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Default A Downward Trend - by maxymumspyder(~~WG, Realistic)

~~WG, Realistic - So this is my first foray into writing fiction. I hope you folks enjoy. More parts to come.

A Downward Trend
By maxymumspyder

Part 1

“Whatever you do, Nicole, just remember what happened to your sister.”

“Stop mom. Seriously.”

And after a loving embrace with her parents, the newly minted college freshman shut the door to her dorm room, bidding her parents good bye, and welcoming in a new lifestyle, filled with its own challenges and triumphs.


Nicole was a very attractive, confident, and intelligent party animal who could look her best standing next to any girl, while drinking almost anyone under the table. She was the classic case of a girl who was “one of the guys”. All the men at the university who encountered her inevitably ended up acquiring a major crush on her. And how could you not? She had blonde hair, blue eyes, and a smile that could light up a room. According to the doctor’s office, she stood 5’5” inches and weighed in at 121.3 pounds. According to Express, Abercrombie & Fitch, and LEI she wore a size 4 in almost all jeans and skirts. She was a knockout. The only place she really lacked was her chest, as she was only gifted with an 34 A. However, that did not matter, as she a tremendous “bubble butt”, perfectly proportioned to flat, toned stomach, and slim features. And have we mentioned that she maintained this, all without working out.

At least that was the case when she was in high school.

And that was also the case for her sister, Jennifer, who at one point in time, had a similar appearance to her younger sister. Luckily Jennifer was quite a bit more top heavy than Nicole, which is why the first 20 pounds she packed on in college weren’t as noticeable as they could have been. Unfortunately, Not even the most advanced bra from Victoria’s Secret was going to keep the attention off the bottom half of her figure, as she quickly packed on 40 pounds by the time she had graduated and gotten married. To add insult to injury, Jennifer’s 34 C’s graduated to D’s after she had broken 140 pounds. Unfortunately, The only thing that changed was the number signifying the measurement around her rib cage... Eventually topping out at a 42. And if her expanding size was an elementary school division problem, she would becoming dangerously close to having her jeans go evenly into 42 twice, as she was currently a size 16.

It wasn’t uncommon for the women in Nicole’s family to gain weight as the years passed on. Jennifer, however, bucked the trend by doing it the quickest. Nicole’s mother, who was painfully short and round, once had a figure that grabbed the eye of quite a few men when she was younger. However, 50 pounds of pregnancy weight, gained and lost two separate times, took it’s toll on the 5’1” mother. She soon found herself tipping the scales at over 150 pounds. She feared the same fate for her own daughter.

Nicole found the transition to the college lifestyle to be quite comfortable. She managed to attend all of her classes and achieve excellent marks. As an extrovert, she had no trouble socially, and was able to make plenty of friends. She was even able to keep her partying under control, which pleased her parents, and no doubt had a positive effect on her academics. And like with all pretty girls, she was able to meet nice boy, named Adam, and had been dating him since mid way through second semester. In the end, her freshman year was a grand success.

“You look so good Nicole! I can’t believe you kept the freshman 15 off. Have you seen Amanda? I ran into her and her mother the other day at the grocery store. She came back from school and it looks like she put on 20 pounds!”

Amanda was Nicole’s best friend from high school. She was a pre-vet major who ended up going to school across the country.

“That’s what your most excited about!? What the fact I made Dean’s list? And that I was able to secure those two scholarships for Freshman excellence in my marketing courses?”

Nicole’s mother paused, smiled, and gave her daughter a warm hug.

“You’re right sweetheart, your father and I couldn’t be more proud of you. And to think, we were nervous about you going to a school so far away!”

Nicole smiled at her mother. She was happy to see her mother so proud. Upon receiving the gratification, she reverted back to the original subject.

“So Amanda got fat!? Like how fat? That is soooooo funny!”

Nicole and her mother continued gossiping on in a catty fashion. Though she was not one to do it to someone’s face, Nicole definitely had a predisposition to gossip behind the back of her friends. She would even do the same when the subject of Jennifer’s overly zaftig figure was brought up.

A few days later, Nicole had her own opportunity to size up Amanda. They met up with each other at the park and went for a refreshing walk on the trails while soaking in the warm summer sun. Nicole was shocked at what had happened to her best friend.

“My goodness, Amanda! It’s so good to see you again! You look.. great!”

The blonde princess knew she was uttering a lie the moment the words left her lips. However, this was her best friend, and she didn’t want to make her feel badly. Unfortunately for Amanda, the changes were undeniable. Gone were the sleek runners thighs she had that captained the track team and propelled her to being named an all-state athlete her junior and senior year. In their place were two thick, toneless tree trunks.

The damage wasn’t limited to just her lower half, as Amanda’s once rock hard 4 pack had been dissolved like a 1920’s steel monopoly. Instead, it looked like she was wearing a flesh colored belt, made of jello, that encircled her abdominals, sides, and back. She had a full blown gut and muffin top. Her breasts had grown much bigger and heavier, though not perkier. And her arms had lost all the tone that years of fanatical training and discipline had brought them. Lastly, her facial features had softened considerably, removing the once angular quality they once had.

In short, the 5’6” Amanda had ballooned from 118 pounds to 148 pounds in one year of college. Nicole’s mom had underestimated by 10 pounds.

“Yeah, I look great alright”, said the out of shape Amanda, “I’ve packed 30 pounds, Nicole!”

Amanda got right to it, she was not one to mince words. Her face said it all - she knew exactly what Nicole was looking at. What puzzled her, however, was the fact her best friend hadn’t gained any weight herself. Nicole still maintained all the natural tone she had a year earlier, including the smallest breasts. This was amazing to her, because she knew Nicole had never stepped foot in a gym.

“And furthermore... how in the hell are you still slim!? Have you been going to the gym? You must be going to the gym? I mean, there’s no way you could’ve maintained. Good for you for going to the gym, Nic!”

Nicole smirked, she loved getting compliments like this, especially knowing she maintained her figure by eating and drinking in moderation.

“NOPE! I didn’t step foot into a gym once. Still a size 4. Speaking of which, can I get some of my summer clothes I lent you last summer?”

Amanda grimaced. How could this be? And how could she have the gall to ask about those clothes? Of course she would want them back, because she knew her best friend was far too heavy to ever fit into them. Even so, Amanda had plans to run herself back into shape, and some of the clothing was quite sexy on her, at least when she was thinner.

“Wow.... Well, you must not have been partying hard enough, Nic. I think we may need to change that this summer... Here, follow me.”

The two friends took off into the woods, with Amanda becoming uncharacteristically winded before Nicole. Once they were far enough in the distance, Amanda brandished a colorful glass pipe. In it, a pungent green substance.

“Here... a little of this will take the edge off of everything!”

Nicole looked shocked. Her best friend, former letter athlete at the high school, had not only gained over 35 pounds, but was now smoking marijuana as well.

“Amanda, really! No wonder why you gained weight! You must have had the munchies all the time.”

Amanda smiled.

“And I drank a shit ton too.... You’ve got greens. Enjoy.”

And with that, Nicole took her first hit of many that afternoon... and of many more to come in the future.

Part 2

“Lindsey, this is going to be so much fun!”

It was that time of year again, when college students from all over the country move back into school. This year, Nicole decided to live with Lindsey, an incoming freshman who was the daughter of a family friend. It was a favor to her mother. Nicole had known Lindsey for years, and they had always gotten along, so she didn’t mind living with her.

“Nicole, it totally is! You should call up Adam and see what time his party is starting.”

Nicole and Adam had made it through the summer, despite the distance. They also discovered a common love - weed.

“Okay, I’ll do that. We should get something to eat first before we do anything though. What do you think?

“I agree 100%”

Lindsey was a pudgy, 5’4” blonde, that loved to eat and drink. Upon arriving to school, she tipped the scales at 145 pounds. There was no question that she going to grow.

“You know what else we should do, Lindz?”

Lindsey smiled, she knew what Nicole was going to suggest.

“Yup, lets go smoke.”

Upon finishing up their burn, the two roommates headed to the dining hall, albeit bleary eyed. They handed their student IDs to the attendant at the dining hall, using their first meal passes of the year, and then went to work.

Pizza, pop corn chicken, macaroni and cheese, French fries, chocolate pudding, cookies... enough fat and high fructose corn syrup to break even the most stringent dieter... It was all there, and with an uncontrolled appetite, it ended up on both of their plates. The two roommates were in heaven, stuffing their faces to the point of nausea, with THC fueling their insatiable appetites.

“I think I’m going to go up for seconds, Lindsey. Do you want anything?”

Lindsey, shook her head in an acknowledgement of “no thank you”. The 120 pound blond bombshell stood up and made her way back into line. This was the first time she had ever gotten seconds in college... and she was a sophomore.

Adam’s party was a tremendously well attended event. This would mark the first time he would see his beautiful girlfriend, face to face, since their night of wild sex last spring, before departing for summer break. He was quite excited to see her. Also, he was quite surprised to see how drunk she was upon showing up.

“Whoa Nic... how many beers did you drink tonight?”

“Uhhh.... Ii dunno! Me and Lindz did some shots in our rooooooom!!!!”

The lithe roommate high fived the chubby one. It’s true, they did 8 shots after dinner. What the failed to mention was that they also smoked another bowl on their walk over. Despite his shock, Adam was one to go with the flow, so he handed Nicole and Lindsey a couple of beers.

The party was a huge success. The police never visited, all of the expensive items were accounted for, and only a handful of fights to break up. Also, any males were privy to quite a dancing display by a drunken Nicole. She was already quite the flirt, and with the addition of alcohol, she must had given a lap dance to almost everyone at the party. Adam was not sure what to make of this, as this was the first time he had ever seen his girlfriend act like this. Unfortunately for Nicole, she found that that the end of the evening was not a kind mistress.

“I think I’m going to be sick..... I ate and drank waaaay too much today.”

“Aww, babe. You’re going to be alright. Just let it out”, said the loving boyfriend.

“You don’t hate me, do you?”

“No, Nicole, not at all.”

With that said, Nicole began to empty the contents of her stomach into Adam’s toilet.

“I just can’t get fat.... like Lindsey.”

“Shhh... Nicole! You’ll wake her up!”

“I can’t end up my sister’s size either!!!!” Yelled Nicole, waking up anyone who was asleep downstairs.

Adam did his best quiet Nicole down. Soon, her words were replaced with vomit, as she continued to get sick from the evening’s indulgences. The damage was done, however.

“That bitch”, Lindsey thought to herself in a silent rage. Can’t hold her liquor AND she’s rude.

Part 3

Despite the inauspicious start to the semester, Lindsey played stupid and acted like she had never heard a blacked out Nicole ever utter words about her weight. In fact, to the casual observer, the two got along great.

Nicole’s sophomore experience was differing greatly from what she went through as a freshman. For one, she was partying a lot more. And on top of that, she hadn’t gotten sick since that first night. She began developing a reputation as a legendary drinker. Easily drinking most men twice her size under the table. Her marijuana habit, which was nonexistent a year earlier, was now an every day indulgence. As was her newly acquired fondness for snacking.

Things with Adam, however, were not going well. He was becoming increasingly jealous of Nicole’s flirtatious nature. And Nicole, who was now a full blown party girl, could not care less. By the time the first semester had come to an end, her and Adam were finished. This did little to bother Nicole, as she had her focus on quantity, not quality.

Lindsey and Nicole had become quite friendly with two young men, Chris and Matt, both which were of legal drinking age. This lead to numerous nights of underage drinking for Lindsey and Nicole. This also led to Lindsey’s jealously growing by leaps and bounds.

Lindsey liked Chris, the more charismatic of the two young men, and went out of her way to spend as much time in his dorm room as she could. Unfortunately, for Lindsey, she was invisible to Chris. Instead, he was infatuated with the much thinner, and more social Nicole. What didn’t help Lindsey’s cause was that it took her less than a semester to add the dreaded, “freshman 15”. She’s dangerously close to 160 pounds.


“HAHA! Nic, you’re crazy. You want another one?”

“Yeah Chris, I do.”

Nicole, already quite inebriated, catches another beer from Chris.

“You guys hungry at all?”

“Yeah, Matt, I am. Nic.. Lindz? You guys want some Dominos.”

“Oh God, I could KILL for some Dominos right now. We should smoke before then though guys.”

“I don’t know about that Nicole, but I’ll call it. Matt, do you have the number?”

It was at that moment that Lindsey had an idea. She motioned to Nicole and the two went out for one of their nightly burn walks. They returned a half hour later, to a plethora of cheesy bread, pepperoni pizza, and Coors Light.

“What I do owe you guys?” asked Nicole sweetly.

“You know it’s on the house,” said Chris.

Nicole smiled, it was nice not ever having to pay for anything.

Lindsey also smiled. Not because she receiving free food and libations, which she enjoyed, but because she had now formulated a plan. It was time to put Nicole’s seemingly inhuman metabolism to the test. Unfortunately, for Lindsey, first semester was almost over. This plan would have to wait until after winter break.

“Man, I could eat this cheesy bread every day”, said Nicole, as she inhaled her second piece, washing it down with a swig of cheap domestic beer.

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Part 4

“How’s Christmas, Lindsey?”

Nicole would be in for an embrace, after all, she hadn’t seen her roommate in almost 5 weeks. She cringed a bit at texture of Lindsey’s pulpy body. She silently thank god that she wasn’t fat like Lindsey.

“It was great, Nicole!!! It’s so good to see you again. I brought you something.”

It was a beautifully wrapped gift. The contents, however, were not of a friendly nature. At least not when looked at for their sinister intent.

“Well, aren’t you going to open it?”

Nicole opened the box. Inside was an 1/8th of marijuana and four bags on candy. It was all of the holiday candy that Lindsey was given. She cleverly regifted it to her roommate.

“You should try some of those Lindt chocolates, they are to DIE FOR.”

“I will later, I’m meeting Chris and some other guys out for some dinner. You should tag along with us, Lindz.”

“No thank you, I’m going to unpack, you run along and have fun.”

Lindsey looked on as Nicole sprang out of their dorm room. It would only be a matter of time before the spring in the step would be replaced with a slow, plodding waddle.

At dinner, Nicole was her usual flirty self. Much to Chris’ chagrin, however, she wasn’t paying much attention to him, but his friend Steve, who had joined them for dinner as well. At this point in her life, she was enjoying unprecedented attention from men. She knew that they were in the palm of her hand. And Nicole didn’t make any bones about taking advantage of this fact. Her confidence level was at an all time high.

“Man Lindsey, Chris is so nice... but he’s exactly that. I’ve got him wrapped around my little finger. It’s nice that we pretty much have an open bar down there. I hope he doesn’t mind that I’m going to start fucking his hotter friends soon.”

“Whoa... Nic, isn’t that a shitty thing to say? I mean, you shouldn’t use him if he actually likes you.”

“So what, Lindsey? It’s college. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Why not getting something out of it if they’re going to stare, ya know? Or maybe you don’t. I don’t know...”

That last comment made Lindsey’s blood boil, but she kept it in check. She had bigger things in mind for Nicole. The master plan would start tonight.

“You’re right, you’re right, Nicole. However, lets go for a walk before we head off to bed.”

“Yeah, lets, I could use some time to clear my head. Your supply, or mine?”

“Mine.” Lindsey wanted Nicole to save her appetite enhancement for herself.

Twenty five minutes later, the two roommates returned back to the dorm. Nicole was significantly higher than Lindsey.

“Nicole, I’m starving, lets order some Dominos!”

“Yes, lets!!!!!”

And just as the advertisement promises, the pizza delivery man arrived in under 30 minutes. Before long, the girls were slumbering comfortably.

One of Lindsey’s courses for second semester was Nutrition. This was by design, as Lindsey studied her text book like a hawk from the moment she received. She actually received the book in the mail 4 weeks earlier, as she wanted to know everything about weight loss there was worth knowing, so she could ensure Nicole was doing the opposite of all those habits.

For example, almost every nutritionist would tell you that the easiest way to gain weight is to eat late at night. So Lindsey, made sure they ordered Dominos late night delivery as often as they possibly could. The first month of school, they were up to three nights a week of Dominos delivery. It was an expensive prospect, but fortunately, Matt and Chris treated at least one night a week.

Lindsey also made sure that there were ALWAYS chocolates around for Nicole to snack on. Chocolate was an easy commodity to come by, as Valentine’s Day was right around the corner. This came in handy to satiate the munchies, or to quell idol hunger while up late on a week night typing a paper.

Thankfully for Lindsey, it was a particularly stressful semester for Nicole, which meant it was relatively easy to get Nicole to engage in all of her vices. When Nicole found time to party, she partied hard. Her drinking had reached levels that were new records, even for her. In fact, her drinking began to replace marijuana smoking, as it became easier for her to find beer.

“Good night, Lindsey!!! I am so drunk right now! I’M HUNGRY TOO!!! Lets order something.”

“Okay, but only if you treat, Nic.”

“If you grab me another beer, absolutely!!!”

Lindsey was shocked, so was so ravenous, that she was actually going to treat. She gladly grabbed Nicole another beer. Her plan was coming to fruition. Soon, the pizza arrived, and drunken, over stuffed Nicole fell asleep.

“Dude, have you looked at Nicole lately?”

Chris and Matt were hanging out in there dorm room, playing Call of Duty on their Playstation, discussing the happenings of the dorm.

“What about her, Chris?”

“She’s like... I don’t know... all broken out. Her skin used to be like porcelain. Next time you see her, take a good look at her skin. She has some serious pimples going on there... All that pigging out is ruining her complexion.”

“Hmmm... Yeah, you know what else, dude? I think she’s packed on a couple of pounds too.”

Right then, Chris utters obscenities then continues the conversation with Matt.

“I think you’re right. I still can’t believe she’s been fucking Steve... but do you not what he told me the other day? That she’s put on a little bit of a pot belly since the beginning of the semester. I mean, I wouldn’t know, I’ve never seen her naked... Unfortunately.”

“Yeah man, I honestly can’t believe you still talk to her, Chris... That’s bullcrap what she did there, knowing you liked her and all. Shame on Steve too.”

Chris shrugged. He was generally good natured about these things. While he did like Nicole, he had no shortage of other options either.

“Yeah, you’re right. But still, I don’t blame Steve for hitting that.... At least the before version. But seriously... You think she’s packing on some poundage? I honestly can’t tell. She hasn’t worn anything other than sweets since the beginning of the semester. I think that’s all she wears to class.”

“Yeah Chris, that’s what chicks do when they start blowing up.”

Simultaneously, down the hall, Nicole is starring in front of a mirror, wearing a pair of pink string panties and a white bra, focused only on her face.

“What the hell is going on with my skin!?!?! It used to be perfect!!!!!! It must be all the stress.”

After uttering the words, Nicole reaches down for another Lindt chocolate and gobbles it down. Just then, the door knob turns and opens. It’s Lindsey.

“Lindsey, my skin is terrible!”

Lindsey smirked. Of course it’s terrible. She’s done nothing but gobble greasy food for the past two months. Lindsey feigned concern.

“Nic, you look fine! Stop that”, said Lindsey, even though she was outright lying.

The truth was, Nicole had broken out. It was an unexpected, but welcomed consequence to Lindsey. What she was more concerned about was the changes that were going on with her roommates body. And boy were they juicy.

First, Nicole’s breasts were still an A-cup. There was very little change in that regard. Unfortunately, Nicole wasn’t lucky enough to have genetic predisposition to grow in that regard. However, just below that, was sitting a rounding belly. You could even call it a mini pot belly. It’s weight pushing Nicole’s panties down ever so gently. Encircling the string of her panties was the slightest, but undeniably softest muffin top, beginning for a delicate squeezing. Her rear end, which had long been round and juicy, was beginning to expand in size. Each cheek beginning to take on more of a saddle bag quality than before.

Overall, she looked rounder and thicker. To the casual observer, there would not be much change. However, to someone starring at their roommate strut around in their bra and panties, the difference was magnificent. Even if the difference was only ten pounds.

Part 5

“131 POUNDS!?!?!?! WHAT!?!?!”

It was only 10 pounds, but it was 10 pounds of pure unadulterated fat. Nicole stood in front of the mirror, her newly formed belly, quivering in her hands. Actually, a beer belly would be a more accurate name for it. Nicole had acquired a glorious beer belly, with honorable mention going to dominos pizza and the makers of fine chocolates throughout the United States.

Just a week earlier, Nicole’s mother had left a had scale in her daughter’s dorm room, “just so she could keep track”. Now, at 4pm on St. Patrick’s Day, she finally decided to step on it. She was prompted to do so after realizing her favorite size 4 jeans from Abercrombie would no longer button. Those jeans, now cruelly mocked her in a pile on the floor. Regardless, she reached down for another swig of green beer and looked at herself in the full length mirror, also another present her mother had left the previous week. She stepped off the scale and plotted her next move.

What stared back at her was nothing hideous, but to her, it was significant. She stood their, clad in matching green bra and string panties, examining her body. After all, it was St. Patrick’s Day, and she had a new man she wanted to sleep with. Might as well look good.

“Okay Nicole... okay, we can do this.”

The bloated blond grabbed the size 4 jeans off the floor and tried them one more time. If only Lindsey had been in the room to witness Nicole’s struggles. Each newly acquired pound jiggled, rolled, and pinched as she attempted to squeeze herself into the jeans. At first, she made excellent progress. They slid up to knees without much trouble. Satisfied, Nicole stopped and took another swing of green beer, allowing her bloated belly to be on display for the empty room and the full length mirror.

The jeans continued to move at a steady pace up her legs, until reaching the top of her thighs, just below her green panty wearing ass. It was at this point that she realized, now trying these jeans on for a second time, how thick her upper thighs and rump were beginning to get. For a moment, she could hear her mother’s sentiments being echoed in her head

“Whatever you do Nicole, just remember what happened to your sister”

“Oh SCREW THIS!!!! I’m not turning into Jennifer.”

And with one grand huff, Nicole was able to get her jeans over her burgeoning rear end. Little did she know that only half the battle was over with. Next up, in her gauntlet of adipose resistance? Her beer belly.

Nicole’s first attempt at buttoning her jeans could only be classified as half hearted. Her attempt to pull the tabs of her skin tight jeans together was feeble. Also working against her was an initial refusal to suck in her nascent belly. If she was going to squeeze into these jeans, it was going to take a stronger commitment than this.

“Errrrrggghhhhhhhhhh...... What the hell is happening to me!? One more try”, said Nicole, grabbing another sip of green beer before letting out another belch. How attractive.

“Here we go!”

And this time, with a great effort, the semi-inebriated Nicole attempted to pull the button towards the button hole. The feat of Herculean strength, which would have produced a visible flexing of a triceps in someone more fit, showed nothing. In fact, her upper arm quivered from the frightening lack of muscle tone. After all, she was never one to ever work. Nicole realized it would take finesse, coupled with brawn, in order to complete this task. So she aggressively sucked in her tummy, giving her the same look that used to stare back at her when standing in front of mirrors as a college freshman.


And soon, her tired arms, coated ever so slightly with a glaze of fat, gave in. Physical fitness was never one of Nicole’s strong suits, despite having an incredible metabolism and figure. Physical fatness was the name of her game. Who knew that rampant consumption of marijuana and alcohol could leave someone so out of shape. Now, trying on jeans intended to fit someone 12 pounds lighter was leaving her winded. In a huff, she collapsed on the bed.

“Good grief. Maybe I shrunk these?”

Nicole sat up, causing a distinct roll of pudge to form, erupting between the flaps of her jeans, gently cresting over the top of her visible, green panties. She reached over to her dresser and took another big gulp of green beer. At that moment, the door opened.


It was Lindsey.

“Oh, hey Lindz... Sorry. You scared me.”

Lindsey couldn’t believe her eyes. Little Miss Perfect, the apple of everyone’s eye, was sprawled out on her bed, with unbuttoned jeans, half drunk, totally broken out, and looking like an absolute mess. She knew what was going on. Nicole COULD NOT fit into her jeans. However, she had no intentions of ever letting on.

“Nic, whatcha’ doing? Waiting for Steve to come over? This is a really SEXY position for you!”

“Very funny, Lindsey”, said Nicole, followed by another unlady like belch.

Lindsey played stupid.

“Whoa... looks like someone has been drinking a bit. Where are you off to tonight?”

Nicole pouted, then finished her beer.

“To hang out with Nick and Mark.”

“From the football team?”

“Yeah, I’ve wanted to bone Mark for awhile, but Nick will do too.”

Lindsey laughed silently. If only they could see Nicole right now. They might not be so keen to comply with her wishes.

“They’re both hot, no doubt about it”, said Lindsey.

Lindsey, looking down at Nicole’s toneless stomach, decided to push the issue.

“You should really finish getting ready. Want me to grab you another beer?”

Nicole looked at her empty mug. She nodded to Lindsey and spoke.

“Yeah, that sounds great. But you know what I would really like? A shot of tequila? Do we have any Patron left?”

Lindsey cringed. The bottle of Patron was a gift from her older brother. Unfortunately, she had nary a chance to sample it, as Nicole ripped through over half the bottle with friends one Thursday night when Lindsey was at the library. The fact that Nicole ate half a cheese pizza that night, slept through class the following morning, and cured her hangover with a greasy breakfast certainly eased the blow. Reluctantly, she poured Nicole a shot and another beer.

As Lindsey’s back was turned, Nicole attempted to button her jeans again. Once again, she failed miserably. Lindsey turned around just in time to see Nicole’s dejected attempt.

“You know Nic, if you lay down flat on your back, you’ll have an easier time buttoning your jeans. It’ll help keep your tummy out of the way.”

Had Nicole been less drunk, she would’ve been mortified by that statement. However, it was St. Patrick’s Day, and she had been drinking for the better part of the afternoon. The true intent of the statement, or it’s implications, may have been lost upon her. However, Lindsey, fearful of any catalyst that would cause Nicole to diet, quickly followed up her statement.

“Not that you have a tummy. I bet you just shrunk them. I think you might have accidentally dried them when you were drunk a couple of weeks ago.”

“I think you might be right”, Nicole slurred, as she grabbed the shot of expensive tequila and slammed it back. She followed that up by chasing it with a green beer. If it wasn’t for the fact they were on a college campus, Lindsey would’ve sworn that she was living with a longshoreman.

Lindsey was going to follow up by saying that she had plenty of jeans that she needed to lay on her bed in order to wiggle into. Unfortunately, a statement of that nature might shock Nicole into dieting upon sobering up. She knew that she couldn’t have that. Playfully, she decided to shove Nicole down lightly so she was laying flat on the bed.

“Here, try it now. And next time, don’t shrink your jeans.”

The drunken blond princess tried again to button her pants with all her might. She came ever so close to buttoning them, pulling with all her might, sucking in her stomach, and arching her back in such a way that, as little as 8 weeks ago, would’ve produced visible signs of her ribs. Lindsey took a step back, drinking it all in, realizing that her plan was finally working.

“ERRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GODFUCKINGDAMNIT!!!!!!!!”

Lindsey reached down and grabbed Nicole’s hands, and with one final tug, the size 4 jeans were buttoned.

“PHHHHHHHEEEEEEWWW........”, Nicole exclaimed, cherry red in the face. “THANK GOD!”

As if she was wearing a skin colored inner tube, a single roll of pure blubber encircled the top of the jeans. Lindsey was all to familiar with that feeling. It was a muffin top! And after weeks of wearing nothing but sweats, and her more forgiving jeans regularly, Nicole was finally getting a first hand experience in the “baker’s delight”.

“There now, you look great”, said the lying Lindsey. “You deserve another shot of tequila for that.”

Lindsey knew that the drunker she got Nicole, the more open she would be to further wardrobe suggestions. She had just the top in mind to compliment her jeans.

“Yes, I deserrvveeeee it. But first, a little help here! I don’t think I can stand up.”

Lindsey noticing something about the tone of Nicole’s request, other than it’s drunken nature. Something seemed to be lacking. It was almost as if, at that moment, a little bit of her roommates legendary confidence had vanished.

“Sure Nic, I’ll help you up.”

Helping Nicole up, much to Lindsey’s surprise, took more effort than she expected it to. Of course, it was quite a pleasant surprise. The tequila shots were already taking their toll, as Nicole was no longer consciously sucking in her alcohol induced gut.

Her rotundness, no matter how nascent or minimal, was a shocking contrast to what the world was accustomed to from Nicole. Deep down, there was a little voice telling Nicole that she was getting at. However, that voice was being squelched by a sea of expensive tequila and cheap, green colored beer. She went to her bureau, and pulled a green St. Patrick’s Day t-shirt. Before she could put it on, Lindsey interrupted.

“Ohhh, I love how you matched your bra and panties. I love that satin set. I know just the thing that would compliment your outfit. And lucky for you, it’s not even that cold out. You are going to look fucking hot.”

As if she had searched the drawers herself, Lindsey reached towards the bureau, opened the bottom, normally reserved for summer clothes, and pulled a slinky green, spaghetti strap tube top.

“Here, try this on! Have another shot of Patron though.”

“I... don’t..”

“Seriously, Nicole, no screwing around. It’s St. Patrick’s Day!!!!”

“HECCKK EYEAH! It is St. Patties Day. Pour it.”

Nicole slammed down another shot, followed by a beer a chaser. It was as if she was Robert Downey Jr.’s long lost daughter.

“Seriously, put this on. You’ll have any guy you want.”

Nicole smiled and pulled the tank top over her head and onto her torso. Lindsey remembered how jealous she was when Nicole wore the tank top last summer when school had started. It was skin tight then, hugging her in all the right ways. Now, however, there was some changes.

The first change Lindsey notice was how tightly the green tank top clinged to her beer belly. Not only did it cling, but it highlighted it, acting almost like a cheesy neon picture frame that you could buy at the mall. In fact, the tank top was so tight, that actually rode up a little bit, exposing a sliver of soft, pale flesh, encircling her entire body, just above her jeans. The second thing Lindsey notice was clearly Nicole’s growing love handles were put on display. The tank top clung tightly to Nicole, just above her exposed flesh. She looked so out of shape and disproportionate, as the tank top did absolutely nothing for her already modest chest. In fact, she looked more flat chested than she already was.

“How do you think I look, Lindz?”

Before answering, Lindsey wisely stood in front of the mirror, obscuring any possible view Nicole could have.

“Like a million fricking dollars. Seriously. If one of those guys doesn’t want to fuck you, they’re gay. Now get out of here! Go have fun. We’ll catch up later.”

And with that, Nicole grabbed a jacket and a book bag filled with cheap beer and headed out. She never once looked in the mirror. To her, she was going to be the life of the party. What she didn’t realize, however, was just how lively things were going to become.

“What a dumb bitch! I can’t believe this!” Lindsey smiled with delight as she looked out the window, and watched her bloated roommate as she stumbled through the courtyard.

(Continued in post 4 of this thread)

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This is great! Just my favourite type of story
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maxymumspyder has said some nice things

Part 6

No lyin, this party could not be going any frickin better. Could I be any hotter? I don’t think so. Every guy in this place wants my shit. I mean, who wouldn’t? Look at how hot I’m dancing. You know, I feel bad for Lindsey. She’s so chunky and out of shape. Thank God I look so good. And to think, I don’t even have to work out! I am so almighty hot. I should help her get a guy.

Maybe, I can get one of these guys to throw her a bone if I promise them something in return. That what’s hot roommates are for, right? To help out the fat hopeless ones? But then, I would have to get her sloppy seconds? Naaaah... I guess I could just lie to them and never do anything. Yeah, that’s a good idea. Hmmm... something is digging into me. Ouch. I don’t think I can turn my body that way. Mmm.... you know what would sound good? Another beer! And what about dollar slices soon.

Oh wow, there’s Mark. He is so hot. I could use his abs as a pumice stone. I should go talk to him... no, he should talk to me. Oh here he comes. I own this kid!

“What’s up Nicole”, said the handsome Mark, obviously intimidated by Nicole’s good looks.

“Not much, Mark... this party is alright.”

Nicole was acting aloof. She knew how to play it with the best of them. The blonde beauty didn’t just want Mark; she wanted to OWN Mark.

“You want to dance or something? Maybe have a beer with me? A jello shot? Seriously, anything I can do.”

This was a surprise, Nicole thought, as Mark seemed to be falling all over her feet.

“Yeah, maybe in a little bit, I think I’ll go dance with Nick for now.”

And with that, Nicole walked away seductively, knowing that Mark would be checking out her goods the entire time. Each pert cheek, swaying to and fro ever so gently, contained perfectly within the confines of her sexy size 4s.

“Get over here, big boy!”

She walked aggressively towards Nick, beckoning him with the fierce look of a sexy tigress. Nick, powerless to resist, went right over to Nicole and started dancing.

“Hmmm yeah, you hot motherfucker, get over here”, Nicole purred, aggressively shoving him on to a near by couch.

Nicole began giving Nick what must have been the most seductive lap dance of his entire life. How he was able to contain himself at the party, was beyond Nicole’s comprehension. She KNEW how to move. Usually, this type of movement made the guys go instantly hard.

“You must be whiskey dicked!” Unfortunately, no one could hear Nicole as they turned up the music.

She was not about to lose this hard to the evils of Jack Daniels, she thought. It was time to up her game. She climbed on to the couch, stood up, and began to dance over Nick with extreme gyrations. All eyes were on her. Including Vanessa, that big breasted brunette, 34-D to be exact, who had her eyes on Mark on all night. Luckily for her, she knew Mark’s eyes were glued to her.

“Ohhhhhh, yeah big boy!”

And with a sudden thrust, Nick had picked her up off the couch and tackled her to the ground. Finally, a display of manliness. She just knew he couldn’t handle it anymore without bursting in front of everyone. She kissed him once, but was careful to pull back. Nicole didn’t Mark to get the wrong idea. The goal was to ignite just enough jealously to get Mark to do ANYTHING to be with her. She stood up seductively and looked around for Mark. He had disappeared.

“Mark must be off getting my beer”, Nicole thought to herself. “I own him now.”

Part 7

Man o man, this is a fantastic party. So many hot chicks here tonight. I can’t believe how good Vanessa looks. That girl could have the nicest tits I’ve ever seen. No way she weighs more than 125 pounds either. But look at Nicole over there. What time did she start boozing, a week ago? My god. She’s a hot mess... though, she’s turning into more of mess. If she keeps up this drinking, she’s going to end up looking like her frickin roommate. I can’t believe how much weight she’s put on. It’s affecting her skin too, look at the amount of concealer she needs. I mean, she’s still pretty decent looking, but I’m the starting strong safety of a division 1 football team! And who the frickin dressed her tonight anyways? It looks like she’s wearing a pool toy under her tank top! I’m going to go flirt with Vanessa..... Oh no, great. Here comes Nicole.

“HHhyey Mmark!!!!! YOU.. youare perfect!!!!”

“Gee, thanks Nicole. How many beers did you have tonight, sweetie?”

“Annnnd teeequeeelah too!”

“Ummm, okay. And tequila too. Nice!

Mark laughed. Nicole was 100% wasted. Last semester, he probably would’ve screwed her in his bedroom right away. Tonight, however, he had his eye on a different prize.

“Why don’t you go over to Nick and get yourself some water.”


Nicole ripped the red solo cup from Mark’s hand and began to chug. She gagged at first. It was Mark’s famous St. Patrick’s Day Death Punch. Annoyed, Mark ripped the cup from Nicole’s hand.

“Nicole... go see Nick He has more tequila over there.”

Nicole wobbled away, her burgeoning ass swaying back and forth, threatening to explode from the confines of her tight size 4 jeans.

“Jesus... she’s even getting a fat ass too.”

Just then, Vanessa sauntered over to Mark. They both looked on as Nicole made her way to Nick.

“Poor Nick”, said Vanessa. “Good job passing off that drunk on him... By the way, I think she’s getting fat.”

Mark smirked. He looked on with growing delight.


“Ummmm... hey Nicole, there is no tequila. It’s an Irish fucking holiday, you dumbass.”

Nicole did not appreciate Nick’s tone. She lunged for his drink, instead knocking him into the couch. The some of the contents of Nick’s drink spilled onto the furniture and carpet.

“Jesus, you are a sloppy drunk!”


Just then, the blacked out blond attempting to climb on top of the couch. At first, Nick wondered if it was a poor attempt at a lap dance. Admittedly, it had been awhile since he had sex, so he didn’t mind the blond writhing around on top of him.

“GO GET EM’, NICK!”, screamed Mark from the corner.

Soon, Nick realized what she was doing. The boys had hung a tapestry of a celtic cross over the couch. She had mistaken this for a bath towel. She was going to attempt to clean up the spill with their tapestry.

“JESUS! Nick! Don’t let her...”

“Nicole, what the hell!?!?”

Nicole struggled to her feet on the uneven surface of the couch. She used the tapestry to pull herself upright. Unfortunately, she did not manage to stay in his position for long.


Nicole and the tapestry tumbled to the ground.

“WHAT THE HELL!?” It was nearly impossible to determine who it came from. The whole room was in shock. The blossoming blond, and the tapestry were in a heap on the floor.

“Ouch!!!” screamed Nicole. Nick reached down and lifted her off the ground. The feel of her form in his arms confirmed what he already thought - she was quite a bit softer than he could remember. As reached down, he could feel something that wasn’t denim. It was a combination of soft, doughy flesh, and.... satin. It was then that he realized:

It wasn't just the tapestry that had ripped. Nicole had blown a gigantic hole in the back of her pants.

“MaAAAAaaarrrkk, you are so strong! Lets.... Lets... Lets go have some fun”, Nicole uttered, as she awkwardly tried to kiss Nick, bumping into his face, further adding to his irritation.

“Holy shit, she’s wearing green panties too! Nice wedgie, Nic”, screamed one of the fellow party goers.

And so it was, Nicole’s ever so slight saddle bags were on display for the entire party to see. And now, with her green bra strap having slid to the side of her shoulder after the fall, that tonight, she decided to match her underwear for the occasion.

“Where the frick is Mark, man! Nick, dude, has to see this!”

“He JUST took Vanessa back to his room.”

Part 8
“Ohhhhhhhh.... jesus.... my head”, said Nicole, as she woke up.

“This futon smells funny.”

For a split second, Nicole wondered why her futon smelled like a strange combination of booze, food, and faint vomit.

“Oh crap...”

It was at that moment that Nicole realized that she didn’t own a futon. She sat up and surveyed the room. It didn’t take long for her to realize that she never made it back from the party last night. It also didn’t take long for her to figure out that she had little to know memory of the party.

“damn tequila shots.”

As she spoke, she heard a grumble, from what sounded like an irritated, half sleeping man. She looked over and saw Nick, half naked, save a pair of boxer shorts, buried under his covers.

“Oh no”, Nicole whispered to herself.

She sat up and felt something foreign. It was her recently acquired beer gut, turning into rolls and avalanching over the top of her green panties. Nick wasn’t the only one who was half naked. Nicole wasn’t wearing any pants, and apparently, no shirt either. Her emerald green bra was staring directly back at her.

“Oh no, oh no, oh no”, Nicole panicked.

Nicole stood up, a rushing pain surging up her back. Was this from sex last night? Did she get in a fight? The bloated blond was completely unaware as to what why her back hurt. Or as to why she was clad only in her green bra and panties. As proud as she was of the Victoria’s Secret ensemble, she certainly never intended to show it off in front of Nick, and she certainly never intended to show ANYONE while she was in this kind of shape. The decision to drink so much immediately seemed regrettable.

“Where are my clothes?” Nicole thought aloud.

She searched around frantically, finally finding her tank top, draped over the back of Nick’s desk chair, which she quickly put on. She looked down at the way it fit her bloated belly. It was like she was wearing a billboard advertising what can happen to skinny girls if they let themselves go. What the hell was she thinking, going out like this? At that moment, Nicole swore off drinking forever.

“My jeans.... praise Jesus”, said Nicole, in an almost mocking tone.

Unfortunately, for Nicole, the lord was about to exact revenge on her for using his name in a mocking tone. What Nicole did not remember was the difficulty she had squeezing into the jeans from the night before. She was about to find out, with only the clarity that sobriety brings, what kind of damage she had done to herself.

With great strain and difficult, Nicole attempted to pull the jeans up to her waist. Unlike the night before, she was not met with as much resistance in the rear. Though, it was not like she would remember that. However, once the jeans reached her waist, she was in a for a shock.

“Oh no...”

Each tug was more violent than the last, though it yielded her the same results. She couldn’t get her jeans buttoned. In fact, she couldn’t even get the zipper to budge. How was she going to make it home like this? The top of her green panties were completely visible to the naked eye, as was nearly 5 inches of exposed beer gut. Momentarily, though, Nicole’s attention to a near by mirror.

“My face looks like crap!”

It was true. Nicole’s pizza face like complexion was on display, as half her concealer had worn off from the night of drinking, sweating and partying. She examined her face, and the front of her body. No doubt something needed to be done about this. It was official, she was going to the gym this afternoon.

“Uh-oh. People are waking up. No one is going to get the satisfaction of seeing me make a walk of shame.”

What Nicole didn’t realize was that she had already made a fool of herself the night before. And everyone watched Nick drag her back to his room. What Nicole didn’t know couldn’t hurt her.

“Time to go”, said Nicole, staring over at Nick. At least he doesn’t have to see this.

And with that, Nicole found her shoes and coat over by the bedroom door and made a bee line to the exit of the house. She was relieved that no one appeared to be awake.

“That was close.”

The door to the house shut and locked behind her as she made her way out in the biting, mid March wind. Something, however, didn’t feel right.

“What the crap!?!?”

Nicole reached back and realized that there was a sizable split in ass of her jeans. Had she not been so preoccupied with leaving, she would’ve checked her backside in the mirror and stolen a pair of sweats. Unfortunately for her, the door was now locked, and she was faced with the half mile walk home with torn jeans... that she couldn’t button.

There was no avoiding shame in this case.

4 hours later.

“So dude, did you screw her last night or what? She was totally sloppy. If I didn’t think you were going to break your streak last night, I would’ve tossed her,” said Mark.

“Honestly man, I didn’t. Blacked out drunk chicks aren’t my style. Besides, she didn’t look nearly hot enough to get me up after all the Jack I drank last night”, said Nick.

Mark laughed. “Dude, I guess I don’t blame you. I hope she tossed those jeans. She tore a big ass hole in them last night. No one could stop talking about it. It was fantastic.”

“Yeah dude, I tried getting her to change into some of my sweat pants, but she refused. Something about not giving up like her roommate Lindsey. I don’t think she’s realized she’s packed on some pounds of her own. Either way, I laid her down in the futon, and she passed out. I can’t believe she didn’t get sick.”

Nick finished his sentence, almost shaking his head in disbelief. It really was a miracle that she didn’t get sick.

“Did you catch her before she took off? Or did she manage to get out while you were still asleep?”

“I woke up for a second while she was scrambling around, trying to get dressed. Dude, did you know she can’t fit into her jeans? I’m like 90% sure she walked out of here with them unbuttoned.”

“WOW! That’s too funny, Nick. I can tell you Vanessa had no issues slipping back into her jeans. To be a size 4 and STACKED like that. Amazing.”

“Yeah, Mark. You made the right call there. I wish I was awake to watch Nicole walk out of here.”

“Yeah, that would’ve been a sight.”

Later that Night.

“Nic, you haven’t moved all day other than to eat left over pizza since you got home? Are you alright? I’m going to turn the TV on now because I’m going crazy watching you nap.”

“Oh, sorry Lindz! Super bad hangover today. You know how it is. It’s been a nap in my sweat pants kind of day. I’m going to the gym shortly though!”

Lindsey panicked. While she didn’t believe Nicole would ever make it to the gym, she didn’t want to give her any chance to actually make it. She needed to act quickly in order to destroy any and all momentum.

“Oh, that’s a good idea. I think I might go for a quick walk in the woods and smoke. You’re more than welcome to come if you want.”

“I really should go to the gym though...”

“Yeah, I hear you. You don’t really NEED, to go to the gym though. You look hot and you know it. I bet you had them all after you last night.”

Lindsey was lying through her teeth. She heard from another party goer a first hand account of exactly what happened. Now, she was testing to see if Nicole had any modicum of honest inside of her.

“Oh yeah, it was absolutely wild. A woman never kisses and tells, though!”

And apparently, a woman never reveals that she split her pants in half because they were intended for someone 10 pounds lighter.

“HAHA! I love you, BFF. Look, if you want, I’ll go with you the gym. Lets go for a quick toke though, then we can come back and get ready. One of the TAs in my class told me that it can actually help you power through workouts easier, because your mind is free to drift and you don’t focus so much on how much time has gone by on the treadmill.”

Nicole looked quizzically at Nicole, and then nodded.

“Yeah, that’s a great idea.”

30 minutes later

The two roommates return, both riding high after their nature walk through the woods. Nicole sat down on her bed in a huff, grabbing the remote and looking towards Lindsey.

“You want to watch Glee.”

Lindsey smiled.

“Yes, I do!!!!!!”

Lindsey reached for a bag of Dorritos.

“Ohhh, good idea! Toss me some of those.”

Lindsey grinned. This was just too easy.

Part 9

“Man, I wish they would turn up the heat in here,” Nicole muttered annoyingly, rubbing her two arms together.

The doctor’s office is never fun. When the visit is for a physical, it’s even less fun. The only thing Nicole loathed more than doctor’s offices was the gym. However, despite her protests, Nicole would go visit the campus health services building to meet with a doctor once a year for a physical. After all, her mother insisted.

“Where the hell is this guy?”

Just then, there was a knock at the door and someone walked in. However, it wasn’t a male that walked in. It was a female nursing student. And worse yet, it was the one female she didn’t want to see. It was the vivacious Vanessa.

“Oh, hello Nicole! Do you remember me? My name is Vanessa. We met at St. Patrick’s Day party in March”, said the beautiful Vanessa, extending her hand to Nicole.

This situation couldn’t be worse. She found out a week after St. Patrick’s Day that she had lost Mark to Vanessa during her drunken stupor. What she still didn’t realize was that it wasn’t just her public drunkenness that ruined her chances. Her public fatness didn’t help her out either.

“Ummm yeah... I think I remember you. Hi.”

It was now the beginning May - nearly two months since her display at Mark and Nick’s St. Patrick’s Day party. She hadn’t seen any of the people at that party in nearly two months. This was by design. Now, before she could successfully escape for the semester, she was sitting face to face with the object of her jealousy. The perfectly curvy, large breasted Vanessa. She had a perfect complexion too. There was no way anyone would look twice at Nicole if the two were standing side by side. And now, here they were, stuck together in the small doctor’s office.

And Nicole’s only battle armor? A small hospital gown.

“Well, it’s nice to see you again. I’m going to start by taking your blood pressure and other vitals. Then, Doctor Morrison will be in to start the physical.”

Nicole shifted uncomfortably. “Okay, that sounds good.”

And with that, Vanessa grabbed Nicole’s arm and put the velcro strap around it. Right away, Vanessa noticed the meaty texture of the bulging blonde’s upper arm. She remember being jealous of how toned Nicole’s arms were a year ago. Now, it looked like she had been working out at a magical gym where instead of putting on muscle the harder you worked, you put on a noticeable layer of chub.

“Okay, so just hold still”, said Vanessa, feigning sweetness. She was going to have some fun with this.

Vanessa squeezed the pump multiple times and then released the valve, checking the reading on the gauge as the strap deflated. The gorgeous brunette smirked, jotted down the reading, and informed the bloated brunette of the prognosis.

“Wow... This is quite a bit higher than last year’s reading, according to your chart. Have you been exercising at all?”

Nicole was taken back. Had she really gained so much weight that was impacting her blood pressure? How much weight had she actually gained? She buried the scale underneath her bed after St. Patrick’s Day debacle. Thankfully, she had been eating better. She had cut down her Dominos binges to three times a week, and she was focusing much more on school. Even her sweat pants were beginning to feel a bit loser.

“Ummm... it’s been a cold winter and spring and the campus gym is over a mile away. Plus, you know how busy it gets with classes, right??”, Nicole said, almost trying to convince herself.

“Well, Nicole, fitness always comes first. And there’s a bus line that has stops on it each dorm. Even goes out to the off campus apartments.”

Nicole was rendered speechless. That was quite to the point and catty, she thought.

“Yeah, I guess”, the loss of confidence was quite evident in Nicole’s voice. She had undergone quite an evolution of late.

“Yeah. You guess”, Vanessa hissed. “Alright Nicole, time to step up onto the scale please.”

The bloated blond turned white as a ghost. She was rendered absolutely speechless. For whatever reason, Nicole never once thought that she would stepping on the scale at the doctor’s office. She could feel her heart pounding through her chest. This was easily the most cardiovascular activity the girl had gotten since walking through the woods with Amanda the previous summer.

“Uhhh, ummmm”, Nicole stammered. She didn’t know what to say. She felt like she was 3 feet tall next to the beautiful, chesty, Vanessa.

“Oh, come on now! Don’t be bashful”, mocked Vannesa.

And with a semi forceful grab, Vanessa squeeze Nicole’s upper arm and moved her in the direction of the scale. Nicole moved to the scale under how own power, however, she reluctantly climbed on.

“Okay, lets see what we have here.”

Nicole curled her toes inward hopes that some how, this would make her weigh less. She watched her sister Jennifer does this once on the bathroom scale back at her parents house. I didn’t work then, and it wasn’t going to work now.

“100.... 110... hehe.... 120.... 130...”

Nicole thought she detected a laugh. She closed her eyes and cringed after she heard the word “130” and then the mass continue to slide across the bar.

“140.... This is like the Price is Right!”

What!? How could she be over 130 pounds?


Nicole’s heart sank.

“And now to check your height. 5 feet, 5 inches.”

That sounded shorter to Nicole than ever before. Truth was, she was of an average height.

“Okay Nicole, you stand 5’5” and weigh 146.3 pounds. Doctor Morrison will be right with you. It was great to see you again!”

Vanessa bid Nicole good bye, and walked out of the room. Nicole stood there in shock. Had she really packed on another 15 pounds since St. Patrick’s Day? She stood and wondered. All of her clothes fit her fine. But why wouldn’t they? She had worn nothing but sweats all semester. After the St. Patrick’s Day incident, she subconsciously stopped wearing all of her jeans. It was her way to put the entire incident behind her. But what about her eating habits? Hadn’t they been better?

What Nicole failed to take into account was the amount of idle snacking she did while she was writing papers. Also, while her outright parting may have slowed up, her casual beer drinking did not. She was consuming close to a six pack, five to six nights a week. In short, she was turning into her father. And beginning to acquire a beer belly to boot.

Nicole lifted up the johnny, revealing a pair of royal blue, over taxed panties. Her gelatinous beer belly jutted out, far past her breasts, completely obscuring her view of her own underwear.

If there was an observer in the room, they would’ve been treated to Nicole’s paunch, unleashing a punishing assault on the sexy string panties, the brunt of her gut causing them to ride lower than what God had intended. The letters of Victoria’s Secret, written on the waistband, were stretched out lengthwise more than ever intended, almost like a message that had been written on a rubber band. This was an indication that Nicole was lot only becoming a paunchy princess, but also growing quite a bit in the hips as well. The truth was, her whole body was evolving. It was no longer a survival of the fittest, but a survival of the fattest.

“What have I done”, said Nicole, grasping what was now a significant beer gut with her two hands, shaking it up and down.

Nicole’s own denial about her figure was shocking. Both her ego, and her inability to admit to the St. Patrick’s Day debacle kept her unconsciously from ever paying attention to the expansion going on before her very eyes. She was the hot one. She was the one all the guys wanted. Chris, Matt, Mark, Nick, Adam, Steve... the list was endless. Lindsey was the fat roommate. Amanda was the fat best friend. This wasn’t suppose to happen to her! She missed the Freshman 15. Who the hell gains the sophomore 25? No one, that’s who!

The joke was on Nicole. Little did she know that everyone on the floor had been talking about her. Her weight gain was the talk of the dorm. Many of the male suitors who used to visit had stopped doing so all together. What was the point? There were a million average girls on campus. Why not find one with a great attitude? And better yet, why not find one who carries her weight better? That belly was just way too noticeable.

The worst part of this whole scenario? Because she had spent so much time ignoring her normal wardrobe, Nicole didn’t know what actually fit her anymore. There was a cocktail party coming up that she and Lindsey had been invited too. Did she even have a dress that fit her? A shopping trip would be in order soon. This was a nightmarish prospect.

With that, the door swung open and Dr. Morrison walked in. Nicole quickly jerked the gown back down. He was able to catch a brief glimpse of the adipose flesh that had took up residence on her abdomen.

“Hi Nicole, we need to talk.... about all the weight you’ve put on.”

(Continued in post 6 of this thread)

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Just want to say I love this really great going so far! Well done
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maxymumspyder has said some nice things

Part 10
“I can’t frickin believe he thought I was pregnant,” Nicole muttered to herself.

Nicole wasn’t sure what was worse: the idea the doctor believed she was pregnant, or the idea that she had gotten so fat that someone could mistake her for being pregnant when she wasn’t? She had no excuse.

After leaving the doctor’s office, she knew only one thing would make her feel better: retail therapy. She hadn’t been shopping in months, and subconsciously, her weight was the reason why. Nicole saw her favorite store, Abercrombie & Fitch, up ahead. She was determined to find some jeans that fit her.

The familiar scent of the store and blaring music reminded Nicole of how much she used to enjoy shopping, before adding 25 pounds onto her normally lithe frame. Her eyes darted too and fro, looking at all the latest fashions and styles, immediately envisioning how great she would look in each outfit. Unfortunately, she was brought to reality by the site of jutting belly and the jiggle of her cheeks. The truth was, most of these styles would currently look horrible on her.

“Can I help you?” Asked the attractive, blonde, and fit salesperson. Her slender body, tight abdominals, and pristine complexion reminded Nicole of someone. Herself.

“Umm, no... I’m just browsing around. Thank you.”

“Well, if you’re looking for sweat pants, we have some over on that rack over by the dressing room.”

“No thank you. I’m actually looking for some new jeans.”

“Oh, I can help you with that!!!”

This girl was far too bubbly for Nicole’s taste. The last thing she wanted was help from this salesgirl.

“What’s your size?”

Nicole froze, she didn’t know how to answer. How could she? What size was she? How does 25 pounds impact someone’s figure? She had never gained weight like this before, so how on earth could she know how it impacted her size at this store. She had always heard from Lindsey how difficult it was for her to find jeans, due to her weight. Nicole was a 4, or a 2, where ever she went. Now that she had graduated to chunky monkey status, what was her new size going to be? She wagered a guess. Deep down, she knew it wouldn’t be the case.

“Uhhh... size 6?”

The bubbly young salesgirl paused for a second. Nicole, suddenly all to conscious of everything around her, took the awkward pause as an admission of surprise that she was a size 6. Nicole’s intuition was correct, as the salesgirl thought to herself that there was no way she would stuff herself into a size 6.

“Yeah, ummm.... sure. I’ll get you a pair of size 6 jeans to try on. If you ummm... need another size, let me know please.”

Reluctantly, the salesgirl handed the jeans to Nicole and the swollen siren made her way to the dressing room.

Upon entering the dressing room, Nicole was faced with the most sobering reality yet... a full length mirror. She sighed, causing her distended belly to reach it’s maximum size, giving her the appearance not of a college student, but a college drop out that was five months pregnant.

Nicole starred intently at the mirror, first at her own face. It was quite buffy and bloated, her nose slightly reddish in color. This was in no doubt due to the amount of alcohol she had been consuming over the course of the past semester. Her once well-defined facial features had softened significantly, the angular, model like qualities, covered over by a light blanket of soft fat and water retention. Some people would’ve called her moon faced. To others, she was sporting the effects of the “Keystone Bloat”. Her emerging double chin was most disturbing to her. Any time she would smile, a roll of chin pudge would appear, giving her the appearance of an Eddie Murphy character from the Nutty Professor.

Angry red blemished had erupted all around skin, undoubtedly a result from her over indulgence on greasy food. Despite the changes in her body, the changes to her face may have been more devastating. Her complexion was always perfect. It’s what made her so pretty, gorgeous even. Her tight body was just icing on top of the cake. Regrettably, she ate all the icing on the cake, and now her figure and face had gone to pot.

“I should double check to make sure this is locked,” said Nicole to herself.

Nicole shimmied the lock, just be certain no one could see her in such a vulnerable state. Satisfied she was safe, Nicole felt free to really examine the damage she had done to herself. It was a significant weight off of her shoulders that she should examine the damage done to her body without fear of Lindsey barging into the room.

First, Nicole shed her t-shirt, embroidered with the university logo on the front. That sight that stared back at her was frightening. Her upper body looked so, toneless. Her upper arms had taken on a thick and meaty appearance. It was as if her triceps muscle had been evicted from the home that was back of her arm, and in its place, a thick layer of flab had taken residence, no doubt squatting under the nose of the bank. She attempted to flex her bicep muscle, only nothing really happened. Nicole was always lucky enough to maintain a toned appearance, even if she never so much as stepped foot into a gym. But now, that natural tone had vanished, leaving behind two husky meat hooks for arms.

Further down, Nicole looked at her breasts, underwhelming filling out her bra. It was a merciless trick, out of the 25 pounds she gained, hardly ever made it to her chest. She was still an A-cup, maybe a very slight B, as a minimal amount of weight it made it to her chest. There used to be a certain pride Nicole took her smaller chest, as she was perfectly proportioned everywhere else. Now, with her new found porkyness, the modest size of her chest became all the more evident. She placed her hands on the cups of her blue bra and hefted them up, perhaps magically hoping it would make them bigger. Alas, it did not.

While her cups hadn’t grown, Nicole’s ribcage certainly had. There was an undeniable blubbery substance, created from her own over indulgence, erupting both from the top and bottom of her bra strap. A clear signal, that if measured by the experts at Victoria’s Secret, she was now a 36 A. Undoubtedly a sure sign she was fatter, but not in not in a fashion that would give her larger breasts. Once again, her genes had once again betrayed her.

With a quick tug, Nicole untied that draw string to her sweat pants and shimmied out of them. There she stood, in nothing but her matching blue bra and panties, nervously examining the changes in her figure.

As she surveyed herself through mirror, Nicole received a sense as to what her poor habits had done to her. For starters, her ankles, which once had an angular bone structure that would make any foot fetish connoisseur take notice had transformed into a fat storage device. Her defined ankles had turned into cankles, showing no change in shape going from the thigh, lower leg, and into her foot. Looking up her leg, she noticed a noticed a blubbery quality to her thighs. Nicole mocked running in place, noticing a friction that had never been previous at any point during her life. Now, from the mid thigh going all the way up to her crotch, touched. Whatever weight that would’ve been intended for breasts was settling lower on her body, giving her a pear shaped quality.

The size small panties were stretched to the maximum and her hips and waist. The string of the underwear where dug in cruelly, leaving uncomfortable looking red lines in her soft flesh. A clear cut muffin top formed around the top of the underwear, adding to out of shape visual she had unknowingly created the past few months. Her hips had spread considerably as well, giving her figure more of a matronly look, almost as if she was a mother of two.

Nicole cringed at what she saw next. She closed her eyes and turned her back toward the mirror. It was time to look at her ass, once a prized possession. She hadn’t looked at her ass in a mirror in months. Now she was going to get a first hand look at it, all while standing half naked, in the confines of dressing room. The bloated blond opened her eyes, and was shocked at what stared back at her. The back of her upper thighs, for starters, were beginning to dimple and take on a sponge like quality.

“Cellulite”, blurted Nicole.

Her panties looked as if they were being swallowed by her rump. The poorly fitting underwear was being sucked up between her cheeks. There was simply not enough material to contain the two jello filled globes attached to her backside.

“I’ve gotten so fat, I can give myself wedgies...”

Nicole turned back around, examining the damage further. She sucked in her belly and stood up straight, creating the optical illusion of fitness.

“That’s what I used to look like”, Nicole strained, attempting to hold her breath and speak at the same time. The truth was, however, that even by restricted her breath, she still couldn’t recreate her former figure. With a huff, she let out her breath, causing her corpulent beer belly to return and her shoulders to slump forward. She was not only losing conditioning, she was losing posture and poise as well.

Wanting to get a better look at her profile, Nicole turned herself sideways in front of the mirror. She played the game, breathing in deeply to give the appearance of slenderness, and exhaling to highlight the reality of her fatness. While this may have changed the shape of her stomach temporarily, it did not change the size of her caboose, which now jutted out further than it ever had in her life. Between her thickening thighs, and burgeoning bottom, she would never get the opportunity to even attempt buttoning a pair of size 4 jeans. It would have been a physical impossibility to get them to her inflated waist, given that the lower half of her body was quickly swelling into a tree trunk.

“My god, look at this thing. It’s huge,” lamented Nicole, delicately rubbing her stomach.

“I... I have a paunch...”

Nicole continued patting and prodding her mid section. Her fingers traced a line just above her panties, following the waistband for as far as she could reach, pressing firmly against the adipose material that had gathered there during the school year.

“And... a muffin top.”

The pouty princess continued feeling her body. This was the first time in months that she had really taken stock of what had happened to her. With two hands, she grabbed each ass cheek and shook them up and down. The size of the fat filled globules dwarfed her delicate hands. The weight of rump shocked her.

“And a big fat ass... It feels so... heavy. How could I do this to myself?”

Nicole let her stomach out to it’s relaxed state. She was unpleasantly surprised as to how much further her toneless paunch extended past her small breasts. Her profile appearance really hammered home the idea that her belly and rear were both growing at exponential rates. They were like two run away trains of chunk, traveling in opposite directions at high speeds. She was turning into the before model in a weight loss commercial.

“Is everything okay in there? Do you need a different size? Come on out and lets see how you look!”

“No, I’m fine thank you,” replied Nicole to the salesgirl. She just wanted to be left alone.

Now came the difficult part - actually trying on the new jeans. Nicole, not accustomed to gaining weight, had no idea how the size 6 jeans would fit her. Up until now, she had little to no concept as to how much she had changed. There was no denying it now, however, the scale did not lie, and the mirror wouldn’t let her ignore it. She was getting fat. And there was a good chance that going up only one jean size wasn’t going to help her issue.

“Okay, well, if you need anything, let me know”, retorted the bubbly salesgirl.

Nicole reached down to the floor to pick up the new pair of jeans. She was disgusted, as she could feel three or four distinct rolls forming as she bent over at the waist. She caught a glimpse of this in the mirror. It was not pretty.

She stepped into the jeans and began to pull them up.

“Okay, well, I’m not a size 4. But a size 6 isn’t the end of the world”, she said to herself.

Wrong. She wasn’t a size 6 either. The jeans stopped moving abruptly at the top of her thighs. It was as if her ass cheeks were an angry border guard, refusing to the let size 6 jeans into the nation of her waist.

“Oh shit..”

“Everything okay in there?”

The salesgirl was standing by the dressing room door the entire time.

“Ummm yeah”, the normally confident Nicole said meekly.

And at that moment, the sales girl handed Nicole a new pair of jeans over the top of the door. The tags read size 8. It was as if she knew Nicole had no shot at fitting into the size 6 jeans.

“And if those don’t work, try these,” said the salesgirl.

She handed Nicole a pair of size 10 jeans. Her heart sank.

“Thank you...”

Nicole went to work on the size 8 jeans. Much to her relief, she was able to slide them over her inflated rear end. However, her hips and waist gave her a fit.

“No.. no no no no no....” Nicole whimpered.

With a bit of effort, and sucking in her belly, she was able to get the size 8 jeans buttoned. While it may have been a tight fit, it was still a fit. Her love handles squirted out ever so slightly, escaping the top of her jeans.

“Is that better, sweetie?” asked the salesgirl, sounding like a concerned mother.

“Ummm, yes. Thank you.”

Nicole was a size 8, she was in utter disbelief. She pealed the jeans off and then took one look at the size 10s. Fear coursed through her veins. However, she knew what must be done. She had to try on the size 10s.

Much to her dismay, the size 10 jeans went on without any issue. It was as if she was wearing her 4’s from last year. They fit perfectly. The fact that they were so comfortable is what disturbed Nicole the most. The bit of roominess she felt around the waist was the only salvation for her.

She took the size 10 jeans off, put her shirt and sweat pants back, and left the dressing room. Nicole knew that the right decision was to buy the size 10 jeans. They were more comfortable and flattered her figure better. However, she could at least get the 8’s to button. In this case, the number on the tag was more important than the fit of the jeans. It was a matter of pride. Nicole went to the register, paid for the jeans and headed home.

Part 11

“Wow, Nicole. I love this dress. Thank you so much for letting me borrow it.”

Nicole looked at her neighbor, Amy, the hot brunette from across the hall.

“Yeah, it looks really good on you,” Nicole added, begrudgingly.

“Oh, thank you! P90X is really paying off,” replied Amy, cheerfully. “You should try it yourself, I’ll let you borrow the tapes! The results are incredible”

Nicole looked down at her feet, which were becoming increasingly obscured by her growing belly. The truth was, she tried going to the gym last week. She tripped on the treadmill and ended up hurting herself. Of course, to the average gym attendee, the pain of the injury wouldn’t have meant anything and they would have soldiered onward. However, for some as out of shape and green to the gym experience as Nicole, it was a death sentence. Also, she ran into Vanessa in the locker room while she was changing into her gym clothes. The whole experience was a disaster.

“Yeah, definitely,” said Nicole. Deep down, the blond knew it would never happen.

“Are you sure I can borrow this dress? I remember how hot you looked in it last year.”

“Uh, yeah. It’s fine. I’m glad you can get some use out of it.”

“Well, thank you again! Lindsey, will I see you tonight?”

“Absolutely, Ames... I’ll catch you in a couple of hours.”

Nicole looked on with jealousy, as Amy left the dorm room and made her way to the cocktail party off campus she was attending. The sight of Amy’s pert breasts and firm rear almost drove Nicole to scream.

“So, what do you say Nicole, are you going to hit the party or what?” asked Lindsey, quizzically.

“I don’t know, I’m not feeling well,” lied Nicole.

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. It’s one of the last big parties of the year before finals. We’re all heading home for the summer soon. You haven’t really hung out with anyone lately! You’re not even going to the beach anymore. You used to love going to the beach last year. We used to go with Chris and Matt all the time,” retorted Lindsey.

Lindsey was playing stupid and loving every minute of it. She knew exactly why she wasn’t hanging out. Nicole’s string bikini didn’t fit anymore. Lindsey accidentally discovered evidence of this when she bumped into Nicole’s desk, two weeks early. The movement of the mouse activated Nicole’s computer from sleep mode, revealing a file on her computer entitled “beforebikini”.

Curiously, Lindsey opened the file to find a picture of Nicole, exploding out of her favorite, sky blue, string bikini that she had looked absolutely dazzling in only a year earlier. Lindsey was stunned. The love handles, the belly, the thick thighs, even the pimply face and double chin were almost too much for her to take. It was like looking at a totally different person. The best part was a Her plan was working.

Lindsey had an idea. She carefully logged onto her own email account, attacked “beforebikini.jpg” to the message and sent it to herself. After carefully covering her tracks, Lindsey anxiously jumped on to her own computer, calling up the email and the photo. After saving the photo, Lindsey went back through her old albums from last year. She found a picture of Nicole, looking stunning and standing at almost the exact same angle. She went into a photo editing program and created a side by side panorama with the two photos. The changes in Nicole’s figure were astonishing. She was bloated, beefy, and beer bellied. She had to put on at least 30 pounds, Lindsey thought.

“Yeah, I guess I just don’t like hanging out with Chris and Matt anymore,” said Nicole, solemnly.

Lindsey fought her hardest not to smile. Nicole could pretend all she liked that the reason she didn’t spend time with her old friends was because their company had grown old. The truth was, Chris and Matt had both found girlfriends, both of which were much hotter than Nicole in her current state. Just like the way Amy filled out her favorite red dress, Nicole was jealous of Chris and Matt’s new love interests.

“Well, that’s too bad, it was a blast hanging out with them last week. If you feel better, you should totally go.”

“Yeah... maybe,” muttered Nicole, clearly starring off into space. “I don’t really have... much to wear though...”

Lindsey smiled.

“You know Nic, you could always borrow one of my dresses!”

Nicole’s heart sunk into the pit of her stomach. Had she grown so much that she had graduated to Lindsey’s wardrobe?

“Yeah, thanks. Maybe. We’ll see if I feel better,” squeaked Nicole.

“Well, I have that turquoise and white dress from Macy’s that I bought last year. It’s a size 10, but I’m sure you could make it work,” said Lindsey said, in almost a devious fashion. She made sure to emphasize the size to Nicole.

Nicole, fighting back emotion ranging from tears to outright rage, nodded at Lindsey. How could she had let herself go? What happened?

Lindsey looked at her inflated, flabby roommate with a slight smile. Her plan had worked perfectly. She had taken the girl who had said some incredible nasty things behind her back at a party 9 months earlier, and turned that girl into her own worst nightmare. A pot-bellied princess, who lacked the confidence, elegance, and hotness she had a year earlier.

“Yeah, maybe I’ll see you there later.”

Satisfied, Lindsey grabbed her dress wrapped in plastic and a back pack filled with alcohol and headed for the door.

“Well, I am going over to Diane’s to get ready. I’ll catch you later!”

And with that, Lindsey left Nicole all buy herself. As soon as Lindsey left, Nicole quickly stripped off her sweats to a pair of plain white cotton panties and bra. She reached under her bed and pulled out a scale. Like a prize fighter weighing in for being a championship bought, the underwear clad Nicole hopped up on the scale and red the number to herself.

“151.2.... How???????”

The scale didn’t lie. She had gained another 5 pounds since the doctor’s visit, 3 weeks earlier. The 5 pounds were visible as well. It seemed as though 1 pound went to her belly, and 4 pounds went to her hips, causing even her newly purchased panties, from Wal-Mart, to to force her skin to pucker, creating a slight muffin top, despite their more appropriate fit.

“Thank God I got into the study abroad program for next year in Spain,” Nicole said, almost reassuring herself.

She reached on the bed, grabbed her cell phone, and made a phone call.

“Pick up... McMichael Hall.... large pepperoni with a cheesy bread side... Yeah, a two liter of Coca Cola too... Yes, it’s for Nicole. How did you know?”

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Part 12

“Yeah, I don’t think I’m going to make it to the beach today, Amanda. It’s just too hot out,” said a dazed Nicole, speaking into her phone, while lazily laying on her couch in pair of sweat pants and deceptively tight American Eagle t-shirt.

“Too hot out!? Are you serious? I haven’t seen you in like a year. I want to hang out. We can scope out hot guys while we’re there.”

Nicole reached for another handful of Doritos and sighed. Her mouth was stained with an orange covered residue from the chips. There would be little doubt to the casual observer that she had been snacking for the better part of 45 minutes. Her belly, which was now visible due to her shirt riding up, was littered with remnants of mostly eaten chips.

“Yeah... I’m just so, tired. It’s so nice in the air conditioning. Maybe we’ll meet up later tonight?”

“Okay fine. I’ll catch you later, girly. Really looking forward to seeing you!”

“Sounds great, I’ll text you later.”

The conversation finished and Nicole tossed her phone away. She settled deeper into the couch and turned on some trashy soap opera.

“Man, I am so hungry,” Nicole lamented aloud. “I don’t feel like moving though.”

Nicole had been home for a grand total of four days. She had not, however, seen any of her family members. Her mother and father were returning from vacation that afternoon. Her sister Jennifer’s husband, Robert, had helped move her stuff home from school. Since being home, Nicole had not left the house, instead spending each day laying on the couch watching television and bad movies on Lifetime. During this time, she had snacked almost non-stop.

Despite her protests after visiting the doctor six weeks earlier, Nicole had not yet committed to losing any weight. If anything, she had redoubled her efforts to gain more weight. Every now and then, she would be reminded of her weight gain, like when she was invited to the cocktail party but had to pass because she couldn’t find anything to fit her that she owned. However, she would quickly put those events out of her mind. She had even forgotten about her beloved red dress, as she never tracked Amy down to get it back.

There was even an incident when Robert showed up to school with his pick-up truck to help move Nicole’s things back home. Nicole couldn’t help but notice how her sister’s husband was leering at her, in an extended fashion. This was nothing new, as she was well aware that he was always attracted, ever since the first time he had laid eyes on her in a bikini when she was a junior in high school. This time, however, was different. There was a look of shock on his face as he analyze, processed, and computed every inch of her growth. Nicole, not wanting to face reality, chalked this up to Robert just checking her out again. Deep down, however, she knew what he was looking at. She just chose not to think about it, or admit it to herself.

Nicole’s brother-in-law could not believe how tubby she had become. At first, he felt a modicum of disappointment over her increase in size. It was true, one of the reasons he was happy to take the four drive up to the university to help Nicole move was that she was so easy on the eyes. Not too mention, there was plenty of other eye candy to scout on campus. It sure beat a certain trip to Home Depot with his nagging wife Jennifer, who had long since over ripened and passed by her aesthetic prime. So why not help his sister-in-law move out?

Soon, Robert’s disappointment grew into frustration. He could not believe how out of shape and lazy Nicole had become. Nicole spent most of that afternoon, dripping sweat, doubled over between the first and second staircase, attempting to catch her breath. All the while, Robert was hustling up and down the stairs, out working someone 12 years younger than him with ease. The smoking hot blond had turned into a chunky, beer-bellied, mess.

“God, I love Springer. I could sit her all day,” thought Nicole. “I need to eat something though.”

Unbeknownst to Nicole, she had already taken in 800 calories in under and hour.

Nicole struggled to sit up, her t-shirt riding up as her belly developed into one thick roll of fat. She brushed the crumbs off her body and stood up, letting out a yawn and engaging in a big stretch, causing her t-shirt to ride close to her chest, further revealing her toneless, pale paunch. Nicole slowly plodded toward the kitchen in search of some lunch.

The refrigerator was filled with healthy options, such as salad, yogurt, and a variety of fruit. Nicole’s hands avoided all of those choices, instead grabbing a stick of butter and a gallon of whole milk.

“I think I’ll have some macaroni and cheese,” Nicole thought to herself, excitedly.

Nicole reached in the cupboard to grab a pot and walked over to the sink to fill it with water. Upon filling it with water, she placed it on the stove and turned the burner to high.

“Alright, now... where the hell is all the mac and cheese? I bet she keeps it up on top shelf.”

Realizing that she couldn’t reach the top shelf, Nicole intelligently maneuvered a chair toward the counter top and climbed on top of it. Her movements lacked agility and grace.

“Where is it.... hmmmm...”

Nicole stood up on the tips of her toes, leaning into the cupboard. She looked like a ground hog, trying to burrow itself into the earth. Only this ground hog had packed on 30 pounds, and was on a ravenous search for a snack. Just then, the back door which lead into the kitchen swung open.

“Hey sweetie!”

It was her father.

“Hey honey!”

It was her mother.

“Mom! Dad! How was your trip,” said Nicole, digging furiously through the cabinet.

“It was great,” said Nicole’s mom. “Wow, this place is a mess.”

Nicole hadn’t been doing much cleaning since she came home. There was a significant pile of dirty dishes stacked up in the stink.

“Yeah, you need to clean this up, Jennifer. It’s not like you,” scolded the father.

Nicole jerked her head around. Had she really just been mistaken for Jennifer?

“Ummmm, I’m NICOLE dad.”

“Jesus, sweetie! What the hell did you do all semester! You look like you’ve packed on 25 pounds!” Blurted out Nicole’s mom.

Nicole’s father stood their speechless.

“I’m... I’m... I’m so sorry, from the back you looked so much like your sister,” the father said in an apologetic tone.

“Yeah, not only from the back, but from the belly too! What have you done to yourself? You’re not pregnant, are you? Oh god, please not that. You’re just fat, right?”

This was the second time in two months where Nicole’s bloated appearance was mistaken for pregnancy.

“NO! I’m not pregnant!!!!!!!!”

Nicole’s mother walked over to her daughter, pressing three fingers into her exposed abdomen, and then into love handles. Each time, they sunk in 3 to 4 inches.

“She’s definitely not pregnant, Greg,”

“No, definitely NOT mom!!!”

Nicole climbed off of the chair. As she climbed down, her mother touched her stomach, which squeezed into a thick, distinctive, pale roll as the daughter made her way to the ground.

“Nic, honey... wow. We’re sorry, but you’re turning into your sister! How much do you weigh now?!”

Nicole’s mother was straight to the point. The truth was, Nicole wasn’t sure how much she weighed anymore. She just knew that the body that used to turn heads had long since vanished. The former blond bombshell turned read with embarrassment.

“I don’t know, mom. I’m not THAT big, am I?”

It was moments like this where Nicole became all too aware of her current size. She could feel every ounce of adipose tissue she had added to her frame. Nicole recognize that, had she stepped onto a scale, that she would be close to 155 pounds.

“Sweetie.... you’ve... you’ve blossomed a bit,” said the mother, as politely as possible.

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Part 13

After finishing her shower, Nicole walked into her bedroom and squeezed herself into a pair of plain white panties. They were a recent purchase from Wal-Mart, a size medium to be exact, and were the plainest undergarment she had purchased since turning 16 years old. The white cotton underwear was a far cry from the satiny ones that she wore at the beginning of second semester, the string that normally encircled her hips now replaced by a much chunkier band. This ensured that the skivvies didn’t dig into her as much, so now, when her jeans would remove, she would no longer have the resemblance of a butcher’s pork roast, wrapped in twine.

The freshly showered chunkster reached into her drawer and looked for an appropriate bra. She had so many different colors and patterns, all of which had a pair of bottoms that matched. Unfortunately, her unmatched gluttony had succeeded in blimping her out of those garment options. She was now relegated to four pack of white, grey, and black she purchased at Wal-Mart for $9.99. Thankfully, like most women, she had a plain white bra to match.

Almost all women rue shopping for brassieres. Good ones are typically quite expensive, and the perfect fit is exceedingly difficult to find. Nicole, however, would have given anything to be forced into a bra spending blow out. The fact the her 34 A’s fit, albeit marginally more snug, was a crushing blow to her ego. By her estimation, she had packed on 25 to 30 pounds of pork. Yet nary any of it had landed on her chest. Most of it had gone towards developing thicker thighs, a bloating belly, heaving hips, and a bubble of a butt that, at this point, would require a sniper’s bullet, not a pin prick, to pop. The rest of it had been used to cloak any definition in her triceps, put her defined facial features in witness protection, and give her a soft, podgy, double chin.

And lets not forget any jewelry that was to be worn on the fingers. Her ring size had gone from a 5, to a 7, leaving many of her favorite pieces absolutely unwearable.

Nicole stood in front of her full length mirror. She began grabbing fat around her middle, moving her hands a few inches at a time around the circumference of her body, in opposite directions. She collected thick handfuls of blubber, squeezing them in such a fashion as if she could pull them off like bandages. Nicole’s hot, lithe figure, had been mummified by her own decadence.

Nicole looked around her room. It was a mess. There were two empty bags of microwavable popcorn on the floor. Two empty cartons of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream was starring back at her on her dresser. She frowned and sighed, allowing her belly to distend to its funny, corpulent size.

“When I do that, I can’t even see my panties,” Nicole moaned, gently slapping her pot belly and rubbing it.

“I’m fucking fat.”

While certainly not obese, Nicole was most definitely on her way toward any classification BUT skinny. To the average middle-age housewife, she had a figure to be envied. To the average 20 year old college girl, she had a figure to be avoided. There was no doubt that, in the eyes of her own peers, she was officially chubby. To anyone lucky enough to witness her enlargement, she had become downright fat.

“Well, might as well.”

Nicole bent over and reached under her bed, her pesky, podgy, paunch turning itself into 2 devastatingly thick rolls, hanging viciously over the edge of her panties like a suicidal man leering over the ledge of a ten story building. In fact, if she was able to step out of herself and see this image, it may very well have made her suicidal. Nicole stopped short for a second and stood up.

“Can I even touch my toes anymore?”

Despite the fact she never stepped into a gym, Nicole was quite naturally flexible. The men that she slept with were quite fond of this ability, often making a night with the stuff of legend. However, this exercise in bending over was quite difficult from Nicole. It was as if some of her dexterity had been sapped via her rampant six month bout of laziness.


Nicole bent over again, in just the same fashion she had a split second earlier. Once again, her dreaded gut erupted, along with an unusual tightness in her hamstrings. It was such a strange and foreign feeling for her. She stood back up, shaking her head.

“My belly is keeping me from touching my own toes!!!”

She bent over again to confirm her suspicion. The bloated blond was right. Her precious paunch was preventing her from bending fully at the waist. The atrophy that had occurred in her jello filled thighs wasn’t helping matters either.

With a great grunt, Nicole reached under the bed and grabbed the scale. She placed it in front of her, closed her eyes, and stepped on it. Just like she had in the doctor’s office, she curled her toes, hoping to some how limit the damage by cleverly manipulating her weight distribution.

Just then, the door flew open.

“Hi Nicole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

It was Amanda.

“Don’t you knock, Jesus!!!!!!!”

“WHOA WHOA.... I’m so sorry! It’s okay though, how many times have we seen each other in our unmentionables,” giggled Amanda.

Amanda’s giggles were her way of disguising the shock of seeing her former best friend, showing off every inch of newfound pudge she had added, in nothing but her underwear. The truth was, Nicole’s mother sent Amanda upstairs, knowing that her daughter had just finished her shower and likely wasn’t dressed.

News of Nicole’s expansion had spread much further than she had ever thought. Unbeknownst to her, Amanda had found out through a mutual friend a month earlier. When Nicole’s mother gave her the green light to check, she just had to see for herself. Deep down, she was hoping to see Nicole in a state like this. Amanda received exactly what she had wished to see.

“Yeah, I know... but....” sputtered Nicole.

Amanda right away could sense the lack of confidence in her best friend. She had pity for Nicole, knowing what it was like turn into a blimp while off at school. However, Amanda remembered all to well what it felt like to stand next to a much slimmer Nicole a summer early. She remembered the blonde’s judgmental looks, and condescending comments about getting her old clothes back. After all, a year earlier, Amanda weighed 148 pounds, up 30 pounds from her all-state track weight from senior year of high school.

The shock of seeing Amanda had caused Nicole to stand flat footed on the scale. Not only did she allow the full brunt of her portliness to press into the scale, but Nicole couldn’t step off the scale in time to conceal her weight from Amanda.

“157.8 pounds!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!! That’s like, 10 pounds more than I weighed last year, Nic!” Amanda shouted, with certain glee. She didn’t intend to sound so happy, but it was quite clear that she was.

Nicole hung her head down low, too stunned to get off of the scale.

“Yeah... ummmm... yeah. I’ve gained some weight...”

“Like almost 40 pounds, holy crap Nicole!!!!!! “

It was more like 36 pounds. Still, it was an amount that was absolutely shocking, humbling, and deeply depressing to the former bombshell.

“Yeah.” Nicole had nothing else to say.

“That’s like... almost 160 pounds! You must be having some fun!” Amanda was letting a lot of pent up anger and jealousy from the past year fly in the form of excitement and satisfaction.

The dejected and dumpy Nicole stood there, completely silent as she stepped off the scale.

Amanda could not believe what she saw, it was incredible. When she first walked into the room, she was greeted by Nicole’s ass, looked like two sides of beef, hanging side by side. Also, she noted how thick and tree like her calves had become, almost turning her entire leg into one continuous thigh, touching all the way up to the top. If that wasn’t shocking enough, Amanda was greeted by a full blown lazy girl spare tire hanging over the top of a plain pair of panties, thick love handles, toneless arms, and a fat face. Even Nicole’s back had gotten fat.

“I wonder how much I weigh?” asked Amanda, in a chipper fashion. “I’ve definitely lost some weight since last year, though I’m not quite down to where I was in college.”

And just like that, Amanda slid out of her sun dress, revealing a neon orange and yellow thong and a matching, strapless bra. She was wearing that underwear to be seen. Immediately, Nicole noticed a significant change in Amanda’s appearance. While not in the kind of shape she used to be, she had lost the bloated quality that plagued her the previous year. She seemed to be rounded and curvy in all the right spots, sporting only a semi-soft tummy and delectable bubble butt. She even managed to retain small C-ups.

“Oh wow, I can’t believe it!!!! 133 pounds! I LOST 15 pounds! GO ME!,” Amanda couldn’t have been more giddy. She was just now able to detect how vulnerable and upset Nicole was becoming.

“But, I have to tell you, I wouldn’t have guessed you weigh that much AT ALL! You look way better than I did last year!” Amanda was lying. Nicole had barely blossomed into a B cup.


Nicole was steaming. Just a year ago, she made Amanda look invisible. Now, she was the invisible one. She reached into her bureau and pulled out a pair of size 10 jeans. Size 10 jeans had fit perfectly a month ago at Abercrombie & Fitch. However, with 10 extra pounds, they were now painfully snug.

“Lets just get dressed and get going,” pleased Nicole.

“Okay! Better look good though, we’re going to dancing tonight.”[

(Continued in post 23 of this thread)

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gainingdane has said some nice things

Great story, one of the best i have ever read and i have read a lot.
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maxymumspyder has said some nice things

Wow. Thank you. I was beginning to wonder if anyone was really reading it!
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No scare your story is good
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chubbylover32 has said some nice things

been waiting awhile for more parts!!! keep them coming!
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Goodface has said some nice things
Thumbs up This story kicks major ass.

Spent the whole time reading it with my eyes pretty much glued to the screen. Please, please write more! I am addicted man! :P
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Wow, thank you all for the kind words. I'll see what I can do about getting some more parts up this weekend and finishing the story. What things have you enjoyed most so far?
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Thumbs up

Originally Posted by maxymumspyder View Post
What things have you enjoyed most so far?
I have enjoyed EVERYTHING! :P

I really enjoy reading the parts where Nicole just scans her body, seeing how much it has changed and grown. Those parts are definitely my all time favorites.
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romano1234567 has said some nice things

Great story! I liked the drunk bit. Maybe I'm just a tad sadistic, but I like a girl with very little self-control. You're a great writer, and I hope you continue to write even after this story is done!
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Borghen has said some nice things

Well, well, well, what have we here? A story, a very good one, to say the truth! You deserve my respect, even more as it is your first attemp (but I hope not the last). I seldom comment because my english is not very good and writing a lot gives me a headache, but this time I feel I have to.

What did I like? The plot. It is not original at all, but it is well written. I mean: many authors write stories about a not-so-bright girl gaining the unfamous "freshman 15" and undergoing any sort of humiliation, but it is usually something poorly written. The quality of your text is way higher. So, in short, others did it before, but you did it better. Every cliché (like the overweight friend planning to fatten her thinner rommate) is well developed and even marginal characters look "alive".
The descriptions of Nicole's weight gain are realistic and that's something I like as well. Other writers only speak of big tits-ass-belly, without caring about "side effects" lie dimples or cellulite: you do.
You also prove to have a good style when you show us the same part of the story (namely Saint Patrick's Day party) from two differente points of view: the drunken deluded girl and the embarassed boy. That is a good work, regardless of all the weight gain fiction implications; it means that you could write a good novel even about other subjects (e.g. a fantasy one).

Then let me tell you about a couple of things I did not like.
The meeting with Vanessa at the gym could have been more developed. Come on, you let it all to our imagination! In my humble opinion, you should have shown us the contrast between the two girls' bodies, making it perfectly clear that Vanessa does not even need to be a bitch to humiliate Nicole.
They way mom and dad acknowledge their daughter's weight gain is a little too abrupt, even if they cannot fail to notice it. I think it is a tad unrealistic to have her father guessing she has gained "25 pounds" at first sight. Again, a longer dialoge would have been more appreciated.

Ok, it is enough, I hope my comment may be of any help to you. I just cannot wait to read the next part!
Thanks for the good story so far!
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maxymumspyder has said some nice things

Thank you very much for the kind comments on the critique. I suppose at this point, very few WG are terribly original, so I appreciate you saying that mine was at least well written. It's great to hear how much you enjoyed the attention to detail that I put into parts of the story.

You're right, I could have done much more with the mention of the gym. Unfortunately, I felt adding such descriptions would only make the story go on longer, and there are many other parts I would like to some day get too. I think if I could have done it again, I would have fleshed out that part more. No pun intended.

As for the parents,I wanted to get across the idea that the mother is very sensitive about weight, as her last words to Nicole as she left her at school as a freshman were a warning to not turn into her sister. I don't think it's unrealistic for this woman, who had established her feelings on getting fat, voicing them immediately after laying eyes on her daughter for the first time in 5 months. Either way though, I can see your point. Something similar to what I wrote about actually happen to the person that this character was inspired by.

Thank you again for taking the time to read the story and leave some detailed comments, I cannot express how much I appreciate that. I always enjoy reading other people's thoughts about the story and finding out what they enjoyed the most.

Hopefully, I can find the motivation to finish it. I know how to finish it, it's just a matter of actually doing it.
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Borghen has said some nice things

Well, I am ready to read the next episode(s) as soon as you post them. I would rather wait a month to read a good story than waiting a day to read a bad one. So take your time and do not feel compelled to hurry up.

As I writer myself I found that a great way to find motivation in writing is doing something completely different and unrelated.
Now that we think about it, isn't it time you try to fix the carburetor of your sedan? Or maybe you should do the dishes? How about cutting the weeds for your neighbor?
Anyway, I wish you a nice sunday!

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chubbylover32 has said some nice things

don't give up on this story! it's wonderful
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carlox has said some nice things

maxymumspyder where are you ???
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maxymumspyder has said some nice things

I am still alive and kicking. The next part is half written, so it's just a matter of digging up the motivation to finally churn out these last couple of parts!
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Apologies to anyone that has been anxiously awaiting this next part. Many thank yous to everyone who has given me kind words, feedback, and encouragement. I hope this next part is worth the weight, pun intended.

Part 14

Nicole glances up at the clock, it reads 10:43pm.

“Nice, I’ll be able to catch Conan tonight,” Nicole thought to herself. “Too bad the Friday night guest is usually shitty.”

It was 10:43pm on a Friday evening and Nicole was at home, sitting in front of her computer, aimlessly surfing the web. Just then, her vibrated, she read the text message aloud.

“Why did you leave the leave the club so early? You didn’t even say good bye. Hot Rob from high school is here.”

Nicole grimaced, and scratched her stomach like Homer Simpson just waking up in the morning in his underwear.

“Who cares?”

The text was from Amanda. And it was true, Nicole spent less than an hour at the club. Enough for one drink, and to get winded during two songs.

Nicole nonchalantly tossed the phone away, almost with no regard for its technological health. There was something undeniably careless about the way she threw the expensive toy back on to her dresser. Her action of throwing the phone away was almost a microcosm for what she had become: careless and lazy. The phone ricocheted off one of the drawers and landed on the floor with a thud. Unfazed, Nicole went back to starring at her monitor intently.

“He probably looks like shit now anyways.”

“Hot” Rob was one of Nicole’s hook-ups while she was in high school. The truth was, she knew that he was at the club. In fact, he, and many of the other people from high school she recognized, were the reason she left the club. There was no way she was going to put her porking on display for the world to see.

“Mmmmmm...” NIcole muttered, in a visceral fashion, as she opened up the package of Little Debbie chocolate cupcakes. She took a gigantic bite, leaving spot of white cream all over lips. 40 pounds ago, the site of this white cream would have inspired sexual thoughts that would give even an impotent grandfather a teenage weight dream. Now, however, it was means to more embarrassment.

After fleeing the seen of the club, Nicole rushed home. This was the earliest Nicole had ever been home on a Friday night in her entire life. Typically, she would be the last one to go home from any social event. Now, tipping the scales at pimple faced 160 pounds, Nicole was becoming a wall-flower who wanted nothing more than to go home.

On the ride home, Nicole recognized that she needed gas and stopped off at the closest gas station. Her first mistake was that she went inside to pre-pay with cash, instead of swiping her credit card at the pump. When she walked out of the station, she had acquired the chocolate cupcakes, a 20 oz. Coca-Cola, and a bag of potato chips, which she had already opened and were sitting on her desk.

“What the fuck did Amanda call it??? BMO?”

Nicole strained her face in thought, pushing her chipmunk cheeks together, nearly obscuring her eyes from view. She typed in BMO calculator into Google, only to find nothing intelligent was returned. She looked at the top of the screen and read out loud.

“Did you mean BMI calculator??? Hmmmm, Yes that’s what she was talking about! Bitch just couldn’t get enough gloating in about her weight, could she?”

Nicole continued carrying on the conversation with herself.

“Alright, lets see what these calculators are all about.”

This was the most Nicole had to say all night, alone, in her bedroom. She uttered hardly a word while she was in the confines of the club. In the past, Nicole was always chatting with her friends and flirting with the boys, in spite of the loud dance music pulsating throughout the evening. It would seem, however, that as her waistline had expanded, her penchant for social interactions had gone on a crash diet.

“Hmmm, one for women. Lets see what this is all about.”

Nicole reached down, almost unconsciously, and pulled on her white tank top in a half hearted attempt to cover her budding paunch. While the effort would provide temporary coverage, the solution would only prove to be temporary. Any time she was in a sitting position, her once perfectly toned and taut abdominals would form one thick roll of of lazy girl gelatin, forcing any tight fitting top to slowly creep up her belly, like a plate tectonic heading for a collision under the Earth’s crust. The only difference being that the “continental drift” Nicole’s figure was under occurred and the blubber inspired by gorging on pizza crust.

“I think I’m... 5’5”... weight...”

Nicole couldn’t bring herself to say it out loud. She quietly typed in 158 pounds. As she hit enter, Nicole’s eyes drifted in shame to her thighs. Her legs, particularly her formerly lean thighs, were once a source of pride for the past blonde bomb shell. Now, they looked like two prisoners, trying to escape from the confines of the restrictive sweat pant fabric, like John Dillinger or Andy Dufrense escaping the confines of their cells. It was both sad and impressive, that someone that was once so lithe and petite, could make something as comfortable as sweat pants look so painful and uncomfortable. In fact, as Nicole’s white tank top slowly made it’s way up her frame, little cruel red marks could be seen forming around the waistband.

“What..... 26.4?!”

Nicole reached for a handful of potato chips and shoved them into her mouth. She then wiped the grease on the Victoria’s Secret sweat pants, which by the looks of it, had already been used as an oil rag. The fabric had a consistency earlier similar to that of Nicole’s face.

“I’m... I’m overweight!!!!!!”

And there it was, starring right back at her. According to this BMI calculator, Nicole was officially overweight. She had known that she had really let herself go the past few months, and her experience earlier that night really hammered that fact home. However, even after her doctor’s visit 15 pounds ago, she wasn’t classified as overweight. She had not yet encountered a metric, aside from an ill-fitting wardrobe, lack of male attention, and the sneering comments from others that made it official that was fat. However, thanks to the power of the world wide web, she was officially overweight. It didn’t matter how many buttons and zippers she blew out of old jeans trying to squeeze into them (She was up to 3 pairs, for the record), there was a mathematical algorithm that told her the truth. Statistically speaking, she was a porker.

“Maybe it’s just in comparison to the rest of the country. There are some old fat people out there,” Nicole said defiantly.

The former blonde bombshell stood up and walked over to her dresser, where she had left her bottle of Coca Cola upon walking into her room. She grabbed it and uncapped it, immediately chugging down 7 to 8 ounces in just a few gulps. Aside from it being the wrong brand, the scene was reminiscent of Shaquille O’Neal’s Pepsi Big Slam commercials for the early 90s. As Nicole chugged, she leaned back every so slightly, relaxing her stomach, allowing the full bloated nature of her gut to be on display. As she continued to chug, the white tank top rolled up, revealing how deep her belly button had become. The most striking feature was how pale the spongy flesh of her abdomen appeared. This was the latest in any summer Nicole had gone without being tan.

Nicole finished the Coca Cola and let it drop casually to the ground, which was fitting, as she was going for the city dump motif in her bedroom. Just as quickly, and with some serious effort, Nicole wriggled out of the pink sweat pants she was wearing, leaving her oversized, pear shaped, lower half on display for an audience of one. The blonde waddled back over to her computer chair, while her plain white panties became sucked into a set of dimple littered ass cheeks, like a carpet being inadvertently being sucked into a Hoover vacuum cleaner.

Upon sitting back at the computer, Nicole reached for some more chips, this time wiping the grease on her stomach, leaving behind the same oily shine that sun tan lotion used to 40 pounds ago. The pale and out of shape plumpster typed away on her keyboard, this time, trying to find a BMI calculator that would consider her age in determining whether she was considered overweight.

“AH HA! Here we go... I can’t be that overweight, can I?”

And with a few keystrokes, Nicole had her answer.

“Oh Jesus....”

Nicole’s weight, based on her age, left her in the 65th percentile. This meant that she was heavier than 65% of her peers! This was up from 50% on the previous website she checked, that compared her to all women.

“I wonder if....”

Nicole typed in 168 pounds, 10 pounds heavier than her current weight. She needed to know just how close she was to totally losing it.


What if she had gained 20 more pounds? Nicole couldn’t resist.

“78th percentile!?!? NO!”

Nicole closed her eyes, and imagined herself at 178 pounds. Eerily, it almost seemed more natural for her to exist at that weight, as the glory of 120 pounds seemed so far away. Would there be any chance her figure could ever bounce back from that? Her body would be permanently, even if she could lose some of the weight. Furthermore, could her body ever return to its former glory coming from a high weight of 158 pounds!?

“This has to change! And it has to change now... Look at me, I’m a slob!”

She surveyed her room, it looked like a bomb had gone off. A bomb whose contents was sugar and high fructose corn syrup.

“It starts now!”

Nicole stood up, looking overly vulnerable and chunk in her plain white tank top and panties. If you looked close enough, you could the see the remnants of the hot girl waiting to rise from the ashes like the phoenix. Then again, if you looked long enough, you’d realize she was just another average chubby girl.

“I leave for Spain in a couple of days. But the good habits start now,” Nicole said without much confidence.

And at the moment, Nicole got on all fours, and attempted to put herself into push-up position.

“We’ll start with some pushups!”

This was quite a bold move for someone who had never worked out, even when she was svelte and sexy. The toneless gelatin in her arms quivered uncontrollably as she attempted to lower herself to the floor. The tank top rode up nearly to the same level as her modest breasts, highlighting her fat back, unyielding muffin top, and pure pot belly, which had extended a good six inches past the top of her panties in this position. Her torso looked like a spool made off beef. Beef with heavy marbling of course.

“OH GOOD GOD!” Nicole panted, out of breath before finishing even half a push-up.

Nicole’s soft belly won the unintentional race, touching the floor before any other part of her body. Soon, the rest of her portly frame followed, as her arms gave out and she crashed to the floor in a soft mess.


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gainingdane has said some nice things

No need to rush it, better with quility than speed, but please keep writing it is an awesome story and a nother great chapter.
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Default Another good chapter!

It was quite a good read for those who have been waiting for more, but please sir, don't feel the need to get this done as fast as you can just because us readers are waiting! Take your time, and take deep breaths .
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