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Default Fat Lady Clothing Store - by Fatter Peggy (~BBW (mult), Imagery, Intrigue)

~BBW (mult), Imagery, Intrigue - an FA retail clothing salesman gets his dream job

The Fat Lady Clothing Store
by Fatter Peggy
(Reposted by permission from FantasyFeeder.com)

Mike was hanging out at the mall where he worked, checking out the women. There are always some good looking women walking around. Some young, some old, some fat, some thin. But always a few really good looking ones. He kept noticing there were an awful lot of really fat women today.

“There’s a really huge one over there”, he thought. “She’s going to have trouble getting through some of the doors”.

He decided to follow her and see where she was going. “At least I don’t have to worry about having to catch up with this one. She is one very slow moving babe. What a waddle she has”.

Finally he saw her go into a store, Large and Lovely Custom Clothes.

“Wow, now there is actually a store here for women so fat they have to have their clothes specially made for them. I see they are having their grand opening. And there’s a sign in the window that they need sales people. Well, I’m not getting anywhere with my current job, and I’m not making much money, why not?”

Mike went in and applied for the job. He saw they had several women working there, each one fatter than the next. Surprisingly, they also had a few guys. One guy was pretty chubby, maybe 260 lbs or so. The other was huge. At least 360 lbs, maybe closer to 400.

“Uh oh, they seem to go for fat people for their sales staff. Not surprising, considering how fat their customers are. I’ve always worked out and I’m in great shape. I don’t know what they would think of a guy like me working here, but I might as well try.”

He walked up to the fattest woman sales clerk. “Are you the manager? I noticed you need a sales clerk. I’d like to apply.”

“No, the manager is in her office in the back. I’ll take you to her.”

She was looking at his body as she talked to him. “This is one hot, buff guy. All our sales staff are pretty fat, so I don’t know about his chances. But I would love to look at him every day. Wow.”

They went back to the office, where Mike saw an incredibly fat women sitting behind a desk. The first thing he noticed was her huge breasts almost popping out of her extremely low cut top. Then he noticed her huge hips flowing out past the edge of her seat and hanging down a bit.

He walked right up to her and said, “My name is Mike, and I would love to work for you. I am a very good salesman, and I would love to help all these beautiful women look even more beautiful in good looking clothes that fit properly. I think this store fills a very important need and I would love to be a part of it.”

Betsy, the manager, saw this irresistibly good looking guy in front of her. “Hmmm, usually we hire fat people to work with the women, but if he’s having this effect on me, he probably will with our clientele, too. And judging by his crotch, we seem to be having about the same effect on him, too.”

“You said your name is Mike? Have you any experience working in a clothing store before?”

“Yes, I work for Sally’s Big and Tall, right here in this mall. I think I would prefer to work in a woman’s clothing store. The larger men are somewhat uncomfortable talking about their sizes with me and they prefer to be waited on by the bigger guys, or Sally, the manager. I seem to be able to make women comfortable, especially larger women. I would love to work here.”

“We normally hire people of larger size here, but you are a very attractive man. We’ll have to see how our clientele feels around you. We have a good selection of larger size clothing, and a good deal of our business comes from custom made clothing. We pick up where Lane Bryant leaves off. We get a lot of referrals from them. Most of our customers are very large. Would you be OK with that?”

“I would be very happy with that. I think that larger women are very attractive. I can’t understand why women want to be stick thin these days. Women look so much better with some extra weight on them. I find the women in your store to be very attractive. I would like very much to work here. If we sell outfits like the one that you are wearing, I would be very happy working here. It is very attractive, and it looks great on you.”

“I had it custom made for me, and then I had an idea. Why not open a shop for women like me? Women of larger size always have to settle for drab, poor fitting clothes. It’s not fair. So I opened this shop and hired the tailor who made the outfit. We stock large attractive clothing, plus our custom line.”

“I think that makes great business sense. Find a need and fill it. I think you will do very well here.”

“Well, we could give you a shot. We have 3 women and 2 men working here. All of them are of larger size. I suppose you could balance out our personnel. Let’s see how it goes.”

“Thank you very much. Can I call you Betsy? Just show me where to go and I’ll see what I can do.”

Betsy told Judy to take Mike out to the floor and show him around. They were going to start him on the pre-made clothing, which the men worked with. The custom made clothing required taking measurements, which they felt should be done by the women.

Mike was disappointed, but figured at least he was working around all these really hot fat women. He should take what he can get. And maybe after a while that policy would change.

They gave him a name tag, and sent him out on the floor. He noticed the women were looking at him, and he liked that. He walked up to the fattest woman and asked if he could help her.

She kind of blushed a little, but started talking to him. “I’m looking for something nice for a party I’m going to in a few weeks. It’s so hard to find nice looking clothes that fit. You do have some nice outfits here, tho. It’s a welcome change.”

“Yes, we try to stock attractive clothing to compliment attractive women. Out sizes go up to 10X, after which we have a good staff of tailors to make custom clothing. We can certainly get you something you will like to make you the belle of the ball.”

“Well, wouldn’t that be nice? Let’s see what you have.”

Mike wasn’t sure what size she was, since he didn’t have that much experience yet. He figured if he guessed much too big she would be offended, and much too small she would be embarrassed. He figured he’d try for a little small to a little big.

“I was thinking that you would look best in a sweater and skirt combo or a dress. Let’s get you some nice things in a range of sizes. Here are some sweaters. Why don’t we try them first? I’ll give you several sizes, then we’ll get an idea of size, and we can go on from there.” He handed her sizes 6X, 7X, and 8X, figuring she had to be one of them.

Mike hit it right on the nose. She was wearing 6X and it was really right. She took them all into the dressing room. She didn’t even bother with the 6X. The 7X wasn’t bad, but it was a bit snug. She tried the 8X and it was a great fit. She went out wearing it.

“That looks really great on you. Let’s try the same size in a few different styles and patterns now.”

He picked a few nice looking sweaters, all of them showing some cleavage, up to a very daring neckline. She picked 2 sweaters, not the daring one, but not far off, and one a little more modest.

“You have great taste. I liked these the most too. Now let’s try some skirts.” He picked longer skirts, sizes 8X and 9X. It would have to be pretty big to contain that massive belly of hers. “What a great job this is”, he thought.

She settled on the 9X shirt and was very pleased with it. “I want to thank you. These clothes fit great, and they are very pretty. I haven’t been this pleased with a clothing store in years, maybe ever. Thank you so much.”

And she couldn’t resist squeezing his arm as she thought “My, he’s got some serious muscles there. I’ll be back here.”

Mike replied, “Well, thank you very much. I’m glad we could make you happy. You are going to look great at this party.”

Betsy was very pleased with what she saw. “Mike, that was very good. No pressure, quick with the compliments, and made her feel very comfortable. I think your good build helps instead of hurts. You will probably work well for the custom sizes, too. I’ve been thinking of getting a new outfit myself. How would you like to wait on me? Then I’ll get a good idea of how you can handle the women. We have our custom measurement area in the back. Let’s go there.”

Mike couldn’t believe this. He was actually going to measure his hot enormous boss. And what exactly did she mean by ‘handle the women’? He had high hopes for that. They went to the back, and Betsy showed him the tape measures. “Wow, it goes to 160 inches. Guess we don’t want to embarrass any hefty lass if it were too small.”

Betsy couldn’t believe she was doing this with a new employee, but he was just so hot she couldn’t resist. “OK, very fat women don’t really have waists, and the bust is difficult sometimes, since large breasts tend to sag quite a bit. We measure the critical areas, and then every 4 inches in between. This gives our tailor a very good idea of her shape. I want you to measure my hips first. Don’t be embarrassed, I don’t bite.”

She took his hand with the tape and put it right on her hip. “OK, I’ll hold this end, while you walk around me and measure. OK, that wasn’t bad. Let’s try my waist. Same thing, put the tape there and walk around me. Good. Now my bust.”

Betsy took his hand with the tape and put it right on her massive breast. She hept it there for a few seconds and moved it around, looking him right in the eye. “You have to be careful about touching the women here, especially. Some women like it, some don’t. I think most women would like to have a good looking guy like you touching them. You just have to feel them out a little.”

With that, she moved his hand to her nipple, and sighed a bit.

“Now I want you to measure me again without me prompting you. Let’s start again.”

Mike was getting very hot by now. He was hard as a rock. He couldn’t believe what she was doing with him.

“OK, Betsy, let’s get you measured. We like to start with your height, then your hips. We then move up to your waist and the rest.”

He put his hand on her hip and kneaded it a little. This got a pleased reaction from his boss lady. “Now you hold this end while I take it around you.” He kept his hand on her as he walked around, feeling her belly and rubbing her ass as he traveled back there, finally getting back to where he started.

“That was good. Just exactly what I was hoping for”, Betsy breathed.

“Now I’ll measure again a bit higher. Mmmm, very soft here. And here. And here.” He could tell that she was enjoying this as much as he was. It had become more feeling her fat belly and ass more than measuring it. He then took hold of her breast with both hands and started squeezing it. He found her nipple again and squeezed and tweaked it, then fondled her entire body. She put her hands on his chest and waist and arms and sighed. Mike pressed himself into her soft fat body and rubbed and squeezed all over her.

“Oh, that feels so good, Mike. I fantasized about this from the minute I saw you. You are definitely hired. Now, just a warning, this is how you will measure me, not our customers. Unless they like it as much as I do, that is”, and smiled at him.

“This job is going to be better than I ever imagined, Betsy. I am going to love working here.”

“I am going to love having you work here. Now you go out and get some work done, you hot stud of a man. Don’t you go molesting the customers.” She leaned into him and pressed her breasts into his chest and whispered with a smile, “Just your boss.”

Mike got back out on the floor, he saw 2 very fat women looking at the clothing and holding hands. He walked up to them and said, “Hi. Can I help you two attractive ladies?”

“Yes. We were in the mall and noticed your shop. I see you just opened recently. We could use a shop like this. We usually have to get our clothes on the internet. It would be very nice to be able to shop in a regular store.”

“That’s what we try to do here. Attractive clothes for attractive women in large sizes.”

“I’ll let you decide how attractive we are, but we certainly know we are large. Brenda and I have gotten considerable larger lately, and we need some larger clothes while these still fit. I see your name is Mike. I’m Peggy. Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too, Peggy and Brenda. I’m sure we can find some things you will like. Peggy, let me show you to some things you will like. I think you would do best in separate tops and bottoms, since you tend to the voluptuous body type. Brenda, we can try to fit you, or you might want to try our custom fitting.”

“Mike, I’ve been in custom sizes for a long time now, at least 3 years. And I’m a lot fatter now than I was then. Oh, you don’t have to say large and big and words like that to us. We are fat, and we like being fat. We are the fat girls,“ and she put her hand on Peggy’s hip and gave it a good squeeze.

“Well, I certainly do admire your attitude. I’ve never thought that fat is a bad word. I admire large, um, fat, women. I think you two are very beautiful. How about if I get one of our other staff to show Peggy around, while I help Brenda. Or I could help Peggy, if you would be more comfortable having a woman show you around.”

“I think a guy would be kind of nice. I spend so much time with this one, I could use some time with a guy. But find me a nice fat guy, OK?”, she laughed.

“You got it, Peggy. Chuck should be big enough for you. He’s been getting bigger by the minute. Brenda, want to come with me or would you like someone else?”

“Oh, I think you will do just fine, Mike.” Brenda put her hand in his chest.

“Just take me away”, she giggled, and smirked at Peggy.

“I’m going to measure you from the bottom up. Thighs, hips, waist, bust, plus a few in between. Let’s get your hips first. 148. OK, now waist. Could you put your fingers at the end points of the tape? OK, that’s and extra 14 inches, so 174. Waists do expand a lot when sitting, don’t they?”

“I see something else that’s expanding a lot”, and Brenda stroked his rock hard dick. “Something tells me you like your women soft and very fat.”

“Why do you think I work here? You are wonderfully soft and incredibly fat and sexy. But I’m at work. I can’t go where I’d like to go with you here.”

“But if you’re a good boy, you could go where you want to go back at our place. 2 very fat lesbians who haven’t been with a man in a very long time. Interested?”

“That sounds very tempting indeed.”

“Why don’t we finish up here and you place the order. I think it would be a wonderful service if your store made deliveries, don’t you?”

“Brenda, that is a wonderful idea. I think I know someone, me, who would just love to do just that.”

Mike placed the order, and Brenda and Peggy waddled on home with Peggy’s new outfit. In a few days, when Brenda’s outfit was ready, Mike went off to make a delivery. As he got out of his car, he could hardly contain himself. “This is the greatest job I could ever hope for. Two of the fattest women I have ever seen, one with a huge blubber belly, the other with the fattest ass and biggest tits I have ever seen. And all they want is me.”

He picked up the dress box, held it in front of him to hide his massive erection, and strode up the path to see some very sexy babes.

(Editor’s note: Many WR fiction fans have encountered Brenda and Peggy before. Expect to see a reprise of their expansive adventures here this summer!)
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