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Default Nee, La and Coo by Anonymous (Both, Eating Contest, ~XWG)

(Both, Eating Contest, ~XWG - A fantastic wager results in major gains for a husband, his wife and her feeder friend.)

Nee, La and Coo
By Anonymous

(Originally titled: "N, L and C" – title and names changed to make the characters just a little bit easier to differentiate.
Migrated from the Weight Room Anonymous Archive. )

He and his new wife Nee had just returned from their honeymoon in the Caribbean. Two weeks of lounging around at the all-inclusive had sent them both home with tight clothes - he had gained 10 pounds, she 6. Both noticed the change in the other, and each decided for themselves that they liked what they saw in the other and that they would subtly encourage their new mate to gain weight. He returned to work and aside from a few jibes at his new potbelly (he had always had a washboard stomach at 162, 5'11"), he settled into work. The two weeks he had taken off created a lot of catch-up work going into an extremely busy season, and he found himself working late, noshing all day and bringing dinner home to eat with his new wife, trying to plumpen her with late meals. He put on another 8 pounds before the month was out.

Nee, a teacher and off for the summer months, sat by their pool and snacked on chips with their neighbor, La, who was in a post partem eating binge mode herself. Over the course of the same month Nee and La had each put on another 15 pounds; they were both 5'8" and Nee was now at 141 - about thirty pounds less than La. Scared that he wouldn't approve, Nee swore that for every new pound she put on in the future, she'd make sure that he would put on two, so he wouldn't notice her weight as much. She planned on packing his lunch and feeding him a huge breakfast every morning.

Coo, his boss, returned at the end of the month from a long vacation. Before she had left, Coo had been attracted to his personality and wanted to jump him despite the fact that she was an F.A. and he was engaged. Guilt for her predilection made her an intense self-flagellator, and she worked out unceasingly, maintaining a 110-pound weight on her 5'8" frame. When she saw him, she was amazed; he had gained almost twenty pounds, and a small roll had appeared over his belt. She decided that, married or not, she had to have him - and get him even fatter if possible.

She cornered him in the copier room around 1030 AM, July 1 - "I have to tell you this - I've been attracted to you for almost a year and couldn't bring myself to tell you because you were engaged and I was embarrassed by the fact that I'd have to make this second confession - that I find fat men a turn-on and I wanted to have you gain weight. When I saw the effect that your honeymoon had on you for the first time this morning, I knew I had to tell you."

He replied - "I'm an F.A. too - I've been trying to fatten my wife, though she doesn't realize I am - and I've been getting really good results. I guess along the way I've put a few pounds on, too. I'm really flattered that you've cared for so long and that you're finally telling me about it. If you want to feed me, I'll eat - I think it will help my wife feel comfortable about her weight gain."

With that, Coo pushed him to the elevator - "MacDonalds? - We'll bring it back to my office, where I can feed it to you all afternoon." She ordered him four supersized fries, two double quarter pounders, four apple pies and a supersized vanilla shake.

Coo sat on his lap and fed him until all the food was gone, rubbing his belly to ease it all in. It was only a quarter after noon, and they had the whole afternoon ahead of them. She said, "It's time for our lunch meeting - we're going to Ben Benson's for steaks." He groaned.

When he and Coo returned to the office after another 24 ounces of beef, she pushed him into her office and said, "I know that you're doing this to help encourage your wife - and that keeping her eating is going to get expensive if she keeps pace with you. I'll give you a raise of $100 a week for every ten pounds you gain, with a $5000 bonus after your first one hundred pounds, $20,000 for the next hundred, plus a $5000 bonus for every week under a year that it takes to achieve your two hundred pound goal plus $5000 for every pound over two hundred pounds that you gain within the remainder of the year. I'll feed you like today, everyday, to help you along the way, but on one condition - that every afternoon I get to have sex with you.

"What do you think? All told, you stand to gain a lot of weight and a lot of money." He smiled and undid his pants; she pushed him to the floor, straddled him, and began rubbing his taught stomach, riding him to completion.

On his drive home, he thought great, with kids planned for the year after next, he could have sex with his hot athletic boss, get himself fat, pay for the fattening of his shapely wife, be sated enough by sex with Coo to have sex for hours with his wife plus save plenty of money for their future. He thought about it and the only problem would be that with feeds like he had just had, he would have a hard time getting his wife to keep up. He decided he'd have to enlist some help.

He called La from his cell phone. After a few pleasantries, he said, "I need a confidante - I'm trying to get Nee fatter, and not being home all day, I can't make sure that she's eating enough. If I paid you, could you stay with her all day, and make sure that she stays focused on her tan, while you focus on her waistline?"

La, knowing of Nee's desire to fatten him, and simultaneously pursuing her own expansion said, "Sure, I'd be glad to help - I'll feed her from my kitchen or order in or plan trips for lunch and shopping, and before you know it, she'll be up ten dress sizes."

This went on for six weeks; his belly grew from 34" to 42" - his weight jumping from 180 to 215. Coo fed him during the day; he ate with Nee at night and he made love to both of them. Coo bounced her athletic body up and down on his fattening form, alternately feeding him and massaging his belly. Nee, having jumped from 141 to 178, preferred to take him missionary, feeling his weight on her and cradling his big gut with her plump thighs, as it banged against her own fleshy belly. La looked on pleased, having hit 200 herself with a thirty pound gain. He was making an extra three hundred dollars a week and looking forward to a big bonus by the end of the year. By his estimate, he'd hit 380 around 40 weeks and add about $480,000 a week to his bank account for the next twelve weeks, topping him out at 476 and nearly a million dollars.

After another six weeks, he'd gained a total of 62 pounds - right on his mark for the prize money, but way off of Nee's goal of keeping him gaining 2 pounds for each of her one. Since he had enlisted her, La had fed Nee and herself nonstop - first sneaking and teasing fattening items into regular meals, then by encouraging huge snacks, and finally by just having huge servings of fattening treats out on the coffee table and next to their pool side lounge chairs. La kept Nee distracted by talking about how much Nee was getting him to gain. Also, she made sure Nee never stepped on a scale, or saw herself in a full-length mirror. After the six weeks, La knew she was doing well, because she herself had gained 74 pounds, and at this point, she couldn't eat as fast or as much as N. La said to Nee, "It doesn't look like you're doing a really good job getting him fat; I mean, we've just been noshing ourselves, and I've put on 74 pounds; he's only gained 60 or so - could you have only gained 30 pounds?"

"That's probably about right," Nee said, "but let's check it out." She stepped on the scale and it didn't stop until 260 - another 82 pounds! "My God!" thought Nee. "That's incredible! How did that happen? He's only at 240 this morning! I have to go down to his office right now - he's not eating the meals I pack for him, for one thing - but I have to make sure that he isn't disgusted by me and is only trying to gain to keep up!"

When she got to his office, it was around 1:00. He had eaten the lunch Nee had packed for him, Coo's first round of delivery (one large pizza) and was on his back on his desk, with Coo straddling him backwards, sliding up and down his huge cock, leaning back into his now 48 inch gut.

"What's going on here?!" Nee demanded, "what are you doing with my husband?!" though she was oddly aroused.

He and Coo got out of their position and began to explain the whole situation of how he wanted to fatten her, so he had agreed to being fattened and having sex with his rich hot boss for the cash. Nee listened and said, "I should divorce you, not for adultery but stupidity - you're getting that much money per pound, and you're only gaining 5 pounds a week? Come on, you two - we've got work to do!"

On the drive back to their place, Nee told her husband and Coo about her and La's plan to fatten him. Coo agreed that so long as she could be included in sex, she would pay the fat bounties she'd set for him. Nee's only stipulation was that for straying from their marriage, her husband would have to wear a dog collar and leash until he had started gaining twice the weight she gained each week. La wanted in on the sex, and wanted Coo to agree to gain an extra 40 - 50 pounds, so that the three of them wouldn't crush her in bed. Seeing the edge that La seemed to have on Nee if properly encouraged, and how much bigger Nee's husband could be if La's weight gain was added to the equation, Coo suggested that he be required to gain one pound for every one that the three of them gained, with a ten thousand dollar bonus every week that he achieved it.

He was nervous - he'd only planned for about three hundred pounds total, an amount he was sure he could lose again if he wanted. But with the three of them feeding him and each other, there's no telling how fat he'd be nine months later. But he'd have a really fat wife, sex with three sexy women of varied size, and tons of money for them all to keep growing on. He agreed to their terms.

La orchestrated everything within two days. She started by heating the pool to 98 degrees, and installing an in ground refrigerator next to poolside. She had a hydraulic bench installed in the pool. She arranged for Costco to deliver three vans of food each week and Haagen Daaz to deliver one full of assorted ice cream, and hired a chef and a Hawaiian masseuse to live-in and give belly rubs on demand. She bought a Hamilton Beach shake maker and put it poolside as well.

The three of them pushed him into the pool and onto the hydraulic bench. They shackled him by one ankle to the bench. In the water, he could float around the pool wherever he pleased; out of the water, his shackle allowed him the distance to the cabana's rest room.

The first day of the arrangement, the three of them forced almost 17 pounds of pasta, pizza, ice cream, chicken fingers, and frozen burritos. Each of them stuffed themselves as well and hopped up on the pool bench for a group fat-fondle. Pig Heaven.

At the end of the week, Coo had gained 4 pounds, Nee had gained 8, and La 10. They had charted his calories at 250,000 for the week, or 35,000 a day - he hit 22 pounds of added fat and a $10,000 bonus for gaining their cumulative weight gain. The next week, he earned another ten grand, plus five more for gaining his first hundred pounds. Only 13 weeks from the start, he had hit the first benchmark of 280.

Six weeks later, he could no longer sit up on the bed after it lifted him from the water - he could roll his feet to the ground. Luckily, the restroom was close, and he was never out of the water long. Coo, Nee and he had discovered what La had known about the history of Hawaiian massage, that their special techniques for settling the stomach's contents had for centuries assured the Hawaiian people corpulent royalty; their masseuse assured the efficiency of their eating very well, and even Coo was working on a second chin. During the period, Coo gained thirty pounds, Nee 40 and La 35. He had earned another $40,000, having only once missed his goal of gaining their total additions, and at weigh-in, all three of them knew that Coo would be writing a check for at least an additional $30G. He stepped on the scale: 482 pounds, a 105 pound gain. At a total gain of 320 pounds - over 1.75 pounds a day for six months!

La wheeled a large mirror out to poolside, so each could see themselves. They were each flabbergasted. He was a large mound of pure fat, as he expended no energy moving about in the water; his muscles had actually lost weight during the six weeks, and all of his intake had gone to fat. Ten inch thick love handles supported a top roll another six inches thick on his sides and across his back, while in front, his gut - which had been a six-packed 32 inches less than six months ago - now hung to his mid thigh and almost two feet in front him, with large breasts seated on top. Seated, his gut covered his wide thighs.

Nee saw herself in the mirror, and shrieked - gone was her lithe, 110 pound 5'8" body that fit her wedding dress and her honeymoon bikini. She looked down at her now 50 inch bust, 44 inch gut and 54 inch hips, and saw what six months of determined eating had done. She flexed back and forth, admiring reflections of ripples and folds of flab she never knew she had. He looked at her and grinned - by the end of the year she'd be quite fat, and they would both be rich together! She stepped on the scale - 310 pounds, and it wasn't even Christmas yet! Then she looked at him and realized that he had gained her current weight in the same amount of time. She never could have done it without her friends.

La came in at 315, and apart from a slightly thicker waist (45 inches), she and Nee looked like corpulent bookends, chubby from their cherubic faces down to their fat little toes, each with beautiful blue eyes, one blond and one brunette. Having joined in on the sex, she loved it when in the dark he would reach out thinking he had found Nee and begin fondling her belly or ass by mistake.

Coo looked at her own form, still smallest of the bunch by far. She liked the curves that the extra 42 pounds imparted to her frame. Aside from larger breasts and wider hips, she had the start of a paunch and a top roll, and her legs touched between. She looked at Nee and La, two forms she had grown to love, and knew that she would see the year to the end eating along with them. When she announced this, he offered to match her bounties to him, if she would try to catch up, and La volunteered to start paying particular attention to Coo's comfort.

At the end of one year into the bet, he had gained another 340 pounds, ending at 822 pounds. He was earning over $64000 dollars a week, had collected $145,000 in 100 pound bonuses, $2.2 million in bonuses for pounds over a two hundred pound gain, and $340,000 in bonuses for beating the three women's cumulative gains.

He would support a huge and proud wife, 438 pounds of her. She had gained 328 to his 660 over the year, so she had indeed kept him at her ideal 2:1 gaining ratio. Her helpers, La and Coo, had taken a special liking for one another, and were spending more time together. La, still Nee's matched pair, weighed 429 pounds, while her new project Coo, had added another 87 pounds, and was now at 239 pounds and had earned back her first $5000 dollar bonus from him.

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one of my favourite stories
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