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Default Big Choices: My Life As A 400 Lb Man (health Blog)

*I posted this on another website as well* Enjoy! comments appreciated!

Living Healthy as a Gainer

BY Marc G., MA aka seasuperchub84.

As you probably read this, your wondering if you have seen this before. You may have. I previously had a health website on bellybuilders.com and took it down due to personal reasons. However, I decided to get more active again in the health sector since there are so many new gainers to the scene I have talked too. Plus those who want to maintain also need health guidance as well. This article will explain the risks of obesity, how to combat those risks, ways to eat healthy, exercise techniques and some general information about my views on gaining.

Gaining/Maintaining: An Introduction

Most people that may read this think, why is he so into this? Well, simply it is because I believe gaining/weight desire/maintaining is a natural phenomenon. There have been documented reports of weight gaining on purpose in the past in stories, artwork and cultural celebrations. In Greek culture, myths surrounding Dionysius of Heraclea and his massive weight are detailed. There are numerous stories indicating weight gain as a desirable fantasy. Also artwork from the Renaissance era can contain females and males who are more plump in appearance, which was considered beauty back in that era. Today, our skinny guys and girls that parade in magazines would be regarding as homeless and impoverished! Another known fact is Napoleon Bonaparte's constant need to pad. Even though society is flushed today with skinny girls and guys gracing magazine covers, some innate human instincts never die. Our basic instinct is to feed. Take zombies for instance (although they are not real, to my knowledge anyway), the basic need of a zombie is to feed. Take all rationale out of someone and place pure instinct in them, and the only things they will desire are the needs to eat and reproduce.

So it should not be a surprise to anyone when they say they want to be big. This is why I started this article out like this. You should NEVER be ashamed of being who you want to be. Being ashamed only leads to further complications down the road. Realize coming out to yourself is a hurdle you must jump through, jump through it gracefully and be yourself. This is a perfectly normal human need and want. We all want to be pampered and comforted. Food is that comfort. Food stimulates our senses. Food is indeed, a good thing.

However, as great as our desires are, one can not ignore the massive impact of medical and media overload. In the United States, Mrs. Michelle Obama is launching campaigns to reduce childhood obesity rates. In the United Kingdom, the National Health Service launches campaigns to reduce obesity. Mothers have had their children taken into custody, for example in this case: http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2007/fe...ealth.children . Although a large percentage of the population agrees that childhood obesity is bad, (and indeed healthwise it is) the impact of obesity can not be discounted for adults. The American Heart Association lists obesity as one of the top contributors to heart disease, next to smoking. The media portrays thin men and woman as fashion icons and models for our modern world. The views on obesity are truly different now then they were 400 years ago. Obesity can increase your risk for diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and some cancers.

So what can one do? The answer is simple. Live your life the way you want it, not how others want you to live it. In my six small years in the gainer/chub community, I have met a lot of men and women who gain simply for their partners enjoyment. This should not be the goal of gaining. Gaining is something that should be desired INTERNALLY, not for the focus of sexual desire and intercourse. Gaining is a lifestyle and a fetish. You can not expect to be 500 lbs and 5'6'' and not have the occasional twinge of joint pain or possibly high blood pressure. You may also face social and familial rejection based on your choice. It is a health risk and a choice one must carefully evaluate if they want to take on. The best part of about it is that if you dont like it, you can always increase your exercise and decrease food intake to lose weight. It is a reversible lifestyle choice.

I am a Gainer: What's Next?
Well you may now have made that big jump into this and realized qualming your desires is not an option, you might want to know, How do I gain weight? Some in our community may swear by McDonald's diets and weight gain shakes, however the best way to gain weight is with your body in mind. You will be putting some large amounts of stress on your body (think of it, at least in my case, strapping almost 300 lbs of dog food on a 120 lb frame) and also may face problems with relationships.

You may have to deal with family issues and social complications. Due to the stigma of obesity, some are not apt to accept your decision to be a larger person. You must be prepared for this. It may be hard to tell your mother, father, family, friends that you are not going to comply with their rules, but you must. Being honest with yourself and them may hurt them at first, but eventually this will subside. Continue to try to foster relationships with these people. Try to think of yourself in their shoes. How would you feel if you were told by someone: I want to be a girl and I am a boy? Your decision can have that type of affect on people. I have constantly equated my need to be larger with that of a transgendered person. I previously was trapped in a body I could not stand. Because of my identity crisis, I became unstable. I won't delve into my past, but because of my identity crisis I had issues with myself and society. However, now that I feel comfortable in my skin, I am very sociable. I enjoy life. It will be extremely difficult the first year or so, mentally, physically, socially and emotionally, however these will subside. Hang in there. Be you, be true :-). Also, respect those who want to lose weight as well, as they are experiencing the same feelings as you but from the opposite end of the weight spectrum. I have two friends who have had gastric bypass, one of them being my ex partner. Even though we separated, we are still on very good terms because I supported him as a friend and he supported me as a friend. My best friend had gastric bypass, and we go out to eat and party all the time. She is wonderful and we both accept each other. :-) Life is yours to command, its all about staying positive about things.
Nom Nom Nom: Diets, What Should I Eat?
I will explain some ways you can modify your diet comfortably and also how to deal with complicated situations socially. I would however like to say this, I am not a medical doctor, I am a medical assistant. I do not have a license to practice medicine. So, review this information with your doctor or dietician. Or not. You do what you want with it, I am merely giving some examples based on various information sites I have found on the internet.

So now that I have covered my ass legally, let's get started. Our first topic is going to be changing your diet to successfully gain weight. Now if you have explored videos on YouTube or Xtube, you probably have seen weight gainers eat five hamburgers, two shakes and three large fries. Or in my case, two extra large pizzas. While it is true that increasing food intake causes weight gain, you have to also keep in mind all of the other stuff you are ingesting. An average McDonald's Big Mac contains the following in regards to sodium and cholesterol. 1040 milligrams of sodium and 75 milligrams of cholesterol are in one Big Mac. Now imaging eating three of those. That is a whopping 225 mg of cholesterol and 3,120 mg of sodium. Also, you are only getting 1620 calories. Although the calorie content is nice, the offset of sodium and cholesterol is outrageous. Healthy adults should consume less than 2,400 milligrams of sodium a day and less than 300 milligrams of cholesterol a day. So lets say you do this for five to six meals out of the day (eating small meals throughout the day is contributory to weight gain). You would be ingesting 18,720 milligrams of sodium and 1125 milligrams of cholesterol. So one could imagine how eating poorly could cause high blood pressure and heart disease. Your cardiovascular system is working overtime from stimulation from the sodium molecules and cholesterol is clogging your arteries and other structures. Blood starts pumping faster then normal and can not get through small canals. If one has ever seen a water main break, thats pretty much what happens in your blood. The vein expands so much and ruptures. This can cause an aneurysm, which is caused by a stroke.

The best way to eat is five to six small meals a day. You should be filling your meals with complex carbohydrates, fruits, veggies, dairy, whole grains. I really enjoyed this article I found while searching the internet. Check it out, it has some interesting instructions on it.


You also want to eat fish products. Fish are known to be high in amino acids, particularly Omega-3. Omega-3 has some indication that it reduces triglyceride levels (part of your cholesterol panel) and it raises good cholesterol (known as HDL, or high density lipoproteins). I particularly like tilapia with a butter coating, brown rice, broccoli. Dark green veggies are wonderful for cancer prevention, there has been some link to them regarding antioxidants. Grilled chicken is also a low fat option (again, low fat and sugar free does not always mean weight loss). Increase those good, whole grain carbs.

Also, increase your calorie intake. You want to eat good food, eat a lot of it and eat more often. Keep a bag of unsalted almonds or pistachios at your desk at work. Keep snacking. The best advice I read on the forums is to treat your meal times like appointments. You make them mandatory so you can not miss them. A good eating schedule for day shift workers is 7, 12, 3, 6, 9. Breakfast, Lunch, Linner, Dinner and the “Fourth Meal”. Also you want to typically snack half way in between those meal times. Your going to be doing a lot of eating, and increased eating means increasing your food budget. Don't feel bad if you can not keep up with the eating schedule. Try to adhere to it the best you can but do not stress yourself out over it. Also I want to stress as well beer drinking. Beer drinking, while it increases calories, it also increases your risk of developing liver problems. Use this with caution. If you want the added calories without the alcohol affects, try a non alcoholic beverage with your meals, like odouls or non alcoholic margaritas.

Another way of eating I like to adopt is the chanko nabe recipe. While high in sodium, it contains a lot of relatively nutritious and healthy ingredients. It is the primary stew sumo wrestlers eat. For further information, please visit these websites on chanko nabe.

Information on chanko nabe.
Recipe for chanko nabe.

Both me and my partner (who are gainers/maintainers) do a curry dish similar to chanko. Our base is a bit thicker, and we include a lot of rice noodles.

Body Shape
I know I have talked to some gainers in the past regarding how fat is distributed throughout your body. You can not modify your body shape, as this is a genetic/body related action you can not control. Some people tend to develop fat in their belly, others tend to develop it softer and flabby. The only way you can control how its distributed in your belly is with your pant line. You want to wear your pants under your belly as much as possible. For me, this is difficult with jeans that require a belt or khakis that require a belt. Wear your belt loose so it doesn't cut into your belly, creating a “double belly”. There is two types of fat, visceral and subcutaneous. Visceral tends to be fat surrounding the viscera, or organs. Subcutaneous is the flabby fat you see on people who tend to be saggier. Visceral fat has some links to disease and other pathologies. Some people obsess over having a ball belly created by beer, however that ball belly is actually an attribute called ascites. Ascites is a sign of liver failure, in which the liver can not process the alcohol being ingested. So that beer ball belly isnt the sign of health. Just proceed with caution.

Exercise: Should I?
Yes, you should. When 30 minutes or more of exercise is done once a day, it can greatly contribute to the physical conditioning of the heart and stimulates the joints and muscles. The health benefits of exercise are enormous. Studies performed by the American Heart Association advocate exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle. Most people I have talked to associate exercise with weight loss. While this is true, when combined with a high calorie diet, weight loss does not occur rapidly. Which means, even though you are burning calories, you also are ingesting more then you burn. This is the primary cause of weight gain. The body on average for need to sustain life needs about 2000 calories a day, however adding more then that amount will increase weight. Let's do some math, shall we? We will take John, 230 lb male. He needs 2000 calories to survive a day. However he takes a small walk for 30 minutes a day. He burns 130 calories during this time. Although the calories burned is small, the walking itself helps to develop his joints and strengthen his heart. The higher weight you are, the more calories you will burn. For example, if I did the same activity, at 400 lbs, I would lose 227 calories. This fitness calculator is a great way to figure out if you are burning more calories then you are intaking:

I have spoken to many ladies and gentlemen who are extremely obese and have joint and mobility issues. Even though mobility may be an issue, getting your 30 minutes a day of exercise can be done. I am an advocate of water aerobics. Water aerobics is non weight bearing, so you tend to not have the problem of joint pain and muscle pain after. You can check into water aerobics at your local YMCA or community center. Also some fitness centers with pools will offer classes as well. Simply laying in bed and doing motion cycling (picking your feet up and cycling in the air) helps to move your legs and gets blood moving. You can also try having a partner tie a front tire and pedals to the ceiling of your room, as this helps you have a guide for cycling. This method was studied in ICU settings and with bed bound patients by medical doctors. You want to also try to get up to some extent, as this helps to decrease leg swelling and venous flow issues. Our bodies are made for gravity and walking to help with blood flow in legs. As we step, blood moves up the legs through veins and is prevented from falling back down with the use of “bicuspid” valves. To the lay person, just walking helps. See if you can possibly get a walker or two quad canes, these can help with mobility and movement. They also can help you be stable and have support. Always have someone with you, and take it slow for the first few weeks, you are pretty much starting over with your heart and body. It will take time for things to get back into place.


Choosing this lifestyle is difficult. Some fall right into it without any thought, others struggle with this decision their entire life. Do not feel like you have to sign into some secret brotherhood cult contract. Be yourself. If you try and don't like it, its okay to go back to a “socially accepted” healthy lifestyle. Just remember, you primarily are doing this for yourself and no one else. Even though I have a partner and wonderful friends and family who are supportive and loving of me, I am the one who has to wake up and lug 400 lbs of fat around. It is a decision that has been a big one, (no pun intended) for me. I have shortened my lifespan statistically. However, we only get one shot at this crazy world, and we have to do the best we can to live the life WE want. I intend to live my life how I want it, to the fullest, no matter what. I hope this article has been a guide to help you make conscious health choices and been a guide to help those starting out on the road of gaining. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to email me at mgold2102@yahoo.com or message me on Yahoo! Messenger at that address. Thank you very much for your time.
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Thumbs up

Excellent posting - thank you!
"Eat, Eat! You will gain weight and be more attractive!"
- Russian Tour Hostess of the 1980s, as reported in National Geographic
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seasuperchub84 can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesseasuperchub84 can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

you are very welcome! I am glad someone commented on this! :-)
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very thoughtful post- glad that yo umentioned the importance of exercise as it is good for anyone regardless of their size....

now as for your eating plan... do you tend to eat more at home since you can prepare things better than eating outside?
Doughboy gets ripped :D

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seasuperchub84 can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokesseasuperchub84 can now be the recipient of "two cans" jokes

Well Id love too. Im certainly not the best cook in the world...but it is important to eat healthy food. So yes im trying to eat healthier at home by cooking good meals. Admittedly I fall off the horse and I eat badness, like last night in which I had a large and a half pizza.
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