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Molly Ren
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Molly Ren has said some nice things
Talking "Gluttony Meets Lust": Part 2 of my interview with SexIs Magazine on Feederism

Read all about it. Here's a snip:

"What’s hot about stuffing a boy until his tummy bulges? What’s the appeal?

"I love the control inherent in feederism—though I don’t think it’s that way for everyone. Being able to tailor a feedee’s body to have the attributes I find most sexy is a huge head rush. I’m also really fascinated by male models and metrosexuals dolling themselves up for the “female gaze,” though it may be hard to see that analogy when feederism involves such a different idea of “beautiful” or “sexy.” Sometimes, when feedee drinks a lot of liquid, you can see their tummies grow as they swallow, and it’s like my clit gets a little bit closer to orgasm with each tiny expansion.

Watching someone lose control and gorge themselves to bursting is also a kind of voyeurism. I think of myself as someone with a huge libido and huge emotions, without many outlets for them. I imagine a fully stuffed feedee to just be wallowing in satisfaction and pleasure, as if they’ve just sated a superhuman appetite, and I can identify with that need. Sometimes I envy their big bellies!"
Feeder, Blogger. My first orgasm happened while I was dreaming about manly angels drinking milk. I write about feederism on Stuffies and talk daily on Twitter.
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