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Default Feeder Obssesion - by Anonymous (~BBW, Explicit Sex, Feederism, Domination)

~BBW, Explicit Sex, Feederism, Domination - A first time feeder experience

Feeder Obsession
by Anonymous

(Editor's Note: Found this years ago on a site called gurlpages.com ( now defunct)

How Jay Starley first noticed fat women

Jay Starly was the kind of man others saw as perfect, tall, dark and handsome; born to wealth and prestige, he had it all. By thirty he was the vice president of his family's company, and by thirty five he was CEO. Jay could have any woman he desired it seemed but he was never satisfied with the throng of beautiful women he met at parties and in business.

Jay had a secret desire, the only thing that set him apart from the people he socialized and did business with daily. Jay lusted after large women, the larger the better, and if that had been all he would simply have found the most beautiful large woman and been happy, refusing to allow the opinions of others to stand in his way.

It was not as simple as that; Jay had always desired change and variety, he was always looking for something new and exciting, he loved seeing businesses grow and that desire was the same with women.

At ten Jay's teacher had become pregnant and he found himself entranced with her changing body; it seemed as if after every weekend she had changed more. He would watch her and ever time she seemed larger or her maternity clothes seemed tighter he would begin to feel strange and excited.

Mrs. Woodfre had quit teaching to have her baby one month before the end of school and so Jay had never seen her afterward. Even at ten he understood in his conscious mind that after the baby was born she would no longer be large, but in his subconscious he imagined her growing and growing.

It wasn't till four years later that Jay again encountered a pregnant woman on a regular basis. A school mate invited him to his house where Jay noticed that Mark's mother was pregnant; after this he arranged to come over to their house as often as possible. As Mrs. Vondre began to grow larger and larger Jay had a difficult time taking his eyes off of her and he would arrange to come over when he knew his friend was out and wait for him talking to Mrs. Vondre or sipping ice tea while she talked on the phone to friends. He would listen as she told her sister how they now knew it was twins and how her legs were swelling, an image that made Jay squirm.

She had gained so much weight that she had a difficult time getting in and out of chairs and anytime he was there Jay would act the perfect gentleman and help her so that he could touch her.

One day Jay came in fifteen minutes before he knew Mark would be home and saw Mrs. Vondre sitting at the kitchen counter eating a dark chocolate cake directly from the bakers box. She looked embarrassed and told him that she knew that she shouldn't but she was eating for three after all, and they should keep it as their "little secret."

That night Jay fantasized about her growing larger, not just her belly but all of her, he imagined her arms and legs and face filling out as she stuffed it full of black forest cake, cream topping and chocolate covering her plump fingers. The fantasy was so strong that Jay was a little surprised the next time he saw her and she was just pregnant.

Finally came the day that Jay had secretly been dreading but had not let himself think about, Mrs. Vondre gave birth. Jay knew better but when he saw her two weeks and forty-five pounds lighter he was devastated; she had changed alright but not for the better in his mind. After that he no longer went to Mark's house, he could not stand to see the weight Mark's mother had lost.

From then on Jay did as was expected of him, he dated the girls in his families social circle, the model thin ones who had their noses done by age 14. He would glance at the few larger plump girls in his circle but never dated them. When he went away to Yale he found new freedom but still did not have the confidence to turn away from the concepts of beauty his family and friends held. To them you couldn't be too rich or too thin.

Jay learns how to find fat women and meets his first feedee

The first time Jay went to a bar alone at twenty two and decided to dance with a plump girl he saw there it was like an awakening, her body was so soft in his arms. Still uncertain about his own choices Jay began driving out of town to others bars where he would find the largest girl there and turn his charm on her. He would dance and flirt and buy her drinks until she had no resistance, and then he would take her back to his hotel room and have sex with her all night.

He would touch every inch of her body as if he was remember everything about it, the way her breast felt and her hips flared. Jay would lick and taste her juices as if they were whiskey and he was a drunk, he would devoured her like a starving man. He would make love to her over and over until she passed out or begged him to stop. It was as if he thought he couldn't get his fill, as if he thought that if he could just do it enough he would get rid of the desire, but it never worked.

Finally exhausted and ashamed he would leave in the morning and never contact her again saying he would never go back to another bar. Then a week or two later he would find himself looking for another women.

One night he had been romancing a large girl who suddenly said, "I am starving, I have to eat or I will fade away to nothing."

Jay felt a sudden surge of blood rushing between his legs and he practically dragged her out of the bar. In his car he could not keep his hands off of her ample belly as he drove. The thought of her eating drove him crazy with lust. The only place open was a truck stop and as he began to apologize to her she grinned and said, "Oh I love this place they have the biggest servings you can imagine, I can eat their french fries and their apple pie till I burst."

Jay was sure he was going to burst right then and there and hoped no one would notice the bulge in his trousers as he followed her in watching her ass sway back and forth in front of him.

The waitress greeted her by name. "Hey Kerri how are you dear, do you want the usual?"

Kerri grinned and said "Well I guess that depends on if my friend is buying or not."

She looked up at Jay and seeing his nod she pulled open the menu and began ordering, "I will have one of those really big southern fried steak and eggs platters with a double order of hashbrowns with gravy all over the whole thing and a large chocolate shake, extra thick. Oh yeah and bring me a whole stack of toast with all kinds of jellies, lots of them."

Jay could barely talk as he ordered a burger and fries with coffee. Kerri grinned and said that he hoped that he did not mind her ordering all that food but as a poor student at the local community collage she never got to eat her fill and she loved food.

The toast came and Kerri began spreading Jam on it in thick chunks and eating it with gusto. Jay watched each bite but Kerri didn't seem to mind, it was as if she knew he was loving it. She began to talk about herself between bites and told him about her telemarketing job selling light bulbs and how she was planning to go to beauty school to learn to do nails.

When she asked him about him, Jay found himself lying. He had already mentioned he was in his final year of grad school but something made him tell her he went to a much smaller school near Yale. Jay knew that the difference in their social standing would always be in the way.

Finally the food came and Kerri began to dig in to the huge platter before her as if she was starving and had not just wiped out six pieces of toast and twelve packets of jelly.

She smiled up at him as she finished the battered piece of meat nearly the size of a regular plate and began to dig into the six scrambled eggs beside it. "You know they have the best pie in the world here, chocolate cream pie. Ummmm you know chocolate makes me so horny I swear I just about can't control myself."

Jay smiled at her as his ears seemed to ring and he felt dizzy.

"What is your favorite food Kerri?" he asked

"Well, it would be easier to ask what I didn't like." she said. "There ain't much I wouldn't eat, I never seem to get enough. I love ice cream, the way it melts in your mouth, and spicy foods too, I like that great tingle I get all over when it is really spicy."

Jay stared and was barely able to eat his own food as he watched her, she ate like a trucker, nothing like the dainty women he had grown up around. He couldn't resist asking, "You really do love eating don't you?"

"Yes and you really do like watching me don't you?" she said as her now bare foot slid between his legs to fondle his hard on.

"I can tell it turns you on as much as it does me. I bet you wish you could make love to me here at the table and feel my nice full belly against yours don't you?"

It seemed as if she were reading his mind.

"How, How do you . . ?" he stammered.

"Oh I can tell, my last boyfriend was a feeder, I liked it but he was with the army and got shipped out. I always bring a guy here to see how he reacts and you are the first to get that drunken look in yours eyes watching me."

"A feeder?" Jay had never heard the term before.

She laughed, "Yeah that is what he called it, he had a bunch of magazines on it, cheep stuff but all about guys who like to watch women get fatter. I don't know it turned me on so much for some reason. Listen, all this food has made me so hot, I want you to come home with me and make love while you feel how fat and full my belly is, though I would love to get a piece of pie to take home with us first."

Kerri looked up at him as if she was a child cajoling a treat from an adult.

Jay called the waitress over and ordered a whole pie to go.

"Oh I knew I was right about you sugar, you are so hot and bothered I bet you wish you could throw my fat ass over this here table and have me raw don't you?"

The course words fired Jay and as the waitress brought the pie he threw the money on the table and followed Kerri to the car. She was everything he dreamed of and couldn't admit to himself.


As they got in the car Kerri held the pie on her lap and squirmed as Jay drove.

"Something wrong," he inquired.

"I wish i had stolen a fork back there! I swear I want me a piece of this here pie right now." Kerri sighed.

"Open it up and just eat it." Jay suggested, surprised at the tone of his voice.

"I just told you I don't have a fork silly."

"Eat it with your hands, open the box and use your hands. Now." The fact that he was telling her to eat, ordering her and that she meekly opened the box and began to slide her fingers into the pie turned them both on.

Kerri sighed and groaned as her fingers slide all the way in to the thick pie. "Oh babe it is so soft and smooth."

She began to lick her fingers and give him directions to her apartment. As they pulled up and parked she buried her face in her hand and began to devourer it as if she was afraid he would take it away. Jay watched her entranced as she licked the choclate from her fingers lovingly, showing him what a blow job from her would be like.

He pulled her to him as they arrived at her plce and kissed her, tasting the chocolate. She pulled back

"We had better get our asses in there or I swear I will rape you here and now!" she said as she opened the car door and got out.

Jay, Kerri and a chocolate pie have sex

Jay walked in to her apartment not seeing anything but the sway of her large ass before him, Kerri was maybe 250 pounds and a lot of that was in her ass. Her thighs were full as were her hips which tapered into a smaller waist and relatively small breasts for her size, Jay would later find out they were C's.

As she walked Kerri stripped off her clothes and dropped them leading him back towards the bedroom. Finally wearing only little white cotton panties that fought valiantly to cover her broad behind and failed, Kerri opened the door to the bedroom and turned on the light. Turning around she reached out, not for Jay but for the restof the pie he held; she crawled on the bed and began to open the box.

"Take off your clothes sugar, I want to see you naked." She again reached straight into the box and scooped up a heaping handful of the pie. As he unbuttoned his shirt the image of the elegantly pregnant Mrs. Vandre guiltily leaning over a baker's box and eating a $45 Black Forest cake from it flooded his mind and he felt another surge go through him.

"Kerri I want you to eat it all for me, every last bite till you are so full you can not move."

"Ummmm yes make me eat it, order me. tell me what else to do, do you want me to lick it off my titties baby?" Kerri grinned as she smeared chocolate cream on her pert tits.

"Thats right Kerri you are so wild you can not stop, do it for me, lick them clean." Jay said cooperating, as he stripped off his pants and walked beside Kerri, and began to masturbate, something he had never done in front of a woman and seldom allowed himself to do in private.

His hand moved faster and faster as she lifted one breast to her mouth and lowered her head to lick it clean, as she would clean one he would reach down with his other hand and smear more chocolate on the other breast. His hands were covered with the slick chocolate pudding as he masturbated faster and faster watching her belly and thighs squirm as she made sexy groaning sounds.

He reached down and got the handful of filling and dumped it on her breast.

"That is all unless you want another type of cream with it?" he could not believe he was saying something like that.

She raised her chocolate covered face and watched as his slick hands moved faster and faster over his hard cock. "Oh yes, oh please give it to me I want to taste it!"

He began to orgasm all over her chest, his white cream mixing with the dark brown pudding covering her breasts. Looking her in the eyes he said "Eat it now."

"Make me." she said with a smile and as if reading her mind he reached out and wrapped her hair around his hand and pushed her head to her chest.

"Lick it up now!"

She smiled and began to devour the chocolate on her breasts. Finally she had them clean and looking up at him.

"More." She said looking at the chocolate covering his half hard cock. Reaching out she pulled him close to the side of the bed as she began to lick and suck his cock back to blazing hardness.

Kerri's mouth was full of his hanging cock as she licked off every last drop of chocolate and continued to suck and lick him clean. Her tongue danced around the head and she began to slip him deeper and deeper into her mouth until the head reached the back of her throat.

Jay leaned forward and began to fondle her belly, compared to her hips, thighs and ass it was small, though certainly larger then average. He began to imagine it getting larger and sagging as she ate more and more. His hand slid down under it and he could feel the hair between her legs.

His hand began to delve down and he could feel her lips part to allow his hand in. The mouth on his cock seemed to speed up and go deeper still as he found her clit and began to gently strum it. He watched as her legs spread open and her thighs twitched.

She reached up and pulled him down on her, forcing his cock still further in her to mouth until he was sure she would choke. Her cunt was now inches from his face and he could feel her breasts and belly flattened under him and he began to imagine her large enough that he could not flatten them with his weight.

Kerri reached around and began to stroke his balls and the sensation drove him crazy, he took the hint and buried his face in her cunt, licking and sucking to match her speed. As she spread up so did he and and when she slowed down hi tongue crept across her clit. They played this game of follow the leaded till she found the perfect spot at the head of his dick and he found just the right spot above her clit and they began to mercilessly drive each other towards orgasm.

At the last moment, just before she could drive him too far Jay pulled his cock from between her lips and continued to lick that perfect spot as he slipped two fingers into her waiting pussy. Screaming and trying to reach his cock as if having her mouth empty was a sin she came, shaking under him, rocking back and forth and nearly lifting him off of her.

"Oh yes!" she howled until he began to worry about the neighbors. Moving between her legs so that she could not get his cock in her mouth he dove back in licking and sucking mercilessly as she cried and moaned with pleasure.

As she rocked against him he could feel the bulk of her hips near his head and her thighs wrapped around his chest, the flesh was soft and jiggled as she thrashed, nearing a second orgasm.

Finally only a few minutes after he had started again he slipped forth a finger into herr labia and began to press lightly against her clit from the inside at the exact moment he flicked his tongue across it. She howled and thrashed nearly breaking him in two with her large thighs as she clutched at her breasts and twisted her nipples.

Jay crawled up on top of her and told her to lick her juices form his face while he reached between them and fondled her tummy. "Are you full, you feel nice and tight, like your belly is full. I bet you are stuffed aren't you? Do you want more?"

Kerri sighed as her tongue cleaned her pussy juices from his face. "Ummm more? More food or cock?"

Jay looked at her and he realized she liked to be commanded, told to eat and suck cock in a playful way and that if he phrased it right she would do either at the drop of a hat or a snickers bar. he needed to see how far she would go.

"Well if you don't eat like a good girl you don't get any cock. How much do you want to eat? How big will you get if I keep feeding you?"

Kerri grinned and said "Well I will eat anything you want if you promise to do that tongue thing and let me have your cock in my mouth and cunt afterward. I love sex when I am all full. I will get as big as I can."

Kerri laughed and jumped up leading Jay towards the kitchen

Kerri can't get enough

Following her Jay marveled at the way her body was built, the way her hips and ass flared out of her small waist. Kerri threw open the cupboard doors and began pulling goodies down, candy and chips were followed a jar of marshmallow cream and large bottle of milk.

Laughing she carried the goodies into the front room and plopped down on the couch, "Hey babe flick that there switch next to you I want to see what I am eating."

Jay wanted to see her eat so he excitedly flipped on the light switch next to his shoulder and was amazed at what he saw. Every spare inch of Kerri's front room was filled with nick knacks, an entire wall was covered with small shelves full of dozens upon dozens of Troll dolls of all size and another wall had every type of small cartoon character Jay had ever seen and dozens he had not. Odd things that Jay could not even identify sat on a handful of small end tables.

Kerri sat on a faded avocado green chintz couch from the fifties that clashed blindingly with the yellow vinyl chair next to it and the red and orange striped love seat across the room. Jay began to look around behind him at the kitchen and the hall, all of the walls were covered with plaques of different sizes and shapes, painted clowns and kittens vied with photos of Elvis that had been turned into clocks. It seemed as if not a single inch of space was left free of garish decorations.

"Well?" Kerri demanded

For a moment Jay was afraid that she was asking him for his opinion on her decorating skills and that he would be unable to lie. But she clarified her intent rather forcefully. "Are you just going to stand there like a rock or are you going to get in her and help me eat this stuff?"

Relieved, Jay walked to the couch and watched as Kerri lounged back and dipped a chip in ranch dip and ate it. "Have you ever actually fed a woman Jay? I want you to feed me please."

Jay couldn't resist as he leaned forward and heaped dip on a chip, her mouth opened and he dropped it in. Chip after chip followed as Kerri lay there till the bag was empty and the dip was gone.

Kerri began to squirm .

"Chocolate." she sighed.

Jay reached out for the bag of chocolate nut clusters and offered one to her.

"Oh I want marshmallow cream on it, it is soooo fattening." Kerri had begun to squirm like a child desperate for a treat.

Jay grabbed the jar and a spoon and began to cover the chocolate patties with thick gobs of marshmallow topping. As he fed it to her he realized that he hands were busy, the left pulling on her right nipple and the other teasing her clit. His cock was as hard as ever and he was glad he had not let her make him orgasm a second time.

"More, more, fill me up, I want it all." Kerri demanded as her fingers moved faster on her cunt. Jay slid another gooey concoction between her greedy lips and watched her twist her nipple hard as he made another. he could hear the sound of her chewing and the sound of her hand stroking her dripping wet pussy. Again and again he shoveled heaping masses of chocolate, nuts and marshmallow cream into her.

As he fed the last one to her she began to moan and groan, writhing on the couch as waves of orgasm hit her. Jay couldn't resist any longer and grabbed her arm to pull her up as she continued to shake. Knowing he would never make it to the bedroom he bent her over the back of the couch and pushed her forward.

"You want to be full? You want my cock don't you slut girl? You want to be as full of my cock as you are of food don't you?" Jay pushed her legs wide and used every ounce of his control not to slam him self deep until she answered. He had fed her and watched her beg for food and now he wanted to hear her beg for his hard cock.

Jay slammed into her as he reached around till one of his hands touched her belly which he could feel was fuller then it had been before, almost hard with all the food she had eaten. Again and again he pounded her with his cock, knowing that each time he buried himself into her she could feel her full belly being shoved against the back of her couch.

"Tell me how much you like it Kerri, tell me!" Jay demanded as he continued to press himself against her giant ass.

"Oh harder I feel so full." Kerri moaned as she thrust back at him, her cunt gripping his cock like a glove. "I want to be your food slut, feed me till I can't stand it anymore, please I want it all."

She was yanking and twisting her nipples so hard that Jay was shocked that she did not hurt herself.

He could feel her tight pussy throb around him, pulling him deeper as she sobbed incoherent words about food and his cock. The wetness of her reminded him of the site of hand sliding into the pie earlier and he imagined her eating it again. Shock waves ran through his body as he felt her begin to shake again.

Jay's voice filled Kerri's ears as she reached between her legs and began to desperately touch her clit. Jay pushed deeper so his softening cock would not come out as he grabbed a tit in each hand and began to twist the nipple as he had seen her doing.

"Harder, twist them harder." Kerri squealed and shook.

Jay was twisting each of them with fury and was sure he would hurt her as she began to thrust back at him and his half hard cock still inside of her. He'd never dreamed of doing anything like his before - it was against all his breeding and sense of propriety.

Kerri bucked like a wild horse, and cried out as she came. "Oh please , please baby do it, do it!"

As she slid forward against the back of the couch Jay's cock finally slipped out of her. Kerri lay on the floor shaking and Jay felt his knees begin to go out so he slid down next to her and lay against her for half an hour.

He began to feel a sense of panic at how intense the night had been and thoughts of how he could get out began to war with thought of Kerri's professed willingness to eat and eat, to gain and gain.

Jay had never admitted even to himself how much he wanted this, how much he wanted to see a woman get larger, not just in her belly but all over. Not the hard temporary change of pregnancy but a more permanent and softer change.

The thought that he had to get out before he got in too deep filled him and as he looked around the room he was again shocked by the sheer tackiness of it all together. This woman ate like a trucker and obviously had no taste, a man like Jay did not belong here. And yet, he was reveling in her behavior and enabling it.

As if she could read his desire to leave and knew what was warring against it in his mind Kerri pulled out her secret weapon. Rubbing her tummy she said. "Well I swear I am so full I could burst."

Reaching out she drew his hand to her now taunt belly. "Hummmm I wonder what all we could rustle up for breakfast in the morning, I swear I could eat a pound of bacon just to start. I know a great breakfast buffet."

Jay wondered how he could leave with the thought of her eating her way through a buffet line when she closed the deal. "I swear I done went and gained three pounds tonight already, I wonder if I could gain ten all together by Sunday?"

"I don't know Kerri, why don't we find out." Jay said as he helped her up and headed for the bedroom.

The End???

Editor's note: since in this chapter the protagonist was only twenty two and we know he's still single but a CEO in his thirties it appears that from this point he began to live a strange double life. This story ends here, never having been continued, but he reader is let to imagine.

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