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Default My wife has been out of control lately

My wife has been eating way larger portions of food for a while now and she has not really seemed to have gained the way I thought she would have.

She tends to eat more food every so often at certain times and it is usually noticed with a quick gain of 10 Lbs. or so and at that point she usually tapers off eating so much whether intentionally or naturally and usually loses those ten Lbs. but very slowly. This time though her eating larger portions gradually increasing has been going on for around six months where at the begining she gained I guess in the past year and a half a good fifteen Lbs. which she has maintained and never lost. It just seems that how much she has been eating and always hungry for the next big meal that she would be gaining a lot more.

She has never been on such a big eating streak other than when she was pregnant. She is eating close to as much as I am lately and not working out nearly as much as she used to and always hungry for her next meal, and she certainly snacks more in between meals than my self. I am having a hard time keeping up with her eating and the funny thing is I have gained a good 10+ Lbs. in the last several months just eating with her.

It is the strangest thing she would normally be gaining quite a bit with how much she has been consuming for this long of time.

She, by the way is not into gaining nor does she like it when she starts getting bigger, although she has maintained her 15 Lbs. and has certainly grown out of some of her wardrobe but I thought for sure by now she would have put on 20 more Lbs. with all her eating.

Not only is she eating bigger portions of foods the food she is eating is not nessesarily low in calories by any means she used to try and stay away from carbs and lots of fat but she is eating way more breads and carbs as well as fatty foods coupled with her regular intake of desserts and treats.

Anyone have any thoughts on why this is and what can be done. I am kind of aware that if you go a few days without eating or not much eating that will trick your brain and start the gaining process once you start eating again and store it as fat. I do not want to interfere with her good eating habits I just want to know if anyone has experienced this before or when I will start to see some weight piling on her with this extra eating habits?
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