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Default New Girl in Town by Anonymous (~BBW, ~Sex)

(~BBW, ~Sex – The new girl in town has an encounter with an amorous bartender.)

The New Girl in Town
By Anonymous

(Migrated from the Weight Room Anonymous Archives)

So she walks into the room and nothing happens. Not a head turns, not a soul stirs. Maybe the bartender. Great, another customer. Just what he needs. She wears a black dress. Long, no designs. The fabric hugs all the right spots. Her breasts, hips, thighs. A big woman, one you can't help but to stare helplessly as she comes at you and drool with desire as you watch her away.

The V-neck collar is allowing her chest to be more fully noticeable, and the bartender does just that. Staring. Helplessly. Her hair is curly, long, and red, freckles adorn her Irish complexion. Nails painted cherry red. She walks with a swagger that makes her body move and figure pulsate with every action. Hips moving, dress flowing tight on her rear and still hugging her curves. Was the dress too small? Hardly. She wanted it to fit that way. Those that don't care, don't look. The bartender looks.

The corner stool is open; she takes a seat there. The drink is light, vodka and Seven-up. Nothing fancy. Just off work, she's decided to take her time coming home. His hand is shaking as he pours and mixes his magic for her. A subtle handoff and money exchanged and two smiles. Her hand grazes his during this transaction. Was it a sign? Was she messing with him? His heart raced.

She stares. Completely her type, she thinks. Tall, tan, gorgeous dimples when he smiled. Very cute in the jeans. Her cleavage is showing inches now, breasts seemingly resting on the table. For awhile he thinks to himself that if this place was empty, he'd pull her onto the bar table and rip that dress off, exposing her luscious figure and soft milky white skin. Then he could take her. He'd kiss her lips with such force and passion, roaming his hands down to her plump breasts, taking them all in. Feeling them. Touching them. Exploring her figure with his kisses and tongue. Working his way down. Down. Down to her sweet...

She's leaving! He's daydreamed himself right out of the picture. Is she going home? He still has another hour to go on his shift. An opportunity lost. He has to find her!

The white door swings open to her apartment across town. The place is virtually empty. Having just moved here from out of town, she is slowly in the process of getting settled down. Very light furniture and clothes scattered about. She sleeps on a futon in the living room for now. She kicks off her heels, pushes her shoes into the corner by the CD tower. Walking into what's soon to be her bedroom, she's also unzipping her dress from the back.

As it unzips it exposes her back and black lace bra. She pushes her thumbs into the fabric and by her hips, squirms her way out of the dress, leaving nothing but a matching set of black satin. Walking back out to the futon, she lays down to relax from a long day. The phone rings. She doesn't answer. Time for a shower. She unhooks the bra from the front, exposing her luscious full breasts to everyone who can probably see through her open window, followed by the panties that hugged her waist. Completely naked, her soft white skin wraps into her fluffy purple robe.

The doorbell rings.

The downstairs door is unlocked by her finger pressing a little white button on the wall. This is generally done without concern seeing how nice of a neighborhood she resides. She opens the door and it's him! The Bartender! How did he find her? She's completely shocked yet almost exuberant as he holds a wallet that belongs to her. Her license. There's the address. She left it at the bar. Their eyes meet. She's naked under there, he thinks.

He drops the wallet and grabs her by the hips to pull her close, kissing her with such emotion and lust. Shivering with anticipation, she slides her hands over his back to seal their embrace. His hands find her sash tying the robe together, and begins to undo it. She stops him and shakes her head no. Her turn first. Untucking his shirt and slowly unbuttoning them one at a time. She runs her soft hands through his chest hair. Down to his jeans. The button flaps open and he's pinned against the wall. She can see his member growing with throbbing anticipation as she unzips his Levis. His boxers have no button, and the flap is open just a little. She inches closer and gently dabs his manhood with her tongue. He trembles over this and lets out a whimpering gasp.

She reaches in with her hand and feels what she has to work with. Taking it out of the flap, it's quite long and a smile comes over her face. She's gonna have some fun with this. Squatting down in front of him, she takes his member and caresses it with her left hand, her right hand balancing her large frame as she watches in amazement at his length and girth as it continues to grow. He's watching her intently, hope and guessing what she'll do next. She kisses the tip and continues the caressing, sending chills up his spine. She slowly inches her way down his shaft. Down. Down. Down until her nose touched his boxers. She takes all of him in! Pulling back out, she repeats this again slowly a few more times.

His heavy breathing becomes more noticeable. Obviously she knows what she was doing. Next thing he knows his boxers are down by his ankles and she is speeding up her movements around his member all the while caressing his other friends down there. Soon enough she's pumping up and down with her mouth and tongue to the point where he began to lose control. He tries as hard as he could to stop it but it is uncontrollable. A wave of emotions engross him as he bucks a few times and grows weak in the knees. She doesn't stop! She wants it all. Every drop coats the back of her throat with such force. Draining his member into her mouth, he can feel the power with which she is determined to please him.

When she senses he's done - for now anyway - she stands up and kisses him gently on the lips. She takes his hand in hers and heads for the shower. Here he finally has a chance to disrobe her. The terrycloth falls to the floor, exposing her beauty. Her breasts are so round and full. Her hips are craving to be held and swayed and grabbed. Her thighs and bottom are soft and round just like he had imagined. He takes all of her shape in as she steps in the tub and gently pulls him in with her. They embrace and kiss as the water pours over them. Dripping wet with lust, he kisses down her neck and down to her breasts, kissing each nipple and exploring the area with his tongue.

Her hands are slowly stroking his manhood, making him erect again. His hands roam down to her entrance and probe the area gently. She lets out a moan. She wants more. She wants his. By now they're kissing deeply and caressing each other with such fervor and intent, driving each other mad. She's wet for him; he can feel it. His fingers hit the right spot and she begins to pant quickly. She wants him. He takes charge. His turn now.

Water still pouring from the showerhead, he bends her over so her head almost touches the tub faucet. He's hard again...probes her area with his fingers and plunges his manhood into her. She lets out a shriek at the quickness of his entrance, but moves her hips to fit all of him in. He's huge! He grabs hold of her hips and begins a slow movement in and out of her. The pulsating rhythm of his member in and out of her make her wiggle and squirm. She pants. Sighs. Moans. Whimpers. Almost cries! He begins to speed up. Pumping in and out with such force. She takes all his manhood and power he can handle. She has to place her hands up on the wall because he uses such force! Such intent! Such passion!

She senses he's going to explode again. She can feel and hear the moans and mumbles she heard not to long ago and she gulped down his juices. She begs him to go faster and harder, faster and harder. He continues to slam into her, pulling her hips toward his groin with each powerful entrance. She feels his manhood quivering with excitement. Cum, cum inside me! He explodes again. This time with more force than before. She takes it all in again, crying almost because it felt so amazing. He pulls out after the last drop is gone. She stands up and faces him. They kiss.

They embrace.

“I'm Kevin.”

“Hi Kevin, I'm Amy. Would you like to join me for dinner?”

“Love to.”
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Default Great story!

Too often I find the shorter stories just that-too short. However, the description in this one was so vivid and wonderfully sensual that instead of being too short to be any good, it was too good to be so short! Whoever the anonymous author is, kudos my friend.
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bbwsrule can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesbbwsrule can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesbbwsrule can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

This is a great story. I for one do like short stories that get right to the point.
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And while it may be considered heresy here, I prefer the stories that skip the eating and just focus on sex with a luscious BBW...
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Wow that made an impression. Good story..
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Wow as Dane said
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