You’re fatter than all of us, and Brianna has even grown a little belly,” teased Natasha as she pinched Brianna’s waist.

“I am a full foot taller than you shorty, but with you as my roommate its amazing I still fit in here. You really should have warned me about her Mia,” Brianna laughed as she stepped off the scale.

“Brianna, I was hoping you would model for us,” smiled Mia. “Alright girls time to measure the blimp.”

The girls swarmed around Julia, measuring her arms, thighs, boobs, belly and hips. Her arms at 520 pounds were surprisingly small at only 15-inches. Her thighs and hips were notoriously fat in her family, but most of her weight had gathered around her swelling belly.

Originally, a voluptuous hourglass figured girl, Julia had swelled her belly to 94-inches. It was the biggest belly ever seen at the store. Six inches fatter than Gwen’s at her heaviest, but from the front, it still looked smaller because her width was in her hips and her torso had remained narrow with the exception of her colossal love handles. Her bosom measured 75-inches around and she wore a 44 rr-cup bra. She was still one cup size smaller than Mia, but Mia was extremely gifted.

Julia's hips now measured 90 inches around and her ass was now several inches fatter than Mia’s. Her legs had continued to grow thicker and fleshier and now measured 48-inches around. Her legs rubbed together all the way to the knees and the flesh now sagged around her knees. Her calves had plumped as well and now measured 25-inches around, which was bigger than most of the models’ waists. Her legs tapered dramatically from there down to slightly plumped ankles and her feet appeared to remain unchanged through her dramatic weight gain.
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Part 2 of chapter 16

Mia’s fat loss over the last month had levelled off so she still had a 74-45-80 figure. Around her figure this evening she was wearing a very un-Mia-like sweat suit. She was wearing a light grey pair of sweat pants with the waist band rolled down that hugged her curvy body down to mid calf then flared a bit over her gym shoes. On top, she was wearing a white sports bra that her s-cup bosom bulged out the front forming 12 full inches of swelling cleavage, and a tight light grey zipper front hooded sweatshirt that her love handles and a couple inches of belly bulged out below it. She had zipped it up to the bottom of her breasts. On her head, she was wearing a light grey cotton beanie, which her long black hair poked out the bottom and was loose around her shoulders.

Mia slinked up to the naked Julia and put both hands on the sides of Julia’s belly.

“My, my, my, I can only imagine what it must feel like to be this unbelievably fat. Your belly is now twice as big as mine, and you remember how heavy I thought that was when we met. That wasn’t heavy this is heavy,” she said as she hefted the 520 pound girl’s belly.

“Oh well piggy, time to go make it even bigger,” she said as Mia grabbed her hand and led her out of the break room. Mia’s ass had not lost one inch since she started trying to trim down and the twin balls of fat bounced and swayed hypnotically in front of Julia. Julia was getting turned on watching the ultra curvy mistress jiggle in front of her and wanted more than anything for this to be over so Mia would do more than just feed her. They walked all the way to the front of the store and turned around facing back towards the break room. Julia was a little winded and flushed from the walk, and Mia spotted it immediately.

“Well this is going to be harder on you than I thought, but no matter, it is your last stuffing. Girls!” She cried.

The models rolled out four trays stacked with cakes, pies, cookies, donuts, pastries, and gallons of ice cream, while Natasha rolled out the executive chair from Gwen’s desk. At her heaviest, Gwen measured 98 inches in the hips, so the chair could accommodate Julia’s girth.

“For your final stuffing we are going to play a little game my pet. We got the idea to fatten you up because of how you outran us during Halloween. Now, having seen you get so fat you have trouble walking to the front of the store, we are going to test how much slower you have gotten. I am going to give you a ten-second head start and you are going to try to run back to the break room. If you make it all the way back without me catching you then you are free to leave and the stuffing is over. But if I catch you, you have to stop there and then we get to feed you for 30 minutes. Then you continue to make your way back to the break room, and each time I catch you its another 30 minutes of feeding,” announced Mia.

“This is silly, but I don’t really have a choice I guess,” whined Julia. “So all I do now is start running for the break room?”

“Yep, as soon as I say go,” said Mia as bent over trying to reach to her toes. Her massive breasts and remaining belly kept her from getting anywhere close but it was still nice to see her flesh bulge and jiggle as she tried to stretch.

“Alright pet, you have 10-seconds, go!”

Julia started to lumber off towards the break room, but her belly was slapping against her thighs and her breasts were swinging wildly making it impossible to run. After 15 feet, she was reduced to holding her belly and walking as fast as she could. Mia didn’t have nearly the weight or the belly bulges so she only held onto her enormous breasts. At 360+ pounds, she wasn’t the fastest mover either, but she was still able to catch the huffing and puffing Julia in 50 feet.

“Gotcha!” Mia cried.

Julia was more than happy to stop moving and was now bent over clutching her belly as Natasha scooted the chair behind her. Julia plopped down into the chair as the girls began mixing shakes and bringing food to her lips.

“That was a lot of jiggling and bouncing for a former track star. You have gotten so unbelievably fat, I wonder what your class mates would say if they saw you now?” giggled Mia as she rubbed the shoulders of the seated girl. Julia mumbled something as she chewed with her mouth full of cake.

“Oh no, pet no talking, just eating. It was a rhetorical question anyway.”

30 minutes had passed and it was now time for Julia to try to make it the break room. It took her a couple of seconds to heft her bulk off of the well padded leather chair, and once she was standing she only managed 20 feet of waddling before Mia caught her. 30 minutes of feeding, 15 feet closer, another 30 minutes only 10 feet closer, another 30 then eight. She was struggling more and more with her swelling belly and after four hours of relentless stuffing, she could no longer roll her body off the chair in 10 seconds. At this point, she was 60 feet from the door and the models were bringing more carts laden with rich fattening pastries.

“Looks like I might not have to chase after you anymore. Oh and you are so close. Well maybe after another 30 minutes you will be able to muster the strength to heave your fat ass off this chair,” giggled Mia. They continued feeding her now 100-inch belly and her next attempt was met with failure, as was the next, and the next. Six and a half hours of the most fattening food ever created from the bakery, had ballooned her monstrous belly to 103-inches.

“I’m…too…fat…now,” wheezed Julia after she struggled trying to get out of the leather chair. This had been her fantasy, Mia so fat she needed slave girls to feed and pleasure her. But instead of Mia it was her! She couldn’t move without help, let alone gyrate her hips to entertain a Sultan. Mia was her and she was Mia.

“Oh piggy, there is no such thing as too fat, girls keep bringing the food,” said Mia. Cakes, pies, donuts, chocolate shakes, vanilla shakes, cookies, ice cream Sundays, chocolate fudge, chocolate candies, cheese cake, scones, crème puffs, all were forced into her bulging cheeks. A total 10 ten hours of stuffing Julia’s belly had added 12 inches and was pushing her breasts even closer to her chins. It hung well off the chair due in part to her enormous ass filling up most of the seat, but also because it swelled out well several inches past her knees. Three of the girls were rubbing her belly, two on the sides and one in front while two of them fed her. Mia was leaning against one of the food carts eating a piece of blueberry cheesecake.

“Alright pet, I can see you are far to fat to move in as little as 10 seconds, so I am going to let you struggle as long as it takes to stand up, but once you do you have to crawl on your big fat belly instead of waddling on your feet. I’ll give you 30 seconds to get as far as you can before I chase after you,” giggled Mia.

“Oh…this…isn’t…how its supposed…to be,” gasped Julia. This was her dream! Mia forced to drag her enormous belly towards the sexy gyrating dancing girl.

“Oh baby, don’t be mad at me,” said Mia as she slinked up to Julia. She bent over and put her hands on the front of Julia’s swollen paunch.

“This could have been all over months ago, if you had just been nice.” She squatted down in front of Julia’s belly and began to press her lips against the jiggly flesh.

“You’re so fat now you can barely walk, barely stand, and your belly just keeps growing bigger and softer. I never wanted a girlfriend to get this fat, but now I just want you to keep growing. You’re like a potbellied pig at a fair, and I want you to win first prize my pet,” Mia laughed as shook Julia’s flesh back and forth.

“Well after tonight… I am going… on a diet, I have to get control over… my belly,” breathed Julia.

“Sure you are. Now lets see you stand up,” said Mia.

Julia strained and wiggled and after a minute worth of effort she finally managed to stand up. Panting and sweating she stood there for a bit before she started to lower her bulk to the floor. Using the chair for support, she was able to get down on her knees, then she started to slowly lean forward. By the time her hands had touched the carpet her belly was spreading out against the carpet and her nipples her only inches away from touching.

“Oh my goodness pet your belly is so big it drags the ground!”

“Oh and it hurts being squished like this,” Julia replied.

“Well start crawling fatty.”

Julia began to drag her girth across the carpet and made it 3 feet before she collapsed onto her back. “I’m to fat, I’m just too fat. How did I let myself get this big?”

“Oooh Julia, you can barely move now. That means you won’t be able to stop me from doing this,” said Natasha as she began to push Julia’s belly out of the way and nestle her head between Julia’s fleshy thighs. Julia felt Natasha’s tiny hands kneading the fat on her belly and then her wet tongue probing her cookie.

“Oh you can’t have all the fun Natasha,” chimed Brianna as got on her knees pinching Julia’s arm between her thighs. She grabbed Julia’s breast and began sucking on her pierced nipple. Dee Dee then jumped on the other arm and started suckling on her other breast. The other two girls began rubbing Julia’s belly, while Mia placing treat after treat into Julia’s mouth. Julia began moaning in pleasure as her erogenous zones where manipulated and her mouth was filled. Maybe her dream wasn’t so bad? She had five gorgeous, albeit skinny, girls pleasuring her while Mia feed her. Mia kept feeding her and feeding her as the girls kept pleasuring her and pleasuring her. Thirty minutes went by, then 60, then 90, Mia never stopped feeding her. She just watched, as Julia’s belly got bigger and bigger. After 14 total hours of feeding, Mia had run out of food. Julia was gasping for breath and the models had passed out long ago from exhaustion. Mia and Julia were alone and she had Julia’s head in her lap and was massaging her head.

“My, my, my, I can’t believe you ate it all. Look at how fat you are now. Your belly is a mountain of flesh. You can’t even move anymore. Trapped by your own belly. I love it! I love it so much in fact that I am going to allow you to pleasure me my pet. Now roll over onto your hands and knees.”

Julia struggled trying to turn over, but eventually rolled onto her side. She propped herself up on an elbow and then completed rolling over.

“Oh …I am so… huge! You made me so…fat and round,” she said breathlessly. On her hands and knees with her back bowed her belly spread out across the carpet and her breasts hung to less than a ½ of an inch from touching.

Mia began to wiggle her hips and rock the waistband of the sweats back and forth until the pants stretched over her hips and ass and fell to the floor. She scooted closer to Julia until her knees where touching Julia’s shoulders.

“Alright pet, now I want you to eat me. Lick my pussy like a good girl. Come one, now’s your chance,” said Mia.

Julia reached up and started to pull herself to a kneeing position. Her breasts bulged against Mia’s thighs and the top of her head just touched the bottom of Mia’s belly. Her own belly bulged around Mia’s legs and rested across Mia’s feet. She smashed her face into Mia’s cookie and began to eat. Mia pushed her head against her crotch and exploded in orgasmic ecstasy.

Fully satisfied Mia peeled herself out of Julia’s grip and then pulled up her sweats. She slinked over to the chair and said, “Thanks for that wonderful experience. I am so hungry now I could eat a pig. Don’t worry, you’re safe. Unfortunately I guess now would be the time to have our discussion. Julia, I’m leaving you. It was fun, don’t get me wrong, but I got promoted and I am going to the corporate office, and up there I am going to need to keep my options open. I know we had a commitment but it’s not like we were really serious right?”

All Julia could do is groan as the food in her enormous belly pulled her back down onto the carpet. “It’s not too far away but far enough that I am moving apartments. You’re going to have to be out of my apartment in a week as well, so I took the liberty of calling your mom. I know this might be shocking to you, such short notice and all, but I know about your little deal with Diane, and you know how crazy I get when my girls try to stray, that’s why that skinny slut Natasha and I never worked out, and the reason I’m not 500 pounds too. I guess this is just a little pay back. Well there is really nothing little about it, or you now. I may have gotten a little out of control, but I am sure in a few weeks you will look back on the last three months and laugh and laugh. Remembering the good times when you could see your feet, or walk, or reach your belly button. Remember when I had you hold my belly and then my breasts? And how you would easily take my larger belly if you got my breasts? Well piggy, you still don’t have my breasts, and your belly is more than twice as fat! HA HA HA! Well Jewels, I got to get going, the store is about to open and that cow Jenny is going to be here any second. Again, it was great feeding you and watching you get so big and fat, but I have just got to go. Ta Ta!”

And with that Mia left the store leaving Julia naked with five naked models sleeping around her girth. She was ashamed Mia had been able to trick her, but far too full to do anything but groan…for now.

Story continued in post 33
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Mmm… I’m not at all sure about this.
While I’m besotted by the possibility of women getting up to 500 and beyond, the WG here is being dished out by Mia as punishment.
My sympathies are always with those gloriously sensual creatures of the southern Mediterranean, so I’m really upset at poor Julia Luisa Gonzales Lopez being so cruelly duped by the obnoxious Mia.
If anyone deserves their come-uppance in this (now rather repetitive) saga it has got to be the top heavy Mia.
May I suggest de-fenestration at the corporate HQ?
“When I grow up,” she said, “I want my boobs to be as big as yours, daddy.”
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Just to note. This isn't may story. I'm migrating it from the curvage forums. So I don't have any control over the story.
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I love it! Please don't stop it now!
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Chapter 17 Part 1

Jenny found the girls still passed out when she got in, and with the help of the other five they got Julia into her car. She gave Julia a few days off to get out of Mia’s apartment and said if she needed any help to give her a call. Fatter girls need to stick together she told her, so Julia drove home, waddled to her bedroom and passed out.

She awoke to the smell of eggs and spicy sausages cooking. She looked at the clock and it was already 2:00 PM. She heard her mom talking to someone, but wasn’t sure who that was. She managed to roll her girth over to the side of the bed. The king size bed groaned under the weight as she sat up, spreading her thighs as far a part as possible so that her belly could roll over the edge.

“Oh girl, you are huge,” she said as she looked down at her still swollen belly. “Time to go show Mom,” she sighed. She placed her hands in the base of her back and slowly rose from the bed, keeping her belly thrust out. She walked over to her dresser and found a pink Juicy t-shirt that just barely covered her unsupported breasts. It was one of her older shirts and the most comfortable one she had. She then pulled on her grey VL branded sweat shorts, which her belly spilled over the front and only held in the top half of her enormous booty. She slowly waddled into the kitchen where she could hear her mom and smell her mom’s fattening cooking.

“Morning, Mom,” yawned Julia as she waddled towards the table laden with freshly cooked sausages, tamales, burritos, eggs, and Mexican pastries. “I see you made yourself at home in my kitchen.”

“Julia is that you?! I don’t think I cooked enough!” laughed her mom.

“Oh, you are so the fat one now! Maria is skinny compared to you. I can’t wait to tell her the skinny middle sister got fat!” cried her baby sister Valerie.

“I knew you were finally putting on weight, but you are almost as fat as Aunt Catherine! Well come on and sit down, a girl your size must be hungry,” said her mom.

“I’m not that fat, Aunt Catherine is huge!” cried Julia as she lowered her bulk down onto a chair. Her ass and thighs bulged over the sides of the chair and she had to lean forward onto her elbows in order to squeeze her belly’s girth beneath the table. Her bosom swelled out onto the table bulging up between her arms. She was still full from last night, but with all of her mom’s excellent cooking laid out on the table she couldn’t stop herself from filling up her plate and digging in.

“Well, it’s not like I’m the only girl to put on a few pounds. Looks like college is agreeing with you baby sister,” said Julia.

Valerie was still 18, and was beginning her second semester at college. Julia was 19, and her older sister Maria was now 21. Her mom had met their dad and become pregnant with Maria at 16. She was now 37 and had been divorced from their dad for the last 15 years. She had spent her time taking care of her three daughters and running a restaurant through which she had caused the waistlines of many to grow rounder and thicker. She loved to feed people and because of that, her daughters had all been chubby growing up.

Around the time of entering junior high school, they became involved in sports and lost most of the extra pounds they had gained from their mom’s cooking. Maria was on the soccer team in High School, but never got below 150 pounds. At 5’3” she wasn’t fat but she had big thick athletic thighs and a prominent round butt.

After High School, she started working for her mom full time at the restaurant and gained 80 pounds in one year. She went from short and thick, to short and fat, and never stopped gaining. Now at 21, she was 420 pounds and worked in the back of her mother’s restaurant managing the finances. Valerie who was 5’5” ran cross-country throughout High School and stayed at a skinny 110 pounds. After a semester of college, no real exercise and lots of late night binging with her softball-playing roommate, she had gained 60 pounds of curve expanding soft wobbly flesh.

Julia’s mom, Grace, certainly enjoyed her own cooking and her 37-year-old body now carried 250 pounds. She was 5’4” and had always been a voluptuous girl, but had hovered around 200 pounds for years. Once Julia and then Valerie left the house she had less people to feed and had started putting on weight. She had been single for a number of years and was always trying to catch a gentleman’s eye, so she always wore tight low cut revealing blouses and tight body hugging skirts and pants. Today she was wearing her medium length dark brown hair down, a white tank top that hugged her body, a pair of tight jeans, and flip-flop sandals.

“Mom’s getting fatter too,” retorted Valerie.

“Well, Mom’s always been plump, but you used to be skinny,” said Julia. “I guess that is our family’s curse though. Now what are you, 170 pounds wearing a 32F-cup? Oh, and you definitely have our ass. That’s gotten big, and you have only been out of the house for six months.”

Valerie stood up revealing her shapely form. She had short light brown hair with blond highlights pulled back in two tiny pigtails. She had strawberry lip-gloss on her plump lips, which were fuller than Julia’s and maybe even plumper than Mia’s. She had a fine bone structure like her sisters and had a very trim upper body. She had a flat belly and plump love handles, just like her sister Julia used to have, with plump spherical f-cup breasts.

Now that her baby sister was gaining weight, Julia could tell that while her breasts were big she was going to be even more bottom heavy than her. On top she was wearing a white baby t-shirt that hugged her full bosom and upper body to the bottom of her rib cage. Her butt swelled out behind her like two gravity-defying basketballs and her hips were thick and wide. She was wearing tiny pink sweat shorts that allowed her globular cheeks to poke out the bottom. On her feet, she was wearing pink flip-flop sandals.

“I guess you might have a point, these used to be big on me a month ago,” said Valerie. “Now they are little more revealing than I like,” she said with a wink. “My roommate gave them to me when they got too big on her, she is working out all the time trying to trim down for softball, but she eats like a pig and I might have picked up a few bad habits this semester.”

“Well, I am just glad you finally learned to enjoy your food, you two were always so skinny. It was embarrassing as a restaurateur to have skinny kids. Anyone ready for seconds?” asked Grace.

Both girls replied yes and continued to eat as their mom cooked. Eventually Valerie stopped feeding, but Julia’s capacity had grown so much over the last three months that she ate four times as much as Valerie, much to her mom’s delight. The only reason she stopped eating was because her family was there to help her pack and they needed to start. The women packed up Julia’s things and moved all of the light stuff into their cars. The rest of her items the movers would have to grab, but during the packing Julia found out something interesting about her ex-boyfriend Juan.

Julia was sitting on the floor of her bedroom with her legs spread out allowing her belly to bulge onto the carpet swelling past her knees, while she folded her under garments, the ones that would still fit or ones that she had just recently outgrown for she planned on loosing some weight and fitting back into them. Her sister Valerie was pulling all the clothes out of her closet and identifying the ones that might fit her, Julia, or her oldest sister, and throwing the rest out.

“So guess who I saw in the mall the other day?” asked Valerie as she squeezed into a pair of one of Julia’s favourite white linen pants from three months ago.


“Juan and his new girlfriend Ashley,” she said as she looked over her shoulder in the mirror at her voluptuous rump filling out her sister’s pants.


“Yeah the girl from my graduating class, you know blond, short, skinny, real cute but not that bright,” said Valerie as she started to peel them back off.

“Oh yeah, she was cute, for a skinny white girl,” said Julia.

“Well, she isn’t quite so skinny now, but Juan, that’s another story. He has gotten soooo fat!”

“What? Really? He was always so skinny.”

“Oh yeah, he’s fat. I caught them heading into the large men’s store. I heard Ashley’s silly high-pitched giggle when I was walking through the mall and noticed a short light blond haired voluptuous woman walking with a little bottom heavy round man. It was her, but she had some new additions and had filled out a bit since High School,” said Valerie as she clutched her breasts, emphasizing her point.

Ashley was wearing a tight white, collared, fitted button up blouse with no bra that was open all the way to just beneath her breasts. She was clearly showing off her new purchases. She had super tight black slacks on with four-inch black stiletto heels. Her light blond hair was up in a clip and she had on some big tacky gold earrings.

“Ashley is that you?” I asked.

“Valerie? Is that you? Hi!” she squealed as she bounced over to me and threw her arms around me pressing her enhanced bosom against mine. I was wearing sandals, my cute pink sweat pants, and my little pink hooded sweatshirt that zips up and a way to tight white tank top that the girls were bursting out of.

“You’ve changed a lot too girl. You’ve really, um, blossomed,” I grinned as I stared at her newly inflated breasts.

“I have an office full of growing executive assistants who are always bringing in food to blame for my bigger ass, but I got these on my own. I like so have to compete with the other girls in the office you know. I barely squeeze into a 32 G-cup now, but I might have to go bigger,” she said with a grin. “With all the food that is brought in I have some how put on like 40 pounds. Can you believe it? I was so skinny in high school,” she whispered.

“Trust me I know, my roommate is the same way, and now it’s rubbing off on me. By the way is that Julia’s Juan?” I asked.

“Well he’s my Juan now, but yeah,” sneered Ashley as she folded her arms beneath her voluminous breasts.

“Oh, he is fat,” I whispered to her, “Hi Juan, it’s me Valerie, you know Julia’s little sister,” I said as I waved to him.

You know how short Juan is, 5’6” at most, and he was wearing a dark suit with a white button up and a red tie. I could tell the jacket no longer buttoned around his belly and there were gaps between the buttons of his white shirt. He wasn’t wearing a belt and his pants looked skin tight over his rotund rump. I slipped my arms around him after he waddled over and gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek. I left one arm around him, patted his round belly with the other.

“Looks like they are feeding you well over at the law firm,” I teased.

“Maybe a little bit, all the executive assistants constantly bring in tons of food, I think its on some partner’s expense account, and then the girls love going out for big fancy late night meals,” replied Juan.

“We girls might be partially to blame,” she said with a wink, “I just like to keep my executive happy, puddin pop.”

“Yes, well now I need to buy some new clothes, and looks like you may need to pick some up as well,” he grinned as he patted my ass.

“Maybe, I don’t know. I like the way my ass looks in these sweats though, what do you think?” I asked as I turned around thrust my ass out towards him. I was looking back at him biting my finger giving him the cutest look possible.

“You flirted with my ex!” cried Julia.

“Just a little bit, well just a little bit at first,” said Valerie as she pulled on an outgrown sweatshirt of Julia’s, “He is just so cute now with his round belly and plump bottom, I couldn’t help myself. Besides you broke up with him remember?”

“O.K., continue with your story,” sighed Julia.

“Ashley said something like…”

“Your ass is like way too big and fat. You really need some plus sizes to cover that thing. Now stop flirting with my boss,” said Ashley as she slapped my ass.

“Oh be nice, Ashley, it’s not her fault I am so good looking. Once I started growing this belly, the girls just can’t seem to keep their hands off me,” said Juan with huge grin.

“It’s so true, I can’t believe it, but I have to fight the girls at the office to keep them from my boss,” replied Ashley as she slunk up to Juan and possessively wrapped her arms around him.

I wasn’t done flirting with him so I slipped my hands onto the sides of his belly and said, “Oh I can see why, its soooo big. I just love big things,” as I pulled myself against him. “So how much have you gained, Juanito?”

“Well, um ah, I guess I am not really sure. It’s been a while since I have been on a scale,” he said, “But back when I was dating your sister I weighed around 160, and the last time I checked I was just over 240,” he replied.

“Well it looks great on you, and if you ever want to date another Lopez girl just let me know,” I said with a wink.

“That might be fun Valerie, oh and how is Julia doing?”

“He asked about me?” said Julia excitedly.

“Yep. I told him you were still working at VL, dating your boss, and had gotten even fatter. I just didn’t know how fat you had gotten,” giggled Valerie as she poked Julia’s belly with her toe.

Julia tried to swat her foot away but missed as she leaned forward into the massive bulging flesh of her breasts and belly.

“What’s the matter, fatty? Too fat to reach your belly?” teased Valerie as she continued poking her sister in the belly.

“Stop it!” she cried as she tried blocking Valerie’s toes from poking her belly. Julia had her arms wrapped around her girth and was barely able to block Valerie’s wiggling toes.

“O.K., but only because I am getting so many of your outfits, and you can still sorta reach, but after Mom gets through with you, you definitely won’t be able to.”

“I’m going on a diet, once I get moved in, you’ll see. Now on with your ridiculous gossip.”

“OK, OK, so Ashley said as she started to pull Juan away from me…..”

“Juan we need to get you some new clothes. Now say good bye to Valerie and let’s go.”

“Oh but I haven’t seen little Juanito in like forever, and I would just love to get reacquainted. Don’t you want to get reacquainted Juan?” I asked as I squeezed his belly and pressed my breasts under his chin.

“Um, yeah, I guess I would like that. Sure,” he said as looked into my cleavage.

“Whatever,” said Ashley as she rolled her eyes, “Juan we need to get you back to the office soon, so you two will have to catch up while we shop.”

The three of us went in to the store, we talked about this and that while Ashley picked out his suits. She was having a lot of fun dressing him and telling him what do do. Finally, the time had come for him to try on the new clothes. One of the pants didn’t fit so he sent Ashley back for another size. That’s when I made my move. I snuck into the dressing room and he must have assumed it was Ashley because he didn’t turn around. His back was to me and he was only wearing his skintight boxers. I slipped my arms around his belly, pressed myself against him, and whispered, “So this is what it looks like.”

He spun around shocked to see me instead of Ashley. “What, what are you doing in here?” he stuttered.

I slid the lock on the door shut so Ashley couldn’t barge in. “Oh I hope I’m not embarrassing you. I just had to see this for myself. It’s just…so….BIG,” I breathed as I pushed my body against his belly and began to rub and squeeze it.

“You, um, can’t be in here,” he said.

“Sure I can big boy, you just can’t say anything about it. Ashley would be so jealous,” I teased with a mischievous grin, “But I don’t think you really want me to leave do you?” I said as my hands slid over his fat belly, down into the front of his boxers and pulled out his engorged member.


“I didn’t think so gordo,” I grinned as I started massaging him. “I always thought you were cute, but you were with Julia. Now we don’t have that problem.”

“Un uh,” was all he could get out as I continued pleasuring him.

“Here’s the pants, honey,” chimed Ashley as she pulled on the door. “Hey the door is locked.”

I put my finger to my lips shushing him, while I continued to pleasure him.

“Um, uh, uh, just toss them over the door, Ash,” he replied.

“O.K., here you go. Looks like Valerie left. She’s really turning into a cow isn’t she?” she said as she flopped them over the top of the dressing room door.

“Um, oh I don’t know, I thought she looked pretty good. As long as I got a few pounds on her, I think she might be fun,” he sighed as he pressed his belly against me and began to pull my sweats down.

“Her ass is enormous!”

I had turned around and was pressing my now naked bum against his belly and swollen member.

“I’ve heard enough!” cried Julia.

“Oh is my story getting to you big sister? You’re not still into him are you?”

“No. I don’t know. Maybe. We had a pretty good thing for a while, but I had to see what it would be like without him. Besides you are my sister and that’s weird,” she said in her high-pitched squeak. “Mia was fun, believe me, but I’m not sure she was worth it. I mean, Juan is making a ton of money now, clearly doesn’t mind a girl with some curves now that he has gotten fat, but Mia has turned me into such a huge blimp I would never have a chance with him,” whined Julia as she rubbed the sides of her belly.

“And you are just going to get fatter at Mom’s house,” giggled Valerie.

“I hope not, but Mom is a relentless feeder. I figured out one thing when I was with Mia. Sure I love to eat, but I love to feed people even more. Watch them get fatter and softer. I think that’s why I work at VL. Sigh, I truly am my mother’s daughter,” explained Julia. “I almost had a girl feedee, twice even. Mia was pretty easy to feed, but I had to be sneaky. Then there was a girl, Diane, who wants to get fatter but Mia found out about her and put an end to any chances I had with her. I guess I might still be attracted to him, but I would really be attracted to feeding him.”

“Oh, if you two dated again the sex would like be wild! All that blubber bouncing and wobbling. I think I might pay to see that,” laughed Valerie.

“Whatever baby sister, I have a feeling you are going to be shopping at VL very soon,” smiled Julia.

“Hmmm, maybe. Juan sure seemed to enjoy my fatter ass,” teased Valerie.
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Chapter 17 Concluded...

It took a few days and couple of trips before Julia was completely moved into her mom’s house, where she continued to enjoy massive meals and fattening treats. The corporate office promoted Gwen shortly after Mia headed to corporate and she was now a regional manager. She worked out of the corporate office and had promoted Jenny to manager to fill her spot at the store. She also promoted Julia to assistant manager, as the now over 520-pound girl was by far the fattest in the store and the best sale girl. Mandy was a little upset that she had been passed over but no one could deny Julia’s ability to sell clothes.

Weeks turned into and months and Julia continued to grow under her mom’s relentless culinary temptations. Diane had changed stores after Mia left and Julia was spending most nights at home or at her mother’s restaurant. She and Diane never spoke after the night of the final stuffing, and now with no potential dates, and no one to feed; she filled her time by working at the store and eating, and eating, and eating.

She was spending less and less time on the floor selling clothes as the mounting pounds made it harder and harder to stay on her feet. Jenny transitioned most of the office work to her, ordering the next season’s inventory, employee issues, communications to the corporate office and all financial reporting. She would spend her days in the office doing paper work, while Jenny ran the store, and almost ate continuously until it was time to go home. The other girls would drop in to chitchat and bring in food from the break room, ensuring her desk was loaded with treats from the bakery and when it was mealtime, they would order huge meals for her. Then she would go back to her mother’s house and spend her evenings eating until she fell asleep.

On weekends, she would either eat all day at home or go to the restaurant and eat with her either of her two sisters. The three months of stuffings plus another nine months of constant binging had taken a dramatic toll on her originally trim figure. It took three months of excessive stuffing for her to figure out what she wanted in a relationship, but now trapped by her swelling girth she never tried to go out and find her feedee.

It was one year after that fateful Halloween party where her belly began to take over her life. It was also one year after Tina and Kelly had made the Brigitte bet and all the girls were heading over to the Bakery for the Brigitte and Tina weigh-in. Julia hadn’t seen those two in ages and it would be great to see all the girls again. It would be her first time out in over a year and maybe she would finally meet someone she could feed.
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Chapter 18

“Where’s my favorite little stock girl?” Julia heard from the bottom of the stairs leading to her office. Gwen had come in from corporate for the big Halloween weigh-in between Brigitte and Tina and was coming by the store before heading over to the Bakery.

“Well if she wasn’t on the floor, she must be in the office Gwen,” said a husky sensual voice.

That was Mia! Mia was here with Gwen. “Oh my god, the ex is here,” thought Julia. “She going to love the new me.”

In strolled Mia and Gwen in their Halloween attire. Mia loved Halloween because she could wear one of her many mistress outfits in public and get away with it. She had clearly lost weight over the last nine months as her waist looked smaller than when they had first met. This was mostly due to the extremely tight corset that was incorporated into her black vinyl outfit, but even so, she looked thinner. She was wearing a black vinyl strapless corset that provided partial support and minimal coverage for the two girls in the form of two triangular patches of material covering the fronts of her plump breasts, black vinyl 8-inch platform thigh high boots, and black g-sting panties exposing all of her generous bottom. Her black hair was long and straight and hung partially over the sides of her face and spilled over her bountiful cleavage, across her shoulders and down her back. She was wearing a wide black vinyl choker with a small ivory skull in the center, dark red lipstick and dark black eye make-up. She was exceedingly pale now which added to her exotic beauty.

Gwen had lost a lot of weight from her previously well rounded 513-pound high. Her nine months at corporate and a year away from her feeder ex-girlfriend Kelly, the bakery owner, had allowed her to lose more than a 100 pounds. The blond 5’8” girl was wearing her hair in two pigtails and had on a cowboy hat. On top, she was wearing a red and white plaid button up blouse that she had tied up just below her still bountiful bosom exposing all of her round belly and inches of her impressive cleavage. She was wearing skintight jeans, brown leather cowboy boots, and a huge silver belt buckle that her generous belly partially obscured.

“See I told you she would be up here, sitting on her fat ass surrounded by food. Oh my, pet, you’ve really grown into your new position!” cried Mia with her hands on her waist.

“Wow, you look, um great darlin’, but I don’t think you can go out in that,” said Gwen with a leering smile.

Julia was seated behind the desk, so the two girls could only really see Julia’s expansive body from her breasts up. As the pounds mounted and the inches increased it became harder and harder to reach the desk with her belly blocking the way. To overcome her swelling belly, VL had purchased a special armless motorized chair that could raise and lower at the push of a button. It could raise high enough to put Julia in an almost standing position and lower low enough for her giant belly to squeeze under the desk. In this position, her massive bosom spread out onto the desk just touching the edge of the computer key board.

Julia had continued to gain and develop over the last nine months and the added pounds had certainly found their way to her breasts. Each breast was easily twice as big as her head and bulged at least 18 inches onto the dark wood desk. She was wearing her dark brown shoulder length hair straight and was wearing a gold snake headed circlet on the top of her head. She had on dramatic black Egyptian eye make-up and dark red lipstick. On top, she was wearing multiple gold chains and ruby colored medallions that drifted into her bountiful cleavage. She had on ruby earrings, a gold hoop through her eyebrow piercing, and tiny ruby in her left nostril. As her spectacular breasts had swelled, she had increased the gauge of her nipple piercings and her nipples were even thicker than before. Tonight she was wearing gold hoops through each nipple.

“Oh I know, I have a matching golden bra to cover the twins,” said Julia as she scooted back her chair and it began lifting her bulk to a standing position. “But I am going to need your help putting it on, its getting so hard to get dressed now a days,” she bashfully giggled.

“Good god porky, you are enormous! I knew you wouldn’t be able to lose any weight once you got over 500 pounds. Looks like all your brave and brash words proved false, just as I expected,” teased Mia with a playful clap that caused her melon size breasts to wobble and bounce.

“I knew you were not going to be pleasant about this Mia. I guess I might be a bitch too if my girlfriend started going after a younger and prettier girl,” said Julia spitefully.

“Diane might have been younger, but she was certainly not prettier! But I am not here to fight with you pet, just to say I knew you could never go back to your former size, please that’s so ridiculous, and to say,” as the statuesque raven haired beauty sexily strutted close to Julia. “Maybe I over reacted and I’m sorry. Maybe someday we can be friends again?”

“Oh I’m way over it, Mia. I’m a big girl now,” said Julia proudly.

“Oh you certainly are,” said Mia under her breath.

Once Julia was on her feet, the two girls could see the rest of her outfit. Her belly had gotten bigger and rounder over the last nine months and in a sitting position swelled out well past her knees. Once she was standing her naked belly hung to the middle of her thighs as her expansive girth had caused it to sag further down. Her belly button was at about the same height as when she was only 520 pounds, but the flesh beneath it had expanded. Her belly still stuck out further than it was wide but it was beginning to even out, and her love handles had swelled significantly to match her further ballooning hips. Residing in her belly button was a gold VL belly ball with a fake giant ruby in the center. Around her hips, she was wearing a gold colored skintight skirt. The skirt was so tight that it caused the fat from the top third of her ass and the tops of her hips to bulge over the back and sides, while her belly covered the front. The golden skirt squeezed her fleshy wobbly body all the way to her knees, where it was slit up both sides so that she could slowly waddle her way around. Further restricting her movement, the skirt reached to the ground and dragged behind her for at least a foot. On her feet, she was wearing gold lace up sandals to complete her Egyptian outfit.

While her belly had certainly increased in size over the last nine months, the rest of her body ballooned around it. For three months, Mia had stuffed her with ever expanding meals, ballooning her previously ultra-curvy hourglass figure into a round bloated ball. Now with nine months of significant overeating but only the rare extreme stuffing, her hourglass figure was returning. Her face and neck looked about as it did when she was 300 pounds, a slight double chin and slightly puffy cheeks, but her breasts had dramatically inflated and now hung well below her elbows and bulged out almost past her belly. Her arms had grown thick with fat so that her flesh bulged over her elbows and swelled around her wrists. Her Latina booty and hips had returned with a vengeance and now formed a huge shelf of fat that stuck out behind her just as far as her belly stuck out past her huge thighs. Her ass had swelled so much over the past nine months that it made her upper body look shorter as it swelled both up and out. She had huge globular ass bulging past her inflated love handles. The fat on her thighs bulged over her knees and the flesh on her lower legs bulged over her ankles. Her toes were fat and her fingers were fat, everything was covered in a mountain of blubber except for her neck and face.

She waddled to the edge of her desk and picked up a huge strapless gold bra. Her breasts swayed with each step and her belly bounced and jiggled as her thighs moved against it. Her ass bulged and wobbled against the straining skirt as she turned around to put her back to Gwen. Gwen could see the skirt was being stretched to its limits as the material hugged each cheek of Julia’s bottom all the way down to where her ass met the backs of her thighs, revealing every dimple, crease, and curve. From there the material squeezed Julia’s thigh and hip flesh so tightly that she could really only move her legs from the knees down. With her now chubby hands, Julia carefully placed each breast in the giant cups of the bra and then asked Gwen to close the six clasps in back of the bra.

As Gwen was helping cinch her up the bra, she caught sight of the bra’s tag and noticed the size. “55-ZZ? I didn’t think VL made this size!” Gwen exclaimed with a wink to Mia.

“Gwenny you should know they make this size. They even make a few that are bigger,” replied Julia. “Since I started moving ever so slightly into the more chubby sizes, you know the quadruple V size stuff, I’ve noticed a lot more of my customers have been having growth spurts. It’s like they are trying to compete with me or something. Great for business I guess. I even have a lot of customers growing into the triple V section, and one or two in the quadruple V.”

Gwen cinched the last clasp and watched Julia’s flesh bulge around the bra. The flesh of Julia’s back swelled and bulged around the back of the bra and her bosom swelled over the sides and front. Gwen thought that Jenny had put on a lot of weight since they started seeing each other regularly, but she was nowhere near as big as Julia. Gwen just couldn’t help but grab two handfuls of Julia’s love handle fat. Her thighs were pressed against Julia’s swollen booty and her belly was resting on top of Julia’s exposed butt cheeks.

“Saints alive Julia you are so big, and soft, and gorgeous now! When I first hired you I imagined you getting a big fat ass and a nice round belly, maybe growing into the 300’s, but you have really gotten heavy,” cooed Gwen as she continued squeezing Julia’s fat.

“Sigh, you are so right and the thing is I don’t know if I want to get fatter, but I just can’t stop eating,” pouted Julia as she rubbed her fat hands over her belly. “My eating is so out of control now and the girls here don’t help. They just keep bringing me more food while I am at work and my mom always makes sure the house if stuffed with food. I can’t wear sexy heels any more, and I can barely reach the key board. I out grew my car a month ago and now have to carpool with Mandy. If it wasn’t for this chair, it would take me forever just to get up. The girls have even started a pool about when I am going to reach 750!”

“Oh I might want some of that action as long as next week isn’t taken,” giggled Mia.

Julia gave her a withering glare.

“Well Julia, I think you have never looked better, in fact the reason Mia is here is because as head of our super size modeling she is in charge of finding new talent. We thought Brigitte might be interested, provided she is plump enough, but after seeing how your curves have developed; the Voluptuous Lady Corporation would really like to have you as a super size model. You’re young, super cute, and just about the right size,” said Gwen.

“It’s true Pet. I met with each of the girls in the modeling pool and while some are super size, none of them are as young or pretty as you. VL needs to attract the young customers to ensure we can keep our profits fat throughout the customers life cycle. We already know you were cute, but I wasn’t sure if you were big enough. Seeing you now, I realize your curves are going to sell a lot of clothes,” said Mia as she moved in close, leaned forward and patted Julia’s belly.

‘What do you say Julia? You can still be an assistant manager here, but every quarter you would get to do some modeling shots, make some extra money and get to keep all the clothes,” said Gwen.

“Oh I don’t know guys, I might think about trying a diet sometime in the future, so I might not be quite this big after awhile,” said Julia.

“Oh VL understands that,” said Gwen with a wink to Mia.

“Well Ok, I guess I could use the extra money to move out on my own. Now are you two ready to go see Brigitte and Tina?”

“Sure, but just so we know what size clothing to pick out for the photo shoots Pet, just how big are you?” asked Mia as she rubbed her hand over the front of Julia’s belly admiring her ex-girlfriend’s girth.

“If I tell you, you can’t enter the pool, but it’s a losing bet anyways once I start my diet.”

“Sure pet, how big?” asked Mia with a lustful grin.

“Well why don’t you two tell me your sizes first,” Julia replied.

“Oh you little, I mean huge minx. I didn’t know you still cared. Regardless, I’m still a very busty 38 S-cup, 70 total inches of plump gravity defying bosom, a trim 38 inch waist when its not cinched down, right now I might be in the mid 20’s, and voluptuous 74 inch hips. I still have a big firm round ass as you can see,” said Mia as she stuck it out and slapped it. “And I am a nicely padded 328 pounds, Gwyneth?”

“Corporate doesn’t mind if we lose a few pounds, and as you know while I like eating, I just love fat girls. My current one doesn’t mind me a little smaller,” she said as she walked in front of Julia to show off her slimmer body. “40-PP cup, 67 inch bosom, a 65 inch belly, and 80 inches of booty. I’ve lost 23 inches off this pot and I can’t believe how much easier it is to get around. I’ve lost 111 pounds and now weigh a svelte 402 pounds.”

“Wow you two have really lost some weight,” she said as she leaned back and rested her rump on the edge of the desk. The flesh from her ass bulged across the desk as her blubber spread out and hung over the sides. “And I think my ass found it all,” she said as she looked back at it and poked her chubby finger into it. “To accommodate the girls,” she said as she cupped her breasts in both hands. “The desk had to have a little extra space. This desk is 4 feet wide and look, I hang well over both sides. I could tell I had put on a couple of pounds over the months and luckily for you two, my evil sister Valerie, who is finally getting fat by the way, wanted to prove it. She measured and weighed me last night and then teased me incessantly about it. My hips now measure 120 inches around although a lot of it is my ass. My waist is 105 inches around and my breasts are 102 inches around. You already know my cup size. My thighs are 62 inches around and my calves are 32 inches around. My upper arms are 22 inches around and my belly sticks out 20 inches past my thighs. My ass sticks out just as far, but when I sit down look at how it spreads! That’s got to be almost 2 ½ feet of thick wiggly flab! And this is the really shocking part, I used to be 5’7” but now I am only 5’5”! I guess the extra pounds might have shrunk me.”

“My god, pet all your numbers are in triple digits! That’s quite a change from last year, but how much does all this bulging flesh weigh?” cooed Mia.

“Oh yeah that. It’s a little shocking but…I now weigh 690 pounds.”

“That’s 690 curvaceous money making pounds now Jewels. You have made me so proud!” replied Gwen.

“Yeah, well I cant take all the credit,” said Julia as she glared at Mia. “No one gains 442 pounds in one year by themselves.”

“I told you I was sorry, gosh! Now let’s get that huge sexy belly of yours downstairs so we can round up Mandy and go see the prize piggies at the bakery,” said Mia as turned and started to walk towards the stairs.

Julia jealously watched Mia’s naked firm ample booty bounce and sway as she walked across the office and realized why she had fallen for the tall goddess. If she wouldn’t have been so rebellious and enamored with Diane, her ass could have looked like that instead of bulging over the sides of a 4-foot wide desk and her hips rubbing against the sides of door frames. Now she weighed more than twice as much Mia and couldn’t stop gaining, it just felt so good to eat and eat, feeling the blissful pleasure as her belly swelled tighter and fuller. Oh how she wished she could catch Mia and push her down those stairs for introducing her to the beautiful bliss of a stuffed belly, but she was much to slow to catch anyone. With a large sigh, she grabbed a handful of cookies from the cookie jar on her desk, stuffed one in her mouth and began her slow lumbering waddle to the stairs. Gwen was behind her and watched as Julia held onto the railing with one hand and slowly took each step one at a time. With each step, her ass fat violently wobbled both side to side and up and down. She watched as Julia clutched her free arm against her side as her breasts bounced and shook.

“Saints alive girl, you might lose your skirt with all your bouncing. Here let me help you,” said Gwen as she put her fingers into the back of the skirt holding it up to make sure it didn’t slip any further.

“Thanks…Gwen,” huffed Julia.

Julia made it down stairs and then over to the checkout counter in the middle of the store where Mandy was finishing up with the last customer. Mia and Gwen continued on to the bakery as they didn’t want to miss any of the fun. Once she got to the counter, she lifted her belly onto the low counter to take some pressure off her feet.

“Oh hi Julia great costume!” cheered a pudgy teenage girl that Mandy had just finish checking out.

“Thanks, it was pretty…hard to find one…this year,” she huffed.

“Well it looks great see you later,” the girl responded and walked out of the store.

“That’s the last of them Julia, you ready to head over?” asked Mandy.

Mandy had stuck with the gym routine that they had talked about at the beginning of the year. She still ate a ton but her arms, chest, butt and thighs were very firm and perky, while her belly was even rounder. She loved her massive belly and loved seeing it grow. While her belly was bigger, she was more mobile than last year and consequently wore tall heels each day. She was only 5’0”, but she was wearing six-inch platform heeled green thigh high leather boots, making her just slightly taller than Julia. She had on a green string bikini top and bottom and had died her hair green. Her hair was styled up off her shoulders and had vines weaved into it. She had on green eye shadow and orange lipstick, but the focus of her costume was her huge orange painted belly, painted to look like a Jack-o-lantern.

“Almost, let me catch my breath for a bit,” Julia replied as she rested her belly and her hands on the counter top.

“Oh honey, you really need to come to the gym with me and try to loose some of that weight. Look, my belly swells all the way over the counter top, but I don’t have to rest it on it. That’s 30 inches of fat belly bulge sticking out in front of me and I can carry it just fine,” said Mandy rubbing her hands underneath her belly.
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18 continued....

Mandy had lost a little weight over the year but had added more than 20 inches to her already bloated waistline. She now measured 50-92-60 and weighed 377 pounds. Her thighs were thick and muscular and her booty was firm, round and solid. Her arms were toned and her breasts were pert and spherical. She looked like she was massively pregnant as her bloated belly swelled out defying gravity. Her belly was so big that it forced her breasts up almost to her chin, and swelled down to the tops of her thighs. When she bent over her belly would hang almost to her ankles. She was trying to get fat enough so that her belly would rest on her feet when she was standing. It was a goal she was having a hard time obtaining while still trying to keep her bosom and ass small, well at least not giant sized.

“That’s easy for you to say, you lost 10 pounds this year, while I gained 442,” whined Julia.

“Jewels you had plenty of chances to say no to Mia or even go to the gym with me, but you just keeping right on feed that belly. On the plus side at least you are an assistant manager,” said Mandy with a slightly jealous smile “Last year I was one cup size bigger than you, double j cup. You remember right? Now I am a 38 h-cup, and you are what double Z? You grew this body yourself, while I trimmed and formed mine. So yeah it is easy for me to say that I can carry it just fine, but if you worked at it, you might be able to too.”

“You might be right. I should try to stop, but it feels so good when I eat,” she said as she rubbed her expansive belly. “All the food from the bakery is so yummy and I almost never get full, so I can just keep eating and eating. And I guess it sorta reminds me of when Mia was around. You know, feeding me, the food filling up my belly, making it tighter and bigger, the pressure increasing my pleasure to ever increasing heights. I just want to eat and eat. That last thing I want to do is go to the gym when I can just sit and feed,” sighed Julia with her plump bottom lip puffed out.

“Oh my Julia, I should have realized that you might be one of the girls who was addicted. Watching you balloon uncontrollably should have been a pretty clear sign. There are plenty of reasons why we eat, some of us like to eat just so we can get bigger, some like to eat because it just tastes good and makes us happy, but then there are those of us who enjoy eating on an erotic level. There is clearly a few of those around here, but it’s those girls who get addicted. Natasha, or Tasha, my ex-girlfriend is one of those. She thought she could live vicariously through Mia, and then me, but eventually she broke down and started eating, and eating, and eating. It’s going to be hard to brake your addiction, but maybe if you were seeing someone again it might help. I bet there is going to be a lot of hot girl talent at the bakery maybe you could find someone new?” said Mandy as she walked around the counter and grabbed Julia’s hand.

“It would be great to be with someone again, but I’m not quite sure I am ready to start exercising and stop eating, I think I could stand a few more pounds, maybe? Well whatever, that’s pretty exciting news, about you being back on the market,” said Julia with a wink.

“Yeah, Tasha was great, don’t get me wrong, its just I may have rubbed off on her a little too much,” said Mandy as she began leading the almost 700 pound girl out of the store.

“It’s too bad your tastes don’t run to the bigger girls, you would have them lining up,” said Julia as she waddled behind Mandy’s now perfectly firm and spherical bottom.

“Ya really, but it wasn’t just that she was getting fat. Well Tasha loves the fatties as you know, and her roommate Brianna started to grow a little belly. I didn’t think anything of it at first but then that belly turned into a pot, then into a Buddha, and then before I knew it Brianna was modeling for us. Mia had hired her,” said Mandy.

“Tasha was feeding her too? That’s awful, but that sort of thing can happen,” said Julia thinking about her tryst with Diane.

“Once she got over 150, I had to break it off. You know my no fatties policy. I guess that’s the problem of being a feeder, eventually you start to feed yourself,” said Mandy.

“Wow, she was always so skinny, but it does happen to the best of us,” said Julia with a knowing smile.

“It sure does, but if it is any consolation, if I was going to be with a fat girl, I would want it to be you,” said Mandy as she looked back over her shoulder at Julia’s wobbling fleshy body.

Just as Julia was about to take the conversation further, Mandy’s cell phone rang and it was Jenny telling her to hurry up and get Julia’s fat ass over to the bakery. Everyone was there except for her and Julia. Julia sighed and continued her ponderous waddle out of the mall and then across the parking lot. They had to stop a multiple times but eventually the two girls made it to bakery.

It had been many months since Julia had made it over to the bakery and she found that her hips now rubbed against even the bakery’s door frame as she waddled in. God she was fat, she thought. The entire group of ladies were there, all chitchatting in their Halloween costumes, waiting for Mandy and Julia to show up, with tons of baked goods were spread about the room. Out of breath, she quickly plopped down onto a chair at one of the bakery’s few tables. The bakery was designed to accommodate the larger customers, but with Julia’s colossal ass, inches of booty and hip fat swelled over both sides. Her belly rested on her lap bulging over her thighs, supported by the straining skirt. She couldn’t spread her thighs apart due to the tightness of the skirt so her belly was trapped between her bosom and her jumbo thighs. Her belly swelled out past her knees and caused her breasts to swell up almost touching her chin. Exhausted from her slow waddle over, she was resting her arms against her body and her elbows were poking into the shelf of fat that was her love handles, while her hands slowly smoothed out her skirt over her bloated thighs. Her bulk was so massive that leaning over her belly and breasts was impossible, but it created a nice pillowy mass to lean against as she recovered her energy. She was going to need something to eat to recover her strength, they need to get this weigh-in over with.

“Hey Julia! Oh I am so glad you made it, it’s so good to see you!” squealed Kate.

Kate was Jenny’s roommate in college and had been dating Sara until she found out about her cheating with Tina. She had moved into her own place and had evidently started loosing weight. Was everyone but Julia loosing weight? Mia, Gwen, Mandy, and now Kate! Well at least Brigitte was still getting fatter, and hopefully so was Tina.

When the truth came out about Tina cheating with Sara most of the girls choose sides. Jenny had been dating Tina at the time and Tina had conspired to fatten up the voluptuous southern beauty. When Jenny grew a huge ass and big breasts, Tina started to loose interest, but by then Jenny had already gained 100’s of pounds of fat. At that point, Tina rekindled her affair with her old girlfriend Sara.

Tina loved big bellies and Sara gained a lot of her weight in her belly and breasts. Since Tina had already proven that Sara could grow a beautiful belly, she started seeing and feeding her on the side, which caused the inevitable break up between Kate and Sara and then ultimately, between Jenny and Tina. Sure everyone was civil, they had to maintain some level of friendship, mostly because Jenny and Kate still wanted the treats from the bakery, and Sara and Tina still needed to be able to shop at VL, but in private there were hopes that Tina could some day be repaid for what she did to Jenny and Kate.

This bet may be the opportunity that both Kate and Jenny had waited for, as they knew what would be in store for Tina if she lost. Tina was a devious feeder, almost as devious as Kelly, the bakery owner and her boss. Julia was removed from the whole thing, but she liked Jenny, and Kate was a close friend of Jenny’s, so she should want Tina to loose, or more to the point, gain under Kelly’s control.

But she was also friends with Gwen, who had swelled to over 500 pounds under Kelly’s devious manipulation so if Tina won then Kelly would finally get the fattening she deserved. Either way, someone was about to get a lot fatter after this weigh-in.

Kate bent down and threw her arms around Julia pressing her belly against Julia’s and squeezing Julia’s bulging bosom into Julia’s face. “You just look amazing! The girls have gotten so big,” said Kate lustfully as she looked down into Julia’s bulging cleavage.

Kate had always had a small bosom, even when she weighed nearly 360 pounds she barely had a C-cup, now at 275 pounds she had shrunk down to an A-cup. She was always envious of Jenny’s swelling bosom and lusted after busty women with a passion, which was why she had started dating Sara. Now that she was single, she had lost some of the weight she had put on with Sara and was completely flat chested. When she saw the 690 pound Julia walk in with the biggest breasts she had ever seen, she was instantly enraptured.

“You should see how big the twins back here have gotten,” giggled Julia as she looked over her shoulder and poked a finely manicured fingernail into her rump flesh.

“Oh they have gotten big,” said Kate as she squeezed Julia’s bosom harder in an effort to peer over Julia’s shoulders at her fat ass. “That’s my problem area too. It’s like once the pounds go there they don’t want to leave,” she said as she released Julia and spun around displaying her wide and bubbly bottom.

‘I’ve lost 83 pounds, six inches off my already small bosom, 20 inches off my belly and only seven inches off my ass,” she said.

Kate was wearing a skintight cotton brown and white squirrel costume with brown leggings and white puffy hands and feet, with her light blond hair in two pigtails and she had squirrel ears on her head. The bottom of the costume was for a much smaller girl so the costume had virtually turned into a thong.

“Well maybe you should stop trying to lose weight and grow some of your boobies back?” teased Julia.

“Yeah right, I wish. Hey, I heard you added some jewelery to the girls. Can I see?” asked Kate.

“Well I would have to take my bra off to show you and I can barely reach the back. It’s really quite an ordeal when you get to be my size,” replied Julia.

“Oh I could help you with that,” said Kate as she walked behind Julia.

“Well, Oh, um, I guess it is just us girls here so why not,” giggled Julia nervously as she felt Kate’s tiny fingers wasting no time undoing the backing of her bra.

With each hook that popped open against the straining bra her breasts wobbled and bulged further to the sides of her belly. Once all the hooks had popped open, her breasts rolled completely to the side of her enormous belly. Julia watched as Kate tossed her bra onto the table next to her.

“Oh my god, your nipples are so fat and they even point slightly up,” cooed Kate.

“I know, it’s the hoop piercing, it makes them get thick and they are so sensitive now. It makes me want to play with them,” said Julia as pulled on both hoops. “Ooooh,” she cooed.

“Oh, please, please let me play with them,” Kate begged.

“Not here Kate, I’m not that kind of girl, but if you take me home….”

“Oh I think I can do that,” said Kate as she rubbed the huge girl’s soft shoulders. “But what about your car?”

“Yeah, about that, I um sorta out grew my car a month ago so now my sister or sometimes Mandy drives me around,” said Julia embarrassedly.

“What do you mean you out grew your car?”

“Well even with the seat all the way back, my belly and breasts bulge against the wheel. And I really couldn’t get the door to shut anymore against my hips. But I can normally squeeze myself into the back seat,” she explained.

“Oh really… Well that will make it even easier then,” said Kate with a devilish grin.

Now that all the ladies were there Kelly, the Bakery owner, bet maker, and wide bottomed beauty that she was, called all the girls into the back of the Bakery. There were 11 girls, arguably the prettiest in town, and few of them were also the fattest. Once they were in the back, Kelly began her speech. She was wearing a white lace apron that covered the front of her breasts and reached to just about the bottom of her soft jiggly belly, white four-inch heels, a tall white chef’s hat and a white thong. It was very sexy and revealing for the light blonde-haired, 5’4”, 27 year old and she could tell that even her X, Gwen, was appreciating the view. She had continued to gain weight over the year, and had added several inches to her belly and hips, with only a modest growth in her bosom.

“Alright ladies, my team of bakers has made enough delectable goodies that everyone should be able to get their fill, even some of you more robust ladies, but before you start gobbling up the Halloween treats, you all have to get on the scale. For those with heavier costumes, please strip down to your essentials so that we can know your true weight. Once you are weighed you can begin to indulge.”

Julia wondered how Kelly and Tina were going to get Brigitte to weigh herself without knowing why. It seemed as though everyone knew about the bet except for poor Brigitte.

“Now who wants to go first?” asked Kelly.

“I’ll start Kelly,” replied Mia as she unzipped her corset.

The tall raven-haired girl mounted the scale and the dial spun to rest on 328 pounds. Then Gwen strutted up, 402 pounds. Kate managed to slip out of her squirrel costume and mount the scale, 275 pounds. Mandy waddled up next causing the scale to spin to 377 pounds. At this point, the hostess decided it was her time and pealed off every stitch of clothing. Kelly weighed an impressive 390 pounds. It was clear to the girls watching that the short blond 27-year-old girl had grown a bigger belly and a bigger booty than her ex-girlfriend Gwen, even if Gwen still out weighed her by 12 pounds. Her business had enabled the feeder to fatten all of the girls here, and now it appeared that she was enjoying the affects as well. Her massive bubble ass now stretched the tape to 87 inches, her round belly now bulged out to 67 inches and her plump breasts now were 52 inches or a 44 F-cup. She was growing more and more bottom heavy and the other girls in the room enjoyed seeing her display her soft succulent ever expanding flesh.

Gwen was struggling to get back into her skintight jeans and cowgirl outfit when she said, “Now its time for my cattle to weigh in. Get up there y’all.”

Jenny and Brigitte had decided to go with a matching costume and fit in with Gwen’s cowgirl theme. Jenny strutted up first to the scale to weigh in. She had highlighted her long thick dark blond hair and had it pulled back into two pigtails with her bangs loose and wrapped behind her ears. She had a headband on with small cow horns and a cowbell choker around her neck. Her full plump lips were colored with a light shade of pink and she had a gold nose ring. Her enormous spherical melons, second in size only to Julia, were squeezed together and supported by a black and white cow pattern 51 TT-cup (86 inches) bikini top. Her breasts rested on top of her spherical and very prominent 78-inch naked Buddha, that bulged out many inches past her bloated thighs and hung well past her cookie. Her waistline wasn’t wide as much as it was deep, similar in shape to Julia’s but much firmer and rounder, creating a dramatic contrast to her now huge thighs and hips. Her ass had continued to swell behind her, growing rounder and bubblier until it had formed a deep shelf of fat on which she could balance plates. Her thighs swelled many inches over the last year thanks to Gwen’s feedings and now measured 58-inches around, causing her hips and bubble butt to measure 100 inches. The flesh from her fat thighs bulged over her knees and her calves had grown to be 28 inches around. Her upper arms were now 30 inches around, with inches of sagging flesh bulging over her elbows. She was wearing a black and white cow pattern g-string thong that had rubber udders attached in the front that hung beneath her massive belly. On her still dainty feet, she was wearing black and white cow pattern six-inch ballet boots, which forced her to balance her immense girth on a spike heel and the tips of her toes. This created the impression that she had hoofs, but made her massively fleshy body wobble and bounce with each precarious step. She had continued to work on the floor of the store so she was used to carrying her girth, but she couldn’t walk very far with these boots on. Once she had mounted the scale the dial spun wildly to land on 533 pounds, she had gained 113 pounds this year while Gwen had lost 111 pounds.

“Oh my lord Gwen, I am 131 pounds fatter than you now. I’m huge!” cried Jenny with a bright smile.

“Yes sugah you sure are. Now get over here and stop hogging the scale. It’s big B’s turn,” scolded Gwen.

Brigitte had ballooned over the last two years and her once firm and trim 110 pound 5’7” body was covered with layers of bulging flesh. While Jenny had gained nearly as much, she had remained active and carried her considerable girth in a shapely and firm figure. Brigitte on the other hand, had always known a life of leisure and hated to exercise. As the pounds piled on, she grew lazier and less mobile. The less she moved the more she swelled. With virtually no muscle to support her girth, her young flesh had begun to succumb to the demands of gravity, instead of mirroring Jenny’s hyper-voluptuous exaggerated Barbie doll shape. She still had her small bone structure so her neck was thin and while her cheeks were fuller, she barely had a double chin. She had dyed her light blond short hair dark red and was wearing dark eye make-up with dark red lipstick. She had on the cowbell choker and the headband with the small cow horns and a bikini top and bottom, including the udders, matching Jenny’s costume. Unfortunately, she could not wear the exotic boots that Jenny had on, so she was wearing black ballet slippers. Brigitte’s small frame kept her upper torso narrower which gave her a 48 P-cup bra size bosom (74-inches) which sagged onto the top roll of her now 80 inch belly. Her belly did not balloon out as Jenny’s did; instead, it built up to its girth with three escalating rolls. The top roll bulged out below her breasts but from the front was obscured by her sagging bosom. The second roll swelled out past her bosom and formed a crease right at her belly button that followed around to define the top edge of her colossally thick love handles. The bottom roll swelled out even further and sagged down to the middle of her thighs, obscuring her costume’s udders almost completely. Her huge wide hips and thunder thighs dwarfed her wide fleshy love handles, and her widening belly rolls and love handles had over grown her once prominent self like rump. Instead of swelling out behind her, it had grown wider and softer giving her a much wider and even more pear like shape than Jenny. Her hips now measured 102 inches around and were covered in cellulite. Her bloated thighs bulged over her knees, and her bloated calves swelled the flesh around her ankles so that they sagged onto her puffy feet. Her upper arms had grown but not as much as her thighs and while flesh still bulged over her elbows and she had creases at her wrists and tiny chubby fingers, her upper arms measured a puffy 23 inches around. Much smaller than Jenny’s.
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18 continued...

Her labored breathing could be heard as she slowly waddled up to the scale while she clutched her belly trying to lift some of her girth off her thighs so that she could step up onto it. Once in place her flesh wobbled and jiggled as the scale spun wildly to land on 513 pounds.

“Only 20 pounds to go before I am as big as you Jenny!” squeaked Brigitte in her high-pitched voice. “Oh and I might just gain it all tonight,” she said with a wink. “Kelly can I eat now?”

“You sure can dear, eat all you want,” she replied.

The pretty and now barely mobile Brigitte wobbled off the scale towards the front of the store and to all of the goodies.

There was only four girls left to weigh within the group or colossal cuties, and the others were anxiously awaiting Tina’s appearance on the scale. Julia was getting tired of standing around waiting for the others to get up on the scale so with the help of an oh so excited Kate, she slipped out of her extremely tight skirt and began her slow waddle to the scale.

She could hear some of the other girl’s whispers as she mounted the scale, “Oh my god she is so fat! She can barely move. Well she moves better than Brigitte does at least. Oh, I have to get with her. I have to feed her. That’s what she gets for trying to cheat on Mia. A few hundred more pounds and she will be perfect. I bet next year either Kelly or Tina is going to be even bigger.”

Julia wasn’t sure who said what but it seemed that she had more than one admirer within the group of girls and hopefully Mia could hear their approvals as well. With a beaming smile, she watched the dial spin wildly to finally rest on the weight she already new, 690 pounds.

“Very impressive Julia, you clearly are the heaviest here. Then again Tina still needs to get on the scale,” giggled Kelly.

“I kinda out did myself this year. Hopefully I won't be the fattest next year,” said Julia as she began to waddle back to her place in the circle of fatties.

Julia noticed that both Sara and Tina were missing from the circle, in fact she hadn’t even seen them in the store. At that moment, the door from the office burst open and a short amazingly curvy blond girl started to strut into the room holding two black leather leashes attached to the necks of the missing pair.

“Oh boy, looks like she decided to show up,” moaned Mandy.

Mandy was referring to Tasha, her ex-girl friend, the previously super skinny short model that years ago dated Mia and started her down the fat lane. If Mandy didn’t like fatties, as she claimed, then it was a good idea for Mandy to break up with her, as the 4’11” model was now considerably more voluptuous. The gorgeous blond had her long thick blond hair swept up in an intricate style adding several inches to her height. She had on dark mascara and dark red lipstick. She had on large gold hoop earrings and multiple gold band necklaces that fit snugly around her neck from the base of her throat to her chin. On top, she was wearing a dark red leather long sleeve skintight blouse which the bottom of barely covered her areolas, exposing the bottom half of her now quite substantial 32 k-cup size naked breasts. Her tiny frame now bore firm plump spherical breasts that were larger than her head and bulged down to her elbows. Her arms were thin and her hands small and dainty. Her fingernails were more than an inch long, speaking to her pampered lifestyle, and had flawless black polish on them. She was wearing 7-inch platform spiked heeled dark red leather boots that reached to the middle of her calves and a matching pair of skintight leather pants that just barely covered her cookie and only contained half of her now generously padded spherical bottom. Her tiny frame retained its narrow waist and trim upper body giving her only a 26-inch waistline and a very slight lower belly bulge. From her flat belly button, her love handles swelled dramatically to her wide hips and prominent rump. Her hips now measured 50-inches around and her thighs were easily as thick as her waist but her legs rapidly narrowed to tiny ankles. With each proud step, her breasts bounced and wobbled and her ass jiggled and shook. She was now the most gorgeous and voluptuous girl in the room and even Mia was jealous of her wasp-waisted figure.

“Good evening ladies, you are all looking so delicious. I know you all are looking forward to my two treats for the evening weighing in, but treats have to wait for their mistress,” said Tasha as she stepped on the scale. “Only 182 pounds, I was hoping for at least 190,” she said as she cupped her breasts and puffed out her lower lip. “Oh well, your turn Sara.”

Sara was Tina’s current girlfriend, the ex-stripper with a propensity to grow huge breasts and a huge belly. She was tall at 5’9” and tonight she was wearing knee high white leather spiked heeled, 8-inch platform boots with a six-inch chain linking her ankles together so that she had to take very quick choppy steps to keep up with shorter girl holding her leash. Around her hips, she was wearing a pair of white leather booty shorts that only covered the top quarter of her ass and allowed her now 60-inch perfectly formed spherical butt cheeks to wobble and bounce with each step. As she had continued to feed her belly, she had also kept up her dance routines. In order to balance her ballooning paunch and colossal bosom on her tiny feet, she had to vigorously strength train her originally long and slender legs and small ass into thick powerful thighs and a high muscular ass, but thanks to her continued eating they were all covered in nice layer of fat. Her thighs were 30 inches around but her hips were narrow, it was her now giant muscular rump that swelled her lower measurement. While her thighs and rump had grown firm and solid, her belly grew rounder and bigger bulging out into a spherical ball of fat that stuck out 16 inches past her thick powerful thighs. Her belly now measured 76-inches around and just barely brushed against the tops of her thighs as she trotted along. She had her long dark brown hair twisted into two loose buns on the top-backside of her head, held in place by long silver needles. She had highlighted her hair with light blond streaks and was wearing heavy dark eye make-up and light pink lipstick. She had pierced her plump lower lip and both of her nipples. She had thick silver bell bars through her the nipples of her now enormous 42 q-cup size perfectly round breasts. She had on large sliver hoop earrings and a silver VL belly ball piercing. She wore snug fitting silver band necklaces that went from the base of her slim long neck to her chin, similar to Tasha’s in design, which through one the leather leash Tasha was holding was linked to.

Sara had always had slim trim arms and legs but through heavy leg presses, continuing with her stripper dance routines, and standing on her feet all day carrying over 300 pounds, she had added many inches of muscle to her thighs and ass, but she refused to strength train her upper body so her arms had remained skinny. With her skinny arms, she was clutching her bare breasts as she trotted up to the scale. Once on top of the scale she let go of her breasts, showing off the new piercings and allowing them to sag ever so slightly against her belly. The dial spun and then came to a stop on 387 pounds, a gain of only 57 pounds this year, but at least she was still getting fatter, in stead of losing weight like some of the others, thought Julia. While Sara’s gain was not significant, Julia was pretty sure that whatever pounds Sara hadn’t gained, Tina had.

Jenny looked on as her cheating ex-girlfriend’s current love sexily trotted off the scale and slapped Tina on her giant ass, watching waves of fat shake on Tina’s lower body. Jenny knew Tina had a fat ass, but it had been a while since the two were in the same room and Tina was just enormous now. Brigitte’s breasts were larger, and their bellies might be about the same, while Tina’s ass, legs and arms were much fatter. Tina had cut her dark brown hair short and had it pulled back into two baby pigtails on the back of her head. She had on a wide black choker that the leash was attached to and a black tube top that was so restrictive and tight that her breast flesh bulged over the front and sides and formed many inches of cleavage. The fat on her back bulged over the tube top and swelled underneath it. Her huge meaty arms were even fatter than Jenny’s and looked to be 32-inches around. The blubber on her upper arms had formed thick sacks of fat that hung over her elbows and wobbled as she waddled towards the scale. She had fat creases at her wrists and her fingers looked like swollen sausages. Jenny had an amazing ability to size fat ladies and Tina was now probably sporting a 50 k-cup (66-inches around) bosom that was resting on a massive 83-inch spherical belly whose girth swelled out in front well past her breasts and even past her shockingly fat thighs. Her belly now bulged over her puffy cookie and hung a ¼ of the way down her thighs. Her 83-inch perfectly round globular belly had caused her to develop love handles that started at the middle of her back, right where the bottom of the tub top was resting, forming a deep crease that almost reached across her back. Her ass had swelled so much that it had squeezed her giant love handles up and coupled with the girth on her front caused Tina to lean slightly forward. Maybe it was her posture but Jenny would swear it looked like she was shorter than she used to be. Tina was wearing black ballet slippers like Brigitte so Jenny knew she was at her true height. Tina had always been very bottom heavy and now amazingly her ass stuck out further than the much heavier Julia’s. Her massive spherical cheeks stuck out behind her a full two feet and bulged lower than the front of her belly, about a third of the way down her bloated thighs. Looped around the tops of her thighs, underneath the hanging flesh of her belly, and resting between the top of her ass and the bulging back of her love handles was a strip of black cloth from which two one-foot wide swatches of cloth were draped that hung down onto the floor. There was one strip of cloth in front to cover her puffy cookie and one in back to cover the crack of her ass.

Jenny watched in awe as her ex-girlfriend mounted the scale, heaving what she believed to be 120 inches of hips and thighs that measured 65 inches around. She was just as big around as the 690 pound Julia but she wasn’t as wide as more of her girth was in her spherical butt cheeks. The flesh of her thighs bulged over her knees and her calves were bigger around than her arms. Her lower leg fat bulged over her ankles and partially obscured the sides of her shoes. The scale dial spun wildly and rapidly as it measured her girth. Tina looked on worriedly as dial shot past 400, and then past 500. She knew she had been eating more than she should, but with Tasha frequenting her place after Mandy broke up with her she had just been eating and eating. Sara sure didn’t help either, with her constant binge eating once she came home after a hard workout. Always wanting another belly to feed with hers. Sure she helped fatten up Brigitte, but Tina had to work and live with her. The dial moved past 510, then 515, she hoped there might be some fluctuation in it. Then 520, 525, 530, 535, 540, and finally came to rest on 545 pounds.

Kelly cried out, “I knew it! Bring that big beautiful belly over here fatty, its mine for a year!”

Tina slowly waddled over to Kelly blushing, “Wow, I guess I sorta out did myself.”

“Oh just a little bit,” giggled Kelly.

Tasha handed Kelly the leash and strutted off into the front with Sara in tow. As Sara trotted past holding her breasts she said to Kelly, ”Let me know if you need any help feeding her, I am going to just love watching her ass get HUGE.”

“Oh she’s already huge Sara, after this year we are going to have to invent a new term for the size of her luscious blubbery booty,” said Kelly with a knowing smile as she rubbed her hand over Tina’s rump as if she was appraising a prize pig.

The girls filed out of the room as quickly their bloated bodies could go anxious to dig into the pile of treats Brigitte was already helping herself too, congratulating Kelly on the way out, until the slowest and last girl, Julia, approached the pair. Julia was completely naked thanks to the help from Kate, and then Kate’s subsequent refusal to help her put her skirt back on after she had weighed in. Julia waddled up to the pair with her hands perched on the wide and deep shelf of fat that was her ass, with her 105-inch belly thrust out in front of her. She wedged her girth between the two and with a devious smile began to address Kelly and her prize pig.

“Kelly do you think I could have a moment alone with little Tina here?”

“Well I do get her for an entire year and I do have to set up her feeding throne, so sure, why not,” Kelly replied.

“Dear, dear Christina, what have you gotten your fat ass into? Well let me tell you, nine months ago I was 520 pounds, lighter than you are now. That was after three months of intense once-a-day stuffings, ballooning my body by 272 pounds, more than doubling my weight! I was shocked at how fat I was, and I swore I would shrink back down and get back at Mia somehow. For three months, Mia stuffed me past my limit almost each night, and on some nights pleasured me for hours. When Mia and I dated, I came to realize that I had always wanted to fatten up my lover, give her huge breasts, big belly and big plump ass.

It was working too, Mia was getting so nice and fat, but once I lost the bet, Mia turned the tables and I realized that I too loved that blissful stuffed feeling. The erotic pressure my heavy belly put on my cookie as beautiful girls pleasured me or even when I pleasured myself. I didn’t want to be that big, but I couldn’t stop eating. I thought I wanted a lover to fatten up, not fatten up myself, but it just felt so good to eat and eat and eat. Each month after the bet was over I would swear was the month I was going on a diet, but I just kept eating. Since then I put on 170 more pounds of soft jiggly fat, getting so big I out grew my car, can barely get out of bed, and need help even getting out of a chair. But I know how good that pressure feels, and I think you do to,” said Julia softly in her high-pitched girly voice as she rubbed her chubby hand over Tina’s prominent belly.
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18 concluded.

“I…I…I Just don’t know how this happened. I guess it all started when I purposely began gaining so I could attract Jenny with my softening and swelling body. Then once I had her attentions and started feeding her I had planned on trimming down but I guess I was just was too used to overeating to stop. I could fit so much more into my belly, that even when I didn’t stuff myself the meals were much, much bigger, and it felt so good to be swollen fat with Jenny eating me or Sara pleasuring me. Once I started working here around all the fattening treats, there was no way I could deny myself the pleasure of a full fat belly, so I just keep eating and growing,” sighed Tina as she looked past her fat breasts at her big bloated belly.

Julia pressed her soft body closer to Tina putting her flabby arm around Tina’s shoulders, pressing her huge belly against Tina’s supple and fleshy side and pulling Tina against her giant bosom. “There, there, little Tina, I wish I could tell you the overwhelming desire to be stuffed, to feed, to eat till your belly aches and you can barely breathe will go away…but its only going to get worse,” she cooed as she rubbed Tina’s soft belly.

“Now that Kelly owns your belly, I bet its capacity is going to expand and grow, increasing your hunger and desire to feed, but it’s going to take more and more to get that sensual, erotic full belly feeling you so easily used to obtain and so desperately desire. It was so easy to get that feeling before when two burgers, large fries, and a thick shake could pooch your belly out, but now that’s not even enough for a snack. You may try to resist at first, put up a fight for appearances, but Kelly will make you feed and honestly you wont be able to stop yourself. Your belly is going to get rounder…and fatter…and heavier each day. It’s going to get harder and harder to move your ballooning belly, but you are just going to want to sit and eat as it gets more difficult to get that painful, but pleasant stuffed feeling. During the rare times when Kelly isn’t feeding you, you are only going to think about eating.
When you are eating, you are only going to be thinking about how much more you can stuff in. You will feel the erotic pressure from your swelling belly grow more intense as your lovers pleasure you, erasing all other cares as you struggle to fill your demanding belly.

Food will haunt your dreams, invade your waking thoughts, you will forgo all other things to satiate your desire to feed, but each time you are stuffed and reach that ever elusive fullness, it will grow harder and harder to get it back. You will be locked in a cycle of erotic and culinary pleasure, growing fatter and heavier, and becoming less mobile and more dependent on others for everything. You’ll outgrow your car, your bed, you’ll barely fit through doors, and some you won’t fit through at all. But that won’t stop you from eating yourself bigger and bigger.

Trust me, this is about to be the most erotic and pleasurable year of your life, but in the end there may be nothing left of the little Christina who only ate to attract the attentions of a pretty girl. Who only wanted to fatten up her lovers, the feeder will fully become the feedee as your belly’s hunger consumes every last bit of you,” Julia pulled her closer causing their massively fat bodies to bulge and squish together. She put her lips on Tina’s and gave her a long and passionate kiss. As their lips parted, Julia whispered, “I can’t wait for you to join me in my obsession. It wasn’t until just now that I made my decision to never ever stop feeding. With the two of us, I will always have a companion. Oh how we are going to grow oh so fat together.”

The shocked Tina knew what Julia was saying was true, she loved that blissful bloated belly feeling, but she didn’t want to believe it. She was the feeder in her relationships dammit! Not the feedee, but clearly she had changed. She had already lost most of her self-control as her soft flabby body ballooned to 545 pounds, but over the next year, Kelly was going to take what little control she did have away. She was Kelly’s belly to feed and to fatten, and while she had lost the bet she was going to gain so much more.

Tina spun to face Julia causing their breasts and belly to bulge together in a blob of flab. They were forced to lean towards each other with their massive breasts and bellies pointed more down than forward so that they could wrap their flabby arms around each other. Tina pressed her lips against Julia’s and returned the kiss even more passionately.

“But what about Sara, I still love her sexy body and she will be so pissed if she catches me with you?”

“Tina, you’re a smart girl, the fatter you get the more and more you are going to need adoring loving girlfriends. You can’t ever leave Sara, but we can see each other with Sara and slowly convince her that our relationship is truly platonic. She will eventually get used to having me around, and I think I can find a few ladies to keep her distracted, as long as you don’t mind of course,” said Julia softly.

“Oh Julia it’s so weird but you know the real me, the feedee, I can’t loose someone like you. I don’t want for Sara to leave me, and I can’t believe I am saying this but if it means that we get to spend more time together, it will be alright if you draw her attention away from us. I know I thought Sara and I were supposed to be together, but you’ve opened my eyes. It might be a bit tricky, but its not like this will be the first time I ever tricked a girlfriend, so yes keep her distracted so that we can have our time,” Tina said as she leaned in again and kissed Julia.

“Oh Tina you are so devious, I am going to have to watch myself around you. And if Sara ever decides to leave you, heaven forbid of course, I can guarantee are going to have tons of hot girls lining up to take care of you,” said Julia with a knowing smile “Now lets go join the girls so you can get the attention you deserve.”
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There are many like it but this one is mine. That being said I hope the story has moved in a less repetitive manner as of now, but truth be told it has taken me a while to determine where I want this one to go. I really appreciate the comments, either here or at the curvage board, and I am working on the next chapter. Thanks again,

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EJ. I love your story and I am glad I can post it here. But now I am without a computer so if you want to post it here I would greatly appreciate it.
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this is a truly beautiful story I am currently wondering how julia went from a c to ZZZ
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Chapter 19

Tina waddled her giant ass out to the dinning area with Julia slowly waddling behind. The other girls were eating, drinking and talking, but in the middle of the room were three beautiful slender girls standing around what looked like an industrial size recliner. It was all chrome and leather and appeared to have significant supportive engineering.

“There you are Tina, now no more wasting time get over here and plop my new belly into your throne,” said Kelly who was back in her scandalous chef outfit.

“Oh a throne, how exciting,” sighed Tina as she waddled over to her throne and plopped down onto the chair.

Her rump spread across the throne and to her surprise, it was more than wide enough to accommodate her substantial width. The lower half of the back of the chair swelled out behind the throne allowing her rump to spread out into that space but still allowed top half to support her back. Two of the slender beautiful girls flipped the arms up into place and then slid them inward so that Tina could comfortably rest her arms on them. The third girl had Tina place her feet on the attached foot and leg rests and then slowly reclined the throne to a more relaxing position where she could just barely see over her bulging belly. Then the three girls began to strap her in. They affixed leather fur lined straps around her plump wrists and ankles so that she would be unable to move her arms and legs.

“Oh this is going to be kinky,” said Tina with a sinful grin.

“You have no idea,” said a pretty brunette wearing only a black bikini and black stiletto heels.

The brunette pushed a button on the motorized throne and the foot and leg rests and the arms of the chair began to spread apart forcing her legs wider and wider apart and her arms further away from her body. Her globular belly began to spill between her thighs and over the edge of the recliner’s seat. Once her legs were as far apart as they could go, the brunette moved between her legs carrying a wide leather covered padded tray that had two long metal prongs, like the tray to a baby chair but much larger. Once the armrests had lifted and extended her arms straight out from her body, the other two girls moved in to stand next to her.

“Lift her belly girls,” ordered the brunette.

Their tiny fingers and hands slid between her thighs and the sides of her belly until both girls hands were on the bottom of her belly. With a slight groan, the two girls managed to heave her belly up off the chair seat and away from her thighs. The brunette slid the leather padded tray with the prongs towards Tina, sliding around her waist in between the top of her fleshy hips and boated love handles until Tina heard a click of the prongs snapping into place in the back of the throne. The brunette let go of the tray and the girls let go of her belly. Her belly was now off her thighs and supported by the tray, and in its elevated position, it forced her plump spherical breasts to bulge up just beneath her chin.

Kelly approached the girls seeing that Tina was now firmly fastened into place. “I so hope you like your new throne. Now that this belly is mine to feed I wanted to make sure you were comfortable. I have learned that a comfortable piggy is a hungry piggy,” said Kelly as she traced her finger across Tina’s exposed Buddha belly.

“Yeah seems pretty comfy, but you don’t need to strap me in, reclined in this position there is no way I can get my booty out of here,” chuckled Tina.

“I’m not worried about you escaping silly, its only to keep you out of the way while the girls work. They are true pros at feeding and since this is now my belly, I want only the best feeding it; therefore, you are not going to be allowed to feed yourself for a while. The rest of the ladies dining here tonight will be able to watch the girls work, but they are not allowed to distract my growing prize, so they will be required to keep their distance. Alright girls start feeding my belly,” said Kelly as she admired Tina’s immobile form.

“Yes ma’am,” they replied in unison.

The girls wheeled over carts stacked with assorted baked goods, pitchers of assorted beverages and bags and bags of candy.

The brunette walked closer and began to rub her hands over the front and sides of Tina’s belly. “Alright Tina it’s finally time to get started. First we are going to coat your belly with a thick, rich, chocolaty, and moderately alcoholic beverage,” said the brunette as one girl placed a thick tube into Tina’s mouth and the other began to fill it with a half gallon of the beverage. The pressure from the drink forced all of it rapidly into her belly, and while the beverage has intensely strong and brought a solid buzz quickly, it was also quite sweet and delicious.

“Now two pounds of M&M’s.” The two girls removed the tube from her lips and replaced it with a funnel.

They poured the candies into the funnel and filled Tina’s cheeks. She rapidly munched through the candies enjoying their chocolaty sweetness. Once she consumed the first mouth full they pored more in, repeating the cycle until the two pounds were gone, all the while the brunette rubbed Tina’s belly. With the candy gone, they pored more of the alcoholic beverage into her belly.

Enjoying her sugar high and alcohol induced buzz, she rapidly began consuming all the pastries on the cart that the girls fed her. The girls would hand feed her treat after treat while the brunette massaged her body.

From time to time, she would gaze over her slowly growing belly at the other girls around the store as they talked, ate and drank, her mouth continually chewing and swallowing the fattening food. Other times she lustily admired the slender beautiful forms of her three attendants. She liked her girls to grow big fat bellies, but she still appreciated their slender but soft figures. Watching a skinny girl grow fat was one of her greatest pleasures. She could tell these girls weren’t athletes by the absolute lack of muscle tone, but were still thin. Athletes were easier to fatten up initially because they were used to eating more, but they still knew how to exercise to loose the weight. Skinny girls who were small eaters gained slower but they never lost the weight, which was so much more fun to watch.

The slim attendants seemed to enjoy their work and were quite good at feeding and massaging her, but they were not as entertaining as the rest of the scene in the bakery. She began to notice several interesting relationships developing. It was certainly an odd mix of growing beauties, current and past lovers, bosses and co-workers, insiders and outsiders.

She noticed that the bakery’s owner, Kelly, seemed to wander around the bakery, ensuring that all the girls were eating, bringing in more treats or even preparing drinks and food. She was paying special attention to Brigitte, which seemed odd that the owner would focus on pleasing a counter girl. Sure she was the object of the bet but it didn’t mater what Brigitte ate now, the bet was already over.

“I wonder what she is up too”, thought Tina. Kelly had been a feeder for years and years and had developed quite a passion for growing girls, probably exceeding even her own.

To Tina’s left she could see Kate, the short bottom heavy ex-girlfriend of Sara’s. She was paying a lot of attention to Julia’s breasts as Julia lazily filled her belly with the bakery’s goodies, but was barely touching her own food. She was clearly enraptured with the colossal cutie and Julia seemed to be responding in kind. “Of course Kate’s tiny booty could never be able to compete against mine,” thought Tina, thinking of her blissful kiss with Julia “But still, I will be watching that one. She may be wanting some payback for me stealing Sara from her.”

Directly ahead of her was the table with Jenny, Brigitte, and Gwen. Gwen and Jenny were mowing through a triple layer chocolate cake, while Brigitte giggled and chatted with them.

“I guess Gwen is off the diet today,” she thought. Both Gwen and Brigitte had become lovers of the beautiful and voluptuous Jenny, and Jenny loved the attention. She truly was gorgeous with her plump lips, smooth skin and bright blue eyes, but she didn’t have enough belly for Tina which is why Tina had moved back to Sara, the ex-stripper who now had a giant belly. “Well good for Jenny, maybe she can finally get over me, but I wonder why Brigitte is not eating now?” thought Tina.

The last table on her right was an interesting group filled with the mistresses and the big bellied girls of the group, consuming a table sized white frosted layer cake. Tasha was Sara’s Mistress tonight and potentially Tina’s as well provided Kelly freed her from her throne, but she didn’t think that was likely. Tasha was new to the group in her current plump form but had known Mia and some of the rest for several years. The hyper-voluptuous Tasha had recently started purposely gaining instead of purposely feeding her girlfriends. She had gone from a petite fashion model to a plus size VL model over the last year. Years ago when she was originally dating Mia, they were both extremely thin, but over the course of their relationship she figured out Mia’s weakness and managed to manipulate her in gaining a significant amount of weight, loosing all of her contracts and sponsors. When Mia realized her treachery, they broke up, but while Mia was dating Julia the two had rekindled their friendship and it now appears that they are getting along quite amicably.

Tasha was single for a few years after Mia and she continued to model until she met Mandy. Mandy was virtually all belly, like Sara was, and loved to eat, but she liked her girlfriends skinny. Tina would love to add her to her list of conquests, but unless she lost the extra 400 pounds she was carrying, Tina didn’t have a chance. But Tasha was a perfect fit for Mandy, she loved to feed and was super skinny, until Mandy’s eating habits began to rub off. Tasha began to swell and grow and Mandy ultimately cut her loose. Now Tasha was hanging out around Sara and herself, but tonight Tasha was dining with Mandy – her ex, Mia – her ex, and Sara – her slave and Tina’s current girlfriend. The four girls were situated around the table with the mistresses facing each other and the big bellied beauties facing each other. They were all gobbling up the cake, drinking and giggling.

“Well good for Tasha, I’m glad the group still likes her,” thought Tina as another half gallon of the thick chocolate alcoholic drink rushed down her throat increasing her intoxication, god these girls were good at feeding, but then she noticed Tasha’s small finely manicured fingers sliding up Sara’s inner thigh. “Oh that tricky devil! I need to get out of here before she tries to steal Sara!”

In a break between consuming the beverage and moving on to the next rich fattening baked goodies Tina said, ”So um, hiccup, you girls are really doing such a great job, this really is a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be, but do you think you could speed up the feeding? It’s Halloween and I do have some plans, so…”

“Oh Tina we can certainly pick up the pace. Kelly said that for tonight we were to feed you until you added seven inches to this belly,” said the Brunette as she caressed and rubbed Tina’s soft round swelling pot.

“Oh o.k., well how big am I now?”

The brunette squeezed the sides of Tina’s soft naked belly together with her hands and arms causing her belly to bulge out like a giant ball of dough, spilling between her fingers and over her arms. Then she let go and watched it wobble and jiggle back into place, resting against the padded tray and spreading back out.

“Oh not nearly big enough, but don’t worry you’ll get there. Girls you heard her, stuff those pretty little cheeks full,” she said with a delightful grin.

As Tina began to open her mouth to ask for the brunette to measure her, the girls began pushing rich delicious cake against her lips. As she gobbled down one piece, another would be resting against her lips. At no time could she speak or even see around the baked goods that were flooding into her mouth. She was experiencing an orgy of culinary delight that was so intense that for a good while she forgot about Tasha’s encroaching fingers. She was in pure bliss gobbling down treat after treat as her body was rubbed and caressed. She was beginning to feel a bit of tightness in her belly, she had no idea what time it was, she could hear that the girls were still in the Bakery eating and laughing, but if her belly was getting tight so she knew she had been eating for a while, she could normally eat for hours before getting full.

“God Sara, Brigitte, and Kelly have been such bad influences on me. I’ve really made such a pig of myself over the last year,” she thought.

Instead of pushing in more baked treats, this time the girls were lowering the drink tube to her lips. She noticed that the brunette had stopped rubbing her belly and that her throne had turned slightly around so that she could only see the massively bloated Julia rubbing her belly while Kate fed her donut after donut at their table. As they placed the tube to her lips the rich chocolate drink rushed into her belly, she could tell the drink was even stronger and that she was getting drunk.

“Molly’s off talking to Kelly, our employer, and while I like know I am not supposed to talk to you, I just have to tell you I love your little pig tails, they are so cute,” said the tall slender brown eyed, blond holding the drinking tube up.

“Yeah like totally cute, even if you are… massive,” said the other blond with bright green eyes and a cute upturned nose who was pouring more drink into the tube. Tina felt her left breast get a light squeeze as the girl blushed. “That was a new spot to rub,” thought Tina lazily.

“Be nice! Insulting her could make her uncomfortable, and remember a comfortable piggy is a hungry piggy,” scolded the brown-eyed girl. “Be nice or I’ll tell your new boss.”

Then she turned back to Tina and said sweetly, “She is a beautiful growing beauty, and we are going to have so much fun,” said the brown-eyed girl as she ran the fingers of her free hand through Tina’s hair. “Ok lets do the M&M’s now.”

The other girl popped the candy funnel into her lips and the bag of M&M’s began to fill her cheeks. “Whatever. I will just tell her you talked to the client.”

“Careful girl, you may regret threatening me,” said the other blond.

“Please, these M&M’s are totally high in calories but aren’t going to bloat her belly up seven inches. Even I know that,” quipped the green eyed blond.

“Of you have so much to learn, I know they don’t take up much space. Cake is the worst, totally swells up,” said the brown-eyed girl. “And while Molly is over there I’m in charge and I want to see her eat a lot of candy.”

The girls kept the funnel full and after what seemed like an eternity, three two-pound bags disappeared into her belly. Her belly was now no longer just tight it was getting slightly painful, but in her drunken and relaxed state it wasn’t to unpleasant.

“My, hiccup, belly is getting full,” slurred Tina. “Hey what, hiccup, happened to Jewels?”

“You mean the two at that table?” asked the green-eyed girl with a nod of her head noticing the direction Tina was looking. “The really, really, really, fat one and the short blond with a huge bubble butt? Oh, they waddled out together a while ago.”

“And they, hiccup, didn’t say bye?” she slurred.

The green-eyed girl pushed a maple bar donut against Tina’s lips. “Guess not, plenty of people have left. I overheard a few of them saying they were going to a party at some girl’s dad’s mansion.”

At that point Tina felt gentle hands and arms slide across her belly and heard the Brunette, Molly she guessed, say, “Oh its getting so nice and big, but you still have some room to grow. Girls lets giver her some of the good stuff.”

Once she swallowed the last of the maple bars, the girls pushed a tube to her lips. This time sugary sweet, thick nectar flowed into her mouth. The pressure was not enough to rush instantly into her belly so she had to suck slightly to expedite the process. It had the consistency of a slurpee but it wasn’t cold. She could taste a multitude of fruit flavors and of course a hint of alcohol. She could see that the tube was quite short and was attached to good-sized sack that they had suspended over her face. As she sucked and sucked she could see the sack slowly deflate, but at her current pace it was going to take forever to finish.

“So you have her sucking from the boob now do you? I didn’t know you guys had one this small,” Tina heard Kelly say from behind her.

“Yes, Madam, there is so much else to feed her, but we wanted to at least start her on the small one,” replied Molly.

Tina felt Kelly rubbing her shoulders as the other girls were focusing on her legs and swelling belly. “My lord Tina you are so soft but I can still find some muscle if I squeeze hard enough, but they are going to work on that,” said Kelly as she whispered into Tina’s ear. “The girls are going to continue to feed you for just a bit longer but once they are done, they will take to where you need to go. I am heading off to a party now so I hope you have a very filling night. Oh and I am going to give you some time off. You won’t need to come in, but you will need to eat, Molly is now responsible for my belly so you must eat what she tells you. Ta Ta,” Kelly said.

She heard the fat baker’s heels trot away and some other heels trot up to her. She could tell by the perfume it was Tasha and then she heard Sara’s voice, “Oh my god her belly is already fatter! I used to love her wobbly fat ass, but now she is just getting ridiculous. Lap dances are going to be impossible around such a huge fat belly.”

“You can always dance for me slave, my belly is nice and small. My, my Tina, keeping you well fed and fat these past few months is really paying off. Look at how nice and swollen you’re getting as you suck on, what is this a boob?” asked Tasha as her hands slid around Tina’s belly.

“Yes, a nectar filled boob. One of our smaller ones. Would you like to give it a squeeze?” replied Molly.

“Oh most certainly,” replied Tasha.
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19 continued..

Tina watched as Tasha’s finely manicured hands slid around the boob apparatus dangling above her face and then began to squeeze and kneed. The sweet sugary fluid gushed into her mouth puffing out her cheeks, and she had to swallow fast less the nectar spill from her plump lips. Tasha squeezed and squeezed as Tina sucked and sucked consuming the large bag in only a few minutes.

“Oh fill it again, fill it again! I want to see her belly grow MORE,” cheered Tasha as she rubbed her hand over Tina’s silky smooth belly.

Tina watched as the “boob” inflated, swelling back to its plump form as one of the girls pumped in the sweet nectar. She was now warm from the alcohol in the nectar and wanted to please Tasha by sucking more of it down. Sara had begun telling her that she was getting too fat over the last couple of months, but Tasha pushed Tina to eat more and more. It was only in the last couple of weeks that Sara seemed to have a change of heart an encouraged her get huge. It was really Tasha’s intense coercion that may have caused her to loose the bet. Whenever Sara wasn’t around Tasha would lure Tina, using her dramatically curvy body, into eating well beyond her limit with a night of passion as her reward. Tasha knew all the right buttons to press, and the swelling Tina had been putty in her hands. Tasha never gave Tina that night of passion, but tonight Tina thought Tasha might if she was a good slave and ate enough.

Tasha again squeezed the apparatus, forcing the nectar past her lips and down her throat, but the boob didn’t deflate, instead it started to swell larger. Tina could feel her girlfriend Sara’s belly pressing against her side and arm. “Let’s see how big this boob can get and how much Tina can swallow. Her belly is going to be so sore, just like she made mine!” cheered Sara as she pumped more of the nectar into the “boob”.

“Ma’am you really shouldn’t put all of that into Tina. The nectar is very high calorie, and she is already quite full,” said Molly as Tina felt her belly being squeezed and poked.

“Oh hell no, fatass here already made her decision to eat her way to enormous, and she has given me a sore belly more times than I can count. It’s only fair I get to do the same to her,” said Sara.

The boob swelled fat with the nectar but eventually Sara stopped pumping. Tina could hear her panting from her physical exertion. Tasha was getting tired from all the squeezing but she would not give up until the “boob” was fully deflated. Tina drained the last drop of the sweet nectar and she could feel the hands of Molly and the other two gently caressing her swollen belly.

“Mmmm, I feel so, hiccup, fat,” slurred Tina.

Tasha moved the “boob” away from Tina’s face. “Mistress can tell your belly is much rounder and I think that for all your work you deserve a kiss,” said Tasha as she leaned in pressing her full breasts against Tina and gave her a long kiss on the lips. “Oh that nectar is delightful.”

“Oh I want a taste,” said Sara as she leaned in thrusting her Buddha belly against Tina and planted a long deep kiss on Tasha’s lips. “Mmmm delicious.”

“Oh you are such a naughty slave Sara, you know have to ask me first! I am going to have to teach you to behave. Your Mistress is going to punish you when we get to the party,” said Tasha as she pulled on Sara’s leash.

“You’re, hiccup, leaving?” whined Tina.

“Oh I guess so Christina, I hope you have a lot of fun getting super fat,” said Sara wistfully. “It’s probably going to be a long time before you get to touch Betty again, right mistress?”

“Oh most certainly, but not to worry pet, you’ll get the attention you desire,” responded Tasha.

“So before I leave give Betty the belly a kiss good bye,” said Sara as she hefted her belly up to Tina’s lips.

The drunken and satiated Tina kissed her girlfriend’s perfectly round belly and then Sara trotted away with Tasha. In Tina’s inebriated state, she thought she overheard Tasha say as the two left the bakery, “My slave’s belly is going to get a lot more kisses tonight and so is her downstairs neighbor.” Followed by Sara’s high-pitched giggling.

Tasha is flirting with Sara? Damn that Tasha! If I could just get out of this throne, I would teach that skinny bitch a lesson!

“You have quite a bit of eating to do before you can leave, but there is no need to get excited Tina. Now that we are alone, we are going to have even more fun than them,” said Molly as her hands rubbed further and further up Tina’s inner thighs.

“Oops! I’m sorry. I thought I said that in my head,” said a buzzing and blushing Tina.

“No need to apologize, you just need to relax and eat. I hope you are comfortable, because a comfortable piggy is a hungry piggy. Let’s start with another cake and one of you focus on her swelling belly,” replied Molly. “It really is just too, too bad about your girlfriend treating you like that. I would never do that to such a sexy fatty, who is going to eat and eat.”

“Both of them are so slutty. I wouldn’t really even mind if I was going to get some too,” said Tina with her cheeks full of rich buttery white frosted angel-food cake.

“Well if I was persuaded sufficiently, I might be able to give you some…attention,” replied Molly as her fingers moved from Tina’s inner thighs to rub on top of the cloth from her slave costume that was draped over Tina’s cookie.

Tina wiggled her girth against Molly’s hand and let out a slight moan. “Oh when I get drunk and my belly gets full, I get so hot,” replied Tina after she swallowed her mouth full of cake.

“Oh what was I thinking? I am really not supposed to touch, guess I just got carried away in all your fat. Besides, you really want me to touch you even though you have a girlfriend?”

“Well it’s only fair, right?” Tina replied with a mouth full of cake.

“Well maybe you can help me out by being a really good eater. Madam Kelly wants you fat and heavy, but from the sounds of it I don’t know that your girlfriend wants you to be.”

“She doesn’t control me! I can get as fat as I want!” Tina replied as she wiggled her bulk against the brunette’s hand again.

“Are you sure? She seems to be quite fond of that much skinnier Tasha.”

“Screw them both! Make me huge, make me as fat as you can, just touch me,” moaned Tina as she wiggled her girth against Molly’s fingers.

“As fat as I can? Oh honey you have no idea what you are asking.”

Tina was rapidly chewing through each mouth full of cake that the girls were stuffing between her lips. “Oh please, just touch me.”

“Beg me to make you so fat you can barely move, and I will do more than just touch,” replied Molly as she flipped Tina’s waist cloth over Tina’s thigh and slid her finger gently between Tina’s moist plump lips.

Tina swallowed her mouth full and gasped, “Oh please, feed me till I am to fat to move!”

“Good girl. Looks like we might be going past the seven-inches our employer wanted girls. Just make sure she doesn’t get to full, I wouldn’t want her to pop,” giggled Molly with a sinister grin as she bent over lowering her face towards Tina’s cookie.

“Yes Molly,” they replied in unison.

Molly began a gentle licking of Tina’s wet and puffy cookie. The wetter Tina got the more aggressive Molly became. Tina was gobbling up bite after bite of cake while Molly buried her face further and further between her legs. Soon Molly was using both her fingers and her tongue and Tina was on the verge of climax. Molly could tell by Tina’s breathing and moaning between bites that Tina was on the verge so she would slow down and let the warm rush of pleasure fade. She kept Tina eating and moaning for hours, but kept her from climaxing until one of the girls said, ”I think she is done for the night Molly her belly is really full.”

“Ohhhhhh….my….belly,” breathed Tina.

“Oh already?” asked Molly in a surprised voice. “Oh that’s too bad, we will have to work on that. You were so close weren’t you?”

Tina could only moan in response, barely able to breathe. The two girls were gently rubbing her swollen belly while Molly moved from between her legs to by her head. Molly began to rub Tina’s head and face relaxing the stuffed beauty. Five minutes later Tina passed out.

She awoke to find herself still seated and strapped into the throne but her arms where at her side and she was further reclined. Her legs were bent, slightly raised and closer together. As she looked around, she could tell she was no longer in the bakery. She was in a room with a large sliding glass door to her right and a regular sized interior door to her left and it looked like there were TV’s mounted high on the walls. The room was dark but through the drapes covering the sliding glass door she could tell the sun was up.

She was no longer wearing the top of her costume as her breasts had spread out and moved to the sides. She couldn’t see if she was wearing the bottom as her belly and breasts blocked her view. She tried to sit up but in this position, with her wrists still loosely strapped down, she could only raise her head.

“Hello is there any body there?” she asked. “Hello I am awake can someone let me out?”

A minute later the door to her left opened and Molly and the other girls walked in. They were wearing bikini’s, their long hair was looped up on top of their heads in a clip and they were barefoot. Molly and one of the blonds were wearing cute pink sun glasses, but the blond with the bright green eyes was not.

“You had quite a nap Tina. Are you ready to get off your throne?” Molly asked as the two girls moved to her wrists and began to undo the straps.

“Oh yes Molly, you have no idea.”

“Good, I am sure you will want to freshen up before we begin again, so everything you need will be right back there. Once you are ready you are directed by your employer and mine to resume eating until I think you are full enough. She graciously has given you some time off at this beautiful resort, so you won’t be distracted by work or bothersome cheating girlfriends, and will be able to enjoy the expanding pleasure of a swollen belly. Now go freshen up so your pleasure filled holiday can resume,” said Molly as she began to raise the throne to an upright position.

The two girls moved to unstrap her ankles as the throne put Tina into an almost standing position. The two girls grabbed her arms and helped her off the throne. Once she was standing, she could see a large opening behind her where she could see a large bathtub and sink.

“Oh how nice of Kelly. I guess she is really serious about the bet, but where am I, and where are my clothes?” asked Tina as she noticed the strap over hip had been cut and her skirt had fallen to the floor as she got up.

“You’re at a beautiful resort that is going to cater to your every need. It’s just on the outside of town, and while you are here we will be your attendants, ensuring the Madam’s belly is kept quite full. Oh and your clothes, we had to remove them, they would just get in the way. You have so much growing to do,” replied Molly as she patted Tina’s belly.

Tina took a few wobbling steps toward the bathroom and said, “Oh my, I’m still a little dizzy from last night. That was a lot of booze, but if I don’t have to work I can get drunk every day! Ok, be back in a bit.”

“Hurry back.”

Tina waddled into the bathroom that was clearly made for a girl of her size. The bathtub was huge, the shower was enclosed in clear glass with wide doors, and there were double doors leading to the water closet. The only thing that wasn’t huge was the mirror. It was just big enough so that she could see her face and neck. Oh, well minor inconvenience she thought.

Half way through her shower, the two blond girls climbed into the shower with her. They were so amazingly pretty, if dreadfully thin that when their smiling faces appeared in the shower she didn’t mind the intrusion. They lathered up two puffs and began washing her soft warm body.

“Let us do the work Tina. Just relax and allow the hot water to sooth and caress your skin.”

She felt their bodies pressed against hers sliding around caressing every inch of soft wobbly flesh as they washed her entire body. More than once the girls lingered around her giant breasts longer than they should have but she was enjoying the attention. Once complete they exited the shower, grabbed towels and allowed her to follow them. Once she was out they dried her body, they lend her waddling back into the room. She noticed the drapes were open and she could see a large pool in what appeared to be a side yard of some kind. Multiple TV’s were mounted around the room, displaying cooking shows and girls in the act of sensual pleasure. Carts of food had been rolled in surrounding her throne and Molly was standing there waiting for her to sit.

“I hope you enjoy your viewing selection. Kelly demanded this for the duration and I have to agree with her choice,” said Molly with a sinful grin as the girls placed Tina into the throne.

“Yeah, she really knows me, food and girls are my favorites,” replied Tina as the throne reclined and she was strapped in.

“Good I am glad you enjoy them, now that you are comfortable, begin feeding her girls!”

They started with a mixed assortment of pastries and a bag of the sweet nectar, She could feel the alcohol taking affect and this batch was considerably stronger. “Oh it’s early to be getting this buzzed don’t you think?” she asked.

“It’s never too early for the nectar,” whispered Molly as she rubbed Tina’s thighs.

“Yeah, I agree, I just didn’t want to seem like a total boozer,” giggled Tina sheepishly.

“Oh you are so cute. Let’s feed her the breakfast food girls,” ordered Molly.

Eggs, pancakes, sausages, bacon, Danishes, fried potatoes, biscuits and gravy, all were shoveled into her greedy mouth. She relished the pleasing touch of the girls, the delectable treats funneling past her plump lips, and the erotic and culinary visions cascading across the screens. She was getting increasingly turned on as her belly swelled rounder and fuller and after four hours of attention from the girls she was begging Molly to touch her again.

“Oh I don’t know, I really shouldn’t have before. We are not supposed to touch you there even if your girlfriend is a mean little whore, but you do have such amazing potential. Kelly wants us to feed you and keep both your mind and body nice and relaxed…and pliable,” replied Molly as she spread Tina’s legs further apart using the mechanical leg rest to stretch them.

“Oh but I am so turned on, please, please touch me again.”

“Well, it goes against my better judgment, but since you are allowing me to make you as fat as I can….”

“Oh thank you, thank you!”

“Well since I agreed to touch you, you have to agree to how I want it done,” said Molly.

“Sure whatever you want,” moaned Tina excitedly.

“Good girl.”

The chair began to rise up and the two girls began removing her from the constraints. After four hours of feeding she was already nicely bloated and when they removed the tray from around her hips, her belly made a delightful sloshing sound as it wobbled and slapped against her thighs. One of the girls appeared with a giant vinyl harness that looped around the top of her thighs and then went straight up the cleft of her colossal ass. They also slipped a vinyl bustier that wrapped around her shoulders and above and below her bosom but allowed her breasts to bulge free. The strap that was attached to the lower harness was then attached to the vinyl top. They walked her over to the bathroom and then attached the back of her harness to a pulley system that was mounted above the walk-in bathtub. They walked her into the bathtub and put her on her hands and knees. The floor of the tub was firm yet soft, and in this position she could see there were TV’s mounted into the bathroom floor so that she could continue to watch the various programs, unfortunately being in this position was putting to much pressure on her swollen belly.

“Oh my belly is so fat its spreading across the bottom of the tub. I’m too full to stay like this for long.”

“Don’t worry you will soon be floating weightlessly above the tub,” replied Molly as the pulley began to lift Tina’s bulk off the bottom.

It continued to rise up until her belly was just a few inches off the tub. Due to the great girth of her belly, it was causing a deep bow in her back so they quickly began to fill the bathtub with warm saltwater. Soon, suspended by the pulley with most of her belly and legs submerged in the water, she felt like she was floating. She felt some one slide in behind her, their legs sliding between hers and their toes tickling her belly.

“My what a huge ass you have,” said Molly as she gabbed handfuls of Tina’s blubbery ass. Molly was seated behind Tina with her face just above the water and her lips close to Tina’s cookie.

“Gee I never heard that before,” replied Tina sarcastically.

“Ha, ha, ha, quite true, quite true, but I have watched a number of big booties get huge and yours is simply spectacular. Like two big over filled sacks of jello. I am going to love eating your pussy from behind, squeezing and kneading your giant flabby ass as you get bigger and fatter. I know that’s not very professional but I just can’t resist a huge ass,” cooed Molly.

“Oh goody,” replied Tina.

“But now that you are all trussed up and ready for me to eat, you are going to have to do some eating as well. Girls the trough please,” ordered Molly. The two girls lowered a large trough just below Tina’s face so that she could easily bury her face in it but still watch the TV’s mounted into the floor, while her breasts were pressed against the side of the tub, floating in the warm water. Then they began filling the trough with chunks of cake and scoops of ice cream.

“We are going to let you feed yourself this time, but the more you eat the more I will,” said Molly.

Tina dug into the trough with both hands shoveling food into her greedy maw. Molly buried her face into Tina’s pussy and began pleasuring her. The two girls would refill the trough as it got low and for hours Tina was kept right on the verge of cumming. They would fill it with virtually any fattening pastry that Tina could rapidly fill her belly with, and large blobs of whipped cream and ice cream. Tina had to take breathers from time to time and Molly welcomed the rest. After another five hours of feeding, Tina’s belly was now bulging against Molly’s feet, pressing them against the bottom of the tub, potentially trapping the much skinnier girl.

“Oh you are getting so fat, and you are such a good eater, that I think it’s time for you to cum,” said Molly with her arms now wrapped around the swelling belly, rubbing her hands up and down it’s distended form. The other two girls were slowly rubbing Tina’s back and rump while they maintained the flow of food into the trough. Molly buried her face deep into Tina’s wet pussy causing her to finally reach climax and explode in ecstasy. Tina floated limply in the tub as Molly crawled out behind her.

“Ohhh…I….am…so…full….but….that…felt so….good,” moaned the exhausted Tina.
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Chapter 19 Concluded

The pulley began to raise Tina’s head and shoulders up while her ass began to sink into the hot steamy water. She was moved into a sitting position and was now sitting on the bottom of the tub with her beasts and the top of her belly poking out of the water. She only had the strength to moan and rub her giant distended belly as the other girls cleaned up the bathroom and began draining the tub. In a daze, she was lifted out of the tub, unhooked from the harness, and then walked over to her throne, where she was strapped back in and put into a reclined position.

Tina quickly passed out, but awoke a few hours later to the smell of roasting meats and baking breads and other assorted goodies. The room was dark except for the glow of the TV sets. In the glow, she saw one of the blond girls, standing in front of her with her back to Tina. She was looking up at the TV’s, watching a girl on girl porno with her hand in the front of her bikini bottom and with the other eating donut after donut from a cart that was in the room.

“Looks like one of my skinny feeders likes to eat too. Reminds me of Jenny or even Sara, maybe this one will grow a bigger belly instead of those giant melons those two have,” Tina thought.

At that moment Tina’s giant belly gurgled from trying to digest the 1,000’s of calories it was filled with. The skinny blond spun around with a blushing grin, with her tiny hand in the front of her bikini bottom. “Oh I’m sorry, did I wake you? I’m like so not supposed to be in here while you are sleeping but I just can’t take it anymore. I watched them feed you for while. I thought you were so going to pop, but you just kept on eating and eating. It was kinda icky, but you looked like you were having so much fun. I guess I had to see what it was like. You won’t tell on me for eating your food will you?” Her fingers still unconsciously moving in her bikini.

“Is anyone else here?”

“No, not really, just some eh cooks, the other two girls went home, I just need to watch you in case you need something during the night. God I’m so hungry and horny, I would totally get fired if they ever found out you caught me. You wont tell will you?” begged the skinny blond as she took another bite of a donut and continued touching herself.

“Well that depends. If you let me watch you, I think I could stay quiet,” said Tina as she lustfully gazed at the sexy young blond.

“Do I turn you on Tina? I’m like so thin and sexy with nice pert boobies its hard for anyone not to be turned on I guess. Sure you can watch, I guess I am not ready to stop just yet, I’m Summer by the way,” she said as her hand drifted across her trim belly.

“Summer, that’s a cute name. It’s not your skinny figure that is turning me on, it’s your feeding. I love to see a skinny girl loose herself in food. You can go back to standing there eating, but if you really want to know bliss you have to eat with both hands, while someone else pleasures you. You saw how much fun it was for Molly and me.”

“Yeah Molly seemed to have a lot of fun, and it sure got you to eat a ton, but I don’t think I am like that hungry, besides if I started eating like that I might get fat and ruin my sexy figure,” Summer said.

“Well it’s up to you, but I will be here if you want some of my oral,” said Tina slyly.

“Oh god no! You’re like so not my type. I mean, you have a pretty face, but you’re just so… fat.”

“Oh I thought you might be like Molly and enjoy a nice fatty.”

“No way, not at all.”

“Trust me Summer, once you go fat you’ll never go back,” said Tina.

“Uh, I don’t think so.”

“Come on, I won’t hurt you, I can only use my lips and tongue and I promise you will just love it.”

“I mean I like cute girls, sure, and you’re really sweet, but I’ve never been with someone so…fat. I’m just like not sure I would enjoy it,” she said as her fingers moved deeper between her lips.

“Well you could still watch the porn, it would only be my face between your thighs. Come on you should at least try it.”

“Well your face is cute even if your body is fat, but I don’t think so, sorry.”

“Your loss,” said Tina.

Summer turned back around and began watching the monitor. Her fingers probed deeper and deeper while she shoveled food into her mouth. At first she started slow, but then she was using both hands to shovel food in and grinding against the cart. She was sweating and panting but she couldn’t get the right spot without using her fingers. After an hour of stuffing she was moaning, and gasping and becoming frustrated.

“Oh god Tina you got a deal, eat my pussy you whale!” she said as she pushed the cart over to Tina’s throne and ripped off her panties.

Summer looped her legs around Tina’s head with her butt towards Tina’s breasts and raised the throne just enough so that Tina could easily bring her lips and nimble tongue into her. Summer was gazing longingly at the screen and tried to take her mind off the huge girl. After a while Summer became lost in the mesmerizing TV show and was feeding donut after donut into her mouth, while Tina was performing her world famous oral. As a life long lesbian Tina had mastered the technique and this girl was enjoying the fruits of her labor. Summer ate and ate while Tina ate her, all the while gazing blankly at the TV screens. Soon she exploded in ecstasy. Panting and weak from the experience Summer rested her rump against Tina’s chest, rubbing her burgeoning belly.

“Oh my god that was amazing! I couldn’t stop eating, it feels sooooo gooooood! I like never experienced that before,” Summer panted. “You are like really good too,” said Summer while she stroked Tina’s hair looking deep into her eyes.

“Like I said, once you go fat you never go back.”

“Oh god yes, I think we should do it again,” said Summer lustfully as she reached for another treat.

The trapped Tina began to stick her tongue deeper into the juicy Summer as she popped treat after treat into her mouth. Eventually Summer orgasmed for the second time and then slouched back against Tina’s colossal bosom.

“Oh.. that.. was…amazing,”

“Yes, I’m sure it was, but if you free my arms, I can make it even better,” said Tina.

“Oh I uh don’t know. You are like, well, supposed to stay immobile,” said Summer with her finger perched on her lip.

“I won’t tell anyone Summer, and its not like I could get up any ways,” replied Tina.

“True, you are so unbelievably fat, with such big round belly, it won’t be long until we make you too fat to even move. I guess for a little bit, but then you go right back to being strapped in,” replied Summer.

“What do you mean, make me too fat to move?”

“Hmm? Ah I don’t know, something I might have overheard. You want some of my sweet cookie or not?” asked Summer as she wiggled her booty above Tina’s face, trying to distract the huge girl.

Summer undid the fur-lined straps around Tina’s wrists and as she did so, Tina could see the affects of the stuffing in Summer’s tight flat belly. She now bowed out in the middle and her belly was many inches larger. Summer got back into position and Tina looped her arms around Summer’s hips so that her fingers were now gently caressing the inside of Summer’s lower lips. Tina’s huge blubbery arms bulged around Summer’s hips forming a soft caressing girdle that kept her in an ideal position.

“Lean back against my boobs and belly, you won’t squish me honest.”

“Sure, but let me move the cart around so I can still reach it. I am like so enjoying these donuts. I just want to eat, and eat, and eat,” she replied.

Summer leaned back against Tina’s perfectly round belly, with her head resting gently on top of her belly button, nestling between her plump k-cup sized breasts. She put her heels on the sides on Tina’s headrest. Then she dug into the pastries with both hands, scooping treat after treat into her greedy mouth. Tina was used to having her not unsubstantial bosom resting on her chest so the addition of skinny Summer was easy for her to bear. Tina held the girl in place while she digitally and orally manipulated her to ever-increasing levels of pleasure.

“Oh god your boobs are so huge and fat,” panted Summer between bites of pastry. “so round and soft.”

“Keep eating like this and you may just get some,” said Tina under her breath.

“Big fat boobs, with big plump nipples, and a big fat belly,” moaned Summer gazing longingly at the TV screens with her mouth full of food as she began to slowly work her hips in concert with Tina’s fingers and tongue.

“Bigger and fatter, rounder and softer. Oh god, oh god,” moaned Summer clearly in the throws of ecstasy.

“Fat and round, big and soft, oh god, heavy and squishy, mmmmmmm,” moaned Summer as she came.

Summer slumped into Tina’s girth and panted, slowly recovering from her experience. Tina began to slowly lick and touch her hypersensitive moist cookie and Summer continued to writhe and moan. Unable to speak, Summer gently caressed her swollen belly as she mechanically brought another donut to her plump bee-stung lips. There was an inner struggle between her belly and her pussy. Her belly was painfully full but her pussy wanted her to feed even more. Roboticalyy she slowly stuffed herself fuller and fuller until she came for the fourth time. Exhausted and spent, she was virtually unconscious, she was so lulled by the gentle caress of Tina’s hands and lips that she slipped into a deep trance all the while watching the TV screens.

Tina moved her hands around to start rubbing Summer’s swollen belly and squeeze the skinny girl’s small pert breasts. Tina cooed and caressed the skinny blond beauty with the bright green eyes and plump bee-stung lips. She had the cutest little up-turned nose and a completely bald pussy that was so much fun to eat, but the poor girl was completely spent. To her credit the girl had kept eating until she had emptied the cart of treats, an impressive feat of gluttony from one so petite. It had been a long time since Tina could remember being that petite or any of her girlfriends were that small, so he enjoyed the girl’s small hips and breasts and freshly swollen belly.

Tina, unable to continue to watch the screens eventually fell asleep with Summer draped across her belly gazing blankly at them. At some point Summer decided to climb off Tina and, put Tina back in her straps. “What have I done? I can’t believe I ate all that. You’re so round,” she thought as she ran her hands around her belly standing and examining the past few hours gluttonous impact. “I’m going to get fat if I keep doing that, and Tina is the one who is supposed to get fatter not me. I better bring some more food in here and feed her so Molly doesn’t think I ate all of this.” Summer pulled on her bikini bottom and rolled the empty cart out of the room to return with another cart of fresh baked pastries.

“Full and round, fat and heavy, fill your belly,” whispered Summer as stood behind Tina’s head. Tina was still lying flat so once she opened her eyes she could only see the ceiling and Summer’s cute face lit from the glow of the TV sets. “Your belly is hungry, fill it up, make it round and fat,” said Summer suggestively as she pushed a donut into Tina’s mouth.

“I’m still full from today Summer, you don’t have to feed me any more really,” said Tina sheepishly between mouthfuls of pastry.

“Take another bite, like fill it up, round and heavy,” she whispered.

Tina tried to rationalize with the girl, but Summer would not stop feeding her. Tina was trapped and eating bite after bite, being relentlessly fed from the beautiful girl. Her belly swelled bigger and grew tighter and tighter until the cart was emptied into her belly. Thankfully once the cart was empty the girl stopped feeding her and began examining her work, “There you go, now they will think you did all the eating and not me. Nice and fat and heavy. Your belly is nice and swollen again.”

Tina was painfully full again, but thought the pain was well worth the addition of Summer to her list of beautiful conquests, and a possible replacement for Sara once she had gained enough weight. “Oh I feel like I'm going to pop. I think you fed me too much,” said Tina.

“You’re fat enough, you can like totally handle it. Now remember you promised you wouldn’t tell anyone, and if anyone asks you like totally gobbled down the carts of food, O.K.?” she asked as she planted a big kiss on the top of Tina’s belly.

“Sure babe, oooohhh,” moaned Tina in response.

The next day the girls found her snoring away in her room. They realized from Tina’s still swollen belly that Summer had fed her during the night. Molly found Summer and told her that she had performed well above expectations and that she wanted her to continue feeding Tina at night at that she could permanently have the night shift as she and the other blond, Leann, could handle the day. Summer glowing from the oral pleasure and the intense stuffing and readily agreed to the permanent night shift.
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Chapter 20

The next three weeks they fed Tina all types of foods in ever-increasing amounts. They would feed her pasta and rich Italian food, then huge meals of roasted meats with all the trimmings. They would strap-on bigger and bigger latex boobs filled with the intoxicating nectar and watch her suck from their giant “bosoms”. Some days would be all desserts: pastries, ice cream, pies, cookies, and sweet breads. She was kept perpetually full during the day and desired less and less to leave comfort of the feeding harness or throne, where she would be pampered and pleasured and could lay weightless as they fed her.

Molly was the only one pleasuring her and the more she gained the more Molly wanted to pleasure her. Molly was clearly a FA and a feeder, complimented Tina often on her ballooning rump. With all the attention from Molly, Tina never thought of Sara, the bakery or even leaving the room, she only wanted to eat, and the desire was growing. She was growing weaker and lazier as her every desire was fulfilled. They continued to massage and stretch her limbs each day, increasing her flexibility, but keeping her immobile causing her muscles to atrophy and shrink.

Summer worked every night and would find herself eating and eating as she became more and more engrossed in the various programs that were displayed on the screens. Several times Tina was able to convince the girl to allow her to pleasure her, but Summer desired food more and more and didn’t want to be distracted by Tina’s attentions. Each night Summer would eat more and more of the food she brought in and stuff Tina less and less. It was getting harder and harder to get her attention and if Tina didn’t catch her early in the evening Summer would ignore her, stuffing treat after treat into her greedy mouth while she gazed blankly at the TV screens until she passed out.

Tina could tell her own belly was getting bigger as it was beginning to block her view of the delicious TV shows when she was reclined and when she did attempt to walk it felt so much heavier, but without a mirror or clothes to wear she could not tell exactly how much fat she had added during these three weeks. Her face and neck looked the same from what she could tell, but she just felt so heavy and swollen.

It was late in the day on the beginning of the fourth week and Molly and the brown-eyed blond, Leann, were feeding her from a trough as she dangled above the large sunk-in bath tub filled with salt water. The entire time Tina had been at the resort Molly and the other blond had continued to wear sunglasses of some sort, Tina thought that was a little weird but she really didn’t think much of it.

The harness she was wearing bound her legs together in a vinyl wrap skirt that reached from her cookie to her ankles. The harness top was a long sleeve vinyl shirt that completely covered her plump breasts and the top third of her back. The two-piece top and bottom harness was bound together in the middle of her back with multiple straps that were looped through rings that covered the back of the vinyl harness supporting every inch of her body except her hanging belly. In this “flying” position, she could bury her face into the trough and gobble down mouthful after mouthful of sinfully rich pastries while her belly floated weightlessly in the salt-water tub. At the start of the feeding her belly floated free, but now several hours later it had swollen downward to touch the bottom of the tub and she could feel Molly’s toes wiggle under her bloated flesh as Molly stood in the tub next to her, gently rubbing her expanding belly.

“Take another bite, round and fat, fill it up,” mumbled Tina with her mouth full of seven layer chocolate cake.

“I have been enjoying your flab resting on my toes for a while now. I just love to feed you in this position, watching the food swell you fatter as you get further and further away from the top of the tub,” replied Molly. “This lovely tub is two and a half feet deep and you are at least eight inches above the edge. That’s a lot of belly, so much more than you used to have, and your bum is the fattest I’ve ever seen. Your ass has even gotten wider than the tub, you wont even fit in here and its five feet across, not to mention that it sticks out so far behind you that you can’t fit in your throne anymore. You’ve been a really good eater, growing so round and fat, heavy and soft.”

Molly raised the harness up a couple of inches lifting Tina’s huge belly off the bottom of the tub and her head out of the trough.

“Uh, uh, uh, uh. I can’t reach the cake. Need to eat, fill my belly, grow round and fat,” whined Tina.

The brown-eyed blond giggled at Tina’s displeasure and then filled the trough up so that Tina could still reach the chunks of cake while she went to find a spacer to put under the trough to raise it so that the chunks of food could easily reach Tina’s hungry lips.

“Eat, eat, grow round, fat and heavy,” said Tina.

“Yes you are almost ready for the next phase of your vacation. Now just keep eating and growing. Growing round and fat, soft and huge, eat and grow,” cooed Molly as she ran her hands around the top Tina’s naked butt cheeks as if she was admiring a prize pig instead of a 24-year old baker.

Tina had her thick dark brown hair pulled back in a bun and she had a headscarf on to help avoid getting any of the food in her hair. Molly was wearing a tiny black bikini with her brown hair pulled up into a clip. Molly continued to caress the growing girl for the next few hours until she felt the swelling belly begin to touch her toes again.

“Aren’t you getting full Christina? Your belly is touching my toes again,” said Molly as wiggled them against Tina’s belly.

“Oh god…I am…so full…but I can’t stop eating. I’m getting so..fat..but I NEED MORE,” replied Tina between mouthfuls of food. Her progress through the ever-filling trough of cake and pastries was much slower than it was eight hours ago when Molly and Leann first put her in the harness and then submerged her belly in the tub. “Must get bigger,” replied Tina.

“That’s it Tina eat up, this episode seems to leave quite an impression don’t you agree Leann? Fill your belly fuller, grow round and fat, heavy and soft,” cooed Molly as she began to climb out of the tub.

“Yes, Ma’am this is one of your better ones,” replied the brown eyed blond.

“Round and fat, heavy and soft,” repeated Tina as she stared in rapture at the cooking program.

“Girl refill the trough and come with me, the piggy will be fine for a little while. Just oink if you need anything Tina,” giggled Molly.

The bespectacled beauties left Tina to her trough full of cake and her cooking show. It took Tina three more hours to empty the trough completely. Licking every last crumb and dab of frosting from the bottom of the porcelain trough. She had been eating, with various levels of enthusiasm for 12 hours and was swollen larger than ever. Before she lost the bet to Kelly she had a pretty impressive ability to eat, thanks to the attention from Tasha and her own desires for culinary pleasure. Now, a little more than three weeks into the year long bet her capacity had more than doubled and each day she stretched a little further past her previous limit.

“uhhh…oink…oh…oink…uhhh,” moaned Tina exhaustedly with her face covered in cake and frosting. “More…uh…oink..need..more,” she gasped.

In a little while, she heard giggling and the light foot falls to two barefoot people approaching from the direction Molly and the other had gone. “Oh my, you are such a good girl. There isn’t a drop left! And so silly too, you didn’t really have to oink like a pig for me. I was just teasing,” said Molly in a gentle tone as she squatted down in front of Tina’s head.

“You said oink…so I oink…I’m… so… fat…but… need… MORE,” said Tina between the labored gasps of her breathing as she blankly watched the TV.

“Oh Leann I have really outdone myself this time.”

“Yes Ma’am, you have.”

“All greedy piggies most certainly do need more, and you are the greediest of them all, but if I feed your huge belly more you cant just have a little bit, you have to EAT IT ALL,” said Molly in a more commanding tone as she lifted Tina’s head up with both hands so that Tina could see her plump red lips.

“eat..it..all,” repeated Tina.

“Girl, fill the trough with the nectar. Tina is about to set a record,” chuckled Molly as she rose and padded out of the room. Leann filled the trough with the alcoholic sugary nectar and then followed Molly out of the room. It took Tina three more hours to consume the high calorie beverage and she could feel her painfully swollen belly pressing against the bottom of the tub again. Once the last drop of nectar was licked clean from the trough she passed out into drunken slumber.

Many hours later she awoke to the now frequent sound of Summer eating and moaning in pleasure. Tina was still suspended just above the tub with her belly still touching the bottom, but her TV had been turned off and the trough removed. She groggily looked up and saw that Summer was laying in her throne, with four food carts at her side, two of them empty, eating and watching Tina’s favorite cooking show.

“Oh my god what happened? My belly is killing me, how much did I eat this time?” she asked herself. Then she saw Summer on her throne and moaned, “Oh my belly, please get me out of here Summer.”

“Oh you woke up?” she replied in a husky voice. “I see you are totally filling the tub, I love when they like feed you like a piggy. It’s so funny, but whenever I see it I…just get so like totally…. hungry too. I just want to eat and eat,” replied Summer as she turned and looked lustfully back over her shoulder at the suspended Tina. Summer had her long thick blond hair pulled back and was wearing a light pink headscarf, with pink lip-gloss on her plump bee-stung lips, dark smoky eye shadow, and her cheeks puffed out full of food.

“This little piggy wants out,” sighed Tina. “Can you let me out of here so I can clean up?”

Summer had turned back to face the TV’s. “Sure T…Just a minute…. I just need like a little more,” she replied.

Tina waited patiently for Summer to finish whatever she was doing, she was comfortable completely supported by vinyl harness, and as the food she had consumed was partially digested, her belly wasn’t as sore. But Summer’s pleasure induced moaning was beginning to get on her nerves. An hour later Tina started trying to get Summer’s attention but Summer would only moan and gasp “more”. It wasn’t until Summer had finished the food on all four carts and was rolling her swollen body out of the Throne, in pursuit of more food, that Tina was finally able to get her attention.

Summer was wearing an ultra tight cotton white spaghetti strap tank top, white bra, and tight white sweat pants with the waistband rolled down low enough that you could just see the pink straps of her g-string panties poking out above her hips. She was barefoot today so she had to wait until she lowered the throne enough for the tiny toes on her 5’1” frame to reach the ground.

Over the past three weeks, Summer had eaten larger and larger meals each night and spent more and more of her day sleeping off the previous night’s gluttony. She originally was a trim, soft, unathletic 110 pounds when she took the job of taking care of Tina.

She had been enticed by the two hot girls she was now working with, Molly and Leann, when she was on a shopping spree at the mall. Her credit cards had been declined and Molly noticing the distressed pretty girl agreed to pay for it if young Summer would simply come work for her. Summer wanted the clothes and now that she was on her own she needed money, so she decided to take the job with Molly. She was a bit of airhead and hated working in the mall, so she figured being an “attendant” for a few weeks was an easy enough job and the pay was significantly better.

The only requirements were to be willing to cater to another person’s basic needs and a lot of discretion. When she saw the girl’s face that she had to cater to, she was instantly attracted to her, but then she saw her body. She thought that Tina was a disgusting enormous cow and wasn’t sure she would be able to do it. Fortunately the job was easy, and she got accustomed to the bloated beauty’s ever expanding girth.

The only problem was she was now so unbelievably hungry all the time, she spent more of her time dreaming of food, fantasizing about filling her belly, and lusting about eating and eating and eating. She knew she had gotten a little softer in the middle, her tops were dreadfully tight, but she couldn’t help herself, she had to feed. And to top it off Molly was being such a brat by not giving her a pair of those silly glasses like she and Leann wore. The glasses weren’t even that cute, but it was the principle of the thing. Summer just wanted a pair.

In the past three weeks, the wasp waisted beauty had watched her belly go from trim and narrow, to slightly rounded and soft, then to puffy and round, to finally bloated and swollen. Her belly bulged out inches past her thighs forming a permanently swollen round gut that looked like she was months pregnant. She normally wore oversized sweatshirts to work to cover her plumping middle, and then would take it off once Molly and Leann had left. Tonight she was wearing a tight tank top that road up to just beneath her breasts and her belly pushed her sweat pants down to the apex of her hips. Her thin legs and arms had remained so with her rump swelling only slightly. Her bosom had remained the 32 full b-cup while she had put an inch on her hips, stretching them to 36 inches, but her belly had grown from its narrow 25 inches to a nicely rounded 34 inch gut. She had put on 25 pounds in only three weeks.

“Hey get me out of here!” yelled Tina.

Summer shook her head as if suddenly coming out of a daze and said, “Oh Tina I don’t know how I forgot. I might have been having too much fun. I’m like so sorry. Here let me lower you down.”
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Chapter 20 continued...

Summer lowered the apparatus so that Tina’s bound legs swung into the pool and she was now standing in the warm salt water up to her mid thigh, her rump swelling out behind her, bulging down to touch to cool tile floor, while her swollen belly bulged out past the edge of the tub and was also resting on the cool tile. Summer began to unbuckle and unstrap Tina from the harness from the edge of the tub until Tina was able to wobble her blubber enough to shake free of its constraints. Tina began the slow lumbering process to walk out of the Tub and into the shower while Summer scurried off through the side door in the room. Tina took her time preparing for the evening and relished the hot steamy shower. She hadn’t moved in almost 16 hours and it felt good to use her muscles, even if it was getting harder and harder to lug around her ballooning paunch and swelling ass. Luckily, the shower had a wide and deep bench seat that she could sit on to rest her weakening legs and back. After a relaxing hour in the steamy shower, she was ready to get back into her sleeping position and waddled her now naked body towards her throne only to find that Summer was back in it filling her belly.

“Excuse me, I think this is my chair,” said Tina as she approached the throne. “Oh my look at your belly, you are getting nice and round,” she said as she leaned forward on the arm of the throne rubbing Summer’s belly while her own giant swollen belly hung down against her legs and her breasts bulged over the arm.

“Mmmm, big and fat, heavy and round, mmmm. Oh like hi Tina, I guess I didn’t see you there. This show is like the best,” said Summer as she popped the second half of a huge pastry into her mouth with her other hand rubbing her swollen belly.

“Yeah I love this station too. I’m getting hungry again just watching, so weird. Hun I really need to get off of my feet, so can you get out of my throne?”

With her mouth now packed with sugary warm dough Summer replied, “Oh no sweetie, Molly said you outgrew the throne today. Now you get to relax on the cushions.” She told Tina as she pointed to a large low bed in the corner of the room that was covered in cushions of all shapes and sizes.

“Go ahead waddle your fat ass over there and like make yourself comfortable. I’ll be over to tuck you in,” Summer said as she continued stuffing her cheeks fuller with the freshly baked pastries.

Tina slowly wadded the 20 feet over to the low-lying bed. The top of the cushion reached to the middle of her shin, so she knew it was going to be nearly impossible for her to get off it without help. Her swollen belly was unmercifully pulling on her lower back and her atrophied calf muscles were shaking from supporting her colossal figure.

“How did I get so weak? I used to be fine moving around, but now I can barely stand, what happened to the muscles I used to have from the years of soccer? Oh I’m getting hungry again, but how can that be? My belly is still aches from today, but I just want to eat. God I am getting so fat, but I just want to eat. Oh that looks delicious. Mmmm I love this episode,” she thought spastically as she gazed over her shoulder at the TV’s Summer was watching.

Just a few weeks ago her spherical belly hung down to cover just the top fourth of her thighs, now the giant pot swelled down to just a couple of inches above her knees. With her hands braced in the middle of her lower back, thrusting her belly forward, she turned around and began lowering her ass to the bed. She made it part of the way until her thighs gave out and she plopped onto the mattress in a cascade of blubber. The mattress was hard and firm but her ass was so cushioned that she didn’t flop over on to her back, much to her surprise. She just shook and wobbled with her great belly bulging over the edge of the bed and her fat feet on the floor. While holding on to her belly, she slowly began to rock her enormous ass back further onto the bed slowly moving into the pile of cushions and pulling her feet off the floor. Exhausted and out of breath, she had shifted her bulk around the mattress until her great belly spilled out in front of her, squeezed by her colossal thighs, leaning back against a soft pile of cushions.

While Tina had been exerting herself getting comfortable on the mattress, Summer had managed to peel off her tank top and wheel a cart over to the side of the bed where she was standing. Standing there in her bra with her cheeks still swollen with food, she had one hand rubbing the lower part of her belly, while her other arm was perched against her side with her elbow pressing into her pudgy love-handle with her hand casually holding a thick hunk of white frosted cake. Summer was giggling as she watched the exhausted Tina try to catch her breath.

“Good lord you are such a whale! You were like barely able to get into bed,” giggled Summer. “I bet you wish you were skinny like me.”

“I’m not really that big…just a little…out of shape,” huffed Tina.

“No, you’re really, really big,” mumbled Summer as she took another huge bite.

“Well it’s not like I could tell with no mirrors and no clothes to wear, besides I am not the only one getting bigger,” replied Tina as she nodded at Summer’s puffy waistline.

“What, what do you mean?” asked Summer as she popped another bite into her mouth.

“Oh my god, you mean you don’t know? You’re getting fat, look at your gut,” giggled Tina.

Summer grabbed another slice of cake from the cart and cried, “This isn’t fat! I’ve never been fat! I can eat what I want and never gain weight!”

“Pffft, you’re fat, and you’re getting fatter. It’s getting pretty obvious now,” said Tina with a sneer. “You remind me of Sara before she ballooned.”

“I’M NOT FAT!” she cried as she gobbled up another bite of the rich sweet cake, clearly agitated.

“Yes you are, fatty, a fat little Piggy,” giggled Tina

“I’m a little piggy? Oh hell no, now you’re going to get it,” Summer huffed as she reached over to the wall and pushed a button. The bed’s firmness instantly began to decrease and Tina began to sink into the bed, the many cushions spreading out and around her girth.

“Hey what are you doing? I’m sinking into the bed!”

“Porky, I’m just like making a fat cow like you more comfortable. Molly said a comfortable pig is a hungry pig, and you are going to eat lots tonight,” she replied. The mattress oozed around her body, swelling up against her trapping her huge form in a sea of silky soft comfort.

“What, you’re going to feed me more?” asked Tina.

“Oh yes, lots more. But you can try and stop me, go ahead and try to get out you whale,” said Summer with slight chuckle.

Tina began to try to prop herself up and roll out of the mattress but all she could do is wobble her blubber back and forth as she struggled in vain to escape.

“I.. I.. can’t!”

“If you weren’t so fat then maybe you like could,” chuckled Summer.

“No it’s the mattress you bitch, I haven’t grown that much,” replied Tina.

“Yeah, right, well I’m like so going to fix that tonight,” said Summer as she took another bite from a hunk of the rich white frosted cake she was eating and walked out of the room. She returned moments later with another cart in tow. This one had two multiple-gallon containers of what looked to be the sweet alcoholic nectar Tina had consumed over the last few weeks. She rolled the cart over to the edge of the bed and Summer pushed a tube that was attached to tanks towards Tina’s lips.

“Here you cow, time to start drinking,” said Summer rudely as she munched on more cake.

“I ate for 16 hours today, I am so bloated there is no way I could drink any nectar,” said Tina as she lazily rubbed her hand across her paunch.

“Don’t want to eat do you? Well it doesn’t matter what you want, that’s Molly’s belly and Molly’s belly wants to be fed.”

“No I can’t eat anymore,” whined Tina.
“You’re lover Molly is not here cow for you to whine to. I’m like the boss now and the boss says its time for some nectar!” Cried Summer as she crawled onto the bed, scurrying over to Tina’s face dragging the tube. She crawled on top of Tina’s arms pinning them down with her knees and began wrestling the tube into Tina’s mouth, but Tina tried to resist. With her arms trapped and her body held in place by the super soft mattress, she could only flop her blubber around but could not shake Summer off. Summer was getting tired wrestling with Tina so she decided a little pain might get the girl to open her mouth. She determined that pinching the immobile girl’s nipple would do it.

“Ouch!” cried Tina as Summer slipped the tube into her gaping mouth. The thick sweet fluid began to fill her mouth and Summer looped a strap around Tina’s head holding the tube in place. Tina could do nothing but begin to swallow the nectar as the pressure built in her mouth. Summer grabbed another piece of cake off the cart and admired her work as she continued to feed. She kept Tina pinned for at least 30 minutes until the fluid began to take affect, relaxing and intoxicating Tina. Soon she was moaning in delight as the nectar filled her belly.

After a half hour of holding Tina down, Summer’s legs were getting sore, and she was getting jealous of Tina’s pleasure filled moans. Summer had never had any of the nectar, in fact Molly had told her never to drink it because it was only for clients. “Screw Molly, she will never know, she hasn’t caught me yet,” thought the envious Summer. Summer popped the tube out from Tina’s mouth and the drunken girl protested with a meek cry before passing out.

Summer rolled over to the edge of the bed with her feet touching the floor, her round plump belly squeezing between her thighs with her elbows on her knees, gazing into the tube. “I know I shouldn’t do this, I am totally breaking all the rules,” she debated. She looked down at her breasts and noticed her belly bulging out beneath them. “I am kinda getting a belly too,” she thought as she rubbed her hand over its soft bulging form. “But Tina just loves this stuff, and she shouldn’t have all the fun. Besides if I drink from this tube, my hands would be free for other things,” she thought.

Summer popped the tube into her mouth fixed the strap on her head and flopped back onto the soft bed adjacent to the snoring Tina. She continued watching the shows on the monitors and in a few minutes was gulping down the fluid and pleasuring herself. “Oh this is even better than I thought. Fuck Molly and her ridiculous rules. This is so good,” she thought lazily as the nectar took affect and began filling her belly. Summer drained the entire nectar filled tank, consuming thousands of calories in the process, all the while thinking to herself, round and fat, big and soft
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Chapter 21

It had been three more weeks of relentless stuffings and gorgings during the day and Tina could not satiate her relentless desire to grow. As soon as Leann and Molly walked in the monitors went on and she instantly wanted nothing more than to feed.

At the end of each day she was stuffed fuller than before and passed out before they left. She did little talking to her feeders it seemed and thought of little else other than feeding. Most nights she would sleep all the way through but some nights she would awake to the sounds of Summer slurping down nectar and pleasuring herself, while she gazed blankly at the monitors. Tina gave up trying to get the attention of the ample bellied girl, she simply would not respond and stuck in the super soft mattress she couldn’t move to reach the girl, so on those nights she closed her eyes and tried to go back to sleep. Tonight though Tina awoke to find the room was quiet, the monitors were off and Summer was no where to be found. The normally soft and silky bed was completely rigid and unyielding to her heavy and fleshy form. Laying on her back, her rump had swelled so much that it kept her lower back from resting on the mattress, coupled with the intense pressure from her now colossal belly, there was no way she could comfortably sleep in that position. Tina decided that she had to reach the adjusting button or she would never get a good night’s sleep.

During the last few weeks they had helped her get out of the bed by making the bed rigid and then provided support as she attempted stand. But for most days they didn’t let her do much moving. She was very weak and hated trying to hoist her girth around, so she let the girls and the various harnesses do most of the work, but tonight no one was around to help her so she had to do it herself. She managed to twist her upper body towards the side of the bed, by pushing the side of her swollen belly and gripping onto the edge of the mattress. Her great belly bulged over the side of the bed with her breasts just poking past the edge. With another great heave she managed to roll off the edge of the bed and flop onto her belly on the cool hard wood floor. She was on her hands and knees and began to drag her belly towards the wall that the adjustment button was on. Panting and sweating she began to pull her girth off the floor and rise to a standing position. Leaning on the wall for support she made it all the way up with her great belly heaving and shaking as she tried to catch her breath.

“Oh god that was hard, I can’t believe how out of shape I am,” she thought as she leaned naked against the wall. “Well it will be worth it if I can adjust this bed and go back to sleep.”

She pushed the button expecting the bed to activate, but nothing happened. She tried again. Nothing. She furiously pounded the button with her chubby fingers, still nothing. “It must be broken, I guess I will have to find someone to fix it. I can’t very well go back to sleep with a bed like this,” Tina thought.

She knew the girls always appeared from the side door so she decided that maybe she could find someone if she went through it. With her hands braced in the small of her back she began the slow waddle towards the door. Each step caused her mammoth rump to wobble and shake violently her breasts bounced, and her huge spherical belly bobbled in waves of blubber. Her belly now hung well past her knees and jutted out a couple of feet in front of her round spherical breasts. Her belly reached the door well before she did and she found that she could only reach the handle if she turned to the side and pressed her hip snugly against the door.

Finally the she reached the handle and managed to turn it. The door swung open as her great girth bulged against it, but her belly and the huge shelf of blubber that was her rump could not fit through door way. She turned to the front and managed to squeeze her belly into the doorway, although it still rubbed on both sides, but then she got to her wide bloated hips. Her hips bulged several inches past the side of the door way and there was no way she could simply walk through the door straight. She had to squeeze through at an angle. She could smell the baked goods now that she was bulging through the passageway and thought she heard voices. Her mouth began to salivate at the possibility of eating those baked goods. “What am I thinking?” she thought. “I can’t even fit through a door I’m so fat!” I have to get these desires under control. I’m eating even when Molly isn’t making me, something is wrong with me. If I get close to the food I know I will just eat again, but I can’t stay halfway in this hallway and that bed is way to uncomfortable. I just have to find someone to help me. I can be strong, I won’t eat, I won’t eat.”

She angled her belly around the other side of the doorway, pulled herself to the side and with a grunt managed to squeeze her left hip through the doorway. Her belly was completely on the other side of the wall with her massive butt cheek bulging through, forcing the door way up the crack of her ass. With half her rump on one side and half on the other side of the doorway, she was huffing and puffing from the exertion. Once she caught her breath she proceeded, without to much additional effort, to slip her other hip through and began to waddle down the passageway towards the smell of baked goods and people talking. Her hands were braced in the small of her back, thrusting her belly forward, trying futilely to raise it off of her knees. Her exaggerated waddle forced her hips to rub against the sides of the passageway but soon she reached another doorway where she heard voices.

The door was the same size as the one she just barely squeezed through so she had to walk slightly past it and turn the handle from the side. The door opened under the pressure from her hip and she could see a small room filled with TV screens and equipment of some sort. The screens were showing the programs she had been watching for the last six weeks, but at the bottom words were flashing on and off that she had never noticed before when she watched from her room. She caught words like eat, fat, grow, heavy, round, feed, but they didn’t form a sentence of any kind. She thought that was pretty weird, but didn’t know what to make of it. There was no one in the small room so she decided to move towards the smell of food instead of trying to squeeze into it to investigate further, but she meant to ask Molly what those words were when she saw her next.

She waddled further down the hallway until she came to an open doorway that the baked goody smell was coming from. It was the same size as the previous door ways so she started with her belly first and pushed it through the doorway and into the room. As she turned into the room squeezing her belly through she saw the raven haired Molly and blond haired Leann standing on either side of the doorway, for the first time without their sunglasses, and stacks and stacks of baked goodies filling the room.

“Bravo, Tina, Bravo,” clapped Molly “Leann didn’t think you could make it all the way to the kitchen, but I knew you could.” Molly was wearing tall five-inch stiletto black heels and a strapless black bustier that caused her 36 c-cup breasts to bulge out the top. Her flat 24 inch belly was bare except for a black stone that rested in her navel. Around her 35 inch hips she wore a black skin tight skirt that hugged her form to her ankles. Her raven hair was swept up off her shoulders and laced with silver jewelery. Her eyes were decorated with smoky dark eye shadow and her lips were painted a dark red. With her heels on she towered above the 5’3” Tina by almost a foot and Tina had to crane her neck to look up at her.

The brown eyed blond, Leann, was wearing a long white skirt that started at the apex of her 34 inch hips, well below her pelvis bones, but just above her womanhood. Her skirt was also skin-tight and bound her form all the way to the ankles. On her feet she was wearing white four-inch stiletto heels and around her bosom she was wearing a strip of white cloth that matched her skirt, covering her 34 c-cup breasts. Her flat 26 inch midriff was bare except for a thin silver chain around the narrowest part. Her thick light blond hair was pulled back in a bun and she had two long silver pins holding it in place. She had on dark smoky eye shadow and dark red lipstick as well. She was a few inches shorter than Molly, but the short squat Tina still had to look up at her.

“Well she wouldn’t have been able to if someone wasn’t taking cookies from the cookie jar,” giggled Leann with a nod of her head towards a figure that Tina hadn’t noticed before.

Tina wasn’t sure how she missed her, it must have been the shock of Molly and Leann waiting just inside the doorway or the massive quantities of delectable delights, but there was Summer sitting on a high stool next to a long counter top in the center of the room that was covered in pastries of every type. She was leaning forward on the stool, her legs spread wide, the girth of her belly putting a deep bow in her back as she munched on thick piece of cake she was holding with both hands. Her thick blond hair was pulled back in a bun like Leann’s and kept in place with the same long silver pins. She had on white strip of cloth around her now full 34 c-cup breasts and four inch heels just like Leann and dark smoky eye shadow with dark red lipstick, her lower half was bare but for a pair of white g-string panties, and it looked as if she might have been crying from the way her eye shadow was smeared.

During the last three weeks Summer’s body had begun to catch up with her belly. Her once skinny arms and legs had swelled and plumped giving her chubby upper arms and thick thighs. Her ass and hips had swelled as well forming a nice thick fatty cushion that bulged around and over the top of the stool. Her belly was no longer a round pot, it had formed into a tear drop shape, narrow just beneath her breasts but spreading wide giving her thick love handles that had begun to form a slight crease in her back.

“When we finally saw her without a huge sweat shirt on we figured she might have been sneaking some of your food,” said Molly as she trotted over to Summer and grabbed a handful of plump love handle. “We couldn’t be sure of course so we weighed and measured her and she finally told us the truth. Sneaky little piggy got pretty fat stealing food from you, but more importantly she was stealing food from me. If Summer wants to steal from me, and betray my trust then, by all means she should eat, and reap the rewards of a nice full belly, don’t you think?” asked Molly as she slid both of her hands around to the front of Summer’s belly and squeezed and shook it.

“Oh I’m getting so fat,” whined Summer with a mouth full of cake.

“Mmmm, full round belly feels so good, and looks so sexy,” said Tina as she licked her plump lips and began the process of squeezing through the door, eager to try to get to the treats inside.

By that time Summer had gobbled down the large slice of cake and she looked back at Molly over her shoulder and sobbed, “I know I stole from you but I took good care of Tina. It’s not fair for you to keep all of the money I earned! I need that money, and I did a pretty good job, look she can’t even fit through the door. She should be fat enough for Kelly or the patron or whoever is paying for this!”

“Oh Summer, you know that Leann and I did most of the feeding for our patron, you just watched Tina in the evening. Well I guess you did more than watch didn’t you,” said Molly as pinched Summer’s plump love handles. “Besides we have already discussed this sweetheart, but just so Tina knows; little Summer here now fills a generous 34 c-cup, her breasts are so nice and plump now, and her once flat and trim 25 inch tummy is now buried under a soft bloated 42-inch belly that has the cutest teardrop shape to it. Her plump love handles are some of the thickest I’ve ever seen on girl this size!” Molly squealed as she pinched the fat on the sides of Summer’s belly. “But luckily for her she now has wide thick thighs and hips to help carry her newly swollen middle. Her small trim hips used to measure a slight 35 inches but now she has full plump 40-inch hips, even if her rump is a little flat. Summer weighs a nicely swollen 172 pounds now, a gain of 62 pounds in only six weeks. You ate so much you put 17 inches on your little belly naughty girl. Tisk, Tisk,” scolded Molly with a wave of her finger.

“I guess I did, but it’s just not fair the food here tastes so good! I didn’t want to take food from you, I…I just couldn’t help it,” whined Summer to Molly with her mouth full of another piece of white frosted cake.

Tina waddled into the room her mouth salivating as she took in the massive assortment of confectionery delights that was displayed around the sides of the room and along the center counter top. There were crème puffs, éclairs, donuts, sheet cakes, cheese cakes, cookies, tall chocolate cakes, big pink frosted cakes, sweet breads, everything she could imagine, which was saying a lot for a baker of her experience and size. Leann trotted up to Tina’s side in quick bouncy steps due to the tightness of her skirt, attempting to cut her off from reaching the food.

“Uh, Uh, ah Tina. This food isn’t for you,” said Leann as she gently placed her hands on Tina’s belly and upper arm. “Our patron said stuffing you for six weeks was enough. She doesn’t want to pay for anymore food going into this belly.”

“I know I shouldn’t, I’m huge! I can barely move now, but it just looks and smells so delicious, and like you said Summer kinda stole from me so don’t I deserve some of it?”
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Chapter 21 concluded...

“Hmmm, that’s an interesting point. Her punishment was going to be to leave without any of her pay or if she wants to, work for free until she gained another 62 pounds. You see I’ve always wanted a fat bellied assistant, and this greedy little piggy would rather grow big and fat than losing any money. Isn’t that right Summer?” laughed Molly.

Summer let out a sob, “You know I need the money and I’m just so hungry. I don’t want to be fat, but…but my belly won’t let me stop eating.”

Molly trotted over to Tina’s other side and poked her finely manicured delicate fingers into Tina’s colossal spherical belly. “But truly those 62 pounds she gained should have been in here and not on her. I guess it would be fascinating to see you another 62 pounds heavier before you leave, your huge ass is about to explode in layers of fat in the next couple of weeks as your body goes back to storing your fat in the proper places and your tummy starts to shrink down from all the stretching we have done to it, but I have other clients coming in, and I don’t know if our patron will pay for more time, and I’m sure Kelly will want your belly back, she still has 48 weeks to do with it as she pleases, if I understand the nature of your agreement…”

“I don’t want to gain another 62 pounds! I’m way fatter than I ever wanted to be, but the food just looks so good, and it feels so good in my belly,” moaned Tina as she licked her lips.

“Oh, I’m sure it does Tina, and it is going to look so good once it finds it’s way to your ass,” Molly said as she rubbed her hand over Tina’s belly and then pinched Tina’s rump. “Well let me call our patron and see what she wants to do with you, maybe you won’t be leaving tonight,” replied Molly pleasantly.

Molly trotted past Tina and down the hallway. “Come with me Tina, let’s find you a place to sit and rest those poor tired legs of yours while we wait for Molly,” said Leann sweetly as she lead the exhausted beauty past the counters covered in pastries, her hips just barely fitting between them, to the other end of the room where there was a low bench underneath a row of chef jackets that were hung on the wall.

There was no way Tina’s giant rump could fit on bench that was only a foot deep and five feet wide so Leann pulled the bench out away from the wall. Tina turned around and began to lower her girth to the bench with her feet planted wide and her belly hanging down against her thighs. She misjudged the space her rump filled behind her and her naked butt began to drag against the wall as she lowered her bulk. Finally her legs gave out and she plopped down onto her rump in a cascade of blubber. Her ass spread out behind her, bulging a couple feet past the edge bench and then sagging down to hang within several inches of the floor. Her bum pressed firmly against the wall while her hips completely engulfed the five foot wide bench. Her belly oozed over her massive thighs sticking out well past her knees, forcing her full fat breasts to bounce into her face completely blocking her vision. But Tina was now more flexible than ever so she spread her legs wider and wider until her massive swollen spherical belly dropped between her thighs, oozing down to within a couple inches of touching the floor.

“Now that your vacation is over, and you’re going back to work, um, I’ve been meaning to ask you. I really love how fat you are now, but were you always fat?” asked Leann as she gently traced her finger nails across the front of Tina’s naked belly.

She was standing with her thighs just barely touching the front of Tina’s belly gazing lustfully at the swollen paunch. “I mean, it’s just, most girls who gain fast get stretch marks but your skin is so soft and perfect.”

“Well thank you, I’m glad you like it,” said Tina as she casually twirled a lock of her hair and rubbed her other hand across the top of her paunch. “But no, I was thin until about four and half years ago and two years ago I was still less than 300 pounds. It all started for me once I met my now ex-girlfriend Jenny,” Tina sighed.

“Jenny, the busty tall blond from VL?”

“Yeah that’s the one.”

“Oh she is cute, super fat though,” chimed in Summer with her mouth full of éclair.

“Yeah that was my handiwork, could I please, please, have some of that thick blueberry cheese cake?” She begged.

“Well it is your graduation, I mean you should get something right?” said Leann as she turned around and handed the entire cheese cake to Tina. “What do you mean, your handiwork?”

Tina took the cheese cake and rested it across her bosom as she took a huge bite out of the side of it, her ability to resist the confectionery delights completely gone now that she was so close. “She was only 140 pounds when we met, I was only a 135 back then, but thanks to my charms I was able to get her to put on almost 400 pounds, during the course of our friendship.”

“Wow, that’s a lot. I don’t think we ever put 400 pounds on someone, but I think that might change soon,” replied Leann as she looked over her shoulder and Summer wolfing down éclairs.

“That’s nothing, I put 75 pounds on my first girlfriend in high school. When we got back together a couple years ago, she was skinny again, I helped her gain another 270 pounds. Her belly is so big and round,” replied Tina as she gulped down another big bite of cheese cake. “God this is so good, tastes a lot like Kelly’s.”

“I’m sure it’s delicious. Wow you put 750 pounds on two girls,” said Leann.

“Oh I’ve done more than that,” Tina replied as scooped a handful of cheese cake into her mouth. “Brigitte our skinny little counter girl is now 513 pounds because of me. She was a twig when I started there, barely 110 pounds. Now three years later she is 400 pounds fatter,” chuckled Tina with a satisfied grin. It was fun to be eating and chatting with the girls again.

“Oh you can’t take all the credit for Brigitte,” replied Leann.

“Well I may have had Sara help me, but it was all my ideas and schemes. Sara is gorgeous but not that bright,” giggled. Tina.

“Oh sure you certainly helped move the process along, but Brigitte’s spectacular gain was really due to Molly,” replied Leann with an air of superiority.

“What ever could you be talking about?” asked Tina with her cheeks full of cheese cake.

“You know Molly, the Molly Kelly hired, Molly who has been with you for six weeks. Molly silly.”

“What does she have to do with Brigitte?”

“Oh you eat so fast, Tina would you like another one?”

“Oh yeah, chocolate this time, that last one tasted just like the cheese cakes Kelly makes, weird.”

“Oh here is a nice double thick one. I’m sure your belly will love this one,” replied Leann. “As I was saying Molly is the one that got Brigitte to finally gain.”

“Huh?” asked Tina with her cheeks stuffed with chocolate cheese cake.

“Brigitte told us that she was having a little trouble gaining enough weight to impress Jenny, sure she had gotten chubby, but just couldn’t seem to completely get rid of the skinny girl inside of her. So she looked for a hypno-therapist and found Molly. After a few sessions with Molly, much less than the indoctrination you just went through, she was able to bury that skinny girl under hundreds of pounds of soft squishy fat,” explained Leann as she squeezed the sides of Tina’s huge belly. “Even when she wanted to stop gaining, Molly’s hypnosis wouldn’t let her. Oh how she cried and begged Molly to reverse it as she continued to swell and grow fatter and fatter. Sure Jenny was now taking an interest in her swelling form but she was complaining about how it was getting harder and harder to move around, you know blah, blah, blah, I’m a fatty, blah, blah can’t see my feet. You must hear it all the time in the bakery.”

“Oh my god…” sighed Tina as she took another big bite of the chocolate cheese cake.

“See Brigitte didn’t have any money to pay for the reversal, seemed her dad cut her off, and Molly doesn’t do charity work, so until Brigitte got her father’s inheritance, she was going to keep feeding herself fatter and fatter no matter how badly she didn’t want to. Molly is really good at what she does.”

“Oh no,” sighed Tina as she swallowed another bite.

“She got her father’s inheritance a week before the bet weigh-in, and paid Molly for the reversal. You probably would have won the bet if it were not for that,” giggled Leann. “Weird how things happen. When Brigitte asked Kelly for a day off to reverse the hypnosis, Kelly asked her why and she told her about Molly’s hypnotherapy program and how it caused her to gain so much weight. Kelly signed you up right away.”

“Uh oh,” whined Tina as she forced another heaping scoop of chocolate cheese cake into her mouth.

“Yeah, you were only signed up for a week, but when Brigitte found out about the bet, she was a little mad at Kelly for being a part of something so devious, but for some reason she must not have blamed you because she paid to extend your session for five more weeks, and Kelly got to cater it all. I’m sure Kelly agreed because you must have been great for the bakery business I’m sure.”

“Oh no, so your saying that I went through the same hypnosis sessions that Brigitte did?” asked Tina as she pushed a huge handful of cake into her mouth.

“No certainly not silly, haven’t you been hearing me? She only had a few hourly sessions with Molly. You have been having them almost around the clock for six weeks,” giggled Leann as she gripped the sides of Tina’s belly and jiggled it. “You’re going to get so unbelievably fat!”

“As if she like wasn’t totally fat already,” giggled a high-pitched voice she hadn’t heard in six weeks.
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kazemaru2 has said some nice things

It is nice but it lacks the measurement descriptions of earlier chapters. It would be interesting to see Mia chub up to 500+
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Chapter 22

In strutted the beautiful and impeccably dressed Brigitte in all of her bountiful glory, followed by a quickly trotting Molly. The 5’5” pouty-lipped blond had her hair impeccably quaffed, in a style that swept it up off her shoulders. She was wearing small black framed glasses and had on dark eye shadow and dark red lipstick. She wore a white long sleeve collared silk button up blouse, with the sleeves partially rolled up and the neck line open to the apex of her 46 P-cup breasts revealing many inches of soft cleavage. The blouse was snug across the three rolls of her substantial 70-inch belly, but there were no gaps between the perfectly fitted blouse’s buttons. She was wearing light pink silk pants that tightly hugged her form all the way to her knees, revealing bulges and curves and if Tina was seeing correctly the beginnings of thigh muscles. Her 102 inch hips were the same size as they were six weeks ago, but her thighs appeared to be a little fuller but her flesh did not bulge over her knees. She had lost at least 10 inches off her belly allowing her bosom to now protrude farther than her belly. Her arms were still fat but they appeared to be slightly more toned than before and for the first time in many months she was wearing three-inch heeled peak-a-toe pumps.

Brigitte strutted around the middle counter, her hands on the top of her fat love handles, sexily switching her hips back and forth causing her plump bosom to bounce and sway as she approached Tina.
“I on the other hand have lost 30 pounds and grew some thigh muscles to help carry my big round curves,” she said as she squeezed her hips. “It’s like so much better to be able to eat when I want too and still be able to get around. Something you tried to take away from me with your mean little games,” quipped Brigitte as she strutted to stand directly in front Tina, her thighs barely brushing Tina’s naked sagging belly while her own belly trust out nearly touching Tina’s bare bosom.

“I never forced you to eat B, just made it easy for you to indulge. Could you be a dear and hand me that blueberry pie? I can’t believe I am still hungry,” sighed Tina.

Brigitte reached back behind her and grabbed the pie off the middle counter. She turned around and leaned forward placing the pie just below Tina’s chin on her exposed bosom. “Yeah well, if you weren’t making it like so “easy” for me eat all the pastries in the bakery for your little bet with Kelly I wouldn’t have blown up so big! So I am still blaming you for making me fatter than I wanted to be!” cried Brigitte with her bottom lip puffed out, her hands back on her puffy love-handles. “You almost made me immobile! You’re mean!”

“Mmmm this pie is so good, and I so love Kelly’s pie. Well, Brigitte even if I was a little devious, it’s not like I’m all to blame. Jenny must be at least partially responsible for you getting so fat. She is the one you started gaining for right? Besides you know you could have done something other than sit around gorging,” said Tina with her cheeks full of pie.

“I’ll deal with Miss “you’re not fat enough” Jenny later. And It’s like a little hard to do anything but eat when you live above a bakery and your boss keeps piling more food in front of you. You used your influence to keep me gaining, it was so unfair, and I just couldn’t stop or hadn’t you noticed,” said Brigitte as she poked Tina’s ponderous belly with her knee.

“I may have noticed, but its not like I was going to stop you. Besides it seems that the same is happing to me now and I was strapped down most of the time,” replied Tina with a mouth full of blueberry pie.

“Yeah, I had to pay extra for that, but it looks like its going to be well worth it,” said Brigitte with devious smile as she jiggled Tina’s belly with her thighs.

“Hey, cut that out!” cried Tina as she grabbed the pie to keep the pie from sliding off her chest.

“Oh but it’s so fun now that you are so big and soft! You’re like so going to get even more bigger too and your muscles are already so weak,” giggled Brigitte. “You’re for sure going to be immobile by the end of this year. I can hardly wait,” said Brigitte as she gleefully clapped her hands causing her substantial bosom to jiggle.

“So that’s what this was all about? You’re trying to make me immobile? Well I can still get around just fine Brigitte,” replied Tina as she scooped the last of the pie into her mouth. To emphasize her mobility she put her hands on her knees and with a grunt forced herself to stand up. Her huge belly pushed up against the bottom of Brigitte’s belly causing the taller but much lighter girl to bounce back into the middle counter. Her large rump bulged over the counter top and pressed into assorted cakes and pastries knocking some of the treats onto the floor in a crash.

“You pushed me into the cake and got frosting on my $1,000 pants! They’re ruined!” cried Brigitte as she looked back at the wide shelf of fat that was her ass, now smeared with white and yellow frosting. She managed to wiggle her body free from between the counter and Tina and turn her back to the naked beauty, displaying the mess she caused.

“Oh I’m so sorry, he he he,” giggled Tina. “Here let me help you clean it off,” she said stepped toward Brigitte and thrust her belly against Brigitte’s wide fat ass. This caused the taller girl to careen wildly against the side counter landing face first into a large cream pie with her breasts and belly bouncing into the other pastries layering the counter top, ruining her blouse and splattering food into her hair. Tina stood with her hands gripping the sides of her belly laughing hysterically at Brigitte.

The furious Brigitte threw herself at Tina in a wild tackle causing the two of them to bounce against the middle counter and then fall onto the floor in the tangle of limbs and blubber. The lighter Brigitte managed to crawl on top of Tina and pin Tina’s legs beneath her own. She was wresting with Tina’s arms and somehow Tina managed to grip the front of Brigitte’s blouse and rip all the buttons off the front. Brigitte leaned back onto Tina’s legs, out of the reach of the fatter girl’s grasping hands and in a snarl tore the ruined shirt off. The furious blond was now only in her bra with her naked belly bulging onto Tina’s. Tina struggled to sit up and grab at the lighter girl but her massive belly and plump bosom was too big to over come. With Brigitte trapping her legs all she could do was flail about bouncing her bloated arm blubber, massive breasts and jiggly paunch.

“Ha! I got you, you big fat cow!” cried Brigitte as she grabbed two handfuls of Tina’s belly flesh and violently shook the massive sack of blubber.

Tina was exhausted from the exertions and could only lay there gasping for air, trying to catch her breath.

“Tina, you just like earned herself another day at this resort. I’ve missed out not being able to feed you myself all these weeks, but now I am going to enjoy making this huge belly hurt,” giggled Brigitte evilly.

“Gasp, whatever… you should… see how funny…you look,” laughed Tina.

With a snarl of rage Brigitte bellowed, “FEED HER!” The three girls snapped out of their shock at watching the behemoths wrestle, and began to quickly and expertly push pastry after pastry into Tina’s plump lips. Tina struggled at first but soon she was too exhausted to put up any fight and the delicious confections had already worked their spell on her. Once she stopped struggling, Brigitte was able to crawl off her legs and tried to compose herself. The 483-pound beauty cleaned the pie filling, frosting and other pieces of pastry detritus from her face and body, but old habits die hard and soon she found herself absent mindedly gobbling up the multitude of confections layering the counters. She watched and ate as they fed and fed Tina, pies, cakes, éclairs, doughnuts, crème puffs, emptying all of the goodies on the counter tops into Tina’s belly. While the kitchen began preparing more treats, Brigitte commanded them to feed her the nectar, gallons and gallons of the nectar, until Tina’s belly glowed red and was painfully swollen.

“This is as far as we should feed her madam,” said Molly to Brigitte.

“She does, munch, look like really, munch, swollen,” replied Brigitte as she ate a large powdered sugar covered Danish. She was resting her rump on top of one of the side counters with her legs crossed, her pants unzipped and her belly swollen fat with the numerous pastries she had consumed.

“Ooooh, I’m so…full. I have…such a tummy ache,” gasped Tina as she slowly rubbed her chubby hands around the sides of her great swollen paunch.

“Good, munch, I hope, munch, you do,” sneered Brigitte as strutted over to stand over Tina’s prostrate form, gobbling more pastries as her high heels clicked across the tile floor. “You big, munch, mountain of fat. If I had my way, munch, I would keep you here even longer, but Kelly wants her precious belly back at the bakery. So you get to, munch, go back to work.”

The stuffing even completed, Molly strutted over to Brigitte and handed her a large crème puff and said, “But you don’t ever have to work again Madam. Why don’t you come with me and I can show you the rest of the facilities, maybe feed you a treat or too?”

“If I didn’t like know better, I might like think you are trying to trick me into buying more of your services,” said Brigitte with a smile as Molly lead her away from the kitchen.

“Well I do take a lot of pride in the bellies I help grow, and its such a shame to see yours shrinking. Girls clean up Tina and get her back into bed. The Madam and I are going to be busy,” chuckled Molly.

“Yes Molly,” the two girls replied in unison.

As Molly and Brigitte disappeared around the corner, Leann stepped over the bloated and softly moaning form of Tina to slip behind Summer, putting her arm around her belly and pushing warm apple turnover towards Summer’s lips, the kitchen workers had replenished some of the treats. “I know you must be hungry too from all the hard work of having to feed poor Tina all night. Why don’t you have a bite? It’s still warm,” cooed Leann.

“Oh I’m so hungry, and this smells so good, but I can’t keep eating like this. I’m like getting so huge,” whined Summer as grabbed the pastry and began devouring it.

“You’re just slightly plump Summer, you wont be huge for a while,” giggled Leann as rubbed both hands around Summer’s belly bulge.

“Eh, you’re, munch, like trying to make me fat,” whined Summer as she spun around to face Leann still gobbling up the pastry.

“Who me? Never. But your little belly does look so cute on you,” said Leann with a chuckle as she pushed another warm pastry to Summer’s lips just as she swallowed the last bit of the first one.

“Yes, you are, you like totally are,” sighed Summer as she stared at her pastry, trying to resist eating another one, as Leann ran her manicured fingers around the apex of Summer’s belly.

“I’m a good little helper and you’re getting so sexy with your little belly.”

“Sigh, I knew it, you are feeding me. I’m going to get huge and fat and no pretty girls are going to want me.”

“Perhaps, but maybe I know a girl who might like you. Do you think I’m pretty? I have a flat slim waist, firm trim thighs and hips, with a nice full bosom.”

Summer began to gobble down the pastry, her resistance broken. “Yeah your body is perfect, just like mine used to be, sigh, and your face is like really pretty.”

“Well I think you’re kinda cute, but who knows how you will look if this keeps getting bigger,” she said as she patted Summer’s pot belly. “Besides there isn’t much you can do about gaining weight, considering Molly’s hypnosis and the fact that you have no money to get it reversed. You should consider yourself lucky that a hot girl like me might like a chubby girl like you.”

“Yeah, I guess….”

“So why don’t we have a little fun while you work off your debt to Molly,” said Leann as her hand slid into the front of Summer’s thong and her lips moved towards Summer’s.

“Mmmm, oh, that feels so good, but what about Tina? Don’t we need to clean her up and move her or like something?” moaned Summer as Leann’s probing fingers found her moist pussy and kissed her neck.

“We have plenty of time to do that before Molly comes back. She and Brigitte won’t be back for a long time. Besides this feels way too good doesn’t it? Why don’t you grab another one, no actually…grab two, I want you to eat with both hands,” cooed Leann as she deftly spun the plump beauty towards the pastry laden counter.

Summer obediently grabbed two pastries and began gobbling them down. Leann undid Summer’s top, letting it fall to the floor as she cupped Summer’s plump naked pert breasts. Leann kissed Summer’s neck and blew softly in her ear, while she massaged the plump girl’s bosom.

“Oh you’re such a tiny little piggy, don’t you need another one?” Leann asked between kisses. Summer hungrily complied with her suggestion. Leann began to kiss Summer’s bare shoulders, then down her back, while working her hands around and down the plump girl’s belly. Leann looped her fingers around the straps of Summer’s thong and then slowly began to pull them down. Soon the thong was around Summer’s ankles and Leann’s nimble fingers were deep into Summer’s pie.

“Mmmm, you are getting so wet. I must have found the right spot,” said Leann with a slight giggle.

“Oh that’s it, right there, don’t stop,” moaned Summer.

“Ssssh baby, keep eating,” said Leann as she fingered Summer’s pussy and tugged on the plump girl’s left nipple. Summer keep eating and eating and Leann kept pleasuring her until Summer came several times. But as the stuffing continued Summer’s legs and back began to get tired. Now she was completely bent over the counter, resting on her elbows, shovelling bite after bite of warm fattening pastry into her mouth. Her swollen belly was hanging down, bulging against her thighs, which caused her back to bend in a deep bow. Leann was still fingering the girl but had decided it was time to take this to the next level. “I’ll be right back, hun, don’t waddle away or anything,” teased Leann.

Summer could only moan slightly in response as she packed her cheeks full of fattening treats. Summer heard the clip clop of Leann’s high-heels return until she was back standing behind her. She felt the thin girl’s hands grip her plump ass and then slide around to grip the sides of her pudgy love-handles. Then she felt the tip of something round and rigid begin to slide against her wet pussy lips. She moaned slightly but was too enraptured in the consumption of a six-layer angel food cake to look back at Leann to see what she was doing. Leann squeezed her fat love-handles harder and the item pushed further in. It was filling her tight little pussy with its girth and was slightly painful, but she was so wet it slid right in. At that point she had to look back and saw that Leann had taken off her top, let down her hair and removed her skirt. In place of the skirt was a strap-on dildo with only the tip inserted into her. Leann pulled out of Summer to make sure Summer could see it in all of it’s glory.

“Trust me I can’t stand men, but my big fat friend here is a lot of fun. Plus it’s double sided so I get to have some fun too, although you certainly get the fatter end,” said Leann with a smile as she displayed the thick strap-on. “My fat friend may hurt a little at first, but you will be begging for it soon enough.”

Leann began to work the dildo back in deeper and deeper, while Summer ate and ate. Summer whined a bit a first and tried to wiggle away, but Leann only held on tighter and forced her big fat friend further into Summer. Within minutes Summer was back in her gluttonous daze and Leann was panting from the stimulation from the double ended dildo. Leann worked her hips for hours, both girls cumming several times, until finally she collapsed against Summer. Her sweaty naked body trembling from the exertion against Summer’s soft form. Summer had continued to eat and eat falling into a deep trance from her gluttony and sexual stimulation.

“Ew gross, you’re all sweaty,” whined Summer softly with her mouth full of cherry pie, to stuffed and spent to make too much of a complaint.

“Oh god, that felt soooo good,” huffed Leann as she tried to regain her breath.

“Mmmmm, it like so did. I don’t think my belly has ever been this big,” she said as she slowly brought another bite of pie to her lips.

“Yeah I thought you were Tina there for a little while considering how much you ate. Stand up and let me look at you,” said Leann, still inserted deep into Summer’s pussy.
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