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Default Nice Guys Finish... Their Meals - by AK the FA (~BHM, ~XWG)

~BHM, ~XWG - The name is Nick, not Nicky, Moore. This is my story.

Nice Guys Finish…Their Meals
By AK the FA

Chapter 1

I was born July 9th, 1978 in Emerson New Jersey. I went to Westwood
Regional School District and wrestled for most of my years there. I graduated
in 1996, and went to Rutgers University in New Brunswick. Funny things happen to people in college. Grow up, get educated, and get fat. All the sitting around and no phys-ed classes take their toll on the waistline. I graduated from there in 2000. I also went from 186 lbs to 209 in those four years without trying. Not like I really minded, I still looked good. And I kind of
liked it too.

I had a girlfriend, Laura. She was nice, considerably thinner at 119
lbs. She was a bit on the skinny side, but she loved me as much as I loved her.

After graduating, I got a job as an analyst for a tax law firm, I made sure that the numbers worked out right and no one was doing anything illegal.
It paid $59,000 a year. And health insurance. It covered the rent and the cars and the bills. Laura worked as a secretary in a firm across the street from my office. We took separate cars though, I had my Ford F-150, and she had her Honda Passport. We took separate cars because our work hours occasionally didn’t fall right in place with each other. She went from 8:30am to 5pm. I usually left the office at 5, but sometimes when a major case came in, I had to stay late.

We both worked hard, life was good. We were officially married, and had few

I didn’t really have a plan for gaining weight, it just sort of
happened. One day I’m eating dinner, and the next I find I’m eating more and
more. Laura particularly enjoyed it, and always made extra.
One day, she confessed to me that she wanted to fatten me up more than
anything in the world. I figured “why not?” it was my dream after all.

She was a beast when I came to food. I swear she can really cook
well. “Eat up Nick; I’ve got more on the way!” As soon as I got home from work she’d be waiting to fill me up with food. I didn’t bother counting calories,
just food in general. All I could eat, which turned out to be a lot more than
I thought I could. A half-gallon of ice cream at least, and a whole pizza pie or the equivalent in other foods. It was nice; having to loosen my belt like it was
Thanksgiving every day. And it was only March.

By April, since my odyssey began, I gained 13 lbs. Most of which went
to my middle.

Chapter Two

A couple of things have happened to me since I began gaining.
My clothes are getting a little tighter than I remember. I used to attribute
this to closet shrink, and the laundry. This wasn’t so bad I guessed, I just
had to buy new clothes. Laura joked, “Why have a six-pack when you can have the
whole keg!” That is pretty funny when you think about it, since that is what I
was developing.

Laura and I never talked about any goals. I was figuring she’d give up
real soon. But we could afford the extra food, and she was more than eager to feed me.

I figure I was about 262 lbs when my birthday arrived. Damn, I was
huge! I had a 46” waist that showed my girth. As a present, Laura got me I
think 6 pizza pies, which I had to eat over a two day span, Saturday and Sunday.

I sat in my large lazy-boy chair and downed slice after slice, and many bottles of soda, mostly Pepsi, Coke, and Vanilla Coke. I didn’t bother pouring the glasses; I drank straight from the bottle. When I wasn’t eating pizza, Laura made me bowls of ice cream to eat. I ate until my stomach hurt; there was no end to it!

I gained three pounds that weekend alone! (Well, I also got a $6,000 bonus from the firm, and a few new gizmos and widgets, my favorite was a new remote, one of those universal ones that you could control everything with, including the microwave, and other stuff.) I asked her why she got me this, seeing as how I could still get around easy, she replied with, “Honey, I’m going to make you so fat you’ll need it!”

That kind of told me the goal: Immobility. I looked up on the
internet that the world’s fattest man ever recorded was 1400 lbs. He could
still sort of get around. I couldn’t imagine myself larger than that, but I
sort of wanted to be it. Laura convinced me that I could do it. That was my

By Thanksgiving, I weighed 312 lbs. I had gained over 100 lbs since February. Due to my size, I was working from home now 2 days a week. Same pay, different location. It beat the office any day.
For Thanksgiving, we took a long trip to her mother’s house down in Kentucky. No, they weren’t rednecks, neither was Laura.

Her mother and sisters were all a bit overweight. Her eldest sister
being 260 lbs. They all baked so much food, and I swear I must’ve eaten as
much as a whole family would. They just kept piling it on my plate.

Thank God we took my pick-up down there; I don’t think I would’ve fit in her car.

Chapter 3

I don’t know why I gain so much weight. It just sort of appears on me. I guess my will to grow must have something to do with it, because I weighed 350 by Christmas. By the end of the holidays, I had gained a total of 25 lbs, being 375 on January 1st. Now I knew I was very fat, my belly dropped down 3 or 4 inches. Sitting with my legs close together was uncomfortable, walking and heavy exercise made me sweat. I refrained from doing anything that would burn precious calories, so I mainly just did muscle building stuff with free weights, I figured I’d need muscle to lug myself around if I got really fat. I averaged about 3 lbs a week, which is quite a lot, but seems like nothing to me compared to all the food I eat. Laura just doesn’t quit, I come home from the three days a week I spend at the office, and see a feast laid out before me. It’s just incredible!

Much to my displeasure, I went to the Doctor in March; I was 412 at this time. Instead of going to the regular one, Laura drove my up to Nanuet, NY. It was a medium sized building, like a converted warehouse. When I got to the waiting room, I was shocked to see the fattest people I’d ever seen! I actually looked like a flyweight compared to them. 500, 800 900, even one lady who looked like she must’ve weighted 1200 or more! This place was an office for fat people! The only skinny ones were the doctors, nurses, and feeders, husbands and wives, who weren’t gaining weight.

I sat down on one of their oversized bench-like chairs, and picked up an old magazine to read. After a few minutes when it got boring, I found a pamphlet about the clinic. Interestingly, it served two functions, to help people either gain or loose weight. Founded ten years ago, it has produced many fantastic results, helping people safely gain or loose weight, without weird drugs or stuff. It was, however, allowed to prescribe medication for various ailments.

I was handed a form by a guy in a white lab coat and filled it out. Turns out, insurance didn’t cover this too much, so the cost for me to visit was $40, as opposed to $10. But, luckily for me, this was only a 3 times a year, deal. On the box where you had to check “weight gain”, or “weight loss”, I put a big check on “weight gain”.

When I was called in, Laura followed in tow; I was surprised to see how big these people were. One lady passed me in the hallway who had to be 600 lbs, behind her, her husband who must’ve weighted close to half a ton, in a wheelchair.

After finding a suitable room, they told me to lie down on the examining table and took off my shirt. The nurse took my heartbeat, and blood pressure, both normal. And pricked my fat finger for a small blood sample. When she was gone, an actual doctor came in, he introduced himself as Dr. Teddy McBride, MD. After going through the basics, he began to ask me about how I was gaining. From what I told him, he wrote it down, reviewed it, and made a few suggestions.

“The biggest problem people have is cholesterol. More than safety limits can hurt you, so I would honestly watch just how much you take on of the stuff.” Dr. McBride was a rather skinny fellow, and about 5’5”, not very big either.

“As a matter of fact, the only reason my wife had to stop gaining was because of cholesterol, we’ve ‘gotta put it on hold till the levels go down again.”

“How big is she?” I asked.

“Nothing much, about 860 pounds, varies on the time of day.”

“Damn, that’s a lot!”

“We’ve got clients here who weight 1700 lbs, and are still gaining. Sure, she’s above average in size, but…”

With a new meal plan that included more food, and a request to eat more fruits, we left the office.

“Laura, dearest, how about we pick up a few boxes of pizza and ice cream on the way back?”

“Sounds great! I think about 5 pies and 3 gallons worth should do it.”

“Whoa! Slow down, that’s a lot!”

“A lot? It’s just not enough! I would prefer something more like 10 boxes and 5 gallons of chocolate and vanilla.”

“Awe, okay, here’s the deal, 8 boxes to last the weekend, and 5 gallons of my favorite flavors, we’ll break even.”


Just like I said, 8 boxes, and 5 gallons, all of it disappeared over the weekend. The bathroom scale (I am soon to outgrow) shows my weight as 422 pounds, 10 ounces. And, I’m still hungry.

Chapter 4

The new meal plan put me gaining at a steady 3 pounds a week, which means on average, about 12 to 15 pounds a month. By July, I weighted 467 lbs. I also decided to upgrade and work at home now 3 days a week. I’m not complaining, no one else is either.

I finally realized just how big Laura planned to fatten me up to when she brought home a 1000 pound scale, and a reinforced stool that I could sit on, rated to 1000 pounds. She figured I’d outgrow it in a few years. But with her cooking, it would probable be sooner then that!

My birthday came in October, the 9th. I was officially 27. I was 516 pounds at the time. Now, my belly hung down and over my knees when I was sitting, it’s absolutely incredible. 69” around, and very heavy. I now had difficulty getting up, bending over had become a challenge, along with tying shoes and other activities. But this seemed to push Laura and me farther, and harder. For my Birthday, I got a few pairs of sweatpants, huge pull over PJ shirts, and even larger PJ pants to match. I soon found out what this was for. Laura wrapped my legs in large comforter blankets, and stuffed pillows up my shirt so it looked like I had a huge belly. She evened out the rest with a blanket. I looked like I would’ve weighted about a half ton when she tied monstrous back pillows to the end of my “belly” so it dragged the ground. I figured this made me look about 1600 or so lbs.

This is my goal. She made me practice getting around and basic stuff like that, it was all very funny, and she videotaped it so I could see. I also got a lot of food, lots of it. A 30 lb chocolate ice cream cake was the best.

Time flies when you’re having fun. Laura’s birthday came and passed, I got her a Victoria’s Secret Gift Certificate, off the net, and a few nice things. Our Anniversary came on January 3rd, all I can say was it was amazing.

The real treat came on Valentines Day. I had just crested 620 lbs earlier that month, now 629. Lugging that around was no easy feat. I now has preparing to take a leave of absence from work, take a vacation. Which is what we did, we rented a beach house which we were going to spend two weeks at. The house was pretty much a bungalow, bed, bath, kitchen and living room. Although I had plans for fishing, Laura thought of something better: gaining. These two weeks would be total binging, 24/7. Laura made sure to visit every pizza place and food wholesale store.

I set up a bed in the living room adjacent to the kitchen, and put the TV where I could see it. She got back with the goods and I started eating. Since it was Valentines Day, it happened to be mostly chocolate. The best part about this place was there was no one around. There were two other groups of people about a half-mile away. It was winter; and no one liked the cold weather. I sat in my boxers eating the chocolate cake she got for me to devour; it must’ve weighted 20 lbs! Triple chocolate, with so much icing! I eventually decided to forget about the fork, I sat in front of it ate it with my hands. Laura took lots of pictures with her camera.
We made a plan; every evening I get weighted, measured, and photographed. All of this was to be recorded for “study”, whatever that meant. I was too busy eating to worry about that.
On the first day, mostly due to the cake, I packed on a whole two pounds!

Chapter 5

By Thanksgiving of the same year, I weighed 780 pounds. Now I was officially “chubby”, according to Laura, who always though of me as being too skinny, and in need of more food. Mobility is now in question, seeing as how it takes me a while to move around. My belly in about knee length, and at last check, 90” round, standing. I work from home 3 days a week, no more. I don’t even go to the office, which is good; I probably wouldn’t fit through any of their doors anyway. My monstrous gut sticks out two good feet, then droops down to my knees. Despite the lack of mobility, I can still manage to do some PC work.
I really do enjoy eating, it’s a passion for me, and I refuse to be a slave to the scale. (Well, seeing as how I can’t see the scale any more, Laura has to read it for me).

On Thanksgiving Day, the feast started early with two whole turkeys, and many dishes of greens, potatoes and stuffing’s, topped off with many boats full of gravy and milk.
And even though I thought it was over, Laura surprised me with a huge cheesecake, with blueberry topping. I was in heaven!

Getting around now is at an expense, it takes a lot of effort and time. The most movement I do is from the bedroom to the living-room and bathroom. I spend most of the day on the couch, or in my Lazy-Boy arm chair at the computer, reviewing banking documents via the internet. Christmas came and went, along with the constant binging and downing of greasy foods. By the New Year, I weighed in at 824 pounds. I planned to quit work and retire sometime soon, I figure when I hit 900, I’ll call it quits, devote myself to gaining without the worry of work.

On a good day, I can pack in five whole pizza pies, and 2 gallons of milk, or soda. And up to 6 gallons of ice cream. I also eat a lot of chips, and nachos. I get a lot of TV watching done.

Laura is still keeping up with the photo records, every day, like clockwork, I undress and get weighed in, then photographed. I am averaging about one pound a day, which is a world record (I figure it is).

I went and saw the doc in February, and he gave me the usual report, “Well, you’re healthy, cholesterol is normal, sugar is alright, surprising, but you’re in good health. People your size and above usually aren’t too healthy. Good for you, keep up the good work!”

I have no intention of stopping, even as I passed 850 at Valentine’s Day, my appetite didn’t degrade as my mobility did, if anything, the burden of my belly made me more aware of just how much I weighed. It hard for me to do much now, I try to keep movement to a minimum. Lying down on the couch works for me, although, I prefer to sit up, or recline in one of those types of chairs.

One of the more severe problems associated with my girth, other then shrinking furniture seats, is clothing. I cannot wear blue jeans or most shirts. XXXXL is tight on me, and since I have a 102” waist sitting, I cannot wear normal pants. I stick to sweat pants and baggy t-shirts. Shorts are better since I generate a lot of heat.

900 pounds came before I knew it. It was early June, and I suddenly stepped on the scale and saw it reading 901 lbs!

Just like I promised Laura, I sent in my resignation and ID card. I was also lavishly treated to 10 boxes of pizza and an equal sized helping of ice cream. Now I knew for sure that this is what I wanted to do forevermore.

Chapter 6

I knew by this time I had to be one of the fattest people in the US. Laura was very proud of me, and my on-going growth. I knew this had to end relatively soon; I couldn’t do this forever, could I? I really don’t know. All I did know was the number for pizza delivery, and how much to have ready to pay the delivery guy. It was simple; I left the right amount of money in the hallway of our small house and told him to leave it there. When he was gone, with his $5 tip in hand, I would get up, waddle over, and bring it back to the living room, where I spend most of my time.

I wondered how much I could possibly weight before I would call it quits. I figured at 1300 or 1400 I would stop. I was drinking a lot of milk lately, in order to make my bones strong enough to handle the added weight. I was already worried enough with falling and not being able to get up. So I mainly stuck to laying on the fold-out futon bed in the living room. I had the computer on the table next to me and the TV in front. Although, I did sleep with Laura in our bedroom, now relocated to the first floor, since I couldn’t do stairs anymore, my belly dragged on the steps and my width was bigger then the stairwell. I was nearly immobile already, and couldn’t see my feet on the floor, so risking it with steps wasn’t a good idea.

Despite my enormous size, the intimacy between me and Laura did not decrease along with my mobility. She probably wouldn’t like me talking about what our amazing sex life is like without her knowledge, so all I will say is: wow, incredible, and amazing.

Now up to 966 and 6 boxes of pizza per day I am beginning to have issues with walking to the shrinking bathroom, and so came another time to re-arrange the house. The wall between the master bed and bathroom was removed, and my living quarters was relocated to there. The master bedroom was now adequately sized to accommodate all my needs. And our general bedroom was relocated to where the living room once was. Making my new room the living room, yeah, it’s hard to follow.

My new living room has a fridge and small food preparation area in one corner. A microwave and toaster over take up the counter, and a table to put food on sits next to my bed, along with the PC. Everything I want is within arms reach, and whatever I can’t get, Laura is at the ready to respond.

My belly has grown to flap over my knees when I’m sitting and over either side of my legs as well.
August, September, October, and November came around. By this time, I had well surpassed half-a-ton in weight.

I knew that I was becoming hard to care for, since my mobility was impaired. Laura had an idea. She wouldn’t tell me about it, but I had a good idea what it was.

All I knew was she packed up our things and rented a U-Haul trailer for my Pick-Up. She sold out the condo, and her little car, since I would never be able to fit in it. And with me in the back seat, all squeezed in. Since when I got the pick-up, I got the extended cab version, it was rather roomy in the back. Even though my gut pressed against the front seats and made for some rather uncomfortable moments, it was an alright trip. IT was good because I got to eat all the McDonalds and fast food I could see for the 500 mile trip. I think she spent a total of $150 a day for the three day trip on food for me. We stayed in cheap motels; I think I wouldn’t have fitted easily in most of their confinements. Laura took some cool pictures of me trying to take a shower and trying to get into the chairs and various types of furniture. I must say it was a nice trip. I felt the destination was much nicer.

We arrived in Georgia at about noon, on November 20th, a few days before Thanksgiving. She informed me as soon as we crossed the state line that I would be continuing my weight gain with the help of her Mother, and sisters. Who were themselves, rather porky.

Chapter 7

We made it to Halloway, Georgia at 2pm, after driving around in the backwoods for a while, we finally found a desolate dirt road, and followed it to a small town. With very few people in it. Getting directions from a local, we soon reached the outskirts, through another forest; finally, we found her family’s house. Small, two stories, colonial home, with a large open garage connected to the house. The family, made up of her Mother, Ann; two younger sisters (19, and 23) Mattie and Rachel. Her father, Gary, was also into weight gain, for he himself weighed well over 300 pounds. I slowly lumbered out of the truck to be met by the family. Their first reaction was of astonishment, then, “Whoa, Nicky, she’s been depriving you, look how skinny you are! We need to get you up to speed!”

“Laura! Look at him; he’s all skin and bones!” Ann exclaimed, matting my enormous, exposed belly.
They slowly led me though the house, as I waddled by, I made mental notes of everything, most importantly, the locations of the refrigerators and pantries.

The father, Gary, was busy in the garage attached to the back of the house. It had a doorway leading into the living area, which he was occupied with widening. He had a large double-door assembly on the floor, and was fitting the opening with shims and the correct holders.

After being introduced, he showed me the garage, better known as my bedroom. Over the past few weeks, they had put in a huge, sturdy bed, carpet, better insulation, windows, and furniture, to make the three-car garage look exactly like another room in the house. They still had the motor-powered garage door though, Laura hinted to me that it would be for when I’m too big for the double-doors that give access to the rest of the house. Well, I was 1025 pounds, and I figured it would be for when I have to use a motorized bed to get around, not for when I’m bigger then the 8’ span of the doors. I doubt I’ll get past that point.

Thanksgiving finally arrived after I managed to settle in. They spent the entire two days before in the kitchen, filling the house with warm smells of baking food. They didn’t let me enter it, Laura said it was “To add more anticipation” as I binged out on pizza and ice cream, awaiting the feast not too long away.
The day came when they finally let me into the living room, which now had a large U-Shaped table in the center. Around the table, were a total of three turkeys, many whole pans of potatoes, green beans, buttery rolls, and even more tantalizing, fatty delights.

They plopped me down in the center, on a two-seat sofa, and sent me to work. Mouthful after mouthful went into me, but still I wanted more, even after three hours, and the clean table, I still craved for more…
And more…
And more…
And more…

The only reason I stopped was we were out of food. And I mean totally out of food. Even though by gut was full to the brim, I still wanted more, they eventually made an assembly line to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches fast enough to keep up with me eating them. I finally gave up out of exhaustion, my belly taut and full, and my mouth tired, and watery, and eventually, I dozed off where I sat. From what they tell me, they pushed the sofa on a small dolly to the bedroom, and as a team, rolled me onto the bed. A rather large feat considering my size. After they left, Laura undressed me, and put one of those fancy vibrating pads on my belly, in hopes that it would speed up digestion. Then, she too fell asleep.
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Default Nice Guys Finish... Their Meals (BHM, XWG) Pt. 2/2

Chapter 8

I slept from 9 that night until 2 pm the next day. 15 hours is a long time to sleep. When I finally woke up, I found Laura right by my side, rubbing my belly, which, if I leaned off to the side, could almost cover her upper torso.
She read off the count of what exactly I had eaten:
• 3 whole butterball turkeys.
• 8 pounds of potato filling and stuffing.
• 6 whole pizza pies.
• 3 gallons of milk and soda.
• 10 gallons of cream
• 5 gallons of various flavored ice cream.
• 89 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
• 21 pounds of chocolate, melted or solid.
• 3 cheesecakes, with blueberry topping.
And more then i could remember, having no recollection of most of the evening.
Think that’s a lot, well, so do I. I wouldn’t have believed it if she hadn’t taped it. When I tried to get up, I realized I couldn’t. I mean it, I just couldn’t get up. Various rolls of fat pinned me to the bed. By belly, now drooping past by knees and onto my shins, even with my legs spread out on the bed, wouldn’t budge. I must’ve grown new luv-handles over the night, because my arms rested rather comfortably on these new ones jutting out two feet from my sides. It took about half an hour, but I finally made it to the scale, in the corner, which was indeed difficult because my belly kept smacking my fat ankles, and even with my hips sticking out from the sides and forward, it still hanged close to the floor. The scale, which could read up to a ton, after a few seconds, read my weight as being a whopping 1220 pounds! Wow! I never thought I’d get this far, I’m only 180 away from the record.

“Laura, if and when I do get past 1400, the record…” I said, as I sat in bed next to her, lunch (2 whole pizza pies) sitting in front of me, “I say we don’t let the record people in on it.”

“Why’s that, Nick?”

“Do you honestly want this place crawling with reporters, and paparazzi, and visitors, well-wishers, ill-wishers, and weight-loss fanatics, do you?”

“Definitely not!”

“Well, spread the word to your family, I’m sure they feel the same way too.”

“Can we tell the world when were done?”

I though for a second, and then, I made a fast decision. “Who says it’s got to ever end?” I quipped, even though it sounded like a joke, I meant it. Laura must’ve felt the same way, judging by the long kiss that followed, and the rather enjoyable fun that came during the night.

Chapter 9

It amazing what happens when exercise is impossible. In order to maintain enough muscle to get what little mobility I still have to work, I do simple stuff. I stretch in the morning; basically I do reaches, try and grab my toes, my belly button, which gets farter away from me every day.

I haven’t seen my knees in about four months, ever since my gut surpassed them for good. My belly is approximately two feet high, and sticks out to my ankles, which are spread wide apart, and my gut takes up the “V” shape they make, and then flaps over the sides of my legs a good two feet.

My luv handles rest a foot above my stretched out hips, so my arms are comfortably resting upon rolls and rolls of fat. Being 1250 pounds makes everything a challenge, except eating; which I am very good at. Nearing Christmas, I wonder what I’ll be getting. Definitely food, maybe a new camera, more food; and hopefully a new mattress, my current one was felling a little bit uncomfortable. Well, I did take up nearly all of it, Laura slept next to me, on a queen sized bed bolted to mine, so it’s like one big huge bed. She says that well need a third one because I’ll outgrow even these two.

Maybe she’s right. I have gained over half a ton in less then four years. Maybe someday I’ll reach a ton, maybe more…

The Christmas binge came and went, and so did the one for Valentines Day (I particularly enjoyed that one), and so with the passing days and month, my weight skyrocketed. Between Thanksgiving, and Valentines Day, I gained over 300 pounds! Making me at 1586 lbs. I knew this had to be the world record; my gut now dragged the floor in the rare times I got up. And my hips now take up the entire bed, since they’re about 8 feet wide. My belly reached past my feet and touches the end of the bed, and will soon topple off the edge. I might also fulfill the records of largest waist, hips, and chest. Yes, I now have large, flat, and heavy boobies, which don’t look feminine in the slightest. They reach out almost three feet off my chest, and I figure that they’re about 140 inches around now, Laura hasn’t measured in about three months. But my belly’s growth has been accurately recorded for the longest time. As of March 1st, it was measured in at 255 inches around. That’s twice the previous record, held by his fatness, Walter Hudson.

I’ve got no clue as to the dimensions of my hips; they’re about 6 feet wide, which means they’re a minimum of 12 feet around while sitting. And are about 16” high, so were talking about at least 15 feet here. I don’t know what the record for those is, but I’ve certainly passed it.

In early March, Laura took me to a similar fat-friendly clinic down here. This one was nice, only much bigger and could accommodate more people my size. I was forcibly heaved into the back of my truck, and had the cap put over me. It was a tight fit, seeing as how my belly formed a near perfect rectangle in the bed of the truck. It was a three hour drive (it would only take 1 of I was a lot lighter and if we hadn’t stopped for fast food 4 times along the way, hehehe). When we arrived, we were greeted by a large red brick building, and were told to drive around back. There was a big loading door that’s usually used for unloading trailer trucks, I was hoisted out and put on a large electric dolly, various belts and ropes were used to keep my belly from rolling off and making it break. The same was done for my hips. The dolly was about the size of a king size bed, and with me laying down on it, naked, with my gut all tied up, made for a lot of interesting pictures.

Chapter 10

I was carted through a maze of wide hallways, getting gawked at by people one fifth my size. The next biggest person next to me was a 900 pound lady named Marina. Who Laura made conversation with while we waited, which the doctor said, would be about 30 minutes. In the mean time, Laura undid my constraints, letting my belly flow over the sides and onto the cool floor.

The doc came in, redid the ropes, and wheeled me into an examining room. It looked a lot like an old High School science lab, with high tables all over the place. With the help of about 4 strong nurses, I was rolled onto one, and raised up much like a car at a body shop.

After getting the routine information from me, they took x-rays and a blood sample. While waiting for the pictures to develop, the doctor gave me the rundown about the blood work.

“Well, here’s the story, you have a very low blood sugar level, Mr. Moore.”

I couldn’t believe it!
“Yes, turns out that your family has a history of this happening among people who are over about 250 pounds, and no one knows why.”


“Yes, and given your current state, I’d recommend you to increase your sugar intake by about 75 to 100%. In order to make sure things don’t get out of hand, I’m prescribing you this blood-glucose testing set, which you should use every other day, in order to make sure your levels are normal. We think it’s that because you’re so large, your body eats up all the sugar real fast in order to make energy for you to live, and grow. The more you grow, the more sugar you need. However, I still expect you to maintain a balanced diet; this is not a permission slip to pig-out and not eat anything healthy.”

“No problem, doc.” I said with a series of rapid, wiggly nods.

Then the technician came in.

“Well Mr. Moore, your bones appear to be normal, you have a fracture hear that has healed since you were 17, and the regular assortment of dents and scars. Your bones are as good as anyone’s. Since you’re obviously not getting any smaller, I’d advise you to drink more milk, more often.”

“But I’m already doing a quart a day!” I whined.

“Then make it two or three. Chocolate milk counts as milk too!”

“And your cholesterol levels are right at normal.”

When the docs said their piece, I was subjected to a physical exam, but an easier one for someone my size.
I had to walk 20 feet, turn around, and walk back. I was given a dolly for my belly, since it drags the ground, and two stabilizer bars that were 4 feet high running the length of the course. I could barely fit between them, so they got out a can of spray Pam and gave my luv handles a good greasing, so I would fit. It took me nineteen minutes to do the 40 foot distance, without any help. They recorded the times, heart rates, and breathing rates, both of which were higher than a normal person’s.

Along with that, they gave me a body fat weigh-in. Basically, they put me in water, and record the displacement, put in my height and other stuff and one way or another, figure it out to a percentage. One way or another, they figured out that I’m about 91.25% body-fat.

Chapter 11

When all the testing was over, they hooked me up with harness, much like the kind that rock climbers wear, only larger and more comfortable, and guided me into the bed of the truck, which now had a complimentary mattress in it so it would be more friendly to my rear, and sent us on our way.
When I finally got home, Laura approached me with a suggestion, and a plate of cookies.

“Nick, I’ve been thinking…”

“Okay… oh can I have another one!”

“Alright, I want to gain weight too. I mean, not to be as skinny as you-” (She did this almost every day; she would tell me I’m much too skinny, and that I could use more food. She read off some web-thing that it’s a psychological affect to get your feedee to eat more. It’s working)

“But sill be big enough to keep up a little. Well, what do you think, dearest?”

I though for a moment, thinking about any side effects; none. “You know, I can easily see you with another 300 or so pounds on. Here, you eat the cookies.”

“Well, let me get some more ice cream, you look hungry…”

It began the next day, which thankfully, was a Saturday, so Laura was off from work. Basically in her shorts and t-shirt she sat next to me on the bed. Her family kept us supplied with all the food we might ever need. I dared her to eat as much as me for one meal, which she could almost do. She has always had a painfully flat stomach, it was amazing to watch and feel it bloat out with the food she ate. We did this every day after work, and all day on the weekends.

After a month of this tireless bliss, she weighed 143 pounds, a 25 pound gain over 30 days.
And of course, I ate my massive amounts of Hershey’s and Reece’s and cookies and brownies and ice cream and cake and pastries and pretty much anything that would fit in my awaiting mouth. I gain a steady 1.5 pounds every day, which amounts to about 61 thousand calories required to pull it off.

After three months on that diet, I clocked in at 1744 pounds, Laura was an astonishing 219 pounds! She actually had a slight double-chin now! He hips were about twice as wide as before, he once large, round and perfectly placed boobs began to drift south with their increasing size. Despite my numbers rising, I don’t see much of a change in my appearance. Perhaps it’s merely growing where I cant see it, or maybe it’s just making my current blubber more dense, I don’t know. But what I do know is that I’m hungry… very hungry.

Chapter 12

You may say, “Why do I do it?” Or you might ask, “How did you get to be so fat?” I simply say “I live life to the fullest, and to me, the FULLEST is referring to my belly.” Honestly, even though I am totally immobile, I am happier now than when I was one TENTH my current size. I love to eat as much as I can, I am on a mindset to be the fattest man in history, and go far past that. I get joy from watching my body wiggle and jiggle. I adore the love and pleasure I get from Laura on a constant basis.

When will I stop? Until they cant find a place big enough to keep me. Which means…. NEVER!
Being a mere 1800 pounds makes me sad, I want only to increase my weight, I love watching the large LED scale on the wall keep rising in number, it records weight down the thousandth of a pound, I get orgasms watching it go up, and up, and up…

I love the challenge of trying to have sex with a body my size; I have to roll on my side, and get doused with a lot of olive oil and other lubes, because my many rolls of fat are a trap, making access to my privates nearly impossible. But, it can be, and has been successfully done many times. Laura’s hands and body slide around like melting butter on a hot skillet. I’m so big, that I can’t even see what she’s doing down there, there was a time when she fit her whole body under my belly. It’s both painful and exciting for her to play around with my belly button, which is about 8 inches deep. Once, we took two chairs and put them on wither side of me, and a strong piece of wood between them, and heaved my gut over it, exposing what she wanted. And the best part is, I couldn’t do anything to stop her!

Laura is now pushing 250, and is thinking about stopping at about 450-500 pounds. She eats along with me, on the bed or in the kitchen. I am 1875, and even though I have issues moving my huge, flabby arms, I still want to eat more. Doing claps and reaches keep them functioning. My legs don’t get much work because of the massive size and load they bare; I keep those working by wiggling around under my belly, shifting myself a little bit. Even though my leg moves, the fat stays in the same spot; it’s odd, but very funny. Laura is busting me right now because of the size of my chest, which resembles two big pillows sitting atop of my belly. I prefer to swing them off to the side, because I balance plates and other stuff there. I can fit a whole pizza box easily atop my belly.

I don’t really have meals anymore, I eat a lot of food, three times a day, and the rest is a constant between-meals binge.

I stood up for the first time in two weeks today, and the family took my measurements. I have a 300 inch belly, which drags the floor, a 176 inch butt, and a 120 inch chest measurement. The closest I can bring my legs together is 3 feet, caused by the hugeness of my calves. Being nearly 1900 pounds, Laura and I haven’t had normal intercourse in about 800 pounds, What is nice is she covers herself in butter and wiggles under by belly, and between my hips.

Life is sooooooo good.

Chapter 13

1900 came and went, along with the ability to walk under any circumstances; they simply can’t support me anymore. My legs look like swollen sausages with hundreds of lumpy rolls on top of each other. At their widest point, each leg is 5 feet in circumference. My arms are still capable of working, despite the fact that they are 56 inches around at my bicep. They get slightly thinner as they reach my wrist, and roll slightly over my hands, I look as though I am covered with big thick pillows. I can no longer reach my hips, since my elephantine luv handles have expanded over them. But, the hips have fought back, widening under them, and shooting out farther, way beyond my reach. I need constant back support, because if I lay back too fast, my belly rolls over my face! At night, this is countered by a series of karate-style cotton belts. As of now, Laura is just over 300 pounds, as you can see; I am a very lucky guy, hehehe.

She is averaging about a pound a day now, less then my almost 2 per day, but still a lot. Watching her belly gradually expand and droop is quite fun.

In comparison, since I can’t seem to be able to post any pictures of me up, looking at the picture on the left, I am four times as wide, and my belly totally obscures my legs.

Basically, from where the photographer was standing in that picture, my belly would be bumping their feet.
Amazingly enough, the day I turned 2000 pounds, was the day she reached 400 pounds! It was a big surprise to me when she stepped on the scale after me. Four hundred luscious pounds of jiggling fat, I’m downright amazed, she did it so fast, it blew me away. But, with all the food she eat, I wasn’t as shocked as others might’ve been.

All she did was eat, and feed me. Often, she would straddle atop my belly and spoon-feel me ice cream.

But, I truly believe that we celebrated in lavish style. They hauled me into the kitchen, there I was before them, an enormous 2000 pound mountain of gluttony. They were impressed, to say the least. Even though I saw them every day, they were still awed by my size.

I was impressed with all the food they had prepared. Roughly 500 Big Mac sized cheeseburgers, twenty 18-inch cheesecakes, a thousand or so cookies and brownies, and an unimaginable amount of chocolate bars. I had never seen so much food in my life. I was sitting up on the bed, Laura came over and wiggled my belly,

“Eat up, Nick. You’re looking a bit on the thin side.

Naturally I had to agree, they set me up in a reclining position, and began to do their work, I ate more then I knew I could hold, I ate so much I though my belly was going to explode. When I told Laura this, after about 2 hours of eating, she said with a giggle, “But we’ve not even started!”

Her mother added in, “We won’t stop until you gain at least 200 pounds!”

Oh Man! I though to myself, too tired and full to protest. They were becoming obsessed with feeding me; I saw the look in their eyes that they weren’t going to quit until I was truly the size of the house! I smiled, and grabbed another cheeseburger; I had a long way to go…

Even after three days of their unrelenting work, they never slowed their pace. Not once letting my mouth go empty for more then ten seconds. They didn’t even worry about glasses for the milk and soda; they simply poured it through a funnel into my mouth. I couldn’t resist, I didn’t have the will to say no, it felt way too good, to feel the food churning and sloshing around in my belly. I could almost feel myself expanding…
By day seven I figured they must’ve been low on food, they had to have been, I’d eaten so much of it. But when I asked them to turn me so I could see the kitchen, I was wrong. There was still a lot left, so much more, I would be busy for a month!

Chapter 14

And so I was, every day, so many I lost count, being massively fattened by Laura and her family.
Like they said, they stopped when they ran out of food. They had literally fed me everything in the house! They pushed me back into the bedroom and put the scale under the bed, permanently, so I wouldn’t need to stand up for that ever again. Since we began, 37 days ago, I had gained 458 pounds! My grand total was 2464 pounds, eight ounces! Now I was truly immobile, I couldn’t even move my legs, fat from my ankles pillowed out over my feet, as well with my arms. My sides now jutted out another three feet, as so I couldn’t even reach them halfway, and my hips surpassed those by another foot. My belly hung drastically off the end of the double king size bed, to fix this, Laura put a table under it. Upon measuring the distance, my belly button was 12 feet away from me. Laura managed to get my waist measurement, and found it out to be 528 inches! 44 feet! My hips, about 350 inches!

I could hardly lift my arms, which at my bicep, were 58 inches around. Two feet at my wrists! I am now a nearly total blob of wiggly, jiggley blubber. My gut aches with all the stretching of the skin, but the pain feels so good. All I can do is eat, and that’s what I’m going to do.

I don't even talk all that much anymore, generally a groan of hunger sends them running to my room with food on carts, sometimes still hot from the ovens. I eat as much as they can cook, and when they rotate on and off in shifts, i never go hungry. Today it is ham, I crave ham for some reason, five whole honey hams with pineapple trim and sweet potatoes will suffice for now, but later this morning, I don't know, I hope they can cook fast, because today, I'm hungry.

Chapter 15

Needless to say, a 2500 pound man will turn a few heads at a doctor’s office, even one with abnormally fat people there already. I have to say though; I’m about three times the weight of the next fattest person there, who was about 800 pounds, and not gaining weight, which was a shame though, she might look good with other 400 or more pounds on. I took up most of the waiting room, they had to use four dollies to move me, along with a web of bungee chords and sheets to contain my large flowing rolls of fat.

When they wheeled me through the halls, I couldn’t see where we were going, my belly sticks up nearly four feet when I’m laying down, my boobs flap over my shoulders and my head nestles right between them, making movement of my arms impossible.

“Well Mr. Moore, we have your blood-work in and turns out everything about your health are normal, minus the fact that you’re 2300 pounds overweight.”

“Nice.” I couldn’t see his face, my belly was flopped up pressed against my chin, he was standing on the other side of me, If he wasn’t talking, I wouldn’t have known he was there. My breathing rate was predictably slow. All the weight on my chest did slow such things down. They didn’t even bother with making me do exercises; the fact that I couldn’t raise my arms convinced them I was totally immobile. The most I can do is wiggle my feet, and move my forearms slightly.

The only thing I can complain about is the facts that I have lost the ability to do such joyous things like masturbate and have regular sex. Although Laura has found interesting and even more fun ways to pleasure me.

I haven’t left the house in over three years. I haven’t walked in about five. Even if I did loose a ton, I don’t think I’d be able to do much. My life is all eating, all day, and all night.

I weight 4,261 pounds, and love every wiggly ounce. Laura loves it even more then I do. She herself weights 489 pounds. I can only move my head, hands, some of my forearms, and my feet. I can do nothing on my own, not even eat. My bed has hydraulic lifts in it, so I can adjust my back position.

I have a lot of trouble when I’m lying on my back. Obviously, breathing is one of them. My belly is 612 inches around, and is the size of a car. Laura has found it near impossible to get around it. So in the spirit of American ingenuity, we found a solution. Basically, cut a trap door under my inner thighs and butt, so Laura can wiggle in and get what she wants. This is also useful in helping me go to the bathroom.

We decided since my last shot at gaining, that I could only do it once a year, because it was becoming quite expensive to feed me. I chose to do it on Valentine’s Day.

They brought in what looked like a 50 gallon drum of melted chocolate. And to my dismay, five more barrels like it. They hoisted them up over my head and attached a funnel to the bottom of the can, and a tube leading to my mouth. All I had to do was swallow. No chewing or wasting other precious calories like that, all I had to do was swallow.

Laura did some strangely erotic things, like rubbing chocolate all over her, then letting me lick her clean.
It took me five days to finish the first barrel, and I already had 78 pounds under my belt of solid gain.
After a month, I was done. Totally finished. I could not hold another ounce of chocolate. My din-tested stomach rose up 5 feet off the bed, and was as solid as a wall. I was in orgasms without any cause, Laura was enjoying it immensely, laughing and giggling as I struggled to move and breathe. My belly was so tight, you cold sit on it and it wouldn’t sink an inch. It was like I had swallowed a car! It barley wiggled! That was the greatest day of sex in my life, Laura worked her way around everything and gave me pleasure I had never experienced before. It lasted for hours and hours. Even as my stomach settled down, she wouldn’t quit.

When it was all said and done, they weighed me in at a monstrous, gargantuan 4, 879 pounds. And I’m still never tired of eating.

I cannot resist food, of any kind. I prefer cookie dough and ice cream. I have come to realize that I have to eat nearly all day to maintain my weight. Which isn’t a problem; I’ve got plenty of help.

My arms have grown too big to move, and they sit comfortably atop my expansive luv handles which stick out six feet out from my arm pits. I haven’t even seen my feet in many years, except when Laura takes a picture of me. But, my belly has grown over them, entombing them in my many rolls of fat.

Even though I know I am the biggest, I still crave to eat more. The feeling of me being stuffed completely, then cramming in more is the greatest I have ever known. Even though we tried to even out my growth, I plan on gaining more. Much more. Perhaps you’ll hear form me again soon…

What of the future? All I see is Laura’s smiling face, my wiggling, my immoveable body, and what she wheels in, all for me.

[Author’s Note:] Wrote this one about... sheesh, probably 6 years or more ago at this point, leme know what you think

-AK the FA
'Tis Himself

"I don't know. I'm making this up as I go." - Indiana Jones

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Other half is coming around in a different thread, leme know whatcha think
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"I don't know. I'm making this up as I go." - Indiana Jones
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Default re

I do enjoy the Intensity and consequence you bring into this story
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Mr. Jigglesworth
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Its like you got inside my head and wrote it all down in story form, I loved it and wish I could live it.
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I loved it. you just made my day please write more BHM stories
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Damn is this sexy! Love it!
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While I prefer stories where the hero/heroine remain mobile, I really enjoyed this one. Your descriptions allow for very realistic fantasizing. Immobility rarely sounds so good!
"Eat, Eat! You will gain weight and be more attractive!"
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Ravens-son has said some nice things

This is one of my favorite WG stories out there, a near-perfect distillation of one of my greatest fantasies. Wish AK would write more.
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