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Default Feeder/feedee Role reversal. Slightly Confused

And if that wasnt a cryptic title i dont know what is
So let me share a little story with you guys. Let you no what the dealieo is.
Ive floated about the dimensions and other sites since i was about 13 (I know, shock horror, under ages on the site) Im now 26 (Birthday today, getting old lol ) and have talked and chatted with a good many different folks around these parts.

I get in involved in everything from admiring curves to inflation and stuffing. And ive always counted myself as a feeder. And to be honest ive been set in that way for years, never really questioning my sexual preferences, slim, chubby, fat, gaining, thinks about gaining, not gaining at all.

A few months ago i got speaking with a lovely lady from facebook who was a gainer and also liked BHM. We spoke on and off and she shared lots of photos and web cams with me over the few months we spoke. For what ever reason we got speaking about how she enjoyed seeing guys gaining, and since she had been nice enough to share pics with me, and being that im not all that slim myself. I was happy to take some pics of my own belly.
Over the next while we spoke about gaining and things, she got fat, i got fat, how it would be cool to feed each other. And i did a few more pics for her and a video of bursting buttons on my shirts etc.
But i started to find i really enjoyed the whole attention i was getting, i enjoyed feeling myself stuffed to the gills, the thought of her watching and admiring. Ive noticed for the past 2 months ive gained back alot of the weight i had lost when i was on my health kick mid november last year.
Except this time im more confident and less worried about it. I even joke about it in work when birthdays come up not to let me near the cake first or there will be nothing left.
The lass i was speaking to has disappeared thou, we havent spoke for awhile now, but i still find my self eating more, more confident. But im slighlty confused now.
Was i just enjoying the attention i was getting. Or am i more a feedee/feeder combo. I have no real desire to gain any weight. But i have no desire to activily stay thin either.
Confused. Slightly lol. Im not really looking for anyone to tell me out right im this or that. But im just looking to see if anyone has had similar experiences on here.
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Old 04-05-2009, 07:23 PM   #2
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I find that role reversal thing to be rather confusing myself. I *know* I love BHMs, but to let slip past an opportunity to be with someone that would appreciate my weight gain? Not likely.

It works both ways for me as well. You're not alone
I've just made the choice to remain relatively thin until/if the day comes when I meet someone who would enjoy extra curves.

I suppose it's a hard place to put myself in. With my body structure and height - it would take at least 250 to get me to look anywhere near a BBW. And 250 lbs is way too big for me to think about getting. I'd cycle to 220 maybe and drop back down to 140. I enjoy both looks too much.

All I know for certain is that I really love the contrast between my body type and a BHM. So even if I were to find an FA - I'd ultimately prefer it to be a BHM. Would be nice to indulge just once though.
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Old 04-06-2009, 07:17 AM   #3
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"I've just made the choice to remain relatively thin until/if the day comes when I meet someone who would enjoy extra curves."

I can relate to that alot. As i said, ive no real desire to gain myself. I do find the eating alot, tightness of clothes etc slightly arosing. But as for getting bigger. Not so much.

Then again, im sure if i was with someone who enjoyed my body bigger, as long as i was still healthy i probley wouldnt put up to much of a fight to stay slim haha. But then im sure thats the same for alot of people.

Just not sure where to go with it now. Always been content just being a FA/Feeder. But may have to start posting abit more in the BHM/FFA board as well. Interesting times ahead me thinks
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