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Molly Ren
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Default Your Ideal Feedee?

A while back someone asked me, "What's your ideal feedee like?"

My “ideal feedees” aren’t something I expect real boys to be like… hell, sometimes I wonder if the proportions I give them in my head are physically possible. But anyways, I actually have two.

That’s right, folks: one feedee is never enough for me. Their names are Andre Six and Rufus Hex. Both of them star in a long-running series of disjointed stories I write out when I’m wanking—the current version is called “Absurd Fantasies”. This word file or pile of odd paper scraps usually runs to dozens of pages and has no beginning or end.

All my dreams run heavy on the physical particulars. Andre Six is skinny, short, and delicate, and is the sadist in the relationship. He is an amalgamation of every decent fuckbuddy I’ve ever had, in that he wears impeccable suits, is sarcastic, endlessly horny and has a drinking problem. Personal flourishes include his liking to wear girly underwear and hose, getting manicures and pedicures, dying his hair red, and waxing his pubes. He used to be underweight, but a few sessions with a pretty feeder girl took care of that. When he’s stuffed he has a small, round, tight belly, but he has such a ridiculously fast metabolism he doesn’t really gain weight. Recently, though, he’s left off the stuffing and turned his wicked mind towards ways of feeding Rufus.

Rufus Hex is rounder and softer, but also taller and more male-looking. He has really amazing arm muscles, and really long, straight black hair. He never cross dresses, but he does wear eyeliner. Unlike Mr. Six, Rufus is more likely to gain weight from stuffing, and his body runs the gamut from barely plump to having a huge gut, depending on my mood and where I want him to start the journey of weight-based body modification for the purposes of my fantasy. Usually I imagine him with luscious round girly thighs, a soft tummy, and sometimes little mosquito-bite moobs with large nipples. He doesn’t talk as much as Six, but when he does it is usually to ask whether Six’s plans to bring his latest kink to life are actually a good idea. Mr. Six always carries out these plans with him anyway.

Despite being “the worrier” Rufus has a high tolerance for pain, sensory deprivation, and being tied up, and his tummy is capable of expanding almost infinitely to hold superhuman amounts of junk food. He also has a bit of a complex about getting off to something so unusual and is a great deal of fun to tease and embarrass about it.

These made up boys are my go-to fodder when I want a solitary wank. Usually I’m in a hotel room somewhere with Mr. Six, and we’re doing horrible things to Rufus: blindfolding and tying him up before we stuff him with soda pop, or feeding him entire watermelons piece by piece until his belly distends enormously and he sobs that he’s going to burst. Other times we take him to Mister Six’s personal workshop/dungeon so we can hook him up to machines that will modify his body in all kinds of wonderful ways (breasts AND belly!), or put tubes down his throat or up his penis that will take his power to piss or feed himself entirely out of his control.

So in short: I want feedees who are good looking, fashionable, clever, expandable, gluttonous and willing to give me complete control over their bodies.

So what's your ideal feedee like, guys and gals? Girl? Guy? Ex-jock? Reformed anorexic? Bearish? Hairy? Smooth? Lemme know in the comments!
Feeder, Blogger. My first orgasm happened while I was dreaming about manly angels drinking milk. I write about feederism on Stuffies and talk daily on Twitter.
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