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Default Questions to Calories by EC (BBW (Multiple), Game Show, ~MWG)

BBW (Multiple), Game Show, WG - A late night game show geared toward people who appreciate weight gain

Authors note:warning to those who care not for numbers and measurements. Feel free to jump ship right about now. This one is all about the numbers.

Questions to Calories
by ec

The title probably doesn’t ring a bell with most of you, as the game show that carries the title doesn’t have the notoriety of say Who Wants to be a Millionaire or Wheel of Fortune. But its small following is loyal, almost cult-like in their obsessive admiration. If you happen to be up at odd hours of the night watching a channel in the hundreds, you just might catch an episode or two…

The screen fades in to show a brick wall. Airbrushed in large, brightly colored letters across the red structure are the words Questions to Calories in lettering that looks like the words themselves are inflating to near capacity.

With a quick, jerky motion the camera whips over to a stage decorated mostly with bricks and steel, kind of an inner city industrial look. In the middle of the stage, holding a microphone is a young man with a Cheshire cat grin who looks like a cross between Dean Martin and Pete Wentz. Wearing a tuxedo jacket over a form fitting t-shirt featuring the Superman emblem, faded jeans complete with a dangling, silver wallet chain hanging just inches above a pair of polished motorcycle boots. His jet black hair is mostly covered by a fedora tilted to the left. The outfit combined with his eyeliner and a starburst tattoo around his right eye make him look more likely to burst into a catchy pop song rather then host a game show, but as he begins to speak his booming if gruff voice is very commanding.

“Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to Questions to Calories. The game where we turn correctly answered questions into countless calories.” The host pauses to give the audience a knowing wink.

“Ironically incorrectly answered questions can also get turned into lots of fat producing calories…but we’ll get into those specifics later.” The studio audience applauds and cheers.

“I’m your host Balthazar Shango. With me as always is the woman whose many talents include reminding me to call my parole officer,” pauses to glance at his gaudy diamond encrusted watch. “I think I’m safe for a few hours. Please give a hand for the lovely Renee Palentino, ladies and gentleman.”

One of the brick walls on the far end of the stage parts and an elevated section of stage rolls into view. On the stage sits another wall with the outline of two figures painted in neon. Almost like an artist’s vertical interpretation of homicide scene. Where the silhouettes of the arms end are handles.

In-between the brightly colored figures a very large blonde woman poured into a sparkly green evening gown stands proudly. Her bosom aches to break free from the confines of the low cut dress, and about a quarter of it has succeeded. Even the gaudy faux diamond necklace glittering in the stage lights can not take attention away from the vast amounts of cleavage being displayed.

Every curve of her rounded belly is outlined by creases in the dress while only the silver heels containing her chubby feet are exposed at the bottom of the flowing gown.

The smile plastered across Renee’s heavily made up face is friendlier then Balthazar’s, but no less forced. She flashes it to all sides of the studio audience while she gives a pageant wave. Her many gold bracelets and her rubbery upper arm wave as well.

The crowd cheers and whistles.

“How are you tonight, Renee?” The host asks.

“Very well, Bee,” Renee answers in a bubbly high pitched voice. “And how are you?”

Balthazar shrugs. “Uh, I’m here, I guess.”

“And so are tonight’s contestants. I was just chatting with them backstage, Bee, and they are all raring to go. So how about we get started?” the robust blonde never loses her smile as she continues to bat her long lashes in the direction of the audience, who are still whistling at her.

“Good idea.” The host turns to fully face the audience and reads off a note card he pulled from inside his jacket. “First out is a feeder from Atlanta who spends his days giving light to the city and his nights giving cake to his girlfriend. Please give a big hand for Tony Morris, everyone.”

The wall just behind Balthazar splits and this time a smaller rolling stage with a lectern comes out. Behind the lectern stands a short curly haired man, who looks to be Balthazar’s age or possibly younger.

The stage stops right next to the host who salutes the contestant. “Hello, Tony from Atlanta, G-A. How are you this evening?”

The wide eyed Tony takes a moment to take in the clapping crowd. “Good, Balthazar, thank you.”

Then Tony spots Renee and almost falls off the elevated platform waving to her. “Hi Renee!”

Renee focuses her smile toward Tony and cocks her head. “Hi, Honey.”

“Okay, slick, no yelling into the mic. You haven’t won any money to pay for it yet if you break it,” Balthazar says dryly. “It says here you provide light for the city. What’s that about?”

Tony seems genuinely confused for a minute, and then catches on. “Oh, I work for the power company. I’m responsible for sub-station 5 in nort hot-lanta.”

The crowd rips up in applause.

“Applause for sub-station number 5, wow, a well known sub-station I guess,” Balthazar smirks. “Judging by tonight’s audience I would guess that must be the station responsible for the trailer parks.”

The crowd’s applause shifts to a mix of strained chuckles, groans and boos. Across the stage Renee flashes Balthazar a stern look and shakes her head.

“Anyway, must be a nice gig, job security anyway.”

“I’d rather have your job.” Tony says meekly.

“You hear that Renee? I’m a role model.”

Renee giggles, her bust creeping a little further out of her dress as she does. “Yeah, that’s scary.”

“Okay, enough small talk. More importantly, Tony, it says you are an active feeder. How long have you known that’s what you wanted to be?”

Tony answers without thinking. “Oh as long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with weight gain and how a woman eats has always been a turn on. I’ve gotten to the point I won’t date anyone unless I’ve seen how they eat chicken and waffles.”

“That’s high on my list as well, chief. And you have, I take it, found someone worth stuffing full of chicken and waffles?”

“Yes, sir, I’ve been a one woman man for over a year and a half now.”

“Of course you have, she’s here tonight to help you try and win money while you try and fatten her up. Renee, please bring out Mandy Bustel.”

Renee saunters over to the edge of the stage and grabs the hand of an obese, scantily clad woman. She leads Mandy back to the stage with the painted silhouettes. Mandy is not quite as large a woman as Renee, but the string bikini that she is wearing, clearly meant for a smaller figure, makes her look bigger.

Of course when her eyes adjusted to the bright lights, she catches a glimpse of Balthazar and sprints over to give him a hug and kiss on the cheek every inch of her soft exposed body shaking helps to show off just how overweight she is. Her belly is the most prominent, looking like a giant, half melted marshmallow oozing down her abdomen and partially obscuring the front of her bikini bottoms. Her breasts are quite large as well, the size and shape of oversized gourds, narrow at the base and then widening at the bottom, hanging heavily off her chest.

After Mandy invades a clearly flustered Balthazar’s space with a long wet kiss to his cheek she runs over to her boyfriend and plants a more subdued peck on his cheek. Then looking, slightly out of breath she jogs back over to Renee.

“You okay, Bee. You need the make-up girl to come out and re-spackle your foundation?” Renee quips.

Balthazar taps gently around his jaw line.

“As long as there are no green scales showing, I’m good,” he remarks while the crowd chuckles. Balthazar gives the red faced and panting Mandy a wink.

“I won’t ever deny a pretty young woman from planting one on my cheek. Now onto business, my little overly affectionate Mandy?”

“Yes, cutie?” Mandy huffs.

“That’s quite an impressive belly you got there. If I may ask, is that all courtesy of Tony here? Were you a scrawny little rail when you guys met?”

“Oh no, Balthazar. I have always been too heavy for most guys.”

The freckled redhead pauses a minute to think. “To date anyway. Plenty of guys would make out with me and tell me if I were only a little thinner they’d date me. Then I met Tony working at the mall and he couldn’t stop telling everyone how he wanted to date me. Once I found out how much he loved to watch me eat that was it. We moved in together and I’ve been buying bigger sizes ever since.”

Renee cocks her head to the side. “Oh that’s so sweet.”

“So just how much weight has our blossoming young feeder packed onto that lovely frame since you started dating?” Balthazar asks.

“Oh I’d say about forty pounds.”

“Very nice. So tell, us, babe, is Tony here a strict feeder? Does he have a list of what you need to eat in a day before you go to bed? Or does he play the mind games and take away the scale and switch out clothes with really baggy ones one day and then tight ones the next so you never really know just how big you’re getting”

Mandy giggles, sending a rippling effect throughout her sparsely covered body. “Oh no, no way. He’s very sweet. Although I don’t mind some of that on occasion and Tony can be sneaky. After dinner when I’m stuffed to the gills half asleep, he’ll come over with a tall glass of juice saying it’ll help. Knowing full well he’s just trying to get an extra 400 calories in me.”

“Ah, a man after my own heart. Well let Renee get you into position there.” Renee guides Mandy back into one of the painted silhouettes. As the bikini clad porker grabs the handles a display lights up next to her and starts flashing numbers.

“For those that haven’t seen the show before Renee is helping Mandy into the Upsizer. As you can see thanks to a scale and some fancy light sensors everything from her weight to her measurements will be displayed on screen there. The technology is very accurate, down to the .01 of a pound and fraction of an inch. But for the purpose of the show we have it round up to the nearest pound and even numbered inch increment.”

The flashing numbers eventual start to slow and then land on:


“Very nice indeed,” Balthazar says. “Renee, if you would be so kind, would you go over the rules for our fine contestants.”

“Certainly, Bee. Tony will be asked a series of questions. Each question has a weight and monetary value attached to it. A correctly answered question results in the money going into the bank and the weight being packed onto Mandy’s already sizable tummy…or backside, or bust. Wherever it decides to go or we decide to put it.”

Tony and Mandy both trade excited glances.

“But, Renee,” Balthazar breaks in with a mockingly exaggerated cluelessness. “How can we claim to be able to add weight to someone right here and now? It doesn’t seem feasible.”

“Good question, Bee. The impossible is made possible with the help of a cutting edge organic microchip small enough that it can’t be seen by the human eye. We injected it into Mandy just before she came out on stage. The little miracle allows us not only to be able to cause her body to produce fat cells from her own body heat at a breakneck pace, but also allows us to have them accumulate wherever we decide, if we decide. After an hour, however, the chip will be fully dissolved by Mandy’s bloodstream leaving no trace the device ever existed.”

Renee flashes her blindingly white teeth. “Well except for the loads of excess poundage it will create.”

The crowd once again cheers and whistles.

“But, Renee, who could have possibly come up with such a magnificent discovery?” Asks Balthazar, still in his clueless mode.

“A very prestigious school developed the technology. This whole show is made possible by a grant to test the new technology for a future patent and possible medical usage. And what better way to test a gadget that turns people into human hippos then by making it available to the ones who want just that.”

“Amazing stuff, Renee. I’d have to say no matter what fancy fattening helpers they come up with I’ll always cherish the old fashioned way of stuffing my woman full of sugar and lard.”

“A hopeless romantic as always, Bee,”

Balthazar turns back to Tony, who seems to be anticipating something more with a growing nervousness. “You ready, slick?”

Tony nods with a nervous smile.

“You’ve seen the show before, I take it.”

“I’ve watched every episode.”

“So you know what’s coming, don’t you?”

Another shaky nod from the contestant. “You know someone has to fill in the other silhouette don’t you? And that we secretly interviewed your friends and family in order to find that person, right.”

Still another head bob.

“Okay, send out our surprise contestant, Mandy’s disapproving mother.”

Renee heads over to the edge of the stage where she brought out Mandy. This time the contestant stalks out on her own, meeting Renee halfway. An older blond dressed in raggedy cutoffs and a tube top bears only a vague resemblance to Mandy in the face. Of course since her face is buried under purple eye shadow, way too much foundation and fire engine red lipstick, it is hard to tell for sure. Her figure, however, is no more trim and toned then her daughter’s. The lavender top clings to a sagging set of softball sized breasts. Two thick rolls take up the space above the shorts. Below the beltline a large bubble of flesh bulges out the crotch of the denim. Her legs are long, but soft and lumpy with varicose veins and cellulite decorating the skin along with a large scorpion tattoo on her left calf.

“Welcome Trini Bustel,” Balthazar calls out as Renee leads the annoyed looking lady up to the stage with the Upsizers.

“I’m only here for the money. Let’s get that straight right away, fancy-boy,” Trini says with a voice that sounds like she has been smoking since childbirth.

“I absolutely don’t agree with all the feeding stuff my Mandy’s been taking part in. Tony’s a nice guy with a decent job and all, but I can’t condone the lifestyle he’s duped my little Mandy into.”

Balthazar looks at his watch, appearing bored. “Please, go on.”

“The whole chauvinistic-not-appreciating-a-woman-for-what-she-is makes me sick.” Trini half yells, while her daughter looks on, obviously embarrassed.

“Not sick enough to keep you from a good meal I see,” Balthazar shoots back.

“Huh?” says a genuinely clueless Trini.

The host flashes a knowing grin to the audience and then Tony. “I said, why do you believe Tony doesn’t appreciate her for a beautiful young woman who loves to indulge herself and at times use food and eating as foreplay.”

“Well that’s not what I meant. I can’t stand the whole stuffing her with the intention of making her fatter then she already is. I mean can’t he just appreciate her for the size she is?”

Then Trini puts the shows censors to work in what will be the first of many times. “*bleep*, if he likes fat woman he really did not have to do anything. She was a cow when they met.”

The crowd starts to get restless and annoyed with Trini on her soapbox. Balthazar puts his hands out as if to calm them. “Now, Trini, as my court appointed attorney often reassures me, intention is very hard to prove. It’s just as likely the two young lovers are just partaking in complimentary interests where the beneficial side effect is weight gain. But you seem pretty dug into you one sided point of view so let’s just agree that we disagree…on just how wrong your belief is and move on.”

Balthazar’s tone is so even keeled that he almost catches Trini. “Well may-hey wait, what did you say?”

“It’s alright, babe, I accept your apology, let’s move on.”

Mandy, recovered from her initial embarrassment, decides to chime in. “I can’t believe you’re here, mom, of all people. I can’t even count the number of times you gave me a bucket from KFC to keep me busy while you had a boyfriend over when I was growing up. Then you’d call me blubber belly in front of your boyfriends to take attention from your big ass. And now you’re pretending like you’re the protective mother. What a hypocrite!”

Balthazar raises an eyebrow. “Well looks like we could move this group on over to the Tyra show afterwards to help get this all worked out. Until then we got a show to do ourselves. Renee, would you please explain the rules that apply to Tony and Trini’s competition.”

“Yes of course, Bee. The questions we are going to ask Tony have all been seen by Trini here. She has already answered each question before the show. After Tony answers we’ll see how Trini’s answer matches up. If she gets a correct answer when Tony is incorrect she will be awarded the monetary value of the question into her very own bank. And if she gets an answer right when Tony also correctly answers, not only will she get her own value for the question, but she will steal half of Tony and Mandy’s.”

“Okay, get to the good part,” Balthazar says from across the stage.

“Like Mandy, Trini has been implanted with one of state of the art microchips. Every time she proves to have incorrectly answered a question she will get double the weight value added to her in body fat.”

Renee helps a stunned looking Trini get into place. The readout next to her Upsizer randomly flashes numbers slowly coming to rest to show:


“Wow, and you don’t even have someone helping you out, huh?” Balthazar smirks at the snarling Trini.

The mother’s response again puts the shows censors to work. “*bleep* you, pretty boy. The first thing I’m going to do with the money I win is buy you a decent outfit. You look like a *bleep*ing living Bratz doll.”

The crowd ooohs and ahhhs.

Balthazar grins, as if he likes Trini’s spirit, and then shakes his head. “I don’t know what that is. Is that bad?”

Renee looks about to clue the host in, but Trini interrupts. “Ask your sister, you douche-bag.”

“Okay, are we ready boys and girls?” Balthazar asks. “Let’s play Questions to Calories!”

He digs more note cards from his jacket pocket. “The first round of questions is entitled Pop Culture.”

“Tony won’t get any of these,” Trini says in a hushed tone that still comes across her microphone for all to hear. “All he knows about is NASCAR.”

“Renee Zellweger, Minnie Driver and Heather Graham. All part of the image obsessed population that makes up Hollywood. Believe it or not two out of these three normally stick thin ladies actually purposely put on weight for movie roles. Name the two, and it has to be both to get this one correct.”

Tony grins. “Well I know Renee Zellweger gained weight to play that movie about that British chick,”

“Okay that’s right. Thankfully the name of the movie wasn’t important,” Balthazar says, flipping over his card. “It was Bridget Jones’ Diary in case you were wondering. One more to go.”

Tony doesn’t appear to know. He thinks to himself for a couple minutes before thinking out loud. “Well Heather Graham doesn’t do many serious roles, and I can’t see her willingly getting fat for some straight to video comedy, although I would love to see it, to tell you the truth,”

“Okay, speedy, let’s at least get a guess. This is just the first question and we’ve got a lot of show left.”

“I’ll say Minnie Driver, Balthazar.”

“And you are…right. Minnie Driver added 30 pounds to play the role of Benny in the movie Circle of Friends that I’m sure no one here saw.”

An audible groan comes from Trini.

“And let’s see how much that one was worth.” On a display above Tony 20lbs and $200 pops up.

“Starting out slow, I guess. And I think from mom’s reaction we already know how she picked but let’s see anyway.” The weight and dollar amount is replaced with Zellweger and Graham.

“Oh I’m sorry, mom, one right just won’t cut it. Looks like no money and 40 pounds for you,” the host gazes over at the nervous looking mom. “Probably should have worn something a little more stretchy then denim.”

“You call me mom again and will come over there and rip your tongue right out of your head,” Trini growls.

“Oh now I just think you’re flirting with me. But right now you got bigger things to worry about. Don’t worry, hon, we’ll do Mandy first so you can see what you’re in for. Renee, if you would please hit the button and get the Upsizer started.”

Renee hits a big red button on the side of Mandy’s wall with a flourish of her hand, and then makes a more exaggerated flourish in the very excited looking Mandy’s direction.

Loud beeping sound effects run for a few seconds and then fall silent. Mandy’s eyes suddenly go from anticipation to shock. Her expression switches from grin to pursed lips in a flash. She looks down and with the rest of the studio audience watches her large slightly sagging belly push outward. The skin stretches causing the multiple narrow stretch marks to widen into pink bands running vertically from her belly button to the end of her beginner belly apron. She seems to get a little wider as well. The rolls that wrap around to her kidneys on either side fill in just a tad more each. Above her growing middle the string bikini digs in a little deeper into the flesh under her arms and the little white triangles seem to shrink right before everyone’s eyes.

Next to Mandy the readout adjusts itself.


Renee strokes the soft shoulder of the still tense looking Mandy. “You okay, Mandy?”

“Uh-huh,” she answers, slowly becoming less tense.

“Why don’t you describe to your mom what she’s in for,” Balthazar prompts. “Or at least half of what she’s in for.”

Mandy turns to her now mortified looking mother. “It gets real warm right on the back of your neck. It almost feels like it’s under your skin, but then it cools off and turns into a tingling feeling the spreads out all over. It’s kind of nice actually.”

Trini’s voice seems to be absent but she mouths what looks like, “They can really do this?”

“Can and will. Since you signed the contract,” Renee says. “Now lean back and grab onto the handles. It does feel good, but when you’re not used to it your knees may buckle.”

An impatient Balthazar calls over, “Okay, Renee, hit the button and let’s get 40 pounds packed onto mommy dearest over there.”

The button gets pushed, the sound effects blare and then Trini’s jaw clenches as if she is trying to dead lift a half ton. The ribbed tube top stretches a tad, and her middle gets a touch wider, but most of the change in Trini happens blow the beltline, unfortunately for her already tight jean shorts. Her thighs puff out like piping bags being filled with icing. The shorts create a deep crease in her thigh. There is a loud rip as starter saddlebags take shape right before the audience’s eyes and tear up the seam on both sides. The bubble of lower belly fat bulging out the front of the shorts rises like bread dough and bursts the button and zipper. Thankfully for Trini’s dignity her midriff bulge and billowing upper thighs hide all but a small section of her pink cotton panties. Even as the effects slow a very stunned Trini remains still and rigid. Beside her the readouts come to a rest.


The crowd erupts in cheers and catcalls.

“Wow. Someone’s turning into a nice pear.” Balthazar remarks. “And we’re just getting started. Let’s move onto the next question. Tony, are you ready?”

Young Tony is still gawking at his girlfriend’s half naked mother.

“Tony? Come on now, Tony, focus.”

“Huh, what? Oh yeah, sure. What?”

“The average weight gain for a woman going through full term pregnancy is between 20 and 30 pounds. For some Hollywood types, however, it’s the only time the get a break from the media about their weight and they take advantage of it. True or false: Kate Hudson packed on a whopping 80 pounds during her pregnancy a few years ago?”

Tony stares down at his shoes muttering to himself while across the stage Renee hands glasses of water to the heavier contestants. Mandy is beaming, while her mom is just coming out her state of shock.

“I’ll say false, Balthazar. I don’t think someone as tiny as her has it in her to get that big.”

Balthazar’s lips purse. “Okay, let’s see what Trini’s answer was.” The screen above Tony displays false. Balthazar turns the card over.

“Sorry guys. Both of you got it wrong. There is no hard evidence, but a ‘health expert’ in a gossip rag estimated Private Benjamin’s daughter added 80 pounds before she gave birth.”

A gasp comes from Trini’s direction. “Let’s see the value.”

15lbs - $3,000.00

“Okay, kids, you missed out on three grand, but mom over there gets double the pounds. So go ahead and hit the Upsizer, Renee.”

Trini looks about to yell something at the host but then hears the sound for the Upsizer and chooses to brace herself instead. 30 pounds pile onto the portly blonde’s body. Her pudgy face gets rounder. The tube top gets a little tighter and the sagging melons beneath get a little saggier. Again most of the change happens lower on her body. The saddlebags become a little less starter and more bag-like. The peek of pink panty disappears as her upper thighs squish together. Her knees seem to sink into the flesh that billows above them.

Then Trini’s grip loosens on the handles just a tad and the crowd applauds.


“I hope those boyfriends you daughter mentioned don’t just appreciate you for what you were,” Balthazar starts in the most serious tone he has used. “Because if they are not open to a person changing you may be newly single.”

“*bleep* you, pansy!” Trini hisses, while saluting Balthazar with one finger.

Suddenly sounds and lights fill the stage. A large flat screen drops in behind the host. The crowd gets excited.

“Okay, everybody knows what that means.” Behind him the screen starts flashes images so rapidly they look like a blur.

“Enough of this letting fat go where it wants. It’s time for Targeted Expansion!” The screen slows, allowing ones eye to make out various body parts. Eventually it stops and holds on a close up of a deep line of cleavage.

The crowd screams at the top of their lungs.

“I guess we all know this next question is very important. Right, Tony?”

Tony smiles at Mandy and then nods toward Balthazar.

“This will also be your last pop culture question. Incidentally it involves my lifelong crush, Kristie Alley.”

The crowd makes an aww sound.

“Now Kristie’s had her battles with weight over the years, although she looks great at all her stops up and down the scale, but this question is not about any of that. This is simply and over or under question. Is Kristie over or under 50 years of age?”

Tony looks stunned.

“A guy like you probably knows what her highest and lowest weight was and all that, but do you have any idea how old she is?”

Tony remains stunned.

“Come on this should be easy.”

“Um, I’ll say over.”

“I should smack you in the face for saying she looks over 50, but instead let’s see what the woman who has a little streak of wrong answers going said.”

Above Tony the screen reads over.

Balthazar pauses to build tension and then. “Correct. Thorough as my producers are I don’t have her exact age, but I believe she’s 53. I could be wrong. Age means nothing to me when I look at her.”

“She could be your mom, mister creepy stalker,” Renee calls out.

Balthazar looks up thoughtfully for a minute as if contemplating the idea. “Anyway, let’s see what that one is worth.”

30lbs - $6,000.00

“Well you picked a good time to get lucky. But since Trini got it right she steals half of that money. So Tony and Mandy get 3 grand banked while moneybags over there gets the full 6 plus the stolen 3 for a total of $9000.”

Trini, who seems to be constantly futzing with her skin tight tube top, yells over toward Balthazar. “See, jackass, now I’m starting to make some money. This is why I agreed to this *bleep*.”

Always ready with a comeback, Balthazar flashes his pearly whites. “But the true winner is Mandy who will now get 30 pounds of flesh added right into her boobs. And in turn the whole audience here wins because we get to watch. Stand back Renee, that bikini top is about to blow.”

Seconds later it begins. Mandy’s already wide and heavy fun-bags fill up like someone is pumping them with air. They shoot forward, engulfing the tiny looking white triangles of the bikini. Then the string splits and what looks like yards of stretched flesh surges forward and the collapses under its own weight onto the belly below. The brown areoles stretch and fade. Then the enlarging stops, leaving the grinning Mandy with watermelons that weigh close to 20 pounds each where her large pear shaped breasts were moments before.


Balthazar leans in to Tony. “You might want to watch her on windy days now. She’s a little top heavy.”

Tony hears nothing as he ogles his newly buxom girlfriend.

“On that note folks we'll take a quick break to pay some bills and be back with round two of the question portion of the show. Come on back. Keep in mind The Big Finish will follow! You won’t want to miss it!”

(continued in post 4 of this thread)

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great start. really getting into this!
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Ads for casual dining restaurants, snack chips and then a diet pill play before Balthazar appears again, smiling just as mischievously as ever. “We are back, putting plenty of meat on the bones of a lovely feedee and her disapproving mother who has managed to accumulate a little money and some great thunder thighs so far. So let’s get on with round two, people. The questions pertain to gaining weight. A good feeder should blow through these no problem.

“Well that’s not fair,” Trini whines.

“We’ve made you gain seventy pounds in the twenty minutes you’ve been on stage. Why would you still be under the impression this game is fair?” Balthazar barks. “Besides you’ve answered the questions already. Whether Tony gets them right or wrong has no effect on you.”

Trini mutters under her breath some more. Bells and whistles once again go off to drown her out. The screen above Balthazar flashes body parts rapidly, then more slowly. Eventually a cellulite covered set of butt cheeks holds on the screen.

“Okay then, now that we have our motivation in the form of an unprecedented second Targeted Expansion in a row let’s get to the question. Eating just one hundred extra calories a day for one month has what effect on an average person? A-nothing at all, B-they gain one pound, or C-they gain five pounds.”

“Nothing at all, Balthazar,” Tony answers confidently. “That little an amount would have no effect. I’m sure of it.”

“Let’s find out how your competition answered, Tony.” The screen shows the word nothing. “Looks like she agrees and judging by her shape I could have guessed that would have been her answer, but you are both wrong. A hundred extra calories a month will get you one pound. Big deal, huh? But then again that would get you twelve pounds in a year if you could keep it up. On a petite little yoga instructor that would-“

“Let’s reel it in here, Bee, we don’t have all day,” Renee reminds the host.

“Sure, boss. Value please.”

20lbs -$4,000.00

Trini curses to herself.

“You’re taking on a pretty bottom heavy shape anyway. So well just pack some more junk onto what you already have in that trunk. Like say forty pounds more junk.”

By this point Trini knows the drill she grits her teeth and tenses as her hips and backside explode outward. A shelf juts out from under her love handles. Her saddlebags become rounded drooping triangles sticking out from her lumpy thighs. Her fattening cheeks push her out from the wall and seem to grow upward to obscure the small of her back and downward making the backs of her dimpled thighs disappear beneath thicker, overlapping dimpled flesh. It is clear to everyone watching, high kicks are no longer a possibility.

More gasps then applause come from the audience now as Trini’s shape is truly an amazing sight.


Balthazar grins evilly. “In all fairness, doll, I think those hips would be a 70 easy if your saddlebags weren’t melting down your thighs like that.”

Trini’s face is beat red, but it’s unclear if it’s from the effects of the Upsizer or her anger. “Laugh it up, N’sync, with the money I win I’ll get a trainer and drop all this.”

“Good luck with that. Now let’s get on with it and see if Tony here can’t get back on track. Now we are doing weight gain myths. Pick the one statement that has actual scientific merit behind it.” Balthazar looks up just to make sure the contestants are listening. “A-The type of food a person eats has more to do with where body fat is stored then heredity. B-A mother’s diet during pregnancy determines the amount of fat cells a baby is born with, therefore playing a big part in whether a person has a tendency to gain weight. Finally, C-A woman’s cup size never really changes from what heredity dictates. During weight gain fat simply builds up underneath the predetermined breast tissue giving a false allusion that the breasts have gotten larger when in fact it is just the diameter around the woman that has increased.”

“Oh I know it’s the first one, Balthazar. Mandy and I live down the street from a McDonald’s and I swear every Big Mac she eats goes straight to her belly,” Tony says.

“And the lovely, and getting lovelier, Trini’s answer?” The screen above Tony displays the final statement about cup size. “Well we got ourselves quite a little streak of wrong answers I’m afraid, folks. Jersey State University did a study of fifty mothers and the ones who were significantly overweight had a seventy percent higher chance of having their son or daughter be overweight by age five. See, now we learned something. Let’s see the money value that nobody will be receiving and the weight that Trini will be doubling.

40lbs - $8,000.00

Trini bites her bottom lip and glares out at Balthazar the whole time her body gets bombarded with eighty more pounds. This time the change is more noticeable above her massive lower half. Her face bloats and her double chin gets company in the form of two more dangling flaps of fat. The tube top stretches across her chest enough to outline the petite bumps of her nipples as well as the creases near her armpit where the blulges of fat from her upper arms squish against her breasts. Below her rack the shirt rolls over her paunch to expose a stomach that has lost the rolls in favor of becoming a large trapezoid-esque glob above her hips that is slowly funneled into a wedge shaped apron below her waistline.


“Maybe make sure that trainer puts you on an ab routine, okay babe.” Balthazar taunts the now unsteady on her feet Trini.

“Come over here and say that *bleep*, jerkweed.”

“Oh believe me I’d love to, but I got one more feeder question to ask. Let’s see if you can go three for three, slim.” Balthazar ignores the string of curse words that follow and shouts the question over top of her. “What’s the best food to eat to put on weight in a short period of time? Fatty red meats, or carb laden pastas?”

Tony once again seems confident. “Pasta, Balthazar. I know I’m right this time.”

“No surprise there that empty calories meant to store energy will produce fat quicker when not burned off then protein. Let’s see if Trini knew that.”

If the continuing stream of four letter words were not enough the display showing her incorrect answer gets the crowd worked up into a frenzy. They are anxious to see just how much over the four hundred mark the money hungry mom will get. When Balthazar calls for the amounts the display shows 25lbs and $5,000.00.

“Well let’s give the anorexic looking Mandy, who’s been so patient in waiting for her turn, a little boost of fat to help balance out her new assets, huh Renee.”

Mandy’s extra 25 pounds thankfully accumulate in her once dominant belly, but the padding of her middle only works to push out her hanging knockers and make them look even larger. Her width in general with her thick hangers covering her big belly seems almost unreal. After her fattening stops she steps out from the wall on unsteady legs and leans back to try and take some pressure off her lower back.


Then it is yet again Trini’s turn. She decides to spit in Balthazar’s direction as her breasts pull the shirt tight enough to have it looking tissue paper while it clings to life around her growing mammeries. Her matronly arms grow thicker as they slowly get pushed outward from her torso. Her saddlebags grow smaller saddlebags giving her an exaggerated wideness much wider then even her daughter that makes the rotund Renee appear downright small in comparison.


“And there are still three more questions to go when we get back folks. Join us after these messages to see if we need to get the fork truck to get Trini down off that stage or if the darn thing just collapses under her weight. Or maybe well get another targeted expansion onto little Mandy’s chest and have to call in a structural engineer to get a bra made up. Plus we got The Big Finish after all that. You’ll have to come back to find out what it is this week.”

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A short infomercial for a home gym takes up the time between segments. The camera fades back in to Balthazar up on the Upsizer stage with Trini. The disgruntled mom seems to be trying to keep her fierce exterior up, but clearly she’s exhausted just from keeping her body, that is now more then twice the size it was at the beginning of the show, upright.

“Now I’m standing here with the woman who thought she could outsmart the Upsizer and ended up over twice her size two thirds of the way through the game. But before anyone thinks I’m over here for something mean, I’d just like to say I talked with the producers because I genuinely feel bad for Trini here, who in the name of good television agreed to come out here even though she is clearly in over her head. I got them to agree to taking the money that’s in your bank right now, which is nine grand, and turning that into weight, forty-five pounds, and taking it off,” the host says both to Trini and the audience. “That would put you at just under four big ones, babe. How ‘bout it?”

“*bleep* you! I’m keeping my money. I can stand being fat if I have money. Back when I won the five hundred dollars in scratch games the guy I was seeing stopped calling me his little hippo in front of people and never made me walk to the bar from home while he drove, as long as I had enough cash to get his cigarettes. And I’m going to win more money.”

The crowd lets out a smattering of sympathy for the mom. Balthazar seems shocked, but then regains his cool. “Well then, since I came all the way over here how about a kiss. I’ll let you have one for free since you’ve been so nice.”

“Oh hell no. I’ll probably catch something just standing this close to you.”

“Don’t worry. I’ve had my shots.” Balthazar holds his position in front of the now super sized woman. For a moment it almost looks like she contemplates his offer of a kiss, but then snarls and looks away.

“We’ll talk later then. Now for the final round of questioning before the big finish. This round is based on how well Tony and Trini know the beautiful young Mandy. So let’s go. Before the show the producers brought Mandy a large extra cheese, extra sausage and pepperoni pizza a half an hour before show time. Was there any left when she went to get on stage?”

Tony quickly answers no and Trini’s answer flashes up on the screen the same. The question value comes up 40lbs and $8,000.00.

“You’re both right. So you know what that means? Trini rakes in some more dough. Tony and Mandy will have to make do with four grand and forty more pounds packed onto precious little Mandy.”

‘Little Mandy’ get a little less little, although the ability to notice the expansion has become harder with her two pendulous hangers blocking the view to her filling paunch. The blue veins starting to surface beneath her stretched skin around her downward pointing nipples are easier to spot then the slight thickening of her thighs. Her face fills in considerably and her neck vanishes under a sagging chin. The display reports what the naked eye had to look close to catch.


While the crowd expresses their appreciation Trini seems to be noticing the lovelorn looks Tony and her daughter share throughout the upsizing. The fire in the angry mother’s eye fades just a tad with the realization her daughter may really be in love.

Balthazar reads the next question. “Believe it or not even a woman as perfect as Mandy has issues with her body.” Chuckles come from the audience. “Yes, I know, I don’t understand it myself, but that leads to the next question. What body part is Mandy most critical of? Of course keep in mind this question was asked before she had tits the size of baby seals.”

Laughter from the crowd is yelled over by Tony. “Her feet, Balthazar. She hates her feet.”

“They’re so wide. I’ve had to buy special shoes since I was four,” Mandy adds.

Trini looks over in shock. “What? I always thought you hated your big belly. You cried for weeks when I told you my belly never got anywhere near as big as your was in high school even when I was pregnant with you.”

“That was before I met Tony. He loves my belly and my stretch marks.”

Balthazar, who had wandered back to his place under the large screen chimes in. “I guess we don’t need to check your answer then. Let’s see just how much more weight that stage has to hold.”

30lbs - $6,000.00

Mandy breaks through the 350 mark with a belly that finally peeks from in between her massively plumped up milk sacks. Although it may be more from her profuse sweating and leaning back on her hands causing her breasts to slide apart a tad.


Getting fattened with double the weight her daughter just got even the obscenely wide Trini gets noticeably bigger. Her knees and ankles vanish under cascading adipose tissue. Her fingers even fill into stubby little sausages, while the distinction between her sagging paunch and her billowing thighs gets distorted with all the folds and bulges that get added.


“Well you won’t be borrowing Mandy’s bras anytime soon, but forty-six F is nothing to sneeze at.” Balthazar says over the rowdy crowd noise.

“It’s more then you could handle,” replies Trini whose words seem less sharp and a bit more playful.

“Oh but, I’d so like to try,” Balthazar says with exaggerated emotion, eliciting the first half smile from Trini. “But first we have one more question before The Big Finish. The producers asked Mandy to do as many sit-ups as she could before they brought in that pizza. What was her reaction, and this is multiple choice now. Did she A-flat out refuse, B-manage two before cramping up and having to stop, or C-did she get eight before not being able to continue and getting mad at herself for not reaching ten?”

Tony seems less confident about this question. “Well, I know she didn’t get eight,” he starts. “Then I’m not sure. I don’t think she would have quit…yeah, that’s right. I think she got two, Balthazar. That’s my final answer.”

“Watch your mouth with that final answer crap, slick. Do I look like a ninety year old Rat Pack wannabe,” Balthazar snips. “Anyway, let’s have Trini’s answer.” The word refuse flashes up on screen. “Different answers, and let me say one of you is right...” Trini leans her massive bulk as forward as she can without toppling while Tony nearly falls over his lectern in anticipation. “She did two sit-ups guys. Tony’s right. Let’s get those values up there.”

35lbs -$7,000.00

The weight piles onto Mandy. Her knees start to dimple into the hanging thigh cheese that builds. Her belly final gave up pushing out and gains a little width making the rolls wrapping around her side equivalent to that of hoagie buns.


“Finally got that double H,” Balthazar notes to Mandy. She tries to smile back, but is really starting to feel the strain from keeping her top heavy bulk upright.

Trini lets out with a whimpery, “I’m going to be over five hundred, aren’t I,” in the middle of the upsizing that she apparently has gotten numb to. Her hips manage to get even wider. Her once proud saddle bags collapse under their girth into hanging globs of flesh that overlap her knees halfway down to her ankles. Not that she will be seeing them soon, since yet another thick chin formed under her already existing ones, stacking all the way down to her chest. Her breasts are enormous but the growing bunches of lumpy lard forming on her upper arms take away some of the attention.


“Well that’s all for the Upsizer and the questions. Of course besides the very apparent prizes added to your lovely ladies’ bodies there are also the monetary winnings. Mandy and Tony you have banked $36,000.00. While Lone ranger Trini pulled in a very respectable $15,000.00.” Once again the hosts pause for effect. “All of that can be doubled in the Big Finish…When we get back.”

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Commercials for an energy drink, snack chips and a DVD featuring wild drunk college women at Mardi gras run before the camera fades back in to a shot of Renee helping Mandy pull down a sports bra over her chest. Size wise the garment fits, but support wise it makes almost no difference in how Mandy’s newly massive floppers sag down in front of her belly.

Next to them Trini stands already encased in a sports bra and lycra shorts that fit the many jutting ledges and heavy folds like a second skin.

Balthazar is standing in his position, now accompanied by Tony, whom he has his arm around. “Okay, big guy,” the host says into his microphone. “All the hard work for you is done. Now it’s time for the girls, who have been just standing around,” he pauses to let the crowd react with groans and chuckles. “To earn their money.”

Renee, who is still helping get Mandy situated turns back to her co-host and clears her throat.

“Don’t worry, Ne, I’m getting to that,” Balthazar clears his own throat and adopts a very serious tone. “Now folks, for those of you that have seen the Big Finish you know what a physically demanding event it can be. Even I, in the exceptional shape I’m in have never dared attempt any of the grueling tests of conditioning the producers have devised for The Big Finish.”

A snort of disbelief comes from Renee, while Mandy and even her less grumpy mother chuckle at the joke.

“This is serious now kids. Seeing as how we have a woman who has over forty pounds of flesh stuffed into a sports bra that will likely explode if she so much as takes a deep breath, and a woman who weighs well over a quarter ton, I will allow you ladies to have the option to skip The Big Finish and go home with the money you have banked right now.” Balthazar pauses just long enough to let Mandy and Trini start to speak and then abruptly cuts them off. “But if you do decide to go on Renee will now tell you what you can win.”

Renee is now standing just off the Upsizer stage next to a screen that flashes the products as she describes them. “Well, Bee, the winner of The Big Finish will win a years worth of pizza from the Pizza Captain, a brand new wardrobe from Vast Horizons; an apparel retailer that specializes in sizes over twenty, a kitchen remodel by Kustom Kitchenz that specialize in making spaces work for people of size, and last but not least the winner’s bank will be doubled.”

The girls oooh and ahhh over the prizes.

Balthazar interrupts them salivating over what they could win. “Of course it will help you make your decision if you know what you’re doing, huh.” Above him the large screen starts flashing images again. This time the pictures resemble locations. Slowly the images slow to a shot of a split screen showing a man swimming, a woman running and a man biking. “Looks like you girls will be in the gauntlet today. All the more reason for you to think hard about just hanging it up, because the gauntlet starts out with a dozen doughnuts. When that is finished you move onto the pool.” Both Balthazar and Renee flourish with their arms toward the back of the stage where the fake brick walls lift to reveal a large in-ground pool, a pair of recumbent stationary bicycles and two separate set-ups including a kitchen counter and a refrigerator each. The crowd goes wild. Both female contestants look at each other then Mandy gives a somewhat hopeless look across the stage at Tony. “Just get into the pool and across, either walking or swimming, and then out to polish off a cake that will be waiting for you. Once that’s gone hop on the bikes and that are hooked up to monitors in front of you. Pedal fast enough to power the monitors for thirty seconds and then you can move on to the foot race portion of the gauntlet. Hustle over to the fridge and find a pickle to go with the foot long sub over on the counter. Run over and polish off the sub and the pickle and you go home a winner.”

Neither woman seems phased by the course, but of course the realization of just how heavy they are probably has not sunk in with either of them yet. In fact both Mandy and her mother move toward the starting line. It takes a little bit as both ladies, who can no longer see their feet need Renee’s help to make the twelve inch step off the stage.

“What do you say, ladies? Who wants to throw in the towel,” Balthazar asks as he walks circles around the contestants on the way to the starting line.

“Not me,” Mandy says excitedly as her man scurries next to her. “I can eat mom under the table, and at her weight she probably won’t even be out of the pool when I finish the sandwich.” Even as Mandy talks trash the slow ambling movement to the starting line causes her unbelievable bust to leak out the bottom of the sports bra.

“She’s got a point, Trini,” Balthazar admits. “If she is the bigger eater you are definitely in no shape to make up time on the athletic portion of the race.”

Trini stops waddling, as if talking and walking are too much for her lung capacity anymore. “While this big eater has been mooching off me to expand her waistline I’ve been working double shifts at the canning plant, on my feet for most of that time. If anyone has the endurance to get through this course it’s me. And even though I may not have dated guys who like to pack my stomach to near bursting, I can eat with the best of them,” Trini’s overstuffed lips curl into a sly smile and she winks at Balthazar. “I guarantee I’ll win this race right here and now.”

“Babe, if you even come close to finishing I’ll raise your arm in victory wearing nothing but my boxers whether you win or not,” Balthazar winks back.

“Don’t call me babe…until your raising my arm in your draws,” Trini shoots back. Her and Balthazar’s eyes lock in what looks like a cross between flirtatious glance and intimidating stare on both their parts.

Renee breaks up the stare down. “Looks like we got a race, everyone.”

The crowd goes nuts.

Once at the start line the barefoot and already sweating contestants wait for the starting buzzer and then take off. Despite the deafening crowd reaction the start is less the stellar. Mandy shuffles toward the pool. The jiggling of her chest is the fastest thing about her. Even slower is her mom who starts off wobbling in place and then slides her fat feet forward an inch a time.

Mandy’s sports bra has rolled up to her neck by the time she makes it the ten feet to the pool. On a pedestal is a carton of doughnuts. Her chubby fingers grab two at a time and stuff them into her face until her cheeks bulge out to capacity. Her swaying tits come close to knocking the carton off the pedestal more then once. She is on her last one by the time her mom lumbers up within reach of her own dozen. With powdered sugar working its way into the folds of her jowls Mandy heads into the pool, which thankfully for her is a zero entry one.

Once in the water with the weight of her enlarged body of her aching joints Mandy instantly relaxes and looks more comfortable. That doesn’t equal speed for her, however, as she has only meandered out to halfway across the pool when Trini plunges the last whole doughnut past her chocolate covered lips. Mandy’s uncontained bazooms react like pontoons in the chlorinated water. They float out to her sides, getting in the way of her beefy arms as she tries to paddle.

“Even weightless those things are cumbersome,” Balthazar remarks.

The mom seems more cautious then her daughter entering the pool. Even with a zero entry, one slip by a woman over five hundred pounds could mean a lot worse then simply losing the contest, and even if she doesn’t grasp just how huge she is, she knows that much.

The crowd seems torn in cheering for one or the other. Little Tony screams for Mandy at the top of his lungs. Balthazar does a running commentary of the race. “So far my clothes are staying on, Renee. It doesn’t like there is any danger of Trini striping me down to my boxers here tonight, and that is something I don’t say very often about women.”

Just as he finishes his cocky remark Trini immerses herself fully in the water and takes off in something resembling a swim. While her daughter struggles to plod through the shallow pool on her legs Trini takes advantage of her weightlessness and scissors her shapeless thighs as best she can past her competition. Trini gets to the zero entry on the far side of the pool before Mandy is two thirds across.

Out of the water the full weight of her cumbersome body hits her again and she slows back to her snails pace toward a triple layer chocolate cake sitting on a pedestal next to her recumbent bike. She keeps her lead, though, as Mandy stopped to try and stuff her floatation devices back into her sports bra. A futile effort if there ever was one, but one that the studio audience delights in watching. She gives up after Tony calls out to her that her mom is winning and continues wiggling her flabby arms around her monstrous tits to propel herself forward.

Trini makes short work of the cake. Handful after handful of the thickly frosted dessert gets crammed into her mouth as if it is something she has done many times before. Balthazar starts to wonder if Mandy’s love of overeating is really something she inherited.

Mandy has just started to make her way out of the pool when Trini finishes the cake and suddenly realizes the next part of the gauntlet may be her undoing. The crowd can see her expression change when it hits her that getting on the recumbent bike means lifting her oversized leg. Even leaning forward with both hands on the sturdy exercise equipment for support she soon finds that with her knee encased completely in fat it is tough for her to even separate her overstressed foot from the floor.

Luckily for Trini Mandy’s emergence from the water means time is needed for her to readjust to carrying the full weight of her heavy udders. She staggers sideways and even backward before finally steadying her jiggling bulk. Only then does she start to make any forward progress toward the cake.

The crowd is so loud by this point they drown out all other noise, even Tony screaming out motivation to his girlfriend. Balthazar appears to be getting worried about having to make good on his bet. If he was not Renee slapping him on the shoulder, smirking at him and making a motion with her hands as if taking off an imaginary shirt helps him. Her rolls his eyes and then whips his hat out into the audience Frisbee style. He mouths the words, “That’s all see gets until she can get past the bike.”

Trini has still not mounted the bike yet. She has changed up her tactic though. She now has plopped her gigantic rear end on the seat side saddle and has begun to twist back and forth at her waist. Odd looking at first, after three twists it becomes clear what she was doing: building momentum. With her girth moving over the middle of the bike even her inflexible leg is forced across the center, albeit rather roughly. Her ass and back fat ooze around the seat. Still, however, she is not completely in position. She still has to lift her chubby feet up to the peddles. But for the time being she just needs a breather.

Mandy cruises through the rich cake faster then her mother, but then runs into the same problem mom had. Even though she is lighter by a fair amount lifting her thick legs and bending her pudgy knees is no easy task. Added to her dilemma is the fact that she has no hope of being able to see past her large chest as it rests on her protruding gut. Even leaning forward as far as she can only causes her sweaty sacks to slide off her belly and hang pendulously in the way of any view of her feet. It does not stop her from trying, though, but after slamming her ankle into the pedal twice and then her knee into the edge of the seat she whimpers and looks around helplessly.

It takes a monumental effort for Trini to get her feet up onto the pedals but once she does the weight of her legs does most of the work keeping the pedals in motion. Soon the screen in front of her lights up with a countdown from thirty.

The crowd cheers. Balthazar shakes his head and waves his arms in an “it’s not over” kind of way.

Mandy recovers from her momentary tantrum and slowly slides her foot up the side of the recumbent bike while leaning against the seat. Soon enough she is in position and attempting to lift her feet, which she still can’t see, up to the pedals.

Meanwhile mom is down to eight seconds left, although her face has turned a slightly worrisome shade of violet-red in the process. Regardless she powers through until the counter hits zero. Rather then move on she lets her feet drop to the floor and concentrates on sucking wind.

“She’s done,” Balthazar assures everyone.

With her face almost as red as her mother’s Mandy gets her feet up to the pedals momentarily, then has them slip off. Small wonder since the portly young woman is dripping sweat and pool water.

Motivated from Balthazar’s taunt Trini rocks forward and grabs the front portion of the bike to pull her mass up and sideways. With one foot she steps far enough away from the bike that when she pushes up and away her leg once again gets dragged over the plastic center of the bike by momentum. A move which has Balthazar cursing and sliding off his leather belt with the gaudy gold buckle.

After repeated attempts Mandy gets the monitor to display the countdown, but then has her feet slip off the pedals once the timer counts down to twenty-seven and is forced to start over.

A gasping Trini moves even slower then she did in the beginning of the race towards the refrigerator. When she gets there she almost topples the thing leaning against it for support. Finding the pickles inside the fridge proves to be the easiest task of the race, but the look on Trini’s bloated face as she looks at the distance between her and the sandwich (a mere twenty feet) displays just how exhausted she is.

“Better get used to hauling that bulk around, babe,” Balthazar taunts. “Because I don’t see you dropping weight anytime soon, not with the way you eat.”

Trini scowls in his direction. Her face then lights up as if with a great idea. She glances back at her daughter, who has the countdown at twenty-three before her feet slip again and she starts to sob and curse, then Trini starts to waddle toward her sandwich goal. When she makes it to the counter she picks up the long hoagie, but instead of shoving it into her pie-hole she moves again. This time towards the two show hosts. Balthazar stares her right in her hazel eyes as she makes her way in front of him with labored movements. He stands motionless while she takes a bite of the sandwich that accounts for half of it all at once. Before she even has her first bite chewed she stuffs the remainder of the sandwich in. Balthazar huffs and then removes his jacket and tosses it aside. Trini gestures toward his t-shirt and Balthazar hoists it over his head and lets it drop onto her shoulder.

Slender but well defined Balthazar’s chest and arms are decorated with an interwoven tapestry of tattoos. Most involve large women greedily devouring a baked good.

Trini brushes off the garment and then lifts the pickle up to display before tilting back her head and letting the large green vegetable slid down her throat. Then she pulls it back out. She repeats the process two more times before licking the tip and then biting the pickle in half.

The crowd nearly takes the roof off the place. Renee cheers. Tony shrugs and runs over to help his still crying Mandy.

Balthazar starts to applaud but then sees Trini’s burst of adrenaline is starting to fade. When she teeters forward he quickly slides in underneath her arm to act as a human crutch. “Alright, babe, slowly now. Let’s just ease down right here.”

Trini obeys and as slowly as she can lets her body droop to the floor like the over four hundred pounds of body fat that covers it wants her to do.

Balthazar looks toward the camera as he continues to guide the winner. “Alright, folks, that’s all for tonight. You see we got our champ. Not only did she best her daughter and double her money, but she won the right to see me in my draws.” Even as spent and sore as she is Trini grins at Balthazar’s remark. “Tune in next week when we’ll have a female feeder who will put her already almost four hundred pound boyfriend on the Upsizer along with her ex who claims to still to be seeing her. You won’t want to miss that.” With Trini safely on the ground Balthazar begins massaging her round shoulders. Her eyes close as if in enjoyment and appreciation. “For the staff, Renee and my new girlfriend here-“ Trini gives him a playful slap on the hand after hearing the comment, but is smiling broadly. “This is Balthazar Shango saying goodnight and stay hungry.”

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Yet another good story by Elroy Cohen. You never cease to amaze me with your writing style, attention to detal, and wonderful storyplot.
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Originally Posted by Coop View Post
Yet another good story by Elroy Cohen. You never cease to amaze me with your writing style, attention to detal, and wonderful storyplot.
I'll second Co-op on that - brilliant stuff ec!

It seems to be based on Dawn French's quiz show "Size Wise" where, in true Ann Robinson Weakest Link style, she humiliates skinny contestants until they are well softened up.
“When I grow up,” she said, “I want my boobs to be as big as yours, daddy.”
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Excellent work this, just thought I'd comment to say I'll have to go look up your other writing now
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elroycohen can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokeselroycohen can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokeselroycohen can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

Originally Posted by Lardibutts View Post
I'll second Co-op on that - brilliant stuff ec!

It seems to be based on Dawn French's quiz show "Size Wise" where, in true Ann Robinson Weakest Link style, she humiliates skinny contestants until they are well softened up.
I loved that show, the short lived American version anyway. Ann’s cold, dismissive attitude intrigued me (and by intrigued I mean aroused me in an odd sort of way--maybe it was the accent).

Q to C’s host carries an attitude that I use quite often in my writing (as well as the name, as BellySpongelover recognized). He’s sharp tongued, but like Ann I think most of it’s for show.

The story itself started out as an e-mailed inside joke to a couple friends. I kind of took a shine to it, so after tweaking it so it would be understandable to people that don’t know me, toning down the pro-feeding propaganda just a touch, and adding a ton of description, I posted it, curious to see how it would be received. So I’m thrilled to hear the kind words from IrishBard, Coop, Lardibutts and forglum.

Thanks everyone.

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spartan1 has said some nice things

great stuff, awesome plot and characters are you going to do a continuation?
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elroycohen can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokeselroycohen can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokeselroycohen can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

Originally Posted by spartan1 View Post
great stuff, awesome plot and characters are you going to do a continuation?
Planning is something I rarely to with any success. I do, however, have contestants and questions for at least two more "shows" thought out (one was teased by Balthazar). I did actually start typing one only to get distracted by a different idea I had. So we'll see. Q to C has gotten a pretty good response, and stuff like this doesn't take much prompting to get me in the right mindset.

In other words, I don't really have a good answer for you.

Thanks for the compliment none the less.

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this is one of the best stories i've ever read.
i'm on formspring.

Originally Posted by Admiral_Snackbar View Post
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Great story EC! I always like reading your work. Keep up the good work.
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