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Tuesday and Thursday afternoons Ana and Maria would drive to the outskirts of town where Barabara Kennedy's hotel and spa was located to take the cooking classes she offered. Aguas Calientes was a boutique hotel, known for its meticulous, individual cabins, the hot water springs that bubbled up in rock pools and for its wonderful, authentic Mexican cuisine.

Barbara Kennedy, a plump gringa in her late 50s with a ruddy complexion and auburn hair, had written a successful cookbook of traditional Central American recipes, interlaced with photos and conversations with local people and guests from around the world.

In total, they were ten women taking the class, paired up in five couples for the cooking. From 4:00 to 6:00, Ms. Kennedy or her chef led the class, discussing ingredients and demonstrating techniques while each pair of students prepared their own meal under the chefs' watchful eyes. At the end of the class, the students brought their preparations to a private dining room where they enjoyed the fruits of their labor. Some of the students brought containers to carry home some of their meals, but Ana and Maria always finished what they prepared. Ana was always a rapid eater she usually finished even before those who ate only half their meal.

Barbara Kennedy had taken a liking to her two youngest students. With a thick American accent, she confided to them, "It's a pleasure to have you in my class. You clearly take great pleasure in preparing and eating good food... just like me!" She placed a hand on her own pot belly and chuckled.

Maria had to admit that she enjoyed the class. It revealed to her new ideas and culinary techniques and amplified her interest in cooking. She used what she learned in preparing the daily meals at home and they were all eating better than before.

Driving home after one of their classes, Maria glanced at Ana's rotund form squeezed into the seat beside her. Nearly five weeks had now passed and Ana had clearly packed on several more kilos. Her abundant belly strained the fabric below her waistband and billowed over it, bouncing loosely with every bump in the road. In this seated position, her ample thighs were packed into the legs of her trousers from her hips down to the bend of her knees. Her bra straps cut furrows into her flesh, visible through the tight fabric of her blouse.

"She's filling out her clothes faster than I thought. There's nothing more that I can do to enlarge them," Maria told herself. "I'm going to have to take the next step."

The next day, while Ana was helping Lupe at the bakery, Maria went clothes shopping. She chose pants, skirts, a dress, pair of shorts, velour sweat suit, pajama and bras and panties and purchased two of each -- one in Ana's former size and one two sizes larger. For the pants, she found loose-fitting jeans made of fabric blended with Lycra and elastic stitching in the waistband. On her way home, Maria stopped at the hardware store and purchased several washers. When she got home, she slid the bags of clothing under her bed.

Maria prepared a dozen enchiladas, put them in the oven and drove to pick up Ana at the bakery. After parking in front of the bakery, she inclined the passenger-side seat back a couple of clicks and got out of the car.

Walking in to the bakery, she saw Lupe at the cash register. Her back to the entrance, Ana's sat on a stool slightly hunched over a counter. Her wavy black hair fell over her round, fleshy shoulders. From behind, copious rolls of fat bulged over one another. Her snug cotton tee shirt rode up, revealing the small of her back and abundant love handles oozing over her waistband. In her white pants, her ass looked like an overstuffed sack of flour, drooping over the edges of the stool.

Ana turned her head when she heard the tinkle of the bell attached to the entrance door. She covered her mouth with her hand and called, "Hola," to Maria, but her voice was muffled by what she was chewing.

Bueno. Eating again, as usual, thought Maria.

"Buenas tardes," she called, "Are you ready to go?"

Ana slid her ample behind off the stool and strode toward the gap between the display case and the counter where the register sat. She untied her apron strings as she walked and pulled it off over her head. As she did so, her cotton tee shirt lifted to reveal her flabby, bulging belly.

Not only was Maria feeding Ana like a pig being readied for market, she also saw to it that Ana performed as little physical activity as possible. Ana hung up the apron and tugged her shirt back into place.

Maria turned to Lupe and said, "Why don't you give me a bag of churros to have for dessert today?"

Ana wedged herself into the car and Maria drove her the four blocks home. At Maria's suggestion, Ana chowed down a churro on the way.


The following day, while Ana was working at the pasteleria with Lupe, Maria was at work removing the size labels from the clothes she had purchased and sewed the smaller size label into the larger clothing. She held up a pair of the new jeans and stretched the elastic waistband outward.

It's going to take you a while to outgrow these, gordita, she thought to herself.

When she was done, Maria took most of Ana's clothes up to the laundry room. She didn't have as much as she had originally. She only planned to visit for a couple of weeks. Maria put the clothes into a plastic tub and splashed bleach on them. She let them set for a while then washed them and hung them out on the patio to dry.

When Maria was driving Ana home from the pastelleria, she told her that she had had a little accident with Ana's clothes.

"Lo siento mucho, I was going to wash your clothes but I spilled the bottle of bleach on them," she explained. "They're really badly stained. I hope you're not mad."

"Claro que no. Of course I'm not mad," answered Ana. "I needed to get some new clothes anyway. I've been wearing the same things over and over."

"Oh, no te preocupes," Maria replied smiling, "I already went out and bought you some new clothes. It's my gift to you. It's the least I can do since I ruined your clothes and also am the one who begged you to spend the summer with us."

When they arrived, Maria showed Ana the ruined clothes, which looked like something Jackson Pollock would be proud of. Then she presented Ana with her new clothes.

"Gracias, muchas gracias, Maria." Then, holding up one of the blouses, she added, "Does it seem to you that this is a little big?"

"Let me see... " Maria took the blouse. "No, it looks fine to me. I check the sizes of your old clothes and bought the same. See for yourself." Maria showed her the label.

"Ah, si... " Ana peered at the little square label. "You're right." She smiled sheepishly and added, "I must think I am skinnier than I am."

"Bueno, I'm glad you like the clothes I chose for you. Now let's go have lunch. I prepared something from Senora Kennedy's class. You're going to love it."

Continued in post #29

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Thumbs up

This is a really great story. I hope to read the next chapter soon.
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Great work. Keep it up!
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And Ana did love it... as she did the meals, desserts and drinks that were spread before her in the days and weeks that followed. She looked forward to each meal and the edible pleasures Maria would entice her with. Her days were largely spent moving heedlessly from one meal to another and sleeping. Often, she would hardly have finished devouring one of Maria's rich, calorie-laden feasts when she would ask what Maria was planning to prepare for the next meal.

"¿Qué te gustaría? What would you like to have?" Maria would answer, smiling.

Ana settled comfortably into this routine and seemed oblivious to the gradual effects of her prodigious consumption. Though Maria conspired to conceal Ana's swelling figure from her sister, Ana's gluttonous contentment made her oblivious to what should have been obvious.

To add to the illusion, Maria deliberately brought Ana up to the laundry room a few times to weigh herself.

Before doing so, she would turn over the old scale and unscrew the two rubber pads that were at the bottom front. She then placed a couple of the washers she had purchased onto the screws that held those front pads in place. A long time ago, Maria had noticed that when the scale was tilted backwards a bit, it displayed a lower weight. After a couple of weeks when she could no longer add washers, she took to rolling back the dial with the little adjustment wheel located at the top of the scale. By pushing down on the scale and releasing pressure gently, she could make the scale's dial "stick" and appear to be set to zero.

The subterfuge was hardly necessary. Standing on the scale and unable to bend forward to peer over her protruding belly because of the proximity to the wall in front of her, Ana couldn't read the numbers on the dial. Standing beside her, Maria would stoop and read the numbers on the dial.

"121 kilos." To add to the realism, she added, "almost 122."

The following week, Maria announced Ana's weight again.

"Between 120and 121," she looked up at Ana, beaming. "You've lost a kilo! ¿Ya ves? You can have extra hotcakes for breakfast if you want."

When Ana spoke to Danny by phone the following evening, she proudly announced that she had "lost a couple of pounds."

In between weighings, Maria inched the scale backwards so that the distance between the wall and Ana's expanding midriff remained constant. Maria congratulated herself at the ingenuity of her plan.


But Ana was not the only one whose figure was expanding. With all the time she spent with Ana at the kitchen table, encouraging her to overindulge, Maria was also eating more than the usual. And, as she deliberately prepared the most fattening dishes she could conceive, adding extra oil, butter and cream whenever possible, it was not surprising that her own figure was growing softer and rounder. Her boyish hips had fattened considerably and a "muffin top" now protruded over the top of her jeans. Her breasts too were fuller and a fleshy pooch swelled from her lower abdomen. Maria was aware of her growing heft but took little notice. She knew this was an inevitable consequence of her plan.

Lupe, already the heaviest of the three sisters, had also seen her weight increase. Constant snacking with Ana at the bakery had resulted in her regaining the kilos she had recently shed. She had to retrieve the larger sized pants she had proudly put away shortly before Ana arrived.

But if Maria and Lupe were filling out, Gloria was absolutely swelling up like a balloon. Over the past couple of months, she had started eating at a pace that came close to matching Ana's. Because she had started from a trim size 6, the contrast was all the more remarkable. She took to wearing sweatpants and other loose fitting clothing in order to accommodate her burgeoning adiposity.

Miguel and Elvira came to dinner one night. As they were diving home, Elvira remarked, "I think that your sisters have been putting on weight since Ana arrived."

"I know. It's not surprising considering the amount of food they prepared for dinner."

Miguel recalled what Danny had told him in June about hoping that Ana wouldn't gain any more weight. "I wonder how Danny is going to feel about it when he sees how big Ana has gotten."

* * *
When Maria could no longer add washers to the bottom of the scale nor roll the dial back any further, she told Ana that the old scale was broken and she had thrown it in the trash. Ana was unconcerned.

"No he subido de peso. I haven't gained any weight since I've arrived," she told Maria. "I guess I'm doing OK."

As far as Ana could tell her clothes still fit, her weight hadn't changed and she was enjoying herself too much to notice her gradual expansion. Or, perhaps, she chose not to notice it. But her sedentary pace and constant eating over the last nine weeks had caused Ana grow rounder and fatter. Her belly, already thickly laden with lard when she arrived in June, now jutted outward under her breasts, bulged further at her midsection, and hung heavily over her crotch. Her hips, thighs and upper arms were likewise engorged and gelatinous, causing deep creases to form between rolls of fat. What Maria could not have concealed from Ana were her pudgy cheeks and double chin. Yet Ana did not take heed of her reflection in the bathroom mirror nor the other growing physical evidence that her gluttonous excess was causing.

In fact, since Maria had thrown out the scale, Ana seemed to become more ravenous, as though she sensed that the end of her happy feast was in sight. She was much less talkative at meals and leaned over her plate, her belly pressing against the edge of the table, scooping food into her mouth and filling the next forkful before the last was swallowed. Maria willingly accommodated Ana's and Gloria's cravings with new temptations and increased portions.

Maria had to once again replace the clothes she purchased with even larger look-alikes and new "gifts," into which she sewed the labels of smaller sizes. She hid or destroyed Ana's old clothing, once claiming she had mistakenly shrunk a wash load. Another time she washed Ana's white pants and tops with a pair of red cotton socks, turning them a blotchy pink.

And so, blissfully deluded or in denial, Ana ate and ate.

* * *
August was coming to a close. It was Ana's last week before heading home to Florida and Danny. With her departure imminent, family and friends flocked to see her or invite her to join them for lunch, dinner or para merendar -- a light meal or snack between meals. Maria drove Ana from one repast to another and back home for the feasts that she prepared or a siesta. Other than waddling from her bedroom to the kitchen and from the car to her next meal, Maria ensured that Ana's physical activity was minimized and that she did not feel any exertion from carrying her enlarging mass for too long a distance.

In the evening, lively fiestas took place and Ana gleefully overindulged in too much food and alcohol. At one such party, guests brought dishes pot-luck style. Everyone wanted Ana to try their antojitos and her plate was piled high with new fare as soon as it was empty.

"Mmmh! Esta delicioso!" she exclaimed to each beaming cook that came forward with their offering.

This evening, Ana wore a yellow fitted t-shirt with a scoop neckline. Her cleavage was resplendently evident as her engorged breasts pressed upward in her too tight bra -- particularly when she sat, which caused her overfull belly to lift them even more. Her tan cotton pants were cut to fit loosely and drawn together by a drawstring sewn into the waist, but Ana's hips and gut filled them so they were quite snug above the thighs.

From a corner near the stereo, two of Ana's cousins observed the consumption of one dish after another.

"Mira! She going to have more. Dios mío, that's why she's so fat."

The other replied, "With that yellow outfit, she reminds me of Ms. PacMan." She made a mechanical munching sound as she opened and closed her hand like a mouth and the two girls giggled. They were too young to remember what a hottie Ana was a dozen years ago when she was their age, otherwise they might have been more sensitive and considered that by her age, they might be married and fat too.

Ana washed down the platefuls of enchiladas, flautas, empanadas, chorizo, beans and tamales with swigs of Dos Equis and Bohemia. As the desserts were brought out, six empty bottles stood next to her plate. Ana had a buzz and was enjoying herself, laughing at the chistes that were being told, and sampling each of the desserts.

"Andale," she called reaching across the table toward a plate filled with chocolate drizzled puff pastries, "Pass me one of those, por favor."

Her cheeks were flush from the alcohol and her mouth glistened from licking her lips and the greasy food she had consumed. A couple of small reddish stains of sauce spotted her yellow t-shirt where her gut bulged out. The beer and vast quantities of food were beginning to make her sleepy. After a trip to the bathroom, she returned and dropped herself on the low-slung sofa and leaned back, pulling her t-shirt down over her momentarily exposed belly. A couple of minutes later, her cousin Chucho placed a tray containing a bottle of Tres Generaciones tequila, some shot glasses and wedges of lime on the coffee table in front of Ana.

"Bueno, Are you ready to try this, Anita? The best tequila there is."

Chucho unscewed the cap, filled six glasses and handed them to those sitting around the table.


A couple of hours later, the room was spinning and Ana's eyelids were drooping. Her cheeks puffed out and her lips pursed as she held in a belch.

"Ya me tengo que dormir," she announced. "I need to get to bed before I fall asleep here on the sofa."

Ana leaned forward and placed her empty shot glass on the table littered with lime wedges and empty plates of botanas that Maria kept putting in front of her. As she did so, her thighs pressed up on her belly, which pushed her breasts and the flesh on her shoulders up around her neck and double chin. Ana attempted to continue her forward motion and lift herself off the couch but could not get the leverage needed or her legs under her. She rocked back on the sofa and then heaved herself forward. She teetered for a moment on the verge of being able to generate the lift necessary to break the sofa's gravitational pull and reached forward, fingers outstretched as if trying to grasp something, before collapsing back on to her expansive derriere.

"Ufff!" Ana exhaled, then giggled.

Maria watched with bemused interest as Ana once more attempted to propel herself from the sofa. Ten weeks of no exercise and ceaseless eating had culminated in this spectacle of Ana unable to lift herself off the sofa. This was even better than Maria had hoped for.

This time, Chucho caught her hand and pulled while the woman sitting next to Ana on the sofa pushed on her backside to help Ana lift her bulk.

"Gracias Chucho," Ana slurred. "I think I've had too much tequila."

"Or it's time to start a diet," Chucho teased, but Ana wasn't paying attention.

Maria came over to help steady Ana and held her by the upper arm, her fingers sinking into the doughy flesh.

As Ana straightened herself, her shirt hiked up revealing Ana's lower abdomen. Her billowing paunch bulged below the hem of the yellow t-shirt and pushed her formless cotton pants down toward her crotch. Her navel, deep and elongated from side to side, peeked out just below where her shirt ended. Tipsy and unable to see past the horizon of the her midsection's curvature -- the "curve of happiness," as Dona Luisa had called it all those weeks ago -- Ana was unaware that her fleshy overabundance was in plain view, wobbling like a mass of tan custard as she said her goodbyes and made her way to the door.

Once outside, Maria helped lower Ana into the Volkswagen's passenger seat, almost losing her balance as Ana let herself collapse into the seat. Lifting Ana's ample thigh, Maria helped to place Ana's right leg into the foot well. There was no way Maria was going to try to find and fasten the seatbelt. With Ana wedged into place, Maria drove the five blocks to home.

Maria parked the car in front of the house and came around to the passenger side. Getting Ana out of the Volkswagen was much more of a struggle than pulling her off the couch and not made any easier by the fact that Ana was inebriated and playfully amused by the situation.

"Ayudame, Maria," she jokingly pleaded. "I'm going to fall on my butt and am not going to be able to get up!"

At last, Maria escorted her sister to her bedroom. She let go of Ana momentarily to pull open the blanket and top sheet. With that, Ana let herself drop onto the bed, setting off a cacophony of squeaking from the bed springs. She kicked off her sandals and laid herself flat on her back. Maria helped to shimmy her pants off as well and hung them over the back of a chair.

"Buenas noches, gordita," said Maria.

Ana's eyes were shut but she smiled and answered, "Buenas noches, flaquita." Then she added, "Gracias."

Maria turned, walked toward the door and put her hand on the light switch. She turned and observed Ana. She was already breathing deeply and her abdomen rose and fell in a slow rhythm. Lying on her back, Ana's belly looked huge and wide, a mound of flesh that rolled outward to the sides, and her heavy breasts slumped to her sides. Her legs were spread apart but her bountiful thighs flowed outward and pressed against one another. With her head on the pillow, Ana's double chin gained another fold and enveloped her neck entirely. The overall effect was that of a young woman engulfed in blubber. As one moved from the center toward the extremities, her ankles and feet, her wrists, hands, cheekbones and features were all rather "normal" and hinted at the once slender physique that was now swollen with the fat of twelve years of over indulgence.

Maria sneered, recalling how Ana looked at her fiesta de Quiceanera. She must have weighed fifty-five or sixty kilos at that time. Since then, her gluttony had caused her to pack on weight but Maria could see that over the last several weeks she had really pushed Ana "over the edge." If anything, her plan had worked better than expected! Ana had always had the boys and the opportunities that Maria never had -- and the last straw was when she married her handsome, smart American boyfriend, and left Maria, Lupe and Gloria behind.

Ana would be heading home in three days.

"Vamos a ver. Let's see what your Danny has to say when he sees what a pig you've made of yourself."

Satisfied, she turned out the light and closed the door.

Continued in post #31

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hmmm...the plot thickens...literarlly
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When she opened them, Ana's eyes were scratchy and dry. Even with the curtains drawn, she could tell it was already bright and sunny outside. She squinted at the clock radio. The green tinted electronic numbers read 9:12.

Her head was fuzzy and her stomach felt a little funny. She placed her hands on the swell of her belly and pushed downward. As her hands sank into her flesh, a thought crossed her mind.

"Mmm. It feels like I'm fatter than before... maybe."

At that moment, a gurgling sound vibrated from deep within her gut. Surprised, Ana lifted her hands and the thought was gone. She translated the queasy feeling inside her as hunger. She tried sitting up but her head swam and she fell back onto her pillow.

She lay still in bed for another couple of minutes, but now she was thinking of breakfast. She tried sitting up again and again could not quite make it. Ana launched herself back, kicked up her legs and, using the bounce she got off the bed, rocked herself into a seated position. Her head swam for a few seconds before she shuffled herself and swung her legs over the edge of the bed. With her feet, she felt for her flip flops in the dark, found them and slipped them on.

With her palms pressed on her thighs and legs spread to make room for her round, drooping paunch, Ana leaned forward and lifted herself off the bead.

"Uuu-u-ff!" she groaned.

She straightened herself out, placed her hands on her hips and arched her back. In the room's dim, crepuscular light, her dark form was outlined against the sunlight that seeped around the edges of the window's heavy curtains. Below the ridge of her breasts, her belly spilled forward, sloping outward to its apex then curving suddenly back toward her crotch. Behind her, her buttocks jutted eccentrically from her lower back before melding into overstuffed hips and thighs. She stretched her arms upwards, exaggerating even further her thick, swollen middle.

Ana draped her bathrobe around herself and opened the door. The white light of day blinded her momentarily and caused a pang of pain in her head. Then, the smell of cooking onions caught her nostrils and triggered feelings of hunger within her. A slight smile broke on her lips as she followed her nose to the kitchen. Her stomach growled once again.

As Ana wobbled into the kitchen, Maria turned and greeted her.

"Cómo estás? How do you feel?"

"Ay, no muy bien. My head hurts." she paused, then added, "What's for breakfast?"

Maria marveled at Ana's appetite. She was a bottomless pit last night, stuffing herself until she could hardly move, but here she was, hungry again.

"I made you chilaquiles with eggs. They're good after you've had too much to drink."

Ana plopped her wide behind into a chair, poured herself a large glass of juice and gulped it down. Maria put a large plate of chilaquiles and three fried eggs before her and Ana dug into it greedily.

As soon as that plate was empty, Maria reloaded it without asking and, again, Ana devoured the spicy fare. Several bread rolls slathered with fresh cream followed suit. Finally, a large slice of chocolate cake brought home from yesterday's party passed through Ana's lips, the culmination to this copious breakfast.

Ana pushed herself away from the table, containing a burp as she leaned back. Wrapped in her bathrobe, her full, round belly laid on her thighs, covering most of her lap. She tried crossing her legs but found it impossible to hook her left thigh over her knee. Puzzled, she looked down at her legs. Maria interrupted her thought.

"Are you going to go to the bakery? I can drive you."

"Si, gracias. I'm just going to take a shower and go."

Ana put her feet flat on the floor and slowly lifted herself out of her chair. Her headache was better, but she felt tired, as if she was carrying a great weight. She shuffled out of the kitchen toward the bathroom.

At about 10:45, Ana emerged, bathed and dressed in tight grey sweatpants and a blue, bell-shaped top that Maria had bought her in a maternity shop. Her dark hair fell in loose curls around her face and onto her shoulders. Maria drove her the six blocks to the bakery.

Ana extricated herself from the car, said goodbye to Maria and headed in to the bakery. As she opened the door, she could see Lupe was waiting on a couple.

"Ay, Anita!" Lupe called. "Come see who is here."

The couple turned to face her. Ana didn't recognize the woman, but immediately recognized Ruben, her former boyfriend.

Ana lumbered toward him, smiling.

"Hola Ruben. Cómo estás? You look surprised to see me. Hadn't you heard that I was in town?"

Ruben's eyes opened wide as saucers. He stammered, "Surprised? Ah... si. I mean, no... I mean, your brother told me you were here."

Ruben looked at Ana, then at the woman beside him, then back at Ana. They gave each other a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Ruben hadn't changed much. He was still thick in the middle and his hair was cut shorter. He introduced his wife, Angela. She was pretty and plump -- about the size Ana was when they were dating.

Ana remarked, "You haven't changed. You look the same as when I last saw you."

Reuben fidgeted and looked past Ana. "How are you? Is your husband with you?"

"No, he went back to the United States. I stayed here to spend some more time with my sisters and help Lupe in the store."

They made small talk for a few minutes more before Reuben, nervously, excused himself. Lupe put their bread in a bag and the couple headed out the door. They walked for a half a block before Angela broke the silence.

"So she was your girlfriend in high school?"

Reuben looked dazed. "Si."

"Esta muy gorda. Was she that fat back then?"

"No." He paused, and then shook his head. "Pues, she was not thin. But she's gotten fatter."

Then he added with emphasis, "Mucho mas gorda."

* * *
Ana sat on the stool mixing chocolate frosting. She was more quiet than usual. Lupe approached her and asked, "Que pasa? How do you feel? You were kind of drunk last night."

"I feel better. But still kind of sleepy." She looked up at Lupe. "If it's alright with you, I think I'm going to go home and take a nap."

"Claro, of course. Do you want me to call Maria to come pick you up?"

"Oh, don't bother." She teased, "I do know the way, you know."

So Lupe packed several rolls and pastries into a bag and handed it to Ana. Bag in hand, Ana pushed open the door and stepped out onto Calle Obregon and headed toward the town's main street. It was sunny and warm.

Ana walked down the street and turned the corner on to Avenida Revolucion headed north. The street rose at a slight incline and was lined with shops. As Ana crossed the second cross street, she noticed that she was breathing heavily. At the third cross street, she felt her thighs burning. Her knees and ankles were beginning to ache as well. Her pace slowed, her flip-flops making a noise like sandpaper against the sidewalk as she dragged her feet. She could feel drops of sweat rolling down her chest and passed her hand over her face to wipe the sweat from it.

I must still be hung over, she thought to herself.

Ana's mouth hung open as she gasped for breath. Up ahead was the Farmacia Guadalupe. There was a wrought iron bench under the awning in front of the pharmacy and, luckily, no one was sitting there today. Ana made it to the bench a collapsed onto it. Relieved, she sat panting for a couple of minutes until she got her breath back.

No longer focused solely on finding a place to rest, her thoughts began coming back to her. With the back of her hand, Ana wiped the sweat from her brow. As she did so, she looked downward and paused, perplexed by the expanse of flesh that surged before her. She placed a hand on her midriff as if to convince herself that it was not an optical illusion of some sort. In the bright sunshine, the roll of fat that enveloped her middle was thick and overflowing. Again, she had the same thought as when she awoke this morning.

"I think I must be fatter than before..."

But how was that possible? Granted, she hadn't weighed herself since Maria said the scale had broken, but that was only three or four weeks ago. How much weight could she have gained in that time? And her clothes still fit... more or less. She must be out of shape. Now that she thought about it, she couldn't remember walking this far since Danny left.

Danny! She was going home tomorrow. He had asked her to watch her weight while she was in Mexico. He would be disappointed if she had gained weight. She would have to go on a diet and get some exercise when she got home. But how bad could it be? Even if she had gained weight over the past four weeks, it couldn't be more than ten or fifteen pounds. Her sense of humor returning, Ana chuckled and thought to herself, On you, hija, ten or fifteen pounds is not so noticeable.

With that thought, Ana wiggled toward the front on the bench and heaved herself to her feet. Her legs were still tired from the effort of walking from the bakery and she struggled to straighten her legs. Wobbling slightly, she turned and headed toward home when she noticed something in the doorway of the pharmacy. It was one of those old-fashioned, stand-up scales. Painted off-white and trimmed in red, it gaudily offered your weight and fortune, in both English and Spanish, for one peso.

Ana drifted toward the scale and stood before it for a moment. She bit her lower lip and dug into her pocket book for a peso. She was about to step onto the scale but paused to look around, peering to the left and right between the moist ringlets of dark hair that fell around her face. Not seeing anyone she knew, she put one foot and then another onto the scale's wobbling rectangular platform.

Ana deposited the peso in the coin slot and the springs in the scale sprung to life. The dial at the top of the scale raced by, slowed then swung backward... then forward, finally settling on a number.

Ana leaned forward, squinting at the dial. The numbers on the lower half of the dial were in red and indicated your weight in kilograms.

The pointer was one notch short of 145.

Ana couldn't remember how much Maria had told her she weighed on the scale at home. Was it 120 or 140?

She lifted her gaze to the black numbers that showed her weight in pounds. Her mind flashed then went blank, like a fuse had blown. For a moment, she couldn't think or understand what she was seeing.

The pointer was just to the left of 320.

Now a darkness was falling over her brain. Her ears were ringing and she felt like a supernova was collapsing into a black hole in her head. She felt a great weight pressing down on her shoulders and she reached out and grabbed on to the pillar of the scale to steady herself.

319 pounds! It must be wrong. She quickly stepped off the scale, frantically extricated another coin, and stepped back on to the scale. Unconsciously, she held her breath and tried to suck in her stomach. She watched as the numbers on the dial swung forward and back again.


Ana stumbled off the scale. Her legs felt like rubber and her head was swimming. She leaned against the wall next to the scale and breathed deeply. The young woman at the pharmacy's cashier was staring at her and came around the counter toward her.

"Señora? Are you all right?" she asked as she approached, a worried look on her face.

She looked like she was about 18 or 19. She wore a short white lab coat with the words; "Farmacia Guadalupe" stitched over her left breast. Though the coat fit her loosely, you could tell she was slim by her slender hands and legs. She thought this enormously fat woman by the scale must be having a heart attack or something.

The question snapped Ana back to reality.

"Si, si. Estoy bien. I'm just a little dizzy because of the heat."

The young woman in the white coat cocked her head, unconvinced. It wasn't that warm today. Yet the woman in front of her seemed to be sweating profusely. "Of course," she thought to herself, "Con toda esta grasa..."

Ana suddenly realized that she had lost one of her flip-flops, and that her left foot was bare. She looked about for the missing sandal.

"Have you seen my shoe?" she asked.

The young woman smirked. "It's there by your foot."

Ana looked down. She couldn't see her feet or the missing sandal. She craned her neck forward but still could not catch a glimpse of her feet. Embarrassed, she began to feel around for the flip-flop with her bare foot.

"Espera," the young woman told Ana to pause. "I'll help you."

She approached Ana and crouched down. Ana followed her with her eyes and saw her reach forward but her arm and part of her head disappeared below the horizon of Ana's distended belly. Ana put her hands around her gut and tried to pull it inward to see, but her flab oozed over her fingers.

"Por favor, lift your foot."

Ana obeyed and felt the flip-flip being slipped onto her left foot. The girl re-emerged before Ana. She was smiling but eyeing Ana with curiosity. She wondered if she should offer to call a doctor for this obese woman who appeared dazed and sweaty.

"Gracias... muchas gracias," Ana stammered.

The pharmacy employee watched as Ana turned and waddled to the sidewalk. Her hips and buttocks bulged and oscillated from side to side as her unctuous, walloping thighs jostled each other with every step.

The young woman thought to herself, "Dios mio. How do you let yourself get that fat?"

At the scale, in a small tray under the coin slot, sat two cards. The one laying on top read, "Someone you love will give you a surprise."

* * *

Ana walked slowly. What had happened? She hadn't gained any weight the first two months she was home. How could she have gained over 60 pounds in August? She looked down at herself and shuddered. There was no denying that she was bigger... much bigger. Why had she not noticed? She glanced at her reflection in the mirror-like glass of a shop window and felt the weight return to her shoulders, pressing down upon her.

In profile, she looked like she had been inflated, a cartoonish caricature of an out of control overeater. She turned to face her new reflection. Her belly was swollen and round; unable to support its weight, her lower abdomen slumped, cradled snugly in her tight sweatpants. Her hips and thighs were wider and bulges appeared on top of bulges. Her face was noticeably fatter and a thick double chin created a crease about half way down her neck and another crease appeared where her neck met her shoulders. Her breasts and upper arms were likewise engorged. Tears welled up in Ana's eyes.

"What have I done?"

Ana turned and started to jog the last block home. Her belly shook and swayed, her hips undulating with each ponderous step, but her mind was too full of thoughts and recriminations to think about how exhausted she was. She opened the front door and hurried inside. Making her way to the kitchen, she entered and collapsed, out of breath and wheezing, into a chair. Maria and Gloria were in the kitchen and turned to her.

"What happened? Are you all right?"

Ana tried in vain to catch her breath.

"I... I saw..." She licked her dry lips and breathed deeply. "Why.. didn't you... tell me that... I was getting..." She paused again before continuing. "…So FAT?"

Maria and Gloria looked at each other. Maria answered first.

"What are you talking about? I don't think you look that different. Maybe you're a little bigger."

Gloria glared at Maria then turned to Ana.

"You've put on some weight, es cierto. But in case you haven't noticed, we've all gained weight since you've been here."

To make her point, Maria made a quarter turn, displaying her enlarged figure and put both hands on her round tummy.

Maria chimed in.

"Si. Look at this." She grabbed hold of a love handle that bulged over the waist of her jeans.

Ana stared at them, then wailed, "But, I'm enormous!"

Maria chided her, "Hija, you weren't exactly a prima ballerina when you arrived!"

Ana bit her lip and looked down. "I... I don't understand. Maria, you were there when I weighed myself. I didn't gain any weight."

"Bueno, but that was almost a month ago and you've been really eating a lot since then." She added, "And I told you the scale broke. Maybe it was already broken before."

Ana didn't know what to say. Now she whined, "I weighed myself on the scale at the pharmacy. It said I weighed 319 pounds... 144 kilos!"

"Well, I don't know how much you weighed when you arrived, but you don't look that different to me."

Ana didn't know what to say. Tears welled up in her eyes again and streamed down her fat cheeks. "Danny is going to hate me. He told me to watch my weight." She sobbed, "I'm going home tomorrow and I'm a big, fat pig!" She looked up at Maria. "Que voy a hacer? What am I going to do?"

Watching Ana, Maria now felt guilty. It had been perverse game to fatten Ana, all too easy to tempt her and take advantage of her gluttony. She had taken pride in the success of her plots to overfeed Ana and then push it even further, taking a bizarre pleasure in watching her become more and more bloated as the weeks passed.

She thought to herself, "Why did I do this?"

Continued in post #34

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Default Awesome!

I dropped by this morning and found your new chapter...what a delight!

Great work, and I can't wait for the next installment!
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mdy73 has said some nice things

Oh my, it is sooo nice to find new chapter. Thank you.
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The next morning, the alarm rang at 7:00. Ana lay spread-eagle on the bed still wondering how she was going to explain to Danny how she had "accidentally" gained 60 pounds. On top of that, her stomach was crying for food. She had resisted eating anything but a salad after she returned from the bakery and now she was famished.

The hunger and worry were likely the cause of a series of strange dreams last night. In one, she dreamt that she continued to eat voraciously, finishing plate after plate of pasta, burgers, enchiladas, cake and other favorite foods. She started by shoveling the food into her mouth with a fork or spoon but soon resorted to using her fingers to cram cake in as fast as she could swallow. The more she ate, the emptier she felt.

As she finished one plate, she pushed it aside and Maria placed another in front of her. Ana could see herself swelling up like a water balloon as she continued to gorge herself. Her gut now extended almost to her knees and her sides spread outward, her tee-shirt unable to cover her expanding flesh. Her hips bulged and sagged over the sides of the seat.

"Hello lover."

Ana turned and saw Danny standing in the doorway. At that moment, her chair collapsed, its legs splaying outwards as she landed on her backside with a ground-shaking, meaty thud. Ana lay dazed for a moment then started to flounder about trying in vain to get up. Finally, she managed to roll over and get to her hands and knees. Her heavy, overstuffed belly hung and lay like an enormous ball of dough on the kitchen floor. Straining from her effort, she peered up through strands of dark hair toward the doorway. Just before the dream ended Ana noticed Danny was gone.

Resigned, Ana hoisted herself out of bed, put on her bathrobe and made her way to the kitchen. Her legs felt weak from hunger but she hurried along. She was starving and couldn't fight the craving in her stomach any longer. She mumbled a greeting to Maria, sat herself at the table and began to eat, desperately trying to fill the emptiness she felt inside herself. Eventually, the glowing feeling of fullness mixed with shame.

I am a pig, she thought to herself, a pig who can't stop eating.

After breakfast, Ana took her shower and returned to her room to finish packing her suitcase. She pulled out her pearly, grey lycra dress that Danny liked and put it on. It now fit her like a second skin, and stretched taut over every bulge of her ample thighs, hips and butt. The clingy fabric strained as it followed the curve of Ana's oversized, pillow-like gut, creating tension that caused it to dig horizontal creases in her waist and under her arms. Her fattened breasts were pressed together, causing their cleavage to appear long and deep.

Ana was relieved that the dress still fit over her but couldn't see how it now hugged her soft underbelly and folded beneath it as it drooped over her crotch.

She had brought a burgundy velour jacket in case the weather turned cool and decided to put it on over the dress to try to conceal her added mass. However, though she sucked in her belly as much as possible, she couldn't come close to buttoning the jacket, and so, left it open.

The jacket fit Ana tightly around the shoulders and back then flared over her hips, making them seem wider still. From the front, the jacket gaped open like theatre curtains framing her protruding paunch.

All in all, Ana looked like an extremely bloated example of a before photo from What Not to Wear.

Be that as it may, choices were limited and it was time to go.

Ana put on her sunglasses and, grabbing a hold of her suitcase handle, headed toward the ground floor. There, Lupe, Gloria and Maria were assembled waiting for her. Lupe and Maria sported new bulges. Engorged flesh filling their jeans and overflowing rolls spilling over their waistbands. Gloria wore sweatpants, having outgrown but not replaced her constricting skinny pants. Her jiggly pot belly was counterbalanced by her wide, round ass and her girth now approached Lupe's. Seeing them together for the first time, one would assume the sisters shared "the fat gene" and that it was only a matter of time before they would end up growing to the size of their "little" sister.

Maria was to drive Ana to the airport in Mexico City in the VW bug. She noted Ana's impossibly tight dress as she waddled down the stairs lugging both her suitcase and ponderous bulk. This should have been Maria's crowning moment, but all she felt was the sting of guilt.

Gloria and Lupe hugged Ana and said their goodbyes. Gloria kissed her cheek and whispered, "It was wonderful to spend the summer together."

Lupe added, "Gracias Anita. I loved having you help me in the store. You can come back any time."

Ana kissed her too and smiled. "Next time, I won't eat half the merchandise." She placed her hand on her belly as if to show where the goodies were stored. "You should have fired me -- I think I ate all of your profits."

"Well, I brought you something for the trip." Lupe handed Ana a paper bag full of pastries from the shop. Ana felt her mouth water. She swallowed, smiled and took the bag.

Maria interrupted. "Vamonos. It's getting late."

Ana opened the passenger side door and leaned in to slide her suitcase in to the car's back seat. As she did so, the jacket rode up and exposed her wide, bulging backside. Her panty’s waistband dug into her flesh about half way up her ample buttocks, like a river that had cut its way through rounded hills.

With her bag ensconced in back, Ana removed her jacket and dropped herself heavily into the passenger seat, causing the small car to sag and lean to her side. She tilted the seat back and waved to Lupe and Gloria.

Maria got into the driver's side, put the car in gear and pulled away from the sidewalk.

About a half hour into the trip, Ana began to feel hungry and reached into the bag of pastries that Lupe had given her.

"Do you want one?" she asked Maria.

Maria wasn't hungry but accepted the offer. Soon after, Ana finished a second, then a third pastry. By the time they reached the outskirts of Mexico City, all that was left was the empty paper bag on the floor and crumbs on the top of Ana's protruding belly.

Maria glanced sideways at Ana. She was rotund enough when she arrived home in June, but the woman seated beside her was bloated almost beyond recognition. Enveloped in and nearly suffocated by her fat. Her dark eyes were narrowed by her full, apple-like cheeks; her pouty, glossy lips and jaw lost in the fullness of her face, enlarged by a double chin that seemed replete with pudding and trembled with every bump in the road. Her upper arms were as wide as other women's thighs. Her thighs spread from side to side over the edges of the seat. Seated as she was, leaning back, it was the mass of her swollen belly that had become her distinguishing feature. What had happened to the curvaceous teen-ager that had all the boys in town lusting after her?

I did this, Maria thought to herself. What was I thinking?

Maria knew that not only had she tempted, cajoled and deceived Ana into gorging herself and lazing about over the past 3 months, she had set all of this in motion a dozen years before out of her jealousy over Ana's beauty and popularity. Now that she saw the prodigious consequences of her jealous game, she couldn't understand what had fueled her obsession.

It's even affected me, Maria reflected as she peered down at her newly developed paunch and the roll of flab that bulged over her too-tight jeans.

Maria cleared her throat.

"Anita... Lo siento," she paused then started again. "I'm sorry that I made you gain weight."

Ana turned and looked at Maria, puzzled.

"No entiendo. I don't understand what you mean," Ana replied.

"I'm sorry that..." Maria struggled to express herself. "I'm sorry that I made you gain weight by feeding you."

Maria could feel Ana studying her as she stared straight ahead through the windshield. Her face was burning.

Then she heard Ana giggle.

"You are blaming yourself because I ate como una puerca all summer?" Ana chuckled and shook her head.

Surprised, Maria turned to face Ana. She squinted at her.

"Pero, es que... I fed you. What I mean is I made all that food." She emphasized the word "all."

Ana rolled her upper body and hips toward Maria as best she could in the tight seat and turned toward her.

"But you didn't force me to eat. I could have stopped..." Ana's voice trailed off as if she was pondering whether she really could have stopped. She shook her head as if to dismiss the notion.

"I did this to myself. Me gusta comer. I love to eat, and I loved all the food you prepared for me. It made me happy and feel good. I loved the cooking class we took together. Gracias."

Maria was too stunned to say a word. Ana was actually thanking her. Then Ana continued, "You are being very kind, but don't blame yourself. Obviously, I love to eat." She patted the mound of flesh that billowed from her abdomen. "You just gave me what I love." Ana went on, "Look at how much weight I gained while I was away in Florida with Danny. You didn't make me get fat there, verdad? I know you and the others were surprised to see how fat I'd become. That's why I never sent you any photos. I was embarrassed... but I did this to myself." Ana turned forward again and became somber. "I just hope that Danny isn't," she paused briefly, "disappointed when he sees me like this."

Maria kept quiet. How could she tell Ana how she preyed upon and took advantage of her latent gluttony all those years ago? How she had set this course in motion out of her own jealousy? There was no denying that Ana had a sweet tooth and a tendency toward plumpness, but would she have reached this extraordinary degree of obesity if Maria had not set her on this course? She did not think so.

Maria shuddered and stayed silent.

Continued in post #37

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nice to see an update...i hope you finish it soon!
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I always look forward to reading a new chapter of this story.
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Maria followed the signs to the Benito Juarez International Airport and parked the car in front of the United Airlines terminal. She opened her door and made her way around to the passenger side where Ana was struggling to get her legs out of the car and lift herself from the low seat. Sitting sideways, she leaned forward, clutching the backrest with her right hand. Unconsciously, she spread her legs to accommodate her enlarged, drooping belly and hoisted herself up with a groan. Maria grabbed hold of her arm and helped pull her sister out of the VW.

Relieved after being crammed in her seat for the two hour drive, Ana straightened herself, stretched and arched her back, causing the hemisphere at her abdomen to jut out further. Maria caught herself staring and quickly turned away.

Why did she wear that dress? You can see every bulge, Maria thought to herself.

Maria took her sister's bag from the rear seat and carried it to the terminal with Ana waddling sluggishly beside her, big gut cradled in her stretched out dress, jiggling and swaying with every step.

In the terminal, before the line at the United counter, Maria put the bag down and turned to Ana.

"Bueno, I'll leave you here. Are you going to be alright?"

Ana leaned forward over her swollen midsection and hugged and kissed Maria. "Gracias, Maria," Ana whispered breathlessly, resting her hands on Maria's bulging hips. "Thank you for everything."

Maria felt embarrassed again by Ana's thanks and wiped away a tear. She stepped back and smiled at Ana, not knowing what else to say.

"Cuidate. Take care of yourself, Anita."

With that, she slipped away, took a few steps then turned and waved one last time. Ana bent forward, picked up her bag and headed to the check in line that wound through the stanchions in front of the counter.

In line, Ana pushed her bag forward ahead of her with her foot. She was feeling calm; the trepidation she had felt over the past couple of days had dissipated during the ride to the airport. Everything would be better once she got home.

When it was her turn, Ana pulled her bag to the counter and lifted it onto the scale. The clerk at the desk eyed the bloated woman in the too-tight dress and jacket.

"Pasaporte, por favor."

Ana handed her passport to the clerk. The young woman opened it and stared at it for what seemed to be a very long time, glancing at Ana three times.

"Senora, can you step over to the end of the counter?"

Ana was puzzled by her question.

"Is everything in order? My passport isn't expired, is it?"

"The passport is fine," she answered. "Can you step over here so that I can ask you some questions?" She motioned to the side of the counter.

Ana moved nervously to the end of the counter. The clerk came around from behind the counter. She was petite, her navy blue jacket buttoned around her small waist, her dark hair pulled back in a bun which accentuated her dark, almond-shaped eyes. She tilted her head as if to get a better view of Ana.

"Senora, can you tell me how much you weigh?"

Ana's jaw dropped. She stammered.

"Pues... I... I don't know." Her thoughts were rushing through her head. She pursed her lips and looked upward. She couldn't remember what the scale at the pharmacy had read two days earlier. She knew she weighed about 250 pounds when she arrived but she couldn't do the math to figure how many kilos that was.

"Cien... I think... One hundred and..." she trailed off and looked downward as she struggled to find a number. She paused as she caught sight of her distended stomach splayed out under her breasts. She straightened her shoulders and tried to suck in her gut. As she did so, her double chin became accentuated, creating a roll of fat that encircled her jaw.

The United clerk looked at Ana's passport.

"Estás más gorda ahora. It looks like you've gained weight since this photo was taken."

Ana hesitated and swallowed. "That photograph was taken many years ago," she whimpered. She was having difficulty speaking while holding in her stomach.

"We have a rule," the clerk stated. "If you are too large to fit in a seat, you have to purchase a second one."

Ana's heart sank. She wasn't sure what to say. Finally, she asked, "How do you know? I mean, if I fit?"

The clerk looked Ana up and down and just smirked.

Ana felt desperation overcome her. "But I had no problem like this when I flew here in June. You can check my ticket. I used only one seat."

Ana forgot about holding in her stomach and it ballooned forward again, expanding the front of her dress. The clerk hesitated then replied.

"OK, we'll see if you can fit in a seat. Por favor, come back to the counter."

Ana sighed in relief and made her way back to the check-in counter. She glanced nervously back at the lobby to assure herself that Maria had not witnessed this embarrassing episode, but she could not see her anywhere. She turned back to the counter and, after a short delay during which no words were spoken, retrieved her boarding pass.

"Gracias," Ana muttered without looking at the clerk and made her way to the departures gate.

The clerk watched as Ana wobbled away, hips undulating and bulging beneath her jacket. She picked up the phone and called the desk at gate 22.

Continued in post #39

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Yay!!! A new chapter! Thank you!
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Ana made her way through the airport toward the security check area and the departure gates. She walked by the shops and restaurants on the way. It was lunch time and the restaurants were full of travelers having a meal before boarding their flights. The smell of food being cooked wafted through the air and to her nostrils.

Ana walked by the first couple of restaurants and felt her stomach rumble with hunger. She paused and looked at her watch. Still one hour before her flight boarded. She turned back and walked in to Sanborns, squeezed herself between the tightly placed chairs to an empty table. Ana wedged herself into a seat, her paunch pressing against the edge of the table, and caught her breath.

Ana studied the menu and ordered the chilaquiles, a chocolate milkshake and a side order of papas a la francesa, or French fries. The waitress, an overweight young woman in a tight uniform, brought her meal and placed it before Ana.

The French fries filled a separate plate, their greasy smell made Ana hungrier. Figuring that she was running short on time, Ana wolfed the chilaquiles and fries down in record time, leaving both plates empty. Her stomach no longer grumbled and the discomfort of her hunger had passed.

Feeling sated, Ana belched into her closed mouth and tasted her spicy, greasy meal. She slurped the last bit of her milkshake and picked up the leatherette folder containing the bill with one hand and her handbag with the other, then began to lift herself out of her chair. She felt her legs tremble with the effort to elevate her bulk without the help of her arms.

"Mmmmmph," she moaned.

Her buttocks separated momentarily from the seat, hovered for a couple of seconds, then plunged back into the chair with a plop. Determined, Ana leaned forward, rocked her hips toward the edge of her seat and heaved herself upward again, feeling her thighs and calves strain to raise her weight. As she straightened herself, her protruding, round belly bumped against the table top and dislodged the table a few inches. The couple sitting at the next table turned and watched as Ana navigated through the chairs and tables toward the cashier.

"If I was that big, I wouldn't eat for a month," the buxom young woman whispered to her husband. "If I begin to get fat, put me on a diet," she giggled.

Her husband nodded but continued to observe Ana out of the corner of his eye. His wife could not foresee that in ten years, having given birth to three children, she would grow to roughly the same size as Ana, much to the delight of her husband.

Ana paid for her meal and made her way toward the security gate. There were only about a dozen passengers waiting in line before her. When she arrived at the security checkpoint, Ana removed her jacket and placed it with her handbag in a grey bin. She kicked off her sandals but when she bent over to pick them up she found that she could not reach them. Ana bent her knees and squatted slowly. She remembered the difficulty she had getting up from her chair in Sanborns and didn't want to have a repeat of that experience. She stretched her fingers until they touched the sandals, snatched them and straightened herself. "Yes!" she thought triumphantly to herself. She dropped the sandals into the bin and pushed it onto the conveyor belt.

On the other side of the metal detector, two guards stood with arms crossed. One of them elbowed the other and motioned his chin in Ana's direction.

"Mire este elefante que viene."

In her bare feet, Ana lumbered to the metal detector and paused. Without her jacket, the tautly stretched grey dress left little to the imagination and her overflowing girth and corpulence were on full display.

The first security guard stood before her and took his time looking her up and down. Ana felt her face flush. The guard sneered and cocked his head.


As Ana advanced through the metal detector, her surfeit flesh jiggled, shimmied and bulged in a cacophony of motion. A buzzer sounded and she realized that with the distraction of trying to recover her shoes, she had forgotten to remove her watch. The guard motioned her to move to the side. Ana obeyed and stood waiting, embarrassed to be singled out. She felt like everyone must be staring at her.

"Hold your arms out to the side," the guard stated and demonstrated by lifting his arms like wings.

Ana complied to his instructions. With her arms outstretched, she resembled a large, over-ripe pear hanging from a branch. Her upper body was relatively small and in proportion to her short stature. Her breasts appearing like fat, oversized melons filling the top of her dress. Below her chest, Ana's stomach and hips swelled outward and sagged under their weight. Ana now regretted having indulged in her heavy lunch.

"OK, Voltea. Turn to the side," the guard ordered.

Ana shuffled her bare feet and turned sideways. The guard took his time observing the curve of Ana's fat paunch, watching it sway heavily as she turned. It protruded beyond her breasts and spilled over her crotch causing a large U-shaped fold of flesh to wrap its way from under her belly up to her hips. Double rolls of flesh emerged from under her arms and to the crease of her spine. Her arms were getting tired and the buttery flab that drooped from her upper arms wobbled as she shifted her weight. With her shoulders thrown back, the mass of her overloaded belly tipped her center of gravity forward and caused her lower back to arch itself. Below that, her round, overstuffed buttocks jutted out, like two partially inflated beach balls held in place by the stretchy grey fabric.

"Que gordita," thought the guard as he checked her out. "Too bad you're such a sack of lard. You've got a pretty face and I bet there's a hot little body buried under all that fat."

The guard stepped forward and waved the security wand around Ana's rotund form. He poked her belly with it and watched it sink in to her gelatinous flesh a few centimeters. Recoiling, Ana grimaced and turned her head toward him.

"Ay! Qué pasa?"

"Sorry, Senorita." He nodded at her protruding paunch. "Just have to make sure you're not smuggling anything in there," he added wryly and smiled.

Ana smiled weakly. What an asshole, she thought to herself.

The guard waved her on and Ana went to the end of the conveyor belt to recover her belongings. She slipped her jacket over her shoulders and dropped her sandals to the ground. Holding her hair back out of her eyes with her free hand, Ana leaned over, searching for her shoes as they disappeared beyond the arc of her belly, felt them with her bare feet and slipped them on.

Continued in post #44

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Thank You Thank You Thank You!
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Definitely cannot wait to find out what happens when she arrives back in the states. Great story!
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and here i thought u were going to end it here!
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Thumbs up

great story, excellent attention to detail. I really like how the sisters all gained during her visit home Can't wait to hear Danny's reaction to her added girth Thanks!
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In the Beetle, Maria was on the outskirts of Mexico City. She was thinking of Ana. How could have not noticed how much weight she had put on? Maria visualized Ana in her underclothes in the bathroom. Her belly was stretched out and across, full of food and drink and slumped over her crotch, obliterating the front of her panties. A fold was beginning to appear where her navel was. Her hips and the rolls on her side were noticeably thicker and more pronounced. Her stance was wider, pushed apart by her amply enlarged thighs which now pressed against each nearly to her knees.

"She had to see that she was getting fatter," thought Maria. "I played games with her, but how could she not know? But she kept on," she hesitated and shook her head, "eating... and eating."

Maria noticed that she was feeling hungry and pulled off the road at the first restaurant she saw, parked the car and went in to fill the emptiness she felt inside.

* * *

Ana was waddling as quickly as she could to gate 22. She held in a belch and tasted the chilaquiles in her mouth. Stopping for a meal and the delay at security had made her late for boarding.

Her hips undulated from side to side and her thighs felt hot from the friction of rubbing against each other. It was quite a distance from the security checkpoint and she was breathing heavily. Passengers were already congregating to the side of the desk and beginning to file down the corridor to board the plane. She arrived at the rear of the herd of passengers, wiped the sweat from her upper lip and began to slowly merge toward the front.

When it was her turn, Ana handed her boarding pass to the young woman in the blue jacket. Ana managed to get her breathing under control but her face was flushed and her heart was beating like a rock band. The woman took her boarding pass, paused to look Ana up and down, turned toward the older woman at the desk, then handed Ana back her pass without a word.

Ana walked through the doorway and onto the jet way. She felt the floor flex slightly as she bounced down the slight incline toward the line of passengers paused at the entrance to the United Boeing 737 jet. Ana glanced at her boarding pass. Seat 19-A.

Ana entered the plane and moved toward the center aisle. It seemed much narrower than she remembered. Most of the passengers were already seated and the flight seemed very full. Ana squeezed down the aisle, turning her hips at an angle, bumping her ample derriere against seat-backs and shoulders as she shuffled her way to the rear of the plane.

Arriving at row 19, she found that the two other passengers were already seated.

"Excuse me, I'm in that seat," she pointed to the window seat.

The two men looked up at her with surprise. After a slight hesitation, they rose and slipped out into the aisle to let Ana pass. The first was younger, probably a college student, and casually dressed. The second was middle-aged, over six feet, and wore a blazer and khakis.

As she began to slide into the row, Ana turned toward the front of the plane. It was then that she noticed the stewardess standing in the aisle watching her. Ana gripped the tops of the seats of row 18 as she lowered her buttocks and tried to edge her way past the other seats. The back of her right thigh got caught on the armrest between seats A and B. She straightened herself and leaned forward, pressing her belly into the seat back in front of her, her breasts flowing over the headrests. Like a slightly oversized cork being pressed into the neck of a bottle of wine, she rocked and jammed her way through to her seat.

Relieved, she dropped herself into her seat. Pain shot up as her hips landed on the armrests. Ana's mouth dropped as she realized her ass was wider than the seat.

Oh my God, not this, she thought.

Ana gripped the front of the armrests and squirmed until she felt her butt could move no further downward or backward. She felt the armrests dig into the fat on her hips as she wedged herself into her seat. On her right, her body pressed against the convex beige plastic that lined the plane's fuselage. Sitting upright, her stomach rolled before her like two inner tubes -- the top one extended around her upper abdomen and covered the armrests; the lower, larger one covered most of her thighs and was pinched inward by the sides of the seat. She could not see that her left hip and thigh also bulged below the armrest and into the businessman's middle seat. Unable to put her arms on the armrests, she crossed them awkwardly across her rotund belly. She dared not look up.

Ana heard a woman's voice say, "Sir, if you'd like, we have a seat in first class for you."

Humiliated, Ana felt her face burning and turned to face the window on her right. Sure, her seat was a tight fit on the flight down, but this was obscene. Not only could she barely move, but rolls of flab overflowed the confines of her seat. It was hitting her just how much fatter she was now than when she arrived in Mexico.

She closed her eyes and visualized what she looked like just a few years ago. She remembered being with Danny at the beach on their honeymoon. She was plump but curvy in her white bikini and Danny couldn't keep his hands off of her. She smiled at the thought.

Ana's eyelids fluttered and she opened her eyes slowly. Before her, her overstuffed gut spread before her like a lard-filled pillow.

What is Danny going to say? she wondered.

(Continued in post 53 on page three of this thread)

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nice update, thanks for the great story really enjoying it! Keep it up!
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Nice work. I can't wait for the next installment.
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Bump after edit
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great story looking forward to the next chapter
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Give me the end of this story!!
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This is a great story. I'm looking forward to reading the next chapter.
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