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Talking Gourmet Tastes - by Anya (~BBW, Erotica, Romance)

~BBW, Erotica, Romance - A BBW, far from NYC, working at an exclusive resort, meets the man of her dreams and learns that dreams do come true. Pretty fat, fat worship, romance, fine dining, kinky sex and more abound!

Gourmet Tastes
By Anya

As most extraordinary days do, it started out with my weary palm coming down hard on the snooze button. Damned if I wanted to hear that little pop tart screaming her latest talent-void, synthesizer-enhanced rhyme through the radio and into my subconscious. It was 7 a.m. and my mind still drifted between worlds as my body became wakeful and limber. I took my time. I didn’t have anything scheduled until this evening when I had to work second shift. Several loud yawns and audible ‘pops’ from my joints later I was doing the morning zombie routine. Coffee…must have coffee.

I sat down at my PC with a towel wrapped around my wet hair and sipped my tall glass of iced mocha. I wiped the cinnamon topped whipped cream off my lips, lit my cigarette and read the morning news before checking my primary e-mail account.

I chuckled and rolled my eyes at the spam mail that seemed to comprise most of my 23 new messages. I systematically opened and perused the responses to my newest dating ad. They all seemed essentially the same, varying only in levels of insult but not lack of it…One with a screen name of ChillaMaxxin wrote: “GRL u hot. Txt ONLY at 555-765-8999.” Another by the name of Nascar4Ever said, “I never been with a fatty b4 but I guess I could try you out. It’s been a while for me and I could use some good head. U game?”

I laughed and rolled my eyes.

“How about NO, losers…” Not much pisses me off more than guys who thinks fat girls are automatically easy or hard up for sex. I had recently moved to the Northwest region of Washington State from N.Y.C to take over a coveted General Manager position at a local high end boutique hotel on the Bellingham bay that catered to those far more privileged than myself. You know business tycoons, movie stars and the like. I was having really shitty luck finding guys who were out of the closet FA’s. It seemed like any guy I came across was either a closet FA who didn’t want his family and friends to know, married or dating someone already or just not attracted to bigger women.

“Maybe I should have stayed in New York where the pickings aren’t so slim,” I thought to myself, laughing at my own unintentional pun.

I almost exited my inbox without opening the remaining reply. If there is one thing I believe in it is starting your day out the best you can. If you have to choose one time of day to avoid all things negative, make it first thing in the morning. After all, the tone of your morning sets the stage for things to come.

Then I noticed the screen name the last ad reply was sent from: NYC_Gentleman

I raised my eyebrow and cautiously hovered my mouse-pointer over the subject line, causing it to light up like a blue neon sign: Hello there fellow New Yorker! Fancy meeting you here!

I grinned hopefully, bit my bottom lip and opened the message:

“Dear Amanda,

I saw your ad and I just had to reply. My name is Mike; I am originally from NYC and grew up in Washington Heights. You guessed it, I am half Dominican. LOL. I moved up to Vancouver B.C a few years back and it is beautiful but just not the same as home. Do you ever experience that listless feeling when you watch the sun rise over the mountains?”

I glanced over and out the picture window of the manager’s suite, smiling softly as the morning light reflecting off of the bay glistened in my eyes. Indeed I did miss New York a great deal. I missed my friends, my family…the little café down the street…The library…So much I left behind. Sure I had friends here now. I guess you could call them that. In comparison to people I had literally grown up with they didn’t hold a candle. They knew about me but they didn’t know ME. A tear formed in my eye and summoning all my courage I turned my gaze back at the computer screen.

“I know I do. Anyways, I am down in your area for the next week or so and if I may be so bold I would love to go see a show and take you to dinner. I read your profile and you sound like an amazing woman. Cute, plump, tall and funny with a good head on her shoulders. A rare combination to be sure! I better get going for now I have a busy day planned out on the islands. I look forward to hearing from you (I hope!) and if you want to you can check out my profile and see if you feel any chemistry there.

Take Care,


P.S.-Here is that LINK ”

I sat back in my chair, crushed out my cigarette and went to get a refill. Interesting. Very interesting. I wondered if this guy could handle my ample physique. I am 6’3 and weight around 300lbs right now which is the heaviest I have ever been. I paced in front of the deck windows. I had to know more about him before I decided to go out with him. Sure he was a hometown boy, but even so…A girl has to do her homework!

I opened the link to his profile.

“Let’s see about you Mike…what are you all about?”

It was a sudden shift of reality for me. As soon as I opened his profile I recognized him. No, not because I had seen him around town before back home. New York is a big place, you can live there your whole life and not meet a tenth of the people that call the place home. I took a closer look at him.

“Isn’t that???? No. No. It can’t be!” If I couldn’t have felt the drool forming on it I would have sworn my jaw had hit the floor! None of his profile photos were the retouched images I had seen of him in glossy magazines. He was not wearing the white smock I saw him in on the Food Channel. Regardless, there was no doubt about it; this guy was none other than THE Mike Greene, world famous restaurant tycoon!

I think I actually felt my heart skip a beat or two. Mike Greene? Fine as hell Mike Greene? Funny to a fault Mike Greene? I had never really thought about there being ANY kind of possibility I could ever meet him let alone the chance to go out on a date with him. I watched his show now and then and laughed at his jokes and puns, marveled at how adept he was at cooking, but wow…Looking through his profile it seemed he was actually a rather down to earth guy!

He only had three photos on his profile. Photo number one was a picture of him lying on the beach wearing a pair of baggy black swim trunks giving two thumbs up. Photo number two was him standing next to a grey haired woman who was older and slightly shorter than him. She was smiling and he was kissing her forehead with his arm around her shoulders. “Must be his mom,” I thought to myself, “so sweet.” Photo number three….Oh lord…Photo number three was a picture of him bare-chested wearing a pair track pants that should be sued for being so tight, and sitting on a kitchen counter, arms crossed with a huge grin on his face. His dark, smooth skin was a near match for the warm deep honey colored mahogany cabinetry behind him. He had large, sculpted muscles and obviously worked out. He had the kind of arms that looked strong enough to hold you tight, yet soft enough to be comfortable. And that bulge in his pants? Made a girl wonder if Mike Greene was smuggling plums and sausages home from work! It wasn’t as if he were TRYING to show off his…assets…they were just so noticeable.

I decided to e-mail him back, (Of course!) and decided to leave out the part about him being famous and super hot and all that good stuff. These are things I thought he probably already knew, so why mention them? I told him I appreciated his e-mail and that yes the sunrise over the mountains did make me feel a little sad now and then. I let him know I worked the evening shift at the hotel I managed so we would have to wait for my day off to go out but that I would love to. I told him he seemed like a really down to earth guy and then….then I asked that cardinal sin question that only a BBW will ask, the one you always feel ridiculous asking and yet compelled to ask. I said to him: “So you do know I’m a big girl right? I mean I don’t want there to be any bad surprises or anything when we meet.” I sent him my message and signed off-line.

I tried to occupy myself during the day but it was so hard! How can you be patient when you know that a famous guy you have a crush on has asked you out on a date? Short answer: You can’t! Long answer: Work out your frustrations the best way you know how.

I ended up back in bed…I tried to watch TV but it just wasn’t happening. Same with my current novel, just could not stay focused. I kept thinking about those eyes and that generous bulge. Finally I decided this called for extreme measures. I reached into my nightstand and brought out my favorite toys, a 7-inch jelly dong with an adjustable curve and a small silver bullet shaped mini-vibe, small but very powerful. I opened up my robe and looked myself over in the oversized mirrors at the side and foot of my bed.

Would a man like Mike Greene really be interested in a woman like me? I ran my fingers over my pale milky colored breasts. Seeing those pictures of him had put my nipples on their perma-hard setting. I licked my finger and wetted my nipple. I watched the bright pink flesh harden even further. My hands explored my body and I imagined it his big strong hands touching me.

I grasped my breast in my left hand and continued playing with the nipple. I jiggled it now and then, not hard, just enough to make me feel like it was Mike playing with it. I spread my knees and brought my ankles up near my bottom, pushing my pelvis upwards I saw the view I hoped he would be delving into very soon. I spread my shaved pussy lips with two fingers, parting the tuft of amber colored fur that grew above it and exposing the bright pink gash. I could see I was very wet and I wondered if I could make some of my juices squeeze out by doing my kegels.

It was a game I played with myself, tightening and relaxing the muscles deep inside of me to make the clear, slick fluid within drip out. It proved to be very easy this time around but I kept squeezing those muscles and watching my hole open a little and then clamp shut. Practice had taken my 25 year old pussy back a decade or so in quality of tightness. I was quite proud of this accomplishment and it brought me a lot of pleasure, even at times like this when I did not have a partner to enjoy the snugness of it.

I ran my index finger from my clenched and soggy hole up to my swollen clit. With my index and middle finger I trapped the hot pink nubbin and began stroking it back and forth very gently, dipping down again and again into my pussy until I was sopping wet. Letting go of my breasts I fired up my mini-vibe and moved the tiny treasure towards my glossy pleasure button. I closed my eyes and imagined Mike Greene’s beautiful dark golden eyes staring up from between my legs as I brought the pulsating bullet down onto myself. Ecstasy shot through my body as I rubbed my captive clit with the powerful tickle of the mini-vibe. My legs spread even further as I bucked my hips ever so gently towards what I envisaged was my dream mans tongue and lips. I rested the small vibe between the lips at the poochy part above my clit as I readied my jelly dong for action.

With the moistness dripping from my fingertips I christened the tip of the dong. Closing my eyes and pressing it to my puckered lips, I passionately kissed the head of Mike Greene’s rigid cock. I pressed the tip further between my lips and lolled my tongue around making the dong bounce like an excited man on the top of my mouth.

In a flush of passion and one fell move, I removed the dong from my mouth and plunged it deep into my achingly tight pussy. My left palm held the vibe tight as I slid the hard cock in as deep as it would go and then out of myself all the way with my right hand. Damn, I had not been this horny for YEARS! I brought myself up on my knees and into the doggy style position. Reaching around I grabbed hold of the base of the dong and drove it in deep. I let it sit there for a moment, wondering if Mike would fuck me like this when the time came.

“No need to worry about that now,” I thought to myself as I watched between my legs, upside down, my super puffy pussy lips stretching to allow entry of the fake cock. I started a nice rhythm, pushing it slowly in but firmly against my g-spot, two nice hard punches as deep as it could go and then wiggling it around. Lather, rinse, repeat and I was cumming like a freight train all over my sheets, screaming the name of a man I had never even met. Never even thought of meeting until just minutes prior.

I checked my e-mail at least 30 times that day. I went to get groceries and pick up a new dress for our date and I was so excited I even had to check my e-mail on my iPhone at the store! I had a smile I could not wipe off my face! I headed home but I had a few hours before I had to be at work. I decided to indulge myself and visit the hotel spa for some beauty time. Between the anxiousness and the rough treatment I gave myself earlier, my body needed a little TLC!

Beauty salons are beauty salons, always have been and always will be. The thing about a beauty salon is they are THE epicenter for ALL gossip. If something is going on you WILL hear about it at the beauty salon. Upscale boutique or not, this was still essentially a beauty salon.

I walked in and Monica, a petite Japanese exchange student I had hired through a work-study program last month ran up to me practically bouncing off the walls. I wondered what could possibly be THIS exciting.

“Amanda! Ms.Amanda! You are not going to BELIEVE who is here today!”

I took my high heels off and stretched my tired toes as I walked over to the pedicure chair. It was not rare for us to have a famous guest. Nothing was going to surprise me. I was sure of that.

“Mike Greene! You know the one on TV? On the Food Channel? The one who has all those restaurants? Well he is here! Staying HERE!”

I felt a lump rise in my throat, followed shortly by butterflies in my stomach. The fact I was surprised…well…frankly it surprised even me! Lori, the salon manager giggled.

“Dang Amanda, I didn’t know you had it in you to be star struck after all this time.”

She gave me a friendly pat on the back. She KNEW I had a little crush on him since she usually kept the salon television tuned to the Food Channel to help bump up profits for the hotel restaurant. I said nothing. Afraid this was all a dream and some magic word from my mouth would make it all disappear.

Little Monica broke the silence.

“You know…” she said wiggling in place, “I saw him early this morning. He checked in during the middle of the night, didn’t have a reservation or anything and we didn’t have any suites available so he is staying in a regular room.” She twirled her hair as she spoke, “I think he is really sexy! I think I am going to see if maybe I can like go out with him or something.”

Ladies and gentlemen…You do not know HOW bad I wanted to punch that sweet little girl right between the eyes! I was surprised at myself! Still I said nothing. Lori spoke up.

“Get real Monica, the guy can date whoever he wants, he probably only dates supermodels.”

Monica hung her head, I saw the steam go out of her and immediately felt bad for wanting to punch her just a few seconds ago. I reassured myself it was HE who had contacted me, not the other way around.

“Yeah you’re probably right.”

She laughed it off and started washing my feet while Lori started my facial. I closed my eyes and relaxed. I don’t know why, but for some reason knowing he was staying at MY hotel put me at ease. Maybe it was because this long and strong young buck had wandered onto my personal territory. The hunt was officially over. I thought about the saying, “One in the hand is better than two in the bush.” I immediately started laughing for reasons apparent to no one but myself.

Two hours later and it was time for me to go on shift. I was, to say the least, looking hot to trot. My waist length red hair was curled in big loose waves that glimmered in the light and bounced when I walked. My pale skin was soft and smooth. My make-up was done to perfection. What can I say; I was on top of my game that night. I wanted to look my best for him but also to boost my confidence. I wore a tight crimson pencil skirt that showed off my large hips, ass and legs and a low cut, cream colored silk blouse that flowed beautifully over my full breasts and was tailored to fit my slim waist. The set of golden Tahitian pearls I had treated myself to when I got my first big promotion lay gracefully above my cleavage. I may have been looking my best, but I was the most nervous I have ever been in my life!

(Continued in post twelve of this thread)

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VERY entertaining reading, i must say.

AND by the way, i was struck by the authenticity of that moment when the eastern sensibility stares at the lustrous natural beauty of a place such as Vancouver (or fill in your mountains of choice), and feels something is missing (such as the noisy teeming crowds). The polite crowds seen at the recent olympics aren't quite the same.
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GTAFA, thank-you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I am actually living in Bellingham myself and though I am not originally from NYC I did spend some time in the NYC/Philadelphia area and find myself missing it from time to time. I hope to update this story in the next few days. This bit was basically laying the ground work for what is to come.
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This is a great begining! A lot of opportunity and I look forward to see where and how you take these characters!
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Nice work Amanda. You write pretty dang well. I hope to see this completed.
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Default nice story

Nice story. Well written and descriptive! Plus I used to visit Bellingham often when I lived in Seattle a while back - great place to live and visit!

anyway, good job, looking forward to anything else you're writing!
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Default You got my attention

This is a great story. I like the protagonist. She seem to be sweet and devilish at the saem time. Wish I could meet redhead like that.
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Hey I just came across this wonderful piece of writing - very nice....any chance of continuting the story where you left off...I would love to hear about the reaction to meeting you on the date for the first time...
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Eeeeee!!!! Part 2 please!
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Great start. Very intoxicating!
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Continue please!
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[Author's note: Okay so I know it's been a reaaaalllly long time since I've posted and this isn't much of a post BUT I am celebrating a much needed break-up that kept my personal passions and interests cloistered for far too long!

Right now I only have net access on the weekends whilst I am at work. Look for more in the near future.

Sorry for the wait all you lovely plump goddesses and chubby lovers! I will do my best to make it up to you!


Amanda aka Anya!

Part 2 Intermission

“Hey honey, calm down! It’s not like he’s the King of England!”


“Well he IS Mike Greene! Have you SEEN Mike Greene? Hold on, I’m forwarding you his photo from my phone…”

“Of COURSE I’ve seen Mike Greene! Not that I wouldn’t looove to see more of him of course!”

I giggled merrily my sandwich in one hand, phone in the other, listening to my best friend Lou on the other end of the line. He always put me at ease.

“This sandwich is amazing Lou…Mmmph…mmm…”

“You just like meat in your mouth. Slut.”

I smiled. “Yeah, well, I’m not the only one. Slut. Do you have the pic yet?”

“Hold on, I’m opening it now..Slut.” A moment’s pause and then, “Oh. My..... LOOK at that bulge! Go! Go now grasshopper and conquer new frontiers of pleasure!”

Ding. Ding. Ding-a-ling…

“Crap, I have to go Lou. I’m working the front desk today, training a new recruit and wouldn’t you know it someone is ringing my bell.”

Yes, I have this bad habit of saying perverted things, EXTREMELY perverted things when I do not mean to.

“Oh honey…I’m going to leave that one alone. You’ll be fine. Trust.”

“Love you.”

“Love you too grasshopper, I’m out.”


Seven hours into an eight hour shift and it doesn’t matter what the job is or how comfortable you may have thought the footwear was when slipping it on. Your dogs are going to bark. In five inch blood red leather Jimmy Choo stilettos my dogs were at this point reminiscent of rabid Doberman pinschers. Rabid Doberman pinschers in heat.

I trotted my way from my office and towards the desk, sandwich in hand, wondering all the while why my new recruit had not answered the bell. Rounding the corner I saw her, back against the wall, hands behind the back, a wide grin on her face.

Sweet Lord it’s him! I could officially kiss any hopes of being a good girl good-bye. I’d been forced to the extremes of blasphemy multiple times since the day began. Laying eyes on Mike Greene…I predicted ample amounts of fornication in my near future, and quite possibly gluttony. Not that I had delusions of being a good girl to begin with but I would be more than happy to send that notion off with a mite bit more than a kiss.

“Amanda? Hi, I’m Mike,” he extended his long burnt caramel hand over the counter and towards me with a smile ,”I hope this isn’t creepy. My staying at your hotel. I had no idea it just had great reviews online.”

My word, that smile!

I took his hand and held it perhaps a tad too long.

“W…w…we…welcome you to the Harbor View Mr. Greene. No, no, no problem whatsoever sir!”

All hopes of a professional decorum disappeared upon touching his strong hands, smelling the delicious aromas of gourmet food rolling off of him and just the thought of that bulge. Oh my I really am in trouble. Heart. Belly. Pussy. The trifecta wants what it wants, job security be damned.

In a haze I turned to Elissa.

“You got this Elissa? I think I’m going to take off an hour early.”

Her brows raised, she grinned, looked back and forth between us.

“Mhm…yes…I think I do!”

“Okay, Mark will help you along with shift change, if you have any trouble call Renee or call me on my cell okay?”

“Yes ma’am.” She called me ma’am, I couldn’t fault her. She was southern.

I picked up my purse from beneath the desk, unlocked the office door and took a deep breath before coming out to face him. Calm down grasshopper, he’s not the King of England! No, no he’s not…he’s Mike effing Greene!

Breathe in, step out, and…

“Would you like to take a walk Mr.Greene?”

He raised his brow and smiled. “Call me Mike.”

He offered me his arm. Yes, right in front of a lobby full of seethingly envious women (and a few men). The aura of joy I was feeling was more than ample protection against the multitude of daggers thrown by eyes in my general direction.

“And yes ma’am, I would enjoy that very much.”

We walked out the front door and towards the glistening water front where fishing boats and yachts alike were harbored. My shoes came off. The night began anew…

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Moved over from Erotica Forum and bumped due to new addition - welcome back!
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Smile Gourmet Tastes Pt 2 *BBW,food,oral,sex*

Gourmet Tastes: Part Two

Forty paces into the parking lot and the heels, source of much misery were tucked safely away in my oversized purse. Mike grinned and shook his head.

“I have no idea why you ladies wear those things.” He pinched my ass. “But I’m sure glad you do.”

I leaned in close, pressed a finger into his hard chest and whispered in his ear, “You just answered your own question.”

He laughed. “Well I suppose I did. You’re an ornery one aren’t you?”

“You have no idea.”

We walked down the sidewalk through the park that adjoined the hotel. It really was beautiful this time of year. He certainly picked the perfect time to visit Bellingham--late spring, between tourist seasons. We wouldn’t be hassled this fine evening by spoiled teenagers, ever eager to escape the financially stable parents trying to ‘culture’ them. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve had to run them out of the park for late night smoke and fuck fests under the gas lights.

I stopped at a park bench just short of the marina and sat down.

“So Mike, not that I’m not excited that you’re here, but I have to ask if this is coincidence or not, it feels a little stalker-ish you know? So, what exactly are you doing here?”

He raised his finely sculpted brow and smiled.

“Well, actually I’m thinking about opening up a restaurant here. Right here on the bay. I’m thinking Island inspired fine dining. It seems the right time and place for it. I came down to putz around the islands and scope out prospective real estate. Anyways, you can rest assured that it’s pure coincidence. I have no stalker-ish tendencies.

I guess I’m trying to start a new chapter in my life. I’ve been so focused on the business side of my life that I’ve just missed out on so much. I guess that happens when you’re pushing forty. You wake up one day and realize that all your friends have wives, children, and homes. Something stable, some kind of home base. And here I am, thirty four years old, thirty five in June actually, and what do I have to show for my self? Nothing substantial, nothing real. I’ve been around the world, I’ve seen a lot of things, I’ve accomplished a lot by anyone’s standards, hell, I accomplished a lot by my own standards but I’ve always said that standards are set not to be broken but expanded upon. I want more than this,” He shrugged his shoulders and laughed, ‘I want it all.”

I was somewhat taken aback. Interesting first date, if you could call it that. It definitely ranked up there.

“No, it’s okay,’ I smiled and put my hand on his knee, “I know what you mean, I gave up on that picture perfect life a long time ago though. Got jaded early in life I guess, decided to dedicate my life to my work instead of trying to juggle a career and a family like I watched so many of my friends do. Seems like it never worked out so well for them, they couldn’t maintain a career, a relationship and children. So yeah, I understand the accomplishment iced with emptiness but I can’t really say that I’m ready to settle down.”

He leaned back and put his arm around me. I snuggled in to his strong shoulder.

I looked up at him. “You know, I recall being promised dinner and a show Mr. Greene.”

“Yes, I suppose you were.”

“Mhm, absolutely, I’ve got it in writing.”

“Well, a promise is a promise.” He scratched his head and cupped his chin, “Now let’s see. No restaurants open this late and Broadway is clear across the country. How oh how can I give a lady dinner and a show on such short notice?” I shrugged and smiled.

“I guess that’s for you to know and for me to find out hmm?”

He stood and offered me his hand. “Time’s a wasting. I’ve got a promise to keep. Shall we?” He offered me his arm and we walked towards the marina. I didn’t have an incredible amount of chaste resolve to begin with but feeling the firm, warm muscles under my palm made me a little wet just imaging what he might have stowed away in those conservative looking khakis.

He navigated our way over the swaying walkways, through the glittering rope lights and lanterns that hung from the crafts that some people, mostly retirees, called home during the warmer seasons. Finally we stopped in front of an impressive looking sleek white bi-leveled boat at the far end of the marina. The words “La Sirene” painted on the bow glittered gold in the lamp light.

“Is this yours? Why the hell are you staying at the hotel?”

He pulled a small brown envelope from his pocket, took out a key, opened the door and stepped inside.

“Yes, she’s mine. I stayed at your hotel last night because the yacht wasn’t delivered until this afternoon. I keep it docked in Vancouver, had a guy bring it down this morning. God knows I loathe dealing with the Coast Guard, definitely worth paying someone else to do the dirty work.”

“That’s fair.” Not that I’d ever dealt with the Coast Guard but getting through the border on land was hard enough since the tragedy in our home town that September morning several years ago. I could imagine.

“Would you like to come in? I have a grill and I know how to use it.”

I offered him my hand and he helped me through the doorway.

He switched on the light and frankly, dazzling is the only word that comes close to describing the interior of La Sirene. The wall to wall plush black carpet felt great between my toes. A white leather sectional graced the fully glass wall of the stern end. The control room sat slightly below the glass window without obstructing the amazing view.Billiard tables, a few arcade games and an impressive wet bar inhabited the opposite end of the room. Tasteful artwork reminiscent of the islands hung on the mahogany paneled walls.

“Welcome to my man cave, would you care to see the second level?”

“Okay. Mike this place is remarkable; I’ve never seen a boat like this before. They have speed boat races sometimes at the lake and sailboat races here on the bay but I’ve never seen a boat like this docked here.”

“It’s a yacht actually; they’re built in every respect for comfort and luxury you know. Not speed.” We shared a smile and ascended up the staircase to the second level.

Recessed lighting bathed the bedroom area in a soft, warm glow reminiscent of that time right before the sun slips above the horizon. The bed was large and I wondered if it was a custom. What was on the other end of the room was without doubt a custom build.

I slid my fingertips over the cold steel of the industrial sized side by side refrigerator, my eyes widened as I opened the door. It was fully stocked with fresh seafood, meats, sausages, assorted tropical fruits, fresh vegetables and an alarming array of fine cheeses.

“So what are you in the mood for this evening beautiful?”

Looking over the six burner gas range and adjoining grill, my mouth virtually watered at the possibilities.

“Whatever you want to create I suppose! I’ve seen your show, I’m sure anything you whip up will be amazing.”

“Oh that’s no fair, I want to feed you something you’ll like. Any particular preferences? Throw me a line here.” He laughed and put his large hands on my hips, his mouth only a breath away from my lips, sincerity in his sparkling golden eyes, “I only want to please you.”

I grinned and nuzzled his nose with my own, amazed that I had to stand on my tip toes to do so. “I love good food,” I said, guiding his hands away from my relatively slim waist and resting them on my ample rump, “now obviously I can cook just fine myself, these hips and ass are the proof that I seldom pay retail for fine dining. I am however more than happy to defer to your judgment as to what goes in my mouth tonight. You’ve got great taste Mike; I trust you will make an amazing meal for us. One that for once I won’t have to cook myself or order from room service.”

In one smooth motion he pulled my pale breast out of my bra and through my low cut top, rolling my reddish nipple under his palm until it stood erect and the pink flesh wrinkled up around it.

“Okay, we’ll just have to compromise then,” he pointed towards a wine rack near the double doors that led to the upper deck, “you choose a wine from the rack and three songs from the music library on my laptop, so you don’t have to tell me what you want, I can deduce your tastes and mood from your choices.” He tenderly kissed my neck and nibbled my ear, “And cater to the desires that you can not put into words. You’re not allergic to anything are you?”


I smiled devilishly as I reviewed the wines, I had a plan, he was providing dinner, I would provide the show – something of a variety he would be hard pressed to locate on Broadway and would not soon forget. One could only pray his knife skills were well enough engrained that a finger wouldn’t be accidentally severed when the blood flow was diverted from his brain to his cock.

I chose a 1996 burgundy and sat it on the counter in front of him.
“Mmm, good choice,” he said smiling seductively, “slightly sweet, expensive, red, full bodied, undertones of berry and lavender. Reminds me of a beautiful redhead I met once in a hotel.”

I bent over the laptop and started searching his music library. “Ah yes Mike, but you neglected to mention the most fundamental quality of the wine.”

“And what’s that pray tell?” He smiled as he began pulling ingredients from the fridge and cabinets.

“It’s intoxicating.” A devilish grin and I started the music.

The music thumped out of the surround sound speakers cleverly hidden around the room, the rat a tat of low drum beats, Peggy Lee’s ‘Fever’. I began to sway my body to the music against the steel support pole between kitchen and bedroom.

“Yes. It. Is…intoxicating.” He smiled and watched me hungrily as he prepped prime rib with garlic, wine and other spices. His large hands seemed to beckon me, tease me as he oiled plump Portobello mushrooms. Watching him work turned me on more than the sultry music ever could. He was truly a maestro, no reason to question his skills with a blade. It seemed there was enough blood in my beefcake for both hemispheres to operate adequately.

Half way through, Eurhythmics’, “Talk to Me Like Lovers Do” he motioned for me to come to him.

“Dessert first? The steak needs to marinade.”

I turned my back to him, pulled my skirt around my waist and rubbed my very plump ass over the growing bulge in his pants. “Does it now? I think I may have just the rub for it.” I bent over and grinded my wet panties up and down his sheltered shaft.

“Oh yes…yes it does…it’s a fine cut to begin with but it does need a good soak.”

I started to unclip my garter belt but he stopped me. “No, lose the panties but please leave the stockings. You have no idea how much that turns me on.” He bent over and carefully unclipped the garter belt, taking my panties in his teeth he slowly kneeled and pulled them off with his eager mouth. I kicked them to side and he re-fastened my stockings to the garter belt. Mike slowly moved his hands up the seams of my stockings, groping the large muscles in my calves and then my hips he pulled my exposed pussy to his face and inhaled deeply.

“Madre de dios…you smell delicious. I could eat you raw all night long bonita.” He opened the fridge and got something out. I couldn’t see what it was and when I asked he wasn’t telling. Okay, I’d play. At first I felt his hot breath a fraction of an inch from my smooth pussy lips moving from my already swollen and pulsating clit all the way to my tightening hole. I thought I felt his hot tongue dart inside of me for a moment before I felt something cold and a strange yet pleasing combination of smooth and bumpy start to slide up and down my slit.

“What IS that? Oooh it feels…good? Yessss, it feels good. Wha..wha..,” he was rubbing it slowly over my clit. It felt like some kind of alien cock head. Cold but plump and large…what was it? “Wha..wha…What are you doing Mike? What is that?”

He nuzzled my ass with his nose and lightly bit me. “One of Mother Natures many wonderful sex toys. You like?”

“Oooh yes, I like.” I started to turn around.

“Unh, unh, unh. You have to guess what it is by feeling it chica. Feeling what it does to your sweet plump pussy. When you can guess what the ingredient is you get a sweet surprise.”

Interesting. Very interesting. I, like most women had experimented with cucumbers but I had never considered other foods to be sexual in nature. I was quickly overcoming that notion. “Okay…I’m game just… give me more.”

I now felt a completely different sensation. Something was tickling my swollen and very sensitive lips and I felt my legs begin to shake with pleasure. “ I’ve got it! Strawberry!”

As soon as I said the magic word he tore off the green leafy crown of the berry, stuck his index finger into the pointed end of the glistening red thing, turned me around, put me on my back and slowly pushed the very large strawberry deep in my tight, aching hole firmly against my g-spot. He slowly moved his strawberry capped digit back and forth over that excruciatingly tender place inside of me. It felt so foreign, so new; I wriggled and bucked my hips towards his smiling face.

“Mmm…you do like it don’t you girl?”

All I could manage was a strained whimper before he grabbed a small ceramic pitcher from the counter top and proceeded to douse the flames of my hot cunt with room temperature whipping cream. It felt just like a huge load of cum drizzling slowly down my puffy pussy lips. He nearly let it reach my ass before his hot tongue spread out over my heat. In one long, luxurious lick he cleaned the cream off of me.

“Mmm…strawberries and cream…” He spread my legs further to expose my pulsating clit to his eager tongue.

“Oh suck me…fuck yes, eat that juicy pussy baby. Eat me up.” He needed no further prompting and eagerly began dashing his tongue from one end of my slit to the other while still plugging my spot relentlessly with the large, firm strawberry. Soon his soft lips were latched loosely around my aching button and his tongue was going ballistic. I had never felt such pleasure! Thirty seconds or so later and I started to feel as if I couldn’t hold back my orgasm, I had never come this quickly before. Mike could tell I was close and he wasn’t backing down. His finger began to jab frantically inside of me with his tongue still lapping at my clit. Just when I felt the world starting to explode from the inside of me outwards, the beginning of my orgasm, he pulled off of my clit, latched his mouth over pussy and tongue fucked the strawberry right out of me. The raw feeling of his willing mouth and tongue exploring my insides, sucking and licking the strawberry out, multiplied my orgasm five fold. I was still recovering from the intensity of it when he kissed me…hot pussy juice covered strawberry in his mouth. He bit off half of it and tongued the other half into my mouth. It tasted hot and sweet, it tasted heavenly. I smiled.

We both laughed a little, “That’s not all of dessert is it?” I smiled wickedly as I stood and opened the fridge. I looked around, trying to find something to please the impressive bulge in his pants. There! Sweetened condensed milk. In a squirt bottle no less.

“Turn around. No peeking.”

I slipped the pearls off my neck, then my skirt, shirt and bra. The next song came on, Metallica’s ‘Devils Dance’ began it’s achingly low, slow grind as came up behind Mike. He was wearing only his boxers now and my free hand reached around to find something a bit bigger than even I expected protruding from them. Eight, maybe nine inches of thick hard meat jerked in anticipation at my touch. “Holy shit…you’re huge!” I whispered in his ear.

I felt my pussy ache and tug at the prospect of being stuffed with his rigid cock. I walked around to face him.

I flipped the top of the sweetened condensed milk bottle and began to pour it over my cleavage. “After that award winning strawberry short-cake routine, I couldn’t possibly deny letting you watch what I’m about to do to this gorgeous cock baby.”

After a generous amount of the sweet sticky white milk covered my breasts I got on my knees in front of him and embraced his throbbing tan shaft between my large milky white breasts. I eagerly sucked the salty pre-cum from his swollen purple cock head before pressing my tits together and jacking his meaty cock slowly between them. Soon he couldn’t help but thrust faster and I hungrily lapped and sucked his tip each time it pressed against my lips.

“I want you to pour more of that nice warm cream on my tits, this milk is starting to get a little dry.” He happily complied with my wishes and emptied a large amount of the slick stuff onto his cock and my soft, sticky breasts. Soon his cock was sliding back and forth easily through my swollen cleavage. He moaned and pumped with such a sweet rhythm I couldn’t take anymore I had to have him inside of me one way or another. I grabbed his shaft and slid it across my tits, cupping up as much of the sweet mixture as I could on the upward curvature of his pulsing dick. I cupped his heavy shaven balls in my palm as I took his entire shaft deep down my throat in one daring swallow.

Maybe some girls don’t like sucking cock but I simply adore it, I especially love deep throating it and feeling the swell and twitch in the back of my mouth, feeling like it wants to be swallowed up completely. Mike was doing his best to be a gentleman and avoid thrusting, but I wanted him to. I slurped and bobbed my mouth over his cock for a while, grinding his head deep, as far as it would go, latching onto it and sucking hard, then tonguing the head. I looked up at him with a smile, right into his eyes and watched them widen when I asked him to fuck my face.

“You sure? I don’t want to hurt you baby.”

I didn’t say a word and backed myself against the wall, grabbing his big firm ass I guided his shaft down my throat and put his large hands behind my head. I shoved his cock down my throat so hard he almost toppled over, but I had to give him a signal of how hard I could take it—how hard I wanted it. I reassured him a few times with my own force before I let him start pumping my face with all the power of those large, muscled thighs and ass. I loved the way he fucked my face and I watched his ass muscles working that monster in and out of my greedy mouth in the sliding glass windows reflection beside us. He had a nice rhythm going, four short strokes against the back of my throat and one excruciatingly delectable thrust deep down my throat every fifth pump. A pump hard enough he had to bend his knees to steady himself for it.

Abruptly, he withdrew from me. “Are you ready for this baby because I don’t know if I can hold back much longer, dicking your pretty face is heaven and I don’t want to waste this load down your throat when I haven’t even touched that pretty pussy yet.”

Without speaking I repositioned myself onto the black carpet and spread my soft milky thighs for him, dripping wet swollen pussy ready and willing to consume his animal lust. There was no pause or tenderness in his sure move to plunge himself inside of me. With no warning he seized me by my knees and pulled me to him. The instant my stocking clad calves came to rest on his shoulders his vein ridged shaft had spearheaded me, pinned me to the carpet from the inside. I would have expected him to begin pumping fast and hard right away but he didn’t, he put all of his weight into me, almost folding me in half and began slowly rocking my body back and forth under his bulk. I watched his handsome face grimace in pleasure, eyes rolling back into his head.

“You have the sweetest fucking pussy, God, you have the juiciest cunt and it’s so…hot and tight. It just wants me to stay deep inside. I don’t want to leave it. I want to stay right here forever.” He stopped the rocking and began grinding his hips around in circular motions that chipped away at my pussys’ natural resistance to his huge cock. Deep inside myself I felt my own muscles pushing him back, not a resisting, an embracing. He leaned in and began licking the remaining creamy mixture from my tits in long teasing caresses before he latched his mouth firmly around one nipple and eagerly suckled as much of my breast as he could into his mouth. His rigid cock twitched as it continued probing my innermost sanctuary. It was so big I felt stretched to my limits; but I was aching to feel him massage my sopping wet inner walls with the same rhythmically skilled thrusts he fucked my throat with.

“Fuck me, fucking pound me.”

“Can you take the kind of pounding I can give you?”

I stopped and honestly considered his polite question a fraction of a second before I kissed him deeply and drew his body supine firmly against my own. I whispered softly into his mouth, “I can take whatever you can dish out.”

Again, there was no wavering in his carnal need for pleasure. “As you wish.” He slowly withdrew his dewy cock until just the tip remained sheathed inside of me, with a forceful thrust and a guttural moan Mike forced his cunt starved prick deep into my swollen pussy and I eagerly tightened and swallowed him into myself. Oh he could fuck hard, harder than I expected, deeper and stronger than I’d ever been fucked before. Still, he managed to maintain a very pleasing rhythm and his penchant for showmanship definitely translated to sex. I felt like a wanton slut, a sex goddess and a bitch in heat whilst pinned by his lusty tool.

“Hands and knees, now.” He managed to command between breaths. I happily assumed the position. “Knees together, okay, now all the way down girl, get all the way down, face on the carpet. Let me see those puffy pussy lips sticking out…mmm yeah…” He returned his cock to it’s joyful job of pummeling my pussy with relentless power. “God I love watching your pretty pink pussy sucking on my cock. Fuck, you make me want to bust my load in you so bad, I can feel that tight cunt slurping at my cock, begging for my cum.”

“I want it Mike, I fucking want it. Plow me fucking harder! Paint the inside of my pussy with your hot sperm. Yesss…God yesss!” I was panting now, feeling his cock start to swell inside of me told me he was very, very close to blowing his load. “I want it deep, deeper than this when you come, I want to feel you pump your steaming cum straight into my box! Deep as it fucking gets, fuck yes!”

I turned over onto my back and put my feet in the air, he grabbed my ankles and held my feet firmly to his chest. Fingering my clit madly, I continued coaxing his cocks release with my tugging pussy and filthy mouth. “Come on baby, plow me! Take it, yes, take it! Fuck me deep, I want that cock as far in as it can get when you blow in me. I want to feel you drain your balls in me. Let me have it, let me have that sweet cum Mike. Look, look down at your cock getting sucked so good by my hungry pussy. Feed my hungry pussy Mike, feed it your sweet cum. Please…please…”

“Ungh…oh…Gooood…yes…Here I go girl, fuuuuuuck…ungh! I’m coming!” Cock pressed into me to the hilt, he was coming hard and strong, deep inside of me just like I’d asked him to. Feeling the hot riptide of cum plastering my insides and that fat cock damming it in deep, plugging me up so none could escape, sent me over the edge. I started moaning loudly and cumming all over him, squirting sweet hot girl cum all over his cock and balls. He didn’t miss a beat and continued forcing his slick sperm deep inside, making the erratic spasms of my pussy soak it all up as I lost all control and started to come again!
Slowly he pulled his cock out of me, with two fingers he encircled his shaft and scraped our sweet mingling juices together. I eagerly licked his fingers and cock clean while he attentively detailed my raw cum covered gash with his tongue.

As I sit here in the open air hot tub on the top deck of La Sirene, sipping my glass of burgundy, watching a very handsome, romantic, talented and kinky man cook me dinner--I look out over this glittering city on the bay and I realize that the trifecta is coming close to fulfillment. Pussy? Sated. (For now!) Belly? Very soon. Heart? We’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds. Maybe there’s a future for me on the West Coast after all.

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