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Molly Ren
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Molly Ren has said some nice things
Lightbulb I want to hear your story! Stuffies is looking for real-life stories about feederism

I am looking for stories from people who incorporate feederism into their everyday lives.

Unless you deal soley in fantasy or can only get off from extremes, feederism doesn’t have a lot of role models. There far fewer people who are “out” about their love of fat, food, or gaining than there are people who admit to loving BDSM, making it hard for someone to figure out what incorporating feederism into a real-life relationship would look like, let alone if it’s even possible.

Feederism is also often portrayed as frightening and abusive. The idea of a psychopathic male feeder stuffing a brainwashed female feedee makes for a sensational headline but is also a nasty slur. It does nothing to portray the wide array of desires, consensual relationships, and body types that are celebrated in feederism. I want to change that by showing off stories told by real-life people who have made thoughtful decisions about how they want to change their bodies and the bodies of others, who are honest about their sexual needs, and who want to pass on their experiences to those who are just starting to discover what really turns them on.

Are you…

In a long-term feeder/feedee relationship?

A female feeder?

A single male feedee who stuffs themselves regularly, rather than being “brainwashed” or “forced”?

Someone who wants to stuff without gaining?

A lesbian feeder, feedee, or gainer?

Someone who doesn’t identify as a feederist, but who incorporates eating into their sex life?

Someone who is attracted primarily to fat bodies, but isn’t interested in stuffing or gaining at all?

Any other relationship type or sexual orientation not listed here?

Then I want to hear from you!

Read the submission guidelines on my blog.

Happy writing!

Molly Ren
Feeder, Blogger. My first orgasm happened while I was dreaming about manly angels drinking milk. I write about feederism on Stuffies and talk daily on Twitter.
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