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Default Megan and Her Appetite - by J. Baras (~BBW, Eating Fantasy, Stuffing ~MWG)

~BBW, Eating Fantasy, Stuffing ~MWG - introducing a teen with the biggest appetite in history

Megan and Her Appetite
by J. Baras

I could not wait for Megan and her family to arrive for our monthly dinner. Last month, Megan cleared us out. Paranoid, my mother and I bought the supermarket out and prepared mounds upon mounds of food.

Finally, at 5:00 the family came. They were all heavy eaters, but Megan was the heaviest. That fat, hot chick was 18 years old and could cram her belly with food to no end. I suppose it was this way that she had a gigantic belly and weighed at 235 lbs. Today, Megan looked even heavier. Her bosom had seemed to go up 3 sizes, her face had a large double chin, and her gut was already straining against her bottoned shirt. Overall, she looked about 250ish.

After our greetings, Megan immediately asked if there was any food prepared. My mother always had a “soft” spot for Megan and seemed blind to her fatness.

“Oh yes, Megan dear, there are some cashews in the washbin.” Megan immediately waddled out of the mudroom to the living room. When I came and joined her, the washbin was licked clean, Megan patting her stomach and reaching for a coke.

“Megan, save room for dinner,” I warned. Megan turned her pretty, fat face my way.

“Do you see this James,” she clutched her enormous stomach. “a little coke and cashews won’t fill me up!” She took the two liter and chugged it down, her belly swelling a little.

Dinner came, Mom and I carried out the mounds of mashed potatoes, piles of fried chicken, and the sizzling steaks. Megan dove in without further ado.

She downed her first four heaping plates easily. Her gut was now full, bulging against the taut fabric of her shirt. Megan ate two more plates, slower than the last. Her mother looked embarrased as she stretched, her gorged belly gurgling loudly.

My mother spoke, “Megan dear, do you want some more?”

Megan brightened up, but, but refused, “Thank you Mrs. Barasch, but my stomach is quite full.”

Megan shook her belly, liquid-like noises emanating.

“Nonsense Megan, have some more.”

Megan shrugged and crammed like a girl possessed. Three more plates were fit inside her gigantic bulge of an abdoman. She was reaching for a fourth until one of her buttons had enough. With a ping, it flew up into the air and into Megan’s mouth. She stretched and finished the fourth extra plate in one mouthfull. Her thick layers of fat were bulging through the hole left by the button. It seemed as if she had reached her limit.

“HIC-Mrs. Barasch-HIC- may I go to-HIC- the basement?-HIC.” Megan’s overstuffed stomach gurgled and sloshed around.

“Of course, Megan dear, I’ll call you up for dessert.” Megan smiled and
struggled to heave herself from her chair. Amazingly, she grabbed a giant bag of potato chips. As she was thumping down, Megan heard her mother being swayed.

“Violette, you shouldn’t encourage her, she’s already quite fat.”

“Nonsense Mary, she’s only 18! She has more than enough time to lose weight in collage, besides, if she wants to be heavy, why stop her.”

Mary sighed, but then looked determined, “Violette, you’re right again. This is what I’ll do, I’ll leave Megan with you. Don’t send her back untill her stomach is so large that she has to drag herself on it!”

“Good Mary, now leave the kids alone for a while.”

The mothers started immersing in the latest gossip. Megan had heard heard the whole conversation and was delirious with delight. She could eat until no end! She bounced down the stairs, gut glopping and slopping about. When she reached the couch, she threw herself down and, with one puffed hand on her stomach, she started drinking the potato chips, feeling her belly expand more and more. When Megan stopped, she called my name,


“Yes Megan?”

“Do you have any dessert? I just can’t wait for regular dessert, look how hungry my belly has gotten!” Megan smiled and pointed to her gorged gut.

“Yes, I’m sure my mother wouldn’t mind that the fondue supply suddenly dissapeared, especially if it entered your stomach.” I winked and brought a giant, 25 gallon bubbling cauldron of molten chocolate with two other crates for refill.

Megan squealed with delight and struggled to prop herself up form a laying position. I ladled her a bowlfull, which she drank down immediately, savoring the delicious, fattening taste. After two more bowls, Megan went for the whole hog,

“James, gimme the whole cauldron and watch this baby swell.” She slapped her gut and heaved the whole cauldron to her mouth and started gulping in massive gulps. She drank with increasing speed. Megan’s belly slowly pushed her back down to a laying position as it struggled to deal with this sudden input of food.

Finally, she finished. Laying down, Megan couldn’t see over her great medcine ball of a stomach. Unbeknownst to her, two more buttons of her shirt had bust off, revealing a gigantic, deep belly button amid increbidly thick layers of adipose.

I stared in awe, Megan noticed. “What’s wrong James?”

“Umm.. Morgan, two more buttons burst off.”

She smiled, “Good, only a few more buttons to go. My stomach has never been this swollen.” She winked. “Help me up James.”

I made no move.

“Help me up!”


Megan’s eyes twinkled,”Because I’m too stuffed and gorged to get up myself.”

“I’m not sure I can, you’re like 250…”

“267, last I weighed today!” Megan said happily and tried to struggle up herself, her belly contents shifting, slopping, and glopping about. I groaned and extended a hand to Megan. Slowly, with her gut bubbling and mushrooming over the top of her jeans, I slowly pulled her into a sitting position.

Her stomach was so gorged that Megan found it impossible to sit upright, so she reclined slightly on the couch. Her Stomach, still partially sheathed in her shirt, formed one gigantic, shaking, gurgling and bubbling mass of swollen blubber.

She looked at me, her hands patting and stroking her belly, “James, I’ll make you a deal. If I eat enough to bust these last two buttons off, AND, if you provide me with constant snacking, this little stomach will be yours to play with! By the way, do you have cheesecake, I’m tired of chocolate.”

Megan folded her hands across her gut. I ran off and returned with four ultra heavy, 40,000 calorie each NY cheesecakes. I cut them all into quarters and proffered a piece to megan, who immedietly stuffed it whole into her waiting stomach.

After the first cake passed through her lips, the button over her stomach shot off high into the air and hurtled toward Megan. She leaned her head back and swallowed it. Letting out a feminine, but large belch, she said, “waste not, eat lots!” she patted her gorged gut and drank a liter of heavy milkshake.

She again started eating. On the third cheescake, I had to pinch myself to make sure this was real. Megan’s button still refused to bust. She took the last cheesecake whole and shoved it down, The last button popped, displaying a massively swollen, engorged, bloated belly.

Something released in her, and she collapsed into the couch cushions, her gut gurgling and bubbling miserably. As Megan lay in a sort of stupor, hands clutching her stomach, the most massive hiccup I ever heard exploded out of her body, sloshing her stomach and jerking her awake.

“HILP!!!...Hooray for me…HILP!!!...James, get me…HILP!!!...Snickers bars…HILP!!!...lots, if you want to play…HILP!!!”

I ran off and returned with 4 boxes of 20 King size bars each. After I unwrapped all of them, Megan immediately grabbed 5 and stuffed them in her mouth.

“Er, Megan, are you sure you can take anymore?”

“HILP!!!...James, stop worrying about my gut! my stomach can
handle anything…HILP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Megan continued to force the bars down to her gut. I looked hopefully, she nodded and I dove in. Her fat was like nothing I have ever felt!

Instead of feeling like skin, it oozed and kneaded like cookie dough. I grabbed a handful and it pushed through the gaps between my fingers. When she hiccuped, her stomach undulated and bounced, all the while bubbling and glopping around. I put my thumb in her belly button, there was no end! I lifted her whole belly up and let it smack down with a squelch. I was treated to the most erotic sound show when I put my ear against Megan’s stomach wall.

Megan finally finished eating the Snickers, too gorged to hiccup, she just lay back, “James…James, I need more!!! So…Full, but need…MORE!!!”

I ran and took apple scones, tomorrow’s bacon, hash browns, meriunges, a german black forest cake, brie, and another cauldron of fondue. Megan ate with abandon. Gob after gob of fatty food passed through her lips to her gelatinous belly. It spilled ever further over her jeans. Soon, they popped too. With much bubbling, her stomach rolled out to its full size.

She ate everything except the brie, which she soon forced near whole into her stomach. It ballooned to twice its current size. “What a night!” she gasped, mouth now full of a platter of fudge.

“Never have I eaten so much. Everything was well ripened, and seasoned with the passage of time. OH IT WAS RICH, JAMES, RICH…HILP!!!” Megan finally fell on her side, stomach truly too large, and fell into a deep sleep.

Part II coming soon

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Part II coming soon?
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Originally Posted by imkufan View Post
Part II coming soon?
You do realize this was posted eleven years ago?
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Originally Posted by chrissy View Post
You do realize this was posted eleven years ago?
Ha, nope. My bad.
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