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Default Coming Home - by Dan422 (~BBW, Eating, Imagery, ~SWG )

~BBW, Eating, Imagery, ~SWG - a sister's visit home after five years is very revealing

Coming Home
by Dan422

Part 1

"Hola! Bienvenidos. Welcome home!" The taxi had pulled up in front of her former home and her sisters were standing on the sidewalk as the car door opened. A momentary look of confusion crossed their faces. Gloria's mouth dropped open while Lupe and Maria shot a glance at each other. From out of the shadows of the taxi's back seat, a leg and then a hand emerged, clutching the edge of the door.

They hadn't seen Ana for five years but weren't prepared for this. A second leg emerged. Her feet, clad in flip flops, looking small under thick, fleshy legs. Ana pulled herself forward and let out an audible breath as she lifted herself out of the car.

"Que? Ay Caramba!," Gloria muttered.

Ana emerged, meaty legs first, followed by wide, overstuffed hips. As she straightened up, a rolling, round belly unfolded and seemed to flop over her crotch and a strip of flesh peeked out from the gap that opened between her tight capris and tank top. Embarrassed that she was staring at her midsection, Gloria glanced upwards. Ana's plump, tan arms and voluptuous breasts were clearly evident in her salmon-colored cotton tank top. Her dark, flashing eyes and features told Lupe that this was her sister, but her face was rounder and a double chin softened her jaw line. A smile broke through her pouty lips.

Ana pressed herself against her sisters and kissed them. Gloria could feel her thick, soft flesh through her clothing. Despite the mid day heat, it felt cool and slightly moist. As they hugged each other, Gloria felt the roll of fat under the small of Ana's back, bulging over her waistband and folding as she moved, kissing each of her sisters. She leaned forward and lifted herself forward on balls of her feet in order to overcome the curve of her belly. As she tilted forward -- for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction -- her ass protruded behind her, exaggerating the curve of her back.

Almost forgotten in all of this, Danny came around the back of the cab and joined the reunion. Danny was a gringo that Ana met while she was in school, studying abroad in the US for a year. They had met and fallen in love. Danny visited Ana andher family on several occasions and after a courtship of three years, they got married.

Now Ana had been chubby in her teens. All of that changed after she got engaged to Danny. She wanted to be sexy for her husband to be. She started eating salad instead of her favorite enchiladas and corundas and hardly ever touched the desserts that once were her downfall brought home still warm from the panaderia. She joined a gym and did sit-ups and leg lifts until her once round belly turned flat and lean. She was short and naturally curvy, but without the extra kilos that had enveloped her, Gloria had to admit that she looked good. And sexy.

After the wedding, Ana and Danny lived in Florida. They returned to Ana's hometown to spend Christmas the following year. At that time, Ana was still slim, though she did partake lustily in all of the meals and special foods prepared for the holidays. As she did so, she mentioned several times that it was a special occasion and that she would start a diet as soon as she got home, then helped herself to seconds.

After that, a thousand miles apart, the sisters spoke by phone every couple of weeks. Ana and Danny didn't have children but they were clearly happy together. Their jobs kept them busy and five years seemed to slip by quickly. A cousin visited them three years ago and, upon his return, reported that they were doing well. He mentioned in passing that Ana had gained a little weight, but that was to be expected. This, however, was not expected.

After the hugs and greetings, the sisters entered the family home. Ana held Lupe and Maria by the waist as they walked through the small courtyard and into the dining room. Gloria walked behind with Danny, each carrying a bag. Gloria couldn't help but notice how wide and fat Ana's ass was. She wondered if both Lupe and Maria could fit into Ana's pants. She thought they probably could.

They entered the dining room and sat down. Ana's sisters had brought a couple of cakes and a try of cookies from the store, and they were neatly laid out on the table with a stack of dessert dishes, coffee cups and forks. It was late in the day and as they talked and laughed, slices of the cakes were distributed.

"Esta tan delicioso," Ana exclaimed, "I've missed this food so much!"

Gloria smirked but didn't say what was on her mind. Ana helped herself to two slices of each cake and several cookies. A couple of hours passed quickly and night had fallen.

"Quieres cenar? (When will be dinner)" Gloria asked politely.

How could anyone still be hungry after all those sweets? Gloria wondered. "Do you want me to make you something for dinner?"

Ana smiled. "You know how much I love your cooking. I would love something simple, like the huevos revueltos you make with chorizo sausage. Would that be alright? Do you also have some tortillas?"

Gloria nodded and thought, "Bueno, gordita, now I can see how you got to be the way you are."

After dinner, which was washed down with a bottle of Corona and followed by a bowl of dulce de leche, Ana slumped back in her chair. She was clearly tired from the trip and her eyes were half closed, blinking frequently. Her legs were spread apart, but her large lower belly filled whatever space was not already taken by her heavy thighs. Her breasts rested on the roll of fat that bulged above her pants. She looked contented and about ready to fall asleep. Lupe suggested that it was probably time to go to bed and escorted Ana and Danny to their room.

(Continued in post 5 of this thread)

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very good indeed...excited to see where this goes!
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Originally Posted by morepushing13 View Post
very good indeed...excited to see where this goes!
Agreed... please continue...
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Five minutes later, Lupe returned to the dining room where Gloria and Maria were picking up the dishes. Her eyes opened wide and cheeks puffed out, she made a curving gesture with her hand in front of her stomach, mimicking the curve of Ana's belly.

"Increible! Can you beleive how fat she has gotten?"

"I know," replied Maria. "She's inflated like a balloon. I almost didn't recognize her when she got out of the car."

"And did you see how much she ate? It's no wonder she's put on so much weight. She looks like she's double the size she was when she got married."

Gloria interceded, "It must be the American food. There are so many fat people there. Her system is not used to it. Hamburgers, potatoes..."

"It would take a lot of hamburgers to get that fat," Lupe chuckled.

The sisters continued to comment about Ana's weight as they finished straightening up the room.

"Did you notice how tight her pants were? I thought she was going to burst out of them when she sat." The three sisters were unmarried and this gossip at Ana's expense seemed to release a pent-up jealousy that had been walled up since the youngest of them found her prince and left them behind. When Ana had lost that baby fat before the wedding, everyone commented on how beautiful she looked. All the attention was on Ana and no one seemed to notice Lupe, Gloria and Maria.

They said goodnight and headed for their rooms. Before turning out the light, each of them stood in front of the mirror, turning from side to side, feeling much better about their own figures.

"No esta mal," Gloria whispered as she turned and headed to her bed.

* * *

In the morning, Gloria got up, put on her bathrobe and headed to the bathroom to shower. She walked down the hall and found that someone was in there already. She could tell by the steam that whoever it was had just finished their shower. Gloria knocked on the glazed glass door.

"Who is it?" It was Ana 's voice.

"Es yo, Gloria, " she answered. Ana called back,


As there was only one bathroom in th house -- and at one time four sisters -- they were used to sharing it. It was certainly large enough. Gloria pulled the sliding door open wide enough to slip in. It was still a little steamy inside. Ana stood in front of the sink mirror in her bra and panties, brushing her teeth. The panties were rose triangles connected by a couple of satin covered elastics on either side. Ana's protruding belly hung over the front triangle and almost obliterated it from view.

As she pumped her wrist back and forth, her upper arms, breast, belly and thighs all swayed in different rhythms as if they were connected by hinges and springs, each moving according to a different wavelength. Ana bent at the waist, leaning over the sink to spit. Her belly both bulged and folded, resting for a moment on the cold edge of the basin. That seemed to startle Ana and she pulled herself back straight with a quick breath. Gloria could tell she was trying to suck her stomach in -- the movement lifted Ana's round breasts up and out and exagerated her double chin.

Gloria wondered, "How long can she hold it?"

At that moment, Ana spun, reached for her bathrobe hanging on one of the hooks on the wall and pulled it on. She tightened the belt and knotted it. Feeling less vulnerable, Gloria noticed that her belly suddenly swelled forward, straining the belt and bulging above and beneath it. A smile (Or was it relief?) spread over Ana's face.

"Gloria, buenos dias," she bubbled, "How did you sleep?"

"Like a stone," she answered. "But I'm surprised to see you up already. With the trip, I would have thought that you would be tired and still sleeping."

"Well... there is a time change. Florida is ahead one hour, so I guess I'm still on that time."

Ana looked away, almost sheepishly. There was something else that she was not saying.

"You must be hungry," Gloria winced as she finished saying it and looked down for a moment, thinking that she might be insulting her sister. She raised her eyes and added hastily, "I'll make you and Danny breakfast so soon as I get out of the shower."

Again, Ana looked like was going to say something, but then looked away. Was she blushing?

"Bueno, I'll get dressed and see you in a few minutes." She wrapped a towel around her head, grabbed her cosmetic case and slipped sideways out the door. [I]

* * *

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Part Three

As Gloria took her shower, she couldn't stop thinking about her brief encounter with Ana. Seeing her in her underclothes was as stunning as seeing her step out of the taxi the day before. Ana's belly looked massive on her small frame, thick with fat. Her hips billowed on either side, bulging outward before tapering back in to her overabundant thighs. And despite this, she still was attractive. Womanly.

The night before, Maria had commented that Ana had inflated like a balloon. She was inflated all right, but not with air or helium. She looked like she had been pumped full of flan, that rich, gelatinous custard that slides down your throat so easlily when you spoon it in your mouth. With no way to escape, the flan pushed outward to relieve the pressure, filling her flesh and exagerating her curves. But unlike air, the flan had weight, and gravity pulled lovingly at the rounded forms it filled.

Thinking back to the night before and how Ana had devoured the pastries, it was clearly not air that had swollen Ana, but rich, fattening food. This was the result of five years of habitual, consummate overindulgence. Gloria found herself wondering about what type of goodies Ana gorged herself on. Hotcakes and syrup? She had always had a weakness for those and Maria used to make her platefuls when she was in secondary school. She also loved donas from the family's bakery, the greasy, sugar-covered Mexican donuts. But she couldn't have found those in the US. Or enchiladas suizas, with gooey melted cheese, slathered in sour cream and salsa verde -- another of Maria's specialties.

Under the stream of hot water, Gloria realized that her mouth was salivating. She snapped out of her thoughts and realized that she had been sensually stroking her soapy stomach and hips. She turned the faucets, cutting off the shower of water.

Ana seemed happy, and yet she had sucked in her stomach in front of Gloria -- it must be that she felt shame at her obesity. What was it that made women want to be thin and deny themselves tasty temptations they had learned to make, passed down by their mothers? All of this had made Gloria hungry. She dried herself, draped on her bathrobe and headed to the kitchen.

To be continued

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When Gloria walked into the kitchen, she found Ana seated at the table. She was still wearing her bathrobe, her dark hair still damp and hanging in glistening ringlets around her shoulders. Ana tuned to see who had walked in and smiled at Gloria. Her cheeks were puffed out as she chewed and she uttered a "Mmm" through her closed lips.

She was two-thirds through what looked like it had been a stack of four hotcakes, sitting in a pool of Karo Miel de Maple. Ana cut through the stack withher fork, swished the pieces around in the pool of maple syrup and lifted them up and in to her mouth. "Mmm!"

Maria was at the stove and turned holding another plate of hotcakes. She walked to the table and placed the dish next to Ana, grinning and winking at Gloria as she passed. "Para ti, gordita," she cooed, "your favorite." Ana paused for a second to swallow and burbled, "Gracias," between chews.

This struck Gloria as eerily familiar. It wasn't like deja vu, but brought back vague recollections like a crackling distorted radio signal that you had to strain to make out. When Ana turned 15, like most Mexican girls, she had a quinceanera party to celebrate her "coming of age." Ana looked beautiful in her white dress which, at 15, she already filled out nicely. She was popular at school and had several chambelans, or young men, escorting her and vyiing for her attention.

Maria was the second oldest of the sisters and 23 at the time. She did not have Ana's charisma -- in fact she had a tendency to be argumentative and surly if she didn't get her way. The few boyfriends she had were eventually driven away by her sharp toungue. Physically, she was slim, but not in a good way. She lacked the feminine curves of Ana's figure and her build could be described as boyish.

Surprisingly then, Maria had a great talent in the kitchen. Gloria recognized that she was a wonderful cook. It's not that the meals she prepared were complex culinary masterpieces, but she had a flair for blending ingredients and spices to transform even to most common of dishes into delectable, mouthwatering fare. Therefore, she did most of the cooking in the household, and seemed to take a particular interest in cooking and trying new recipes. Maria ate like a bird and Ana became her guinea pig for her new creations.

"Ana, come," she called. "Come try something new I've made."

It was no secret that Ana enjoyed good food and she was happy to comply. At meals, Ana's plate was always slightly fuller. She was a fast eater and finished before the others. Maria would spoon another helping onto her plate. On occasion, Ana would protest, "Ay, Maria, me vas a engordar con eso. I'm going to end up like a hippopotomus."

Maria would cajole her, "No te va a pasar nada. You look good."

Ana did look good,but the extra portions and snacks brought home from the bakery at the end of the day did have their effect.

Everyone knew that Ana had a sweet tooth and, after all, her family ran the best bakery in town, so her fattening up was not surprising. But that smirk on Maria's face made Gloria wonder just what role her sister had played in encouraging Ana's overindulgence and precipitating her weight gain. Was it done out of jealousy for the attention that Ana received from boys and that Maria did not?

Meanwhile, Ana had finished the hotcakes on her plate and helped herself to more from the dish that Maria had deposited next to her.

Continued in post 9 of tis thread)

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so far so good!
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Gloria slid into the chair next to Ana's. "Buen provecho," she said to Ana. "You seem to have woken up with a good appetite." She was keeping an eye on Maria, trying to figure out what her game was.

"More than you think," chirped Maria. "Our Anita already finished the leftover cake from last night."

"Que?" If Gloria remembered correctly, there were four slices of cake left. Ana was a fast eater, but there's no way she could have finished all that cake and be starting into her second plate of hotcakes in the fifteen minutes since she left the shower.

"Ay, Maria! Don't make me feel bad," she pleaded. "I woke up early and I was so hungry. I think I dreamed of that cake last night and came to the kitchen and had some before taking my shower. It was so good."

Now Gloria understood why Ana had blushed this morning when she asked her if she was hungry. She had already raided the refrigerator and now was into her second plate of hotcakes. Gloria remembered her own hunger and reached for the dish Gloria had left onthe table. "Can I have some of those?"

"Por favor, take some before I finish them all," she smiled. Maria placed a bowl of nata, the cream lifted from the top of the fresh milk they sometimes bought from the old lady that passed in the mornings, along with several fresh bread rolls on the table. "Aqui tienes nata fresca," she said. "I bet you can't get that in Estados Unidos." Gloria shot her a glance. Why was she tempting her with all of this food? Couldn't she see that Ana had a serious weight problem? She noticed that as Ana leaned forward for another bite, her stomach pressed against the edge of the table and her hips bulged beyond the limits of her chair's seat.

Ana and Gloria split the remaining hotcakes, then Ana turned her attention to the bread rolls, spreading a spoonfull of creamy nata on them before each bite. "And where's Danny," asked Gloria? "Oh, he went out for a run. He runs every morning," Ana replied. She had a bit of the nata on her chin. "I think I'm going to have to run with him if I keep eating like this."

Maria said, "But you're only here for two weeks, so you should take advantage to eat all the things that you can't have there."

Ana nodded, "Si, es cierto... you're right," and reached for another roll.

* * *
Danny came back from his run and sat down to have his breakfast. Ana and Maria were still at the kitchen table and Ana was still picking at candied fruits and other sweets that Maria had placed before her. Danny looked to be the same size as when he and Ana got married. He was about 20 centimeters taller than Ana but she surely outweighed him by a wide margin at this point.

"What are your plans for today?" Maria asked.

"I think we'll take a walk around the town, visit some people. I'd like to see Yanely," Ana answered. "When does Miguel get home from work?" Miguel was thier only brother and lived about a kilometer away toward the west side of town.

"He usually gets home about 6:00. I know he's looking forward to seeing you again." Miguel was the next-youngest of the siblings, just two years older than Ana. They had always had a close and ebullient relationship.

"Bueno, I should go get dressed." Ana had been sitting at the table for about an hour and a half, eating most of that time. Maria had placed an assortment of foods in front of her and coaxed her along, "You have to try this. I bought it at the Romeros' store yesterday." Ana had greedily gobbled up everything that Maria presented to her.

Ana gulped down her last glass of fresh milk and placed it back on the table. her Maria eyeballed Ana as she pushed her chair back from the table, put her right hand on the table and leaned forward to get some leverage to help lift herself from her seat. "Gracias for the breakfast," she told Maria. Ana groaned slightly and stretched to her full height of 160 centimeters. Throwing her shoulders back empahsized her distended belly and protruding butt. "Estaba delicioso."

To be continued
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About a half hour later, Ana and Danny made their way to the front door where Maria was waiting for them with a basket hanging over her arm. "Where do you want to go first?" Maria asked.

"I think to see Yanely," answered Ana, "Does she still work at the bank?"

Yanely was Ana's best friend from school.

"Yes. She's now an assistant manager."

They stepped out onto the sidewalk and into the warm sunshine. Ana was wearing a cotton sundress. Elastic stiching cinched the dress in just under her breasts and accentuated their fullness. From there the dress hung loose, though Ana's heft and roundness were clearly evident underneath. The hem of the dress ended at mid-thigh and draped a bit higher in the front than the back as the yellow flowered material had to extend over the swell of her belly.

Her knees were dimpled and slightly indented within the flesh that surrounded them. She wore white slip-on sandles with a slight heel that enhanced the curve of her calves and shifted her center of gravity forward.

Ana and Danny walked hand in hand down the sidewalk. With Ana's width, there was no way Maria could walk beside them so she followed behind, examining Ana's rolling backside. Ana waddled a bit as she swung one thick thigh around the other, and her calves wobbled with each step.

"Disgusting," thought Maria, as she smiled.

As they approached the end of the street, an old woman came out of the shop on the corner, broom in hand and began to sweep. She looked up at the trio as they approached and greeted them.

"Senorita Maria, Senorita Ana! Buenos dias!" She placed her free hand to her cheek. "Senorita Ana, how long has it been since I've seen you. Do you remember me?"

"Claro que si. Of course I remember you, Dona Luisa," Ana replied. "How many years did I spend stopping in your store everyday on the way to school?"

Senora Luisa had been running the small bodega as long as Ana remembered. She used to stop and buy chocolates or other sweets there on the way to and from school or be sent down by her mother to pick up articles that she had forgotten to buy at the market. Luisa's husband had died many years ago, probably of alcoholism. Despite this fate, Senora Luisa was always cheery and kind, often sneaking an extra candy into Ana's hand before she left the store.

"I don't think I've seen you since you left for Guadalajara. But I heard you got married," she exclaimed. "Is this your husband? Que guapo!"

Ana introduced Danny and explained that they had been married for almost 6 years and were living in the US now.

Turning back to Ana, Senora Luisa clasped her hands together and looked her up and down. "Hija, are you pregnant?"

Assuming she knew the answer she added, "Que bueno!"

Ana hesitated for a moment, looking down involuntarily at her midsection, swollen by her enormous breakfast. Her mouth opened but all that came out was a long "Ahhh," as she thought of what to say.

Danny smiled, and squeezed Ana's hand. Maria stifled a laugh and thought she was going to pee her pants.

"No, senora. Not yet." Ana paused again, "But I think I've gained some weight since you last saw me."

Maria thought to herself, "The way you say it, gordita, you'd think you'd gained just a few kilos."

"Oh! Disculpe. Excuse me," Luisa exclaimed. "I thought... Well, you look very happy. You have the 'curve of happiness'," referring to Ana's round tummy and placing her hand to it. "You are very happy, I can see."

She clearly didn't mean anything hurtful and was happy to see Ana married and well. Turning to Maria, she noted, "Senorita Maria, you don't change. When are you going to find your man?"

Maria could feel her face get hot and her gut tighten. Her eyes narrowed and she simply said, "No se."

Senora Luisa, feeling the daggers shooting from Maria's eyes, dropped her smile and said, "Maybe your standards are too high."

Ana exchanged a few more pleasantries with the old lady, while Maria fumed. As they said goodbye and began to move along, Senora Luisa remebered something. "Espera, wait a minute."

She ducked in to her store and re-emerged a moment later and placed a cellophane packet in Ana's hand. Ana recognized it immediately. It was a packet with two Gansitos, the chocolate covered cake and jelly rolls that were her favorite after-school snack.

"Te acuerdas?" asked Senora Luisa.

"Of course I remember! Mis favoritos. Gracias."

Ana and Danny said their goodbyes. Maria nodded and delivered a formal, "Buenos dias senora."

As they turned the corner on to the main street, Ana was looking at the bag of Gansitos in her hand. Danny asked suggestively, "Are you going to eat those?"

"I think so. It's been such a long time since I've had these. Do you want one?" She turned to Danny then to Maria.

Maria waved her hand, no. Danny answered, "No you eat them. She gave them to you and they're your favorites. Enjoy."

Ana looked up thankfully at Danny and smiled. "OK," and she peeled open the colorful cellophane wrapper. She took a big bite of the first one. "Mmmh. That brings back memories."

She polished off the first Gansito and began putting her fingers into the pouch to extract the second one. Ana retracted her hand and asked the others, "Do I really look pregnant?"

"No, of course not," answered Danny.

"She hasn't seen you in a long time." Maria added quickly, "Her eyesight is not so good. You should see the thickness of the glasses she usually wears these days." She knew full well that Senora Luisa didn't wear glasses. Ana smiled and turned her attention back to the second Gansito, popping it into her mouth.

Maria glanced sideways at Ana's silhouette and thought,"With that dress and the panza you've got, you really do look pregnant."

To be continued

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A couple of blocks later, they reached the town's main square. Ana was taking in all the familiar sights as they made their way toward the bank. The facade had been remodeled and looked more modern than the surrounding buildings. The three passed through the glass doors emblazoned with the bank's logo and on into the lobby. Behind the counter, an attractive young woman in light blue blouse and tight grey skirt stood talking to one of the tellers.

Maria waved to the young woman and called, "Hola Yanely."

Yanelly looked up and waved. She handed a file to the teller and made her way around the counter.

"Buenos dias Maria," she said with certain formality as she approached, "How can I help you today?" She glanced the other two then did a double take and her eyes opened wider.

She looked her former schoolmate up and down. "Anita? Is that you?"

Ana stepped forward and hugged her. "Yanelly, como estas?"

After hugging each other, Yanelly stepped back and again inspected her enlarged girlfriend.

"Anita," she exclaimed, "I almost didn't recognize you. What are you doing here? When did you arrive?"

"We arrived last night," Ana said exitedly, "It's so good to see you again."

The friends contnued to chat for a few minutes. Yanelly was doing well. She had recently been promoted, was married and had a little boy named Ricardo. Like Ana, she had been on the chubby side in school, but she looked like she had lost weight since then. One of the tellers came over and was trying to catch Yanelly's eye.

"Excuse me," Yanelly said, "I'm going to have to get back to work."

"Claro, of course," Ana replied. "Can you join us for lunch? How about going to 'La Carreta?'"

La Carreta was the restaurant they often frequented when they were younger. "Of course. That sounds fine.. I'll meet you there at noon."

Yanelly walked with the teller back toward her desk.

"Who was that?" asked the teller.

"Do you remember Ana Sanchez?"

The teller's eyebrows arched in surprise. "Ana Sanchez? Caramba, she really got fat!"

* * *

While they waited for noon to roll around, Ana, Danny and Maria walked around the square. As they were killing time, Maria bought them each an ice cream from a vendor selling helados from his cart and they sat on a bench to enjoy them. Ana finished hers first and took several licks from Danny's as they talked and watched people pass and children play in the square.

It was almost noon and Maria suggested that they make their way to the restaurant. As they approached, Ana asked if the Jimenezes still owned the restaurant.

"Si, they are still running it. You'll see, nothing has changed." answered Maria. Ana had many good memories of meals there with friends and family. Ana's mouth watered at the thought of the enchiladas suizas, covered in melted cheese, and pimiento rellenos. Sometimes after school, She and Yanely would stop by and order papas a la francesa and milk shakes. Most of all, she remembered the desserts that Senora Jimenez prepared and displayed under glass covers on the counter as you entered.

They entered La Carreta. Truly, nothing had changed. The painted wooden chairs and round tables looked to be the same. There were the desserts, some dripping in chocolate, others drizzled with fruit sauces or sprinkled with powdered sugar. And there was Senora Jimenez, her apron strings knotted above her ample belly. "Buenas tardes, please come in and sit."

Maria greeted her. "Senora Jimenez, do you remember my sister Ana? And this is her husband, Danny."

"Oh, of course!" she replied. "You were one of our best customers. We haven't seen you in such a long time. Where are you living now?"

After exchanging a few pleasantries, Senora Jimenez sat the three down at a table near the window. Ana's chair creaked loudly as she sat, clammoring against the weight it was asked to support. After a moment, Senora Jimenez reappeared from the kitchen and placed a basket of bread and plate of butter on the table.

"Do you know what you want to order?" she asked.

"We're waiting for someone to join us. We'll wait for her to arrive," answered Maria, "but why don't we start with three glasses of horchata?"

Maria knew that Ana loved the sweetened drink made with rice and milk.

While they waited, Ana started on the thickly sliced bread, spreading a thick layer of butter on the first piece. By the time Yanely arrived twenty minutes late, Ana had polished off three slices of bread and most of her horchata.

"I'm so sorry for being late," Yanely appologized as she sat, "the bank manager called me to his office to discuss something."

Ana replied, "No te preocupes. We've been enjoying ourselves. This place brings back so many memories."

They ordered their meals from Senora Jimenez. Ana asked for the enchiladas suizas she had been longing for. Danny ordered a ham and cheese sandwich with onions and jalapenos while Yanely ordered a salad. Maria ordered enchiladas with mole sauce, another of Ana's favorites and also suggested some queso frito as an appetizer.

Within a few minutes, Senora Jimenez's daughter, Juana, brought the queso frito, a dish of melted cheese with chunks of chorizo embedded, a stack of corn tortillas, three Bohemia beers and a diet Coke to the table. Juana had been in school with Ana and Yanely, though two years behind them. Back then she was tall and slim, and sometimes referred to jokingly as "la flaca Jimenez," a reference to the Tex-Mex band leader Flaco Jimenez. Clearly, working in the family restaurant had its consequences on her figure as she had grown quite plump and seemed to be following in her mother's footsteps toward obesity.

"Hola Ana," she smiled as she placed the plates and bottles on the table, "Do you remember me? It's Juana."

"Of course I do. How have you been?" Ana asked.

"Bien, bien," she replied, then added with a chuckle and putting her hads on her ample hips, "Bien gorda -- nice and fat, as you can see. But that's what happens when you work in a restaurant all day."

"I know," said Ana, "Look at me. I've put on weight too," and placed her palm against her protruding belly. Ana, however, was much heavier and rounder than the waitress.

Juana smiled, "It's the good life we lead. Our conscience doesn't bother us so we eat well and sleep well."

Juana left them and Ana and Danny began scooping the melted cheese and chorizo bits into tortillas and biting in to the gooey, greasy concoction. They talked about the people they knew and what had happened to them since they graduated from the preparatoria. Ana had finished her second tortilla and cheese and asked Yanely and Maria if they were going to have any. Maria simply answered, "No gracias. No me gusta."

Yanely smiled and shook her head, "I can't. I'm on a diet."

"On a diet?" Ana asked, "You are skinnier than when we were in high school. Why do you need to be on a diet?"

Still astonished by the change in her friend's size, Yanelly was uncomfortable with this subject but answered, "Gracias Anita. If I don't stick to this diet I know that I'll go back to the way I was before."

Ana spooned some cheese into her third tortilla. "I wish I had your will power. My metabolism has slowed down so much, it seems like all I have to do is look at food and I gain weight."

Juana returned with the main courses. In addition to what they had ordered, she also brought a dish with four stuffed pimento peppers. Turning to Ana, she announced, "My mother remembered how much you liked these. They're on the house."

The taste of the food was wonderful and brought back all sorts of memories to Ana. Maria spooned a good protion of her enchiladas con mole onto Ana's plate. "Here, you have to try these."

They talked and ate until 1:15, at which point Yanelly announced that she really needed to get back to work. Danny refused to let her pay for her salad and they hugged and said goodbye. Since neither Maria nor Yanelly had tried the stuffed peppers, Danny and Ana finished the last two. Juana reappeared and asked, "Can I get you something for dessert?"

Ana had been looking forward to this part of the meal since they decided to have lunch at La Carreta.

"Si, por favor," she answered a little too quickly, "can I have some of your mother's wonderful pay de queso?"

The so-called "Mexican cheesecake" was Ana's favorite. Maria and Danny ordered coffee.

Juana brought the coffees and Ana's pay de queso, a huge slab that practically covered the dish it came on. Ana's eyes widened as Juana placed it before her.

"Muchas gracias," she exclaimed and quickly began to scoop large mouthfuls of the creamy desert. Despite the size of the cake and the large amount of food that Ana had already ingested, it did not take long for her to finish it.

With her eyes closed, she sucked the last of the cream cheese off her fork. "Mmmh, delicioso."

Danny paid the bill and Ana thanked Senora Jimenez and her daughter for a wonderful meal. "Will you come back and see us again?" Senora Jimenez asked.

"Of course!" Ana smiled, her cheeks flushed, "I could eat here every day."

As Ana got up to leave, her chair groaned its relief. Ana felt full and heavy -- she had really overdone it. As they walked home, Ana slowed the pace, her stomach so full that it seemed to press up against her lungs. She took short breaths and was quiet. As they arrived home, she was feeling sleepy.

"I'm going to take a nap," she announced. Danny said he was going to go for a walk and pick up a bottle of tequilla to bring to Miguel's house later.

Ana went up the stairs to the guest room on the third floor, breathing heavily by the time she got to the top. Maria observed her with interest. Ana let herself drop on the bed, kicked off her shooes and lay flat on her back. A couple of minutes later, Ana heard a knock on the door sounded and Maria pushed it open. She carried a tray in front of her. "I brought you some warm milk to help you sleep."

She also placed a plate of cookies on the nightstand.

"Gracias, Maria," Ana murmured. She rolled over on her side and leaned on a elbow while she drank. Maria had added cane sugar and cinnamon to the creamy, warm milk. As she left the room and closed the door behind her she thought, "You'll eat anything I put in front of you."

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At about 4:00, Ana awoke, feeling much better. Her cotton dress was wrinkled from having slept in it so she decided to change. She opened the dresser where she had placed her clothes and chose the long, grey dress. It was made of a pearly, lycra blend, was cut in a low "V" in the front that showed off her cleavage and was rather form-fitting -- probably too form fitting for a woman of her size, she thought, but Danny loved the way she looked in it so she slipped it on.

The dress hugged her curves, but was stretchy and comfortable. It had been a few months since Ana had worn the dress, but she didn't bother to look in the mirror or she would have noticed that it was tighter than before. When she last wore it, it was January and they were celebrating Danny's birthday by going to their favorite Italian restaurant.

At that time, the dress was tight around her breasts, but merely carressed her curves. As she walked and the dress swished about, her voluminous figure could be clearly detected below the silvery material. But now, six months of ongoing overindulgence later, the fabric stretched over her belly and outlined the indentation of her navel. Rolls of fat on her back under her bra strap were also visible through the clingy fabric. Below her waist, one could see the notch where her panties sink into her overstuffed hips. The curve of her thighs bulged from the material that hung down to about mid-calf.

She made her way downstairs carrying the empty plate and glass. Ungirdled by pants, her belly swayed and jiggled loosely. As she walked in to the kitchen, she found Maria, Danny, Gloria and her aunt Rosa sitting at the kitchen table. Rosa was her father's youngest sister and lived a few blocks away. She had heard that Ana had arrived and dropped by to welcome her. The cake she brought sat on the table and the four of them had partially eaten slices in front ot them. They turned toward Ana as she walked in to the kitchen

"Anita!" Rosa exclaimed, getting to her feet. "Que gusto de verte. It's so nice to have you back."

Rosa was in her mid-40s, much younger than Ana's father, who had passed away several years ago, and was almost like a big sister to Ana and her siblings. She was a large woman, taller than average and quite stout. Her husband and three kids were equally well fed and it was easy to understand why -- whenever you stopped by her home,she always seemed to be cooking or baking something and would always insist on serving you something to eat, no matter the time of day.

After hugging Ana, Rosa held her at arms length and looked her over. "Look at you! You look wonderful."

Even at arms length there was not much room between the two women, their protruding abdomens filling much of the space between them. Rosa smiled approvingly and added, "I can see you've been eating well since the wedding. It seems like Danny is taking good care of you."

They all sat back down around the table and Maria served Ana a large slice of Rosa's chocolate cake. Ana protested briefly but Rosa insisted. "Andale, Anita. I made it for you."

Ana had digested her heavy lunch during her two hour siesta and was no longer feeling full so she quickly acquiesced.

"Me voy a poner como pelota. I'm going to turn into a big, round ball if I keep eating like this," she joked as she reached for the plate that Maria handed her.

The four sat and chatted... After they had finished their cake, Rosa reached for the knife and said, "Let's have another piece. Ana, can I serve you?"

Ana wanted another slice, but answered, "I will only if everone else does."

The group agreed, including Maria. As Gloria ate her second slice, she savored the chocolate cake and cloyingly sweet icing. "This is the life," she thought, "Maybe Ana knows something we don't."

Maria was 35 years old and realized she was probably past the age that she would ever get married.

"Why am I suffering watching my weight at this point?" she thought.

They sat and talked and ate for about an hour. Maria brought out a bottle of rompope, and served the eggnog-like drink to all. Rosa had convinced Ana and Gloria to join her in a third slice of cake and, as she finished, Rosa announced that she needed to get home and get dinner started. Gloria suggested that Ana and Danny head over to their brother Miguel's home. They'd be a little early, but they could spend some time with his wife Elvira and their kids while they waited for him to get home.

Gloria backed her Yellow Volkswagen Beetle out of the garage entrance and onto the street. Although there were still a fair number of the original beetles on the roads in Mexico, this was the modern version. As Gloria closed the large iron doors of the garage entrance, she said to Danny, "You're tall. Why don't you sit in front?"

Ana opened the pasenger door and folded the front seat forward. Maria stood on the sidewalk, enjoying the spectacle of Ana squeezing in to the diminutive back seat, her ample backside bumping against the door frame, then the passenger seat, as she wedged herself into the car.

After a short drive, the yellow Beetle arrived at Miguel's home. Gloria pulled over by the sidewalk in front of #22 and honked the horn before killing the ingition. After stepping out, Danny turned and took Ana's hands, helping to hoist her from the back seat. The metal gate of the home clanged opened and Elvira appeared, holding her 2 year old son Miguelito on her hip with one arm. She and Miguel had gotten married after Ana had left town, but they had been dating since high school so she and Ana knew each other well.

"Que tal, Anita?" she exclaimed, "How wonderful to see you again."

She presented Miguelito to Ana and Danny and put him down to toddle on his own as they headed into the home.

"Miguel should be home soon," Elvira told the others as she led them into the living room. The stereo was on and there were a couple of plates full of snacks on the coffee table. Ana and Danny sat on the sofa and Elvira held out a bowl with guacamole and tortilla chips
toward them.

"Gracias. All we've done is eat since we've arrived," giggled Ana as she loaded some guacamole on to some chips.

They finished the snacks as they were talking when the sound of the front door opening reached them. A moment later, Miguel walked in with a big smile on his face.

"Anita!" he exclaimed. She heaved herself off the sofa and loped toward him. Miguel caught her in his arms and hugged her.

"I'm so happy to see you," he said.

"Me too," Ana answered. Miguel was the next youngest of the five siblings, just two year older than Ana, and they had always been particulalry close.

"Now let me see you. You've put on a lot of weight, I see," he declared and jiggled her belly with his hand. "Let's see if I can still lift you."

Miguel grabbed her around the middle and lifted Ana as he had done som many times when they were young. She helped by getting on her toes and after a moment Miguel arched his back and managed to lift Ana a few centimeters off the tile floor. He was strong, but small and lean, probably weighing no more than 70 kilos soaking wet. Letting her drop back to the ground, he feigned exhaustion. "Uff! You're too heavy for me now! How much do you weigh? 100 kilos?"

Ana blushed and answered, "No se," not wanting to admit that she weighed more than that. Then she added, "On the other hand, I see that you haven't changed. One of these days I'm sure you'll start to grow!"

Miguel got the last jab in, "Maybe you can give me a few of your extra kilos?"

They both laughed.

Miguel then left Ana's side and walked over to Danny. "Que tal, Danny? Como estas?" They shook hands and embraced each other. Continuing to jest, Miguel asked Danny, "What are you feeding her?"

After catching up in the living room for a few minutes, Elvira declared that it was time to move to the dining room for the dinner that she had prepared. The meal began with a sopa de tortilla and was followed by mole poblano with chicken, rice and carrots. Knowing how much Ana liked them, Elvira had also prepared corundas, the cornmeal patties cooked in corn husks, and loaded Ana's plate with them. All of this was washed down with several bottles of Dos Equis beer. For a moment, Ana thought about calculating the number of calories she had consumed today, but dismissed it just as quickly. "This is something special. I'll start a diet when I get back home," and popped another corunda in her mouth.

It's a good thing that Ana had foregone counting calories because Elvira had prepared flan for dessert, another of Ana's favorites. Ana finished hers before anyone else and Elvira went to the kitchen to bring her a second one. Ana protested, "Ay, no, Elvira. I've eaten too much already."

Elvira insisted, "Nonsense. You have to enjoy the foods you like while you're here."

Miguel winked and added playfully, "Andale, eat it. Are you afraid of getting fat?"

Ana conceded and had the second flan.

After a couple of glasses of brandy after dinner, Miguel asked Danny if he wanted a smoke. Danny wasn't a regular smoker, but did light up on occasion and this seemed like a good one. The two men got up and headed for the small, enclosed garden at the front of the house. Over a couple of cigarettes, they got caught up on what had been happened over the past five years. Danny explained that he was now working for an insurance company and had to travel frequently to visit clients in places like Atlanta, Chicago and Dallas. Ana was a bilingual kindergarten teacher for Hispanic kids learning English. They talked about the Miami Dolphins and whether they had any chance of being good this year.

Miguel handed the pack of cigarettes to Danny but he waved his hand, "No gracias. That's enough for me."

Miguel lit his third cigarette, paused for a moment, then asked, "And everything is good between you and Ana?"

Danny nodded and replied that they were very happy. Miguel followed up with another question, "Can I ask if it bothers you that Ana was put on so much weight?"

Danny chuckled and shook his head. "No, no. She was pretty plump when I met her, you know, like 80 kilos," he answered. "She's the one who decided to lose 15 kilos before the wedding without saying anything to me about it. After the wedding, she got frustrated because she started putting the weight back on, so I told her that I liked her better the way she was before and not to starve herself."

Smiling at Miguel, he added, "You know how much she likes to eat." Miguel answered, "Como no. She's always had a good appetite." Danny continued, "So she eats whatever she wants. She doesn't get much exercise at her job either so she's gained weight pretty quickly. At first I think it bothered her a little, but she can see it doesn't bother me and she really doesn't have... how do you say 'willpower?'"

Danny searched momentarily for the word. "La Voluntad. She doesn't have la voluntad to stop overeating."

"And how much does she weigh now?" Miguel asked.

"I'm not sure," Danny shrigged. "She's gained a lot since Christmas, so I guess around 250 or 260 pounds."

Danny did the math in his head, "That would be about 115 kilos, I think."

Miguel waved his hand up and down in a comical gesture of surprise, "Ay, caray! Es muchisimo. Well, as long as you're happy and she's happy."

Danny cautioned, "In reality, I hope she doesn't gain too much more. I like her the way she is now -- maybe even a little thinner. But if she keeps gaining at the rate she has been, I'm going to have to begin rolling her to work!"

They both laughed and headed back in to the house.

To be continued

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Meanwhile, back at the sisters' home, Maria was beginning to put together the pieces of her plan. She was sure that she could continue to tempt Ana with food and cajole her into eating to excess. She knew that friends and family members would contribute unknowingly to help finish the job she had started 12 years ago. Everywhere Ana went, she would be offered meals, sweets, snacks and alcohol, and from what Maria had observed, Ana would gluttonously accept it all.

But there was a problem. Ana and Danny were only going to be here for 9 days, or really more like 8 with the travel time to and from Mexico City. At best, Maria could hope to see her fatten up 3, maybe 4 kilos -- not enough. At her current size, a four kilo gain would hardly be noticeable. Maria needed to convince Ana to stay longer, preferably without Danny around. And, if she was successful in convincing Ana to stay all summer, she would need to create the illusion that Ana was not gaining weight so that she would continue to gorge herself.

Maria smiled at the thought of the challenge that lay ahead.

The next few days were largely as Maria anticipated. In the morning, she prepared a huge breakfast, serving Ana's favorite foods and presenting them one after the other to tempt her to eat more and more as they sat in the kitchen and talked. She put extra oil, butter, sugar, cream and mayonnaise in everything she prepared and added more to Ana's plate whenever she could. She encouraged Ana to relax, to take a siesta after lunch and hailed taxis for anything but the shortest walks.

She invited Ana and Danny to different restaurants daily, choosing the ones that she knew served the largest portions of calorie-laden meals. Visits to friends and family members always involved their offering food during the visit, and Maria encouraged this by calling in advance. "We'll be by tomorrow around 3:00. Ana's looking forward to seeing you. She told me last night that she remembers the wonderful chocolate cake with pistachios you make."

She sent Ana to help Lupe in the bakery, knowing that she would not be able to resist trying something from each of the trays and nibbling the damaged items they could not sell, just like they did when they were young.

Maria also noticed that Gloria seemed to be eating more than usual. She had always been careful about maintaining her weight, often skipping a meal if she had eaten more than the usual the day before. Because of this, she probably weighed within 5 kilos of what she weighed when she was 18. Now she seemed unconcerned, and ate heartily. She did not -- probably could not -- consume as much as Ana did, but she sat with Ana at meals, ate what she did and helped herself to seconds and sometimes thirds. Maria didn't worry about it and figured it only helped to enhearten Ana to eat more.

On Wednesday, Maria launched phase one of her plan over breakfast.

"Are you still planning on leaving on Sunday? It's such a short time that you're with us after all these years. I wish you could stay longer. No es cierto, Gloria? We miss our little sister so much," she implored.

Gloria nodded in agreement, her own mouth full at the time.

"Well, Danny has to be back at work next week," Ana answered, pausing between mouthfuls.

"I know," Maria paused, then retorted, "But you don't have to be back at school until September, no? Danny, you wouldn't mind if Ana stayed a little longer? It would probably help her with her job to have a chance to practice her Spanish with adults instead of niños."

Danny answered, "Well, I suppose it would be OK. I have to do a lot of traveling next month anyway, but it depends on what Ana wants."

Maria fired the second shot. "Do you know the American lady who runs the hotel at the hot water springs outside of town?"

It was a small, boutique hotel of individual cabanas sprinkled around a natural hot mineral spring, frequented by sophisticated European travelers and wealthy Mexicans from the capital. The owner, Barbara Kennedy, had written two cookbooks on traditional Mexican cooking that had been favorably reviewed in The New York Times. "She is offering cooking classes at her hotel this summer. I would love to take those classes with you. I bet you would really enjoy learning to cook meals like the ones they serve in her restaurant."

Ana perked up. "Oh, maravilloso! I've always wanted to learn how to cook really well."

Maria knew that this had long been a dream of Ana's. She loved good food and going to restaurants, but had never really learned to cook because that had been Maria's territory and she had gone off to the Universidad when she was 18, then gotten married to Danny after graduation.

Like a matador finishing his performance, Maria applied the final strike. Lowering her voice, she added, "It would also be wonderful if you could spend some time helping Lupe in the bakery. You know she has some arthritis and it's gotten worse. You could help her and it would take her mind off her pain to have you around."

Ana was having a wonderful time being home and seeing her friends and family and was already lamenting that she only had 4 more days left before heading home. She turned to Danny and asked what he thought of the idea. Danny could tell that she wanted him to say it was OK. "If it's something that you really want to do, of course it's fine with me. I'll miss you but I know I'm going to be traveling half the summer."

He added, "We can take a few days vacation and head to Charleston just the two of us when you get back."

Ana's excitement was obvious. "That's a deal!"

She leaned over and kissed him on the mouth. "Gracias! Thank you!"

Maria smiled. "Si, muchas gracias, Danny."

Turning to Ana, she gushed, "We're going to have a wonderful summer together!”

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Saturday night arrived. Maria invited Danny, Ana and her sisters and brother to dinner at "La Carreta" for the last meal before Danny would have to leave. In the days prior, Maria had done what she could to keep Danny occupied -- arranging for him to spend one afternoon with Miguel at a cantina, another with Gloria visiting some local Aztec ruins -- and have Ana to herself. During those times alone, she redoubled her efforts to tempt and gorge Ana. Without Danny present, Ana seemed happy to go along with this, never protesting against another serving, another snack. When Danny returned and asked what they had been up to, she might reply, "We went shopping."

The truth was that Ana and Maria had window shopped a few minutes on their way to "La Carreta" where they sat for two hours enjoying ice cream, chocolates and cake.

This evening, as she had the rest of the week, Ana ate prodigiously. The feast was punctuated by her finishing her dessert and most of Maria's. After a little more than a week of unremitting consumption, even Danny and Maria felt their waistbands tightening. Ana, if anything, felt her clothes were looser. Intellectually, she knew she had been eating far more than usual, but it didn't seem to be having an effect on her figure, so she contentedly continued to ingest every treat placed before her.

Or so she thought. In addition to handling the household's cooking duties, Maria also did the laundry and was a talented seamstress. At night, Maria had been strategically unsewing and re-stiching the seams of Ana' clothing, expanding the waistlines, seats and thighs of her pants. She moved buttons to gain another centimeter or two. After washing her tops, underwear and skirts, she stretched them using brown cardboard cutouts, towels, the backs of chairs and a slightly deflated exercise ball Gloria had purchased a couple of years ago, and let them dry distended. In this way, she was able to enlarge Ana's clothing before folding and returning it to her.

The next morning, Danny closed his suitcase and turned to embrace Ana. She was in her bathrobe. They kissed for a long time. Danny ran his hands up and down her fleshy back and settled them on her billowy hips.

Their lips finally detached.

"I'm going to miss you so much," Ana whispered.

"I'll miss you more, love," Danny replied. "But it will be so great when we're back together again. Until then, you take advantage and have a wonderful time."

He turned to pick up his suitcase, then added, "And be careful not to eat too much."

She smiled coyly. "Hmm. I thought you said you liked me with some extra weight?"

"I do. I like you just the way you are now, sexy." He patted her fanny. "But you've been eating more than usual since we arrived."

Looking cute and pretending to pout, she assured him, "OK, OK. If I notice that I'm putting on weight, I'll go on a diet."

"Beautiful. That's my girl."

The two embraced again and headed downstairs to call a taxi to take Danny to the Mexico City airport.

(Continued in post 18 of this thread)

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This is great stuff, I'm really enjoying what you've got so far! Looking forward to more of Ana in the future!
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Great story so far! You've described things very well, and I await the next bit with anticipation...
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Muy bien! Fabuloso!
Estoy esperando para partido dos.
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Back at home, when Danny was traveling, Ana would eat mindlessly. Was it because she missed him or because she could succomb to her desires, to the satisfaction that came from feeling completely sated, without contemplating that Danny might not find her swelling girth attractive?

Of course, Danny had encouraged her to give into temptation after their wedding, when she struggled to maintain her weight at the 145 pounds she had achieved through a year's denial and sweat. She gained back 20 pounds -- half of what she had shed -- in a matter of months. Ana was both the happiest she had ever been and apprehensive as the numbers on the digital scale kept climbing. Her trepidation made her moody and only consume more. After the holidays and their trip back to visit her family, she stepped hesitantly on the scale and looked down past her bulging tummy. 173! Married only 8 months and she had gained 28 pounds!

"I'm getting fat again. You're not going to love me anymore," she cried in Danny's arms.

Danny embraced and kissed her and told her nothing could be farther from the truth. He told her had fallen in love with her when she was plump and he would love her if she gained a hundred pounds more. He told her he preferred the rounder Ana and wanted her to be happy. He demonstrated this by taking her out to their favorite restaurant, ordering appetizers, her favorite meal (lasagna) and what had to be a thousand-calorie ice cream sundae.

So Ana relaxed and acquiesced to her gluttonous tendencies. But, it was when Danny was away that her usual overindulgence turned into what could best be described as piggish excess. She would return home from work with a bag of takeout food in hand and plop herself onto the sofa to watch TV. As soon as the takeout was consumed, she changed into her pajamas or sweats and raided the cupboards and refrigerator for anything edible that struck her fancy and brought it back on a tray -- cupcakes, Rocky Road ice cream, Oreos washed down with chocolate milk, bananas smeared with peanut butter. She laid back on the sofa and ate until she was achingly full. Feeling a warm glow spread over her, she would doze off with the TV on. A couple of hours later, she would usually wake up, finish whatever snacks might be left on the tray, and stumble to bed to sleep off the evening's binge.

At first, when Danny would return home after a few days, Ana would fret that he would notice the effect of her overeating. She would wear a loose top and suck in her belly when she picked him up at the airport. Though Ana felt like a fat cow, the change in her size was only slight from month to month and Danny never said a word. By the time their second anniversary had come and gone, Ana's anxiety had diminished and she became complacent.

A visit to her doctor revealed that she had topped 200 pounds and he gave her a stern warning on the dangers of obesity. Over the next two weeks, she tried to curb her eating, but Danny had to go to Dallas and, left alone, Ana binged on pizza, ice cream and cheesecake and the diet was forgotten. Over five years, this routine had quite an accumulative impact on Ana's weight and waistline. But Danny never said a word about it.

With Danny now out of the picture, Maria was able to redouble her efforts to overfeed Ana. The breakfasts became longer and she would add a little more food to Ana's plate day by day. If they weren't eating out or in someone else's home, Maria made the most calorie-laden meals she could think of, adding as much butter, oil and sugar as she dared. She had purchased a jar of MSG and sprinkled it into the meals as she prepared them. In the evening, she provided a steady supply of food and desserts to Ana until she went to bed. All of this was washed down with large glasses of whole milk, fruit-flavored sodas or beer.

To tempt her between meals, Maria kept plates of sweets on the dining room table, in the living room where the TV was and on the table by Ana's bed. Ana seemed oblivious to all this and to the amount she was consuming. With Danny absent, she slipped easily and carelessly in to her propensity to eat to excess. She went to bed each night glutted with food, slept like a log, and woke up hungry the next day.

After breakfast, she would head down to the bakery to give Lupe a hand at the bakery. Lupe was the plumpest of Ana's three sisters, her belly and hips thickened by years of being the principal operator of the bakery. Given the temptation she faced daily, it was remarkable that she had managed to keep her weight under 90 kilos.

Over the 8 years since the sisters' parents had passed away and Lupe took over the running of the family bakery, her weight had increased significantly, but not steadily. She would swell up over a period of months, then diet when she realized how much weight she had packed on -- or when Maria would maliciously point it out. Lupe would refrain from snacking at the shop, eat mostly fruit and salad and lose a few kilos, but never as much as she had gained, and little by little, kept increasing in girth. Having reached a new high in weight of 88 kilos after the Dia de los Reyes celebration in January, she had managed to more or less stick to a diet and reduced to a relatively svelte 81 kilos. At only 61 centimeters in height, she was still quite plump at this weight.

With Ana back home and helping Lupe in the store, the two of them had been partaking copiously in the bakery's rich assortment of products. Ana particularly liked to scoop spoonfuls of batter and frosting into her mouth as they prepared the cakes and cookies.

"Mmm, you have to try this. Esta delicioso," Ana coaxed, pushing a gooey spoonful toward Lupe.

They were also trying the different sweets and finishing the broken cookies and other treats that hadn't come out of the oven "just right." Throughout this, the pair were giggling as they tempted each other with sweets and having a wonderful time chatting, baking and eating. Lupe had not felt this happy in a long time.

As customers entered, Lupe and Ana greeted them cheerfully and told them of the new creations they had been making in addition to the old stand-bys. This had a beneficial effect on business and they were selling more than ever. Upon leaving the bakery, more than one customer observed that the Jimenez sisters certainly made a good advertisement for the tastiness of their baked goods -- they were both so wonderfully cheerful and fat.

"In particular, Senorita Ana," several added with a snicker.

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wonderful...it keeps getting better each time
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Ana was in the bathroom in her bra and panties. She lifted herself onto the balls of her feet, trying to get a view of her body in the small mirror above the sink. The mirror sat high and she was short. So she could only see as far down as where her rib cage ended, just below her breasts.

Ana had now been home for almost three weeks -- ten days without Danny -- and she was worried. She had promised Danny that she would watch her weight but she knew she had been eating like a pig since she arrived.

A quick knock sounded and Maria pulled open the sliding door.

"Can I come in?"

"Of course. Pase," Ana responded.

Maria entered with an armload of clean towels. She eyed Ana cautiously, sensing her ambiguity.

"Que pasa?" Maria inquired. "Do you need something? I'll have your breakfast ready in a few minutes."

"Bueno, es que..." Ana paused, glancing downward. "Do you think I've put on weight since I arrived? I told Danny I would..." she trailed off, reluctant to admit that Danny might be concerned about her weight gain. "It's just that I've been eating so much since I arrived, and I feel like maybe I've gotten fatter. See?" She put her hands under her lower belly, lifted it and jiggled the thick roll of lard.

Maria feigned examining Ana's figure for a moment. 18 days of gorging herself had decidedly swollen Ana, particularly in the belly.

"No. I don't think so. You look the same to me. La verdad Anita, you're not as thin as you were a few years ago, but you're the same as when you arrived." Then she added, "Are your clothes getting tight?" Of course, Maria already knew the answer to this question.

"No. I noticed last week that they might even be a little looser."

"Bueno, then you see, you're imagining things," Maria reassured her. "You look fine. I wish I had your curves."

"Gracias." Ana seemed relieved, but not totally convinced as she glanced down at her expanded middle. "Do you have a scale in the house?"

Maria had foreseen this possibility. "Creo que sí. Upstairs in the laundry room. I'll show you later if you want." She paused. "How much do you weigh now?"

"In kilos? No sé... I'm not sure. How many pounds are there in a kilo? 2.2?"

"2.1 actually," Maria lied. "I'll find the scale and we'll weigh you. You'll see you haven't gained anything," she smiled and winked at Ana.

Maria put the towels on the rack and slid the bathroom door open. "Breakfast will be ready when you get out. Don't take too long." She stepped out and pulled the door closed behind her.

Now it's going to get interesting, she smirked.

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In this environment, and without Danny present, Ana's gluttony was unchecked. Maria noted that her capacity to consume was quite remarkable. Based on what she had observed over the past couple of weeks, Maria was confident that she could continue to tempt Ana into gorging herself. The art would be in deluding Ana into believing that her overeating was not being transformed into added kilos. Maria had already created this illusion by tailoring and stretching Ana's clothes to make them looser but Maria could see that they were getting tight again.

She had also removed the full length mirror from Ana's room, claiming that she had broken it with the butt of the broom as she was sweeping the room.

At the pace that Ana was eating, Maria knew that she was going to have to be more clever and creative to avoid alarming Ana and keep her comfortably and unconsciously stuffing herself.

When Ana emerged from the bathroom, Maria intercepted her.

"I found the scale. It's downstairs in the laundry room. Come on, we're going to weigh you."

Ana protested meekly but Maria insisted and took her by the hand.

"Vamonos. You're not going to be happy until you see that you haven't gained a thing. Or maybe one kilo, maximo. And that would be OK, you're on vacation."

Ana let herself be led to the laundry room. A beige colored scale sat in the corner. It was on of those old-fashioned models with a spinning dial and pointer that indicated your weight. The plastic window over the dial was yellowed and the metal edges of the scale showed bubbles of rust.

"How much do you weigh? Or, what did you weigh before you arrived?"

Ana hesitated. When she had last weighed herself, she was shocked to read 252.5 pounds on the digital scale. She swore to herself that she was going to turn things around, beginning by getting back under 250 pounds. But that was almost three months ago and she avoided weighing herself since, knowing full well that if anything, she had probably put on a couple more pounds in the weeks that followed. Still, her pride didn't want to admit to Maria that she crossed the 250 mark, even though that figure in pounds meant nothing to Maria.

""248 pounds," she answered. That felt better than uttering the number 255. "I don't know what that is in kilos."

"Bueno," Maria pulled a note pad and pen off a nearby shelf. "Let me figure this out. I'm going to use 250 because it's easier to divide." She scribbled on the top sheet of the pad -- 250 divided by 2.1 -- rounded up and announced the answer. "About 120 kilos, more or less." She said it breezily, as if it were a trifle, as light as a feather. Inwardly, she sniggered at the figure.

"Bueno." Maria cajoled her. "Ahora, andale, gordita. Get on."

Ana heaved a sigh and stepped forward. She slipped off her flip flops and placed one bare foot on the scale and then the other. As she positioned herself facing the wall she could hear the dial spin and spring back and forth for a few seconds. Ana's belly nearly touched the wall and eclipsed her view of the dial; nor could she bend over to read it because of the wall's proximity.

"No puedo ver. I can't see," Ana exclaimed.

"Don't worry. Let me read it." Maria leaned forward and read the number on the dial. "121," she straightened up with a smile. "Well, that's not bad! Maybe you've gained a kilo."

Ana's eyes widened and a smile of relief broke across her face. She knew she had downplayed her weight. According to Maria's calculations, if anything, Ana figured she had actually lost a kilo or two. She was worrying for no reason.

Maria echoed what Ana was thinking. "Ya ves? What did I tell you? You were worried for no reason." Maria put her arm around Ana's thick waist. "Now, let's go have some breakfast."

Continued in post #23

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Hey, love the story. If the next parts are even half as good as what's already up, I'll be busy reading them as soon as they're put up.
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Her fears dispelled, Ana continued the routine that Maria had laid out for her and indulged her seemingly insatiable appetite. After a full and fattening breakfast Maria drove Ana the four blocks to the bakery, where she worked and snacked alongside Lupe. These few hours provided Maria with the time alone she needed to put her schemes into effect and to prepare multi-course, calorie laden, mid-day meals.

At noon, Maria returned to pick the two of them up for lunch, the main meal of the day. She brought Gloria along to relieve Lupe so that she could have lunch.

Before Ana's arrival, the sisters would eat lunch quickly, often separately depending upon what they had to accomplish that day. Since then, these meals had become increasingly drawn out and copious. After an hour or so, Lupe would head back to the bakery so that Gloria could come home for her meal. Maria would serve Ana again as she put Gloria's meal on the table. Ana protested a bit the first few days, but even that mild resistance waned quickly and Ana settled in to the habit of eating a second time with Gloria. As Gloria's appetite had seemingly increased since Ana's arrival, Maria put dish after dish before them, capping the daily feasts with a variety of large and sugary desserts.

At Maria's suggestion, Ana had taken to having a siesta after lunch. Glutted by almost non-stop eating since morning, Ana would eventually push herself away from the table. Drowsily satisfied she excused herself and waddled off, leaning heavily on the handrail as she lugged herself up the stairs to her bedroom. Once there, she sank into the bed and closed her eyes. Lying on her back, her hips spread wide, her breasts rolled to the side of her chest and her overstuffed belly formed a mound that rose and fell rhythmically with her breathing. She slept for an hour or two, digested her massive meal and dreamt pleasant dreams.

Continued in post #26

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Great addition, but I've kinda noticed that the chapters seem to be getting... shorter.
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agreed...why not save a couple of these brief updates, and combine them into something substantial? It's a good story, but it would be more interesting if each update provided some sort of substantial plot or info.
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