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Default Ashlee Feels the Squeeze by Stuckagelover (~BBW, Stuckage, ~SWG)

~BBW, Stuckage, ~SWG – Summer denial and feasting adds to a new graduate’s world view

Ashlee Feels the Squeeze
Original by Stuckagelover
Edited to conform to age rules and with additional changes by Britt Reid

Ashlee had always been an athletic kid. She did dancing form a young age and always loved running around. But her teenage years brought with them a struggle to stay fit. After graduation fropm high school at age 18 she gave up sports. Her mum tried to insist she continue but she just wasn't interested. She spent most of her summer holidays inside, watching TV and eating, and that's when she changed. She began to fill out and grow quite plump. She had never gained weight before and Ash didn’t even realize she was getting fat.

One morning she got up and stumbled groggily downstairs into the kitchen. She helped herself to some bacon and toast, which she always buttered heavily. She then made herself pop tarts whuile creating a chesse and avocado omelet. This continued thru the day as she surfed the internet, watched tv and played videogames. This was a pattern - tending to snack even after supper - actually eating more than she ever had in high school,

Whatever she ate during her school days had usually buirnt off with all her physical activity, but now her heavy eating was starting to show.

Her mum watched her anxiously, starting to worry about her daughter's weight. One afternoon she peered into the kitchen to see Ashlee fumbling around in the fridge, a large cookie in one hand, looking for some ice cream. She got a view of Ashlee's chubby butt and decided it was time to do something about it.

''Ashlee, come here,'' she said.

Ashlee came over as her mother winced at what she was becoming. She was visibly fatter, not much, but it was definitely noticeable.

''Yeah?'' Ashlee's voice was muffled behind the big cookie.

''Don't you think you're getting a little....bigger?'' her mum stuttered, pointing at her belly. Ashlee looked down to see a roll of flab hanging over her pajama pants. Her belly was sticking out. Until now she hadn't noticed her growth.

''Umm.....well, maybe...but it doesn't matter, I'll lose it all before school...'' she mumbled, suddenly self-conscious. She was now trying to suck in her belly, but it was little use.

Ashlee ran upstairs into her room and struggled herself into some clothes. She was surprised at how tight her pants were around her bum, as she eventually buttoned them. Then she pulled on a shirt, which slid up her belly and revealed her deep belly button.

''How could I have grown out of these?'' she pondered, ''They should fit perfectly.''

Ashlee turned around saw a sight many a girl hates.

''Oh my word, look at my bum!'' she swore as she gazed at her curvy hips in the mirror.

Ash’s newly fattened butt stared cruelly back at her in the mirror. Her pants were so tight they restricted her breathing. She observed herself in the mirror and pinched a roll on her stomach. It jiggled slightly as it oozed over her pant's waistband. She would be much more comfortable if they were unbuttoned. But she didn't want to believe she was so fleshy.

Over the next month Ashlee made a point of weasring her loosest clothes and gradually forgot about her mother's warning and was suffering the consequences. The effects of her heavy eating habits were very much showing and she was getting fatter everyday. By late August she had had to buy new clothes and by the start of Junior College was growing out of them already. She had ruined several pairs of pants, mostly from the back seam tearing or the button popping off from stress. She had gained the most weight on her bum, which was now huge. To add to that, she hadn't really acknowledged to herself the extent of her weight gain at all.

She woke up one morning and heaved herself out of bed. Stepping on the scales, she was mortified. She had gained 12 kilos (26 pounds) in 3 months. She still refused to believe it.

''I can't be that fat.'' she stuttered. She ignored it, she knew she couldn't have fattened up that much. Ashlee pulled on some clothes. Her undies sank into her bum crack and failed to cover her fleshy cheeks, which stuck out from her back like two bulging round orbs. She squirmed around struggling to get her newest jeans on, wriggling her hips to stuff her butt cheeks in. Ashlee felt her thighs wobble as she struggled, eventually getting the pants over her hips. She sucked in her gut as far as she could and pulled the jean flaps together, to no avail.

''Oh come on...'' she swore, before having to release her breath, allowing her belly to bulge out again. She bit her lip and made one last attempt before giving up. Her shirt rode up on her tummy and exposed a blubber roll hanging over her open pants. Her deep belly button was clearly visible. Ashlee grabbed a handful of flab and jiggled before trying and failing to pull her shirt over her swollen midriff.

She had to admit it. She was now fat. Spinning around in front of the mirror, she saw she had developed a generous muffin top. Her belly rolled over her pants waistband as love handles spilled over on her sides. At the back, her pants hadn't covered all her bum, and the top of her butt crack was visible and her cheeks peaked over the top. She looked like she could pop out of her pants as her developed curves bulged over the too tight pants. Unsatisfied, she walked down stairs to the kitchen, her butt swaying back and forth as she did so.

''Nice day, Ashlee.'' said her mum, staring out the window, ''Why don't you go for a walk and get some exercise?''

''Hmph, fine.'' she replied, taking the hint. Her mum had been very critical about her expanding body, although tere was always food around to tempt her. Leaving the house with a chocolate donut in hand, Ashlee fumed as she stuffed the donut into her mouth. Her face was plump and chubby.

''Why can't she just say it? : ASHLEE you're too fat!'' She stopped and ran her hands over her hips and thighs.

''I haven't gained that much weight anyway! I'm growing up after all!'' she reassured herself.

Ashlee reached the park when she had calmed down. She was flushed and puffing, the lack of exercise was showing. Her pants chaffed as she wheezed up a track into some bush.

''I'm not that fat,'' she kept repeating anxiously, rubbing her plump midriff.

She remembered the place, a small rickrty clubhouse; she played here as a kid. Now, much older, she'd come here to think. It wasn't the first time. In junior high and high school she'd come here and managed even as an adolescent to crawl inside her private inner sanctum. The threshold of her hideout was a door similar to a dog door. Ashlee thought of crawling in and stewing on her thoughts.

''Hmm,'' she thought sarcastically,'' I probably can't even fit in there anymore now.''

She bent down on her hands and knees, her pants strained against the bulk of her big butt.

''Well, it will be tight, but maybe I can fit for sure.'' she thought. Ashlee hadn't been inside the house for several years and was now several inches taller plus being much heavier. She stuck her robust arms through, and pushed against the side of the door as hard as she could. It was more of a squeeze than she had remembered, as her torso slowly squashed through. Her pudgy waist plugged the doorway and it wasn't until she sucked her gut in that she could fit through. But the hardest part was yet to come.

Ashlee's soft, wide hips couldn't be squashed like her bust and belly could and were firmly wedged into the doorway. She pushed as hard as she could but her thighs, belly and bum cheeks completely filled the door and refused to budge. She squirmed desperately, trying to squeeze herself into the clubhouse but she was simply too fat to fit through the door.

''Oh no, please, come on!'' she panicked, twisting hopelessly to free herself. Reality struck hard as she realized how plump she had become. She wriggled her fat body desperately. Her body jiggled violently, her belly wobbling up and down as she shook. Her bum had become too bloated and to fit into the doorway and she fought to squeeze her hips through as she aimed to rounded gluts into the air, separating each soft cheek of her expanded bum. She achieved little but caused her pants to slide down slightly, exposing the top of her bum crack. In such a secluded part of the park, she didn't see how she would get free. She turned to view her obstruction and saw her flabby midsection stuffed heavily into the door, rolls of blubber spill over the sides of the door.

She fought back the panic and tried going back out the way she came. Large fat rolls surged up around the plugged doorway before she gave up. Her gut was too large, even if she sucked it in. She desperately tried to push her plump bum through, but the doorway was plugged with butt flesh. The sides of the door cut into her softened hips as she squirmed. She was well and truly stuck, when she heard a familiar voice.

''Excuse me, are you stuck in there?''

“Oh crap,” wheezed Ashlee. It was Melanie, one of the more popular girls she’d known in high school. It didn't take her long before she realized her stupid teeny bopper friend, Natasha, was with her. Ashlee was basically good friends with these girls, despite their differences.

''Yeah, can you help me?'' said Ashlee shyly.

''Oh my word! Ashlee, is that you?!'' said Melanie, giggling.'

“Yeah, she’s gotten really fat” chortled Natasha.

''Yeah thanks, Melanie,'' grunted Ashlee, "Just help me please.''

''Wait until everyone sees how much of a plump little piggy you are!'' joked Natasha harshly.

Ashlee scrunched up her chubby face at the thought, she was hurt by that. The two girls grabbed Ashlee's thick legs and pulled, but just as with Ashlee's attempt, the only result was blubber rolls blocking escape.

''Man, Ashlee how much have you put on?'' groaned Melanie, suspending her rescue attempt.

''Maybe if we grab her fat arse we can squash her in?'' suggested Natasha.

''Worth a shot,'' concurred Melanie as Alice felt hands sink into her fleshy behind. Plan two failed, as Ashlee's plumped butt cheeks rolled up against the door and would not go further.

''Oof!'' shouted Ashlee, she could feel the top of her bum was out to be seen. Ashlee was so embarrassed.

''One more push,'' declared Melanie,'' If it doesn't work, I'm going to get the park department to help out.”

“Or she can just stay here until she's trim enough to get through,” opined Natasha.

''What?! No! Please! let me out of here! I didn't mean to get so fat!'' moped Ashlee.

''Sure, that's what they all say I'm sure,'' said Natasha bluntly.

The last shove didn’t work, Ash was stuck fast.

‘’Well, I’m going to have to leave and find someone elsde,’’ said Melanie,’’ unless....Hey Ash, what if we took off your pants, maybe you could squeeze through?’’

Ashlee at this point was desperate enough to try anything.

‘’Umm, ok?’’ she stuttered nervously. Great. Not only was she stuck, but now her bubble butt was exposed. She was thankful they didn’t notice her unbuttoned pants as they slid down over her rounded buttocks. Her bum wobbled as Ashlee shifted uncomfortably. Melanie and Natasha laughed harder.

‘’Oh wow, Ash! Your bum is enormous!’’ Natasha laughed as she smacked Ash’s plumped bum cheeks. Her undies were wedged into her bum crack. The two girls sank their hands into her soft rump and pushed. Ashlee was moving!. But it was brief. In the end the effort only made the situation worse. Ash’s butt was now stuck at the roundest part, so now she couldn’t move anywhere. She wriggled in an attempt to free herself, but her chubby rear was too big.

‘’I’m still stuck! Help me please!’’ pleaded a desperate Ashlee.

‘’Sorry, Ash, but you’re too fat. You’re on your own unless we get the park people,’’ replied Natasha.

‘’I’m not fat! Wait! Please!’’ But it was too late. They were leaving, and whether Melanie would follow through on her promise of telling the park supervisor she didn’t know. . Ash was on the verge of tears when she heard a sudden groaning.

Ashlee’s colossal arse was too much for the old clubhouse, it came crashing down. Ashlee heaved herself up and tried to put her pants back on before the dust cleared. She was lightening quick, but the other girls broke out in laughter. Ashlee then realized she hadn't buttoned her pants and her belly protruded over the tight waistband. She made a feeble attempt at buttoning them, her pants tightening around her plump cheeks, but she failed. A red mark encircled her hips where she had got stuck.

''Are those pants too small tubby butt?!'' laughed Natasha,'' You must have been stuffing your face all summer to get that fat!''

Ashlee had just about heard enough. She ran, or at least tried to run, off. Her pants rubbed against her bottom heavy body and it wasn’t long before she had to stop. She was wheezing and panting, but she had to get away. Ash got home exhausted. When she reached her room, she realized she’d ripped the rear seam of her pants. She sighed in disbelief as she struggled out of her pants and decided to just stay in her undies only for the rest of the day. She locked the door and stayed there until next morning.

Upon awakening she had to acknowledge she was no longer a lithe teen but a stocky adult. She knew she could try to eat less but dieting didn’t really appeal to her.

“I’ll just try to be more moderate and not gain any more, " she resolved. Then she went down stairs where her mum had cooked pancakes and eggs. She was oblivious to her daughter’s troubles.

“I thought I’d give you a good breakfast this morning – I think you skipped supper last night, probably because I’ve been on you about your weight. I’m sorry and have thought about it. You’re grown up now and have a right to be any size you wish. I’m sorry for hassling you."

Melanie’s stomach growled and the savor of the hotcakes made her forget her resolve. Inwardly she decided that while in junior college she would hereafter just have to stay away from tight places.

“After all,” she rationalized once again, “I’m not really that fat.”

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