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Default Belly Butter - By Billy McFred [~BBW (multiple), Expansion Fantasy, ~XWG]

~BBW (multiple), Expansion Fantasy ~XWG - When a trained scientist abandons methodological procedure for anecdotal experimentation the results can be addictive

Contributor's note: There was a request for this one in the Story Readers Forum. I found it at the bodyinflation.org site, http://bodyinflation.org/index.php?n...ay&storyID=177, though you need to register (for free) to see it at the link there.

Belly Butter
by Billy McFred

"Doctor Preston! Just the man I wanted to see!"

The good doctor looked up from his work, slightly shocked by the sudden outburst of noise in his once quiet lab.

"Wha…oh Jordan, you startled me," said the shaken doctor.

He looked at the young woman who had just entered his lab. She was young, around 25, 5’4", blonde hair, blue eyes, perky B-cups and modestly curved hips. She was a cutie to be sure. She had on a tight red button down shirt that just barely covered her midriff.

"Sorry bout that Doc. Just wanted to give you some company," remarked the young bouncy lab-assistant from down the hall. She stood munching a bagel, her blonde hair pulled back neatly into a pony tail.

"Yes, well…that’s quite nice of you…but I’m actually in the middle of some tests of…" the grey haired doctor was cut short.

"No no, no excuses. You’ve been cooped up in this lab for over 10 hours today! Don’t you miss the sun?" the girl asked.

"Um…well yes, I did take my thirty minute lunch break you know…" noted the Doctor, pausing briefly to glance down at the girls feminine curves in her tight hip hugging jeans.

He brought himself back to her beaming face. "…but really Jordan, the tests I’m performing are quite time sensitive, so if you
wouldn’t mind…",

The doctor was once again cut short.

"…Helping out? Sure, no problem Doc!" Jordan whirled around and grabbed a nearby lab coat.

The doctor sighed, noting the girls cute little bottom.

"Oh well, company is company", he muttered to himself.

Her lab coat pulled on, Jordan turned back to the doctor, rather, to the intricate exhibition of test tubes, Bunsen burners and coiled metal tubing, and towards the edge of the lab table top, a cage with a small white mouse.

"So what are we looking at here Doc?" asked the girl.

"Well," started the ‘Doc’, "I’m doing some tests on the company’s new butter alternative…"

"Oh yeah, I got that memo. What’s it called? ‘Super Spread’ or something?" Jordan asked.

"Yeah, uh, I don’t think it has an official name yet. Anyway…we feed a bit to the rats there…" the doctor pointed to an opening in the cage, "…and then I note anything interesting about their response to the spread. You know, like if they seem to enjoy it or start madly convulsing and frothing at the mouth."

She didn’t really seem to hear him, her attention being drawn to the little mice.

"So what’s in it?" asked Jordan.

The doctor had in fact been on the clock for some 10 hours and really didn’t feel like getting into the specifics, but he knew she would hound him until he told her.

"Well, the formula is still in the raw testing phases… there’s nothing that different between regular butter and our butter substitute except some new compounds that we add for flavor and textu..." Said the doctor.

"So does it taste good or what?", Jordan interrupted.

Somewhere on the other side of the lab table something started beeping angrily.

"Oh!", said the doctor, quickly turning to check on one of the samples.

"Well...you know, we can’t really be sure until we fully taste test it, which is after our initial testing here..", the doctor said as he was fiddling with some of his equipment, "…but the idea is that it’s supposed to be better than real butter, at least flavor-wise right now."

He turned around again to see the girl poised with her left hand on her hip, her right hand holding the bagel to her mouth.

He paused for a moment. Then he continued. "Anyway, if you wouldn’t mind I would like to head home. I have to be back here in 12 hours and I’d like to get some sleep. Before I’m due back. Here. At the lab."

The doctor glanced around the room for a second, then jumped up and ran to another beeping noise on the far side of the room.

Jordan smiled, "Right Doc, sorry to keep you here. I have some work to attend to anyway. Have a good night Doctor Preston!"

She turned quickly to leave and almost ran into a the large stack of blue tubs near the lab table.

"Whoa" she said, steadying them. "What’s in these jugs anyway?"

The doctor looked up, "Oh, that’s concentrate of the butter stuff. They sent it to me in many, many large barrels so that I would have a lot…", he thought about that for a minute, "err…yeah. Anyway, thanks for the help. See you tomorrow."

The doctor turned back to his work, writing some notes on his clipboard. He didn’t see as Jordan scraped a small bit of the butter sample onto her bagel as she turned to leave.

"Seeya Doc!", she yelled behind her.

Jordan returned to her lab down the hall. She was looking forward to a late night, organizing all the data that had been collected earlier that day. Thirty pages worth.

She sighed.

"Oh well," she thought. She felt more sorry for that old guy, kept all alone in that lab all day only to return to an empty house at night. She looked back to the data she was inputting.

"Why am I processing all the data? I have a Ph.D. in chemistry. Why can’t I avoid being billed as the floor bimbo?" She sighed outwardly, neglecting to realize that trying an untested butter substitute was a good example of why she was thought of as a ditz. She picked up the bagel and visually examined the buttery substance oozing out the side.

She poked it a bit with her finger and brought it to her nose, giving it a sniff. Smelled like butter. She opened her mouth and dabbed some of the butter on her tongue. All the sudden her tongue was overwhelmed with one of the best tasting flavors that ever had been brought into contact with her taste buds. She looked down at her finger.

"Wow." She said out loud.

She licked the remaining butter off her finger and savored the soft buttery butter flavor that flowed all over the inside of her mouth.

She sat back.

"Wow" she repeated.

She picked up her bagel and took a big bite, feeling the flavor blast it’s way into the taste centers of her brain. She didn’t know what the special "additives" were but whatever it was that she was tasting was going to make the company a lot of money. She took another big bite of her bagel, feeling the flavor blow into her mouth. As the creamy stuff slid down her throat she let out a moan. Her eyes shot open and she looked down at the bagel confused.

"What was that?", she thought.

She stared at the bagel and tentatively took another bite. Again the flavor, even better this time. She took a big bite, the inside of her mouth screaming in adoration of her actions.

"Wow," she thought, "this is almost better than sex."

Jordan finished the bagel in another bite and after letting her mouth catch it’s breathe, turned back to her work. She worked for another half hour inputting data and the tedium was starting to get to her…she leaned back in her chair and yawned. She sat and drank her coffee and gazed around the room, thinking about her boredom and data entry and the butter. That butter. She really liked it. So smooth and creamy.

She scowled.

Who in the world daydreams about butter? she realized

She shook her head. It’s just butter. Why would she actively think about it?

She sat for another few moments.

Jordan hurried down the hall and walked to Dr. Preston’s lab, letting herself into the room and switching on the light. She didn’t know why but she really had a hankering for some of that butter. No one really knew these things because the butter hadn’t been fully tested yet, which she would have had an inkling of had she listened to Dr. Preston.

Once in the room, Jordan searched around for a sample of the butter, but couldn’t find any laying around. She didn’t know where else to look when her eyes fell on the stack of blue barrels.

"Hmm…" Jordan thought.

She carefully lowered one of the barrels to the floor and pulled at the lid. The cover snapped and the top pried off. She looked at the filled to the brim barrel of butter-substance and without a second thought dipped her finger in. She put her finger between her lips and felt the cool smoothness of the butter melt in her mouth. She dipped her finger into the barrel for a larger helping of the butter and brought the creamy mass to her mouth.

She loved the way it tasted, the way it ran down her throat and felt so smooth. She closed her eyes and dipped three fingers into the barrel and put the whole serving into her mouth. She could feel something happening to her but she couldn’t quite place it. If she wasn’t mistaken, she thought it was something akin to arousal. She dipped her fingers back into the goo and brought more to her lips. She was sure now that she was definitely aroused. The butter was so smooth and tasty as it made it’s way down her throat.

She now had her whole hand in the barrel, bringing large gobs of the stuff to her waiting mouth. She was eating it fast now, feeling the flavor rush over her and tickle her straight down to her toes. The taste and texture of the butter was like being caressed on the inside. She let out a moan as the butter kept filling her.

She didn’t even notice as the waist of her pants started to cinch or her shirt started to pull up. She reached down and undid the button on her pants in an effort to reduce the (growing) strain. Soon her left hand had found it’s way into her panties. She fed herself butter with her right hand the stroked herself with her left hand. She moaned loudly.

Andrea, the lab assistant down the hall, was too working in her lab late that night and she was starting to wonder what all the noise was from down the hall. She walked down to Dr. Preston’s end of the hall and heard moaning coming from inside his lab. She grew concerned that someone had been hurt and hurried to his door. She looked in the small glass window and was shocked at what she saw.

Jordan, one of Dr. Berson’s lab assistants was sitting on a chair and eating something out of a big blue barrel…and she was sporting a pot belly like she was 3 months pregnant. She also seemed to be bursting out of her clothes. The strangest thing was that she had her hand down her pants.

Andrea walked in.

"Jordan? Are you okay?" asked Andrea.

Jordan opened her eyes, her hand still down her pants. She seemed to recognize Andrea: shoulder length brown hair, green eyes, pert C-cups…but was a little too…preoccupied to say hello. She moaned again and took a big handful of the mush she was eating and put it in her mouth. Her face was covered in it and her lab jacket was stained almost clear with it.

Andrea did not know what was going on.

"JORDAN, are you okay?" she asked again more directly. She was a little nervous about approaching the girl in such a…fragile condition. Jordan continued to shovel the substance into her waiting mouth, her stomach definitely larger now and her clothes looking tighter than before. Andrea could see her soft underbelly pushing out through the gap in her pants.

Andrea walked up to the barrel and looked inside, smelling something like butter. Andrea watched Jordan shovel another four or five handfuls of the goo to her waiting mouth and noted that Jordan’s paunch was indeed swelling with every swallow.

Although Andrea’s rational mind told her to get help, something inside her snapped, something inside her told her not to let this opportunity pass her by.

"You like this Jordan? You like having this fatten you up? You like your fat belly?", she asked the girl. Andrea was feeling very confused but was also feeling clearly aroused.

She watched as Jordan’s belly gurgled and pushed further out. The woman’s once small breasts were pushing out and straining around the edges of her bra. Her soft love handles were starting to hang over the edge of her jeans and were pushing the tight lab coat to it’s limits. As Andrea watched, two of the buttons in the middle of the jacket groaned loudly as they were slowly pushed further apart. Andrea reached into the barrel herself, grabbed a handful of the goo and pushed it into Jordan’s mouth. Jordan moaned loudly.

With an audible ‘POP’ one of the buttons shot off the lab coat and made a loud ping off one of the glass cabinet doors across the room. Jordan was shoveling the thick goo into her mouth and swallowing as fast as she could. Beads of sweat were gathered on her forehead as she fought to force more of the substance into her tortured body, which groaned as it suddenly swelled, blowing three more buttons into the air. With another two servings of the oily goo the lab coat burst clean open, exposing Jordan’s swelling midriff.

Jordan’s belly was sitting on her lap, large and firm looking, rising almost to her breasts. Andrea gave it a quick poke and her fingers sank into the rather large expanse, causing Jordan’s big tummy to jiggle and shake. It was firm but supple and smooth.

Andrea took another handful of the goo and walked behind Jordan. Andrea smeared the goo on Jordan’s now exposed belly and rubbed the oily thick substance into her skin. She massaged Jordan’s bulging belly, feeling it swell beneath her fingers and push Jordan’s jeans to the limits. Andrea was definitely starting to get wet herself. Jordan’s jeans let out a groan as they were being packed to their limits. Her thighs thickened, fighting to extricate themselves from her skin tight pants. Her belly was almost spherical from the mass that was being forced into but sitting on a soft padding of fat. Jordan looked like Buddha, her deep belly button pushing further out along her lap.

Andrea heard a snap as Jordan’s bra broke and watched as her breasts quivered and expanded in her shirt, the buttons starting to pull apart from the strain. Andrea watched the mass of Jordan’s belly quiver and her volleyball sized breasts shake like Jell-O every time Jordan reached into the barrel.

Jordan’s belly was sliding its way in between her legs which were being forced apart by their own girth as well as the huge mass of gut that was being imposed on them. The shirt that had once comfortably fit Jordan was now hugging her massive breasts and hardly even touching her giant stomach.

Breast flesh was starting to push out through the openings between the buttons and Jordan’s nipples could be clearly seen poking through her shirt. Her ass was hanging off the sides of the stool she sat on and the shirt was visibly cutting into the expanding spheres that were Jordan’s massive mammaries as they starting to push into the arm holes of the shirt. Andrea oiled up Jordan’s huge expanding belly and felt the soft full expanse give under her touch.

Part of it rested on the stool and the rest hung over the edge, pulling the swelling girl forward. Andrea noted that although Jordan was blowing up like a circus fat lady, none of the weight seemed to be touching her face or arms and all seemed to be going into her massive breasts, hips, belly and thighs. Her ass was slowly expanding on it’s own behind her.

Andrea watched as the girl's belly grew forward. Her large breasts were almost the size of basketballs now and were pulled tight together underneath the skin tight shirt. The buttons were pulled far apart and her breast flesh was being force out through the openings.

Jordan seemed to slow for a moment to catch her breath. She was breathing heavily and the dazed look on her eyes seemed to dim. She shook her head and looked around.

"What’s happening to me!" she cried as she noticed that her breasts were as large and firm as watermelons and were sitting on top of a giant stomach that was almost perfectly spherical and sat past her knees. Jordan tried to stand up and to her credit, did manage to stand for about 3 or 4 seconds before she crumbled to the floor under her new weight. She hit the ground jiggling, her skin tight pants tearing wide open simultaneous with her skin tight shirt. Her massive body quivered and shook around her.

Jordan closed her eyes and moaned loudly as she tried to reach around her giant tits to grasp her nipples. She couldn’t though, not at this point. She pressed her hands into her massive belly, feeling the fat squish around her arms. Her hips were massive and seemed to support her belly as if it was in a cradle. Jordan came out of her reverie and looked at Andrea.

"Andrea!!! Help!! What’s happening to me?", Jordan desperately cried.

Andrea pointed at one of the barrels. "I came in and you were shoveling that into your mouth. I don’t know what it is but it seems to be what is making you swell like you are."

Jordan surveyed the scene once again, noting her excessive nudity and more importantly, her excessive weight.

"Do you think I can stand? Can you help me up?", asked the confused Jordan.

Andrea shrugged. "Sure I guess, if you think you can stand."

Andrea reached with both hands and looked for something to hold on to.

"Um…what should I ah…grab?" asked Andrea.

Jordan looked at herself and after a moment said, "I suppose just try and help me lift my belly up, it seems to be the biggest part."

Andrea reached her hands under the huge gut and heaved upwards as Jordan tried to stand. Andrea could feel the warmth of the mass laying on her hands and it made her hot. For a moment, pressed up against that huge sweaty mass, she imagined the huge stomach as her own. As if her own massive gut was pressing against her, feeling the heat. She imagined looking down and not being able to see her feet and seeing two massive breasts leading out in front of her for several feet.

"Are you okay?" asked Jordan, "You aren’t lifting…is it too heavy?"

Andrea shook herself from her fantasy. "No no, I just had to get my breath. Let’s get you up and to someplace comfortable."

Again they both heaved and soon Jordan was on her feet. She had to lean back a bit but she was able to stand. Andrea stepped back and stared at this breathtaking beauty. Two giant breasts, seemingly defying gravity but
still clearly soft and natural hung in front of her. Her giant belly hung down between her hips and to mid thigh, rounded out but clearly succumbing to gravity and in a tear drop shape and spread past her sides.

Her massive hips cradled this belly as if she was heavy with child and swept out beyond her sides. Her hips gracefully swept down to her massive thighs that topped her legs that, like her arms, ended in what seemed to be a normal size. The blonde’s hair was disheveled and her fingers were sunken deep into her belly as she grasped a fold of her giant gut to hold on to.

Jordan looked as though she was a goddess of fertility.

"I don’t know what happened but I have to get to my lab room to call Dr. Preston. And I feel awfully tired too."

Andrea nodded. "Let me help you down the hall."

Fifteen minutes later Jordan plopped down firmly on the couch in her office and almost immediately fell asleep, completely forgetting the call to Dr. Preston. Andrea studied the now massive woman, noting that Jordan’s massive belly shook and quivered with every breath she took as she slept. It only took Andrea another minute to decide that she had to live out her fantasy.

Andrea had to stop herself from running back down the hall and into Dr. Preston’s lab. She looked into the almost empty barrel that Jordan had left and noted the other four sitting in the corner. She smiled.

Five minutes later and Andrea had the barrels all stacked on the counter under a heat lamp. She ran tubes to and from each barrel so she could just drink down the contents of all the barrels if she wished. She ran a tube
from the first barrel and pulled up the stool. She looked at the barrels as she waited for the butter to heat up to a liquid.

Assuming that Jordan had gained approximately 200 pounds from half of a barrel, Andrea guessed she should drink about a quarter barrel first, stop and admire herself and decide if she wanted more. If she wanted more, she could just keep drinking, but she didn’t want to go too fast and lose control and balloon to the point where she couldn’t walk. About ten minutes had passed and she couldn’t wait any longer. She was shaking all over with excitement and already had her pants un-zippered and ready.

She sat on the stool, put the tube in her mouth and gave a quick suck on the end to get the flow moving. She wasn’t prepared for the gush of liquid oily butter that gushed down the tube. She felt the warm oil rush into her mouth and force its way down into her gullet. She watched as her stomach quickly expanded outwards as she drank the thick liquid down. She began to feel very full when she felt her bra start to cinch. She watched as her breasts started to expand outwards in her shirt, her bra growing tighter and tighter.

She grasped her billowing belly in her hands, feeling fat rapidly form under her skin. Her pants grew quickly tighter and her shirt was starting to pull taut around her front. In a matter of moments her belly was as big as a basketball and although she felt full and tight, her stomach was soft and giving under her touch. She could feel her breasts pushing out and she could hear her bra groaning as it’s seams were being pulled apart. She moaned as her stomach grew into her arm and she could feel her hips pulling her jeans apart.

With a pop her bra burst off her and her top shook as her tits expanded outwards, no longer constrained. Andrea was almost as large as Jordan now. Beads of sweat rolled down her face as her stomach grew to the size of a beach ball and hung between her legs. Her tits were amazing, sitting firmly on top of her giant tummy. Her nipples popped out and were now almost as large as corks.

She grabbed her left tit with her hand and kneaded the soft flesh of her boob, amazed that she could feel her tit growing into her hand and pushing her away. She was positively massive and loved it. She felt her jeans pop the seams down the side, her leg flesh bursting out the opening. She watched as her hips swelled wider and wider and her huge stomach sank in between them as if cradled. She let go of her boob to feel her giant hips, so wide and feminine. She watched as her thong panties cut deeper and deeper into her flesh.

At this point she was standing (barely) with her huge belly sticking almost 3 feet straight forward with a belly button sunken deep into its expanse. Her panties were valiantly trying to cover her giant ass which was huge but totally smooth and soft. Her tits were now as big as basketballs themselves and sat softly on top of her giant stomach. They were still constrained by her shirt but the shirt looked like netting.

She mashed her hands into her stomach, feeling them sink deeply in. She wanted to be so big, so huge and round. She watched in the mirror as her belly swelled further outwards and her ass continued to balloon. Her tits finally blew her shirt clean off and the trembling that this caused was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Andrea fell back and caught herself on the large work bench, watching her swollen form shudder as an orgasm wracked her engorged form.

She stared at herself, her stomach at least 90 inches around but hardly sagging. She was firm and full, all her fat solidly packed on her form. She mashed her gigantic breasts together forming cleavage that was at least 3 foot long. She was more horny than she had ever been in her entire life, but unfortunately was completely unable to reach around her giant body to stroke her aching clit. She tried and tried, pushing her belly to one side as it still grew but she couldn’t reach and was growing desperate. She was acting like an animal in heat, she could think only of her arousal and nothing else.

The only thing she could think of was of the arousal that the butter goo had brought her. She sucked on the hose and could feel the goo continuing to fill her bloated stomach. Andrea’s belly continued to balloon as she watched, outwards now past 100 inches around, but firm and solid.

All thoughts of controlling her expansion were absurd, already she was twice as big as Jordan and had grown this large in much less time than it took Jordan to reach her prodigious size. She also noticed that she didn’t have a single stretch mark on her body. She continued to gorge as her breasts visibly ballooned larger and larger.

Soon her vision was obscured by her giant tits. She was now a swollen mockery of her former self. She would be completely unable to fit through the door to the room if she could waddle herself over to the door, which she was fairly sure she couldn’t. Her body was still swelling and she could feel her thighs pressing together.

Her once tight little stomach was now a giant sphere extending from her body and pulling down between her thighs. Her hips were at least 3 and a half feet across at this point. She could feel another orgasm growing in her loins.

She slowly sank to the ground as her arousal built up to a breaking point. With low deep moan she shook and groped her swollen breast balloons, now each as large as a beach ball. She rolled forward on her giant body, still quivering and shaking as the last of the barrel rushed into her waiting body. As she came down off her orgasm she once again began to think rationally and realized what she had just done.

She was so large now that her legs only just touched the floor when she was laying on her stomach. Her body was completely firm and her breasts didn’t sag at all. Her stomach spread out along the floor and was perfectly smooth.

There was no possible way for her to stand or move, her only option was to wait until morning for the employees to find her and figure out what to do with her. She was upset that she was so giant now, but couldn’t deny the satisfaction she felt deep down inside. She realized that she was huge and full as she had always wanted. Her stomach was a giant balloon of firm fat and her breasts were large zeppelins topped with rock hard nipples…she had to admit she was getting aroused again.

But then there was her inability to reach her clit. Her thoughts once again turned to her arousal as the goo continued to force her body large and larger. Her stomach sat underneath her and was completely spherical and over 3 feet across. Her breasts pulled down to either side of her stomach and were clearly firm and perky, if they had the chance to hang. They didn’t though, not with her gut in the way. She could feel her ass expand behind her into some chairs. With a start she realized that she was only half finished her growth.

The other 2 barrels left were still full and pumping. She felt her stomach start to grow right on around her, her vaginal lips being pumped full of fat now. Her ass and belly were now so large that they were growing together. She felt so warm and secure, using her giant breasts as pillows. She realized now that her breasts were so huge now that a full grown man could fit inside each one. She had lost complete touch with the floor at this point and realized she had gone way overboard with this.

"Ah well", she thought. "I guess this will be a problem for R&D to deal with." She laughed as her left breast knocked over a table.

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Wow, I haven't seen this one in years - I'd forgotten all about it! Anyone remember where it was posted originally?
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wow...i had never seen that story before. it was just plain hot.
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Ahh, long time no read. We meet again, Belly Butter.
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