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Default Dr. BBw by FF.Rebel (~BBW, Eating, Lesbianism, ~MWG)

~BBW, Eating, Lesbianism, ~MWG - a simple physical leads to major unexpected changes

by FF.Rebel

Editor's Note: This is another classic from at.sex.weightgain newsgroup orginally posted in 1996 in multiple parts


Missy waited in line at the pharmacy behind two other women. One of them was an older lady with nothing noteworthy about herself. But in front of her was a teenager getting a refill on her birth control pills. She was wearing a concert tee shirt tucked into a pair of skin tight black jeans. The jeans were tucked into a pair of black high-heeled boots that came up to her knees. The outfit seemed to have been specifically designed to make the teen look as fat as possible.

Not that it would take any great fashion trick to make that young cow look fat, Missy made herself think. She was in denial. It was still too soon to face what had happened today. And looking at a sexy 200 pound slut wasn't really helping either. She could feel herself getting excited by the girls round ass in those jeans.

Blast it all, what is wrong with me now? she wondered.

She knew that it wasn't really the girl that was turning her on. She just
reminded Missy of Dr. Lupino, and Dr. Lupino is the one who had turned
Missy on. It felt so weird to suddenly think that you might be a lesbian, but
that is just what had happened. Looking at the chubby teen's big butt made it easier to remember what had happened that morning.

It was just like any other general exam, except that the nurse called her
out of the waiting room on time for her appointment. Then she was taken into the room with the paper on that bench-table thing and told to strip, then put this gown on. The nurse said it nicer than that, but that's what she meant. The nurse was a curvy black woman, Missy remembered, with prominent breasts and a globular backside.

You'd think if I was going to be attracted to a woman, she thought later, it would've been that nurse.

The nurse took all of her information and such. Basic stuff; 26 y.o. female, 5' 8" 128 pounds (down three pounds from last time), blood pressure152/88, temperature 98.0, last menstrual cycle two weeks ago, no known allergies or medical conditions.

That was it. People are pretty simple when you break them down like that.

After Donna, the nurse, had finished all that, she showed Missy back to her exam room. Donna was a real pro at drawing blood, it barely hurt at all. She took the vial of blood and Missy's chart and walked out with a polite word and a little grin. It wasn't long after the door closed that she heard her chart being pulled out of the box on the other side of the door. This was the most efficient doctor's office she had ever heard of. Then the door opened, and in walked Dr. Lupino.

The big rock and roll girl left and shook Missy out of her thoughts. She tried to think something catty about that fat little chick, but her big rear was mesmerizing. She really was built a lot like Dr. Lupino, which meant that Dr. Lupino was built like a teenage girl. A very big teenage girl.

She had a dark Mediterranean look that was accented in by her crisp white coat. Waves of black and silver hair fell around her shoulders from behind a pair of tasteful barrettes above her ears. Those dark tresses were highlighted by a broad shock of white hair above her left eye and temple.

Her eyes were a bright shade of brown, almost copper, and they angled up at the corners. She had a strong nose with just a slight tilt at the tip. Full lips with no more than a hint of lipstick made her look less like a doctor than a pin-up girl. Her cheeks were high and her jaw line was strong, "Gypsy bones" was the term that Missy thought of. Her clear olive skin only made her look even more exotic.

It wasn't until she turned to close the door that Missy looked away from that face and saw her body. There wasn't much that a simple lab coat could do to hide that much woman. The good doctor must have weighed at least 250 pounds, and it made it impossible to mistake her for a man from any angle. Missy couldn't really make out her stomach for the coat, but her broad hips and ass were clearly defined. She was much wider back there than Donna was, but it looked like they were more or less the same shape.

The fat of Dr. Lujpino's thighs tapered down to fade into remarkably dainty ankles. The sleeves of her lab coat were stretched tightly over the fullness of her upper arms. Missy couldn't tell anything more about her bust, other than that it must be an impressive sight. Missy caught herself thinking about this fat doctor this way, and instantly blushed with private embarrassment.

If Dr. Lupino noticed her discomfort, she didn't show it at all. As she turned back from the door, she was smiling politely.

"Hello Ms. Elkin," she said as she offered her hand. "I am Sylvia Lupino." She had just a trace
of an accent, and a pleasantly firm grip in her handshake.

Missy said hello, and then was very glad that the doctor kept their conversation very professional. It made it easier for her not to think about those imposing breasts that were now trying to peak out of Dr. Lupino's coat.

What is going on with me, Missy kept thinking as she thought about the doctor's plush body.

When the exam started, Dr. Lupino was strictly professional. Clinical, in fact. So why was she exciting an otherwise perfectly straight woman like Missy Elkin? Missy had always loved men, real men. Bikers, construction workers, firemen, cowboys... All those rough types that the Village People had parodied. She loved their rough hardness, and their simple, honest needs. And these men liked her, too. She was lean and leggy, but not so tall as to be threatening. Her sandy blonde hair and big blue eyes made her look a little bit like a Barbie doll, but Barbie couldn't drink tequila the way that she could. Her face had a perky girl-next-door quality that real men loved.

Missy loved their masculinity right back. So why was she getting so worked up over this ultimately feminine woman? This lovely dark woman who had just said something.

"I'm sorry, what did you say? I must have zoned out for a second there.
It's a blonde thing, you wouldn't understand." Oh, she thought, shut up!

"Oh yes I would. I'm not going gray, I'm going ash blonde!" It was the
first thing Dr. Lupino had said to her that wasn't strictly business, and the
way she smiled at her own little joke made Missy feel a little moist between
the thighs.

"I said I need you to get up on the table and set your legs in the stirrups." The doctor began setting the stirrups up.

OH NO! Missy thought. How will I explain the fact that my panties are soaked now? OH NO! she thought, I'm not even wearing any panties! OH NO! Even as she screamed inside, she obediently climbed up onto the table. There was one little part of her that could not wait to have Dr. Lupino's hands on her down there. Missy thought that it was probably the same part that shouted JUMP when she looked over the edge of a cliff.

Besides, these were really nice stirrups. Not the cold stainless steel bars that some man had invented for his ex-wife. These were padded and nicely upholstered with beige vinyl. Even the bars were brass instead of chrome. That was part of why Missy had chosen a female doctor when she moved here. Women understood these things.

As usual, Dr. Lupino was an absolute professional, thorough and quick. She didn't seem to notice anything that would have embarrassed Missy, and simply said that everything looked perfectly healthy in there. Missy allowed herself to breathe again.

"Next...!" the guy at the counter was saying. Missy had dazed off again, and now it was her turn to fill her prescription. She laid her insurance card and the two prescription slips on the counter without saying a word. The guy took them up and went to work.

She lapsed back into her recent memories as soon as the guy turned. Dr. Lupino was leaning against the cabinet, making her broad hips widen seductively. While she spoke, her lab coat opened just enough to give Missy a better view of her rounded belly. It was like an old painting in some museum.

Finally Dr. Lupino finished up with "I'm a bit concerned about your blood pressure, and you're a little anemic. I want you to try a relaxant for the blood pressure, and a potent supplement for the anemia. I'll write you a prescription for them both. Do you have any questions?"

Missy had been thinking about where that accent might be from instead of really listening to what the Doctor was saying. Eastern Europe, Hungary maybe. It was so slight it was hard to trace. "Uh, no. I think I've got it. Thank you, Doctor."

Suddenly she was in a hurry to get out of this tiny little room with this big woman. If she didn't she was afraid she might have to hug her tightly.

"All right then, Ms. Elkin. If there's anything else you need, please feel free to call for a new appointment. Or you could just ask to speak with Donna or myself. We may be able to help you out over the phone." Another courteous hand shake, and she was out the door. Missy put her clothes back on slowly, enjoying the way that they felt on her aroused skin.

The guy at the counter was back. "Miss Elkin? I've got your order ready. It'll be ten dollars and eighty-four cents."

Missy wrote the check out and the guy said, "Did you doctor mention any side effects that these medications might have, any interactions?"

Missy looked up at him. "Not really. Why?"

"Well this Lorcaise is really a powerful nutrient supplement. And the Rexa-L is a very safe drug, but it can stimulate your appetite. These two together could cause you to put on some weight."

The guy leaned over the counter and said "And that would be a shame, because you are one gorgeous lady!"

He gave her what was supposed to be a sexy smile.

Missy nearly laughed in his face. This soft little desk jockey was trying to pick her up. That would have been funny anytime, but especially today. Instead of laughing, she looked up at him seriously. "Thanks kid, but my girlfriend is fat, and she's sexier than you'll ever be to me."

She grabbed her stuff off the counter and walked off.

There, let him think about that for a while, she grinned.

"Fine, bitch," the guy said quietly as she walked off, "I hope you get as
fat as your dike girlfriend!"

>> PART TWO <<

Missy laid down on the bed to get her biggest jeans zipped. She was used to bloating a little around this time of the month, but this was ridiculous!

Exhaling as deeply as she could, she closed her mouth and sucked in her stomach as far as it would go. At last the zipper rose into it's proper spot. She gasped in a breath and just lay on the bed for a second.

While she lay there waiting for the jeans to stretch out a bit, her mind wandered back to Dr. Lupino. Odd how even in the privacy of her own thoughts that she would call her that instead of Sylvia, but that's the way it was. There was still a small tingle between her thighs from where she had masturbated this morning, and visions of the Doctors soft olive skin still
roamed across her mind. Her first meeting with Dr. Lupino had been two weeks ago, and Missy was just now able to quit worrying about the fact that her fantasy lover was a real live woman.

Oh well, she thought, so I'm stroking myself off to a fat woman I barely know. I just can't make myself worry about that right now.

As a matter of fact, Missy hadn't been worrying about much of anything since she started on the sedative Rexa-L that she had been prescribed. Dr. Lupino had called it a "relaxant' with that delicately accented voice of hers.

Well it had certainly relaxed Missy. Besides a little water weight, she had never had such an easy period. She hadn't been cranky once to anyone. Even in traffic she was calm and in complete control, and that was amazing! She was doing better at her job and with her family too. There must have been an awful lot of stress on her if a little pill could make life this much better in just a couple of weeks.

That silly little pharmacy guy was right though. Her appetite had picked up quite a bit of steam lately. She had already tried cutting back on her meals and she felt like snacks, whic h used to be a habuit, should be on the way out all together. But it wasn't happening. Right now she was too relaxed to worry about it, so she decided to go get a little something from the kitchen. A piece of dry toast couldn't hurt anything.

By the time she got to her feet in those tight jeans, it seemed like too much trouble for just one piece of toast, better make that two. She only had two slices of bread and one heel left in the kitchen, so she threw them all in the toaster. No reason to save just a heel, but no reason to waste it either. But you can't eat a toasted heel dry, so maybe she would put a little butter on it.

By the time the toast popped up, she was ready to spread butter and grape jelly and apple butter on all three of them. Her pants protested by squeezing rolls of her flesh up over the waist, but she ate all three pieces. Then washed it down with a full glass of whole milk. She was just about to leave the house when she remembered her pills. She refilled her milk glass and finished it off taking the medicine. The jeans were tighter now than when she first got them on. She'd have to cut back a little more if three pieces of dry toast was going to make her feel this full. She didn't figure in the two glasses of milk, gobs of butter, and everything else she had added to her "dry" toast.

A few days ago she had been feeling good enough to agree to go shopping with her sister. Lisa was a born shopper, and loved to try this and that on just to satisfy her curiosity. Missy had no doubt that her entire Saturday was going to be spent following her kid sister around from store to store, then finally end up buying something at the Val-Mart Discount. Oh well, it
would be fun to see the little Goat Face Brat anyway. Besides, they had some really good food at the mall.

Lisa showed up at 10:45 sharp. A born shopper like her knew that it was exactly eleven minutes from Missy's house to the mall at this time of day, and that would leave them exactly four minutes to get in the car and then out of the car and walk across the parking lot into the mall at exactly 11:00. Oddly enough, Lisa was almost always late for work, even though she worked at the mall.

A horn sounded out in Missy's driveway while she was still trying to decide what shirt to wear. She had never had a weight problem in her life, she was the only woman she knew who didn't even own a scale. Now those thick rolls on her belt had caught her completely by surprise. In a rush she grabbed a red sleeveless button-down and headed out the door without tucking it in.

"All right, I'm coming Goat Face!" she hollered as she locked the door. In reality, Lisa was a beautiful lady, she and Missy could have nearly been twins. That was no reason to drop a name her sister had answered to for twenty years. Lisa honked the horn again as a retort.

Getting into Lisa's sports coupe was more of a chore than Missy was prepared for. She might have felt a couple of threads pop in her jeans, but she couldn't be sure.

"Mornin' Cow Butt!" Aren't pet names between sisters adorable, Missy thought as her sister greeted her. Lisa started to say something else then stopped.

Instead she said "Darn girl, look at how big your arms are! Have you been pumping iron or something?"

"No. My arms aren't any bigger than before... Are they?" Missy really wasn't sure.

"Yes! They look like a man's," she said as she reached over to grab the biceps. "A very soft man, that is."

"Oh well, I may be retaining water up there too." Missy was suddenl feeling a little defensive. "I could barely get my jeans buttoned this morning."

Her sister didn't look convinced, but they were falling behind schedule. She backed the car out of the driveway and they headed to the mall.

The sound of security gates being lifted echoed softly through the mall as the sisters walked through the doors. Without hesitation, Lisa hung a sharp left and walked into the first store. She was in her element now. Missy followed her with a slight grin.

"What was that?" Lisa called from the dressing room.

"Nevermind, it was just my stomach growling," Missy replied.

She walked out of the little room in her original clothes saying "I am so empty! Let's hit the food court."

"I agree," replied Lisa. As usual, she started off without waiting to see if her big sister was coming. Missy didn't like shopping, and if Lisa showed any sign of weakness, she would go home.

Missy began to have second thoughts and part of her mind started to protest because of her toast this morning, but the food court did sound like a good idea. As usual, she followed her kid sister without arguing. Shopping was the one thing that Lisa got to be in charge of, so Missy let her have her way.

Lisa looked at the Caesar salad she had gotten from Calini's. It was about the same thing she had eaten everyday since she was fourteen and had gotten weight conscious. Her sister had never had that problem and had always eaten whatever she wanted with impunity. Although today, it looked like she was going overboard just a wee bit.

Missy's plate was piled high with her giant baked potato with everything, a biscuit on the side, some corn on the cob, some honey baked dessert, and a large cola. Lisa looked from the plate to Missy's arm, then up to her face. She could see an extra softness there, a little roundness that was new. Retaining water? Not likely, Sis!

Missy didn't notice Lisa watching her at all. A baked potato from Spudnik's was too good a treat to worry about an audience. She tried to compare the difference in tasting the potato with just butter, then just sour cream, then on the biscuit, and so on. By the time she was done experimenting, the plate was empty. Her jeans were not, and they were making her painfully aware of it.

Now she noticed the look her sister was giving her. Sheepishly she explained how the Rexa-L caused her appetite to increase a little. That reminded her to take the other pill.

"Now what is that one?" Lisa asked, keeping her tone studiously neutral. They hadn't been shopping together in a long time, and she didn't want to be the one to ruin it.

"This is that nutrient supplement that Dr. Lupino gave me. Lorcaise is the name of it. It's just a vitamin, really." She handed Lisa the bottle after taking one of the yellow caplets.

Lisa read the label and handed it back. It seemed to look safe enough. "Well I think you're getting more nutrients than you can handle."

Missy grinned and threw a napkin at her sister. "Bitch!" she laughed.

"C'mon, let's go try on something else you won't buy!" They rose and cleared the table, then walked away giggling. This time Missy was certain that she had popped a few threads on her pants.

Missy had lost count of how many stores they had been to so far, but she heard the mall clock chime four times. "How many more stores are in this place anyway?"

Her legs were tingling because her jeans weren't letting the blood through.

"Just a couple more, ya whimp! Let's go over to Vallee's and try on some grown-up clothes." Sometimes Lisa acted she really was 23 years old, and then other times she reverted to junior high.

"Vallee's! Oh come on, Goat Face! You know you won't even like anything in there. That's all clothes for people with real jobs, not security guards."

" 'Loss prevention technician' to you. Security guards are big guys with big sticks. I sit in a closet and watch video monitors." Lisa punched her slightly in the arm. "And that IS a real job, Cow Bu --"

She stopped as she watched the flab on Missy's arm wobble from where she punched her sister.

Missy saw that Lisa was afraid that she had hurt her feelings.

Man, she thought, am I really getting that fat?

There was no time to dwell on it now, however. She had to say something to make her kid sister feel better. "All right fine, let's go play dress-up in Mom's closet!"

She grabbed her
sister's wrist and stomped toward the store.

The first thing they saw was a midnight blue cocktail dress that normally would have looked perfect on either of them. It was just exactly Missy's style, too.

"Oh Missy, You have GOT to try that on! You would look so gorgeous in that!"

Missy knew that this was one of those times when resistance was futile. She allowed Lisa to pick out a size and then herd her back to a fitting room without protest.

It wasn't until she was in the little room that she noticed that Lisa had given her a size ten, even though they both wore a size eight. Well, they used to both wear a size eight, anyway. She'd try the ten on just to see.

That's when she realized that things were even worse than that. Trying on the dress meant taking off her jeans. Taking off her jeans meant that she might not ever get them zipped again. Or if she did get them zipped, she'd probably rip that popping seam the rest of the way out. This was horrible!

To heck with it. I'm wearing a long shirt, she thought, I just won't mess with the zipper.

And with that, she shimmied out of her confining jeans.

It was the best thing she had felt all day! Those blasted pants were even getting tight on her thighs now. As soon as she got home, she was throwing the stupid things in the trash! Who ever heard of denim getting tighter as you wore it?

The Rexa-L was doing its job of keeping her relaxed. Otherwise she would have screamed when the size ten dress didn't fit. Neither did the twelve that she asked Lisa to bring her, really. Since they didn't carry it in a fourteen, not that she would have allowed herself to try one on in the first place, she just decided to get dressed instead.

Now she nearly did scream. Her jeans, her biggest jeans, would not go over her thighs! No matter how she struggled or yanked or tugged, they just could not be budged. By the time she broke down and called her sister, she was out of breath and there were red welts on the soft skin of her pudgy thighs from wrestling with the denim. It was horrible! She only hoped that she wouldn't start crying as she started talking. "Lisa!"

"I was wondering if you were still awake in there," her sister said. "What do you need?"

"Please go get me a pair of slacks, probably a twelve." Then she whispered
something that Lisa couldn't quite hear, so she asked her to repeat it.

She could hear the sobs in Missy's voice as she said, "I said I can't get my
jeans over the fat on my thighs!"

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Default re


Lisa didn't say very much in the car on the way home, and Missy didn't say anything at all. The size twelve slacks that Missy was wearing were a lot more comfortable than the jeans that she had been wearing, the tiny little size eight jeans that were discarded on the floor of some fitting room now.

The new slacks were so comfortable that Missy realized that she was starving again. She was just starting to realize that she really wasn't too upset about her little trauma in the clothing store any more. But if she could grow out of her biggest jeans in one day, what business did she have being this hungry again already? It was all just too weird.

Lisa killed the engine once they made it to Missy's driveway. She sat for a long moment before she said "I really don't think you should take those pills any more, Sis."

When Missy didn't say anything right away, she asked her "Have they even done anything for your blood pressure anyway?"

"I think so. I'll call Dr. Lupino and set up a new appointment." Missy was trying not to worry her sister, but she was having a little trouble concentrating on the conversation. She could feel her tummy starting to rumble with hunger, and if she had to sit here much longer she knew Lisa would be hearing it too.

"I'll come in with you. I want to hear what she says about this side effect you're getting all over your hips." Lisa was taking her seat belt off.


Missy smiled weakly, she hadn't meant to say it like that. "No Lisa, I'm sorry. I just want to be alone for a little while, ya' know?"

"Well will you call her today at least?" Missy nodded, but Lisa went one step further. "Do you swear it?"

As sisters, a swear was a sacred bond between them. It wasn't something that they gave or asked for lightly. Lisa must really be worried about her to ask for one.

Missy thought for just a second before she sighed and said "Yes, I swear I will call Dr. Lupino and ask her about this weight gain today."

"Well all right then," Lis relented, She grinned brightly and said " Now get out of my car so I can get back up to Vallee's and get those jeans before someone else does. I don't have any faded jeans that are in that good of shape!"

She giggled while Missy got out and they said goodbye.

Missy went straight to the refrigerator as soon as she walked in the house. It was only about 4:30, she knew she still had time to call Dr. Lupino after she got a little snack. She got out everything that she would need to make a sandwich. and ate a slice of ham and a slice of cheese while she was building her two sandwiches. She ate those two while she made herself two more sandwiches. Then she was ready for some dessert when she noticed that it was almost five o'clock. She had to call Dr. Lupino, she had sworn that she would.

The voice answered after the first ring.

"Dr. Lupino's office, this is Donna. Can I help you?" Donna was Dr. Lupino's shapely black nurse.

"Hi Donna. This is Missy Elkin, is Dr. Lupino in still?" Missy was actuall getting excited by the thought of talking to her big sexy Doctor, but she was able to sound completely in control.

"No Ms. Elkin, Dr. Lupino doesn't come in on Saturday. In fact you just caught me here by accident. Is there anything that I can help you with?"

Dr.Lupino had said that Donna was a good nurse and could answer any questions that she might have. Missy only thought about it for a second before she decided.

"Yes I hope so." But now how did she phrase the problem. "I was wondering if you could tell me how much weight I should be expecting to gain while on these pills that she gave me."

That didn't sound so bad.

"Please hold on a second, Ms. Elkin. I'm pulling up your record." Then with barely a pause, Donna said "All right, you're taking Lorcaise and Rexa-L, right?"

Missy said yes.

"Good. after two weeks of taking the Lorcaise three times a day, you may gain four or five pounds. That is unless you haven't been controlling your appetite. I know that the Rexa-L makes that a little harder than normal, but all women are used to that, aren't we?" Donna joked.

"Yeah, don't I know it." Missy lied. She had never dieted a day in her life and had never gotten anywhere near even 140 pounds.

"I'll tell you what, Ms. Elkin. She's booked up Monday and Tuesday, but I can get you in her on Wednesday between 2:30 and 3:00, will that be okay for you?"

"Yeah that would be great Donna, thanks. Oh, and would you please call me Missy? It would just make things easier for me, I think."

"Sure Missy, no problem. I'll see you Wednesday at 2:30. And keep taking the meds until Dr. Lupino says otherwise, especially if you're about to start or are on your period. You'll need the Lorcaise more then. All right?"

"Okay Donna. I'll see you next week." Once the phone was back on the hook, she started in on filling a bowl with ice cream and strawberry syrup.

The first bowl was so good that she decided to have another just to keep it company. She didn't have an excuse for the third bowl. The fourth one was to try the change from strawberry syrup to caramel sauce.

Suddenly she remembered her pills. She pulled the yellow Lorcaise out of
the bottle and washed it down with the last of the half gallon of ice cream in
a root beer float. She felt full and wonderful now. A nice hot bath was the
perfect thing to make her relax now. It had been a hard day.

She chose not to notice the red marks on her pale skin where her new slacks had been squeezing her full belly so hard. Instead she added scented oils to the hot water and slowly lowered herself into the tub. There was a slight splashing as a little of the water flowed over the edge of the tub, she had forgotten how much bigger she was now.

Oh well, she thought, I can worry about that later.

She took a minute to enjoy the way it felt to have her body feel so light in the water. Her boobs floated best of all.

How funny that I can call them boobs now, she thought. Before they were only large enough to barely be tits, and now I have boobs!

She thought of a biker she had dated for awhile named Guido. Well, his name was Jeremy, but everyone called him Guido. He was a big mean looking Italian guy with a heart of gold. He had always had a thing for girls with big boobs, that's what broke them up. Missy just never felt like she measured up, so to speak.

But now, she thought, Guido would love to see me now!

She let her hands sink down into the warm water and begin to stroke her pubic hair. She kept trying to picture Guido, with his long salt and pepper hair and big brown eyes. But she just could hold the image. She couldn't remember just what his beard looked like, and there were other things that kept changing about the picture in her mind. She moved her fingers down to her clitoris and stroked a little harder. Still, she couldn't make herself keep the biker's face and body in her mind's eye. He kept changing.

She began to get frustrated. She put her other hand down between her legs and played at slipping a finger inside herself. Still wasn't working. She had almost decided to give up when she noticed that she was picturing Guido without his beard.

Almost instantly, the image of the biker faded and became Dr. Sylvia Lupino. Missy felt a rush of response from her crotch.

All right, fine! If you want to be that way, she thought to her rebellious pussy, then just go ahead and be that way!

She imagined Dr. Lupino standing before her wearing only her lab coat. A light breeze would open it slightly from time to time and show Missy her rounded belly and black snatch. She would have it trimmed neatly into a perfect little triangle tucked in between the fat of her thighs. Her big breasts thrust forward enough to hold the lab coat resting over them, but Missy imagined that she could make out the swell of her dark nipples beneath the crisp white material.

Missy pulled her finger out of herself. She didn't want to be in a hurry to reach her orgasm any more. Softly, gently, she made little circles on her clit with one delicate finger.

She imagined what she would like to do.

She would walk over to the big Doctor and hug her. Dr. Lupino would hug her back, her big soft body wrapping around Missy just the way that the bath water had. Then Missy would begin to kiss and fondle her way down Dr. Lupino's voluptuous curves. She would reach up and push the lab coat off of the Doctor's rounded shoulders and take her time kissing and sucking on those massive breasts. She would take such a guilty delight in the way that her nipples would grow long and hard inside her mouth.

Sweat was beading on Missy's forehead, and she was stroking faster at her clit.

Then Dr. Lupino would gently urge her down to kiss at the full sweep of her belly. Missy had never imagined anything so soft and feminine in her whole life. Her hands went around the Doctor to caress the twin globes of her chubby ass while she buried her face in the perfect softness of that huge tummy.

Missy was breathing harder, and her finger kept darting down between the lips.

Next she would kneel all the way down and touch her lips to Dr. Lupino's pubic hair. The sweet salty musk would smell just like her own, and she would gingerly stick her tongue out to taste it. The bigger woman would spread her stout thighs apart to let her bring her lips all the way in to reach her dark pussy. Missy would begin lapping eagerly at the firm clit deep within the rolls of flesh on her twat.

One finger slipped into Missy's lips, her palm rubbing against her clit. The other hand slid down only as far as the little roll of flab at her waist and began squeezing it.

As Missy happily eats away at Dr. Lupino's pussy, she will feel her own tummy begin to swell. Her tits will begin to press against the other woman's legs, and her own thighs will grow layers of fat in instants. She uses her hands on those big ass cheeks to pull her face deeper into this wonderful pussy, all the while feeling her own body getting fatter and softer and fatter
rounder and fatter. Her belly lands on the floor at the Doctor's feet and keeps expanding, cramming her colossal growing boobs up into her face.

While the images of this fantasy growth flashed through her mind, Missy's body jerked with the first waves of orgasm. Two fingers plunged in and out of her tight pussy too fast for rhythm. Her other hand squeezed mercilessly at the flab above her hips. More water splashed onto the floor as the orgasm thrashed through her newly padded body. But the images of her impossible growth were too intense to allow her to notice, so she came and came and


Missy arrived at Dr. Lupino's office a few minutes early Wednesday afternoon. Lunch
should have still been making her feel a little bloated, but the three Mega-Meat cheese
burgers, two large fries, and two Mega-Shakes had already worn off. Missy was
hungry again after just two hours.

The nurse smiled up at her as soon as she walked through the door. "Hello Ms. Elkin. Dr. Lupino is still with a patient, but I think she's just about to finish with her. Won't you have a seat?"

Missy responded politely and sat down next to a table with some magazines and a dish of bite-size chocolates on it.

"By the way Missy, that new suit looks fabulous on you." Donna was leaning over the reception desk, fully accenting the grandeur of her ample bust line. The long cleavage
between her dark breasts was almost hypnotic against the crisp white lapels
of her uniform.

"Thanks, I just bought it yesterday." Missy didn't mention that she had to
buy it because she didn't own anything that would fit now that she wore a size 14. Donna
hadn't mentioned her weight, why should she? She looked away from the nurse and the awesome swell of her bosom, and focused on the candy dish. With a surge of willpower, she
decided against having one of the sweet little candies. On second thought, one little candy couldn't hurt anything.

It was shortly past 2:30 when Dr. Lupino came walking out with a thin redheaded girl. The
difference between her body and Dr. Lupino's was shocking. The redhead was probably in
her thirties, Missy realized on her second glance. Her body was like that of a ten year old boy, with no contours or curves anywhere. Her hands looked big and mannish, and there
was a pinched intensity to her face. There was nothing sexy about this wasted
little woman at all.

But everything about Dr. Lupino spoke of sex and pleasure. Her long black hair was tied into a single white ribbon, then it cascaded down her back in waves. She was big and soft and proud, every bulge and crease an invitation to touch. When she shook hands with the little redhead, Missy could see the flesh of her arm quiver beneath her lab coat. Watching that arm was the sweetest torture Missy had felt in a long time, and she felt herself getting horny again.

She turned her dark eyes on Missy. "Hello again, Ms. Elkin. It's so nice to see you again."

Her trace of an accent made it sound like a song. "If you will just come with me we can get
you started." Missy rose and walked quickly away from her seat, hoping that
no one would notice the empty candy dish.

Once again, Missy went into the little exam room and changed into a gown. At least it was a bigger one than on her first visit. Donna came in and took another blood sample and all of her vital information. She was now a 26 y.o. female, 5' 8", temperature of 98.5, all pretty much the same as on her visit three weeks ago. There were two differences, however. Her blood pressure was down to 140/72, down from 152/88. And she had weighed 128 pounds then, now she weighed 156 pounds.

She thought about that new number. One five six. One hundred fifty-six pounds. She was
absolutely certain that if she hadn't been taking the Rexa-L, she would be panicking like hell right now. She had ballooned up nearly thirty pounds in just three weeks. She didn't even think that was possible.

The door opened and Dr. Lupino stepped quietly in, still reviewing Missy's chart. "Well
Ms Elkin, it would appear that you are improving nicely. You blood pressure is almost back to an optimum level, and your blood is doing much better as well. All in
all, you're getting healthier every day."

She favored Missy with a perfect movie doctor smile. She let it slip before she added "Donna tells me that you have some concern about your little weight gain, yes?"

When the doctor said it, it really did sound like little thing. Missy hesitated a moment. If
Dr. Lupino wasn't concerned, why should she be?

"I was just wondering if this amount of weight gain is normal?" she finally asked.

"Actually, no. Normally a woman will gain two or three pounds a week if she's very careful with her diet. If not, then a gain of five or six pounds per week is not unusual. In your case, since you've gained about nine pounds a week, you are above average. You don't seem to be breaking any records, so we still aren't ready to panic yet. Part of the increase was certainly due to your menstrual cycle. Now that you're past that, you should slow down quite a bit."

She paused, and Missy knew that she was inviting another question. Missy couldn't think of anything else, so she simply nodded.

Dr. Lupino smiled again. "All right then. Since we are making such good progress on your
anemia and your blood pressure, I would recommend that you continue taking both
medicines as I prescribed. In addition to that, ask Donna for the name of my tailor. You are
becoming a beautiful woman and I should like to see you properly fitted."

She extended her plump hand to Missy's and then left.

Missy could not think of a thing to say. Dr. Lupino had always been so business-like before,
that her last comments had simply stunned her. By the time she gathered herself together,
she had already shaken the doctor's hand and let her leave the room. The one thought that
stuck in Missy brain was as startling as it was simple; She thinks I'm beautiful, too.

She made sure to pay close attention to the way that her body felt on the way to her car. Now that she knew just how fat she had become, she wanted to experience it fully.

The first thing that she noticed was the way that her thighs rubbed together. Not actually her thighs, but the pockets of new fat that had formed at the top of the inside of her thighs. There was a faint "wish" each time the legs of her slacks brushed together. She noticed that her heels seemed to be striking the ground with more force than they used to. That coupled with the layer of soft flesh on her thighs, hips and ass to give her the most delightful jiggle. Each step nearly tickled.

Next she glanced down and noticed what was going on in her blouse. The new 38C just wasn't sturdy enough to keep her growing boobs still. They bounced merrily along, their rhythm exactly twice as fast as the rest of her body's. It was really sort of fun to feel the way that her newly enhanced buddies jostled playfully against each other. It was starting to feel pretty sexy,

Her belly was the star attraction right now, though. Not just because of the authoritative way it rolled her waistband over. And it wasn't just the fact that her most noticable bounce was right on the front of her belly. Truth was, it wasn't even because she felt so hungry. The reason that her belly took up most of her attention was because she had noticed how big Dr.
Lupino's paunch really was. She just couldn't help but imagine what that big, gorgeous mound of olive flesh would feel like. Surely there was nothing in the world that could compare with that deep feminine sensation.

As Missy climbed into her car her arms announced that they had grown too. So did her little hint of a double chin. But she didn't care about that now. Her tummy had given something better to concentrate on. She would go and get some food. Lots and lots of rich, fattening, delicious food. Then she would spend the rest of the day gorging herself and imagining what her volptuous Dr. Lupino must feel like.


"Welcome to MegaMax, may I take your order please?" the tinny little voice said politely.

"Yeah, could I get three Mega-Meat Combos with cheese on two of them, and a vanilla shake and two root beers to drink. Let me also get a Fish-Max, another Mega-Fries, a large chocolate shake, and three fried pies, please."

Missy was worried about the owner of that tinny little voice would know that she was on the verge of a major pig-out session, so she made it a complex order like a family would make. Was she really planning on eating all that?

Yes she was. and also the Family Feast bucket of fried chicken, the big order from Taco Boquillas, and the birthday cake from Oven Lovin'. All of that food was in the trunk so that the people at the windows wouldn't catch on to what she was doing.

The tinny voice was back. "Okay, that was two Mega-Meat Combos with cheese, one Mega-Meat combo without cheese, a Fish-Max, a large fry, three fried pies, a large chocolate shake, a large vanilla shake, and two large root beers. Will there be anything else?"

Until she heard it read back to her, she hadn't realized just how much food she was actually planning on putting into her body. She was silently amazed at her optimism for a moment.

"Goodness, isn't that enough?" she laughed in answer to the intercom.

"It may do it for a while," the tinny voice answered with a chuckle. "That'll be twenty-two thirty. Please pull forward."

The tinny voice turned out to belong to a cute little guy with big brown eyes. He almost looked like an elf, Missy thought. He was damnably cute,as a matter of fact. He was all of seventeen years old, with a bushy mop of brown hair under his drive-thru headset.

"Twenty-two thirty, please," he asked with a smile. "Did the kids come home?" he asked next. When Missy didn't answer for a moment, he added "This afternoon you ordered for just two, and now your ordering for four."

"Oh. No, I'm not married. I just had some company coming in, and they volunteered me to cook." She smiled up into his cute little face.

"I was just curious. If you need anything else tonight, I'm working a double up here. My name is Donnie, ask for me."

Blast, she thought, he is a cute kid when he smiles!"

All right Donnie, I'll remember that. I'm Missy, pleased to meet you."

She liked the way he couldn't help but stare at the way her swollen boobs mashed together as she offered her right hand out the window. His hands were small, but he had a firm grip.

The finished up their transaction and she drove away with a warm feeling
every where that Donnie's eyes had touched her. The sun wasn't even low in
the sky, and this had already been a great day!

None of her neighbors were out when she got home, so she wasn't too worried about getting caught hauling in enough fast food to feed the 82d Airborne Division. The last thing in was the birthday cake. 'Happy Birthday Phillip' it said. Phillip's friends hadn't picked it up, so she got it for half price. Once she got the big cake inside, she played with the blue and white frosting and changed it to 'Happy Birthday, Phil up'. There was no one to share the joke with, but some things you have to do just for yourself.

She locked the door and drew the blinds. She had that same guilty excitement she remembered from the first time she masturbated in the living room of her parents' house. Then she got a beer out of the fridge and walked into the studio.

All right, it was really just a small bedroom with cartoon wall paper from the kid that lived here before she bought the house. But it was her studio now. Missy painted book covers for a living and this was where the magic happened. Not many people knew it, but she had been on nearly as many covers as Favio, or whatever his name is. It was also where she kept a huge floor mirror.

She carried the heavy mirror out to the living room, barely having to strain. It must have been the excitement of anticipation lending her strength. Once she had it set up in front of the couch, she stepped around it and removed her clothes. She hadn't really looked at her body in a while, and she thought she might be in for a surprise.

Surprise is a bad word. Shock is a good one. She was in for a shock as she stepped in front of the mirror. She didn't know that 156 pounds would look so fat on a 5' 8" woman. But she was definitely getting to the fat category. Her face was rounder and younger than before, and a double chin was being born. The collar bones that she loved to paint were nearly gone
and her shoulders were more feminine than she remembered. And the boobs!

She had never had boobs before, and they still looked strange to her. She lifted one up in her hand, and enjoyed the feeling of how heavy it was. She could still see some red marks from where her 38C was already a bit too small. She dropped the breast and watched her whole body respond to the shock. She lifted the other and dropped it the same way. The new fat
on her belly gave her the greatest reaction. Her hands slid down and she found that she had enough of a roll there to hide her pinkies under. Then her hands took turns pushing it back and forth. It really felt good, sort of an erotic game of personal tummy tennis. She tried it a little harder and found that it pulled at the skin of her vagina just enough to tease
her. If it was just a little bit bigger, she could probably stroke off using just her belly.

Oh yeah, the food! She tore the top off the chicken bucket and grabbed a leg. It wasn't hard, she had ordered all legs so that they would be easier to eat. That lasted four bites. The next on only made it three, as did the next two. Then she grabbed her beer bottle and went to her purse for an opener.

Her bottle of Lorcaise was on top of the opener. She picked the bottle up and looked at the yellow pills. The instructions said "TAKE WITH MEALS" and nothing else. They were just a vitamin supplement, right? Why should there be any maximum dosage? She had about twenty of the pills left on this refill, and she figured that she had about fifteen meals spread
around her living room. "TAKE WITH MEALS". Well, why not? She dumped fifteen of little yellow pills and took them three or four at a time, washing them down with the beer.

She opened a new beer and tried to become more efficient at eating drumsticks. After eating all fifteen of them, she still couldn't do any better than three bites per leg. Next was the pint of refried beans and cheese from Taco Boquillas. She had one more spoonful left when she suddenly felt like having a new beer.

Instead she grabbed her vanilla shake. The frosty sweetness felt good all the way down, it had melted enough to slurp it really fast, so of course she got the mother of all brain- freezes. She sat on the couch with her hands squeezing her temples. It didn't last long, and it was going to take more than a little headache to keep her from gorging herself tonight.

Her belly was full enough to make it hard to stand up, but a couple of well placed groans and a little rocking action solved that one. She took a deep breath to help clear her head. When she did, she had the odd thought that her boobs looked closer than they should have. Boobs! She loved that word. She grinned as she dug into the MegMax bag.

The fries were starting to cool, but they were still good and salty and greasy. She didn't realize what she had done until all four cartons were empty. The two Mega-Meats with cheese didn't last much longer than that. Halfway through the one without cheese, she took a break to drain one of the root beers. She was having trouble swallowing the last of it, so she
struggled back to her feet to walk around enough to make room for her fish sandwich. Never before had she felt so full and bloated. Of course, she had never eaten this much in a week before either. It took an effort, but she did finish the Fish- Max.

She finished the four burritos and four soft tacos as well. The cinnamon sopapillas made a mess all over her boobs too. Her really big boobs. She put the last root beer down and picked one of her swollen breasts up. It flowed over her hand. It WAS bigger!

She stepped back in front of the mirror, trying to prepare herself for another shock.

Shock is an inaccurate word. Trauma is a more realistic word.

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>> PART SIX <<

The mirror showed a woman that Missy hardly recognized. If she thought that she looked fat before, it was simply because she had no frame of reference. Now she knew what a fat woman really looked like.

Every part of her body was softer than before. Even her hands seemed fuller, and the tightness of her rings proved that she wasn't imagining this. When she bent her arm to pull the rings off, a new fold appeared in the crook of her elbow. It felt so strange, alien but natural. It didn't have that taut pressure as if it were swollen, it was more like feeling another person's sensations. Another fat person.

The skin over her tummy was taut, but there was no mistaking that it too was layered in soft flesh. Earlier just this evening, she still had a waist and her hips still flared out from there. Now her hips, even though they were noticeably wider than before, were topped by thick rolls of flab that had formed around her middle.

The belly itself was an amazing piece of work. It had folded over deeply onto her broad thighs, and still stuck forward several inches. The curvature of it smoothed out the creases at her sides before they had the chance to mar the artistic sweep that it had created of itself. Her navel had become wider, and she couldn't tell by looking how deep it was. There was still some pubic hair visible beneath it, but most of her crotch was obscured. It made her think of Dr. Lupino in that last fantasy she had of her.

Suddenly her perception of the image in the mirror changed. Without
knowing exactly why, she liked the way that the woman in the glass looked.

There was a sort of pampered opulence in the deep softness of that wide
build, an invitation to indulgences. How could anyone look at those massive breasts and not think about sex? They were suddenly huge, with dark pink nipples that were hard and thick. Her aureoles were darker still and deeply wrinkled, and they seemed to have moved toward the bottom of those awesome boobs.

She grinned in spite of her nerves at that. What came after "boobs", she wondered. If a 38C counted as boobs, then what did she have now? That led to a more serious thought, just what did she have now? What size bra would she have to buy now?

She grabbed up her bra and wrapped it around her chest backwards so that
she could snap it. It was a purely utilitarian model, nothing decorative or exotic about it. It wasn't easy, but she did manage to get all three hooks fastened. It was even harder getting it turned around so that the cups were in the front. The strap cut deeply into her sides, sending thick folds of flesh rolling over it all the way around to her spine. She found on the second try that she had to adjust the shoulder straps all the way out to pull her arms through.

The cups that were so roomy just a few days ago now looked laughably inadequate. Breasts were falling out the bottom and flowing over the top and generally ridiculing the brassiere. Between them was a pale version of Donna's wondrous cleavage.

Missy decided that on another woman, this rapid addition of flesh would really look beautiful. But this was her body, and she wasn't ready to be this fucking

With a start, she snapped out of her reverie and rifled through her purse. She found Dr. Lupino's business card and found that her home number was printed on it.

Thank goodness, she thought, if not I'd have called 911. Well, no I wouldn't. I've had dated too many firemen in this town, and this was not the way I wanted a chance reunion to be.

The phone rang five or six times before Missy realized that it was after
midnight. She had been so wrapped up in gorging herself that she didn't
notice that nearly eight hours had passed. She was used to losing track of
time when she was painting, but this was just crazy. On the eighth ring, a
sleepy voice said something in another language out of the phone.

"Dr. Lupino, I'm sorry for calling so late, but I'm having a problem."
There, that didn't sound so bad, but it did let her know that this was

"It is not a problem, Miss Elkin. What may I do for you?" The doctor's
accent was more pronounced, and she was having to think about speaking in
English, or so it seemed to Missy.

What would she say now? How do you explain something like this? Let's try
the 'just blurt it out' method.

"I took 15 of those Lorcaises and then I've been eating non-stop for the last eight hours." Now it sounded so bad.

"Oh my Lord. Are you all right, Miss Elkin?" Now she sounded awake. "Are you experiencing any heart arrhythmias or increased pulse? Perhaps a fever? Have you noticed a rash or any difficulty in your breathing?"

"No Doctor, none of that. I feel fine. Actually I feel great!" Come to think
of it, she felt better than she could remember ever feeling before. "I'm
kind of having another problem right now..."

"Yes, I should imagine so. Give me your address, and I will be right over

"All right, it's eleven-sixteen Morning Glory Circle. Sort of like where
Samantha and Darrin lived." She didn't know if Dr. Lupino watched many
reruns, that was just the way she gave her address. "It's just four blocks
south of City Hall off of Lancaster."

"All right, I believe I can find that. I assume you don't wish to meet me
at the hospital? No, of course you don't.." Missy heard the sound of a
page being torn out of a notebook over the phone.

"If you get any of the symptoms I mentioned earlier, go straight to the hospital. Do not wait on me, just go"

There was a moment of silence, then Dr. Lupino said "You are going to be just fine, Miss Elkin. Do not do anything else until I get there, okay?"

"Okay Dr. Lupino. And hey, please call me Missy. It'll just make it easier
for me."

Missy found that she was already much calmer.

There was a small chuckle on the phone. "All right, Missy. Then I will be
Sylvia from now on, yes?"

"Yes. Thank you Sylvia." Nothing else came immediately to mind that meant
what she felt any more than that. "Thank you."

About twenty minutes later there was a rapid knocking on Missy's front door. She opened it up and there was Dr. Lupino in a pair of tight black jeans and a Biker tee shirt. Her salt and pepper hair was pulled into a relaxed ponytail with one rebellious lock of white hair hanging down over her left eye. She carried two bags in addition to a small purse slung over one shoulder. One was an ordinary gym bag, the other was a big black leather medical bag like all the doctors on TV carried when they made house calls. It was the first time Missy had ever seen one.

She knew she must look pretty silly standing there with a sheet wrapped around her toga style, but there was nothing else in the house that would
fit her. She hadn't even tried her new size fourteens on, it had been enough trouble getting her bra and panties on. "Hi. Thank you so much for coming. Please come on in"

"Well Missy, it appears that you have had a busy night so far. Tell me exactly how much you have had to eat." Except for using her first name, Dr. Lupino acted the same way she did at the office. Perfectly professional and competent in every way.

Missy had thrown all the food wrappers away as soon as she had hung up the phone. Like any criminal at the scene of the crime, she was destroying the evidence. She had also put the mirror back in the studio, and this time decided that it was the adrenaline from fear that made it seem so light.

She began recounting the long list of fast foods that she had consumed in the order that she had purchased them. She left Phillip's birthday cake out because she hadn't eaten it yet. As much as it amazed her, she was actually still planning on eating that cake. Even with that omission, the list took long enough for Dr. Lupino to take her blood pressure, pulse rate, breathing rate, temperature, and check her pupils.

"Well you seem to be in fine shape. You are obviously excited, but I should think that that would be expected right now."

She glanced around the room quickly before she continued. "What is it that made you quit eating, Missy?"

There was nothing to say but the truth. "I saw myself in the mirror and was shocked by how big I had gotten."

"Then it is not because you ran out of food, or you weren't hungry any longer?"

Missy shook her head shyly at the question. "Then you must continue eating for the time being, until you are no longer hungry. That is vital. Your body is still under the effects of the Lorcaise, and you must not let it get ahead of itself."

The doctor paused to gain direct eye contact with Missy. "Do you understand me?"

When Missy didn't answer right away, Dr. Lupino said, "If you do not continue to supply your body with food, it will have a devastating consequence on your metabolism. Your body will begin to consume itself, just as if you were starving. That is common with many diets, but in this case it would be irreversible."

Missy's eyebrows drew together. "Irreversible?"

"No matter what you ate, your body would continue to lose weight. Your body would quite actually consume itself, eventually ending with your death."

Another professional pause, then "But we are not going to let that happen. You are going to go into your kitchen and get something more to eat, and I will go and get your bathroom scales. Where are they?"

The change of subject was so quick that Missy went along with it in spite of herself. "I don't own any scales. I never had to worry about it till recently."

"Not to worry, I asked Donna to bring one. She should arrive shortly"

Missy realized at the time that she should have been angered by that. But
it seemed perfectly natural for a doctor to want a competent nurse there.

The fact that Donna was ready to come over in the middle of the night collided with the fact that Dr. Lupino was so calm about the fact that Missy's life may be in danger. Those bounced into a couple of other ideas and brought Missy to just one question...

"Dr. Lupino, how did you know immediately that it was me on the phone tonight?"


Dr. Lupino turned to face Missy directly and said I simply recognized
your voice over the line.

She began walking toward the kitchen. Let's go and see what else you have to eat in this house, shall we?

Missy almost went along until she realized that she had other questions.

What about Donna coming over in the middle of the night, too? She didn't
break eye contact as she wrapped her sheet back around her bloated figure.

"Donna Valentine is a very dedicated nurse. Why would you believe that I would be willing to make a house call in the dead of night, but that my nurse would not?" The doctor seemed to be getting defensive.

Missy almost backed off when she saw that Dr. Lupino was becoming upset,
but she had to know what was going on with this whole set-up. So how about the way you seemed to know exactly what was going on with me and this little binge?

"Well, it sort of goes with being a doctor, I suppose." Her face softened, then she actually smiled. Missy smiled back at the beautiful woman in
site of herself.

Sylvia continued "What has happened to you tonight is exceedingly rare. This has only happened four times before in the entire time that Rexa-L has been has been around. It is an extremely unlikely combination of ingredients within it and the Lorcaise and some other chemicals that have yet
to be identified. "

There was a soft knock at the door before their conversation could go any further. Missy crossed the room more quickly than she would have thought a woman her size could and opened the door. It was Donna.

"Hi Missy, how are you feeling?"

Missy didn t really have an answer so she just invited her in.

"Hey, nobody told me that this was going to be a toga party! "

It felt really good when Missy let herself laugh. Donna just seemed to
make herself at home the second she walked in the room, and that helped Missy to relax. Now she felt that she could handle all of this better.

Donna had the look of someone who had been unexpectedly awakened, and that relaxed Missy as well. She was wearing a pair of red sweats and black
running shoes. The jersey fabric hugged the full swell of her wide hips alluringly. Underneath the top she was naked, and her massive bust still held itself up somehow. There were big nipples pressing hard against the cloth at the center of each heavy breast, and even her aureoles could be traced around them.

Her waves of tightly curled hair were loose around her head, just relaxed
enough to hang onto her shoulders. Most of it was a dense ebony cloud around her face. She wasn't wearing any makeup, and somehow that made her even more beautiful. Her skin was dark and very smooth, with big brown eyes that actually glittered.

Without her lipstick, it was plain that her lips were probably the best feature of her beautiful face. They were deep, unusually full, and gracefully arched. When she smiled the soft brown of those lips accented her straight white teeth perfectly. Missy thought that it was strange that seeing Donna without any preparations at all is what finally
made her realize just how gorgeous the nurse really was.

"Where's Dr. Lupino?" Donna asked. Missy hadn t even noticed that she had
left and was surprised when she heard her voice from the kitchen.

"I'm in here getting Missy something to snack on. Do you need help with
anything? "

"No, I can get it. I'll be right back." Donna was starting to go back out to her car when she stopped and put her hand on Missy s soft shoulder. Her
voice was as gentle as her eyes when she said "Listen Missy, I know that you're scared. This is a very strange thing going on with you tonight. But Sylvia and I are going to take good care of you, and everything is going to be
just fine."

Missy believed her, and before she knew what she was doing she had grabbed
Donna in a warm hug. It was comforting to feel Donna s hand stroking her
hair and hearing her quiet reassurances. For being several inches shorter than
Missy, she was very good at mothering her.

Sylvia came out of the kitchen carrying a plate with some sandwiches on it.
She didn't disturb the embrace that the two women were sharing. She simply
sat the plate down, picked up Donna s keys, and went outside.

By the time she came back in, Missy was eating one of the sandwiches and
Donna was on the phone with a Pronto Pizza. Dr. Lupino sat down a big
scale and handed Missy two folders full of important looking papers. "This is
all the information that I have on the interaction that you are experiencing.
By the way, I m glad to see you eating something. I was afraid that my lovely
nurse had distracted you."

Donna stuck her tongue out at the doctor and went back to placing her order. "I didn t know if you liked mayonnaise ormustard
on your sandwiches, so I made some of each. "

Missy swallowed her mouthful and said "Both are great, thanks. Would you
like something?"

Sylvia shook her head, so Missy changed the subject. "So now that I'm a little calmer, just what is happening to me, Doc? "

Donna hung up the phone and sat quietly while Dr. Lupino explained it all
to her. From time to time she would refer Missy to a page in the first

All in all, it was very simple.

The Rexa-L was a fairly new type of sedative which often caused an appetite increase as a side effect. This side effect could vary widely between individuals, and Missy happened to be at the higher end of that category.
In certain, very rare individuals, it also had a marked effect on the pituitary gland, certain areas of the brain, and other glands in the body. Alone, all of these effects were completely harmless and subsided quickly and

The Lorcaise was simply a very efficient nutrition supplement that had
been safely and widely used for a number of years. It made the food that was
ingested more readily available to the body for immediate use. Several studies had shown it to be unequaled in increasing muscle mass and bone
density. It beat steroids in almost every category that made people use
steroids in the first place.

On the downside, it also caused great increases in the build up of fatty tissue. If not for that, it would surely have replaced the dangerous steroids long ago. Some of the studies showed that even at high concentrations, Lorcaise was absolutely safe, although binge behavior was recorded in nearly a fifth of the subjects in the study groups.

Even when taken together, as three independent studies showed, there
seemed to be only the most minor ill effects. Most of these involved various
weight gains, a few of them equal to Missy's own gain before tonight. That was all the pertinent information in that folder.

Dr. Lupino was very serious as she began the next part of her explanation.
"In the second folder is information that I only received last Friday. I had
to pull quite a few strings to get it even so. You will notice that there
only two cases in the folder. One of them is a woman that you may have
seen in my office this afternoon."

Missy saw a photograph of a red-haired woman who was just shy of being plump. It took a minute to recognize her as thetense little woman that Dr. Lupino had been speaking with in the waiting room. "Ah, I see that you do remember her. We will call her Betty, for now.

"Betty had the same hyper binge that you are experiencing a bit more than
six months ago. She was on a trans-Atlantic airliner and could only gain
sixteen pounds before her supply of food was exhausted. "

A timer sounded in the kitchen, startling Missy and Donna. Sylvia smiled at Donna, saying That would be Miss Elkins TV dinner. Would you please go and get it for her. The robust nurse rose and walked into the kitchen.

Missy was about to protest out of habit when she noticed that all eight of her
sandwiches were gone.

Elfin magic, she thought, some sort of food fairy.

The doctor continued "Betty is now going through the condition that I
explained to you earlier. Her metabolism has been altered to the point
that she simply cannot eat enough to maintain it. She is literally starving to
death with a belly full of food. I was called in as a special consultant by another doctor who knew that I might have some experience in this field. Hopefully, we will be able to cure Betty s condition, or at least find a treatment that will be successful in halting the progress of the condition. "

Donna emerged with the dinner on a tray, along with a beer for Missy. She
also had cups of coffee for herself and the doctor.

Missy swallowed the first bite, then asked "What is the other case in this
folder, Doctor? "

Sylvia s eyebrows came together. She told a brief history of a woman she
called Anna. Anna had also experienced a hyper-binge, but had forced
herself to deny it entirely. She ate nothing at all. She had died four months
later of severe malnutrition.

"So that's two cases. You are in the middle of being a third one." Donna
was talking to Missy, then turned her head to Dr. Lupino. "I think you should
tell her about the fourth case now."

Technically, the voluptuous doctor began, it was the first case.

She dug a picture out of her purse and handed it to Missy. It was a photograph of a tall thin brunette in front of the Statue Of Liberty. "That was me on the day that I arrived in America. My mother and I came here from Romania. My father, an Italian businessman, had finally done well enough in this country to buy our freedom and bring us here to be with him. He was even able to send me to medical school. While I was an intern, a doctor prescribed Lorcaise to me to combat my fatigue. I did not mention that I was already taking Rexa-L, which at the time had not yet been approved for use in this country. I was the first patient to manifest the symptoms that you now know so well. "

Missy was shocked at what she was hearing. "You mean you... ,"

Then she gestured down to her own body, "you know... "

"Yes Missy, I went from 130 pounds at five-seven up to 206 pounds in less
than two days."

She took a dramatic pause, then smiled sympathetically and
said "Now what would you like to eat next?"

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The doctor continued to talk for quite a while longer. The whole time that she was telling her story, Missy continued to eat. Donna kept a constant supply of food in front of her patient, who was still wrapped up in her sheet. Missy was fascinated by every word that Sylvia spoke with her soothing accent.

Dr. Lupino was living in a small apartment over a friend s restaurant. On the night that Sylvia graduated from her internship, she went out to party with the friends that she had made during her rotations at the hospital. At one point they went into a shady little bar that they really should have just passed by. Some guy made a crude pass at Sylvia, then beat the hell out of her friend when he tried to defend her. Sylvia had jumped on the guy s back, trying desperately to save her rescuer. The guy in the bar just laughed at her and went on pounding on her friend as though she wasn t even there.

When she got back to her little apartment that night, she was furious and
depressed. Worse than that, she was embarrassed that she had done her best and had The Guy had been unaffected. It was such a maddeningly helpless feeling to be simply laughed off, dismissed like that. She remembered thinking that it was because she was just too little.

Her next thoughts were hazy at the time, and she certainly couldn t recall
them now. The end result was that she downed about 20 Lorcaise and some extra Rexa-L. She thought that she knew what expect from the combination of medications. She got so much more than anyone could have expected.

"There was no one there to calm me during my hyper binge . Fortunately, I
had access to the restaurant so I was able to continue to metabolize throughout the entire event. "

She grinned brightly, "You should have seen the look on Mrs. Nava s face when she opened the restaurant Monday morning! Here was her little renter in an empty food locker, without a scrap of clothing left on her obese body. She couldn t tell whether to call the police, an ambulance, or Oprah!"

She began to giggle, and her silvery laughter was infectious. Soon all three ladies were nearly rolling on the floor.

When the pizzas arrived, they had settled down a bit. Donna paid the
driver along with a pretty good tip.

Missy saw him just as he was about to leave.

"Donny?" she called. He turned before she realized what she had done.

"Oh, hi Missy." he flashed that cute smile at her again. She saw that he
was as short as she thought he was, maybe five-four at the most. It looks like you ladies are having a great time in here tonight. His eyes traced every curve on all three women rapidly, and his smile brightened even more.

"It's just a good old-fashioned slumber party. What are you doing
delivering pizzas at this time of night? "

She could see that Sylvia was getting a little nervous, but she couldn't
just run him off without a word.

"Just trying to make a few extra bucks. I've discovered that dating is
expensive..." His grin turned a little sheepish at that. "Well I suppose that I should be going now. It was very nice to almost meet you two. And Missy, if you all decide to play Spin The Bottle, be sure to call me back!"

He left and said goodnight a few more times on the way.

Once the door was closed, Donna broke into fresh giggles. Missy soon
joined her.

"Oh Sylvia, Maybe that kid and your Mrs. Nava should get together with these stories!" Donna managed to say. At last, the doctor lost her restraint and joined in the laughter.

"Mmmmmm... mnod om ee iz ee cued, hee maigz a grade peza..." Missy said
around a mouthful of pizza. That got Sylvia and Donna started on the giggles again. They both asked her what she had said, as best they
could for the chuckles.

Missy swallowed dramatically, I said, "Not only is he cute, he makes a great
pizza. Why, what did it sound like I said? "

The other two women answered her in perfect unison, Mmmm-mm-mmm-m-mmm-mmmm-mm! It was all just too silly.

After the latest wave of snickers died down some, Donna said, "Girl, you
are right about one thing. That kid is a DOLL! Just think a minute on the things that you could teach a man if you could get him that young... Heck, just think of the money you d save on batteries! "

"Oh yeah. Donny, he can't be more than eighteen, he'd be your Energizer Bunny!" Missy really did have a very clear image of that in her mind.

Sylvia s voice was more controlled. "Well the best thing about the boy is
that he brought food for you. "

She didn't seem to want to join in on this line of conversation. "Now come
on, Miss Elkin. There s still more to eat here. "

And so Missy did eat some more. Eight sandwiches, a six-pack of beer, three TV dinners, half a box of corn flakes, a quart or so of milk, a can of fruit cocktail, two cans of sweet potatoes ( Left over from Thanksgiving two years ago ), six toaster pastries, and six large supreme pizzas. That was just since Dr. Lupino had shown up. At the doctor s suggestion, Missy kept the sheet wrapped loosely around herself the whole time. She was still hungry. Sylvia placed a call to another pizza place while Missy and Donna went rummaging around through the kitchen.

"So what was with Dr. Lupino about Donny?" Missy asked quietly once they
were in the kitchen.

Donna looked at her seriously with her big soft eyes and said, You mean you don't know?

Missy shook her head. Donna drew in a sigh, perilously stretching the fabric of her shirt with her huge bosom. "Sylvia doesn t have much of a use for men. I mean, there are a lot of lesbians out there, but the Doc is a real man-

Another awesome sigh. "She does have her reasons though. I can't really tell you about all that, and I don't think I know the half of it. "

Missy thought for a second. "Was it that guy in the bar on her graduation

"No, it started a long time before that. That guy sure didn t change her
mind about anything, though. "

They went back to searching for more food. It was getting a little slim in
there. "Well, what have we here?"

Donna was looking on top of the fridge and had found the birthday

"Oh man, I can't believe I forgot that thing. And after I ate those blasted sweet potatoes! Blecch!!" Missy reached up and lifted the cake down. It seemed lighter than it should have been.

"The new pizzas are on their way to your door at this very moment." Sylvia
announced grandly. "They are in something of a race with a special party order from Wok And Roll. I hope you like Chinese. She looked at the cake missy was holding. That looks heavenly! Could we share it with you, Missy? "

" Of course! Grab some forks from that drawer on the left by the sink. " Missy placed the cake on the kitchen table. Then all three women took their places around it and went to work on it. The conversation wandered through a variety of topics, and eventually wound up back on weight.

Missy swallowed a mouthful of cake. "I know what you mean, Donna. My
sister is thin, but she really has to work at it. I think she was always kind of jealous of me because I've always been so slim without any effort."

She shoveled another forkful into her mouth.

Donna s eyebrows went up. She said "Wait a minute, say that again. Just
that part about how slim you are."

She leered playfully at the fat blonde who was filling up her bedsheet.

Missy looked down at herself. "I forgot."

There was a trace of fear in her eyes as she rose. "How could I
forget this? Oh my, look at this cake! "

Sylvia and Donna had both eaten a roughly six by six inch corner of the
birthday cake. Missy had eaten twice as much as both of them together.

"How could I forget this?!" Missy was on the verge of tears.

Sylvia stood and hugged her tightly.

"It s all right... it s all right... " she crooned gently.

Soon, Missy had stopped wanting to cry. Instead, she was intrigued by the way that the fat of her body felt against the fat of Sylvia s body. She d never felt anything so arousing before. She wasn t quite ready to give into that yet, though.

She pushed slowly away from the other woman's sumptuous body. "I'm okay, I'm all right.

She raised her head to look at the doctor. "Could I go weigh now? "


Missy kept the sheet wrapped around her as she rose to her feet. Sylvia
didn t look happy about it, but she and Donna followed her into the living
room without protest. Missy stepped up onto the scale and Donna operated
the counter-weights.

"No way!..." Missy whispered. "It can't be ..."

Now the tears started for real. She was not prepared to handle what she saw on the scale. How could anyone be prepared for that? Not in one night!!

The nurse checked the setting to make sure that it was right. It was, the
reading was accurate.

"It can't be!" Missy shrieked. "Two hundred and nine pounds?! I'm a whale!"

She started to feel a little dizzy, so she stepped backward off of the scale
and collapsed onto the couch. There was an unmistakable cracking noise as
something in the frame of the old couch splintered.

Dr. Lupino stepped forward and gently took Missy s hand. " Now, now Miss
Elkin. You are going to be all right. Just try to relax a bit "

Missy sprang up from the couch. "RELAX?! Did you just tell me to RELAX? I've gained more than fifty pounds in one evening, and you want me to relax.
Look at me and tell me to RELAX!"

Missy ripped the sheet away from her body, exposing her new flab to the other two women. When neither of them said anything at first, Missy trotted across the living room into her studio where the big mirror was kept. Her mounds of flab bounced and jostled merrily as her powerful legs carried her to the front of the mirror. Once she got there, she just stood.

The mirror was barely large enough to hold her image. Her entire body was layered in new flesh. Her face was chubby and her neck was starting to double. She saw that her shoulders were wider and rounder, and her arms were sheathed in softness. Her boobs had grown and were sagging mightily over the impossible paunch that her belly had become.

Spreading abruptly away from where her waist used to be were a pair of massive hips. They also were being crowded by her belly. Even wider than her hips were her thighs. They pressed together almost all the way to her knees, and formed hefty saddlebags at the tops. She just stared at this obese reflection, unable to accept the fact that she was suddenly so absolutely FAT.

Then, just like before, her view changed. She was very fat, yes. But slowly she began to see beauty in her bloated figure. There was something intimately feminine about these generous curves. Amid all of this soft flesh there was an allure that she had always lacked before. She had become fat, but she had never looked so sexy before.

Donna s dark fingers came to rest easily on Missy s padded shoulder.

"Are you gonna be all right, Honey?" she asked softly, like she was speaking to
a badly scared child.

Missy couldn't help but laugh at the tone of her voice.

"Yeah..." she sighed, " Yeah I guess so. "

She turned to face Sylvia. "Doc, are you sure that there isn t anyway around this. There isn t some way to stop this without eating any more or dying? "

There was nothing professional in the way that Sylvia looked at Missy now.
She was just one woman wanting to help another. Her beautiful and exotic
face was filled with sympathy and compassion. "I don t know of any other
way to keep you healthy without having you continue to binge until the drug overdose works its wasy through. I am sorry."

"Well then, let s just get back to it!"

With a little giggle, she said, "Besides, I'm starting to like the way this new body is turning out."

She took her private medical team by the arms and led them back to the

She attacked the cake with gusto, shoveling fork after fork into her
dimpled face. Halfway through the rest of the cake, the Chinese food
arrived. Missy didn't slow down a bit as she consumed the whole order.
Five egg rolls, two orders of Mongolian beef, three of sweet and sour
pork, five cups of wonton soup with noodles, five more egg rolls, two
Szechwan chicken orders, all the stir fried vegetables and fried rice,
followed by five fortune cookies. She giggled at the last fortune.

It says Something magical will happen to you tonight !

She jiggled her swollen belly with both hands. "It's the first time they ever got one this right!"

The girls were about to start giggling again, now that they were calming down a little.

The door bell rang.

"Keep your seat, I'll get it," Donna said as she stood. "You probably don t want to answer the door in that outfit anyway, Missy."

The fat woman had forgotten that she was naked, and blushed for it

Donna came back in carrying the pizza boxes. Sylvia was pulling a lot of
black and gray cloth out of her gym bag. "It s a dress I brought over for
you. I m afraid it isn t very stylish, but it should fit you all fine."

It was a shapeless cotton house dress with short sleeves and a medium
neckline. Even though it was much too large for Missy, her abundant curves
gave the dress a lovely shape. The doctor stepped back. "There you go. I m
not sure if that wild print is really your style, but it looks wonderful
on you. "

She thanked Sylvia, then started her assault on the six Jumbo Supreme
pizzas. Four large sodas washed it all down. They didn ' last long at all,
so she went back to the birthday cake. By the time it and another drink
were gone, the big dress was noticeably tighter. Not just on her belly,
but across her fattened buttocks and breasts as well.

"Well, what now Doc? We re all out of food here, and I think I m still
hungry." Missy stood up from the table, her unfamiliar bulk shoving the
table out of the way nonchalantly. It made her chuckle a little because of
how easy it was to move all of this new tonnage.

Sylvia stifled a yawn and said, "First of all, I would like to weigh you
again. Then I think that Donna and I should begin working in shifts."

She went on to explain that the drug interaction would keep Missy awake and
alert for hours, but that they would of course need some sleep.

This time there was no shrieking when Missy stepped onto the scale. She
was plainly curious to see what it would be now.

Donna got the weights set and whistled. "Girlfriend, this is world record
stuff here. You have gained more than twenty pounds. You are now at two
hundred thirty-two pounds."

What the heck, Missy smirked, Let's break two fifty!

The end ( or all that I found of it) - BTB

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I'm gonna be sitting here, hitting the refresh button, until the next part of the story appears.
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Sorry, but you could have a loooong wait.

This is a 1996 story that ended right here - barring an unexpected surprise there will be no more.

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I really wish I were a better writer. Would anyone be willing to work on this? I'll help as best as I can. I'm pretty sure that when this story is finished, it will fix the economy.
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Wow, I had completely forgotten this story! I saw it in the menu and got a little upset that someone had hijacked my name. It wasn't until the second or third page when I found Dr. Lupino that I realized that I was the one who had used my name! Yeah, I feel a little stupid now...
Thanks for finding this, BTB! And another thanks for helping me play a practical joke on myself! :-)

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Sorry Sparrow, that's all there is to it... I think I was actually finished with it, which makes it quite a bit different from most of the stories I've scribbled at. In the meantime, thank you for the compliment of your worn-out REFRESH button!
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