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Default Mutual Attraction - by Ned_Fox (~BBW/~BHM, Stuffing, Romance, ~SWG )

~BBW/~BHM, stuffing, romance, ~SWG - one of our authors describes how he met the girl of his dreams

Mutual Attraction
by Ned_Fox

Carol and Sally were sitting by the pool at their condo complex. They were both quite slim, worked out a lot to stay that way too. They were waiting for the “new girl”, who just bought one of the units in their building to come down and lie out with them.

“When did Ann say she was coming down?” asked Sally.

“Around one o’clock,” replied Carol.

“She said she wanted to have lunch first,” she continued.

Sally giggled. “From what I've seen of her, she doesn’t need any more lunch.”

“That’s not all her fault,” replied Carol. “She was in a relationship with this really hot guy, I know him, but he is kinda weird. He actually made her gain weight for him! She told me he really got turned on when he watched her eat!”

“OOH, that’s gross!” shrieked Sally. “Why didn’t she leave him the first time he tried to make her eat too much?”

“Well this is where it gets even weirder.” Carol started, “Ann told me she really didn’t mine gaining weight and over eating, she said it turned her on too!”

“That is weird!” exclaimed Sally. “So why didn’t she just stay with this guy and let him fatten her up?”

“She told me she wanted him to get fat for her!” replied Carol. "But he wouldn't go along."

“Boy there are some weird people out there!” remarked Sally. “Is she seeing anybody now?”

“No she’s not, she seems a little lonely and I think she is someone who really wants a relationship,” answered Carol.

“Well this is just a thought, but you know that kinda of chubby guy who lives in building number four, you know the one who always wears the “Speedos?” questioned Sally.

“Oh yeah, I have met him a couple of times, he is cute, but you’re right he is a bit fat. So what!” replied Carol.

“I know him, his name is Ned Fox, he is some sort of writer that’s why he is always around. He dated one of my friends, she moved away last year. But she really liked him but he is really into fat chicks she told me. She was a real plumper when she was dating Ned, they always went out to eat and he cooked all the time for her. But she started to worry about getting really, really fat if she stayed with him, so she decided to take a job in Chicago.”

“So what is your point, Sally?” asked Carol.

“If he is out here today, I want to introduce him to Ann! I just know they would be perfect of each other, they are both into being fat!” giggled Sally.

“Well I don’t know, Sally, he is kinda cute you know.” replied Carol, pondering.

“On come on, Carol. Ned won’t date you. You don’t want to get fat do you?” asked Sally.

“Yeah, that’s true I work to hard to keep this body,” replied Carol, running her hand over her flat tummy.

Just then a perky voice said, “Hi ladies, I am sorry I am late. I got into lunch a little to much!”

Sally and Carol looked up. It wasAnn. She was only five two, but weighed nearly one forty, a result of her last relationship. She was “dressed” in a very tight black nylon bikini panty with a matching halter type bra. Her tummy was noticeably bloated and the panty was creating rolls of fat at the leg openings and around her ample waist.

Even though she had recently gained weight, her breasts were modest and still perky. She had a start to a double chin, but she was very pretty in a cute way. She had shoulder length dark hair and blue eyes, and light creamy complexion.

“Hi Ann,” gushed Carol, “We saved you a chaise to lie out with us, please sit down!”

“Oh thank you for including me. Sorry I am late. I just get so hungry around meal times. My ex, Steve always wanted to out to eat for almost every meal, it has had quite an effect on my figure,” giggled Ann.

Sally and Carol, just politely smiled at Ann obvious reference to her present weight.

They chatted for a while and sipped ice tea. Sally broached the subject of whether Ann would like to meet one of the guys who lives in the complex.

She giggled, but patted her pkump tummy. “I would love to, but do you think he will mind this? You guys are so buff, I am afraid any of your friends would think I am some sort of piggy!”

“Oh Ann you are so cute, don’t say things like that!” admonished Carol. “This is an ex of one of Sally’s friends who moved away a couple of months ago, he is really cute too.”

“I’m sorry Carol. I didn’t mean to be cynical. I know I have gained a lot of weight lately and I know a lot of guys are not into heavier girls.”, replied Ann sheepishly. “You know, I kinda of like chunky guys, so if your friend is on the heavy side, I might be the girl!”

Just then Sally spotted Ned Fox coming into the pool area. He was wearing his trade mark (too tight) black nylon Speedo with a too tight shirt riding up on a still modest paunch.

Sally waved. Ned looked over at her, thinking, “I wonder what miss skinny wants, she was a friend of Jane’s, though I should at least say hi.”

Ned started toward their side of the pool enclosure. Then he spotted Ann, thinking, “Oh my, who is that little vision next to Carol, OH MY WORD, she is so HOT!”

Ann looked toward the guy Sally was waving at. She saw Ned start to come toward them, she almost gasped out loud, “WOW, that guy is so HOT! He is actually wearing a Speedo and he’s FAT!! That bikini barely contains his butt, it looks like it is going to escape any minute! That’s her FRIEND?”

Ned came up to the girls, all the time staring at Ann. Sally said, “Oh Ned, I would like you to meet our friend Ann, she just moved in a week or so ago. Ann this is Ned, Ned, Ann.”

Ned spoke first, “Ann it is so nice to meet you!”

Ann replied staring at Ned’s belly and butt crammed into his bikini brief, “Oh it is so nice to meet you too! Ned” stammered Ann.

“May I join you ladies?” asked Ned.

Ann blurted out, “Oh Yes please do, Ned sit here,”

She pointed at the vacant chaise next to her.

Ned lowered himself onto the chaise. Ann almost giggled hearing it creak under Ned’s weight. They started to chat right away. Talking and giggling about this and that. Ann asked what Ned did for a living. He replied that he was a free-lance writer for mostly men’s magazines.

Ann piped up that her ex used to subscribe to several men’s magazines and which ones did he write for.

Ned looked a little embarrassed.

“I have written or “Buff”, “Maxim”, “Playboy” and a couple of other specialty ones.” He replied.

Just then Ann’s eyes grew wide.

“Oh my, you are Ned Fox the writer! Oh I love your work Ned, I don’t know why I did not make the connection earlier! I am so embarrassed I love your stories so much, especially the “mutual” ones.” Said Ann, now blushing bright crimson.

Ann and Ned chatted away the afternoon. Ann was so giddy and excited, she eased her chaise closer and closer to Ned’s. She kept leaning over to talk to him showing off her modest cleavage at any opportunity. She also made sure she was sticking out her tummy as far as she could too!

Ned too was fascinated by this glorious vision of an adorable little plumper that had come into his life. He could not believe how lucky he was to find someone who obviously wanted to gain weight, but would encourage him to gain also and she loved his stories, no more trying to fatten up reluctant girl friends.

It was getting close to five. Ann patted her tummy, giggling, “I am getting hungry, Ned!”

Ned did not need any more encouragement! “Ann, why don’t we go out to dinner tonight?”

Ann giggled again, “I thought you would never ask! Ned, Yes, I would LOVE to go out to EAT!”

“Fifteen minutes!” said Ned. Ann smiled, standing up sticking out her tummy and rubbing it.

“I will be ready, building number two, unit 204.” She said in a low voice, looking into Ned’s eyes. He gave her a squeeze on her hand and headed to his unit to change for the most important date of his life. Ann to headed for her unit to plan to catch the man of her dreams!

Carol and Sally sat for a minute.

“What just happened?” asked Sally.

Carol looked at her, “I think you just made two people very, very happy!”

Sally giggled, “Do you think they will get married tonight?”

“That or get very, very FAT!” replied Carol.

Ann raced into her unit, stripping off her tight bikini and bra, and leapt into the shower. She toweled off, then started planning what to wear. She pulled out a tight lacy pair of panties and with a matching bra. No panty hose, to constraining and too warm too.

She thought, “I know, that tight little black dress with the waist band that ties under my boobs, perfect! I can’t wait. I am going to eat myself into oblivion tonight! Ned will be so impressed with my appetite! I hope he is a big eater, God I can’t weight to see I guy stuff himself in front of me!

Ned raced into his unit. He stripped off his speedo and right into the shower. He toweled off, got out his smallest bikini cut briefs and struggled into them. He got out a pair of polyester pants with a stretch waist band and a button shirt. Thinking, “I want be sure that Ann knows that I know how to EAT!”

Ned rushed down to his car. He started to think, “Where to, oh Iknow - easy, “The Hungry Farmer Buffet” we can eat for days in there!”

He drove over to Ann’s building, she was waiting him. Ned pulled up and started to get out to seat Ann, but she just hopped in.

“Ann I was going to get out and seat you properly,” protested Ned. Ann looked at Ned and smiled a wicked little smile, running her hands over her tummy.

“Ned I am really, really hungry tonight and I want to EAT!”

Ned thought, “Oh MY WORD, am I the luckiest guy in the world or what!"

He said, “Ann, baby, I know just the place, “The Hungry Farmer Buffet” we can totally binge out there!”

“Ned, HURRY!” Ann nearly shrieked.

Ned and Ann pulled up to the Hungry Farmer, they got out locked the car and nearly sprinted inside. Ned quickly paid the evening fee as Ann was tugging him toward the richest aisle in the buffet. They quickly loaded their trays with plates of only the richest and most fattening foods, they plopped themselves into a booth tucked in a corner and started to gorge!

One of the waitresses who new Ned from previous attempts to fatten up girl friends came over to their booth and said, “Well you two look very happy tonight! I will personally take care of you, no need to get up for anything just wave and I will bring your refills!”

Ned just nodded, he was already stuffing himself with spaghetti in a rich meat sauce, as Ann was shoveling in pasta in a white, creamy alfredo sauce.

The two were totally out of control, the more Ann watched Ned stuffing himself, the more she wanted to stuff herself. Ned could not pry his eyes off of Ann stuffing herself with the rich, rich food. The look of shear joy on her face as she chewed and swallowed bite after bite of rich glorious food was getting Ned so turned on too.

Ned and Ann had arrived at the buffet at five forty five. By ten, closing time, both Ann and Ned were stuffed, engorged, bloated, distended and never happier. They had been drinking wine and beers to maintain their edge all night, now giddy and a little drunk from the alcohol and rich, rich food, there was no way either could drive.

Ned struggled to get a business card out of a friend of his (also an FA) who owned a transportation/ambulance service. He arranged for a wheel chair car/van to pickup he and Ann and get them home.

Ann and Ned were quite a sight. The wait staff knew Ned from earlier forays into over eating and feeding. So they got the other patrons out before trying to help Ned and Ann out of their booth.

Ann’s tummy, now quite a belly, was lifting up her dress to reveal her tight, black bikini panties. She could not stand up she was so bloated with pounds of rich food. She sat back with her hands resting on her belly, smiling with a glazed look in her eyes.

Ned’s shirt had popped all but a couple of buttons, the waist band of the ploy trousers was now well below the massive bulge of his distended belly. He could stand, but barely, having to lean back to hold up is distended, swollen abdomen.

Ned’s friend, Joe, came personally with a couple of wheel chairs to get the engorged couple out of the buffet. They helped an engorged Ann into a chair and wheeled her out first. Then he came back for Ned and took him out.

“Ned, that Ann is a keeper there big guy what a hottie she is, her belly is to die for and she is so cute. Plus what a binger! I have never seen such a petite little gal gorge like that, she is awesome!” said Joe

Ned burped, “BUUUURRRP! Excuse me, whoa I am so stuffed, I wanted to marry her the second I laid eyes on her this afternoon! BUUURRRP!”

“Ned, do you mean to tell me that Ann did this on her first date!” asked Joe . All the engorged Ned could do was nod.

“Ned, you really need to marry this one right away, take a cruise for four or five weeks and you two get as fat as the broad side of a barn!”

Ned burped again, “BURRRP”, URP, HIC, “I know Joe, you don’t have to tell me what I have found here! URP, HIC, HIC, BUURRP.”

Ann was waiting in the van for her dream guy to be loaded in. She could not believe how awesome Ned’s belly was. This was the first time one her “boyfriends” had totally let go and gorged right along with her. She was so used to being fed or stuffed by a guy who would not binge or gorge for her.

Ann reached over and kneaded Ned’s belly fat as Joe drove them to Ned’s condo. Ned looked over at the glorious vision playing with his belly fat, “Ann you are so hot baby, I have never had a better date, ever than with you tonight!”

Ann gushed, “Ned I love to watch you eat! All my old boyfriends made me eat and eat, but they would never eat and get fat for me, I just love watching you stuff yourself for me, I just love it!”

Ned burped again, “BBBUUURRPP, HIC, URP, Ann I was get as fat as you want to me to baby, you can stuff me until I explode! BUURRRP, URP, HIC,HIC.”

When Joe got to the condo complex, he started to ask if Ann wanted to go to her place. Ann giggled patting her own massive belly, and then patting Ned huge belly, “I am not letting this out of my sight!”

“Okay then to Ned’s place it is.” Replied Joe. Fortunately Ned’s building had an elevator and it was late for anybody to be still up as Joe unloaded the engorged couple into Ned’s condo.

Ann and Ned managed to waddle/staggered into Ned’s bedroom and helped eat other remove ruined clothing torn from over-expanded bellies! They were so engorged that all they could do was snuggle that night.

The next morning after fooling around in Ned’s shower, Ann dressed in a pair of Ned’s sweats went over to her condo and got something more “comfortable” , some panties, t-shirt and some other clothes she “thought” she might still fit into.

Ned and Ann spent the weekend in total debauchery, gorging , bingeing , getting stuffed, pigging out, feeding each other as much food as they could cram into themselves.

On Monday, Ann called in sick. She new nothing would fit her, she had spent the whole weekend with Ned gorging. They were lying in Ned’s bed, dressed only in bikini underwear, there engorged bellies sticking up in the air. Food wrappers were all over the floor as well as filling the waster baskets. Ned patted Ann’s round belly.

“Honey did we just have the most fantastic weekend of our lives?” Ann poked Ned’s belly back.

“Ned, this was the most awesome and erotic experience of my life! I love to watch you stuff yourself, I can tell how much you enjoy just eating and eating, I get so turned on watching the belly get bigger and bigger all I can think of is whale riding you or stuffing myself until I burst!”

Ned looked at Ann, patting her belly and squeezing her now awesome bottom cheeks. “Ann I have always loved to watch women/girls stuff themselves, but I have never seen anyone who enjoys it more than you. I get so turned on watching you eat, I want to jump you, even though with these bellies we have grown we would fall off of each other,(they both laughed at the thought) or eat until I explode.”

Ann and Ned had spent the time they were recovering from stuffing themselves talking, the more they talked the more each realized the other was the one for them!

While Ned and Ann were waddling around cleaning up the huge mess they had made of Ned’s condo during their binge. They both turned to each other, bumping their bellies together, giggling, “Marry Me”!

That night, they hired Joe to drive them from eatery to eatery binging on the city’s finest and richest foods, gorging themselves in celebration of their engagement.

Needless to say their bodies ballooned under the on slot of the rich and fattening foods.

Ann and Ned after they became engaged went out to the pool. Both had substantially gained weight, but they insisted that each other continue to wear bikinis. They waddled over to where Sally and Carol were lying sunning themselves.

“Hey guys” said Ann. Sally and Carol looked, their jaws dropping at the sight before them! Ned and Ann were huge, they had both gained dozens of pounds with the mutual bingeing. Ned looked like he was pregnant, his huge beer gut bulged out in front of him. His huge bottom barely contained in a size forty-four Speedo brief bikini. This of course drove Ann wild. Ann to now looked like she was going to deliver triplets any minute, she had a large round belly bulging out, well past her still pert and modest boobs. Her bottom filled and ran over her bikini panty with creamy love handles and soft rolls flowing out.

Ann burped, “Burp, oh sorry,” (blushing) “I wanted to thank you both for introducing us! As you can see we are quite a match. (patting her huge belly and poking Ned’s) We are getting married in three weeks, and moving out to a house in the country. So we wanted to thank you, of course you will be invited to the wedding.”

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