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J_Underscore does more than just post hot picsJ_Underscore does more than just post hot picsJ_Underscore does more than just post hot pics
Post Belly Persuasion ~ SSBBW, Extreme Squashing, Orgasming, Breath Play

Hey, 1st attemp at writing a hot story lol. I'm not a good literal writer so feel free to re-write in this thread (meaning stay in this thread lol)

SSBBW, Extreme Squashing, Orgasming, Breath Play

'Belly Persuasion'

One night in July, a guy called Alan was lying in bed, with his girlfriend Amanda. He had a long hard day at work and was knackered, she was feeling very frisky and wanted some action. She tried to get him in the mood but he was too tired, and she got to the stage where she really needed it. He always got on top because he weighed only 140lbs and she weighed 600lbs, and mostly Belly. Her butt wasn’t that big, her thighs were a little big, she had perfect womanly breasts, and her Belly was truly gigantic. Her Belly was three times as wide as him, stuck out incredibly far, and hung down right down to her knees.

She started to get more and more horny and felt quite sad knowing if she got on top he wouldn’t get hard and have sex with her. Then she had an idea, she knew that he wouldn’t do anything without some ‘persuasion’. So she heaved her 600lbs up on her feet on the bed, stepping over to him, trying not to fall. Feeling the bed move so much he noticed her, he was scared of her falling over and landing on him. She manoeuvred herself to stand right above his head, facing his body.

She jumped and landed on top of him, but she over shot it and landed on his groin, with only her legs being on his upper body. Alan said strained with only her thighs on top of him, “Mandy... what ... are you doing??”

She responded “You are gonna screw me tonight Alan! And if you keep refusing I’m gonna punish you harder with my Giant Belly!!”

She could feel that her Belly wasn’t in the right place, so she then lifted herself up, and dropped her huge body back down on him, but her Belly was so big that it never fully came off him. Suddenly, to his own surprise, Alan let out an ear-piercing scream, he moved his hands around her body to find out what had happened. To his horror, her gigantic stomach crashed down on his tiny stomach, almost completely crushing him. Immediately, his abs felt numb and he started franticly tapping out, she just moaned with pleasure. She knew that his tiny tummy couldn’t take her great Belly for long so she lifted herself up again, higher than before so that her belly could shift to the right place, and plopped herself right down on his chest. Almost every ounce of air rushed from his lungs, he started to feel light headed just from one drop, but it was about to get worse for him. A lot of the air rushing out of his lungs went right into her pussy, and she found it a stimulating sensation.

She lifted herself up and let him catch his breath, he was trying to breath but a lot of her Belly was still pressing down and his chest. He tapped out on her side and she lifted herself higher so he could get as much air in his lungs as he could. Taking him by surprised she crashed back down on him, the air rushing out of his lungs into her pussy, she gave a moan of pleasure. She lifted herself up and plopped down again, giving a bigger moan of pleasure. She did it again… and again… and again. She started bouncing hard on him. Harder and harder, faster and faster, he was struggling to get enough air into his lungs with every bounce. Her 600lbs body, her gargantuan belly pounding him over and over again made his entire body feel numb. After 10mins he was just trying to survive. She was moaning and shrieking with pleasure, getting hotter and hotter, until eventually she climaxed. As she climaxed she stopped bouncing and pushed every pound of her 600lbs down on him, he was struggling incredibly for breath when she was pounding him and now he couldn’t breathe at all. With quite possibly the last ounce of strength left in his entire body, he slowly lifted his limp hand and tapped her side.

Unfortunately for him, feeling his hand tapping her side urged her climax on, her knowing that he’s completely powerless against her, he should screw her when she Demands it and not when he wants it. After about 10seconds she finished her climax and rolled off him. He took a giant intake of air and gasped so hard it hurt, but at least he could breathe again. After calming down after her climax, Amanda finished with “as soon as you get your energy back, you are gonna screw me senseless! Unless you want to be crushed under my Belly again!!”

788 words. Wow lol
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Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: UK
Posts: 572
J_Underscore does more than just post hot picsJ_Underscore does more than just post hot picsJ_Underscore does more than just post hot pics

ok this has been on for almost a week and with almost 500 views. what does everyone think of it?
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rocky112 has said some nice things

really nice one .. sorry man 4 dely in replying

just keep going

thnz ..
The World of David
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I love squashing stories, but also love lapsitting a lot better! :-)
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luvssbbw2 has said some nice things

I love ssbbw and wish I could be the guy experiencing your belly splashes. I really enjoyed your short story.
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