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Default The Right Stuffing

BHM. WG, Stuffing, Intrigue, Revenge

Here's Part One of a story written by a good friend of mine. If you're offended by "revenge stuffing stories" then don't read on. Otherwise, enjoy...

The Right Stuffing
by Mick Haggen

I can’t believe what I’m hearing, Josh thought to himself. Josh listened in shock and utter disbelief to the conversation between his friend, Steve, and their boss, Mr. Jeffers in the boardroom.

Josh and the rest of the advertising department had finished their weekly departmental meeting. Shortly after Josh left, he realized he had left the new sweater Monica had given him as a birthday gift on the back of his chair. So, he went back for it.

The boardroom had been quickly cleared out to break for lunch. As he picked up his sweater, he spied a door ajar at the rear of the room. Josh thought it was funny that he had never noticed that door before. No one was around, so he entered what turned out to be a small supply closet. The most interesting feature was the surveillance equipment, which showed the interior of the boardroom on a small screen.

I didn’t realize they’d been taping our meetings, Josh thought.

His contemplation was broken when Steve and Mr. Jeffers reentered the boardroom. Josh was trapped. He certainly didn’t want them to realize he had been snooping, so he stayed quiet. He watched and listened to their exchange on the monitor.

“Thanks, Mr. Jeffers, for your support of my proposal,” Steve said, smiling widely.

Steve was a good-looking man in his early thirties. He looked like a real midwestern guy with sandy blonde hair, hazel eyes, and finely chiseled features that included a modest lean muscular built. Since moving to New York three years ago and landing a job in an up-and-coming advertising firm, he used his looks and winning personality to his advantage. He moved very swiftly up the corporate ladder. He was admired by men and was fawned over by the women. He had used his charm at the meeting, easily maneuvering Mr. Jeffers into his corner.

“I appreciate your contribution, Steve,” Mr. Jeffers answered.

Mr. Jeffers nudged closer to Steve, “I am especially grateful for your input about Bob. I know he’s a close friend and all.” Mr. Jeffers put a hand on Steve’s shoulder sympathetically. “It must have been difficult for you to confide in me.”

“Yes, it was hard,” Steve, sighed. “But, it had to be said.”

“I can see what you mean about Bob,” Mr. Jeffers said. “He’s gained so much weight lately. He really isn’t setting the right image for representing our company on this project.”

Josh was stunned. He, Bob, and Steve had moved here together from Illinois. They were childhood friends, god damn it! How could he talk behind Bob’s back like this?

Bob had always been stocky, but since breaking up with Susan he’s been depressed. With the added pressures of the job, his weight ballooned to 295 lbs. He put on over 60 pounds in less than a year. Bob didn’t seem too concerned about it. He was over six feet tall, had a muscular chest, and a great sense of humor. His belly was rotund and exceptionally plump, but solid from his active lifestyle which included hiking and mountain climbing.

“You, on the other hand, are the perfect picture of health, Steve. You will send the right message to the Vitamin and Fitness Firm that we are serious.” Jeffers smiled. “I’m so glad you accepted the promotion. How has Bob taken it?”

“You know, Bob. He’s such a good - natured soul. He’ll do what’s right for the company,” Steve answered.

“I have to get to my appointment,” Mr. Jeffers said. “I’ll see you later.”

As soon as Mr. Jeffers left, Josh was going to go out to confront Steve. Until he heard Steve begin to talk to himself.

“Y – E – S!” said Steve. “I got it. Bob may have done most of the footwork on this deal, but I put it together and packaged it,” Steve said, fixing his hair in a mirror. “It’s Bob’s own fault he didn’t get that promotion. He’s turned into a jiggling ball of blubber. What a butterball!”

With that, Steve strolled out of the boardroom. This is when Josh realized that this had all been recorded…

Later that day, Josh brought the tape to show Monica and Ed. He, Steve, and Bob had met the two of them shortly after the three of them moved to New York and had been inseparable ever since.

“That bastard!” shouted Monica. “He hamstringed Bob and Bob has no idea.”

“We have to tell Bob…Ed began.

“Tell Bob what?” Bob asked coming into the apartment he shared with Ed and Josh. “What’s wrong?”

“I just don’t know how to tell you,” Josh said, eyes downcast.

“Just tell me like it is,” Bob replied.

The four of them sat to view the tape Josh had smuggled out of the office hours before. Bob was clearly saddened by the tape and looked embarrassed.

“I never knew he felt that way about me,” Bob said, visibly upset.

“Aren’t you pissed?” Edward demanded.

“Well, I really have blown up over the year…” Bob began, rubbing his stomach.

“That’s not what Ed’s referring to and you know it, Bob,” Monica said. “You did all the work on that project and now Steve is taking all the credit. He’s jealous of you.”

“Look at him,” Bob said. “How could he be jealous of me?”

“You’re smarter than him. You put that campaign together, “ Ed replied.

“Steve is right. I’ve swelled up like a watermelon.”

Monica came over to him and kissed him. She then did something intriguing. She let her hand move down the span of his inflated belly, rubbing the top. It felt good and he felt turned on.

“You always looked good to me,” she said.

“Listen, Monica,” Josh said. “We have to work out a plan to expose Steve.”

“Wait,” said Ed. “I might have a much better plan.”

(continued in post 3 of this thread)

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i cant for the next part.

i do like revenge stories!
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Default The Right Stuffing- Part 2

Later that week, Monica invited Steve over to her apartment for dinner to celebrate his promotion. Steve had always been infatuated with Monica. She was a willowy blonde with very full breasts, which Steve greatly admired. But, she had never shown more than a passing interest in him. Maybe things would change, Steve thought.

He arrived on time and came in to see a long table lavishly set. She had out her best dishes, linen, crystal, and candles. There was a feast on the table large enough to feed a small army. There was a 20-pound turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, buttery rolls, and wine.

“Wow, you really outdid yourself,” Steve said.

“Actually, we all wanted to surprise you,” she replied, giving him a peck on the cheek.

Ed and Josh popped out of the kitchen yelling surprise. Steve was stunned. He was a little put out that it wasn’t just him and Monica. But, he was truly touched by their little surprise dinner party.

Maybe later after the guys leave, I’ll put the moves on Monica, Steve thought.

“Hey, guys. This was so nice of you to do this,” Steve said.

“Well, come on. Let’s sit down and celebrate,” Monica said.

“Great, I’m starving,” Steve replied. The food looked and smelled delicious. He had nothing other than a muffin for breakfast. So, he was really looking forward to Monica’s meal.

“We’re really glad you’re that hungry because this is all for you,” Josh said, with a wicked smile.

Josh’s comment didn’t register with Steve who had taken the seat at the head of the table. Suddenly, Josh and Ed pounced on him, strapping his arms and legs to the oversized side chair. Steve struggled and yelled, but quieted down when Monica put on the videotape for Steve. The cat was out of the bag. They knew – and what was even worse was Bob probably knew, too.
“I can explain…” Steve said, becoming nervous.

“Save it,” Monica replied, “You already explained yourself on the tape.”

“Yeah, it’s time to teach you a big lesson in loyalty to friends,” Ed declared, shoveling some turkey in Steve’s gaping mouth. “Now, let’s see who is the butterball!”

At that moment, Josh forced some more turkey in Steve’s mouth. Steve sputtered and tried to spit it out. But, the two of them began to unmercifully shovel in piece after piece.

“Swallow it or choke on it,” Josh threatened. “It’s your choice. But you’ll see when this is all over that you are the real turkey for selling out Bob.”

With Monica’s help, the two men kept packing Steve fuller and fuller. Steve’s flat abdomen was starting to become distended from the cram session. The turkey and wine made Steve feel sleepy and lethargic which made it easier to slide the food down.

They could see his belly ballooning, slowly being pumped up, and puffed out.
Steve continued to struggle, but to no avail. They were relentless.

“Ugh,” Steve said between mouthfuls. “I’ve had enough. Stop! I’m going to split open. Too much food.”

After an hour, they had packed most of the bird down his throat. His stomach bulged grossly out in front of him. His once loose oxford shirt was now stretched skintight by his bulbous belly. He felt bloated and his overfed belly ached. He began to moan.

“You bastards, look what you’ve done. Oh, my stomach!”

Monica came out of the kitchen with a huge bowl of bread stuffing and rolls. “Time to stuff the turkey!”

“Oh, no,” Steve said. “You can’t do this.” He tried to move, but he was belted in. “I’ll…I’ll blow up!”

“That’s the whole idea,” Ed replied, nastily.

But, this time the three of them filled Steve to the gills with the stuffing. Then they followed with mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce. His flesh bulged more between the buttons of his oxford shirt. It was unable to contain his engorged abdomen. It began to slowly yank up over his belly as it inflated. It got as far as the middle of his chest. It was pulled to its limit.

“You…guys have to stop…I can’t take it. Please,” Steve begged, between mouthfuls. He had never felt so full.

His gut was stuffed tight. The middle buttons on his skintight shirt showed more and more of his blubbery belly. They couldn’t take the strain and a few popped off. His oxford burst open revealing part of his engorged gut. His face was reddened and he was covered in sweat and mashed potatoes.
They’re not stopping! Steve thought in a panic. Oh, the pressure! My waistband is too constricting. I’m going to bust in half.

He couldn’t believe what was happening to him. His pants couldn’t take the strain and actually blew open with a tremendous pop that shocked the three from their forced feeding frenzy.

Ed felt Steve’s basketball - sized ball of a belly. Steve’s stomach inflated so that his thighs were thrust apart to support his huge gut. Their feedee let out a tremendous burp. Monica began to rub Steve’s Buddha belly.

“Getting soft, Monica?” Josh asked.

“Not at all,” Monica replied. “But, for the sake of getting more food into him, I thought I could release some of the pressure in his belly.”

Steve kept moaning that it was too much and that he was going to explode. Ed also began to rub Steve’s swollen belly to try to reduce the pressure to make room for more. Josh began to stuff him full of pop and fresh half-cooked doughy rolls.

“Ohhhh, Ohhhh…” was all Steve could say. Although very uncomfortable, he was strangely excited.

Another roll, and another, and another, Steve lost count. Filling, oh, so full. He could feel his penis bulging out the opening of the burst zipper of his dress pants.

They were slowing down his forced feeding. Ed and Monica massaged his inflated gut while Josh continued to ram the rolls into his puffed out cheeks. He kept knocking their hands off his stomach when he struggled, but after the ninth roll he remained still. He needed to allow himself to undergo Ed and Monica’s fondling of his inflated belly. It was helping to relieve the soreness. But, what surprising was - it was also giving him a real warm sensation in his groin.

I wish Monica would rub my crotch. I’m bloating and not just in the belly, Steve thought.

The session lasted for the next twenty minutes. With the working of his
softened gut, he was able to relax a little and let out a couple of loud farts and belches.

“Sounds like the food is settling,” Josh laughed.

They’re relenting, Steve thought. And, just in a nick of time, too. I feel like a tick ready to burst.

“Get him to his feet,” Josh said.

Steve was freed from his restraints. He became aware of feeling returning to his numbed legs and arms. Josh and Ed pulled Steve unceremoniously to his feet. Steve swaggered, his new girth throwing him off balance. He cradled the bottom of his belly trying to carry the extra weight. He turned his back to the banquet table.

“So, piggy, how does it feel?” Ed asked.

“You are bastards, all of you. Look what you did to me. You made me fat,” Steve belched, his stomach full of gas from the rich food poured into him. “Ooow, I can’t believe how full I feel. Get out of my way, Ed.”

Ed and Josh grabbed his upper arms and yanked him onto the dining room table, dishes crashing to the floor to make room for his enormous girth. They reattached the straps to his arms and connected the ends to the base of the table. His arms were held tautly. His upper body was pinned. He was unable to maneuver because of the massive weight of his abdomen.

“You surely didn’t think that we were through with you so soon,” Monica said. “Bob hasn’t even arrived yet.”

“What the hell are you going to do to me?” Steve gasped. “I can’t take anymore of this. There’s no more room.”

Josh examined Steve’s abdomen. He placed his hand on top, shook it, and then poked it. It wasn’t tight yet. It was still pretty soft and pliable. Steve moaned in response. “Plenty of room in there.”

Monica grabbed hold of his head and face and thrust a funnel down his throat. He coughed and tried to move his face, but her grip was like iron. He couldn’t see what was happening or where Josh and Ed had disappeared.

“Hey, Steve,” Josh said from the side. “You forgot to ask for the gravy.”
At that moment, thick, rich pale giblet gravy was poured into his bloated belly. He could do nothing. He could only struggle to swallow fast enough to drain the pot. They stuffed him harder yet, feeling that gut grow fatter as he gorged. They heard a tearing noise. His shirt was literally ripped open along the sides from the pressure of his ballooning belly. His pant zipper slid down more, revealing his engorged dick.

“Hey, he’s getting off on this,” Ed yelled.

"I’m going to pop," Steve thought desperately. "They are feeding me so hard, stuffing and stuffing and stuffing me so. My only recourse is to lean back and feel my gut getting fatter and fatter by the minute. "

The two men began to rub Steve’s tummy in earnest when they saw it begin to visibly beef up further. Whenever Josh and Ed slowed their rub down, Steve’s eyes shut tight and nearly watered as he groaned, barely able to inhale.

Ed and Josh grabbed some olive oil and drizzled it onto Steve’s plump, expanding belly and worked it into his skin as if they were kneading bread dough. Monica continued to pour the lukewarm gravy into the funnel. Steve could feel their fingers massaging his blubbery, rippling gut.

“Ahh…ugh,” Steve tried to gurgle, his teeth clutched tightly against the cold, metal funnel.

“Fatter, make him fatter,” Ed said to Monica.

"No, " Steve thought. "Not that."

“Yeah, fatten him right up.”

Steve raised his legs into the air and they flailed around almost looked as if he were cycling to keep up with the flow. It looked like something out of a cartoon. He bent his knees toward the two men, attempting to brush the two of them away from his swelling gut. They simply laughed and swatted his knees away from their administrations to his overfed belly. They increased the vigor of the rub down to his full stomach. They began to rub in smaller circles, which caused it to jiggle as if they had attached a vibrator to the top of it.

“Fatter, fatten him up,” Josh began to chant. “Fill him, stretching, stuff him full, load him up, squeeze…jam it in good.”

His stomach was finally stretched to near bursting, so tight Ed was sure his belly would pop if either of them pressed too hard. Monica came to the end of the pot. The men released Steve who brought his knees up to a fetal position on the table, cradling and rubbing his overstuffed belly. He was groaning deeper than he had all night.

“AAAGHHHHHH. I’m going to explode. Ohhhh.”

They left Steve who was now immobilized by his immense girth.

“Where are you going?” Steve called out weakly. “You’re not leaving me like this? I can’t breathe!”

Monica, Ed, and Josh washed up in the kitchen waiting for Bob to arrive. Ed periodically checked on Steve who was still lying as they had left him. After an hour, they approached Steve and helped him to his feet. He stumbled and almost fell. They helped him into the living room. Steve wouldn’t sit down and instead rested his overblown belly on the edge of the side table.
Steve belched, “I’m sorry about everything. You didn’t have to do this.”

Steve grasped his bulbous inflated stomach. “Look at me.”

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Default Part 3

Josh brought Steve a mug of tea. “Here drink this. You’ll feel better.”

Steve slowly drained the mug. The doorbell rang. It was Bob carrying a brown paper bag and a bouquet of flowers.

Bob looked stunned when he saw the scene in the living room and dining room. There was Steve whose stomach was pumped up like he was pregnant with twins and food and dishes all over the place.

“What happened?” Bob asked, puzzled.

Steve pushed himself away from the support of the table, gripped his engorged middle, and waddled toward Bob.

“What do you mean – what happened!” screamed Steve.

Steve stopped panting by the doorway in front of Bob. The contents of his stomach felt crammed in and heavy making his footsteps unsteady.

“They filled me with enough food for 10 people. I can barely move. All because I manipulated Mr. Jeffers into giving me that promotion instead of you, “ Steve said.

“I think there was a little more to it, Steve,” Bob replied.

“Ok, ok…I know you saw the tape and how bad it must of looked…”

“Bad!” Josh interjected.

Bob held up his big hand to Josh. “It’s how you did it that was so terrible. You tried to show Mr. Jeffers that just because I’m fat, I’m not good enough to run this account,” Bob said.

“I’m happy with my weight. Maybe if you’d stop gazing at your reflection long enough you’d see that not everyone wants to be model thin. Besides, I think I look pretty good. I may want to get a little fatter…” Bob smiled at Monica and rubbed his sizable belly, “…maybe with Monica’s help.”

“Bob,” Steve began, “I’m sorry about everything…wait a minute.”

What Bob had said began to sink in. “Are you and Monica…”

“You’d better believe it,” Monica said coming over to kiss Bob. “We’re an item – he’s a real hot item.”

She whispered into Bob’s ear, “Maybe you can pump me up, baby – really encourage and fatten me.”

Steve was furious. How could this fat piece of lard think he could compete with him? Steve began to shake in anger.

“You beached whale…you bloated piece of…” Steve stopped abruptly when he felt a loud gurgle in the swell of his stomach. Then he felt something do a violent flip within.

His former friends just stood there in silence with broad smiles. Steve’s belly seemed to puff out more as they heard a louder groan from his gut. He began to sweat profusely and cry out, digging his fingers against his massive swell. That’s when the throbbing ache began in his middle and he doubled over onto his knees. The only problem is that was not where all the soreness was centered.

“You’re beginning to understand,” Ed said.

“I guess those laxatives were very potent,” Bob laughed.

“You knew all along what they were going to do this,” Steve said to Bob, feeling more bloating now. The gas was moving like a snail in his system. He began to fart and rocked back and forth on his heels.

After one deafening explosive fart, he quickly raised himself up and tried to run to the bathroom. Steve was trying to hold both his belly and his ass at the same time. He staggered in and slammed the door closed. Steve struggled with his pants almost losing his balance. He sat on the toilet and squeezed and squeezed and squeezed. But, nothing came out. He was so packed full that his stomach muscles couldn’t push his meal out. He was beginning to panic as another wave of pain came over him. He quickly came to his feet with his pants down wrapped around his knees and hopped out of the bathroom.

The others were astonished to see him in such a state.

“I can’t…I can’t go…Ohhhh,” Steve sobbed. “I’m stopped up.”

The group just stared at him.

“I would imagine all the starch has him bound up,” Monica said. “I guess the rolls were a bit of an overkill.”

Bob just shook his head. “By rights we should leave you like this, but since we had a hand in blowing you up like this we’ll help you.”

“Maybe if we massage his gut we can move around the food a little,” Monica suggested.

With his legs still constricted by his half-pulled down dress pants, they pulled him down on his back. They poured more oil on his belly so their hands would slide better and began their attentions.

“It’s still fairly hard,” Josh stated.

“Here give him to me,” Bob said.

The others moved away to give Bob some room. He took hold of Steve’s immense bulge in his sizeable hands and pushed down hard. Steve belched and continued to groan as Bob kneaded and stretched his swollen gut. Bob pulled him up and placed him full on his knees in from of him. He gathered Steve up to his chest as if doing a Heimlich maneuver except he gripped his belly. He heaved him into his chest and his belly was pushed painfully in and then swelled upward when Bob squeezed his fat heavenward. Using his fists like a plunger, Bob moved Steve up and down his own hulking spherical belly. Steve grunted and squealed like a stuck piglet at each thrust.

“Anything?” Josh questioned.

“No,” belched Steve. “Ohh…help me the pressure is intense, man.”

There was a large rumbling in his tummy. The gas was expanding and traveling faster now. Waves rippled across his now fleshy girth. His belly appeared more inflated than ever.

“Still clogged,” Josh said to Bob. “Let’s try something else.”

Josh brought over the funnel.

Steve began shaking his head,” No, no way.”

“It’s not what you think,” Josh said to him.

Ed brought over a pitcher of warm water. They proceeded to return Steve to his back and insert the metal funnel. The water was poured into Steve’s gullet. His belly made a loud groan and bubbling, snapping noise. Steve grabbed his tremendous belly, which began to puff out. His legs began to swim around the air again. He expelled a few short farts.

“Stop the flow,” called Monica.

They unplugged his mouth and rolled the prone Steve onto his bulging belly.
Josh and Ed began to gyrate Steve roughly on his belly.

Bob seeing where they were going with this, put his considerable weight against Steve’s back and rammed hard against his back a few times as thought pushing down on a beach ball to make it deflate. Steve’s eyes went wide. He whimpered sharply as a strange feeling of pleasure overtook him. The pressure was unbelievable, but so was the fullness in his belly. Their combined weight on this quivering globular swelling was bringing out the strangest feelings in his groin. He originally felt revulsion to being force-fed, but this feeling of being full, really stuffed - excited him. And, the attention he was getting – being fattened, his belly plumped up, his flesh manipulated, and rolled was incredible to him.

They were turning and rolling him around the floor at this point over and over again like he was some kind of beach ball. Suddenly, he felt it. The rolling of his belly began his stomach churning. He started yelling to make them stop, but they heard the deep thunder coming from his gut.

“He’s going to blow!” yelled Bob.

They helped him to his feet and he tried to run forward, but his feet got caught on his pants and he fell forward again. He yelled in pain. His bare belching belly almost bouncing off the ceramic floor.

“Oh, no,” Steve said, holding onto his stomach hard and fast. He let out a massive explosion of gas.

The men pulled off his pants and half carried him to the bathroom. Inside they heard him shrieking and panting like a dog. Steve came out twenty-five minutes later looking haggard. His once ballooned tummy was much reduced, but was now sagging and distended.

“What took you so long to get here, Bob,” Monica asked.

Bob picked up the brown paper bag he had been carrying and opened it.
“I brought dessert.”

Bob brought out cheesecakes, banana cream pies, and whipped cream.

“Hey, Bob,” Josh teased, “You forgot the cherries.”


They left Steve alone and Josh and Ed brought him back to his apartment. Monica and Bob fed each other the dessert over the next two nights they spent together. Steve returned to the office on Monday morning in a much larger suit and a lot more haggard. Mr. Jeffers did give Steve his promotion, but put him on a less demanding account representing some new snack cake. Within the next six months, Steve had blown out his belly even more.

Bob found a spot his talent merited in another company. Bob and Monica were married a year later. The strange thing was that Bob appeared very much the same except a lot happier. Monica was ecstatic but was also by then much larger than when she started. But, that is another story.

NOTE: We don't fully know what happened to Monica, at least not yet, but we do have more information on what happened to Steve -- see the sequel "Just Desserts"

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Britt Reid can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesBritt Reid can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

Just a bump to spotlight a newly reformatted version of an old series - each chapter of the series was complete within itself but we know there were once several now-missing chapters.

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Default anyone have the other parts to this story?

I know there are several parts to this story

eventually ending with Jeffers being fattened up
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Britt Reid can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesBritt Reid can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

You are correct about Mr. Jeffers - that branch of the tale is found here.

There are, however, several chapters once known to have existed that were lost to the original author and were never recovered. It would be nice if someone could restore them from a private collection.
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