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Default The Feeder Within by Anonymous (SSBBW, Sex Change, Masturbation ~~WG)

SSBBW, Sex Change, Masturbation ~~WG- A new life begins as a SSBBW

The Feeder Within
By Anonymous

(A tale migrated from the Dimensions Weight Room and
slightly enhanced as part of our Story Migration Project)

No one reading this is expected to believe it but I swear it to be true. My name is Greg and here is my story.

I awoke in a haze, having a vague recollection of a car accident. Though I knew who I was, I was still very confused. It all seemed surreal, as if I was detached from reality.

I could hear strange thoughts in my head. Thoughts that seemed to belong to someone else yet had to be my own. There was a memory of stopping at a shopping mall earlier that day but I knew that was something I had not actually done.

As the haze began to clear, my senses became more acute. I realized I was in a hospital. That part made sense and I started remembering the accident more clearly. Everything seemed so different though.

The hospital bed seems very small and I am in a semi-raised up position. I could feel both of my hands against my hips and the sides of the bed, as well.

"This must be an awfully small bed" I thought.

I began to move my hands across my body and found that my belly was huge. I then sat up fully and realized that I had breasts….huge breasts! Staring at them in disbelief, I continued to move my hands to further explore my new body.

Rolls of fat hung everywhere and my hips were nearly as wide as the bed. My hair covered my shoulders and cascaded on to my breasts. Although I was still very groggy, I attempted to rise from the bed.

I moved my legs over the sides of the bed. Once I stood up, I was very unstable. Part of my unsteadiness was due to the accident but my shear size was also throwing me off balance.

I swayed back and forth as I attempted to walk. Instead walking, though, I was waddling and was off balance with each step. I made my way across the room to the mirror.

I felt my breasts swaying and bouncing into one another. When I finally reached the mirror, I stared in disbelief at the person staring back at me.

I was now a woman and I was huge…maybe 400 pounds. My face was very pretty and my head was covered in long golden hair.

It struck me how incredibly wide I had grown. My hips curved outward in a beautiful arc. Although my size was extreme, my shape was rather pleasant.

I was stilled latched to the IV bottles and I instantly became tired. I crawled back in bed and slept. Maybe an hour went by before I awoke. I rang my call button and a doctor arrived at my door within minutes.

She looked to be around age 40 and was quite attractive. Noticing her attractiveness made me feel strange. She said hello and asked how I was feeling.

I immediately asked if she noticed anything different about me. She said other than entering the hospital as a male becoming female, no!
Stunned, I still wanted to know how this had happened.

The doctor saw my obvious confusion and explained that Sandilands Medical Research Institute was not an ordinary hospital. My car had collided with the vehicle of an institute employee just a block down the street.

The employee, named Karen, and I were both near death so the paramedics had brought us here. Karen was now brain dead. I had been bleeding so badly internally that I would have died if the institute had not performed a "memory transfer".

This procedure was one of their research projects. They had the technology to transfer human memories to computer and then implant those memories from the computer to another brain.

The doctor explained that the details were complicated. Essentially, I am now Karen in every aspect except I have all the memories of my former life. I was their first successful implant experiment.

Still in a state of shock and downright exhausted, I fell back to sleep before I could ask any more questions. It was morning before I next awoke. I could see that I was still Karen and that this had not been a strange dream.

My stomach grumbled and I realized how ravenous I felt. An aid brought in my breakfast but it didn‘t look like much. The doctor arrived while I was still eating.

She asked how I was adjusting. Adjusting? This is going to take more than a little adjusting. I started to ask her how long would I have to stay at the institute but then asked myself where could I go? Resume the life of Karen? I certainly can not go back to my own life now!

After being unhooked from the IV line, I got up to walk around. What an experience, everything felt different. I could not make myself walk the straight gait I had as a man.

Once again, I waddled. I could feel my buttocks, belly and breasts all moving as I waddled across the room. Although I would never have been enticed by a woman this large as a man, somehow this was now exciting to me.

I ran my hands all over my body, feeling every roll of fat. I couldn’t stop caressing my huge breasts. Treading down the hallway, I found a room with a balance beam scale. I was 412 pounds. I guessed my height at about 5'6" and later found I was right.

I stood and looked at myself in the mirror. I was really very pretty with a lovely shape. Very wide hips that began high up. In fact, I had a bruise on my right hip because I had bumped into a medical cart. I had forgotten how wide I now was when I tried to leave the scale room!

That night my doctor came to see me again. She informed me that the institute had an offer to make. The institute was not too anxious to have the rest of the world know about me.

The doctor pointed out that no one would believe me if I told them my story. The institute suggested that I resume Karen's life. She was single with no children or family so it should be easy for me to do.

Karen had been a research biologist and had worked on the memory transfer project. I had been a mechanical engineer in my former life. The institute had decided to put me on the payroll as a robotics designer. Good pay, interesting work and what other options did I really have? I agreed and accepted their offer.

Karen's clothing had been ruined by the accident so the doctor drove me home to Karen's apartment. Once in the apartment, I quickly found the clothes closet.

It surprised me to see that Karen wore a 48FF bra. I put it on but it took several minutes to get my breasts positioned into the cups and make them hang straight.

Next I found panties in a size 8XL! Then a pair of pants made of stretchy fabric. They fit really tight once I got into them but they were still comfortable.

At one end of the closet, hanging from small nails, were lots of bras. They started at size 36D and continued upward. Each nail had three bras of the same size hanging from it. They went all the way up to size 56HH.

I thought to myself, “This girl was gigantic!”

I noticed that the last eight bras were brand new with tags still on them. There was a 50DD, 50FF, 52FF, 52GG, 54FF, 54GG, 56GG, and 56HH. This was an interesting development.

I looked around at the dresses hanging up. They were also arranged by size, with larger, newer dresses just waiting. This woman had planned on getting fatter?

As I continued to explore Karen's world, I came across a photo album. It was filled with pictures of Karen taken exactly one month apart. Each with a notation of the date, current weight, bra size and waist, hip measurements.

In December of 1994, the first picture was labeled "After Christmas - 147 pounds, first D cup bra". In July of 1995, the photo caption read “first DD cup, 198 pounds.”

There was a hand written paragraph explaining that, to celebrate, she went on a weekend binge. She had bought 12 dozen donuts, 12 pies, 12 pounds of pork sausage and 12 dozen eggs. She must have had a thing for the number 12.

Two days later she had weighed 215 pounds so she decided to have another celebration for going over the 200 mark! The last photo was taken two weeks ago after passing the 400 lb. mark. Of course, a weekend eating binge had followed to celebrate.

According to the photo and notes, I was 418 pounds, 48FF bra, 60 inch waste, and 66 inch hips. I must of lost some weight over the last few days due to the accident.

I suddenly felt hungry again. Without a car to drive, I hoped that there was some food in the house. I was in luck because not only was the kitchen well stocked but a list of home delivery deli's and restaurants hung on the wall beside the phone.

I dialed the number of a pizza joint off the list and ordered a large, deep dish "ultimate" pizza. When I gave my name they asked if I wanted one or two pizzas. I guessed that they were used to Karen ordering two so I ordered the usual.

Next, I called the bakery. They seem quite familiar with Karen’s habits, as well, and inquired if I wanted my regular order. I said okay because my curiosity was overwhelming.

As I waited for the food to arrive, I rummaged through the kitchen, As I found and ate candy bars and twinkies, I thought why not pig out this weekend? Next week I can easily diet. I reasoned that since Karen was very pretty and had a nice body, maybe I could enjoy life as a female.

The pies arrived first. I found out that my usual weekend order was a large German chocolate cake, pecan pie, large apple crisp and a cherry cheese cake. They also carried in two gallons of vanilla ice cream.

The pizza arrived and I was shocked because I had never seen pizzas that large. Each was 24 inches in diameter and must have weighed about eight pounds apiece, with cheese piled as thick as the crust. At $25 each, they better be good.

I began to eat and a strange feeling came over me. This was the first time since becoming Karen that I could really relax. It seemed as if I had an inner voice telling me to eat faster, eat more.

As I sat munching on pizza, I had a memory of being in a shopping mall. It was the same memory from the day I awoke at the institute. As the night went on, memories of Karen's life flashed through my mind.

Before I knew it, it was midnight and I had eaten all the pizza, cake and the pies. I was so full I could hardly move. Karen seemed happy.

I felt strong sexual urges but my feelings were for women, not men. I caressed myself and began to satisfy myself. My enormous size was exciting. I moved my hands over every inch of me. It felt so good but soon I was up and looking through the kitchen for more to eat.

I couldn’t tell if it was Karen's thought or mine but I realized that I wanted to grow larger. For the next month I ate everything in site. At lunch time, I would leave the institute and go to a local "all you can eat" buffet

I found out that this was Karen's regular lunch spot. She had made a deal with the owner and they charged me for two meals. Fair is fair, though, because I ate as much as three people!

I continued Karen's photo diary. The highest weight gain Karen had achieved was one pound per day for about two months. I was averaging only 10 pounds per month.

In the next six months, I managed to fill the 52HH bra. I was up to 470 pounds. It was getting harder to gain now plus I was doing some mild exercises. I figured this was good for keeping some tone. Karen was actually very firm.

My butt was gigantic and would not fit in the recliner chair in the apartment. Most nights, I sat on the couch with my feet propped up in front of me. I was never without pies, ice cream and donuts in the apartment.

My size was beginning to give me some problems. I did not fit well in many public places. Movie theater seats and restaurant booths were way too small. Stores placed their clothing racks too close together, even in the plus-size section. Then I discovered that I had to order clothing online…having grown too big to buy off the rack anymore in standard stores.

I had purchased a mini-van to replace my wrecked car but then realized that I had outgrown the bucket seat. Strangely enough, my belly grew, but was not as large as I had seen on other large women.

The weight seemed to keep going to my breasts. I spend several minutes each day just trying to pack them into my bra. At work, they are always in the way.

I do a lot of programming and if I am not careful, my boobs will push into buttons on the keyboard that I never intended to press. My can of coke or milkshake has to always be set at the back of the desk.

Every time I reach for something, my boobs knock things off of the desk. It grew embarrassing always asking the maintenance department to clean milk shake out of my keyboard.

My nipples are huge, too. Every so often, during the day, I will inadvertently rub them across something and they become stimulated. Many times a day, I go to the restroom, sit in the stall, and massage my breasts. If no comes in to interrupt me, I can take myself all the way to orgasm.

One of the male doctors at the institute must prefer larger women. I suspect because I overheard him talking about how much weight I have gained to someone on the phone. He sounded very pleased and turned on.

One of the female doctors also mentions my weight in complimentary way. I have thought that maybe I should ask one of them out but I don't think I could go to bed with a man.

However, the woman is just not my type even though she is a bit overweight and I dream of laying next to her body. I grow lonelier each night.

As winter approached, some of my activities slowed down. I continued to gain weight. I finally filled up the 56HH bra and weighed 492 pounds. I could not walk straight through a door because I have grown too wide. It requires a graceful move of slipping sideways to fit through doorways.

I took two pencils and made a mark on the wall at each side of my hips. Measuring between the marks, I was 38 inches wide. Most doors are only 32 inches!

In this last month, every pound has seemed to go straight to my breasts. I decided to make it up over 600 pounds. No matter what Karen might think about this, I decided this would be the stopping point.

I attempted to double my eating but most nights I had to quit with food left over. I only gained fifty more pounds, all in my boobs and belly, but at 544 pounds, I had topped out.

I went to the online site for plus-sized lingerie where Karen had bought her largest bras. Even they didn’t have my new size and my bras now had to be custom ordered.

Well out of the commercial size range now, I had them make both bras and panties with lots of lace. The bra cups are three layers of silky material, for strength, and covered with the lace. The most comfortable bra has eight snaps in the back and helps to provide some much needed back support.

The last picture in my photo diary shows me at 544 pounds, measuring 56-72-88. I loved this size even though it brought many new challenges to my life.

I am dating now. Michelle is 5'6" tall and weighs 341 pounds. She is wearing all my old clothes. Although she wears a 48DDD bra, her breasts seem so small.

We spend many evenings on the couch watching rented movies and eating everything we love. Our love making and eating binge weekends are so much fun.

Michelle has been teaching me many things about being a women that I did not know, such as how to put on make-up and fix my hair. The best part of all is watching Michelle as her clothes get tighter and her bulges grow bigger.

"The longing of my heart is a fairy portrait of myself: I want to be pretty; I want to eliminate facts and fill up the gap with charms."

"See these eyes so green, I can stare for a thousand years, Colder than the moon
It's been so long and I've been putting out fire with gasoline"

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Omni has said some nice things

Not the best story I've read. It had a very good premise but the writing wasn't very unique. It had little to no description and just kept jumping from topic to topic very quickly with little to no transition.

Anyway I hope the original author still chooses to continue with his/her's writing. I could definantly sense some potential with this story.
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VVET can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesVVET can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesVVET can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

I hope to see you do more stories along this line
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