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Default Abundant Alison - by auusiefa63 (SSBBW, Erotica, ~XWG)

SSBW, Erotica, ~XWG - Over time a couple gives in to their true desires.

Abundant Alison
by aussiefa63

The morning sun was filtering through the curtains, when I started to stir from the nights slumber. We were in the spoon position, my right arm slung over Alison’s enormous waist, my hand resting on her huge belly & snuggled into her back, her legs bent, with mine tucked in behind hers & my crotch snuggling her big soft rear. I started to think of our night out before.

I had taken Alison out to dinner, as it had been like a month since we'd been out to dinner & the all you can eat buffet had new management. So we thought we'd go check it out. It was worth it, the food was great & the variety was huge & that matched Ali's appetite. It was a turn on just seeing her sussing out all the available dishes.

"Mmmm I think I am just going to have to try a little of everything," she smiled.

"Go for it sweetie, have whatever you want," as I patted her huge bum.

She started with the seafood, plenty of prawns, oysters, lobster & all washed down with a beer, then it was back for the pizza & pasta. I offered to go top up her plate.

"No, it's alright darl, I'll be fine & I know what I want, but you can get a bottle of wine though."

To see her waddling around the buffet tables, her huge fat arse rolling from side to side with each step in her stretch pants was great, I loved how fat she had gotten. She got through her plate & we sat chatting for a bit, enjoying the wine & our company together.

"Well, might just have to go check out the Chinese now."

"Want me to go?"

"No, I know what I'm after." As she slide herself out of the booth, she got one arm on the table, the other on the back of the booth & heaved herself up & waddled off to the buffets again, stacking her plate up with plenty of Chinese.

"Oh this is great food, much better than it was," as she tucked in.

"You are really enjoying this babe?" loving how much she was eating & knowing that it would only add to her abundance.

"Oh....yes... this is good & I think I want to try the roasts after this," smiling. "I can't leave without having some roast, with veggies, baked potatoes & plenty of gravy."

"Go for it darling." It turned me on so much knowing that all that food would just add more weight to her already huge body.

"I'm going to," she grinned as she sat back & ran her hand over her massive belly. "I am getting full though, but I can fit some more in"

She again slide herself to the edge of the booth, I could see her stretch pants were getting tight, her massive belly putting the stitching & elastic to the test & she struggled to get up. God it turned me on. She eventually came back, her plate loaded with pork, cracking, plenty of veggies, baked potatoes & all smothered in gravy.

"Mmmmm........this looks so good," as she started on consuming the huge plate of food.

"It does," smiling at my huge sexy babe.

She finished it off, sat back rubbing her huge, round belly, burped & smiled. "God that was so good".

"Glad you like it sweetie," winking.

"I did," smiling back. "You spoil me so much." She ran her foot up my leg & grabbed my hand.

"I love to spoil you, I love you so much."

"I love you too honey & your spoiling me like this is why I'm so fat," she winked. "And I love it"

"Want some dessert then?" with a devilish grin.

"Nah, I'll wait till we get home. I made profiteroles today & that's what I want."

I helped her up this time. To see her getting into the car in itself was a turn on & the car leaned over to her side as she sat. We went home & she did eat the profiteroles, all 18 of them.

So that brings me back to the morning & I was hardening up, thinking about how much she'd eaten the night before. She started to stir as I ran my hand over her massive fat belly, well, what I could reach of it. She started to push her fat arse into my hardness & jiggling it slowly, grabbing my hand & placing it on her huge pendulous right breast, her nipple was hard. She wanted me & I wanted her. She reached back & pulled me into her fat arse more, starting to move her fat hips in & out, feeling all that fat expand & contract with each thrust of her pelvis was unreal. I moved my right hand down over her belly again, running it over as much if it as I could reach & started to slip my left arm under her, so I could play with her left breast at the same time running my right hand over her belly. I could no longer reach her pussy from behind, she was just simply too big at 686lbs. She heaved her huge body as she started to moan with pleasure so I could get better access to her & she reached behind again & was pulling me into her. The head of my cock, just slipping into her outer lips, she moaned again, trying to pull me in more & her whole body was now becoming a jiggling, wobbling mass, she was just so fat. I slipped in & out, deeper with each thrust, pulling my hand into her massive fat belly trying to get deeper into her.

Alison was now a mass of jiggling fat, puffing, panting & moaning, trying to pull me ever deeper into her, she threw her head back & was thrusting back against hard, she pulled my hand into her fat soft belly, until she thrust hard against me & moaned deeply, her whole body tensioning up & I blew my load into her as she came.

"Ohhhhh.............yesssss..............." she moaned.

"Oh Al....... you are the sexiest woman on the face of the planet," as we were still thrusting in ever decreasing thrusts.

She heaved herself over, the bed creaking under her weight & kissed me. "It's the weight I'm carrying" she winked. "It's what we both want & need," kissing me again. "You need me to be fat & I need to be fat" kissing me. "And I want to gain more weight."

"Oh babe, you are my true soul mate."

"Howabout you cook your soul mate some breakfast?" grinning with a devilish grin. "I'm hungry after that," winking.

"Sure sweetie."

I got up & she held her hands out for me to help her up & just seeing her fat expand & contract as I helped her up & as she sat on the bed, her hips & waist looked as though she instantly gained another 100lbs as it spread out. I helped her stand up, her huge belly hanging to her knees, but it wasn't a drooping big belly, she had a huge round fat belly. In fact Alison's weight gain was all over, the weight she gained went everywhere; her face was full, she had one huge chin, her shoulders were round & fat, her upper arms three times the size of my thighs. Her breasts were full, round & the size of half a watermelon each & rested on her enormous belly. She had what could only be described as a shelf where her rear met her back & her butt was huge & well rounded, her thighs were great pillow-y, dimpled masses & rubbed right down to her knees & due to their size she waddled with her legs spread.

At 5' 6" and 686lbs she was enormous. As she stood up her whole body was in motion, her belly swaying from side to side & the rest of her was doing much the same & took what seemed forever to settle. She looked in the mirror.

"Oh babe, I am so fat & sexy," running her hands over herself. "I love being so fat."

I put my hand on her belly & stood to the side of her to kiss her. She was too big to kiss from the front.

"You are so incredibly sexy Al, I love the weight you've gained," kissing her again.

"While I have shower, cook me a big breakfast," smiling at me. "I'll have some bacon & eggs, some pancakes with maple syrup, ice cream & cream". And she turned & waddled into the ensuite with the oversized shower. "Oh & I'll have a milkshake instead of a cup of tea".

Alison loved food, she truly enjoyed eating. Some people have hobbies like bike riding, doing patchwork, gardening, not Ali, her hobbies were enjoying good food, reading & watching TV & movies. She was not at all into anything physical, except making love & going for a walk occasionally. This all contributed to her getting so fat.

Alison had always had curves, she was big boned, but she wasn't fat & even though she loved her food, she was always conscious about her weight & kept it around the 154lb mark. It wasn't till after our first child that she put on weight & got up 202lbs, but managed to loose it, which was a disappointment for me, but I wanted her to be happy. It was after our second child that that she again was around 225lb mark, but this time she wasn't managing to shift the weight as easily & it went up & down as she tried to loose it, but nothing was working this time.

Finally she said one day, "I'm sick of trying to loose this weight honey, it's just too hard, I not overeating, but I don't seem to be loosing weight."

"Al, I love you for being you, not what you weigh." Which was true, even though I'd always wanted her get fatter.

"Oh honey, that's so sweet," smiling & gave me a big hug. "I'm just going to eat what I want, I don't want to get too fat, but I'm not going to starve myself or bother going to the gym or anything, ‘cause that's just not me."

"Alison, you are only on this planet once, enjoy life the way you want". Which I have always felt is right.

"You're right, hun," smiling.

Ali wasn't into eating masses of junk, fatty foods, but loved eating big healthy meals. Although she would have no problem eating a whole block of chocolate or a big bag of chips & she loved profiteroles or a good mud cake as well as ice cream.

It was like two years later & Alison was now 340lbs & I loved every pound. She did a few times complain about it, but then say , "Ahh stuff it, I don't care, I love my food too much & I'm not giving that up."

It was one night while we were making love, she was straddling me, her belly so round, her breasts having grown with the rest of her bouncing & she was thrusting down on me, pushing me into the bed, as I ran my hands up & down her belly that she started to moan.
"Fatten..............me............." In a whisper, she tilted her head back & closed her eye's.

Did I hear right?

"Oh babe...............make........... me.............. fat." Again in a whisper, her eyes still closed & a look of sheer pleasure on her face.

I think I heard right as she started to push me deeper into the bed.

"Ohhhhh..........I want..........to.......get........sooooo.........f at." A bit louder this time & she looked down at me with a bit of a worried look.

"Oh...........Al............" I was so turned on by what she'd said. "You are so sexy". As I ran my hands over her belly & down around to her fat hips, grabbing those wonder love handles.

"Oh.........my .....God.........." She was thrusting harder, her hips rocking back & forth on me, grinding me into the bed. "I want..........to......get really...........fat," puffing. "Fatten........me...........make me..........fat.............really fat," with a look of absolute desire.

"Ohhhhhhh..........Alison..........yessss..... .." I was so turned on. Here she was 350lbs & wanting me to fatten her, all my fantasies had come true.

We both came together in a frenzy of sweat, puffing & thrusting.

We lay there cuddling & kissing. Alison looked a little embarrassed.

"Umm about what I said," looking sheepish.

"Hun, I don't mind at all what you said," smiling.

"You don't?" again with a sheepish smile.

"No, I love the weight you've gained & I love you for being you, not what you weigh. Although, some extra pounds would be nice," winking.

"You like big women, don't you?" she poked me. "Be honest".

"Yeah I do & always have, but I fell in love with you & love you for being you & you alone."

"But you wouldn't care how fat I got?" with a smirk.


"Mmmm, I just love my food so much & to be honest, the love making just seems to get better & better as I gain more weight," she smiled.

"Serious?" I said questionably.

"Yeah, I love you playing with my fat, I love how big I'm getting, so much so, that I have had dreams & fantasies about being really fat," looking somewhat embarrassed. "Is that weird?"

"Maybe to some people, but not to me," bit sheepishly, this was really the first time I'd let my feelings about my fat fetish out. "I have since I can remember been attracted to fat women."

"I can be that fat woman". She kissed me. "But I know I'm going to end up obese."

"I don't care how big you get babe, as long as you are happy, content & relatively healthy," I kissed her again.

Alison hugged me tightly. "I know I'll end up over 500lbs easily, I am really liking the look of my fat belly & the fatter I've gotten, the more I want to gain even more weight," grinning wildly.

"Well, the only thing is I am going to buy a treadmill........."

Before I could finish, "What!" looking a bit confused.

"Hang on sweetie" I consoled her. "You are going to gain weight, lots of weight from what you've said & I'd like you to remain as mobile as possible & a treadmill will strengthen your legs, so you can carry the extra weight."

"This is true, ok I'll make sure I use it everyday, ‘cause I know I'm going to end up huge." She started to stroke my cock, which it immediately started to respond. "Mmmmm.....see that thought turns you on," kissing me. "Doesn't it?"

"Oh Ali, yes it does." I was so turned on by these new revelations.

"I’m going to get sooo fat," cheekily now.

I hardened even more.

"I'll exercise if you weigh & measure me." She was now wrapped her hand around my hardness. "I want you to see me getting heavier & bigger, I'm going to wear tight clothes, stretch pants, spandex, anything that shows you all my fat body, so you can see every delicious pound of me." She knew what buttons to push now well & truly.

"Ohhh Al, my god, you are..........."

"Turning you on?" pulling on my cock more. "I know. I can feel how much it's turning you on & I love it."

"Ohhh.........yesss............" I was under her spell by now.

"Feed me, weigh me, measure me, watch me get fatter & fatter." She was starting to loose it as well.

We made love again.

That was 4 years ago & 346lbs later Alison is still using the treadmill, which is mesmerizing. All that fat in motion, although she always has a tray of doughnuts or profiteroles while she's exercising.

I've widened all the doorways in the house to cater to her growing girth, bought the biggest bed I could & strengthened it seeing she as she broke our old bed, which for us was funny & a turn on.

I managed to make a steel framed extra wide dining chair with plenty of padding to cater to her size. I put a pool in for her to do a bit of swimming & we've found it to also be a good place to make love as she's lighter in the water & my God, to see her walking to the pool on her one piece is just awesome.

I have to help her get her stretch pants on, as she's simply too big now to do it herself & we have to get them from the U.S. as there is nothing here to cater to her size. She wears singlet tops which never quite manage to meet the waist bands of her pants. She just has such an enormous belly. I simply can't keep my hands off her & she knows it. She waddles around the house, her belly swaying, her butt rolling from side to side, her arms are splayed out due to her sheer girth & she walks close by me & I just have to feel her fat.

When I'm cooking she comes into the kitchen puts her hand on my arse & rubs her belly against me & will say something like, "Mmmmm...........that's going to add more pounds," & always with that Cheshire cat grin.

I weigh & measure her twice a week & it is such a turn on for both of us & usually ends up in sex. Alison will sit on the bed looking in the mirrored robe, running her hands all over her body, her own hugeness turns her on incredibly & she loves watching us make love as the size difference is huge, me only being like 140lbs. Every time we make love she still say things like, "Ohhh fatten me more," or "make me fatter, I need to be fatter," & I can't help but continue to let her gain more & more weight.

How big will she get?

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Default Abundant Alison II

Abundant Alison II

Alison & I decided that now the kids were both off at the University that I'd take 2 months of annual leave I'd accrued & we'd take a nice road trip together.

We got on the web & planned our trip, booked motels after ringing them to see what sort of beds they had as Alison was now 757lbs & some were so very helpful. Even going to the point of unscrewing the legs so the bed just sat on the bed base on the floor. We of course looked at the eateries at every stop we were making & the various sites to see.

We set off with of course a box off munchies & a cooler with drinks in it for Al when she got hungry. We were having a ball, some of the sites we wanted to see we couldn't, due to Al's weight. She could still walk as she was still using the treadmill everyday. In fact she was now using it longer than when she first started, but she couldn't deal with lots of stairs as she found them scary. Due to her sheer size she couldn't see them & I even had to help guide her onto the scales to weigh her. But that didn't faze us; we were both really enjoying the trip. Al would eat most of the snacks we had in the car as we traveled. She'd been chatting away about things we'd see, the scenery, towns we were passing through & the whole time eating. She'd often say, "Pull into this service station babe, we need to top up the snacks."

We? I'd think. I wasn't snacking that much, Al was the one that had to keep the food up to her 757lb body. She'd ask to get more chips, chocolate, flavored milk, coke & always an ice cream or two & we'd head off again & Al would start to process all over again.

The routine at each stopover was to find the local supermarket first & buy some goodies for the night & next mornings travel, then check out the restaurants & see what was on the menus as well as the seating types, to cater to her sheer size, then we'd check into our motel & relax.

It was the end of our second week & we'd just checked into our motel, I helped Al out of the car, she'd swing her legs out & then I'd take her by the hands & help heave her out, she was simply too big now to do it on her own. She waddled off to open the room as I got the bags out of the car, but couldn't help but watch as my huge sexy babe waddled away, mesmerized by her 112" hips rolling from side to side in her stretch pants, her legs splayed out due her thighs being 40" of soft fatness & her arms also splayed out over her 120" waist & swinging with each waddle. Yes Alison was 10 feet round the middle & it was a milestone to her, she loved that she was so fat. Seems she'd just grown so much bigger with the last 71lbs which she'd gained in the last 3 months.

Alison was huge & still eating like never before & gaining more & more weight. She'd eat every hour of the day & always till she was really full & that just stretched her stomach more & more & her needing more & more food to feel full. So Ali was now just constantly gaining weight. I caught up to her at the door as she was getting the key in, she turned her head & winked as she pushed that 112" rear back into me.

"I'm turning you on aren't I?" grinning wildly.

"Oh god yes sweetie," I was hardening up instantly.

As we entered the room, she turned around. "Drop those bags."

I did as she asked & she approached me slowly with a deliberate swagger to her steps & lifting up her top, revealing her enormous 120", soft, white, stretch marked belly, which was swaying & rolling with each step & I could see how stretched the seams of her pants were. They were struggling to hold that fat in.

She pushed her hugeness against me, pinning me against the wall & started to thrust her hips in & out, I put my hands on her huge fat belly & started to run them over every inch of it, it was so silky soft to touch.

"Why don't you go get the food we just bought & we can have some fattening fun," as she turned sideways enough for her to put her hand on my crotch & felt my hardness. "Fatten me babe, feed me, make love to me, make me even fatter," as she rubbed my now throbbing hardness.

"Oh Al...........you know I can't resist your desires to get fatter," running my hands up & down her belly.

"I know," she winked.

"That's why I'm just getting fatter & fatter. Now go get the food I'm starving," she smiled. "I've got to keep this body fed."

I went & got the food & returned to the room. Al was standing reading the usual tourist info that they have in motels.

"Oh yes..........put the family size lasagna in the microwave, I'll have that soon, but I'll have that chocolate mud cake first & cover it with whipped cream."

I did exactly that & as I came out of the kitchenette Alison was waddling over to the lounge, she put one hand on the back of it & the other on the arm rest to help support her 757lb bulk & lowered herself onto the lounge. There was an enormous creak as her weight hit it & a pronounced ripping sound. The seams of her stretch pants could no longer hold back her growing belly & they split straight up the seam from her crotch to the waistband. I could see the mountain of fatness that had caused it, the waistband of her knickers almost at the bottom of the split as they were obviously too small now as well.

"Oh...........yesss...........I'm getting fatter," Ali said excitedly as she tried in vain to feel the split, but her massive belly was just too big.

"Ohh feed me honey, fatten me, keep me growing." She was running her hands over her ever so fat body & being turned on by her own fat. "God...... I want to gain more weight..........I want to get fatter."

I sat down beside her & with one hand started to run my fingers ever so lightly over the soft, fat being revealed by the huge split in her pants. "Alison, you know I can't resist your desires, you just turn me on so much."

She took the mud cake covered with whipped cream from my other hand. "I know & I love it, I love it all". As she took a mouthful then another & she'd finished them. "I am just so turned on by the fact you can't resist my desires, I am so turned on by how fat I am, so turned on by the fact I'm only getting fatter." Then she took another couple of mouthfuls.

"Oh Honey, that's it eat, you are just so fat & sexy," as I slid my inside the split & started to caress her fat bulging belly.
"Yes...........yes.........tell me to eat, tell me you want me fatter........feed me," as Alison started to squirm & wriggle on the lounge. "It turns me on so much, babe........" And she shoved another mouthful in.

"Ohhhh...........Al, I love you so much". As got on the floor between those 40" thighs & slid both my hands into the split in her pants & gently caressed her fat. "Eat Honey.......... eat all you want........ Get fatter, sexier.............eat & eat......."

Alison was wriggling around more now, turned on by what we were doing. "Get my top & bra off me..........need room to grow," as she finished the last of the mud cake off. "Get the scissors...........she puffed. "Cut the waistband of my pants & add a heap of grated cheese to that lasagna & heat it.........got to eat..........got to gain weight," she panted.

I took her top off & undid her bra & her breasts flopped onto her huge fat belly. Her breasts were so fat, that they would roll over her nipples & hide them. I prepped the lasagna & got the scissors & returned to her to see her running her hands over her enormous fat body, her eyes closed & a look of sheer pleasure on her face.

"I'm sooo fat.............god I turn myself on...................feeling how fat I am............" She opened her eye's looked at me. "Fatten me honey........make me fatter". She shut her eyes again & continued to caress her own body. "Oh god.... I want to get so fat...........I can't help it...........I don't want to stop........."

"Oh my god darl.........you turn me so much." And I cut the waist band & Alison watched as her belly spilled out before her.

"Yes.........yes........." She squealed. "Lasagna.....food.......feed me babe........got to get fatter..........." As she ran her hands from her side around the huge round belly of soft, silky fat, "I'm not fat enough........got to get fatter."

I got the lasagna, which was covered with a think layer of melted cheese & she took the plate & rested on her belly.

"Mmmmm.........so fattening.........I'll want more food......the cheesecake..... The 2litres of chocolate milk, a big bag of chips.......anything babe......anything to gain weight."

I got her a heap of stuff to eat, added a jar of pouring cream to the chocolate milk & she noticed.

"Oh yesss..........yes honey.........that's it..........that'll add more weight.......more fat," as she tucked into the lasagna.

"I can't help Al............ I just can't resist your desires...........I can't stop," as I put the goodies on the lounge next her.

"I don't want you to resist," as she was almost to the end of the lasagna. "I just want you........to fatten me........keep me gaining.........more & more weight," as I knelt down between her legs again. "Caress my fat," puffing as she tried to eat & was getting all excited. "Tell me......... you want me fatter...........I want you to do it all the time..........it turns me on soooo much......." As she finished the last mouthful. "I want to gain more weight..........I need to gain more weight...........fatten me........don't ever stop."

I started to run my hands over every inch of her, I had no control, I was her slave, I couldn't resist her. "Yessssssssss...............yes...........that 's it Al, eat...........eat Honey."

And she started on everything laid out before her as I caressed, fondled, squeezed her ever growing rolls.
We were there for about 20 minutes, absolutely taken over by all this & both loving every bit of it, like never before.

"Help me up," she panted.
"What? You ok," I was a bit worried at this sudden request.

"Yeah I'm fine.......help me up," she smiled.

I helped her up & seeing that huge body jiggle & wobble as she got up was just so amazing.

She grabbed a heap of cushions from the lounge. "Grab the food & follow me," as she headed off to the bedroom.

I was a bit surprised by this sudden interlude & slow to react.

"Come on," she turned & smiled. "I have plans for you."

I grabbed what I could & headed for the bedroom.

Alison was stacking the cushions on the bed. "Put the food there." Pointing in front of the pile of cushions.

I did it & she struggled to get onto the bed, heaving her huge body in jerks to get to where she wanted, which was with the cushions under her & her on her knees & she started to sway her 112" hips & every pound of her started to join in motion.

"I want you............" She looked back at me, smiling lustfully. "I want you..........inside me...........I want you inside as I eat........make love to me as I get fatter."

I turned to butter & jumped on behind her & started to rub my hardness against her huge rear & grabbing those magnificent oversized love handles.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh..............mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....... .......yesssss," she sighed. "That's it............"

"You are so big from here babe," as I looked down on my 757lb super fat sweetie.

"Want me bigger?" as she started thrusting her pelvis, making the fat between her rear & back slap, contract & expand & the rest of her was swaying & wobbling in a hypnotic fashion.

"Yess......yessssss............get bigger."

"Ohhhhhhhhh.........that's what I want to hear." And with that she started to eat.

In no time we were both in a frenzy, sweating, puffing, Alison's body was a huge quivering mass of fat & she was gorging down the food she had in front of.

"That's it Sweetie..............eat.............eat.........f eed your growing body...........I want you fatter."

"Ohhhhhhhhh.........................yessssssssssss ss," she moaned & we continued for seemed an millennium, till we both came together in a frenzy.

From that moment on just about every night of our trip was like that. Alison knew she was going to outgrow her pants & had taken some more in bigger sizes. We continued our trip, both incredibly in love more so than ever, it seemed. Our love just grew more & more as she did. & she did grow more.

She continued to eat vast amounts of food for the last two weeks. She'd grab my hand while in the car & put it on that enormous, huge, rounded bulge in her stretch pants, which wasn't able to hide under her tops as it was way too big. & her tops would simply ride up as she sat in the car. She'd place my hand on it & say, "They are getting tighter." And they were, I had noticed.

When we got home I went to help her out of the car & she did her usual & swung her legs out, struggled a bit to get in the right position & then rip.

"Oooppps," she said with a laugh. "Seems I've outgrown these ones now," she smiled.

"Oh Honey, I knew you'd put on weight, but you've grown two sizes," winking.

"Well, no I haven't actually," she smiled with that Cheshire cat grin I'd come to know. "It's 3 sizes. I got you so pent up while we were away; you helped me grow 3 sizes.”

"What?" I was shocked.

"I didn't tell you & I ripped the tags off my pants, so you wouldn't know, but I'm wearing pants 3 sizes bigger than when we left."

"You sneak," smiling at her.

"Lets get inside, for the last hour or so I've thought of nothing but you weighing & measuring me."

We got inside, I helped her undress, but had to again cut the waistband of her pants, it was too much of a struggle to pull the waistband over her huge belly. We stood together looking into the mirrored robe & she smiled & gestured like a lady wearing a new dress.

"Like what you see?"

"Oh Al, you are just so gorgeous."

She looked at me in the mirror, smiled, then looked at herself. "I'm really fat aren't I?" as she took my hand & made me touch her.

"Yes...........you are really fat," as I swung around, placed both hands of her belly & kissed it gently. "And I am so in love with you."

"And I love you & any man who'd let & help his lady get this big is a sign of true love." And she placed her hands on my head & pushed it into her fat. "And I'm only going to get fatter, now weigh & measure me".

I watched as Alison waddled to the ensuite, it was obvious that she wasn't walking as easily as before. I could see it more so now she was naked, her legs were more splayed apart as her thighs had gotten so much fatter & even her calves were now getting fatter & easily thicker than my thighs. Her belly, still not droopy, but it did hang below her knees now without support. It was still so rounded, so full looking, but it was just so much bigger now it had no where else to go. Her breasts were huge, they spread out on either side of her belly & you couldn't see her nipples at all, as they were just so fat they rolled right over her nipples. Her arms sat out at like a 30 degree angle as they rested on her massive girth, her elbows now almost unseen under the fat of her upper arms which were as thick as my body, making them what must have been 32 inches. Her whole body wobbled, contracted & expanded with each step, she was huge. I helped onto the scales & it read 822lbs

"Oh my God!" I exclaimed.

"Well?" I've gained a lot haven't I?" she smiled at me. "I can feel it in myself, I have gotten so much fatter & I love it," as she ran her hands over her now massive body. "I can feel it's harder to walk, everything is swaying, wobbling even more, how much do I weigh?"

"822lbs pounds Sweetie,” a I placed my hand on her belly.

"Ohhhh.........yessss.......measure me babe.”

I got the tape measure & proceeded to measure her.

"Your thighs are 46" now.”

"Ohhh.......yessss," it excited her.

"Hips are 120," I was getting turned on well & truly by now.

"They've replaced my waist measurement," as she started to massage her huge breasts.

"Waist is now 132", oh my God."

Alison's body was now just adding so much fat to itself with the vast amount she ate.

"Oh Honey...........it's such a turn on, I've gotten so much fatter." As she pulled me into her, leant over as best she could & whispered, "Fatten me."

Continued in post #8

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Very nice.
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Excellent story! I loved it! Hope there are more stories you're working on!
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mr1311 has said some nice things

I think it's one of the best WG stories I've read in the last years!
Thank you for writing it, you've got a great talent!
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Excellent story! I loved it! Hope there are more stories you're working on!
I think it's one of the best WG stories I've read in the last years!

Wow Thnx. I have some more idea's floating around in the old grey matter
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I've read this twice now and I like it even more! Great work and I really want to see the next installment!
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Default Abundant Alison Pt3 (~SSBBW, Erotic, XWG~)

[Author's Note:] I did write a Pt3 before, but I was disappointed with it. I've re-written it, with a lot of changes (for the better I hope).

It was two weeks since we'd gotten back from our trip & Alison wasn't backing off her eating at all & was now 834lbs. Her thighs were 48", her hips 124" & her waist was now 135". She was just getting bigger & bigger with every pound & she was loving it. She was still trying to exercise on the treadmill, after I had practically rebuilt it, with heavier bearings, steel rollers, widened & strengthened the frame to take her size & weight. She of course couldn't reach in front of her due to her massive belly, so I had to make handrails high enough for her to reach at her sides, which were padded & she rested her forearms on them. I was even more mesmerized watching her on it & she would encourage me to watch & she'd wear a body suit or tights, of course custom made like all her clothes were now & off she'd go. Her legs spread apart with her 48" thighs, taking each step slowly with an extremely defined waddle.

"Look at my gorgeous body in motion honey," she'd smile, looking into the mirrors around the wall. "Look at all that sexy fat, wobble, jiggle, expand & contract with every step, god it turns me on."

It turned me on too & Alison knew it. With each step her massive thighs would push up against that massive, fat, bulge below her waistband. It was simply massive & which would in turn expand & contract as it got pushed up & then let down again as well as swaying in a rhythmic manner. Her now 124" hips would roll intensely from side to side. Her massive love handles just so fat & round, her whole body was just a symphony of jiggly, wobbling, waves of fat. But she would only last, like, 5 minutes these days. Alison was becoming less mobile with the weight she was gaining.

"Oh Ali, you are just so incredibly sexy."

"It's the weight I'm carrying, all 834lbs of it," winking as she stopped. "Help me off this thing babe."

As I helped her get off the treadmill, "I love being this fat, but I want to keep gaining, I can't help it, I just want to get fatter still."

As she stood before me, her massive 135" waist at my head height & lifting her arms up, placing her hands under the sides of her watermelon sized breasts & running them down & over what she could reach of her belly. "I want to get fatter, I need to gain more weight," she smiled. "Want me fatter?" she said in a sexy tone.

"Oh Al, you know I can't help myself around you, you know I can't resist you desires to gain weight."

"I know & I love that so much, just means I am going to keep gaining weight, doesn't it?” Alison smiled.
"Oh yesss," and winked.

A few days later I got home from shopping & Alison was sitting on the lounge munching a big bag of chips & washing it down with chocolate milk.

"Hi honey, just having a snack," she smiled.

"Hi babe, I got everything you asked for extra," as I walked over & gave her kiss.

"Sit down I have to talk to you," as she patted the space beside her on the lounge.

"After I get the shopping in & put away."

As I was putting away the shopping, Alison was asking about things she'd asked for. "Did you get the 3 large lasagnas?"


"Howabout, the legs or pork, ones with nice cracking & the legs of lamb?"

"Yeah & I got big one's this time, so there should be some leftovers."

"Oh good, I don't mind a few roast rolls with gravy the next day."

"I know, you like everything....... all the time gorgeous."

"Yeah I know, that's why I'm fat," she giggled. "Howabout the profiterole mixes & the 4 cheesecakes?"

"Yeah, got them & the thickened cream & 6 liters of ice cream."

"Mmmmmm..........cheesecake & thickened cream," as she rubbed her belly.

Our grocery bill was like $500.00 a week, for just two people. Alison just consumed so much food these days with her periodically eating till she was so full, that her stomach would stretch & she'd then need even more food to make her feel full.

"So what is it you want to talk about honey," as I squeezed onto the lounge next to her. Alison almost took up our 3 seater lounge on her own these days.

"I'm going to get fatter," as she ran her hands over her big, fat belly.

"What? that's not news to me," as I put my hand on her belly & leaned over & gave her a kiss. "I know you're going to get fatter, you love food & being fat too much." Running my hand over her belly.

"No the Doctor rang." She put her hand on my thigh. "We had a talk & other than my blood pressure being up just slightly & my cholesterol being up by like 2 points she couldn't say on medical grounds that I had to loose weight." Alison was grinning from ear to ear.

"Really? The doctor? When'd you see the doctor?" curiously.

"A week ago. I thought I should have check up, with the amount of weight I'm carrying, so I got her to came here & see me."

"And?" again curiously.

"Well, she tried to talk me into losing some weight or at least not to gain more, but I told her I love being fat & wanted to gain more. Of course she just about had a fit," laughing. "But after much discussion, she took blood, did all the blood pressure etc, etc checks & rang today & said other than my cholesterol being up a tad, I'm fine," patting my thigh & smiling.

"Wow darl, that's good news, I was getting worried about the health issue, with the amount of weight you're carrying," patting her huge fat belly.

"I know sweetie & I understand, but now I can gain more weight, get even fatter & sexier," running her hands over her belly again. "I just want to get fatter, hun, fatten me, help me gain more weight," as she heaved & heaved to get over on her side & pull me into her. "I need to get fatter, I'm not fat enough."

A couple months passed & Alison was gaining more weight & now weighed 886lbs, she no longer used the treadmill as she was now less mobile, only making her way around the house to the bathroom or from the bedroom to the lounge or the lounge to the kitchen for food. It seemed now that with the weight she gained, she was getting so much bigger than with comparable gain when she was in the 700lb range. Her face was very fat & full, her chin completely consumed her neck & you could no longer see her chin bone & had a big fold crease where it meet her shoulders. Her elbows, completely gone with the fat of her upper arms, a defined crease where her forearms met her wrists & now even her fingers were fat, which she'd always still had fairly slender fingers. Her breasts must have weight 20lbs each & just laid off to either side of her body due to massive belly she now had, which naked hung below her knees & even with support undies & stretch pants still made it to her knees, but was just more of a roundness to it then. Her belly must have stuck out more then 2 1/2' in front of her as she couldn't reach anything front on anymore. She walked very slowly, putting each foot forward at a time In a definite slow gait, her massive arse slowing rolling with each step & her whole body contracted & expanded as well with each step, all that fat moving on itself. Her thighs were so big she had to stand with her feet 2' apart, her knees, completely gone, surround by fat & her calves consumed her ankles. And yet, Alison loved it & continued to gain even more weight.

So, I decided it was time leave work to spend more time with my growing sweetheart. She was now starting to need more help. We sold our house & with some inheritance we built a house to cater for Al's needs, a wide hallway with hand rails, wide doorways, anything a girl of Al's size would need.

Three months later with me being home to tend to Ali's every need she continued to gain more & more weight & got bigger & bigger. She was still able to walk, very slowly, but I had to help her sit, help her up with help of pulleys from the ceiling, she could no longer get up without help, she was just too fat. She would always have a big breakfast in bed, 1lb of bacon, 8 -10 eggs, 6 slices of toast, 4 bake tomatoes with melted cheese & a milkshake. Then I'd help her to shower, get her dressed, which she still loved wearing stretch pants to show off her massive belly & flaunt her weight at me, which were custom made. Then I'd help her out to the lounge, mesmerized by seeing her massive rear roll with each slow step, how far her legs were spread made her like swing each leg at a time & if she was just standing with her arms by her sides, they were out at a 45 degree angle due to her sheer girth.

By then it would be time to feed her morning tea, which could be a whole mud cake, a batch of 24 profiteroles or two cheesecakes, then she'd snack till lunch on a big bags of chips & a big block of chocolate. Then for lunch she might have 3 large Pizza's, a big plate of spaghetti & 3 or 4 garlic breads to go with it & wash it all down with 2 liters of flavored milk. She'd snack till afternoon tea, afternoon tea being some leftovers or more mud cake or cheesecake. Then at dinner, she could devour 2 baked chickens with all the trimmings & desert, or almost a whole leg of lamb or pork, again with all the trimmings & a big bowl of ice cream for desert & snack till bedtime.

After dinner one night she wanted to be weighed & I brought the scales out for her to save her walking & we got her up & we got her onto the scales & Alison held the readout.

"Oh............yessss.............honey," she was so excited & happy.

"What?" I was still on my knees as I helped guide her feet onto the scales.

"Look," passing me the readout. "I have gotten so fat," she was beside herself with joy.

I looked at the readout. "994lbs!!!! Oh Al, you are so fat."

"I know & I'm just getting fatter, almost 100lbs in 3 months, measure me." I could tell she was turned on & so was I.

It had been 3 months since we weighed & measured her, she wanted to leave it & get a big surprise later when did a weigh in again.

I helped her off the scales & she waddled to the hand rail near the lounge, grabbing a hold of it to steady herself, she could no longer stand for very long with all the weight she was carrying. I grabbed the tape.

"Oh.......yes......measure me babe, let’s see how big I am."

I slipped my hand between her massive thighs & wrapped the tape around. "Oh Al, your thighs are 54." No wonder she was struggling to walk.
"Yes.....yes......getting so fat."

I got to my knees & got Al to hold the end of the tape while I made my way around her & took the end from her.

"Oh baby, your hips are 152." I was amazed, how big Alison really was now I'd measured her.

"So......fat...........so beautiful & fat," she said smiling at me. "God it turns me on."

Again she had to hold the end of the tape as I stood & made my way around her massive waistline.

"Oh my god........... Al.........." I couldn't help but be shocked.

"Yes............yes...........how big is it? How big is my sexy fat belly?" she was so excited.

"157" my god Honey, you are almost 12' round." That was just mind blowing, Alison was massive.

"Ohhhhh.....yes.........." As she ran her pudgy hands over what of her body she could reach. "God.... I'm fat, I want to see, help me to the bedroom, I want to see my fatness."

I helped Al as she slowly made her way down the hall.

"I knew I could feel I was so much bigger, so much heavier," she puffed. "Just getting around has gotten harder, I could feel I'd gained a lot of weight & I have, another 100lbs." She was loving it.

She stood in front of the mirrored robe, just gleaming at herself, running her hands over her body, turning a little to the left, to the right. It was like a weight loss add, but in reverse, way in reverse.

"Oh Honey..........I'm so fat."

I came up behind her, wrapped my arms around her vast waist, looking over her shoulder & into her gleaming eye's looking back in the mirror.

"God...... I love it......how fat I've gotten."

I smiled at her in the mirror, my cock hardening up, pressed against her massive rear. "Oh Al, I love you," as I ran my hands over as much of her as I could.

"Am I too fat? I'm almost a 1000lbs. Is that too fat for you?"

"Oh sweetie, no, I love you no matter what, you just seem so happy to gain weight."

"I am, I love it, it turns me on so much, I need to gain more." She looked at me, grabbed my hand & lead me to stand in front of her. “Fatten me," she reached for me, but her massive belly was too big. "Fatten me..........feed me, I need more gain more weight," as she started running her hands all over her body. Alison again started thrusting her hips, playing with her fat, she was being driven wild by how big she was.
"Oh god.....I want to get fatter, I can't help it. All I want is gain more weight, get even fatter & have you in me, want me?"

"Ohhhh.....Ali yesss."

"I could feel..... Your throbbing cock...........in my fat arse.............make me fatter." It had only taken like 2 minutes for both of us to get so incredibly horny & it was Alison's weight that turned us both on so much
"Come to me............come to your fat goddess............you know you can't resist me, I'm too fat for you to resist me, put your arms around my 12' waist."
I went up to Al & put my arms around her massive waist, she tried to get her arms around me, but couldn't she was just too big.

"Look in the mirror".
I turned my head to face the mirrored robe.

"Look at me babe...........look at the size difference..........I am so fat now." I was dwarfed by Ali's fatness; she was a shorter than my by only 3" but her massive weight & sheer size made me look tiny.

"That turns me on so much babe, how huge I am compared to you," she was squirming around, still thrusting her pelvis. "And want to gain more weight."

"I'll help you...........I can't resist you Al, you drive me wild, your wanting to get even fatter is just so amazing."

"Undress me."

I stood back & slipped her t-shirt off to reveal her massive breasts, which hung off to each side of her upper belly, they were so full, so fat & like for a long time now, her nipples completely buried under the hugeness of them. I ran my hands down them, down over her massive very stretch marked belly to the waistband of her stretch pants. The whole time Al was looking in the mirror watching.

"Mmmmmm......... So nice...........so fat," she said.

I grabbed the waistband & started to pull it down slowly, over the huge rolls that were her love handles, all of it jiggling & popping out as I passed more & more fat & then her belly started to pile out & I pulled them down to her thighs & her massive belly hung out & spilled down & I slid her pants to her feet & she stepped out them & stood before me.

"Oh...........yesssssssss.........so fat," she giggled. "Like what you see?"


Her belly was so huge, it was well rounded, hung down below her knees, but wasn't saggy, it was round & stuck out in front her by 3' now.

"Wait till I'm........... even fatter!" she said. "Make love to me, feed me babe.....make me fatter...........help me onto the bed.......& feed me."

I helped her, her fat never stopped jiggling & wobbling & she heaved herself about trying to get into a comfortable position.

"God...... I even love how hard it is to move my body about now, I'm just so fat, feed me........please............fatten me." Alison had a look of almost pleading in her eyes. She needed to be fattened, it wasn't so much a desire, but more a need. Alison was out of control. "Does this all turn you on as much as me?"

"Oh........honey yes." It did & the fact that Alison was out of control helped too.

"Sweetie.........I'm out of control, I love it..............I'm certain now." As I sat beside her & she grabbed my cock again. "I am so incredibly turned on, I can't describe it, I want to get fatter, sitting here I look 200lbs heavier," as I started running my fingers over fatness ever so lightly. "My belly spread out between my massive fat thighs, my hips taking up 3/4's of the bed............I need to be fatter." She was now pulling on me harder & faster.

"Oh Al, you are just driving me insane."

"More weight..........I need to gain more...........200, 300lbs more," as she pulled on me faster, shut her eye's & ran her other hand over her body. "Fatten me honey............please? Don't stop feeding me..........."

"Mmmmmm...............Ali.............." I was so close to blowing & Alison was a jiggling mass of fat.

"I want you.....in me."

And with that she somehow hauled me over her, onto the other side of the bed & heaved & grunted & got herself up onto her knees, struggling to get herself over my legs & slowly struggled to slide herself up my legs & her massive soft fat belly slide over my cock & I blew.

"Ohhhhh.............yessss............" she squealed.”My fat made you.... do that". And continued sliding up me, her weight was immense & I was amazed how she managed to get herself there, all 998lbs or her, pushing me deep into the bed, then finally as her belly was almost touching my chin I felt my penis slip into her wet pussy.

"Yesssss.............yesssss…you're in my.....fat, every time....you blow in me.....it makes me want...gain."

I started rubbing my hands all over her fat body. “Get fatter............Al."

"Yes.............tell me." She looked dominating now.

"Eat babe, gain more weight," I'd succumbed to Alison's desires completely.

"Oh..........yesss.........." She was thrusting down on me, all that fat jiggling hypnotically. "Keep feeding me.........& I'll keep gaining........" she said puffing. "300, 400............500lbs..........more." She looked in the mirror & I looked & saw that I was completely consumed by Alison's fat, except for my feet & shoulders upward. "Got to.....get....fatter," as she played with her huge boobs. "I'm not..........fat.........enough". Still looking in the mirror & thrusting harder & harder, my chest was starting to hurt with all her weight on me, but I loved it too much. "Fatter," she yelled. "Make me......even fatter."

"Yessss Al.........yesssss........."

She looked down at me with a look of determination & lust, thrusting yet harder & puffing & panting, her whole body was alive, every inch jiggling, wobbling, the sound of slapping fat & she was starting to sweat.
"Make me.....fatter, so fat." She was gritting her teeth & now grabbing handfuls of her own fat. "Soooo faaattt.......so fat, I'm.........immo......bile."

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.........Al........" I knew this was going to happen anyway, she was just so drawn to it.

"Fatter.......got......to........." As she started to cum. "So......faaaat.....yesss.......yessss..........oh hhh.............

I felt her cum like never before & I blew as well.

"Oh..ohgod...I want.....to get.......so.......fat," she panted.

"You can babe...............I love you...............so much."

"Honey.........I can't.........help it," looking so lustful, so turned on & still riding me. "I want.............to be immobile.....so fat I just stay..............in bed.....& eat.............make love..........& get fatter."

"Oh God.... I can't resist."
Alison smiled. "Good.............I don't want you too," as she was still thrusting on me. "I want to.......gain........more & more...........weight." She was out of breath. "I'm addicted...... I just want to gain more & more weight," as she was still playing with her body. "Look at me babe... I super sexy....I turn you on.......like no other woman can". Puffing & panting. "And it's.....because I weigh 1000lbs."

"Oh Al, you're right." No other woman could turn me, not like Ali.

"Another 50-100lbs ...........I'll be immobile.....then, there's...no turning back....ever." Still slowly gyrating her hips & grinding me. "I'll just........get fatter." She had a look of complete satisfaction on her face. "Now, I want you to feed me," with a great smile.

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Darn that is good!
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What a great story! Keep it up!

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Nice reading!!! Very good story...
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mp7251 does more than just post hot picsmp7251 does more than just post hot picsmp7251 does more than just post hot pics

good story, calculations off a little. 157 inches equals 13 ft 1in around.
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She says so much by not saying much...truly a fantastic story!
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Well done. How will it all end, I wonder?
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Great Story!! Nice Work.
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any updates on this. i love the story just hoping theres more coming soon. keep up the good work
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Any chance of another chapter? Once Allison becomes immobile, how turned on she must be by her weight...every second of every day! WOW!
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Hi All, been really busy, but yes I'll do another chapter for sure, seeing you have enjoyed it so much. Thnx
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Default Abundant Alison Pt4

You asked & you have got another chapter, hope it meets your expectations

"Is that creaking ok?" Alison asked, as the roof trusses creaked over the sound of the winch motors whine, as she was being lifted from the bed. I'd had to install some lifting gear around the house to aid her getting up, due to weight.

"Yeh Honey". I assured her.

"The roof trusses are holding up more weight than what you weigh".

As I moved my massive harnessed babe from over the bed & changed the harness position so she'd be ready to stand on her own two feet. I placed the walker I had made complete with a fully padded belly support in position & got the scales & placed them where her feet would land.

"I can't wait to see what I weigh now" Al said in anticipation & with a tone of excitement. It had been almost 7 weeks since we'd weighed her.

"Me too Babe, you have gained a lot of weight in the last since we last weighed you, I can see it.

"Oh....yesss" again with excitement. "I can feel it, I can feel I'm heavier & having to use some of my new clothes show that I've gotten bigger".

I lowered my massive sweetie & she grabbed the rails of the walker which I'd made high enough that she could rest her forearms on, to support her & could see her taking her weight. The readout on the scales started to tick over rapidly as I passed it up to her & Al stared at it with a look of anticipation.

"Oh......yes......yes.....keep climbing". She said watching the figures roll over. "Slowing down now, 1350......1380......1400......Oh my god.........1420......Oh Honey, when is it going to stop?" Alison was just so excited.

"Oh shit........Baby I'm 1437lbs". Looking at me, smiling with a huge smile. "I'm over 1400 lbs of woman!"

"Oh Ali, & that's 1437lbs of so incredibly sexy woman too".

"Oh..............yeh, that's for sure, just look at me Darl". Looking in the mirrored robe at herself.

"I am just so fat & still gaining weight........I love it so much, take my measurements I need to know my measurements".

"Sure hun". As I got the tape.

"I can't believe I've gained just over 100lbs in like 6 weeks..... a 100lbs! God.......how much fatter can I get?".

"Oh, Ali, I can't answer that & I don't think you can either".

As I stood, looking at my wife who only 5 years ago was 350 odd pounds & now she was over 1400lbs. Her belly now touched the floor without support & stuck out in front of her by like 4', her thighs were simply massive, dimpled like the surface of a golf ball & her knees, completely shrouded in the fat from her thighs, her calves also rubbed together all the way to her ankles & her feet partially covered by her fat calves. Alison had ballooned, she had simply become a massively, fat woman. She still had a gorgeous face, no wrinkles as it was too full to get wrinkles, her eye's were a bit squinty due to the fatness of her face, she had no bone structure to her face at all anymore, her neck also gone, taken over by her one huge chin, which then blended into the fat above her breasts & her massive shoulders. Her arms were slightly thinner versions of her legs, her upper arms to fat to even have hangy bits, her elbows well & truly not to be seen ever again & her forearms now had a massive crease between them & her wrists. Her breasts, were just massive, probably weighing like 30lbs or more each & they hung off to each side of her ever so huge, bloated belly, which even though it hung to the floor now, it was well rounded & taught & always full. Her hips had grown proportionately bigger with the rest of her, she was as wide as she was round due to her arse becoming immense as well. Alison was just so fat now & she loved it, I loved it.

"I can answer that............. fatter". She winked.

"I can't stop eating hun, I just have to keep this body fed, it needs so much food & I don't want to stop, I can't stop, looking at myself in that mirror, seeing how big I have gotten, just makes me want to get even bigger, fatter, I just have to keep gaining more weight".

How did we get to this point?

A number of things. Alison's appetite for sexual arousal from her weight was as big as her appetite for food, as she got bigger & bigger she was getting more & more aroused by it, her size turned her on, all that fat wobbling, swaying & jiggling as she walked, by the heaviness of her body, even by how difficult to move around it was getting.

She'd heave her body about in bed to get into another position & next thing, she'd be running her hands over her body, feeling her fat, grabbing the massive rolls, she'd start to breath heavily, start to say softly, "I'm so fat, so soft. so sexy, just so fat". And her feeling her own body would increase in intensity & from saying "I'm so fat" to saying "I'm not fat enough, got to get fatter". Then she'd start on me, grab my cock & start stroking it, grab my hands & gesture them to massage her fatness & then...."Oh Babe........feed me, make me fatter". She was incredibly turned on by her weight, by her size & everything related to both of those things together.

Her appetite for food was immense, she spent very few waking hours of the day not eating something & she'd consume huge meals. She could put away 1 1/2 Bacon, 14 eggs, 1/2 a loaf of bread for toast & 6 baked tomatoes with 1/4lb of melted cheese over the top & 2 liters of flavored milk with ice cream & cream or if she didn't want bacon & eggs, it would a loaf of bread made into French toast, made on cream of course & 1/2lb of pancakes with maple syrup, ice cream & whipped cream & the flavored milk of course. A snack might be a whole mud cake, a cheesecake & a dozen profiteroles. Dinner was always a huge meal, to make spaghetti bowl, I'd have to use 3 lbs of minced beef & 3 packets of spaghetti, there'd be no leftovers. She could almost eat 4 whole baked chickens with all the vegetables & gravy. Our food bill was big, but luckily we could afford it.

The other reason why Alison was now over 1400lbs. She'd had a another check up when she hit 1100 lbs, the doctor was shocked that Ali had gained almost another 300lbs since she'd last seen her & of course pointed out all the health risks that go with weighing so much. But, as with her last check up when she was in the 800's, all was good, even her cholesterol & blood pressure had come down, but she'd gained almost 300lbs? How could this be? So Al, was asked to have some tests & it turned out that her body was adapting to her weight gain & like only a handful of people around the world that were obese, but had little ill effects from it, she had a bigger heart & some of her organs than someone the same height, age etc.... This gave Alison the edge over someone else who could be the same height age & weigh as much as she did. The doctor obviously again gave Ali, a serve about her increasing weight & told her to try & loose some, but as if Ali, was going to that.

So, Alison kept getting aroused, by her size & weight, she kept eating vast amounts of food, she kept me horny & feeding her & got fatter & fatter. Last weigh in like 7 weeks ago she was 1325lbs & now she 1437lbs, she'd gained 112lbs.

"What's my measurements, how big am I now?

I got to my knees & sliding my hand under her massive belly & squeezing it between those huge dimpled thighs, which she gave out a little moan of pleasure. "Mmmmmm that feels nice"

"Ok, your thighs are 66".

"Oh Yes........no wonder it's gotten near impossible to walk"

Alison could walk with the aid of the walker, but each step was so small & just a shuffle it took her 10 minutes to walk from the bedroom to the lounge which might have been 30'. Her body would shake, jiggle & wobble with each careful step, her fat legs would like tremour each time she put her foot down, her massive arse would roll from one side to the other making her huge love handles open & close on her waist, her breasts would sawy back & forth, rolling over her massive protruding belly which tremoured like her legs as it was supported by the walker it didn't sway lots. But if she tried to walk with the walker her whole body was just a hive of activity, jiggling, wobbling, tremouring mass of fat.

Measuring her hips was difficult. I had to lift her belly onto the padded support on the walker more to be able to to get the tape around her hips.

"Hips, 166", That makes you almost 14' around the hips".

No wonder she now had to squeeze through the widen doorways & I even removed the door some months ago to give her just that little bit more room.

"Oh god, I've gotten so big.....my waist, how round am I?". Ali was getting turned on as she started to run her pudgy hands over her ever growing body.
I dropped her belly off the padded support & she held the end on the tape & I went around her & got both ends...........

"Oh Ali, your waist is now 178", your waist is a foot bigger than your hips, you are huge!".

"Yes.....yes......yes...... I'm getting even fatter, take the walker". She ordered.

"Dress me, babe, just my support pants & lycra tights".

I had to get her winched up again & slide her support pants & lycra tights over her feet & up as far as I could, then lower her down & pull them up over that massive belly. Even dressing her made me hard.

"That's it, pull them up, get as much belly support as you can, make me round". Ali was starting the breath heavily, she was just so turned on by being so fat.

I tugged & got her belly tucked into the support pants & then pulled up the lycra tights, she stood there, just memorized as I was. Her belly was enormous, it had been a few weeks since she'd worn lycra & just as well she got them custom made oversized, but Ali always had bigger clothes made in advance as she new that she would just get bigger & bigger.

I dropped to my knees & looked up at that massive roundness that hung to her knees, but was now so round, so fat, so firm & placed my hands on it in the centre & moved them apart in opposite directions, feeling the roundness, it was like she had one of those really big exercise balls in her pants. Ali moaned.

"Awwww............yesssss..............". Breathing heavily. "Fatten me babe".

She was getting into that zone, the zone of ultimate pleasure, feeling her fat, being fed, making love & gaining more weight. She turned side on to look in the mirror ran her hands over her massive breasts & over the very little of her belly she could reach.

"Oh, hun, I'm so wet between the legs..........I'm just so turned on, by being this fat" She was playing with her breasts. "God..... I want to gain more weight".

Then she went to turned around & look at her behind, lost her balance & fell backwards on the bed, the whole house shook, the floor boards gave a loud creaking but fortunately everything took the fall & Al was ok, even though I was worried at first, the sight of a 1400lb woman hitting the bed was a sight to see, her body seemed to wobble for an age before it settled.

"Oh God!....that's one way to get onto the bed".

"You ok Sweetie?"

She started to heave her body about trying to turn around & get her back up against the pillows, there was much grunting & puffing.

"Just trying....mppphhh, to get......awwww comfortable". She grabbed the hand grips that hung over the bed & got herself sorted.

"I'm ready for food". Puffing.

"Time to gain some more weight, the Lasagna, the profiteroles & a big milkshake will do for starters".

I ran off & grabbed what she wanted & returned, sat on the edge of the bed. I ran my hands over that bulging belly. She started tucking into the family size lasagna. As I ran my hands over her huge body. Watching Alison eat was just so good, you could see she really did enjoy eating & savored every mouthful. She was just finishing the last of the lasagna.

"What's next on the menu".

"Here you go babe". And slipped a profiterole past her full lips. She munched it down.

"Oh, yum, move up more" I did & she was trying to reach my crotch.

"Move up more" I did & was pretty much sitting on her wide spread hips.

"That's it, I'm comfy aren't I?" Smirking as she slide her pudgy hand into my track pants.

"Fatten me". As she started to pull on my now throbbing hardness. I started passing the profiteroles past those fat full lips & trying with one hand to feel as much of Al's fat belly as I could.

"Eat babe". I was just so under her spell.

"Yes........yes.........I'll eat & get even fatter".

She finished off the profiteroles & was 1/2 way through the milkshake. "More food...........need more food".

I ran to the kitchen & grabbed the 24 pack of Crispy Creme doughnuts & returned to the bedroom.

"I'm only going to get fatter..........I just want to get even fatter.........make me the fattest woman ever hun.........keep feeding me till I'm completely immobile & then, still keep feeding me".

Ali was starting to get fidgety & I could see that look she gets when she's getting really turned on.

"Oh Al, I won't stop feeding you & I can't stop feeding you when you ask". Running my hands over that massive belly more & more.

"Eat hun, eat as much as you want, grow as fat as you want". I was powerless.

"Yes......yes..........got to gain.....more weight". She was loosing it.

"I'm so wet......so horny........I want you in me".

As she put the box of doughnuts down & started to heave herself over. Ali, was way to big now to get in from the front, her legs & belly were just too big, we were propping her rear up with pillows but she was now too big & her boobs & belly would end up sliding down towers her head & making it hard to breathe, but this seemed to turn her on more, as she knew she was just so fat now. I stacked up the pillows & cushions around & under her top half of the body to support her, the lower half was supported by the huge fat belly. After mush heaving, grunting & masses if jiggling flesh, wobbling & rolls contracting & expanding, she was ready.

"Place the doughnuts in front of me & make love to me". She panted.

"Make love to all 1400lbs of your fat sexy woman"

I placed the doughnuts in front of Al & got behind. There she was, her like 4' wide arse, being held up by those massive, fat dimpled thighs, all 1437lbs of sexy woman lay before me, the rolls & curves were simply incredible, Alison was just so fat & here she was eating to get even fatter. I grabbed her massivly wide hips & I wanted my hands to be the size of a tennis racket head so I could grab more of the softness that was her massively, meaty hips. She moaned.

"Oh.....yes........grab that luscious fat" as she started on the doughnuts.

"Just look at me hun.......so fat..........just so incredibly fat..........and getting fatter".

"Oh Ali babe, you are just so awesome". As I started rubbing my hardness against her massive rear.

"Mmmmmm.........yesss......" Al moaned, but still eating.

I started to move my hands in a circular motion with the handfuls of fat on her hips I had in them, this made the whole lower half of Ali, start to wobble in a rhythmic manner & Al started to thrusting her rear, it was amazing to see all that fat wobble in such a rhythmic way. What would be the shelf of fat between her back & bottom was riding up her back & then back down again & there was just this massive fold of fat, opening & closing. Looking down on her from this position, I truly realized just how fat Ali had become. She was laying on her belly, which was spread out under her & took up almost the whole width of the bed & here I was with my arms not too far from full spread so I could grab her humongous love handles. It truly sunk in, I was in love with a woman that must have been the fattest women in the world & here we both were, making her even fatter. I was completely bewitched by her, I couldn't help but want her fatter too.

As Ali, ate another doughnut.

"Want me fatter don't you?" It was if she was reading my thoughts.

"I can feel it......the way you........play with my fat..........you want me fatter".

"Oh Ali......................yes, yes I do". As I guided my throbbing cock into her ever so wet pussy.

"Ohhhhhh..............yeehhhhh........." Al moaned, but still managed to pick up another doughnut.

"So nice.......having you..........in my......fat body.......".

I'd slipped straight in as she was so ready for me, just playing with her fat, massaging her belly or rolls was foreplay for Ali, her body was so sensitive with all the weight she was carrying. She started thrusting her hips & the mountain of flesh that she was, started to wobble insatiably, there were just rolls of fat opening a closing everywhere. Her pussy felt like a massive cavern & that I was so deep insde her.

She glanced in the bedside full length mirror. "Oh god..........look at us......". As she grabbed yet another doughnut.

I took a look & it was amazing.

"Look at us........babe..........I'm like 1250lbs heavier....... than you". Starting to puff heavily.

"Me a massive..........fat woman......& you slim......sexy.......in me". Stiil going at the doughnuts.

"God, the size.........difference............just makes me........want to get..........even fatter".

"Eat Al....get as fat.....as you want". As I thrust harder into her massive fat body.

"Fatter.........yes.......got to get.......fatter".

She was getting more frantic with her body as she shoved a whole doughnut in her mouth & then reached back with her ever so fat arms & felt how wide she was spread out on the bed.

"Fatter.......fatter than this..........need to get......fatter". Ali was now starting to sweat as she got more & more excited & girating her huge rear as well as thrusting back into me.

"Get much fatter...........so fat.........I'm...........immobile".

Ali was then shoved another couple of doughnuts in, as soon as she finished one, there was another one & while chewing she was trying desperatly to feel as much of her fatness as she could.

"Fatten me..........". She moaned when she'd finished a doughnut & then shoved another in.

"That's it babe..........eat.........eat honey.........you'll get fatter". Thrusting harder & shaking her rolls to make them jiggle & wobble uncontrollably.

"You're too thin.............".

"Yes...........yes...........too thin...........must eat". Puffing more & more."Need to..........gain weight........got to get..........fat". I could see Ali's face in the mirror, she was gone, out of control, completely thinking only about getting fatter.

"Another doughnut..........eat more". She moaned.

She grabbed another without thinking & shoved it in.

"Got....to gain.....more weight". In a muffled tone. I kinda flopped onto her back, spread my arms over the vast woman laying under me.

"So sexy". I said.

"Get fatter................even......sexier". She was a squirming, girating, thrusting, mass of fat, I was completely lost in the moment now too, I could feel myself about to let go in her & was trying to hang out as long as possible.

"Fatten............me.......................I want to..........be immobile". I could feel Ali getting there.

"Yes babe...........I'll fatten...you".

"Ooohhhhh............yes.....tell me......again...." As she lifted her head back & tried yet again to feel as much of her spread out fat body as she could.

"I'll fatten you............till..........you're immobile.........so fat..........you can't get........out of bed".


And with that I felt Ali about to peak & I couldn't hold on any longer & emptied my load into my 1400lb babe. It was amazing. We laid there for a while.still thrusting, slowing down, trying to get ourselves back to earth.

"Well I can't ........leave those.... 4 doughnuts there..... can I?" As Ali picked one up. Panting a lot.

"No, finish them off babe".

"Oh Darl, I looked in that mirror....... while we made love..... & I am just so turned on.... by the size difference". Trying to get her breath back.

"It's incrdible isn't babe?" Looking at the mirror seeing my 150lb frame laying on top of my 1400lb woman.

"I'm going to get fatter". She smiled at me in the mirror.

"I think about constantly...........& I'm just gaining more & more weight.........I can't stop it........I don't want to stop it, I'm out of control..........but I love that I am out of control".

"Oh honey..........as long as you're happy". As I rubbed her sides that were buldging out from under her.

"I am happy..... I eat what I want,....... I eat however much I want, I'm fat & have a man that loves me.........I am incredibly happy".

I got off my massive babe & she heaved & struggled to get herself onto her back & lean up against the pillows against the bedhead.

"Oh look at that, look at all that fat, wobble & jiggle as I struggle".

"Oh babe, you are so gorgeous".

"I can't describe how it feels hun, it just feels so good to me, to be this fat, to have to heave yourself about because I'm so so overweight & feel all that weight I'm carrying, all that fat wobble, shake & jiggle, it just gives me such a pleasant feeling in my pussy & it's just gotten more intense the bigger I've gotten".

"I can understand that sweetie, I know you are aroused by the weight you're carrying".

"You do?"

"Yeh I can".

"Good, then go see how much icecream we have". Winking

"You're wicked". Smiling at her.

"I'm fat, sexy loveable & hungary is what I am". Smiling devilishly.

I got the 4litre tub of English Toffee & Al took it.

"I'll feed myself, you can massage my fat". Which I did.

"Oh honey, I'm just so in complete bliss, sitting here after making fabulous love, being fed good food before, during & after".

"You love it don't you?" I interupted.

"Oh god yes, I love it all & I'm always thinking how the next 50, 100, 200lbs of extra weight is going to feel".

"Oh Ali........." I was speechless.

"I just have to gain more weight, I can't help it, I can't stop it & I don't want to stop it". She took my hand gently.

"But how fat am I going to get?".

"Oh babe, is it starting to worry you". I was concerned, this was the first time Ali had shown concerns over gaining weight since she put on weight after the birth of our children. But I understood her concerns too.

"How much fatter can I get? inside me I have this feeling that I can get even fatter, but my brain tells me I can't, but then I think it's only what society & the whole diet industry thing has taught me to think over the years".
"Well that's got a lot to do with it babe, but I have to admit I do worry about how much bigger can you get before your health suffers".

"I know you do, we do everything right though, massage me for circulation, keep me clean & my folds dry. all those things you do for me to keep me healthy & happy". She smiled in a thankful way.

"It's just this urge to gain more weight, get fatter, it just drives me, it turns me on unlike anything else & is only satified after eating & making love".

"Oh Ali"

"And then I think what we've just done & that I've just eaten a heap of food & I'm going to gain more weight & that turns me on".

"Catch 22 sweetie" I was feeling everything she said.

"It is in a way" She took my hand & placed it on her belly. "Run your hand over my belly"

I did just that, running my fingers over her fat belly ever so lightly. "Like this?"

"Yes.....yes....see now all I want to do is gain more weight. I want to be fatter, I get horny".

"Oh Ali".

"Oh Darl, fatten me".

Alison was right, when she said she was going to get fatter & that she can't stop. She contnued to gain more weight, the more weight she gained, the more she ate & she'd just gain even more weight. She now weighs 1682lbs. She is truely massive. She can still heave herself about, she'd been doing some exercise with weights to keep the muscles working in her arms & legs. But it is hard work & she is starting to struggle to heave herself about, but god it turns me on to watch her & she say's herself she loves it. Her legs are just enormous now, just massive, pillowy, dimpled, trunks of fat, she looks to have no knees or ankles, & her feet just sort of stick out from the fatness of her calves. Her arms are like her legs were were when she weighed 900lbs, but we managed to keep them moving. Her breasts were massive like everything else, they are like prize winning watermelons & each must weigh like 50lbs & her belly is just so incredibly huge, it consumes her when she sits, she is like just surrounded by this mass of fat & spralls out in all direction & covers her massive thighs down to her knees, her belly button is like a mineshaft, deep & dark We managed to measure her waist it it was 202", so Ali is close to 17' around the middle.

And she's still gaining.

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I can't believe I missed this latest section..More of the story and much more of Allison!

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