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Default Telling a partner....

Hi folks.

How do you go about telling a loved one you want gain a bit of weight?

Let me explain....up untill early 2002 I've always been slim although mid to large build. (I stand 6'2'' and was 200lbs).

In 2002 due to a change in personall circumstances I gained about 35lbs. This continued to autumn 2004 where I ended up at 260lbs. My partner never said anything negative about my weight although she seemed to like the fact that since last autumn I slimmed down to 215lbs. This loss was mainly due to a well earned holiday we'd had planned for months and it involved a certain degree of fitness.

I loved being heavier. I mean, it felt 'right' to be large. I have always had a facination of bbw/bhm and gaining weight was a dream come true.

Now I want to regain what I lost and maybe a little more but I don't want to do it in secret or with guilt but I'm unsure of how my partner will react to an all out gaining lifestyle for me.

Has anyone here been on either end of such a conversation? How did it affect things?



PS enclosed should be an old heavier pic and a recent lighter one/comparison.
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lady of the dark
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I think you should just tell her that you feel "right" when you are fat. That it makes you feel good. You don't have to tell her that it is a sexual thing. Tell her that when you were fatter, you actually liked being fat...that being fat sort of fits your personality. If you are with eachother that long you should be able to discuss this kind things right? She doesn't have to understand, but it is important that she knows about it. Tell her that. Wish you luck
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