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Default Virtue Mafia: Take My Advice - by Irish Bard (~BBW (Mult), Magic, Transf. ~XWG)

~BBW, (Multiple), Magic, Transformation, ~XWG - A venal talk show host refuses to repent of countless harm

(Author's Note about the Virtue Mafia: the heavenly Virtues are people, and able to interact with others, in the form of highly trained assassins. Some people might be chosen as a Virtues Don, and be able to control them and use their powers for good. This is also a mental note to stop reading Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Oh, I have a personal hatred of Talk-shows, all it really does in inflate an ego that is not worth inflating, and thus this story...)

Virtue Mafia: Take My Advice
by Irish Bard

"And I hope that teaches you something, young lady, that you should always respect those who are older and better than you!"

The crowd went wild at this as Kali Urha-Adams was hauled off the stage by the security guards, still seething at the rant that she had gotten for her troubles.

"Sit here, Miss; Your parents will be coming to pick you up soon."

The security guard turned around and moved to the door, as Damsin Banks strutted around the stage, receiving the acolade that she got at poor Kali's expense.

Kali was indian, but also quiet chubby, as her mother made a lot of food (she kept on forgetting she was only cooking now for two, now that Kali's brother Dhakin had left for university). She was actually very attractive, and had been out with a number of guys, who always seemed to love her for being her, attractive, friendly, well-meaning, and intelligent, but lacking in confidence some what.

There was also Vera Nite, her senior by a year and school bitch, who had much less attention, who sought to make Kali's life as miswerable as possible. Because of this
Kali had been brought to Damsin Banks show "Take my advice with DAMSIN BANKS,"

Vera had not only offended Kali as an Indian woman, but also plagarised her work in math in order for her to pass the coursework, and then accused Kali for cheating. Kali had protested, Vera had calmly replied that they go on talkshow to sort it out. Kali, in a fit of rage, had accepted, only to come and to be greeted with six times as much grief from Damsin.

Not only had Damsin sided with Vera through out the entire show, but had rigged video evidence to show Kali as a bully. Damsin's prejudice toward fat and anyone who was fat relished picking apart Kali for all her "faults", her large breasts, her love handles, her wobbly belly, calling her obscene and disgusting. Kali sat and fumed, watching what happened on screen.

Damsin had dispatched yet another social crawler back to wherever she came from.

"Good," she had thought, "don't want people like her ruining my spotlight."

If Damsin's guilty pleasure was to make fun of fat people, then she would be receiving one way ticket from the devil to hell any time soon. Damsin's catchphrase "Take my advice, fat ass," had become synomous with the show, and thus, Damsin was sleeping every night on a metiphorical pile of money. She took on only guests who were overweight, only so she could ridicule them in public, and if they didn't crumble into tears on set, then a few days later, after all the attention back at home, they'll crumble. Did she solve problems? No, but that's what made her money.

"OK, can we have our next question?"

"When are you going to tell them, sweet damsin, of our little agreement!"

Damsin froze, and dropped the mike. Her slender body went rigid, her blonde hair stood on end, her lips went dry.

"Piccole?" she whispered, no, it couldn't be, not now, not after so long!

"Yes, my dear, it is I, Piccole."

"Where are you... I can't see you!"

"I am everywhere, and nowhere. I am inside your head, under your skin, on your stage, behind your audience, infront of your studio, over your head, outside your world."

"Stop speaking in riddles and show yourself!"

Kali sprang through the door, "What's going on?"

"You did this!" Snarled Damsin, pointing at Kali, "You brought him here, you did it!"


"No, my Dear damsin" said a deep, hypnotic voice, "I didn't wish to inhabit such a girl. she has no hatred in her heart."

"You must have, Studio cut, Cut!"

"They will not listen to you, they cannot see, hear or feel you, you are gone from their eyes!"

Kali now was hearing the voice as well.

"What are you?" muttered Kali.

A purple mist began to gather in the centre of the stage, a tall, imposing shape uncoiled itself from the centre. it's handsome face turned to Kali, his purple skin creasing in a smile.

"My dear Kali, I am Piccole, a mere servant to human masters, a creature that feeds off hatred, to be rid of it, for that is my purpose created by the almighty. I am pentance, forgiveness and Karma given a human form."

He turned to Damsin "I made a pact with sweet Damsin not to long ago, that she spread as much hatred for me to feed off as she could, and I would spare her form all the damage she caused through her life. It's now time for me to feed on that hatred."

"How...?" asked Kali; Damsin had by this time collapsed on the floor with a scream.

"By turning all that hatred that she has caused into the thing that she hates most! I had a little appetiser not to long ago... her she comes now."

Vera staggered through, unaccostumed to the added weight. Kali had never seen so much of one person before, her belly was out four feet infront of her, her ass had now gotten stuck in the doorway, her once perky breast now drooped towards the floor, her face now fattened, triple chinned, her limp brown hair greasy and her once expensive clothes had now been turned into cheap knock-offs that could be brought at the local mart. and yet, Vera was smiling about it, a blissful, serene smile.


"She's forgiven both herself and everyone around her, and likewise, they have forgiven her. She has no perch in order to look down on, and now lives her life as someone she would usually detest, but now, is as accepting as everyone."

Piccole turned to Damsin, "Take my advice, forgive some of the people who you hate and apologise to those you have hurt. Vera hurt a total of 25 people, and she has gained 250lbs, you have hurt well over a thousand people, so this is your last chance to make amends..."

Damsin shook her head.

"Very well."

The authorities later pulled the massive body of Damsin out of the studio.

"I'm sorry miss, but this is private property, we will be getting your boyfriend round with help."

Damsin weighed over four tons of female flesh. She had lost almost all sembelence as a human being, and had become an amorphous blob of fat. but she loved every minute of it. Sure, she was a freak, but she was a happy freak, and those who knew her loved her for her kind and friendly nature.

Kali looked on with mild interest.

"Do you mind if I tag along?"


"I need a human partner every so often, helping people forgive themselves and other people, and you seem to be the most likely person to do that. You might have to start to forgive yourself a bit."

"how much?"

"Not a lot, but you might not be able to fit into those clothes any more."

Kali felt herself grow, in both size and in confidence. Her clothes ripped away as 50lbs of flesh piled ontop of Kali, whilst new cloths, a smart italian business suit and a large trenchcoat, flew ontop. her hair tied back, ontop was placed a large Fedora.

She smiled, A BBW indian woman dressed to kill.

"Ok, let's go, partner."
SSBBW-CHWAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!) *eliminated*

Playing with everything (tee hee!) *eliminated*


what would judas do? *eliminated*

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