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Default Tricks and Treats by J.P. (~BBW, ~XWG, Breast Expansion, Ass Expansion)

~BBW, ~XWG, Inflation, Breast Expansion, Ass Expansion - A shocking Halloween tale

[Author’s Note:] Been awhile since I wrote anything, and this was very much on the fly. But I needed to break out of my writer's block. Hope you like it.

Tricks and Treats
By J.P.

He went through his Halloween checklist; candy bars (the large kind), suckers, spider rings, silly string. Then he walked to the front gate and turned on the various animated and inflated decorations that went from the gate to his door. He turned on the lights and sound effects as he reached the door and picked up a bag of leaves that he’d collected the day before and set them on the welcome mat that said ‘Boo!’ which covered the trap door he’d designed. Once inside he turned on the mini-cams at his gate and strategically located at different viewpoints. With all of the decorations and distractions one could barely see the front door at all, with a flick of a switch by the front door, the trap door on the other side fell open silently (padding was on the wall that it would fall into). The bag of leaves wooshed down noiselessly as at the same time a speaker kicked on with a bloodcurdling shriek. He checked the monitors, no one would see a thing from the streets, and the awning would block any aerial view. The sound effects would cover any other noise and make it seem that nothing strange was going on. The trapdoor quickly reset itself into a waiting position. It was going to indeed by a Happy Halloween.

On Halloween he acted as the perfect trick or treat house. It was decorated like a movie set, he gave out great candies and lots of it. Most of the day he spent giving treats to the children and waving hi to the parents. When no one was trick or treating he monitored the cameras for potential up and down the street. His first came at a rather early hour, only 3 PM. She was wearing a rather uninspired attempt at a cat girl or something. He couldn’t quite tell, it mainly consisted of a sweatshirt of the nearby university, jeans, and cat eared tiara along with a rather weak attempt at painting whiskers on her cheeks. She held a plastic grocery bag of treats in one hand while cracking her gum and went through his gate and up the walk, taking rather bored glances at the decorations. Using the monitors he checked up and down the street; no one. “Come into my parlor…” He whispered.

She cracked her gum again before pushing the doorbell. “Trick or Treeaaaaaaa..!” she screamed as the trapdoor turned into open air and she started falling down a chute. She came into contact with the metal slide very quickly and soon it wasn’t a free fall, but a free slide that twisted and turned into darkness as the trapdoor closed overhead. Shelly continued to scream as she saw the slide ending into a lighted room; how far she slid was anyone’s guess. The slide ended and she dropped a few feet onto plastic mattresses, before she could get her bearings metal tube near the matt puffed a cloud of acrid mist into her face. Before she could stop herself she had breathed in a lungful and found her limbs begin to tremble and shake. “Help! Helppp…” she managed to gurgle before she fell motionless to the mat. She was conscious but unable to move. Shelly’s mind was going fast though as she replayed the events that led to her current predicament. Being a pledge at her sorority meant doing dumb things, like dressing up on Halloween when you’re 18 and trick-or-treating for candy that the other girls would eat. Now she had no idea what was going on, was this a trick by them? Was she going to be killed? How the hell did she get here?

He walked in and saw her motionless body. She was perfect, slender, young, attractive, and stupid. He was dressed in his favorite costume, that of a mad scientist. It wasn’t hard, he was a mad scientist after all. White lab coat, black pants, latex gloves, glasses. He walked up to her and picked up her wrist, felt her pulse, then looked into her eyes, stretching her cheeks down so he could her irises and that they could still dilate and contract. She was fine. He used a fireman’s carry to pick her up and lead her deeper into his lair.

Shelly was often unable to see what was going on because of the way her head would loll as the man carried and dragged her into the next room without saying a word. The place wasn’t a true house of horrors, more like a high tech lab of some kind. The next room was huge and well lit with all kinds of strange equipment and gear about. Where was she? How could all of this be beneath his house? He walked her to a chair that had slim metallic rods sprouting from it and dropped her into it. From there he reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a remote control. To her horror the rods came to a spider like life and began to pull on her clothes and manipulate her into a secure seated position. They had tools as well, some had padded pincer hands that could grip her firmly but not pinch or pierce her skin. Others ended with cutting tools. Shelly thought they were going to start cutting her up like a robotic torture surgeon. One pincer lifted her limp arm, which she tried to pull away with all her strength, as another arm with a protruding knife positioned itself at her wrist. With a deft motion the blade was slitting up the sleeve of her sweatshirt, another pair of arms repeated the process on the other sleeve. Within moments her outer clothes were removed leaving her breathless and nearly naked in her bra and panties, her slight frame and fragile looking body was glistening with cold sweat at what might happen next.

He nodded, this was indeed a great first catch, and she was perfect for what he had in mind. Turning he pointed the remote to some machinery behind him. Like a hive of metallic ants the machines came to life and scuttled forward in clockwork synchronicity. Shelly watched in dread as they approached her, assembling various apparatus along the way. The mass continued clicking, scraping, and scuttling forward, bringing with them…whatever it was, Shelly couldn’t make it out yet. Soon, as he watched with a large smile on his face the machines were building and assembling the rigging right up to her chair and then up to her terrified face. Suddenly the machines all withdrew, pulling with them the covering that had partly obscured the long track of rollers covered by a wide belt of plastic. The track extended back some six feet or so where it entered a square mouth of a large and ominous metal box, studded with buttons, dials, and lights. At another press of the man’s remote those lights started blinking and gauges came to life. Steam and noises emanated from the strange box and after a few seconds, and another push of his remote, the conveyor belt started rolling towards the captive girl.

The metal rods grasped the sides of her heads with the padded pincers, holding her up so that she was level with the end of the conveyor belt. More rods came into her view, these took hold of her limp jaw and flexed it up and down a few times as the end of the conveyor belt sprouted still more rods, ending with knives, forks and spoons. These whirred and spun almost impatiently as the belt continued rolling empty. Shelly’s eyes would have opened wider in fear if she had any muscle control. Emerging finally from the contraption at the other end of the belt was its first ‘product’; a heaping plate of spaghetti, covered in sauce and cheese. “What the hell?” was all Shelly could manage to think as the plate hurried down the belt towards her. As if the rods controlling her could sense her fear they started to become more active, almost in anticipation at what was to come.

The spaghetti was under her nose now, and she could think of was the song “On top of spaghetti, all covered in cheese...” before the implements dug in. The fork and spoon began spinning the spaghetti onto fork in a huge ball of pasta, while the rods on her mouth opened her jaws as wide as they could go. A moment later the spaghetti ball was popped into her mouth and he jaws mechanically pumped up and down, mashing the pasta into paste. Despite her predicament, she had to admit this was some of the best spaghetti she ever ate, certainly the best she ever had forced down her throat. Circular pads were stuck to either side of her throat and she felt a strange tingle there before reflexively swallowing as much of the mass down in a huge induced gulp. Her jaws went back to work chewing and soon she was swallowing again, the machine was adjusting her eating, acclimating itself to her, and picking up the pace. Before she was through with the first bite a second and larger spaghetti bass was forced in, and then a large chunk of a meatball as well. Her mouth was completely stuffed, to the point where she doubted she could even close it, but the machines continued on without concern.

He watched, quite pleased with himself. This was his first real test of the machine, and so far it was working great. It would force feed her without harming her and in total safety. It was also already administering countermeasures for the weight he was going to have her achieve. Her body was changing from the initial blast of chemicals and nanites she ingested when she first landed in his basement. He turned up the speed on the machine now that he knew it was safe.

Shelly was bolting the food down in huge mouthfuls. Bite after bite of the spaghetti meal was forced into her unwilling mouth and swallowed like she was a human vacuum. Her belly ached somewhat from the fast pace she was forced to keep and to her astonishment it got even faster. Soon the spaghetti was gone, the plate almost clean. One of the hands casually discarded the plastic plate where it clattered on the floor, making way for the next one which was right on top of it; a massive burger that looked like it weighed five pounds and topped with a bun that was big enough to qualify as a pizza crust. The eating utensils got right to work, cutting into the enormous cheesy mass and shoveling huge quantities into her mouth to be mechanically chewed and swallowed.

He watched enthralled at the sight, she was already done with a quarter of it when he heard a doorbell ring. Sighing he pointed the remote at the contraptions again and set them faster still, making her eating almost like a blur, before walking out of the room and into the false shell of a house upstairs so he could attend to the trick-or-treaters.

He stayed up top for a few hours, as this was the busy time for trick-or-treaters, none of whom would be suitable. All too young, or accompanied by others. He did however keep a constant monitor of the captive in the basement. Thanks to the various cameras he had views from all angles as she continued to eat. It was after the first hour that she began visibly bloating from all of the food. Her stomach might have been full and stretched, but the mini machines and drugs inside her body were steadily transforming her as well as the food into a colossal woman. The scales showed she started at 123 pounds, she was over 200 now, and judging by the discarded plates, she had consumed days worth of food. The machine he invented scanned travelogues around the country, looking for record breaking meals, meals designed to be contests for the eater. Any place that bragged they had a “world’s biggest” was a possible contender. His little feedee wouldn’t be little much longer as she was forced to eat the two dozen variants of the biggest burger, or the competing slabs of beef that passed for giant steaks. Stacks of pancakes that were as big as garbage can lids, ice cream sundaes and banana splits served in a gutter, cheese-steaks that were feet long. All of these were destined for Shelly as the day went on. This was a country of gluttons, and she was going to sample its worst.

He saw another opportunity as Shelly’s once petite body was now becoming a pasty doughy mass exceeding 400 pounds. Once the sun set, more of his type of quarry was going to come out. In this case it was a pair of beauties, dressed like Playboy bunnies. Unlike Shelly, these two had put some care into their costumes; a black tight one piece which showed off their thin, but shapely bodies. A powder puff tail, some long floppy ears, and lots of sparkly make up finished them off. The two blondes hippity-hopped up his trail, looking scared and happy at his decorations. He did another scan of the nearby area and saw it was clear. This time he didn’t wait for them to push the doorbell and call trick-or-treat, as soon as they giggled and shook their way onto the trapdoor he pushed the button.

Downstairs he walked the dazed and paralyzed bunnies from the landing pad one by one into the main chamber. Donna and Dina (he wondered how he could have been so lucky as to actually get a pair of twins!) were walked one at a time past the still eating Shelly. The three girls managed to lock eyes for only a brief second before they were out of sight of each other. He set either girl against a wall and they were secured into a standing position by the mechanical arms which sprung from the wall. Once they were stood groggily upright he regarded them with a clinical eye. He glanced back and forth between them but still couldn’t really tell them apart. The girls tried struggling as the arms holding them began to cut their slinky costumes off. Unlike Shelly they weren’t wearing underwear, and so were stood up stark naked under his gaze. Their skin was flawless, slightly tan, flat stomachs, perky breasts, and just a hint of a bottom. Again they were indistinguishable.

“Well, I’ll just have to find a way to tell you apart.” He pulled out the remote and pointed it at a set of arms next to a tall pressurized tank. The whole mass came to life and moved over to the man as he walked up to stand in front of…Dina? He shrugged as he picked up a pair of pads that were attached to tubes coming from the tanks; he peeled off a sticky layer of one and then carefully lifted one of her budding breasts and stuck it to the underside. She gasped involuntarily at the coldness and the casual violation. Soon her other breast was similarly stuck. He took another moment to examine the symmetry of her breasts and nodded, then reached over and turned the knob of the tank. It made a slight hiss and the tubes shook and moved as whatever was in the tank began traveling through it and from there into the porous pads stuck to Dina. She gasped again.

It felt cold, like cold water was being sprayed under her smallish tits. But, no liquid was dripping from her or the sticky pads; every drop was being absorbed into her skin to be transformed into her new and enlarging breasts. He stepped back to admire the view and turned a dial on the remote while pointing it at one girl and then the other. Their heads turned in unison at the steadily growing teats that Dina was carrying. The liquid inside was being transformed into fat instantly, and then placed in strategic and aesthetic spots inside the boobs of Dina. Meanwhile, the nanites were making sure her skin stayed supple and firm, while also strengthening her spine and muscles to carry the boobs that were going from a mere A cup to Cs and more as the tank continued to pump.

“Now then…” he said to himself as he stepped over to Donna and turned the dial on the remote, the arms turned her around, showing her delicate and small posterior. A second tank was brought forward with similar attached tubes. Not wasting any time as Dina’s breasts were steadily growing to Ds and DDs then DDDs, he stuck the circular pads to the cheek of each buttock. There were three on each cheek, spread to give the most symmetry. Then he stepped back and turned the dial on the remote again, turning her forward and then with a few more presses she stepped up two steps, the arms keeping her upright and supported.

He nodded in satisfaction and turned the valve on the other tank. The cold liquid flowed quickly into the absorption points with similar results. Donna felt that she had just sat in a bucket of cold water as the fluid entered her skin and started to make changes to her tiny behind. With another flick on the remote the wall behind her turned into a mirror reflection, easily showing the naked butt swelling. The natural dimple on her left cheek deepened as the flesh around it swelled. The tramp stamp tattoo of green squiggles at the base of her spine and just above her crack also stretched as the skin accommodated her greater ampleness. Dina could easily see what was happening to her twin sister, and with the additional pads her ass was swelling even faster than her own heavy and heaving breasts.

Donna’s hips and thighs were following suit, but the weight mainly stayed in the cheeks, which bulged backwards, making a near perfect backside shelf. The cheeks inflated rapidly, the skin stayed firm, no cellulite, no stretch marks, just swelling globular butt cheeks of near perfect roundness.

He stepped further back to admire his work. Now he could definitely tell them apart. He still didn’t know who was who, but with one’s tits surging past HHH size yet staying firm and toned, and the other sporting an ass like a bean bag, you could easily tell them apart. He stepped forward and pushed on the left breast of Dina. He felt resilient skin and firm softness, just as a real breast. It had the surreal size of a plastic surgery nightmare boob job, but was all real. The he stepped behind Donna’s still expanding rear. He grabbed a cheek in each hand and gave them firm squeezes. Donna’s intake of air told him she still had all her sensation as she struggled to stay upright with an ass that stuck out more than two feet back and a foot to either side of her.

He was quite satisfied, and programmed his remote to bring up another tank for each of them, the robots would begin setting them up automatically. He’d missed a few doorbell rings while down here. He needed to get back upstairs for other trick-or-treaters. He passed by Shelly who was eating a copy of the ‘Montana Mountainside’; a colossal feast of steak, chili, baked potatoes, and Texas Toast. He paused as the machines stuffed her with enough food to feed a party of six in just a few minutes. In all of these contests the eater had a time limit on eating these outrageous meals. Usually 30 minutes to an hour. Shelly was currently eating most of these entirely in less than four minutes. In the few seconds he stood musing she devoured more than a third of the Mountainside, its fatty mass digesting virtually instantly and converted into more fat. Her 600 plus pound frame was more like a fleshy mound than a human being. She was more than five times heavier than when she started, and now that the machines were in high gear she would gain weight even faster. All three of the girls could see each other, even with what limited views they had, and none envied the others predicament.

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Up top he handed out more candy, but he knew that he was getting down to the last few. He wondered if he would get one more as he hoped, while watching the progress of his earlier victims. Shelly was more than half a ton and growing steadily. Her pasty flesh overlapped itself in rings and folds, her body expanding outwards on the floor as she took on a fleshy cone-like shape. Every part of her was fatter, from her face down to her toes. Her jowls (no longer cheeks) shook at the rapidity of the forced feeding, while her arms were five times wider than when she fell into his trap. The fat drooped past her elbows and her pudgy hands ended in pudgier digits. Her bra and panties had long since burst, the shreds of the material lost somewhere in her flowing and still growing folds. Her massive belly was what impressed him most. The stretching of it from the amazing quantities of food was what allowed so much fat to accumulate there. It crept forward along the floor underneath the conveyor belt. At one point the chair she was on was carefully lowered to the floor so her overlapping flab could be supported better. There was a brief pause as it lowered while the various arms picked up and held her overhanging flesh so that it wouldn’t get pinched as she was settled. The conveyor meanwhile repositioned itself back into place and she started eating again. That was perhaps at 800 pounds. Nearing 1500 pounds she was passing what most would consider humanly possible. He had a completely different idea on that however.

Donna and Dina were each massive in their own way. Dina’s breasts couldn’t be measured conventionally any more. Each one weighed more than Dina herself; gigantic udders of titflesh, ballooned out to amazing proportions, but still with the firm shape and resilience of a naturally large breast. When they were reaching past her waist the arms carefully let her get to her knees and lean forward to rest on her mammoth mammeries. Then another tank (the third) was hooked up to expand them still more.

Donna’s ass was equally immeasurable, besides that asses were not measured very often anyway. It swelled impossibly far behind her and to each side, but no mass came to the front of her hips. It looked more absurd than Dina’s enormous breasts. Inevitably gravity dragged some of the fat down the backs of her legs, but for the most part her ass just inflated outward indefinitely. He could tell that it was firm also, by the way it compressed slightly as the robot arms allowed her to finally sit on her overstuffed natural cushions.

He was about to turn it all off and attend his captives again when he saw one last chance. She was dressed as a witch, and stumbled a little drunkenly up the walk. He did a glance with his cameras, everything seemed fine. College towns were ideal for this job. She didn’t look like she was trick-or-treating though. She looked like she was more about tricking as she leaned down to pick up one of the skeletal hands that he decorated his lawn with.

“Sorry, no souvenirs,” He whispered as he flicked a red switch by the door. Instantly the sound effects grew louder while the lights dimmed. She stood up to look around when suddenly the sidewalk she was lifted up several feet off the ground. Just one end of the sidewalk lifted, the end by the trapdoor which was now open stayed down.

“What the…! Help!!” she wailed, but with the sound effects going and the lights out, no one would see or hear anything unusual. She slid and tumbled the few feet to the trapdoor before plunging into it, grabbing the side for just a moment before her grip gave way.

He shut down the special effects and decorations as well as the lights, and remotely locked the gate. Trick-or-treating was done.

She was already incapacitated by the time he went down to work on his latest victim. Lisa was in a stupor as the mad scientist looking fellow came and picked her up walking her into another room past a blob that was being fed by robots and into the center in front of a couple of mannequins that had been blown out of proportion. It was only when she was stood up and held in place by another set of robotic arms that she could see that the mannequins and blob shared a very human trait; they blinked and they breathed. Lisa saw the arms with blades attend to her pricey costume, reducing it to shreds in mere moments, leaving her standing there naked with her bright red wig and witch’s hat. She didn’t go with a green face mainly because she was lazy, but otherwise made a rather sexy witch. The man didn’t seem to want her completely naked though as he personally looped a wide shiny black belt around her. It had a metal ring in the front where it buckled.

The man pulled out his remote and signaled for a set of arms bearing a silver tank with a dangling hose from it. Once it was close enough she could make out the bright yellow ‘He’ stenciled on it. She didn’t quite know what that meant, but it didn’t matter. Some of the arms holding her up sprouted more arms and reached up to force her mouth open. Once that was done the man picked up the hose and coated it with a spray of some mist before taking her by the back of the head and proceeded to force the tube into her mouth, it reached the front of her throat before he stopped and closed her mouth himself, pressing her lips tight against the hose protruding from it. After a few seconds he let go and gave the hose a slight tug, then a stronger one. The hose stayed in her mouth as if it was glued to her lips. He was satisfied and stepped back giving her one more look before turning the valve on the tank.

Instantly her cheeks bulged with cold air as the helium was forced in. Despite the fact that the hose was in her mouth, the gas was not destined for her stomach or lungs. Very little would go there. Instead the air was being absorbed directly into her second layer of skin that the nanites had been programmed to grow. The gas traveled down her bulging neck and into the skin which covered her now and until moments ago was no different from the rest of her body. But with the rapid influx of helium the envelope of skin quickly began to inflate.

Her torso and shoulders were first. They bulged awkwardly as the skin stuck to her main body in spots. It painlessly separated though with the increasing pressure of the helium and started to turn the somewhat slender woman into a more exaggerated parody of the human form. Her breasts jutted out growing larger with each second, while her stomach and torso expanded outward in all directions. From the hips and shoulders, her limbs became cone, tapering to the hands and feet, which along with her head and face, were not expanding. The belt grew tighter as she expanded well past her slim waistline. The material groaned for a moment before it too started growing to accommodate. The nanites had already bonded with the belt and it would grow with her and stay in place no matter what size she achieved. Lisa’s body stiffened as the pressure increased, her arms rising from her sides, her legs spreading. The robotic arms were mainly keeping her steady now as her waist went from being measured in inches to feet.

The other girls would have been shocked if not for their own predicaments. Shelly’s weight had crested a ton on the ‘Boston Scrambler’; a platter of three dozen eggs, two pounds of bacon, a dozen biscuits, all smothers in gravy. She was now working on reaching her second ton as more record breaking foods were shoveled into her mouth. Most of her human features were now buried under hundreds of pounds (and folds) of fat. The fact that she kept her head above the flabby shoulders and chins was the main way she could identified as a person and not some bizarre sculpture.

Donna’s ass was pushing her up from a seated position to a height of more than six feet, each inflated cheek was expanded more than four feet from where bottom should have begun. The spreading flesh left a circumference comparable to the mountainous Shelly, who had the advantage of expanding all over, rather than just one spot. Another tank was just being hooked up as Lisa took on a decidedly rounder format.

Dina’s tits were more of a separate attachment to her it seemed. Each one was several times heavier than her now, two swollen torpedoes of breast flesh, capped by dainty looking pink nipples with flawless areolas. The skin was flawless; a delicate tracery of veins was all that could be seen aside from the huge expanse of perfectly tanned skin. Another tank was brought for her as well.

Lisa meanwhile was finishing her first tank, and it showed on her body. She was swollen about two feet in all directions from under her chin. She still had human features, but they were becoming less recognizable as those features were literally getting swollen into a homogenous mass. The tube was unhooked from the helium tank, leaving the hose still in her mouth, and the robots wheeled up another. A few twists of the tube and then a turn of the valve and the inflation began again. Her already rounded body swelled again, expanding with the pressure of the helium.

Her large and wide breasts with daggering nipples grew wider still with the rest of her and soon were inflated out of existence, just the nipples showing where they were on the ball of her torso. Her cone limbs too were fast becoming one with the center perfectly round mass as it expanded. Definition from muscle, bone, breast, anything under the skin was erased as she achieved inflated spherical perfection. Despite the helium, she was not floating. When her feet were spread so far that she could not stand on them the robots rotated her so that one foot was planted, and then they remained to make sure she kept her balance. The tanks was almost empty as she achieved perfect roundness and shape, her arms and legs stretched into nothing, just a ball with a head and hands and feet protruding. A third tank was produced.

Lisa was already bigger in volume than all of the other girls, just by virtue of the expansive nature of gases, but with the third tank she started to take on truly outrageous proportions. The man stepped back after turning the valve and watched her grow from a safer distance. Her already huge and spherical form expanded outwards more, making her a huge human orb. With the third tank she was expanding past the limits of her own frame, the length of her bones and spine. The nanites had been working on those however, and with the incessant pressure her body lengthened to allow her continued expansion, leaving her extremities on the outside of her ballooning body. Halfway through the tank when she achieved a diameter of eight feet in any direction her toe began to slowly lift off the ground. Robots brought another tank up to the man.

By the sun’s rise, the man’s work was done. The last tanks were in place, the last of the food ready to be consumed. It had been a long but worthwhile night. He took off his lab coat costume and donned a more normal one as he left the basement and went to the car he had stashed. He drove it down a tunnel that led a few miles away from the lair, when he exited it he’d be under an overpass on a major highway, with little chance of anyone finding him. Midway down the tunnel he pressed his remote one more time before throwing it out the window where it dashed into pieces against the smooth cement walls.

Back in the lab the girls had become enormous caricatures of humanity. Shelly was a blob of human skinned bulked up by tons of fat. When he left her she was six tons and growing. The conveyor belt was removed and the food was largely just produced right from the box it came from and shoveled in. It was opting for a high fat and calorie paste now; it was forced into her by the buckets. At six tons she took up a sizable portion of her part of the basement. Folds overlapped folds, and her blubber spilled and piled about her, her fattened head and face still the only thing identifying her as a living person as she forcibly gobbled the paste and expanded.

Dina and Donna were humans attached to enormous fleshy sacks. Donna sat now over ten feet from the ground on her massive derričre, while Dina’s tits resembled something that you might find loaded on the back of a flat bed truck. Shelly may weigh six tons total, but between the weight of just her breasts she could compare with her.

Lisa floated placidly, the biggest of them all. She was twenty feet in diameter after having inhaled five tanks of helium. A huge pinkish balloon with a comical red wig and witch’s hat. She was tethered by a chain that was linked to the ring on her belt and floated with the tube still in her mouth.

When the man left the women all dared to hope that the ordeal was over. The robots stopped, the machines ceased, and their growth halted. They felt some motion returning, where possible. None could make it out the way they came in of course. Suddenly there was a flurry of activity as the robots came to life again. Though some were now able to struggle, it was useless; they were completely unable to prevent the robots from getting back to work at an even more hectic pace.

The machine feeding Shelly started up again and was producing faster than ever. Rather than feed her, a funnel was put into her fattened lips so the sludge could fall freely down her gullet, gallons at a time. She visibly swelled from her already mammoth size.

Dina and Donna’s jaws dropped and they made unintelligible sounds and grunts as multiple tanks were lined up by them; four for each tit and cheek. The robots hurriedly attached more of the pads and turned on each tank at once.

There was almost an explosion of breast and tit flesh as the monster parts bloated still further in moments at the incredible influx of material that had been swelling them for hours now. Dina’s tits and Donna’s ass began to dominate the room from their sheer size.

The robots brought a hose they stretched from the wall; it was thick and looked like it was made from a far more durable material. Behind the wall was an entire tanker truck of helium that none of the girls could see. The robots quickly attached the hose dangling from Lisa’s mouth to a special nozzle on the end of their hose, despite her blinking protests and slightly shaking head, the only movement she could manage now. Back at the wall one of the robots turned a huge wheel, releasing hundreds of pounds of helium through the hose in an instant.

The resulting blast hit Lisa like a freight train. Her ballooned body strained at the sudden massive flow of helium and then expanded in an explosive burst. She doubled her dimensions in a moment and expanded further. She was already near the ceiling of the chamber before this new expansion. Now with her incredible size and the enormous pressure she squeezed against it and the floor at the same time.

The ceiling gave, easily in fact. Her rapid and titanic expansion ripped her through the flimsy floor boards easily. The house above was mostly painted balsa wood, held together with glue that was dissolving fast now that the finale was reached. As Lisa’s body pulled harder upwards with the mass of helium, a switch was toggled that was attached to her anchoring point. With a lurch the whole chamber that was filling with inflating females began to rise.

As much as the man had wanted the room to rise just by the floating power of an enormously inflated woman, it just wasn’t possible. Powerful pistons were engaged, pushing on the solid cement and steel floor, raising it like an elevator as Lisa tore through the false house, showering the girls below her with balsa rubble. Within moments all of the girls were rising in time with Lisa.

From the outside the house seemed to explode in rising pink flesh as Lisa floated upwards, attached by the belt that was tethered to the basement floor. Soon she was completely through the roof of it and rising beyond some 30 feet in the air as the cable tethering her was lengthened and the tube could finally slip from her lips and quickly retract, not a puff of helium escaped her though. Her 20 diameter form was now an impossible 100 feet or more, a true human balloon, floating placidly on her string.

The basement floor rose up to street level, but was also preceded by unbelievable expanses of female flesh. The first to be seen after Lisa was Donna. Her sitting height brought her to an astonishing 20 or more feet. Massive globes of flesh exploded outwards from an otherwise perfectly normally proportioned woman. Her legs kicked and slapped at the globes but otherwise she seemed to be sitting on ass cheeks more than two stories high.

Dina’s breasts had turned into milk producing tankers. Each one the size of a silo, a rolling firm, fleshy, nipple capped silo. The areolas were more than ten feet in diameter, but still capped with dainty little nipples, only the size of a thick finger, positively miniscule when compared to the rest of her.

Finally Shelly hovered into view. Moments before the surge she was a hill of a woman. Now she was a veritable mountain. She went from a modest six plus tons to a gargantuan 15 in the space of the two minutes or so it took for them all to reach street level. Her flesh pooled about her, yards in all directions. Folds overlapping folds, blubbery mass for meters. Of them all she was the greatest contradiction. She was properly proportioned in all ways, the most human in that regard, but then expanded outwards so inhumanly. Like the other girls, the robots pulled away the inflating apparatuses before they could come fully into view, leaving the girls naked and monstrously expanded.

He engaged the robot driving for his car and put the camera view onto his windshield. To anyone else he looked like a man driving, but from his view he saw not the road ahead of him, but the incredible spectacle of four gigantic women bursting though a house with the force of their expansion. He marveled at the sight of his handiwork and smiled a satisfied smile under his fake mustache as the car merged into traffic and he moved onto his next project.

“Happy Halloween, ladies.” He said as he saw astounded people approach their bloated forms, awakened by the sound and spectacle.

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this story was, quiet frankly, awesome!!!! ridiculous, absurd, but most definately awesome!
SSBBW-CHWAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!) *eliminated*

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Originally Posted by IrishBard View Post
this story was, quiet frankly, awesome!!!! ridiculous, absurd, but most definately awesome!

You forgot to mention sloppy and poorly typed. Ugh, I didn't even really proofread this.

However, I had fun writing it, and some of my most loved stories are written under similar (rushed) circumstances.

Thanks for the comments and I'm glad you liked it.
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