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Default A Late Night - by Unfront (~BBW, ~BHM, ~SWG, Feeding, Stuffing, ~Sex)

~BBW, ~BHM, ~SWG, Feeding, Stuffing, ~Sex - A couple's very late night.

A Late Night
by Unfront

Todd was on a role with the sun room reflooring project. He had rented a hardwood flooring nailer and was finally going to finish the project that had been put off for quite some time. One he had the momentum going, he did not want to stop until it was finished. He had even turned down Heather’s request that she go out dancing with her and some of her friends so that he can stay home by him self and finish the floor. She understood. Besides, he did not want to get caught in the cross fire with what would ultimately be a ladies night out. When Heather and her friends got together, they always tended to over do it. It could be fun, but Todd did not think that that sounded like a good idea tonight.

Heather came downstairs showed Todd her outfit to so that she could get an opinion. She wore white cotton button down top with a blue miniskirt. It was tight and really accentuated her butt which had ballooned up quite a bit lately. It was even snug around her lower gut that was sticking out. At 5’10” and 235 pounds, it was about two sizes too tight on her. Todd looked down and saw that she was wearing black nylons and black knee high boots. Her legs were quite huge these days.

Spinning around to show her back side she asked, “How do I look?”

“Like you are ready to head out and take over the floor.”

Heather smiled just as they heard a knock on the door. It was Tricia and Sharon coming to pick Heather up. Heather invited them in for a cocktail. Sharon abstained as she was the designated driver that evening. Todd knew that when Heather and her friends decided to have a designated driver, it was going to be a serious party night for them. At least they were safe.

The girls finished their cocktails and left for the night. Todd turned on the stereo to listen to Pandora while he finished the floor. But first he pulled out Heather’s water bong in their bedroom and took a big hit before returning to work. He rarely smoked weed but decided that at the very least, he should have fun while he was all by himself for the evening.

After four hours Todd finally finished the floor. It was a nice bamboo scheme that he and Heather picked out. He then cleaned up the construction mess, recycling the boxes and plastic wrap, then putting the tools away. After he finished he grabbed a glass of juice and sat down to watch some TV before going to bed. He was watching The Daily Show with Jon Stewart when he began to drift off to sleep. It had been a long day and he was exhausted. He woke up an hour later to a loud infomercial about some sort of slap chopping mechanism. Still feeling stoned, Todd was quite entertained by it. The guy was even singing in an auto tune voice. After the infomercial Todd decided to take a shower and then go to bed. It was 1:30 in the morning.

Todd was fast asleep when he was awoken by a sound coming from the kitchen. He heard the refrigerator open and shut, and heard the beeping of buttons being pushed on the microwave. He also heard the humming of some dance song. He knew that it must be Heather coming home. She was always loud and obnoxious when she had a bit too much to drink. Todd went back to sleep.

After what felt like an eternity, he heard Heather come pounding up the stairs. The door swung upon and she came in. Todd was tired and tried to ignore her and go back to sleep. There was a thud from what sounded like a heavy bag being dropped on the floor next to the bed. Several items on the nightstand on her side of the bed were knocked over as she put something on it. Heather then walked over to the dresser and lit a several candles giving the room a dim glow.

Knowing that this was now going to turn in to a long night, Todd tried to muster some energy, but had a hard time since he was still feeling the effects of marijuana. He opened his eyes and saw Heather standing in front of the dresser unbuttoning her shirt. She took it off and saw that she was wearing her black bra. Her belly protruded out, the mini skirt cinched tight around her waist and accentuated her spare tire. She reached behind herself and unhooked her bra, pulling it off to reveal her two huge breasts. She then bent over to pull her mini skirt and underwear off and in doing so her plump flabby ass came into full view. She was standing there wearing nothing but black thigh high nylons and her black leather knee high boots. She then pulled the bong off the shelf and loaded a huge bowl. Todd just saw her standing there beside the bed. Her plump round body was dimly lit as she stood there taking a rip on the bong. She exhaled and blew it out. She set the bong on the shelf over the bed and then lit some lavender incense.

Even though this was starting to get interesting, Todd was still having a hard time waking up. Heather sat on the bed and pulled her boots off.

She then pulled her nylons off. She looked over at Todd and saw that he was lying there still asleep. His arms were on the pillows above his head. She then had an idea.

Todd felt his arms being moved. Heather was tying them to the bed post! Todd then felt his head being elevated as Heather shoved a few pillows under it to raise it up. Heather then straddled him. She sat down on his pelvis with her full weight. She then reached for the bong and took another huge rip. She set it back on the shelf above the bed and then leaned down, she plugged his nose and locked her lips to his. Todd felt his lungs being inflated as Heather blew her bong hit into his mouth. Heather kissed him deeply for a second then sat up and began to gyrate her hips. She then leaned over and turned on the stereo that was also on the shelf above the bed. Some Lady GaGa remix was playing.

Todd was beginning to wake up now that Heather made her intentions obvious. She had a serious look on her face. Todd thought is was funny. Usually when she was drunk, or stoned, or both and was feeling horny, she would get a serious look on her face as if she was demanding him to go to bed. When she was sober, she would display real seductive, come to bed eyes with a slight smile. However tonight, she was fresh home from her girls night out estrogen infused drunken stoned out dance fest with her friends and now determinate to go about getting hers.

Heather then leaned down beside the bed and pulled up a bag. Todd looked at it and saw that it was from Taco Bell. She then reached in and pulled out a grilled stuffed burrito with steak, unwrapped and took a bight. As she chewed it, she began to rotate her hips while she was on top of him. “mmmm, that tastes so good,” she said. She then held the burrito up to his face so that Todd could take a bight too. As the music played on, Todd and Heather finished the burrito and proceeded to eat the rest of the contents of the bag. A second burrito, two chicken gordita’s and potato wedges with nacho cheese and sour cream. By this time Todd was rock hard and inside of Heather. She was slowly rocking back and fourth. She grabbed the Styrofoam cup of potato wedges, fed Todd the last one, then took her finger and wiped up the remaining cheese and sour cream. She had a big dollop on her finger and stuck it into Todd’s mouth making Todd lick it off. He swallowed it. She tossed the Styrofoam cup and reached for something from the night stand. As Heather pulled it into view, he saw that it was a milk shake. She took a sip as she bounced on top of him. “Mmmmm, now that tastes good. Here try this-” she said as she held the straw to his lips.

“That is good, did that come from Taco Bell?” Todd asked as he did not think Taco Bell had milk shakes.

“Hmmm..nope.” she said as she took another big sip.

“Where did that come from?”

Not answering his question, she bounced up and down on him in the rhythm of the music then asked, “Want to eat some more?”

“I don’t think I can, I’m stuffed!”

“That’s not what I asked you.” She then reached for the bong and took another hit. Heather leaned down again and locked her lips with Todd. Filling his lungs as she exhaled the marijuana smoke. She sat back up and grabbed something from the night stand. Todd thought it was going to be the milk shake but was shocked to see that it was a huge box of Krispy Kreme Donuts. She pulled one out and held it up to his mouth. Knowing that it would be pointless to resist, he took a bight. It tasted awesome. Heather whipped her hair around then took a huge bite. Todd just stared at her so that he could admire her in all of her glory. Her huge spare tire and love handles quivered as she pulsed her vagina muscles while she ate her doughnut.

Slowly they ate and ate until they finished the whole box of two dozen doughnuts.

As they finished, Todd just laid there, completely stoned out of his head, tied to the bed, stuffed to the absolute max, with his penis as hard as a rock while firmly clasped within Heathers vagina. Heather had a look on her face as if her belly was going to burst. Satisfied, she began rocking back and forth on top of Todd with all of her weight. Her belly jiggled on top of Todd’s. Todd could feel her butt wobbling and bouncing on top of his thighs. She kept going harder heavier and faster until Todd could no longer contain himself. For what felt like minutes of complete ecstasy, Todd climaxed inside of her. She kept going and going, Todd’s always felt extra sensitive after a climax and started to shake his pelvis spasmodically in an uncontrolled response. Heather always enjoyed making Todd squirm. Heather held her arms above her head, crossing them at the wrists as she continued ungulate. Todd noticed that her upper arms where starting to look extremely plump. Todd looked down at his own belly and saw that it was also getting round. It was jiggling as Heather rocked back and forth on him and then all of a sudden she stopped. She looked down upon Todd with her stony eyes. A ridiculous looking smile of ecstasy crossed her face. She leaned down and kissed him. Completely spent, his penis slowly became limp inside of her. She slowly pulled off of him. His penis slid out of her and fell limp.

Heather walked over to the dresser and blew out the candles, then walked back to the bed and untied her spent lover. Content, she crawled into bed with him and passed out.

Todd lay there awake thinking about how awesome his wife was. He also recalled that she was not kidding several years ago when they were just dating. Heather would always tease him and say that she was going to fatten him up some day, or that she was going to tie him up and feed him cookies cakes all day. He thought it was all just playful talk. Here they were, several years and 100 pounds later and happily married to each other. He knew that he was in for a fattening life with Heather and he loved it. He wondered how much they would weigh in another two years if they kept this up. He new that whatever it was not gong to be a small number. Whatever the weight, he would happily gain it with Heather. Todd then finally fell asleep.

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I just noticed this story. Looks like it's been here a few months without comment, so I'm bouncing it to the top.

It's nicely done actually. Good writing and very interesting to those who love mutual gaining -- like myself.
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Good start of something fun...
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Fantastic story.
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