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Soluzar has said some nice things

I know this thread has already gone on a long time, but since I'm a long-term lurker and new at posting I wanted to add that I am an FA from the UK. I don't even consider myself to be in the closet anymore, most of my friends know that I like girls to be heavy.

I'm involved in a long-term relationship with a beautiful huge lady.
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Default Scottish BBW events - did any happen?

I read through every page of this thread but unfortunately the vast majority of it is 4 years out of date! I am a Scottish FA and Ive posted in a number of threads on here about the lack of BBW events up here in Scotland and about trying to organise something. I saw the posts from Mergirl and Ruby Ripples (you 2 appear to be the only Scottish-based folk who have posted on this thread), can I ask you 2 was a Scottish BBW event ever organised? Did the one planned for Dumfries ever go ahead? Also I agree with you two and I have made this point a few times myself, it would make much more sense to hold any Scottish BBW events in either Glasgow or Edinburgh. If I could do anything to help make a Scottish BBW event a reality, I would be delighted to assist. Any thoughts?
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