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Default Sabrina (1-2) by Borghen (~BBW, Stuffing, Revenge, ~SWG)

~BBW, Stuffing, Revenge, ~SWG - a rudely treated house guest exacts revenge, with unexpected consequences

(Editor's Note: the author is a new contributor from Italy, which may account for a certain European flavor to the dialogue and characters)

by Borghen

Sabrina was really furious that night. Every inch of her 5’7’’ body was quivering with frustration and rage. She was a slender redhead with long toned legs and a nice round booty, thanks to her many years of dancing; her upper half was not unpleasant either: just above a flat belly there were two nice C cup breasts and an oval face covered with freckles with two sparkling green emerald eyes. She carried her 120 pounds wonderfully and she was well aware of it.

“How could they do this to me!” she nearly yelled, pacing hysterically through the corridors in the empty house she had rented for the holidays with her girlfriends. “They dumped me like an old toy and left without me!”

She paused to look in the mirror, as if she could find answers in it, but the only thing she saw was a young woman with a pale face, red cheeks and eyes on the verge of bursting into tears. She was wearing an old sleeveless shirt and a pair of tight jeans, both sweat stained after her long trip.

“Those bitches!” she hissed. “Are they maybe envious? Are they afraid I could steal their men away?”

After saying this she turned abruptly and headed for the kitchen stomping furiously her feet.

She sat on one of the chairs and reflected. Her holidays were supposed to be very funny and had actually begun in the best possible way. She had boarded a train and later a bus to join her four best friends. They had rented a small cottage near a village on the sea, ready to spend a few weeks partying together at night and scoring with the guys on the beach every day. Sabrina had arrived a few days later, mainly because she had some unfinished business back home.

But then things had started going wrong. Her four friends (but now she thought about them as former friends) had already made new acquaintances, finding a few guys ready to date them several nights in a row. Sabrina had immediately felt uneasy when that afternoon they had all started dressing and making up without saying a word. Questioned by her, they had plainly stated that they were going out with some guys and, no, there was no room for the fifth friend. A few minutes later, two cars had picked them up and they had left leaving a sad Sabrina alone.

“Have something from the fridge. You are going to pay us later whatever you eat!” These were the last words she had heard.

She sat at the table for a few minutes, biting her nails, trying not to weep.

Come on, it is not so bad, she thought, merely attempting to minimize her distress. You have time to make friends yourself and they will eventually apologize.

Despite her red hair, she was not hot tempered. She was actually rather shy and sweet, a bit naive too. Her belly rumbled, reminding her that she had not eaten anything since breakfast, early in the morning.

Well, I do not surely want to starve. I should find something to eat, she thought, getting quickly up. At least they told me I could take something from the fridge.

She went straight to the refrigerator, opened the door and looked inside. The shelves were loaded with the shopping made a few days before and mostly left there. She pondered for a while, then took a pizza and a bottle of orange juice. She closed the fridge and put the pizza in the oven setting quickly the timer, then opened the juice, sipping it and feeling the cold liquid dropping down to her stomach: it was sweet and tasty. After putting the bottle on the table, she spotted a pack of chips on the shelf just above the oven.

Why not? she thought standing up and grabbing it quickly.

She sat again at the table, tore the package open and started with a handful of chips. They were so salty that she had to gulp down a long sip of orange juice: the two flavors matched terribly well. Her belly rumbled again, asking for more and Sabrina was more than happy to please it. She kept on shoving in her mouth chips, washing them down with orange juice, as she waited for the pizza to be ready. Her sad mood was beginning to drift away when the bell of the oven rang. Only then did she realize that all the chips were over.

“Well, it is about time to start the real dinner” she said as she tossed the empty package on the floor and hurried to the oven.

The pizza was wonderful and rich, all covered with ham, cheese, sausages, garlic. Sabrina dropped it on the biggest plate she could find (and it was not big enough), then sat again at the table and started eating without even bothering to use forks or knives.

The first slice went down really fast, as she was still rather hungry, and its spicy flavor forced her to drink some more juice. She methodically ate and ate, helping herself with her drink, until the last slice of pizza had disappeared in her mouth.

Well, that was a great dinner. she thought as she drank the last drops of orange juice, then dropped the bottle on the floor as well, stifling a belch.

Now I am really full, I needed this, she thought rubbing her tummy happily.

“Man, I can still feel all the food.”

Amazed, she looked down and smiled in surprise. Her usually flat stomach now looked noticeably fuller and rounder and the waistband of her jeans was slightly cutting in her flesh. She caressed her small belly for a while, then stood up finding it a little harder than she had expected.

Well, it is time to clean everything and... she stopped abruptly, frowning as she was thinking of it. No, why should I care about it? Those bitches will have to clean and I am not going to take any complaint about how much of their precious food I have eaten, even if I do not repay them!

And then it came to her mind. Now, this is a great idea!

She slowly turned towards the refrigerator with a devilish smile. They were so worried that I could eat their shopping, leaving them with nothing? Well, it is exactly what I am going to do.

A grandfather clock rang in the other room.

It is nine o’ clock. I have at least four hours to sweep everything away. She patted her small potbelly. It is time to work for you, my little belly. It is going to be so funny.

Without thinking twice, she opened the fridge for the second time and started to put everything on the table. Once the fridge was empty she took care of the shelf right over the oven, carefully collecting every kind of food over it.

She started immediately with some ham, a piece of cheese and a few slices of white bread. She made quickly half a dozen small sandwiches and started eating them one after the other. When they were over, she grabbed a second bag of chips and tore it open as she had done before with the first one. This time there was no orange juice to help her, so she had to rely on a big bottle of coke, burping slightly after every sip. Her belly continued to expand outwards, as she ate. When the second bag of chips was empty, her gut was so swollen that she could no longer sit straight comfortably and had to lean back wards. She let out an earth shattering belch, confident that nobody was around, and continued her methodical binge.

Next came a big box of chocolate: she opened it quickly and started popping the candies in her mouth, savouring each of them. Soon her throat was dry, so she had to open a cartoon of milk. Once again, the mixed tastes of solid and liquid food were heavenly and helped her not to feel the discomfort of her belly getting fuller.

When the chocolate was over she took a deep breath and relaxed for a while, studying the results of her binge. Her gut was rounder now, looking like a pregnant lady at the end of the second trimester, and she could not suck in anymore. Curiously, she fingered he bellybutton and felt a tickling sensation. She had never been that full, but it was not as unpleasant as she could have expected. With little effort, she unbuttoned her jeans, massaging her pale flesh that bore a red line around the waist.

Sabrina put both hands on the table and slowly heaved herself standing, swearing out loud when her full belly bumped against the corner of the table itself. It hurt so much. She rubbed tenderly her midsection as if she were nursing a little baby, then she headed for the oven. Her trousers, unbuttoned and without any belt, fell on the floor around her ankles. She tried to bend to pick them up, but found that all the food in her belly made it impossible, so she just resolved to kick them away.

I could not button them anyway, right now, she exclaimed patting her dome of flesh. And I do not think I am going anywhere in the next few hours.

She giggled a little.

She looked at the table and saw that there was still some food waiting. She grabbed the few bags left and headed for the living room, leaving behind her a kitchen whose floor was scattered with torn packages and empty bottles. When she passed in front of the mirror in the corridor, she nearly fainted. The girl looking back from the glass had a beautiful face with food covered lips and red flushed cheeks; right below her breasts (she did not fail to notice the erected nipples) the buttons were straining to hold her massive belly. Her gut was so big and round that it obscured even the sight of her panties.

“Am I really that full?” she asked her mute reflection. The only answer was a loud gurgling sound coming from her gut.

Shaking her head in disbelief, she walked slowly to the living room where she eventually laid down on the sofa, dropping the remaining food on the floor beside her. She waited for a while, amused at the sight of her gut preventing her to see her feet, then grabbed the remote control from the nearby table and turned on the TV. She looked at the screen for a while, surfing among the various channel and eventually settled for a stupid talk show where stupid people were debating about a stupid subject.

“Anorexia is a common problem, whose roots are to be found in our self-obsessed role models...” A fat man was speaking pompously, while a rail thin former model was nodding her head looking really convinced.

It was so weird that Sabrina had to laugh, making her belly slosh and shake. Then she thought it was time to finish her job. She reached down and grabbed the first thing she could lay her hands on: it was a box of half a dozen small ice cream cones. She dropped it on top of her belly, opened it, and started eating the small cones one after the other. After them some apples came, very ripe and sweet and eventually a small package of grape. Sabrina ate everything without really listening to the TV show (the skinny lady was claiming to be “naturally trim” even though she always ate “like a pregnant cow”).

Eventually all the fruit was over; Sabrina found that the last container was a six pack of cheap beer, instead of some soft drink.

Oh, well, some booze will not hurt at all and might me help to digest. she thought stroking her even fuller stomach. She opened the first can with her nails and started gulping down the bitter liquid. It all went down her throat soothing her thirst and pleasuring her tongue. The empty can was tossed aside and Sabrina could start the second. After all six were empty and scattered on the carpet, the girl eventually relaxed stretching her arms over her head and taking a deep breath. Or at least that is what she tried to do, as her tight shirt was preventing both moves.

Blast it! I should have gotten rid of this long ago! Bloated and drunk as she was, it took her a considerable effort to undo all the buttons. After a short fight, the shirt fell on the floor and the redhead could finally rest on the sofa, listening to her stomach digest. It was a beautiful feeling and it became even better when she started massaging her distended gut with both hands.

It is heaven! she declared silently, amazed at the huge amount of food she had just packed in her belly, but she was especially surprised by the pleasure she felt. Slowly but surely she drifted off to sleep, only clad in her bra and panties.

Sabrina was awakened abruptly when she heard the front door slamming shut and her four friends speaking from the hall with loud drunken voices.

“Darn! I fell asleep!” She muttered kicking her legs while trying desperately to stand up. Her short nap helped the food to settle a little in her stomach, but she was still too bloated and drunk to move. In the hall, her friends were arguing about something. Apparently, three of them had been dumped by their respective dates after getting drunk and only Allegra, the fourth, had been successful. She had convinced her partner to carry all four back home and was going to date him next day.

The voices advanced through the corridor as three of the four girls stumbled to the kitchen, the fourth, whose name was Ginevra, entered the living room carrying four pizza boxes and turned on the light. Sabrina covered her eyes, stunned by the light, and heard the noise of the pizzas dropped on the floor.

“Oh my goodness!” yelled Ginny.

“What the heck happened to you?” Sabrina lowered her hands and look at her friend with a guilty expression. She opened her mouth to explain, but was only able to belch.

While Ginevra was still staring at Sabrina huge gut, Allegra and the other girls came back rushing from the kitchen. “We have been robbed! Some burglar has broken in and stolen all our food!”

Allegra grabbed Ginevra’s shoulders and shook her wildly, nearly stomping over the pizza boxes still on the floor. “Can you hear me, Ginny! Can you...” She stopped and looked the same direction as her friend. Her jaw dropped at the sight of the bloated Sabrina lying on the couch. The other girls had similar reactions, but they were drunker and thus not completely aware of what was happening.

“Yes, I ate everything.” hiccupped Sabrina trying to be stern, but sounding only sheepish and half asleep. “It serves you well for leaving me here all alone on my first night of vacation.”

She patted lightly her bulging midsection. “And do not thing about getting a single cent of refunding from me. I am not going to give you anything!” Her voice got more confident and she stifled another belch while looking defiantly at the four girls.

Allegra was the first one to react: she had drunk less than the others and was still quite sane. She walked right to the sofa and sat next to Sabrina with a mischievous grin. “So, you wanted to punish us for being nasty?”

Her voice was thick with malice as she gently rubbed Sabrina’s belly. The overstuffed girl tried to break free, but was only able to kick twice with her still slender legs before falling back exhausted. “Come on, behave properly and do not jostle your nice little tummy.”

Allegra stressed every single word as she was tapping Sabrina’s hard rock stomach that gurgled in response. “Oh, we are still hungry! I can fix that!”

She spoke with mock concern, then gestured to Ginevra who quickly picked up the boxes and hurried to the sofa.

“Ginny, our poor friend is literally starving, can you see it?” Allegra resumed her energetic rubbing, now using both hands. Sabrina felt a wave of pleasure running through her body and moaned softly. It is really arousing: I wish she would never stop.

“Do not complain, sugar, we are gonna help you!” Allegra had obviously misunderstood Sabrina’s groan.

“Now, Ginny, let us feed this little greedy pig.” She gave a last hard slap on the overstuffed stomach in front of her and then reached for the first slice of pizza.

Ginevra promptly sat on Sabrina’s legs, preventing her from standing up, and beckoned the two remaining girls to come closer and enjoy the show. Allegra shoved the first slice of pizza in Sabrina’s mouth, chatting merrily with the redhead and forcing her to swallow. Sabrina was way too full to eat anything more, but her friend bent on her and whispered to her ear “Eat, bitch! Eat or you are going to be really sorry.”

She concluded her sentence poking Sabrina’s full belly in the most painful possible way. Sabrina nodded weakly her head and forced herself to chew the pizza: after all it was still tasty, albeit a little cold.

Allegra grabbed a second slice and forced it down Sabrina’s throat as well, while Ginevra sat firmly on her legs, pretending to be examining closely her own nails. Margerita and Chiara, not completely aware of what was happening, just sat on the rug, occasionally poking pinching and rubbing Sabrina’s swelling midriff.

The first pizza was gone, but the punishment was not going to end. Sabrina stopped fighting, closed her eyes and tried to focus on her mouth and her stomach. It somehow worked, as her muscles relaxed and she felt ready to eat a little more. Unknowingly, Margherita and Chiara were really helping her with all that teasing.

“Here, have something to drink before we restart.” Allegra ordered putting a can of coke to Sabrina’s lips and forcing her to swallow without breathing.

The drunken girls went on for about half an hour. Ginevra eventually fell aslept, still sitting on Sabrina and Margherita and Chiara quickly got bored of their game, trying to focus on the talk show still on TV (a chubby girl was being interviewed about the dangers of anorexia while she was stuffing her face with a mega sandwich). Only Allegra kept on force feeding her former friend, showing no sign of slowing down. She stopped only when her finger brushed the bottom of the fourth box; she shrugged, took the last can and poured it into Sabrina’s open mouth.

“Here we are!” she clapped her hands and stood up to admire her masterpiece.

Sabrina could not find anything to say. She was only vaguely aware that Ginevra had gotten up relieving the pressure on her legs. “Look, Ginny! Our hungry friend looks really well fed!”

Allegra slowly stroked Sabrina’s belly, that now looked like that of a pregnant woman ready to give birth any moment.

“Yeah, we all should be proud for saving this poor, skinny gal from starving!” She gave a last, hard slap to the round orb of flesh and then clapped her hands.

“And now...”

“Now, I am a little hungry, Ally,” said Ginny with a sleepy voice. “We have not had dinner tonight, yet. We only drunk with those guys and then your friend brought us some pizzas but...”

She pointed to Sabrina’s midsection.

“What are we going to eat now” she asked frowning. Chiara and Margherita awkwardly stood up and faced Allegra, trying to understand what was going on. Sabrina, still in her food induced stupor, could only smile. It was no secret that Allegra and Ginevra did not like very much each other, and now it looked like they were ready to argue about who was to blame.

“Now we are really going to starve, thanks to your stupid plan!” Three pairs of angry eyes watched Allegra and Sabrina’s smile went wider. I knew it!

“What is wrong with you?” hissed Allegra. Are you maybe angry only because you got dumped while I still have somebody to date?”

Her voice was literally dripping poison.

“You are only envious!” She spat tapping Ginevra’s chest with a pointed finger.

Ginevra tried to slap Allegra in the face, but she dodged quickly and the clumsy attack hit Chiara on the forehead. The small brunette fought back trying to tackle the attacker and soon the two girls were tightly embraced trying to overpower each other. Margerita, the shortest and heaviest of the trio, tried to separate them, but was only able to push them both on Allegra. The four girls fell on each other and started hitting furiously whoever was close enough.

Sabrina eventually found strength to put both feet on the floor. Rocking back and fort, she was eventually able to fall right on her knees. She waited for a while, enjoying the feeling of her obscenely swollen belly resting on her thighs, the put a hand on the small coffee table to stand up.

It took three attempts, but she eventually did it, even though she had to arch her back behind as her gravity center had shifted forward. Luckily her muscular legs were strong enough to carry her newfound bulk towards her bedroom. The fight was still going on as she left the room.

In the corridor, she looked at herself for the third time in the mirror. Her belly was sticking several inches before her, past her sizeable breasts. She tried to feel it and poke it in different places, but her finger would never sink past the first knuckle and her stomach was ready to complain gurgling out loud. Slowly, she made her way to her bedroom and fell on the bed, breathing heavily for the effort. The last thing she felt before falling asleep for the second time was the immense pleasure given her by massaging with both hands her taut midsection.

(continued in post four of this thread)

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Excellent start, can't wait to read more.
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Borghen has said some nice things

Originally Posted by slurpeekell12 View Post
Excellent start, can't wait to read more.
I already know how to continue, but it is going to take me a while.
Thanks for the praising.
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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!


The warm sunlight of the late morning awoke Sabrina only ten hours later. The bloated redhead had been sleeping like a lump, thanks mainly to the huge amount of both food and alcoholic drink overfilling her stomach. The girl stretched her arms and legs without opening her eyes, then took a deep breath savoring the salty air that entered through the open window.

What a weird dream, she thought smiling, Allegra and my other girlfriends first leave me alone, then do THAT to me. I must be really crazy!

She opened her eyes and admired for a minute the beautiful blue sky with only a few occasional clouds carried around by the fresh breeze. It was the perfect day to have a nice tan on the beach and she could not really wait. Sabrina took another deep breath, then tried sat up quickly. Well, she was not that quick and, to say the truth, she was not even able to sit, as she fell immediately backwards.

It was like something on her torso was pinning her on the bed. She ran her hands on her nearly naked body and found out that it was not something ON HER belly, but rather HER belly. Sabrina’s gut had slowly deflated as she slept, but was still convex rather than flat, as she had not completely digested her previous night’s binge.

My dream has maybe come true? she asked herself lifting her head to look past her breast.

Ok, so it was not a dream after all, she realized, noticing her still distended midsection.

Sabrina put both feet on the floor and found herself sitting on the edge of the bed, her gut still sticking noticeably in front of her. Trying not to look at it, she stood and headed for the bathroom. When she entered the corridor she looked towards the living room, but could only see a corner of the carpet and hear the TV still on. The girls were not in sight.

I’ll look for them later, she reflected. Now I absolutely need to get a good shower.

She was right, as her pale skin was still covered with leftovers and crumbs from the previous night. Sabrina entered the bathroom, avoiding purposefully looking in the mirror and quickly dropped her bra and panties. She opened the water faucet and stepped into the shower. The warm water helped her to clear her head and washed away all the food that was encrusting her body. The redhead closed her eyes and swiftly massaged her long auburn hair.

Her hands slowly crept down to her shoulders, tickled her erect nipples and eventually ended stroking her belly. It was a heavenly feeling, combined with the soothing action of the warm water; her flesh was not as taut and firm as it had been the night before, but was still somewhat firm. Sabrina slid a hand under her gut to lift it slightly and then the other hand reached for her intimate parts, moving slowly through her copper colored pubic hair.

No, it’s not time yet... she thought, restraining herself with a considerable effort.

The pretty girl turned off the shower and stepped out of the cabin, soaking water on the floor. Feeling really better, she boldly stepped in front of the mirror and looked at her nude body. Had she been more proficient in Renaissance art, she could have compared her reflection with the famous Venus of Botticelli, the beautiful fresco held at the Uffizi Museum in Florence.

She had the same auburn hair, the same naive smile... and the same bulging belly. After a few seconds, Sabrina decided that she looked decent enough, despite her swollen midriff. The girl grabbed a towel, dried off and dropped it on the floor beside her underwear, before returning nude to her room.

Back in the bedroom, she pondered on what to do next. She did not feel like facing her (former) friends and, beside, she had not gone to the beach, yet; it was obvious for her that she had to exit as soon as possible. Her suitcase was still under the bed, where she left it last afternoon, after arriving; she bent with some difficulty and pulled it out.

After opening it, she quickly reached inside and looked for something to wear. In the end she found a nice light blue bikini bathing suit, a set of pareo wraparound sarong and a matching sleeveless t-shirt made of very thin fabric and a pair of sandals. The skirt had to be tied right below the waistline and the shirt would not go all the way down to her navel, but she did not really care.

She exited the room again and walked happily to the living room. Unsurprisingly, she found her four friends still on the floor, but she could not tell if they were just asleep or if they had passed out. Margherita was lying down behind the sofa, crushing the much smaller Chiara under her weight; the slim brunette was having some difficult breathing and her face was paler than usual.

Should I revive her? Sabrina asked herself. No, I suppose not. After all, she is still alive after a few hours, and one of them will eventually wake up.

She shrugged and moved on.

Next she found Ginevra: she had fallen on the small table in front of the TV and her bruised forehead still carried the sign. Allegra was not very distant and was by far the one in the worst conditions. One of her eyes was swollen and blue, she had a fat lip and some dry blood under her nose. Apparently, all three girls had eventually teamed up against the fourth one, beating her badly.

Sabrina was still admiring Allegra’s bruised face when the doorbell rang. The redhead went to open the front door and looked at the visitor. He was tall, a little more than 6’, with shoulder length dark hair and a lean but somewhat muscular frame, probably somewhere around 190 pounds. He did not look like a man coming from the beach, as he was wearing a shirt, jeans and a pair of leather shoes, all in black.

“Good morning,” he greeted her politely extending his hand with a smile. “My name is Adriano and I am here to see Allegra. Does she live here?”

His voice was low, but he was not muttering.

“Hello, I'm Sabrina!” She smiled broadly, answering less formally to his introduction. “It’s a pleasure to meet you!”

Her smile went wider as she admired his perfect white teeth. “Yes, Allegra lives here. But she is... well... you know, those things.”

This hunk must be Allegra’s date, she thought remembering that only one of her friends had not been dumped the night before. He’s come here to pick her up.

Adriano’s smile became more hesitant as he nodded slightly. “Yes... I mean, no.”

The tall visitor leaned slightly forward with a puzzled expression. “Is she...? No, maybe... Forgive me, but I do not really understand.”

A part of his brain was clearly trying to understand the meaning of Sabrina’s words, another part was busy examining her full bosom and her round belly.

“What’s wrong with Allegra?” he eventually asked.

“Well, let’s put it this way: Allegra cannot see you right now and, even if she could, you would not be very happy about it.” Sabrina flashed him her own perfect smile and lowered both hands to cover her midriff, feeling suddenly self conscious about it.

“By the way, I have nothing to do and so...”

Adriano’s puzzled expression turned into a knowing smile. “I see, I see. She must be surely so busy and so let you with the task of telling me all.”

He shrugged looking at her beautiful freckled face, then continued....

“Well, since I have a free day...”

But he never finished the sentence.

“Wha-what’s happening?” Allegra’s high-pitched voice interrupted him.

“Who’s there? Sabrina?”

The girl was sitting up holding her head in her hands and moaning for the obvious pain.

“Oh, my head...” She complained loud.

“Allegra?” Adriano stood on the tip of his toes and looked past Sabrina’s shoulder.

“Is that you?” He was narrowing his eyes to see in the dark room.

Blast it! She woke up too early! Sabrina cursed her bad luck. It’s not fair!

Allegra stood up awkwardly, took a tentative step towards the door and fell flat on her face.

“Whaat! I cannot walk!” she hissed a curse and started crawling towards Sabrina.

“I told you she wasn’t fine!” Sabrina explained to the guy who was still trying to see in the darkness of the living room.

“She’s been having these problems!” The redhead moved a step closer towards the guy, brushing her belly against his crotch and putting both hands on his shoulders. “We’d better be going now!”

“Nobody is going anywhere!” shrieked Allegra, who had managed to pull herself to her feet and was standing up right behind Sabrina.

I am going wherever I want and there is nothing you can do about it, thought Sabrina defiantly, without losing her smile. Now I am showing you how it feels to be abandoned all alone.

The tall guy had only met the girl the night before and was a little scared, seeing her in such a bad shape. He took a step backwards towards the apparent safety of daylight and Sabrina followed him. When both were outside, the redhead kicked with her heel the door that shut quickly, slamming it into Allegra’s face. They heard her crying in pain and falling back to the floor.

“Well,” Sabrina said trying to pretend that nothing had happened, “shall we go?”

With a slight nudge, she directed the guy to the street and started walking with him towards his car, a small battered FIAT Panda that had clearly seen better days. He turned just once to look at the closed door, then shrugged and moved along with Sabrina: after all he had come to date a pretty girl and a pretty girl he was dating right then. This was going to be a great day.

“By the way,” he said after a while, “is there anything you were going to do today?”

Sabrina chuckled seeing how formal and polite Adriano was. “Nothing really, let us go for a ride and stop whenever we want. Something will come to my mind eventually!”

Adriano nodded her head, not fully convinced and the two entered his car. After two failed attempts, he managed to start the engine and they moved on. Not knowing really what to say, he started some idle conversation with Sabrina, who was stroking absentmindedly her midsection and looking out of the window.

It turned out that her date was a college student who happened to work in the neighborhood to pay his scholarship. He started boasting about his good wages, about how rich he was and Sabrina started to find him boring. He was a handsome guy, and the thought of stealing him away from that bitch Allegra made him even more alluring, but he looked far too focused on his money to be really a bright talker. And with such a battered car how wealthy was he really?

He is really weird, she reflected, let us see if his wallet is as big as he brags.

“I’m hungry and I had no breakfast this morning:” she interrupted the flow of his speech patting the little bump in her belly. “Why don’t we stop and have something?”

She caught the glimpse of what looked a nice restaurant near the sea shore. “There, for instance.”

Adriano was a little surprised hearing her speak after nearly twenty minutes of silence.

“Why not?” He answered. “Some breakfast won’t hurt at all and I’m somewhat hungry, too.”

He pulled over in a free parking and jumped out of his car. Then he opened the passenger’s door and gallantly helped Sabrina out. She smiled at him and they entered the restaurant.

The place was not really an upper class restaurant, it was rather a cheap family-run business, one of the many built on the west coast during the economic boom in the late sixties. The main room was nearly empty and a skinny waitress with a few piercings on her sharp face and an absurd pink-and-purple hairdo, seated them near the window. The gal came back a little later with a menu.

“Well,” Sabrina started biting her lip, “I think I will have a nice plate of Spaghetti allo Scoglio as a first course, then some Fritto Misto di Mare and eventually a good Tiramisu.”

“These courses are meant to be for two people,” the waitress frowned. “In fact usually our patrons tend to split them.”

She looked quizzically at the two teenagers sitting at the table.

“Listen, I am really hungry and my friend here,” she gestured towards Adriano who was still browsing the menu, “has promised to offer me something to eat: something substantial. And, please, bring us some good white wine, too.”

Now you will show me if you are really willing to spend your hard-earned money, she thought smiling.

Adriano thought that she was smiling to him rather than of him and so smiled back. He quickly ordered some Cacciucco (a typical plate made with a variety of mixed fishes) and sat back waiting.

The slim girl came back in less than ten minutes and put on the table two massive plates. Sabrina’s eyes went wide as she saw the huge mound of spaghetti covered with shrimps in front of her: it was truly a huge first course.

Oh well, she rationalized grabbing her fork and digging in, I am sure I can survive.

The two ate for a while and chatted pleasantly. Adriano, helped by a few glasses of wine, proved to have a good sense of humor and, despite his appearance was very kind and soft spoken. Sabrina, on the other hand, overcame her natural shyness and started praising him for his good looks, blushing sometimes.

When both had finished working, the waitress appeared from the kitchen and set the plate of fried shrimps right before Sabrina. Then, without saying a word, she retreated back.

“It is really much,” the redhead said. “Do you want some?”

Adriano shook his head. “No, not really, That is just what you asked for, so go ahead.”

A crooked grin appeared on his pale face as Sabrina made a pained expression. “It looks so good...”

Sabrina took a bite and found out that the latter statement was really true. With renewed determination she ate all her second course, taking just a few breaks to sip some wine while Adriano sat back drinking from his own glass and looking really amused. When the plate was empty, Sabrina felt really full. She surreptitiously slid a hand under the table and checked the size of her belly: it was sticking out a few inches and her tight shirt was slowly rising exposing an even larger portion of her flesh.

Man, I am really stuffed this time!

But then something happened. It felt like somebody had flipped a switch insider her: she still felt heavy and bloated but the sensation of fullness disappeared. Probably her last night’s binge had contributed to stretch her stomach’s muscles and she had increased her own capacity. Thus, when dessert came, Sabrina was already holding her spoon.

“Take it easy, there is no hurry.” Adriano tried to warn her as she was ravenously devouring the Tiramisu. “It might hurt you...!

“Nonsense.” Sabrina dropped the small spoon in the empty bowl and sat back stifling a belch.

“Cin cin,” she added raising her glass and drinking all the remaining wine.

This serves you right, she thought when the waitress came with the check, I hope I ate much to dig a nice hole in your savings.

Adriano, to say the truth, paid a fifty Euros check without complaining and then stood up, offering his arm to Sabrina. She politely refused and somehow managed to heave her stuffed body from the chair. Then she slowly walked towards the exit, brushing her bloated belly in the waitress’ bony hips. The young girl looked at her in disbelief and went back to the kitchen shaking her head.

Sabrina came out of the restaurant, Adriano right behind her, and felt a little disappointed. Her plan to upset her date had backfired: he had paid a huge check as it meant nothing to him and she had ended up with a bloated belly for the rest of the afternoon, to say the least. Frustrated, she took a step towards the street... not aware of the stairway on whose edge she was standing.

“Watch out!” Adriano yelled grabbing her arm and pulling her back.

“You were just going to fall down.” He gestured towards the steps, still holding her with the other arm. “Didn’t you see the stairs?”

If you had a bloated belly like mine, she reflected sarcastically to herself, you would probably have some difficulties seeing your own shoes, let alone some steps right in front of you.

“Thanks,” she said eventually, “you are very sweet.”

It was an awkward situation and she felt safe in his arms.

“Why don’t we go for a walk on the beach?” she then proposed, even though she did not feel like walking too much.

He agreed and they strolled on the sidewalk near the sea shore. It was a very beautiful day and the walked holding hands without saying a word for a while. After some minutes, Sabrina felt tired and asked him to sit on a bench.

“That feels better,” she huffed after sitting, “I was getting exhausted.”

She leaned back, trying not to stare at her midsection that she knew looked huge and felt even bigger.

“Well,” Adriano said, made bolder by the wine he had drunk, “you surely carry around some weight.”

He nodded towards her belly, then, suddenly aware, apologized. “I’m... I’m sorry. I mean, I appreciate girls with some appetite and...”

Sabrina just smiled. “Calm down, it’s fine! I’m perfectly aware that I just overate, even though it is something I do not usually do, but I really can’t do anything about it.”

She explained lowering her voice. “To say the truth, you looked so proud of your money, of your wealth, that I felt like teaching you a lesson.”

She patted lightly her midriff. “But it looks like that you ended with the upper hand.”

“What kind of lesson are you talking about?” he asked with a puzzled face.

“Well, I decided to eat as much as possible to have you pay a huge check. “ Sabrina did not dare to look into his dark eyes.

“But my plan backfired for the second time,” she added with a mocking concern on her face.

“I see! You wanted me to spend...” he started laughingly, then abruptly asked. “What do you mean with ‘second time’?”

The girl felt nervous, as her previous night experience was rather embarrassing for her. She felt that Adriano was a nice guy, but nobody could tell how he would react knowing the truth. It was hard to decide.

“Well,” she started without looking straight in his dark eyes, “whether you believe it or not...”

Sabrina took a deep breath and told him everything that had happened since her arrival less than twenty-four hours earlier. Her friends dumping him, her clumsy scheme, their wicked revenge and the final fight among them all. Adriano listened politely, just asking a few questions, then laughed out loud. At the beginning she was not sure about revealing all, as it was too embarrassing for her, but Adriano seemed really interested and she was made bolder by the wine she had just drunk.

“I think it’s a great story,” he commented once she had finished. “I would never believe it, though, before seeing you.”

He slowly stroked her gut.

“Now, I’m a believer,” he added quoting the Smash Mouth.

Sabrina had again that warm feeling when Adriano’s hands rubbed her taut flesh.

“Don’t stop, please,” she could only whisper, trying not to shake for the pleasure.

“It feels so good!” she added blushing.

Adriano slid closer and kept on massaging her swollen midsection, moving both hands in slow circular motions. She purred softly, closed her eyes and rested her head on his shoulder. They remained like that for about half an hour.

“It feels better,” Sabrina eventually said sitting up straight, “why don’t we walk a little bit more?”

Adriano agreed and helped her up. Her felt somehow fascinated with her body: she was a lean and slim girl with a huge pregnant-like belly. For some unknown reason, he found her the sexiest thing on earth.

"I enjoy your appetite," he remarked.

“I tell you what,” Sabrina said as they strolled along, “I think I can hold something more.”

She pointed one of the many small stands on the beach. “Why don’t we have something at any of those kiosks before going back to the car?”

Without waiting for an answer, she walked slowly towards the closest stand.

The rest of the afternoon passed quickly in some sort of slow binge. The two lovebirds would walk from a kiosk to the other and Sabrina would often have a quick snack: once it was a juicy slice of watermelon with a glass of beer, another it was a sandwich with a fresh coke, next it was an ice cream cone and some fruit juice. People were not making rude comments, as they essentially thought she was some young pregnant lady eating for two with her loving husband nearby. The sun was very low on the red sea, when they were back to the car.

“Now I am really full.” was the first thing Sabrina said after dropping on the passenger’s seat.

“I think it’s time to go home,” she murmured with a sleepy voice.

Adriano admired her for a while. Saying that she was simply “full” would have been a clear understatement: she was literally overstuffed! Her t-shirt had rolled up right below her breast and her growing belly had pushed downwards the small skirt she was wearing. He knelt beside Sabrina, helped her to sit more comfortably and entered his car on the other side.

“Yes ma’am!” he exclaimed starting the engine. “Returning to Head Quarters right now!”

Adriano drove silently his car, as Sabina laid in the passenger seat, enjoying her stuffed stupor. She had been forced to recline the car's seat a littler and fastening her security belt had proven quite a difficult task. The engine sound did not conceal entirely the slow rumble of her digesting stomach. After a few minutes they were back to her place, but something was wrong: there were no cars at all parked in the neighborhood.

“Wait, where’s everybody gone?” Adriano asked frowning as he pulled over to the sidewalk. “This morning there were a lot of cars in the streets!”

“It is the last Saturday of the month.” Sabrina answered without opening her eyes. “It is most likely that they are cleaning the streets tonight and people cannot park after midnight.”

She turned her head to the left and opened her green eyes. “Drop me here.”

“Do you... do you want me to leave?” he asked in a low tone. “I... I assumed that we could, well, spend some more time together.”

His grip tightened on the steering wheel as his knuckles went white.

“Don’t be silly!” the redhead smiled flashing him his white teeth. “Drop me here, then park a few blocks away and then join me!”

She patted her distended midsection. “I don’t think I could walk much more right now.”

Her belly rumbled, as if it had just agreed with her. “See you later!”

Sabrina, still smiling, opened the door and undid her security belt. She turned to the left, then put both feet on the sidewalk. Afterwords, she took a deep breath, put both hands on the door frame and eventually heaved herself out of the car. She stood for almost a minute, trying to catch her breath, then waved goodbye to Adriano who drove promptly away and headed for the door.

“Hello? Is anybody in?” she asked as she stepped in the dark hallway without closing the door behind her back. “It’s me!”

A dim light was coming from the living room. Sabrina took a few steps and stopped just at the edge of the shadow. Her four girlfriends were laying on the sofa or on the carpet and looked all very suffering and distraught.

“Sabrina, is that you?” Ginevra’s head popped up. “Where have you been? We have really been starving today!”

“Yeah,” Chiara agreed, “we had nothing to eat, no means of transportation and all the neighborhood shops were closed for vacation.”

Her usually high pitched voice was very feeble. “We have been spending the entire day without any kind of food!”

Margherita said nothing but just rubbed her flabby paunch with a pained expression on her round face and Allegra grimly nodded her head.

“You nearly broke my nose this morning.” Her voice was different and she had clearly difficult speaking.

“We could forgive you, had you brought us some food...” her tone became expectant.

“Don’t talk me about eating anymore!” Sabrina complained stepping out of the shadows in the light of the living room.

“I couldn’t possibly take one more bite.” Her right hand thumped her grossly swollen gut for emphasis.

“I just need some time to digest it all,” she added in a happier tone, looking lovingly at the result of her massive binge.

The four girls stood up awkwardly and looked at her. Her belly had been swollen the previous night, but after one day it looked even fuller and rounder. Margherita, who had always been rather chubby, felt suddenly really thin in comparison.

Chiara, always quick witted, was the first who was able to ask a question.

“How much have you been eating, Sabrina? You are huge!” The petite brunette approached her bloated friend with a sense of awe.

“Well, I kind of lost track myself, to say the truth.” was the answer. “I only know that, after a while, it becomes addicting.”

She put both hands on the sides of her belly to check its size. “And, besides... Ouch! No, please! Don’t do that! It hurts!”

Chiara froze immediately. She had tried to poke Sabrina’s belly with her index finger, only to find out if it was really taut and firm as it looked, but even a small touch was proving to be far too painful for the stuffed redhead.

“Does it really hurt you?” Allegra inquired, her bruised faced twisted in a devilish grin. “Maybe it’s going to hurt you even more after we...”

“After what?” A stern voice interrupted her. Adriano stepped beside his girlfriend and looked down to Allegra.

“You look tired. Follow my example and go to bed,” Sabrina said.

He slid his arm around Sabrina thickening waistline, keeping his left hand hidden behind his own back, and shot the other girls a defiant look.

“We’d better be going, now, goodnight everybody!” ” added the redhead with a cheerful tone.

The couple walked quickly towards the bedroom, leaving four dumbfounded young ladies behind.

“Wait a minute, big guy!” Ginevra grabbed him by the arm. “Where do you think you are going?”

“Yeah,” the quick-witted Chiara was ready to add, “we don’t care about what you do out of here, but this is our place and you’d better respect us! You cannot just walk by and enter the bedroom without our permission!”

Adriano, suddenly confronted by the four angry girls felt a little puzzled. He turned to Sabrina in a silent request of help, but she was not really able to give any. He brushed his chin, trying to think a way to get rid of those annoying young ladies.

“Well, after all I think you are right.” He shrugged looking down to Chiara. “What if I offered you a nice dinner. Wouldn’t it be nice, right?”

He reached in his pocket and grabbed his wallet. Fifty Euros were immediately handed to a surprised Chiara who was ready to accept.

“Ok, have whatever you want and... well... enjoy!” He tried to sound happy and inspiring.

The three girls all looked above Chiara’s shoulder to see if the banknote was real or not. Both Margherita and Ginevra looked satisfied, but Allegra had to complain, as usual.

“The closest restaurant is too far away,” she whined, “how are we supposed to get there before it closes? Do you think...?”

She was interrupted by Adriano who tossed her the keys of his car with an annoyed expression.

“There’s a black Panda Fiat parked two blocks away, right beside the newsstand. Take it and go wherever you want, but don't come back until tomorrow, ok?”

It was enough. The four girls hurried to the door and exited the house without thinking twice.

“I would like to see again my car, but who knows? I do not dare do too much hoping,” he muttered shaking his head.

“Well, it looks like we can eventually go, now.” He turned to the bloated Sabrina and headed for the corridor.

As the door was shut Sabrina took a deep breath and headed for the bed, while Adriano was still standing near the wall. She took off the flimsy shirt and untied her skirt. Her clothes fell on the floor (it was really becoming a bad habit) and she sat heavily on the bed; with a grunt she fell backwards and laid for a while, then she beckoned her boyfriend to come closer.

“It was about time!” Adriano walked towards her and showed what he had been concealing behind his back all the time.

“Surprise!” It was a big box of chocolate, heart shaped and wrapped in a red ribbon.

“These were supposed to be for Allegra, but she has been a bad girl, so...”

He jumped on the bed and landed right beside Sabrina, admiring her distended midsection in the pale moonlight. The bed was rather small and there was not so much room, considering that neither teenager had a small frame. After a little pondering, Adriano resolved to put the box right on top of Sabrina’s belly; the young lady bit her lip feeling the pressure, but said nothing.

“And now,” Adriano whispered leaning on his left elbow and opening the box with the free hand, “let the party begin!”

Sabrina only closed her eyes, opened her mouth and slowly ate the tasty treats her lover was slowly feeding her. It took ten minutes to empty the box, then Adriano tossed the empty container away and slowly stroked Sabrina’s huge belly, looking straight into her emerald almond shaped eyes.

She slowly lifted a hand and undid the top button of his shirt, then the second and then the third. Her slim fingers brushed the thick hair covering his firm pectorals, running down to his trim abdomen. He shivered and started tickling her nipples, clearly erected through the bikini fabric.

“I want you,” she whispered.

He did not answer. He just leaned forward and kissed her lips. She kissed him back and they said nothing more that night.

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Browniestuff has said some nice things

This is a pretty solid story. Though you seem to have trouble with some verbs, that is easily fixed.
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Originally Posted by Browniestuff View Post
This is a pretty solid story. Though you seem to have trouble with some verbs, that is easily fixed.
I do not think so. I am Italian and I am already doing my best to write correctly. The first part has been edited by Observer and I thought he was going to do the same with the second one.
Now I am going to ask him if he can edit the second installment, too. I do not think I can do it all on my own: I need much practice.
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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!

OK, I went through and did what seemed needful with the verbs. Enjoy.
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Originally Posted by Observer View Post
OK, I went through and did what seemed needful with the verbs. Enjoy.
Thank you very much!
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