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Default Becky - by fatboygainer (SSBBW, Explicit ~Sex, ~XWG)

SSBBW, Explicit ~Sex, ~XWG - His high school sweetheart had gotten enormously fat - and enormously sexy.


by fat boy gainer

Part 1

Becky was my high school sweetheart, a beautiful petite brunette, short and pretty with a perfect body. As tends to happen in high school after graduation we broke up and lost contact, not seeing each other for ten years, until one day she added me to facebook. We got chatting and eventually agreed to meet up, which is how, after ten years I ended up walking down her garden path and knocking on the door.

For a moment I thought I’d got the wrong house, as nobody answered, I knocked again and heard a breathless cry of “Just a minute” I waited what seemed like an eternity until the door finally opened and my mouth dropped open in shock.

Becky looked terrible, still no more than 5’2 tall I estimated she must weigh about 450lbs, her once pretty face was full and greasy with a huge double chin, it was also flushed bright red, her fat face was framed by her long brown hair which hung in lank greasy tendrils. Her massive body was clad in an extremely dirty and food stained sweat suit that looked like it may have fit 50lbs ago, now however it was hanging on by sheer luck. The sweat pants looked like they’d been spray painted on as they clung to her massive dimpled thighs, and they had no chance of covering her huge apron like belly which hung low over her swollen flabby sex. The top was even worse, covered with food stains it only reached a small way past her unsupported saggy tits so virtually her whole massive belly was exposed like a giant white marshmallow littered with lurid purple stretch marks.

She was obviously very very out of condition as she was extremely breathless and her mouth hung open so she could suck in more air, despite this she still took a drag on the cigarette she had in her fat hand before smiling at me.

“Hi *puff* James. Come in. *puffcough* How are you?*wheeze*” She turned around ponderously and I was treated to a profile of her obscene saggy belly and then a view of her ass, and what an ass. Vast and shapeless her ass sagged down her meaty thighs and tested the fabric of her pants to the very limit, as she slowly waddled inside it shook and jiggled hugely as it swayed from side to side.

I followed her in and was shocked by what I saw; the house was even more of a mess than she was, food wrappers and dirty plates were thrown everywhere, McDonalds bags strewn everywhere and full ashtrays covered every surface that wasn’t covered with food remains, The place stunk, I potent mix of body odor, cigarette smoke, fried food and flatulence. The only clear spot was a path through the rubbish to a stained sofa with a very dirty blanket crumpled at one end. Becky waddled over to the sofa and collapsed on it virtually filling it with her gargantuan body, she sat for a minute her fleshy chest heaving with her labored breaths, before noticing I had nowhere to sit. She motioned to an armchair covered with food wrappers.

“Just shove that lot on the floor,” she panted. “I don’t *puff* have many guests.” She belched loudly and quickly put a fat hand over her mouth. “Oh my! Sorry!” She flushed redder than ever with embarrassment. I smiled warmly as I swept a load of wrappers off the chair.

“Don’t worry about it,” I laughed. “Better out than in!”

A big smile split her fat greasy face and for the first time I saw a shadow of the gorgeous girl I had known so many years earlier, she started to laugh, her big belly shaking and jiggling as her fat shoulders rolled. The laugh soon turned into a coughing fit and her face turned purple as she tried to draw breath, finally she stopped and regained her composure, before apologizing and lighting another cigarette.

We got talking and I started to tell her what I’d been doing with my life since we last saw one another, as I spoke she opened a family bag of chips and started shoving them into her mouth. I finished my story and asked her what she’d been doing, she smiled and offered me the virtually empty bag of chips, I shook my head and she shrugged tipping up the bag and pouring the last chips into her mouth, spilling a fresh layer of crumbs over her fat face and sagging breasts.

She breathlessly began to explain how after leaving school she had drifted from job to job never settling anywhere, with no qualifications and such a disrupted CV she soon found it difficult to find work. With no job the long boring hours soon led to her gaining weight, and as her belly bulged and her bottom broadened she grew greedier and lazier. Inevitably her gluttony and sloth led to more weight being added to her now substantial frame and as she slipped further and further into obesity and turned up for interviews breathless, bulging out of her clothes and stinking of smoke work became impossible to find.

Finally after 4 years on the dole she had bloated to 340lbs and was declared disabled by her doctor. Now that she was getting disability payments Becky had more money for food and ate more than ever and internet shopping meant she never had any reason to leave the house. This had led to her gaining more weight than ever until now she explained she was 490lbs, far more than I’d estimated, and was really starting to struggle, she told me how she had to live downstairs and sleep on the sofa as she was too fat to get herself up the stairs. She also told me that she’d arranged to meet with me because I was the only man she’d ever loved, and the only one who she thought might be able to love her.

I felt for her, whilst I could see her state was entirely due to her own greed and laziness I still felt sorry for her, besides, in her eyes and her smile I could see the beautiful girl I had once loved and still felt a great deal of affection for was still there under the layers of flesh. I stood up and strode towards her, I placed a hand on her mountainous gut, it was soft and warm, and a lot less unpleasant than expected, I leaned forward and kissed her greasy cheek. I looked down at my hand sunk deep into her jiggly flab, I had expected it to be unpleasant, disgusting even, but it wasn’t, it was nice, very nice. I moved it around, gently kneading and wobbling her fat belly fascinated by how it moved and felt, Becky just sat there allowing me to do what I wanted, I could hear her heavy breathing next to me. I got down on my knees in front of her and took a handful of her belly fat in each hand and began to lift shake it sending ripples all over her obese form. I looked up over her cascading flesh into her fat face which was smiling down at me, I smiled back, under the layer of grease and food, and under the greasy hair was still the girl I remembered, much much fatter, but still with a soft beautiful face. I turned my attention back to her enormous stretchmarked belly I leaned forward and kissed it and to my surprise felt my dick harden.

I couldn’t believe it, here I was kneeling in front of the fattest girl I’d ever seen, a girl too fat too look after herself or climb stairs, and I liked it, I was actually aroused by how flabby and obese she was.

I continued to knead her flesh, transfixed by how soft and warm it was and I could feel my dick getting harder and harder. Throwing caution to the wind I thrust my face forward and buried it in her blubber, licking it, sucking it and kissing it, she moaned breathlessly as I engulfed my face in her warm, greasy obesity. As I pulled back she lifted her enormous paunch as high as she could and I rummaged under her remaining folds till I found her huge fleshy pussy; I was used to vaginas being tight little slits but this was like two huge sopping wet pillows of flab. I tickled and stroked her fat flabby sex till she orgasmed, screaming in breathless ecstasy as she came.

By this point I was desperate for some attention myself, but looking at the immensely obese beauty in front of me I knew sex was out of the question, it would be impossible to get past all the flab. Becky saw my predicament, holding out her fat hands she asked me to help her up, it took all our effort but finally we got her to her to her fat feet.

Slowly, breathing hard she lowered herself to her knees, this simple action obviously very difficult for her with all her excess flesh and weight making it awkward for her. Now that she was on her knees, her fat belly hanging so far down it actually spread on the floor, puffing hard she began to open my trousers releasing my throbbing dick. I gasped as she took it in her mouth guzzling on it greedily and looked down on her flab shacking uncontrollably with her short sharp movements. I became more and more aroused as she sucked and licked and before long I pulled out and shot my load over her face, as she looked at me the sight of her beautiful fat face looking up at me, with my semen dribbling down her extra chins aroused me so much I came again, a second wave catching her in the face.

From a kneeling position it was virtually impossible to get Becky to her feet even with my help but somehow we managed it, immediately she flopped back on to the sofa which cracked loudly as she fell back onto it. Once she’d recovered her breath enough to speak she demanded that I brought her food telling me it was in the kitchen. I came in with the food and fed her by hand for two hours. More and more she ate, guzzling down everything I could give her, until, after a loud belch she fell into a food induced slumber, I rested my head on her soft warm belly and did the same. I slept well dreaming of past girlfriends all inflated to gigantic proportions, of soft pillows of wobbling fat and blankets of flesh, and finally of Becky, Becky grown to an enormous size bigger than ever, softer than ever. I woke up that morning with a very damp patch on my underwear…


I woke up as the sun streamed through my bedroom window, and the smell of frying bacon filled my nostrils. I smiled to myself and pulled myself up out of bed, only frowning a little when I noticed my pot belly hanging over my pajama trousers, I’d put on a lot of weight lately. I wandered downstairs feeling my fleshy belly and slight man boobs bouncing as a trotted down, the new carpet plush under my feet. I arrived at the kitchen the whole room with the sizzling and aroma of frying bacon and stood in front of me, wearing only an apron was my gorgeous fiancé.

Becky had moved in with me 5 months ago, with an en suite bedroom, with a walk in shower downstairs and me to help her she had blossomed into a stunning fat princess. Gone was the greasy skin to be replaced with flawless pale white skin, blemished only by her cute purple stretch-marks and deep cellulite, her hair no longer hung in greasy lank tendrils, but was a full, shiny mane of deep chestnut. These days she had replaced the food all over her face with a tasteful layer of makeup, and the sweat suit was gone, these days she preferred to go around the house in hot pants or lacy French knickers, if we went out she had some very cute sexy outfits she wore.

Sorting herself out to become a beauty again had done nothing to stunt Becky’s appetite however, constant gorging and laying around being pampered had brought her up to well over 500lbs, every morning we showered together so that I could help her clean her massive rolls of flab. The upstairs of our house was a complete unknown to her as she was far too obese and out of condition to manage the stairs.

She smiled broadly as I entered the kitchen, her fat cheeks dimpling and her huge double chin almost over lapping her first one.

“Morning babe,” she puffed, slightly out of breath from the effort of cooking. I embraced her wrapping my arms as far around her immense body as I could and kissing her beautiful fat face.

“Sit down hun, I’ll finish up,” I told her, motioning to the table. She grinned and thanked me, waddling over to the kitchen table and treating me to a view of her massive ass wobbling and shaking, instantly making me hard. She sat down across two chairs, one for each vast drooping buttock and adjusted herself so her enormous belly could hang between her fat dimpled thighs.

I brought her breakfast over and she began to eat, huge amounts of bacon, eggs, mushrooms and fried bread disappearing into her ever chewing mouth. More and more she ate, dribbling grease down her wobbling chins and over her fat face, she slurped, burped and smacked her lips, constantly shoveling more and more in. Finally after a full hour she leaned back in her chairs which creaked loudly under her weight she burped and rubbed her vast cascading belly leaving big greasy hand prints all over it.

“Mmm that’s better,” she groaned, “I was wasting away.” I laughed at her joke and went to help her up.

“Come on fatty girl,” I said smiling, “let’s get you into the shower.”

With the water running hot we both got into the ultra wide walk in shower we’d had installed a couple of months ago. It had totally changed our lives, finally it was possible to properly clean Becky’s huge obese body, but she still needed my help as there were large portions of her vast body she simply couldn’t reach. Showering was an incredibly erotic tine for us, with the hot water beating down on our naked bodies I loved to explore every fold and roll of her body as I soaped her up and Becky loved the feeling of having her flab massaged knowing how much it aroused me.

Today was no different and I was amazed as I was always watching her huge frame lumber to the shower and go in, every portion of her wobbling and shaking. Her ass was gigantic these days, each cheek an enormous bulging sack of cellulite sagging down her fat pasty dimpled thighs. Her huge belly hung almost to her fat knees, at her knees thick rolls of flab from her thighs hung over her knees to her calves and her fat calves engulfed her ankles.

She stood under the water, her dark hair dripping and hanging round her shoulders, there was water dripping from the outer folds of her lardy frame. I stepped in and approached her, working up lather on a sponge as I did; I began to soap up her fat fold enjoying the feeling of her soft wet blubber as it oozed between my fingers. Becky moaned softly enjoying my touch caressing her folds of flab and gripping my wrist with one chubby hand she pushed it down, she then gathered up her blubber in both arms lifting it as high as she could so I could reach.

I grinned and slid my soapy fingers between the lips of her fat fleshy pussy and massaged her clitoris with one hand whilst caressing her folds with the other. She moaned and gasped as I stroked her and felt her flabby biff getting wetter and wetter, and not just with the shower water. My cock grew harder and harder as she moaned louder and gasped breathlessly until finally she screamed in ecstasy holding on to the wall to support herself as she reached orgasm. She stepped forward and kissed my hard embracing me with her slick wet flesh kissing me all over my face while she struggled to get her breath back.

Tired from standing for so long she sat on the stool we had installed in the shower, it was specially made but her massive backside still overhung it on both sides. She beckoned me over and once I got to her she took my ramrod cock in her chubby hands and began to play with it, finally taking it her mouth as the water cascaded around us. She licked and sucked my firm dick, slurping greedily, showing every sign of enjoyment at what she was doing. After few minutes I pumped my warm salty load into her mouth, she swallowed it down immediately and licked my shaft clean before holding out her flabby arms for me to help her up.

I finished washing her flabby body and she waddled out of the shower to begin the long process of doing her makeup and hair. I washed myself and went to my office to do some work while I waited for her.

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I enjoyed it, wishing for a sequel.
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Great story, loved the smoking
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Not half bad! Keep writing!
(her smoking adds to the image of gluttony and I totally approve and look forward to the next chapter.)
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Default Great Story

I just happened on this story. Great Story, it could have litterly been taken from one of my fantasies.
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Stories about huge, lazy, smoking SSBBWs are my favourite!
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l hope their is a follow on to this story somewhere
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