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Darth Chocolate
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Default Trouble finding BBW's....

Hey everyone!! I'm new to this board, as well as the size-acceptance movement. I have previously posted a thread on the main board, and gratefully been welcomed. My problem is that I'm not sure what to do. I have this "weird" obsession with starting at large women. Not because I find them grotesque in any way, I find myself attracted to them. When my friends catch me looking at them, they laugh at me and joke that I'm a "chubby chaser". But I find the larger women both seductive and appealing. So what do I do? Should I ignore the feelings or try to find a beautiful BBW?
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Welcome Darth....need some help though. Your font color, type and size is EXTREMELY hard to read...if were going to chat, could you change it up a little (please )
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Here the general term is FA fat admirer or FFA female fat admirer for a woman, but chubby chaser is also a common and fairly neutral term. If you find larger women attractive than you are a FA or chubby chaser and there's nothing wrong with that. On the other hand, if you ignore your feelings because you are embarrassed of them or ashamed by them that will make you a closeted FA. (You've heard of gay people being 'in the closet' before they get comfortable with themselves and 'come out', right? Same thing.)

My personal philosophy is that life is too short (and people are generally too hypocritical and arbitrary) to worry about what other people think. Realizing what you are attracted to is an important piece of self-knowledge, and knowing and accepting yourself is the only way you can figure out what will make you happy and then try to achieve that.

So yeah, welcome! but please do kill the red font.
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