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Default The Final Stuffing Online - End of Series

BHM, XWG, Revenge, Stuffing

By: Mick Haggen
(Last in the Series)

[Editor's note: according to sources there were additional elements to this saga, but due to a computer crash all but three are now unavailable. Click here for the prior chapter. If anyone happens to have information on additional material, especially Monica from the first tale, it would be appreciated.)

Scene 1: Introduction

Steve sat on the examination table early on Saturday morning with his shirt off as the doctor took his blood pressure and examined other parts of his body. He then had Steve stand on the medical scale.

“Alright, you’re 279 pounds,” Dr. Gupta said. “That’s a 33 pound gain in a week!” Gupta just shook his head and jotted down some notes on Steve’s medical chart.

“As I see from your records, your weight has gone up and down drastically in the past few years,” the doctor continued, raising an eyebrow. “You started out at 180 and ballooned to 396 pounds, which was where you were only sixteen months ago. Then I see that you dropped an astounding 175 pounds.”

“Well, I had been ill during that year,” Steve explained.

“Yes, I remember. But, your weight has started to climb again. A month ago you were 221 pounds and have enlarged to 279. That is a 58 pound gain in a month.”

Steve shrugged his shoulders in response.

“I know about your agreement with Mr. Jeffers. He has already spoken to me,” Dr. Gupta said, shaking his head. “I just have one question for you – how fat are you going to be net week after those people take turns stuffing you senseless?”

Gupta assisted Steve from the scale and told him to touch his toes. Steve grunted and stretched, but was not able to bend very far. Gupta patted Steve’s shoulders and told him to stand up.

“I think this will be the last time you’ll be able to see your toes at all after next week based on the gains you’ve already made,” the doctor said.

He told Steve to put on his shirt and called Jeffers into the office. He motioned for the two men to sit at his desk.

“I want to say straight out that I don’t like Steve’s new endeavor,” Dr. Gupta began. “I think he’s putting an incredible strain on his digestive system.”

The doctor did agree to help and gave Steve a prescription for pills to help with his lactose intolerance, heavy-duty pills for indigestion, and stool softeners. He also advised Steve to fast over the weekend – some saltines or light bread with water or tea. The doctor also suggested Jeffers take Steve for a high colonic or several enemas to totally prepare his system for the following week.

That afternoon Jeffers dropped Steve off for a colonic. An hour later, Steve was feeling well, but exhausted and had to be helped home. Jeffers or Tyler stationed themselves at Steve’s apartment for the remainder of the weekend to make sure he stuck to his diet. Steve constantly complained of being hungry and had to be pulled away from the kitchen all weekend. It was especially difficult for Steve watching Jeffers and Tyler deliberately eat large quantities of food and snacking in front of him.

Jeffers smirked at Tyler as they heard Steve’s big belly grumble. They found it amusing that Steve continued to smack and licked his lips as they gorged on food in front of him. By the end of the evening, Steve was begging for food. They took turns rubbing his growling belly. Steve reclined in his leather chair in the living room as Tyler inserted the funnel in Steve’s hungry mouth. Jeffers poured over a gallon of lukewarm water into the funnel, which flowed into all the empty spaces inside Steve’s cavernous belly.

Steve continued to complain more loudly that he was starving and needed nourishment. The two men assured him that he would be fully nourished in the next few days. It was all to begin in a few hours.

Scene 2: Monday – The Bakery

Steve arrived at work before 5 AM for the official weigh in. The cameraman filmed Steve stepping on the scale wearing only a belted lightweight robe. Tyler announced into the camera Steve’s beginning weight of 276 pounds.

“It seems that you actually lost three pounds over the weekend with your dieting, Steve,” Tyler chided him on camera. He patted Steve’s round belly. “We’ll have to do something about that – now won’t we?”

“Cut!” Jeffers called from behind camera.

Steve was told that this would be airing online shortly and he was shown to the wardrobe department for his costume. He was given a double-breasted white culinary jacket and pants with an elastic waistband. Steve reread the script as he was driving downtown to Angelina’s Bakery.

Inside Angelina’s Bakery, three men waited for him. As the crew set up, Steve was introduced to the men. Jayson was six feet tall, bald, and heavily tattooed. Roger was of average height and weight and appeared to be in his early twenties. Will was quite fat around 380 pounds, balding, and had a full beard. All three men were FA’s and had been watching Steve’s progress on the website. They all greeted him enthusiastically and said that they couldn’t wait to begin their fantasy of stuffing Steve live.

Gosh, I’m so hungry! Steve thought to himself. When are you going to start?

The director went over the scene with everyone and placed Steve at the counter to begin.

“Action!” yelled the director.

The bakery was dimly lit since it was still quite early in the day. The delectable pastries and cookies were placed neatly in glass cases. The cakes and pies were set in a showcase on the other end of the store and the bread, rolls, and bagels were lined up behind the counter.

“Steve, I need Jayson and Roger in the back to help me today,” Will told him. “You be up front by yourself.”

“Sure, Boss,” Steve replied, stepping behind the counter again.

When Will stepped into the kitchen in the rear of the store, Steve nearly dove into the piles of cookies and pastry. He savagely attacked the dessert shoving fistfuls into his salivating mouth.

“Man, I’m so hungry,” Steve, said into the camera. “I’m starving; I’ve got to eat more.”

When customers came in, he quickly cleaned himself up and gave them what they needed quickly. Once they were sent on their way, he returned to munching aggressively until Will peeked in from the rear.

“What the hell are you doing?” Will shouted.

He began to pull out the trays of now missing treats. Steve brushed the crumbs off his white jacket and wiped his mouth.

“How long have you been filling your fat face at my expense, hey?” Will growled.

“I’m sorry, Boss,” Steve said, nervously. “I’ve been dieting recently and I kind of got out of control.”

Will grabbed the front of Steve’s jacket and traced the outline of Steve’s rounded belly pressing underneath the tight-fitting jacket. He poked it hard.

“Your diet doesn’t appear to be working well. Unless you’re trying to get fatter,” Will replied. “Come with me.”

Will pulled him into the kitchen. Jayson and Roger were covered in flour working hard pounding out the bread dough.

“Hey, boys, I found our thief,” Will said, pulling Steve around to stand before them.

“No wonder you’re getting so large,” Jayson commented.

“No, I think our boy here is purposely trying to get fatter,” Will said. “Right, Steve?”

“Well, yes,” Steve admitted with embarrassment.

“Still hungry?” Roger asked.

“Not really,” Steve replied. “But, I could always go for a little more.”

They had Steve sit on the big butcher-block table, which was heavily coated with flour. Steve was told to sit up straight with his legs together. Jayson and Roger began to empty the trays of fresh pastry down Steve’s gullet. Steve found his legs being pushed apart by his belly as it swelled on his lap. After five trays gone, Steve was visibly slowing his pace. The buttons on his jacket were straining and he rubbed his belly trying to take more in. Will noticed that the desserts were thinning out, so he handed the two men the bread dough he had been preparing earlier.

He helped them shove the dough into Steve as quickly as possible. Steve labored to finish every bite. At the end, his belly was noticeably larger and a few buttons had burst on his jacket. Will took off Steve’s shirt and rolled down his pants to reveal his oversized belly. He then made Steve lay face up on the long table. The three men took rolling pins, flour, and oil and began to work Steve’s belly like dough.

“Oh, oh, aghhhhh,” Steve panted.

After twenty minutes had passed, they rolled his pants back up and ordered him to lie perfectly still. Steve became quickly bored, but every time he tried to get up they pushed him down again. He was also feeling very drowsy after eating so heavily after his forced fasting. He was feeling so lazy, that he hardly noticed the change at first. Steve slowly began to sense fullness deep in his belly. He began to feel an intense tightness, and stared in wonder as his gut actually thickened in swelled out in front of him.

“I see that the yeast is beginning to become active after all our work,” Roger snickered.

“You’ll never be hungry again,” Jayson added.

Steve began to panic as his stomach pushed the elastic in his pants to their breaking point. The elastic snapped and broke as his belly swelled out of control.

“When will this end?” Steve whined. “It’s beginning to hurt. I’m going to split!”

Will rubbed Steve’s tummy. “Stop? Not for some time. Get used to it, Fat Boy. You’re going to pork up beyond your wildest dreams,” Will laughed.

“Oh, no!” Steve screamed. “Ahhhhhhh!”

Within the hour, the inflation ceased leaving Steve looking like he was about to give birth to quadruplets. Steve breathed in hard puffs trying to control his panic.

“Still hungry, Blimp Boy?” Will asked.

“Oh, no. Please no more,” Steve begged.

“Cut!” the director yelled.

The three men were ecstatic. They were rubbing and poking Steve’s balloon gut and thanking him for taking part. Steve tried to smile, but could only moan. Jeffers ordered a stretcher. Several workers rolled Steve off the table and onto the stretcher.

“Hey, Frank,” Jeffers called to the short blonde man. “I want you to return home with Steve. You are to work on deflating his belly. There should be a sizable difference in about five hours. Until that time, he’ll be immobile.”

“Yes, Sir,” Frank replied, enthusiastically.

“After he deflates, I want you to feed him the whole vat of thick soup we’re sending with you,” Jeffers instructed. “We want to keep his belly nicely stretched for tomorrow’s session.”

For hours, Steve lay prone, his stomach being compressed by Frank. True to his word, Steve’s belly did deflate, but left a large paunch behind. Frank spend another hour after that pumping Steve’s belly full again. Steve could feel his gut fill up – every crevice filling with that hot, thickly liquid – so soothing.

Scenes 3 & 4: Tuesday & Wednesday…

Tuesday and Wednesday were different sets and situations. The only constant was that Steve was fed like a prized hog.

Tuesday morning was spent at a car wash/repair shop. James, a former bodybuilder turned mechanic, took great pleasure in laying Steve on the hood of a car and attaching a hose in his mouth. Steve felt his belly would burst with so much water being propelled into it. James then played with Steve – washing and waxing his belly as he would a car. The waterlogged Steve could only gurgle and burp as his ballooning belly was patted, pulled, and pushed. The rest of the day the staff and Jeffers to kept him perfectly stuffed and well expanded by feeding him continuously.

Wednesday took place in a school cafeteria. Steve played the role of a teacher getting caught stealing food from the school cafeteria. He was lying with his head and shoulders sticking out of a steel tube, which lay between the cafeteria’s kitchen and a storeroom. His character had been crawling through this tube, which began in the storeroom and ended in the cafeteria’s kitchen for the past several weeks.

Alice, who paid Jeffers several thousand dollars, played the part of a worker who finds Steve and also has had a secret crush on Steve’s character. She tells him that he can’t crawl back out because the storeroom is being fumigated. He can’t crawl out of the tube because he’ll get caught by her supervisor and be brought up on charges and she wouldn’t want that to happen to him. The pressure was also on Steve when she informed him that he lay over the garbage disposal. He would have to eat any leftovers.

Steve greedily ate everything Alice spooned into his mouth or placed in a bowl on the floor for him. He ate the thick, gooey oatmeal, greasy bacon, and eggs as well as rolls and gulped down containers of leftover milk and orange juice from breakfast. Steve could feel his belly pressing tightly against the metal tube as it swelled with scraps of vegetables, pudding, and hot dogs from lunch.

Steve started to whimper in earnest as Alice forced dozens of meatballs down his throat and a pot of overcooked spaghetti. He shirt and face were dripping with red sauce and his cheeks bulged as strings of pasta hung out of his mouth as he tried to keep up with her intensive stuffing. When Alice told him the coast was clear, he was tightly wedged in the tube and couldn’t budge. Tyler was going to stop the filming, but Jeffers stopped him.

“I want a behind the scenes look of the results of Steve’s gluttony – that he really got himself stuck,” Jeffers explained. “I want footage of our workers prying him out.”

“You’re right,” Tyler replied. “The fans will go crazy seeing our fattened piglet so round that we have to pry him out of the pipe.”

Steve’s trousers had to be removed and oil poured into the tube. Several workmen needed to avoid the cloud of noisily expelled gas and belches as they rubbed and pulled Steve free of the tube.

Brrrrrrrrrp…brrrrrp…brrrrrp….brrrrrp, the quick stream of burps sounded.

A big round of applause sounded as Steve was freed. His engorged belly was a slight shade of pink from being compressed for so long.

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Scene 5: Thursday – The Health Club, The Weigh In

By the time Thursday arrived, Steve was ready for the health club scenario. He was feeling very bloated and heavy from little activity and eating constantly. He already knew without getting on a scale that he had gained a lot of weight. His belly bulged outward so much that when he put on the robe he had worn during the officially weigh in on Monday, he could barely tie it closed.

He arrived early again at the Roughhouse, a gym on the lower east side of town. It was an all male gym whose members were mainly professionals. The gym equipment was all new and top of the line. Steve stepped through the doors and saw that the camera crew had already arrived and were setting up for the day. The gym was already occupied by about fifteen men, most of which were already working out.

Eric, the gym manager, met him at the front desk. Eric gave him a big toothy smile. Wow, Eric thought, he has grown nice and plump.

“Come, Steve,” Eric began. “The scale is waiting.”

Steve took off his shoes and stepped on the metal scale. Eric fiddled with the weights until he got the correct balance.

“Your starting weight is 311 pounds,” Eric announced, pausing to jot down Steve’s stats on a paper attached to his clipboard.

“Oh, my God,” Steve exclaimed. “I’ve gained 32 pounds in four days!”

“You gained?” Eric said, feigning surprise. “I thought when you contacted us you said you wanted to lose weight.”

“Well, yes,” Steve sputtered.

Steve was truly astonished at his gains. He knew he had put on weight, but since he hadn’t been allowed to weigh himself, he hadn’t known just how much he had beefed up.

Eric, who had experience working on soap operas and TV commercials, moved effortlessly through his lines. He walked over to Steve and expertly took his measurements. Steve felt uncomfortable as Eric took hold of his soft belly fat and pinched, poked, and prodded him as if sizing up an animal for slaughter.

“Let me see…you have no waist – just a very round belly that measures 58 inches around and a 46 inch chest,” Eric remarked. “It looks as if you’re fattening up to be Thanksgiving dinner.”

“Well, I’ve been very hungry lately,” Steve, admitted. “I guess I’ve over done it a little.”

“Well, I have a whole curriculum planned out for your visit,” Eric said.

Scene 6: Thursday – The Exercise Floor

Eric started Steve off with free weights and toning exercises. Steve was sweating profusely and guzzling water, but he felt good. The next challenge was across the gym at the row machine. Steve grunted as his belly was compressed every time he completed a rep. He could feel the sweat dripping down his back and from his forehead, but he kept moving.

I hope Jeffers is right about people getting off seeing a man struggling with his fat, Steve thought.

Eric stopped him briefly and handed him a glass. He told Steve it was a vitamin drink made at the refreshment bar and to drink it so he wouldn’t get lightheaded. Steve marveled at the thick, creamy liquid as it slid down his throat. It was surprisingly good. Most of the diet shakes he had tried in his life were awful, but this wasn’t half bad. He finished quickly and began on the stair climber.

Eric came over with a sports bottle filled with the shake. He told him to sip it when he needed it. Quickly, Steve felt hunger pangs so he brought the long straw to his lips, slightly bent his body forward, and greedily slurped down the contents as he leaned over the handlebars and moved up the inclining, moving steps. Within fifteen minutes, Steve began to feel heaviness in his stomach. He began to rub it as it became more difficult to walk up the moving staircase. He grasped the handlebars in front of him with one hand and massaged his belly with the other.

I feel like I have a water balloon expanding inside me, Steve thought. Maybe it’s the shake. But, it’s so good and I’m suddenly famished.

Steve requested another shake. Joey, from the refreshment bar, came over to replenish his empty bottle. Struck with an incredible thirst, Steve finished his bottle in minutes. Eric moved Steve over to the treadmill near the front of the gym. Steve took his sports bottle and waddled to the third machine nearest the desk. Eric and Joey smiled when they saw how slow Steve was moving. He walked with difficulty holding his big gut. He mounted the treadmill and Eric started him off with a speed of 2.0.

The camera crew and gym members viewed the interesting transformation beginning in Steve. As Steve walked wheezing and gasping to stay in step, his legs appeared to spread further apart as he labored. His knees began to bend more under the weight of his visibly expanding belly. Soon, it looked as if he were almost partially squatting as he held his ballooning middle. At the same time, he struggled to continue walking on the treadmill.

“Something is wrong,” Steve, said, nervously, “I’m blowing up!”

Eric looked over to Joey. “How many shakes did he have?”

“Six,” Joey replied, nonchalantly.

“That teaches you not to be so greedy,” Eric, reprimanded Steve. “You just ingested 4,500 calories.”

“What!” Steve exclaimed.

“You’re going to be swelling a lot more. This is only the beginning, Jumbo,” Joey snickered.

“Are you feeling any pain?” Eric asked.

“No, “ Steve belched. “I just feel very heavy like I’m stuffed with lead balloons.”

“Well, get off that treadmill and lie down in the locker room until your stomach stops growing,” Eric, instructed.

Eric and Joey each took his arm and began slowly walking Steve to the locker room. Steve walked like a pregnant woman carrying triplets who was way overdue. He was told to lie down on his back on a padded table.

This was not in the script,” Steve thought to himself, as his belly grew to new heights.

The cameramen followed Steve into the locker room and filmed him as he moaned softly. His stomach contents slowly expanded, filling every nook and cranny. When there was no room left, he felt his waist widen, swelling upward. When Eric returned an hour later, Steve laid spread eagle. He could barely make out Steve’s head since it was hidden almost entirely by Steve’s new growth. Steve had raised his skintight t-shirt and lowered his sweatpants for the camera, revealing his immensely swollen gut.

Eric loomed above Steve and gave the camera a big smile. Jeffers, who sat behind the camera crew, gave Eric a thumbs up sign. Steve appeared to be dozing. Eric touched Steve’s billowing belly lightly so not to awaken him. He began to rub the upward swell of the immense bulge. The fattened man stirred slowly.

“What have you done to me?” Steve asked, sleepily.

Eric helped him up to a half sitting position. A low rumble and gurgling could be heard escaping the depths of the bulbous belly. Eric gently massaged the massive swell. Steve farted and belched loudly in quick succession.

“You’ve already done it to yourself, Fatboy,” Eric responded. “We’re just helping you expand your horizons.”

Eric gestured for two muscle bound men to help Steve from the table. They purposefully slid him to the edge and forced him to his feet.

“You’ve fattened nicely. Now, you will have more room for what’s to come,” Eric said.

The men brought a glass to Steve’s lips and forced him to drink the contents.

“That’s regular water with a high dose of an appetite stimulant added,” Eric explained. “The one we have you earlier in the weight gain shake has worn off and was quick acting. This one takes longer to become active and its effects are of a longer duration.”

“But, I’m so full already,” Steve complained, holding his belly.

“You won’t be in a short time and more exercise,” Eric replied. “And, with your increased capacity, we should be able to feed you longer and with more lasting results.”

Eric poked at Steve’s rounded gut. “Four days membership and you’ll
double your size.”

“Four days!” Steve shouted.

“Cut!” the director called.

Jeffers stood up behind the camera and walked over to a very vulnerable looking Steve.

“I can’t do this,” Steve whined. “I can barely walk with this blubbery gut. It’s too heavy.”

“Eric, Joey, and the other men renegotiated the deal. They have offered to pay us a bonus in order to try to fatten you more than you have in the past few days. They want to try to get you to gain more than 32 pounds, but they needed more time,” Jeffers replied. “So, your stay here has been extended.”

He patted Steve’s shoulder. “You’re getting more money, too. We’re also financing a new wardrobe for you,” he explained. “The larger you chunk up, the fatter the bonus we all get.”

Jeffers went to turn away and then turned back to Steve. “Besides, when that appetite stimulant kicks in, you’ll be begging for food. This is the best place for you with all these nice men ready and willing to get you as big as possible,”

Steve sighed as the director called, “Action!”

“Four days membership and you’ll double in size,” Eric said, repeating his last line.

“I don’t know, Eric,” Steve protested. “I came here to lose weight – not to gain it.”

Eric pulled Steve close in a bear hug. He felt Steve’s rock-hard, swollen middle press against his flat, muscular abs. Eric then stepped back slightly, and then thumped and prodded the mountainous blubber before him. The skin was pulled tautly over Steve’s new growth, yet there was still a hint of softness remaining.

He’s amazing, Eric thought. There is still room inside even after his belly has been overloaded. Now that it’s stretched out, I wonder how much we can ram into it, before he’s truly satisfied?

Eric scratched his head. I wonder how long we can force in food before he will be close to exploding? This is going to be fun. I’m going to transform him into a big, fat butterball. His belly will blow up so much that we could serve him with gravy.

“You continued to greedily drink down the shakes. You must have sensed the shakes making you feel fuller. How many more would you have consumed if we hadn’t cut you off?” Eric asked him. “You’re way too thin. But, we will help you enlarge to the size I believe you truly want to become.”

“Eric, I really need to lose weight,” Steve argued, reading the script change off of a cue card held up by Jeffers.

“Perhaps, but you didn’t answer my question,” Eric said. “Why didn’t you stop when you were feeling full?”

Steve pondered this question for a moment and answered honestly and unscripted. “I guess because I like to feel full – really stuffed. I get really turned on as I begin to swell and widen. Then when I get to my breaking point where I feel like I can get no larger and can’t take any more pressure in my belly, I get an incredible rush.”

“Do you feel that rush now?” Joey asked.

“No,” Steve answered.

“Why?” Joey questioned.

“I am not yet full,” Steve replied.

Joey stuck his finger into Steve’s overblown belly. It was already softening, but hadn’t decreased in size.

“Well, let’s try to build up a healthy appetite then,” Eric said, signaling the two men at his side.

Stefan and Luke each took hold of Steve’s belly from underneath and guided him from the room. They escorted him, helping him with his weighty, unyielding belly, into the circuit of weights inside the gym. They had him trying to pull up his great girth in a chin up, but to no avail. They had to support his weight between them and push him upward so he could make 20 repetitions. They then switched him to the weights to work out for a while. A trip to the mats followed as they urged Steve to complete some sit-ups.

Steve felt an empty, hollow sensation deep in his big belly. With each sit up, he felt it turn into a gnawing and then a sharpening ache. It took him awhile to realize that it was the beginnings of an intense hunger. The drug had begun doing its work. When the men moved him to the row machine, he was rubbing his gut and expressing a great need for some nourishment.

“Sorry, Dude,” Luke said. “You’re not scheduled for a feeding just yet. They’re still getting our room ready.”

Steve unhappily shook his head and sat on the seat near to the floor to begin the exercise on the rowing machine. He could barely pull himself forward; his bulbous belly got in the way. Stefan encouraged him to continue anyway. As his belly was squeezed when he would thrust forward, he could feel the ache becoming a pain. He needed to eat. It was imperative…push…squeeze…thrust back…groan…push…squish…thrust back…moan…squeeze…squeeze…squeeze… Steve pushed harder trying to forget the pain…squeeze…squeeze…wheeze…pant…pant…pant…

“Please,” Steve begged. “Please feed me.”

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Scene 7: Thursday – The Box

“That’s what we were waiting to hear,” Stefan said and told Steve to stop exercising.

“You really needed to want this bad, so you’ll let us fully assist you in your quest for flab,” Luke added.

Steve felt like he’d like to roll his eyes at this sappy bit of dialogue Luke had read off a cue card, but he was too distracted by his growing hunger.

Stefan and Luke escorted Steve to the room in the rear of the gym. There was a swimming pool, sauna room, and large, white, square cubical called hot boxes that gave members their own private sweat sessions without walking around half-naked in the public sauna. Steve was told to remove all his clothes and to sit in one of those hot boxes. They told him to place his penis in a crevice inside where he could relieve himself without exiting the box. Eric walked in as Steve positioned himself in the box.

“How is it going?” Eric asked him.

“Good,” Steve replied. “I’m really hungry and raring to go.”

Steve, at once, felt the box very confining. The seat was nicely cushioned and there were padded arm rails on either side. When they closed the door, he felt very vulnerable with only his neck and head sticking out. His belly nearly touched the inside doors and he could barely move his arms to rub his inflated gut or to touch his penis which was hanging loosely into the indentation in the middle of the seat. He was very much at their mercy.

They started him out with heavy cream fortified with clarified butter and sugar. His mouth was fitted with a specially made flexible plastic funnel that curved into an L shape at the bottom and allowed liquid to flow effortlessly into the mouthpiece. Steve drank hungrily as Stefan and Luke poured several gallons down his gullet.

Feedings lasted for 20 to 30 minutes, then there was a 45-minute interval and the next feeding would follow. The members took turns trying to fill him up more and more with each passing hour. In the beginning, Steve readily consented. The drug was doing its job well. His hunger only seemed to increase with every cram session. By evening, he felt stuffed like a sausage except that his casings seemed overfilled. There was no way he could know how fast he was growing. He was totally encased in this cube. He could only imagine which made him feel even more immense.

Once it hit 10 PM, the feedings ceased so he could get some sleep in his cube. He slept fitfully dreaming of mushrooming, feeling so heavy. At 2 AM, a member who held a large pitcher to his lips awakened him. He gulped down the velvety shake. Steve sensed the consequences almost instantly. His bulbous belly started its initial bloating from the fiber. He drank faster so he could get it all into his steadily inflating gut. The weight gain shake worked quickly so soon Steve’s belly felt as if it were engorged like a tick that had fed too long on its human host. He felt his puffed out belly slightly brush the doors of the cube.

If I continue to fatten up at this rate, Steve thought to himself, I’m going to run out of room in here.

For hours, his belly kept him awake with its groaning, continued bloating, and aching. Although, he felt painfully full, his belly still cried out for more. But, there was no one there to feed him. He would have to wait until morning.

Scene 8: Friday

At 7 AM, Stefan awakened him again, but this time. Stefan put the funnel into his mouth and began pouring in the liquid. Steve drank quickly, made a face, and then spit out the funnel, spilling the water.

Water!” Steve cried. “I want some breakfast.”

“You need to stay hydrated, Steve,” Stefan argued.

Steve refused the water and demanded to be fed. Stefan left briefly and brought back Eric. Eric tried to encourage him to drink, but Steve flatly refused.

“You must drink, so I’ll have to make you see the errors of your ways,” Eric said as he punched some buttons on the front of the cubical.

Instantaneously, Steve began to feel very warm. Then he began to feel streams of sweat slide down his back and forehead. He begged them to let him out or turn off the machine.

“Look, I hate the taste of water,” Steve explained. “I’m hungry, so I just wanted something that would fill up my belly more.”

Eric smiled. “Oh, was that all?” Eric put the sauna higher, so Steve was really getting thirstier and more uncomfortable.

Steve did not resist the funnel and drank ravenously from the liter bottle being poured into it. But, then Eric signaled to Luke to bring in another two gallons of water and began to have them poured down Steve’s gullet.

“You said you wanted something that filled your belly more,” Eric said. “So, let’s see how far your gut will blow up with a gallon or two of water sloshing around in it.”

Steve groaned as he was made to swallow more and more water. His belly became distended and water logged. He was burping at the end of the process, trying to get rid of the gassy feeling deep in his belly. The water wasn’t sloshing around. It felt very solid. But, at least they turned off the heat in his cubical.

Stefan and Luke then began to stuff him with croissants laden with thick butter. He felt the croissants hit his stomach and they seemed to expand which packed his belly so that it felt fit to burst. He felt like a giant ball of soggy bread.

The rest of the day the members forced down roast beef, mashed potatoes, and gravy. Another time it was several pizza pies. The soft serve ice cream was delivered to him through a hose they wedged between his teeth. His cheeks puffed out to huge proportions, trying to keep up with what was being pumped into his stomach.

It continued all day in the same way - eating…stuffing…fattening…swelling…resting…groanin g…gulping…swilling…inflating…belly blimping…more resting…chomping…chewing…painful moaning…belly stretching…pleading…and more feeding…skin tightening…bloating…bloating bigger…belly is ballooning…bloated.

Steve was barely able to keep up with the deluge of pies, cakes, puddings, sweets, beer, pasta, meat, cheese, gravy, dressing, butter, and shakes. By Friday evening, Steve was left badly bloated and running out of space in his sauna cubical. He was feeling cramped and begged to be let out for just a short while. He promised he wouldn’t move around much and even said he would eat more.

“Fill me with a hose, if you have to!” shouted Steve. “I’ll suck down every drop, but just let me out of here for awhile!”

He was answered by empty space. No one came nor responded. Steve could feel boredom set in. He had sat alone with only the TV for company and short visits from his feeders. The TV program was a shopping channel, which was showing their new line of cookware.

More food, Steve thought, as they sautéed, fried, and baked in pan, pots, and on cookie sheets.

Scene 9: Saturday

Steve did manage to doze off after awhile, exhaustion finally overtaking him. He slept soundly until around 1:00 in the morning when he was awakened by a strange sensation deep in his belly. He felt suddenly chilled. He opened his eyes to find soft rubber tubing hanging from his lips. He tried to dislodge it, but it reached deep into his throat.

He jumped when he heard the low hiss of a machine. The tube swelled, pushing his mouth further open. Then he felt something cold slip down his throat. For the next fifteen minutes, Steve was helplessly felt his belly being filled to capacity. He began to suck in his breath and then pant as he felt his belly reach its bursting point.

His eyes darted around the room, but there was no one there. Someone much has done this while he slept. He couldn’t call out. He couldn’t move. His eyes bulged as the feeling of bloat reached a crescendo. Then just as suddenly as it all began, it stopped.

He could feel his belly almost bursting. The fact that his belly was roughly pushing up against the doors of the cubical caused him even more discomfort. He looked to the side and then saw the men enter.

“Do you like our new device, Steve?” Eric asked. “It fills your gut until you are very full. There’s a gage inside that measures belly pressure and the amount of room left.”

Steve shook his head in the negative vigorously. He to speak and tell Eric that he had run out of room in the cube, but it only came out garbled on account that the tube was tightly stuffed into his mouth. He needed to come out. He wanted to be released in the worst way. But, Eric didn’t understand. He just thought it was part of the act.

Eric smiled and patted Steve on the head. He explained that he would be refilled every 45 minutes to an hour until late Saturday evening. The machine would analyze his stomach contents and feed him accordingly.

“Enjoy your meal,” Eric called out, as he left with Luke.

There was only one question that went through Steve’s brain. What was he going to do when he ran out of space in the cubical?

True to his word, 45 minutes later Steve heard the humming of the machine and felt his belly being filled. Again, Steve felt intense pressure as if he was going to split down the middle. His eyes bulged and his pulse quickened as he waited for the flow into his growing belly to cease. This time the machine stayed on for a shorter time, since Steve’s bulbous belly was still part full.

His belly was never empty for long all day Saturday and until the wee hours of Sunday morning. Twelve times the machine went on in that time pushing out his belly until he though he would come apart, his belly pressing painfully against the inside of his cubical.

Scene 10: Sunday – The Final Weigh In

Everyone gathered outside Steve’s cubical Sunday morning for the final weigh in. The oversized medical scale was rolled in and the camera crew was also waiting impatiently. Eric unlatched the doors and they burst open with a loud crack. Steve’s mountainous, swollen belly bounced and wiggled into view. The camera zoomed in for a close up of Steve emerging from his four-day prison. Steve was unsteady, nearly falling into the two muscle-clad bodybuilders who were half carrying him to the scale. Besides the obvious gain in his belly, his thighs and buttocks had visibly thickened. He appeared massively waterlogged. Steve staggered onto the scale. Eric expertly adjusted the weights until he got the final reading.

“397pounds,”Eric announced. “That’s a gain of 86 pounds with a total gain this week of 118 pounds.”

Steve was astonished. He knew he had felt enormous, now he knew he actually was. It’s more weight than I have ever gained. It was even more than when Jeffers had me fattened up for the snack cake account.

Everyone began to applaud Steve’s great gain. The noise was so deafening that no one heard the hum of the feeding machine. Steve began pointing at the figures of the scale, which started to become unbalanced. He felt the steady warmth of the liquid flow into his belly, filling him up slowly. Eric signaled one of the men next to the machine to shut it down. The man’s face turned serious and he called Eric away from the cheering crowd. In the meantime, Steve felt his huge gut getting fuller and then it seemed as if the flow came to a sudden halt. Steve patted his belly and secured his towel around his hips. But, quickly Steve began to feel unwell. He could feel nothing flowing into his belly, but he was having severe cramping and his belly was still inflating.

Eric ran over to try to disconnect the tubing from Steve’s mouth.

“No, you’ll choke him!” Jeffers yelled. “Turn off the unit.”

“I can’t. It’s jammed,” Eric replied, nervously. “There’s no more liquid left in the container. He’s being inflated with air.”

Steve fell backward off the scale and was placed in a chair. He arched his back, pushing his gut forward as it continued to blow up. Gas bubbles were forming in Steve’s already grossly bloated belly causing more cramps. He struggled to fart or belch, but he couldn’t push out the gas. Eric and Jeffers worked frantically to stop the flow of air. Luke struggled to remove the tubing from Steve’s throat as dozens of hands worked on massaging Steve’s swelling gut. Steve wasn’t sure if they were trying to help him relieve the pain, forcing out the air, or just wanted to touch his hideously swelling middle. Whatever their plan, it wasn’t helping. He moaned as the pressure built. His belly became a hard, round ball of fat stretched further than it was meant to grow. He yelped as his belly button went from an inny to an outy.

Finally he heard a loud crash and a bang as the machine shut off. His belly was still under enormous pressure, but it was no longer being blown up any further. He coughed and choked as the tubing was removed.

“Please don’t touch me!” Steve gasped. “I’m going to pop.”

But the hands continued to rub…press…push…probe…pat…poke…and vibrate his ballooned belly.

“Ahhhh...ah….ah!” Steve cried as he felt the pressure building again from the forced kneading of his gut. Steve looked up and saw a muscular man rub his hands together forcefully. Steve began yelling as he saw those thick fingers approaching his inflated gut. As the others concentrated on the top of his belly, this man grabbed the sides with both of his hands. He began to twist and press Steve’s belly hard.

“Ohhhh! Buuuurrrrrrrrrppppppppppppp!” Steve belched, explosively. “Phhrrrrrruuuuuuu!”

“He’s alright!” Eric yelled to Jeffers. “We have him farting and burping up a storm.”

Steve turned red-faced as the members pushed and squeezed the excess gas right out of him. He was almost crying by the time they were through manipulating his painfully swollen gut. Jeffers signaled the cameramen to finish the take with Steve’s swollen body being carried away on a stretcher.

Scene 11: Late Sunday Evening

Later that evening in Steve’s condo, Jeffers sat reading the newspaper in a leather high back chair in the living room. Steve was finishing up showering in the bathroom. Steve was lumbering around slowly, trying to get used to supporting his added 118 pounds of weight.

“The doctor at the clinic said it was the worst case of indigestion he had ever seen,” Jeffers chuckled, repeating what Steve had just told him. “You have to see the numbers who paid to view you being fattened up for the week.”

“Yeah, “ Steve answered. “But, at what cost? Buuuuuurrrrrrpppppp.”

“Oh, Steve,” Jeffers said, cheerfully. “You’re being dramatic.” Jeffers looked up from the newspaper and glanced over his shoulder looking at the partially open bathroom door. “It wasn’t so bad. So, you gained a lot of weight. You look good, you’re getting a new wardrobe, and think of all the money you’re going to be making from all of this.”

Steve stuck his head out of the bathroom door. “True, but I still feel like I’ve turned into a balloon.”

Jeffers replied, “The doctors did a fine job of deflating you. Well…they had to inflate you first.”

Steve shivered, but not from the cold. He recalled his visit to the clinic earlier. They brought him into the emergency room on the stretcher. He heard people murmuring and saw them pointing at him as he passed. Three doctors had worked on him. They examined his engorged belly, took x-rays, did blood work as well as giving him a rectal exam and a few other tests. They all agreed that it was the worst case of overeating and indigestion they had ever seen. They scolded him when his cholesterol test came back too high. They also confirmed what he had already suspected – he was impacted. Steve was forced to endure a number of enemas to clean out his system. He heard the snide remarks and snickering of orderlies and nurses who thought he was out of earshot.

Narrow tubing invaded his anus. A balloon was inflated so fat inside him, making him feel over exposed and so full. Gallons of saline poured into him, flowing up into his very sensitive, swollen belly. He was pumped up larger than he had been when he was inflated with air. When Steve felt he could no longer take the pressure, the water was finally released. Laxatives, painkillers, and muscle relaxants followed and then he was refilled, released, refilled, and released until he was pale and shaking. At the end of the process, he felt 20 pounds thinner although he had only lost a few pounds.

Steve was sent home with instructions about initiating a detoxification diet and with several prescriptions for drugs to prevent constipation, others to reduce water weight gain, and some strong appetite suppressants. Steve also repeated the humiliation of walking through the waiting room with rolls of fat billowing from a half buttoned shirt and his unzipped trousers, which encased his fattened thighs that resembled overstuffed sausages. As he sat in the cab on the way home, he could hear a loud rip as the seat of his pants finally gave way. He thought at least Jeffers could have met him at the clinic and brought him clothes that fit. Jeffers was waiting for him at the condo when he arrived.

“Really, Steve, you’re acting like such a cry baby,” Jeffers joked.

“Really?” Steve asked, suddenly at Jeffers’s side.

Scene 12: Sunday - Tables Turned

Jeffers tensed in surprise. He had not heard Steve creeping up on him. He let himself relax; the newspaper dropped into his lap. He wasn’t prepared for what came next. A thick leather belt twisted around the chair, securing his arms to his sides and holding him firmly in place. Jeffers’s breath caught as Steve straddled the chair, his weight pinning Jeffers into the seat. Steve took hold of Jeffers’s jaw and slid a thin tube down past his teeth, down his throat, and into his stomach. Jeffers choked as Steve used a hand pump to push fluid from a container into Jeffers’s flat belly. He sat helpless as he felt his stomach bulge with more and more fluid. Soon he was bloated. His shirt tightened around his swelling midsection; his buttons began to tug on the buttonholes. The swelling stopped as Steve squeezed the last drop from the container emptying it into Jeffers’s now fattened gut.

“So, how does it feel to be force fed?” Steve inquired, smiling at Jeffers’s prone form. “But, you need to be pushed a little more so you can be dramatic, too.”

Jeffers shook his head furiously.

Nooo! His brain screamed as he felt his belly being plumped up with air. One button, then a second, and then a third button burst off his shirt as his inflated gut burst from his shirt. Jeffers began to pant like an animal and perspiration fell from his forehead in rivulets. The air and liquid produced the desired gas deep in Jeffers’s belly. His increased girth was expanding. When Steve finally stopped, Jeffers’s gut was a solid sphere.

Steve removed the tube from Jeffers’s stomach, it having done its work. Steve then put down the hand pump and rubbed his palms together, cracking his knuckles. “Now, I’m sure this won’t be so bad,” he snickered as he placed his hands around Jeffers’s swollen gut and began to compress it, rubbing it in a circular pattern.

“Ahhhh!” Jeffers yelled. “Steve, stop!”

“Oh, don’t be a cry baby,” Steve crooned. “Give daddy a nice big burp.”

Jeffers continued to plead with Steve, but Steve continued his work without comment –squeeze, rub, rub… squeeze, rub, rub… squeeze, rub, rub… squeeze, rub, rub… squeeze, rub, rub… Jeffers’s face turned pink and then reddened as he breathed harder. Then…

“PHrrrrtttt…Phhrrttt….Phhrttt…Buurrrrpppp!” Jeffers slumped in the chair as he expelled more gas. Unlike Steve, the swelling did not go down one iota. Steve climbed off Jeffers and walked to the closet where he removed the video camera. He placed it closer to the window where Jeffers was still restrained.

“You know, ” Steve said. “That belly of yours has a lot of promise.” He poked Jeffers’s rotund gut. “I think with some work you could grow that gut much larger than mine. As a matter of fact, I think your viewers would enjoy a reality Internet show starring you and I.”

“I don’t want to get fat,” Jeffers, said, weakly. “I just love to watch others getting fat. Besides, I’m the boss, and I employ you. I call the shots ”

Steve didn’t appear to hear Jeffers speaking. He continued to tell Jeffers about how for the next six months, he could work on getting slimmer while Jeffers was fattens slowly.

“We could hire a chef to come in and I could feed you every night until you are bursting out of your trousers,” Steve continued. “Then we could arrange cocktail parties where everyone can help encourage you to eat much more until you can’t walk. Maybe we’ll take a trip to the amusement park to eat dozens of chilidogs and bags of cotton candy and popcorn. And, then there are buffets where I can eat my salads with one hand and feed you from every dish with the other hand.” Steve’s excitement seemed to climb. “We could hire out that machine they had at the club to stuff you full at the office from morning until dinner.”

“No way, Steve,” Jeffers said.

“Well, what would I say if I told you that I was on the phone with your business partners today and they think this is a good idea. They told me to video tape the two of us tonight and…” Steve began.

“I won’t let you do it,” Jeffers cried. “No, no…oh, what’s going on now?”

Steve heard a loud rumbling coming from Jeffers. Jeffers stretched his fingertips so that they just touched his overblown belly, which was groaning and creaking. He began to shift in his seat.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you that I pumped in about a gallon of prune juice into your gut. I guess it’s starting to take effect,” Steve said. “Now, you will sort of feel like I did at the clinic minus the pipe up your ass.”

Jeffers tried to jump out of his seat, but was tied in tightly. He was humping his belly up and down as he urged Steve to release him with greater speed. Steve worked the belt off slowly enjoying the spectacle Jeffers was making of himself. When the belt fell to the floor, Jeffers grabbed his gut and ran quickly to the bathroom, slamming the door.

Looking exhausted with his gut somewhat deflated, Jeffers emerged from the bathroom more than an hour later. His ruined shirt was crumpled and hung open except for the top three buttons, which had somehow not blasted off. He walked slowly over to the bed where Steve lay still as if asleep and collapsed on it.

“I’m sorry I belittled you,” Jeffers said, turning toward Steve. “I guess I deserved that.”

“Yes, you did,” Steve replied. “But, I really did call Tyler and he does think my idea would be a big draw for the website.”

Jeffers patted his bulging belly. “I can’t…I won’t let you make me fat.”

“Well, Tyler said that he will pull his backing as will all the others… if you don’t,” Steve warned.

Jeffers’s face fell. He looked thoughtful and then said, “I guess I’ve been outmaneuvered by you, Steve. Is this revenge from me compelling you to overeat?”

“That is part of it,” Steve admitted. “It was also one of the only things I thought about while I was watching you for the past week. I saw how attentive you were during my feedings and how you almost salivated as my belly expanded before you eyes when I came off the treadmill and out of the cubical at the gym.”

“Steve…” Jeffers began.

“I know what your secret wish is – I always have since we first met,” Steve said, cutting Jeffers off. “You want to be stuffed with so much food that you are past satisfied and reach an orgasmic climax…”

“Steve…”Jeffers cut in again.

“Tell me that you want to be rounded out…fattened like a hog…inflated…rubbed,” Steve said, beginning to rub Jeffers’s gut. Jeffers began to moan and turned his face away from him, shutting his eyes.

Steve reached under the bed and brought out a large box of chocolate éclairs, Jeffers’s favorite dessert. Jeffers groaned as Steve began shoveling one after another into his gapping jaws. Custard gushed from the center of each cake, sliding gently down his throat. Steve rubbed Jeffers’s belly as it once again puffed outward and expanded into a larger bulging sphere. He moaned contentedly as he felt as if he were beyond fat…plumper…swelling…his waist disappearing as he struggled to inhale every last crumb.

Revenge has never tasted so sweet, Jeffers thought to himself.

The End

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Oh my... I can't believe no one has commented on this story -- or the completion of this series.... wow! I feel like getting some donuts, pigging out and pleasuring myself while reading it again and again.

Lizzy, you have really done it this time. Thank you for such immense pleasure. Erotic weight gain fiction would be so much poorer without you and some others here.
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Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!Observer has a ton of rep. Literally. As in over 2000!

This wasn't Lizzy's original story, but rather a three thread reposting by her of the surviving elements of a larger series by Mike Haggen. They were all on a long gone Yahoo website and the author's originals were lost in a hard drive crash.

For whatever reason, here on Dimensions most comments were made on the second thread.

It was requested at the time that anyone happening to have the missing episodes supply them -we believe that there is one regarding Monica and probably two others. To date no one has.
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Excellent story, whoever the author(s). I really like the description, and Steve's attitude throughout, very nice.
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