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Victim is a pillar of the Dimensions communityVictim is a pillar of the Dimensions communityVictim is a pillar of the Dimensions communityVictim is a pillar of the Dimensions communityVictim is a pillar of the Dimensions communityVictim is a pillar of the Dimensions communityVictim is a pillar of the Dimensions communityVictim is a pillar of the Dimensions communityVictim is a pillar of the Dimensions community
Default Victoria's Secret - by Victim (~BHM/~FFA, Fantasy, Explicit ~Sex)

~BHM/~FFA,Fantasy, Explicit ~Sex - A daring and unusual mission facilitates an equally daring interlude.

Victoria's Secret
By thevictimattws@yahoo.com

Victoria Windgate relinquished command to her first mate and made her way to the catwalk that spanned over the engine room, with her clipboard in hand. Men and women toiled under the dim glow of newly invented electric lights. The ship was under sail at the moment, maintaining a constant rate of acceleration. The engine room crew was taking this time to keep the engines, electrostatic generators, and dynamos in shape.

The brass buttons on Victoria’s burgundy coat matched the brass of the gauges and rails in the engine room. The cadence of her highly polished boots on the catwalk struck a rhythm with the clanking of tools on iron. The scent of ozone and the crackling of the Wimshurst generators quite literally filled the air with electricity. This is where it all became possible. She always felt one with the ship, but more so of the engine room, and its chief. A man she found monumental in his skills, his love of life, and even his physical stature.

"Captain on deck!" Chief engineer William McDale shouted. His sturdy voice winning over the noise of the machinery that was still operating. Those who’s work could be interrupted stood at attention. The others seemed to work with renewed vigor. Captain Windgate fought long and hard to win the respect of the crew. It was known that everyone on the secret mission had been hand picked for their positions by the Queen herself, including the captain. Gender and size were of little concern with such an unprecedented and perilous mission.

"Resume your duties." Victoria ordered. "Chief McDale, I wish to oversee the taking of stocks." She added, taking up the pencil that was tethered to her clipboard. She looked over the chief’s close to twenty six stone bulk and pursed her lips.

“Vincent, oversee the testing of the engines.” William ordered. He led Victoria to the storeroom, which also served as his quarters. The two disappeared behind the storeroom door, which was then bolted from the inside.

“We seem to have some surplus here.” Victoria said loftily as she removed William’s leather tool belt. A hammer and various spanners rattled as they dangled from their tethers. She turned to a steel plate mounted on the back of the storeroom door and attached the tool belt’s magnet to the plate. She turned back around to face William. “There is some here as well.” She added, working her hands over and around William’s considerable girth. As Victoria pushed and rubbed, she marveled at the stretching and straining of his coveralls as they barely won the struggle to contain the man within. The creaking and groaning of the beams in the ship fortified the image in her mind.

William leaned against the wall and absorbed every knead and stroke. Each one reminded him that every inch and every pound of flesh on his body had but one purpose. That purpose was to feel alive.

Victoria began unbuttoning William’s coveralls, each one requiring more force to undo than the last. The hiss of steam releasing from the condensers outside filled the storeroom.

William felt the gentle brush of Victoria’s hands on his shoulders as the top of his coveralls fell down around him. He reached inside her coat and around her back, pulling her slender body into his.

Victoria could feel William’s warmth even through her corset. She nuzzled his recently shaven neck, taking in the aroma of machine oil, sweat, and that of the hardwood planks strapped to racks in the storeroom. She backed away a step, removing her coat and pinning it under a large spring loaded clip next to the bunk. She put her hands on William’s shoulders again, motioning him to sit on the bunk. As William did so, Victoria unbuttoned her top, revealing her corset and the chemise she wore underneath.

William took Victoria’s hand and sat her down on his knee, facing him as he sat on his bunk. She leaned into him, and William brought his lips to hers. He thrust his mouth into hers and drank deeply of her essence. The scent of her rosewater perfume danced in his head. William held his arms out around Victoria on either side, balancing her on his knee. With dexterity honed by tuning the delicate gears and switches of the ship’s analytical engines, he quickly unlaced the corset.

It was like being released from prison. Victoria’s corset was actually comfortable enough, but there was really no need for it. She wished she could dress like the woman she was, not like the Captain that everyone else saw. She released her lips from William’s and took a deep breath, unlacing her chemise. William ran his fingers up and down her back underneath the garment, his scratching delivering welcome relief to the lines that the corset left in her flesh. She could feel a warm breeze from the ventilation grate above play gently over her skin as William began to lightly caress her back. The electric light globes hummed with a hypnotic buzz. She leaned forward and once again tasted his lips. They were firm and warm, but dry and chapped from the stale recycled air of the engine room. Victoria ground her lips onto his, breathing what life she could into them. William’s lips soaked in her beeswax lip ointment. She planted her boots more firmly on the floor, and scooted further onto William’s knee. She reached out with both hands and began to explore his chest.

William closed his eyes and felt the softness of her lips. Her soft and delicate fingers lightly sifted through the hair on his chest, stroking his breasts. She worked her fingertips in circles around them, finding his nipples. She delicately pinched and flicked at them. William shuddered as the sensation pulsed through him, the feeling of anticipation quickly rising. Arcing from the Wimshurts crackled through the engine room as the Leyden jars reached their full charge.

Victoria felt the bulk of his knee and the thick thigh underneath her. She ground herself deeply onto it. She lowered a hand and grazed her palm over the bulge in William’s coveralls. As Victoria worked her hand up and down, she could feel his desire for her flood her mouth as they continued to kiss. William lifted his knee up into her and back down, slowly repeating. He reached out and caressed Victoria’s breasts through her unlaced chemise. She felt his firm touch through the softness of the silk that glided over her nipples. Victoria rocked and bounced on William’s knee. His corpulent flesh jiggled, sending waves throbbing up into her. A dynamo next to the storeroom thumped and rattled.

William could wait no longer. He lifted his mouth away from hers and she stood up over him by the edge of the bunk. Victoria removed her boots and unbuttoned her trousers, the awkwardness of captain’s attire over her undergarments was no longer hindering her. William kicked off his own boots and slid out of his coveralls and long underwear. He opened a panel on the wall the bunk was mounted on and produced a pint Mason jar. He opened the jar and removed the lambskin from the liquid inside. He sat on the edge of the bunk, legs together, and slid the lambskin on. Victoria bent down over him and ran her hands over and down, finding the lace and tying the lambskin.

Victoria grabbed the rail over the bunk and lifted her slender form onto William’s quite ample thighs as he leaned back. William held her waist in his arms and pushed into her. Her warmth flooded through him. He leaned forward, his belly enveloping Victoria’s narrow frame. She wrapped her legs around his back and pulled herself deeper into him. William rocked back and forth, his hands on her side, pulling her further into him each time. The pistons of the giant steam engine outside began to stir, producing waves that thumped through the ship.

Victoria felt the power and bulk of William’s body as though it were becoming a part of her. When William rocked forward onto her, with his thick thighs underneath her and his belly rolling on top of her, she felt as though she was being swallowed up by his body. As he plunged deep into her, Victoria plunged ever deeper into him. Each time he leaned back and she drew breath, Victoria’s body and soul yearned for the next one, seeing just how deep she could go before succumbing to the power of the man that held her.

For once in her life, she could relinquish control. Victoria let go of the rail and allowed the thundering waves ripping through her to take her wherever they willed.

As the H.M.S. Daunting floated through the cold black nothing outside, William and Victoria floated in the tranquility of the sharing of their souls.

“10 minutes to changeover and free fall.” The horn next to the door echoed.

“This part never lasts long enough.” Victoria lamented. Both her and William scrambled to get their clothing on before it would become exceedingly difficult to do so.

“Come to the bridge before changeover.” Victoria requested, her tone slipping into that of the Captain once again.

* * *

William quickly made his way to the bridge. The large glass globe of the aetherscope stirred with eerie electric blue mists, showing that the solar wind was dying out and painting the bridge with pale blue dancing light. The light played on Victoria’s face and framed it in awe against the backdrop of stars.

Victoria held William’s hand and looked out through the bridge dome into the vast ocean of stars spread out before them. The Leyden jars discharged into the poles near the sails, collapsing them onto the poles with an opposite electrical charge. Huge shafts of man made lightning lit up the bridge and the whole deck of the ship. The acceleration provided by the solar wind on the sails was no more, and weightlessness prevailed. The giant aether propeller would take quite some time to provide enough acceleration for gravity again. The pair floated above the lights of the aetherscope, surveying the world they dared to conquer together. Victoria would tell of today’s progress on the mission in her logbook, save for one thought.

We are the same in name only my Queen, for my empire, and my love, are far greater than thy own.

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chicken legs has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!chicken legs has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!chicken legs has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!chicken legs has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!chicken legs has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!chicken legs has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!chicken legs has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!chicken legs has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!chicken legs has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!chicken legs has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!chicken legs has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!

that was very hot
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secret turn on.....Genuine affection :)
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I really like this--it's short but packs a real punch. I particularly liked the mechanical/physical juxataposition in the sex scene, and how to-the-point the descriptions of William's body are--she takes what she wants. Rawr!

(I also love a good doting-on-silvery-stretchmarks type story,but this was so fitting with the character that I particularly enjoyed the style here.)

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Beautifully written!
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