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Chapter 22 continued..

Leann peeled herself off Summer, still holding onto her hips as Summer began to hoist her girth off of the counter top. Summer was now leaning back against Leann with her swollen belly bulging way out in front of her.

“Oh my god, you’re huge!” cried Leann as she ran her hands over Summer’s swollen red Buddha.

Summer popped another bite of pie into her mouth. “Oh it’s so big and tight. I’m like so fat,” she said lazily.

“Let’s walk you over to the mirror and get a good look at you,” said Leann as she began to push the shorter fatter girl in the direction of the mirror. With the strap-on still inserted into Summer, the two girls waddled to the mirror.

“I’m, I’m, I’m massive!” gasped Summer as she saw her bright red swollen belly.

“Hardly, but that does look a little painful. Let’s see how big you are now,” cooed Leann as she strutted off to get a tape measure, her big fat friend bouncing wildly.

Summer just stood there swaying slightly back and forth, rubbing her hands across her belly, moaning, taking in all the growth she had caused. The rapid clip clop of Leann’s heels brought her out of her daze and she felt the measuring tape pressed against her belly.

“48 inches. That’s six inches since this afternoon you little piggy,” laughed Leann.

“Ooooh, my belly is so full,” moaned Summer the affects of her pleasure filled evening beginning to wear off.

“Oh I know that look. You better lie down. Here let’s put you in Tina’s room to sleep it off,” said Leann as she began to lead the chubby girl out. Leann got Summer into Tina’s bed and dialled down the rigidity of the mattress. Then she took off her big friend and crawled into bed with her, rubbing Summer’s swollen pot until she fell asleep. Hours later, the two girls awoke to see a grimacing Molly standing above them and the sound of the shower running.

“Good morning girls, did you two forget to do something last night?” asked a furious Molly.

Molly was wearing a dark red strapless corset that cinched her already narrow 24-inch waist down to less than 20 inches. Her bosom was barely contained in the straining garment, bulging out of the top and sides. She was wearing a dark red thong and dark red leather thigh-high boots with 7-inch platform spike heels. Her dark brown hair was swept up onto the top of her head and laced with dark red stones adding several inches to her already towering height. She was wearing black lipstick on her full plump lips and dark red eye-shadow. She had her eyebrow piercings in, and several gold hoop earrings in each ear. This meant that all the clients were gone and she could be her true self, the brutal Mistress. And by the look on her face, someone was getting punished severely today.

Leann popped out of bed in a flash and Summer rolled her bloated paunch out of bed as fast as she could.

“Um..” started Leann.

“Silence!” commanded Molly. “I know what you two didn’t do last night, and more importantly I also know what you did. After I finished stuffing Brigitte to the point of bursting and sent her on her way, I went to sleep in my chambers, only to be awoken by my cooks. Its seems someone left my favourite piggy on the floor all night and the cooks had to work around her immense bloated form. When she started to wake up, they wanted to know what to do with her. So they disturbed me instead of you two, cause you two were nowhere to be found. Eventually they got the poor Tina off the floor and into the shower, something you two should have done. They also said that everything they had been cooking over the course of several hours had disappeared, and I think I know where it went,” said Molly as she poked Summer’s swollen belly with her long finger nail. “Due to your late night frivolity we are woefully behind schedule on the delivery of Ms. Tina to her employer. Therefore, to ensure you two learn your places while you are in my employ, I must levy a punishment that fits the crime.”

“But..” started Summer.

“Not another word thief!” cried the furious Molly. “Since you wanted to stuff your belly instead of doing the job I am paying you for, you will be required to work for free a little bit longer. I am increasing the amount you need to gain to before you can have your money to 82-pounds.”

“That’s not fair!” cried Summer.

“Oh well maybe you would rather be put out in the street penniless with no where to go, unable to satisfy your growing hunger and never, ever, ever able to reverse the hypnosis? Let’s make it 92 pounds then for your rebellious attitude, and a not another word, I’m warning you, now for you dear Leann…”

“You know I need the money! And I didn’t eat that much! This is so unfair!” interrupted Summer.

“How dare you interrupt me!” cried the furious Molly. “You are of course welcome to leave little piggy but if you stay it is now going to be an even 100 pounds,” said Molly with a sinister grin.

“Oh you’re mean. I hate you, you, you evil bitch!” gasped the stunned beauty.

“Oh really insolent girl, well then I guess you would rather it be 120 pounds! Would you like to go for more?”

Summer started to open her mouth just as Leann elbowed her in the side of her plump belly. “Be quiet Summer, it will only make it worse,” whispered Leann under her breath. Summer wasn’t bright but she finally realized she was trapped and didn’t say another word and just shook her head no, not wanting the number to get bigger than it was.

“Good girl. Now back to you Leann,” said Molly as she walked closer to the girl. Molly cupped Leann’s bare breast with her right hand and said, “I know you are far from innocent in this my sweet, sweet pet. I’ve seen how you look at my clients, the slightly inappropriate touches, the propensity to stuff them just a little bit past what I tell you to do. Don’t forget I know you where you came from and I know what you have done. Which made you a perfect assistant and why I know you probably coached Summer into eating my food, stuffing her fuller and fuller, as you got hotter and wetter,” whispered Molly as her plump full lips brushed the side of Leann’s ear as her hands side from her breasts, down and around Leann’s belly.

“So I know you are just as guilty as her for the act of thievery. But I only want one fat assistant, well at least for now that is, so I am not going to have you stuff your belly big and fat to repay me for your treachery. Instead, I think I am going to put you on a diet, my pet. Yes that’s it. I’ve noticed your breasts are starting to get rather large and your belly isn’t nearly as flat as it used to be, you were so skinny when I found you, ah those were the days. So now you get to go back to being the skinny, curveless, starving little twig you used to be. That is of course only if you want to remain in my employ, I can always take you right back to where I found you. You will only need to loose 25 ity bity pounds that’s not to much is it?”

“But Molly I just finally started getting curves! Don’t make me loose them!”

Molly gently squeezed both of Leann’s breasts. “Ah poor baby. These were getting nice and full, but you coached Summer into steeling from me, so I am afraid you must be punished as well. Oh and its 35 pounds now sweetheart,” said Molly with a grin.

There was no way Leann was going back and she knew that when Molly was in one of her moods it was best not to push her, so she decided to do as Molly wanted…for now.

“Good. Now that the unpleasantness is settled, you two need to go clean yourselves up and find some clothes for Tina. Just something that will cover her up for transport, nothing fancy mind you, neither Kelly nor Brigitte paid for that,” she said as she turned her back on the pair and began to strut out of the room. The two girls starred hate filled daggers into her back as her perfectly formed bare bottom wobbled out of the room. It would be a long time before Summer’s would be that toned and small, and a long time before Leann’s would be that full and curvy. Both were jealous of their mistress’s sexy form, but powerless to do anything to change their situation.

It took a while for Tina to get ready. She hadn’t done her hair or make-up for weeks and she was virtually covered in pastry crumbs and frosting from head to toe. She had pulled her dark hair back in a small ponytail, over the last six weeks it had grown but was still fairly short. She applied cherry lip-gloss and dark smokey eye shadow. As she gazed into the mirror, she could tell that her face was slightly fuller, her double chin was a slightly puffier, but she had yet to see herself in a full-length mirror. She slowly waddled out of the bathroom and into the bedroom where Leann and Summer were waiting. With her huge belly bulging past her knees, every step caused it’s bloated girth to wobble violently in cascades of blubber. Her thighs and hips jiggled and wobbled and her huge ass bounced and swayed. She had given up trying to stabilize her belly by bracing her hands in the middle of her lower back. Gravity was just too powerful. Now she decided to try to keep her breasts in place by wrapping her arms around sides and gripping the front of them, and even then it wouldn’t be long before she would be too big to contain even them.

“So am I going like this or do we all get matching sweat pants?” teased the naked Tina.

Summer and Leann were both wearing white sweat pants that hugged their curves, more so on Summer than Leann, all the way to their calves then flared out slightly to drape over their feet, on which they wore pink flip-flops. Leann’s sweats road dangerously low on her hips exposing all of her flat narrow belly and top of her firm butt cheeks and provided a glimpse of her butt cleft. Summer had the waistband on her sweats rolled down freeing her potbelly and fleshy lovehandles from the painfully restrictive elastic and allowing them to ooze over the sides spilling onto her flaring hips, displaying inches of chubby muffin top. On top both were wearing tight light grey spaghetti strap tank tops, which for Summer was partially rolled up to accommodate her swollen middle, dramatically displaying her still swollen tear drop shaped belly. Summer had her long blond hair loose, spilling around her shoulders, while Leann had hers up in a clip.

“Hah, I don’t think so Tina. We had to like scour Molly’s fat girl clothes for something even close to your size,” sneered Summer.

“Fortunately we saved your black tube top, so you can keep the twins covered, and these sweat shorts were the biggest things we could find,” said Leann as she handed Tina the items of clothing.

Tina got the tube top over her head and then slipped her flabby arms through. Then she proceeded to pull the tube top over her breasts. When she wore this six weeks ago she was bulging out over the sides, top, and her back fat bulged around the top in the back. Now her swollen bosom was so large that her breasts bulged even around the bottom. Once restrained by the tube top the tops of her breasts bulged up several more inches, almost touching her double chin.

“Oh…this…is so tight…I can barely…breathe,” gasped Tina.

“Well you won’t have to wear it for long Tina. Now just step into these shorts and we will help you get them all the way up,” said Leann as she and Summer were bending over opening the leg holes for Tina to step into.

Tina stepped into the red shorts and the two girls began to work them up her legs. She had her lift her belly up as high as she could so that they could slide the front of the shorts up her thighs as far as it would go. Once at her hips the shorts began to resist their efforts to pull them any higher. They managed to squeeze only few inches of the bottom of her butt cheeks into the shorts before the sweat shorts refused to move any further. Most of her massive naked ass was bulging over the straining material. The shorts were simply unable to contain a girl of her dimensions.

“Look at how huge this shelf of blubber is!” cried Leann as she slapped Tina’s bare bottom causing wobbling waves of flesh. “I knew it was big, but the last girl who wore these was over 500 pounds; I figured it might at least partially stretch around you!”

“Yeah…I’m fat…I already knew that. Now can… we get going? I so…need to get out of this top,” huffed Tina.

“Alrighty, lets go Tina,” said Leann. They led her out of the building and into a large black van, and as soon as she sat down the shorts burst off her booty much to Summer’s delight. Now bottomless she was much more comfortable but she still had to endure the painfully small tube top for about an hour of Leann’s erratic driving. It was about mid-morning when the van reached the mall where her bakery and the Voluptuous Lady clothing store were located. Instead of driving into the bakery, they drove to the back of the mall next to a pair of large double doors that was used for deliveries. The two girls helped her get out of the car and then Leann turned to her and said, “This is goodbye for now Tina. I wish we could have found a pair of bottoms for that huge sexy booty of yours but if you knock on the door, someone from VL should let you in.”

“And if not, then I am like totally sure a huge half naked woman is bound to attract someone’s attention,” giggled Summer from the passenger seat of the van absently rubbing the front of her still distended belly. “I’m getting hungry again, let’s stop at the bakery before we go back Leann.”

“Oh she is going to get so big,” whispered Leann to Tina conspiratorially. “Sure thing babe,” she responded to Summer.

“I’m getting hungry again too. Maybe VL has some snacks,” huffed Tina to herself. It was well past 3:00 PM and she had already missed multiple meals.
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Chapter 23

The two girls sped away and Tina wobbled over to door in nothing but a ridiculously tight black tube top, her breasts wobbling, her great belly bouncing against her bloated thighs, and her giant rump swaying. She proceeded to knock on the door, causing her upper arm to slap against her bulging bosom and after what seemed like an eternity in the warm sun, she heard a fast clip clop of high-heeled shoes approaching the door. The door opened just a crack and she could see a strikingly pretty, light brown haired girl with the fullest sexiest lips she had ever seen.

“Well hello there, you must be Tina, we’ve been expecting you. Come on in cutie,” she said as she pulled the door open wide.

Tina began to squeeze her belly through the door first, a trick she had learned in while on “vacation” when the girl gently placed a well-manicured hand on Tina’s belly and said, “Oh you won’t fit cutie, let me open both doors for you. Oh don’t be embarrassed, I have to do the same for my sister Julia,” said the plump-lipped girl.

“Julia was huge the last time I saw her! Am I already as big as her?” thought Tina.

Once the second door was opened, Tina waddled inside out of the sun and was able to better see the pretty, young girl. The girl had medium length light brown hair with striking light blond highlights. Her hair was thick, full and luxurious, and was pinned back in a fashionable manner while still framing her exquisite face. She had beautiful olive skin and was wearing dark eye make-up with light pink lipstick. Her eyes were large and brown, and she had a small up-turned nose with full plump lips. She had soft oval shaped face and a thin neck with narrow shoulders. She was wearing a pink silk strapless corset that lifted her generous bosom up and put many inches of cleavage on display, forcing her fleshy bosom to spill over the sides and front. The corset was extremely tight and confining but reached only to the top of her belly allowing her narrow waist to be completely bare. She was wearing tight white silk suit-jacket over the pink corset that was buttoned just beneath her copious bosom, framing her spectacular firm breasts. Her arms were trim and her shoulders were narrow and while her belly was fairly trim and flat her love handles were plump and her hips were surprisingly wide in comparison to such a narrow waist. She was wearing matching skintight white silk suit pants that hugged her full fat hips and thick wide thighs all the way to her knees, then flared slightly to drape over the heels of her five-inch tan stiletto heels. Her silk pants road very, very low on her wide fat hips exposing all of her light olive skinned belly and the tops of her hips. Her suit jacket flared open to the sides due to the considerable width of her hips and bared all of her belly. As the girl began to lead Tina away from the back door, Tina could tell that she was just as full in the rump as her hips were wide. Her full perfectly spherical bottom overfilled the silk pants and bulged out the top exposing the top third of her swollen butt cheeks. When she was standing still the jacket just covered the flesh of her bare bottom, but with her short quick steps, her full plump hips swayed back and forth and her fleshy bottom wobbled, causing the jacket to ride up and expose her soft silky smooth bottom as she walked.

“Oh my god you’re like so perfect!” cried the young pretty girl over her shoulder to Tina. “You’re going to be so much fun to dress, so totally sexy, oh and so much bigger than our manager Jenny,” the beautiful girl said with an approving smile. “By the way, I’m Valerie and I will be helping out this afternoon. We just need to get you into the quadruple V section so we can start.”

“Finally some clothes, seems like…I have been naked… forever. But Valerie, aren’t you…a little um…skinny to be working the quadruple V section?” huffed Tina as she plodded along.

“Oh while I’m totally too small to work the V4 section by myself, I’m not that small. My roommate always tells me how fat I’m getting, right after she’s tricked me into eating the rest of her food, the little devil. My mom and my sisters are the same way, love to feed me then tell me how fat I’m getting, like so mean, eh. It’s been that way my whole life, but now the extra meals are beginning to show,” she said with a pat of her well-formed bottom. “I somehow put on almost 50 pounds since Julia moved in with mom and the girls now barely fit into a 32 K-cup,” she said as she squeezed her breasts together. “My belly is still kinda flat, but my love handles are just so porky, makes my waist 31 inches. But its my lower half that has just ballooned. Thanks to this fat butt and thunder thighs, I am 59 inches around at the hips, that’s pretty big. I know I must be getting fat cause the manager has started checking out my 218-pound body, but she is like so hot and busty, that I really don’t mind. Just don’t tell her I said that,” giggled the pretty girl.

Tina chuckled to herself at hearing the girl’s size. She remembered thinking she was getting fat when she put on her first pair of size 18-chef pants way back when she was working in the Microbrewery with Jenny. She was probably less than 200 pounds then. Those days were long gone as was her friendship with Jenny. “It’s too bad; she was really pretty, and such a good eater, great kisser. I wonder what would have happed with us if I didn’t run into Sara at that club,” she thought as she waddled into the V4 dressing and measuring area.

“So is um, Julia going to help fit me today?” asked Tina bashfully. She hadn’t seen Julia in six weeks and longed to embrace the hugely busty girl. Tina and Julia shared a long passionate kiss right before Tina began her six-week “vacation” and she was eager to pick up where they left off.

The size V4 dressing and measuring area was luckily in the very back of the store, closest to the shipping and receiving area the two girls just came through. Valerie opened another set of double doors with a set of red velvet drapes on the other side. Valerie pulled the drapes apart and waved Tina through. Tina pushed through the drapes, the soft velvet brushing against her bare belly and hips. Once inside the room she saw a slightly raised dais with a three-way mirror framing it. To the front was two wide and deep red velvet padded benches, large enough to accommodate even Tina’s huge rump. Within arm’s reach of the benches were two pastry-laden carts and two buckets with bottles of chilled Champaign. On the opposite side of the room from the drapes where she just waddled through was another set of matching dark red velvet drapes that had been drawn open so that other shoppers could see and walk into the size V4 fitting room. There were other girls shopping, but they had not seen her yet so she waddled, as quickly as she could, over to a bench, grabbed two pastries and plopped down, out of the way of the gaze of any of the other shoppers.

“Oh I must have left these open, forgetful me, let me close these and give us some privacy,” said Valerie as she quickly trotted over to the drapes causing her plump bosom to bounce wildly and her fat bum to wobble further out of the ultra tight silk suit pants as she closed the French doors to the rest of the store and pulled closed the drapes.

Tina’s blubber wobbled only slightly as she sunk into the thick red-velvet overstuffed bench, her massive bottom spreading out filling the six-foot wide, four-feet deep bench. Her colossal belly bulged out well past her knees and hung to within six inches of the hardwood floor. “Oh this is comfortable,” cooed Tina “So soft.”

“Yeah, they are like so great to come back here and take naps on when my sister isn’t looking,” giggled Valerie as she attempted to hike her pants back up by pulling on the sides and wiggling her plump rump causing her breasts to wiggle and jiggle. “Oh and to answer your question, Julia won’t be working the V4 section, please she never works the floor, in fact I think she only works like three days a week now at the store,” said Valerie as she stepped onto the dais to adjust the fit of her silk suit in the mirror. “She worked a deal with Gwen and Jenny so that she comes in three days a week and “works” from home, or wherever, most likely Kate’s house now, two days a week. And trust me she really doesn’t do much “work” at Kate’s,” said Valerie with a giggle.


“Yeah Kate, short girl, light blond hair, no boobies, little belly, really, really fat ass? I think she knows who you are” said Valerie as she looked at the reflection of her own magnificently plump rump in the three-way mirror. “Way bigger than mine…I hope,” she said nervously as she rubbed her dainty hands over its girth.

Tina certainly knew who Kate was, and remembered how Kate was acting around Julia six weeks ago. She was shocked that Julia was spending time with her. “What about that kiss Julia and she shared?” she thought.

“So..um..who will be fitting me if not Julia?”

“Why I will be sugah, LORD HAVE MERCY, you’ve gotten HUGE!” cried Jenny as she sashayed through the drapes and into the room.

The beautiful dark blond haired busty southern beauty entered into the room in the latest Voluptuous Lady fashion. She had her long thick hair twisted up off her neck and clipped into place, revealing her long still remarkably slender neck. A pair of small cute dark framed glasses framed her bright blue eyes and she had on dark red lipstick on her full pouty lips. She was wearing large gold hoop earrings and a long thin-chained gold necklace with a jade VL “fertility goddess” pendent resting in her spectacular cleavage. She was wearing a sleeveless and backless emerald coloured blouse that looped around the back of her neck and had a plunging neckline that reached to the bottom of her breasts. The blouse covered the front of her spectacularly large breasts but left most of the sides exposed. The blouse was skintight over her belly and the tops of her hips and rump where it just covered the top of her black tight slacks that hugged her girth to about mid-calf where the pants draped loosely off the back of her four-inch emerald coloured peak-a-toe clogs. Around the top of her hips was a belt that was made out of two-inch diameter gold disks that dropped down in front to squeeze the lower portion of her belly causing her spherical Buddha to bulge over and under the constraining belt.

Jenny had taken over more of the office work on the days Julia was working from home, and with Brigitte off doing whatever she wanted now that she had her daddy’s fortune, Jenny had been working longer and longer days, sitting in the office eating and eating. With the store’s staff keeping her belly full and fat during the lazy days in the office, she was getting fatter, faster, and if it wasn’t for the support given her by her bloated now 85-inch belly, the bottom of her colossal 52 double V-cup (91-inch) breasts would have hung down to the tops of her hips. As it was, they were perched on top of the globular belly, forcing her chin to dip into her cleavage if she wasn’t looking slightly up. With her chin slightly up, her glasses on and her hair up, it gave her the look of a snobby fashionista. Her huge bosom still managed to stick out slightly further than her round belly as her belly seemed to be spreading wide to meet her 108 inch hips instead of bulging further out. Her booty and hips were now so fat that her flesh had begun to swell up her back and sides, making her back look shorter and her elbows poke into the top of her hips. Her thighs were now sixty inches around and the flesh bulged over her knees. Jenny now tipped the scales at a very rotund 583 pounds, a gain of 50 pounds in just six weeks.

“B told me you were huge, but it’s so much more rewarding to see it in person,” said Jenny as she leaned over and hugged Tina, pressing the seated girl’s face into her massive cleavage. “And you still have most of the year left in your bet, ya’ll gonna get even bigger!” squealed Jenny as she squeezed the sides of Tina’s belly.

“Sigh, I really thought I was going to win that bet too,” said Tina as she took another bite of pastry. “Now Brigitte even blames me for her getting what she claims is ‘to fat’, as if there is such a thing, when you’re the one she started gaining for! It’s so unfair. She even used that silly Molly woman’s hypnosis thingy on me. I guess I should just accept my punishment and get used to it,” said Tina with big smile as she crammed her mouth full of more pastry. “By the way these are really good, a girl could really make a piggy of herself just shopping here.”

Jenny leaned back and patted the sides of her belly and said, “Tell me about it, since Julia started working from home a few days a week, I have been stuck up in the office with the girls constantly bringing me treats and snacks,” said Jenny as she popped open the chilled Champaign bottles and began to poor three glasses.

Valerie was looking over her shoulder at her reflection in the mirror while she was adjusting her jacket, trying to keep the bare portion of her bottom from sticking out from under it. “Well without Julia here to eat all the goodies we order from the bakery and restaurants in the area, I’ve noticed my self-control totally begin to slip. I’m like totally getting too big now, eh. So for the good of my hips, I had to replace Julia’s little belly with yours.”

“I figured as much, you know y’all work in a plus size store right? You’re supposed to get biggah sugah,” replied Jenny as she handed Tina and Valerie a glass of cold Champaign. “Oh girl that jacket is much too small, and with your boobs busting out of it you just look silly. Just go ahead and take that silly thing off.”

“FINE, but you’re going to have to stare at my bare booty all the time then,” sighed Valerie.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way sugah,” replied Jenny with a wink. “Ok Christina time to get y’all weighed and measured so we can put some clothes on you. Com’on and hop up here.”

“Oh alright, give me a second,” said Tina as she braced her hands in the middle of her lower back and began to heave her body off the bench. She waddled over to the dais and stuck out her right hand for Valerie to help pull her up the six-inch step, her left hand she was holding the Champaign glass and had found a lonely bear claw that she needed to bring with her up to the mirror. Valerie had removed her jacket and luckily for the two of them, she still had a flat belly and was able to reach past Tina’s Buddha to grab the much fatter girl’s hand. Once on the dais Valerie slid around Tina so that Tina could get a clear view of her reflection in the three way mirrors.

“Oh my god, is that really me?” whispered Tina breathlessly as she put the bear claw to her lips. It had been six weeks since she last saw her full reflection and while her face stayed the same her body had ballooned.

“Well according to the scale under the dais there might be at least three of you up there. It says 725 pounds!” giggled Valerie.

“Behave Val! And go get the measuring tape,” Jenny scolded Valerie with a giggle. “Y’all knew Kelly was gonna put some meat on your bones if ya’ll lost,” said Jenny to Tina as she approached the back of the dais. Valerie quickly trotted out of the room, her large bosom bouncing in the straining silk bustier, and her plump bottom bulging out of her pants as her wide hips switched quickly back and forth. Tina had shrunk in height by 3 inches over the past few years and at 5’3” standing on a 6-inch dais, she was shorter than Jenny with her heels on and Tina could see Jenny’s bright blue eyes peeking over the top of her head. Tina felt Jenny’s belly begin to press against her bare rump and Jenny’s hands squeeze the tops of her butt cheeks. “My oh my and it’s a lot of meat, but girl you better get used to it, just like I had too after you saw fit turn me into your feedee and see how big you could get me.”

“Oh is that right? Just like Brigitte you blame me for making you fat too? Well you weren’t complaining when my face was between your thighs and my cooking in your belly,” taunted Tina as she put a defiant fist on her hip and continued to munch on the pastry with the other hand.

“I guess that’s true, you did give the best oral, and luckily I can still get your cooking into my belly,” replied Jenny as she patted her bulging Buddha. “It’s just that, after my butt got to fat for you, and y’all decided to go back to your ex-girlfriend Sara and then fatten her up. I was furious for a while and tried to fill the emptiness in my heart by stuffing my belly and trying to fatten up Brigitte, but I’m so not a feeder. I only felt good when I was eating and thinking of you, but it took more and more food to get that feeling. So I resigned myself to the fact that the only way I would be happy was to keep gorging and keep….sigh, growing.”

Tears began to build up in Jenny’s eyes and with a deep sigh she continued, “Luckily, I started to attract other girls, but they never replaced you. I felt betrayed and hurt and trapped by my desire to eat. Y’all know I just absolutely love being fed, it’s better than most sex, but I guess what I’m saying is if it wasn’t for meeting y’all at that microbrewery so long ago, I wouldn’t be almost 600 pounds, getting fatter by the minute and getting cheated on! You cheated on me, I know Brigitte is cheating on me with Molly, and Gwen is never around. It’s not fair!” cried Jenny as she turned around and marched over to the pastry-laden cart. She began shovelling treat after treat into her mouth.

Tina turned around on the dais with her butt towards the mirror, with both fists on her hips and her belly bulging out towards Jenny. “Oh boo hoo, I made you fat, I’m soooo sorry,” mocked Tina.

“It’s not just that, you cheated on me too!” whined Jenny with her mouth full.

“Well I guess I should have told you I was a bit of a free spirit, but it’s not like I’m the only one who cheated around here. I know you’ve cheated on Gwen with Brigitte, Sara is hooking up with Tasha I would bet, Julia cheated on Mia with Debbie, I even hooked up with a skinny girl while on my ‘vacation’. It happens honey, in fact Julia and I shared a kiss right before I left and I thought we were going to have something. Now I find out she’s moved in with you old roommate Kate!” cried the furious Tina as she ungracefully wobbled off the dais towards the other food-laden cart Jenny wasn’t devouring. “I need some more food, I’m starving,” she cried as she began to using both hands to stuff her face.
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23 continued...

The two girls were ploughing through the food and guzzling down the Champaign as Valerie hurried back into the room. “I leave you two alone for a minute, and you both attack the carts?” asked Valerie.

“She cheated!” cried Jenny with her lips smeared with frosting.

“So did she!” replied Tina.

“What are you talking about?” asked the confused Valerie.

“None of your business!” cried both girls as they continued their feeding frenzy.

“That’s rude!” yelled Valerie as she approached the closest cart. “I get some of this too; the cheesecake is my favourite!”

With her cheeks stuffed with chocolate iced cake, Jenny growled at Valerie, “Mine!” swatting the thinner girl’s hands.

“Oh yeah? Well, I’ll just order more,” mocked Valerie as she reached into her cleavage and pulled out a cell phone. “Hello this is Valerie over at Voluptuous Lady. Yeah Hi. We’re going to have to increase the order. Yeah, uh huh. Quadruple it and send over six cheesecakes, you pick the flavour. How soon? Great, just come around back and ring this number, oh yeah and bring in a few bottles of Champaign. Yeah, you can pick them up at the store across the street. Yeah charge us whatever, we are going to get really thirsty,” said the now cranky Valerie. “This is going on your expense account Jennifer and I get all the cheesecake. This was my day off too, Juan is going to be so pissed if this takes the rest of the day.”

The delivery girls came and unloaded the delivery into the room. They were young and Tina didn’t remember either of them. They were still fairly thin so she knew they hadn’t been working there long. There weren’t enough carts so they placed the cakes, pies, cookies, donuts, éclairs, crème puffs, and any other baked good you could imagine, along with an ice filled tub that held five bottles of Champaign on the floor and the dais surrounding the two feeding fatties.

Tina quickly emptied the cart and at some point had pealed off her top, no longer caring if she was half-naked or completely naked. She then proceeded to get down on her hands and knees and crawl from pastry to pastry dragging her enormous belly between her bloated thighs. Once she got to a pie or a cake or platter of treats she would rock back into a kneeing position with her feet turned under her billowing rump, thighs spread wide so that her great belly could swell unrestrained. Jenny was not nearly as flexible but a good bit more mobile so she grabbed boxes of treats and piled them up around her on one of the soft padded benches. She kept her thighs wide to accommodate her belly and proceeded to empty box after box of baked goods. Valerie couldn’t sit down lest her ultra tight pants split, so she put her cheesecakes on one of the now abandoned carts and proceeded to gobble them up. The three girls ate and ate, drank and drank in silence for the first hour growing fuller and rounder. Because Tina’s belly was completely unrestrained and had been stretched to an amazing capacity over the last six weeks, she was able to eat much faster than Jenny or Valerie. Jenny was still wearing the belt made out of thin golden rings and after each box of goodies it grew tighter and tighter. Her belly was bulging further and further over it until after two hours of gorging, one of the rings on the belt snapped, shooting the belt off her to slide onto the dais.

“Hey that almost hit one of the cheese cakes! You need to be more careful with that big fat Buddha!” cried Valerie.

The two girls looked over at her taking a brief pause in their gorging, and bust out in peels of laughter.

“What’s so funny?”

“Your face and boobs, they are covered in blueberry, sugah,” laughed Jenny.

“And look at her belly. She looks preggers,” giggled Tina.

Valerie looked down at her cleavage and said,” This better not have gotten on my mobile, Juan gave it to me last week,” said Valerie as she scrapped the pie filling out of her cleavage and licked her fingers. “It’s not like you ladies are much cleaner either,” sneered Valerie.

She was right. Jenny had powdered sugar and jelly filling all over her blouse and face from the four boxes of jelly donuts she had eaten on top of all the other goodies. “Ah shucks, this was brand new too,” cried Jenny.

Tina was covered in crumbs from all of the various baked goods, as the top of her bloated paunch had become a staging area for the next group of treats to go between her lips. The three girls looked at each other and then themselves and burst out laughing again.

Once the laughing died down the three were in much better spirits but none of them wanted to stop eating and attend to finding clothes for Tina. Valerie ended up removing her top and putting the mobile out of the way. Her young full spectacular bosom, now unsupported by the bustier, dropped marginally and separated a little bit. Jenny also removed her top and took off her huge bra. Her giant breasts instantly rolled to the sides and hung down almost touching the tops of her bloated thighs while seated on the well-padded bench. She was still only 24 so her nipples still pointed slightly up, but they were definitely feeling the impact of gravity. The waistband on her pants came up to just below her belly button and you could tell why the belt snapped. Her belly was bulging over the waistband by a few inches and it wouldn’t be long before her pants gave up as well.

“I didn’t know you had piercings too, Julia has some great ones,” sighed Tina.

“Yeah, I got them a few months ago. I’ve always wanted them, so I decided to get them and they make my little nipples so much more sensitive,” said Valerie as she cupped her breasts looking down at them “Hey what’s this?” Asked Valerie as she spied her belly between her breasts. She dropped her bosom and started to rub her hands around her little round pot.

“That’s what a feeder calls a starter belly. They are harmless and innocent at first, so fun to rub and feed. They are really easy to take care of initially. They get full fast and not a lot of surface to rub, easy carry too.”

“But eventually they grow, pop buttons off shirts, break belts, ruin pants. They start to become a bit of a bother then, takes a lot more to fill them up, a feeder is busy then, trying to rub all of it, and the belly’s mama definitely starts to waddle.”

“If you keep feeding them past that, they really become a pest. Constantly hungry, you just have to feed them all the time. They refuse to be clothed, rip and break stuff. They barely fit anywhere, and if you don’t have a friend helping you, a feeder can’t even rub all of the belly! The belly’s mama waddles very slowly and some times they even have to crawl,” said Tina as she gripped her belly and wiggled it.

“Once they are this size they make you feed and feed them. They are never happy unless they are growing, I call these Willy bellies, you know like the whale from that movie, Free Willy, except that once a belly becomes a Willy belly, that belly’s mama is far from free, right Jenny?”

“Hey, speak for yourself sugah, I aint there yet,” said Jenny as she took another bite of a Dutch caramel apple pie and washed it down with a swallow of Champaign straight from the bottle.

“I know, I know just teasing ya,” replied Tina. “But it wont be much longer will it,” the devious feeder thought.

“Juan loves my boobies and booty, but he has more than enough belly for the two of us. You think my starter belly is going to keep growing,” asked Valerie with a twinkle in her eye as she pushed another bite in and then sexily rubbed her hands over its expanse, thrusting it out towards Tina.

“Well I… I don’t know,” said a clearly lustful Tina. “ I guess you’re pretty young. You’ll probably just burn it off after today, most skinny girls do. Then again skinny girls wouldn’t have your hips or booty. And why do I keep hearing about this Juan guy? Who is he, and what could he possibly have that the two of us don’t, huh?” asked Tina.

“Well if you must know, he is Julia’s ex-boyfriend and one of my old snotty high school girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend. At first, I flirted with him just to make my high school friend mad. But come to find out he has a big…fat…” said Valerie.

“Penis?” asked Jenny.

“Wallet,” giggled Valerie.

The three girls started laughing again and Valerie told them that they had been dating for about six months. She wasn’t sure about it, but he had a great job and liked to buy her things so she decided to see where it went. She confessed that her female roommate used to be more her style before she started working out, got all musclely and lost all the weight for softball, but Juan was getting really fat and she had enjoyed seeing him get bigger and rounder. The girls continued eating, drinking and chitchatting about anything and nothing. Valerie had managed to put away five cheesecakes and Jenny had consumed box after box of treats until her belly was painfully distended. Tina was swelling rounder and rounder but had hardly slowed her pace.

“Oh god, these pants are killing me,” whined Jenny as she tried to undo the top button. “Oh no they are stuck, Valerie help, I can’t work in this condition,” she gasped.

Valerie’s belly was swollen from beneath her breasts all the way to the waistband of her ultra low-rise pants and she had even undone the top button and let the zipper fall. “Oh poor baby, you should have thought of that sooner like I did,” said Valerie as she took another bite of cheesecake and rubbed a hand down the swelling apex of her belly.

“I don’t need a lecture, I need you to help he undo these pants. Eeehh,” she groaned as she took a bite of crème puff.

“Alright,” said Valerie as she cupped her bare breasts and walked over to stand in front of Jenny’s belly. Try as she might she couldn’t fit her fingers into the waistband. “Oh your belly is really full and swollen, you’ve been such a naughty piggy,” cooed Valerie as ran hands over Jenny’s belly. “But I’m not breaking a nail for you; we are just going to have to cut them off.”

“No these are brand new, please try again,” said Jenny as she swallowed another bite of crème puff.

“Oh I know how to get them off,” said Tina.

“Oh yeah?”

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Chapter 24

“Come and lay down on your back babe,” she said as she cleared some pastry boxes and crawled closer to Jenny.

“Oh god,” said Jenny as she rolled onto the thick carpet wobbling her swollen Buddha. Her massive breasts spread out swelling over her arms and were forced by her belly to the sides and towards her chin. She kept her feet on the floor and her knees bent, the weight of her girth forcing the flesh of her massive bottom to spread out wide. But her bottom was so thick that it naturally lifted her hips further off the floor than her shoulders and her great swollen pot belly oozed even more towards her chest, pushing her bosom against her chin.

“Now stretch your arms up above your head along the carpet,” said Tina.

Jenny obeyed and reached out with her flabby arms. Tina crawled over her arms, dragging her belly over them completely pinning Jenny’s arms in hundreds of pounds of soft warm flesh. Tina’s full plump bosom bulged onto Tina’s face blocking Jenny’s vision as she perched over the girl on her chubby hands and knees.

“OK, I give up, how is this going to help Christina?”

“My belly will keep you from struggling while I help you get those painfully tight pants off,” said Tina as she reached into one of the still full boxes of donuts and lowered one to Jenny’s lips.

“What are you doing, I don’t want any more, I’m already stuffed mmmmfph,” wined Jenny as she began to gobble the donut down.

“Oh it’s pretty obvious what I am doing, I’m feeding you. You’re gonna eat until you swell big and fat, to fat for your pants,” said Tina as she put another donut to Jenny’s lips.

“No they are already too tight, let’s try something else,” whined Jenny as she tried to wiggle away from Tina. “I will ruin these pants if I keep swelling, but oh that smells so good mmmmfph,” said Jenny as she chomped down on the donut dangling against her plump lips.

“It does smell just yummy. I think you should have another treat,” said Tina placed the third one just above Jenny’s plump lips.

“Oh I really shouldn’t, if I stop eating my belly will eventually deflate right? Then the pants will come right off,” said Jenny breathed in the delicious smell of the sugary sweet confection.

“Oh but that will take hours, and this little donut misses her friends that are already in your little bitty belly. You don’t want her to be lonely do you?”

“Oh you’re right, she is lonely, and her friend smells so good,” cooed Jenny as she lifted her head trying to bite the donut.

“Oh but I can’t let you eat just her, you have to eat her friends as well,” said Tina as she pulled the donut away.

“I…I guess I could fit a few of her friends in,” replied Jenny.

Tina lowered the donut to her lips then jerked it away. “On second thought, she has friends, and friends of friends as well, and even come cousins, would you fit them in your belly too?”

“Oh please stop teasing me and feed me Christina. They smell so good,” cooed Jenny, no longer struggling underneath the 725-pound girl.

“Well I don’t know if I should help you, I mean this was supposed to be my day, you two were supposed to be dressing me, not lying around gorging yourselves.”

“Oh dear god they smell so delicious,” moaned Jenny.

“Mmmm, they sure do,” said Tina as she popped one in her mouth. “Well, I guess I could feed you, but if I do you have to eat until I tell you to stop even if you’ve already escaped these dreadfully tight pants,” said the conniving Tina.

“Stop taunting me and just feed me please!”

“Oh and Valerie has to agree to help me feed you too,” said Tina with a devious grin.

“Oh I don’t know, I’ve never fed such a cute girl before, I might like, not do it right,” responded Valerie with her cheeks full of cheese cake and both hands holding hunks of cheesecake out to the side as her elbows were perched against her puffy love handles.

“I’m not sure I believe you cutie. You must have helped your mom with your sisters from time to time, the skinny ones are always the most devious,” said Tina knowingly as she popped another donut into her own mouth.

“I don’t know, Jenny is like totally going to ruin that cute outfit…”

“Uh, come on Valerie just help out, pretty please?”

Valerie strutted over to stand over Jenny’s belly, swaying her wide plump hips and shaking her fleshy exposed bottom as she held her bare breasts, her swollen belly bulging. “Well, I do want to help but if I do this, Juanito can never know.”

“Sure thing.”

“And I get to touch where ever I want?”


“And I get my own food allowance.”

“Fine, just help out please. The donuts are getting lonely in my belly.”

“Oh goodie,” cooed Valerie as she clapped her hands causing her plump breasts to wobble and bounce. “Maybe working on my day off is going to pan out.” Valerie, no longer caring about her pants, peeled them off and tossed them into the corner with her heels. Now totally naked she dropped down onto the carpet, grabbed two handfuls of Jenny’s belly and said with an expectant grin, “What do I get to do first?”

Tina hadn’t fed anyone for months, it seemed that Sara was either at work or out with Tasha, and when the three of them got together they all selfishly focused on their own bellies. Now with Jenny nestled under her breasts and pinned down by her belly, she was taking full advantage of a captive piggy.

“You get to start with rubbing her belly, but if you’re really good I’ll teach you so much more,” winked Tina.

Tina lowered treat after treat into Jenny’s eager mouth while she coached Valerie in the proper way to rub a swelling belly. Both Valerie and Tina managed to continue to gobble down treat after treat while they worked on Jenny but most of the food was funnelling into the trapped girl’s ballooning paunch.

After about and hour of relentless stuffing Tina said, “I can see you’ve rubbed a belly before Valerie you little devil. I think it’s time for you to graduate to feeding.”

“Well, maybe once or twice,” winked Valerie.

Tina rocked back on her belly, switching her mammoth thighs forward so that she was now in a sitting position with her great belly spread out in front of her, freeing Jenny’s arms, her legs spread wide. The bottom heavy beauty was so fat that her enormous rump bulged out a few feet behind her and the girth of her hips caused her love handles to bulge up past her elbows. Her love handles now formed thick squishy armrests, which she rested her lower arms on as she slowly rubbed her chubby fingers over the sides of her paunch. Her paunch bulged out well past her knees to the middle of her shins and was so round that it forced her into a completely supported upright sitting position. Her breasts, resting on her belly, bulged up to almost touch her chin. Her body was so bloated and fat that she now formed her own plush comfortable chair.

Valerie was kneeling between Jenny’s thighs and was rubbing her belly with both her hands and arms, trying to encompass as much of the bloated beauty’s belly as possible. As she slowly slid her arms and hands around Jenny’s belly she asked, ”Where do you want me to be, Tina?” Her hands began to slide around the lower part of Jenny’s belly and then between the fatter girl’s thighs as Jenny moaned with pleasure.

“Come up by me Valerie, kneel by her head,” said Tina as she leaned to the side to grab a still full box of crème puffs, causing her side to bulge and crease into three large rolls. She dumped the box out on top of her belly between her breasts, nestling the treats between her cleavage.

“Yes, Ma’am.” Valerie rubbed her hands back through Jenny’s thighs and then over the top of her great belly. She began to slink her body over Jenny’s by first draping her full pert naked breasts across Jenny’s silky soft belly followed by her now round and plump belly causing Jenny to let out a soft moan as the pressure from the cubby girl’s body pressed against her own painfully distended belly. “Oh am such a fatty. I’m just getting so…heavy,” breathed Valerie lustfully, enjoying Jenny’s pained expression. Valerie’s hands were now on the carpet as she hovered her body above the bloated form of Jenny in a downward-facing-dog position. She slid her face between Jenny’s fat naked breasts with her hips sliding through Jenny’s thighs as her fat bottom rose high in the air over Jenny’s belly. Slowly and sexily her face pushed through Jenny’s cleavage, Valerie’s chest now pressed against Jenny’s much larger bosom, her hands now next to Jenny’s face, her lips poised directly above Jenny’s. Valerie now stepped through Jenny’s thighs, her tiny feet now to either side of Jenny’s swollen belly as she playfully lowered her fat bottom on top of Jenny’s belly.

“Oooh I like this position better,” breathed Valerie, her full plump lips brushing against Jenny’s as she sank her generous bottom into Jenny’s swollen mound of flesh.

“Oh, I might pop...you’re too heavy,” gasped Jenny.

“Oh I’m sorry, maybe this will make it feel better,” breathed Valerie as she raised her rump off Jenny’s paunch and pressed her lips against Jenny’s in a passionate kiss.

“Does that feel better?” cooed Valerie.

“Mmmmm much,” breathed Jenny.

“You’re getting so stuffed aren’t you Jenny?”

“Mmmm, oh god yes.”

Jenny’s swollen belly now bulged many inches above the constraining waistband and her expanded girth was now beginning to take its toll on the restrictive pants.

“I thought you might be, but you need a lot more in your belly. I’ll be back for you in a minute,” said Valerie as she planted a long kiss on Jenny’s open mouth. She stood up over Jenny, her feet now on the sides of Jenny’s head and leaned forward, her shins now pushing into Tina’s bulging belly while her hands slid over the apex of her own bloated belly as her big brown eyes stared into Tina’s. The young beautiful girl scooped up a crème puff off the top of Tina’s belly and pushed the entire pastry into her mouth, completely filling her cheeks.

“Oh this is going to make my butt get so fat, but it tastes so good,” she moaned to Tina as she gobbled up the crème puff and ran her hands over her bare fleshy bottom.

“Oh you’re a naughty little girl aren’t you?” said Tina admiring the gorgeous girl’s plump form. “That was very, very sexy, but you still have much to learn. Now stop stalling and get back to feeding Jenny.”

“Oh I am, but first I need to get something to rich and creamy to drink,” she replied as she stepped from between the two beauties and picked up Jenny’s discarded blouse. “I’ll show you what I learned in my first semester of college.”

Jenny’s blouse was for a much larger bosomed woman so the scoop neck went well past Valerie’s breasts, all the way down to her belly button. With its open back, the blouse also revealed her chubby, round bottom but it did manage to cover her womanhood and the front of her plump full bosom. She scampered out of the room and into the main area of the store returning moments later with the ice cream shake machine on a cart. Valerie closed the door behind her and locked it.

“We don’t want any unwanted attention now do we Jenny?”

“Un uh, V,” huffed the pained Jenny.

The girls learned long ago to keep that machine mobile for special shoppers in the quadruple V fitting room. It helped keep their over sized, pampered customers very happy. She quickly plugged the machine in and rolled it as close to Jenny as she could. Then she attached a long tube to the spout of machine and kneeled down next Jenny’s belly folding her feet under her bubbly booty. She pulled off the loose fitting blouse and popped the other end of the tube into her mouth. She activated the ice cream shake maker, turned the machine to fast and rapidly the tube began to fill with rich, fattening vanilla shake. As the fattening treat made its way towards her lips, she continued to stuff Jenny with another full box of assorted pastries, pleasantly humming to herself.

Tina watched in awe as the fattening fluid first filled Valerie’s cheeks and then proceeded to effortlessly flow down her throat. The thick cold creamy shake took little time to flow into her mouth from the long tube, and pint after pint oozed into Valerie’s swelling belly, as bite after bite was pushed into Jenny. Valerie’s belly was already bulging from the culinary treats she had consumed, but now she was ballooning, stretching her once narrow, flat waist into a round bloated ball. She gained inch after inch, growing rounder and rounder while she hurriedly stuffed Jenny. As she forced the last blueberry turnover into Jenny’s mouth, she sucked on the tube draining it until her cheeks looked about to burst. She had created a gap in the tube and quickly switched the tube from her lips to Jenny’s without spilling a drop. She turned the machine’s pump down to slow and flopped onto her back.

“Oooooooh, I always get such a brain freeze after that,” moaned Valerie as she rubbed her forehead. Her belly was fully distended and made her look more than nine months pregnant. Her gut bulged out well above her breasts and was one of the most amazing amount of growth Tina had ever witnessed. “But at least with vanilla shake, I won’t get drunk and pass out in some chubby girl’s dorm room, hic*. This wasn’t my first bonging as you can like, hic* totally tell. I just open my throat up and hic*, it just flows right down,” she said through her hiccups, causing her huge belly to shake violently. “Normally its beer and my tummy can even get bigger, but if I go too far with shakes, hic*, I get a massive headache.”

“You…You had a flat belly this morning,” stuttered the shocked, wide-eyed Tina.

“Yeah, it’s been a couple weeks since I hic*, bonged like that. She always shrinks up after a few days, but its fun to waddle around with a Buddha, puts so much pressure on my sweet spot,” cooed the writhing Valerie as she caressed her swollen belly.

After a few minutes, she rolled back up into a kneeling position, folding her feet under her puffy rump, and allowing her belly to hang between her thick thighs, to check on Jenny’s shake consumption. Each hiccup caused her bloated belly to shake and bounce, but she didn’t seem to mind as she inspected her swelling manager’s huge naked breasts.

Jenny was rubbing her belly slowly with both hands as she sucked on the tube. When Valerie’s tiny hands began to caress her giant left breast she let out a little grown. Valerie lowered her plump lips to Jenny’s nipple and began to kiss and suck, engorging the southern beauty’s nipple.
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Chapter 24 continued...

Valerie reached up and turned the machine’s pump up to a faster speed. The thick vanilla shake flowed faster into Jenny’s mouth causing her to gulp more and more of the fluid down. Valerie leaned across Jenny, dragging her swollen belly against Jenny’s left breast as she cupped the other with both hands and began to kiss and engorge the other nipple. Jenny was enjoying the smaller girl’s tantalizing caress as her belly bloated bigger and bigger. Valerie stopped kissing Jenny’s breasts and rolled back into her kneeling position so that she could accelerate the machine’s pump again. Jenny’s naked belly was bulging up higher and higher around the straining waistband as the vanilla ice cream shake filled every possible inch of her belly. Jenny began to moan and her eyes popped open, as she was forced to swallow more and more, faster and faster. Beads of sweat began to form on Jenny’s brow as her belly stretched and swelled. Seeing Jenny’s growing discomfort, Valerie draped her bloated body across the Jenny’s breasts, preventing her from reaching up and removing the tube from her mouth. Bigger and bigger Jenny’s belly swelled, fatter and rounder, her skin turning red from the strain until finally the waistband burst open. Valerie slowly and deliberately removed herself from on top of Jenny’s bosom, rolled back into a kneeling position and turned the pump back to slow. She put her lips to Jenny’s and delicately slid the tube from Jenny’s mouth and into hers, continuing to suck the fluid into her belly.

“oooooh my head,” moaned Jenny as she rubbed her forehead with both hands as her bloated belly began to wobble free of her restraining pants.

The naked Valerie crawled over to Jenny’s belly continuing to suck on the tube and finished unzipping the tight slacks that Jenny’s explosive gain had already begun to unzip. Then she gently rolled them down, completely freeing Jenny’s painfully swollen gut, while Jenny recovered from her brain freeze.

“Oh my god I’m so full,” moaned Jenny as she looked between her mountainous breasts at her colossally swollen belly.

“It’s been a while since you had that kind of a stuffing, hasn’t it Jenny?” asked Tina between bites of pastry.

“It so has. I forgot how much this hurts, and how much this turns me on,” cooed Jenny.

Valerie took a deep pull on the vanilla shake filled tube draining it of most of its contents. “Then now would be the time for me to get that special kiss from you wouldn’t it,” asked Valerie as she crawled over to Jenny’s face and gave her a deep wet kiss.

Jenny sighed with contentment as the kiss stretched longer and longer. Valerie popped the tube back into her mouth and crawled towards Tina’s massive belly, gently gripping Tina’s flesh with both hands and pulling herself against it, pressing her breasts and belly into the baker’s warm bloated ball of blubber. From where Tina was sitting, her belly was almost touching the top of Jenny’s head and Valerie was slithering into the small space that separated the two beauties. Tina’s belly consisted of 100’s of pounds of blubber and was perfect for Valerie’s upper body to sink into. It was silky soft, warm, and surprisingly supportive. Valerie swung her knee over to the other side of Jenny’s head and began to spread her legs wider and wider apart as her sweet spot lowered closer and closer to Jenny’s plump red lips. Valerie’s plump thighs were squeezing against Tina’s belly while her pussy was now firmly pressed against Jenny’s lips.

Valerie took another deep pull from the tube and said,” Now I’m going to touch you with a special part of my body, I hope you don’t mind.”

With a slight pleasure filled moan, Jenny gripped Valerie’s bubbly bottom and pulled herself deeper into the girl, and began kissing and linking, fingering Valerie’s moist cookie. Valerie began to moan and grind with pleasure as Jenny worked her magic while she continued to slowly swallow more and more of the fattening shake into her belly. Jenny ate and ate causing Valerie to cum several times while Valerie’s belly became more and more distended. Tina now enraptured with the beautiful girl gorging herself fatter and fatter, pressing further and further into her own massive bulges, that she ate faster and faster deriving increasing pleasure from the continuing gluttonous display. The gorging went on for a full 30 minutes until clearly exhausted, Valerie lifted herself off of Jenny, her legs now straddling Tina’s belly, her face smashed between Tina’s breasts, her butt high in the air as her own belly hung and bulged lower and lower between her legs.

Jenny rolled onto her side and then onto her knees and pulled herself up to a kneeing position behind Valerie. She buried her face between the back of Valerie’s plump smooth upper thighs, forcing her tongue into Valerie’s pussy.

Valerie let out a started pleasure filled moan, and then stretched a small trembling hand towards the shake machine, her head now pulled back in the throws of ecstasy gulping down ounce after ounce of the cold, sweet, rich crème. Completely enraptured, Tina shovelled in more and more fattening goodies as she believed the gluttonous display would soon be at an end as Valerie’s small trembling hand searched the switch for the machine’s pump. To her surprise, Valerie’s dainty well-manicured fingers turned the pump all the way up.

The machine groaned under the strain and rich, thick, vanilla ice cream shake rushed down the tube and past Valerie’s perfect plump lips. Valerie arched her back further, her body shaking from the exertion as her belly swelled even further until finally the pump ran dry and all of the remaining cold crème was forced into her belly. She popped the tube out and came harder than she thought possible and then sagged against Tina’s massive belly completely spent.

Jenny flopped onto her back, away from the collapsed and exhausted Valerie, and then onto her side, her great belly bulging out while she rubbed her hand across it. “You have such a sweet cookie that I think my belly got fatter just eating you,” she giggled. “I know y’all fed me a ton today, but Girl, you out did even me! That tiny flat belly of yours went through a pretty big growth spurt and from where I am laying, I don’t think that belly will ever be flat again,” she said with a giggle looking at Valerie. Valerie was draped over Tina’s mammoth belly, her head between Tina’s breasts and her thighs spread wide enough to show her ballooned paunch in hanging low between her legs in all of its glory.

“I…I….may have….over did it,” gasped Valerie. “I…don’t know…what got into me.”

“Nonsense girl, you know exactly what happened. Jenny’s clearly improved pussy licking and wave after wave of fattening treats, caused the fat girl in you to come out, and I have a feeling that your fat girl is going to be a lot bigger than her sister,” said Tina with a giggle.

“MMMMmmm you tasted so sweet Valerie, we can do that any time, provided you give me a stuffing like you did today. I can barely breathe, ya’ll stuffed me so much. It feels like that day Kelly fed me at the bakery and then Gwen fed me over here,” said Jenny as she continued to rub her distended belly.

Tina was stroking the exhausted Valerie’s hair as she munched on another pastry. “That was so long ago hun, you really need to find a new lover. Then again, you were always such a finicky eater, it’s hard to believe you gained any weight at all.”

Jenny could only respond with a slight sigh as she closed her eyes and continued to rub her naked paunch.

“Oh I’m sooooo stuffed,” gasped Valerie as she slowly peeled her head up from between Tina’s breasts and looked into the colossal cutie’s eyes. “I’m not too… heavy on your belly am I?”

“No hun, but give it time, you will be,” said Tina with a conspiring grin.

“Juan is going to so freak when he sees what I’ve done. I really did it this time. I so have no self-control.”

“What you’ve never shown Juan a full belly?” asked Tina.

“Nope, every time she excessively stuffs herself she makes up excuses not to see him and then goes on a workout binge to loose the belly,” said Jenny now laying in the foetal position with her head resting on top of her blubbery arm while her free hand slowly rubbed her distended belly.

“Juan loves my breasts and bum, but doesn’t want me getting too fat. He saw Julia recently and sorta freaked out”

“Honey you need to face the facts, girls like us never get smaller and if he doesn’t want a sexy growing beauty, you should be with someone who will. Trust me there are plenty of people who love a big fat belly,” said Tina with a suggestive wink.

“Yeah, I guess your right. I don’t really care that much about him anyway, it’s his wallet I love,” said Valerie with a slight giggle, followed by a pained grown as the giggle had shaken her painfully bloated belly. Tina shifted her girth slightly as she reached for a box of crème-filled donuts. Valerie stayed nestled between her breasts, collapsed against her belly.

Tina could tell Valerie was close to passing out and from Jenny’s slight snores, Tina could tell she was already asleep. Valerie had far surpassed what she had ever eaten before but that didn’t mean she couldn’t eat more. Tina had been fattening up girls for years, and she could tell Valerie’s gluttony was far from satiated.
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Chapter 25

Tina bit into a crème filled donut and then squeezed the filling into her cleavage.

“Oh I made such a mess on myself from this crème filled donut and its right by your lips. Do you think you could help me out and lick it up baby?”

Nearly asleep, Valerie opened one eye and saw the blob of sweet filling, nestled between Tina’s substantial cleavage. She closed her eye and stuck out her wide tongue and began licking up the filling. Tina bit into another one and “accidentally” spilled even more filling onto her bosom. Valerie continued licking, “Oh this is heavenly,” Valerie sighed.

“I know, but so messy, ops! I got a little more on me,” Tina chuckled.

“Mmmm, I’ll clean it up,” cooed Valerie.

Tina began to nibble into the donuts a drizzle the filling onto her bosom. Soon Valerie was scooping the filling to her plump lips with her hand, her eyes still closed cooing with pleasure. Then Tina began to plop chunks of the empty powdered donut shell into the filling. Valerie continued to gobble it up. After having her bosom licked and kissed clean of filling and powdered sugar Tina started placing whole crème filled donuts onto her chest in front of Valerie’s plump lips.

“That’s a good girl, doesn’t it fill so good to give into your belly?”

“Mmmmmmm,” was the only response Valerie could provide.

Tina kept the smaller girl eating and eating for two more hours until Valerie could just barely chew and was gasping for air as she tried to swallow. Her face was flushed and her naked body was glistening and sticky with powdered sugar and crème filling. Valerie had rolled off Tina’s belly and chest and was now reclining against Tina’s right side. Sitting with her legs spread wide, her over stuffed belly bulging between them, she was close to passing out

“I might have outdone myself. I think you might pop,” giggled Tina as she rubbed her chubby hand over Valerie’s blossoming belly.

“Mmmmm, oh…god...that…was so fun,” huffed Valerie.

“You just need one more thing to make it perfect,” said Tina as she rocked back holding onto her belly, flopping onto her back causing Valerie to slide off Tina’s side and onto the floor, her belly sticking straight up.

“Oh what..are you going…to do now?”

Tina flopped her giant belly over to the side and with the girth of her rump and hips, managed to flip all the way over onto her belly. She began to crawl over to Valerie, dragging her girth over Valerie’s legs, moving her head closer to Valerie’s cookie.

“You need a lick from me,” said Tina as she began to kiss and lick the swollen expanse of Valerie’s belly.

“Oh god, be gentle. My belly is so sore,” pleaded Valerie.

Tina kissed lower and lower on Valerie’s now shockingly distended belly until her lips found Valerie’s moist pussy. She pressed her wide tongue against her pussy lips and slid her hands under Valerie’s legs, around her hips forcing Valerie’s legs over Tina’s shoulders. Tina gripped Valerie’s lower back, cradling Valerie’s plump rump in her arms. Valerie instinctively locked her ankles behind Tina’s head and Tina began to feast on the beautiful young girl’s pussy.

Tina ate and ate shifting Valerie’s hips and rump around in rhythm to her slow gentle probing licks. Tina’s immense body allowed her to completely relax, cushioned by 100’s of pounds of soft warm flesh. She rocked Valerie’s hips back and forth causing the pressure to intensify with each passionate lick. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper until Valerie exploded in passion. Tina would allow a short rest for the climaxing girl, but would go right back to kissing Valerie’s sweet pussy. The feasting went on and on until totally spent, Valerie passed out. Tina looked up at the snoozing girl, admiring what she had done. The beautiful creature would come begging for Tina’s special attention after today. If Kate had taken Julia from her, Valerie would soon be her replacement.

Tina admired the beautiful girl for a little while longer, admiring the expansive swollen Buddha Valerie had developed over the course of the day. Lingering in the after glow of the sexual conquest, floating in her own sea of flesh, until her relentless desire to feed yet again overcame thoughts of anything else. She crawled her corpulent form around the room, moving from box to box devouring the remaining pastries, each bite brought her thrills of pleasure as she began to feel her belly finally fill up.. The two girls continued to sleep off their binge, peacefully snoring, while Tina continued to gorge, filling her belly fuller and fuller. She ate and ate devouring all cakes, pies, éclairs, cookies, donuts sweet breads, cup cakes, muffins, and even crumbs and scraps in her quest for culinary satisfaction, but she needed more. She was getting hotter and wetter but she needed to be full, completely full, filled to bursting in order to get her pleasure filled release.

She had been eating for hours and had finally consumed every last scrap of food. She was full, painfully full and it was getting harder to breathe. Finally she was getting close, but she needed more. Luckily, the other two girls had left three bottles of chilled Champaign in the tub. So she slowly crawled over to the dais where they were placed and plopped down into a seated position, her huge belly bulging out between her legs. The swell of her immense bottom and the six-inch dais allowed her to bend her legs and put her feet on the ground, while her great belly spread out in front of her squeezing between her bulging thighs and calves, her enormously padded rump spreading out behind her. She stuck her chubby fingers in the tub reaching for a bottle, the ice was mostly melted but the bottles were cool enough.

“Maybe I only need a little. I’ve been eating all day and I must be close,” she thought.

Once the bottle was to her plump lips, she greedily drained the bottle. “That didn’t take up any space at all. I barely felt it; maybe I need a bit more.” She downed another with just as much enthusiasm. With one hand rubbing her swollen paunch she continued guzzling down the bottle. The growing pain in her belly and the alcoholic buzz was heightening the burning desire between her legs. She spread her right leg further to the side and began to slip her chubby hand between her blubbery thigh and the side of her distended belly. Wiggling and straining her fingers between the slabs of fat, she grew closer and closer to her moistening cookie.

The strain to reach under her belly, to find her cookie, only heightened her burning desire. She greedily consumed the Champaign faster and faster, panting from her exertion. Her chubby fingers finally found her pleasure spot and began to work their magic. With one hand she drank, with the other she pleasured herself. Gorging herself with ounce after ounce of Champaign, her belly continued to grow tighter and harder, bringing her closer and closer to climax. She soon emptied her second bottle but still had not come. She worked furiously trying to release the pleasure that had built up, but to no avail. She needed more, so she consumed the third. Buzzing and bloated, she was unable to reach her climax. In her drunken and swollen state she determined she needed more, much more. She needed to get to the store’s kitchen.

Huffing and puffing she rolled off the dais and onto her hands and knees, squeezing her swollen belly between her thighs and then dragging it against the cold hard floor, causing her to let out a tiny cry, but neither of the girls awoke from their slumber as she gingerly drug her painfully stuffed paunch over to the nearest bench. Using the bench for support, she pulled herself up and finally got to her feet for the first time in hours. Her great belly, bloated and round, stuck out well past the reach of her flabby arms, and weighed heavily against her thighs and knees. With her fists perched on the tops of her colossally wide hips, she waited for her breathing and heart to slow before she began the laborious trip to the store’s kitchen. Once she had regained her composure, she began the slow flesh-shaking waddle towards the door. Each step caused her swollen belly to painfully bounce and jiggle. Her hips and thighs wobbled and shook, vibrating her great billowing bottom. Her breasts bobbled side to side, while the fat on her arms slapped against her bulging sides. Her weeks of “vacation” had made her swollen pear-shaped form not only larger, but softer and flabbier.

She made it to the double door leading to the main area of the store, found the separation in the dark red velvet curtains and searched for the door handle. She was about to turn the handle and bump the door with her hip to swing it open when she remembered she didn’t know what time it was and there was probably a store full of shoppers. She leaned forward, bracing her hands in her back as she lowered her belly, in an attempt to get closer to the door. The strain from supporting her belly’s immense weight just inches from the floor was taking a toll on her weakened back, but she struggled through to place her ear to the door.

Silence. Complete silence. She placed a puffy hand on the door handle, twisted the lock, and then turned the handle letting the door open just a crack. The Store was dark with only a few lights on and there didn’t appear to be any shoppers or workers. They had spent the entire day eating, which wasn’t unusual for Tina anymore, but she was a little shocked that she had done it without being forced.

“What’s happened to me? How did I do this? I ate the entire day and I even want to eat more,” she thought as she opened the door and slowly waddled out into the store, her fat bare feet slapping against the cool tile floor. “I can barely move now I’m so fat, just bending over is a chore, and I want to eat even more?” She waddled through the bra and lingerie section, remembering where the Store’s kitchen was, but not remembering how far a walk it was. She had delivered to the store a number of times, and it wasn’t that far from the back of the store, but she was really beginning to get tired waddling around.

She found the kitchen with its oversized single door and pushed her way through, her belly pushing it open first followed by her right hip forcing it against the wall. She spotted the oversized refrigerator and in a trance waddled over to its glistening stainless steel door. She opened it up to reveal left over pizza’s, cakes, pastries, fried chicken, taco platters, tubs of ice cream, lasagne, beer, wine, ice cream sandwiches, ice cream bars, cheese cakes and pies. The refrigerator was stuffed full of every high calorie salty, sweet, rich, delicious treat, and as she gazed at the delectable goods she hoped that it was going to be enough.

Tina began pulling out the food onto the kitchen table, stacking pies where she could, and piling up treats haphazardly where she couldn’t. As she covered the table in food she began to shovel anything and everything into her greedy maw. Her huge flabby booty bouncing and swaying, her pendulous belly wobbling against the table and bumping against the chairs as she unloaded the fridge. Once the fridge was emptied and the table stacked high with mouth-watering treats, she pulled out one of the low, wide-seated chairs and proceeded to lower herself onto the wide padded seat. Her bubbly rump pressed tightly against the back of the chair, the fat of her bottom swelling up against it and then swelling around the back of the chair completely engulfing the wide-bottomed chair in a sea of fat. Her hips bulged far past the edges of the chair and drooped over the sides with her legs spread as far apart as possible. Her belly bulged past her lap and oozed onto the cool tile, bulging beneath the table. Her breasts billowed out in front of her, resting on her great paunch, squeezed between the fat of her flabby arms as she leaned forward over her belly as she scooped handful after handful of treats to her moistening lips. She ate and ate stuffing her cheeks fuller and fuller with handfuls of cake, slices of pizza, ice cream bars and then wash it down with ice cold beer. As she cleared off space on the table she would drag the table closer, sliding her belly further underneath it. The pleasure in her loins grew as the pain in her belly increased. More, more, more! Her pussy demanded, and her belly cried no, no, no! But her eyes saw all that was displayed before her and her belly wanted it all.

Hours later, she had cleared the table of every scrap of food within reach. The table was now pulled tightly against her well-padded rib cage, her great breasts resting on top of its cool metal surface, with her belly now firmly pressed against the bottom of the table. Empty beer bottles and wine were rolling around the floor. Piles of rubbish were spread in a great arc around her body. Her gluttonous desire had grown increasingly powerful over the last few weeks and while her belly ached more now than ever, her arousal more intense than ever, she was still unable to cum. Her skin was flushed and her breathing was laboured, her nipples hard and pert. She was now sufficiently intoxicated to feel the pleasurable affect of the alcohol which also dulled the pain in her Buddha, which only served to delay her eventual rapture. She needed the swollen discomfort to cum.

She had swollen so round and big that she was unable to move her swollen Buddha from beneath the table, but she had to have more. She was straining across the table to reach a cheesecake that was just a hair out of reach as her girth bulged and squished against the table. She needed that cheesecake, if she could only eat it she would be able to cum! After all these hours of eating and eating and eating she deserved it damn it! She huffed and strained, her bloated girth thrusting and bulging against the table, until unable to withstand the punishment, the table to scooted away from her. Her girth had caused the table to slide a full inch away.

“No!” she moaned, her belly still firmly wedged underneath. She tried again, and again the table moved, scraping against the tile floor, moving the cheesecake further from her grasp. She gathered her strength and with all her being stretched for that rich, sweet, delicious, cheesecake that promised her the blissful release. The table moved two inches this time. She was completely collapsed against the table, her arms outstretched her chins pressed into her cleavage huffing and puffing as she strained for the cheesecake until suddenly her vision went black.

“Madre de dios! See I told you this would happen,” Tina heard a familiar Latin accented, high pitched voice say waking her with a start, her belly still painfully distended but the comforting buzz of the alcohol gone.

Tina blinked her bleary eyes trying to focus on the wide figure in the doorway. There was only one girl she knew that was that big.


Julia waddled through the doorway, her thick dark shoulder length hair pulled back behind in two tiny pigtails at the base of her neck, pale pink gloss on her puffy lips, and dark eyeliner and eye shadow around her agitated eyes. Her fists were pressed against her expansive hips and she was blowing bubbles with her pink bubble gum, and didn’t look happy to see Tina. Julia wore a pair of skin tight light grey sweat pants that strained around her wide bloated hips, tightly caressing her wide wobbly thighs revealing every curve, dimple and bulge, clinging to her calves but hung loose around her ankles and draped over her feet, barely allowing the edge of her sandals and the tips her chubby pink toes to stick out. On top, she was wearing an extremely tight white tank top that barely stretched around the massive cups of the white bra underneath. The flesh from her spectacular bosom was bulging out the top and around the sides where her struggling bra and thin tank top failed to contain her colossal bosom. The tank top may have properly fit her six months ago, but now her massive spherical belly was completely bare and stuck out just as far as her breasts and bulged to the middle of her thighs. She was wearing a silver VL belly ball in her deep belly button.

“Hun you’re going to have to move in a bit if I am to squeeze my big butt past you,” said a voice sheepishly that Tina unfortunately knew as well.

Julia turned to the side and waddled closer to the kitchen table to allow the small breasted, huge bottomed Kate to squeeze into the room followed by a half dressed, completely swollen and slightly intoxicated Valerie and Jenny.

When Julia turned to the side Tina could see the sweat pants only made it ¾ of the way up her bottom and tiny tank top revealed every bulging inch of her back and love handles. Kate had short pale light blond hair that reached to the bottom of her dainty chin. Her bangs were parted in the middle and framed her face with the rest of it pulled back in a tiny ponytail. Kate wasn’t wearing any make up except for light pink lip gloss on her plump bee-stung lips and Tina could see light freckles across the bridge of her nose. She had small silver ear plugs in and a thin silver lip-ring. She was had a thin graceful neck and narrow shoulders. Her upper arms were plump with fat but trimmed rapidly down to fine, dainty, impeccably manicured fingers. She was wearing a light pink spaghetti strap tank top that had a light yellow piping around the edges, that squeezed across her small braless breasts, tightly hugging her narrow upper torso, and then stretching across the apex of her potbelly, leaving the bottom half of it and her belly button bare.

She had been a very slight and short girl only a few years a go before meeting and moving in with Jenny. Over the years, she had packed on hundreds of pounds of soft swelling fat via this girlfriend or that feeder, but since breaking up with her cheating X, Sara, about a year ago she had begun to loose weight. Her then small C cup bosom shrinking back to its original tiny size and her generous potbelly becoming a much more manageable size, but her lower body had refused to cooperate. Her rump had shrunk only slightly from its largest, a tape busting 82 inches, but was now two perfectly round, perfectly formed, swollen balls of fat, each slightly larger than a beach ball. Matching her rump, her thighs were extraordinarily wide and thick and rubbed to the middle of her thighs causing her to dramatically sway her hips as she walked through the kitchen. Her thighs, like her rump were well formed and flawless and tapered down to her dainty knees. Her calves then swelled out and then narrowed down to her tiny ankles. Her legs and rump were so perfectly smooth and curvy that all of the girls were envious, even if they pitied her small bosom. She had managed to drop 10 inches off her hips, down to 72 inches, and loose 28 inches off her potbelly down to 42 inches, and her breasts had shrunk to a tiny 32 AA. She had grown used to having a large bubbly bottom and fat thick thighs and had decided to embrace her curvier lower half, so she was wearing skin tight light pink short-shorts with light yellow piping that bared the bottom third of her perfect swollen butt cheeks and two inches of the top of her butt-cleft. To complete her outfit the 5’2 girl was wearing light yellow flip-flop sandals.

“Oh my god, your bum is bigger than Julia’s!” cried Kate “And your belly, its, its, so HUGE!”

Tina rolled her eyes and shook her head at the girl she had stolen Sara from. She wasn’t sure how Sara had put up with such a simpleton. Sure she was smart enough to retain her programming job, but socially…awkward.

Kate strutted over to the fridge and opened it up as if she owned the store, “And it looks like you emptied the fridge as well. Quite a little porker you’ve become Ms. Christina,” said Kate as see bent over leaning into the refrigerator thrusting her huge bottom towards Tina. “Well at least you didn’t eat everything. I see a few cheese cakes escaped your belly,” she said as she swayed around the table to the cheesecakes Tina was unable to reach. Her right hand on the top of her hip, she grabbed a knife and began to cut herself a slice cheesecake, with her bubbly rump still pointed in Tina’s direction. “Oh this is your favourite isn’t it Valerie, you wanna slice?”

“Oooooooh,” was all Valerie could reply as she rubbed her hand around the apex of her now grossly distended belly. Just this morning she had a virtually flat belly, her full plump breasts trusting out well in front of her. Now her belly was so full and round that poked straight out, bulging past her substantial bosom, looking many, many months pregnant. Valerie waddled over to the other side of the table from Tina, pulled a chair out and slowly and carefully lowered her rump to the padded seat, cradling her swollen belly until she had sat down. She had her pants back on, completely unzipped but thanks to the girth of her hips, rump and thighs they weren’t going anywhere. She had her shoes, jacket and her ruined camisole in her other hand and had “barrowed” a snug VL baby T-shirt to wear over her bosom, but her red, swollen belly was completely bare.

As painfully bloated as she was, sitting in such close proximity to her favourite she couldn’t help but reluctantly scoop her fingers into the cheesecake and bring the rich fattening morsel to her fat lips, cooing quietly.

“Look at my little sister still eating…Mom would be so proud,” breathlessly cheered Julia.

Valerie gave her a glare, but continued to gingerly scoop for cheesecake to her lips.

Jenny had her blouse back on, and her tight pants were still around her hips even if they were completely unzipped. She leaned over the counter next to the fridge on her elbows, her huge breasts and swollen belly hanging down forcing her back into a deep bow. “God that was a lot of food, I can’t believe you ate even more Christina,” moaned the painfully stuffed Jenny.

“Have you seen my belly?” said Tina sarcastically “Apparently Katie here thinks I’ve become quite a little porker.”

Jenny and Valerie both laughed, and then moaned as their giggles shook their painfully distended bellies.

“Look it’s wedged underneath the table! Even you’re not that big Julia,” replied Kate as she faced Tina and munched on a piece of cheesecake.

“Be nice Kate! You are not…here to tell…Tina how fat she is, you’re here… to take my drunken sister and Jenny… back to their homes. I’ll take Tina back to her’s,” Tina breathlessly huffed in her high-pitched whisper.

“You three are lucky… Kelly called me wondering what happened to Tina. I had a feeling you three might be here, but in this condition? If the morning crew… would have found you three passed out….” Julia warned with a huff as she pulled a chair out from under the table and sat herself next to the food Tina was unable to reach. She was seated facing Tina with her side to the table. Her hips were not nearly as large as Tina’s but they still bulged well past the sides of the extra wide bottomed chair. She kept her thighs together, her left hip bulging underneath the table, her giant spherical belly swelling out in front of her past her knees, resting on top of her fat blubbery thighs, bulging out further due to the weight of her spectacular bosom resting on top of it, pushing it out. Her belly had grown so fat and round and her breasts so large that they forced her to lean back against the chair and she was unable to see over her bulging cleavage so she had to lean slightly to the side to peer around her over stuffed form. She leaned her blubbery left arm on the top of the table and rubbed her belly with her right hand as she tried to catch her breath.

“There is car that the two of us will fit in?” questioned Tina.

“Yeah I got a pretty nice bonus from the modelling shoots and was able to find one with a deep bench seat in front and an even bigger back seat. It’s nice not having to worry about getting stuck,” said Julia as she reached over the top of her bosom and grabbed a hunk of cheesecake and began to gobble it down.

“It might not fit you for much longer dear if you keep eating like this,” said Kate as she strutted around the kitchen to stand in front of Julia and poke her naked Buddha.

“Kate you know I’ve lost six inches off my belly,” quipped Julia as she continued to consume the cheesecake.

“Well you added eight to your hips, two to your breasts and gained 10 pounds. And I think if I wouldn’t have been around it would have been a lot more. You’re mom is such a bad influence on you,” said Kate as she started to walk out of the kitchen.

Julia leaned to the other side to look past her breasts and stare daggers into Kate’s back.
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Chapter 25 concluded...

“Come on girls its time for me to take you home,” called Kate

“Ooooooh, coming,” moaned Valerie as she scooped up a final hunk of cake a rolled out of the chair while holding her gut as she waddled out of the room.

“Just like old times Christina. See you tomorrow Julia,” said Jenny with a wave to the girls.

“By ladies. Hopefully we can do that again soon,” said Tina over her shoulder.

“By you three,” said Julia.

As soon as the three had walked out Julia turned back to Tina, popped another huge bite of Cheesecake into her mouth and slid a cheesecake across the table, lightly bumping into Tina’s exposed bosom. “Room for a little more?”

“Oh babe, there’s always room.”

”I thought you might say that,” said Julia as she popped in another bite. “As rude as Kate is, she is right, you’re massive.”

“I know I am. I’m so…fat,” replied Tina as she stuffed her cheeks with cheesecake. “And I probably should care, but…I don’t. I just want to eat, and it seems like I can never eat enough.”

Julia licked her fingers clean of cheesecake crumbs. “I told you this would happen, you’re a whale, a blimp, and a real addict. Trust me I know, It’s taken me almost 11 months to finally be able to control myself around food. If I didn’t work from home twice a week and have Kate constantly distracting me, I know I would relapse. And while it’s fun to have Kate worship my breasts, and she gives really good oral, she is on a bit of a diet and workout craze, and she has become way more annoying than I like,” huffed Julia in her high-pitched squeak with a pat of her spherical belly. “You know I’ve lost six inches off this thing, that’s an inch a week. I’m pretty proud of that.”

Tina smiled, with her cheeks packed full of blueberry cheesecake.

Julia could see that Tina was nearing the end of that cheesecake and slid over a Dutch crunch apple pie to her. Tina smiled weakly, and continued to force more fattening baked goods into her mouth.

“I mean, if I was like 300 pounds or even 500 pounds, I would so be pigging out right now, but I’m 700 pounds. I’m huge! I cant even see over me I’m so fat,” piped Julia as she absently pulled a chicken leg out of a left over fried chicken bucket, and began to nibble on it.

She rapidly pulled strips of chicken off, relishing its salty and fried deliciousness. “God, I wish I was thin again and could get back at Mia. I mean on one hand, food has never been so pleasurable, not even as a kid, with my Madre constantly feeding us new and delicious dishes. I was never chubby, luckily, but I still loved eating, but not as much as I did with Mia. Mia really opened my eyes to how good it feels to eat and eat as the pressure builds and builds and the slightest naughty touch brings you rapture. But now I’m so huge that I never get to enjoy myself like that anymore. She showed me the door to bliss and now I’ve gotten to fat to walk through,” sighed Julia as she dropped the naked bone in the bucket and grabbed a chicken breast. She gobbled up bite after bite, stripping the breast down to the bone and with her cheeks stuffed she continued, “Just imagine how fat I would be if I gave in. I can eat so much now, I could eat for hours and hours,” she said as she tossed the bones back in the bucket and grabbed another piece. “And what would that give me? Sure each binge would bring hours and hours of ever increasing pleasure, until I exploded in glorious bliss,” she cooed as she gobbled down the chicken breast followed by a few day-old maple logs, stuffing herself faster and faster. “Oh this feels so good, I had almost forgotten,” Julia panted.

Tina let out a slight cry as she finished the apple pie, gripping at the food she could not reach. Julia glanced at her huge friend, her pained expression coupled with lust-filled eyes. She was about to slide another Dutch crunch apple pie to Tina until she remembered that it had been weeks since she had any of that under Kate’s watchful eye. She wanted that for herself, so she slid the half eaten box of donuts towards Tina.

“I mean, I’ll get so huge. I’ll, I’ll need a ton more clothes. Although it’s always fun to shop,” she said to herself with a grin as she dug into the Apple pie with both hands shovelling scoop after scoop to her lips. With her mouth stuffed full she said, “I might even out grow my car again. Although Mandy will probably drive me around, maybe even Kate too.”

To get closer to the food she spread her thighs apart and allowed her belly to roll and sag between them. She turned to face the table as much as her belly would permit, her colossal breasts bulging out onto the table.

“I can’t give in, I just cant,” she said as she polished off a platter of brownies, tossing Tina only a few to keep her stifled.

Tina was barely breathing, her cheeks still stuffed with food, her eyes barely open and she hovered on top of climaxing, while Julia began to tear through every morsel on the table.

“I’ll get so fat, I just can’t. I...I might get to fat to work! I wont be able to come into work, I’ll be so huge I’ll have to stay home….with nothing to do….but…eat,” she signed as everything suddenly came into focus. Everything was clear. She did not want to stop eating, it was Kate who wanted her to stop. But she couldn’t stop eating; it was what she had been trained to do her whole life. First her mom fed her, then Gwen and the girls at VL, and finally Mia. Julia had to eat, was born to eat, and as of tonight she decided she would do nothing but…eat.

Tina swallowed her final mouthful, its sugary chocolaty sweetness cascading down her throat, piling on to the 17 hours of gluttonous indulgence. She had reached her limit, the pain was exquisite, but the pleasure even more so. She came harder than she had ever come in her life, waves of pleasure washing through her body, her entire blubber covered body tingling as she watched Julia gorge herself faster than even she thought possible. Julia’s impossibly massive breasts squeezing and bulging against the table as her hands and arms pressed against them as they worked furiously to stuff food past her fat sexy lips. Julia was a goddess, gloriously gluttonous, sexy and fat, which only added to Tina’s arousal, but it wasn’t Julia that brought her to climax, it was 17 hours of virtually non-stop eating, and she thought she couldn’t wait to do it again as she passed out.

Continued in post #67
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Your story proves, that it still pays off to look here at the Dims-Story-archieves. This is just my kind of story.
Very detailed and very well written. Keep up the good work.
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Originally Posted by Koudelka View Post
Your story proves, that it still pays off to look here at the Dims-Story-archieves. This is just my kind of story.
Very detailed and very well written. Keep up the good work.
i'll second that. top notch stuff.
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looking forward to any possible continuation to this story. After all there is no way that this story is complete.

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Thumbs up Is this the end, my friend?

@ Coop:

Is this story finished or will there be a sequel? The last part sounds like it could be a good end of the story. I am just curious, if we can expect some more of this epic tale or if it ist finished at this point.

Anyway: No hurry, keep up the good work and a happy 2010!
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This isn't my story. I was given permission to post it here. Wether or not, Expander Jack continues is out of my hands.
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Originally Posted by Koudelka View Post
@ Coop:

Is this story finished or will there be a sequel? The last part sounds like it could be a good end of the story. I am just curious, if we can expect some more of this epic tale or if it ist finished at this point.

Anyway: No hurry, keep up the good work and a happy 2010!
Couldn't we ask the same about new Maggie pages?
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Couldn't we ask the same about new Maggie pages?
Yes you could. Like about a billion people already did.
The Maggie-Story isn't finished. It will continue when I have enough free time to draw complex FA-stuff again. As long as you can read "to be continued" in the description of the page, the story is not finished.
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I honestly do not care who finishes this story. I simply want it to be finished. No story ends like this.
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At long last, Expander Jack's story continues.

Chapter 26

The three girls had made it out of the store and were now waddling through the dark parking lot towards Kate’s car. Jenny was wobbling and laughing about old times with Kate, as Kate helped her across the parking lot. Kate had known Jenny since the first year of college and had always had a crush on the now much heavier girl and eternally lusted after her spectacular bosom. They had had lust filled evenings on a number of occasions over the course of their six-year relationship, but they had never dated. The intoxicated Jenny had her arm around the much shorter Kate’s shoulders while Kate had her arm around Jenny’s lower back and squeezing Jenny’s puffy love handle and with the other was patting and caressing Jenny’s spectacularly swollen belly as her head was pressed against the side of Jenny’s bosom. Jenny was mostly oblivious to the gropes and squeezes of her bountiful flesh Kate was helping herself to, but the much more sober Valerie who was slowly trotting along behind the two beauties, back in her high-heels again, could clearly tell what Kate’s intentions were.

“Hey Kate,” Valerie called to the girls’ backs. “I think I’m good, I won’t need you to take me home. I can drive.”

Kate stopped Jenny while still holding on and peered back at Valerie. “Really? Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I can totally drive now,” Valerie called back.

Kate turned around, leaned the drunken Jenny against one of the parked cars, and started quickly walking back to where Valerie was standing. Kate’s exceedingly thick thighs wobbling together as she hurried over to stand in front of Valerie.

“Are you sure hun, it’s really no problem,” said Kate as she nervously twirled a lock of her light blond hair with one hand and with the other swung her keys around her finger. “But if you’re really O.K., it would kinda help me out,” she said with a nod of her head to Jenny

Valerie pursed her lips and looked up at the star lit sky in pretend contemplation, “Well I think I’m OK, the only thing I might need help with is getting this to go down,” she stated as she rubbed both hands on the side of her bare bloated paunch and then peered over her bosom at it deliciously round shape.

“Oh I don’t think that’s going anywhere tonight babe,” giggled Kate as she stepped closer pressing her bare belly against it and put her two hands on it as well.

Valerie knew her bare flesh would be too much for the short fat bottomed lesbian to resist and slid her hands over Kate’s and pulled Kate closer, her full perfect breasts smashing against Kate’s chin.

“I know about your history with Jenny, and you better not cheat on my sister,” whispered Valerie in a surprisingly stern tone.

“I…I don’t know what you are talking about. I’m not cheating on Julia,” said Kate as she pulled away from the younger girl.

“Uh huh, well make sure that you don’t. Julia is still pretty mental about Mia, who would be in a lot of trouble if I ever met her, believe me. I just don’t want her to get hurt again, by you cheating on her,” replied Valerie.

“Oh honey I would never do that to your sister. I know how it is, trust me,” replied Kate as she thought of Tina steeling Sara from her. “I know she is still hurting over Mia. In fact, Julia and I aren’t really even dating because of it. I think if she looses some of the weight or Mia turns into a blimp, Julia could finally have closure. No matter what she says, she isn’t over Mia.”

“Oh I’m sorry, I thought you two…”

“Nope, we have fun from time to time but she wants to keep it open.”

“Well the Lopez girls aren’t really known for loosing weight,” Valerie said with a half smile as she rubbed her distended belly, “so maybe this Mia girl is just going to have to get fat.”

“Not sure that will ever happen to that witch. I think that since moving up to corporate she has lost weight, she looked thinner at Halloween. Alright, hun, I better get Jenny home while I can, drive safe,” said Kate as she turned and walked back over to Jenny. Her huge fleshy bottom swaying and wobbling in concert with her clop of her flip-flops. The walk from the store had caused her already to small skin tight shorts to ride further up and wedge themselves into her bulbous bottom revealing even more of her wobbly flesh. She reached back and pulled the shorts down only to have her wobbling bottom wiggle right back out. Valerie rubbed her belly and thought to herself that it wouldn’t be long until she was that big if she kept eating like she did today. It felt so good to loose herself in gluttonous abandon, but Juan would totally break-up with her if she was that big.

Valerie trotted over to her car in the cool night air and slid gingerly in. She caressed her swollen belly the entire drive, enjoying the bulge pushing against her lap and pushing her bosom up. As she enjoyed her newly swollen belly she thought of how enormously fat her sister had become and how she now struggled to walk and even stand for very long.

She couldn’t get that big, a few pounds is fine, but that, hell no! She wished her sister could loose a few pounds, but the likelihood of that was slim.

If it wasn’t for Mia, Julia never would have gotten so big. She wanted to punish that Mia girl. But with work, school and Juan she didn’t have the time to spend on tracking down this Mia, and what could she really do anyways? She was stopped a light and peered down at her bloated belly.

“God I’m huge. It will take forever to make this flat for Juan. All the workouts I’ll have to do. I’ll have to starve myself for sure. While he just keeps growing fatter and fatter. It’s not fair. He has all those big breasted, thin waisted bimbos running around at the office all day, sucking up to him like he is god’s gift to women, which he is totally not, his wallet might be but he totally isn’t. It’s not fair,” She thought as she started driving again.

“It’s not fair. I’m tired of hiding my belly from Juan and trying to stay trim to please him. I give him everything he wants and if I put on a few pounds, he really shouldn’t be able to complain. That’s it, I’m done hiding my…my...indulgence.”

She never came over unannounced and certainly not this late, he might not even be there, but it was time to set Juanito straight on how dating a Lopez girl went. With that in mind, she turned her car around and drove straight to his house. Juan lived in a gated community on a golf course where many of the lawyers in his firm lived, but he had given her an extra gate pass due to his late work nights, so she could let herself in.

He was certainly climbing the ladder in his law firm and worked a countless hours of overtime and weekends which the senior partners loved. Accordingly, he was well compensated for his efforts and was able to buy in an elite section of the city. His firm worked hard and partied hard. Huge lavish meals were par for the course on all those late nights and weekends and over the past few years it had piled up on Juan. The once short, skinny 5’6” 158 pound boy Julia had dated had grown up and out.

Valerie parked her car and let herself into the house. She took off her heels and padded through the entry way and into the living room. A movie was on his giant TV and take out food covered the coffee table in front of his dark leather couch. It was a lot of food for one person, but Juan never ordered light. There were also multiple empty beer bottles displayed around the room. “He must have gone to bed,” she thought. “Well I’ll just give him a surprise wake up.”

She strolled house noticing that the lights were still on through out most of the areas, his clothes were casually tossed here and there. What a mess. Then she spotted a woman’s high heel shoe in the middle of the upstairs hallway leading to the bedroom. “That’s odd, I don’t remember leaving shoes here.”

The bedroom door was open and the lights inside were dim, she walked through the door and found Juan lying on his king size bed, unfortunately his secretary Ashley, the girl Valerie thought she managed to steel him away from, was straddling him…naked…large fake breasts wobbling. Juan was on his back with his legs together and Ashley was straddling his crotch with her butt pressing into his bloated paunch, her legs squeezing his together with her hands on his thighs. She was facing away from Juan and watched Valerie enter the room. She wasn’t wearing anything more than a triumphant smile as she worked her hips against Juan’s member.

“Juan, you didn’t tell me Valerie was pregnant,” giggled Ashley as she continued to work her hips in front of Valerie.

“She isn’t pregnant, she is just getting fat. Oh right there, right there, Ash.”

“Well her belly really is fat,” she giggled.

“JUAN!” cried Valerie.

The light blond haired Ashley had cut her hair into a short close-cropped chunky cut that tightly framed her round face, which helped emphasize her long slender neck and her massive fake breasts. Her perfectly formed spherical bosom stuck out proudly from her chest, defying gravity and barely moving as she grinded her hips against Juan’s swollen member. She had decided to go even larger over the past few months and they were now a very busty 34 H-cup, each one easily larger than her head. She had tanned over the past few months and was now a rich golden brown and managed to loose several pounds off her waist and hips. She had a very narrow waist and the start of a six-pack. Her thighs were much trimmer and her leg muscles were showing some definition. Juan on the other hand, was even softer and bigger than when he and Ashley had dated the first time.

“What are you doing with this…secretary?” hissed Valerie as she stood at the front of the bed with her arms crossed over her breasts, her swollen paunch bulging over the bed’s ornate foot-board.

“What does it look like cow?” gloated Ashley as she moved her hips and leaned back into an upright position with her hands around her narrow waist.

“Ashley could you please get off?” Asked Juan as he perched up on his elbows, his generous belly bulging over and around Ashley’s firm rump.

Ashley twisted her shoulders around and squeezed Juan’s bloated paunch between her hands. “Uh, uh, Juan, I finally got part of your soft squishy body hard, and I plan to use it.”

“I never had any trouble getting him hard, but then again you’re not nearly as hot as me. Now scurry away back to your desk, Ashley.”

“Oh don’t worry Juan does me on his desk all the time, but right now I’m going to do him in your bed,” sniggered Ashley as she spun back around to face the fuming Valerie. “Wow, Juan said you had gained some weight, but this has gotten so fat,” said Ashley as she poked Valerie’s exposed belly.

Valerie couldn’t move fast enough to swat the girl away and only succeeded in jiggling her great bosom and cause her tight t-shirt to ride up further. “Juan get rid of your secretary or I’m leaving!”

“V I really can’t…oh that’s it…get up right…oh god…now. Maybe we can talk…oh yes Ash… another time?” Moaned Juan.

“Screw you Juan, we’re through!” cried Valerie as she spun on her heal and stormed out.

“You won’t be screwing Juan anytime soon porky! And could you leave the gate pass? I’m going to need it,” called Ashley to Valerie.

“Juan can come get it back if he ever has the balls to face me again!” Valerie yelled as she stormed out of the house and back into her car furious at what Juan had done. She should have known, if he would cheat with her, he would probably cheat on her, especially with that skinny big-boobed bitch. Her body was amazing now, firm, tight and stacked, and all Valerie had done was grow bigger and bigger, softer and softer. She guessed she couldn’t blame Juan, but she didn’t have to like it. She angrily plopped down into her car, forgetting how swollen she was causing her belly to bounce against her thighs, thrusting her huge breasts into her chin.

“Ooof I’m huge!”

Embarrassed and hurt, she knew there was only one thing that would make her forget Juan and that skinny whore. After the blissful gluttonous experience with Tina and the girls, she knew another stuffing would take her mind off of Juan and this time it was going to come from Mama Lopez’s cooking. “I can’t believe I’m going to feed you again,” she said with a pat of her belly as her car carefully backed out of the drive way, and started down the street, trying not to shake her belly to much in the process. “But if I drive slow and careful enough, I bet you will be ready when we get there.”

It had been a couple hours since she left the Voluptuous Lady store and she figured she would have her mom’s culinary delights to herself, but parked in the driveway was her sister Julia’s car and Jenny’s big black SUV. She rolled herself out of her car and waddled up to the front door and let herself in. She noticed the kitchen lights were still on and as she exited the entry way she heard her voices of three girls, the high pitched melodic voice of her sister Julia, the deeper huskier voice of Tina, and the southern drawl of Jenny.

Mama Lopez’s kitchen had been remodeled several times over the years. Each time the kitchen grew larger and added more professional grade appliances. Now the kitchen in her house mirrored the kitchen in her restaurant, complete with extra wide walkways and “fat friendly” accoutrements. She also had a large round table that was designed seat ten guests but was used to seat six of her over stuffed friends and relatives. The centre of the table had a Lazy Susan that allowed those seated at the table to effortlessly spin dishes around to the next person. Arrayed around the table was six sumptuously cushioned double wide and deep vinyl chairs, designed to remain comfortable for hours and hours of eating. She padded barefoot into the kitchen, having left her heels in the car and found, as she expected, the table full of freshly prepared Mexican dishes and assorted baked goods, with Tina leaning back in her chair lazily munching on cookies, Julia nearly face down gobbling up her mama’s tamales, and Jenny eating a huge enchilada platter.

“Where’s mom?” asked Valerie as she leaned over the back of her sister and gave her a kiss on the cheek and a little pat on the side of her bare belly.

“In bed,” replied Julia with her cheeks stuffed full of pork tamale. “What are you doing here?” Julia was still wearing the tight grey sweat pants, but now that she was seated the full top half of her bulging bottom was bursting out the back of the pants. Her great bare belly was hanging between her massive thighs, wedged under the table while her enormous bosom, barely contained by the straining white tank top, swelled out onto the table in front of her. Her elbows were resting on the table tight against the sides of her breasts forcing her cleavage to bulge up and jiggle as she greedily scooped bite after bite to her lips.

Jenny had clearly been home already and was wearing pink sweat shorts with the waistband rolled down allowing her spherical bare pot belly to bulge free of constraints. The shorts were well fitting and covered all of her colossal rump, even though they were ultra short and displayed all of her thick fleshy legs. She sat sideways to the table with her long thick bare legs crossed, her belly resting on them with her prominent bosom resting on it. She was wearing a well worn white baby-t that hugged every bulge and curve of her breasts and the top on her swollen spherical paunch. She lazily wiggled her immaculately manicured sandal free foot, causing her blubbery belly and spectacular bosom to wobble and shimmy, while she rubbed her bare belly as she blissfully put forkful after forkful of the enchilada platter into her mouth.

Tina for the first time today was fully clothed in a snug thin light blue cotton sweat suit that was unzipped to the apex of her bosom and Valerie could see the lace of a well fitting bra just barely poking out from beneath the top. She was leaning back against her chair; her thighs spread wide allowing her belly to sag between them, as she slowly munched on cookies.

“Well I decided to finally show Juan my belly and went over his house only to find him having sex with his secretary Ashley,” replied Valerie as she grabbed three beer bottles from the fridge and plopped down at the table across from Tina.

“Oh my lord that’s awful honey,” cried Jenny.

She opened the bottle and drained it without stopping, letting out a satiated gasp. “I think I am done with boy’s. I never really was that attracted to him, just his belly and his wallet, and it was always more about stealing him away from Ashley anyways,” said Valerie as she put another bottle to her lips and began to gulp it down.

“Well in that case welcome to the girl club babe,” said Tina with a devious smile.

“And I guess you wont be worrying to much about your tiny waistline any more either. Y’all know how much I love pretty girls with an appetite,” said Jenny as she sexily slid the foot she was previously bouncing up Valerie’s calf, the other two girls completely unaware of her advances towards Valerie.

“That makes two Lopez girls that wont be watching their waistlines now,” squeaked Julia with her mouth full of tamale. “I’m done trying to loose the weight Mia packed on me,” she said as she packed her cheeks full. “Mom always tried to fatten me up, Gwen tried for years too, and Mia finally succeeded,” she said with a swallow before stuffing her cheeks again. “If everyone wants me fat, then I’m going to be fat.”

“What about Kate? I don’t think she wants y’all to get any bigger, even if she would love to see those get bigger,” giggled Jenny.

Valerie had drained another beer and padded back over to the fridge, her plump bottom poking further out of the top of the straining unbuttoned white pants. “Anyone want one while I’m up?”

“I’d love one from you, sugah,” said Jenny with a smile.

“Sigh, I know. I didn’t go home cause you said she would be there Jen. I just couldn’t face her after the gorging I did with Tina tonight at the store. I know she would notice. It felt so good, Tina reminded me of how good it feels to be stuffed, and how much I missed it,” replied Julia wistfully.

Jenny glared at Tina, “Again? I thought y’all finally learned your lesson Christina.”
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More of Chapter 26 + the start of Chapter 27.

“Who me? I’m a pretty slow learner, but honestly I didn’t say anything this time, maybe I just have that affect on people,” grinned Tina lustfully as she watched Valerie clutch multiple beer bottles to her bosom with her arms as she struggled to close the refrigerator door with her over-stuffed rump. She waddled back over to the table with six bottles squeezed against her bosom, the cold glass of the bottles causing her nipples to poke out under the thin T-shirt and her soft pot-belly bouncing slightly with each switch of her hips. She leaned over in front of Jenny, bringing the bottles close to her and said, “Grab one Jen.”

Jen squeezed the side of Valerie’s breast, “Yes, I know y’all’s boobs are nice and firm even if they are a little on the small side.”

“Not my boob, Silly!” squealed Valerie. “The beer,” she giggled.

“Oh I’m sorry, hun,” chuckled Jen as she pulled one of the bottles free.

Valerie lowered the rest onto the table and took one of the bottles, unscrewed the cap and began to chug the beer down. After draining that one she took another and moved closer to Jen, her bare swollen middle bulging towards Jenny’s face as she put her other hand on Jenny’s back. “So that’s why you’re here then, my sister called to find out where Kate was and then invited you over?”

“Yeah, I was mostly ready for bed, but then I guess I just wasn’t done gloating over how big Tina’s gotten so I grabbed some sweats and drove over,” she said with a wink at Tina. “And to think, for a few years I was the fatter one.”

“You still would be if we had kept dating, but there might be hope for you yet,” replied Tina as she watched Jenny continuing to gobble up more of Mama Lopez’s cooking.

“Tina’s right, you might be smaller than these two now but you’re still way bigger than anyone else,” giggled Valerie as she leaned her plump hip against Jenny’s shoulder and patted the side of Jenny’s bare belly.

“Well maybe if you girls stopped bringing so much food into the office at VL and left it down in the kitchen for y’all to eat, a few of you might give me run for my money,” replied Jenny with a smirk. “Then again you Lopez girls start out skinny, but tend to plump up just fine later.”

“Yeah really….” Said Valerie as she rubbed the side of her distended potbelly and downed her sixth bottle of beer.

Jenny looked back over at Tina with a huge Cheshire grin, “Well there is still plenty of food Valerie, why don’t you help us?”

“Eat my mama’s cooking? Like there could be a way I wouldn’t. But first I’m taking off these pants and shirt,” she said as she pulled her top off over her head and squeezed out of her jeans. She plopped back down in only her tight bra and tiny g-string panties and filled her plate.

The four girls ate, drank and talked for hours. Tina barely nibbled on any of it; she had eaten so much during the day that she just had no room left. Jenny ate multiple plates of Mama Lopez’s cooking and seemed to really enjoy flirting with Valerie. Valerie drank many bottles of beer which resulted in falling into a drunken food binge consuming far more than Jenny thought possible for a girl her size. Julia gobbled down every morsel of food that was on the table and even had the girls bring more out of the fridge. She barely spoke, just focused on consuming everything in sight. As the pain in her belly reached a crescendo and the pleasure of being stuffed climaxed, she fantasized about becoming the massive immobile sultana with Mia catering to her every sensual and culinary pleasure. Spent and exhausted from her gluttonous ordeal she passed out, softly moaning “Oh Mia.” Her chin falling into her deep cleavage and she began to softly snore.

“Look’s like someone has finally had her fill, but with that tiny little belly of hers it is amazing she lasted this long,” cooed Tina as she rubbed her chubby hands over the expanse of her bare belly, nodding towards Julia. She had unzipped her sweatshirt and was reclining against the chair’s backrest, her new lace bra on display perched on her globular bloated belly. She had closed her thighs and hefted her gut onto the top of them, displaying how much bigger her belly was than Jenny’s or even Julia’s. It’s bare bloated mass bulging past her knees, but was no where near wide enough to encompass her hugely bloated thighs and hips. Jenny had gotten up from the table and was leaning against the kitchen’s centre island, her bulging bottom spreading out over the cool countertop and bulging past the edges, its width wider than the island. She had crossed her ankles and was clutching a half-gallon container of vanilla ice-cream against her left breast as she lazily spooned scoop after scoop into the drunken Valerie’s lips. Valerie was straddling Jenny’s crossed legs, her hands gripping the sides of Jenny’s bare belly as her own potbelly pressed into the top of Jenny’s fleshy bulging mound and her billowy breasts. Valerie’s back was arched and her eye’s closed, her pert full bosom wobbling in her overly tight bra as she drunkenly begged for another scoop of sweet creamy treat.

“My sister is like so fat, I bet her belly is bigger than yours (hiccup) is,” slurred Valerie with her mouth full of ice cream as she looked back over she shoulder at Tina.

“I wish my belly was smaller than hers again. Julia had to measure me to find clothes that would fit before we left to come here. I was shocked, my belly is now 120 inches around,” she said with a frown. “And my hips are 142 inches, but if tonight is any indication of your sister’s new found gluttony she will be a lot bigger before you know it. At least I can say I got my belly from loosing a bet. She is growing hers because of an ex, an ex that she hasn’t dated in over a year.”

“A mean ol’ex that doesn’t even really like chubbies, she dates mostly skinny models. And y’all know that Mia has dated several times since Julia and even lost weight too. She blamed your sister for making her to fat to model. Mia thought that after a time at the store the VL leadership would make her the premier VL model. But after she blew up, they went with someone else, and now she has lost most of the weight to try to get her modeling job back. The premier job. The nerve,” replied Jenny clearly getting agitated. Jenny and Mia had history together, back when Mia used to run the store. Jenny was jealous of her then and had conspired to make sure Mia never got the premier job. “Thanks to Julia though we know her weakness. She’ll eats like a half-crazed starved rat during and after sex. That’s why Gwen and I got the idea to send young, pretty little things over to be her secretary. Thinking one of them might get Mia to fall for them and accidentally cause her to balloon up again. But not Mia, she hasn’t fallen for any of them. She just puts 30-40 pounds on them and they either quit cause Mia’s such a bitch, or Gwen sends them to work somewhere else in VL. None of these girls are skinny going in, most are over 200 pounds when they get there, much chubbier than your sister was when she and Mia started dating, so if they put on a few pounds its not that big a deal.”

“That’s your problem, Mia wont go for someone whose already chubby. Maybe she isn’t attracted to them, or maybe she just doesn’t see them as hot girl competition. Whatever. I think you need to send over a thin girl,” said Tina.

“Julia really wasn’t that thin when they started hooking up,” said Valerie suddenly sounding less drunk. Valerie was still straddling Jenny’s thick legs but had looped an arm around Jenny’s neck and was rubbing Jenny’s bare belly with the other hand.

“But she was still pretty small for a VL girl. Unfortunately there isn’t anyone close in size to how she used to be. Even her sister has gotten a chubby Buddha,” retorted Jenny with a pat of Valerie’s belly.

“Please I could loose this in a second. I’m just not sure I want to anymore,” cooed Valerie to Jenny. “I know a hot girl who really likes it.”

“But what if it meant you could get back at your sister’s ex?” said Tina conspiratorially. “Julia’s asleep so I can say it, you’re even sexier than she was and before today you even had a pretty small belly. If anyone could seduce Mia, it might be you.”

“Well I do really want to punish Mia, and if she is as pretty as everyone says I might even have a little fun,” Valerie replied.

“Some might call her pretty, but she’s a huge bitch, and you’ll have to loose a good amount of weight, Julia was much lighter than you,” sniped Jenny.

“Please I have youthful metabolism,” Valerie said with a grin. “And what’s the worst that could happen? I get fat? I know you wont mind that Jenny.”

“You’ll have to change your name too and maybe even die your hair. You can’t go in as Julia’s sister, she will smell a trap for sure,” said Jenny.

“Jenny what are you doing? Are you trying to talk her out of it? Aren’t you and Gwen trying to take Mia down? Valerie is clearly your best bet,” said Tina.

“Sigh, y’all were always sneakier than I was Tina. I am sure you know best. What do you think Valerie?”

Before Valerie could reply Tina butted in, “Of course I am sneakier, just sometimes it backfires.” She looked at her expansive paunch and wondered how much bigger she would get over the remains of the year. She spread her thighs apart and rolled her great belly forward between them. With the table for support she heaved her sumptuously padded rump off her chair. She waddled around the table to stand next to Jenny and Valerie, her belly partially contained by her sweat pants, but with her jacket open at the top of her great belly exposing her not insubstantial cleavage. “So Valerie will you do it? Who knows maybe if Mia puts on a few pounds she might end up getting nice and get back with your sister. And we both know Gwen and Jen would love to see Mia put in her place.”

“Oh you guys are like serious?” asked Valerie as she stood up, no longer looping her arm around Jen but still straddling her thighs.

“Wow, uh I don’t know. This sounds crazy, but I do want to teach that Mia bitch a lesson,” she said as she realized how enormous the two trying to convince her to do it were. Sure she loved to eat and was embracing it with new found glee, but did she want to risk getting as big as these two… or her sister? Mia was sure to try to fatten her up and for this to work she may have give in to Mia’s demands more often than not. She wasn’t sure if she was ready for it, but if it meant she could finally punish Mia then maybe it would be worth it.

“Um, I guess I’ll do it then. Like I said what’s the worst that can happen, I gain a few pounds?” said Valerie with a nervous giggle as she poked both girls’ bare paunches.

The two girls grinned at each other, both believing that while the plan might work, it was likely to fail and they would be seeing a much larger Valerie.

Chapter 27

The next day the massively fattened Tina was delivered to Kelly, the owner of the bakery, and Jenny promptly fired Valerie and put the plan into motion. She worked the plan out with Gwen and Valerie and the three decided that Valerie would change her name Vicki Canales and Gwen would eventually hire Vicki into the pool of executive assistants. Vicki died her hair a lustrous black and avoided all contact with the sun. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. The raven haired Vicki’s skin grew pale and her curves began to shrink. She was dieting and working out constantly to loose the weight she had put on. She did low impact weights, Pilates, hot yoga, hours of the stair master and lots of heavy leg exercises. Her waist shrunk dramatically, her pot belly melting away into a tummy, her tummy became flat, and then vanished all together into a narrow waist with a hint of definition. Her puffy love handles fought hard to remain but even they shrunk down to a slight curve. Her hips and thighs grew slimmer as the fat was replaced by lean muscle. Her butt grew firmer and perkier as hours on the stair master strengthened her thighs and rump. The chub coating her arms, back and shoulders vanished completely. Her upper body actually looked skinny for the first time in years. Narrow shoulders, thin arms without a hint of muscle, long delicate neck and tiny flat waistline was dramatically juxtaposed against her full wide hips and thighs and still substantial bosom. Her pert breasts had remained busty, but had shrunk considerably, a necessary casualty to her dieting and exercise. She wore a fully filled 30 GG cup bra and had trimmed her waist down to only 25 inches. Her hips had booty had stayed large and thick thanks primarily to her natural figure and the weight training her softball playing roommate taught her. She still had 50 inch hips with thick full thighs, but even so she had lost nine inches off her hips. She had lost 55 pounds in four and half months and was now 163 pounds just a few pounds lighter than her sister when she had started flirting with Mia. She knew the dramatic weight loss was going to be temporary. She had been fantasizing about food almost constantly since she started dieting. Her will was weakening and she desperately wanted to gobble up everything in sight, but she had made it to Jenny’s and Gwen’s goal weight and was now starting her first day as Mia’s assistant.

Gwen had told Vicki that to get Mia to pay attention to her she had to dress and look the part of the prettiest girl in the office, make her envious and lustful. The previous assistants had posed no threat to Mia’s reign as the prettiest girl at the VL headquarters, but in Vicki’s new form she looked like a younger and thinner, if not so busty Mia. Dark hair, pale skin, and even fuller lips with a narrower waist, prominent breasts and a large well padded booty, Vicki was going to make Mia crazy.

It was like her first day in college, she was nervous and curious about the next chapter in her life. But this time she didn’t have a huge breakfast prepared for her by mama Lopez to calm her nerves, she had only half a breakfast bar and a glass of water residing in her shrunken belly and was chewing a piece of cherry bubble gum. She needed to make a great first impression in order to stun the picky Mia so she had worked extra hard the last week to fit into her new wardrobe. Fitted blouses and tailored skirts and pants had been expensive but VL ended up picking up the cost. Gwen had filed the expenses under “mannequin clothing expenses”, which was not uncommon. The nervous and hungry Vicki had made it to the headquarters and was trotting up to the large glass doors as she caught a reflection of herself. She still wasn’t used to the dark hair and creamy pale skin or her much slimmer figure, but if anyone was going to be able to make Mia envious it was going to be her.

Vicki was wearing tan low-rise hip and thigh hugging pants that flared slightly at the knee and draped over the back of her tall heels. She was wearing four-inch peak-a-toe spiked black heels with a matching thin black belt around her waist and a small black handbag that was looped over her left shoulder. Her blouse was a fitted white cotton long sleeve button up that had been perfectly tailored to fit around her full bosom and squeeze her narrow waist. The wide collared shirt was unbuttoned enough to show off inches of cleavage from her perky FF cup breasts. Her dark hair was straight and parted down the middle, with her bangs framing the sides of her face and falling across her narrow, trim shoulders and partially dipping onto the top of her bare bosom. While her thighs had become firmer and stronger, they were still wide and thick, whereas her arms had become quite thin matching her narrow waist. With her arms pressed against her sides, her breasts actually swelled out past them, the edges of which could be seen from behind her. She had on an assortment of rings and bracelets and a thin silver chained necklace that dipped into her cleavage with tiny amethyst VL earth mother. She had her big black sunglasses on and dark red lipstick on her full lips. She was perfect.

Vicki trotted into the office, her heels clip-clopping on the hard tile floor until she arrived at the front desk. She pushed her sunglasses back onto the top of her head and thrust her hand out to the blond girl sitting behind the front desk counter. “Hi I’m Vicki, Mia’s new assistant,” she said to the blond girl in her perky high pitched voice.

The blond girl was sitting down idly chit-chatting via the front desk head-set to someone while she filed her well manicured nails. She had short platinum blond hair with irregular jags and textures. Her hair hung down about to her chin in front and her bangs mostly obscured her dark mascara framed eyes. She had a small up-turned nose and pouty lips on her small mouth. She had large dark eyes and small thin heart shaped face. Her short hairdo further accentuated her long thin neck. The girl was wearing a black cashmere long-sleeve sweater that was open in front and a dark green silk thin strapped camisole that fit snugly around her small bosom. Sitting down behind the counter Vicki could tell the girl wasn’t very busty, in fact she was one of the smallest bosomed girls Vicki had ever seen at VL. She had slightly chubby arms, narrow shoulders, and a slight belly, but this girl clearly wasn’t as heavy as the girls in the stores.
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more Chapter 27

“Hey girl it looks like the new assistant is here. Yeah, I know this should be fun. Ok girl gotta go. Bye,” said the Blond girl sweetly into her head piece. The blond girl finally acknowledged Vicki’s presence and looked up. She saw the proffered hand and gave Vicki a condescending look down her nose and reluctantly shook her hand as she stood up.

“I’m Diane the office manager, you’ll report to me when Mia isn’t having her way with you. Now follow me.” As the girl stood up and walked away from the front desk Vicki was able to take in the rest of the girl’s lower half and realized why she worked at the VL office.

Diane was tall, very tall and quite leggy and she had gained most of her weight on her lower half. Her belly had two distinct bulges; the top was much smaller than the bottom and was what Vicki had seen as Diane was sitting down. The bottom belly bulge formed an over stuffed spare tire that stuck out in all directions. The large roll of flesh bulged well past the width of her shoulders and stuck out past her modest bosom. Vicki estimated that Diane maybe filled a 38 C-cup bra but had a waistline of around 50 inches, but her bulging puffy belly was nothing compared to her bloated backside and hips. Her bottom was high and bubbly with each cheek easily bigger than a beach ball giving her a large shelf of flesh behind her that forced her to walk slightly leaning forward. It was as if her great booty was pushing her over. Her thighs were huge and swelled her hips to a colossal width for as narrow as her shoulders were. Diane was wearing a black short skirt that reached only a few inches past the bottom of her rump. The skirt was extremely tight and stretchy as evidenced by her fleshy thighs bulging past the edge of the skirt and the material perfectly framing her massive derrière. The skirt rose up to contain all of her lower belly bulge and her dark green silk camisole was tucked into the waistband. The skirt was so tight she could barely move her huge thighs so she had to take quick short steps which caused her fat to wobble and shake. She had on black four inch strappy stiletto heels which elevated her already towering 5’11” form to well above Vicki’s. Vicki was not short at 5’5”, 5’9” today with her heels on, but because the blond had such long legs her massive rear was much closer to Vicki’s eye level and it dominated Vicki’s view. Vicki lusted after its bountiful bounce and sway as she strutted through the office imagining herself kissing and squeezing its soft massive girth. She thought the substantial rump probably swelled Diane’s hip measurement to easily 88 inches around.

As Diane walked through the office she pulled off her cashmere sweater and dropped it at a desk. “This is my desk when I am not up front. Around me are mostly other clerks and marketing girls. Up on the fifteenth floor, which is where I am taking you, is where most of the other executive assistants are.”

“Oh that’s nice, now I know where to find you. I’m sure I’ll have a lot of questions,” replied Vicki her eyes never leaving Diane’s massive rump.

Diane looked back over her shoulder noticing Vicki’s lust filled gaze and said, “Yes I’m sure you will, but my help isn’t free. Blueberry cheesecake is my favourite bribe.” Her hands now resting on her hips as she swayed her overstuffed rump back in forth. Diane realized she had an appreciative audience and decided to have some fun.

They entered the lift and Diane pushed the fifteenth floor button. Vicki slid in next to her, nearly touching her left hip. Diane purposely dropped her pen and bent over thrusting her massive rump against Vicki’s firm thigh as she reached for the pen. “Oh excuse me, I’m so clumsy,” she said bending over.

“Let me get that for you,” said Vicki as she reached down and put her hand on Diane’s soft wide expanse of a rump to balance herself as she bent over to grab the pen. Vicki gave it a little squeeze as she picked up the pen and stood back up. Her thighs now pressed against Diane’s soft massive left hip. “Here you go,” said Vicki with a smile, her hand still on Diane’s bottom.

“Thanks,” said Diane as she took the pen back. “It gets so much harder to reach for things when you’ve worked here a while and…grown into your job,” replied Diane with a grin as she shifted her hips and put her hand on Vicki’s thin waist. “But you’re so thin; you won’t have to worry about it for a while.”

“I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but your job looks really good on you,” Vicki cooed with a slight squeeze of Diane’s rump. “And I would be happy to pick up for anything you,” Vicki replied with a lust filled smile.

“Oh you’re so sweet, but if you are going to pick anything up for me, I hope it’s a blueberry cheesecake,” giggled Diane. She was about to continue flirting with the young beauty, but the elevator doors opened and Diane consented to delivering the beauty to Mia so she proceeded to strut out in front of Vicki switching her massive hips causing her huge bottom to bounce. Vicki watched the show of wobbling flesh and noticed that Diane’s legs while well shaped were just massive and had begun to bulge around her knees. The fat on her legs had also begun to dimple here and there. However, for her legs and rump to be this thickly laden with fat and still be mostly smooth and shapely meant that Diane hadn’t been this big for very long and she probably had known her way around a stair master. She was older than Vicki but not a lot older, maybe 21 and she really was quite pretty. She might be a girl Vicki could be friends with or if she continued to eat blueberry cheesecakes, someone Vicki could really enjoy.

Vicki followed Diane’s wobbling bum across the fifteenth flour and over to a corner office. The door was open and she could hear a woman’s rich husky voice talking about the summer VL line, it was winter now and they were planning two seasons in advance. Diane made a quick knock on the open door and proceeded to trot into the room. Vicki noticed how close Diane’s hips came to rubbing the door frame and wondered how much longer Diane would be able to fit through the door. Diane trotted to the side of what Vicki assumed was Mia’s desk and stood with her fists on her puffy love handles and waited for a tall strikingly gorgeous woman to finish her conversation.

She was standing facing a floor to ceiling length window gazing out across the parking lot as she chatted on her mobile phone. She struck quite an imposing figure. She stood as tall as Diane with her expensive five inch heeled, peak-a-toe black pumps. She had long well shaped legs with narrow ankles and well formed calves. She had full thick thighs and generous hips with a fat heart-shaped bum. She was wearing a tight black pin striped pencil skirt that reached to down mid thigh and up to the narrowest part of her waistline, well above her belly button. She also wore a very tight dark red high-collared sleeveless silk camisole. She had a relatively narrow waist with a slight belly and small love handles bulging under her high waisted skirt. She had a trim back and arms, a thin neck and thin shoulders. Her long thick black hair was swept up off her shoulders in an ornate bun with strands of her hair hanging down the sides of her face. Her diamond stud earrings just peaking out through the locks of hair. As she finished her call she turned towards her desk and Vicki knew why her sister had fallen for the tall raven haired beauty. Her lips we plump and perfect, her nose dainty and her slightly almond shaped eyes were large and dark. She had smoky eye shadow on dark red lipstick, blending well with her nails and blouse. She was already stunningly pretty and sensual with her husky voice, full hips, slim waist with a cute little belly, but now that she was facing Vicki, Vicki could tell she also was stupendously busty. Her hips were probably 67 inches around due to her full plump seat, her little belly was probably only 34 inches at the fattest part, but as the busty beauty leaned over the back of her leather chair to move the computer’s mouse, Vicki got a spectacular view of her perfectly formed breasts. Mia probably had 14 inches of cleavage bulging out of the top of her partially unbuttoned silk camisole and wore a generously filled 36 Q-cup bra. Each breast was larger than her head and when bent over her chair they nearly grazed the keyboard. She finished the call and stood back up. Her breasts slightly bouncing in her well stuffed bra. Vicki noticed Mia’s lips moving as she slowly sashayed out from behind her desk; her hips swaying widely as she gracefully swung her thick thighs around each other and trust her hand out at Vicki.

“I think I said hello, I’m Mia, your new boss. Did corporate send me someone who can’t speak English?” she asked Diane.

“She spoke well enough to me,” responded Diane with a smile.

“Oh sorry, I’m um Vicki,” said Vicki with a nervous giggle as she shook Mia’s hand. Mia was too pretty. Vicki thought she was pretty, but she had never been this close to a former VL model and the woman was stunning. Perfect skin, perfect hair, perfect body, perfect everything. It was going to be much harder to control herself around Mia than she anticipated.

“Oh she does speak. Well that’s a plus. You know you’re quite pretty. Let’s hope you last,” said Mia as she stepped closer and lifted up Vicki’s chin. Prefect bone structure, good skin, amazingly plump lips. They might even be fuller than mine, oh and pretty eyes.” She ran her fingers trough Vicki’s dark hair. “Great hair too,” said Mia as if appraising a new purchase. “And what are these? A G-cup?” said Mia as she peered at Vicki’s bosom.

The stunned Vicki could only gasp at how forward Mia was, “GG cup I think,” said Vicki.

“Of course they are. I’m not as familiar with the smaller sizes. Now turn around.”

Vicki turned around. “What is this? I haven’t seen one of these in ages,” said Mia as she put her hands around Vicki’s waist. “A firm flat belly and a trim waist, I can almost feel the muscles. And your hips and rump so shapely and plump. Looks like they sent me a future model to be my assistant.”

“She can’t be the right size to be a proper VL model, Mia,” replied Diane.

“Oh quite right Diane. Certainly too skinny for now, but for that matter hardly anyone’s figure is right eh Diane? And I bet there is a double thick cheesecake with Blueberry compote waiting in the kitchen for you isn’t there? I wonder what that will do to your bountiful bottom?”

“Oh Mia, you so know my weaknesses, but I checked already and I think there might be two of them. Not just one,” replied Diane sheepishly and she placed her pointer finger to her pouty lips. “Both of which are going straight to my bum. I’m getting ravenous already,” replied Diane with a smile as she patted her rump as she waddled her bloated bottom out of the office.

“Ah, the tough life of a VL model. Well aspiring VL model that is. We’ll shall see if she ever gets the figure I am looking for,” chuckled Mia as she turned and walked over to her desk.

“Now the reason you are here. Among duties such as picking up my dry cleaning, ordering my meals, planning my trips and other mundane tasks you are also required to do a lot of typing. I so loathe typing, I am much more of a people person you see. Additionally, I have perfect nails and there is no reason to damage them on such a mundane task. Especially when I can have someone like you do my work for me. So I will dictate and you will type and take instructions. Now no girl has ever lasted more than six months. I’m not sure why, I guess I am bit of a task master and tend to work late, but I’ll keep you well fed and if you do well I can make sure you go far in this Company.”

“That doesn’t sound too hard. Certainly beats lugging clothes around in the back of a store,” replied Vicki.

“Oh it certainly does, I didn’t like my time at the stores either. But enough chit chat, it’s time to put you to work. I have a presentation I need drafted on the summer line so follow me and we will go grab your laptop off your desk so you can begin to take some dictation,” said Mia as she began to switch her hips out of her office.

Mia’s perfectly shaped bum wobbled and jiggled as she strutted through the office towards the pool of cubicles where the assistants sat. Mia had amazing genetics to retain her amazingly curvy shape at her weight, which Vicki estimated to be about 285 pounds, but where she had curves, her curves were pure fat, no muscle and it looked like she had never set foot in gym based on the amount her overstuffed backside jiggled. That meant she had controlled her weight through some form of dieting, for Gwen and Jenny both believed that at her heaviest she was nearly 400 pounds. Loosing 115 pounds would not be easy, especially for someone her who linked eating to sexual pleasure. Unlike Tina, Jenny, her sister and maybe even herself, Mia ate when she became aroused not aroused when she ate. Vicki found out from Jenny and Gwen that Mia’s fetish was ravenously gorging whenever she became aroused. Gwen and Jenny believed that the weight loss may have been due to Mia’s lack of a girlfriend for an extended spell. Well if Vicki’s plan worked, her dry spell would soon be over and she would be back to gorging incessantly. Piling on the pounds with no way to stop herself from getting bigger, softer and fatter. Vicki was already fantasizing about Mia’s soft jiggly bottom swelling bigger and rounder, bulging free of her tight pencil skirt.

Mia showed Vicki her desk and had her grab her laptop. Most of the other assistants were sitting at their desks or chit-chatting and snacking with the other girls. They all were fairly young and relatively fat. And she could see why. Each assistant’s desk was loaded with assorted pastries and candies and each girl was putting something to her lips.

“Morning ladies,” said Mia.

“Morning Mia,” they all cheered.

“This is my new assistant Vicki. Make sure she gets acquainted with the kitchen and all the various office supplies. I’m going to use her for the first part of the day, but when she comes back I expect you to show her what is expected of a VL assistant,” said Mia with a wink and a smile.

“Yes Mia,” they all replied.

Mia turned and walked back out of the assistant’s area and Vicki followed her fleshy rump back to her office. Vicki had her set up her laptop on Mia’s office conference table and began creating a presentation for the summer line as Mia dictated changes. At one point Mia started to review the slides over Vicki’s shoulder. Mia had one hand flat on the table and the other on the back of Vicki’s chair. She was wearing her cute black framed glasses on the tip of her nose to see the screen, her huge breasts nearly touching the side of Vicki’s head with her cleavage heaving out the top of her camisole as she breathed. Her perfume was intoxicating, and the close proximity to the gorgeous woman was beginning to make Vicki excited. But more than excited, Vicki was starving. She had held up pretty well for the first part of the morning but eventually her empty belly gave up and started to rumble.

“Oh my, someone has a hungry belly,” said Mia as she heard the rumblings of her assistant’s empty belly.

“Oh I’m so sorry,” said Vicki as she looked away from the computer screen, embarrassed by her belly, to face Mia. As she turned her head her face Mia, she accidentally pressed her face into Mia’s bulging bosom, her lips and nose pressing into Mia’s cleavage.

“Ooops!” she cried as she scooted back her chair and stood up trying to remove herself from Mia’s cleavage. As she scooted back her chair, Mia lost her balance as her hand on the chair shot out. Mia quickly wrapped her arm around Vicki’s shoulders to keep herself from falling. The two girls in dangerously tall heels collided against each other and then against the wall nearest the table. Mia’s spectacularly large breasts smashed against the top of Vicki’s and bulged up under Vicki’s chin. Vicki wrapped her arms around Mia’s waist to catch herself. The shocked Vicki stared up at Mia, her own face surprised at the turn of events. But the experienced Mia regained her composure faster than Vicki was now looking down at the girl with a smug know-it-all grin.

“I was wondering when you would make your move, I just didn’t know it would be so soon,” chuckled Mia in her husky and sensual voice.

“No I…” stuttered Vicki pleasantly surprised at how soft and squishy Mia’s body was as it pressed tightly against hers.

Mia put the index finger of her free hand to Vicki’s plump lips silencing the girl and she inhaled deeply causing her bosom to swell around Vicki’s chin. “Oh it’s quite alright Vicki, you’re not the first to fall for my charms. I am spectacular so I can’t blame you for desiring me,” cooed Mia.

Mia kept her body pressed against Vicki and using her weight to her advantage pulled the two of them away from the wall. “You are quite pretty, even if this is much, much too tiny and hard,” said Mia as she ran her hands over the sides of Vicki’s waist.

“No I…”

“Shhhhh hun, it’s O.K. I can fix it. It will be nice and soft and round for me in no time,” said Mia in a whisper into Vicki’s ear. Vicki was so turned on by Mia’s sensual voice, beautiful scent and soft bulging flesh she could barely contain herself.

“But…” Vicki said weakly.

“No more talking love. Now be a good assistant and head back over to the assistant pool and have one of the girls help you load up a goodie cart. Then bring that back to my office and we can make sure that empty belly of yours stops rumbling. Now run along,” cooed Mia.

Vicki was a little stunned by what happened so she did as she was told and began to head over to the assistant pool. Mia slinked to her doorway and watched the girl walk her perfectly formed bubble butt, firm thighs and tiny waist down the hall. She heard the swish of thick thighs rubbing together and knew that her office manager was approaching. Diane appeared next to Mia’s office door.

“You’re not really that taken with her are you?”

“Perhaps. She is so very pretty and perfect. So curvaceous. The prettiest thing I’ve seen in a while. I’m getting ravenous just thinking about her flat belly and firm bubble bum”

“You know how close you are to getting your figure back. If you start eating again, you may be headed back to one of the stores instead of back to being a premier VL model,” chuckled Diane.

“Me? Never. Senior management wouldn’t dare do that to me,” said Mia confidently. “Although Gwen has been trying to hog the spotlight recently with her so called superior management of the stores, but this girl is too perfect not to have a little fun with, and if I put on a few pounds it won’t be that bad. Ah Diane you may be right though, so help me make sure I don’t have too much fun with her. And make sure she really loads the cart, the sooner her flat belly and perfect bum are covered under a mountain of fat the better for me.”
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Even more Chapter 27.

Mia was able to coax Vicki in eating quite well on her first day. It had been forever since Vicki had eaten even 1/5th that much and she relished the stuffed feeling at the end of the day. But as much as Vicki ate, Mia seemed to gobble up even more. Mia continued to flirt with her and gently caress her whenever the opportunity presented itself. Vicki was lusting after this gorgeous woman and delighting in finally giving in to her gluttony after months of training. But at the end of the day as she drove home with her unbuttoned pants and swollen belly she remembered how cruel Mia had been to her sister and decided she just couldn’t give in.

As the weeks went by she learned more and more about Mia’s job, but was working later and later as Mia desired more of her time. As an excuse to keep Vicki with her longer, Mia was having her do all her work. Everything from sending out meeting notices to picking fabrics for new lines or selecting new VL models. Consequently, Mia was inadvertently teaching her everything she knew. The additional time with Mia resulted in constant advances, gentle caresses and sometimes quite passionate grabs. Vicki would respond in kind, as her lust for Mia was growing but each time she caressed, stroked or let the voluptuous beauty touch her, she brought treats to Mia’s lips. Mia kept her office filled with naughty culinary temptations in the hopes Vicki would give in not only to her but to the fattening treats. Vicki’s desire began to grow and grow and some late nights she would gorge herself nearly sick, much to Mia’s enjoyment, but Mia had grown even more ravenous. The two beauties were incessantly flirting but neither had given into their passions, wanting the other to break first. Vicki would give in just enough to keep Mia believing that Vicki would one day give in completely, finally submitting to her desires. But every time Vicki was able to resist, while Mia, sexually frustrated by the girl’s resilience and smitten by her phenomenal figure, would gorge and gorge.

After four months of working with Vicki, Mia had virtually transitioned everything she did to her assistant. She would spend her days flirting and eating, instead of working, no longer concerned with anything other than obtaining Vicki’s attentions. Mia while initially smitten with the gorgeous young beauty, she was now in love with her beautiful assistant, even if she couldn’t admit it to herself. For not only had she made Mia’s work life a piece of cake, (quite literally) she was actually quite fun to be with and instead of her figure becoming round like Mia had hoped, her figure had become even more dramatically voluptuous.

Vicki was driving into to work, she had already stopped by the bakery and picked up 10 dozen doughnuts, three double thick German chocolate cakes, 2 red velvet cakes, and four cheese cakes with blueberry, strawberry, raspberry and caramel compotes. She got herself a latte and Mia large frozen caramel latte with double whip crème. The girls were always ravenous on Fridays. On Fridays Mia amongst many other Company administrative tasks, had her weekly office meeting with the executive assistants and Diane, the office manager. Mia loved to be in control, the VL office was like her own fiefdom and the senior executives had allowed her to gobble up virtually all the mundane managerial related tasks. She wasn’t a senior executive, but she desperately wanted to be, and with her initiative and iron rule, the office had never run better and the senior executives had been taking note. During the Friday meeting one of the assistants were required to bring pastries in, freshly baked from Kelly’s bakery for the girls to munch on. This week was Vicki’s turn to bring in the pastries for the girls and this week Gwen was dropping by the meeting to see how Vicki, or Valerie, was doing with their plan for Mia.

Mia had worked her way up the corporate ladder fairly quickly thanks to her stunning beauty and aggressive and controlling nature. Mia had once worked for Gwen at the store but now the two were peers, Gwen a director of a group of regional stores, and Mia a corporate director in charge of aspects of the VL clothing line and model searches. Now Mia was looking to become a senior director, finally surpassing Gwen, and while Gwen was quite happy with her career, she had always had a bit of a dislike for Mia since the Julia incident, and didn’t want Mia to succeed.

“Hi Gwenny,” chirped Vicki in her high pitched voice as she got out of her parked car and placed the two drinks on the roof top.

“Hey Valerie,” replied Gwen as she closed the door to her full size SUV. “I see it’s causal Friday at the office, you never would have been allowed to wear that at the store.”

“It’s Vicki now, Gwen and I bet I would have if you had been the manager,” giggled Vicki as she reached into the back seat of her car and pulled the bags of baked goods out.

“You’re probably right, I never could say no to your sister. Oh my gosh, I could have blown our plan. Good thing we got here early and no one is around to hear me call you by your real name,” blushed Gwen as she trotted over to Vicki’s car. “Can I help you carry some of the pastries?”

“No I got it, but you could carry the drinks in for me. Mia should be here soon and I want to set up the meeting room,” replied Vicki as she closed the car’s back door with her well padded hip.

“Vicki look at your hips! It looks like you’ve put the weight back on. I knew Mia was going to be a challenge, all the girls before you just ballooned and now you are too. But how has her body held up?” asked Gwen as she grabbed the drinks off the car and followed Vicki across the parking lot.

“I know, I’m getting big and I’m even heavier than before, but with the crash dieting and workouts I knew I would put some of it back on. It’s just impossible to resist all the goodies around here and Mia’s…persuasive nature,” said Vicki with a sly smile over her shoulder back at Gwen.

“Well at least your belly is still mostly flat, perhaps this plan won’t be a total bust, but ultimately that depends on Miss Mia’s figure. If she is still less than 300 pounds we may need to transfer you before your hips get too big. So how does she look?” asked Gwen more emphatically.

“I’ll let you be the judge, but no matter what I’m seeing this to the end, even if my end gets a lot wider,” giggled Vicki over her shoulder as she hurried to the front door.

“Oh you’re such a brat. You and your sister are just so stubborn.”

Gwen watched Vicki’s bottom wobble as she raced to the front door of the office as she struggled with the heavy pastries. Vicki had tried to diet when she was not at work so that when she did give in, as she knew she would, it wasn’t going to be quite as catastrophic to her figure. She had also managed to try to get a light work out in on the weekends and some early weekday mornings. She had focused her efforts on keeping her waist trim and her rump and thighs firm. With her over sized bosom she was pretty much restricted from intense cardio workouts but was able to do stair master workouts which kept her bosom from wobbling too much at the all girls’ gym. Outside of her belly toner workouts her upper body had received zero training and her thin arms were struggling to carry the bags full of pastries across the parking lot as she trotted as quickly as she could in five-inch spiked black suede knee high boots. Her ridiculously tight dark blue “skinny” stretch denim VL jeans were tucked inside her boots and were designed with a very low waistband that bared the top two inches of her perfectly spherical bubble butt cheeks and road just above the apex of her dramatically wide hips. Gwen watched the twin globes of fat wobble and bounce as Vicki’s wide hips swayed dramatically back and forth as she switched her thick fat thighs around each other. Vicki was wearing a tiny black tank top with dangerous scrawled across her barely contained overstuffed bosom, her cleavage bursting out the top, with the material just covering the bottom of her pert swollen breasts. The tiny shirt reached to the middle of her upper back baring her entire midriff, her newly softened belly and her plump love handles. Adding to the bouncing of her bum was the violent swaying and bouncing of her spectacular breasts, clearly wobbling far past the edges of her thin arms and poking out from underneath her shirt. Her fleshy love handles were bouncing and jiggling against the serge of her globular bum, which also jiggled her belly fat that had layered over her taunt belly muscles.

“Whew, that was a lot heavier than I thought,” she said as she set the large sacks of pastries down at the office front door and shook her arm muscles out, shaking her multitude of silver bracelets and silver necklaces around. She had dark red lipstick and dark eye shadow on and her long thick black hair pinned up with two six inch long pins. Her thick hair was slightly messy and several locks of hair had escaped the pins which only further accentuated her sultry look. She reached her small black nail polished hand into the back pocket of her jeans, exposing more of her swollen bum and pulled out the key to the front door. She unlocked the door and opened it for Gwen to walk though.

“Still professionally dressed, Gwen, on a Friday?” said Vicki as Gwen went through the door.

“Yes habit I guess. And you’re showing a lot more bare bottom than two minutes ago,” giggled Gwen.

“These pants were great 15 pounds ago, but I may have out grown them,” Vicki said as she blushed trying to hike them back up.

Gwen nodded knowingly, she had grown out of plenty of clothes in her time, but since it was happening to someone else, she was enjoying the beautiful sultry girl’s softer figure. Gwen was above average height at 5’8” with blond shoulder length hair that she had fashionably quaffed, framing her small oval face. She looked younger than she was, nearly 28, due to her cute up turned nose, small pert mouth with full lips and large green eyes. She had lost over 150 pounds since she was at her heaviest and her once huge belly had shrunk almost 30 inches. Her arms and bosom had shrunk as well but the white collared button up blouse was tight around both. Her 40 LL-cup bosom was several sizes smaller than when she was at her largest but she still enjoyed a substantial bust line that was perched on her spherical belly. The white button up was also tight around her pot belly, not so tight that her flesh made gaps in the material, but tight enough to make her deep belly button noticeable through the light cotton material. She wore the top untucked and over her dark grey skirt with a black belt over the shirt that road at the top of her rump, squeezing the bottom of her plump love handles and cinched below her belly, framing her still substantial paunch. While her belly had shrunk in prominence, her bum had retained most of its shelf like form, bulging out well behind her and spreading wide. Her rump was quite large and her thighs quite thick, which forced the dark grey skirt to hug every bulge and dimple, perfectly framing her wide fleshy bottom and thick thighs. The skirt stretched to about mid thigh with small splits up both sides to enable her thick thighs to move. Her legs were fairly shapely, firm thick calves, trim ankles balancing on four-inch black pumps, but fat bulged around her knees and her thighs were anything but firm.

Having closed the door and hefted the bags into the office, Vicki put both her hands on Gwen’s belly and squealed, “This has gotten so tiny.” Shaking the belly between her hands.

“Thanks, but she is still 59 inches around, now the same as the twins,” she said as she cupped her breasts. “But this rump of mine isn’t going anywhere. I’m still 77 inches around. But I am down to 360 pounds, and I can wear heels again. Haven’t been this skinny in five years.”

“I think a big rump is very sexy, and I should know since mine just keeps getting bigger and bigger,” said Vicki with pained grin and a pat of her own. Vicki had managed to prevent her belly from ballooning but it had still coated itself with a few inches of fat. Her love handles had always been extra big and fluffy, while her belly stayed fairly flat with most of the fat swelling bellow her belly button. This time her love handles bulged even more severely and if she didn’t have such a huge rump and extra wide hips she would have made a spectacular muffin top. Her upper back and waistline was still very narrow and trim but fat had collected around her lower belly causing it to slightly pooch over the waistband of her jeans. Her thighs were thicker than before with a generous layer of muscle below the fat. They swelled out in front of her and thrust her huge rump up giving her a slightly bent over look. Her rump has so spherical and big that it bulged out in perfect arcs away from her thick thighs. Her thighs tapered to her narrow knees and her ankles were very dainty, while her calves were full and firm.

“I’m nearly at my fattest, 210 pounds. My butt, hips and thighs have never been this big. 63 inches around! Only a few inches smaller than Mia was when I met her. I put almost all the weight back on, but it went to different places. My thighs are bigger than my waist now too, 32 inches, while my belly is only 27. I guess that’s a plus, while I am heavier, my hips are more exaggerated which I guess has made Mia so amorous. She really has fallen for me now, and the girls, the girls really fill up my bra, I’m a 30 JJ-cup!”

“They are very lovely, your sister was a little bustier, but she had more belly,” replied Gwen as she started to walk to the elevator.

“Yeah, but neither of us were close to Mia’s size, she is so busty. How is my sister doing?”

“Julia is working at the store more. She doesn’t work from home anymore, because that way Kate can’t pester her about her diet. They’re still friends mind you, but for some reason they had a bit of a falling out. Julia is still modeling for us, as you may know from working with Mia, and I know they have been doing a lot of photo shoots with her this year,” told Gwen as she entered the elevator.

Vicki trotted inside and put the packages down. “I really don’t know much other than Mia goes to the various photo shoots a lot, but the only pictures I see are of the new models, not photo shoots. The art department gets those. I just book Mia’s travel and help coordinate the selection of the new models,” replied Vicki.

“Oh, so you haven’t seen Julia then?”

“No, Mia keeps me so busy, and before that I was training all the time and starving myself. I haven’t seen anyone.”

“Hmmmm,” said Gwen with a sly smile.

“Well how does she look? Did she get bigger? Don’t keep me in suspense,” begged Vicki.

“No I think you had better judge for yourself. It’s only fair,” giggled Gwen.

“Hmmph, you’re so cruel,” huffed Vicki.

“No more cruel than you dear, alright see you and Mia at the meeting,” said Gwen as she exited onto the fifteenth floor, walked through the assistant pool of cubes and put the drinks down on Vicki’s desk.

Vicki went the other way to set up the pasties for the meeting. Then she hurried back to her desk, had a bit of her latte as she walked to Mia’s office to bring her the frozen latte. During the time Vicki had been setting up the pastries Mia had made it in. She was on her cell phone standing by her window, clearly agitated and reprimanding someone on the other side about some of the fall clothing line while she snacked on a chocolate covered cruller. “Looks like she had brought some of her own, a good sign,” thought Vicki.

“I don’t care about your problems, just get it done!” Mia yelled as she hung up the phone. “Oh great you’re here, and with my latte, you’re such perfect assistant. I would just die if I ever lost you.” Mia said as she took the latte from Vicki, slurped down a few big gulps and took another bite of her doughnut. “Oh and those pants are divine. They really emphasize your tiny waist, not sure how it managed to stay so small, but no matter. And that top! Amazing, the girls are just getting better and even a little bigger,” said Mia pointing at Vicki’s bosom with the straw from her frozen latte. “You just get prettier and prettier each day, and you’re such a diligent little assistant. When are you finally going to give in and let me reward you for your hard work by taking you to dinner?”

Vicki initially thought it was going to be a hard day with how pissed Mia sounded on the phone, but now Mia was purring like a kitten. She guessed playing hard to get all these months and keeping her belly trim was paying off.

“I don’t know Mia, when I go out to eat I like to go with girls who really enjoy their food. You models are such small eaters, I would look like such a piggy next to you,” replied Vicki as she walked close to Mia and traced her pointer finger against Mia’s belly.

“So true. I really try to watch my figure, but what if this one time I splurged a little and ignored my silly restrictions?” said Mia as she popped the rest of the cruller in and grabbed another off her desk. “I’ve been meaning to treat myself a bit for how good I’ve been.”

“You have been so good, but you’ll have to do more than splurge just a little Mia, I’m a really big eater,” said Vicki as she slinked up closer, pressing her body against Mia, her plump lips nearly brushing Mia’s.

“Well, what if I let you order for me, my darling?” cooed Mia as she looked deeply into Vicki’s eyes. Mia was wearing flat sandals today and was looking straight into Vicki’s eyes.

“And you’ll eat everything?”

“Everything love.”
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Still even more Chapter 27.

“Well are you sure it won’t jeopardize our work relationship? I mean I would hate for my boss to get mad at me if she put on an itsy bitsy amount of weight from just our one meal together,” replied Vicki as she turned her back Mia, her full hips bumping against Mia’s belly.

“Love, I have an amazing figure, as you are well aware of. I am certainly not worried about a few extra pounds,” said Mia in her husky sensual voice as she wrapped her arms around Vicki from behind, her huge bosom pressing into Vicki’s back and her belly bulging into her overstuffed bum. “What if to prove to you that I am not concerned about my weight, I let you pick what I get to eat for say, two weeks?”

“You’ll eat everything?” Vicki asked over her shoulder as she wiggled her bum against Mia’s belly.

“Everything my dear,” cooed Mia breathlessly.

“Well four weeks would really show commitment. Then I would know you really don’t care about gaining an itty bitty bit of weight and I could relax around you, you just make me so nervous. If you agreed to eat everything for four weeks, I would really relax and I am so fun when I am relaxed,” cooed Vicki seductively as she moved Mia’s hands up her flat belly to cup her full breasts.

“I would hate for my precious love to be nervous,” said Mia as she gently squeezed Vicki’s breasts and lightly pinched her now swollen nipples. “Of course I’ll do it. And to prove to you how committed I am, I’ll do it for two full months, all the way up to Halloween.”

“I honestly don’t know why I am agreeing to this. I’m sure human resources would flip but, O.K. as long as we start tonight.”

“Certainly, then it’s a date then?”

“It’s only a meal tonight Mia,” said Vicki as she pulled her body away from Mia’s and started to turn for the door. “But who knows what will happen during dessert,” Vicki said with a seductive wink. “Oh we should go; we are already late for the meeting.”

“Oh about that….would you mind running the meeting? I’m feeling a bit peckish today, and you know just as much as I do about this office,” said Mia as she stuffed the cruller into her mouth and rubbed her belly.

“I guess I can do that for the best boss ever,” said Vicki with a delighted grin.

“Oh you’re such a dream. Would you mind terribly saving some of those pastries from your meeting for me? Sweets really calm my peckish belly, and I have a feeling my belly is going to need a lot of calming down today with the photographer issues. Just bring them in after your meeting, I should have enough to last me for another little while,” replied Mia as she drank in Vicki’s voluptuous figure as she slowly sashayed out of the room.

“Certainly, I brought so much. I’ll make sure there is a full compliment of assorted goodies for you. I would hate for my sexy boss to have a peckish belly,” giggled Vicki as she walked out.

Mia was hers! After months and months of not giving in to Mia’s repeated offers, Vicki thought the time was right to put her plan into overdrive. The last four months had been virtually impossible; several times she almost gave into the gorgeous Mia. Vicki was tired of the workouts and dieting, first for sports, then Juan, now Mia. She wanted to leave that permanently behind and gorge herself fat and make love to Mia. But she resisted and Mia had fortunately fallen into her trap! The more she had resisted the more Mia wanted her and the more Mia was attracted to her. It started slowly at first, a little extra at lunch, a little more a dinner. Then the snacks in between began to grow and grow as Vicki flirted with Mia. Now Mia was so enamored with her, she was eating all the time, lusting after Vicki’s increasingly voluptuous body. Now Vicki wondered how much more she could feed her, and how much fatter Mia would get in the next two months.

Mia had already begun to put on plenty of soft fluffy fat these last four months as evidenced by her Friday wardrobe. Mia used to never wear casual clothes on Friday but today she was wearing a white tank top, pink sweat pants and cute pink open toe sandals. Mia had her dark thick hair parted in the middle with her long bangs hanging down framing the sides of her face and partially obscuring the edges of her slightly almond shaped eyes. The rest of her hair was twisted up in two loose buns on the back of her head. She was wearing limited make-up today, just enough around the eyes to highlight her natural beauty and light pink lip gloss on her plump lips. Even as casual as she was, she never forgot her jewelry. She was wearing a multitude of gold bracelets, ornamental rings and thin gold chains that dipped into her expansive cleavage. She also had on several gold earrings and small gold plugs in her earlobes, with a tiny “earth goddess” symbol in them. Her white tank top had pink piping around the plunging neckline and extra large holes for her chubby arms. The arm holes were so large and her breasts so massive, that the sides of her breasts were partially bulging out through them. Mia’s expansive and deep cleavage was also bulging out the top and slipping over the front of the over stretched tank top.

Over the years Mia’s breasts had remained almost as round and gravity defying as they were when she was 20. Her nipples were still pointing slightly up with a substantial volume of her breasts below them, but without her bra they would hang well below her elbows. Today the twins were securely fastened in a super supportive six-hook 40 QQ-cup bra, stretching her bust line to 69 inches. The material of the white tank top was so soft and thin that you could clearly make out the lacy pattern of her white bra and see the pale pink of her flesh underneath. If Mia had a flaw at all it was her slightly narrow shoulders, bra straps and dress straps were constantly falling off. But thanks to her narrow shoulders and originally thin frame her back had not become broad and heavy. At 280 pounds her upper body was still trim all the way to the middle of her back and right to the bottom of her rib cage. It might have also helped that she wore tight and restricting corsets and bustieres that helped her keep a trim upper body, but now with the increasingly large meals and snacks, the pounds had piled back on and the fat had to go somewhere. The results were an impressive large swollen spare tire. Her love handles had formed large creases across the middle of her back and bulged onto her bulbous rump and sagged onto the top of her massive hips. Her belly at her heaviest had been a certified potbelly, but now with the passing years her belly bulge had settled a little lower and from the side looked more like a tear drop than a ball, as it sagged onto the tippy tops of her thighs, swelling out from underneath her great bosom, but not past her massive globes...yet. Her belly now swelled to 48 jiggly soft inches, the largest she had been in years, but the tank top managed to just cover every inch of belly flesh. The softness and thinness of the tank top only further emphasized how large she had become as it squeezed and revealed every curve and bulge, dramatically displaying the deepness of her bellybutton and the deep folds of fat in her lower back. Mia had always had a large spherical rump and wide full hips to go with her thick fat thighs, and as they continued to expand and swell, her skin had remained flawless, absolutely no dimples. She had zero muscle underneath all that fat and it was solely due to her amazing genetics that she had retained her curves for so long. While she still had no dimples, her large spherical rump was not as high as it used to be. It had begun to drift ever so slightly onto the backs of her wobbly thighs. Her now 76 inch hips had become even more pronounced as the life of an office worker caused them to spread and widen. Her 40 inch thighs touched all the way to her knees and her fat had begun to slightly bulge around them. Her 18 inch calves were comparatively small and her ankles and feet tiny, emphasizing her shockingly curvaceous form. Her pink cotton sweatpants were even tighter than her tank top and hugged her form almost to her ankles and then spilled over her dainty feet, just allowing her pink nail polished toes to peak out. The sweats were thin and soft like her tank top and the waist band was rolled down, but her ultra-soft belly bulged right over it obscuring the waistband completely. The thin soft cotton was extra comfortable but displayed every curve and bulge, revealing the shape of her thong underwear and slipping into her butt crack and wedging into the creases where her butt cheeks bulged over onto the backs of her thighs, perfectly framing her huge globular bottom. She was not at her heaviest, but over the four months she had fallen for Vicki she had managed to pile on 70 pounds of fluffy jiggly fat and now weighed 355 pounds.

Mia had finished her large frozen latte and a dozen chocolate covered crullers as she responded to emails and reviewed new clothing designs for the winter line. With nothing to eat or drink she rolled herself out of her wide leather chair and waddled over to her office fridge. A couple of months ago Vicki had managed to get a small fridge installed in her office and had begun stocking it with all of Mia’s favourite beverages. The fridge was a very welcome addition, the only problem was it was just so low and she had to bend over to grab a drink, it was so much easier when Vicki just brought it to her. She bent over, holding on to the small fridge’s door and the top of the appliance and attempted the peer past her massive breasts. She loved her breasts, they gave her a distinct advantage over most girls. Their size, their very femininity made all other girl’s look boyish and puny, but at times like this it made it very hard to see what she doing. She finally got a hold of one of the canned frozen lattes and stood back up and waddled over to the window. Bending over had caused her over stretched tank top to ride up and her pants to slide down in the back. As she sipped the beverage she perched her right hand onto of her now bare love handle, her thumb squeezed into the fat fold in the middle of her back, elbow thrust out and her manicured fingers absent mindedly drumming on her bulge, when her door opened.

She heard a cart rolling across her soft office carpet and the door shut. “Meeting over already?”

“You let HER run the meeting?! I’m the office manager; I should have run it Mia.”

Mia took another swallow and lazily turned her head towards the voice. “Well hello to you too Diane. Tisk, tisk, I told you I hadn’t been happy with you lately and making me happy is just as easy as pie. I’ve been too easy on you, and it was beginning to show, so it’s good you have a little competition. Now be a good girl and roll the cart over by my meeting table,” replied Mia as she waddled over to the meeting table. Each step caused her bottom to bounce and shimmy, her thighs wobbled and jiggled as her hips switched back and forth. Her upper arms were against her sides with her elbows poking into her pudge as she held the drink up close to the side of her bosom. She got close to the cart and bent over, peering past her breasts as her other hand lazily brushed her fingers into her cleavage.

“Vicki really knows how to pick a spread of pastries. So delightful. I’ll eat you first apple fritter, mmmmmm,” cooed Mia to the cart as she picked up the apple fritter and took a bite of the large pastry. “Oh you’re still here Diane?”

“Well, it’s just…it’s just not fair. You are far too nice to that skinny girl, and after everything I’ve done for you, you owe it to me,” cried Diane as she balled her fists onto her hips.

“Diane are you jealous?” grinned Mia. “And what could you have possibly done for me?” asked Mia as she gulped down the last of her latte and put the can on her table.

“Well plenty of things, I managed your life until Vicki showed up. I made sure all your assistants blew up like balloons, it’s not really my fault they quit, and I helped you with Julia.”

“Pet, all those things you did very willingly. You hate all my assistants and you really didn’t do much with Julia,” said Mia as she stuffed more into her lips. “Mmmm, just divine. Regardless, all of those petty things don’t put you in charge of my meetings or make you a model.”

“I know what you want but it’s hard to get into VL model shape,” cried the exasperated Diane.

“Oh precious Diane, I give you a cushy office job, saving you from that bitch Gwen and her cronies just in the nick of time, and an opportunity to live the life of a model and you can’t do one little thing for me and eat like a sensible VL model?” asked Mia as she waddled around the cart and put her hand on Diane’s expanded rump. “You could be one of the best, the ultimate pear. You’re quite sexy you know and taller than most of our models.”

“I guess you have been good to me…” sniffed Diane as she looked remorsefully into Mia’s eyes.

“Of course pet, I know you can get confused, so I’m not mad at you. But I wont make you a model until you do something about this,” said Mia as she patted Diane’s belly and turned back to the cart, grabbing a huge chocolate chip cookie.

“I guess you’re right,” Diane said to Mia’s back.

“Of course I am. Now run along and do something about that butt of yours too for Pete’s sake,” said Mia without turning around. “And close the door on your way out too.”

“Sure Mia, and I promise I’m really, really committed this time. I’m going to make you so happy. You’ll see.”

Mia smiled to herself as she heard the clip clop of Diane’s sandals and the rubbing of denim as her thighs rubbed together as she waddled out of the office, and then the sound of Diane’s hips as they squeezed against the door frame and slid against the door. Mia loved that sound almost as she loved watching it, she had gotten so huge. When she met Diane nearly four years ago she had 49 inch hips and weighed 160 pounds. Such a slight young thing with huge hips and promisingly bubbly bottom. Julia had been only 145 pounds back then with such a tiny flat belly. Mia thought then that Diane wouldn’t have been much of a challenge; she was far too eager to please, so she naturally went for the younger and thinner more challenging Julia. In a couple of years she had fattened up Julia to 520 pounds, tiny waist buried under a mountain of fat. She realized now that Julia was a natural piggy, and she would have ballooned up naturally given enough time, while Diane had managed to stay well under 400 pounds, well at least until recently, but even so Diane had proven to be far more challenging than that cow Julia. Mia lowered herself onto one of the chairs by her table, her wide rump and hips bulging over the sides of the extra wide chair and bulging out the back of the chair. Her two butt cheeks swelled around the thin metal bar that connected the upper back support to the seat of the chair. The bar was curved to allow most girls ample space behind them for their bum to spread out without touching the single narrow bar, but Mia was so large now that she engulfed the bar with her butt cheeks, swelling inches past it. She leaned slightly back realizing that her sweats had ridden further down and the cool bar was digging into the top of her bare butt crack. A little shocking at first but not altogether unpleasant she decided. She was seated within reach of the pastry laden cart and drug over a thick cheesecake drizzled with blueberry compote, it was probably one of Diane’s, and she spitefully couldn’t wait to gobble it up.

Mouth watering, she leaned forward spreading her thighs apart as her belly bulged between them under the table and her colossal breasts pressed against the table top swelling up nearly touching her chin. She had a large expanse of bare bosom in front of her that she had to work around but she had become quite adept at working around her expanding twins. Mia found herself getting hot, excited and ravenous thinking about sexy Vicki, so she rolled her tank top the rest of the way up her belly freeing her soft bulging paunch. With one elbow on the table she began to scoop bite after bite of cheese cake to her plump lips. With the other hand she took turns gobbling up various doughnuts.

She was very content right now; Vicki was doing most of her work, and had agreed to a dinner date finally. Now if she could get Vicki into the model pool she would really win favour with the senior executives. That would give her a big bonus.

Diane had been a good pet for the past few years: submissive, so eager to please, pretty even by Mia’s exacting standards, no one could be as pretty as her of course. Mia would have fallen for Diane eventually if she had stayed under 250 pounds, but Mia couldn’t have that, falling for an assistant was beneath her, she needed to focus on her career, so Mia had given Diane a few extra nudges now and again to move her belly in the right direction. Mia knew she wanted to be a model, and she had the looks for it, but if she lost Diane who would manage the office? Who would be her faithful lackey? No Diane wasn’t going anywhere, except back to the store for bigger sizes, Mia thought as she chuckled.
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The End of Chapter 27 (Finally) and the start of Chapter 28.

Diane was normally an impeccable dresser, just like Mia, and loathed to wear anything but the highest fashion professional dress. However, during the past four months she had like Mia, also managed to gain a substantial amount of weight and her Friday attire had become increasingly casual.

Diane still wore her short platinum blond hair with irregular jags and textures, but had added black highlights and cropped it even closer so that her bangs now only hung to her eye brows. She was wearing light mascara and light lavender lipstick on her pouty lips. She had small hoop earrings in, a wide black leather bracelet and multiple rings on her black manicured fingers. On top she wore a thin soft cotton long sleeve hooded T-shirt with a pocket in the front of her belly where she could put her hands. The shirt was white with a light grey VL logo on the front. The pounds she had gained over the last few months had caused her chubby arms to plump and bulge slightly over at her elbows. Her petite C-cup breasts had remained small while her back fat had plumped several inches. She now wore a 44 C-cup bra. As her back plumped her belly had ballooned. Her upper belly roll swelled out considerably more in front of her than before and her lower roll had grown thicker, wider and hung lower as it spilled down the tops of her thighs. Her spare tire was so large now that none of her skirts or pants could contain it and most of her tops could not cover it. Her love handles were many inches high, forming a deep crease in her lower back and swelled out onto her bulbous bottom and huge hips.

Her extremely tight hooded t-shirt covered about half of her love handles and road up in the front to a few inches above her belly button, leaving several inches of bulging belly flesh bare. She was wearing VL designed dark stretch denim skinny jeans that managed to hold all but the top couple of inches of her butt cheeks, and was unbuttoned underneath the hanging flesh of her prominent spare tire. The jeans squeezed every bulge and curve all the way to her ankles and on her feet she wore white flip-flop sandals. Her belly had grown to 61 inches and her hips now measured 98 inches. Her butt had swelled larger and larger, forming a large wide and deep shelf of fat that stuck out behind her at least 15 inches and bulged onto the top third of the back of her long thighs. Her thighs rubbed all the way to her knees and bulged over them. Now when she walked her flabby rump wobbled and shook causing her belly to jiggle and shake. She had begun to eat more and more thinking that it would win back Mia’s attention and the results had been a dramatic swelling of the bottom heavy beauty from 335 pounds to 400 pounds in four short months. She had tried to prevent it from happening for a past couple years, stringing Mia on while still remaining in Mia’s favour, but since Vicki had started working at the office she was no longer Mia’s favourite and had decided that getting bigger, faster might regain Mia’s favour.

Mia was very content indeed, and with Diane getting huge, Vicki agreeing to the date, everything was falling into place she decided to treat herself to a full day of eating whatever she put to her lips. Then she would head out and get ready for tonight’s date with Vicki. She had decided to use the company’s car service to get to dinner so that she could get Vicki to take her home and once back at her place Mia knew Vicki would not be able to resist her substantial charms.

The rest of the day was uneventful for both Vicki and Mia. Mia stayed mostly in her office behind a closed door gobbling up treats and lusting for Vicki, while Vicki chit-chatted with the other assistants and Gwen. Gwen had wanted a few times to “pop-in” to Mia’s office to say hello, but had thought better of it considering the two of them didn’t have much of a reason to talk and Mia might suspect something. Gwen left without catching a glimpse of Mia, but the annual Halloween party was coming up so she believed she wouldn’t have to wait long.

Chapter 28

Mia had arranged to meet Vicki at an upscale Italian restaurant that she had frequented over the years. She knew the owner intimately and was assured the finest service and a discrete table in the back of the restaurant, perfect for the seduction of her previous assistants. She hoped it would work again. When she arrived at the restaurant she was greeted warmly by the owner. He was a short and increasingly round man who always managed to steal a kiss and a gentle squeeze of her rump. While they were catching up one of the waiters brought over Vicki who had been lounging in the bar. Mia’s mouth instantly started watering as she watched the young beauty strut over to her. Vicki’s long thick dark hair was loose and spilled across her shoulders, her long bangs flowing down her cheeks and onto her bosom. She was wearing dark red lipstick and dark smoky eye shadow with a platinum necklace and earrings. Her backless and ultra low-cut dark red satin gown had thin straps that looped around her neck and then flowed down to the fullest part of her bosom where the material rapidly expanded to attempt to encompass her now substantial cup size. The dress was designed for a much less busty figure and the triangle shaped cups were only able to capture the very front of her breasts, exposing their entire sides. Her cleavage bulged out the front and given the lack of support from the thin nature of the gown, her young pert bosom wobbled and shook with each sway of her hips nearly shaking free of their flimsy constraints. The dark red gown was cinched in the middle of her back pulling the satin tight over her narrow waist and slight belly. The hem of the gown was cut at an angle with the left side reaching almost to her knee while the right side stopped at the fullest part of her hip. The gown was just long enough keep her bottom covered if she stood still, but as she swayed her hips over to Mia, the side of her wobbling, perfect, spherical, basketball sized right butt cheek poked out, treating the patrons to quite a voluptuous show. On her dainty feet she wore five-inch black strapped heels.

Mia had a little bit more trouble finding a gown of hers that still fit her more ample form, so she went with a white jeweled empire waist strapless floor length gown that was slit up both sides to above the top of her hips to just beneath her love handle bulges. Her huge breasts were so large, that while unsupported by the tight gown they were squeezed together and sagged onto her swollen belly. The gown’s material just covered the top of her areolas and was so tight that inches of breast flesh bulged over the front and sides of the gown and her back fat formed bulging creases over the gown. The gown was skin tight over the top half of her round belly and then hung loosely in front to the floor. It was tight around her back and plump sides as well but thanks to the slits up to the top of her hips, it was only loosely draped over her globular bottom. Her massive bare thighs and bloated hips bulged out the sides of the gown and the spectacular girth of her bottom was now much too wide to remain completely covered by the gown; thereby exposing the sides of her bulging butt cheeks. Mia had on her five inch silver stiletto strappy heels, raising her imposing 5’10” figure far above Vicki’s, but she had also coiled her long thick dark hair up off her narrow shoulders adding several more inches to her height.

“Hello Vincent, you’re looking handsome as always,” said Mia as she leaned down to hug the short round owner to her massive bosom. “But so skinny, you would think a restaurant owner could eat a bite or two.”

“You’re to kind Miss Mia, but I’m a long ways from skinny now. You on the other hand look absolutely radiant! And I hope you brought your appetite, we have excellent specials for you this evening,” said the short round man.

“Oh you devil, you know I can’t control myself around you! You’re going to make me pop out of my dress. Speaking of popping out,” whispered Mia as she leered at Vicki’s spectacular cleavage. “Vincent this is my... colleague Vicki.”

“Hi Vincent. Beautiful place you have,” said Vicki as she hugged Vincent to her bosom.

“Oh yes, thank you, but its only more beautiful now that you two are here. Come let me show you to your table.”

Mia followed behind the portly owner, swaying her wide hips and bouncing her bulbous rump with each stride. Her fat bulged and shook revealing a substantial amount of flesh as she paraded through the darkened restaurant. The round man showed the two ladies to a table In the back of the restaurant. It was a round booth and the servers quickly pulled the table out so that the well padded Mia could slide around to the back or the booth. Vicki followed her in and once the two were seated the servers slid the table back into place. Mia leaned back as the table was slid in, but once in place she relaxed and let her massive breasts bulge onto the table while her rounded belly bulged out underneath.

“Now that you are seated Miss Mia, should I start bringing your usual favourites?” asked the owner.

“No Vincent, Mia’s on a special diet tonight. I’ll be ordering for her, but before I do please bring a couple of your finest bottles. We are getting thirsty,” said Vicki with a seductive grin.

“Yes, right away madam.”

The servers brought the bottles of wine and upon their return; Vicki managed to order enough antipasti to feed a football team. Vicki picked at all of the dishes and spent the rest of the time watching Mia ravenously consume the delectable goodies. Vicki was sitting close to Mia, their hips nearly touching as their wide rumps and thighs spread out across the green leather upholstered booth. Vicki was able to cross her legs underneath the table and she began to run her foot up and down Mia’s shin as she flirted with the ravenous beauty. Vicki continued to push more and more onto Mia’s plate each time it emptied. As soon as the antipasti was gone Vicki ordered the main courses, chicken parmigiana, veal parmigiana, eggplant parmigiana, platters of linguini in bolognese sauce, fettuccini alfredo, lasagne, virtually every heavy dish she could find coupled with more bottles of wine. Vicki’s flirting had gone from gentle brushes of her foot against Mia to playful pats and squeezes on Mia’s arm when she told one of her jokes. Vicki moved closer until finally their hips were touching. Their bare flesh pressed against each other as she scooped more and more onto Mia’s plate.

Vicki’s hand was now under the table and was caressing Mia’s thick thigh, “Oh you models are such small eaters, you’re making me look like such a piggy tonight. You’re so mean, I knew it.”

“I know it’s just dreadful, but old habits die hard. Please don’t be mad, its just I’m a bit of a slow eater. And my little model belly is just so small,” said Mia as she stuffed her cheeks with lasagna and patted her belly.

Mia had already eaten many times what Vicki had, drank much more than Vicki, but Vicki was using not only use her considerable charms but also guilt to make her boss continue to eat. Vicki put her wine glass down and slipped her arm around Mia’s lower back and squeezed part of Mia’s exposed left butt cheek. With the other she let go of Mia’s thigh and put her hand on top of Mia’s as she patted her belly. She pressed her breasts against Mia and her lips brushed Mia’s ears.

“I’m not mad, it’s just that I’m so nervous around you. You’re so sexy and your figure is so amazing. Such a tiny little belly, with such full sexy hips, I feel like a chubby potbellied boy next to you. How could I ever hope to be with a voluptuous gorgeous model like you?” cooed Vicki into Mia’s ear.

Mia swallowed the lasagna and took a large swallow from her wine glass and sighed, “It’s my curse. To be so unbelievably gorgeous that no girl thinks she can ever be with me, afraid of my beauty.” She stuffed her cheeks full with huge bites of lasagna and leaned back against the booth. She cupped her breasts and pouted, “I know these girl’s are intimidating, but honestly Vicki you’re the prettiest girl, outside of me of course, I’ve ever met.”

What a bitch thought Vicki, she was going to pay for that. Vicki slid her arm out from behind Mia and put it back on Mia’s thigh, “You’re too kind.” She grabbed her wine glass and drained it, then signaled the server for another bottle. “But I’m so insecure around you. You barely eat, and have such a tiny belly,” said Vicki as she looked back at the reclining Mia. Vicki slid her small dainty hand down between Mia’s inner thigh and her bloated lower belly. “If you were just a little less skinny and a little better eater I would feel so much better.” Vicki’s finger tips found the front of Mia’s silk panties.

Mia gasped and Vicki put a forkful of Mia’s lasagna into her open mouth. “Oh…Oh..a few pounds wouldn’t be that bad. I already agreed to eat everything you want me to for the next two months.” Replied Mia regaining some of her composure as she picked up her wine glass and put her other hand on Vicki’s lower back.

Vicki’s fingers wiggled under the bulging flesh of Mia’s belly and slipped into her silk panties. “But what about when I’m not watching? I can’t be with you all the time, you could try to go on a diet or even exercise,” pouted Vicki as she put another forkful to Mia’s lips.

Mia swallowed the lasagna and then took a drink of her wine. She was getting wet as the gorgeous busty beauty expertly manipulated her womanhood. “Oh yes…um..oooh…I never. I would never….do that. I promise,” gasped Mia as she took another bite from Vicki. “ Oh that’s it... feed me more.”

“Anything for you Mia. You have a lot to finish before we can start desert. And you double promise you’ll not diet or exercise and keep eating even when I’m not around?”

“Oh yes.”

“Pinky swear?” asked Vicki as wiggled her pinky into Mia’s wet pussy.

“Pinky swear,” moaned Mia as Vicki fed her another bite.

“Good, I feel much better. How about some more of the fettuccini?”

Vicki managed to keep Mia aroused and on the point of climax through many more main dishes. Then the desserts came and Mia was not only being fed by Vicki but she was cramming food into herself as well. Vicki had removed herself from between Mia’s legs and only needed gentle brushes of her fingers on Mia’s thigh to incite ecstasy in her swelling boss. Mia’s belly was getting hard and round and had caused the dress to spilt further up the sides. She was flushed and glistening, but still she ate.

Hours later, Vicki was swirling the wine in her glass as she watched Mia gobble up the Italian pastries and gelato. “It’s getting late Mia, people are leaving the restaurant. I think you need to finish up so I can go home.”

“Oh so soon?”

Vicki laughed, Mia was completely in under her spell, “It’s been five hours Mia. The cooks have to go home.”

“I’m sure you’re right. I rarely concern myself with the time, so plebeian. I’ll just have a few more.”

“Yes. Here give me your credit card and I’ll pay the bill.”

“Oh no, Vincent pays for all my meals. I have a special deal with him.”

“Really? That’s nice. I’m going to go thank him. You just finish up Mia, I’ll be right back.” Vicki slid out of the booth and seductively swayed her big hips over to one of the male servers. She made sure that the deserts would keep coming to Mia until she had eaten all that the restaurant had. Then asked were Vincent was. He pointed to the back of the restaurant and said that Vincent was back in the office. Vicki adjusted the straps of her dress as she walked through a narrow hallway ensuring the girls were looking their best, and tugged at the bottom of the dress making sure all of her bum was covered. She saw the office door and proceeded to knock. She heard a man say come in and she entered the office. Vincent was behind a desk with the small floor safe open counting the night’s cash when he heard the clip clop of Vicki’s heels enter the room. It looked like he was eating a large dinner and had an open bottle of wine on his credenza.

“Hello Miss Vicki, how can I be of service. The meal was good?” asked the dark haired, olive skinned graying 40 year old looking man. Vincent was attractive, on the short side at around 5’8”, and looked like he had been an athlete at on time, a wrestler perhaps. He had broad shoulders and thick arms and legs, but now carried quite a large soft belly that bulged over his belt. He was wearing a white button up collared shirt with the sleeves now rolled partially up. He still had on his red tie but had taken off his black pin stripped jacket. The shirt was stretched tight over his paunch and his belly jiggled as he stood up and came around to the front of his desk.

“I just wanted to thank you for the amazing meal. But we really can’t accept your generosity,” she said as she slunk up close to him her breasts nearly touching his chest.

“Mia and I have an arrangement, and it was my pleasure to feed you two,” said the round man to her bulging cleavage.

“I truly enjoyed you feeding me, if maybe a little too much. I’m going to pop out of this dress if I’m not careful,” she said as she moved closer and put her hand on his shoulder as her breasts bulged against his chest, his large belly squishing against her small one. She pressed her pointer finger to her plump bottom lip.

“Men around the world would thank the gods if a bare Miss Vicki were to pop out of her dress,” he replied as he pulled her tighter against him.

“Oh you flirt! You’re so sweet, but you haven’t seen me naked. I could be just absolutely hideous,” said Vicki as she slipped her leg between his and brushed her soft padded thigh against his now swelling member.

“I know you’re gorgeous, but I guess there is only one way to find out now is there Miss Vicki?” he said as his hands slid to her round rump and squeezed and his eyes focused on her heaving cleavage. Her body was smashed against his but between his belly and her large spherical bottom, her could really only grip the sides of her globes. They were covered in many inches of soft squeezable fat, but he could feel the firmness of her athletic rump underneath.

“I guess you’re right,” she replied as she pushed him back against his desk, scattering stacks of cash and credit card receipts.

Leaning over him she lifted the straps of her dress over her head and let them fall in front of her, her breasts gently bouncing against his chest. She kicked his short squat legs apart with her own thick long powerful legs. He gazed in lustful abandon at her huge bare bulging bosom as she hugged her body against his belly, her large heavy perfect breasts bulging up to touch his chin. She grabbed her right breast and pulled his head to her nipple putting it into his mouth. He put his hands up to her breasts and began to knead, caress and kiss them as she unbelted his paints. “Aren’t they fun?” she asked as he ravished her breasts.

“Mmmmmm, oh yes Bella,” He replied.
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Chapter 28 continued...

“Looks like someone can’t button their pants anymore. Have you put on a bit of weight?” she asked poking his soft lower belly as she undid the belt and noticed that his pants were already unbuttoned underneath the strained belt, and didn’t look like they had been buttoned in a while. All she had to do was gently tug on the zipper to get it to fall down.

“Yes and no Bella, my wife left me recently so I lost at least 140 pounds, but I may have been eating a bit more than I should,” he replied as he worshiped her bare breasts.

“What kind of woman could leave such a little sexy man,” she cooed as she smashed his head to her breasts.

“The kind that met me 60 pounds ago,” he sighed sadly.

“Poor baby, that’s what happens when you get all skinny,” giggled Vicki as popped all the buttons off his straining shirt baring his much too small t-shirt and the bottom of his bare round belly.

“No I was 60 pounds thinner.”

She put both hands down his pants, bracing against his soft jelly belly and pulled out his swelling member. “Oh so you’re getting fat, I like fat. Oh there he is. Looks like your belly isn’t the only thing that’s fat.”

She gently began to stroke his growing member as she slid her breasts against his chest and then belly. She began to kiss his soft bulging fat and squeeze it between her hands. “Mmmm so big and soft.”

He ran his fingers through her thick hair as she continued to explore lower and lower. Until finally her fat lips found his iron hard cock and began to slide down the shaft.

“Oh god that feels good,” he moaned. She squeezed and kneaded his bare belly as she sucked and kissed his member. “It’s been so long, oh.”

“It certainly is long, and thick too,” she said between pleasing him. “Now he’s ready.”

She turned around and pulled her panties down to her ankles. Then she playfully bounced her huge ass against his belly, his member sliding between her soft fat thighs. She unzipped her dress and pulled it up over her head as her fat wide spherical bottom bulged against his belly. She had his iron hard cock trapped between her thick silky soft thighs. She reached between her thighs and began to stroke just the tip as she switched her hips back and forth. He grabbed her waist and pulled her hard against him.

“Oh momma mia, your ass is so huge and your waist is so small.” He cried noticing that she was still much wider than his expanded waistline.

“You like my ass don’t you? I sometimes forget how big and soft I am now,” she cooed as she looked back over her shoulder and squeezed her ass, her small hand dwarfed by her giant swollen rump. “But these have gotten pretty big too,” she said as she leaned back against him, arching her back and putting her head on his shoulder as she cupped her breasts. His hands came up to her breasts and began to caress and squeeze the massive melons. She put her hands back on his cock and continued to stroke the tip.

“Oh yes, Miss Vicki this is just what I needed.”

“Your cooking in my belly is what I needed.”

“You can have it any time Miss Vicki.”

“It might be expensive for you, I’ve been known to eat…and eat.”

“It’s worth it,” he moaned.

“Any time?”

“Yes….oh yes.”

“Oh goodie, you’re going to see me a lot, but I want Mia cut off though. You have to make her pay. She needs to pay,” she said forcefully.

“Uh really?”

“Yes, really. Unless she is with me, she has to pay. I don’t want her bringing any one else or getting anymore favours from you. I’m the one in charge now Vincent,” she said as she bent forward and arched her back. She grabbed his cock and inserted the tip into her warm wet pussy.

“Oh god. You’re so tight.”

“I know, and you’re big. Now Mia’s cut off right?” she slowly slid him in deeper.

“Uh.” He moaned.

“God you’re thick babe.” She moaned as he went deeper, she jiggled her ass causing waves of fat to bounce and slap against his belly.

“Uh you’re the thick one Miss Vicki.” He replied as he tried to contain her gyrating booty, by pulling her against him.

“Oh my, you’re long too,” she moaned as she forced all of him into her. The girth of her wide fat rump thrusting against his soft jelly belly knocking him full onto his back on top of his desk. “He he he, but you’re much to skinny. A real man wouldn’t fall over if I bounced into him.” She giggled as she worked her wide fat ass up and down on his member. She pulled his legs together, her long powerful thick thighs gripping his short squatty ones.

“You really want me fatter?”

“I want a lot of things babe. I want Mia cut off mostly,” she said as she looked back at him. She had stopped moving her hips and was pressing her weight against his lap and belly, his throbbing cock rock hard inside of her.

“She’s cut off, she’s cut off, alright?”

She moved her massive ass up and down on his cock, wobbling his fleshy middle. Her hands were on his knees and her back was arched in ecstasy and then she suddenly stopped. “I eat for free anytime I want, with whoever I bring?”

“Yes. Yes. God Yes.”

She started again, rising higher causing the tip of his cock to just pop out and then she would lower herself onto him until he was completely inserted. She kept one hand on his knee and brought her other up to her breast. She began kissing and sucking on her nipple, moaning in pleasure. “And you’ll get nice and fat for me?” she asked as she stopped.

“I’m already pretty fat. How much fatter?” he asked breathlessly, trying to wiggle underneath her, but her girth had him pinned to the top of his desk.


“I’ll, I’ll do it, I’ll do whatever you want. I’ll get fatter, just please finish me.”

“Good boy, Juan. I’ll fuck you, I’ll fuck you like that whore never could,” she started grinding harder and faster. Harder and faster, her pussy tightly gripping him through the long strokes. Her breath was rapid and she was moaning louder. She gripped his knees in a death grip and her fat thighs began to crush his legs

“You’re going to get huge Juanito, absolutely huge,” she panted. “I’ll look skinny next to you again.” She moaned as she went faster and harder. “Mia will be forced to pay, I’ll eat for free, and you Juan are going to get absolutely massive!” she cried as she went harder and harder.

Vincent was holding on for dear life as her massive rump pounded his belly. His breathing grew strained his muscles began to clench, she popped off his cock right before he came, grabbed it and stroked it as he exploded like a fountain, showering his belly with his own juice. She stroked until every ounce of cum was emptied. He laid there spent and huffing and puffing on top of his desk, not believing what his night had turned into. She began to squeeze back into her dress, put her panties on, and examined herself in the mirror. Pleased that she was now glowing from pleasure, she trotted back over to the side of Juan’s desk. She leaned over the side and kissed him on his forehead.

“That was fun Juan; but it will be better when you’re even bigger.” She grabbed the open wine bottle that was on the credenza next to the desk and gulped it down. She then turned and strutted out of the office, her huge wide ass bouncing and swaying, struggling to free itself from the tight sexy dress. He was happy at the turn of tonight’s events, but a bit troubled.

“But my name’s Vincent.”

“Sure baby, whatever you say.” She said with a lustful grin over her shoulder as she left the office.

Mia was still gobbling up the never ending flow of Italian pastries as Vicki approached the table. “Finally finishing up? You’re such a slow and dainty eater.”

“They just kept coming and coming, and I kept eating and eating, oh I’m so full now,” moaned Mia with her cheeks stuffed with Tiramisu.

Vicki slid into the booth until she was pressed against Mia’s hip again. “You models are just horrible eaters. I guess I’m going to have to help you again. Here lay back Mia and lets see if we can’t fit the rest of this in there.”

Mia leaned back against the green leather booth, the top of her belly squeezing against the bottom of the table as she reclined causing the still heavily laden table to shift and almost knock the wine bottle and the glasses over.

“Trying to empty the table that way won’t count Mia you naughty girl,” teased Vicki as scooped tiramisu to Mia’s lips. Vicki put her free hand to the side of Mia’s distended lower belly. She had swelled so much that the dress had split several more inches and the side of her globular belly was bulging out. Vicki rubbed Mia’s swollen, distended belly as she scooped bite after bite to her lips. Eventually Vicki’s hand slipped under the heavily sagging belly and slipped into Mia’s warm wet pussy. It was much harder to move her fingers now but Mia was so close to cumming that the gentle probes were enough to drive her wild. Mia ate with renewed vigour, ploughing though the tiramisu, cannolis, cream puffs, fruit tarts, rich Italian cookies, and thick velvety cheesecake. Her eyes were shut and her breathing labored but still she ate. Vicki was getting aroused at how much Mia was consuming, her belly swollen fat with 1,000’s of calories. The gorgeous massively busty beauty was truly relishing Vicki’s attention and the gluttonous abandon she had unleashed. Patrons were now completely gone and the servers had mostly cleared out. Vincent had snuck out long ago and left his young hostess to lock up after Vicki and Mia had finished. They had brought the last of the restaurant’s desserts a bit ago and Mia was being fed the final scoop of gelato. Her belly now swelled well above the top of the table and was actually partially bulging onto it.

“Madam I hate to tell you this, it’s never happened before, but it seems we have no more desserts left,” said the tall skinny young hostess.

“You hear that Mia? You’re getting off easy tonight. We’ll have to get here earlier next time I think to make sure you eat a real meal,” said Vicki to the swollen model as she wiggled her fingers between Mia’s legs.

Mia’s eye’s popped open at the stimulation. “But I still….have…uh…a little room,” she moaned breathlessly, her lust overpowering the pain in her massively distended belly.

“I’m sorry, madam we have nothing left.” Mia noticed the girl for the first time, she was quite stunning. A natural beauty with light freckles and perfect pink lips. She had light blond hair, blue eyes, and small heart shaped face with a small chin. She had large full lips, but a small mouth and she noticed that when the girl spoke, she could see a silver tongue piercing. The girl was young, perhaps 19 and quite tall. She was painfully thin though, skinny legs, no hips to speak of, skinny arms and narrow shoulders, small bosom, small hands and feet. She was Diane’s height, but without her athleticism. She was wearing the black slacks of a server with a thin black belt, low on her narrow hips. She was wearing a white short sleeve collared button up blouse and Mia could see her boney elbows and tiny wrists. Not an ounce of fat on her, Mia loathed her. But wait, what’s that? As Mia looked closer she could see that the thin, unathletic girl had one soft spot. As she examined the tall girl’s blouse closer she noticed that the material around her belly was a little tighter and there was a gentle curve in her sides. They were small and hardly noticeable to the untrained eye, but Mia had seen her fair share of models go from skinny to plump, and she knew that this girl was beginning to grow a belly.

Vicki wiggled her fingers again. Mia quickly forgot about the skinny hostess and gasped growing more excited. “Oh god….are you quite sure girl?” Mia begged.

“Yes Madam, besides it looks like you’ve had enough,” giggled the young pretty hostess.

“How dare you! Vincent…will hear about this! You’ll…oh god… rue the day you said…no to me skinny girl!” huffed Mia as Vicki continued to pleasure her. “Now, help me…out of here!”

The now nervous hostess pulled the table back freeing Mia’s trapped belly. It bulged and sagged lower between her thick thighs. Mia tried to stand up but her swollen belly was making it hard. She huffed and puffed and with Vicki’s and the girl’s help, she finally got to her feet. She attempted to pull her dress down on the sides, but only managed to rip the dress further as it refused to stretch any more over her grossly distended belly. Slightly embarrassed at the look on the hostesses face, she gasped and as quickly as she could, waddled out of the restaurant, her huge ass wobbling freely and wildly, her breasts threatening to burst out of the dress. She found that she now had to hold onto the front of her dress to keep her belly covered due to the swaying of her wide hips and dramatic wobbling of her bloated belly. When she got to the parking lot, Mia saw that there was just one car left and taxi’s had long ago departed with their fares.

Mia heard the quick clip clop of Vicki’s heels on the asphalt as she hurried to catch up to the fuming fatty. “You models sure know how to make an exit. That poor girl was speechless watching you storm out,” said Vicki knowing that the girl was aghast at how swollen and huge Mia’s bloated belly had become throughout the course of the night.

Mia turned around to face Vicki with her fists perched on the top of her love handles, sinking into the bulging flab, her great bosom and belly thrust out.

“You know how I hate to be told no, Vicki, especially when I am having so much fun. She ruined my night, that, that…skinny bitch!”

Vicki starting walking closer to Mia, “She’s young… and very pretty, I won’t mind seeing her when we do this again.”

“You’re standards must be low, mine on the other hand are quite exacting,” huffed Mia. “I’ll agree that she may have potential. You may have not noticed, but that skinny girl has the beginnings of a belly. Working with Vincent has softened her waistline. But really, sometimes I question your judgment. I think you might not have what it takes to work in fashion; you really need an eye for beauty.”

“Is that so?” asked Vicki as she put her hands on Mia’s hips and pulled herself close to Mia, her lips inches from Mia’s. “I seem to be attracted to you.”

“Of course you are, everyone is, and luckily for you, I think I might find you semi-fetching as well.”

“Oh how sweet of you to say that,” cooed Vicki as her hands slid up Mia’s bare hips and onto the sides of her exposed belly. “I think you might be sweet enough to eat.”

“Oh I am Vicki, in fact why don’t you be a good assistant and drive us back to my place and maybe if you’re good, you can find out,” said Mia.

Vicki knew Mia was talking tough, once she put her hand in her panties again, the bloated pig would beg for her. “I guess I can do that.”

“Good girl, let’s go.”

Mia and Vicki got into her car and began driving back to Mia’s place. The car was not large and Mia’s huge hips bulged across the centre consol and barely allowed her door to close. Her ass was so fat that it raised her high on the seat and she had to recline it back to accommodate her ample bosom and belly and so she would not to bump her head as Vicki drove back to Mia’s place. In her reclined position her belly was not being pressed into her thighs by the weight of her massive breasts and Vicki was able to work her way from rubbing Mia’s fat thigh to slipping her fingers back into Mia’s warm wet pussy. Mia was soon moaning in pleasure and begging to stop at every fast food restaurant. Vicki found a greasy burger joint and loaded up the car with burgers and French fries. Mia gobbled her way through the food as Vicki made her wetter and wetter. Finally they made it to Mia’s condo, Vicki was back in control of Mia through her connection to her stuffed belly and sweet spot.

When they got inside of Mia’s condo, Mia plopped down on a large high-backed dark leather couch and began to mow through the rest of the fast food. Vicki pulled off her shoes, took off her dress and walked to the side of the couch where she spotted a button on the side of the couch. “Does this recline?” Mia looked up at the side Vicki’s bulging spherical bottom, flawless wide soft hips, narrow waist with a soft little belly and then up at her perfect large bare breasts.

“Mmum huh,” Mumbled the stunned Mia with her mouth full.

“I thought so,” replied Vicki as she hit the button with her knee causing Mia to recline nearly flat onto her back. Vicki took the remaining wrapped burgers and fries and piled them onto the top of Mia’s bulging breasts. “Can I help you?” cried Mia with her mouth full.

“You can help me by putting these tiny little burgers and fries into this belly,” said Vicki with a devious grin as she patted Mia’s protruding paunch. She slunk a leg over the Mia’s thighs, sliding her smooth skin against Mia’s bare thigh flesh. Straddling Mia, she grabbed the bottom of the front of Mia’s dress. She tugged and ripped the dress further up and then flipped it over Mia’s side bearing her entire distended belly and legs. Vicki bent over the swollen bloated pot belly and began to kiss and squeeze Mia’s abundant bulging flesh. She worked her way slowly around its entire jiggling surface as Mia ate with lustful haste. She made it to Mia’s silky, puffy lower belly, which slightly obscured the top of Mia’s white silk panties. Vicki hooked her fingers into the front and then slid them around to the sides and began to tug the panties off of Mia. Once she got the giant g-string silk panties out from underneath Mia’s colossal ass, she spread Mia’s soft fleshy legs apart. With her round perfect booty straight in the air she leaned forward and began to eat Mia’s moist wet cookie. Mia was trembling with ecstasy as she ate the delicious burgers, while Vicki attended to her pussy. Vicki slowly rubbed Mia’s belly as she licked and kissed her.

Mia was so stuffed that her belly was now a grossly bloated, heaving dome of fat. Unaware of her building desire, she had slowly been stretching it for months as her attraction to Vicki grew. Tonight she had eaten more than she had in years and only the orgasmic tingle in her pleasure box kept her from feeling exactly how overloaded her belly was. She ate and ate and Vicki made her cum again and again, the orgasms jiggling her breasts, shaking the burgers and fries off of her and wobbling her fleshy belly dome.

An hour later as she swallowed the last bite she let out a long pleasure filled moan and said, “No more Vicki…please no more. I cant…keep eating…I’m so full.”

Vicki stood back up and gazed over Mia’s bloated form. Mia’s face was flushed, her belly red. Vicki put one hand on her hip and with the other lightly traced her finger around Mia’s belly.

“Are you sure you’re full?” she asked as she poked Mia’s belly.
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End of Chapter 28 and the start of Chapter 29.

“Ooooohhh, stop…please. It hurts…ooooohhh,” moaned Mia.

Vicki slid her hand down back to Mia’s wet over stimulated pussy and began to slip her fingers back in.

“Does this make it feel better?”

“Oh god yes… but it’s going to make me... hungry again. And I…can’t keep eating…I’m going to pop…I’m so full,” huffed Mia.

“I bet you are, well at least let me rub your painful belly welly,” cooed Vicki in childish voice as she bent over and her hands began to gently caress Mia’s belly.

“That would be…lovely.”

Vicki rubbed Mia’s belly for about 5 minutes before Mia passed out and began to lightly snore. Vicki stood back up and admired her work. Finally Vicki had tamed Mia. She had given into her lust for the gorgeous younger girl and had eaten until she nearly popped. As her lust for Vicki had grown she had stretched her belly’s capacity larger and larger. Just as she had done with Julia and Natasha before her. It had been almost two years since she was at her heaviest, gorging herself fatter as her passion for Julia had grown. Julia had worshiped Mia and made sure Mia’s every need was taken care of, which caused Mia to pack on over 100 pounds as she settled into her dominating relationship with Julia. Mia had ultimate control over Julia at the time and when Julia decided to taunt Mia it ended in belly busting challenge Julia couldn’t waddle away from. Julia was her pet, her submissive and never her equal and eventually Mia’s vindictive nature caused young, sexy Julia to balloon to well over 500 pounds and set her on the path to over 700.

Vicki admired Mia’s swollen sexy form, her massive breasts, her now sphere-like belly, puffy love handles and fat wide bulging hips. Vicki’s hand slipped into her panties and she began to massage herself. Mia was shockingly beautiful and sensual and Vicki knew why Julia had fallen for her. Mia was a goddess, a fat sexy goddess, with a sweet, sweet pussy, and Vicki imagined eating it again, burying herself between Mia’s flabby thighs, caressing that massive belly as her fingers slipped deep into herself. Vicki gazed longingly at the passed out porker, her now enormous belly gently rising and falling as she slept off her gluttony.

Mia had eaten all day, was pleasured by Vicki all night and was going to keep doing this as long as Vicki let her. Mia barely worked now, Vicki did most of it, and the work she did do was only approving the new lines or new models, the easy and fun things. Vicki was jealous, how did this bitch have such a perfect life? She ate until she nearly burst, girls worshiped or feared her, and she didn’t have to even work, everything was handed to her. It wasn’t fair, and even after Mia had been cruel to Julia, Mia’s overwhelming beauty caused Julia to want her back.

Everyone wanted to be with Mia, everyone wanted to please Mia, well Vicki didn’t want to just be with Mia, she wanted to be Mia. She wanted to eat with gluttonous abandon and have girls worship her. She wanted others to do her work for her and reap their rewards. She looked between her breasts and saw her small flat belly and then looked back at Mia’s swollen pot. It wasn’t fair, that should be her pot. Frustrated she pulled her hand out of her panties and tried to stick out her belly. No luck she was still tiny. Vicki was now angry at how small her belly was, angry that she had to stay thin to keep Mia and it caused her arousal to slip away. That was her curse, to want to get fat, to gorge, to gain, but always struggle to be thin. First it was due to sports, then due to Juan, now it was Mia.

She huffed out of the living room where Mia’s bloated beautiful body slumbered and stormed into the kitchen. She had agreed to try to seduce Mia and fatten her up as payback for what Mia had done to Julia, hopefully ruining her chances of ever becoming a premier VL model again. Gwen and Jenny assumed that once Mia was fully fattened her modeling dreams would be dashed, she might even be forced out of corporate, and maybe then Julia could at least find solace with the fact that Mia had been dethroned.

But that wasn’t enough for Vicki anymore; if Vicki was going to have to fake loving this bitch then she was going to get more out of it than just dethroning Mia. She needed to get Mia’s life; the money, the power, the access to all the VL models and most importantly, she thought as she opened Mia’s refrigerator door, all the food she could possibly fit into her belly. No more workouts, no more dieting, just eating and eating and eating, with plenty of big bottomed beauties to play with.

An hour later Vicki waddled out of the kitchen, having eaten until the protests from her shrunken belly caused her to stop. Her belly’s capacity had shrunk, and she still left most of Mia’s professional grade refrigerator stocked full, but as she looked down between her bare breasts her little pot was back. She rubbed her belly getting more aroused until she could take it no longer. Her hand slipped into her panties and she rapidly came to climax. “Mmmm. Much better,” she whispered.

Mia was still sleeping on the couch, her hands now cradling her belly, her perfect plump lips slightly open, so innocent. Vicki decided that it was time for her to go; it wouldn’t do for Mia to see her flat belly stuffed near to popping, Mia was attracted to Vicki’s flat belly and spectacularly curvy figure and she needed to be able to demand Mia’s lust much longer than just tonight. Her work was just beginning so she couldn’t give in to her desires just yet. Vicki put on her shoes and left her dress, she needed a reason to come back over tomorrow and stuff her again. The dramatically curvy beauty walked out of Mia’s condo nearly naked and rubbing her belly. The cool leather seat kissed her voluptuous body as she slid into her car, careful not to bump her poor belly. Pleased with her new plan she drove rapidly home.

Chapter 29

The days and weeks sped by as they got closer to the Halloween party. Mia had been eating everything Vicki put in front of her and even things she didn’t. Mia was madly in lust with the gorgeous younger beauty and was becoming more and more compliant to Vicki’s wishes. Vicki took over approving the spring line and had begun selecting models for the various VL sizes and shapes in addition to assuming many of Mia’s other responsibilities. She also spent nearly every waking moment with Mia, ensuring Mia’s belly was always stuffed.

She was also assuming more of Mia’s relationships outside of work, just like she had with Vincent at the restaurant. Vicki was replacing Mia in virtually all aspects of her life and was enjoying taking over. Vicki had pleasured Mia a few times since their first dinner, just enough to keep Mia enticed with the promise of more, but never let Mia pleasure her. What pleasure Mia didn’t receive from Vicki, she substituted with pleasure grown from her belly.

The two months of ravenous gorging Mia had agreed to do to prove to Vicki she didn’t care about her weight were almost up and Mia was showing dramatic results. It was the day of the Halloween party, one year from when Tina had lost the bet and allowed Kelly to take over her belly for a year, six months from when Vicki had started working with Mia, and two months since she had taken over Mia’s belly.

Vicki was working away in Mia’s office, answering emails, filing reports, approving photos for the new catalogue when Mia waddled into her office. It was a Friday and Mia’s conference table was already loaded with pastries of every sort. As Mia waddled in and closed the door, Vicki stood up to greet her bulging boss. Vicki wore black pinstriped tight dress pants. The pants were tight enough to hug every bulge and curve of her dramatically robust bottom and wide hips. They squeezed her thick firm thighs and calves, flaring slightly around her ankles to drape over the heel of her black and sliver ornate six-inch stiletto pumps. The bottom of the pant leg just touched the top of her red painted toenails. The tall pumps forced her to stick out her perfect gravity defying spherical bottom which had swelled to 66 inches around. On top she was wearing a form fitting white scoop neck sweater blouse. The sweater blouse had a thick high collar that puffed up nearly to her chin but the plunging neck line was wide and open, revealing most of her bosom and barely covering the tops of her nipples. The tight sweater perfectly framed her bulging bust and trim belly and she wore a wide black belt high on her waist, cinched around the sweater so that the bottom of her bust partially obscured the belt. The sweater hugged her flat belly and soft love handles and then flowed out over the tops of her hips, the front of her upper thighs and the very top of her spherical rump. She wore a long pearl necklace the hung into her deep cleavage and small pearl earrings. Her thick dark hair was pinned up in intricate twists and she had on a pair of small black framed glasses.

For the two months she had been stuffing Mia, she had managed to put on another 20 pounds of fat on herself. Her hips were wider, her chest fuller, 48 inches that squeezed into a 30 – L cup, her thighs softer and fatter at 35 inches, but her belly had remained trim at only 29 inches. She was 230 pounds now, 65 pounds fatter than when she started 6 months ago. The last two months she hadn’t been able to exercise like she wanted and the muscle in her thighs and rump were beginning to turn into fat. Her arms and waist were less defined and she jiggled and bounced a lot more.

She swayed over to Mia, her hips switching widely as her thick thighs rolled around each other, her great expanse of bare bosom wobbling. She pressed her plump lips to Mia’s in a passionate open mouthed kiss as her hands went to the sides of Mia’s belly. “I hope your itsy bitsy model belly is hungry today, it’s the last day I get to feed it and I went all out,” cheered Vicki.

Mia’s belly had become anything but itsy bitsy over the last two months. Vicki had stuffed her near to bursting every day. Initially it put up a good fight, Mia was naturally curvaceous, large hips, full bottom, huge spectacular breasts, but eventually her belly had stretched and stretched. Its capacity growing and growing until her belly’s growth began to out pace her wide hips and bosom. Her clothes shifted from corsets and suit pants and jackets to ultra low-rise slacks and large billowy blouses. Working at Voluptuous Lady, Vicki would just run in to the store once a week and pick up some new attire for Mia, easing her into larger and larger sizes. As of late pants had begun to become a real problem with her swelling belly so Vicki had been picking out dresses that softly hugged her form but allowed her to belly to swell unrestrained. Today she was wearing a white off the shoulder, long sleeve, thin cotton mini dress that just managed to encompass all of her jiggly, plush bottom. The dress clung tightly to every curve and reached to her hips and the very top of her thighs, just stretching over her ponderous belly. The sleeves of the dress were tight to about the elbow then began to flare out to drape over her bejeweled chubby fingers. She was wearing little white flat slippers on her feet and her long thick dark hair was hanging loose, spilling across her shoulders and down onto her bosom. Her hair was parted down the middle and covered her ears, framing her softening high cheekbones. She was wearing dark eye shadow and a hint of pink lip gloss on her full lips.

Vicki had managed to pack 83 pounds of soft jiggly fat onto Mia’s body in the last two months, fattening her up to her heaviest weight ever, 438 pounds. Mia’s gluttony had reached all new highs and her bosom had ballooned to its biggest size ever, a 42 SS-cup bra. Her massive breasts bulged out two feet in front of her and when unsupported sagged to the sides around her growing belly. Trapped in her bra as they were, perched on her round prominent belly they bulged up to just below her soft chin. Her rump and hips had grown bigger and wider and now reached 84 inches around. She was wider than ever and her ass now had a large bulging shelf of jiggly fat. Her bloated rump bulged lower onto the back of her thighs and filled up all but the largest chairs in the office. She had put 6 inches onto her bosom and 8 inches onto her hips and her thighs were now 43 inches around. Her flesh bulged around her knees and her calves were 20 inches around.

But her belly had grown even more. Her upper waist had historically been very restricted in various corsets and girdles and any weight that she gained always went to her lower portion of her belly and thick love handles forming a soft spare tire. During the last two months that soft spare tire had dramatically inflated forming a deeper fat fold in her lower back as her love handles sagged further out onto her rump, swelled up her back and bulged further out over her hips. As she grew and grew, her belly button had remained the same height and now split her tummy into two distinct rolls. Her lower belly had grown wider and bulged in front of her further forming a thick ballooning ring of fat that her upper belly roll bulged onto. From the side her lower belly roll bulged out in front a few inches past her upper belly roll, and as her weight continued to increase she had grown an expansive muffin top that bulged lower and wider. Mia had added 19 inches to her waistline, which had now bloated to 67 inches around.

Mia pulled Vicki against her and returned the passionate kiss. “Oh I’m simply ravenous, love. I was so tired after last night that I slept right through three alarms and didn’t have a chance to get a bite to eat.”

“Oh you poor thing. I guess I really must have tired you out. You didn’t even have a chance to fix your hair,” replied Vicki as she twirled one of Mia’s locks of hair. “It seems like forever since you actually put it up in something more than a loose clip, but you’re still a devastatingly sexy model.”

“Well I should hope so. A model like me can wear her hair down and still be the prettiest in the room. Not that you aren’t cute my dear, you just have to work at more than I do,” replied Mia haughtily.

“I do it all for you Mia,” replied Vicki with her brightest loving smile. Bitch! If you weren’t so condescending I might feel bad about taking your job and actually get to enjoy eating that cookie of yours! she thought as she turned and swayed over to the conference table to pull out a chair for Mia, her rump bouncing with each step.

“Oh my Vicki, you barely fit in those pants. You’ve really started to pack it on back here,” said Mia as she poked her finger into Vicki’s soft butt cheek. “Don’t fret, it happens to all my assistants eventually. It’s unfortunate that it went to your rump instead of your bosom, but then no one has my endowments.”

“I know I’m becoming such a porker, it’s just not fair!” Cried Vicki as she grabbed an apple fritter off the table plopped down onto the edge of Mia’s desk, adjacent to the conference table. Her ass bulged and spread as her weight settled and it was now wider than the desk was deep. Feigning dejection, she slumped over, her large breasts sagging as she took a huge bite of the doughnut. “There is just too much temptation around here.”

Mia waddled over to stand in between the table and the desk, her bulbous rear nearly touching her conference table as her huge bosom nearly touched Vicki’s head. She was facing Vicki and had perched her hands on top of her squishy love handles, in the crease between her two rolls. She was peering over her massive bosom at the sad girl stuffing herself and said, “Don’t be too sad, pet, it was bound to happen eventually. You’re still very cute for a plumper.”

Pet? When did I go from love to pet? I must really be getting fat, she thought. “I’ll never be a sexy model like you, I just don’t have the curves,” she whined as she slipped her free hand up Mia’s thigh and underneath the clinging mini-dress.

Mia slid her hands to her own bosom and hugged them, “I know they are just divine, and so sensitive.”

Vicki’s hand slid deeper underneath the dress and between Mia’s thighs. She found the bottom of Mia’s bulging lower belly roll and poked her fingers underneath its fold of flesh searching for her silk panties. Once she found them she slid her fingers in parting Mia’s lips.

“Mmmmm, you’re soooo good at finding my button. I think that’s why I put up with your expanding rump,” cooed Mia as she waddled a bit closer, spreading her thighs, her belly brushing against Vicki’s bosom.

“You’re so kind to me,” she cooed up at Mia as she pushed the half eaten apple fritter towards Mia’s lips. Mia eagerly began to eat; moaning in pleasure as her arousal grew, still massaging her own breasts. Vicki pleasured her until the fritter was gone and Mia had begun to suck her fingers clean. Vicki slid her other hand between Mia’s thighs and began to manipulate her clit in rapid rotating succession. Mia leaned partially back and scooped up an apple pie and a fork and began to shovel it to her lips. She partially rested the pie on her breasts so that any crumbs would be caught by the pie plate, as Vicki worked her nether regions like an udder.
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Chapter 29 continued.

Vicki pleasured her for an hour while she ravenously gobbled up the fattening sugary pastries, nearly bringing her to climax several times.

Vicki stood up, sliding her body against Mia’s until their lips were nearly touching. Mia’s cheeks were packed full of chocolate cake now. “I have to go to a meeting now, but I want you to keep eating all these temptations for me. Can you do that for me?”

“God yes, love.”

She was back to love, good, Mia would do what Vicki wanted now. The trick will be to see if she can keep her under control after tonight as well, after the Halloween party and the end of their deal. Vicki panted a kiss on Mia’s stuffed cheek and swayed out of the room.

She quickly walked over to Diane’s desk, her wide hips switching back and forth, bulging bottom wobbling. She kept her arms against the sides of her bosom as she quickly moved so that she wouldn’t bounce out of her top. She found Diane chatting with some of the other office girls and Vicki put her hand on Diane’s soft arm to interrupt their chit-chat. “Diane can you join me please?” asked Vicki as she pulled Diane away. Diane rolled her eyes to her fellow assistants but followed the thinner girl.

“Diane would you mind terribly checking in on Mia in about an hour? She will need at least a cart load of food and I would like you to keep her eating as long as I am gone. I have a meeting with senior management and I need Mia to be entertained. You can entertain her can’t you?” asked Vicki with a wink. “Thanks D,” said Vicki without waiting for a response as she quickly trotted away.

“Who does she think she is pulling the office manager away, she is just Mia’s assistant. Uh, so bossy,” said one of the other office girls. “At least her ass is getting fat; she was so skinny when she started.”

“Careful Clare, Vicki seems to have connections in this Company. I’m not sure how, but she is meeting with Gwen and some of the VP’s this morning, and I don’t think she is getting fired,” replied Diane as she walked back to the group of ladies.

“Really? I didn’t know,” replied the office girl nervously. “Does that mean we’ll have to kiss her widening ass too?”

“More than likely,” sighed Diane.

The last two months Diane had tried to gain for Mia, put on the pounds Mia wanted but with Vicki hogging up all of Mia’s attention she had lost motivation. She somehow managed to put on 24 pounds and now used a chair without arms to accommodate her massive 105 inch rump. Her light blond hair was still short and she was wearing light coloured eye shadow and light coloured lip gloss on her pretty pouty lips. The 424 pound bottom heavy beauty was wearing a silk flower print wrap around skirt that barely encompassed all of her bottom and the tippy tops of her thighs. Her bottom had added 7 more inches to its circumference and the huge cheeks formed an even deeper shelf of blubber for her bloated love handles to rest on. Her hips were wider and her thighs thicker, but her bottom was greedily steeling all the fat from the rest of her. After gaining 24 pounds, her belly had only grown only 2 inches to 63, while her breasts had remained a small 44-C cup. She was wearing a tiny white tank top that highlighted her soft paunch as it road up over her belly button exposing all of her fluffy spare tire. She had continued to grow out of her tops, but she still had plenty that fit. Today she was rebelling against the Voluptuous Lady clothing policy and wearing everything that was much too small. Her years of volleyball allowed her to still manage to wear heels and today she wore four inch heeled clogs, keeping her already massive high ass trust out even farther.

Her chest and shoulders were now less than half the size of her hips and rump and the office girls couldn’t keep their hands off of its spreading girth. She enjoyed the attention her bigger backside gave her, but it did have its drawbacks, like not easily fitting in chairs or through doors. All of the girls loved to see her expand and was trying to make sure that she did, but she had been depressed since loosing Mia’s favour to Vicki, and while she had gained thanks to the office girls’ temptations, she could have been much, much larger.

Diane followed the girls into the office kitchen and they continued to chit chat and snack to pass the morning while most of the senior management was in their meetings. After an hour had passed, she loaded up one of the carts they used to move food or documents to the various meetings and pushed it over to Mia’s office. Diane knocked lightly at Mia’s door and waited until she heard Mia tell her to come in. She opened up the door and pushed the cart through, then slipped her belly and one hip in and rotated through the door. She was much wider than the door frame now and had to be careful of her wide hips, less she snag her clothes on the door frame.

“Oh Diane it’s just you,” said Mia with a sigh. Mia was standing up behind her desk with her hands on her hips. As she let out the sigh, she released control of her belly and it swelled underneath the tight mini dress, stretching the material out further and eventually slightly bulging out the bottom. “I thought it might have been one of those senior vice presidents who might not appreciate me having a little snack in my office.”

Diane was a little shocked to see Mia’s creamy white skin bulge out from underneath the straining dress. She knew Mia had been putting on weight, but she had never let herself bulge out past the limits of her clothes. Shocked at Mia’s substantial bulges she pushed the cart to the edge of the conference table and stood there gazing at her expanded flesh

“But you, you certainly don’t mind a little snack do you,” cooed Mia in her husky sensual voice as she waddled over to Diane’s side and slid her hand across the front of Diane’s bare belly. In order to get close enough to Diane, Mia’s own swollen paunch slid against the front Diane’s impossibly fat thigh until her own fat thigh squished against Diane’s ultra wide hip, fitting together like a soft squishy puzzle piece.

“You’ve gotten so big and fat I can barely reach past your hips to touch your soft belly. I think you’ve been so good at taking care of this belly that you forgot about mine. If you really cared about me, you would know that this one little ity bity cart is not nearly going to be enough. Perhaps you could bring me back another one?”

Mia rarely got this close to Diane, let alone caress her, so Diane had suddenly gotten very nervous, “Sure, sure, I’ll load up another one for you Mia,” she stuttered. “I’m relieved, I thought you might be mad I was bulging out of my attire, breaking VL policy.”

Mia had grabbed a huge gooey cinnamon roll off the cart and began to stuff her cheeks, she then pulled Diane’s hand to her own bare bloated lower belly and moved it in a rubbing motion. “So sweet, but Diane it’s never been about little ol’ you. It’s always about me, and right now it’s about my tiny model belly getting more to snack on and getting rubbed. Can you do that for me, my sweet, sweet fatty?” Mia asked as she grabbed another roll with the other hand.

Diane was shocked at how forward and friendly Mia was being with her. They had always had a strict supervisor/assistant relationship; Mia never let her touch her, no matter how badly Diane had pined for it all these years. Mia rarely flirted with Diane, but when she did it was to get her to do something particularly devious. Now it seemed that Mia was being flirtatious with her for no reason and after months of being ignored Diane was ecstatic to be receiving some of the gorgeous woman’s attention. Well maybe no reason wasn’t correct, Mia clearly wanted her belly rubbed and she needed to eat, just like Vicki had said.

“Keeping Mia eating until Vicki gets back is going to be easy if she is this hungry,” thought Diane.

“Yes Mia, I’ll even bring back two carts!” she nervously squealed.

“Good girl, now hurry back.”

Diane waddled out of the office as quick as her huge hips could go and filled up two carts with assorted pastries, pies and cakes. She was able to push one cart in front of her and pull one cart behind her if she turned her hips sideways. She got the carts and herself into Mia’s office and closed the door behind her. Mia was bent over the cart ravenously scooping slices of cheese cake to her lips with both hands as her great heaving bosom nearly bumped into the various delectable confections. Her heavy swelling lower belly roll put a huge bow in her weak back as it sagged against her bare thighs nearly to her knees. Her dress had ridden up and now revealed all of her bare bottom and all of her expanding muffin top. Her mini dress had road up over her swelling bulges to look nearly like a tube top.

Mia looked up as Diane brought the food in, her chubby manicured fingers covered in icing, frosting, cheesecake and crumbs from all the various pastries. “Oh good you’re back, I was starting to get nervous,” she said as she began sucking her fingers clean. ‘Would you mind putting all of the food towards this end of the table. I’m going to sit and eat like a proper lady, instead of leaning over this cart like a ravenous teenager and I once I sit down, I simply can’t be getting back up to grab more.”

“Sure, but I’ll be here to make sure you don’t have to lift a finger if you don’t want to,” replied Diane sweetly.

“Of course you will be Diane, you always are,” she said as she finished sucking her last finger clean. She then pulled the tight mini dress over her head and was now standing only in her bra and panties. She grabbed her long thick hair and twisted it up and pinned it in place with two pencils. Her belly was much more pronounced than it had been this morning and looked like it wouldn’t be long before her lower roll bulged out past her breasts. Mia plopped down into the chair at the head of the table and began to shovel sweets to her mouth. Her huge breasts swelling onto the top of the table, her great spare tire inflating underneath. Diane pulled up a seat near the end of the table, spreading the chair’s arms as wide as possible to accommodate her huge rump, and scooted the delicacies forward for Mia to consume when a space would open up. With her right hand she began to squeeze and kneed Mia’s thigh and gently rub the side of her belly. Mia was virtually oblivious to Diane’s probing touches now that she had a table full of food she could stuff into her belly. Slowly as she ate and ate, her chair moved further back allowing her belly to hang lower between her thighs. She was resting her upper body on the table, her huge breasts cushioning her as she pushed more into her lips. Eventually her thighs were spread as far as they would go and her belly was hanging free between them, bulging and swelling with each additional fattening morsel. Diane watched as she ate through the first cart, and then the part of the second. Mia had been eating for hours and her belly was distended, her cheeks were flushed and she looked like she might need some help.

“You look like you want even more, but your tiny belly is stopping you. Are you ready for me to help?”

Mia looked over at Diane with her eyes half closed, “I have to eat for Vicki...please...feed me,” said Mia as she left her full plump lips open. Diane brought a piece of cheesecake to Mia’s lips and Mia with her bosom still pressed against the table, rested her soft chin into her mountainous cleavage as her own hands began to rub around her hanging belly. Mia closed her eyes and ate as Diane fed her, while her own hands began to work lower on her belly. Mia scooted slightly forward, keeping her massive rump and hips on the chair while her fingers began to drift into her panties. Mia began to whimper and groan as the pastries were pushed to her lips.

Mia’s belly continued to grow as Diane fed her bite after bite, hanging lower and lower. As her arousal grew her whimpers and groans became lustful gasps and pleasure filled moans. Diane was impressed with how much Mia was gobbling up, she had never seen her eat this much and wondered if this was what it was like when she dated Julia. Poor Julia, she was so pretty and flirtatious that Mia had instantly preferred her over Diane. Well now it was Diane’s turn with the gorgeous goddess and she was pleased that it was finally her she was moaning for. “Am I pleasing you Mia?”

“Mmmmm, god yes,” Mia cooed.

“That’s all I ever wanted, was to please you, and have you appreciate our... friendship.”

“I appreciate you, but I’ll appreciate you more if you stop talking and keep feeding me,” she replied her cheeks stuffed with chocolate cake.

“Yes, Mia,” replied Diane obediently.

Diane fed her the rest of the second cart and pushed in the third cart. Over the course of several hours Diane helped herself to some of the treats but funneled most of them into Mia. Mia was moaning and groaning, her eyes closed, one hand between her thighs the other rubbing her grossly distended belly, yet still she ate.

“I’m afraid that’s last of it,” Diane said her hand covered in icing and sugary goo, pushing in the last morsel of cherry cobbler.

“No…let me…lick…your fingers,” Mia breathlessly begged.

Diane put her fingers to Mia’s lips and she began to lick and suck them clean.

“That’s…not enough…I need…more,” Mia breathlessly begged.

“Well it’s nearly 6:00 PM, and I have been feeding you like all day and the arms of this chair are digging into the sides of my bum. Maybe I don’t want to anymore,” said Diane. She knew Mia wouldn’t stop and had no fear that she wouldn’t be able to keep Mia feeding, but she wanted to play with the temptress a bit.

“Please…I’m so close,” she begged with her eyes closed as she worked her fingers slowly.

“Well I’m not Mia. You’ve teased me for more than two years and it’s not fair. You’re so gorgeous and sexy and curvy and soft and I’ve wanted you for so long. Now...Now it should be my turn. If you want me to feed you, you’ll have to eat something else first,”

“I’ll eat…anything,” huffed Mia.

“Even if it’s me?”

Mia opened her eyes slightly, gazing back at Diane’s expectant face. Diane was pretty, very pretty, but she was a lot fatter than Mia liked, a whole lot fatter. If she did this Diane would be her subservient pet, or at least Mia thought she would be, and if Mia finally orgasmed it would be worth it.

“I’ll do it…but if I do…you have to feed me...until I beg you…to stop,” replied Mia slyly.

“It will be my pleasure.”

Mia nodded her head slowly and Diane took that as an agreement. Diane rose from her chair, the chair’s arms pinching her hips until she wiggled them and the chair fell off. She undid the clasp at the side of her wrap skirt and the skirt unwrapped and fell to the floor. She was absent panties today but Mia couldn’t quite see her cookie past her hanging bulging belly.

“Scoot back Mia.”

Mia scooted back away from the table, her breasts slapping against her engorged belly as Diane slid in between and sat down on the edge of the table. Her massive hips and rump were wider than the conference table and sagged over the sides. She spread her thighs wide and then pulled Mia’s head to her. Mia’s arms slid over her thighs and around her hips, her hands kneading the bountiful flesh of her bottom, her face coming close to her belly. Diane squeezed the sides of her belly bulging it out, causing her tiny tank top to ride up and said, “Kiss my belly first. It got nice and fat for you, so you need to pay some attention to it.”

Mia obeyed and pressed her fat lips against its silky soft surface, she began to cover it in kissed. Once Diane was sufficiently pleased she rocked slightly back on her rump and lifted her belly up revealing her pussy and the tiny blond triangle above it. “Now eat,” she commanded.

Mia dove into Diane’s box, her great bosom and round belly hanging free, bowing her back in a deep arch while Diane became wet and her breathing became laboured. “Oh I’ve wanted this for so long.”

“Oh that’s it, that’s it, eat me, eat me!” she moaned. She ran her hands down Mia’s back and unhooked the remaining two hooks on the six hook bra. Mia’s enormous bosom had become too large for her bras and she relished the release of the pressure on her chest as they popped free. Diane rubbed her head, neck and upper back while she worked and Mia continued to eat with renewed enthusiasm

After a half hour of oral pleasure Mia’s belly began to take over and demand to be filled. “Feed me…now,” Mia gasped as she raised her head from between Diane’s blubbery thighs.

“Just a little... longer Mia,” responded Diane as she pushed Mia’s head back down between them. Diane let go of her belly and watched it sag onto the top of Mia’s head. She squeezed her thighs around Mia’s head, the layers of fat engulfing Mia’s head. She reached behind her and dialed the extension to one of the junior executive assistants. “Hi Anna its Diane. It looks...oh god... like our meeting is going to go long and we will need...unnnnn... some additional snacks, do you mind loading up a couple of carts with some pastries? No I’m fine...might be my asthma...Oh you have some Chinese do you? Yeah how about a cart of that and...yes..yes some desserts. Can you rush it; we’re simply ravenous in here? Thanks a lot, oh and just knock when you get them here. We’ll come out and grab it.... private session you know. Thanks Anna!”

She hung up the conference table phone and continued to enjoy Mia’s endeavours until she heard the knock at the door. Anna was new and trying to please, but this time Diane thought she may have been too fast.

Mia lifted up her head, peering over Diane’s soft belly bulge, “Who’s that Diane? we can’t be caught like this.”

“That’s more for treats for your belly Mia,” replied Diane less than enthusiastically.

Mia used her hands to push herself up off of Diane’s thick soft shelf of fat that was Diane’s rump. Her huge breasts, still partially trapped in their bra, slid up Diane’s belly and chest, followed by her massively bloated belly. The cups of Mia’s bra rolled underneath her bosom as the straps slid down her chubby arms to her elbows where her newly expanded upper arm fat bulged over them. Now that she was standing Mia’s huge bare breasts were nearly touching Diane’s face while her grossly distended belly pressed heavily against Diane.

Mia wrapped her arms around Diane’s head smashing her against her breasts and exclaimed in a whisper “What do we do?! I can’t go out there I’m nearly naked!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll just put on my skirt and bring the carts in,” replied Diane as she rubbed her hands around the sides of Mia’s bloated paunch. “She is getting big, really big, she’s fatter than me now!” she thought.

“Good, now hurry up,” replied Mia as she backed up a bit to let Diane get up from the edge of the table, her hands slowly rubbing her belly as she licked her lips in anticipation.

Diane slid her hands up Mia’s belly gently giving it a squeeze, “Oh I would never want to keep this waiting.” Diane wrapped the skirt around her hips and peeked out. Most of the girls had left and no one was watching the door so she was able to pull the carts in quickly and close it again.
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