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Default Something's Gotta Give - by StrugglingWriter (~BBW, ~XWG)

~BBW,~XWG, Academic probation forces an exercise-obsessed sorority princess to decide what she truly values.

Something’s Gotta Give

By StrugglingWriter

“…to inform you that you’ve been placed on academic probation.”

Kelly couldn’t believe it! Yeah, there was that letter that said she was in danger of being on probation last semester, but who thought it would ever actually happen? Kelly pushed the letter into her overstuffed desk drawer. Couldn’t worry about that now…had to get downstairs to the gym and then get ready for the Start o’ Summer kickoff tonight.

Kelly slipped out the door, letter forgotten, thinking about how much she loved living in the Phi Gamma Psi sorority house as she bounded down the stairs from the third floor. She passed by some girls on the second floor landing and waved as she zipped by. The best girls! She reached the bottom floor and looked up the glorious staircase with the early summer sun blazing through bay windows at each landing. The best house! As she passed through the foyer She peered down the hall where some of the girls were setting up the meeting room for tonight’s party. The best parties!

But it was the room just off the foyer she loved the most--the only house at the university with its own workout room on the premises!

Kelly was a slender girl now, but she hadn’t always been. She’d chubbed up a few times as a kid, only to have her weight-conscious mother help her to get back on top of things. But no mother has that kind of control over her teenager. A pretty girl in a small town can afford to put on a few pounds and stay popular, and on the cheerleading team, and attractive enough to keep the prom king’s devotion while flirting the smart boys into doing her homework and helping her cheat on tests. Especially with the boobs a bit of weight gain gave her. They'd called her Kelly Kegs.

But no girl—no matter how blue her eyes, blonde her hair, dazzling her smile or big her boobs—can put on the forty pounds she did and have her pick of the best sororities at the biggest university in the state. And that’s about the only thing Kelly had ever wanted for her life. And her mom. Mom wanted Kelly to be a star in the same sorority at the same university—in the same house!—as she had been years before when she, too, had been a slender sorority star herself.

That’s why Mom had sprung for the personal trainer after Kelly’s senior year. Three months of four-hour-a-day workouts, and Kelly was ready for the college scene.

And boy was she ready! The four best houses on campus selected Kelly at Rush, but all Kelly cared was that Phi Gamma was one of them. Kelly was the best pledge in her class, an upper classman favorite, little sister of the Phi Gamma president. She was the first pledge asked to move into the house—spring of her freshman year!—and first freshman in a decade to earn a spot on the summer social committee.

None of that would have been possible without the “House Mother” keeping her on her exercise routine. “House Mother” was the sorority’s pet name for the elliptical in the workout room, which used to be the old chaperone’s room that every sorority house had by the front door. When other sororities had finally ditched their house mothers, they’d converted their rooms into study halls or offices. Now, Phi Gammas could hold on to that Phi Gamma standard in a fraction of the time without having to worry about negotiating restrictive campus gym hours or braving the obnoxious wannabe muscle heads at the 24-Hour Fitness.

Kelly strode into the workout room ready to jump the House Mother and stopped in surprise: Kelly’s older sister, Sherry Jennings, president of Phi Gamma Psi was standing there waiting for her.

“Thought I’d find you here.” That was ominous. So was finding Sherry here. Sherry mostly managed her figure with her eating disorder.

“I just got this,” she continued. She was nervous. Kelly squinted at the paper in Sherry’s hand and saw her name, then the first line, “We regret to inform you that you….”

“Oh, yeah. That,” said Kelly, stepping around Sherry and onto the elliptical. “How’d you get that?” Kelly paused. “Did you go inside my drawers?”

“Kelly, I--” began a flustered Sherry. She had that look Sherry always had when Kelly wasn’t quite understanding something. “As sorority president, the university sends a copy to me.”

“Why would they do that?”

“So I can help you stay on top of your grades!” Pause. “Kelly, why didn’t you tell me you were having trouble? Didn’t they send you a warning letter in the spring?”

Why was Sherry getting so upset? “Yeah, uh…I dunno…things weren’t all that bad. I, uh, did bad on some of my final exams.” She didn’t add that she’d blown off studying for a couple of them for that trip to the beach the weekend of. “Don’t worry! I’ll get it fixed so you won’t have to kick me out!” As if that would happen. She smiled, she laughed. “It’s no big deal.”

“Kelly, this is a big deal!” She was really getting angry. “Don’t you know what this means?”

Kelly stared at her blankly, still standing with her legs spread on the elliptical.

“Kelly, you can’t stay in the house if you’re on probation!”

Kelly’s heart froze.

Sherry’s face got angry. “I put everything into you! How could you do this to me!?”

Kelly just kept looking at Sherry. Can’t stay in the house. She slowly pumped her legs on the elliptical as that settled in. Then, her legs pumped fast as if to get in as much elliptical as she could. And then she stopped as she realized how useless that was.

“I’m sorry, Sherry. I didn’t know.” Wait…how could she do that to me? And, and, where am I gonna stay!?

“I know, Kelly. I’m just…disappointed. And I feel sorry for you. But I do have a plan.”


Kelly had to move out immediately. Sherry knew an alum who needed to rent out a space for the summer. So Kelly could pay for it, Sherry fudged some numbers and quietly refunded Kelly’s fee for the house. This was important because if Kelly were to write checks for an apartment, Kelly’s mom would find out about the probation.

Most importantly, Kelly had to get her grades up over the summer if she hoped to move back into the house in the fall. Only straight As carrying a full summer load could do that. That meant a lot of studying, and a lot of learning.

And that had both girls worried. Studying and learning were never things that Kelly was ever any good at.

Was it a matter of ability? Oh, perhaps. In high school she’d gotten by well enough. Her poor grades then were more a matter of motivation than mental muscle. If it was about shoe construction, fashion trends, or celebrity gossip, Kelly could read for hours and remember everything like the proverbial elephant. She was the whiz kid you wanted on your team in Trivial Pursuit just so she could answer the Entertainment questions—if you could get her to sit down long enough.

But science? History? Math? Anything applied? Well, Kelly most often chose hanging out and watching football practice or, after five minutes of trying to make any sense of her homework, going out for pizza and ice cream. She could find plenty of boys who could help her take care of that, anyway. And, for that matter, plenty of boys who would take her out for pizza and ice cream, too.

This really came through Sunday night, the night before summer classes started, in Kelly’s first meeting with the tutor Sherry made her take on.

“Tell me,” said Caleb, the tall, quiet, sandy-haired junior Sherry had sent over to the house. “How much have you been making it to class?”

Kelly knew she had to be honest or this would never work. “Ummmm, well…not so much.”

“Why not? First thing you should be doing is going to class.”

“It’s like this. Class is boring. And when I’m bored, I eat. I eat, I gain weight, and that means no Phi Gamma.”

Caleb didn’t know what to say. “Ah, I see.” Pause. “And time spent studying?”

“Well, there’s study hall at the house.”

“And how does that work for you?” said Caleb doubtfully, knowingly.

“Not so well. Lots of talk about boys and fashion and parties. Not so much studying.” Pause. “At least I don’t eat. When I’m not distracted by something, first thing I wanna do is eat. And, the House Mother—er, the exercise room—is right there.”

“So not eating is a big priority.”

“Yeah. Eat, gain weight. Gain weight, no Phi Gamma. It’s that simple.”

Pause. Caleb: “No class, no studying, no grades, no Phi Gamma. Something’s gotta give.”

Another pause. Kelly: “Yeah, something’s gotta give. Makes me hungry just thinking about it.”


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great start! I can't wait to read more!
How do you win a war, when you're not sure who the enemy is?

I do what I do...
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Default Too Sexy for My Shirt

Who knew summer classes were so long!?

It was Tuesday, half past eight, and Kelly sat bored in her desk. The wrappers for the two nutrition bars she’d brought for the two two-hour lectures she’d have to attend today were crumpled on the corner, and Kelly was already macking for something else to keep her interest. Something slow and chewy, Like Sugar Babies! she thought with a surge of excitement.

8:31. Ugh. An hour and nineteen minutes, and she could just make it to her ten o’clock if she stopped by the vending machine on the other side of the courtyard. That’s the one where she knew packages of Sugar Babies would be waiting for her.

She started doodling the words “sugar” and “babies” on her binder. Then she started sketching a map of her route to the vending machine between occasional scribbles about chemistry. I wonder what chemical formula makes Sugar Babies so sugary and still so chewy? Now that’s something that would make chemistry more interesting. Maybe they’d get to that in the three hour lab she’d have this afternoon. At least in lab you were mostly doing something instead of just sitting, listening, writing.

8:34. Ugh!


By the time lab was over at 4:00, Kelly was wasted—and not the kind of wasted she’d become accustomed to. She’d bought three packages of Sugar Babies to tide her through for Pre-Algebra and chemistry lab, only to find herself munching through them all the first half-hour of class. That last hundred minutes had to have been the longest ninety minutes of her life, just a hair longer than the last hundred minutes of chemistry.

She’d wanted to spend the break before lab with the House Mother, but she only had an hour before lab started. By the time she got to the house and back, she’d barely have twenty minutes to do much of anything—with no time to shower (or, she’d noted, a room to shower in).

And there was another reason not to go, too: all the girls knew by now she’d been kicked out for her grades. She knew the Phi Gamma girls would be polite—they all loved her—but for now she just couldn’t take knowing that behind their polite smiles and friendly words all the girls would know that she couldn’t cut being a Phi Gamma.

Kelly needed the grades. And, she needed to read. Summer school moves so fast! A chapter a day? Chemistry and math? Kelly needed every minute to study she could get! So she turned around the corner into the dining center, where she could get a nice long meal to help her focus.

Chemistry lab had involved a lot more boring lecture than she thought it would. Luckily her lab partner Chip was a really cute guy she could flirt with all through didactics—and during the experiment part, too. She’d separated him from most of the Skittles in his bag, which was good, since she hadn’t really come prepared for all that sitting. He didn’t seem to mind: he asked for her number, which was good, because he had a car.

That was important to Kelly right now, since she didn’t have one.

Dorm last fall, house this spring, Kelly had never needed a car at school. Now, though, she was well off campus, squatting in some alum’s house she didn’t even know. That meant taking one of the campus buses early in the morning , and the last one of those home left in an hour. She could go visit the House Mother and hope for a ride home, but if that didn’t work out, how was she gonna get home?

The obvious answer hit her: she’d just run! Five miles, loaded down with a few books…that would be a GREAT workout to wake her up, and the perfect way to work off all of that junk she’d eaten. The sun wouldn’t set for hours, and if she started right now—

“I’m. Too sexy for my shirt. Too sexy for my—“ Kelly’s phone, a number she didn’t recognize.

“Hello?....Oh, Chip! Hey, fancy hearing from you so quick!....…Uhhhh, yeah! I’d love to catch a bite! I have to get home to study later on tonight, but………Great! How about you pick me up over by the bus circle?”


True to his word, Chip got Kelly home in time by 7:00 to study. Actually, by the time she got home, Kelly had studied already.

Not that it had started out that way. Feeling a little guilty about not doing the running she knew she’d needed to do, Kelly’d been good. Small salad, baked potato, diet cola, just like any Phi Gamma should on a first date.

But then they got to talking about lab, and the teaching assistant, and the prof, and, well, Chip really seemed to know his stuff. So they ordered some chips and queso, an order of wings, and finished their lab write-up together, then dove right in to periodic tables, molecular weights and moles. What a silly way to count something…moles! She knew she’d done some of this stuff in high school already, but she guessed Chip just had a way of explaining things that suddenly made it seem really simple. By the last sip of her mint chocolate chip shake she had those first two chapters of chemistry down pat.

It seems like she’d just stepped in the door, satisfied in a way she couldn’t remember feeling in a long time, when the doorbell rang and Caleb was on the doorstep.

Suddenly all the satisfaction drained out of her. Couldn’t she get a break?

Good thing Caleb was impressed by all the chemistry Kelly had covered since Sunday. He was less impressed with Kelly’s math skills.

“Wow, Kelly. You’re really, I mean—wow. This is gonna take some work.”

They worked until 11:00, stopping only to get the pizza at the door, and Kelly wasn’t any closer to getting it than when they’d started. She went to bed discouraged and defeated, wishing she had a pint of Cookies ‘n Cream to drown her sorrows, but all she had was the dwindling supply of fruit and nutrition bars she’d bought over the weekend. She tossed and turned hungrily until finally drifting off to sleep.


And that was how the week went. Early morning bus. Four hungry hours of class. Solitary study at lunch. Three hours of chem lab. Three fun and productive hours at a greasy spoon with Chip. Three more hours of head-splitting math with Caleb.

Kelly started eating a full breakfast at the dining hall before class to curb her snacking, but it just wasn’t working. Her healthy snacks—sliced fruit, Cliff bars, celery—all of it was gone minutes into her first class and quickly restocked by vending machine lattes, Gardetto Melba toast, and Hostess donettes. She was getting used to eating again, and she found herself not only bored, but hungry.

She considered any chance of having some alone time with the House Mother as a lost cause. She gave herself no more pretense about running home or doing workout videos at the house. There was just no time, and no transportation. Calls from Sherry, wondering where Kelly was for study hall, went straight to voice mail.

Friday was the first day of reckoning. She breezed through her chemistry exam in no time. She breezed through pre-algebra even faster: testing doesn’t take long when you don’t know what to write. Before she knew it, Kelly was outside blinking in the late morning sun, realizing she didn’t have lab for the first time all week.

Realizing she was exhausted. She dipped into the dining hall for a quick lunch, then caught the bus home to nap all afternoon before getting ready for tonight’s party at the house.

That was when the last of today’s reckoning came to bear, come in the form of a pair of jeans.

Kelly stood matter-of-fact in front of the mirror hung on her new closet door, gazing at the soft ridge of flesh squeezing out the top of her waistband. Muffin-top in four days…so quickly! She rubbed her hands over her stomach, noted the soft layer of flesh now obscuring the bottom part of her abs. She rubbed her hands around the firm profile of her behind and noted as she did the foreshadowing of puffiness around her upper arms and poking out the top of her bra. And was it just her, or was the cut of her jawline starting to show some rounding.

She shed her clothes and went to the bathroom. She stepped on the scale she’d meticulously avoided as the week went on and watched the numbers settle.

130.2. Eight new pounds. She’d given back eight pounds!

Kelly pushed it out of her mind and went back to put on her clothes, this time opting for one of her time-of-the-month bras and a blouse instead of the form-fitting T she was going to wear.

Ah, well, she thought. So my ticket into tonight’s party cost eight pounds. Better than the alternative. And I have the weekend to see what I can do about it before the Hillbilly Bash next week.

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Sorry for the font size..didn't realize I couldn't edit it later.

Anyone here reading who knows much about the inner workings of sororities? PM me if you want to help.
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good piece!
How do you win a war, when you're not sure who the enemy is?

I do what I do...
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Default Stretching things out.

Kelly woke up Saturday morning, er, Saturday afternoon a bit bleary-eyed. She’d only had this feeling a few times before, but enough to know she’d gone way overboard at the party the night before.

Kelly had never really understood the idea of “blowing off steam.” Perhaps she’d never really had to focus in on much of anything for any length of time, except her social life, of course. But for the first time she’d really felt the need to forget the week, to let it loose and have fun to let go some of her stress and worry, and that’s what she had done, as much as she could remember.

She knew she’d had a good time, that her worries about showing up at the house had been overblown. The party was smaller than the ones during the regular school year, and it turns out most members weren’t all that on top of things during the summer. Most people didn’t even know she was out of the house, and not much of anyone who did cared. Sherry was the best: once she knew how hard she was working and how much success Kelly was having, she hadn’t cared the least about her missing study hall. Everyone at Phi Gamma was always so supportive of her!

She knew there was plenty of beer, and even a few shots, which was unusual for Phi Gamma and for her. She knew she’d left Chip in the dust to fend for himself a lot. That was OK—it wasn’t like he was her date or anything, and he was such an easy-going guy! She also knew she’d violated her after-party rule and gone to Denny’s after with a couple of sorority friends she hadn’t seen in a while.

Kelly felt the emptiness of hunger gnawing at her, but when you’re dizzy and nauseous just sitting in your bed, eating is the last thing you want to do! But the need for hangover comfort food was just around the corner, and Kelly had an all-but-empty pantry. Delivery pizza was out of the question…she’d had pizza four times this week! (No wonder she’d put on eight pounds!) The thought of the smell of pizza brought on a wave of nausea, and she lay back on her pillow with her eyes closed a few minutes to let it pass. Thankfully, it did without incident.

But maybe delivery without the smell was still an option! Kelly reached for the laptop beside her bed and found her grocery store’s website. Sure enough, delivery! It took a lot more time than she wanted it to by the time she entered her personal info, her address, her payment info….

Ugh! That meant getting up to find wherever she’d dropped her purse. (And a glass of water. And some Advil.)

But the shopping itself was easy: fruits, vegetables—no more nutrition bars! Lean Cuisines, bread, sandwich meat…and for today, click on that Cookies n’ Cream ice cream, and some Kraft Mac n’ Cheese. And what the heck, click on a deli pizza to save some coin for Monday’s session with Caleb.

Oh! And click “Save” on her grocery cart in case she had to do this again. She still didn’t have a car, you know. With that she pushed her computer aside, clicked on the TV and tried to not think about the instability in her stomach, dreading the impending sound of what she considered to be the world’s loudest doorbell.


She was standing there the next Monday noon because of the message on her test that said, “Please meet me in my office after class.” That was just under the number “32.”

“Kelly,” Dr. Lierman, her math prof, was saying, “I understand what you’re telling me about your situation. And I see you and your dedication in class. Really, I do. But the first test is the easiest, and if you’ve got a 32 on this one….” He trailed off, apparently not wanting to say she was going to fail the class, which Kelly guessed is why he had her here in the first place.

Failure was not an option. “Isn’t there something I—“

“But I do have an idea.”

Everyone was always coming up with great ideas for her!


“He told you what?” asked Caleb.

Caleb had to wait for his answer, since Kelly had just started attacking another piece of delivery pizza with her customary gusto. Saturday night she’d eaten that whole grocery store deli pizza after all, along with her Mac ‘n Cheese and pint of ice cream.

“He said”—chew—“that he would let me”—chew, swallow—“transfer over to his long term summer class. How long is that?”

“Ten weeks instead of five.”

“And do we still get the break between Summer I and Summer II?”

“Um, Kelly,” said Caleb, rolling his eyes, “there is no break between Summer I and Summer II.”

“Really?” Really!? Kelly had been counting on that break to mediate the effect of her “study snacks” on her wardrobe. She took another two quick bites of pizza to cover her disappointment.

“Really. So Lierman thinks if you have more study time you can pass the first test in the long course.” Caleb looked doubtful.

Kelly nodded while she chewed.

“But that course is at the same time as your chemistry course.”

“He’s gonna let me keep coming to the class I’m going to right now and even help me during his office hours.” Noon to one every day. Lunch time.

“Today was the drop deadline.”

“Yeah,” said Kelly, a bit guiltily. “I had to skip chem lab so I could run around campus and make the change.” Good thing, too. That way she missed having to face Chip after taking advantage of him this weekend. And, she got some time to grab the lunch she’d missed while squirming in Lierman’s office.

“Hm,” Caleb pondered. “You know next semester you’ll have to add another class, right?”

“Yeah.” Kelly was down to the crust, but she started to chew on that, too. “But that’s a whole month away.”

Caleb got that serious, negative look that crossed his face every time he talked about Kelly’s prospects of success. “Kelly, I think I’d be a bad friend if I didn’t tell you that you’re probably just postponing the inevitable.”

“I don’t think so,” she said bubbily, reaching for a third piece of pizza. “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

“What’s that?”

“I have this.” She pulled out some papers and placed them on the table. The top one said, “Please see me after class,” right under the number “32.”

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It is developing, these small pieces are killers to wait through but very important in the overall piece being put together!
How do you win a war, when you're not sure who the enemy is?

I do what I do...
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StrugglingWriter is a member of the 500 clubStrugglingWriter is a member of the 500 clubStrugglingWriter is a member of the 500 clubStrugglingWriter is a member of the 500 clubStrugglingWriter is a member of the 500 clubStrugglingWriter is a member of the 500 club
Default Cars, cows and kegs.

Lierman was a tall, bony middle-aged guy with a gray-striped beard and glasses. He was definitely a geek, but he was very warm and supportive. And he had this way of looking at you that just made you want to do well for him. No wonder all the students recommended him. That, and he was supposed to be easy, although Kelly sure wouldn’t know.

“No, Kelly, when I’m asking for ‘a root’ on a test I’m looking for you to….” Lierman was droning on the next day, pointing to a question on Kelly’s test. Her answer was so scribbled over in red that it made her think of pizza sauce. God, was she hungry! She’d had to cut out of class early for her make-up lab today, and all this running around and this skipping lunch thing was for the birds. She was having trouble concentrating.

Just on cue, Lierman asked, “Kelly, are you listening? You seem to be having trouble concentrating.”

“Well, I, uh, I’m just trying—“

“What was I thinking! You’re probably in class all day, and now you’re missing lunch.” He bent behind his desk, came back up with a Big Size Snickers bar and put it on the corner of the desk. “Luckily, I come prepared for such emergencies.”

“Thanks,” Kelly said, gazing longingly at the bar. Nougat! Yum! “But I’m fine.”

“Nonsense! I bought a dozen for Dr. Earland’s son’s baseball team, and there’s no way Mrs. Lierman would let me eat them all.” He looked at her kind of oddly, with a strange smile. “I’d be offended if you said no.” Then he winked good-naturedly, like he wouldn’t really be offended.

“Thank you, Dr. Lierman. That’s very kind of you.” She opened up the candy bar to expose the end, broke it off demurely (as if) and put it in her mouth. Mmmmmm! It was all she could do to not snap up the bar right there and devour it. As the hour snuck by she rationed it out as best she could to appear polite, and the effort took almost everything she had. She wasn’t bored, but this was one time a snack didn’t help to focus her attention.

Soon enough, though, it was almost time for lab, and Kelly was worried about picking something up at the snack shack along the way from Lierman’s office. “Good work today, Kelly,” Lierman was saying.

“Oh,” he added, “and this is my lunch hour, too. Feel free to bring your lunch tomorrow and we can be sloppy and rude together. For now, though, here’s another candy bar for the road. Can’t have those sitting around the office!”

Kelly felt a bit put upon but couldn’t refuse. She took the candy bar, smiled and thanked him for the effort, then turned on her heel to get something a bit more substantial from the Snack Shack anyway. She shook her head thinking about where things were headed. Just what she needed: another daily study meal!


A few hours later, Kelly was sitting with Chip, waiting for their battery experiment to turn out, sharing her Snickers and a bag of Gardetto’s all melba toast crackers.

She was taking the opportunity to apologize for her behavior over the weekend.

“…and I didn’t mean to make you have to take care of me around a bunch of people you don’t know. I swear I never do that.” Well, not often, at least. “I must have been pretty awful.”

“No, not at all. Really.” A lot of guys lied to Kelly at times like this, but in Chip’s face he seemed to be pretty genuine. “I don’t need you to baby-sit me. And, you’re one of the sweetest drunks I’ve ever been around.”

“Gee, thanks, Chip.”

“No, really. And cute. I’ll take care of you any time.”

Uh-oh. Why did this always have to happen? She’d paid her own way to dinner pretty much all last week! But, still…that 78 on her chemistry test had her troubled. And she still needed a ride.

“Thanks, Chip. You’re the best.” She leaned over and gave him the friends hug. Thankfully, Chip gave him a polite friends hug right back. “So then we’re on again for tonight? I missed class, and we’ve still got a couple of reports to write up. And, I’m starving! Where do you want to go?”


That night was the most relaxed night Kelly could remember having in a while. She and Chip had finished their labs together and done several nights worth of homework over double cheeseburgers and milkshakes. It seemed like they weren’t even trying! Especially since it turns out Chip always got a perfect score on these things.

And now that she was studying with the prof, for the first time she knew she had a chance of getting through Pre-Algebra unscathed. She even thought about cancelling with Caleb, since he didn’t come cheap, but she really didn’t want to hurt his feelings. And, it was his turn to buy the pizza.

She even seemed like she was starting to pick some of the math up. Cartesian planes made sense, and describing a line with an equation wasn’t as weird as it seemed when you realized it was just as silly to do that with chemicals in a lab. Of course, they were working on the same problems from the test she’d been working on with Lierman earlier in the day, too.

“You know, Kelly,” Caleb mentioned at one point in his typical pessimistic way, “there’s no way the actual test this Thursday is going to be the same test. No prof is that stupid. Everyone would cheat!”

“You think?” asked Kelly, considering that for the first time. “How much different could the two tests be?”

“And another thing, don’t forget you still have to take the second test in the short course on Friday, too.”

Kelly’s heart dropped as she realized he was right. That stuff was hard, too. She’d been totally lost in lecture that morning. “Crap.” And a thought. “Order the extra large pizza, Caleb. I think we’re in for a long night.”


It was a long night. So long Kelly overslept the next morning and was thirty minutes late to chemistry. Well, she would have been, but she figured at that point she’d just be lost anyway, so she might as well succumb to the rumble in her stomach, have breakfast and be ready for math. It struck her as funny how a week ago she’d never had time for a good breakfast. Now it took first priority.

Brain food, she thought. Who knew there was such a need? At least she’d have double the snacks for math class. That and the caramel frappucino she got at the Snack Shack as a pick-me-up for lecture.

By the time class was over, she felt both smart and full. So when she sat down with Lierman without a lunch, she was surprised when he asked her where her lunch was.

“I had a late breakfast, and a snack. I’m fine,” she replied.

“Nonsense,” Lierman said. “You just had two hours of mind-numbing lecture. The brain needs energy, Kelly, and if you don’t care of your basic needs, you can’t attend to your higher ones, like learning.”

Kelly didn’t know what to say. The man was thinking her own thoughts. Thankfully, in his usual fashion Lierman kept motoring on.

“That’s OK. I brought enough to share.” He reached under his desk and pulled out a grocery bag and started to unload it. “A couple of apples, some celery and peanut butter, granola bars…oh, and a couple of these, too.” He grabbed a couple of the Snickers bars and placed them on the desk, too. “I have to sneak these in on my own. Mrs. Lierman’s always on top of me about what I’m eating.”

“Me, too! My mother, I mean,” noted Kelly, looking around for pictures of his wife. This was the first hint she’d had that he was married.

“Here you go,” said Lierman, opening his wallet. Man, was this guy observant! He showed her a picture of him standing beside what could only be his wife, but she did a double-take. This woman had to be over 300 pounds! She’s on top of him about what he eats?

“Beautiful,” Kelly said. And she was. Thick brunette hair with dark brown eyes and perfect olive skin.

“You’re beautiful, yourself,” said Lierman, with a pause very awkward to Kelly but that he didn’t seem to notice. “No wonder you’re Phi Gamma.”

Kelly didn’t know what to say. She’d never had a grown-up flirt with her before. Well, not one she knew he knew was that much older than her.

“But on to equations,” Lierman blundered on, oblivious. This guy really was a geek. “And help yourself to all the peanut butter you like. I only like to put on the smallest bit.”


She had to skip out on dinner with Chip to do it, but that Thursday night Kelly took and passed her Pre-Algebra test. Kelly was as confident about that as she had ever been about anything.

Why? Because Caleb was wrong and it was the same test! Twenty minutes and she all but skipped her way out of there. She didn’t even have a chance to eat the Snickers bar she’d saved for the occasion.

But the celebration didn’t last long. Caleb kept mulling it over as they struggled together with Kelly’s preparation for the quick test turnaround the next day.

“The same test…the same test….” He just kept repeating it. “The same test? Really? Hm.”

As for Kelly, she was having a hard time concentrating knowing she was probably gonna get two shots at tomorrow’s math test, too. She said so.

“You really want to take that chance? Besides, he said you had to improve all semester to pass. He did you a favor. I wouldn’t make him regret it.”

“Uhhhh, I guess so,” Kelly opined, but privately she had her doubts. She kept thinking about his comment about being Phi Gamma. The more she thought about Phi Gamma, the more she was dreading Saturday’s Hillbilly Bash.


It was Saturday afternoon, and Kelly was facing square in the face what she’d been dreading. Or rather, square in the mirror.

You can do a lot of hiding with sweat tops and cut off sweat shorts, especially at college, and that’s just what Kelly had been doing all week. But underneath bras don’t lie, and hers had been quietly talking truth to her all week.

Kelly Kegs was back.

Officially Kelly Kegs was back to the tune of SEVEN more pounds. She’d have sworn every bit of it went to her breasts. She was standing there in just her braids, her underwear and her Daisy Duke checkered shirt tied up underneath. She could barely get the bra fastened, and she had boob vaulting out the top and cleavage oozing out under her arms. She knew if she moved too quickly the whole bra would slide right up. Not that she could really move. The bra was cinched around her chest like a straightjacket, and her upper arms had filled out her sleeves the moment she tried to bring them down to her sides.

Clearly, though, she had other issues. Her panties gouged into her waist, which puffed out over the waistband, and each of her thighs bulged out like plumped sausages before curving back around to her knees. There was no way she was getting those cut-off shorts on around those, and even if she did, there was no way she wouldn’t be a spectacle for all the girls to see.

There was only one thing to do. She walked over to her phone, wincing as for the first time she felt that old the familiar jiggle of extra flesh sitting on her hips and tummy. Her breasts, on the other hand, felt like they were wrapped in PVC thanks to the constriction of her bra. She slipped her arm behind her awkwardly around the new girth of her upper arm and squeezed the clasp of her bra with all her might before it popped open, her girls falling down heavily with what seemed like a flood. She took a deep breath of relief and dialed up Chip.

“Hey, Chip…yeah, yeah…I’m all ready for tonight. Well, no I’m not. I’m having kind of an emergency here. I was wondering, could you pick me up early and help me run a little errand?”

It took three hours—poor Chip, Kelly thought, walking around with her, enduring the inevitable “Well what do you think about this?” and the “Are you sure this doesn’t make me look _________?” The jeans she’d needed for cut-offs—two sizes bigger!--she’d found at Goodwill, best source of all sorority party costumes. But she’d paid a pretty penny at Dillard’s for the only country shirt she could find—up from extra small up to a small—and of course a new bra. She’d added two inches around the chest, and she was back up to a C-cup from her B. Add it all up, it all cost her a cool hundred bucks, and this on top of rent and all the meals out she’d been having!

Why didn’t I bring some of my bigger sizes from home! she asked herself. Because, she answered, you didn’t plan on during into an out-of-control pig in the space of two weeks!

But all made up was she a sight to behold! With a bandanna fluffed just right through the belt loops of her shorts, no one would notice the dusting of fluff around her midriff in low light, and what with the exaggerated proportions of her hips and boobs now, who would think to look? It’s not as if every girl in the place was Jillian Michaels anyway.

Katherine Bach, eat your heart out!

Which was exactly the problem. Here she was, in a fashion emergency, putting out some really nice guy to save her from her weight, and all she could think while walking through the mall was how hungry she was! High school had never been like this. Then she just ate when the social situation suited her, whenever she felt she wanted to. Suddenly tied to a desk, boredom had compelled her to eat, and now her constantly rumbly stomach all but constantly demanded it! Stressed out all afternoon about the clothes she was all but busting out of, still what she really wanted was some Panda Express and Mother’s Cookies from the food court!

It must be about time for my period, she realized. Doing the math (which, she realized, she was getting better at), she realized she was right. What a relief! was her second thought. So I’m not losing my mind was her next thought. The following thought? Huh. It’s been a while. And finally, PMS-ing? Well, experience told her, there’s no fighting that!

And indeed there wasn’t. Not that night there wasn’t.

Officially, her sorority big sister Sherry was responsible for this party, but before she’d been suspended from her duties, this was really Kelly’s baby. They had catered BBQ with all the fixins, as it were. The Sigma Nus, who co-sponsored this party? They’d homebrewed beer and distilled whiskey for the occasion! A mock-up of the General Lee was sitting on the house lawn when they pulled up, and there was an above-ground pool with a platform for a belly-buster diving competition!

There was no way she was holding back on any of this! She went back for seconds and thirds on brisket, beans and cornbread while the guys—done up in too-small cut-off shorts, boxers and various versions of hillbilly sunburns—showed their bravado in the pool. They all looked completely stupid, which was of course the idea, and it made Chip, who hadn’t been prepared for all of this, look that much classier in comparison.

This time she didn’t lose her manners, although she had plenty of opportunity. Sorority girl Kelly always got plenty of attention from the guys. But the attention Kelly Kegs always got was on a never level. But despite all the shameless advances from liquored-up partying frat boys, Kelly never forget to introduce “my good friend Chip” around.

Chip, for his part, played the chivalrous part in return. It was after he brought her the fourth shot of grain alcohol and sour that a very dizzy Kelly, hanging on Chip’s arm, dazing up into what she was convinced was the most rugged handsome face, confessed…

…”I promished you…I waszhn’t gonna do thizz….”

She’d been convinced that would come out right, convinced she could not appear like she was drunk. Now she was just hoping her head would stop spinning before she fell down.

“I told you,” he said. “I don’t mind taking care of you.”

“Well, in that case....” Kelly leaned into Chip, pinched her nose, and downed the shot of “whiskey.” Followed by a grimace and the urge to throw up, of course.

“Ugh! Tha shtuff is terribuhble.”

It wasn’t too soon afterward that Kelly knew she’d hit the wall, and she found her way to the house bathroom to tidy up before leaving. Not surprisingly, the bathroom was occupied, and she didn’t have the balance or the moxy to head upstairs to her old room. She parked herself and waited on the chair placed there for just that purpose and leaned her spinning head back onto the wall just next to the stairs. Up the stairwell a couple of guys were talking about things guys at parties talk about. She perked up, though, when she heard her name.

“Man, did you see Kelly Kingsley? Holy shit, she’s looking good tonight!”

“Kelly’s always looking good, man. I’d hit that in a second, if I could get in the door.”

“I never knew that hot rod was so stacked…man, those headlights are on high beam. They oughta start calling her Kelly Kegsley.” Kelly smiled to herself on that one.

“No shit! Looks like she’s starting to chub out.”

“Don’t know about that, man, but what would you rather have, top choice sirloin or a juicy cut of ribeye?”

“Man, you mixed your metaphors. Make up your mind: is she a car or a cow?”

And the conversation wandered from there, and so did Kelly’s concentration, until the door finally opened and her urgent bladder seized her attention. More composed and very self-satisfied, Kelly went back out to the lawn, said a few good nights, then had Chip usher her to his car.

No trip to Denny’s tonight, but that didn’t stop them from hitting the drive thru at the Jack-in-the-Box for curly fries and a Coke. A few minutes later, Chip supported Kelly to her door and helped guide her key into the lock. She turned to him.

“Jus because, because you think I’m cute when I’m drunk, doesn mean you cn come in.”

Chip smiled and started to turn away.

“Hey!” she yelled, too loud. She quieted down. “Tha doesn mean you can go without kiss, kissing me, either.” And with a sloppy first kiss, they said good night. Kelly immediately crashed on her bed fully clothed, and as she wandered into sleep, she mused whether she’d be remembered as a sportscar or a cow.


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TheOwl has said some nice things

Yes the big debate, what is your favourite cut of beef.

Really been enjoying this story so far, can't wait for more.
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another excellent addition...this is developing nicely!
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Thanks for another installment! Really enjoying it!
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Default Gaining some perspective.

Sobriety on Sunday (afternoon) brought new commitment to Kelly. Kelly Kegs or not, her wardrobe, her wallet, and her reputation in her sorority were pushed to the limits by her new fifteen pounds, and getting control of herself again would be essential to working back into her former Phi Gamma Psi status.

So, yes, she ordered her hangover comfort food again from the grocery store, but this time she planned better meals for her week. And that evening she strapped on the running shoes and a very tight training bra and logged a few miles. She never did get into a rhythm, what with the new weight and the beating her body had taken the night before, but she’d lost weight the hard way before, and this was nothing compared to her training regimen as a true chub last summer.

Monday brought her jam-packed study schedule again, what with her second chemistry test on Tuesday. But confidence about her performance on that test and the relief of knowing she had the help she needed to make it through Pre-Algebra helped her relax a bit the rest of the week—enough to cancel a couple of study sessions with Caleb for the week to save some coin and to take advantage of the summer sun to work in even more miles.

She even found more self-control to stick to her planned snacks for class and to have the sensible study date meals with Chip that were befitting of a composed Phi Gamma girl. Those sessions were becoming more and more business-like, as slowly Chip, nice a guy as he was, seemed to be realizing he didn’t have much in common with Kelly. That is to say, Kelly was all into the Greek scene, and Chip really was not.

Her lunchtime meetings with Dr. Lierman started to turn a bit more to the strange side. She’d begun coming prepared with sensible sandwiches and fruit, and, though she politely accepted Lierman’s customary candy bar—didn’t he say he had, like, just a dozen of those or something?—she was putting off munching on that and only opening it on her way to lab. Lierman commiserated with her a bit every day about the constraints of eating healthily, as usual munching on a lunch that was now very similar to Kelly’s. But his mood seemed to sour as the week went on.

Monday noon and Lierman was praising Kelly for her great improvement from Test 1 to Test 2—which, by the way, was all of three points. Of course, she had almost two weeks to improve on that grade just like before, and, just like before, they worked directly from the test she’d failed so miserably on.

But as the week went on he got less and less encouraging, by Thursday even saying, “Kelly, I don’t know…it just doesn’t seem like you’re progressing the way I’d hoped you would.” Kelly’s heart dropped when she heard it, and she immediately felt the familiar anxiety she’d had at the beginning of the summer. The anxiety she’d covered up with her 100%-Positive-Kelly-Attitude and hadn’t even known was there.

Kelly brought up Lierman’s comment with Caleb on Thursday night, which was devoted to a marathon session to help prepare her for her third Short Session Pre-Algebra test Friday morning.

“Wow. That’s a switch,” he said. “What did you do, refuse to sleep with him?”


“Well, why else would he be doing this?”

“Because,” said a flustered Kelly. She didn’t like Caleb saying what he said. “Because he’s a nice guy and wants his students to succeed.”

“Unh-hunh. Tell me, how many other students have you seen coming to his office hours? Sharing lunch? Giving away the answers to his test?”

Kelly stayed silent, even though she didn’t want to. Caleb had a point.

“I don’t know. It’s just weird. That’s all I’m saying.”

Weird enough that the urgency to do well tomorrow had returned and to study Pre-Algebra well into the night. But there were no extra-sized pizzas or extra snacks necessary to keep this going. Kelly was back in disciplined mode.

Disciplined enough that even after bombing the test the next day anyway—well, Kelly at least worked through most of the period and put something down for everything, but she knew by now what bombing these things felt like—she felt confident enough in herself to swing by the house and get reacquainted with the House Mother. Apparently no one was really around the first floor that afternoon. She slipped into the hall bathroom to change into some workout gear—her mind inevitably turning to the topic of what kind of beef cut she might be.

She took a look: Certainly not top sirloin, she assessed, noticing the inch-to-pinch around the top of her waistband, but at least she didn’t have to squeeze into them like a sausage into its casing. Her breasts, though, sprouted into two hills of cleavage above her spandex tank, despite all its attempts to push them flat for a battery-free workout. With shorts stretched across her hips to the max and breasts poking out like bad implants, she looked like the cover of an 80s workout video—and probably not one you could have gotten as a teen at the Blockbuster either. With udders like this, I’m more of a milk cow than burger!

The thought amused her. Realizing she’d thought it surprised her. She enjoyed the sorority girl image, and she had nice breasts at any weight, but she’d forgotten the power massive boobs (which based on experience she figured she was just about on her way to having) have to help you relax about your weight. Enough to not mind calling herself a cow, at any rate!

So Kelly was feeling pretty good about herself as she exited the bathroom, slipped around the corner toward the House Mother, and all but ran into Sherry coming the other way. And someone else with her.

“Kelly!” Sherry exclaimed with a smile. “Fancy seeing you here!”

“I know,” Kelly smiled back. “I should have worn a name tag!”

“That would help. We hardly recognize you around here.”

That line wasn’t from Sherry. That was from her companion, Lindsey Huntington, a junior officer in the sorority and past sorority little sister of Sherry, before Kelly had come along. Lindsey had a great reputation in the sorority, and Kelly loved her, but Lindsey never seemed to like Kelly very much. Kelly got the implication right away. Sherry didn’t seem to.

“I take it you’re about to take your rightful throne back on the House Mother,” she said. “I guess that means things are going either really well, or really badly.”

“Nope, nope,” smiled Kelly. “Get ready to see me on the Dean’s List, ‘cause this girl’s making all A’s!” This was technically true. In addition to her almost-perfect make-up Pre-Algebra test, she’d made an 82 on her second chemistry test. Caleb had helped her work out the math and said that if she kept doing well on her homework, she might just get an A yet. “I’ll be the smartest Phi Gamma on my floor come the fall.”

“That’s great news Kelly,” Sherry noted. “You remember Gail Hedges, Lindsey? My Big Sister back when? She’s taking Kelly in for the summer.”

Lindsey gave Kelly the oddest up-and-down look, replied, “Oh! Like two peas in a pod.”

Now why would she say that? “Oh, no. She works out of town or something like that. I haven’t even met her yet, but I like her more the more I hear of her.”

With that Kelly gave Sherry a hug and said goodbye to Lindsey, then slipped in to see the House Mother. She worked as long as she dared, given that she still had to head home on foot afterward, and though it was nice to see Sherry, she was preoccupied that Lindsey, a fellow Phi Gamma, would give her such a chilly reception. It also made her curious for the first time about the girl who’d given her a spare room for the summer without even meeting her. Not even talking to her. All just because they both knew Sherry.

That, she thought to herself as she stepped down from the elliptical, is what the Phi Gamma Psi spirit is all about!


It wasn’t until Sunday that Kelly remembered her curiosity about her mysterious benefactor. After the constant presence of other girls in the sorority house, and after three weeks now of non-stop study, and without a weekend devoted to post-party recovery, Kelly was feeling the acute bite of loneliness for the first time in she didn’t know how long. Saturday she’d enjoyed the chance to take a jog and a much-needed trip to the grocery store, even cracked open her books a few moments and studied with no one else around. That didn’t last too long because the moment she did she instantly had the urge for something sweet. That just seemed like a waste of a really dedicated week, which meant closing the books and finding something else to do. That hadn’t worked out so well, either, and she wound up curious to see what she could prepare in the kitchen. Given her lack of skills, that didn’t last long, and she wound up walking down to the Subway anyway. At least she could get the low-fat sub. And a cookie. Hey. It had been a good week.

And it had. Kelly’s Sunday weigh-in showed a three-pound loss as a reward for her efforts, and now, after another aimless day, Kelly was munching the leftovers of a Panda Express run as another lonely reward for her efforts. As the weekend had progressed, a nagging thought had been tickling the edge of her brain, and now it was breaking through…

…with all the girls I’ve gotten to know the past year, how come none of them are calling me?

She kept looking at Gail’s picture standing on the corner of the kitchen counter. She was a beautiful brunette: full, dark locks; deep brown eyes; dimples, pale skin…what a beauty. And, she noticed, young. She thought about all of the pictures of Gail around the house: all of them with various girls from her Phi Gamma days (as the understated earrings and Calvin Klein look shouted loudly), and, she realized, none of them with her Little Sis Sherry. And yet, here was Kelly, refugee in her house only because of the “family heritage.” Where was Gail now? What was she doing?

Exactly what does life after Phi Gamma look like?

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The slow reveal about the secondary characters really helps this one stand apart from a lot of similar stories--nicely done!
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I couldnt agree more with Tad and I think this is going somewhere interesting!
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Default Heroes.

By noon on Monday, life was looking pretty bleak.

“I’m having a hard time justifying investing this amount of time in someone who just isn’t making progress,” Lierman was saying.

Kelly choked back what she wanted to say: But I made a 55 on my third test! That’s almost double what I started with!

“Have you thought about getting a tutor?”


“Oh, yes. You told me. I remember.” Lierman exhaled and sat down with a look of disdain.”I get the sense that something’s changed the last week or so. Are you sure you’ve been putting in the effort outside of here that you say you are? It just seems to me you’ve been invested in other things.”

Kelly, aside from having trouble letting go of the 23 point improvement she’d already made this month, didn’t have the slightest idea what Lierman could possibly be talking about. She said so that night as she sat down with Caleb.

“Invested in other things. Hmmm.” If Caleb had a beard, he’d have been stroking it.

“I know. It’s weird. I mean, I went to two parties and he couldn’t tell a thing. The week I really start to get my act together, and all of a sudden he’s this shy of giving up on me!”

“Well, for all his bluster, he still worked with you all through lunch,” Caleb noted. “And I have other news. I checked the test bank over at the Phi Gamma house today, and sure enough the first test from Lierman’s Long Session Pre-Algebra class was sitting in it.”

“Yeah, and?”

“It was different from the Short Session test, the one that you took. Twice,” he added for emphasis.

Kelly looked at him, waiting for an explanation.

“Kelly, the man specifically helped you to cheat.”

“No!” Then Kelly paused. “I mean, maybe he just made a mistake.”

“Are you sure you didn’t turn him down?”


Caleb laughed. It always tickled him to use Kelly’s willingness to believe the best in everyone as a chance to get a rise out of her.

“I know, I know,” he chuckled. “I believe you. But something’s changed. I guess we’ll find out Thursday night when you take that second test again. Hey,” he added, “did you order a pizza yet? I’m starving.”

“No,” said Kelly, glumly. “I have a couple of Lean Cuisines and some veggies, if you’re interested. I stopped stuffing myself silly all last week, and I’m trying to keep a good thing going.”

“Hm,” said Caleb, not scratching his beard.


Holy shit, I’m screwed!

Kelly made it a point to not curse, not even to herself. She tried even more so to not ever have anything to curse about. That all went out the window that Thursday night when Lierman handed her a test she’d never seen before. It had been a mistake.

Outside of attending class and lab, Kelly had put aside everything else but Pre-Algebra all week. Lierman had worked with her at lunch all week, but he cut short a couple of those sessions, and he picked at both her and his lunch with a disinterest that telegraphed his low expectations of her. As the test kept coming closer, she had more and more difficulty concentrating, taking two and three breaks a night to take a run around the block. Anxiety started to grip her daily as she felt her sorority dreams slipping away from her, and the only thing that seemed ot settle her down was if she could make some progress on the exercise regimen that had punched her ticket in the first place.

That anxiety gripped her now, like a knot in her stomach. She fought off the urge to leave her seat that moment, to jog around the courtyard or, better yet, home. But she took a deep breath and closed her eyes and told herself, OK, Kelly. You can do this.

Ninety minutes later, after the most honest academic struggle she’d ever made in her life, Kelly was outside the courthouse, for the first time uncertain how well she had done on Lierman’s test. Her stomach still felt knotted, except now mixed along with it was the definite pang of hunger. She’d been too nervous to eat much more than veggie sticks all day, and not many of those at that. She couldn’t wait to get home and dive into the pint of ice cream she’d left waiting for herself in the freezer all week.

Then it hit her: dark was coming fast, and the buses were long gone. She had no way home! She stopped in her tracks, dropped her backpack heavily in frustration. She bent over and fished out her phone, knowing what she had to do.

“Hi! Uhhhhhhhh, hey, Chip. It’s Kelly. I, uh, I know we’ve hardly talked all week and, I was just, uh—my math test went long tonight and … …. Thanks, Chip. You’re a life saver.”


Thirty minutes later they were back at the bistro they’d gone to the day they’d met. Kelly had already emptied a bowl of tortilla chips, and the second one was fast disappearing with the order of queso they’d ordered with them. Chip was diving into Buffalo wings like he was afraid he’d never get a chance, which, the way Kelly kept scarfing them, was a good bet.

Hurriedly between bites, and usually in the middle of them as well, Kelly was telling him for the first time about academic probation, about being kicked out of the house for the summer, and about her troubles in Pre-Algebra. Chip hardly said a word until the double cheeseburgers arrived.

“Well,” he asked, “have you considered that maybe instead of killing yourself like this that maybe you should just take a few semesters off and go to junior college to get your GPA up?”

“I couldn’t!” Kelly exclaimed in horror. “I can’t be Phi Gamma unless I’m enrolled at the university.”

Chip looked at her doubtfully. “This is all about your sorority? Kelly, no offense, but that seems like a pretty stupid thing to turn your life upside-down over. I’ve been over there twice now, and, well, I’m just not seeing it.”

“But it’s different in the summer,” retorted Kelly, putting down the half of her burger that was left for a second. “During the year the house is packed with girls—with your sisters. And it’s not just parties, either. There’s the charity events and Greek Week and, well, you’re never on your own, you know? You learn so much about all these different girls from all these different places. It’s not like home. In Phi Gamma you learn how to be in the world, how to put yourself together and affect others with a positive image. It—“

Kelly paused, embarrassed suddenly about her enthusiasm. “If you're in Phi Gamma you're someone special. They aren't like all the other girls. It’s all I ever wanted. My mom, too. If I had to tell her I failed out of Phi Gamma, I think I’d die.” Kelly picked up her burger again and took another huge bite. “I’m not”—chew—“doing that without”—chew—“giving it my best shot first!” Swallow. “I’m not.”

It was the first time Chip ever saw sadness on Kelly’s face, sadness mixed with stubborn determination. There was more to her than he’d yet seen, he figured.

“You’re right,” he nodded, as Kelly polished off her burger and dipped into her fries. “You shouldn’t just quit. But it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. There’s plenty of great things you could move on to.”

At that moment their waitress, a pug-nosed dirty blond Kelly recognized from somewhere she couldn’t put her finger on, asked them if they were interested in dessert.

“No, thanks,” said Kelly, leaning back heavily and heaving out a big sigh. “I’m stuffed.” Chip nodded his agreement and the waitress went on her way.

“Like what?” asked Kelly.

“'Like what' what?”

“Like what else is there that I could move on to?” Kelly said.

“Well, what do you like? What are you good at?”

Kelly looked back at him blankly. She didn’t have a clue, and all of a sudden she was frightened. She looked over the table at Chip and surveyed the remnants of all the damage she’d done lying between them. “Exercise,” she said. “That’s what I’m good at. And,” she gestured with a guilty smile, “apparently I like to eat. A lot.”

“You certainly seem to have a talent for it,” Chip smiled. “And don’t worry about your chemistry grade. We can work on our stuff tomorrow afternoon and still have it in by five.”

Kelly froze. She hadn’t even considered the homework and labs she’d put off all week. And that made her think about tomorrow.

“Oh, God,” she said with a whimper. “I have another math test in the morning.” The last Short Session test before next week's comprehensive final. Just as their waitress approached with the check, Kelly put her face in our hands and started to cry.

“I’ll take care of this whenever you’re—“

“No!” Kelly’s head popped up, mascara smudged at the corner of her eyes. “I decided I want the Blondie with an extra scoop of ice cream.”

Wordlessly the waitress picked up the check and trotted back over to her station.

“If I’m gonna go down in flames, I’m taking some ice cream down with me,” she explained to Chip.


Kelly’s last Short Session Pre-Algebra test ended with none of the uncertainty Kelly had the night before. Light on preparation, Kelly entered armed to the teeth in motivation, bolstered by Starbucks, Snickers, Ding Dongs and a cream cheese bagel from the Snack Shack. Like the night before, Kelly gave it her all, but the knowledge wasn’t there and she knew it. Thirty minutes in she walked to the front and handed her paper to Dr. Lierman.

“I’m sorry,” she choked, on the verge of tears. “I really, really did try.”

Lierman looked at her with surprise. “I never questioned your effort, Kelly." Of course, he actually had. "Don’t be so glum. We’re not finished yet.”

Kelly smiled, brightened just a little by the sudden re-appearance of the caring professor. But math had taught her at least one thing, and that was that numbers don’t lie.

Kelly made her way back to her desk and packed her bag, sweeping up the remaining wrappers as best she could. Exhausted, she left the Snickers wrapper on the floor. That’s not like me, she thought to herself, then went back from the trash can to squat down and fetch it from the floor. At least leave with some dignity, she thought as she dropped it into the trash on the way out.

Just like Chip said, she and he easily banged out their chemistry labs and homework that afternoon. They met a few hours in the dining center—where Kelly discovered they had waffles all day long!—and soon gravitated outside to the center courtyard. After Kelly’s outpouring the night before, they were comparatively all business today. They were just about wrapping things up when—

Did you ever know that you’re my heeeee-rohhhhh—

Mom’s ringtone. “Mommy!...I know, I know! I’ve been so busy!” And worried about what her mother would think. Kelly was never all that good keeping the truth from people, especially from her mother. “Why didn’t you tell me summer school was so grueling?...Oh. Well, good thing you never did or I would have never…”

And for several minutes Kelly lost her melancholy re-connecting with the warmth and love of her mother.

“Uh, Mommy, I have a deadline today and we’re working on getting our assignments together….no, Mom! Nobody special I should have told you about. A really good friend, though.” Kelly shot Chip a smile, and he rolled his eyes. “Absolutely I’m coming home next weekend…I miss you so much!” And with a few expressions of love, the conversation was over.

“You haven’t been talking to your mother?” asked Chip, shaming Kelly so facetiously that even Kelly knew he was joking. At least he wasn’t joking about being a “really good friend.”

“Shut up! If I’d called her for no reason, she’d be on to what’s happening in no time. Man,” she added, “that felt good. I can’t remember the last time I talked to anyone on the phone just for the sake of it.”

“Wow,” said Chip. “You’re sure you’re a girl, right? What about all those sisters from your sorority you were going on about? Why not call them? Why don’t they call you?”

Kelly’s good cheer was swallowed once again in melancholy. “Yeah, I’ve been wondering about that. I mean, it’s the summer, and most of the girls I know are back home doing their own thing. And I thought I’d get to meet a whole new set of girls living at the house, but then I moved, and did all this studying—I know,” she looked at Chip, “I’m just making excuses. It makes me wonder if this sorority thing is just as shallow as everybody seems to think it is. I mean, I thought these girls liked—“

I’m. Too sexy for my shirt. Too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it—

“Marla!” Kelly squealed. “What’s up? I’m so glad to hear from you! … … You’re coming into town right now? … … Yeah, you can totally stay at my place! … … Nono, it’s a long story. But we’re totally going out tonight!”

While Kelly chattered on an on, Chip gathered up their assignments and wondered what his plans might end up being this evening.

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every piece gets a little better!
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Great, clear writing well done! I'm really enjoying reading this x
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Please keep on writing more of this story, its the best one I've read here in a long time. I want to know what happens next, what kelly's gonna eat next, if her & Chip will get together all of it.

Mr. Jigglesworth
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Default Thanks for No Memories

That was Kelly’s weekend with Marla: Saturday, lunch followed by shopping, food court at the mall, drinking until 2, eating until four. Repeat on Sunday. It was the feature bender of her college party career mixed with highlights of her best binges from her high school one, and she couldn’t remember many of the details. But it had put all her doubts about the value of sorority life well behind her.

Now she sat in Pre-Algebra, still buzzed from the night before, nursing her large cappuccino and the headache from hell in the snugness of her new size 8 jeans. Size 8 and snug because apparently she’d never been at this size long enough to know how things fit her, or perhaps because this time her shape was just rounding out differently. The only comfort she felt at all was her baggiest letters sweater and the expensive D-cup bra that fit her so perfectly she wanted to show the world. That was odd, too, because even at higher weights she’d never gone beyond a D. But then, if bra-fitting were science she’d be taking that instead of Chemistry 101 for certain.

It was finals week, and the pressure was off to learn new material. Not that new material wasn’t coming (it was after all, the summer, where lecture time is at a premium), just that most of the final would involve review. The final itself for her was just an exercise anyway, as the “real” final wouldn’t matter for about six more weeks.

The only thing giving her the slightest worry was limbo over test results: not the ones from last week, but the one from the class that would actually count (Long Session Test 2—oy, this could get confusing!) several weeks ago. Mostly, though, she was trying and failing at putting in the effort to look interested in Lierman’s typical mathematical antics, sure that bloodshot eyes, disheveled hair and the faint odor of alcohol and Listerine betrayed her “motivation to improve” every time Lierman’s eyes glanced her way. Well, OK. Mostly she was preoccupied with the bag of blueberry muffins Marla had made for her before driving her to school this morning. The two she’d placed on her desktop before lecture were long gone. Two more had found their way in front of her now, and it was all she could do not to dive into her bag for a couple more. That little Asian girl could cook!

But despite Kelly nodding in her chair all morning, at lunch Lierman had no condemnation for her in the slightest. Quite the contrary, he praised her for her effort. “I can tell you’ve been working hard, and it’s making a difference in your scores,” he said, handing over the test she'd been fretting over that morning.

The number on top? 55.

This had Kelly all of confused. “That’s a 23-point—or a 73%!—improvement from test one to test two,” he was saying. By which he must have meant the first test one, not the second test one she’d all-but-aced based on nothing more than rote memory of the answers.

“Well surely you must have some reaction. That’s very good, Kelly." You don't have to convince me! she thought. "I think that calls for a celebration.”

Lierman bent under his desk and pulled out, for whatever reason, a pecan pie and plates, pulling off the plastic lid with gusto and placing two pieces on plates before Kelly even knew what he was doing. “It’s plenty fattening, but what the Mrs. doesn’t know certainly won’t hurt her.” He winked and cut off a small piece with his fork but then watched her, waiting for Kelly to eat a few awkward bites before even averting his gaze.

“You know, Kelly, we’ve spent a lot of time together, and I’m realizing that other than Phi Gamma and your struggles with math, I really know little about you. There has to be a lot more to you than that. What major are you thinking about? What plans do you have for Summer II?”

Kelly wished she had something to say, but really she didn't have a clue. She gave the kind of answers kids give when talking to adults who are about to punish them for something they may have done. She said something like, Don’t really know. (Eat a bite of pie.) Need another class for summer (bite), but don’t know what to take. Wondering, since two classes this session were all but driving her into the ground, what three classes next session would do to her. Shrug. (Eat another bite.)

She finished her piece, watching intently while Lierman served her another piece and, oh, by the way, blabbed away about taking her time to find herself. Fork. Two bites straight away. Noticing for a moment not the slightest sense of wonder or objection. Thought: Wow, this is perfect hangover food. Bite. Big one.

Lierman's voice cut through for a moment “You should consider Jenny Lennox’s homemaking class. I find it’s always open this time of year, and it doesn’t overlap with my class either. And,” he added, “It could mean an easy A.”

Homemaking! Kelly didn’t even know they still had that kind of thing at college. If it teaches me to make a pie like this, I don’t care if I get an A or not!

She was already halfway through her second piece, and Lierman was talking with her about career options. About students he’d had who, like her, started out intimidated by math but had gone on to excel in finance and business once they got the hang of it.

Kelly had some sense of what he was saying, but she couldn’t really concentrate on it until he doled out the next piece of pie. It all felt just like her hazy memories of the weekend. God, this feels so natural. Have I been eating like this since Friday? Surely I can’t go on!

But she did. She didn’t slow down until the fourth piece, and when her enthusiasm abated, so did Lierman’s chattiness. They wound up sitting in some weird awkward silence while Lierman just smiled his big dorky smile and Kelly’s eyes drifted for the first time to the clock. She noted with some surprise she’d eaten and chatted away most of the hour with a professor.

She noticed that her tummy felt stretched and full and very satisfied, and the last vestiges of her hangover seemed to have been chased away. Fatigued, she leaned back into her chair, trying to gather up the resolve to grab her books and head to her last chem lab—her chem lab final, in fact—but really just wanting to sit there and enjoy the contentment in her tummy and the lingering sweetness in her mouth.

The moment stretched on and on, and as it did, it seemed to Kelly that Lierman became a little disappointed. I should have done more talking. He isn't gonna go negative on me about my grades again, is he? Kelly felt the awkwardness and tension rise and wondered why she didn’t just cut it off by getting up and dismissing herself for lab.

Then, on impulse, for reasons she could never quite articulate later, she leaned forward and took two big bites to polish off the last half-piece of her pie, a startled look--was that glee?--shooting across Lierman’s face before he quickly reigned it back in. Kelly noted it and paused, her mouth stuffed so full with pie she was afraid to chew for fear it would dribble out her lips. But she was committed now, so she chewed as slowly and carefully as she could, pushing the slightest bit of leakage from the corner of her mouth with the tip of her finger. It took some effort, but she managed to keep it all in, then slowly, uncomfortably, swallowed it down to join the sugary mass that was already pushing her little stomach to its absolute limit.

“Thank you, Dr. Lierman,” she said slowly, using all the confidence and composure she’d learned in her sorority despite the oddness of the moment. “It’s been a hard semester. That pie must have been exactly what I needed.”

They both looked at the tin, realizing that half the pie was missing. “My, uh, my—my pleasure, Kelly. I’d say that it must have.”

Kelly stood up out of her chair, wondering why her head was spinning when she knew she wasn’t drunk. Carefully, for the fullness in her tummy, she bent over the chair to take her test.

Suddenly, Lierman’s hand crashed down on the desk, pinning the test to the table.

“Ah, Kelly, I haven’t finished recording the grades in my gradebook. Come by tomorrow and we can start going over it together.”

“I’ll be sure to, Dr. Lierman.” With that she carefully picked up her book bag and eased out the door.

“Oh, Kelly!” Lierman called out to her right before the door closed. She caught the door with her heel and turned back into the office. “Remind me tomorrow and I’ll see if I can help you get enrolled in Jenny Lennox’s class.”

“Will do, Dr. Lierman,” Kelly replied.

“I’m glad I got a chance to know you a little better,” he said, clearing his throat. “I’m really optimistic things are going to work out just fine for you.”

“Me, too,” she said. With that she took the last of the pie in her hand and whisked herself out of his office.

Kelly was over an hour late to her chemistry lab final.

At first, she couldn’t figure out what to do with the pie. She couldn’t stuff it in her bag without the lid, and her bag was too full with books anyway. What, you walk into chemistry lab and announce to the class during your final, “Hey, here’s a pie I couldn’t finish. Anybody want it?” And the last thing she wanted to do was eat it as full as she felt. She finally ended up throwing it away.

But then she needed a few minutes to settle herself down and think. It wasn’t that she couldn’t believe that she had eaten that much pie. It wasn’t as if it had bothered her to eat it in front of her professor, either. It was a little odd that he acted so weird about it. But then, this little math guy acted weird about just about everything. It wasn’t even his odd turnaround on his notion of her progress that disturbed her, although it was a little frustrating. It wasn’t even a sense of her own lack of control.

In fact, it was exactly the opposite: it had been absolutely too easy to pig out in front of that guy, and she had felt absolutely calm about it. And that’s what had her unsettled. Two months ago, eating half a pie would have driven her to sign up for a 10k. Now all it did was drive her to the Snack Shack for a large diet Coke.

I can’t wait for this summer to be over so things can get back to normal again! She knew when that GPA topped 2.5, when she was back in the house near the House Mother and the house leadership that had taken her under her wing, these odd little lunches with Lierman would just be a faint memory.

With that settled in her mind, and with her stomach much more settled than that, Kelly bounced off to lab where, to no one’s surprise who has ever had a lab final, she polished off the test easily in the space of half-an-hour. Like most of the students, by that point Chip had apparently already come and left, which was fine with Kelly because she felt a little awkward about seeing him at this point.

A short phone call later and Marla was there to pick Kelly up, announcing that she was cutting her visit short and heading back home. This was a bit of a surprise, and Kelly was sorry to see her go, but she figured this was one weekend that for her own good didn’t need to be extended. Marla kept chattering away about the weekend and the people she’d met, and she kept referring to details that honestly Kelly couldn’t remember. Kelly mostly smiled and gave noncommittal responses and let Marla keep on talking, which was fine with Kelly because it made it easier for her to keep her little pie binge with Lierman a secret.

Back at the house they went inside for Marla to pick up her bags of things, and the second they hit the foyer the aroma of oil and some sort of sweet sauce washed over Kelly. Kelly scurried to the kitchen where waiting for her was a baking tin of some kind of yellowish noodle dish, large enough to feed five or six people. Kelly was surprised to feel her stomach rumble, and she had to resist the urge to dive into it immediately.

“I made you some Filipino spaghetti!” Marla called out from the living room. “It’s the world’s best hangover food," she said, now walking into the kitchen. "You’re so lucky. It feels great to have a real kitchen here instead of a bunk in some room!”

“That reminds me. My professor’s gonna help me get into a Home Ec class next session. He said it would be an easy A. Just what I need to get back on track and back into the house!”

“What’s ‘Home Ec’?”

“Home Economics. It’s a class where they teach you to sew and cook and stuff.”

“Cooking, eh?” giggled Marla, an unmistakably Asian noise, followed by unmistakable Asian grammar. “I guess it’s gonna be like this!” She held her hand out a good two feet in front of her chest and broke into choking Asian bursts of out-and-out laughter.

All Kelly could do was look at her. “Um, I don’t get it.”

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another excellent addition. I always look forward to this stories updates.
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Default Grade Inflation

Kelly lay back on the couch, staring blankly at a TV with the volume turned down, her pants unbuttoned and unzipped. She couldn’t see because her boobs, freed from the wire prison of her bra, obscured her view, but she could feel how her tummy pushed against the elastic band of her panties and oozed out between the open flaps of her pants. That and the heavy pull of her boobs as they drooped halfway to her belly button. She’d forgotten how heavy these things could get, and she didn’t remember them ever hanging down so much, or causing her as much discomfort as they did so.

But mostly she felt stuffed. She slipped her arm underneath the soft flesh of her bosoms and placed her hand on the distended bulge of her tummy. On the table in front of her was a dirty plate, right next to the now-half-gone bin of Filipino spaghetti she’d been munching on the last few hours.

The night hadn’t started this way. Caleb had his own final tonight, so Kelly had called Chip to see if he’d come over to study chemistry. But he hadn’t answered his phone.

So Kelly did something she’d almost never done and pulled out her chemistry to study it alone. She’d started in the kitchen table, as usual, and got about ten minutes before the smell of the spaghetti started cutting through. So she had a plate and put it away in the bare refrigerator before getting back to her chemistry.

But the siren call of spaghetti kept coming, so she’d moved to the living room. Where she lasted another ten minutes before flipping on the TV for a Bachelor fix. But sitting there just made her hungry, too, so during a commercial she’d made the trek back to the kitchen and warmed up another plate.

The Bachelor ended, and the mute button came on, and the binder opened back up, and Kelly was back in the kitchen for spaghetti. This time she just brought it with her—chilled pasta is great for munching, isn’t it?

And here she was now: sitting in a carb coma. She figured she’d covered about six pages of notes in three hours and who knew how many Calories—not calories, she knew from her chemistry, but Calories, also known as kilocalories—in spaghetti. She wondered how low the ratio of knowledge ingested to Calories consumed would be.

Hey, she thought, this math stuff DOES start making sense after a while! And that made her think about another statistic.


All 151 pounds of Kelly perked up when Lierman pushed Test 2 across the table to Kelly.

“You may notice the score is different at the top.”

Kelly had in fact noticed. It said 75. All the numbers were growing these days.

“Something didn’t look quite right, so I tallied up the scores again. For some reason,” Lierman noted, “I completely skipped a question. Good for you, eh?”

Kelly chewed absent-mindedly on a carrot stick while looking over the test. She just wasn’t buying that somehow this guy had mis-tallied, or that she had actually passed one of his tests on her own.

“So is this the kind of improvement you’re looking for?” she asked doubtfully, looking down at a globule of ranch dressing that had dripped down and been caught by her rack.

“Absolutely! Except for a little stretch in there when your motivation seemed to sag, I’m seeing nothing but improvement.”

Improvement, she thought, still dabbing at the sauce on her letters, marvelling again how large her breasts had gotten again in such short time. Something surely has impro—No! Could it really be?

She glanced up at Lierman, then back at her cleavage. She brought the napkin back up to her boobs, prepared for another dab. “And as long as I keep improving I’ve got a shot?” she ventured.

As she asked question she made a couple of aggressive dabs at the long-removed stain, knowing her breasts would bounce up and down with each effort. Kelly looked up, her hand still poised.

Lierman was just staring, holding his breath. Then, quickly, he cleared his throat and was his geeky self again. “Oh, I think that it’s very promising,” he said, pushing his glasses up his nose. “Very promising.”

Wow. Kelly dipped another carrot stick and leaned back in her seat. Caleb was right.

She guessed she should have been outraged. Repulsed, even, at this dirty old man into twenty-year-olds with big boobs. But really she felt just fine. So Kelly Kegs had another guy she could manipulate with the size of her boobs. Not like it was the first time.

It was a little disappointing, though. Since losing the weight, since making it at Phi Gamma, people saw Kellen Kingsley as Kellen Kingsley, not some chick attached to giant knockers. She’d felt like one of the girls, not the one all the girls envied for getting all the attention. But now, the only way to hold onto that apparently was to let it go.

OK, then. Letting go was something Kelly knew how to do.

“That sounds great to me! Uh, Dr. Lierman, these carrot sticks are great, but do you have any of those Snickers left?”


“Yeaahhh, I sort of see what he’s doing here, but I sure wouldn’t have given you that much partial credit.”

That sealed it for Kelly. Caleb always knew what he was talking about.

“Twenty points. I’m telling you, Kelly,” he said, “the man wants in your pants.”

God, when you put it that way. But could she really argue? She tried. “Twenty points on one test still isn’t enough to pass the class.”

“True. But you don't get the prize until he does.”

“Caleb!” What was it about graduate school that makes a guy so jaded? “He isn’t gonna get it, either. Besides, I think he’s just a guy who likes looking at big boobs.”

“Well he sure hit the motherlode right there,” said Caleb. “Those things blew up like sea monkeys, except instead of water you used pizza. Damn!”

“You’re so crass.”

Caleb just shook his head. “Just callin’ ‘em like I see ‘em.”

“Yeah, well. What I see is that I’m getting fat again.”


“Again. I busted my buns all last summer with a personal trainer and lost forty pounds to get in Phi Gamma.” The thought of last summer made Kelly think of home, and about going home this weekend. “My mom is gonna be so disappointed.”

“What’s your mom got to do with it? You put on a few pounds. She doesn’t have to know why,” said Caleb, misreading the source of Kelly’s concern. “Get your grade, move on and get your fat ass back in the gym later.”

Kelly was still too preoccupied thinking about her mom’s reaction to respond to Caleb’s insult. She leaned over and slurped the last of the Filipino spaghetti from her plate before realizing she’d done it again! Meat sauce was slathered all over the front of her shirt.

“Caleb?” she asked, her mouth still full of spaghetti. “You think if I kept working at this I might actually pass on my own?”

“Kelly, when you’re drowning and someone throws you a lifeline, you take it.”

So cynical.

“But,” he continued, “if you aren’t gonna sleep with him, it can’t hurt to have a Plan B.”

“Either way,” Kelly replied, stacking their plates and walking into the kitchen, dabbing at her boobs with her napkin, “grab your phone. We’re gonna need some pizza.”

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This is one of my favorite stories running, I look forward to each installment!
How do you win a war, when you're not sure who the enemy is?

I do what I do...
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Originally Posted by morepushing13 View Post
This is one of my favorite stories running, I look forward to each installment!
I feel the same way, This has to be one of the best stories on the board right now.
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Best right now? How about ever?

OK, so maybe that's too generous, but I like this thing, too.
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Default The thing at the place.

However, Kelly wasn’t so resigned to her fate that Friday afternoon when her ride dropped her off at her house. Her ride was a vague acquaintance from high school whom Kelly had noticed on a campus ride-share list, and nice as she was, Kelly’s mind kept working anxiously ahead to confronting her mother and how she could somehow get around that.

It didn’t help that she was horribly uncomfortable. The new jeans she had bought just two weeks ago squeezed her thick thighs and gouged her fleshy midsection. The only thing that really covered her up top was one of her letters sweaters, and as time in the stuffy car progressed she became almost unbearably hot. But the tank top she wore underneath was practically obscene and there was no way she was taking that sweater off in front of someone she hardly knew.

The sight of home, though, made all of that angst slip away. Kelly’s home was absolutely beautiful, and absolutely huge. Three stories, with neo-classical lines and beautiful, ornate pillars, paving stone driveway and paths, immaculately manicured lawns with classic landscaping and garden art—it told a tale of quiet money, but big money. It was something the family hadn’t always had, but building a successful real estate empire had its perks, especially when that empire was built on solid, conservative investments. Kelly’s current concerns about money had nothing to do with family resources and everything to do with keeping a family secret.

Which Kelly was still keen to do. She walked around to the back entrance and quietly keyed in. If mother was in the kitchen, as was her wont, she could sneak up the stairs to her room. A quick change to better-fitting clothes, she knew, and thirty pounds might look more like fifteen…

“Kelly?” Sure enough, it came from the kitchen, along with the really wonderful smell of something cooking. Kelly’s mom had been looking out for her.

“It’s me, Mommy!” Kelly called out as she rounded the corner and up the staircase. “I’ll be down in just a second!” She bounded up the stairs with her strong legs, into her room with its master bathroom suite, and into her walk-in closet…

…and almost nothing was there! Kelly wanted to cry. The moment of confrontation with her mother was here! OK, OK…tell the truth, just not all of it. Summer classes were long, study sessions were long, not enough time to work out….This could work, if she just keep her mouth shut about the rest. She stuffed her tears and began her way back down the stairs.

“Kelly--!” exclaimed her mother.

“Mom--!” exclaimed her daughter.

“Omigod!” they both gasped, then started to laugh as Kelly bolted down the rest of the stairs and pressed herself into the arms of her mother’s soft hug.

Elizabeth Kingsley was a large brunette. At one time she had indeed been a pageant beauty and sorority princess, but those days were far behind her. Like her daughter, she had struggled with her weight most of her life, and even as over the years the extra pounds came, she remained diligent impressing upon her only child the importance of keeping in shape to attain all the advantages in life that she now had.

Elizabeth did have her daughter’s advantage—or rather, her daughter had hers. As the pounds crept on, much of it found her way to her breasts, drawing attention away from her widening hips and thickening thighs. By the time her daughter reached high school, she had crossed over from “buxom” and “curvy” into a “well-proportioned” 200 pounds, but as Kelly moved through her senior year her hips expanded with vigor and her ass had turned the corner into “ample” and her body could clearly be called “plump.” By the time the Kingsleys dropped their little girl off at college, she was 250 pounds, and whether she was considered “plus-sized” or “Rubenesque,” there was no overlooking that she had gotten “fat.” And as Kelly’s year at school had progressed, so had Mrs. Kingsley, her ass spreading further and further outward and, finally, the tell-tale dome of her belly sneaking past the great orbs of her breasts.

Kelly had seen all of this, of course, but none of it had prepared her for the size of her mother now, even after just five weeks since last seeing her. For the first time she could recall, she had to stand a little on her toes and lean over a huge belly to wrap her arms around her neck. Her mom’s arms felt heavy upon her back, and even her mother’s cheek against hers felt soft and fleshy and, oh, so comforting.

“It’s good to be home, Mommy,” she said, almost crying, sinking into her mother’s softness.

“It’s good to have you back home, Baby,” Mrs. Kingsley smiled, rubbing her daughter’s back with her chubby hand.

Kelly stepped back and rubbed a teary eye with the back of her hand, then looked into her mother’s cherubic face with her bright blue eyes and loving smile. “Mommy,” she said, “I’ve had a really hard time this summer. I’m in so much trouble.”

So much for holding back the truth.

“I know, Baby, and I’ve been worried about you. Did you fix that academic probation thing?”

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