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Default Lisa's Accidental Growth by Anonymous (~BBW, Weight Gain Formula, XXWG)

(~BBW, Weight Gain Formula, XXWG Another careless hubby brings an experimental drug home.)

Lisa's Accidental Growth
By Anonymous

(Migrated from the Weight Room Anonymous Archives.)

Ed was ecstatic. His weight gain formula was a success. Sheeba, the monkey he had been testing his formula on, had doubled her weight in a week. She'd started out at 20 pounds and by week's end was 40 - and it only took an ounce of his formula to get those results.

He was going to put the formula in the fridge when he noticed it wasn't working. "Oh no," he thought. "This'll be ruined if not kept cold."

So he grabbed his thermos and poured the remaining ten ounces in it.

"That'll work until I get home," he said to himself and left the building.

As he pulled up into his driveway, the lights were off. "Lisa must be in bed, which is exactly where I want to be."

He made his way into the house and put his thermos in the fridge, then went to bed. He got into bed and put his arm around Lisa. He loved to rub her belly when they were in bed. They had been married for a year, and in that time Lisa had gone from 250 to 300 pounds Ed loved her fat, especially her big belly. He fell asleep with a smile on his face.

When he awoke the next day, it was past noon. He could hear Lisa in the bathroom. He opened the door and saw her struggling to get into a pair of jeans. "I can't believe I just bought these and they don't fit," she said.

"Maybe you got the wrong size," he said.

"No, I tried them on, but I did wash and dry them, so maybe they shrunk in the wash," she replied. "Oh well, I'll put something else on."

She grabbed a pair of stretch pants from her drawer and put them on, then put a T-shirt on as well. The T-shirt just made the top of her pants. Ed smiled.

"I got a few errands to run," she said, "but I'll be back soon. You look tired; you should go back to bed."

"Not a bad idea," Ed said and lay back in bed.

She returned three hours later and went upstairs to wake Ed up. "I feel funny," she said.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"I don't know. I just feel funny."

Ed watched her as she made her way into the bathroom, her pants really tight and T-shirt not covering her entire belly. Then it hit him, that shirt had just about covered her belly when she left, now it didn't fit. He got up out of bed and asked her to step on the scale.

"Why?" she asked.

"Just do it," he said. She did. It stopped on 342 pounds.

"You were 300 pounds, weren't you?"

"Yes," she said. "The scale must be broken. I couldn't have gained that much."

Ed thought immediately of his thermos in the fridge. "You didn't touch my thermos, did you?" he asked.

"Yeah, I drank what you had left in it and washed it out," she said.

He couldn't believe what he heard. "All of it?" he asked.

"Yes, why?" she responded.

"Lisa, that was a weight gain formula in there."

"What?" she screamed. "What do you mean?"

"Exactly what I said. I was working on it in the lab. I tested it out on a monkey and her weight doubled."

"So you mean I'm gonna be 600 pounds?" she asked.

"I don't know; the monkey was given one ounce, and you drank 10. Plus the formula works by doubling the fat cells, which you have a lot more of then the monkey."

"How fat am I going to get?" she sobbed, tears running down her face.

"I don't know, baby; we're going to have to wait and see. When did you drink it?" he asked.

"Around eight this morning," she answered.

He did a quick calculation, "So you gained 42 pounds in seven hours; that's six pounds an hour. But it will increase because of your fat cells."

"Oh, Eddie," she cried. "How long will it last?"

"It's a seven day process," he answered but was busy calculating. Six pounds an hour times 24 hours in a day is 144 times. Seven days in a week comes out to 1008 pounds. He couldn't think of a way to tell her that. Plus the formula reacted with the fat cells, so there was no way of telling how big she was really going to get.

"You'll help me through this, won't you, Eddie?" she asked.

"I'm always going to be here for you," he told her and held her tight, realizing that he couldn't get his arms all the way around her like he could before.

The next day he put Lisa on the scale. She was 444 pounds It was holding true for his six lb. an hour theory. Lisa's belly now hung to her knees and her ass and thighs widened. Her boobs had also gotten bigger. Ed got aroused and started caressing his growing wife.

"You still think I'm sexy? With all this fat?" she asked.

"I thought you were sexy before, but, the bigger you get, the sexier you are," he said, and they made love.

The next day Eddie woke up and couldn't believe how big Lisa was. He went out and got an industrial scale and put her on it. She was 588 and continued to grow.

Day Three on the scale had Lisa at 732 pounds Lisa could no longer walk without Ed's help. He cleared out everything in their living room and got a king size mattress and laid it on the floor for her.

Day Four, and things changed dramatically. Lisa was now up to 1020 pounds She had gained an average of 12 pounds an hour that day. Ed had to get a scale that would hold her and a hydraulic lift to move her.

Day Five, and Lisa again had doubled the pounds she gained in an hour. She now gained 24 pounds an hour and was 1596 pounds with no sign of the formula wearing off. Ed sat by her the entire time, rubbing his mountainous wife. She was enormous. Her belly covered her legs and feet when she was in a sitting position; when she lay down, she covered the entire king-size mattress.

Day Six, and again Lisa doubled the number of pounds in an hour. She gained 1152 pounds in 24 hours, and weighed 2748.

"It's been six days," he told her. "The formula should be wearing off soon."

"I hope not," Lisa thought to herself. She loved how incredibly fat she had become. She loved the way Eddie wanted to make love to her all the time. She loved not having a care in the world. She loved being fed continuously, to try to fill her growing stomach, the way Eddie lovingly gave her a sponge bath, and the way he used her as his bed, sleeping on her immense belly.

"Yeah, it should be wearing off soon," he repeated.

Day Seven, and again Lisa's hourly gain doubled. She gained 96 pounds an hour and weighed 5052 pounds

The next day when he weighed her, the formula had stopped, but not without adding another 576 pounds to her. She weighed 5628 pounds, 372 shy of three full tons. He told her that he would work round the clock to make another formula to reverse this one.

"Don't you dare!" she said.

"Why not?" he asked.

"I love the way I am now," she told him. Lisa was so gigantic that she filled the living room.

"We're going to need to make this room bigger," she told him. "The wall to the outside will need to be taken out, and the side wall to the garage can be taken down as well."

"What do you mean?" Ed asked.

"Well, if we move the outside wall out 10 feet or so and knock down the garage wall that will give me more room to grow. It is a two-car garage you know."

"But the formula has worn off, and you've stopped growing, baby," Eddie told her.

"I know," she said, looking over her vast body, "but imagine how much bigger I'm going to get when I drink some more of that wonderful formula." And she smiled.

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Ok how is it possible for someone to weigh 5628 pounds?
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Originally Posted by merle234 View Post
Ok how is it possible for someone to weigh 5628 pounds?
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I wrote this, and for the life of me I couldn't remember the title, or any names in it. I was thinking about it a month or so ago. Glad I found it.
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Originally Posted by merle234 View Post
Ok how is it possible for someone to weigh 5628 pounds?
The same way it's possible that people can use magic, or fly, or turn into animals...imagination.
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