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Default Web Date, Web Gain - by fanedfox (BBW/BHM, Feeding, ~MWG)

BBW/BHM, Feeding, ~MWG - Love at first bite, plus many more

Web Date Web Gain
by fanedfox

Meg was a petite 5’2” young woman of about 115 lbs. She was in her early twenties working at a small law firm and a medium size mid-western city. Meg had gone to a small college in Colorado where she fell into the “fit” lifestyle, though she did exercise regularly it was a habit from her college days. She was single, though a pleasant appearance, she was a bit plain. She loved to surf the net and go in and out of chat rooms looking for “Mr. Right”.

Dave was about 5’10”, also in his twenties, but Dave was obese. He weighed nearly 300 lbs. and during the holidays and most of the winter he weighed over 300 lbs. Dave had graduated high school several years ago. The only prospect for him then was to work full time at the bakery he had worked at since his sophomore year in high school.

Working at the bakery certainly had contributed to Dave’s girth. Both of his parents were heavy as were his two siblings. So it was not a big deal at home that Dave worked somewhere that he would gain weight. In fact, the family loved the treats that Dave brought home as a fringe benefit.

Dave loved his job though. He liked the precision that went into baking and he took to the business side of running a bakery too. When the owner of nearly fifty years decided to retire, he had no heirs. He made Dave a generous offer to purchase the business. Dave with the help of a wealthy aunt, took him up on the deal. Dave now had his dream job locked up. He was making good money, since he was the best bakery in the local area as well as in the region.

Dave however was lonely. He had never been very good with girls, he was also quite shy. Dave started surfing the web and chat rooms looking for conversation mostly, he was to shy to meet anyone in person. He loved to sit at his computer in just underpants and t-shirt while snacking on cookies and other goodies.

Meg loved to come home after a workout, which she was tiring of, have a light dinner and start surfing. She usually just wore her robe or a panty and t-shirt.

On evening Meg and Dave started to chat. They found that they had a lot in common. They both read a lot, subscribed to many of the same magazines, enjoyed museums and galleries. The chatting went on for nearly a month. Meg finally broached the subject of meeting. Dave was so startled and embarrassed, he logged off. Meg was stunned and a bit hurt. She had thought that Dave really liked her and was confused that he would react that way to the suggestion of meeting.

Dave was stunned. He was suddenly embarrassed about his weight and appearance. He didn’t want to ruin his new relationship with Meg, when found out how fat he was.

Dave finally went back into the chat room two days later. Meg had been checking constantly, even at work , to see when Dave might return. She immediately emailed Dave; “I’m sorry did I offend you?”

Dave tapped out an answer, “No, I am embarrassed about my appearance, I did not want to scare you off. I enjoy our chatting so much.”

Meg responded, “I really want to meet you, I can’t wait to chat with you every night, I want you to be part of my life!”

Dave answered, “Meg, I am really, really fat, I weight almost 300 lbs. with a fifty inch waist, I own a bakery so I am sure I will never lose weight, and I really don’t want to lose weight anyway. We would look like a cartoon, you so small and petite and me so huge and fat.”

Meg finally convinced Dave to meet her at a restaurant near where she worked, which was not far from Dave’s bakery shop.

Meg at first was a bit intimidated by Dave size. He really was very fat, but as Dave became more and more comfortable with her, he relaxed and ate his big dinner, she even gave him the rest of her entre too. Meg checked out Dave's body, he had a big belly and thick thighs, he also had a big bubble butt too. She was starting to get a bit turned on checking him out. They spent several hours together that night and Meg begged to meet again. Dave agreed, and they planned to meet again to go to their favortite museum in a couple of days.

The next date went as well if not better than the first. Dave even kissed Meg on the cheek and gave her a hug when he dropped her off at her apartment. The third date, Meg was now sure the Dave was the one for her, but how to get him out of his shell?

They talked about getting more serious, Meg told Dave that she did not mind his weight at all. She didn’t share with him that she was getting more and more turned on watching him eat and they way his body jiggled when he moved. Dave still thought they would be the odd couple, he so big and fat and she so thin and petite. He was really falling for Meg, but Dave was an FA, he really enjoyed watching some of his female partrons waddle in and out of his shop.

A couple of weeks later, Meg was home alone surfing the net. Dave was catering a reception so he wasn’t online. She had seen some web sites on Dave’s computer and now was taking the opportunity to check them out. She was at first shocked, going into Dimensions magazine, Fattening Up Women, PeterB’s site and AltaFat. Soon though she became intrigued, the thought of women and men deliberately gaining weight to please their partners was fascinating to her.

Then it hit her like a ton of bricks. Meg thought, “What if I got fat! That would eliminate Dave’s biggest objection to our becoming a couple.”

Meg started reading “Dr. Feeder’s” column. She even got a pillow and stuffed into her sweats pretended to waddle around her condo. Meg got so turned on by thinking of getting fat, she fixed herself a huge bowl of ice cream and stuffed herself with it.

The next morning, Meg joined one of the warehouse big boxes. She spent nearly two hundred dollars on most fattening goodies she could find there. She blissfully went home and started bingeing. She did not want to tell Dave about her decision until she had started to gain weight and start to “show”.

The next date, Meg and Dave went to a buffet. Dave had tried to keep their dates from becoming to food and eating orientated. He did not want Meg to see him really let loose. But Meg wanted to totally stuff herself in front of Dave to gauge his reaction to her gaining weight.

Meg had been eating all weekend, though she really had not gained much weight, she was bloated from the overeating. She wore a tight dress that clung to her figure and showed the lines of her panties and bra. Meg stuffed herself going back to the line four times to refill her plate. She could feel her tummy bulging with the rich food and she deliberately stuck her belly out as far as she could.

Dave was stunned. Up until this date, Meg always had eaten very modestly, giving him the leftovers from her plate. But tonight Meg seemed like a women possessed to gorge herself. Dave was getting more than a little turned on watching his “squeeze” stuff herself silly.

When Meg sat back in her chair rubbing her obviously bloated belly, Dave asked, “Meg are you ok. You seem to be eating a lot more food tonight.”

Meg burped, blushed, answering, “I decided to solve our delema in the difference in our appearances, I am going to get fat for you, burp!”

Dave was floored, he stammered, “Meg you have such a good figure, why would you want to ruin it to be with me?”

Meg answered, “I love you Dave, I want to be with you, I love your body, I love to watch you eat and the way you jiggle when you move, turns me on. I went to several of your favorite websites, I got so turned on I ate a half gallon of ice cream in one sitting. The next morning I bought a ton of goodies at the warehouse store by the highway. I don’t care how big I get, Dave, I want to be with you and share your lifestyle!”

Dave was stunned, this was one of his wildest FA dreams coming true. A slim, pretty girl was going to get fat right in front of his eyes and for Him!

“Meg, I love you too! You are the best thing that has ever happened to me! Dave blurted out.

Meg started tearing up, “Oh Dave, I love you so much, will you still love me when I am big and Fat?”

Dave blushed, “Meg, you could never get to fat for me, babe.”

Dave smiled, “How about some desert, you little hotty?”

Meg giggled, patting her swollen tummy, replied, “I thought you would never ask big boy!”

Any inhibitions that may have been lingering now were completely gone. Meg and Dave gorged themselves on desert buffet. Meg was so stuffed she thought she might get sick. But she loved the feeling of just eating for Dave and her own gratification.

Dave helped Meg, now waddling for real, out to his car. Meg was rubbing her distended belly, hiccupping and burping, but smiling and giggling at the feel of her belly. She looked up, “Let’s go to your place, honey.”

Dave was only to happy to bring his bloated little dream girl to his bed.

That night was the best night in either of their lives! They made passionate love several times, with snacking and mini binges in between. Meg loved the feel of Dave’s huge body, how soft he was and how fat he was. She was stunned how turned on she was be just touching Dave’s belly. Dave was in awe of Meg. Her now tight panties defining her bloated tummy and soft little bottom was almost to much for him, he loved the feel of her in his arms and the way she caressed his belly.

Dave got up early to fix Meg a massive breakfast in bed. Meg got up to use the bathroom, she got so turned on looking in the mirror at her now bloated figure in tight panties and bra. When Dave came into the bedroom carrying the tray covered with the huge breakfast feast for her, she just started shoveling food into her mouth. Meg ate for nearly two hours, as Dave fed her a huge, fantastic breakfast with wonderful treats.

After a short nap to digest her huge breakfast, Meg got up with Dave’s help and took a shower. She managed to squeeze herself into the dress she wore last night, showing wonderful panty lines for Dave’s enjoyment, he drove her to her condo to get changed.

After a large late lunch and a couple of ice cream cones, they went to an Italian restaurant that Dave baked bread for. The owner one of Dave’s friend new exactly what was going on as soon as she saw that Meg’s pants were unbuttoned and her belly bulging out. They had a fantastic dinner of rich dishes and wonderful wine. Dave helped a very bloated Meg to her condo, after a long kiss and much fondling of mutual assets, Dave headed home.

Meg woke up, still a bit full and bloated from the best weekend of her whole life. She showered, getting turned on rubbing her belly and bottom with soapy lather. She dressed in a now too tight suit outfit, ate several pastries and headed for the office.

She had brought some “provisions” for her desk to nibble on during the day. She was surprised by how sexy she felt knowing that she was visibly bloated from the gluttonous weekend. Her boss noticed Meg in the break room bending over to throw something away, her suit skirt obviously straining to contain the “new Meg”. She asked, “Meg are you Ok?”

“Oh I am great Sally,” replied Meg running her hand over her bottom, “Why?”

Sally tactfully said, “Your skirt looks tighter on you and you seem to be eating a lot more lately”.

Meg smiled, now patting her tummy bulge, “I am gaining weight, Sally, in fact I am going to get quite fat!”

Sally, smiled, she was a BBW with a loving husband, she playfully poked Meg’s tummy bulge.

“Is this for your new friend Dave the baker?” she asked. Meg giggled, sticking out her tummy, “Yes this is for my Dave.”

Sally smiled, “mine if I help?”

Meg replied, patting her belly and bottom, “Have at it, Sally!”

Sally took Meg to lunch at her favorite downtown buffet. Meg and Sally totally pigged out on amazing, rich food and plenty of it. Meg had to sit at her desk with her skirt unzipped her belly was so bloated and she loved it!

Dave came over that night with several boxes of decadent pastries and after a huge fattening dinner, he and Meg binged on the rich treats.

Well, between Dave on the weekends and Sally during the day, Meg was becoming a beautiful, round little plumper. She gained fifteen pounds that month. She cancelled her health club membership, she went out to eat for every lunch, snacked all day and then went home to a massive meal and rich deserts with Dave.

She and Dave loved how soft her body was becoming. She loved to just hang out in her condo in just panites and t-shirt nibbling away evenings she wasn’t with Dave. Dave introduced her to the wonderful world of rich, fattening pastries which Meg soon become addicted to.

She gained eighteen more pounds the second month. She now had a very pronounced tummy bulge with a soft, round bubble bottom that jiggled with every move she made. She now wore a size fifteen dress.

Dave proposed and Meg rented her condo to a new co-worker and moved into Dave’s house. The bakery was doing well, Dave with new confidence of having a love in his life, had expanded the inventory and even opened another shop. Dave had a nice house in one of the better neighborhoods in town.

Meg loved the house. It had it’s own pool, that was very private. Meg loved to wear several size too small bikinis and snack and nibble by the pool. She bought Dave some bikini cut brief swim suits from a big and tall mail order house. The two of them loved to lounge around playing with each other’s bodies and generally just getting turned on.

Later that year, Meg and Dave were married. Meg’s family was at first a bit taken aback by Meg’s weight gain and by the size of her fiancÚ. They saw how much they were in love and how great Dave’s pastries were, they came around. Dave’s parents loved their adorable plump little new daughter in law.

On their first anniversary, Dave weighed over 350 lbs, his adorable wife, Meg now weighed in at nearly two hundred pounds and they both could not be more in love
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Again, a very cute little story! Thanks!
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