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Default High School Jeans (Both, ~SWG, Feeding, Romance)

Both, ~SWG, Feeding, Romance - Tony is proud that at 30 he can still fit into jeans he wore in high school, until he meets Angie.

[Author’s note: I’ve written a few things before, but this is my first post on this forum. This story was inspired by Big Beautiful Dreamer and I tried to write in the style of her great stories. I even threw in a muffin top. I hope I don’t suffer too much by comparison.]

High School Jeans
By: Billedmeup

Part 1: Thirty Today

Tony grabbed the well worn jeans from his closet and pulled them on. He didn’t have any trouble pulling them up, but had to suck in his stomach a little to get them buttoned. It had been a year since he had worn them. He didn’t remember them being so snug around the waist. He wondered if they could have shrunk a bit hanging in the closet all year.

Next he slipped on a black tee-shirt and checked his look in the mirror. “Thirty years old today, and not bad,” he thought. The 32-inch waist jeans from high school still fit 12 years later. The annual ritual was still intact.

At just under six feet tall and 155 pounds the last time he checked, Tony was fit and trim. The hair was still black and wavy, but maybe a little thinner on top. The face was unlined and youthful.

Tony didn’t need to do too much to maintain a youthful appearance. He did workout at the neighborhood gym three or four time a week. He ate pretty much what he wanted, but not any excess. The refrigerator of a bachelor was often pretty empty. Breakfast was usually coffee and a bagel grabbed at the coffee at the coffee bar in the lobby of his office building. For dinner he often had a bowl of cereal or microwaved a frozen TV dinner. Lunch was usually a burger or a taco at a fast food place.

Up until this year, working as a field rep for a manufacturing company kept him pretty active. But this year a promotion to a desk job changed that. A new sedentary job with a little more stress, business lunches and afternoon meetings with donuts and coffee had added a few excess pounds around the middle. If he noticed, he didn’t pay much attention or maybe he was in denial. Anyway, it was only five or six pounds.

Tony grabbed a light jacket and headed out into the cool evening autumn air. It was Friday night and he had the whole weekend to relax and take it easy.

His buddies Mike and Sal were already at the pub sitting at their usual booth when Tony arrived. The empty beer pitcher and the second nearly empty pitcher gave testimony that they had gotten a head start.

Mike emptied the last of the beer into a glass and handed it to Tony. “Happy birthday buddy boy! Sit down …have a brewskie…grab some wings.”

Tony took the beer and looked down at the messy plate piled high with chicken bones. “Hm,” said Sal, “I guessed we polished them off waiting for you to get here. Don’t worry we’ll order some more.”

Sal gave Tony the once over, “Let me guess, high school jeans?”

“Yep, they still fit.”

“I’ve still got some high school jeans,” Sal chuckled. “Haven’t worn them in a while.” Sal looked down at the swell of belly that bulged out over his tight jeans.

“Man, what happened to you guys. Look at those beer guts. You guys oughta do some sit-ups once in a while; you two can hardly fit into this booth. Look how your bellies press against the table. Back in the day you were star running backs. Now it doesn’t look like you can bend over to tie your shoes.”

“Hey man, the race is over, take off the uniform. I’m married, Gina is an amazing cook. She feeds me pretty good.” Mike patted his belly with both hands.

“So did you just come to insult us?” Sal defended himself. “One day maybe you’ll get married. Then you’ll see.”

“Nah, not me. I’m living the good life. You think maybe we should find a new booth that you two can fit in?”

Truth be told, the good life was mostly a solitary life. He had had a few relationships that hadn’t worked out. Now it was mostly occasional one night stands with girls that he picked up at bars or met at the gym.

Another pitcher of beer arrived and a fresh plate of greasy chicken wings. Tony refilled his glass. He unzipped his jacket, threw it over a nearby chair and grabbed a wing. As Tony sat back down, Mike noticed that Tony had a slight bulge over his belt buckle and tightness of his tee-shirt. “Well, at least he’s not perfect,” Mike thought.

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Default Part 2: Angie

Part 2: Angie

“Hey, Mike.” Tony heard a female voice from behind.

“Hi Angie,” Mike stood up and smiled.

“Hey Angie,” Sal added.

Tony still hadn’t seen who was behind him. Mike said, “Tony, this is Angela, Gina’s cousin from Jersey.”

Tony stood and turned at the same time. He was immediately dumbstruck by the sight of Angie as he stood. His mouth fell open slightly and his eyes widened.

“Hi Tony, nice to meet you,” Angie smiled and offered her hand.

It took Tony a few seconds to react. Finally he took her hand in a gentle shake. Angie’s hand was soft and warm to touch and sent a tingle up his arm.

“Mike’s told me a lot about you,” Angie offered to the tongue-tied Tony.

“Oh, really? Well, nice to meet you,” was the best the befuddled Tony could come up with.

Mike motioned to an empty chair. “Have a seat, Angie.” He poured her a glass of beer. “Have some wings.”

“Angie just moved from the Jersey shore.” Mike explained. “I helped her get a job as an admin assistant at my company. She’s got an apartment here in Queens about two blocks from here. Sal and I helped her move in last week.”

Angie stood 5’6” and was a curvy size six. Tight jeans and low cut clingy black sweater that exposed her ample cleavage caught Tony’s attention when he wasn’t staring into her large brown eyes. Her complexion was flawless and her slightly rounded face was encircled by dark wavy her that hung down to her shoulders.

For the rest of the evening, Tony’s eyes were glued on Angela. He barely noticed when Mike and Sal got up and excused themselves after a few minutes saying they had to get home to the “miss’s.”

Who knows if there is such a thing as “love at first sight?” If there isn’t, what Angie and Tony felt was pretty damn close. They talked for hours finding they had much in common. Both were second generation Italian Americans, both liked the same kinds of music, TV shows, movies, etc., etc.

Without realizing it Tony made his way through a large pile of chicken wings, almost single-handedly, plus three pitchers of beer. Angie refilled his glass each time it got low while Tony was lost in conversation. They couldn’t believe it when the bartender called for last call. Tony, groggily looked at his watch, “Wow, it’s 2 o’clock.”

As he tried to stand, he wobbled and heavily fell back into his chair. He was embarrassed. “I guess I had a few too many beers.”

“Why, don’t you come over to my place? You can sleep on the couch. Can you walk two blocks?”

“I think so.” Tony smiled.

Angie steadied him as he stood and helped him get his jacket on. As she was zipping up his jacket, her hand brushed across his belly that was now filled with beer and chicken wings and bulged noticeably over his tight high school jeans with their 32’’ waist. Angie couldn’t resist giving his tummy a little pat. She loved a man with a little bulk.
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Default Part 3: Three Dates

Part 3: Three Dates

Back at Angie’s apartment Tony fell heavily onto her couch. Angie helped him get his feet up and pulled off his shoes.

Tony groaned as he leaned forward while Angie freed him from his jacket. Angie sensed that the source of his pain was the tight belt that synched in his stuffed belly. “Let’s see if we can make you more comfortable,” Angie said as she tugged at his belt and finally unbuckled it and unbuttoned his jeans.

Angie slipped her hand under his tee-shirt and stroked his full tummy in circular motions. Her hands felt cool and soft. Tony smiled at Angie and moments later closed his eyes and fell into a sound sleep. Angie kissed him lightly on the cheek and then pulled a blanket over him.

Tony awoke with a throbbing head the next morning a little after 9:30. The living room was filled with the aroma of coffee. Angie offered him a mug of black coffee and a couple of headache relief tablets.

Angie smiled at Tony and spoke softly, “Mike left some sweats here when he helped me move in. They’re clean. If you want to use the bathroom and take shower, you can put them on afterwards. I’ll fix us some breakfast.”

Tony smiled back at Angie, enchanted by big brown eyes, “Sounds great.” His headache was nearly forgotten.

After his shower, Tony pulled on the sweat suit. The pants were extra large and he had to pull in the drawstring on the waist so they wouldn’t fall down.

Coming out of the bathroom, Tony picked up the heavenly scent of Angie’s breakfast…bacon frying in the pan, eggs, pancakes loaded with butter and syrup, orange juice, more coffee a cherry Danish to top it all off.

By 11 AM Tony was stuffed again. He found a recliner in the living room and loosened the drawstring on the sweat pants. He dozed off watching college football while Angie happily cleaned up in the kitchen. He completely forgot that Saturday morning was normally his favorite day to hit the gym.

The rest of the day was filled with food, food and more food washed down with more than a few beers.

After dinner, Tony made his first move. He pulled her close as she was coming out of the kitchen and gave her a passionate kiss. She kissed back and melted in his arms, but pushed back from his embrace when she felt the swell of his manhood press against her. “Tony you are the sweetest guy I have ever met, but I have a strict three date rule. You’ll need to sleep on the couch again.”

Tony felt a bit dejected, but went along with her wishes, “OK, I’ll wait for as long as you need.”

Sunday was a repeat of Saturday, spent eating and relaxing. I between, they talked endlessly, getting to know each other.

For dinner, Angie made a pan of lasagna, fresh green salad and homemade bread. Tony managed to put away three big helpings of lasagna. For desert Angie had made a freshly baked peach pie. Tony said he was so full that he didn’t think he could eat another bite.

Angie told him to relax while she cleaned up. A half hour later his food had settled and he was able to put away a large slice of warm pie and a big scoop of ice cream. Without thinking, he loosened the drawstring on his pants for about the fifth time since Saturday morning.

After cleaning up the last of the dishes, Angie snuggled next to Tony on the couch. She reached under his sweatshirt and started tickling his round full belly. She flashed a wicked smile and her eyes sparkled. “How are you feeling? Did I take good care of you?” she asked.

“I guess so!”

“Maybe now it’s time for you to take good care of me.”

Angie slid her hand from his belly down into his sweat pants and found his growing member. A few strokes and it was hard as a rock.

Obviously turned on, Tony asked in disbelief, “What? I thought you have a three date rule?”

“I do…date one was Friday, two was yesterday and now it’s number three. Do you have a problem?”

“No problem.” Tony picked her up and carried her into the bedroom.

Over the next several hours they made love three times until their energy was completely spent. Still entwined as midnight approached, Tony finally told Angie that he had to go home. He needed to get some sleep and get up early for work in the morning.

“Ooooh…no,” Angie protested. “Well, at least let me get you a midnight snack before you go.”

“I don’t know, I have been eating all day.”

Come on, I have one little piece of peach pie left. How about it?”

“OK, I guess I could handle one little piece.”

“Great, stay in bed, I’ll bring it to you.”

The little piece was more like a third of the pie and it was piled high with ice cream. Still, Tony managed to finish it all and even scrapped the plate clean.

Finally it was time to go and Tony slid out of bed and stood up. His belly which had been flat just three days ago was now a round little pot stuffed with all of Angie’s fine food. His stood in the dim light of Angie’s bedroom naked looking around for his clothes.

“Are you looking for these?” Angie offered, “Your famous high school jeans. My cousin mentioned to me how you put them on every year and gloat about how they still fit.”

For fun, Angie slipped them on. “Look, plenty of room in here.” Angie buttoned them and pulled out at the 32 inch waist which was six inches more than her 26 inch waistline.

“Maybe next year, you can wear them.” Tony joked.

Angie just smiled and slid them off and handed them to Tony. Tony pulled them on, no problem. But, when he tried to button them, there was at least a three inch gap. His belly was round and tightly stuffed with all of Angie’s treats. “I guess you’ve been feeding me too much.” He patted his belly and pulled up the zipper about half way up. That was as far as it would go. He put on the rest of his clothes, gave Angie a big hug and kiss and reluctantly headed for the door.
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Default Part 4: One Year Later

Part 4: One Year Later

Tony stood in the closet of their honeymoon apartment wearing nothing but his boxers. Angie was by his side clad in her bra and thong panties. Tony’s round full belly bulged out over the waist band of his boxers which had slid down to just above his pubic area. Gone were the days when he could still squeeze into his 32” jeans…long gone. Lately he was having trouble buttoning his 40” jeans and Angie had started buying his clothes at a big and tall shop.

In the days and weeks that followed their first meeting, Angie and Tony had became almost inseparable. They saw each other two or three nights each week and spent most weekends together. They were in love.

In Tony’s eyes, Angie was perfect. She was beautiful, treated him like a king, and they shared common interests. She even liked watching sports on TV. Then there was the cooking. Oh, the cooking! Tony loved every dish Angie prepared, and there was always plenty for second and third helpings. What couldn’t she cook? Tony couldn’t think of anything that she didn’t cook and do a good job, but her pasta was supreme. Coming from an Italian family, Tony was used to the great pasta dishes that his Momma used to prepare. How could he tell Momma that Angie’s cooking was even better?

After a few months, Tony proposed and a June wedding followed. By the time he was fitted for his wedding tux, his waist had thickened to 36” on an empty stomach. The honeymoon cruise along the Mexican Riviera added another inch. Angie’s cooking, backyard barbeques, a sedentary job, holiday parties, two Thanksgiving dinners (one with her family and one with his), two Christmas dinners, were all adding up to more and more pounds.

While Tony knew he had been putting on weight he was in denial about how much. He avoided full length mirrors, and shaved using the small mirror over the sink. Angie bought his clothes and to keep him from worrying about gaining weight, cut out the size tags. Old clothes moved to the back of the closet or disappeared into a box in the garage.

Although she never came out and said it, Angie liked a man of substance and Tony’s growing belly was a turn on. Her mother always told her, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” and she believed it.

Angie’s mother practiced what she preached. Her Dad was well fed and had the belly to prove it. Angie loved her Dad and as kid loved to climb on his lap and snuggle up to his round warm belly. That was probably the beginning of her love for larger men.

Back to the problem at hand, Tony reached to the back of the closet and grabbed his high school jeans. He held them in front of his full protruding belly. “I don’t think these are going to work,” he said with a sheepish glance at Angie. “Someone has been feeding me a little too much.”

Is was as if a light had suddenly gone on. Carrying the jeans, Tony walked across the bedroom to the full length mirror on the door to Angie’s closet—a mirror that he had subconsciously avoided for months. Angie followed him.

Checking his profile in the mirror, the jeans dropped to the floor and he rubbed his bloated belly with circular motions of both hands. “Look at this gut! I’m a tub! I look nine months pregnant! Why didn’t you tell me I was getting so fat?”

“Stop it. You look great. You’re my big handsome man.”

“Handsome? I’ve truned into a fat married slob like those beer bellied high school buddies of mine.”

“You have not. I love you and I won’t stand for that kind of talk. Besides, in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve put on a few pounds myself.”

Tony took a long look at Angie, like he hadn’t in several months. She gave him a little twirl so he could get the full picture. Her butt had definitely grown rounder and a little wider. The back of her thong disappeared between two nice plump bubble butt cheeks. In the front, a cute little pot belly pushed over the top of her panties. She ran her thumbs under the elastic to give her pinched tummy a little relief revealing a red line where the waist band had squeezed her softening flesh. Her waist line was thicker and up top, her boobs were bulging over the top of her c-cup bra and threatening to escape. Yup, no question, Angie was turning into a bulging bride, but Tony like what he saw.

“Well, like what you see?”

“You’re gorgeous, but I’m a tub of goo.” With a stern look, Tony added, “I need to know.”


“How much I weigh.”

When they had first started dating Tony noticed that he was developing a little pot and decided to weigh himself. He didn’t like what he saw and became very upset, so Angie had hidden the scale under the sink, all the way to the back. It was time to get it out.

Tony had forgotten the previous weighing which had read 171 and only remembered that for most of his life he had been 155. He stepped on the scale and had to bend over to see past his swollen belly. The display had a rotating clock-like symbol, the kind you see when a web page is slow to open. It only lasted a few seconds but it seemed like an hour as Tony bent over, peered down, and stood totally still, waiting for the reading.

“Holy shit, I’ve gained 60 pounds!”
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Default Part 5: Birthday Time

Part 5: Birthday Time

Tony couldn’t fit into his high school jeans anymore, but Angie could, just barely. They didn't fit like they had the previous year. She wriggled to pull them over her thicker thighs and past her plump rump. The waist line was another matter. A year earlier there had been six inches to spare. This time she had to lie on her back on the bed to get them buttoned and when she stood a cute little muffin top bulged over the front and sides of the waist band.

Tony pulled up his size 40” jeans, sucked in his gut, and got them buttoned. Once buttoned, his belly pushed out another couple of inches over his belt. “Time to face the music.” He wasn’t enthusiastic about facing his buddies. He knew he was about to get a raft of shit about his belly from his old pals Sal and Mike, whom he hadn’t seen in ages.

He pulled on an extra large sweatshirt in hopes of concealing at least some of his girth. While at one time he would have appeared lost in it, it now did little to conceal his belly of even his man-boobs for that matter. It well, it was the best he could do.

In the cab ride to the bar, Tony and Angie both squirmed a bit in their seats to get comfortable. Each was wearing pants that were a too tight and seated in the car, they were being pinched. In a few minutes, a pitcher or two of beer would serve as an anesthetic, but for now they both felt a little squeezed.

Enter the bar, Tony spotted Mike and Sal across the room in their usual table, but something was different. They both had done little to conceal the beer guts pushing over the tops of their jeans. However, compared to last year they were considerably smaller and no longer touched the table. It looked like Mike had maybe lost 20 pounds and Sal appeared to be down about 30.

“Oh crap,” Mike thought, “they’ve lost weight. Oh well might as well get it over with.”

Walking through the crowded bar, Sal didn’t spot them until they were just a feet away. Sal would never be considered subtle. “Holy shit! Could this be the birthday boy? When is the baby due? Tomorrow?”

Mike looked up. “Damn what happened to you? Did you swallow a pumpkin? That Angie must be some cook.”

“So buddy boy,” Sal got back into it, “Are those your high school jeans? If so, you must have added a new wing to the high school.”

“No they’re not smarty,” Angie jumped in, “but these are.” Angie lifted her top and showed off the tight fitting jeans she was wearing.
Mike’s eyes opened wide. “Come to think of it girl, looks like you’ve been enjoying married life too. Cute little muffin top. You’re not the slender little cousin I remember hanging out with Gina.”

Angie just stuck her tongue out.

“Alright, what’s going on with you guys?” Tony asked.

“You mean this?” Sal patted his belly. “Our wives put us on a diet. They both joined gyms and decided we needed to get into shape.”

“Yeh, it’s been celery, carrot sticks, rice cakes, wheat germ, yogurt…” Mike trailed off. I haven’t had a decent meal at home in weeks.

“I would never put Tony on a diet. I love his tummy,” Angie gave Tony’s belly a little pat.

“Lucky guy. Well we’re not dieting tonight. Have a seat, dig in, and grab some brew.” Sal pointed to a plateful of greasy wings, two pitchers of beer, and a couple of empty glasses.

Tony had to suck in his gut as he tried to slide into the booth. His gut had grown so large that it now pressed against the table.

Sal chuckled, “so you want to move to a bigger booth?” Then quickly added, “just kidding.”

Soon all talk of weight was done and the four friends proceeded to party hearty. A few hours later, a mountain of wings had disappeared along with a couple of pizzas and at least a half dozen pitchers. Angie and Tony were feeling no pain except possibly from the tight pants pressing against their bloated bellies.

In the cab on the way home, Angie couldn’t wait to unbutton those high school jeans. Tony followed suit and unbuckled his belt. As he did, the button on his jeans popped off and hit the back of the driver’s seat. They both pulled their zippers down and slumped back in the seat, contentedly rubbing their stuffed bellies.

At home that night, they made passionate love. The next day, Angie put Tony’s high school jeans in a box in the garage with some other old clothes. Merely forgotten souvenirs, they were never worn again.
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fatmac can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesfatmac can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

Nice story. I think I might have a box of clothes like that somewhere...
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That was simply great how detailed and nice you described the clothes and bellies i soo liked that hehe and it was nice and slow how they gained hehe

i liked that story please do more ....:-)
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Thumbs up

excellent story, I love how realistic the gain and details are. Thanks for sharing your talent!
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Wow! ILove this story!
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Thanks, hadn't been on this site in ages. It's funny to see that I posted it 8 years ago and someone recently discovered it and commented.
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There are many gems among these stories -- treasures which have yet to be discovered and appreciated by many readers.
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